What Modern South Korea Is Like

Over the last decades, South Korea has emerged as one of the wealthiest countries in all of Asia. Currently the OECD country is roughly on the same material and economic level as other affluent East Asian nations such as Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. However, it appears now as perhaps the most potentially strong among them. South Korea seems more dynamic and willful than its larger neighbor and economic main rival, Japan, which perhaps has entered the path of a more long-term decline.

In this article I do briefly describe the main characteristics of contemporary South Korea, and also reflect upon various cultural sub-topics which are of importance for any male who is interested in to obtain more sophisticated knowledge about non-Western cultures and what they might and might not offer.

The emergence of modern South Korea

Culturally, politically, technologically and economically, South Korean development during the 20th century onward cannot be understood without to mention the strong ties to Japan and the United States. As much as Japan suppressed Korea between 1910-1945, the material progression is nevertheless a direct and indirect consequence of the traumatic colonial period. Korean leaders were also inspired by the Japanese military dictatorship (which in turn was influenced by European militarism). After South Korea—which was formed in 1945 after the divide of the country—stopped relying on American aid and focused on its own potential, the economy grew rapidly due to an effective export-oriented industrialization.

Democracy was gradually introduced in 1987 but some of these authoritarian residues are still visible in today’s society, the military in particular, but also with regard to how many companies are run.

Presently the economic-political relationships between South Korea and Japan remain flexible and pragmatic, for the sake of both countries. The ties to the U.S. seems less problematic, although Koreans negotiate between on one hand a more distinguished Korean culture and on the other further Western influences.

Additional ambivalence might also be a result of that some Koreans regard American relations as a hinder in the process of a future reunification between the two Korean nations. Generally, though, the political, military and economic cooperation between South Korea and the U.S. appears fruitful and to the benefit of both sides.

The Korean wave and the rising appeal of South Korea


For quite a long time, modern South Korea may be regarded as not much more than a smaller version of Japan, although with a unique language and some other differentiating characteristics. In post-millennial times, however, this picture has gradually shifted—both among other Asians, Westerners, and people in other continents too—towards a more appealing national image.

The reason for this is mainly material, related to a refined development of technology (Samsung), pop music (K-pop), TV dramas (K-drama), cosmetic products (K-beauty), and perhaps also a more exciting metropolitan nightlife and a better ranked top university (Seoul National University). The Korean wave, Hallyu, covers a whole plethora of different expressions of the rising popularity of South Korean products and celebrities and it has had spill-over effects for other sectors such as academia and tourism. For instance, more people are interested in learning Korean than 10 or 20 years ago.

The nightlife in the capital, Seoul, is unhesitatingly of very high standard. For instance, this year Dj Mag ranks Club Octagon in Gangnam as the fifth best nightclub in the entire world. In the city regions Gangnam, Hongdae and Itaewon in particular, both foreigners and locals can easily find bars and clubs of various sizes that offer high-quality entertainment and which conform to a relatively broad spectrum of tastes in music and dress style.

Cultural characteristics

Contempory South Korean culture can be described as a hybrid of Korean, East Asian and Western culture. As I have stated above, South Korea has been influenced by Japan and the U.S. in particular to a significant extent. This means that the similar, real or quasi-hierarchical structures as in for instance China and Japan are visible in South Korea too. One is expected to speak and behave in different ways, depending on a person’s age or social rank (which are more or less explicitly stated).

This does largely overlap a meritocratic social structure, rather than status being a primarily inherited factor. A doctor is looked upon as socially more valuable than a regular office worker, regardless of family background. It is thus not much left of the old Confucian system.

The Korean language—even though about 60% of the words are based on Chinese words, and its grammar being partly similar to Japanese—is unique with all its different suffixes that in turn conform to different speech and writing levels. These can be more or less formal, plain and polite but are always related to the social relations and contexts of either speaking or writing. People who know each other well tend to use an intimate speech style (Hae-che), but in some contexts, such as the workplace, they might change to a more formal and polite level (Haeyo-che) when they walk to other people. Many who learn Korean at a beginner’s level start with Haeyo-che and then gradually broaden the scope to include other levels of speaking and writing.

Apart from the Korean language, a foreigner may find many things in South Korea that are either similar to places such as Japan and Hong Kong, or to the Western world. South Korea, especially Seoul, is largely the product of globalization and as a wealthy country this goes along with high standards of infrastructure and general quality of life. As a high-tech nation it appears as being in the forefront of material development, often outshining its Western counterparts, at least in some ways.

The present culture, especially the more youth-oriented culture, is safe and relaxed. Only slight modifications in dress and behavior (towards more politeness and moderation) makes any Westerner fit in well, at least short term-wise, and to only speak English is seldom a real obstacle.

If a person digs deeper into Korean history and culture—and geographically move outside the Seoul metropolitan area—one may find many differentiating and even somewhat unique characteristics (although these do often have China as its root or point of departure), but apart from Buddhism—which is separated rather than integrated into the larger society—these elements are rarely manifested in present time. There are obviously many real Buddhists and Christians in present South Korea, but the traditional layers of culture tend to be mere relics of the past. With that said, the country as a whole is overall more socially conservative than many Western nations.


Whether or not the trend towards increased westernization will continue remains an open question, but in terms of technology and popular culture it is unlikely that South Korea will look in other directions in the near future. After all, much of its present infrastructure and popular culture makes it into pretty much a local version of the Western-global society.

Lastly, two other things that have direct implications for any foreign person who reflects upon the option to stay longer in South Korea than as a tourist, temporary employee or exchange student, is that 1) the population is very homogeneous, and 2) it has no explicit will to change this fact.

This means that it is difficult, although not totally impossible, to obtain a citizenship if you are not of Korean descent. South Korea uses a type of partial jas sanguinis, citizenship by the blood. It is not very uncommon these days that Korean men get married to and have children with for instance Southeast Asian women, such as Filipinas, and South Korea is gradually shifting towards a more multi-ethnic society. However, compared to many Western countries the levels of ethnic and genetic heterogeneity are much, much smaller.

Due to the legal difficulties and cultural differences, especially language-wise, it is definitely not a smooth process to become naturalized as a Korean citizen or resident. Permanent and temporary living are generally two very different things and South Korea is yet another palpable manifestation of that.

Women in South Korea

Phenotypically, South Korean women are similar to those of other East Asian populations. As a result of drastically improved nutrition, younger South Koreans are relatively tall, seemingly not much shorter on average than their Western counterparts. The levels of obesity are slightly rising but still very low compared to the U.S., Canada and even thinner European countries such as Italy and Sweden. Overall, Korean females—especially girls—can be characterized as moderately tall and slim.

Additionally, a significant share cares a lot about their appearances. Fashion, diet, hair style and make-up are all very important in everyday life, and although these things change rapidly due to new trends and seasonal shifts, many will ride along the same wave wherever it goes. Collectivism is quite striking in that respect, and sub-cultures are not as widespread and visible as in Japan. Many look about the same.

As with many phenomena in life, the extent to which a person likes or dislikes how a population generally appears is related to individual taste. With that said, I think that more objectively speaking the two main strengths of Korean girls and younger women are that they are relatively thin and well-groomed. They do everything they can to optimize their beauty potentials, sometimes even with the help of plastic surgery (which will make them look somewhat more European, which partly is an ideal among East Asian populations).


Additionally—even if this stems more from observations and anecdotes than general facts—they tend to be more polite and well-educated, in a positive sense, than Western females. This is something they also have in common with other well off Asians, such as Japanese, Taiwanese, and Singaporeans. In the more exciting locations of Seoul, one will find quite many pretty and decent Korean girls, and even though hook-up culture has for good and for bad penetrated the south of the Korean peninsula, a significant share of these females may be looked upon as serious girlfriend material.

Western guys do have a comparative advantage in terms of looks and even sometimes behavior (Korean guys tend to lack the cockiness of Westerners), but these automatic benefits should not be over-emphasized. Many of the things that girls are attracted to, such as confidence, extroversion and good looks are general, close to universal traits. If one is a loser in the West then one will probably be that in the East as well. Conversely, the more alpha males will magnify their results if they have the proper time and opportunity to do so.


Overall South Korea is a rather impressive modern society that shares many of the good features with its equally rich neighbors. However, recently it has seemingly surpassed places like Japan and Hong Kong in terms of material development, nightlife and popular culture. For some Western males, between the ages of 20-35, South Korea might offer a valuable opportunity for temporary—ranging from weeks to even years— and circular migration. Because eventually it is most likely time to go home, regardless of one wishes it or not.

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229 thoughts on “What Modern South Korea Is Like”

  1. My buddy spent a year over there while he was in the service. He’s been looking for contracting work over there ever since he moved back to the States.
    Take that for whatever it’s worth.

  2. If you don’t look like a K-pop star then girls won’t even look at you or so I read.

    1. They see whites as animals.
      The in look in Asia is androgynous or outright feminine. Many of the Korean male heart throbs routinely perform in convincing drag.
      A Korean guy in a dress has a way better chance at getting a Korean girl than a fit muscular white man. FACT.

      1. Like animals is no exaggeration: sort of like how we bemusedly regard elephants behaving foolishly, drunk on fermented bananas.

      2. Strange, given as we sprinted so far ahead of them technologically and, for a while, culturally (at least until the 1960’s), not to mention having the skinny on most scientific and mathematical patents in the world.

      3. Several Korean people have straight up told me that white European culture is superior to all other cultures, including their own. Shocking to hear it from a Korean.

      4. Koreans also have Muism which colours all aspects of their culture, especially their religion and folk practices. They’re basically Altai people, same as the Mongolians, Manchurians and Siberians. The Japanese are Jomon though they share Korean ancestry through the Yayoi people.

      5. I guess I’m lucky then that I prefer Arab and Indian/Paki girls. They are into manly men. I have the shaved bald look, very far from K-pop. I don’t find Korean girls that attractive though I would definitely bang given a chance.

  3. I love the long legged things in the gangnam style video…
    Had a Korean Girlfriend in NYC – -very sexual…
    I would like to learn more, as Korean airlines offers great airfares to asia from NYC…
    Would be good stopover rather than Singapore…
    However, I have heard they are “pressure/shamed” old-style into not mingling with westerners…
    Would like more info…

    1. Translation: you had an American girl of Korean decent, or a Korean chic doing what girls do when abroad (slut it up). I lived in Korea, as a rule, Korean chics are not known for their sensuality, or looks for that matter.

      1. Korean race – born in Korea.
        Banged in NYC
        As I said sexual — true deep throat -ATM –fucking loved it…
        Very sexy/pretty face – -I was banging way above my pay-grade back then (bartender)
        Now married with kids…
        So are the rumors true that they are reluctant to go with Westerners in Seoul?

        1. Nowadays? Yep. 20 years ago? Westerners were gold. But they are 1st world now and far removed from the days of worshiping the west and whiteness.
          Don’t get me wrong, game works everywhere, but out of all the countries of the East, Korean girls are the most work and least rewarding across the board.

  4. I’m white, but I worked for ten years within the Korean-American community. I made hundreds of thousands of dollars from them, formed a few good friendships, speak the basics of the language, and enjoy the food and drink.
    Here’s what I learned: None of them want to return to Korea. They prefer America.

    1. I suppose a good follow up question might be of those Koreans you worked with, when did they leave Korea? If they were a little bit older, and left, say, in the mid-80’s, their last memories of Korea might be of the political and social discontent of the times.
      I might be a tiny bit surprised if they were younger and emigrated more recently.

      1. Most were recent, within the last 10-20 years. A few of the older people who followed their grown children probably wanted to return, but everyone else preferred the U.S. Remember that like 90% of Seoul lives in miserable high-rise apartments, so it’s not like they have a beautiful expanse of fresh land to return to.
        The kids in particular like the U.S. better. Being under age 18 in S Korea is like living in academic prison, and many families specifically leave the country to escape that. As adults, Koreans sometimes find their options limited by what university they went to — much more limited than we are here.

        1. Why do I care if they like the U.S. better? I didn’t realize it was our job to serve as a pressure release valve or Rumspringa for the the over-worked darlings…

        2. Okay, I can buy that. I too dislike living in densely populated areas, and sure, a less stratified society certainly offers more opportunity and less stress.

        3. They can buy houses and cars in the U.S., both of which are mostly out of reach in Seoul. Yet they can also still speak Korean and get Korean food and go to Korean church and hang with Korean friends and make their kids go to Korean school on Saturdays. That’s why they come here and that’s why they stay.

        4. Change “Korean” to “American” and that’s pretty much the exact same reasoning I used when leaving California for another state.

    2. Most people who immigrate to another country don’t want to go back. I imagine if you interviewed Americans living abroad, most of them don’t want to return to America either.

      1. Well, generally speaking, when you emigrate you’re looking for something you don’t have in your native country, so it would make sense.

    3. Well South Korea is very competitive and if you are poor then it’s fucked so I can see why they would say that. I also have many experience with dealing with them and your comment stands on point.

  5. Time to withdraw our troops: Korea has flourished economically and exceeds GDP of many Europeans countries. They don’t need our military protection.

    1. If I were Trump, I would tell the South Koreans: if you don’t want to be raped and enslaved by the North Koreans, tell your young men to put down the guyliner and pick up a gun.
      To borrow a phrase from Metallica, “Ain’t my bitch”

      1. Yes there are the nerdy “gangham style” dudes in Korea but I’ve also heard the ROK soldiers are completely badass. There is no reason for us to be in S. Korea …..Would save us a bundle .

      2. I asked a 10 year RoK army vet if the conscript army would fight to resist the Norks. He said about half of them would. The one’s that didn’t would be shot by their officers.
        On the street, most young guys look like mommy’s boys but in some you can see the steel. Koreans tend to be very stubborn. Just remember the LA riots.

        1. The ROK troops in Vietnam were bad ass to the man. I respect their military as much as our own. I would gladly have them watch my six.

    2. Protection is not, and never was, the point. It’s about imperialistic control of the globe by the elites military/police force — the US armed forces. Like a tax that is never repealed, we never close down a base in a country where we once claimed to have a reason to be there.

      1. I don’t really believe that. We have the power to enslave every other third world country but for some reason choose not to. Why did we de-colonise anyway? Were we already cucks back then?

        1. You are naive to think that. Why destroy whole country when you can benefit from them with geo-politics?

        2. Decolonization was largely an accident. According to Moldbug, the idea was for the US to take over the world via the UN, with nominal independence and UN membership taking the place of colonial dependence. Unfortunately, the UN and state department employees didn’t get the memo, so they acted too lenient with the former colonies, which then gained actual independence. The failure of the UN/state department to effectively control the former colonies thus led them to becoming the shitholes they are today.

    3. American troops need to be in South Korea and this is for AMERICAN interest to be in Asia to contain China. Don’t you know by now?

  6. Lulz just join the service and get paid to go there or learn the language at DLI. Have heard Koreans referred to as the Germans of Asia.

    1. They’re the Italians of Asia because they live on a peninsula and talk passionately with their hands.

    2. I knew a crazy broad who taught english in Japan and said Koreans are like the Mexicans of Asians to the Japanese. But FUCK the degenerate Nips. SK looks cool!

        1. Why sir, that is an offense! I challenge you to a duel at sunrise tomorrow!
          Nah, Clark Gable.

  7. I worked a 3 month gig in Seoul in 2013 on an IT implimentation that covered overseas asset management. (hence the need for a heavy English speaking contingent)
    Fucking crazy. I look back at that time as one of the most colourful and crazy experiences I’d ever had.
    Negatives: Hellish being away from home. Worked like a fucking dog until I started pushing back on their 70 hours a week bollocks.
    Positives: This City was alive in ways no other cities I’ve visited. And I’ve been London, Paris, New York, Sydney, etc.
    I didn’t miss driving one bit.
    The people are crazy in the nicest way. My boss used to play sparring with me despite being 5 feet tall. He was also fucking nuts. The girls are slim, petite, on average better looking than the English, plus as a tall and well built westerner you have in built advantages – although many women assume we’re players out for a thrill. Which most are to be honest.
    Great place. I could write a book on it. But I get the feeling it would drive me fucking insane living there

        1. was bedazzled the one with that guy from the mummy brendon something? was she the devil in that movie?

        2. yea both awesome movies.
          The “sonnet/poem/sunset” character on the beach is perfect blue pill what not to do…

        3. “Bedazzled” is actually a great movie to show the dangers and pitfalls of Oneitis and other beta behaviors. Good point.

        1. She co-starred with Clive Owen in King Arthur about 10 yrs ago, underrated flick

        2. Actually half Scottish, half English. Hey…like me!

        3. I’m currently 100 miles from the border. The old, OLD country. It’s good to be alive.
          Tomorrow I’m heading up the A59 to York. The original York, not the new fangled one 🙂

        4. She’s quite a beauty. Sometimes she gets borderline anorexic and that’s not good, but otherwise she’s a honey.

      1. Just to think that Hugh Grant got sick of that in her prime and went for a fat negro-crackwhore to tug his weenie in a car instead, makes me retch each time.

    1. “As a tall, well built westerner, you have in built advantages”
      Why you lying? Lyin’ lyin’ Ted Cruz.
      Korean women stick with Korean men.

    2. The overcrowded living conditions, constant Neon-lighting pollution, and huge social pressures in the large Northeast Asian cities would drive anyone insane.
      For instance, I always found it ironic that Japanese movies feature wanton violence and other taboo material far more frequently than western movies, even though it’s an incredibly low crime country.
      Why? Because they need to vent some steam and bring out their inner Mitsuko Souma (Battle Royale) on the cineplex, or people would go postal almost weekly in real life over there.

      1. “They told me the streets were all paved with gold / but these dirty sidewalls are grey and concrete cold. / They said neon lights were a beautiful sight / But how ’bout the one blinkin’ in my room all night…”
        -The Vogues, Magic Town, 1966

        1. I’m gonna create an asian dating profile to catfish asian girls. My handle will be: TheWantonWonton

        2. Wanton – (of a cruel or violent action) deliberate and unprovoked.
          (especially of a woman) sexually immodest or promiscuous.
          That describes Mitsuko to a T

      2. That’s a very intresting point. Koreans were among the most generous people I’ve ever met. But the passive aggressiveness drove me nuts.
        Example: Everyday, if I left something in my bin, my boss would empty it and leave the bin (a waste paper basket basically) on my chair.
        Shit like that hints at a volcano beneath the surface

        1. Yes, Korean women are also incredibly passive aggressive. And look at how they treat the Japanese, always complaining about something in a passive aggressive way. Korean women are also massive cock teasers, many just want attention rather than a serious relationship.
          Go Japanese. Much saner/better looking.

        2. PREACH! Lived in Korea for a bit. The only guys I know who swore they were running through Korean women were thugs messing with very attractive, yet obviously “undesirable” (by Asian standards) curvy girls, or your generic westener with yellow fever who would be happy with literally anything with a vag and two legs as long as she was Asian.
          Korean women are notoriously hypergamous, and make no qualms about seeking high status guys with MONEY.
          Koreans girls are also very clique-ish and will almost never give someone outside their social/family circle the time of day. If you want to get it in with Korean girls, social game or being introduced by someone in her circle is THE order of the day.

        3. Yeah, I’ve lived there for several years now compiled over two decades. “All that glitter is not gold” Korean women, while attractive, are seriously overrated. They have nowhere near the libidido of Japanese or even Chinese. That’s if they even have a libido. Korean women would make good wives, maybe, but the guys who try to mouth off like it’s the phillinpines or czech are full of shit

        4. After 2 years, and long talks about marriage and children, my Korean GF has yet to introduce me to a single friend, family member, or colleague.

        5. Whitehall, if you have experience living and dating in Korea, could you please point us to a blog or youtube channel? I’m very interested in expat white guys perspective over there. Thanks!

        6. I knew some dipshit would go this route. I’ve lived in various Asian countries for over 12 years. I am only making that comment about Koreans. Chinese, Japanese and most definitely South Asians have healthy libidos. Koreans don’t. But of course you’re such a stud that Korean women just run off to the bathroom to flick their clits after you walk by. Oh those hot to trot, ants in their pants, HORNY, hot-blooded Koreans. LMAO. HORNY, HORNY, HORNY, tossing and turning at night Korean women. Sure.

    3. “Positives: This City was alive in ways no other cities I’ve visited. And I’ve been London, Paris, New York, Sydney, etc.”
      After living around and in seoul for a few years its hard to get any sort of stimulus again.

  8. “Train To Busan” is an excellent South Korean movie that came out earlier this year. All y’all Korea lovers out there should check it out.

  9. From what I’ve gathered Korean chicks make the best Asian wives overall.
    Best bodies, a culture that respects traditional values, like to fuck, and are sophisticated enough to adapt to a modern economy. I think that’s a pretty fair balance if you want a wife that works.
    Hopefully they don’t start having slut walks and gay-themed cappucinos anytime soon.

    1. Downside is that Korean women are the nosiest bitches in the entire world. There is NOTHING that is off-limits to them. It gets even worse as they get older and achieve “elder” status. Then they become so-called dragon ladies, and nobody is allowed to ever talk back to them.

    2. Koreans have alien minds to Westerners. They are about as close to Gray Alien as you can get.

    3. Yeah, no. Spend a month there. I know very few men who favor Korean women to any other asian woman.

      1. I’ve heard good things about Japanese, but that Chinese and Vietnamese seem to be walking cash registers, where the Vietnamese chicks are intolerably dumb. Obviously I’ll never know unless I go to these places.
        Hands down though I still think Korean have the best bodies.

        1. The essential difference between Chinese, Korean, and Japanese chicks:
          In Korea, when a boy pulls the hairband off a girl’s ponytail from behind, the girl will say: “What are you so childish, oppa, give it back!” In Japan, when a boy pulls the hairband off a girl’s ponytail, the girl will say: “Does this hairstyle look bad to you? I’ll change my hairstyle then.” In China, when a boy pulls the hairband off a girl’s ponytail, the girl will say: “Motherfucker, do you want to fucking die? You stand right where you are and I guarantee I won’t beat you to death!”
          From http://www.chinasmack.com/2014/stories/pulling-the-ponytails-of-korean-japanese-and-chinese-girls.html
          ‘Twas a popular joke in China about a year ago.

  10. At ground level in Seoul, the quality of the women isn’t anywhere NEAR the talent you find in Tokyo or Taipei. Lot’s of flat-faced ugmo’s in Korea that Japan and Taiwan seemed to be blessed with avoiding en masse.
    The huge U.S. military presence there also leaves a giant stink on the city because you were supposed to visit Asia to AVOID the most jingoistic aspects of Americana.
    Want a nice Northeast Asian city with modest cost of living, great food, and English-speaking hotties galore on Tinder? Go to Taipei (Taiwan)

    1. Agreed. Korea is the worst of the East Asian countries. Especially when it comes to women. Of all the places I’ve been in Asian, Korea is the only one I couldn’t wait to leave within a day of being there.

    2. The “huge” military presence consists of about 38,000 US troops in a country of 40 mil. So get serious. I was there.

  11. I deal with Koreans a lot. At academic conferences and on college campuses. They stick to themselves 100% of the time. They have zero interest in associating with white people.
    I hate to be the guy proclaiming, “Abandon all hope ye who enter,” but white guys really have zero chance of getting a girl like the one in the black shorts featured above. You will see the most amazingly imbalanced Korean couples on college campuses: the guy will be some awkward mildly-autistic computer science major and he will be walking hand-in-hand with a girl who could be a legit model: long legs, tight shorts, high heels. I’ve seen this with my own eyes.
    You need to get this through your fucking heads: Asians actually have racial pride. Asian women actually like their men, no matter their shortcomings. They don’t want to go slumming with white guys. I know this is hard to understand living in Amerika where white women truly despise their own men, but it is true nonetheless.

    1. Taiwanese women love white men. They’re the most open to interracial relationships by a long shot in NE Asia.

        1. Women in Taipei generally only date men up to 5 years older. there are always exceptions but if you hear a 40 year old bragging about banging 20 year olds take it with a big grain of salt. After 35 most of the best women are married. Lots marry in their 30’s. The ones who are single after 35 usually are not that driven by sex or relationships. They are often corporate nuns who want to focus on jobs they generally don’t like. There is a reason that Taiwan competes with Japan for lowest birthrate. Most women will stop dating after 40. They feel if they are too old or just not going to have a child there is no reason to date. they view men as hassles not a source of companionship or fun. Once again there are always exceptions. But it is a great place for younger men.

      1. Japanese girls too! Be forwarned though the parents may not be very keen so you might be a “secret.” definitely an option though..

      2. i think i speak for all asians when i say leave them shits alone. we dont want ur white cocks commingling. nothing sadder than seeing a asian girl w a dopey ass white dude.

      1. I assume it might be better there. The ones here in America are “strangers in a strange land” and perhaps want to associate with people and things of the motherland. Perhaps in South Korea, white men might be seen as a novelty in an otherwise suffocatingly homogeneous and predictable society.

        1. Been living in S.K for 11 months now, and that has been my experience. While I haven’t dated the same people enough to get LT relationship, I find most Korean women will give you a chance, esp. if you’re learning Korean yourself.

    2. Their eyes are sneaky and their tuna vag’s smell like california roll kung pao dog. Breed with white sluts only bros

    3. They have so much racial pride that they cross the line into xenophobia. Particularly in North Korea, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish (not to mix metaphors).

    4. I don’t like Koreans at all. They’re passive aggressive and sneaky. And not nearly as nice or as attractive as Japanese girls if that’s your thing.

      1. I’m sure they think of the same way towards you. Just another random white dude. Have you tried to introduce yourself to them?

        1. Oh, yes. They know about me. But they don’t even show up at the lab events. Total clan.

    5. i half agree with you. they’re about status but most korean men are herbs and thats why the population die off is happening. korean men are rejecting their own women

    6. Korean women used to go gaga over American men back then when Korea was a shithole third world country. Now that Korea is doing well and status of Korean men went up, Korean women prefer their own men. That’s the nature of females.
      When Vietnam and Phillippines reach to that level, they will soon betray their lust for white men and just go prefer their own men when their own men have enough prestige in the globalized world.

    7. “I hate to be the guy proclaiming, “Abandon all hope ye who enter,” but
      white guys really have zero chance of getting a girl like the one in the
      black shorts featured above.”
      Disagree. Koreans don’t make a lot of money. Very little compared to us. An American IT contractor can easily make over 200K per year. That is unheard of in Korea. Korean girls love Louis Vuitton bags and such. Go find a Korean guy who can afford to buy her things like that.

  12. To borrow a phrase from Barbara Spectre, “South Korea has not yet learned how to be multicultural.”

    1. You must be talking about (((Barbara Spectre))).
      What a culture vulture bitch. Take your multicultural crap to Israel.

  13. I’m not seeing the allure of Korean girls here. Maybe I’m missing something but why would I choose a slender girl with sleek shiny silky hair who admires education and intelligence when I can get treated like shit by a frumpy surly basic white bitch with the build of a linebacker and frizzy hair? I mean c’mon …

      1. I was thinking that they had the whole Nazi salute thing going with the wrong arm, then I remembered that they’re on the other side of the equator and now it all makes sense.

    1. You left out the white bitch’s ‘mouth of a longshoreman, class of a Skid Row whore, and morality of an alley cat”.

  14. Korea, Korea
    I just banged a whore in Korea
    And suddenly that dame
    Will never walk the same again…
    (Show tunes…modified.)

    1. There’s a whole dog-eating festival in S Korea called Boknal. It started as a joke, as an ironic middle finger to the world, but now it’s for real. Much like Trump’s political career lol.

      1. You know, if you keep politics out of normal discussions with me, we get along quite fine.
        Just saying.

      2. You mad, cuck? Hildebeast won’t be able to help us men that she truly andcdeeply cares about. LMAO!!!

      3. During the 2002 South Korea-Japan hosted world cup, international countries pressured the fuck out of South Korea to ban dog meat eating. They probably banned at the city level but in the countryside, I wouldn’t be surprised if they still continued to this day.

  15. So there’s this girl named Sarah Brell. And she has a really bad reputation. So this guy, he tells his buddy he’s going to bang her. His buddy says, “No, dude, don’t go near that, she’s bad news. You’ll live to regret it.” But the guy doesn’t care, he ignores his buddy’s advice and bangs Sarah Brell.
    A few days later his buddy sees the guy walking down the street. His hands are all curled up, his tongue is sticking out, he’s shuffling along like a retard. His buddy walks over to him and says, “Goddamn it. I told you not to bang her. Now you have Sarah Brell Palsy.”
    (I’ll be here all week. Enjoy the stuffed grouper.)

        1. It’s pronounced ceh-REE-brull. So I was still off-base, but I thought the fact it didn’t rhyme perfectly would make it seem so bad it might be good. Hey, you take your shots, you see what happens. Heh.

        2. Nah. It was weak. I’d delete it, but that would be like an SJW pretending they didn’t make a mistake, or lying about it. I imagine it’s easy to get into that habit (said the nun).

        3. Hey I was going to tell you something the other night and I didn’t. You made a comment about my last movie review (Gandhi, and what that all meant). Let me inform you of something here. When i was 27, I was the most brainwashed asswit on the planet. I believed everything I read in the newspaper. I thought Time Magazine was the bible. Everything the media said was gospel.
          I personally don’t believe in intelligence (IQ, etc.), I know that is just an elitist mindfuck. But I do believe in awareness. I know that is ongoing (because I’ve experienced increased levels of it, regardless of my age), but only if a person wants to get more of it. I didn’t start waking up until I was 34. Didn’t have a major jolt until I was 43. So the point is, I look at your awareness level at 27, and I think, “Jesus, imagine what this guy could be like in another 10 years. Or 20. Or 30.”
          It’s a tough road, having a certain propensity for questioning the norm. Think of Neo in “The Matrix”. I have gone through so much shit to get to where I’m at today (which, really, is only a bit closer to death – heh), that if I spelled it all out, you’d think your life was a picnic. So I guess what I’m saying is, you might do well to look at the whole thing in this fashion. You are going to be tested, harassed, and fucked with, if you keep going against the norm. But the payoff is great, down the road, because eventually all of that will stop and you will see things and experience things and know things that will make you stunned (in a good way)..
          I cannot imagine being as aware, at 27, as you are. I was a freaking idiot. You are way ahead of the game, IMHO. So I hope that gives you a better perspective on the whole thing.

        4. Hey, I saw that comic strip you posted with the greenscreen? You called it “Test”. Was that a real recording of your project? If so, I’d replace the woman character. She looks way too composed and amused. It’s obvious she’s not “into it”. Look at those SJWs on Youtube. They aren’t composed. They aren’t enjoying the situation. They are fucked up.

        5. Yeah I was running a test on the size of it…I thought she looked a tad “off”, too. I’ll probably tweak it. Good enough is not good enough (unless I’m tired and overworked and cranky). Thanks for the input, you have a good eye for that kind of thing…

        6. I take screen shots from videos for these latest ones. It’s kind of tricky. So I conceptualize the idea and the written copy first. Then I have to find a video that will give me what I need (that’s the tough part). Then I take screen shots at precise moments in the video. It’s often really hard to find suitable videos…so sometimes I have to settle.

        7. “I have gone through so much shit to get to where I’m at today (which,
          really, is only a bit closer to death – heh), that if I spelled it all
          out, you’d think your life was a picnic.”
          Hahaha! And I am 50!
          And I would guess that your life has probably been a picnic compared to mine!

        8. On and on it goes…you think your life has been hard, and then you meet somebody who had it harder…etc.

        9. Very true.
          My cousin is 2 years older than me, nearly broke, and lives in a roach motel. He’s got almost all of us beat.

  16. It’s funny how the white retards on this site are always bitching and whining about immigrants coming to their ‘white’ countries, but when they visit or migrate to non-white or non-western countries, then it shouldn’t be a problem.
    They’re probably too stupid to see their own hypocritical and double standards. If non-whites aren’t welcome in your country then you should stay the fuck away from non-white countries too.

      1. This. I think even permanent immigration is fine as long as you integrate and contribute positively.

    1. The hypocrisy is because of that other hypocrisy. you know, Africa to Africans, Asia to Asians but White nations to everyone or it’s raaaaacist. I actually don’t mind immigration as I like foreign chicks but I hate it when millions of foreign men immigrate and take a free ride, including banging our chicks but have a culture that totally bans their girls from mingling with us. Arabs, Indians, Pakis, Turks, etc…. they all have this tendency.

      1. every country’s men is sensitive about foreigners sleeping w their women. thats normal and natural and i tend to be of the belief everyone should stay in their own lane.

    2. Humans don’t exactly function like that. We’re very tribal people and every human group are hypocritical. It’s basically like this.
      We can trample on your women but if you dare look at our women, we will kill you.
      Men are tribal like that. Welcome to the real world.

    3. “White Retards”???
      Hey asshole…we don’t take welfare, food stamps, public school, section 8 and and other “social programs” from your countries, like you do from ours. And yes, even “hard working” ASIANS take these programs in the US. Especially Elderly Asians on section 8. You send your parents and grandparents over here to live on the dole. So think before you make asinine comments like that, you freaking moron.
      By the way, nobody is forcing young, pretty Asian girls to chase after White Christian American males. They do that all on their own.

    4. Just live your life and do what you want. These idiots travel the world spreading their own toxic western degeneracy and then after doing that, start complaining about ‘ how they miss the old days’. Here’s a post from a half white half asian who explains why these so called ‘ strong alpha western reactionaries’ are so confused:

      – The white males (who range from anything from Anglo to Jewish to even Turkish), in many cases, view the Asian female as an easy alternative to white women, and as a valid vessel to propagate the continuation of their intelligent, master-race “genes,” whereas white women are seen as being sexually perverse, and prone to mating and having relations with the “lesser races.” My father is a strong example, having long harbored extremely religious, white-supremacist, and misogynist viewpoints; I was essentially raised as a white child, read western literature every night growing up, and spoon-fed antisemitic and conspiracy theory beliefs since childhood.
      Some, in many ways, would consider my father a Men’s Rights Activist, or to a lesser extent, a MGTOW, who, like many other white men, felt entitled to a world where God reigned, valued the white man, and white civilization, rewarded the white man for being white, and, when white women failed to recognize his inherent “power,” (instead choosing to lie down with black males, or to party, or embrace liberalism or feminism), Asian women, of course, were the next best choice….
      – …He strongly supports Mel Gibson, is an extremely devout Christian who despises gay people, believes that money is evil and that an ascetic lifestyle is divine, goes on racist rants about blacks, and vehemently hates Jews, Hollywood, and modern day American society. In this way, my “chaste,” Oriental mother was a strong alternative for him to marry, as Asian women are well known for worshiping white males (however I doubt he thought about it this way, since he’s incredibly naive). Ironically, despite all of this, my father is also a stringent Asiaphile, having strong fantasies (particularly about Japan) about Asian conservatism and social order; and even more ironically he dislikes the Chinese for their embracing of Communism…
      – …believes strongly in conspiracy theories that are very common to White Nationalists and anti-semites, and believes strongly in God and that God hates Jews and that the judgement day will eventually come; common to people like this, white supremacy, the belief in Aryan people at the top, with Asian people being a distant yet equal cousin, and Asian women, of course, being a healthy substitute for “hypergamous,” slutty, immoral White women, while Asian women remain “hypergamous” in their own right. I know this, because sadly, I am now both antisocial (having once been known as outgoing albeit eccentric), have long since disappeared from all of my friends, have gone through a thorough depression at the way American society was, and during the time period that I considered myself “white,” I too embraced white nationalism (sadly)…

      It’s pretty long but is interesting. This guy’s father had this attitude well over 30 years ago before Roosh the prophet was hunting broken Polish girls in dark alleys. His attitude heavily mirrors that of ROK and just goes to show that this place is for whites only. So just leave it to them or have fun with them. To read the entire post google “longing for death wordpress”.

    5. It’s indeed one of the biggest things on this site that I find disturbing. White people who emigrate to non-white and non-western countries to enjoy the things these countries have to offer, but the people from these countries are not allowed to emigrate to ‘white’ countries, because these countries should stay white and western.
      And if you have a system that gives away free money, then you can already expect to attract parasites. Instead of blaming a whole race or ethnicity you can set up requirements, like having a job or study lined up or force people to learn the native language. White people also game the system for free money, but nobody is complaining about that.
      And people here also forget the difference between ‘integration’ and ‘assimilation’. Integration is required if you want to participate in a society. Assimilation is only required if you live in a strict society that doesn’t tolerate other ways of living. Western countries don’t require assimilation, which is the reason immigrants keep their own language, culture and religion.

  17. I heard from a missionary that a third of korean population is christian. How much of this is thruth?

    1. Not sure about the exact number, but Korea (ROK) is the most Christianized nation in Asia along with the Philippines. Lots of evangelical and born-again type Christians. I’m not sure if they’re as obnoxious as their coreligionists in other “missionary field” nations. One of the largest evangelical churches in the world is in Seoul.

      1. Korean Christianity is really, really odd. There’s nothing weirder than a bunch of moonie girls showing up on your doorstep to tell you about the mother/father god.

  18. “Because eventually it is most likely time to go home, regardless if one wishes it or not.”
    … Fuck.

  19. sometimes i wonder if the B team writers actually visit the places they write about. South Korean girls are of three types. ugly and clingy, or rich and plastic [this is k-pop tier, the type people wanna bang], or ugly/podgy and rich.
    There aren’t a lot of hotties, the country is being invaded by western ‘TEFL teachers’ and top tier south korean girls are not going to go for the first english or american guy they see. social class matters a fuck load.
    The stripey t-shirt girl in this short symbolises the flabby stuck up rich bitch despite having no discernible SMV value that exists in korea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCl8yuTBr0U
    The truth, if you’re a schlub that has no luck with women, ugly clingy korean girls with a lower BMI than you’re used to in bumfuck ex factory town britain, then you’ll enjoy it there.
    i have more than a few friends American and British that TEFL’d over there, got entrapped by ugly clingy and are quite happy for themselves despite uggo wife and *too harsh to say* babies.
    Korea is incredibly wealth and class based because of how fucking poverty stricken they were first half of 20th century and earlier.
    So now whereas british culture revolved for the longest time around class and aristrocracy and set differences around working middle and upper class with low social mobility [thatcher changed this in a good way], korea is stuck in just a money loop and a class structure that doesn’t know what or why it exists.
    You want access to top tier you need excellent social connects.
    And tbh its not fucking worth the ROI.
    South korea has a bigger problem with foreign men than japan does. Maybe its because of the american army stations, maybe its the low key sex industry that got dialled back, who knows.
    But japan has such a better ROI in terms of quality of women, access to women and so on.
    Korean women can’t even tinder correctly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKTWlYImY20
    Look I was that guy that was absolutely crazy about SK women, thought it was like kpop and so on. Just not happening, even a lot of the kpop stars are hella ugly when you take the make up and wigs off.
    My counter advice, go to japan [commonly known] or go to vietnam [uncommonly known].
    And if you go to vietnam for the love of all that is holy don’t fuck it up, its one of these countries that still has conservative women, but they dress phenomenally well, have long hair and are submissive. And tourism hasn’t yet fully penetrated society so they’re still happy and inquisitive [being an american or a brit is a boon not a negative] and not just money grubbing.
    At the rate that globalisation [and sad to say sex tourism from my countrymen the british] occurs i estimate vietnam has about 4-7 years before it becomes jaded and the new thailand [peak hedonism, 0 traditionalism or long term prospects, sex tourism over ‘love tourism’] . But until that point its an amazing place.
    Vietnam. Don’t fuck it up if you visit.

    1. so Thailand still seems best – 100% chance of hotties every day .great weather/food, and variety…
      Japan more western, but have to work harder, and far more expensive…

      1. thailand has degenerated, good for banging but mostly pro’s. tourism killed anything unique about it

  20. I overheard somewhere that the difference between Korean and Chinese language is that Korean language is based on an alphabet instead of a big set of symbols like Chinese, therefore Korean language has a limited amount of symbols that together make up words, and interpunction etc is similar to Western language.
    (Just checked on Wikipedia, seems to hold true)

      1. The written language was invented under King Sejung specifically to increase the literacy rate in his country. Before the language was written in Chinese ideograms that took years of study, restricting writing to a small group of aristocrats called yangban.
        They have a holiday just to honor King Sejong’s creation. I call it “Alphabet Day.” There’s a huge statue of Sejong across from the US Embassy in Seoul.

  21. Seoul is one of my favorite Asian cities. Spent a year there in the ’90s teaching English, revisited a couple of times since then. It’s humongous, but the more interesting neighborhoods are fairly compact (Insadong, for instance, which has all kinds of restaurants and old-school Korean hotels and cafes.)
    Korea in general is interesting, easy to get around. Their alphabet is fairly easy to learn (I taught myself from a book in a day or so), and you can start reading shop signs almost immediately, ordering food, etc. (Knowing how to order food, ask where the restroom is located, and how to apologize profusely are the most important foreign language skills any international traveler needs to learn on day one of visiting any non-English speaking country.)
    You have to enjoy Korean food if you want to live there long-term. I met a few Americans (miguks) over there who just could not stand spicy Korean fare and I couldn’t help but say, half facetiously, “Why the hell go to Korea then?” I could live for months on bibimbap, bulgogi and that weird red bean paste ice cream dish they serve in the summer.
    Also remember Koreans hate the Japs. They tolerate the Chinese.

    1. The actually look down on the Chinese.
      They hate the Japanese, but have a “grudging respect” for them. They consider the Chinese to be inferiors.

  22. With all its advancement and great city life, Koreans still want to flock to the United States. They envy the white man so much.

  23. “But eventually it is time to go home”. Agree. I only spend a week-end in Korea back in 1990, but lived 8 years in Japan. Was great, came home in 1998 with an MA, a beautifiul bride, a 2 year old son, some language skills and some cash I had saved up for a down payment on a home and a car bought in cash. Loved those Japanese bubble years. And loved being a gaijin in Japan.
    But I am glad I came back when I did. USA is better for buying land and guns which I am into now. And long term career aspects can be problematic for foreigners too. I recommend overseas for the young. Now I am happily married and love my family. But I do miss the chase.
    Running after women, cash, and striving to learn the language. Asia was a great place for me to challenge myself and live life with gusto.

  24. My number one problem with South Korea, particularly Seoul, are the bitter cold winters. Winters in Tokyo are balmy compared to Seoul.

      1. Yes, but its still friggin cold and the wind is nasty. Korean winters are notorious for wind (that comes from Siberia).

  25. “he economy grew rapidly due to an effective export-oriented industrialization.”
    The author has left out the most important detail.
    – “Park Chung Hee”…one of the greatest men that has ever lived!!!
    Korea would never be where it is today without him!
    I have been to Korea 4 times. I love it. Great country! Great People!
    Great food! Great cheap booze! I have nothing bad to say about it.
    “If one is a loser in the West then one will probably be that in the East
    as well. Conversely, the more alpha males will magnify their results if
    they have the proper time and opportunity to do so.”
    Complete and total BS!
    As a lifelong “Omega Male”, I can tell you this. Korean girls love honest, decent, quite, hard working men. They hate (and I mean HATE!) obnoxious, aggressive, loud mouthed assholes. You know, typical American “alpha” shits. Yes, they are materialistic. Even more so than American girls. But…they greatly appreciate guys who can “pay the bills”. They will take polite, quiet, honest, decent, hardworking omega with a 6 figure income & 7 figure net worth over a loud mouthed, obnoxious, muscle bound alpha shithead any day of the week! And that is why I love them! God Bless Korean girls!!!

    1. Could have mentioned him, yes, but I wanted to avoid political name-dropping: Syngman Rhee, Park Chung-hee, Chun Doo-hwan etc.

  26. South Korea is overrated. They copy the worst traits of American liberal culture. Tattoos are now common among South Korean youth and other form of degeneracy.
    If you are big bulky and muscular American male, you might find some niches of Korean females who are into that but majority of Korean women seem to prefer Kpop looking Korean dudes who are skinny but rather tall, wear tight jeans and look like a metrosexual model dude.

  27. If you are white, you can clean up in Korea. Do not stay. The president is a cult’s sleeper agent, and the daughters of megalia is one of the most prevalent and psychotic groups of feminists in the world. You would be sleeping with women who hate their own men and lie to sleep with white men. Highly questionable ethics and loyalty.

  28. no thanks. Everybody’s surgically enhanced, dresses the same. Only fast internet is the reason to stay.

  29. After a year and a half in South Korea, I came away with a very positive impression of the women. In Seoul the young ones are sorted by attractiveness – the best jobs go to the prettiest girls since employers demand your photo on your resume. Gangnam has loads of pretty girls while Gimcheon (pig farm country) does not.
    Remember that their culture is undergoing very rapid transition and modernization. A 32 y/o will have more conservative and Korean values than a 22 y/o. And yes, the young men tend to the effeminate. They are the biggest per capita users of male cosmetics. That said, there remains some real men, the kind that you know better than mess with. The compulsory military service is easily gamed – rather than front line DMZ you can, with connections, serve your 2 years on the Seoul or hometown police force, directing traffic.
    There is a definite class structure. I’ve talked with peasant girls in bars and I have a long-term affair going with a woman from a yangban (upper class) family. Amazing deference in values and behavior.
    Physically, they tend to the slim with pretty faces (improved or not). They are a bit short in the T&A department compared say to the Filipinas but they do have prettier faces and in general a higher level of civilization. And your tongue will usually catch a taste of kimchee between her legs. On the bright side, my GF’s nickname for me is “Too Big.”
    I asked my GF what hot Korean guys were like. Her response – “There are NO hot Korean guys.”
    Go there with a respectful, polite attitude, act like a gentleman, and you’ll find plenty of company.

  30. I’ve lived in Korea for a long time. Being a westerner has no comparative advantage in Korea. If you are a good looking white guy with Korean fluency, you might gain a lot of attraction and interest initially but that’s as far as you will go in most cases. Korea is still a very conservative society and most Korean women do really prefer Korean guys. Many Korean guys are stylish, chic and tall. Most Korean men have gone through some hell due to mandatory conscription and many women do appreciate that. If you are some nerdy ass white dude with asian fetish, you are better off going to one of those SEA countries and get yourself some me-love-you-longtime.

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