WATCH: Little Bird Defecates On My Arm While I Film Free Speech Isn’t Free Promo

Just when you think things can’t get any worse for me, I was trying to shoot a video promoting Free Speech Isn’t Free when a bird made a bowel movement on me. As you can watch below, I was immensely triggered, and almost shut everything down, even after energizing on Kratom flowers.

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43 thoughts on “WATCH: Little Bird Defecates On My Arm While I Film Free Speech Isn’t Free Promo”

      1. Each person responds differently. Some are able to fly, others shit upwards. There is one known case where an individual shot out shat like a cannon. Historical texts hint that it was him who caused the Aztecs to disappear and not disease/warfare/etc. One large BM wiped them clean off the map.

        1. Actually the Great Kratom Shat mentionned in the Kratom Prophecy has not happened yet.
          The great Kratom cannon shot of shit will happen circa 2100 during the Great Wars for Kratom Supplies and the shit will travel so fast upwards that it will reach the speed of light and thus leave our universe, go through an other dimension then come back during the Aztecs era, thus eradicating them and causing a time paradox.

        2. Oh come on that’s stretching it a bit far…’The Great Kratom Shat’ is a myth contrived by a lunatic sect of kratom users within the manosphere. Waiting for some ‘great shat’ is like waiting for Trigglypuff to stop eating fast food and donuts.

        3. Oh great, a Great Kratom Shat denialist. What’s next, the Kratom-enhanced Moon landing was fake ? You guys are hopeless.

        4. “After the great orange one, who is very rich, rules the Atzlans three generations shall pass, then shall a great war shall cover the face of all the earth skies shall be darkened, mojo shall be naught, and there shalt be a pouring out of iniquity. The red and blue strain shall be no more in those days. When this comes to pass you shall see Kratom coming with glory in a mighty defacation.” – Book of Aztec 12:3-5

        5. Interesting you sense that the universe is flat. There exist confined regions of space which contain galaxies. Galaxies tend to flatten or ‘pancake’ into two dimensional swirling formations. Within the ‘space’ confines of a galaxy, the space along with its integral component ‘gravity’ within take on a liquid form, sort of like how water in a tub or basin swirls when going down the drain.
          NOTE that outside galaxies there’s a sharp cutoff of this ‘liquid’ property of space/gravity. Outside the periphery of galaxies space actually takes on ‘gaseous’ properties, not liquid. Matter in dark (gaseous) space doesn’t swirl. Why? Gravity doesn’t exist in ‘gaseous’ space, only in ‘liquid’ space. The space-state property where there is cutoff of gravity is sharp and rapid, just like the hard line between gaseous and liquid matter. Gravity doesn’t taper off with distance from a swirling galaxy. No, it becomes zero beyond the ‘liquid’ space periphery of the galaxy. Gravity is quantified and jumps by ‘one’ natural unit when liquid space is entered. It becomes zero in ‘gaseous’ space. When you view other galaxies from within the Milky Way’s ‘liquid’ space enclosure, it is like looking with the eyes of a fish underwater. You’re seeing the sky above that is distorted by refraction. Even the people on bicycles out of the water in ‘gaseous’ atmosphere appear with ripples and appear to fly. Interesting concept the ‘flat’ universe.
          Here’s some real potted lunchelon meat product for the inquiring scientific mind.

          enjoy . .

        6. No I didn’t say that. The moon landing clearly happened. Kratom was the missing part of the puzzle.

    1. nothing like a relaxing massage after a hard day at your pointless career. Unless that is her career.

  1. Could’ve called it ‘don’t bang free speech’.
    Roosh has come a long way as a communicator IMO. Very relaxed on screen. Baptism of fire has changed him

  2. Glad you survived, Roosh. Your experience reminds me of the time back in high school when a friend of mine was shit on twice by the same seagull (we think) at the beach within an hour or so.
    Scary, disturbing stuff for sure. Please stay safe.

  3. The problem with twit-o-sphere blanket statements like “free speech isn’t free” is that it could mean any number of things, all of which suggest poor outcomes for teaching, discussion, and learning.
    Free speech isn’t free
    There is a delicate balance to preserving our right to make our voice heard.
    Free speech isn’t free
    We should expect to pay for advice/knowledge or for the ability to give it.
    Free speech isn’t free
    Consequences for speaking your mind.
    Free speech isn’t free
    So what is?
    Let’s instead move towards a society where free speech is free, to help ensure more voices and ideas are heard so that only the best ones go to the top.

  4. Hey, a bird pinched a loaf on Dustin Hoffman in “Marathon Man” and he prevailed over his enemies. Keep your head up. And covered.

    1. This guy shares too much ideology and DNA with mass killers such as Trotsky. Don’t trust him, when they are affable its when they are at their most dangerous.
      He just said that the right to bear arms should only mean single shot hunting rifles.
      The US constitution clearly states that “We the people” have the right to overthrow a tyrannical government and the right to bear arms so that this can be accomplished. if the guys supporting the tyrannical government have full auto then so do we the people.
      It Government that has murdered the most people in the world, not mass shooters.
      Someone once said that Governments that fear an armed population should also fear the noose.

  5. Nah not an omen, just the matrix gods fucking with you. They like to fuck with me too. For instance the other day I woke up, looked out my window to see a bird shit on my truck and fly away.

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