4 Strategies For Teaching Game To Autistic Men

Many newcomers to the art of the game assume that only skinny beta males and obese agoraphobic nerds suffer the consequences of taking the blue pill, but these are merely the most obvious and easily-ridiculed of the emasculated. Thanks to postmodern indoctrination, you can find men in serious need of the red pill from the corporate executive’s office to the janitor’s closet in the same building.

Recently, I took a sabbatical from writing articles and decided to apply the knowledge and themes of my work by volunteering in my local community. The young people who needed my help the most weren’t the psychologically normal kids of wealthy professionals who can afford to fritter cash on self-help scams or pass their hellion on to a boot camp for reform. There are some seriously under-appreciated kids on the fringes of the manosphere who get lumped in with Adam Lanza, Elliot Rodgers, and others of that nature. A large part of this demographic’s failures to launch and grow stems from no mentor taking the time even try and pill them.

I don’t mean to imply for a second that a little game and some incisive reactionary talking points would end shooting sprees by the neurologically atypical, yet we see plenty of their less extreme cousins waddling to the checkout counter at Wal-Mart with armfuls of My Little Pony merchandise. The more extreme of those are probably the urban transsexuals. Most of these autistic male-to-female transsexuals are self-diagnosed in the manner of betas with internet Asperger’s Syndrome and, instead of gender dysphoria, have just had overbearing mothers and imitate that gender role.

These individuals recognize that being a woman is less socially and culturally demanding than being a man.Their effeminate qualities become amplified by the female domination of virtually all careers in services used to help the autistic cope with ordinary society (speech therapists, special education teachers, etc.). The estrogen saturation of these fields means that even autistics without the transsexual delusion have no idea how most women behave or what they expect of a man.

Searching for a behavioral code, male kids with autism soak up the pleasant, idealized utopian principles of modernist chivalry that would only work (partially) in America before the late 1950s. Consider how many young autistic guys try to emulate the dated fashion of the Hollywood Golden Age by wearing trench coats and fedoras with tweed slacks. It’s a sadly earnest effort borne of a desire to emulate a type of classy masculinity in the mode of Humphrey Bogart that a shrinking minority of women claim represents the “real” man.

Unfortunately the feminist institutions have neutered us neurotypicals (neologism for people without autism), but these guys are even worse off. If we’re hobbled, then they’re amputees. In this article, I outline the four things that autistic young men need to do if they want to implant those prosthetic blades and run in the marathon.

Mother Complex


I arrived on-site for the first day of volunteering with high-functioning autistic teenagers with one of my side pieces. The young chirpy women who coordinated the volunteers gave me a clear look saying that I didn’t belong. The kids stared at me like I was living their dreams, and you wouldn’t be able to tell these kids had disabilities until engaging in conversation. I arrived 10 minutes earlier than planned, so I told my sidepiece that she could leave while I chatted up the teens.

I broke the ice with one of the bigger teenagers glued to his laptop. No sooner than I’d uttered “Hello,” did an older woman pop into view and start talking in his place. She introduces herself as the boy’s,—who I’ll refer to as “X”—mother and speaks for her son over a full 5-minute discussion about the program. X wouldn’t come out of his shell until I opened it with a little applied game, since techniques we use to try to bang chicks can easily be adapted to for male-to-male conversation.

X badgered me for easy answers to questions about dating, life as an independent, and what I thought about “bronies.” I switched the topic straight to the chase: Telling the kid that momma has his best interests at heart, but she cannot be his spokesperson. This is the first and maybe most crippling mistake of autistic youths. They and their mothers form a codependent relationship, wherein mommy keeps running their lives well into early adulthood in return for never going through Empty Nest Syndrome. Autistic guys must realize that women are not attracted to a dependent man who can’t take lead them, and that goes double for men ruled by their mothers.

Nurturing Woman Complex

Carlos Pma

After a few days I settled into the routines of the program, and had my epiphany that the majority of people who work with special needs clients are women. Everything from remedial social skills therapy to the speech pathology is dispensed by college-indoctrinated younger women. It’s as if when these autistic boys are born they’re discharged right into a birthing pool saturated with blue pill solute. They are obliviously spoon-fed media and education (indoctrination) system propaganda for their developmental years, and from an early age expect that these educators will be their emotional tampon.

Even worse, their hyper-focused education pathway conditions them to think of the perfect woman as a surrogate mama, and these allegedly trained specialist ladies truly were kindly, maternal figures. The type of female that would spend years in college to teach in the hardest and least-appreciated field is definitely not representative of the average American woman, providing a poor template on which to base their future expectations of females in the wild.

For example, I slept with the “meanest” speech pathologist in the whole program and she made me breakfast in the morning. Contrary to that nurturing, reciprocating behavior, autistic men need to understand that a typical woman is emotionally extractive. A woman generally expels all her anxiety and delusion to the outer world; she doesn’t take it inside.That brings me to point #3.

Implanted Ideas/Patterns


Within a few weeks, chubby man “X” lost weight under my advice. While his parents and educators fed him loads of low-fat dessert foods hoping for miracles, I suggested that X make those sweets a weekly treat instead of a daily decadence. Normal people have a hard enough time avoiding these traps, and routinely accept ideas implanted by conventional wisdom and the popular media as incontrovertible.

Autism can make critical thinking about social trends about 200 times harder. Simple things like casual fashion perpetually block autistic men from easy pussy—imagine a guy who looks at things like fedoras, long coats, fingerless gloves, camouflage patterns, and other “cool” articles of clothing separately and assumes that mashing all of those things together will make an “ultra cool” outfit.

Many of those pictures floating around the internet making you cringe with secondhand embarrassment are of autistic subjects. The other problem exacerbating the autistic man’s quest for a lay is his dependency of routine and patterns.  While autistic dudes never get tired of the predictable, and often fall back on tropes and archetypes apparent in fictional relationships, women frequently resent and outwardly disdain predictability in men. A lot of the guys in the program told me about waiting until the 3rd date to proposition a girl for sex, since she’d obviously feel obliged at that point.

This advice might have been applicable long ago, but awkwardly going through the motions of two dates to reach that mystified 3rd date instead of trying to bed the bitch on the 1st will cause her to label you a closeted gay shopping for a beard. Autistic guys need to learn basic flexibility and get comfortable questioning conventions and long-term habits. It’s axiomatic stuff you’ve likely heard a billion times before, but where has ignoring it gotten you?

Feminine Mannerisms


My previous two points touched on this, but it’s vital enough to warrant its own segment. The autistic guys I was working with, bluntly stated, had bitch tendencies. They cried over OKcupid rejections and posted logorrhea rants on Reddit about how women don’t return their affections. There’s still a misconception out there that autistic people have muted or deadened emotions like sociopaths, but the reality is that they’re usually just poor at communicating them. Give them internet access, though, and watch the melodrama and hysterics pour out.

This was the hardest thing to impress on my group because there aren’t many options for a red pill role model. Their fathers, if they were around, were probably crippled by beta male characteristics. I decided to look into the escapist media hobbies that many were so fond of, and picked out some of the anime I watched as a teen for fun. I tried likening certain red pill lessons to the stuff in Dragonball or Dragonball Z.

At this point in the article, you’re either dismissing me as an elaborate troll, or retracting whatever credibility you extended, but if you were around these teens then you’d understand that I simply couldn’t throw these boys into the deep end with RooshV and Frost right at the start.

A running theme in the anime marketed to boys (and popular with young men abroad) is that the heroes are altruistically-minded characters who work hard for their rewards. They embrace that lofty alpha male notion of meritorious achievement and being a provider. The heroes don’t bitch when they can’t beat the villain of the week, but rather train until they’re strong enough to win fairly. That’s a boiled-down version of what ROK wants to bring back to Western masculinity.

Teaching my program teens these essential skills has improved their prospects visibly. X, the fat kid on the laptop, lost 40 pounds in only 6 months. Afterwards I persuaded him to make a Tinder account for dating and less serious fun. Sure, he hasn’t been an alpha male Casanova, but for a kid to develop this much makes me proud and further validates the principles we adhere to at ROK.

It doesn’t hurt that I now have the plates of special education personal, which I’ll file under recompense. I decided to be a flexible human being and it paid off. Giving those amputees the prosthetic leg rejuvenated my outlook on life.

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  1. It’s good to see someone who’s going out of their way to give these seemingly hopeless guys some direction. They have every circumstance against them from birth and you know those moms don’t help despite being well intentioned. I knew a guy in college who, during my study abroad, made just about every dating mistake he could in Japan. The one thing I noticed is that the notion of his virginity being virtuous and that a man should be chivalrous was so terribly ingrained in his mind that to compensate those beliefs would mean rearranging his entire system of though and idea of how the world worked. Damn shame, he seemed depressed in spite of his cheery demeanor. Last I knew he was in the Philippines, and he either didn’t have any luck there (borderline inconceivable) or got locked down with an East Asian girl that will run his shit, making for one loopy hell ride

  2. This is really important because a lot of special needs programs don’t teach adult social skills, except for how to get a job.

      1. I don’t know if people with ADD / autism have any sort of edge. They’re just like everyone else – but with a condition. That’s it.

        1. Yes, the hyperfocus for many and a tiny minority get the autistic savant abilities.
          If they hyperfocus on on the market, making money or software development, look out. If they hyperfocus on My Little Pony…well…

        2. Actually, there are some interesting theories going on about Einstein. Many think he did have some sort of disorder. he didn’t learn to speak until he was 4

  3. The kids’ moms sound like typical ‘psychic vampires’. Worse, the moms will form social clubs with each other where they gossip and yap about little juniors and the latest ‘special needs’ babble. The moms have some variant of munchausens – forcing the sickness so they have something to yap about. The only time they seem to produce intelligent structured conversation is when a gaggle of them begins reeling their wheels describing their confounded collective sickness. With their little juniors silent by their sides, like a group of dog owners congregated in the park, where it is as much social hour for them as it is about the dogs getting exercise. I’d run away and find dad quick.

    1. and where are the dads? doesn’t say a heck of a lot in defense of your gender. that is, if you even know what the fuck you’re talking about; or was your little rant just an exercise in venting about women AGAIN. jesus.

  4. I’m impressed, to make that much of a commitment to helping out with autistic kids is serious. I expect the simple fact that you could be a positive masculine role model in an otherwise feminine environment made a significant impact.

    1. True, and the fact that he made the disclaimer about using their inner closeted beta male anime tendencies as a “teacing tool” is not anything to apologize for. It was quite brilliant!
      Many in this segment of the manosphere tend to decry why, as young men, we had no father figure. Hopefully, when one such as this uses red pill as a teaching tool, does not get the impression that we would esteem him less because of it. But that we esteem him more.
      As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another.
      In the last 60 years, our fathers/grand-fathers lost that. We are taking it back.

      1. Totally agree there. A lot of red pillers tend to err in this that they discard people of such category (autistics), people who wan’t to help them (like the author), preferably with the red pill and redeemable blue pillers just out of hand.
        And lets face, most of us here at some time or the other consciously believed the blue pill bullshit, even if we didn’t subconsciously accept it. Praise to them man who improves someone else’s life with TRP.

      2. OP was obviously trying to hide his eternal love for Goku. Didn’t want to get mocked. Embrace the Kakarot faggit.

    2. Wow, it would be great if he actually volunteered to work with autistic kids instead of pretending he did so that he can exploit them to perpetuate his agenda here. Hi imagination of how autistic people behave, and how they can be fixed by learning some game, displays a woeful and malicious ignorance of the spectrum, and suggests to me that he may have never met an autistic person in your life.
      I mean, do even you people take this kind of obvious bullshit seriously?

    1. Yeah, that’ll stop the false flags. You’ve got the awareness of a Rainman, lolz. Let’s drown your ass is a bucket.
      Kurt Cobain, Einstein, Tesla, Dan Aykroyd – all autistics.

        1. Even people with Down Syndrome are still worthwhile, for crying out loud.
          My uncle was diagnosed with Down Syndrome back in the 1940’s and was given only 35 years to live.
          He died only a few years ago at age 63, and even left me a few thousand dollars inheritance to boot!
          He had a job – putting ballpoint pens together. He made his own pocket money.
          He had a girlfriend – he dated her for over a decade before he died, perhaps longer. He thought she was a pest though, and always shooed her away when I was around. I have no idea if they were sexual or not… nor was it my business. He would get horribly embarrassed when asked about her.
          He had a talent – he could play the organ better than anyone else in the family, including me, who took several years of piano lessons.
          He enjoyed horseback riding enormously, something I’ve always wanted to learn to do, but never had the opportunity to do…
          He was the favourite of the family, and everyone loved having him around, including me. He made people happy just by showing up.
          He achieved more than what most of aspire to – a good job, a good life, and a good love… plus the love of those around him.
          Why shouldn’t he have lived?
          What have you done lately to compete with him?

        2. “You like retarded men more than women, homo?”
          Judging from your responses in this article, a strong case of a Down’s syndrome diagnosis could be made for your case.

        3. People with disabilities are worthwhile. That is the point of my post. My post was targeted toward the eugenicist crowd, and an argument against those people’s perspectives.

        4. Sorry, I clicked the wrong tab when I posted this – I was actually replying to the top thread posted by “better living through nihilism.”

    2. Well, it would be cheaper than gassing them with diesel fumes as done to German citizens with mental deficiencies at the beginning of the Third Reich (that fuel did not come cheap, didn’t you know. And it was such a waste when it could have gone to transportation needs instead). Once the decree was pronounced, even if the family had the financial means and desire to care for them, they were straight outta luck. A short stay in a government “hospital”, followed by a letter stating some natural cause of death associated with their illness, and there you had it: One less useless drain on society.
      Nest step, arresting and interning manosphere writers. I can already see it making its way into legislation as we speak. It IS for the “greater good” after all.

  5. IDK the autists like Elliot Rodger and Adam Lanza were pretty
    entertaining. You should turn those youth to the dark side and have them
    feed the demons in their heads more blood.

  6. Autistic traits are masculine traits. They are. Y linked and found mostly in men.
    So, game for these men, especially mildly autistic men out to be possible.
    They just have to get past soooooo much cultural programming.

    1. Autistic traits are not masculine. Those might be degenerated parts of male features which are a hindrance to masculinity.

      1. Autistic traits are sometimes called the “extreme male brain”. Translating to a boost to systemic thinking and a deficit to empathic thinking. That’s one theory anyway. It’s women who are naturally good at social relationships.

  7. And everyone says we’re selfish …
    This is one of the most selfless acts that I have ever seen.

    1. just imagine doing it for a living, you “alpha” jerks. like he said, don’t see too many men doing this shit..

  8. This really is a very honorable thing you are doing. One idea that might be worth exploring is if the kid is into computers have him use a phone emulator on a desktop pc for his tinder app. Ive heard of people doing this and then using the emulators to fake the gps location. A man can run online game and build his texting ability in other towns before working a local market. He can also compare and see how he stacks up to women overseas.

  9. You have to keep biology in mind with the “nurturing women complex.”
    This is something I have observed many times over the years – women behave like animals in regard to their children’s sexuality. And, what do females do when their children reach biological maturity? Why they chase them away, just like all other mammals do.
    Observe feminists, who hold “Take Back The Night” protests. When their boys are young (pre-pubescent), they are welcome. But when the boys turn thirteen (puberty), they are forbidden from attending. In other words, in the eyes of feminists, when boys reach sexual maturity, they are kicked from the herd and expected to fend for themselves.
    This also plays into Patriarchy.
    What is it that patriarchy does? Why, it extends the childhood of humans beyond “the natural” and into something real. Mothers cannot deal with children – especially boys – who have reached sexual maturity. At best, women/mothers attempt to be “friends” with their children, rather than parents.
    It is fathers, who take over the role of parenting after the child is capable of leaving the house, who extend childhood. Keep in mind how difficult it is to train human children – who are born completely helpless and take years to develop, unlike other mammals. It is patriarchy that extends childhood from puberty to early adulthood. Without male strength and insight, it doesn’t exist. Yet, this extending of childhood has enabled our children to learn and develop far further than other mammals. Fathers can enforce their parenthood by physical force, if neccessary, while mothers are reduced to “friendship.” A fifteen year old boy, remember, possesses enormously more strength than an adult woman.
    Look at feminists. Once their boys reach puberty, they think they are “done” just like all other females in the animal kingdom.
    It is only patriarchy that develops the human further. ie. Father involvement in the child’s life, with things like teaching boys how to become men, and saying “NO! You are not going out of the house to date the bongo player with your thong hanging out of your pants,” to the daughters.
    Women just teach their daughters to be whores, and their boys to love women for it.

      1. that was a crock of shit.
        really, the only sentence that makes any sense out of this entire comment is “A fifteen year old boy, remember, posseses enormously more strength than an adult woman.” Then go have a discussion about smacking women when they “ask for it” or “deserve it”, and wonder why jerks like those football players are in so much trouble.

    1. I know this place isn’t exactly Mensa, but the credulous responses even some a obvious piece of fraud as this generates are really sad. I know that you guys have to extend a considerable suspension of disbelief to read anything here (i.e., believe that these writers are guys who have anything figured out, have this actual “game,” ever sleep with women, have any kind of educated or research basis for the political and philosophical arguments that they make). But honestly, you believe that his guy took a sabbatical from writing to actually work with autistic kids, had the experiences he claimed (including banging a speech teacher and putting an autistic teen on a diet), and then turned it into a 2000-word feature about how awesome he is filled with stock photography?
      Please. You all love to talk about how sophisticated you are, how skeptical you are of traditional media accounts, and how you can perceive some deeper truths that all other men can’t. And you really believe that this dude did anything but sit in his basement and fictionalize this whole story? Come on. I guarantee this dude did zero research for this piece– forget volunteering with these kids, this dude didn’t even open the fucking Wikipedia article on autism. Regardless of your political beliefs, you should all be embarrassed for letting this website post such blatant fiction with such absolute disdain for their audience and zero fear to ever be called on it.

      1. There’s an arrogant, condescending tone throughout this whole article that seems for all the world like a hokey Howard Stern skit.

  10. Autistics shouldn’t be breeding anyways! Why would you give retards advice? Furthering tainted gene pools beyond recognition is the goal of this site, I see.

    1. There is an autism SPECTRUM, you know. It goes from the practically-retarded (low-functioning autism) to those of average intelligence (high-functioning autism and Aspergers).
      Also, looking at your Disqus history, you seem to be against the red pill.

        1. Good, that way when they come for the retards you will be standing in line for the suicide booths.
          Frankly, most of the great minds that have propelled us technologically were part of the ASD spectrum. Nikola Tesla, Albert Einsten, Louis Pasteur, Charles Babbage, and dozens of people throughout history such as Leonardo DaVinci and Galileo were EXTREMELY likely to be placed well on the ASD scale and were at best high-functioning autistic.
          THESE are the men us ‘alphas’ protect and allow to do their work. These are the ‘exceptional’ that propel us into the future while we and the rest of the hordes of ‘normals’ are lucky to have a kid who is an idiot savant. The only shame is that these outliers seldom tend to breed of their own accord.
          I would much rather lose ten thousand ‘alpha dogs’ than even one of these brilliantly damaged minds. By the standards of your high-functioning autistic (and no, not aspies.. I don’t consider it part of the ASD spectrum because, while it is similar, it is exclusively liked to the jewish bloodline and is not ‘variational’. It is a very specific defect with very specific limitations and while it leads to slightly higher intellect, it also links to an inability to actually complete anything.)

        2. Quite right. The worst part about it is when one of these truly gifted individuals is brought up or forced to live in an environment that is clearly below them and their abilities on all measurable accounts (though their entourage usually doesn’t realize it and mistakenly acts as if it is they who are, in fact, the superior ones). It is literally like living in hell. In the worst of cases, you even got your friendly local pitchforked mob ganging up on the outlier in order to “chase the freak out of town”, so to speak. Might he go on to invent the next revolution in robotic medical-treatments of carbon nanotube materials? Nope, he’s just that one weird kid who always plays by himself and never speaks to anyone. What a loser.
          Thank God for the internet and the existence of like-minded communities allowing for such people to finally escape the clutches of the bellowing baboon pack of their fellow “peers” (LoL).

        3. He was another mad desert prophet. But, he was also one of the few saying ‘Can’t we all just get along’? So he’s worth honoring.

      1. “Autistics shouldn’t be breeding anyways! Why would you give retards advice? Furthering tainted gene pools beyond recognition is the goal of this site, I see.”
        And they say us red pillers (he isn’t, look at his other comments) are barbaric and brutal.

        1. What’s barbaric and brutal. You secretly mock the autistics knowing they’ll never be competition for you. Don’t act like you give two shits about anyone.

        2. I give ten shits about about improving, if realistically possible, the lot of my fellow men, especially those who are ridiculed and ostracized socially by sub-human cunts like you. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you understand me.
          I maybe just your average guy (for now), a troll like you lacks the brain capacity to comprehend the mental range of even the average guy.
          To repeat your own argument to you, these autistics are too human beings. Well where was your overflowing humanity when making that comment you hypocritical worm.

        3. We want autistic people to be better with women so they can bring happiness with uly women like you. How is that not selfless and altruistic?

        4. So you want healthy women dating autistic men and women? I’m not following you here.

    2. Autist here, that’s exactly why I’m childfree. I don’t want kids, but if I did want them (and it would definitely have to be with an Eastern European or Asian woman, not a bitchy American woman who will get fat and use kids as an excuse for being a fatass), I am extremely certain I would use the sperm of a low-mutation-load, high-IQ blond Dane from a sperm bank. Children deserve a better future and life prospects than being unattractive and having high mutation loads. I really feel sorry for kids who are part black and part South Asian, for example. Some mixtures look terribly ugly.

  11. “At this point in the article, you’re either dismissing me as an elaborate troll, or retracting whatever credibility you extended, but if you were around these teens then you’d understand that I simply couldn’t throw these boys into the deep end with RooshV and Frost right at the start.”
    Personally I find that an intelligent tactic. You try to associate ,in their minds, what they hold dear with what you are trying to convey. In this way, the probability of out hand rejection due to cognitive dissonance is lowered. Keep it up.

    1. Also, there have been studies about people with mental disorders like aspergers and autism that show that about 60% of them want relationships, thus, if we can deprive those social workers that indoctrinate them, we can effectively grow our own ranks

  12. Autism has been around forever, but what’s interesting about it’s modern manifestation is that technology and the comfort and affluence of 1st World living plays a factor in these men’s lack of social functioning.
    A lot of people (Black people in particular) think of Autism as a “rich white kid’s disease”.
    You’ll be surprised how fast these men can adapt to the world around them when you take away their comforts and safety nets. This is true of anyone.

    1. Autism spectrum disorders have an arc. It often fades with age to a degree as experience fills in the gaps in natural ability. That’s why the people most likely to be temporarily crippled by it are young.

  13. Have you ever thought as to why jews rock back and forth during prayers? This is exactly what autistic do: rock back and forth. Also jews have very strict rules (like they would spell out in numbers exactly how much you are allowed to carry on Sabbath), and autistics have very strict rules too (remember Rainman)? And as far as Asians go, their meditation is also similar to what autistics do: if you read Nobody Nowhere by Donna Williams (an autistic woman) she invented the whole meditation practice as a little girl all on her own, which is remarkably similar to what buddhists and other asians do.
    Now I don’t think that all jews/asians are clinically diagnosable as autistic. Probably what an average jew/asian has is “shadow autism” (there is a “shadow” to every mental illness). But be it as it may, they have much higher incidence of clinical autism in their population than other races do (meaning, if White population has 0.2% incidence of autism, then jewish/Asian population has 10% incidence, which is still a minority but a much bigger minority). Now, in the past when people didn’t understand autism, they were mis-interpretting it as some kind of divine sign. For instance, in 19-th century Russia autistics were considered “blessed fools” and things they said were deemed prophetic. Now, because jewish/asina population has much higher incidence of autism than other populations do (10% instead of 0.2%), they have much higher proportion of “blessed fools”, hence much greater influence of autism on their traditions. That, plus also the fact that the remaining 90% of the population had “shadow autism” allowed the “non-autistic” part of population to actually put up with said traditions (created by autistics) instead of growing tired of them (as they would have if they didn’t have shadow autism).
    Another interesting thing to think about is that some studies show that autistics have larger brain than non-autistics (an average brain of an autistic is larger than 80% of brains of non-autistics). Similarly, jews/asians were shown to have larger brain than Whites as well. This might suggest that elevated IQ that jews/asians display might actually be a consequence of “savant skills” associated with autism, as opposed to high level of general intelligence. At least in case of jews, this is confirmed by the observation that jews have higher IQ only in the “verbal” section, while their performance IQ is somewhat lower than the one of average White. The discrepancy between verbal and performance IQ of the jews can be as high as 20 or 30 points. Such unusual discrepancy between different IQ scores is characteristic of autism. People with classical autism have performance IQ above verbal IQ, while people with Asperger Syndrome have verbal IQ above performance IQ. This might indicate that jews are mild cases of Asperger Syndrome.
    This line of thought raises interesting question though: the fact that blacks have smaller brain, does it indicate that blacks are less autistic than Whites? I guess I can think of two answers. One answer is that human biology is not linear. So when brain is larger it produces one kind of biological imbalance, which leads to autism, while if the brain is smaller it produces completely different imbalance that leads to something else altogether. After all, if we take extreme case, a chimp, we can’t say its “less autistic” than human, it simply doesn’t have enough brain mass to operate adequately. Another answer is that perhaps its true that Whites are somewhat more autistic than blacks. But perhaps autism is good when it is “in small amounts” (after all, its entirely possible that Whites needed some savants in order to come up with the inventions that they did). But when autism is “in too large amounts”, as happens with jews/asians, that is when it becomes a bad thing.
    By the way, apart from explaining races in terms of autism, I think it is also possible to explain gender differences in terms of other kinds of mental illness. It is known that both autism and schizophrenia are more common among men than among women. Both disorders cause social aloofness and impair social skills. Now, men have worse social skills than women do. So perhaps even non-affected males suffer from shadow form of these disorders: as a matter of fact, males have bigger brain than females, just like autistics have bigger brains than non-autistics. On the other hand, mood disorders (depression, bipolar, etc) are more common among women. Now, even the women that have not been affected by these disorders, are still known to be more moody than men. So perhaps all women have “shadow signs” of bipolar and depression, just like men have “shadow signs” of autism and schizophrenia.
    Make what you wish with this information but my gut feeling tells me many
    articles on this site are no coincidence.

    1. Autism is way less common in Asia than in the West. I don’t know much about the Jews.

    2. oh my gawd. are you serious. i bet you’re the life of the party, if you ever get invited to any. you know, the one everybody kind of sidles away from and never gets asked to come back?

  14. I work as a behavioral specialist for youth with autism in San Francisco. This article was on point. Some parents are finally starting to understand you can’t keep hiring female psych majors to attempt to teach their boys how to be men. There’s not enough emphasis on male development and achievement when it comes to working with autism, which affects mostly boys

    1. In spite of the fact that I do not believe the writer truly volunteers with autistic kids, I do agree that autistic kids are always being treated by female therapist so there is a dangerously feminine influence on the boys. It is critical to counter the feminine influence by encouraging risk taking which is an important aspect of being a man.

  15. the bit you wrote about trannies in the first part of the article rings disturbingly true about a person i used to know. interesting.

  16. My brother refers himself as autistic to justify his immaturity and hate/fear of people. I sometimes want to believe he is not and he is just a jerk who is asking for my fist in his face but then I look at the whole picture and ask myself “what if he was right”.
    Can actually autistics person casually refers to himself as one in front of his family and shrinks ?

    1. Yes. Bluntness is often part of the package. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been misdiagnosed however, but it’s important to think about all psych issues as being on a spectrum, and blended with other behaviors. So he might be barely autistic and a jerk. How is his eye contact? Did he have speech developmental delays or difficulties? Does he zone out? Any OCD type behavior? Any obessive hobbies or interests?

  17. The author has gone behind enemy lines and showed us how to blow up enemy command centers, metaphorically speaking.

  18. This is highly offensive…’autistic’ men. They are actually persons before the disorder. And what autism are you talking about? Low or high functioning?
    First the inject yourself with testosterone and now autism…ROK is going downhill fast.

  19. Are you one, redpiller? Autistic I mean? And , you worked with autistic kids/boys? I wouldn’t let you work with a fuckin pet chinchilla.

    1. I guess you are the expert. So tell me, do you grease your chinchilla first or does your boyfriend just slam it in? Have you ever had to go to the emergency room?

      1. Didn’t say anything about what should be done about autistic people, now…you making a threats at me?

        1. Didn’t ask if you wanted to be first with regards to being shot…you making false allegations directed at me?
          Lolz don’t you have a dog to kick?

        2. A “dog to kick”??? I have a higher opinion of dogs than most people…but uh … I’m guessing that was an effective put-down.

        3. Why are you still here? Have to have the final word after you escalated after a call-out for coming here for a cheap ego boost?
          I’ll let you have it. You know you want it 🙂

        4. OK, Just to get clear here, is it the drunk guy who I am beating the one that couldn’t score, or am I beating upon him because I could not score?

        5. Dogs are stupid, have bad breath, and need as much upkeep and attention as a fucking toddler.
          But are loving/loyal. If only I had the constant energy/money…..
          Or could just transplant their traits into a human female as cute as an adorable puppy eh?

      2. Bill gates is not autistic, he’s just a nerd and a bit eccentric. He has money so he can afford it!

      1. And can you hire me to be the executioner? I’m low empathy – so I won’t think about it TOO much…..
        Oh, right – I’m low EMPATHY, not low CONSCIENCE or low SYMPATHY…..

  20. Anyone with legitimate autism has much different perception issues than merely bad style. Many of these fat weird bronies are just that. The problem is their parents demanded a medical reason why they have such a weird child. Game could help the group this article speaks of, after some harsh truth. Most just suffer from pathologically terrible social skills and poor self esteem, nothing more.

  21. Hear ye, hear ye,
    We the intelectual male conciousness have taken it upon ourselves to become the best we can become and to teach the upcoming male youth the ways of the world. We must now unite and change the world by first chaning ourselves. We will rebuild this rotten world and turn it into a paradise as it once was.

  22. Autism is a weird disorder. It does not automatically make one a super genius or a retard, but prevents some links from connecting in the brain if ya know what I mean.
    So a lot of autists play like Minecraft all day and watch MLP. Then again most of generation Z does lol
    Some autists become super ultra mega geniuses..
    and some become Adam Lanza and Elliot Rodger.

  23. “Searching for a behavioral code, male kids with autism soak up the pleasant, idealized utopian principles of modernist chivalry that would only work (partially) in America before the late 1950s. Consider how many young autistic guys try to emulate the dated fashion of the Hollywood Golden Age by wearing trench coats and fedoras with tweed slacks. It’s a sadly earnest effort borne of a desire to emulate a type of classy masculinity in the mode of Humphrey Bogart that a shrinking minority of women claim represents the “real” man.”
    In other words, any man who does not follow the code and supremacy clause dictated by the manosphere is not a man at all. He must be a beta faggot. Nice to know you boys actively hate your own kind. Especially if they are white and not leftists.
    I noticed you did not mention what that so called boy was doing on his laptop. If he was learning something whats wrong with that. Or talking to his friends online. Oh wait I forgot only laptops and computers are for faggots and nerds. That is despite the fact this article and the response to it were most likely written on one. Not only that he probably has “autism” because he is not interested in what normal children do. Despite the fact there is no standard definition of normal. Well other than discussing beer, boobs, sports, and acting like a retard.
    In short this article is just another covert attempt to hate and detest Modern Neanderthals. Anyone who has an IQ above room temperature and understands Koanic Soul knows what I am talking about. There are numerous psychologically studies on how the best are scorned for doing nothing wrong.
    There is no evidence in times past that people gave a rats ass about game or the covert feminism of the manosphere. Not only that there is no evidence of autism or Aspergers. Its a fabricated disorder to classify uber masculine and high t males as bad. All the those with Aspergers and Autism have higher T than the supposed Alphas that hate them. Funny cause last time I checked isn’t that what the manosphere is about, being all High T and masculine.
    As I have said before, I doubt scarcely any of you have total testosterone levels above 700 ng/dl. That is when dark triad traits and the hatred for and towards, as well as the aggressive behavior, of other men in your tribe disappear. Its also when Game (another word for Dark Triad) disappears.
    If Return of Kings had any balls they would require each article submitted to contain a minimum of 5 to 10 scientific citations. They are complacent in the conspiracy to enslave the world by not doing so. Not only that they would rename the site to return of sovereigns, but that goes way over most of your heads.
    p.s. Im an epsilon male for reference, I love coding on my laptop, despise the club, and hate dark triad traits. I can also get laid whenever I feel like it and turn down pussy all the time just to piss off the faggots that project onto me their own insecurity and repressed homosexuality. Oh wait though, that means I have autism right, because Im not following the cultural script.

  24. Hey so I have a question for some of the guys on this site. I’m actually shocked at how much the people here agree with what I’ve been thinking privately all these years, I always thought I was alone.
    Anyway here’s my situation. I’m 23 and I’ve never had a girlfriend or any sort of relationship at all. I’ve mainly spent most of the time focused on my studies. I’ve accomplished a lot, but I still have a long way to go until I get into a well paying job. My goal is to find a girl to marry, and I think I need to do it now before all the good ones my age are taken (if they aren’t already).
    I’ve been told that I’m extremely handsome. I’m also highly intelligent, and motivated. Let’s not forget the fact that I’m an athlete, and in very good shape. So why am I single? You would think that I’d be a girl’s dream date, and yet they all flee away from me like I have the plague. I am honestly baffled. Perhaps it’s the way I act? Or maybe I’m saying the wrong things?
    There is one interesting fact I’ve noticed. A lot of times a girl will be all flirty with me and even be really overt about it, (bending over in front of me, stuff like that). But the minute I start acknowledging her, she shuts me down. It’s like the only thing she wanted was to see if she could draw my interest, and then after that she doesn’t want anything to do with me. Is this like some sort of a game for them? I feel like I’m just being teased over and over again by girls this way and I’m not getting anywhere.
    Maybe I’m being too much of a “nice guy”? I just don’t know but I’m getting really sick of this. Can someone somehow give me some advice here? What am I doing wrong???

  25. I don’t understand the point of this website besides spreading misogyny. Men have been able to have plenty of great sex for thousands of years without such malice and disrespect towards women. Completely unnecessary.

    1. But a lot of the knowledge on how to interact with women has been lost, as it’s so easy for a guy to get in trouble for saying the wrong thing.

    2. Shutup and go away.
      Wanting to sleep with/date/fuck/marry someone pretty = womanhate?
      Allllllllritey then! And what is “woman-love” eg: the OPPOSITE of MY SOGGY KNEEZ!!??
      Oh, right….. nothing. You’ve literally defined having any need for sexuality before you’re all old/fat/both as…. my soggy kneez, and entitlement.
      Which might be *why you’ve gained all this hatred and your rape/violent crime and mental illness rates continue to go UP – and not DOWN from so called TREATMENTS*
      War on men/males. And we woke up…… in terror and despair.

  26. Thank you for helping out some autistic kids, instead of making fun of them. that is awesome of you! Your similie of being amputated if quite fitting. Autism is like being amputated in natural social competence. What kind of person would make fun of an amputee because he can’t run? No, it’s more noble to give him prosthetic legs. Thanks for helping these kids!

  27. this stupid article and the asshole who wrote it made it sound like autistic people can help being born the way they are.

  28. this stupid article and the asshole who wrote it made it sound like autistic people can help being born the way they are…

  29. this stupid article and the asshole who wrote it made it sound like autistic people can help being born the way they are…….

  30. this stupid article and the asshole who wrote it made it sound like autistic people can help being born the way they are………..

  31. this stupid article and the asshole who wrote it made it sound like autistic people can help being born the way they are…….

  32. this stupid article and the asshole who wrote it made it sound likeautistic people can help being born the way they are……………..

  33. not every autistic people can do certain things that normal people can do that doesn’t mean we bring it on ourselves as you seem to put it that way.

  34. It’s not our fault that beautiful girls find us creepy. we don’t make passes at girls or anything that makes them find us creepy it’s How they look at us that they find us creepy

  35. It’s not our fault we can’t be more indenpedant maybe if you research autism instead of hating and fearing us you would learn this.

  36. It’s not our fault that we don’t hardly learn from high school blame the school system not autistic people.

  37. this stupid article and the asshole who wrote it made it sound like
    autistic people can help being born the way they are…… not every
    autistic people can do certain things that normal people can do that
    doesn’t mean we bring it on ourselves as you seem to put it that way.

  38. it’s not our fault were not popular in high school like normal people, were afraid to make friends for reasons like what I’m talking about and for your anti autistic article..

  39. The whole manosphere is somewhere on the autism spectrum. None of you read social cues correct; otherwise, you wouldn’t need to learn ‘game’.
    The ideas you have about alpha males are just a simple description of a douchebag. Your definition of a beta is everyone’s father.

  40. There’s an arrogant, condescending tone all through this article. It seems to me like you consider autistic people some sort of subspecies, something inferior to yourself and your skills. Reading this was a chore.

  41. Is there a way to purple-pill? Leaning to red? Thanks.
    Actually can this miserable, high functioning autistic just borrow the writer of this article?
    Thanks. I can’t really keep up with, let alone absorb umpteen gillion forums, countless books, the entirety of the manosphere – and then there’s that whole “heart” thing that won’t shutup, being naturally *emotional*, unlike, apparently, males are supposed to be.

  42. >waddling to the checkout counter at Wal-Mart with armfuls of My Little Pony merchandise.
    Not sure how much of this is courage and how much is privilege. Much as I want that merch I can’t contemplate seriously doing it. Thought about lying about getting gifts for nonexistent niece but too nervous to.

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