Feminist Ghostbusters Bombs Despite Hysterical Attacks Against Its Critics

Earlier this year, Return Of Kings introduced you to the terrible trailer for the all-female Ghostbusters 3. As we expected, the film has struggled terribly at the American box office. A conservative estimate of the film’s budget, including marketing costs, is $250 million. As of me writing this sentence, it has not even made half that sum back.

In the event it manages to break even, it will nevertheless be a resounding slap in the face for the film’s cast and backers, who include powerful forces in both Hollywood and the mainstream media. Given the unprecedented political capital being ploughed into promoting Ghostbusters 3, it should have been poised to make close to a billion dollars by the end of its theatrical run.

This financial defeat for a feminist cinematic mess is despite repeated SJW, mass media-enabled attempts to portray critics of the trailer and now the film as “misogynists.” Rather than letting the promised entertainment do the talking, backers of the film have resorted to crude politics, effectively calling upon feminists and male white knights to buy tickets to support female-led films. Meanwhile, detractors are being labeled bigots. The Washington Post‘s Stephanie Merry was one of the first columnists to fire up the feminists cannons with a piece entitled “People hate the ‘Ghostbusters’ trailer, and yes, it’s because it stars women.” Countless other media apologists have followed suit.

“You have no right not to like this film!”

Stephanie Merry and other journalists have trumpeted in blanket terms that haters of Ghostbusters 3 are misogynists.

Instead of realizing that people found the trailer and then the film decidedly unfunny, journalists like Merry have opted to basically say that people do not have a choice but to find Ghostbusters 3 quality entertainment. Yet there are a number of stupid aspects to the film that these people have deliberately ignored. The first is the presence of a “street-smart,” ghetto-style African-American character played by Leslie Jones. Years after these films were released, cinema goers are still tired of regurgitated big-ass black women tropes like those created by Queen Latifah in Taxi and Martin Lawrence in Big Momma’s House.

Secondly, viewers do not need canned, contrived dialogue designed to serve as propaganda for women in science, such as “You’re a brilliant engineer” and “No one’s better at quantum physics than you.” And thirdly (there’s no “finally” here as I could go on and on), the jokes are just plain lame. Kristen Wiig’s character commenting about how slime went into “every crack” of hers and was hard to remove, whilst much more preferable to Melissa McCarthy talking about her orifices, was literally the funniest thing in the whole movie. I will not even start with Leslie Jones’ character’s rip-off of lines from The Exorcist.

The sick kids stunt didn’t work and now the critics’ reviews aren’t, either

The girl here clearly has no idea what’s going on… but that won’t stop feminist self-aggrandizement!

As I reported in March, the principal cast members, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, were so desperate to shamelessly promote the film that they literally threw themselves upon sick kids in hospitals for photo ops. These children, exploited as living promotional props, had not seen the film because it had not even been released yet. They were born years after Ghostbusters 2 and the film series would have little, if any relevance to them. It might make sense (and it would be a lot more ethical) to have the stars of a well-known, already released film visit sick kids when there is no sequel due. In this case, the children at least know—and can like—the film.

With the failure of the milking juveniles with cancer option, the makers and cast evidently hoped for favorable reviews. Of course, many reviewers have let their politics do the talking and given Ghostbusters 3 the thumbs up. Hollywood is a leftist town, as evidenced by the revolving door of slavery and civil rights films (some of them actually very good, though), plus the sickening rehash of “warrior women” films in a world where men do 99% of all the fighting and dying for their families and countries. Even if a film happens to be good, browbeaten critics are apt to score it highly merely for its theme or subject matter.

That said, enough reviews have been scathing of the all-female debacle. Richard Roeper of The Chicago Sun-Times risked the fury of feminists and other SJWs by saying the actresses’ performances, the story, and even the special effects, usually the sole redeeming quality for many cinematic failures, were subpar at best. He and voices like his have obviously been partly drowned out by the cacophony of sycophantic praise for the film, not to mention the monotonous slew of pieces condemning the alleged misogyny of almost anyone who does not adore it.

Leftist indoctrination is still far from complete

Image credit: Breitbart News

Think about the priorities of Hollywood, which continues, if it is even possible, to tilt further to the left. Staring down at these political goals, however, are audiences that can not only tell what propaganda is, but successfully resist it by keeping their buttocks away from cinema chairs. Many will sadly fall for the lies masquerading as entertainment, that much is true. Regardless, we should take heart from the great rump of people who can make their own choices in the absence of an organized countervailing cultural establishment to battle Hollywood for us.

The financial failure of Ghostbusters 3 must help build the foundation for more challenges to any SJW material leftists try to shove down the public’s throat. Right now, though, we can bask in the frustrations of our enemies, ruing yet another indoctrination campaign gone awry.

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467 thoughts on “Feminist Ghostbusters Bombs Despite Hysterical Attacks Against Its Critics”

  1. The sick kids photos creeped me out, like these female ghostbusters wanted to capture the children’s souls after they died.
    Actually that could have made a better movie: Women who abused the ghostbusting technology for witchcraft.

      1. And there’s the fact that they did the tour of a sick children’s ward or hospital in full Ghostbusters attire, entire months before the movie was released.
        They even gave us a big grin over the half conscious, dying children for their publicity stunt. Was that what creeped you out?
        I’ve seen stories about Christian Bale doing public visits for kids and people in hospitals back in his Batman days, and Johnny Depp actually going in character as Jack Sparrow to visit kids.
        But those were important characters in movies that young people loved, and had known for years. Not ideologically driven trash that hadn’t even been released yet.
        PURE exploitation. Nothing else.

    1. I think it was a preemptive strike to instill movie goers with a modicum of sympathy for the actors and the film that they knew would be, in the words of the original Ghostbusters, “a disaster of biblical proportions”
      Like all females who know they’ve screwed the pooch by their ineptitude, they then appeal for mercy on the fact that they’re fragile females with good hearts and should never be criticized for the shitiness of their work because they are good people deep-down. And, you can’t ever criticize a good woman. It’s against their religion, and should be against yours too.

  2. A locust necessarily devours all the crops around it. It cannot help create more food, only destroy.
    SJW Convergence proves the same is true of parasitic peoples.

  3. An all female Ghostbusters movie, how politically correct. I can’t wait until they reboot the franchise again with a transgender, dwarf, and Muslim versions

    1. There is no profit with dwarves. Now, transgender dwarves or white Muslim? You’ll have a winner. Just make sure the transgender isn’t Muslim. Have to be respectful to Muslims.

  4. the film’s budget […] is $250 million; […] it has not even made half that sum back.
    Clearly, the correct social-justicey thing to do is have government step in and subsidize the shortfall.

      1. What did they spend it all on? It’s not like any of the stars were blockbusters? Ghost CGI? Surely you can do that on a home PC in 2016.

  5. Did they purposely hire the ugliest actresses for these roles? Then make them look like massivr dykes?

    1. Ugly? Get with the right-think, comrade! Didn’t you know Melissa McCarthy is a paragon of “beauty” these days? Google three words (or whatever alternative): melissa mccarthy beautiful, and review the results.

  6. Speaking of social-justice propaganda, I can’t stand to watch any version of Star Trek now, with all its feminism, diversity, tolerance, race-mixing and now normalizing gay degeneracy by queering the Sulu character in the new film.
    The Sulu thing especially makes no sense in a “futuristic” context. Parents in a technologically advanced society would exert control over the quality of their babies, and if they could prevent the births of children with broken sexuality, you would no more see gay men in Trek’s Federation than you’d see ones with Down’s syndrome.
    In the nearer term, the process of selecting people for colonizing Mars based on objective criteria for success would look really homo- and trans-phobic. You would choose dorky wholesome people with healthy sexuality, like the Duggars in Arkansas; or like Charles Darwin and his wife Emma, for that matter, considering that they had ten children. All of the gays, lesbians, transgenders and other people with screwed up delusional sexual identities would stay behind. You just wouldn’t waste resources sending a gay Sulu-like defective off-planet with the goal of colonizing the universe.

    1. This is actually an argument I throw out occasionally when these topics come up. When someone is trying to normalize gay/trans/whateverthefuck, I always ask, if it is perfectly normal and there is nothing wrong with it, whether they would intentionally select this trait for their child once it becomes possible to genetically engineer children. Amazing the gymnastics that go into that response….

      1. the answer to the question, bullshit though it is, would be “no I would pick a normal child not because being a transfat faggot or whatever is bad, but because the patriarchy makes it so hard for transfat fags to succeed and I would want my child to have an easier and happier life”
        Of course, the real answer is “no, of course I don’t want some fucking fruit for a kid”

        1. Yes, but even your bullshit answer contains the real nugget of truth – life is hard for these people because they ARE NOT normal.
          I’m not saying they should be lynched or herded into camps, but they most certainly also should not be glorified or celebrated either.
          “Tolerance” is not the same as “acceptance.” I am obliged to tolerate people so that society will function. It does not mean that I have to wholeheartedly embrace their defects and degeneracy.
          The bullshit answer is bullshit because it tries to save face while actually highlighting the truth – life is hard if you are abnormal.

        2. Hey, as long as people are willing to accept that it is in fact abnormal and stop celebrating it

        3. Agreed in full and I like you parsing out tolerance v acceptance. Well done.

        4. Exactly! I asked my 12 year old (being raised by his mom in degenerate filled Toronto)…
          Is homosexuality wrong?
          Well, is pedophilia?
          Well, of course!
          Why? BOTH are choices, BOTH are behavior, right?
          Well, yeah, I guess so.
          He could not-or would not-explain where his acceptance of homosexuality came from….my wife and I are Catholic and I am trying to straighten him out…but its an uphill struggle…
          We explained to him, we love the sinner but HATE the SIN. The BEHAVIOR.

    2. And to your point – if a mission to Mars is staffed based in “diversity” over competence, we will quickly see how retarded diversity is when the entire crew dies.

      1. Heh, I think the film the Martian illustrated that perfectly. The ones familiar with crazy weather say stick it out, the female commander almost loses the entire team in said storm rather than wait until its over.

        1. Good point!! She also leaves the dude behind….although that statement is not entirely fair!

      2. Yeah, you could make a comedy out of that.
        Well, not now. The current bunch running Hollywood would show two Mars colonies, one run by people who resemble Republicans demographically, the other run by people who resemble Democrats. And the Democrat colony through some totally contrived plot would thrive while the Republican colony gets into a catastrophic mess, even though the laws of nature suggest the exact opposite outcome.

        1. Kind of like Zion in the Matrix trilogy. A multicultural utopia that somehow continues to exist throwing awesome rave parties instead of fighting a war against the machines, or you know, putting out a security perimeter and some patrols so they don’t surprise you.

        2. LOL.
          I even enjoyed the first matrix movie but when I saw the second I lost any any enjoyment I had out of the franchise.
          Your points make me laugh remembering that piece of shit movie. Hadn’t even remembered it existed till this.

      3. Diversity means “no white men” to these people so the entire crew will probably die because they’ll no longer have any leaders on board.
        I love it. Give them what they want (as seen in Europe with open borders) and then watch it all fall apart. Sad, but you can’t talk them out of it. They all have to be hacked to pieces before they understand the danger.

        1. It will still be the white man’s fault. Like all the German SJW women blaming their rapes by Muslim immigrants on the native, German men.

    3. With exception to the new alternate Trek, the older Treks were fine even with diversity, tolerance and race-mixing. It wasn’t forced upon you and they even explained it somewhat. I do agree with most of what you said though, especially the 3rd paragraph. When you look at it from a colonist point of view, the gay/lesbian/trans thing falls completely apart.

        1. Notice how the starfleet is wonderfully diverse and harmonious yet the universe is still full of hate, war, dominance/submission.
          Lefty wet dream struggle..afterall its 2516 you know.

        2. In the recent Trek movies, they’ve made Uhura’s character into a real bitch who subjects her boyfriend Spock to shit tests.

        3. Ha. Also the new Trek apparently has a gay Sulu, even though the REAL Sulu, George Takei, who is actually gay, told them that was a terrible idea and begged them not to do it.

        4. I like the part where Spock answers Uhura with a utilitarian argument. He sounds like a poster on the LessWrong website.

        5. Haha.. passive aggressive Uhura. There is so much typical feminizing in that character.

    4. good point, there will not be gay people once there is a genetic or other in utero cure. nothing against gay people but any decent parent would “flick the switch” back to its proper setting if it was possible

    5. The best ST series has to be The Next Generation. Not openly misogynistic like the original, but strong men doing shit with women there as pretty side dishes to the real action. You know, like real life.

  7. That’s the problem with these Victim Card Olympians.
    Too stupid or deluded to realize that if you’re selling what we’re willing to buy, we’ll buy. The merits of the product or service sells itself.
    International trade isn’t founded on loving the other trader’s culture, language, food, women or norms. I might hate you because i’m a racist, misogynistic cisgendered meat eating normie. But by god I can overlook trivial nonsense like that if you’re selling what I need to buy.

    1. The Chik-Fil-A case is particularly amusing in this regard. There was all this uproar about the owner’s views on gays. He never recanted. Their sales immediately went up, breaking their own sales records. The lines are still around the block in SJW hives like NYC. Revenue for the company is up. Seems like SJW retards like tasty chicken sandwiches.

      1. I can vouch for this in person. Despite having now been open for almost 2 years (or maybe more) there is not a single time of day or day of week (except when closed on Sunday obviously) that Chick Fil-A doesn’t have a line around the block.
        People will wait for an hour for their food in New York City where the vast majority of the population is very socially liberal and where there are literally 6 million other places to fucking eat.
        I never eat any fast food and I sure as shit wouldn’t wait on line for an hour for it if I did (mostly because of my anti waiting in line beliefs and no other reason) but they have had an amazing and enduring popularity here.

      2. The power of not apologizing. Only works when your leadership backs you but I will always be grateful to Trump for proving this concept in politics.

      3. I love how badly that faux outrage backfired. What did they gays expect? The fucking restaurant is closed on Sundays and Truett Cathy was a devout Southern Christian. Was anybody honestly shocked that he and his company supports traditional marriage? Chick fil A is delicious. Even the most hardcore SJWs, especially the fatties, can’t resist the chicken sandwiches.

        1. It is delicious. One of the only fast foods that this is a true statement for.
          It must be hard to be a fat, blue haired, bull dyke protesting outside, smelling those delicious odors while your belly grumbles.

  8. I argued with a fag and a black sjw calling herself a journalist last week on film review sites that this film was a total failure in the making because f it’s sjw theme and terrible acting.
    Now I have clear evidence..
    There’s no arguing it. To break even it must gross $300 million and it won’t do anywhere close to that.
    Sorry feminists and fags but your narrative is still not acceptable to the mainstrean “normal” populace.
    I guess I’ll go smash the dreams of these miscreants..
    Will report back..

    1. So both my comments, totally non offensive simply linking to the terrible box office numbers, are “pending approval.”
      Not going to hold my breath that they get posted..
      Welcome to the internet where only of you say “approved” “hive mind” things can you comment at all…

    1. I literally have no idea if she is being sarcastic or not.

      1. No no she is, read the tweets 🙂
        It is a very intelligent critic of the Sony position about if you hate the movie your a bad person… 🙂

        1. Yeah, I got that now. Took a while because her mocking idiot SJW’s was dead on. It’s like they are so fucking absurd that no matter how stupid you try to make them sound it is still totally within the realm of possibility.

        2. Poe’s law. She is very good and have a very good timing.
          I ‘ve found her when she was making critic of Game of Thrones.
          Very funny to watch.

        3. I love Preston Jacobs reviews for GoT and ASOIAF if you are ever looking for other really good ones. I will check her out based on your recommendation.

        4. Very true. I struggle to distinguish leftwing bitching and rightwing parody of leftwing bitching these days

        5. Ho yes I know him. I like a lot the fact he did not like the last season and point out the large gap in the story. I’ve listen to him after rawrist. It was more fun that way 🙂
          I like her because funny woman is rare as usually feminist are not funny and are more and more every day 🙂
          It’s good to watch as it help me to remember #notallwomanarelikethat 🙂

        6. It’s absurd. Like when Stephen Colbert mocks right wing stuff you know it is parody. And despite his absurd positions I think he can be funny and also think that everyone can do with a little mocking…its healthy. But when he is making fun of a position you know he is going way past the mark for comedic purposes.
          But when women get a slap on the wrist for raping their own babies and all heterosexual sex is considered rape there really is no line that you can cross that would be unbelievable about these fucking numbnuts

        7. Yes it is getting very difficult to make parody about leftwing as they have no more limits. I’m still stun about the trans woman thing married to a gay man, having a baby and do not want to be called mom..
          Mind twist. I don’t have a good enough humor to make jock about it…

        8. I hated fucking last season. Christ I hated it so bad. In his piece on the final episode when he questions why lancel didn’t I was laughing so hard to cry.
          As for your other point…sorry AWALT
          The fact that this one can be funny and has some good positions on sci fi and fiction doesn’t mean she isn’t an abhorrent cunt just waiting to sit on a bag of alpha cocks.
          Still, I’m putting her in the WB category.

        9. My point was Not all women are feminist. For the rest I agree, the state will intervene in any male-female relation and give them all the power.
          Out of that, any relation with a woman is dangerous.
          In a capitalist society where everyone looks at it own interest, we don’t have to be surprise all woman understand her potential to destroy and get paid for it.
          For season 6 I agree also , but still better then all the rest on tv this season. Tell me do you know any good other show ? I was on vacation and did not found anything watchable. TV is turning to much SJW 🙁

        10. I think relationships can be beneficial with women if you go into them honest about what they have to give, what you want and what you are willing to sacrifice. It is only when men expect too much, aren’t willing to pay the price or don’t full understand the nature of the relationship that they are in any real danger. My entire life I have known exactly what I want from women, exactly what I am willing to do to get it and the exact type of women I have wanted it from. Because of this I have rarely been let down by women. If you don’t ask your car to fly or to drive without gasoline you won’t be disappointed.
          And the guuuurrrrlll power bullshit in season 6 was deplorable, but even worse was the total destruction of plot, character arc and any kind of sense.
          Those faggots D&D are incredibly amateur writers that have taken a huge and brilliant tapestry of character and plot and turned it into an ABC sitcom.

        11. I totally agree, the major problem is the large quantity of lies flying by in the media. The real red pill effect for me came when I found out that woman truly believe them in large part. All this shit of being stronger more intelligent and all. No sens of self, this is also the major characteristic of the SWJ. No more able to look at themselves of be objective on any question. This is amazing.
          My guest it is this why feminist do not have humor anymore…
          For season 6, for me it is the symbol of the 10 years old girls and how much she was appreciated. This is the goddess of the SJW.. This what all SJW want to be like… I just think about the meeting of the 2 girls Dany and the iron isle lesbo to get a cringe attack : ‘our fathers where terrible but we can change the world….’ cringe.

        12. True. In a way they’ve accidentally outflanked us.
          I’d struggle to invent an unrealistic left-wing parody

        13. Right. I mean, a woman was banned from a gym because she didn’t want a man who identified as a woman in the locker room where she showers and gets changed. This is not a joke. This happened. How, in a world where this is real, can you possibly come up with parody?

        14. Here in England there was an incident of local government marking down under 5 year old kids as racist if they refused to eat hot Indian food.
          I sure as fuck couldn’t invent that

        15. That is totally bat shit? Are you serious?
          I suppose they didn’t also make muslim kids eat raised pork pies.

        16. It is like the world is now a vast parody of itself….like some decrepit Roman emporer who married his horse is in charge…we are truly in decline…

        17. Caligula made his horse a counselor, but I am not sure of who married one.
          The thing about our society as opposed to something like Roman society is that it can’t fall. Roman Society was one where power actually mattered and wasn’t just a simulacrum or simulation.
          When the power structure of the roman empire collapsed it took rome with it.
          The thing is, modern US there simply is no such thing as power. The whole country is one big reality show. Politics and power are totally moot. The brilliance (or horror) of the modern world is that by decentralizing power to the point where it no longer matters you insulate society from a collapse.

        18. The emperor was Caligula, and he only made his horse a senator. He said if so many senators were horses’ asses, then why not make an entire horse a senator. He did have a point; and one that is as true today as it was then.

        19. But not everyone realized that. I’m convinced the people who hired him for the White House Correspondents Dinner thought he was the Second Republican Comedian (after Dennis Miller) and didn’t catch the mockery. After all, if you read his stuff in a W voice, it could be taken totally seriously.

        20. Among other things, it’s completely destroyed the humor of any of the men-dressing-as-women routines like numerous Monty Python skits. When I see these, they are immediately funny to me before anyone begins talking, but to a 19 year old, that’s just Someone Expressing Their Ever-Changing Gender Identity. Fuck these lifeless humourless idiots. They are destroying humor, the same way they are destroying free speech, both of which were traditionally left wing movements.

        21. In modern times, a society with checks and balances in place like the U.S. can linger on in a mediocre limbo for a while until a more powerful savage force comes and brutally overthrows it (as ancient sociologist Ibn’i Haldun would say), which will probably be China or a coalition of masculine societies like a Central Asian alliance.
          Nature and human instinct almost always collapse to the most efficient configuration, and the Universe is obviously still a too powerful and esoteric domain for the human species to think we have mastered it…

        22. Power structure itself is bereft of meaning. There is no national figure, president, congressman, etc etc that holds nearly as much power as pop culture icons over society. If you hit Washington with a neutron bomb and killed everyone very little would change. There would be some mourning, some news coverage, more liberties taken away and then business as usual.
          When I talk about power I mean real power. Centralized power in government is what the Ceasar’s had, the Russian Tsars and, for an example today, the Saudi Royal family.
          What we have in washington is what I like to call the scenario of power. Just a big, well produced tv show with nothing behind it. It’s all just a dream being had by no one

        23. Nothing surprises me with that place-that is ground zero for white guilt.

        24. I think England started this whole mess and the contagion spread throughout the rest of Western Europe.

        25. Yeah, there’s probably more than a bit of truth to that. They’re still not as bad off as Sweden or Germany, though.

        26. Not yet. They’ll end up becoming worse at this rate with Sharia Law and the like creeping up on them.

        27. I’m slightly optimistic with England’s chances. The others though, especially Sweden, they’re gone.

  9. And so it goes, this movie sucks because its just politics. As a consequence anything that makes a movie a movie (plot, characters, theme) are all afterthoughts. The politics come first. Its about creating the image that women are this or that…but its all contrived and therefore detached from reality.
    My question to everyone is this – are you surprised? This is the state of media/entertainment.

  10. Strange
    I thought a load of minge jokes from 3 dykes and whatever the fuck that ape is; would be box office gold
    Can’t wait for the sequel; starring all muslims

    1. your comment has elicited more lulz than the entire script of Ghostbusters 3

      1. The women in my office were laughing at the trailer… and not in a good way. They thought it was ridiculous. I guess they must be misogynists as well.
        I don’t what this cliche with the fat “strong” black women is all about. In a way, constantly casting women like this could be perceived as racism. I’m sure women like her exist but I don’t know anyone like that.

        1. I think someone got a laugh from Nel Carter in the 80’s and they have been trying to recreate ever since

        2. They’ve been casting black women this way for years, yet black women don’t see anything offensive about it. Let that marinate, they are portrayed as stupid apes, and no one says anything. Go watch a female black stand up comic, odds are they are going to be fat, abrasive, and unfunny. It’s minstrel theatre at its worst.

        3. Consider that 40 percent of Black women in the U.S. are obese, making them perhaps the most obese group of people in the entire world. And mere “fat” levels are usually the same as the “obese” levels in a population, so that means only 20 percent of Black U.S. women are slim.
          But I’m not sure that’s a Black woman in the film, I think they got an ogre from a horribly failed DNA experiment.

        4. But did she use her mouth better than a 20 dollar whore?

        5. If you grew up in a rough, “multicultural” neighborhood, you have seen it so often that there is nothing funny about it. Tiresome, yes, but not funny.

        6. I suspect that an ugly loud fat black woman is, in a strange sense, non-threatening. After all, white woman are hardly going to have to compete with her. Rather, they will pretend to like her but secretly pity her like Precious…

        7. I’ve known a lot of fat black women but honestly most of them are as soft as baby shit. Its obvious that they really want to be slim and pretty and some of them try their hardest. You can make them look tough on TV but like all women, they ultimately want a man to submit to.

        8. Interesting. I hadn’t thought of that. I would have thought they would just find her annoying.

        9. You had a team of Chinese children in a factory working for 22 hours straight?

        10. I find these complaints about Leslie Jones’ supposed ‘ghetto stereotype’ to be, well, interesting.
          I’m sure she would find it quite offensive.
          Do you really think Jones was somehow persuaded to affect this ‘ghetto’ persona against her will? Do you suppose in real life Jones talks like Margaret Thatcher? Obviously Jones is over the top (frankly I do not find her funny at all) but that style of humor and her manner of speaking is neither feigned, imposed upon her by some nefarious outside force, or uncommon in the black community (ghetto or otherwise).
          It seems to me what you’re basically saying is she talks ‘too ethnic’ and should try to sound whiter, otherwise she’s a ‘ghetto stereotype’.

        11. Remeber having a fat friend for like Precious for women that are even only marginally thinner makes them feel better about themselves.
          They don’t do it out of charity but rather vanity..

        12. Would have been more interesting for Leslie to play something different than her go-to SNL persona. Like have her be a shy nerd instead of the boisterous thuggette.

        13. Maybe thrones offended by it just aren’t speaking out. They would be reserved and non-confrontational for it to feel off and they would not be prone to being combative.
          Kind of like how men offended by aggressive characterization of our gender are less prone to speami gout since other men who don’t have a problem with it intimidate us.

        14. Leslie Jones is actually pretty good looking when you compare her to the average black woman. It’s not saying a lot. Obviously there are hotter ones but modtof them are mixed.
          Off hand I can think of only one actress who looked purely black and that was the one in”The Aliens” BBC show. Even then while I would fuck her I am not clear if I objectively find her hot or only feel that way due to the mai char waxingon about his camgirl.

        15. You can tone down ghetto without acting white. Caucasians don’t own acting reasonable. You can be black without being a pathetic goof. Black male ghostbuster was example of that. Did not come across as cartoonist.
          Leslie mocks her race all the time on SNL by hitting on white guys, calling them white chocolate, etc. I actually find it kinda sexy in a weird way (so.done who clearly isn’t a status object pretending to like you for resources, seems like she would at least honestly enjoy sex) but it is still a self characature “isn’t this funny how I persist in this mismatched relationship?” bit.

        16. First of all, let me make it clear that I think the movie sucks and I don’t find Leslie Jones funny in either this movie or elsewhere.
          But no white boogie man forced her to effect a ghetto persona.
          That is her schtick, and that manner of speaking and style of humor is not an exaggeration or stereotyping of African American culture.
          What you (and the SJWs) are really saying is that black culture looks assinine to you.
          She should ‘tone it down’; be ‘less ethnic’ etc.

        17. Leslie’s persona is not the whole of black culture. If I insult a white hick with bad mannerisms that is not an assault on the white race.

        18. “You can be black without being a pathetic goof.”
          Not according to you apparently.
          You see her manner of speech and humor as pathetic goofiness; I guarantee you she and most African Americans do not.
          You are the racist; she’s not acting white enough for you.

        19. You obviously think blacks talking/acting. black is bad; she should be less ‘ethnic’ (i.e. phony; more white-ish).
          Is she a lousy comedienne / actor?
          But you are criticizing what is actually fairly representative of black dialect here and in doing so you are exposing your own bigotry rather than criticizing her lousy comedic and acting ability.
          Again, nobody voice coached her to talk and act like that.
          She should have tried to sound whiter, according to you.

        20. my 2 granddaughters asked me to take them to this movie–40 minutes later they were begging to leave and go into the theatre where “The Secret Lives of Pets” was playing—so we snuck to the theater room next door–I guess my 2 granddaughters must be misogynists also……..sarc/

        21. A buddy of mine and I were discussing the ugliest women on TV over a few beers once. We whittled it down to:
          A) Whoopie Goldberg
          B) That fat secretary on the Drew Carey show or
          C) Sandra Bernhard
          granted, skankdom has progressed by leaps and bounds in the past 20 years or so, but these were top level reasons to curb your alcohol intake at the clubs a few decades ago……..

        22. Joe–you don’t even see that what you are saying is the actual racist point of view.
          Over the top, loud, boisterous and ill-mannered is “being black” in your own words. I work with several other neurologists who have some degree of African ancestry and work in my dept at a major university hospital in DC and NONE would consider her mannerisms or elocution as “being black.’
          They would find your summations as highly racist–that ignorance, aggressiveness and loudness are “black traits.”

        23. You’re being a poliically correct phony.
          I’m not sure what the weasly phrase “some degree of African” ancestry means but you’re experience is with a decidedly non-representative sample (blacks are not typically neurologists).
          I love it when people trying to be PC put their foot in their mouth like this.
          We all know that Leslie Jones’ manner of speech and idea of humor is fairly representative of the black community. There’s even a fancy white academic word for it “AAVE”, for “African American Vernacular English” (basically a 13 syllable pretentious synonym for Ebonics or to use an earlier expression “jive”).
          You think they sound like inarticulate buffoons, so you pretend that typically blacks speak more or less in generic broadcaster English (and are neurologists or physicists or NASA scientists).
          Look, it’s how they talk. I know it, you know it, they know it – even your possibly black neurologist friends (if real) know it so let’s not be PC phonies and pretend otherwise.
          This reminds me of how for years, the narrative on the guilty white left was that there was no such thing as a “black accent” or black way of talking etc. Then in the 80s when blacks started demanding that ‘Ebonics’ be treated as a real language and even taught in school, these same pandering phonies shamelessly switched gears and supported the notion of Ebonics enthusiastically.
          Saying that Jones’ manner of speech and ‘comic’ style is somehow not typical of the black community is just like the old liberals who used to pretend there’s no such thing as recognizable black dialect.
          It’s transparently phony.
          Blacks see through this sort of phoniness by the way; they’re not thinking “that’s one of the good ones!”; they’re laughing at you.

        24. It is racist towards black women, is a black stereotype, that if it were not directed by a man of jewish origin, there would be SJW protests at that movie. Only one minority – because they are victims from Holocaust/etc. – can get away with being racist. Imagine if a Christian had a Mohammed cartoon contest, like the jewish Atheist Pam Gellar? But you know, atheist jews divide and conquer traditional people, even attack Israel and religious jews, and have the right to do so because they are victims.
          The ” cliche with the fat “strong” black women” is in fact racism, and if Billy Graham had a movie about Christian kids discovering faith and tradition that included that stereotype, believe me, SJWs will make them repent.

        25. That’s a good point. I saw that a lot in college when you would see packs of girls go out. Could you imagine if, to make themselves look better, men befriended fat, unattractive guys so they would look better by comparison out in a group?

        26. She should try and sound like a unique character instead of bringing the same stereotype to every role she plays.
          Also there is no “acting black” because that is mostly adopted cultural brassness and not sometimes ng they are forced to be.

        27. You introduce a false dichotomy of the crass urban culture Leslie conveys and whatever it is white speech is supposed to be in your mind.
          Rednecks are “white” and I would also dislike if sue acted that way. Or if she acted all SJW which is also mostly white women.
          Why do you pigeonhole them?
          Did MLK’s wife talk like Leslie?

        28. I am open to all possibilities. You seem convinced when was not possibly influenced to act this way. How would you know?
          People use what works. Even if she wasn’t directly told the equivalent to “spic it up” as Carlito Colon alleges Vince told him, during her experimental phase the ebonics clearly got the chuckles so she went with that.

        29. This is hilarious. You seriously think Leslie Jones’ Ebonics is something she’s faking for laughs? Yeah, I’m sure she actually speaks the queen’s English. You’re absolutely indistinguishable from an SJW.
          I guess we should be more “open to the possibility” that in real life, Patrick Stewart talks like Snoop Dogg but for his acting roles is coached to speak with a refined British accent.
          Of course you previously said there is no such thing as “acting black” yet you are effectively saying that this is what Leslie Jones is doing.
          Only nervous white people btw make this awkward claim that blacks, you know, don’t talk black. I’m sure they would be very, uh, flattered.
          As for MLK’s wife, well, when giving a speech at the National Press Club I suspect she’d “white it up” but when speaking at a black church or in private conversation with other blacks she would likely speak Ebonics.
          There’s even a word for it in the black community; “code switching”. I don’t think Leslie Jones however is intelligent enough to code switch.

        30. She’s not “acting black” in the sense of pretending or affecting a dialect; that’s just the way she, and indeed many black women, talk.
          You clearly think it sounds idiotic but at the same time don’t want to be accused of racism (the worst thing any white can be accused of apparently) so you are compelled to say ridiculous things like suggesting she’s been coached to talk that way, or that it isn’t a black way of talking etc.
          Fuck political correctness and tip toeing around reality lest somebody be offended by facts.
          Pretending that Jones’ manner of speech isn’t commonly heard in the black community or is limited to a small subpopulation of blacks analagous to white rednecks is utterly phony. And. You. Know. It.

    2. I wonder if the sequel will have trans-mortal ghosts. That is, ghosts that self-identify as being alive.

      1. <<o. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!br305p:….,..

    3. Understand the “comedy” sir but the way you speak of the “women” in this film with all the insulting “name-calling” doesn’t really help things.
      I wouldn’t call people names like that in real life though. Causes SERIOUS REPERCUSSIONS. lol. Amen.
      ~ Sincerely,
      Bro. Jed

        1. I never saw the movie. I don’t think we should insult and call people bad names. Amen. God’s Blessings on you. Amen.

      A film based on the failure of major film studios who bet the farm on retreads and sequels scripted in the vapid feminist world-view and insipid social dialog rather than solid plot and interesting charters.
      I hope that Sony pictures loses their proverbial shirts over this fem-fest and that movie goers, so insulated at the waste of time and money to watch these unfunny SNL hasbeens, march in droves to cinema box offices demanding refunds.

    5. The title of this sequel will be “Shebahbusters”. It will be filmed entirely on site in Mosul and will feature a team of four scrappy rejects who, after failing the entry tests to join ISIS, find themselves teaming up to face off against a horde of Jewish ghosts bent on destroying the city. The “car” is going to be replaced with a flying carpet because everyone knows that there are no cars in the Middle East to get around in. Just flying carpets. And instead of a Proton Pack, they’ll take up the Quran Pack, a deadly device that unleashes the will of Allah. Crossing the streams unleashes epic ghost jihad. Tagline will be “Who you gonna pray to?”

    6. I have been visiting RoK for a year now, found out about it when the ‘controversy’ regarding mad max article made rounds in the mainstream press. This site has been a real eye opener to me, I find the advices very relatable and helpful.
      One thing I don’t like however is the blatant Muslim bashing. I am a Muslim from Bangladesh. And I understand you guys frustration over the Muslims who are from middle east, hell we suffer from them too. We have a large number of people working in places like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait etc, and you guys have no idea how racist those guys are, it doesn’t matter that we are all Muslims, these people from rich Muslim countries mock us for being poor, for working in their, they regularly abuse the workers and when they are done, they send then home without any repercussions. Government won’t do shit because it would hurt the economy.
      So you see, it’s the Muslims from middle east that’s giving everyone else a bad name, you don’t see any Muslim terrorist from South Asia, South East Asia like Malaysia, Indonesia, attack USA, France and so on. The US government created all the Muslim terrorists in order to defeat Soviet Union, then left them be and now it has become what it’s now. The US politicians are not only master manipulator, they know how to brainwash.

      1. Muslims are the current Public Enemy Number One, used by the powers that be to scare and control the masses. It sucks to be in your shoes, but there is not much you can do about it. The Muslim terrorist was mostly a creation of the west, but it is now getting out of their control, and coming back to destroy peaceful Muslims and Christians alike.
        Anyway, a good number of us don’t bash Muslims, but getting to the truth and understanding nuance is not something a dumbed down Ideocracy populace can easily do, and this is by design. The shitstorm in the middle east is an invention by the globalists, to increase their power, and as a side effect to destroy Islam, which is one of the last remaining vestiges of patriarchy.

        1. “but it is now getting out of their control, and coming back to destroy peaceful Muslims and Christians alike.”
          I am of the belief that it is working as intended and not out of their control.
          I wouldn’t be surprised if we see in the future an Israeli expansion in the de stabilized middle east promoted as spreading ‘peace’ and ‘democracy’
          The west will be burdened.. sorry, enriched with millions of Muslims who are rightfully pissed off that are thrown in with the rest of us in this degenerate melting pot.

        2. Do you honestly think they intended on dozens of innocent Parisians being mowed down in the streets, Death Race 2000 style, and priests being stabbed to death during high mass?
          Perhaps I am still naïve, but I believe most of the elites who fomented this globalist plan actually *believe* they are doing it for good, the same way they believe a dictator they install in power against the will of the people will actually be good. I suppose one could suspend disbelief and at least see, from a greedy point of view how it benefits globalists or elitists to have a dictator in a South American country. But there is no way one could claim knifing priests and running over families in trucks is a good thing for anyone.
          I guess my question is just how evil are these people pulling the strings.

        3. My feeling is quite evil. I’m sure there are people that are part of the chain of command that have convinced themselves it is for good but as far as I am concerned means nothing if the key motivation is purely self interest.
          These awful happenings are so counter productive to islam and the Arab world yet so beneficial to globalist war policy and new world order politics surely one must ask themselves if this all just part of the plan.
          “Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said yesterday that Iran, Libya and Syria should be stripped of weapons of mass destruction after Iraq. “These are irresponsible states, which must be disarmed of weapons mass destruction, and a successful American move in Iraq as a model will make that easier to achieve,” Sharon said to a visiting delegation of American congressmen.
          Sharon told the congressmen that Israel was not involved in the war with Iraq “but the American action is of vital importance.”
          – Feb 18 2003 http://www.haaretz.com/sharon-says-u-s-should-also-disarm-iran-libya-and-syria-1.18707
          How could their intelligence be so wrong. I’m not buying it. They wanted these nations destroyed and we the people are sold bullshit.
          Israel, America’s greatest ‘ally’ yet not so long ago they were attacking American Navy ships and carrying out false flag attacks on American citizens to drag them into war with their enemies. The Lavon Affair. These are blatant evil acts.

      2. You know what else people bash on besides Muslims? Catholics. Jews. Christians. Hindus. Mormons. Pick ANY religion and you’ll find people bashing it. Hell, if you look hard enough, I’m sure you’ll find people knocking on Buddhism. There’s even bashing of groups who subscribe to NO religion. The only difference I can find in all of it is that it’s Muslims who burn down buildings and riot and demand blood whenever someone draws a picture of Mohammed or even attempts to have an open debate about the validity of the Quran. Every other religion seems to be able to largley withstand its critics and detractors except Islam. Perhaps a dogma that is so easily shaken by ultimately irrelevant things should be questioned more than it should be followed.

        1. What is being communicated to you through the media and the reason behind all the dogmatism is Political Islam, not Islam as a religion; the latter promotes use of one’s individual mental faculties to make judgements with free will, and a completely personal relationship between the individual and God.
          Political Islam is a tool, first developed by medieval empires in decline like Ottomans and Emevis to exploit the masses to protect and prolong the dogmatic rule of the monarchy. This played very well into the hands of the colonial powers in the 20th century and was revived and enhanced into Islamic Terrorism by the USA as the Green Belt Project, and nations who remained weak and medieval in the clutches of totalitarian political Islam were very easy to colonize and manipulate…

        2. It all sounds a bit too much like the NAWALT argument to me. You’re attempting to create a distinction where I believe none exists. If that works for you, then so be it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all the same dark age dogma regardless of what the label is put on it and I have absolutely no use for any of it.

        3. Lol @ “Political Islam”
          Do me a favor and count the number of times the Qu’ran says, “infidel.” Then come back here and tell us more about “Political Islam.” Islam is a fascistic, terrorist religion and it really is that simple.

        4. Are you familiar with Bill Warner’s site http://www.politicalislam.com?
          Historical examination of what Islam is: the Koran and Sunna – the hadith (traditions) and sira (biography) of muhammed -pbuh (piss be upon him).
          Excellent information using scientific cause-and-effect rational analysis of what islam has been for 1400 years; a political cult that has and still seeks to subjugate every civilization it has encountered. Every muslim has submitted, else he is not truly a muslim.
          It’s simply a fact. The world will not be safe until the dysfunctional retarded evil dogma of islam is wiped from the face of the earth.
          The challenge is to get the West (especially the lib-left apologists) to WAKE UP.

      3. excellent critique of islamophobia, every intellectual should especially pay attention to the Green Belt project, where CIA trained and indoctrinated Muslim terrorists to use against the Soviet Union in the Cold War throughout the Middle East, and is one of the fundamental reasons Middle East has become the hell it is today.

      4. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but Islam was founded by a terrorist, and all Muslims worship him.
        Instead of criticizing Muslim “bashers”, try taking a second look at the religion; reread the Quran critically, study Islam’s history, and see if it’s really in line with your values.

        1. Tell us more about how Israel is our natural ally. We’re waiting with baited breath.

        2. Fallacious argument. America was founded by Terrorists too. That doesn’t make it a flawed or bad place.

        3. Of Jesus, Buddha, Guru Nanak, et al. Muhammad is the only prophet to have been a paedophilic, slave trading warlord.
          Hence, when you equate fighting for independence to Muhammad’s ideology of Jihad and domination, you are making a false equivalence.

        4. “Fallacious argument. America was founded by Terrorists too. That doesn’t make it a flawed or bad place.”
          Give this man a one way tick to the Islamic country of his choice.

        5. Apples and oranges. While Americans look up to the Founders, they generally don’t worship them as infallible human beings. Muslims, on the other hand, treat their founder as a perfect role model who was on direct orders from God. This guarantees that any progress Muslim countries make will be short lived, and that they will always revert back to 7th century savagery.
          Also, the American Founders were fighting for freedom. No, they weren’t perfect or consistent, but that’s the direction they were going in. Muhammad, by contrast, was simply fighting for power.

        6. You’re an idiot. The Shiites don’t even follow the teachings of Muhammad, but his successor, Ali. And they call them Muslims. I don’t know where in the fuck you get that Muhammad was a terrorist. Stop speaking shit out of your arse and pull some correct statements out of the proper context.

        7. Completely false information, you seem very angry and are just looking for a rationalization to vent your frustrations…
          On more general terms, politically correct bullshit terminology invented by the U.S. has no place in a real, natural state of affairs. Concepts like “slave trading”, “pedophilia” etc. are completely out of context and are used to pacify clueless guys like you so you can be better controlled.
          Having consensual sex with a fully sexually mature girl of say 16 years old was never considered pedophilia in any place of the world until feminism started to restrict men’s sexual behavior to better herd them… Nature seems to agree, as teenagers give birth to much healthier babies than 35+ wall hitting psycho feminist bitches.
          Something for you guys to think about before you waste more time in throwing hatred at straw man targets designed by the propaganda machine of the ruling elite…

        8. You’re projecting. Secondly, spare me the silly straw arguments. The prophet of Islam has more in common with Genghis Khan than Jesus or Buddha. Anyone who believes otherwise is either a) an idiot or b) deep in denial.
          Don’t bother responding if you’re incapable of addressing my arguments directly.

        9. This is the 3rd or 4th comment I read from you where you are just running your mouth like a bitter angry woman, but add no value or substance to the discourse.. so I’ll just let the readers decide which of those childish categories you belong to…
          Good Luck

        10. So because I point out a factual error, that means I wish to live in barbarism? I think not. Islam is bad enough on its own. We don’t have to lie and exaggerate to demonstrate this.

        11. Your response is so ironic, it’s almost humorous. Go back to your safe space homo.

        12. Fucking a nine-year old girl destructively to the point of infertility is what Muhammed did.

        13. Your Strawmen are true, but the reality usually isn’t a sexually mature 16 year old girl. It’s usually 8 year old boys that the goat fuckers enslave.

        14. you literally look like a little girl, using little girl’s language, and you would be slapped like a little bitch if you were able to run your mouth like that in real life, and you know it very well little doggie, that’s why you lurk here…

        15. The orientalist sources that propagate such rumors have been proven to be false and evil in intent time and again. Not even the most retarded Muslim would ever believe or condone such an abominable defamation. The Prophet’s last wife was according to multiple historical sources 17-18 years old when they got married. And His first wife was actually 15 years older than Him.
          Such shamelessly libelous propaganda against the religion of 1.5 billion people in the world is part of the reason why the less educated underprivileged people from 3rd world countries are so easy to radicalize…

        16. Save your fucking propaganda for those who already believe.
          My statements are from primary sourced (Quran, in Arabic, you suckass), as well as early Hadith – as you yourself mention, you really don’t want to get into a quote-fest from, say, Shia traditions, it gets even worse.
          I was being moderate, too, the “unrevised” traditions say the marriage was at 5 or 6, the ruinous consummation was at 9, and in any case, Aisha (the prepubescent) played with dolls and sometimes Mohammed joined her, too, whilst he awaited the moment to fuck her.
          Wikipedia has a well-referenced summary, to start, for those who want to know what to answer the heretic propagandist:

        17. I really overestimated the intellectual levels of the readers here, as blind bigots like you seem to be the norm rather than the exception (not to mention not even high school drop outs quote wikipedia articles as a scholarly reference anymore).
          There is not a single verse you can find in the Kur’an which would promote any of the pedophilic psychotic babble you guys have been sputtering. I dare you to find a single sentence that condones or promotes it. Of course you won’t be able to, but then will you apologize, I doubt it as that would be too high class for your hate infested horseshit mind…
          Get well.

        18. So, go and reform Islam amongst the moslems, convince them of everything you claim, propaganda hole.
          Remember all your bullshit when they knock your teeth out, cut your dick and balls off, pluck out your eyeballs then chop your head off and lay it on your bleeding, raped ass with your testicles in your eye sockets and penis in your mouth.
          If you wonder where your liver and eyes are while that’s going on, well, your moslem betters will be about finished eating them by now.
          Fuck you very much, bootlick.

        19. your level of psychosis is beyond that of even feminist trolls you little cunt, good going..

        20. Be a moslem or just take it up the ass from the whole ummah“, a self-help reference manual by Monte_Cristo. Act now and get a free bottle of lube.

        21. it was already blatantly obvious that you were a closet faggot case you dumb little shit, but go on feel free to embarrass yourself further…

        22. You’re not winning any credibility with such emotional responses. Some day, God willing, you will learn how to make an argument.

        23. All I got from you guys were emotional knee jerk reactions for making philosophical points about Islam that almost every intellectual I know in Europe and the East would wholeheartedly acknowledge.
          I was a bit disappointed because on many other topics there are some truly piercing insights on this website…

        24. Pretty sure the guys calling Muhammad a pedophile are not doing so because he cucked Aisha when she was 16 two years before his death.
          They do so because he had intercrural sex with her while she was prepubescent from age 6-8 and vaginal sex with her while she was lubescent from 9 onwards.
          Personally I don’t agree with the assessment. It is not as if Muhammad ONLY rubbed his dick on prepubescent girls. He still had sex with his adult wives, after all. A true paralhiliac would not deviate from their fixation.
          The strongest evidence is that Aisha was his favorite but that could be for her sense of humor, her lack of crotchetiness, or Muhammad having repressed homosexual attraction to her father Abu Bakr, not necessarily because of her young age. You can like your black wife more than your Latino wife without being negress-biased, for example. Maybe your Latino wife is just a bitch. Not liking her doesn’t mean you are racist against latinas.

        25. You are a fucking idiot twat with information from Jews and Idiots who have a place in the power to protect. Keep wishing war you stupid asswipe, the only winners in war are the Elite Rich. Dwell on that thought you stupid fucktard.

        26. I’m done you corporate shill living off the Elite tit. You are the Satanic piece of shit shoving the war down our throughts, as though there was something noble about war.

        27. I am from the Middle East, Corey the way things work here, is that the atheist anti-religious secular jews are the Palestinians of the west, a scared cow. You know how Palestinian marxists started a civil war in Lebanon, got away with it because they are victims, robbed banks in Kuwait, got away with being marxists overthrowing the government in Jordan until Jordan finally had a Black September.
          Basically the secular atheist jews don’t want Muslims to give Christians ideas on how to get normal virgins with long hair who dress modestly, don’t want Christian men to get the idea from Muslims how to be masculine, etc That’s why they even hate Ukraine while Ukrainian Christian men fighting are praised around the Muslim world.
          Christians are very scared of being called anti-semite, and learned to be guilty. It’s so bad that in Yemen, all the US Aid went to American jewish studies professors to document Yemeni jewish life, but when a Bapitist doctor was killed, I overheard American diplomats, themselves Christian making excuses that there were some missionaries who proselytized from that hospital!!! That really angered the Muslims who like the doctors, and saw them like family, how can they hate their own people so much? We are not slaves, and don’t bow to anyone but God, like Christians used to be. Jewish secular atheists are very scared that SBd1, me, Roosh V, and others from a Muslim background whether religious or secular will revive patriarchy in the western society.
          Look how Roosh V was defamed after his jewish feminist article, that’s why there is so much Islamophobia, for the same reason there are attacks on GamerGate or PUAs or Roosh V. Jewish athiests are afraid Muslims will teach Christians and long suffering religious jews how to get out of their SJW Matrix.
          The Islamophobia is pushed by a tag team of three types of athiest jews who work together in the media and academia to distract white people from their attempt to weaken Christians, prevent the word God being said in the army, attack Christian family values, Christian patriarchy, Christian masculinity, the Christian family and the Christian male. This is done because they have Post Traumatic Stress Disroder from being persecuted by money hungry feudal lords for their wars in the Middle Ages who claimed to be Christian.
          The biggest fear of secular atheist jews is that Muslims refuse to given in to the destruction of the patriachy, society, family values, etc., that they will teach it to Christians. That’s why Muslims can talk about Allah but Christians get their butt kicked for saying the word God in the army. The Army Karl. Atheists don’t fight as well as religious people, you need people to at least say the word God in the army if you want a capable military.
          There are three groups of athiest jews, the marxists who don’t call anything terrorism if its Muslim but call anything white Christian males do terrorism to provoke, another group that uses Muslims as a scapegoat the way Nazis used Jews down to the cartoons, which is split in two groups – the rational sounding ones and the radicals. The rational sounding ones only call it terrorism when a Muslim does it and even when it’s clear the attack was funded by Iranian government or the secular athiest Marxist PLFP, they push that “Islam is the problem” and that you are weak if you don’t admit that a secular marxist attack by the PLO or PLFP is somehow the meaning of Islam, you are weak and just like marxists. Then you have the final group that tries to openly incite violence against Muslims, they go after Roma, blacks, other minorities too who are in their way like Ezra levant.
          Secular atheist jews never go against each other, they are tribal. Religious jews like Ben Shapiro do however stand up to them. The Nakba was reduced because some religious jews stood up to the athiests in Dier Yassin. The religious jews are a minority in America, a majority in Israel. American secular jews like George Soros with his Iran deal will even lobby against Israel, to spite it for being religious.
          Religious jews are not to be confused with secular ones.
          An example is Roman Polanski, Holocaust survivor, raped a 13 year old girl. Jewish atheists around the world lobbied to have him not go to jail and attacked the 13 year old rape survivor! They kept harassing the poor girl. Diaspora jewish atheists in the west re-invented tribalism which was crushed by patriarchal religion.
          Corey, I went through 10 years of Koran school, honestly, your jewish athiest narrative about what I studied is cute.. but how does it help Christians get their patriachy and family back. Divided we fall, United we stand. If traditional people of all faiths in the west Unite, establish Christianity as the main religion, Patriachy as the main system, there is nothing feminists, SJWs and those who weaken society can do to stop us. With religion, it is a mix of strength with mercy, so we will not turn into Nazis or Stalinists. Traditional people of faith, if united, will never be defeated. Remember that.

      5. 1) I appreciate you defending your tribe. I wish more White Christians did likewise.
        2) As much as I dislike our government, they did not create all the Muslim terrorists. Muslims have been terrorizing Europe for centuries. Barbary pirates, Ottomans etc.. In fact my ancestral homeland was under the Islamic Moors. And there have been multiple problems with South Asian Muslims, ie Pakistani’s. Ask an English person about Rotherham or Oxford.
        However, this doesn’t excuse Western nations meddling in the middle east on behalf of Israel and creating further issues.
        3) What is at the root of this Muslim bashing is a group of people (Whites) who have been kicked around way too long and are now starting to wake up. Logically, does it make better sense for Whites to point their anger at the politicians (of all parties) who have really screwed White men over? Yes, it does. But, that may take a while for most people to figure out.
        In the interim, Whites have every right to be upset at a group that is abusing the hospitality of its host. You don’t drive a truck into a group of natives celebrating and not expect some blowback.
        4) Jews control most of our media so we get force fed a lot of the Muslim=Evil narrative.

        1. The media is pushing a Muslim=Evil narrative?
          Where? They always seem to cover up any reference to Islamic terror whenever possible, even if it’s blatantly obvious.
          “The shooter’s motives remain unclear…”

        2. I don’t mind people criticizing my religion for the right reasons cos God knows we have issues! But let me be frank, Muslims as a single entity, doesn’t make sense for the fact not all Muslims are united, at all! Bangladesh used to be part of Pakistan, an Islamic country, but we broke off them in 1971 because we hated their guts and their continued oppression on us. We have always had a strong secular culture even with a Muslim majority while Pakistan was full on Islamic, guess who USA supported then, Pakistan of course! While the soviets supported us. I have seen nationalist pride always triumphs over religious ideology.
          Muslims and Christians have been killing each other since the middle age, both sides are to blame. But most Muslims don’t hate Christians because Jesus, who we call Isaa, is one of our prophets, for many us, Christianity is what used to be the norm before Islam came, so we have no problem with it as opposed to how the global elites want you to believe. Middle East is full of corrupt governments, the global elites use the anger in those countries for their advantage, it’s all so clever man.
          Bangladeshi Muslims hate middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc. Saudis the most, they openly call us miskin which means beggars, they beat and abuse the workers like it’s an everyday thing, our government can’t even say a word about this because they will just threaten to stop taking our people, some brotherhood we are part of Haha.
          It’s genuinely confusing seeing American liberals always defending Islam and all when our ideologies are so different.!and whenever any us officials visit here, they are always threating us to be more open and freedom of expression, equality, human rights blah blah all the usual buzz words.

        3. Partially correct. The media plays both sides of the game as long as they can continue to keep the masses asleep. Whenever there is a great fear that Nationalism will arise amonst Europeans, the media minimises the Muslim angle.
          However, ( excluding the evil White man) there are two groups who are much maligned in media and film; Germans and Muslims. And it is no coincidence which group is pushing this narrative.

        4. Most intelligent Whites understand that there are significant differences between an Indonesian Muslim and a Persian one. It’ s really just our media that tries to push the whole Islam as a monolothic entity.
          And why American liberals promote Muslims is beacuse they loathe their own existence and want to get back at daddy. Really, all this progressive stuff is done just to get back at the White man that they feel inferior to. They don’t really give a fack abour Human rights or any of that crap, they just want attention.
          This is however excluding the Jewish influences in liberalism which genuinely have more negarious objectives towards White societies

        5. “However, ( excluding the evil White man) there are two groups who are much maligned in media and film; Germans and Muslims.”
          I see I’m not the only one who remembers those Libyan terrorists, in Back to the Future, 1985. Since, most Libyans are Muslims, it was assuredly a way of maligning Islam; and as President Obama said at the UN, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

        6. We have to hate Muslims enough to not care when our globalist governments/military complex bomb the shit out of them, install their own puppets and rape their nations.
          But we cant hate them on home soil so we do not disturb the multiculturalism agenda and happily accept the hoards.

        7. Libyans – Gaddafi, were prominent in the news at that time, yes. Remember the Lockerbie passenger jet crash (Libyan terrorists).

      6. Islam bashing ≠ “blatant Muslim bashing”
        Islam has not transitioned out if the Middle Ages, Islam does not recognize Western values, of separation of church and state and not a single Muslim country lives by modern democratic or secular values. Not one.
        I wish you had put “The US government created all the Muslim terrorists in order to defeat Soviet Union” I wouldn’t have wasted my time reading the rest of it. Blaming Western colonialism, instead of overcoming the denial of Islamic imperialism, is the precise reason why Islam has ever found internal peace.

        1. Islam is indeed in the equivalent time of the Middle Ages. Christianity was formed (obviously) around 2,000 years ago. Islam is approximately 1,300 years old, or 700 years younger than Christianity. The Middle Ages ended around 500 years ago, so Islam still has a ways to go if it follows the same path as Christianity did in its evolution.
          That’s why I don’t get surprised at some of the things Islamists do today. They are very similar to what a Middle Ages Christian might do in the 14th century. That’s simply the time frame they are living in, and it’s silly to expect them to behave otherwise, just as it’s silly to expect a woman to calmly and rationally have a logical discussion with you and to take full responsibility for her actions. One must not set false expectations.
          And yes, the blowback from the west creating terror and fomenting rebellions throughout the Mideast in an effort to defeat Mother Russia is one of the worst ideas this nation had. Far worse than slavery. Far worse than the electoral college. It ranks right up there with democracy and factory farming. It is somewhat ironic that Russia today is one of the few nations serving as a paragon of strength and virtue (flawed as it is–and I would not want to live there).

        2. Try to find a scripture in the Bible, where Jesus Christ commanded his followers to kill people.
          Spoiler: You can’t, because it doesn’t exist.
          I agree with most of what you just said but even at its absolute worse, there is no moral equivalence between Christianity and Islam. I’m not even religious and even I can understand this. If you read the things that Jesus said, taught and did, it becomes quite clear that Christianity is not a violent religion in any way and that it cannot be spread by the sword because it is faith based.

        3. And there is no comparison of the time frames, that is, the centuries that it took for reformation. I hate when people give islam a pass because Christianity took 1400 years to have its reformation.
          The world is different 1400 years into islam. You can send a message across the world instantaneously.
          Unlimited information is available to everyone in the world, for free. Science, education, email, tv, air travel, internet.

        4. THANK YOU. The fact that we’re still having to debate these points, HERE of all places makes weep for the future.
          Christianity passed through the philosophers of the Greek and Roman world, through the Renaissance, through the European wars of religion, through the Enlightenment and through the science that has followed.
          Meanwhile, during these centuries, the Muslim world chose mysticism over philosophy and fundamentalism over modernity. Christianity passed through a transformation, while Islam has passed through a security perimeter intent on suicide.
          This is why the “Oh but Islam still has a ways to go…” arguments drive me insane because it’s a de facto assumption that Islam is capable of reformation when, by its very structure and definition, it is not.
          The “muh interventionist foreign policy” argument is trash too, i.e. The United States intervened to protect Muslims in the Balkans.The Serbians suffered terribly under the Nazi’s, and stuck it to the Soviets. In their centuries long struggle with Muslims on the Balkan peninsula, the United States intervened on the side of the Muslims. When was the last time Saudi or Iran intervened on behalf of Christians against Muslims?

        5. The Old Testament is incredibly violent. Full of rapes, murders, pillaging, mass destruction, etc. Of course Jesus shunned violence and never ordered anyone to kill. Jesus preached to love your enemies, to turn the other cheek, and that one should give away all of one’s possessions and walk with him because it is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. How closely does any of that resemble modern Christianity?

        6. This is an answer to a point I never made. Again, there is no moral equivalence between Christianity and Islam. Prove me wrong.

        7. I’m more interested in universal truths and observations than whether a particular point made by an anonymous stranger (no offense) is correct or not.
          I am too ignorant of Islam to comment on its moral equivalency with anything.
          I think there is enough to justify violence and bad action in either of the holy books; the difference is how the religion behaves and functions, not what is written down in archaic language. I’d argue that most Christians are very far from the pacifist, poor, pious example Christ set for them. That’s not as much a criticism of them falling short as it is merely an example of how followers don’t adhere strictly to their texts but instead have 100 different denominations that tell them different things like “Behind greedy and rich is good and just a sign that God is rewarding you for being a Christian.”
          If one wanted to, one could pick up a sword and justify his actions invading the Holy Lands because of things written in his Christian bible. And indeed 500-700 years ago, that was happening. Islam is 500-700 years younger than Christianity. Hence, none of its barbarity and primitive beliefs surprise me.

        8. I am so sick of this ridiculous argument that, since Islam is 700 years younger than Christianity it should be given a pass for its faults and held only to a medieval moral standard.
          Islam may be 1400 years old but the cultures dominated by it are in many cases older than those of Europe. It’s not like Muslims had been living on another planet for Christianity’s first 700 years.
          Sorry, that excuse won’t fly. The Muslims of today live in 2016, not 1316, and they will be held to 2016 standards of morality.
          It’s really a rather awkward apologetic for Islam anyway. I can’t imagine any Muslim with an IQ higher than that of a golf ball feeling flattered by the suggestion that they should be regarded as essentially living in the Middle Ages.
          With friends like you they don’t need enemies.

        9. Honestly I’ve never heard anyone else espouse that argument. Anyway, it’s more about setting proper expectations than anything. Expecting a primitive religion from an uncivilized society to behave like proper gentlemen is like expecting a millennial American woman to cook, clean, sew, and welcome you with a smile on her face while dressed conservatively and preserving her thin figure. It doesn’t mean you’re “giving anyone a pass” or excusing their behavior. It’s simply a matter of setting proper expectations so that one is not surprised or disappointed.

        10. They. Live. In. 2016.
          You really aren’t winning any friends amongst Muslims with your referring to Islam as a primitive religion and their societies as primitive.
          Again, with friends like you they don’t need enemies.
          As for the “but it’s really 1316 for Muslims, give an a break!” it’s been beaten to death.
          Nothing personal but it’s just a really really dumb argument.
          By your reasoning Hindues should’ve beaten the US to the look by 5000 years and the Zoroastrians of Iran should have been way past where the West is now Islam conquered Iran in the Middle Ages.

      7. Because frankly we’re sick of your religion which revolves around a pedophile prophet. Go back to a sharia hellhole if you don’t like it.

        1. Lol you do know the founder of this site, Roosh is a Muslim himself right? He posted a video on his YouTube channel saying so.

        2. Roosh’s accusation that Canada is Islamophobic doesn’t hold water. What is Islamic about Game Theory?

        3. Interesting video, I am Canadian and followed the meet up controversy, and I despise the lazy Canadian media for parroting the “Roosh is a rapist” narrative without actually interviewing him or doing some actual research…Ezra Levant of the Rebel Media excluded, of course.
          However, with all due respect, I think Roosh is conflicted. I believe he takes what he wants from islam (patriarchal values, etc.) but is at heart a believer in freedom, free speech, Western values. I can respect that, and I may be wrong.
          I don’t know that he believes in the tenets of political islam, in terms of spreading the cult, oppressing infidels (kaffirs), and slowly attempting to impose sharia law.
          Trust me, the Canadian political intelligentsia and most mainstream media establishment is severely left-leaning. They would abhor islamophobia and would bend over backwards into pretzels to “be nice” to muslims.
          Roosh’s problems in Canada stemmed entirely from the lib-lefties’ beliefs that he was pro-rape (I admit that this was ridiculous) and that he bucked the dominant untouchable holy, true western religion of today, which is, “women are oppressed, men are priveledged, and society must make men change to force ‘equality’ in every aspect of life by promoting feminism in every educational, occupational and government institution.”

        4. You obviously weren’t on the website at the time when he posted that video. He claimed to be Muslim to bash the dumb feminists in Canada who attacked him.

      8. Nothing personal bro, I’m an atheist who hates on Jews/Christians too. I actually think polygamy is pretty cool and would not be opposed to taking on a six year old wife to do my laundry like Muhammad did. I personally would wait more than three years to do PIV intercourse though. That whole thing seemed a bit rushed. Muhammad got by three years just doing thigh rubbing so I don’t get why he couldn’t have kept that up an additional six years. By 15 the pelvis would be grown to more safely bear children.
        I don’t study your religion enough to know if Mo impregnated Aisha or any other wives. Did he know he was infertile or something? That is the only excuse I could think of.
        Even then I sure hope he had a small cock because at nine it seems like vaginal circumference might not be enough to accommodate a standard sized adult penis.
        If Mohammed was average sized then it is my hope that Allah used his power to at least temporarily shrink Muhammad’s penis for the night so that he didn’t hurt his nine year old wife when he put his penis inside her vagina. Permanent shrinkage would not be good as thenit would not be large enough on other nights of the week to satisfy his other wives who had fully sized adult vaginas.

      9. There was just recently a brutal Muslim terrorist slaughtering of non-Muslims in a restaurant in the capital city of Bangladesh.

    7. You’re a racist pig. Our country was built on what you call apes. If you don’t like the movie than so be it but grow the fuck up with your perverted comments. I bet that’s because your making up for it with your small ass dick

    8. funny, then nasty comment. Thanks for making me feel like an SJW. Thumbs down

    9. There are clearly more lolz in trolling this movie than actually seeing it. You can’t make fun of a comedy that is already making fun of itself but the moment they started pushing it as some kind of serious Grrl power feminism breakthrough it became trollable. Every 19 year old is going to think its a dyke film as you did.

    10. You already have a muslim who is in the next Star Wars movie: Riz Ahmed. Oh, he was in Nightcrawler too and also in the next Jason Bourne movie. Oh, and he currently has a hit HBO TV show called The Night Of. They taking ova!

    11. The villain of the sequel is a transgender ghost who committed suicide because s/he was not allowed from public rest room when s/he was alive

    12. Y’all pissbabies are just mad they decided to remake the Original Ghostbusters instead of that 80’s trash.

  11. Bridesmaids was fucking awful.
    A film that almost by accident showed how shallow, slutty and backstabby modern women are.
    Moving their shitty franchise to Ghostbusters was always gonna be a disaster. And all the propaganda in the world won’t stop this

    1. I have to say man, you kinda got what you deserved when you watched a movie called bridesmaids. Did you go into it thinking it was going to be anything other than fucking awful?

      1. I don’t stray from things I dont like. It’s why I also read leftists news outlets. Keep your eye on the other team

        1. fair enough. but Bridesmaids? I feel like I wish I ran into you going to see that movie and saved you from what was undoubtedly only slightly better than having a cancerous tumor in your brain…..and aids.

    2. I actually thought it was pretty funny. But the humor was because I recognized exactly what was in your second sentence, and then contrasted that with how much women claimed to love this movie. It had a meta humor quality for me that I actually enjoyed.

      1. Yeah I get. Apparently the Director is a bloke. Perhaps it’s all a meta pisstake

      2. I thought it was funny also. Especially the bigger lesbian looking girl. Of course, they are the exact opposite of any of the traits I am looking for in a woman, but I laughed a good bit at that flick.

  12. A new star trek tv show is coming out I wonder how much SJW shit is gunna be in it?

    1. I am guessing somewhere between “a lot” and “GOD GIVE ME CANCER NOW!!!!!!”

      1. Captains Log is now a huge dildo that the captain shoves in his ass while relaying the information of the day.

    2. Yes I read it’s going to be named “Star Trek Discovery” or…wait for it…STD.
      They had a teaser trailer up, I’ve never seen such cheap CGI and such an ugly ship.
      It will be going overboard on progressivism, count on it.

      1. They did say that the ship design wasn’t final and they just wanted something to show at their panel. After all the hate it’s gotten I’m sure they’re taking it back to the drawing board.

    3. The new movie is actually pretty awesome. No hint of SJWism seeping in. Even the aforementioned Sulu gay scene was so short that you if you didn’t know about it, you’d think that he was just getting visited by his brother. A lot of action, humor, and rock’n’roll. I seen it twice already.

  13. Don’t worry guys, the unrated director’s cut will feature a hardcore, interracial lesbian sex scene between McCarthy and Jones.
    You’ll never unsee that mental image. Yes, I’m an asshole.

      1. No. It’ll be Loki. Nothing like adding gay incest to the left’s list of celebrated behaviors.

    1. Not enough dumpster space in the world to contain the collective puking of the unfortunate viewers, my friend.

  14. The general benchmark for a film to be successful is to earn twice its budget in the box office; this film isn’t anywhere near that (it may just barely make back its budget). And to think that the producers are gearing up for more sequels.

  15. I must confess that I saw this horrible flick (give me credit it was a $5 matinee and my air conditioning was broken when it was over 100 degrees outside). It was the most god-aweful piece of cinema I have seen in a long time. Ishtar might even beat it in ratings. Wholly unfunny. Terrible acting. Scripting didn’t even try to develop any of the characters. It was just blatant we-are-here-we-are-women-deal-with-it gurllllllpowwwer BS.
    Seeing it was the afternoon though and no one was around, I decided to take in another “free” movie and watched Purge: Election Year. Again, another terrible SJW type movie, but it left me wondering if the concept of an annual purge might actually be a good idea after what I just saw.

    1. Two hours’ air conditioning for $5 on a stifling day and some mediocre entertainment…your day could have been a lot worse. If that’s the worst thing that happens to you, consider yourself lucky.

    2. You’re better off watching Cool As Ice. Bad movie, but at least Vanilla Ice and his “drop the zero and get with a hero” schtick at least make it entertaining.

      1. Fuck yes! Cool As Ice reference. Nice to know I am not the only person who saw this cinematic gem.

        1. What can I say? He poured his heart out on that one. Same with Shaq in those two movies he did and John Travolta in Battlefield Earth. The William Shatner method of acting at its finest.

    3. Sad thing is, unlike the recent Goat Busters, the Purge series had a chance to be good. Oh well, another wasted horror series.

      1. I really enjoyed the second Purge movie. Went with some friends to see it and we had some beers afterward. Discussed for hours the philosophical theory behind the Purge and the actual effect it might have on society.
        I think the writers focused too much on the murder aspect. I don’t think that many people would get bloodthirst one day a year and go out just blatantly killing each other. What most likely would happen is you would go fuck up the guy who banged your wife, or steal your big screen TV back from the asshole neighbor who took it, maybe jack up an ATM, or probably what would happen is a ton of people would just do an illegal drug that night and space out. It might also keep a lot more people honest. Would you fuck another guys wife if you knew there was a chance he might show up at your door the night of the purge? Heck would you let your dog shit in your neighbor’s yard if you knew he just might spray paint your house in retribution?
        But, yeah, even if there is another Purge movie I will probably not watch it. Election Year was bad enough.

        1. Same. I’ve always wondered myself, given how crazy things have become in the past when little things such as electricity or the police are taken away. I think a lot of the murder aspect deals with if people would act on the chance to kill someone if the chance presented itself. In a lot of ways they should have quit after the second one since one dealt with what goes on in the suburbs and the other with what happens in the cities. The only aspect to cover after that is out in the countryside, but we’re all familiar with Friday the 13th

        2. I was really hoping they would do a take on a year in time from the end of one Purge to the beginning of next year’s Purge exploring how people acted, interacted, prepared, and went about their daily life. Do people use the Purge as a threat o act of intimidation when they think they have been wronged. (Say would you threaten your boss if you were unfairly fired?). Also, it is only one night so it would be hard to target more then say one or two people. Would you have a priority list? Say this year I am going to jack up my boss and the next year I am going to find the guy who banged my wife as an example. Do people engage in regular self defense (or offensive) training throughout the year? I imagine there would even be a cottage industry of tactical training, clubs formed around it, or even political groups with specific missions (say Americans for Economic Justice that seek to rob banks and play “robin hood” for the night). What does the day after the Purge look like? How many weeks or months are the triage units swamped? Construction is probably a big business rebuilding and repair damage from the Purge? How many people flee the country (or plan on coming into the country) for the Purge?
          The concept could have been a real interesting thought experiment, but instead they just sort of ruined it may making it all racial and SJW.

        3. I remember thinking about a lot of that myself after noticing there’s some individuals who are not only prepped for it, but also like in the first one that has an industry to prevent break ins by selling cheap but effective home security systems. In the new one they mentioned Purge Tourists, and I thought that would be an interesting twist to the series and show some tourists who were caught in it or something like that. They should listen to the fans stick as is on this one, e could make a whole series heh.

        4. In the second one I thought it was absurd that the couple was out grocery shopping a few hours before all hell is going to break lose and it is going to become Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Or that another family has one simple pistol “just in case”. I thought it was bad writing since I’m prepped for about 30 days and have significant firepower to keep criminals at bay in many tactical situations and we have nothing like the Purge going on. But, then again, maybe in the mythical Purge society there is a segment that is just plain old ignorant to the Purge and Purge politics. We have a good segment of society that are just plain politically ignorant about almost everything, so why wouldn’t you have some ignorant about the Purge too?
          I hope if they do another Purge movie they dump the PC racial politics and actually delve a little bit more into a thought experiment type script. I really would like to the The Purge: The Year Between.

        5. I wasn’t surprised myself, as there is always an individual who hates firearms to the point of never having any while others think government will save them in a catastrophe (Katerina in NO proved otherwise). Out really is an eye opener when you consider how ill prepared most people are.

        6. Never got why people “hate” guns. Do they hate hammers? Wrenches? Plungers? Hating guns is one of the most irrational things a human could do. But then again humans are irrational beings.

    4. Actually I favor returning to the ancient Greek practice of ostracizing. Once a year we take a vote and who ever gets the most votes is banned from appearing in public, writing anything, appearing on TV movies or any media ten years. There are tons of people that we just don’t need to hear from for a long, long time.

      1. I am also for a practice similar to ostracizing and would support a constitutional amendment to that effect. I think it should be done at both the State and Federal level. Every year, if a petition gets X number of supporters a certain percentage vote would kick that person out of the country for ten years. (Or perhaps actual eviction from the country is not possible in the modern age so a ban on pretty much all public like would be the alternative. Voluntary removal from the country though would be highly encouraged as a matter of public policy. Maybe provide some financial incentive from them to leave or something similar).

  16. lol the film is losing money faster than Feig lost his masculinity . i hope they make a second and lose even more

    1. Kristen Wiig ain’t terrible, but I’ll pass on ol’ whitey-hating Jonesy, the lesbo McKinnon, and Fatty McCarthy.

      1. Indeed, that poor mans Jennifer Aniston is the only one of the bunch that looks half decent.

    2. well, cover one with flour, find a wet spot and go investigate.

  17. Hollywood execs have been dropping trial balloons for a female James Bond movie. When that happens the movie industry will suffer a thermonuclear apocalypse.

    1. yup. A black Bond or Female bond has been floating in the ether for over a decade now. It will happen, but I don’t think just yet. Once it does it will be all over.

      1. Please, God no. I’m already dreading them replacing Daniel Craig.
        And how many more movie remakes are they going to make to black actors before they realize that’s a bad idea? I’m sorry but the sun didn’t come out any earlier for black Annie than it did for the red head one, Queen Latifa had no business being in Steel Magnolias, and why is Kevin Hart being cast in every crappy 90s movie remake?

      2. I am all for Black, Asian, Hispanic, etc. actors having leading roles in big films. But there is simply no fucking reason to make James Bond anything other than a white male. That’s what he is in the books. It’s just purely idiotic.

    2. While I think the idea of a female bond is retarded, is it really that far off from the reality of the average 30-something career gal these days? Let’s see: meaningless promiscuity and inability to bond with someone in a meaningful relationship; complete dedication to a “career”; no true friends; retreats to sarcasm to protect what little real emotion remains; obsession with material comforts to assuage the lack of human companionship; bouncing around to various exotic locales to sleep with people. I mean, the only thing missing from the average woman’s reality is the kicking ass and taking names part. But, if they did it as women live in reality, the female bond would infiltrate the villain’s organization on a diversity hire, then file EEO complaints against all his henchmen to get them fired, and she would finally subdue the bad guy by marrying him, and divorce raping him, taking his kids, his secret hideout and his millions. She might even cut his dick off with a knife while he slept. I don;t know that this concept is all that far off, even if it is stupid.

      1. Now THAT was hilarious. Lol, literally. A diversity hire….but well deserved! There should be 50% female representation in Dr. Evil’s company! but, oh wait, the bad guys are all white guys.

    3. One question for the execs, will this female 007 movie have a female-female sex scene or will 007 be have sex with men?

      1. My guess is that sex will be with a hunky male counterpart who is either a black CIA guy like a post goldfinger Felix Leiter or some hunky muslim who is unfairly persecuted by MI6 because they think he is a terrorist.

        1. No lesbian sex scene, well, that is literally the only reason to ever have a lead female in an action movie. That will be a shame…

    4. Can you image what historians are going to think looking back on this PC culture shit centuries from now? They’re going to wonder how humanity even survived. If it does.

  18. The same could be said for star wars too, and why that franchise will go down the tank even further, barring maybe one exception.

    1. Star Wars is already over. Phantom Menace killed it. Selling it to Disney just propped it up weekend at bernies style.

      1. I may be the only one on this thread who hasn’t even seen the originals, let alone any reboots.

        1. I love the original ones. I am a bit of a star wars geek. I did see the prequels but was very depressed by them. I didn’t bother seeing this new one.

        2. Good luck finding any that haven’t been tainted by Lucas constantly re-editing the stories. I swear he never heard of the term if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

        3. With the exception of all but about 15 minutes at the end of the third prequel, and the Darth Maul fight scenes, the prequels should be used as evidence in a hate crimes prosecution of George Lucas, because he clearly hates his fans.

        4. I havent. Bit and pieces. Bit never had any interest in that nerd crap.
          Never liked superheroes, not even a little.

      2. Slumped over on those waterskis… Your nerdy lackeys waving desperately at people… Fuckin’ sad man…

        1. I honestly read this like 4 times and have no idea what you are saying.

        2. I think it might be some kind of poetry in the style of James Joyce.

  19. Holy shit look at the size of that sheboon, thats some Bushmeat right there!!

    1. You could throw her in the pond and skim ugly off of it for two weeks.
      I bet she can climb the fuck out of a tree though.

      1. Or the classic Redd Foxx line, “I can stick her face in some dough and roll gorilla cookies!”

  20. Somethings you just don’t fuck with because it was right the first time.
    Hollywood has been trying this same stuff since the 90s at least, with the ass kicking women and pretty much all of these movies bombed. If you don’t produce what your customers want you go out of business. I much prefer movies with gender roles the way the are supposed to be. I have been to the movies a few times since about 1990 but there are few movies these days worth seeing.
    I did go see Fury and there was nary a woman going around kicking all the men’s asses.
    I also saw the new Star Wars junk(had free ticket), that was the last time I will be watching one of those.
    I can get my fill of SJW b.s. from the Internet or television without having to drive to a theater.

    1. No, the women instead were wearing dresses and heels, and entertaining/cooking for the men who at war. Fury was a pretty underrated movie if you ask me.

      1. Fury was good, although the battle scenes silly and unrealistic. Someone made a good point that the best war movies are made by the losing side. There are some great American films about Vietnam and German classics like Das Boot and Cross of Iron (English language but German production and script) about WW2 are far better than the revisionism and jingoism that comes through in the movies where the country was the victor.

        1. Interesting point there. I’ve never looked at it that way but now that You’ve mentioned it, it does seem to ring true.

        2. I recently re-watched the Platoon / Born on the 4th of July / Heaven & Earth trilogy and they are powerful films. Anything made about Iraq or any American victory is just a popcorn “Rambo” movie where there is one invincible dude who racks up hundreds of kills. Perhaps the one exception would go to The Patriot–that was a pretty good flick. But not as good as Braveheart, where of course the Scots lost!

        3. I did. I vaguely remembered liking it, but I believe it was directed by the propagandist Katherine Bigalow who made that Zero Dark 30 atrocity.

  21. Someone needs to cpme up with clever replacement words for the theme song that shits on this cinematic catastrophe

  22. I gotta say most of the recent remakes just suck. I’m not going to see this garbage but even total recall IMO was shit compared to the original version with the governator.
    But add feminism to the soup and you get green slime, pondscum lol.

    1. Oh god, you just reminded me of total recall, that may have been the most scarring movie in my life…

    2. Man they did screw up Total Recall I forgot about that, someone should spend six days in the stocks for that after being horse whipped.

        1. What. The. Fuck. As if it has not been bad enough. This was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Ghostbusters, I can ignore. But nobody, and I mean nobody fucks with Jack Burton.

        2. I’m on the same boat. Rumors have it the Rock will be playing Jack. Another Carpenter classic that is being rebooted is They Live, which is terrible news for me.

        3. My guess is Kurt Russell will be replaced by a strong female bull dyke.

        4. Big Trouble is complete crap, what a stupid film that is. Maybe it was cool back then, but it certainly did not age well. The only cool thing it has going for itself is the special effects. Oh, and Kurt of course.

        5. Now that pisses me off, They Live is one kick ass film. It cannot be remade properly.

        6. the subtext in They Live got the director, John carpenter, on a short term shit-list in Hwood…

        7. The best character that Kurt Russell played was in Escape from New York -1981 (Snake Plissken).
          After that one, his character wasn’t bad but he wasn’t the same.

        8. It has some great lines. “A brave man does not fear the feel of the elements on his face.” “Well, a wise man knows when to get the f^&* out of the rain.”

        9. All of Carpenter’s filmography is being butchered bit-by-bit. Even he himself cannot make a quality film anymore. Thankfully his “Lost Themes” albums are damn good; I’ll take them over him falling off of the face of The Earth completely.

        10. Well as long as you didn’t hate it more than the Super Mario Bros. film…

    3. And they failed at remaking Rush Hour. And they’re going to fail at remaking Lethal Weapon.

    4. Remakes and also sequels that seem unnecessary. I heard there will be a Blade Runner sequel and also Trainspotting.

      1. It depends on who is spearheading it; Carpenter with The Thing and Cronenberg with The Fly are two examples of remakes that took a lot of liberties with the originals and did an amazing job, namely because the directors were (at least at the time!) top-tier and competent enough to do them well.

      2. Yep well the blade runner one I think is like a remake or so, the trainspotting is a sequel with the same guys, which I may actually watch.

  23. What might have made a more plausible movie, is a twist at the end where all 4 of them are in a loony bin having had the same mass illusion that they are “ghost busters”

    1. It should also be revealed that they ended up in the looney bin after dumpster diving for donuts post binge-drinking because McCarthy could not stand to walk the extra two blocks to the pizzeria until she could have nourishment.

  24. The only remake that I recall being better than the original was Karate Kid, and that was because Jackie Chan did a superb job at explaining the philosophy behind kung fu and its relation to life.Plus the filming of the Chinese countryside was superb.

    1. Heresy! “Get him a body bag, Johnny!”
      I do like Jackie Chan though.

      1. If you have ever seen Jackie Chan’s “First Strike” I met the actor who played the “Russian” bad guy. He said that Jackie is the real deal martial artist-wise.

        1. First Strike actually has my favorite fight scene, the one with the step ladder.

    2. Not sure I agree with that though. Black kid beating an Asian in his home country?

      1. Better than Ralph Macchio beating the shit out of the whole Cobra Kai.

        1. How do you mean? Not trying to be a dick but I don’t see a progressive agenda in the original aside from a young man learning karate from a ‘wise Asian’.
          I actually commented to my wife about the obvious while Jaden Smith was beating an indigenous Asian in his home country at his own game.

        2. I think it’s the whole white jock bully thing they had going on back in the 80s and which it seems to be resurfacing nowadays. At least back then Mr. Miyagi taught pasty Ralph Macchio how to defend himself. I don’t see that going on today.

        3. Ah okay I see your point. I’d assumed that Ralph was portraying the White underdog so race didn’t factor in. At first when I saw the new KK trailers, I was relieved that the antagonist wasn’t White (for a freaking change!!!) then I watched it and realized why Hollywood would be behind it.

    3. Gonna have to disagree with you. It wasn’t by any means a bad film, but I don’t think I could honestly say it was better than the original.

    4. I think the story developed and the viewer getting behind the kid was more natural in the first one. It was on par at best. I think its arguable.

  25. A remake of this movie was unnecessary in the first place, even if it followed the original script and casting religiously. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder could’ve seen it was going to bomb from a hundred miles away.

    1. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder could have made this movie themselves and it would have had a better chance of being good. And on top of being blind, Ray Charles has been dead for years now.

  26. What they needed was a gay male in the movie. Also a tranny would of
    made it more diverse. Also a sub plot about how the female ghostbusters earn less and need to fight for equal pay then their male predecessors. Then maybe it would get more wide spread appeal.

    1. I thought they had it covered by having Thor as some idiotic hunky secretary.

      1. Notice how the only male main character had to be in shape. All that “fat acceptance” crap goes out the window when it comes to women’s sexual preferences.

        1. Exactly. Women want to be fat, unattractive slobs but still expect a handsome, ripped man. Ridiculous…

  27. Re the “warrior women” comment, that is 99% true, one notable exception being in Kurdistan where a large contingency of its fighters are women against the ISIL/ISIS/Daesh barbarians. Same with Israel, where conscription of all citizens except for Arabs is mandatory.

    1. I did hear that one of the ghostbusters was suppose to be a lesbian (the actress is in real life) but Sony told the director no.

      1. I did hear that one of the ghostbusters was suppose to be a lesbian…

        That schtick still works?
        If they really want to dazzle people, one should come out as a man.

  28. Let´s face it. Women are just not very funny. These women in particular are boring. As for the loud mouth, fat ass, jive talking Aunt Jemima figure, well, there just isn´t much to say folks. Straight to the discount rack.

    1. Chris Hitchens actually had a very interesting theory on this.

      Why aren’t women funny?
      Because they don’t have to be.

      1. Not so sure this is “interesting theory” as much as “observable objective reality.”

    2. Belushi knew that women weren’t funny and kept women on SNL those first 5 years to subordinate roles and rarely let them get their skits on.

      1. He used them as props and crazy characters.. kinda. like. real life. hmm lol

  29. I’m so glad this shit fest flopped ,we need masculinist film makers independent from Hollywood

    1. They pop up every now and then, and then if they are successful, they get bought up. (Pixar and Disney)

    1. The super rich already have all the money, and they don’t want or need any more. Now it’s all about brainwashing the masses, dumbing them down and destroying society…

  30. If there’s any silver lining to come out of this dud of a film, it was the return of Ecto-Cooler. Mix that with a little vodka…you’ve got yourself a good drink.

  31. At least Ghostbusters 2 had that kick ass scene where the Statue of Liberty comes to life and smashes a building with its torch.
    This abomination has no redeeming qualities besides the end credits.

  32. A) Women are not funny
    B) Women make all-female movie
    C) Movie is not funny
    No sexism here, simply basic logic.

    1. Yep… female comedian is a classic oxymoron. Melissa McCarthy? Yeah right… can’t believe she got hired to do another movie after that “The Heat” rubbish!

  33. I love how they set back the image of blacks by replacing the hard working, dependable everyman Ernie Hudson character with a loud mouth ghetto black woman. Way to tear down stereotypes Hollywood!

    1. I love how a majority of the US population will completely miss this simple, easily-observable plot point (or want to rip your face off for even mentioning it).

    2. Yeah Ernie Hudson is awesome, he is very charismatic, I don’t think it’s possible to hate him in any film.

    3. Yep. For decades, black actors had been complaining about only playing certain roles and characters (especially that black character). Hudson did well in Ghostbusters).
      Fast forward to the movie, today, and Jones takes it back to the 1940s. She should have just shined shoes on the corner as her side job when not chasing ghosts, eating fried chicken and watermelon…that’s how bad she has set them back.

      1. When will people learn, loud ass, obnoxious, fat black women are NOT what we want/need more of. If you want to see that, go to Wallmart any day during business hours, you’ll get more that you’ll need in a fucking lifetime.
        Also, most of these loud/fat women (white/black or other) aren’t funny at all. They are just loud and fat.

        1. No one wants fat black women …or black women in general. They are loud, the attitude, etc, etc…I don’t need to go on. Anyone who has dealt with one (at least an American black woman) knows that they are all the same.

        2. Or the Social Security Administration Office. Or the United States Post Office. Or the Veterans’ Administration. Or the Medicaid Office. Or the airport.

    4. Puhleeze.
      The Ernie Hudson character in the original was an instance of blatant tokenism. Completely inconsequential character thrown in simply to have a black guy.

      1. Of course. But these days Hollywood can’t even get its tokenism done right.

  34. “Cuntbusters”, a musical parody, by Bob Smith, based on the song “Ghostbusters”, made popular by Ray Parker Jr.
    If SJW’s
    Troll the neighborhood
    Who you gonna call?
    If she’s loud and fat
    And she don’t look good
    Who you gonna call?
    I ain’t afraid of no cunts…
    I ain’t afraid of no cunts…
    If liberal lies
    Are runnin’ through your head
    Who you gonna call?
    If a shrewish bitch
    Is sleepin’ in your bed
    Who you gonna call?
    I ain’t afraid of no cunts…
    I ain’t afraid of no cunts…
    Who you gonna call?
    If you’re all alone
    Pick up the phone and call…
    Who you gonna call?
    If you’re all alone
    Pick up the phone and call…
    I ain’t afraid of no cunts…
    (What’s up with that My Little Pony hair?)
    I ain’t afraid of no cunts…
    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
    Who you gonna call?
    If you’ve had a dose
    Of a shrieking cunt
    Go ahead and call…
    Lemme tell ya somethin’
    Bustin’ makes me feel good
    I ain’t afraid of no cunts
    I ain’t afraid of no cunts
    Don’t get caught alone no..no…
    When it comes through your door
    And it’s a brain-dead whore
    I think you better call…
    Who you gonna call?
    Who you gonna call?
    I think you better call…
    Who you gonna call?
    I can’t hear you – who you gonna call?
    Who you gonna call?
    Who can you call?
    Who you gonna call?

  35. That ugly black actress should never be allowed in film again, like people can actually stand looking at her for 2 hrs? I see her on the trailer and i need to turn the channel

  36. They coulda had Bobby Brown sing the new GB song at the very least. Im sure he coulda fit it into his sked

  37. Honestly, this movie is a good reason (and there aren’t many good reasons for this) that pot should remain illegal. Because you have to be baked out of your mind to think that this was going to be a good idea for a movie.
    How many “brilliant” women scientists are there out there? I know there’s at least one who’s decent because I see her on the Discovery channel. AFAIK, that could be the only one. I spent a TON of time in college getting degrees in engineering disciplines (across a few schools) and there were only 2 “passable females” in my classes. The ENTIRE fucking time I was in school. Women don’t go into science, especially if they are pretty, so basing any movie on women who are brilliant scientists is about as fucking realistic as Jurrasic Park.
    I hope this does send a message to Hollywood, but, honestly, I doubt it. More drivel coming your way. The only good thing; there’s tons of great entertainment out there (most in series form; IE, Game of Thrones) so you don’t have to watch this tripe. The bad news, some people are so fucked up they think this shit is a reflection on the real world.

    1. “Women don’t go into science, especially if they are pretty,”
      To be fair, NONE of the female leads in the movie who are supposedly “brilliant scientists and engineers” are pretty in any way. Kristen Whig is average at best and a plain jane.. Kate Mckinnon is blonde and sorta maybe attractive but I wouldn’t call her pretty – she is also average and has a funny looking face. The other two women are fat and ugly.

  38. Even if it wasn’t an all-feminist cast, I wouldn’t have seen this movie – I’ve already seen Ghostbusters. If I really wanted to see it again, I cold just borrow the DVD from the library.
    How about something original that doesn’t suck? There a ton of good Sci-Fi books out there – try making some of them into films without screwing them up with political correctness.

  39. Where does the $250 million budget come from. The numbers I’ve seen is $144 million with a couple of sites using a figure of $154 million.

    1. Any way you slice it, this movie plopped out a big, stinking turd. Given that most of the original “Ghostbusters” fan base was male and all the stars (except Sigourney Weaver) were male, why a female reboot had to happen is beyond me.

    2. “A conservative estimate of the film’s budget, –INCLUDING– marketing costs, is $250 million.”
      You’re reading comprehension level appears to be quite low.

      1. I see no reference to $250 million on any of the industry websites that I looked at. That is why I asked the question.

        1. If you put any actual effort into researching movie budgets and the amount it takes to break even, you would have learned it is typically TWICE the production budget. 50% is the cost of the movie and 50% goes into promotion. That makes $300 million a much more likely break even point for this disaster of Third Wave Feminist propaganda.

        2. Brought that up earlier; anything less than twice the budget and the film has more or less flopped. Hell, this film will be lucky to get back its budget. Banning it in China certainly won’t help.

  40. That fatass Melissa Mccarthy ain’t even funny. I don’t get why some people find her very funny (and also some other so-called “comedians” like Amy Schumer)

  41. Blows my mind that any fiscally responsible company would allocate $150 million to such a predictably bad piece of shit. I should go into the movie business because I could literally make better decisions than these retards.

      1. See how it does in Japan and South Korea–obviously freer societies. Still, this film was and is a huge bust.

  42. Rather than letting the promised entertainment do the talking, backers of the film have resorted to crude politics, effectively calling upon feminists and male white knights to buy tickets to support female-led films.

    If they expect feminists and white knights to support the film then they shouldn’t expect them to pay for a ticket with their own money. They’ll expect it for free. As well as free popcorn, snacks, merchandise, etc.
    I wonder also if they push for Leslie Jones to be nominated for an Academy Award for her performance seeing as the Oscars as so racist.

    1. If Sony, Paul Feig, and leftist enablers had put aside the stupid SJW/gender politics, this may have been a successful film financially. This reboot was supposed to spawn sequels and generate many millions in ticket sales, merchandising, and other licensing agreements. What a shame.

  43. I will admit I got schnookered into the New Star Wars movie. If the left wants to promote this kakka; I am out. I won’t be watching these movies or listening to any of this feminist music any longer. I didn’t know this movie even came out until I saw it on this site….Somewhere along the line the lefts seems to have gotten a strange idea that woman can fight like men, should act like men and men want to look at these ugly fatties. LoL.

    1. The original star wars is a movie I can never tire of watching. This past new one I saw once and decided that’s all it ever needed to be seen.

      1. This last Star Wars was just horrible. The gal in the movie didn’t need to practice her sword play and then became a SJW wizard just by waking up in the morning.. Just bat an eyelash and take out a planet. who needs training or practice when your a SJW gal..everything comes without work. I can only spend disbelief so far and then you just chock it up to leftist insanity. The newer movies can only get worse and go farther downhill. Disney will lose money on the next one- that would be my bet.

        1. Hopefully with a better director and writing team there can be a chance to save it. The latest Star Trek movie brought in fresh talent into the creative direction and it proved to be a huge hit. Much better than “Into Darkness” with it’s lazy plotting, pacing, and narrative.

        2. i don’t think Star Wars can be saved any longer. You need a biting edge to that type of movie. Not a 100lb woman taking down the universe because the sun came up. I don’t think hollywood has it in itself to come up with it at least for another generation.

    2. All you had to do was watch the trailer to know what it was going to be like. and knowing the way modern HW is with their girl power, SJW, PC obsession should have told you something. Glad I don’t waste my money on this modern tripe these days. I hope at the least the popcorn was good.

  44. I am running out of time, don’t know how many years I have left. Definitely not enough to waste time on another reboot. F to Star Trek and Star Wars as well.
    No sequels or reboots!
    Yeah, maybe there’s a reason the summer movie season has not been great. And no more stupid superhero movies. Dumb on top of an infinite number of dumb turtles, Stan Lee!

    1. No kidding. I haven’t seen a movie in the theatres since June of 2015; coincidentally enough, that was another Melissa McCarthy romp in “Spy.”

    2. Well The Mummy is in production for a reboot and so is King Kong. Then there is a wonder woman and a 6 billion dollar man movies (based on tv shows), and probably a bunch more in the pipeline I dont know of yet. In a 100 yrs time I wonder how much worse it will be that Hollywood has run out of inspiration for innovation. They are praying for more authors like JK Rowlings and Suzanne Collins to come along and pump out blockbuster books to use as new stories.
      I have hardly seen much at the theater in the last few years. I suspected this GB reboot was not going to do great biz. I dont think using women in the leads was such a bad idea to give it a fresh feel, but from I seen of it it was just not that well executed/scripted..

  45. Not only did Stephanie Merry hit the wall, it looks like she hit it face first.

      1. I can’t help but feel maybe the wall bitchslapped ‘her’.

  46. Stephanie I don’t give a shit, what you are saying, I was warned on this site about the piece of shit that this flick is & I’m not going to bother ?? So Stephanie suck it, like Monica did it to the American Caligula ??

  47. Hopefully this shows them the true spending power of the lazy unemployed SJW cohort.

  48. I watch like 10 minutes into that movie and switched it off, no way was I going to waste my life watching that garbage.

    1. I made it slightly longer through The Force Awakens, but I know what you are talking about.

  49. They never learn. About 5 years ago they did a reboot of the classic John Carpenter movie “The Thing”. Except they cast a chick in the main Kurt Russel role. (The original film didn’t even have a broad in the cast at all)
    What a shocker that the movie turned out to be a steaming turd. Utterly forgettable.

    1. Good female actors don’t want to do remakes where they take over a male roll. .

  50. Remember when the article was about a crappy Ghostbusters reboot and everyone started talking about religion? Wtf?

  51. Besides the black chick, they did a good job with paralleling the original cast, but fuck what a bad idea to do in the first place, it would have been tough enough to redo this movie classic with male actors. History-1 SJWs-0

  52. This movie was actually worse than the trailers, i kid you not, its a complete mockery of the original Ghostbusters, even pixels was much better than this. It was just terrible.

  53. David G Brown fears that his own masculinity is in question when confronted with anything that doesnt adhere to his anglo/american point of view. Much like gun violence, internet mysogyny is a direct result of men ( i use the term loosely) worrying that a)their dicks are tooooo small
    2) they are loosing their control on society due to all those damn SJWs or 3) they are maybe kind of gay if they stand by and let women and queers get all the power. Well david, im sure your dick is small, everyones kind of gay, and you already know your paradigm is losing control, i mean the website has the masculine circlejerk title of Returnofkings lol. Enjoy spreading hate you bitches. The world will keep changing, and you will feel smaller and more confused, until late one night at the gym, distraught from seeing two men hold hands at a target earlier, you will fall into the sweaty beefy arms of your spotter bro, look into his eyes, and realize, finally, why youve been such a cunt

    1. You know how the world is changing? Answer – the media. You may think the world is moving towards the losers and you are welcome to it.
      You will always select “gender” neutral, homo-friendly, “progressive” entertainment that will affirm your worldview and, because you are a loser, boost your ego. That’s your demographic profile. As such, you’ll create your own personalized media experience by selecting that kind of content i.e the new ghostbusters etc. However, the rest of us will be personalizing too. And since, no one, save for a minority of freaks such as yourself, espouse this kind of freakish/loser worldview far more people via their own choice will select a different personalized media experience. Indeed, each will be different, no one profile will be the same, much like no one person is the same as another, but, like with everything else, individual preferences will concentrate around certain points of commonality forming means, mediums and modes.
      This new media is extremely decentralized making political propaganda and false ideology (i.e. feminism or your belief that everyone is a homosexual) very difficult if not impossible to operate. Yes, you and your freaks will consume your own freak/loser media that will hate on whites, men, heterosexuals, Christians, Donald Trump, Republicans etc, but so what. Unmolested by your progressive influence the rest of the world will revert back to reality and choose normal things, as they have for eons.
      So long as you stay in your little echo-chamber bubble you’ll never know the difference. And you should never leave that echo-chamber…stay ignorant because once you step out of it, you’ll quickly realize that we all think you are a freak. And that will hurt your precious ego. That’s how the world is changing, it was brought to us by disruptive technologies and there is NO going back.

    2. You are weak, and have a serious lack of masculinity and backbone. Weak men do not argue points or use logic, but perform name-calling and go on emotional rants, much like women.
      There are so many clues when reading what you wrote–it gives far more insight into your insecurities and cuck mentality and than you realize.
      Not one thing you wrote is correct, either.

  54. There’s a Kratom joke in here somewhere ..come on guys don’t disappoint me wtf…

  55. So Gents, lets look at this. They say hollywood is all about money. K, the model that I observe here is to create politically bias movies to push a singular political agenda and to call people names if they don’t want to see it. That’s today’s “business model” that is suppose to generate billions. ??? Um, its worth clarifying that this “model” includes both shaming, sermonizing and insulting your prospective customers. Look at it this way – you open a retail storefront and scream at pedestrians calling them ignorant and hateful if they don’t come into your store and buy something. Oh, and the products you sell suck. Not only that, the products are also overtly offensive to 1/2 of your prospective customers. That is the ghostbusters model and, increasingly, the hollywood money making model.
    Question – how sustainable do you think this model is?
    Gents, hollywood is hanging itself. In fact, the whole fucking established media is too. We don’t consume media the same way any longer. News is not centralized, so, the truth of our situation is out and its spreading. Importantly, entertainment is not centralized either. Alex Jones just destroyed the young turks (aka the young fucktards)…his coverage of the RNC has been brilliant. Infowars and the alternative media WILL be electing presidents if not this election, very soon, save for a massive change in demographics.
    The old established media is dying, ghostbusters is a movie that was promoted by insulting people into watching it. Yeah, that be bright.

    1. There’s been some funny parodies of jones and chunk yogurt going at it.

  56. Every society that has granted equal status to women has had its birth rate fall below replacement level.
    If muslims are present in these societies, they invariably are out-breeding non-muslims, because their birth rate is always higher, since they have never given equal status to women. What is happening as a result is – Growth of islamic culture and norms in these societies.
    If this continues unabated, in the 22nd century, many of these societies would be islamicized societies. If you are going to let muslims live with you, there are thus, 2 options –
    1] You better be prepared to not give equal status to women, and thus prevent muslims from out-breeding you and your culture.
    2] Do not let muslims in.
    One of the options above is imperative. Failing to do either, the cultures of non-muslims societies would face inevitable downfall at the hands of muslims.

  57. Hey, at least it’s a tax writeoff for the studio. I wouldn’t be shocked if that was the entire point of this enterprise. They get feminist brownie points, while also padding their bottom line. It was a low risk, high reward move. Either the movie is wildly successful, and they bank, or it’s a crapfest and they get to write it off. Either way, the studio looks good in the eyes of feminists and white knights, while also benefiting financially. Frankly, I’m shocked that this movie survived the first screening, the preview stunk. If a preview is lousy, that means the movie is going to be even worse.

  58. I read that the film has to gross around 280 mill just to break even. It won’t make it. Ghostbusters is more of an anglo phenomenon, and it is bigger in America than it is anywhere else. To be a hit, it needed to make at least 80 million in its opening week and then 40-50 in its second. The total US gross would need to be around 200 million for it to be declared a hit, especially since it isn’t opening in China.
    The film has bombed and it has been amusing watching supporters explain away its failure to ignite the box office.

  59. I fully agree with your opinion. I imagine you must have a similar opinion as to how Marvel Comics is currently handling their comic books.

  60. LOL with a complete budget of 250 million it needs to gross 500 million to “Break Even” studios get roughly 50% of the gross (even less in China) so this movie is not only on track to lose money… it’s on track to be the biggest financial failure EVER.

  61. Film could have had promise if it was gutsier. Like instead of making orifice cracks, recreate the nonconsenting oral sex received from a ghostly home invader scene that happened to Ray in the first film.
    That couldn’t possibly happen though. It would look too “rapey”. You can’t show a woman enjoying oral she didn’t give informed consent to! That is rape apologism!

  62. Fine, make an all female movie. Doesn’t matter to me. But does every man have to be a dolt, a moron, useless, and bigoted? Its like all the commercials we have. Turn mom into supermom to sell your products. Have some super attractive woman pull her hair back and be a do-it-all God. Seriously, doesn’t bother me any. But when you have to degrade one gender or one race to sell a flick, then I will always stay home and avoid what you are selling.

  63. Hey!
    *the audience goes silent in anticipation*
    *the “female comedian” pauses for “comedic timing.*
    Pussy farts.
    *feminists burst into tears, cheering wildly at the end of Muhsooginy and the absolute destruction of the patriarchy*

  64. Why do they keep saying it’s an all female cast when Patrick Ewing is standing right there? And good for him, I was hoping Space Jam wouldn’t be his last movie.

  65. The public didn’t fall for RadFem propaganda. Color me surprised.
    It also makes me sad to see Chris Hemsworth being so cucked. It is embarrasing to watch in the trailers.

    1. I totally agree. Still, it is incredibly annoying-and depressing-to find such and agenda and propaganda pushing the pro-feminist, anti-male mysoginy accusations at every turn.

  66. I’m glad this is failing. Why?
    Not cause of women
    Not even cause it’s mediocre
    Not cause it’s a cash grab reboot even
    I’m glad it’s failing cause the people like Feig thought it was a great idea to insult fans into watching this. You should never reward someone for slandering you as Sony and Feig did.
    I hope Sony movie division goes under and I want Feig to be blacklisted as a director.
    The ladies can do whatever. They are not even on my radar.

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