A Typical Day In The Patriarchy

Recently, one night I got a hankering for a Jones’s brand cream soda. I put on my pants and got in my truck, driving toward the nearest Shoppers Drug Mart to buy myself some flavoured sugar water.

A few streets from my place, a large billboard overlooks a busy intersection. The advertisement on it lately has been for a technical college, showing a trio of pretty young women wearing a mechanics overalls, a nurses uniform and construction workers get up of a hardhat and bright orange vest. The slogan was so dippy sounding piece of garbage (“Choose you career, choose to excel”). Having worked various blue-collar jobs in my life, it was a little amusing to see the college was pandering to the female demographic, since every trade-centered workplace I’ve ever been has been a complete sausage fest.

More Canadian soldiers (the vast majority men) have died from suicide than from combat in Afghanistan. When one female officer was killed early in the war, major news outlets all over the country stumbled over themselves to memorialize her. A veteran buddy of mine who got a medal for bravery in a fire fight is currently drinking and drugging himself to death, and in all likelihood he will kill himself or die in an accident within the next five years. I doubt the CBC or the Prime Minister will give him any acknowledgement.

Todd ramp

My route took me by the city’s university. On the corner of another busy intersection, at the outskirts of the school’s sports field, several large banners had been strung up to advertise goings-on at the university. One had another smattering of pretty young women, with a few token ethnic males thrown in, saying classes were still available for sign up. Another beside it advertised the Take Back The Night Walk, a female-focused event where a horde of women and their male mascots walk around the city after night to prove that it’s safe for women to do so without getting raped, or something.

In the United States, men experience rape on a level comparable to women, to say nothing of the vast amounts of false rape accusations leveled at men, some of whom go to jail where they get to experience rape firsthand.


A few minutes later I pulled into the Shoppers Drug Mart parking lot, getting out and going to the entrance. On the door was a homemade poster, promoting a bake sale. All proceeds were going to go to the Woman’s Resource Centre. Behind, taking up the upper half of the wall in the entrance area, was a large mural of three different pictures. On one was a grandmother, mother, and daughter frolicking in a field of flowers; on another, a woman stands in a billowing field holding a towel out behind her with a look of serenity on her face; on the last, a guy laughing, staring lovingly at his woman who is in turn staring toward the camera, a smug smile on her face.

The usual mean-nothing-feel-good words underscored several of the pictures: Family. Life. Love. In a way, it’s almost like living in the great propaganda ages of the past, except instead of giant posters of lantern-jawed soldiers and immaculate war machines driving into the distance, underlined by the words VICTORY!! and SACRIFICE!!, I’m surrounded by images of smiling women, all ages and sizes, looking down on me.

Women overwhelmingly initiate divorce, and self destruct their families, with men suffering the financial ruin and government-mandated alimony and losing control of their children, regardless of how capably the mother can raise them.


I went inside the store, making my way toward the drink aisle. As I did so, the best of the 80’s blaring through the intercom cut out, and a smoky-voiced woman reminded Shoppers Drug Mart customers that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. She droned on about how many brave women would be subjected to the cancer in their lifetime, and how Shoppers Drug Mart supported these heroes, calling on us shitlord customers to do the same by donating to the cause and worshiping the women in our lives for living with the curse of having boobs that might one day sprout a tumor. When I reached the drink isle, finding my Jones cream soda, I saw that the drink company also supported Breast Cancer Awareness month by putting pink caps on their bottles.

Apparently September was Prostate Cancer Awareness month, but there weren’t any brown ribbons on display, nor any advertisements for it even though 233,000 men are anticipated be diagnosed with it, and there are fewer women expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer (232,570). Even the NFL, whose majority fan base is men, have the players don pink while remaining comparatively silent on prostate cancer.


So I picked up my pink-topped cream soda and went to the checkout line. I looked at the various magazine covers while waiting to pay. No male faces stared back at me, even though there were economic and business and general interest magazines on the rack. Maclean’s magazine was currently sporting a cover proclaiming REVENGE OF THE TEENAGE GIRL. Apparently the teenage femmes of today are going to finally knock down, once and for all, the insufferable patriarchy we all are chafing under. The teenage girls of today will grow up and single-handedly reverse the debaucherous hook up culture, completely equalize everything between the sexes and build a bridge across the bloody river so no one will ever again be kept out of Sto’Vo’Cor.

The two teenage girls in front of me were too busy on their iPhones to notice me leering at their bums, every supple contour of which was shown by their paper thin, body-clinging yoga pants. I could only assume they were too tuckered out from saving the world all day to take notice of their surroundings and had to leave their modesty pants at home.

The ongoing recession has been devastating only to men, who lost the majority of the jobs and have not managed to get them back. This is doubly destructive to men’s psyches, since 3 out of 4 women will not date an unemployed man.


I paid the female cashier for the soda, left the store and got into my car, driving home and listening to several female pop stars croon about their broken hearts and reckless nights, pleading for the callous men they debauched themselves with to love her even as she grows old and has literally nothing left to offer.

Soldier suicides get a passing mention in the main stream media: women writing articles in prestigious newspapers about the lack of men who match their narcissistic needs go viral and stimulate a massive public debate, replete with talk show appearances and more women writing similar articles. Fat, lazy, borderline retarded women write articles about the lack of handsome, rich, and otherwise perfect men refusing to date them and they receive an outpouring of sympathy and well-wishing from both sexes. I write an article mentioning that I can’t find an empathetic woman amongst the narcissistic, selfish creatures that constitute the female millennial and I receive emails wishing death upon me.

I got home, checked my texts. A girl I had been excited to see later that week blew me out, saying she doesn’t want to hang out any more. It was obvious that others whom I had been waiting to hear back from for days had ghosted and faded on me. Having no immediate prospects on the horizon, I flipped through the Tinder app, prostrating myself to be judged solely on my looks in the hopes that I might be judged worthy to have some mediocre physical intimacy flung my way to stave off the depression that comes with sex deprivation.

If this truly is a patriarchy we’re currently living in, all I can say is that I can’t wait for today’s teenage girls to grow up and guide us into a Matriarchal paradise. Judging by what I’ve seen of how a patriarchy works, under a matriarchy it will be men who are constantly celebrated and boasted up at the expense of the opposite sex. Because right now everywhere I turn and everything I see is all about women. Women being lauded in the news and magazines, women being celebrated on murals and in movies, women’s problems dominating the public discourse.

I fervently await the matriarchy’s coming. It’ll be nice not to be hated, belittled and held back simply because I was born with the wrong set of genitals. It’ll be nice to be able to have a public conversation about male concerns and worries without having to deal with a collective role of the eyes, and a snarky little mumble of: “Right, it’s sooo shitty being a man.”

It’ll be interesting to see how it feels to be treated like a human being for once, instead of simply as a sex toy, an ATM, a taxi driver, a faceless laborer, mere cannon fodder or an otherwise disposable asset whose sole existence is to make women’s lives even more comfortable. Being appreciated by the people and society you build and maintain… Wouldn’t that be somethin’?

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305 thoughts on “A Typical Day In The Patriarchy”

  1. The prostate vs. breast cancer difference in awareness is controversial, though. Even though I believe most people wouldn’t care any way, it’s commonly said that one of the reasons breast cancer gets more attention is because it kills younger people. Prostate cancer is very slow growing, and Men who are diagnosed usually die with not, not from it. However, I think people wouldn’t give a fuck even if it killed 10 year-olds as long as they were boys and not girls.

    1. Well there’s plenty of cancer to go around. Cancer doesn’t care where it starts in your body it will happily kill you anyway. It is the second leading cause of death in men and women (behind heart disease) but men are proportionately more likely to die from cancer and heart disease. Also, I understand that women generally die from cancer after they’ve finished being useful (child bearing).

    2. The reason why Breast cancer is such a big deal is because the Susan Komen foundation are fantastic marketers, and they use the cause of “breast cancer” to enrich themselves.
      Only a small % of that money makes it to breast cancer research.

        1. Seems like more of an opportunity to be cunty and castrating to the NFL than to highlight what is wrong with the women who run breast cancer charities.

    3. Mainstream medical cancer research, in general, is complete bullshit. We have more breast cancer than ever before, despite funneling many billions into “research”. To say that’s it’s a complete shameless scam is not any sort of exaggeration.

      1. After 20 more years of research they’ll probably just tell us we need to eat more apples.

      2. Interestingly, Breast Cancer Awareness started off with a salmon ribbon, and was primarily focused on prevention; specifically, eliminating harmful toxins from our diet and environment. Then the corporations realized that they could use a pink ribbon, and never mention the creator…
        Check out the documentary “Pink Ribbons Inc.”

  2. I think one of the least noticed hypocrisies is women complaining about unattainable female standards in magazines while at the same time male magazines have equally airbrushed shirtless men with 2% body fat on every cover.

    1. Indeed! because you know, it is perfectly reasonable to expect from us that we all pack 190 pounds at 3% bf as well as a perfectly balanced physique. What a joke LOL.

      1. I’m sure most men would rather spend time being 3% BF than wasting time becoming stars just so so they have a chance with the starfucking sex.

        1. Truth. I’m 180 with about 6% (3% is impossible to maintain) and I’ve never done it for the females. Being in shape is great for my confidence.

        2. True, kind of one of the reasons I stopped reading Men’s health magazine, I really couldn’t give a fuck about those annoying actors they used as their poster boys. Like somebody on this blog already said: “you take advice from the kind of people that you aspire to be.” And being a eye candy with horrible acting skills was hardly something I wanted to become LOL.

        3. Girls don’t care. I got more pussy from being a tutor/TA in college than from being extra lean. Like I said… starfucking sex.

        4. The funny things is they most male eye candy are picked by the faggot photographers in the fashion industry… not by heterosexual females.

        5. Yup, and since gay photographers usually do work for female magazines too, it’s no wonder that they end up mostly featuring chicks with the body of a prepubescent boy. LOL

        6. Exactly When I hear the term male gaze I actually laugh… because you only ever really see the male gaze in POV porn. Everything else is actually the FAG gaze, but feminists gotta be feminists…

        7. When I was a TA the last couple of years I had students literally throwing their pussies at me… I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a decent looking professor…
          The question is… what the fuck is going to happen if most of the male population is below the average women in status?

        8. Pussy mega inequality of course….
          Typically liberals are very pro redistribution and regulation to ensure everyone gets their fare share…. but I’m sure they’ll sit this one out…because vagina.

        9. I believe (or heard?) that Men’s Health is run by women. I haven’t fact checked that yet, frankly don’t care enough to exert the effort, but it’s what I’ve heard.

        10. The question is… what the fuck is going to happen if most of the male population is below the average women in status?
          The top tier men will have harems as women compete for access to Alpha sperm. The guys who are “below the salt” are going to either get the skanks who are left, or wind up as MGTOW, only involuntarily.
          You’re right about being a TA. I used to teach an evening class, and it wasn’t a question of if a girl was going to offer to spread for me, but how many. Why? B/C as a teacher or TA, you’re in a position of authority.
          À bientôt,

        11. One of them straight up told me she had a naughty teacher fantasy. Good times.
          Do you really think though that society can function if so many men are forced to go MGTOW??? I guess I’ll keep an eye on Japan to find out…

        12. We’re going to see an uptick in the number of “man-childs”, 35 year old stoners/slackers, living with their parents and anesthetizing themselves with sports, porn, alcohol and weed.
          As you might imagine, I do not regard this as a positive development….

        13. They’re called millennials. We Boomers have to fight the top young girls off with a stick.I’ve even told a few of them to get a man their own age but they just say that the men their own age are pussies who are too afraid to even talk to them and are immature grass eaters who don’t know how to handle a woman.

        14. In a word: Yes. Because if they don’t have anything, inside of them, that makes them want to Fight Back, as men, then I don’t respect them.
          Sure, the economy sucks now, but it sucked when I came out of school, too. My father kept trying to get me to move back home and work for him and I kept demurring, until finally I told him, “I would crawl on my belly through broken glass and sleep in a cardboard box under an overpass before I moved home and worked for you.”
          Don’t let this “Great Recession” crapola get to you. It’s just ghost stories around the campfire. If you think it’s tough, now, take “now” and multiply it by ten, take away good things like modern medicine and dentistry, and smooth-legged girls in dental floss bikinis, and then add in the Nazis and the Empire of the Sun. That’s what the Greatests had to face down.
          I’m not trying to break your stones here, Clark, because I like you. But little man-boys who live with mommy, play video games, smoke weed, jack off and eat Cheetos all day are detritus in my book.
          À bientôt,

        15. Almost twenty years ago, I worked all summer at an isolated camp with a few young women who were very cool. I got to know them well and really got a glimpse into how women think. One had a boyfriend and one was fat so there was no ‘game’ on my part (as if I would have been capable then.) This was well into the steroids, ‘jacked’, ‘cut’ era for those of you too young to know. The one man that they completely gushed over, body-wise, was the young Bruce Willis. At that point, he was simply a strong, fit man who may or may not have pushed the weights around on occasion. He was lean, strong and healthy but had nowhere near the medical diagram looking abs. Once a guy becomes too puffed up or cut, he just kind of trivializes himself it seems so don’t wear yourself out with it. Getting such a low bodyfat that your abs look like an insect’s thorax is actually dangerous anyway. Ultimately, it’s gay to stare in the mirror and admiring the little grooves in your belly. Gay.

        16. “I’m not trying to break your stones here, Clark, because I like you. But little man-boys who live with mommy, play video games, smoke weed, jack off and eat Cheetos all day are detritus in my book.”
          Don’t include me in this category.
          I know guys like that… Luckily only a few… I wonder how many guys like this there really are though. And how many there will be.

        17. I like the anecdote…. and we all know that if Bruce Willis the actor was Bruce Will the plumber these girls wouldn’t have been gushing.

        18. As good reason as any, I could’ve maybe even turned a blind eye to the boring actors they promoted if the so called health tips weren’t becoming increasingly biased and the fact that they jumped on the cross fit bandwagon like it was the best thing since the discovery of fire was also a huge red flag. In conclusion, the only thing that is consistently good are their recipes. LOL

        19. I call it passive resistance. If you live in a country where buying a house means you were a perpetual debt slave. That the housing market no way reflects the reality of future or present incomes. that owning said house can be easily taken from you by either divorce or foreclosure then I cannot pass blame.

        20. And Ashton (Ashton? Is that a boy’s name?) cucked Demi right out from under Bruce the stud (wait, Bruce? isn’t that a fag name?)

        21. I worked with a guy that knew Willis back in Jersey before he made it big. He said he was pretty much what you see on the screen; a smart ass jerk. So, maybe he would have done OK with the ladies after all.

        22. As someone that was a professor let me tell you how it was with the women; terrifying. We were told never to be alone with a female on campus, period. If we were alone in an elevator, and it stopped to pick up a single female, we should get off and call another elevator to get to the floor we going to. During office hours you always kept the door open, and preferably had someone on hand to provide a witness. You were potentially committing professional suicide being alone with a female. All they had to do was say you propositioned them and you were toast. There was always the potential for accusations of sexual assault, claims of undue influence/pressure for sex (by invoking all my so called power as their professor), to actual rape charges. I got called up on the department chair’s carpet once for merely telling a female student in class that she was wrong on a statistical calculation. Women are untouchable, and not to be criticized at all, in modern leftist liberal dystopia academia.

        23. It is still preferable to being raped by your gang banger cellmate after being thrown in jail at the behest of a woman.

        24. I don’t view either of those as a significant probability in my life, particularly the first one. Some years ago, in response to a hypothetical of the TL;DR variety, my then boss (who was a nutjob) turned to me and said, “YOU’RE going to be in charge of that project, so if anything happens YOU’RE going to jail!” To which I replied, “That’s fine; the rest of you are too fragile for prison. In six weeks, I would be running the place….”
          As far as the second possibility, it hasn’t happened, yet. Also, I trained as a lawyer and am good at talking my way out of things….and knowing when not to talk at all.
          À bientôt,

        25. That’s not my point. Smart ass jerks get plenty laid, but they don’t have groupies falling out of the sky. That only comes with fame.

    2. Naw. The hypocrisy lies in the blatant starfucking focus of women’s media. Famous actor, Rich guy there, Tall guy here… is so sexy. Nothing is more unattainable than something that is zero sum.
      All women have to worry about is taking their fat asses to the gym. And yet they bitch.

      1. All these bitches have to do is show up and look thin…and they can’t even do that right.

        1. When I see a beautiful girl nowadays it is like a breath of fresh air… don’t call me beta… By beautiful I don’t mean a “sexy” girl who is “hawt” and can suck your dick through a jock-strap…
          I mean… to see a pretty, well-dressed, healthy, feminine, not fat, self-respecting girl, who still has enough innocence to have a genuine smile…
          Nowadays you’ve always got to have your guard up with the female half of the population… They’re all trained for war… Its sad for everyone… I can’t imagine how the average modern girl/woman could be happy with the way things are…

        2. I’ve met a woman like that in the UK – unsurprisingly she was from a different culture. What was most refreshing wasn’t really her looks: she wasn’t self-centered, materialistic, aggressive / argumentative, crass, or defensive. Rather the opposite. Gamed her until finding out she was engaged, and pregnant from her man.
          I’d say there’s one woman like that for every 10.000. Granted, the hamster still abides her, although it is far removed from the steroid-injected-guinea-pig-crossbred-lemming-crossbred-sewer-rat hypergamous kinds that we see trolling western cities.

        3. No need to explain…some of these bitches look scarier than war torn veterans…make up is their war paint and their weapon is their pussy…they keep riding those cocks that they like and keep sucking the money off of the losers that they have on their hook. Modern western women are the real players here. They can fuck any fool for the right price and they know it…and they say prostitution is illegal HA!

        4. The epidemic of flaking is at an all time high and rising into the foreseeable future. You can run PERFECT game on a bitch today and get her number and set up a little date and have her flake on you right before. This is why modern man in western society must adopt an abundance mentality…need multiple fish on multiple hooks at the same time. Not all roads lead to Rome…so build more than one.

        5. One hopes that you do give those rare women an earnest compliment in passing? Not as some schlubby beta, but a sincere compliment that lets her know that the difference she displays is both noticeable and desirable?

        6. Women are just getting more and horrible…
          I recently had a woman volunteer me her number, not because she intended to cheat on her boyfriend (whom she never mentioned), but because she was having fun and didn’t want me to leave right then. Even when they grab your arm and say “don’t go, stay” they have ulterior motives.

        7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Every interaction I have with another person in this society…no matter how great the interaction goes be it male friends or female prospect…I always say this to myself in the back of my mind. “Remember, you are alone, nobody is on your side, never forget.” And then I continue to lie…continue the act…cause that’s what it’s going to take. Again, this isn’t a butt hurt rant…just a daily reminder.

        8. Well I’m not that jaded…. yet. But I have taken to cashing in as quickly as possible. Now “It’s sure I’ll stay. Bartender I’ll have a drink on her.”

        9. Not jaded my friend…just operating in pure reality. But I’m sure you have your reasons as well. Cheers!

        10. The last time I saw a girl like that was over 2 months ago (yup that’s how bad feminism has ruined women) walking across a parking lot wearing a long flowing dress.
          When I passed her I thought… she looks like she needs a soundtrack and a wind machine… when she should actually be the norm.

        11. The problem with the abundance mentality argument is that there is a motherfucking scarcity reality. Unfortunately, not all of us are going to make it.

        12. When you’re a nihilist and realist…everything can be a joke or everything can be serous. Or was it the other way around? I forget.

        13. The only reality you need concern yourself with is the absolute reality of you and your physical surroundings. There’s always a way…unless you’re dead or disabled to the point where you might as well be dead. Get it how you get it boss.

        14. “The last time I saw a girl like that was over 2 months ago”
          Time for a trip to Europe, or Asia, or anywhere but the Anglosphere.

        15. That movie was when I fell desperately in love with her look. The next movie(s) shocked that infatuation right out of me. She started off great, then declined as quickly as possible. By the time Something About Mary popped up, she was a dead parrot on my lust meter.
          But the original Mask, damned almighty, that’s how women should look!

        16. I don’t really get how you can fuck a man’s pregnant wife and then complain on RoK that women are whores and kids are growing up fucked in the head.

        17. My wife has a story: She went into the grocery store with our five kids, one being less than a year old, her being athletic/slender, feminine, and conservative, with long hair and nice clothes and modest makeup/jewelry.
          A young man asked her if she was babysitting or if they were all her kids. She said they were all hers. He just laughed and walked away.
          I’ve always wondered if he was a young red-piller who felt that he had spotted a unicorn. Was that you, Clark?

        18. That must have been me actually!
          When I asked if they were all her kids she said “Well no… They are all my Pogs.”
          I replied “Pogs you say?”
          “Yes. I come from a long lineage of Pogs. My husband, Sgt Pog, is the ruler of all the Pogs. We nearly went extinct after The Great Al Gorantula created the World Wide Web. And so now we are raising large families hoping for a brighter future. A future where little boys and girls play with real toys, and sprinkled chocolate swirls.”
          I was aghast in disbelief… Wtf is going on? Here was this beautiful Pog posing as a woman in broad daylight… That shit ain’t right…
          She then said her husband was a real Slammer and that she had to run back home to get the smack down.
          At that point I’d had enough… I walked turned and walked away with hysterical laughter.

        19. Rare in your neck of the woods.I never compliment a female. It would be like complimenting a man for being rich just because he inherited it.

        20. Yeah, and she was probably headed to the international airport that day to go back home overseas. I mean that sincerely.

        21. I’m getting there myself CUMN. And like you I don’t feel that it’s bitterness, just wisdom. In the past it was my fault for formatting my mind to need so much from other people; approval, attention, trust etc. It’s just not coming. Most interaction is made up of these things anyway; projection, overcompensation, image-based initial judgment followed by confirmation bias, phoniness (especially west coast). Most interaction is people using their opinion of you to help tinker with their own opinion of themselves. It’s not much more than that. Our unread society is getting blown away by media directed thought patterns and most people are just drones without knowing it. The average mind right now is 100% susceptible to these mediocre mental sets. It’s a good idea to limit your emotional investment in people at this point and it is very energizing and exciting in a way. You’re not beholden to your whole approval oriented, lifelong narrative at all.

        22. Moreover, thinking about it (I got to know her fairly well), there was a crucial point to this woman: she had a very close relationship with her father, who died untimely. That would make her the closest thing to a female red pill.

        23. anyone see her in the flick The Counselor? Not a great flick, but alot of great dialogue- “A man’s greatest mistake is to think he can fix a damaged woman- he can’t. She doesnt want to be fixed, she merely wants to be entertained.”

        24. Good one. I’m going to remember that line. It is something to consider, females doing nothing and fucking set for life!! Haha, not only refuse to kiss the princess ass, already kissed by countless thousands of males starting with daddy and will be even After The Wall*.
          Don’t even acknowledge her attractiveness which is no accomplishment at all, save for the fact she resisted blimping-out unlike now a MAJORITY of Western women, society of fat materialist bitches, end human product of corporate capitalism.
          (the wrath of The Wall is played up waaay too much. For most bitches it isn’t THAT bad compared to the life of ugly chicks and regular men).

        25. They said to understand something is to be free of it. Never forget that you are alone and nobody is on your side. You get what you give and the world is quite literally what you make of it so don’t be lazy. Don’t take anything personally…especially with women…it’s all just a transaction. Use logic but never take that smile off your face…a complete dedication to the art.

        26. Not just “looks”, but rather the intentional effort to maintain and highlight looks and be feminine.
          It’s ok to encourage good behavior in women. They won’t change if we don’t instruct them on what we find pleasing.

        27. In regards to trying to change or save a person..typically a man trying to make a woman in his image (aka white knighting)…don’t be a Captain Save A Hoe…she don’t wanna be saved.

        28. IF she made it real easy for me (thus shooting herself down metaphorically) AND I was a thirsty asshole who had a fetish for pregnant women plus utter disregard for other men, without any shred of concern for the larger consequences of my actions?
          Yes, in those conditions I would fuck her, ass to mouth, and shoot my load into her eyes. HOWEVER I do not allow myself to become such a person. And I wouldn’t really value it beyond an object to release my lust in. I know that a premise of Game is not giving a fuck, but Pussy and sex ain’t worth corrupting oneself that much in my book.

        29. Thanks for that reply, you restore my lost faith in humanity, I’d upvote you 500 times if I could.

        30. When it comes to women The Godfather is the good book, “it isn’t personal, it’s just business.”

      2. Gyms are not going to help these girls. They’ll burn off a few hundred calories, get hungry, and eat a few thousand lol Besides, the distribution of fat on a female’s body is 100% genetic which is why you see Playboy models with full boobs(no implants in the past) but may only weigh 115 lbs.
        Apparently there’s been some really bad breeding over the past couple of generations.There is no other explanation because the Boomers ate just as much junk or even more than today and only fags went to gyms.
        “Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.
        -Sherlock Holmes
        I say it’s genetic there is no other explanation. There’s like a set point in weight and although a female can temporarily starve herself which is really what a diet is, she’ll always have that genetic setpoint that her body is craving to return to which is why only 2% of the fatties ever manage to keep it off for 2 years.

        1. And the USDA pitching eat grains (high carb) and low fat diet. Sugar and fructose is in almost every processed foods.
          Insulin converts glucose in the blood to fat. Drink that regular soda, glucose goes up. Insulin kicks in and drops blood glucose to normal range. That glucose that was taken out was converted to fat to be stored away when famine strikes.
          Since there is no famine here in the West, this cycle repeats 3 meals and snacks a day for so many years and then…..

        2. Moron. Why would concentrated fructose which is just a sugar found in fruit etc be any worse than honey or cane sugar.
          Like most people you just don’t want to believe it’s genetic because that’s something you can’t change and are pretty much stuck with. Sure, you can make changes in your diet or have operations that make it impossible to eat much and lose some weight but your body type can’t be changed and you will always have the tendency to revert to it.

        3. Repeat after me….3 times.
          Fatties are mostly fat because they have fat people habits!

        4. Oh man…who’s the moron? How can you call fat America a case of genetics when it’s a melting pot of genes? Get on youtube about high fructose corn syrup and educate yourself. HIGH fructose (there’s a hint).

    3. And really, how hard is it to attain an appealing physique as a woman? Just don’t overeat and go for a jog once in a while.
      The guys you see on the front of those magazines had to bust ass in the gym for years to look like that.

      1. I started lifting almost year ago and although I did see improvements in the first few months I had no idea it would take years of hard work to even be considered muscular for me. Genetics is one thing, but it is indeed a lot of hard work. Maybe I’m just not on the right program for me.

        1. I was very much into weightlifting a couple of years ago, and did look better than I do now. As a naturally skinny guy it was an immense amount of work to put on around 1 stone. If you’ve plateaued, my advice would be that’s it is probably your diet, working out is actually the easy part. You also need to eat a ridiculous amount if you want to consistently gain muscle, when I was on it I was shooting for 5k calories a day (though usually I’d end up just north of about 4.5, 5k is hard when it has to be real food).

      2. Most (I’d dare say over 98%) of muscular celebrities and male models resort to hormones/anabolics to get the results you see. With the right juice you can achieve lean muscle up to 8x faster. This is the un-healthy detail no one ever talks about.

        1. The reason is, male androgen hormones have a bad stigma attached to it.
          On the other hand, women taking estrogen hormones is seen as an advertisement with butterfly’s and shit.
          TRT and HGH are great, honestly I don’t complain…more for us.

        2. TRT is a great thing , abuse is what leads to those mass monsters you see associated with steroids .

  3. That’s funny Chubbs.
    I was at the Sobeys checkout last night here in Ottawa and noticed the same magazine cover of MacLeans.
    Once you lift the veil the gynocentrism of society is nauseating.
    There’s an article in Britain’s telegraph written by a woman lamenting the fact that the new I Phone isn’t woman-friendly

  4. I think that ‘revenge of the teenage girl’ article is funny as hell, since, if possible, today’s teenage girls are even more useless than they were ten years ago.
    They are more active on social media, but that’s it. They are dumber, less skilled, and are even useless for the one job nature granted them… bearing offspring.
    The only people underestimating them are the politicians… who think their revenue stream can continue with these valueless whores. They should beware, however, as the next ten years is going to bring about a complete collapse of the economic infrastructure due, in large part, to this new class of slacker they are going to have to support.

    1. I have the article right in front of me actually. Here’s the first thing I looked that when I opened the page.
      “Moran agrees. “No one expects it from a 13-year-old-girl. They think you only become a feminist when you’re, like, 26 or 35. They’re not expecting the 12-year-olds to stand up and go, ‘No, I’m going to make things change.’ And it’s the brilliant unexpectedness-revolution always comes from the place you least expect it.”
      No one expects a revolution from little kids who have daddy paying for their cars, roof over their heads, iPhones, etc. Traditionally, you’d expect a revolution from people that have no choice but to start a revolution.

      1. I wouldn’t expect a parakeet to know the Final Fantasy victory theme but there is a video for that too. What’s that quote: when you go against the majority you must be doing something right? A child agreeing with a viewpoint that the masses support and reward is all the more reason to question feminism. Children can only stay by their parents side so how will she support such a radical cause unless an adult she knows approves it and will parade with her?

        1. I think the average working husband is afraid to speak up to their wives about what they really think… so yeah… Mama and her grrl power parade are all the daughters know.
          Mom is getting all this shit for free and mom doesn’t even have to know how to change a lightbulb? Mom gets to go to rock concerts with cute boys? Mom doesn’t have to do any cooking or cleaning? Mom gets to just sit on her ass and the world keeps coming to her? Fuck yeah feminism rocks!
          The sons of these families though… thats a different story…

        2. So while America’s women loses their minds with power, the men get displaced or go corporate, we invent more bombs to deal with enemies from a distance while losing 4 generations worth of staunch intelligence for a welfare state and girl power? Inventing words like bootylicious and using ratchet to describe women. All while mass producing education at the cost of reliability and efficiency for society at large. With our collective pants so below our waste it is a wonder we don’t go the way of the American Indian. But there is ebola coming, so, yeah, not a bad time for a human size bubble?

        3. It might be that time. I won’t. My whole family immigrated here for a better opportunity and to go back or leave because some women are influencing society, I say f-that. If anything, it is time to do things differently. Trades, financial planning, retool the map from the blueprint stage. Pan Africanism failed for the same reason, running solves nothing.

        4. What’s depressing is in fact those husbands, isn’t it? If they would just act like a fucking man and say “No, no more” and stick to it once in a while, if they were not consumate pussies, this entire problem could be bred out of existence in a generation or so.

        5. Its not women that are the problem and the reason to expatriate. Women are just the tool used to keep men slaves in “free” societies. Since the government cant physically force a population of 330 million to behave how they want, they used several tools to accomplish their goals. Women, media, sports, laws, cultural norms and traditions are all used to keep us in line.
          Women are not “winning”, although it may seem that way. They are being played for fools by the communists that control America. A female that cannot bear healthy offspring and properly nurture and care for them is a biological failure in every way. Women dont realize they have lost until the wall hits and their cats are all they have, or they stare into the eyes of their childrn knowing they are emotionally incapable of fully loving them.
          Feminism’s goal is to destroy the nuclear family, thus destroying communities and efficiency. Meaning that even if you find a good woman, her surroundings will turn her into something cold and sinister and your children will suffer severe damage. If you can make enough money to leave, you should. Im visiting Europe next summer to scope out future destinations.

      2. Insanity. My fifteen year old daughter soundly rejects feminism, and she receives a ton of shit about it from the girls at her school. She soundly knocks them down with simple questions and observations that they are left stammering….”Patriarchy!” about but have no answer to. The boys on the other hand, from what she’s related and what I’ve heard them say when they come to the house for special events, is another story. Young men are aware of what’s going on, they seem quietly…angry?…about it.
        It’s worth noting that when my daughter expresses that men are stronger and have invented everything, when she expresses a desire to marry early, raise a family, cook dinner for her future husband and family, and treat her future husband as the man she expects him to be, she is greeted with two distinct reactions, both of which I’ve witnessed first hand:
        Girls – “OMG! That is so old school! That’s awful! That’s stupid! Patriarchy! Sell out!”
        Young men – *smile*, dopey young teenaged boy in love look, “you’re the only girl I’ve ever heard say that!” (in a positive tone) “I wish more girls were like you.” “That’s how women used to be isn’t it?” etc.
        Teen girls are being fed poison, and the young men can sense it. They know it. They seem to have something just under the surface that rejects it outright, at least for now. There are bad things coming I’m afraid.

        1. You, sir, have a good daughter on your hands. I really wish more women took head and stop depreciating themselves to be “independent”.

    1. Recently I worked in an office building that had elevator problems. A crew of men worked at it for weeks and it looked like hard, dirty, dangerous work. Often would see just some guy’s legs as he hung over the elevator trying to install a motor. Those guys were at it all day while crowds of women gathered to use the adjoining elevator. I wonder how many elevator repair women there are.

      1. on the flip side, i watched a uk documentary about these ambulance and paramedics….. three women struggling to lift a patient down a flight of stairs in a wheel chair, while the guy was nearly dying….. how about some male employees ? it’s equal opportunity…. but of course that means hiring all women…. i forgot…..

      2. My brother in law works for OTIS and is in the elevator union. Its very difficult to get in and its hard work but it pays somewhat well. I’ve never even heard him mention a woman that works for them and he has been all over the lower peninsula of Michigan.

      3. Working any labor job sucks when women are around anyway. TYPICALLY -I’ll grant the possibility of a nawalt for some positions at some blue collar labor intensive jobs. Thing is, usually the female, even if below 5, gets her stickin’ ass kissed so much it is truly enough to make you hate MEN. Yeah, that’s right, thirsty little shits are to blame. They’ll lift shit for the bitch all day, carry part of her work load, just for a little half-assed smile from her, a little pat on the head. Especially the younger jagoffs. I realized the majority cannot live by “red pill” nor do they want to.

        1. There are still plenty of average/thin women to be found in America. I do forget at times that I live a scant twenty minutes north of THE Ohio State University, but still, hey, it can happen to see two decent looking women like that on the street.

        2. Of course it was just a joke. But % wise American chicks are really fat compared to Eastern Europe.

        3. “s that I live a scant twenty minutes north of THE Ohio State University, but still, hey, it can happen to see two decent looking women like that on the street”
          Does not mean much if they are bitches and wont give you the time of day.

        4. You can but I doubt whether many of them will be from the lower or most of the middle classes.They only exist at the top in general where fatness has always been uncommon.What does the typical US young female look like though? No one should be flabby or overweight at 20.That’s something you may expect to see in 50+ age groups.

        5. Yes the wealthy american ladies are very thin.
          and they don’t need your money. so you better entertain or offer something they can’t buy, or they won’t give you a second look.

        6. No, unless you’re a BBC/gangbanger, all that’ll get you is picked up for assault by the Beverly Hills PD.

        7. “and they don’t need your money. so you better entertain or offer something they can’t buy, or they won’t give you a second look”
          Good point. Usually it’s drugs that gets the thin white bitches. This class of females live the easiest of lives, and hence they get bored very easy. Enter you with the gram of cocaine. Have her sniff her first line of your dick then fuck her, repeat as desired.

    2. urban environment, white people, crumbling buildings, leather-fur-jacket, two attractive, selnder, 20something girls walking together in non-slutty clothes past a work site…
      That’s not America. I would guess Austria or the Ukraine.

      1. That’s not the US I noticed it immediately.The females where I live may resemble the girls more in the pic, although they’d wear a lot more expensive looking clothes, but the average girls in the US look like crap in general.

      2. It’s eastern Europe where the average Joe gets the leftovers and the few
        guys with money have their pickings – kinda like in the US only
        economics based instead of looks based.
        Americans / western Europeans fail to realize though that they might be at the average Joe end looks wise but got tons of opportunities to make it to the upper end economics wise, which in turn gives them ample opportunities world wide to play in the upper leagues if they aren’t culturally ignorant, able to pick up languages and don’t let the companies that employ them completely brainwash them.

  5. I actually think ‘phenomenological’ accounts like this could be a very effective means of puncturing all the vagina monologues all around us. This is the age of discourse as quantity rather than quality, and in such an age, women have the natural advantage not least because their lives are about describing (and complaining about) every aspect of their existence. Feminism / progressive media aside, women’s’ experience is always going to be known about and therefore empathised with quite naturally, because women wear their turbulent hearts on their sleeves. We know what they are thinking, feeling, worrying about. We know their hopes, fears, cares, worries, their lives, loves, and sexual pecaddilloes because they never stop talking about that shit. Men on the other hand argue rationally on forums like these but in other respects remain ‘strong and silent’. Our experience, as experience, including of being a man in a predominantly feminist rather than patriarchal world, goes unregistered and unarticulated. Making an argument about feminism etc does not tell the world what it is like to be a man living under the yoke of feminism.
    Stylistically speaking, it might even have been worth leaving out the ‘documentary style comparison facts, as this breaks up the phenomenological narrative a bit. Its enough perhaps to contrast feminist claims with the experience on the ground of a world drowning in oestregen.

  6. The reason why men cannot get work is because of the cunts in Human Resources. They are killing men. They only want to hire women and men are dying out in the streets. But no one in the female driven media wants to acknowledge this.
    If there is any real justice, God will deliver it on the day of Judgement.

    1. lol… I’ve actually been told to my face at job interviews that I have what they’re looking for but they need to hire female for diversity reasons. Then I ask why did they bother to interview me, they answer they need to interview a certain number of candidates to demonstrate they’ve done their HR job. Do everything you can to bypass HR. They don’t have hire/power anyway. So can’t help and they might hurt. You have to identify the senior person inside the division that would be your boss on a daily basis and communicate directly with that person, and stay away from HR as much as possible. Let somebody else get used for diversity statistics.

      1. I’ve family in the uk and mainland europe tell me similar HR horror stories and it seems if they do hire a guy then its either a faggot or an white night social justice warrior. I think young men should either go into trades or become entrepreneurs if their country has an acceptable business climate, so if your in france get the fuck out those fucking socialist in the government know nothing about commerce.

      2. Those are the crappy low paying drone jobs no real man of substance wants anyway.
        Charge them $10k for wasting your time when they had no intention of ever giving you a job and send the bill to the Chairman of the company by certified mail and also let him know what the Personal dept. is up to with the fake interviews to make it look like they’re working.If they don’t pay your bill just sue them.File it in small claims where it’s easy and only costs a few dollars. As a corp. they’ll have to send their lawyer to defend the suit and it will cost them money.These cases rarely even go before a judge because his law clerk handles them in arbitration and tries to get people to settle.Don’t be a stupid prole and work (go to an interview) for nothing.

    2. I’ve heard that as well I have a friend who is in hr and he told he the women he speaks with keep saying behind closed doors how they have to hire single mom’s because they need the good job more than a man since they have kids.

  7. The girl on that magazine cover looks like a teenage boy.
    Reminds me of a couple of chicks I saw in a store in London. They were dressed similarly in baggy boyish sweatshirts, formless jeans and mediocre sneakers. I knew immediately they were American girls. Out in the street, you had women from all over the world dressed to the nines like it was a fashion show. For these girls to step out in public the way they were dressed told you everything you needed to know.

  8. We must live in the same neighborhood. But you missed the male role models, as seen in the billboards of the handsome black physician and the posters at Toiletry Mart of the kindly bespeckled black pharmacist who apparently works for multiple drug store chains and looks suspiciously like Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
    Also you forgot the huge graphic on the city busses showing a bound and shackled white girl trembling amidst a pile of rubbish “STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING!”.
    Another billboard I should have taken a photo of : drunk girl passed out on a sofa “Just because she’s drunk doesn’t mean you can have sex with her. Manhood, pass it on” it reads.
    Then there’s the recent billboards celebrating “art”. They all show humble proletarian black folks working the fields and factories. Not sure what the point of these adverts are or who funds them. It’s the kind of graphic you will find hanging in some liberal’s gated-community condo.
    And the music, good God no matter where I go I get a chorus of screaming black chicks to accompany my every shopping decision. Always followed by Kenny Rogers or “Hotel California”. Screaming guitars are the anthem music for Encorpera.

    1. I’ve never seen a negro physician or pharmacist although there are a few Indians. The average pharmacist is a youngish good looking girl and they all seem to have nice personalities.They earn around $100k.
      There are no billboards around here so I’m spared that nonsense.
      I hardly notice any Muzak but it just seems like the same crap that’s been around for 50 years.
      ‘Just because she’s drunk doesn’t mean you can have sex with her’
      If she’s out she won’t remember it so where’s the harm? :o)
      ‘They all show humble proletarian black folks working the fields and factories”
      Working? Are they all signing negro spirituals too?

  9. The majority of the NFL fanbase is not male. I read an article about it recently, women have become the dominant demographic for “games with balls and sticks” as my father called professional athletics. Real men prefer blood sport, the contemporary pro athlete is a mama’s boy.

    1. No. It’s male. Don’t let the bullshit fool you.
      In the same way that gamers are male… because candy crush doesn’t make you a gamer

  10. How do you deal w/ not having any prospects on the horizon, this about where I get stuck at too

      1. I do have students loans, thats my only real debt. Not much in terms of CC debt, Car or misc loans or anything

    1. What Bob said.
      My boon friend who I’ve known since I was 13 years old, was out of work. He is, needless to say, very old school patriarchal (hence why he’s my boon friend). His family, a wife and two children, depend on him for an income (she’s a SAHM). Instead of bemoaning his plight, he spent time out on the streets, literally going from company to company directly, handing out resumes and scheduling appointments. He was asked why he didn’t use electronic means, and he answers that using the internet got him nearly zero offers (he was online with a profile, submitting resumes, etc, just no feedback), while beating feet from door to door got him interviews. When he wasn’t on the street, he would go and buy/sell things from antique stores then sell them at local antique fairs, which brought in enough money to get by on for the family. He eventually (and not too long in the making) ended up at a great, nearly fully male company that sells parts for industrial machines and trucks, and he is looking now to be in the 3 digit income range (annual) this year.
      You make your future, you don’t wait for it to come to you.

  11. God, what an awful manjawed excuse for a teenage girl. It might be women’s destiny for their beauty and attraction to fade away. Well, that’s life, and we can’t change it. But now we’re looking at a world where half or more are so fat they’re repulsive even in their prime. And this girl isn’t even particularly fat. She’s just revoltingly masculine.

        1. Bob said some Blue Pill/Mangina shit a while back.
          And also “Equality between the sexes is nearly here. Rejoice!” sounds like some thing David Fat-Troll from ManBoobz would say.

    1. No matter how fat and ugly they are, no matter how many bastards they have in tow….. She still judges most men as beneath her. .

    2. Any man that can truly look at that nasty pot belly butch bitch and tell me that she’s sexy, needs to have his fucking head examined. Look close fellas. Here’s the role model for all young teenage women.

      1. Look, women and now girls are trading men for something they like a lot better: comfort. It’s comfortable to eat anything she wants, live any way she wants, be any way she wants. And very, VERY few women/girls give the tiniest damn about how this infuriates men who just want a nice pretty girl to call his own.
        You know what “survival of the fittest” means? It doesn’t mean the healthiest people will survive; it means those who adapt best to new situations will survive. Men are now adapting to liking and chasing fat girls AND MARRYING THEM. I live close to a bridal shop and I can’t remember the last time I saw a thin girl walk out of there with a white dress, only fat ones with adoring betas footing the bill.
        Girls are evolving their own direction (remember evolve doesn’t mean “getting better” it just means picking up momentum in a certain direction) and guys are either going after the new and not improved fatties or just sitting at home bonking angry bitterness on sites like this one.

  12. This is an actual feminist cat. According to the youtube user, the cat does not like men.
    She would be perfect to work in human resources.

  13. Any self respecting man will take this campaign of theirs as a cue to never shop there.

  14. As an oil field worker, there’s something darkly humorous about listening to a white girl who dwells in SanFran or NYC rant about the evils of fossil fuel. Not only do they not understand cities, energy, and infrastructure, they don’t understand how much hardship and effort goes into getting them a tank of gas.
    But oil is evil, because wind turbine.

    1. Oil is evil..
      Because it effectively shields whiney bitches from having to generate their own power.
      As it stands men suffer to make power for city cunts all while the city cunts get to bitch at us for it.

    2. I interviewed with schlumberger. Of our interview group of 25, only 4 were female and didn’t even express a huge interest in working in the field.. All 4 received job offers while more eager males weren’t hired. This wouldn’t bother me if not for the fact that I know women in the oilfield quit their ‘careers’ there within a year or two.

      1. That’s a little surprising. The oilfield is one of the few places left where results trump everything, so we don’t get too many diversity hires. I suppose Schlumberger is big enough to play the corporate game though.

        1. I don’t like how regulated it has become. I hear stories of the good old days where you could smoke weed and drink on the rig. I was a mudlogger working solo so I’d sneak liquor on occasionally but everything is so strict now…

        2. Schlumberger, and from what I’ve heard, BP are very politically correct/embrace diversity in the oil and gas industry.

        3. I’ve stabbed casing on some old Kelly rigs where they still throw chain and drink. Things have changed for sure.

    3. That’s cause they only see “oil” as a privileged white man Wall Street Tycoon type with three hummers polluting the air.
      …As opposed to the oil required to keep them air conditioned in their cushy HR office job or the oil it takes to transport the 10,000 lbs of shit they keep (and replace annually ) in their houses or the oil it takes to airlift their fancy French produce all the way to their independent grocery store.

    4. Add to that the fact that it is American oil production that is holding up the economy right now so that the progressive bs can hang on a little bit longer. Take away the taxation on oil profits and the economy is just freaking dead in the water.

    5. I have an embarassed confession to make: three lines from a Michael Bay movie killed environmentalism in me for good.
      Harry Stamper: Why you think they’re out here protesting, Chick?
      Chick Chappel: Well, I think they’re protesting because they think oil drilling is an evil thing.
      Harry Stamper (shouting out at the Greenpeace vessel he’s been hitting golf balls at): You know how much diesel that clunker boat burns through an hour??
      …oh come on, for all the bullshit that passed for science in that movie, that show was pretty damn Red Pill.

  15. this article is so fucking true.Recently graduated from college and got arrested for sleeping in my car and having a suspended licence . the judge told me instead of sending me to jail i will have to join this stupid program. my consular is a female who i graduated with 4 months ago. now she is counselling me about my life while she is doing her masters . cant even think about doing master because of a hold on my degree and transcript.while she flourishes im being treated as a criminal

    1. Wait, people can be sent to a jail for sleeping in their own car? I assume It was because You had a suspended licence but If You didnt drive it only slept in it then what the f**k is this about? Did It happen in the land of the free?

      1. Any man not at work or doing something for women is a lazy criminal according to feminists

      2. Yup. But they only lock up men. Republican white knight-ism and Democratic femdom-ism is one hell of a legal crossfire for us young males.

        1. The sad thing is that only 10% of men are redpillers the other 90% will just fuck you over getting for getting a pat on the back or a chance to put their finger in a cunt of a obese short haired with ugly tats women’s studies major

  16. Let’s stop fooling ourselves, we created this mess.
    The lemon-colored MG skids across the road and the woman driver brings it to a somewhat uncertain halt. She gets out and finds her left front tire flat. Without wasting a moment she prepares to fix it: she looks towards the passing cars as if expecting someone. Recognizing this standard international sign of woman in distress (‘weak female let down by male technology’), a station wagon draws up. The driver sees what is wrong at a glance and says comfortingly, `Don’t worry. We’ll fix that in a jiffy’ To prove his determination, he asks for her jack. He does not ask if she is capable of changing the tire herself because he knows – she is about thirty, smartly dressed and made-up – that she is not. Since she cannot find a jack, he fetches his own, together with his other tools. Five minutes later the job is done and the punctured tire properly stowed. His hands are covered with grease. She offers him an embroidered handkerchief, which he politely refuses. He has a rag for such occasions in his tool box. The woman thanks him profusely, apologizing for her typically feminine’ helplessness. She might have been there till dusk, she says, had he not stopped. He makes no reply and, as she gets back into the car, gallantly shuts the door for her. Through the wound-down window he advises her to have her tire patched at once and she promises to get her garage man to see to it that very evening. Then she drives off.
    As the man collects his tools and goes back to his own car, he wishes he could wash his hands. His shoes – he has been standing in the mud while changing the tire – are not as clean as they should be (he is a salesman). What is more, he will have to hurry to keep his next appointment. As he starts the engine he thinks, Women!
    One’s more stupid than the next’. He wonders what she would have done if he had not been there to help. He puts his foot on the accelerator and drives off – faster than usual. There is the delay to make up. After a while he starts to hum to himself. In a way, he is happy.
    Almost any man would have behaved in the same manner – and so would most women.

    1. Straight from the Manipulated Man. I know it well. Clearly this is a depression ship that can’t be blown up. How do we right it?
      Maybe, we have to come out of the shadows, convert as many as we can, and start a movement.

    2. She has a cell phone let her call a mechanic and PAY him. Pay for an auto club membership as well instead of wasting the money on some crap. I would never assist any female not even my 90 something mother.She has money let her pay a mechanic as well.I’m not getting my hands dirty, sweating or ruining an expensive pair of shoes for the 50 bucks they have to pay someone to do it. lol

  17. So tired of this patriarchy shit. A man is denied a job by hr cunts who refuse to hire men. A man is forced out of the labor market via outsourcing and affirmative action. A man is a second class citizen who’s rights only extend as far as a women’s honesty about what she tells police. . Women have total control over human reproduction and men are merely sperm donars or atm machines. Most men make no money and can’t afford to take care of a family if they so desired. . What has this jihad against the patriarchy gotten us. . . Tens of millions of men in jail for bullshit charges, hordes of fat single moms with kids from several different felons and bad boys. . All looking for a beta wallet that doesn’t exist. massive debt and wealth transfer from men to women, broken homes, kids all fucked up and boys excluded from college and dropped up on drugs. . I hope women are happy. . It’s only gonna get worse. .

    1. The sad thing is women won’t care. If seeing a man ruined, his son’s opting to be drug addicts or even driving a family off of a cliff doesn’t prove they have lost their ever loving minds and are vastly narcissistic, pleasure craven maniacs, I don’t know what will. All the love women have and kids still starving in the land of the free. Heck, women can set up male sex rings and men are so deprived we might go along with for extra pussy. Why would any woman stop when all they could ever want is up for the taking?

      1. “Why would any woman stop when all they could ever want is up for the taking?”
        Because there will be no future? Oh wait nvm, since when is a hippopotamus future oriented?

        1. things will get worse before it gets any better i think young men should work on skills that make the employable across the globe and also they should learn to act like they are with the program if they are in a setting where their income depends on it while simultaneously working on their exit plan.

      2. Why would they stop? Because they wouldn’t have any choice if these grass eating millenial and Gen Y pyjama boys just stopped them. You boys are just a lot of hot air anyway.In real life you’re afraid of your shadow.

        1. Hard and resolute. I guess the problem here is, the current generation wants to assume this is progressive and maybe the system is flawed, and your generation says just stop them. Valiant sure. I’ll play my hand here, where do stop an agency without leverage? In your home is one space. Schools, business and civil authority is another.

        2. Make it so expensive that they can’t function anymore except in ways that men want them to function.
          Here, never refuse jury duty and always make sure that the prosecutor loses regardless of what the case is about if it concerns a man and always convict a female on trial. At the very least hang the jury which means a retrial which is also hanged etc This will remove all plea bargaining power of the DA because 98% of defendants are scared into pleading to something (these count as wins for the DA) These DA’s who claim a 99% win count are full of shit because they only try 2% of the cases and they lose half which is a 50% win count which is no better than chance.
          Just ONE of the many things that you can do to control the system, and remember that it only takes a tiny % of people to control things because but 9 out of 10 proles never do anything but bitch and just follow along with the herd.

        3. I’m down for that. That is a very good idea. Being disowned by many a herd, I’ve been paving my own way my whole life. Whenever I voice anything it is to check if anyone can relate and then to find a solution. But I will admit, I felt a heck of a donkey kick when you said current guys from my generation are pyjama wearing softies. Touché good sir. Touché

      3. I agree. After a 50 year assault on males through education, media, pop culture, government and family court the males have started to falter. When the faltering worsens, women will be right there to say; “See? We knew you guys were losers all along.” No accountability to the very end.

      1. Oh the dumbest generation speaks. . Baby boomer scumbag with an 8th grade education. Go fuck yourself

        1. Two advanced degrees here, not to mention interests in a number of businesses, investor, and former member of NYSE.You’re just a bitter jealous lower class boy who will never accomplish anything but play video games.

    1. well, now we all know which magazine not to buy. vote with your money men because your political vote doesn’t mean shit

      1. What is funny about that particular Maclean’s pub is the juxtaposition of that feminist article, which is titled “New Girl, Go Girl”, with the two articles right beside it.
        The two articles are about how millennial Canadians are underemployed and not starting families, and the other about the growing ethnic diversity in the city of Toronto due to the need for constant immigration to maintain the population…
        This constant influx of immigration, and the fact that there is no commensurate job creation, is deteriorating the social cohesion of the city… In fact the crime rates in the Greater Toronto area have been increasing noticeably in the last few years.

  18. For as much talk as there is about the “glass ceiling” nobody ever mentions the “glass basement” – dirty, thankless, dangerous jobs that are filled almost completely by men.

      1. Oh, heavens no. I’m sure it’s something I picked up somewhere. I am reminded of this quote: “The art of being original is remembering what you hear, but forgetting where you heard it”. I usually follow that up with “I’d tell you where I heard that, but I forgot.”*
        À bientôt,
        *The “art of being original” quote is by Laurence Peters, best know for expressing the “Peter Principle”.

    1. it is also interesting that if you google ‘glass ceiling a myth?’ Half the articles are women arguing there is no such thing as a glass ceiling lol.

  19. What’s a man to do in a world filled with white knights, beta orbiters, and fat sluts that demand their ‘prey’ have George Clooney-tier looks and sub 10% bodyfat?

  20. Maclean’s went full feminist a while back. It is now a magazine for women. Accordingly, it backs all the conventional progressivist political agendas, including climate change.

    1. My folks bought me a subscription to them during my first year of university. I read three of them and then just started chucking the rest.
      At this point I think it’s not exaggerating to say that most magazines, even those purporting to be for men, are actually leaning toward female and emasculated male audiences.
      At the moment, the only two magazines I read are Soldier Of Fortune and Guns & Ammo. It’ll be amusing to see what those two turn into when they’re inevitably hijacked by females.

      1. American Rifleman is really good. Lots of technical facts, history and unashamed right wing political advocacy (real right wing, not white knight “right”). It’s one of the few benefits of the NRA that I actually enjoy and look forward to receiving.

  21. Chubbs, you are under this delusional mindset that we will actually have consideration from the opposite sex. I’d call you a sad little man, but I’m a sad little man right along with you.
    and yes, I know that last part was sarcasm. I’m just playfully dismissing the sarcasm and saying what we’re all thinking.

  22. Haha… I would like to share something from France with you, because it fits perfectly in this topic.
    On this video, you can see a french male deputy being sentenced to stoppage of pay of 1400e, by a female president of assemblee.
    Basically, she’s forbidding him to speak because he didn’t call her as she wants to.
    He committed the crime of saying “madame LE Président”.
    The fact is that in French , an official title is always masculine, although feminists are trying to change the French language here, because it is inherently “sexist”.
    The female president here seems to ignore that rule, and wants to be called “madame La presidente”, which means the “president’s wife”.
    We’re leaving in crazy times.

    1. I’m so glad traditional French culture is fully aware Guinevere is clearly not of their own; she’s Welsh, ergo, British all along.
      What’s next? “Joan of Arc is a heretic, according to the Church of England.”

    2. When I saw this on the news, I instantly wondered if this would be mentioned on ROK. The political correctness is getting insane.

  23. May the ingrates wallow in their self-induced filth. I am already expecting:
    –the Anglo matriarchy’s Church of England to ordain Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere) as a saint, while simultaneously making “Satan” out of Arthur and Lancelot as the patron saint of white knights
    –the Anglo matriarchy to openly endorse cuckoldry as a proud British tradition (after all, Gwenhwyfar DID it, as she is British all along)
    –under the Anglo Matriarchy, men pay more taxes (there goes “taxation without representation)
    –under the Anglo Matriarchy, Margaret Thatcher is THE British answer to Joan of Arc (keep in mind Thatcher’s actual legacy)
    –under the Anglo Matriarchy, 19th Century opera portrayal of Brunhilde is normal and must be emulated
    –under the Anglo Matriarchy, racists groups like the Ku Klux Klan are literal white knights (hint: gynocentric worship, while they DID act as enforcers at their beck and call, especially before WWII, let alone the white robes and hoods)
    –under the Anglo Matriarchy, it’s perfectly A-OK to use non-Anglo women to push and further their own agendas and simultaneously using them as pawns (Explain why contemporary black feminism emerged at least 100 years AFTER Anglo WF feminism did)
    Feel free to add, if I missed any other point.

    1. That’s odd insofar as the Arthurian legend is not kown to represent actual real people (as of yet), further, the Lancelot/Gwen romance twist thing was added centuries *later* in France as an addendum to the tale and wasn’t part of the original story. While I grant that the COE indulges in pure fantasy on most topics, this is as silly as canonizing Spongebob Squarepants as a representative of ultimate sacrifice for the Catholic Church.

  24. I have read in my local news once (I’m from the Philippines) that a sixteen year old boy was struck dead by a lightning strike, and the news of which was only written on one sentence and that’s it, and it was only published on one news outlet which had the three remaining good male writers all who I personally knew and have worked with. The Editor-in-Chief down to the showbiz editor are all women, they screen out everything written that will compel the public to sympathize with men. I almost got crazy working in media, I could not take it. Only half of my writings were published and are heavily twisted to favor women. Feminism is EVERYWHERE! And the previous articles in ROK about the Philippines and Filipinas just shows how naive and ignorant men all over the world still are.

    1. Flipo females are like those fat Tongan females.All of these primitive peoples are in matriarchies.Probably even worse with the Catholic church there. Those priests are girly men who want to live off other men just like the females do.

  25. Dude, we must live in the same city, because I was just having this same experience yesterday morning. I saw that exact magazine, thought the same thing, eyed the girls in the store who were glued to their iPhones.. every day have to put up with these entitled [email protected]! I’m so sick of it.. at least I’m not alone with these thoughts.

    1. it’s not the same city, it’s EVERYWHERE. Had a very similar experience the day before yesterday in Salt Lake.

    2. After reading this and taking a trip to get groceries, I thought I’d keep a critical eye open for similar. 1) Gas station at grocery store had 2 GUYS dressed in pink magenta safety vests selling an open stand of pink cancer products in the rain!! 2) One cute 20-something in yoga pants of course, saw me walking up to store near her and briefly looked my way then gave off a snarky look and stomped forth, 3) On way to store I had a car 2′ off my bumper whole way there and I got out of way to let by, with open road the car then did not accelerate.. a girl driver of course.

    3. It’s ubiquitous across the west. The propaganda we’re fed is far subtler than those of traditional tyrannies, but it’s all there nonetheless.

  26. The person in the room who exercises their power the least, retains the most power. This is the stage that man can arrive at, as more men leave fem-centrism behind and quit playing the game.
    Consider the last 30 years, the last 10 in particular a test. A test man gave wo-man. We invented the infrastructure of literately everything. Commerce, utilities, housing, technology, transportation, communication… And now look what woman-kind did with it? There’s your answer, remove restraints and provide more help than man would ever want or ask for and all you get is a catastrophe in women.
    Now in the few areas we’re letting women and Liberalism take a deep-rooted hold, the efficacy and value have dropped tremendously. Education is thee prime example. The very driver for invention, inspiration, and progress is ruined. How can the US and other westernized countries expect to compete with countries where the patriarchy remains strong? We can’t, the cancer seed is planted and metastasizing rapidly.

  27. “The ongoing recession has been devastating only to men, who lost the majority of the jobs and have not managed to get them back. This is doubly destructive to men’s psyches, since 3 out of 4 women will not date an unemployed man.”
    BINGO! You hit it right on the head. Often times, we ask that a girl stay in shape and in return they want a guy who has a steady job. The problem with that is, that us guys have much less control over the latter then they do the former.
    Now I was a pretty hard worker in college, with good habits and all that. (Just like the average RoK poster but better than 90% of the general college population). Hardly ever went out, studied nonstop all day everyday (engineering degree), kept in shape, had a solid internship and everything but it took me about 3 months after college to find a job. During that time, I sent out 15-20 resumes a day, networked, worked out daily, and kept a general positive attitude about everything despite getting turned down after interviews, leads, etc. There wasn’t much else I could do except wait until I got lucky (which I finally did).
    During the 3 months time, I might as well have been useless, homeless, and chopped liver to all the girls I talked to in college. Now we all know that if a girl (whether employed or not) posts a picture of a selfie/post workout meal along with a cheesy inspirational quote, she’s treated as the second coming of Socrates so no need to elaborate on the hypocrisy there.
    Of course, once I finally got lucky and got a decent job offer they all came crawling back out of the woodwork to which I kindly told them all to fuck off. Guess I need to check my privilege…

    1. BINGO! You hit it right on the head. Often times, we ask that a girl stay in shape and in return they want a guy who has a steady job. The problem with that is, that us guys have much less control over the latter then they do the former. .
      Yes. . Men must bust ass for years and it’s still a flip of a coin as to whether they get a bread winner job. All a woman must do is some cardio and not eat like a pig. .

      1. My friends and I have always talked of a scenario where gender-mating privileges are reversed. You wake up tomorrow as an American male and have hundreds of 1 percentile females (in terms of attractiveness) chasing you. This is what American women currently have, no matter their complaints. I don’t buy it that they would really want to go live in a hut in Indonesia because of some 5’3″ dude down there has abs and makes 600$ a year. American men are one-percenters financially and therefore sexually. Now an American male wakes up and it’s reversed. You get a Victoria’s Secret caliber women. So you ask someone, “What do I have to do to deserve/maintain this? Cure cancer? Risk my life daily? Become a billionaire?” The answer is; “Eat only a moderate amount of sugar. Eat decent, comfortable satisfying health food and go golfing without a cart or hike or go for an easy swim daily. Do some weightlifting of moderate intensity. Walk the dog. Take long walks on the beach and a 1 percentile woman is yours.” It’s mind-boggling that this is how lucky American women truly are. The inverse just boggles the mind. Partake in fun, physical hobbies while keeping sickening, childish sugar consumption under control and a supermodel is yours. 95% of our women still can’t do this and it’s the position they are in, in reality .

        1. Also the ones who are in shape and thin usually have jobs or a daddy paying their credit card.
          So you’ll need to be very good looking to attract one of them because your job isn’t going to cut it. Neither is your car.
          You are correct sir that the mating ritual has changed. It was once women NEEDED men, so they’d stay in shape and cater to his every need. Now women don’t necessarily need men to live. They can get ridiculously high paying jobs, and use IVF once they are ready to breed.
          There are absolutely no consequences. And men are left with nothing to barter with.
          They have everything:
          Reproduce – when they want (hell, they even have a uterus that can be transplanted).
          Vote and hold property.
          So in reality why would they need a man?
          Sex toy.
          That’s it. They don’t even need to really socialized or earn the respect of a man because they can go to the fertility clinic.
          And I do not foresee it getting better, only worse.

        2. don’t be too pessimistic, if women only need men for sex then it’s actually a good thing! women don’t need your money and don’t want to lock you down in marriage, just no-string-attached sex! what more can you ask?

        3. Although women don’t need men any more (stipulated only for the sake of argument), they still insist on the top 5 to 10% of men on looks and earning power. Their hypergamy is hardwired into the part of the brain they actually use; the amygdala. They only use their higher brain functions to rationalize the decisions made on Stone Age survival thinking. They still want to lock down your resources so they don’t have to work. Frankly, if I could be coddled, and pampered, and flattered, and supported while doing nothing of any worth all my life, I might be tempted too.
          Women will not be providing no strings sex on demand for the typical average man any time in the future. If you are counting on this you are going to be sorely disappointed. They will attach every string for no more reason than so they can “take you to the cleaners” at their whim. They like having the whip hand.

  28. Look up matriarchal societies and what do you find? Primitive bush people scattered about, many in the south pacific islands. Property is bequeathed from mother to daughter and many live in grass huts. These tribes have never broken from the cunt dungeon to do so much as unearth and quarry a large stone to carve into a pillar. What have they accomplished throughout the millennia? All you have there is a succession of one fat whore with a toothed neclace after another, snapping her fingers to dismiss or dispatch one small lanky lapdog house boy after another. Century after century of the fat she pigs reproducing semblences of themselves as well as smaller whip dog males has pretty much defined the dominant traits of these pacific islanders. Loincloths, sagging uncovered tits and grass huts is what you get when you’ve KILLED THE ARCHITECT.
    I saw a miss universe contest once where they interviewed miss FIJI. She looked like a quite tall beautiful french model, but slightly on the darker side. She was asked her opinions on world affairs and the usual query of her take on women’s advancement. On the woman issue, her response was quite revealing. She said that on her island women own all the businesses, the eateries, the tourist shops and the posts in government are run by women. WOW. That’s what happens when guys fuck and reproduce by the meanest largest women. If she’s too big to lift, SHE TOO DAMN BIG. Stick with the smaller eye candy. This advice applies whether you are a redneck or a black nigga from the hood. Avoid the dominant whales.
    The modern island culture is a takeover from the ancient aboriginal bitch rule culture and the matriarchy remains in many mountainous south pacific islands to this day. The islands are not sand dunes like the caribbean, but more resemble mountain tops jutting out of the water. The remnants of LEMURIA – THE CONTINENT THAT SANK.
    Many of these aboriginal tribes do actually resemble mountain people, with fat dominant women, and are not sea faring. Some have never so much as built a boat to venture to the next island group. So they killed the architect AND THE EXPLORER.
    The waning stagnant marooned culture, the grass skirts and the cannibalism should serve as a testament to bitch rule. From the quicksand pits and the land of seasonal cannibal fests, now imported here to the highway billboards espousing bitch empowerment, the bitch creep has penetrated OUR borders. Let this be a testament from the land of ancient bitch rule. It was the CONTINENT THAT FUCKING SANK ! !
    The whole place SANK ! !

  29. She’s a lumberjack and she’s okay…
    Yep, that’s what you get when you walk around anywhere. Pictures, conversation, music, all glorifying the female – it’s damn depressing. Especially the music in the gym.
    The matriarchy has to be better than this crap.

  30. This entire premise is that women need male labor and resources and men Increasingly lack the ability or willingness to produce more than they Consume., women are consumers and need male investment. They have dug their own grave by disenfranchising men. Look at any matriarchal society. It’s overrun by thuglet’s and criminal trash. It is poor and starvation and violence is the norm. The men are all busy taking care of themselves and saying fuck you to the entitled whores and single mom’s. Most matriarchal places are essentially grass huts. This is the future. More. Men dropping out and more laws trying to force men to pay into an oppressive matriarchy . I swear every year the number of man up articles doubles. The screaming by tradcon mangina preachers gets louder.

    1. Hence the article about Feminism backpeddling to ‘include’ men. They’ve realized they are stuck paying for everything and can’t handle it. They need the beta male to work his ass off for them.
      Don’t save them, let the bitches go down with the country. A dysfunctional black community still has the government funded by white men to distribute benefits. What happens when white men are no longer making money? It all goes down.

    2. I have a mate who went John Galt. Women ask his all the time why he won’t have kids and works the absolute bare minimum.

  31. I just took a quick trip to Costco. In the Costco parking lot, there was a ghettoish woman driving with her arm out the window, pointing a finger in my direction for no reason. I missed a left hand turn due to being distracted by her, and as I was waiting for my turn she runs a stop sign and nearly hits my car, honking back at me after I honk at her.
    Inside the costco, I was beside a large man who was talking into his smart phone while walking his cart (he was beside it), taking up all kinds of space. He then gets flustered at the exit due to people being in his way despite him being the one taking up all the space. I gave him a look and he looks at me and says “what?”. (I suspect he was Jewish).
    On the drive home, I was on the freeway offramp waiting to turn right, and looking over my left shoulder for a break in the traffic. As I am doing this, an unattended 5 year old boy on the sidewalk runs up to the curb and starts dancing around, threatening to jump into the street. (He was a blonde white kid).
    This was just on a simple 20 minute trip. Time to move the fuck out of the city and into the country. Good God.

  32. This article rings so true. Primarily because it is really just another typical day for most of us in the west. Every billboard I drive by is filled with women or minorities. That’s fine to target them for certain ads. But EVERY SINGLE ONE?!??? It just reinforces the point that the masculine male is not valued whatsoever in our society. It really becomes forgotten until one day like yours the point is driven home and you really notice how pervasive things are, and how completely neglected the male, especially the white male, has become in our society.
    I also enjoyed linking to your previous stories (empathetic woman). I have woken up to the red pill, but I can’t throw off that longing for a meaningful relationship with a women, even as I realize it cannot be. Keep up the good work. You show a thoughtful, intellectual, and emotional side that is a welcome change. While reading I was impressed with your thoughtfulness, contrasted with how women would never give a second thought to any single one of these items, would never pontificate “what is going on with that couple over there”, and would never be intellectually curious.

    1. I lived in a generally white area. Some minority groups but it seems the advertising is one step ahead. They see it for what it will become.

  33. It’s probably already been mentioned, but a very thought provoking article and kudos on the Klingon afterlife reference! Who says you can’t be a red pill trekkie…

  34. I assume the unattractive girl campaigning against our oversexed culture is not against female promiscuity but rather thin and pretty girls being on tv?

  35. Its hilarious how deluded most people are. We dont even live in a fucking patriarchy. If we did, life would be grand. It seems only the rok community understands this.

  36. What we have is an exclusive patriarchy, where men still rule the big companies and government. But men in the other economic classes (that are not millionaires/billionaires) live in a society that caters to women.
    It was how we kept civil unrest from breaking out. Yeah you had a shitty job, shitty prospects but you could always go home and ‘kick the dog’ aka your wife.
    Now we do not have that. We have shitty jobs, shitty prospects and no dogs to kick.

    1. Ahh what? Mostly the men who do well in the big companies after to women’s needs above mend needs. These white knights will do anything to please

  37. Revenge for what anyway? For being the most spoiled, pedestalized, coddled and privileged group of females in world history?

  38. Super whiny article, where is that masculine sardonic wit I come to this site for? As a man you can be bitter, but never bitchy!

  39. A real life story from today highlighting the narcissism of the modern female:
    A few nights ago, some friends and I (it’s important to note that my friends are Africans and I’m white, and that throughout this story I’m wearing nice dress pants with a long, stylish and expensive leather coat) went to the strip club “heart breakers” here in Williston, North Dakota (we’re all oil field guys and the girls here whether hookers or strippers make serious dough)
    The first girl I locked eyes with was a little Asian stripper. This struck me because:
    A. having had sex with latinas, blacks and girls of my race, my curiosity has begrudgingly pedestalized Asians
    B. I wasn’t expecting her to reciprocate my smile and hold such strong eye contact
    So fast forward to today- My black friends and I hit up my friend’s temp-to-hire job service building where that asian stripper works as the secretary. None of us recognized her in normal clothes outside the strip club. But we DID notice her seemingly frightened behavior. Her frightened persona was so blatant that my buddy said “what’s wrong? we’re not here to hurt you”
    It wasn’t until we returned to that same strip club tonight that we recognized her as the same girl from the staffing agency. And it wasn’t until we identified this, that we realized her very frightened response at the staffing agency earlier today, may have been embarrassment. My black friends thought it was because they’re black and one of them said “because it’s rare to see one white guy with a group of blacks”
    For all intensive purposes, it quite frankly makes no difference whether her blatantly reserved reaction at the office was embarrassment or fear. Both emotions illustrate this girl’s core conceit because the truth became clear: none of us had recognized her, but she surely recognized me and thus feared my reaction to seeing her outside her other job. I bet her narcissistic mind convinced her that my friend told me she works there and brought me with him to see her
    In the mind of the modern woman, your life revolves around her, even if you’re blissfully unaware of it

    1. Or. If you recognize her as the the stripper from the night before, you could report her ass for bad behaviour or blackmail her.
      Happens all the time when you go to clubs, see really slutty girls and then the next day find them taking your medical information as a medical student.
      Fear strikes them too, not because they are narcissistic but you caught them red handed.
      THEY don’t want to be seen as sluts and now you know their ‘secret’.

      1. You’re deluded like the other inexperienced millennial girly boys on here.No female med student is going to be stripping at night. If this has ever happened even once in real life outside of some stupid film, you can be sure that the girl is just an undergraduate and is in pre med and never even finishes her normal college degree or goes on to med school.

        1. Nah, one of my ex’s is a stripper putting herself through college to get her master’s degree in psychology. She just got her bachelor’s. I would’ve thought what you thought too but it does happen.

        2. A Master’s degree in psychology is not the same as med school lol You may Rarely even get some of these girls working as escorts. It means nothing, psychology is something I can learn in my sleep and she would have plenty of time to pursue other things. Med students do not or would they risk losing their reputations for a little money stripping or would they have the inclination for this sort of sleazy work. They also have to be very careful in fields like medicine and law because you need a license to practise and any sort of moral turpitude or even just the appearance of something the medical board may believe makes doctors look bad even if it’s not a crime may hold up that license.You want to be a lawyer and have a DUI? That may very well disqualify you or at the very least cause you some problems in getting a license and you may have to waste a lot of time and money getting your license approved even if you pass the bar.
          Females who get degrees in psychology are not even in the same class. Most of these girls end up being teachers or counsellors where the standards are much lower in these lower paying jobs.
          And your ‘ex’ who works as a whore stripper only has a college degree and that getting a master’s hasn’t even happened yet so she’s basically just a stripper and I doubt she’ll even get the degree. She’ll make a little money when she’s young being a stripper and end up with some crappy job if she doesn’t hook some customer into marrying and supporting her.
          And since I’m a lot older than you I’ve seen the beginning and the end of these things hundreds of times. You have only seen the beginning.

        3. Lol. “whore stripper”. Maybe get back on those anger meds you forgot to take. And unless your 85 I doubt you’re that much older than me.

  40. Every morning I wake up and look for the ATM where I can cash in on my white privilage. After not being able to find such ATM exists I reflect that the truth is on return of kings.

  41. There is going to have to come a day where men completely opt out of serving the United States government in every capacity, especially in a military capacity. There is a great scene in the Russian gangster flick ‘Eastern Promises’ (advise red-pills to watch) where Viggo Mortensen’s character is going through a tattoo initiation and the panel calls his parents all sorts of pejoratives for having served the Soviet government. If I can recall, calling his father ‘a bitch’ for having served the Soviet Union. In the future in man who ‘knowingly’ (keyword: knowingly) serves the feminist anti-family government is a bitch (aka white knights) and in the future, justice meted out accordingly. Do not join the military, police academies, etc. If women bitch and the government bitch about men so much, let women run everything and let’s see how long that’ll last.

      1. Hey faggot does it get your dick hard to know that you’d be killing the last men who’d be trying to save civilisation? Go ahead, kill for the right to have your bitch wife divorce you and abscond your children. That’s right, enjoy that ‘freedom’ to debt and second class citizenship.

    1. This is an excellent response, there was a time in my life where I was lost and confused and considered joining the military. It was difficult to decide whether or not I should go, but eventually I decided not to. Man, did I dodge a fucking bullet, probably literally. I think the deciding factor was exactly what you are talking about, why would I fight for the U.S. government? What has the U.S. government done to benefit the American people in like 60 years? I also had a friend who joined the Marines and eventually got out of it because he hated it so much. Don’t join the military, it’s a big scam, fuck defending this Cunt-ry. No families, no wives, barely any good friends(or intelligent people in general), hot women becoming a scarce commodity, so fight for what? To defend the Corporate Feminized States of Scaremerica? Fuck no.
      And god damn, I even knew some of these art-major douches who did just that. They’re the most insecure and useless people imaginable, buying up whatever they’re told the whole time. Justice will eventually be served, the system is tearing apart.

  42. kudos, Billy. Women don’t even have the rational ability to notice the cultural demise which currently exists. I’m a proud member of the patriarchy, and I do enjoy watching the decent to hell each day.

  43. Once again, another excellent article. Despite the current darkness that us men live in, I do think that each and every one of these articles are making a difference. Believe it or not, this site among others may have a few eyes in Hollywood gazing anxiously at the sentiments.
    What do I mean? I want to encourage everyone to go see Gone Girl currently in theaters. It appeared as a movie born of the manosphere – truly red pill in almost every way. It is packed full of everything – from worthless degrees aquired by a female, white knights, beta orbiters, and just a good solid sense of misandry that us men have to deal with in modern westernized society. Hell, it even had cats… Last but not least, it painted an unapologetic picture of the narssicistic and psychopathic behavior that we so often experience in westernized women.
    After the midpoint of the movie, I could not believe my eyes. I could not believe that this story was actually being told.
    I don’t believe this could have happened if it wasn’t for the effort and sacrifice that you guys put forth into each and every one of these posts. Regardless of how dark it my be, the hard work is paying off – I do believe the hundreth monkey has turned.

  44. Quit whining. No one’s making you purchase all those consumer products. To demand equal mural space is the same as women demanding equal employment opportunity. I don’t need cancer awareness affirmative action to feel self-worth.

  45. You shiuld hace just put that disgusting soda with it’s disgusting label back. Fuck them.

  46. So you want to be treated well — respected as a worthwhile human being. Hell yeah! You deserve as much just like the rest of us do. And you return the favor for women who treat you that way, right? Let’s hear it for a no-one-iarchy.

  47. As stark as a picture you paint, I’d rather be a man with 20/20 vision of how things really are versus being a female drugged up on “Go Grrrl” morphine with cataracts clouding my eyes. We are better equipped to survive for the long haul.
    It’s disturbing how widely the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign has itself metastasized like a cancer. What was once just Racing for the Alleged Cure has spread–beyond football and wristbands to even the grocery store pin pad asking me for a donation. Ridiculous!!!
    I can’t wait for some whistleblower to expose the fraud that is the whole Charity Industrial Complex that has come in to fill the void since all our blue collar jobs went away. Every time I hear someone talk about the non-profit they work for, my brain in true “They Live” fashion translates their words into, “I don’t have the intelligence to work in the private sector, nor the courage to (God forbid) risk starting my own business.”

  48. Hey Chubbs- the grocery stores are only filled w/ clit-lit b/c for most of American History, women were discouraged from having jobs and told to go buy the groceries instead.
    Sorry you had to see how that still plays out in the marketplace; but if it was equal work for equal pay, w/ equal bread-winners in the fam, you’d see a different scene b/c more guys would be at the grocery store.
    Or maybe the old fucks who own the store (prob. mostly white guys) just need to catch up w/ the times and recognize that more bros. are pushing strollers and shopping carts.
    Either way, the abundance of clit-lit in the checkout isle is absolutely due to NOTHING but a patriarchal history.
    (About which btw, this site regularly contradicts itself: “There’s no such thing as patriarchy!” “We need to bring back the patriarchy!” WTF dudes???)

  49. lol I thought this would be about why patriarchy is real and about the easily debunkable “wage gap”. Phew, I’m not the only anti-feminist.

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