Women Fighting Against Feminism

In what appears to be a strange mix of investigative journalism, vigilante justice and public outrage, a French anti-feminist movement decided to infiltrate FEMEN (the hysterical topless Ukrainian girls chanting slogans about female exploitation, dictatorship, the Pope and Islam) a few months ago.

Sociologically speaking, FEMEN is a typical example of a special interest group getting indulged by the media and the political system until they attain a certain critical mass and therefore legitimacy and public validation.


Liberté Egalité Féminisme: The irony of what these banners mean in their hands is lost on them

FEMEN in Paris

It all started when the pro-feminist (who isn’t these days?) socialist French government allowed FEMEN to establish their operational headquarters in Paris. The FEMEN’s choice to go “Parisian” can be viewed as a very shrewd media strategy.

You can imagine the difference between media attention if you demonstrate topless in some industrial wasteland in Eastern Europe versus doing the same thing in front of Notre Dame de Paris or Eiffel Tower. Exposure-wise, it’s only a little less beneficial than hiring Don Draper to do your publicity campaign.

La France Profonde

However, a lot of people including FEMEN do not know and can not even imagine that, despite all the Woody Allen references to French debauchery, France is a very conservative country with a very strong and non-negligible practicing Catholic population.

The presence of tens of thousands of men, women and children in the recent demonstrations against the same-sex marriage legislation in Paris and the violence that ensued attest to the veracity of these statements. Nowhere else in Europe was same-sex marriage so vehemently opposed and so emphatically decried as was in France.

While the tension was mounting between the right-leaning French populace and the socialist government on the issue of same-sex marriage legislation, the FEMEN started their topless protests in Paris in early 2013.

Although the French Penal Code forbids nudity in a public places, not only the FEMEN were not prosecuted, they were protected by the police during an anti-Pope demonstration which culminated in the desecration of the famous Notre Dame cathedral.

FEMEN trolling a Joan of Arc day rally in Paris

Les Antigones declare war on FEMEN

This was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. The French public, which is already notoriously short-tempered and fond of general strikes, took the desecration of the cathedral as an attack on their culture, their society and their lifestyle. The result of this public outrage was the coming into being of this anti-feminist movement, who call themselves Les Antigones.

At first the Antigones tried to demonstrate in the streets against FEMEN but this did not prove effective because the French mainstream media (like all mainstream media have the tendency to do) did not give them any coverage whatsoever. Exasperated and feeling frustrated to some extent, they decided to infiltrate FEMEN in order to have an idea about their working, organization and especially how they were financed.

The Mole

One of the Antigones members, Iseul Turan (probably a fictitious name), then sent FEMEN a topless selfie and asked how she could become a FEMEN member. When she didn’t get an answer for a week, she decided to go to their headquarters, posing as a FEMEN groupie and asked for an autograph and then innocently inquired what it took to be a member of FEMEN.

Oksana Chasko invited her to a FEMEN boot camp the following Saturday and thus started a two-month infiltration period during which FEMEN disrupted a conservative, nationalist and crypto anti-gay rally during the Joan of Arc day celebrations in Paris.

Les Antigones: Booby-trapping the FEMEN

Advertising, Trolling and Attention-Whoring

Soon afterwards the Antigones decided to pull the plug on the infiltration operation and started laying out in the open what they had learned during two months of FEMEN immersion. First thing that Iseul Turan said she noticed was that FEMEN operated much like an advertising agency whose only objective was to create a buzz and garner as much media attention as possible.

This validates what the manosphere has been saying about the fourth-wave feminism for quite some time now, that this new-age feminism is nothing more than trolling, attention-whoring and validation-seeking without any core objectives.

It is also worth noting that FEMEN, who has an anti-prostitution stance, were paying prostitutes to march topless in their demonstrations against the exploitation of women. Whether the irony of this hypocritical behavior was noticed by FEMEN is still a moot point.

Topless Jihad Is Also Fat Jihad

The FEMEN members were considered nothing more as cheap cannon fodder, recruited solely on the basis of their photogenic appearance and whether they were willing to demonstrate topless in public or not. My heart goes out for fat girls who got the short end of the stick even from their feminist friends. It looks like FEMEN needs to take a Fat-Acceptance™ course along with a corporate anger management training program.

Or perhaps the fatties need to learn that no amount of Fat-Acceptance™ would make them presentable to the camera or to the masses for that matter. “Curvy” ladies of the world take notice: neither the FEMEN nor the Antigones have presented one single overweight activisit to the camera.

Manospheric Leanings Of The Antigones

The Antigones have a very manospheric approach towards the female behavior and the female role in the society. It actually looks like they have been going through some of Roosh’s early work. While comparing themselves to FEMEN, they issued statements such as “We are daughters of our fathers, wives of our husbands, mothers of our sons, we don’t abandon the men”.

They also said that “You (FEMEN) assert that machismo dominates our society and that you fight men, our reply is that only with men would we be women in the complete sense of the word”. In fact Iseul used the word “feminine” so many times in her video interview that I thought that either Roosh or Krauser had worked as her copy-writer.

Iseul Notre Dame

Iseul Turan: Spilling FEMEN’s beans in front of Notre Dame de Paris

The Antigones: Anti-Feminist and Anti-Miscegenation

In the name of objectivity though, some particularities about the Antigones must be outlined here. Most of the girls in the following YouTube video adhere to (or at least sympathize with) a fairly hardcore Catholic/Christian, racialist, return-to-the-European-roots ideology.

The white robes being a reference to the purity of the race as well as to the Spartan women of the antiquity who were considered as guardians of traditional family values and hence responsible for the stability of the society.

This also explains the absence of any women of color in the video or even in the group itself . Not all the members of the group are shown in the video, however the members not present in the video are also young white upper middle-class girls; studying in various French universities, Law schools and Business schools.

Bourgeois Eats Bourgeois

The upper-class roots of the Antigones shouldn’t however come as a surprise. Feminism itself is a very bourgeois concept and any ideology that attempts to counter feminism could only have come from a similar social background. The working classes have never had the intellectual capacity nor means to produce any ideology.

As far as their affiliation with racialist ideals is concerned, it could easily be explained by the absence of any other mainstream ideology (Right or Left, Socialist or Capitalist, Democratic or Republican) that opposes feminism.

It is perfectly logical that this movement be the consequence of a racial awakening or has gravitated towards a racial identity. Simply because anti-feminism in itself can never be a motivation or an ideology for women.

It has to be transcended by some enveloping theory which provides an intellectual basis and a rational explanation for opposing feminism. This transcendental ideology can only come from hardcore religious beliefs or racial identification because both these political theories are extraneous to the incumbent political orthodoxy which is staunchly pro-feminist.

Manoshpere, HBD and Anti-Feminism

Race trolls arriving on VK's blog

Race trolls arriving on VK’s (now defunct) blog

This attachment to the racial identity as a political thought is not a trivial matter for the manosphere, which has a lot of non-whites in its ranks. For instance Roosh, the founder of RoK, is not white. Virgle Kent, a game/manosphere heavy weight who is black, has written some epic posts about the presence of  HBD theory proponents on his blog.

You only have to take a look at the comments section of any random Roissy post where wave after wave of race trolls tries to prove that feminists are race traitors and are destroying the society by encouraging hypergamy and as a result of it, miscegenation.

And that any anti-feminist movement in the long run would have to clash with cultural Marxism, political correctness and eventually disproportionate minority power in the political realm.

One would not be very wrong in concluding that although the Antigones are anti-feminists, their opposition to feminism is only secondary and stems from the fact that feminism is destroying the Western society (notice the subtlety here: feminism is bad because it is destroying the Western society, it’s not bad because it’s intrinsically bad for women) and that women are willingly or unconsciously participating in it’s destruction.

Consider this as a caveat emptor before being seduced by their pro-manosphere message if you are not white (“of European heritage” in David Duke speak).

Final Message

The Antigones finish their message to FEMEN by saying: “Manipulation and exploitation of women for feminist causes will no longer be tolerated. We demand the return of Inna and Oksana back to Ukraine, and an end to all the direct and indirect subsidies to their movement. We also demand an end to the judicial immunity for FEMEN who proclaim themselves as terrorists but whom our justice system willfully chooses to ignore. FEMEN, Antigones are ready to fight.”

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  1. You used the logical fallacy of argument from poverty to build antagonism against them. C’mon dude don’t be a Marxist loser about it. However filling in the implied gap with your message “don’t be cool to anti feminist girls” makes me wonder weather you should even be writing here. Finally attempting to split the various groups through limited propoganda is always foolish.
    Peace oot ya bam

    1. You’re stupid. I, and everybody here, enjoy sucking the author’s cocks at any given opportunity. Every single thing that they ever say or do is gospel. You hear? Gospel. How dare you use logic and reasoning to criticize this most amazing person who wrote this!! If I were able to have babies I’d be popping them out every nine months for FavouriteMartian. Burn in hell!!!!

  2. There’s no way I’m believing the story of the “mole”. More likely she joined femen bona fide, felt somehow rejected/not automatically chosen leader as she obviously deserved, and then decided to form another silly group.

    1. Thanks a lot for sharing your profound analysis with us. I take it that you speak French fluently.

  3. Proud women in their native lands who happen to be WHITE!!?? This is an outrage.
    So that would explain a quarter of your message designated to talk about “race trolls” of the manosphere.

    1. It hasn’t got anything to do with them being white. Being Race-Realists™ means belonging to an exclusive club (whose membership is based on your skin color and not on a certain point of view or a political inclination). Shouldn’t this be pointed out?

      1. “”It hasn’t got anything to do with them being white””
        So what exactly is the problem with the Antigone clip? I’ll be honest, I watched it 3 times and I’m still mystified as to what your trying to say. What’s the connection with any of this and “race trolls”, and how did you even go from the first half of your article to the last half?
        “”Being Race-Realists™ means belonging to an exclusive club (whose membership is based on your skin color and not on a certain point of view””
        Secondly, how do you come to the assumption race realism is not based on a certain point of view?

        1. “So what exactly is the problem with the Antigone clip?”
          There is nothing wrong with the Antigone clip or the Antigones. There is nothing wrong with them being Race-Realists™ either. This post isn’t even about being right or wrong. I am only pointing out their inclination towards the racialist theory to the readers of this web-site since this is a part of their ideology. Just as I informed the readers about the anti-FEMEN part of their ideology.
          “Secondly, how do you come to the assumption race realism is not based on a certain point of view?”
          You have some major reading comprehension problems. Of course Race-Realism™ is based on a certain point of view (like every other social/political theory). However the underpinnings of this theory exclude people from a group on the basis of a non-transformable metric (their skin-color). It is therefore intrinsically and irreversibly divisive.

        2. Multiculturalism is also ‘intrinsically and irreversibly divisive’ so what’s your point?

      2. Oh get fucked. France is mere DECADES away from having a non-white majority. French culture and society exists BECAUSE OF THE FRENCH. Rape and violent crime are skyrocketing in france and most major cities are plagued by violent ethnic ghettos. France is being ruined by non-white immigration, and this is more important than the relatively trivial goals of western feminism. If non-whites don’t like being “excluded” in France or any other european country for that matter, they should go back where they came from. They don’t have a right to be there or be “included”, and the less of them there the better. If idiots like you have your way, the society that is now and has historically been known as france would cease to meaningfully exist. Why is it only non-white natives that get the right to have control of their homelands?
        And let’s assume for a moment that antigones really are super-duper racist: is this the only reason there were no non-white women there? Black women are among the least-traditional and most-promiscuous on the planet. The vast majority of them would never be interested anyway. Which leads to another interesting point: Who’s going to fight feminism? Either the native, traditional, conservative white population, or a bunch of degenerate immigrants with no appreciation of french culture and no particular loyalty or allegiance to french society?
        It’s simply ASTONISHING how people like you name yourselves after the the very concept of rejecting the dominant paradigm in favor of the unaccepted truth (“red-pill”), and yet you have such a breath-takingly mainstream, close-minded view about “MUH RACISM!!11”.

        1. This is why when people see Race-Realist, they read closet-racist
          because it starts with “white pride” and degenerates in to “why don’t
          you go back to where you came from”.
          The real issue with
          Race-Realism isn’t even that. It’s the total absence of introspection
          which is vexing. There are immigrant populations in Europe, because
          European governments WANTED immigrants. It’s not that there is a subway
          line connecting Africa to Europe and that immigrants are pouring in
          Europe at will. European governments since the WW II have had this
          policy to allow cheap immigrant labor to do tasks that European
          populations have been unwilling to do.
          Intellectual honesty
          demands that you ask your baby-boomer parents why they voted massively
          for 50 years for a multi-cultural society which allows for and thrives
          on immigration and actively vilified all those political parties that
          asked for closed-borders policies.
          It’s not like the
          multicultural policies of European Union are formulated in African/Asian
          capitals either. Last time I checked, Europe is a democracy and
          represents people’s will.
          But then asking your parents’
          generation would mean blaming them for your or Europe’s current problems
          which is much more difficult than pointing fingers toward immigrants
          and telling them to go home.
          I don’t know if European
          civilization is dead or not, but it certainly will die if it keeps on
          producing people with IQs as high as yours.

        2. Yes. European governments wanted immigrants. European intellectual wanted immigrants. European public figures wanted immigrants.
          These are the same entities, by the way, that wanted and actively promoted feminism. You seem to doubt their conclusions on gender but accept their conclusions on race. But the formula for multiculturalism and feminism are exactly the same, you just switch the variable from poor oppressed women to poor oppressed minorities.
          Which is why it’s hilarious that you keep saying “racist” like it’s a bad thing. That’s just a progressive boogeyman word on the order of “misogynist!” or “homophobe!.” If wanting a relatively homogeneous, stable, traditional society is racist, then any sane Westerner ought to be a racist.
          Fortunately a lot of people are waking up to this state of affairs, and it’s entirely possible that your bullshit tactic of calling people meaningless names might lose a lot of currency in the near future.

        3. There is a huge difference that you’ve chosen to ignore on purpose.
          Feminists were not imported from Asia or Africa. However the immigrants were WELCOMED in European countries to WORK on jobs that European populations did NOT want to do.
          This is still the biggest argument against the European style Welfare State model. For example, if you’re paid €600 as a construction worker as opposed to €500 in unemployment benefits then guess what would you choose? A lot of Europeans chose to remain unemployed because they did not want to do these low social-status jobs.
          But then someone has to build a road or sweep a street or do all the menial jobs that the European populations refused to do and this is why immigrants were IMPORTED to Europe as cheap labor. As I said before, it’s not as if there was a subway connecting Africa/Asia to Europe and people were moving to Europe only because they wanted to.
          Your biggest problem is a complete absence of introspection which renders your comparison utterly fallacious but then if you were capable of knowing that, you wouldn’t have made it in the first place.

        4. You like that “lack of introspection” phrase, don’t you? I have to wonder, though, what the fuck do you know about what goes on in anyone else’s head? Or do you just shit that phrase out when someone disagrees with you?
          You’re right that immigration keeps labor cheap, which is precisely why it fits into the agendas of the European (and American) elite. And it’s another perfect similarity to feminism. if you dump a ton of immigrants and women into the labor market, you increase supply of labor and drive down payroll costs. Sure, it destroys the fabric of society but the policy-makers are fairly well secure from all that chaos anyway. They’ve got gated communities and retirement plans.
          You think that the average European owes you something? He owes you jack shit. Not even an explanation. You were “imported,” in fact, as part of an ongoing war against his lifestyle, his livelihood, and the traditions of the culture that is his birthright.
          So kindly fuck off all with your “lack of introspection” horseshit.

        5. Multiculturalism was never voted for by the public. The public never really agreed with it. More people—brainwashed leftists—agree with it now than back in the days when there were reforms. Feminism had a lot more public support than immigration ever did. That’s logical if you think about the strategies both use.

        6. I appreciate your clear answer about the European populations CHOOSING not to take low wage jobs and instead rely on Welfare State Model which in fact encourages this kind of behavior.
          Also I liked the part where you mentioned that Canada and Australia are the countries with highest intake of immigrants, lowest unemployment rates and very few Race-Realists (read: closet racists).
          Replies like this are a typical side-effect of calls for introspection. Don’t worry though, after denial and anger, will come the acceptance.

        7. Yeah the European public only voted for the Welfare State Model from cradle to grave, unemployment benefits for people without physical disabilities who didn’t want to do menial jobs, free health care, free education and 5 week paid vacation per year.
          They certainly didn’t vote for immigrant labor that rebuilt the war-torn Europe because they knew that buildings and factories would spring up automatically from the ground and highways, railway tracks and roads would build themselves.
          Typical European hypocrisy and denial.

        8. I didn’t answer your whole “CHOOSING” argument because it doesn’t need an answer. It’s obvious.
          Business interests don’t hire immigrants because natives aren’t willing to do the work. They hire immigrants because they don’t have to pay them native wages (see my above comment about immigration driving labor costs down and connect the dots). It’s yet another way that the monied Europeans sell out the European on the street for the sake of the bottom line, which has been my theme in this little dialogue of ours.
          One major problem with this is that immigrants (see the recent Stockholm riots) are increasingly addled with poor-oppressed-me-syndrome like the one that you’re peddling here. In Europe, they’re also significantly Muslim, which is it’s own society-destroying can of worms. So even this short-term gambit is becoming problematic.
          Your genius answer? More immigration! More tolerance!
          And to reiterate: Yes, I am a racist, insofar as racist means understanding basic tenets of biology. And yes, I do introspect, in all probability at a level that you’re not neurologically capable of.
          But you can keep throwing your “das raciss and ig-nent” tantrum if it makes you feel better.

        9. it is not hypocritical to dislike immigration because controlling interest in the generation preceding you thought it was a good idea. One may have spent one’s entire life in opposition to it, your ‘lack of instrospection’ argument is rather weak. Europe and white people en masse have suffered from a media-imposed public guilt complex largely based on the holocaust. Indeed the wests entire modern edifice is currently based around avoidance of discrimination (race, gender, whatever) due to this. History is no longer viewed objectively. If we say now we want immigrants out of france, as whites or as frenchmen, then that’s what we mean. Rave and gibber about hypocrisy if you like, eventually the 3rd worlders will have to go.

        10. Yeah it’s very easy to say that, “We wanted them then, we don’t want them now” but guess what, they have citizenship and they and their descendants are European citizens. I don’t know how you could reverse the process without proposing a major ethnic cleansing.
          Also Australia and Canada welcome loads of immigrants every year but the unemployment rate refuses to go up and calls for “go back to where you came from” are extremely rare.

        11. you’re using a collective ‘we’ very loosely here – this ‘we’ who wanted them in are the same bunch that wanted feminism and welfare states. There is no way out of the current situation that isn’t ugly. Just because some corporate europeans aligned with ‘everyone is equal’ liberals to get cheap labour doesn’t mean I, as a european, am not intellectually permitted to criticise or regret that decision somehow. They are european citizens for now but they are not ethnically european — Many are outright invaders. They (as you probably do) openly identify racially first and foremost. The very thing real europeans are no longer allowed to do. As I said, the entirety of modernity exists to limit and destroy white patricarchy and european civilization, from idiotic modern art to queer theory, precisely because it is inequally greater than all other civilzations. Canada and Australia create the illusion of egalitarian prosperity due to their great resource wealth (they can afford their welfare state). Unemployment isn’t the only issue, not even the most important.

        12. “There is no way out of the current situation that isn’t ugly.”
          Is this an euphemism for genocide?

        13. this is a typical liberal tactic of exaggeration. Not being a feminist=misogynist. Not allowing 3rd worlders to immigrate=genocide. Not allowing them in is not even persecuting them. Deporting or segregating them in the name of national or racial survival would be persecution and discrimination, but also not the same as killing them. Let’s be realistic. It’s possible merely turning off the welfare tap would incite many to leave of their own will.

        14. even your comments are deeply modernistic and betray your lack of historic objectivity or realism. You mention genocide in that particularly accusing thoughtcrime way that is the end game of all modern arguments, as though to say : ‘your race based thinking means we are going to repeat what happened to the jews which was the worst thing ever’. I am not responsible for the incredible foolishness that is western immigration policy – I am just realistically musing on its likely results, and none of them look good.

        15. You don’t need to explain yourself man. At least have the balls to stand behind what you implied.
          On the other hand however you already moved from proposing “genocide” to advocating “racial segregation”. That’s quite an improvement.

        16. I have all the balls I need – don’t get insulting, you have are way too overconfident considering your weak arguments. I know you probably cried like a little girl when you saw holocaust videos in high school and you think the evil white man is stopping you from exceeding in every way

        17. and furthermore I obviously do very much need to explain myself to you – not that I think it will do any good. I didn’t ‘propose’ genocide, YOU said genocide – when you got all girlishly excited that you might be able to point and shriek racist because I dared to suggest things were likely to get ugly. However, as a person that is not politically correct, I am not afraid to discuss genocide either – shall we discuss the armenian genocide? the conquests of genghis khan perhaps? the Rwandan? learn to view things objectively and you won’t be such an annoyance with a shoulder chip. The end result of mass immigration into europe will likely be 1) gradual extermination of whites via miscegination, low birth rates (feminism), outright violence (this is the one you are rooting for) or 2) mass deportation of the non europeans

        18. “European governments since the WW II have had this policy to allow cheap immigrant labor to do tasks that European populations have been unwilling to do.” Where is your evidence that immigrants do the jobs Europeans don’t want to do? That was a government originating soundbite. Millions in Europe are unemployed yet immigrants still pour in. The real reason for ‘multiculturalism’ is quite simple, and was even admited to by the UN Immigration cheif. It ‘undermines homegeiety, heritage’ for the PURPOSE of globalism, EU, etc. It has nothing to do with the economy. Many immigrants in Europe, especially Muslim, are on welfare.

        19. You said Mulitculturalism represents people’s will. Where was the mandate to have a multicultural society which will, in its logical conclusion, wipe out the heritage and cultures of Europe? Look up gradualsim, it didn’t happen over night, it was a slow, deliberate process of transformation hatched against the interests of the european people. Propaganda and soundbites such as ‘they do the jobs Europeans won’t do’ are baseless, especially when millions of kids in Europe protest for a lack of jobs.

        20. Perhaps you should educate yourself of the term ‘balkanisation’ Then you’ll know what he was referring to.

        21. You’re giving immgirants way too much credit, which arrived much later after the war.. ‘rebuilt war torn Europe’ Really? So European men and women, devastated by a long war, sat back while millions (as that’s how many you’d need to rebuild a continent) built school, hospitals, infrastructure? How come Japan didn’t need this magical formula? Like I said, immigration was a way for the elites to promote the EU as it undermined sovereignty. It’s also the same reason the Mexican border’s wide open on the US. You might not have noticed, but the America of the constituion is eroding fast.

      3. I hate to have to tell you this boy but White people never even think of Negroes.

  4. I can’t hate on bitches that hire hot chicks to flash in public.
    Long live FEMEN.

    1. In France you can just go to the beach. You get a much bigger selection, and the bitches haven’t scribbled all over themselves.

  5. Yet another attack on race realists (a huge percentage of the manosphere) coming out of RoK. Is this just to increase your comment count, or are you really that oblivious to reality? I don’t understand how these blue-pill newbs keep getting to spill ink on otherwise thoughtful blogs.

      1. I think it’s just a way of saying those who do not break out in a guilt ridden sweat by daring to disagree with the usual equalist trope. ie: race realist

      2. White people who actually have significant life experience living amongst blacks. As opposed to say, Slate and Salon feminists who live in all-white neighborhoods yet constantly publish essays about white “racists”, which are headlined by corporate news aggregators such as Google, CNN, and other offendors. The entire genre of white feminist anti-white racism is predicated on establishing their bona-fides as brave racial egalitarians while maintaining a safe distance from actual colored people. To add sheen to this verneer, they feature Senior Black Journalists such as “Toure’” and Te-Nehiisi Coates who provide vital insight into how blacks think about being black every day. I submitted a request to “Jet” and other soul-oriented publications asking if they would be interested in having a resident White Journalist who could provide insider info on how white men feel about being white every single day, with side diversions on “Country and Western” music and its literary importance, or white culinary treats developed during our long historical struggles, but as yet have not received any feeback from them.

    1. Most (or all?) posters from RoK come from the RooshV forums. From what I’ve seen, that forum is completely against any race realism and the few people on there who do support it get attacks thrown at them every time they talk about it. (I’ll admit that I don’t know the forum too well so maybe this is not entirely correct.)
      I think it’s sorta funny calling yourself “red-pilled” when you find the obvious flaws in feminism but somehow cannot continue your line of thinking when it comes to both culture and race. It makes me question the motives of why these people oppose feminism. Is it really nothing more than something you found out while trying to get laid?
      But this is Roosh’s site so it’s up to him what he wants and doesn’t want here.

      1. Can you link an article that gives reasonable criticism of race realism along the lines you’ve described?

        1. Not quite sure I follow. I personally don’t think it’s reasonable criticism. If you’re talking about the RooshV forum stuff I read, I don’t have any links for you as it’s probably been half a year and I saw no reason to bookmark this.

        2. I was referring to your comment about “continuing that line of thinking when it comes to race and culture”. I haven’t seen a critique of race realism that isn’t just dismissive “das raciss” hand-waving. On the other hand, places like AmRen continue to demonstrate that the ideology brings a lot of unpleasant side effects with it. I’m just interested in hearing some well-crafted criticisms from a non-reactionary viewpoint. Thank you though.

      2. It’s easy to explain.A lot of the Roosh readers are not white and beta.
        In particular,Indians are his major target group.
        Roosh himself is not white,thus any “race realism”,as you call it, here is a taboo

        1. How could you call it a taboo here on RoK while posting on a thread that’s discussing the very thing?

        2. “In particular,Indians are his major target group.”
          I don’t think that’s true, considering I’ve seen posts that specifically cater to Indian men (which suggests that they aren’t the bulk of the readership).
          The reason it’s attacked is because most people haven’t got a fucking clue about it and their entire lives they’ve had anti-racist propaganda beaten to them by hollywood and the education system. Which, as loc pointed out, is funny for a people who call themselves “red-pill”.
          Race realists are the ‘red-pill’ of race, and we’re attacked by a bunch of pickup-artists with the veracity and rabidness of the dogmatic and close-minded feminists they they themselves fight against.

  6. Virgle Kents write-ups on HBD are just ridiculously absurd, incoherent, and full of misunderstandings. Which kind of proves the whole point of HBD.

    1. By the way, about those writeups by Ricky Raw about HBD: in a fashion suited to leftists and feminists, the comments section on all three of those articles are HEAVILY censored. In most of them, only three people are allowed to comment: the author (T.), the owner of the blog (Virgle) and the manosphere’s resident black pseudointellectual, Obsidian.
      All three are black!!!
      Yep, that’s some really well-rounded discourse there, bruthas!
      I wrote several reasonable comments attempting to present other sides of the debate and ALL of them were censored out. How many other hundreds of comments did they censor to make it appear that they were winning the argument?!
      It’s laughable that anyone would point to these intellectually bankrupt tools with anything but mockery and derision.

  7. The thing is, there nothing in the video that talks about the blatant male hatred, which should be the principle subject addressed. And I suspect that both the militant group and the non militant are cut from the same mold and have the same common agenda; to control men. The difference is the pacifist do so through traditional means of manipulating men, and realize the militant approach is not going to do either of them any good.
    Here is another observers comment made on that video from another forum:
    “You must always remember that these women are self-interested and not man-interested. They realized that feminism is killing the golden goose and want to backtrack. If these groups were really for men (our benifit) then they would be repealing every law that hurts us as men.The law is a gun that sits in the middle of the room. This gun is only operated by women. If a woman tells you that she is not going to use the gun, DO NOT BELIEVE HER. (For she still wishs to have access even if she doesn’t use it) Believe her when she herself, trys to remove the laws that allow her access to the gun. Then you can finally believe her. Until then and only until then, I have no desire to entertain the idea if she is going to shoot.. or not to shoot. Women can get men back easily, but they never will as long as they continual over and over prove time and again, they are carnal and not spiritual. Love comes from the spiritual. Look at their dresses. They are white to symbolize innocence and purity. But again, don’t be fooled. These are outter garments. When women dress their heart the same, then i’ll be interested in women again.”
    That said, it would be very interesting to find a financial paper trail to the militant group, and I wonder if it would not lead back to the source being located in the USA, perhaps NOW or some other group backing all of this shit. This asshole is, maybe not the principal backers, but one of the sponsors: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DJ_Hell from Germany. “DJ Hell financially supports Ukrainianprotest groupFEMEN.[3]”

    1. “”That said, it would be very interesting to find a financial paper trail to the militant group, and I wonder if it would not lead back to the source being located in the USA””
      Good guess. Funding comes from American Jewish investor Jed Sunden.
      In 2008, when topless protests were a novelty in Ukraine, Hutsol got a call from publisher Jed Sunden, the owner of KP Media.
      “Jed was the very first influential person who noticed us, helped us with all the resources he had, gave use some useful advice, generously donated and said we were special. Jed was the very first person who helped us in organization’s promotion and creation of our website. We used to call him a ‘Femen Post’ [a play off of the Kyiv Post newspaper, which Sunden sold last year],” Hutsol said.
      Sunden acknowledged he is more than a fan of Femen.
      “I confirm that I do give money to Femen,” Sunden said. “I will not state the amount. After meeting with Anna Hutsol, I was impressed with her ideas and have been a supporter. I believe Anna is a young, independent voice in Ukraine. While I do not agree with all of her positions, I believe it is important to give her, and groups like hers, support.”

      1. “Jed was the very first influential person who … said we were special.”
        Wow. Just… wow.

      2. There is a difference between femen in 2008 and femen now. In 2008 they were Ukrainian nationalists and protested against manipulating on Ukraine by Russia. And a lot of people supported them. But now they become just another feminazi. So don’t blame Sunden unless he supports them now.

        1. Well that would only show then that Sunden,a jew, hated Russia. That was his motivation. Putin had cleaned up a lot of the jew criminals who were tried, like Khodokovsky, and sent to prison. Strange how in the jew controlled US media this guy was portrayed as some sort of a dissident who was being persecuted, when in fact he’s just a criminal.

  8. “Women Fighting Against Feminism”
    Could have used their help a little earlier, like,say,50 years ago.
    Still, it is at least a moral victory. Looks like Les Antigones are made of the right stuff,though, and I appreciate their message.

  9. Radical upper/middle class attention whores in their 20s versus radical upper/middle class attention whores in their 20s.
    The whole thing is insane.

  10. I guess you’re an american because you clearly has no clear view of the total change of society by immigration, political-correctness with following thought-laws, feminism and the EU has caused to European countries in only a few decades and that over nearly all of the western European countries the last 30 years.
    It’s a reality where i fear for my sister going out a night, a reality where i have to take weapons with me to be safe, a reality where we have gypsies running around i my village and police does nothing. When you protest this you become a rascist, you could get fined if you say the wrong words or like in Germany imprisoned for questioning historical happenings like Ernst Zundel (6 years!) or Horst Mahler (5 years). There is so much going wrong in our countries and the immigration and the non-whites is really used as a shattering force, making our social institutions break down and create absolute power for the plutocrates.
    Interesting about FEMEN is that they are funded by George Soros (read up on him if you want to learn something, created the economic crash in Sweden during the 90s just as an example) and the also are hiring eastern-european prostitutes and i guess that they were that from the beginning to try and change Eastern Europe which is still a sort of a last bastion against the madness.
    I don’t care that there are non-white people in the so called manosphere, sure we have some sort of the same goals as we are not satisfyed with the present western world but that doesn’t mean i support other ideas and let myself change my opinions just because there is insightful persons of other people. My family, my friends and in the extend my people is the most important things a man can value in life, that what he is suppose to defend against threats, for those who can’t defend themselves. If i let my people shatter and be conquered (that could be a reality in terms of 100 years, a minority in less than 25 years) i will not be safe, my people will not be safe and more importantly the ones you knew as the swedish people will no longer exist. So don’t come here and try to force political opinions and refere to some non-whites in the manosphere, because that is first of all dishonest and second of all, some very weak arguments.
    And lay of the marxist crap that the working class has never produced anything. Vulgaristic, pubertal bullshit.

    1. Lol… “G Soros funds Femen”.Dont be ridiculous.Its financed within Ukraine mostly and its not a secret by whom:
      – by J Sunden ,an Ukrainian-American,owner of KP Media (online news etc);
      – by several Ukrainian MPs (Rabinovitch for example or M Gutsol who happens to be a father to one of the girls;
      – by several female Ukrainian MPs;
      – by donations.
      The organisation is not massive and has decentralized structure,thus does not demand much investment.
      Girls doing a great job by creating themselves some fame.If it would be that easy to get into politics for me-I would be the first to flash my boobs.

      1. I don’t know if they are funded by Soros or not but one thing is clear: They have got state (at least French) backing. It is a felony under French law to protest (or even walk) topless in a public place. (Check the link in the article) but the French law enforcement refuses to press charges against any FEMEN protesters despite different public elements (Les Antigones for example) urging them to do it.
        Your Johnson would only get attention because you are not a faux-revolutionary propped-up by the system (Although given your proclaimed propensity for flashing it seems that you could easily become one).
        If you were as well-connected as FEMEN, your Johnson wouldn’t have bothered the police.
        By the way nice reference to TBL.

        1. Nudity may not mean topless. It’s not illegal for a female to go topless in NY. And even 50 years ago some females would go topless at the beach in Nice.

        2. All you had to do was to click on the link in the article. That would have told you that marching around topless in a public place in France is in fact a felony. But then perhaps posting comments without any sense is more fun.

        3. All you had to do was to click on the link in the article. That would have told you that marching around topless in a public place in France is in fact a felony. But then perhaps posting comments without any sense is more fun.

  11. If only Antigone had members of all races, shades, hues, genders, subgenders, intergenders, sexual-orientations, social classes, nationalities, religious affiliations (including agnostic, atheist, and gnosto-cosmo-pan-religionists), and species then they would be the sort of authentically progessive and egalitarian institution that the manosphere adores.
    Right now they’re just white so that’s raciss.

    1. The article never said they were racist. The article said they only cared for white men and that the absence of any other ethnicity in their group is not incidental; they meant the group-composition to reflect their ideology.
      You took this information and concluded that they were racists.

      1. You bitched because they don’t have any “women of color” in their videos. I say save the bitching about exclusivity for your Women’s Studies Department.
        They’ll yap with you about the evil-Western-white hegemony’s oppression of marginalized women, blacks, and queers all day if you want them to.

    2. Erm, France is 85% Caucasian and even that 10% N African is basically Caucasian. Only about 5% are black Africans and Indians. Most of these people are in the cities so you tend to see them, like in the US, and get the impression that they are more than there really are.So why would you expect to see all of the races on earth represented in a White European country? Why would you expect to see lesbians when they are 1/2 of 1% of the population?
      Favouritemartian was also very eager to claim and put Roosh in the non-white category, and mention a few idiotic non white bloggers, which leads me to believe that he himself is not a Caucasian;he also appears to be obsessed with Whites when writing about an anti feminist group.
      Most of these PUA blogs are clearly frequented by the lower class omegas with a disproportionate number of non whites.Read the comments if you doubt it.

  12. I just want to know where I can find women sincerely interested in marriage and family. I want a family, but I have given up in America.

    1. I don;t think such places exist.Maybe southern europe or latin american countries.From my experience the marriages with women from those countries are usually the strongest.Forget about central/northern europe and especially eastern europe.

      1. As I said, get out of mommy’s basement and stop believing what these pua geeks write.

  13. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to preserve your national identity against an onslaught that may threaten its existence brought on by the West’s fanatical devotion to the egalitarian religion (that really is the only way to describe it).
    The problems come when you treat other people outside that group like shit, especially with institutionalized oppression, but I can scarcely see anyone calling for that.

    1. Could you propose how a majority would preserve their “racial identity” without antagonizing and persecuting a minority?

      1. Stop inviting so many foreigners in. Stop diluting your own culture. Stop shaming white people for any pride or acknowledgement of their rich history and culture.

      2. Cultural Marxists want us to believe white men stole society from everyone else. But white men created the world we live in and freely shared it.
        Anyone using their race to bolster their ego obviously has no actual strengths to brag. Race realism simply aims to break the propaganda machine that says women and black men don’t run corporations because white men hate them. In truth, if a black man or woman has the motivation, talent and a good idea, they can do anything a white or yellow man can do.
        Does this mean a self-made female or black millionaire is any less exceptional than a white man who did the same? No. Clearly it makes them a more exceptional person.
        The thinly-veiled assumption is that the large majority of white men are so bigoted that no-one else can compete. Yet no one has ever witnessed this oppression first hand. Most white men know that they don’t hate women or other races. They know their friends don’t hate women or other races. They’ve never met anyone that would that would give a white man a job over a more competent black woman, yet they believe what everyone believes: white men hate everyone.

      3. Wishing to stop importing immigrants who refuse to assimilate is not
        persecution. Nations wishing to preserve their national identity should follow Japan’s lead. Japan is 98% Japanese and extremely strict about immigrants. They deport illegals with extreme prejudice, as should anyone who cares about their country. They havent changed their policy even with their declining birth rates, as the well-being of the nation is more important than the government’s declining tax base.

      4. They can just ignore them and not mix with them. That’s not persecuting anyone.So let me guess. You’re some sort of non Caucasian American who was brainwashed to believe that every time some Caucasians get together they must go and seek out some non Caucasian, hold their hand and be friends or they would be persecuting them.

      5. It is quite simple:
        1. Cap immigration to levels that are actually sustainable.
        2. Make policies that are more conducive to higher birthrates in the native population (which again is another reason to combat feminism, but keep in mind feminism is only another offshoot of said egalitarian religion).
        Hell, even only #2 would suffice.
        And that’s about it.
        Ignoring the fact that you automatically construed “national” to mean “racial” (when national identity goes beyond simple matters of race) and your seeming glossing over of the fact that the problems come when you treat others outside that group poorly (IE: not treating every person as an individual) and this is something I specifically said to avoid.
        And judging by your seemingly overly emotional responses to others here, this is not a discussion I wish to pursue further (I hate debating on internet forums anyway).

  14. No surprise for me that the most pro active and agressive feminist group comes from Ukraine.A country where men are treated as a voiceless combination of an ATM and sperm bank.g Those who have ever had a misfortune to date a Ukrainian will know what I mean…

        1. Are you from the town of Podunkski? because we have clueless dummies from the backwaters as well.

  15. “And that any anti-feminist movement in the long run would have to clash
    with cultural Marxism, political correctness and eventually
    disproportionate minority power in the political realm.”
    This is necessarily true, because they all gestate in the same rancid ideology that gives life to every lie that enlivens every perversity: Liberalism.

  16. I imagine the racial element opens them up to much criticism.
    But regardless of what people believe about race realism, we should recognize that feminism is out to shaft men and masculinity everywhere. Tribalism is a separate issue.

    1. Agreed. These are two separate battles being conducted on the same terrain.
      The world’s culture wars are not a cut and dry conflict.
      Strange alliances abound, from Buddhist monks who support the EDL to televangelists and radfems working together to kill the first amendment.

  17. I’ll be honest, i didn’t read the article. i made a quick scan of the antigones and was pleased a few of them were lookers but the vast majority weren’t. even if an ugly girl agrees with my methodology i still cannot take her seriously

  18. It’s hard for me to not like those feminists, because they have the nerve to criticize Islam. In Canada and Scandinavia, feminists imagine injustice everywhere, then pretend Islam isn’t actually a misogynist doctrine with dedicated followers who are willing, within a liberal democracy, to spread their religion using violence. A feminist friend of mine pretends she’s oppressed by men because… God knows why… and ignores how lucky she is to not have been born in Pakistan. All her talk is Islamophobia, freedom to wear a Burqua (which can only be ascertained if there’s freedom to not wear a Burqua…), but never freedom to like cooking for men if you’re white and Canadian, or God forbid Christian… They’re such Western-World-loathing assholes. I’m impressed that French feminists are trying to sell their feminism to every ethnic or cultural group. That blows my mind. That almost gives me hope for the French women who get a turn in “take your turn”, a fun gang-rape game that underprivileged immigrants, angry about a lack of work (ie. Muslim immigrants, preying on non-Muslim women, without their own families shaming them for their attitudes or behaviour) have gotten into over the years, apparently. With the force of feminists on their side, they might have a chance. Whatever I dislike about feminism, feminists won- so, they know how to win, and they have power in the media and politics- so if they turn against misogynist immigrants, maybe France has a chance.
    And in case you want to take about “race trolling”, recall that a religion isn’t a race. The co-occurance is incidental due to geography.

  19. Allthough I agree with most of what’s written in the article, the segment below is incorrect:
    “Or perhaps the fatties need to learn that no amount of Fat-Acceptance™ would make them presentable to the camera or to the masses for that matter. “Curvy” ladies of the world take notice: neither the FEMEN nor the Antigones have presented one single overweight activisit to the camera.”
    as the photo below can testify:

  20. I think we need more Femen. Putin seem to enjoy them (fucker got very expressive face) Naked fisting-plus activists do more damage to feminism than we ever could.

  21. I just watched a movie called “Admission” and it was in my opinion a somewhat soft repudiation of feminism and cliche lifestyles advocated by feminists. It had as a key part of its plot, the resultant effect on others, on children, and even on the woman herself, of cliche choices of self empowerment advocated for women.
    The surprising thing was the source: Tina Fey. So while I would agree with the statements in the article, other female voices from motives quite other an racial purity are beginning to vocalize doubt. For now, they are bullied and shouted down.
    But we know, we will neither be bullied nor shouted down, and our message is going to be heard.

  22. I’ve learned to knock women right off that pedestal, and I’ve
    conducted myself for years with that mindset. It has been rather easy for me, primarily because I haven’t seen anything worth respecting in the women I’ve met. I haven’t met a single woman with even an inkling of knowledge of what has been going on in the world, nor have I met any who (once informed of how bad things are) could be bothered to give a damn, let alone take to the streets and take action.
    They. Just. Don’t. Care.
    Simply stated, I lost faith in women a good long time ago. I
    also lost faith in any kind of god years before that. Don’t get me wrong, they
    aren’t all bad, but frankly I’ve given up on the idea of “happily ever after”
    and I’m quite okay with that. If you can be fooled into believing in something,
    you are ready to work yourself to the bone for it and even give up your very
    life for that which you believe in. That’s faith, that’s patriotism, that’s “true
    love”, and that’s total idiocy. That’s also where I used to be a long time ago.
    I’m not going back there so easily.
    Now, you tell me there are a bunch of women who stay in shape, respect men, and are willing to stand up (against the all seeing, all saying mass media no less) and fight for western civilization. Is the Ferarri dealership having a 99% off sale? Is there a 20 pound gold nugget in my back yard? Did you also find a miracle herb that cures all cancer? I suppose these Antigones like to cook too, right?
    This news from France is nice, but I take it with a grain of
    salt. I’m betting things have gotten so bad over there, that maybe a few woke up, panicked, and started to move a bit. I see this as a mirage, which is going to fade quickly enough when the heavy hand of government and mass media starts to come down. After that, the “War Brides” dynamic (as described by Rollo Tomassi) kicks in and they shack up with whoever is still standing, probably the neighborhood thugs who torched a few cars a while back.
    If they are the real deal, and they really want to stick it to FEMEN and the Eurocratic nightmare strangling their country, they have my blessing and best wishes. I hope they succeed, but I ain’t holding my breath.
    Hell, I don’t really even think the women you describe
    exist. Heaven help me if I ever met one.
    I might even have to reconsider the “enjoy the decline” path I’m on.

  23. Roosh
    A poseur who thinks he’s a playa. Someone who is clueless about how unskilled he is at picking up girls.
    So Michelle was at the bar and this roosh comes up to her and says “hey baby, what’s your sign?”
    -Urban Dictionary

  24. yeah, if you are a loud mouth leftie, in france, you can get away with anything, vandalism, harassing, stalking, whoever you think disagrees with you. If one dares criticize the pro homo party line, the one is singled out immediately by the mainstream media(should they cover it/edit it) as being an extremist. any misfortune of a leftie needs to be a national tragedy. forgive me for asking the obvious; does anyone know how tf femen get all their funding ?

  25. If you are in denial of the existence of race and the damage importing hordes of non-Whites into White countries will do to Western civilization, then you are part of the problem. Feminism is part of the same anti-White complex as HBD/race denialism so it is impossible to discuss the effects of one on Western civilization without discussing the other.

    1. Western civilization? What a loser. Your Western Civilization came from the Middle East, was developed by Latin men, and is currently sustained by third world workers. Sometimes I even doubt that the US is “western”, given the hate for intellectuality, simple things like Universal Health Care (or as we call it in more civilized countries: “health care”), and the “men eat men” of their savage kind of capitalism.

        1. Wow, I never fought the Nazis but now I know what it feels to read one. Well done, little KKK padawan!

        2. You *are* kind of on a “Nazi” website (effete leftards think anything to their right is fascist/Nazi, of course). You’re not going to find a great deal of sympathy for your hatred of Western civilization (or your rather retarded interpretation of it) nor for your championing of economic parasitism here.

        3. ¿Economic parasitism? Wow, you would be one of those people that read Ayn Rand. Well, good for you, reading weird fiction is better than not reading at all. Now, can I recommend you some Vonnegut?
          About effete: dude, I´m from South America, we are all men here.

        4. “but being a racist is in another level, something so irrational, hateful,”
          Being anti-White is irrational and hateful.
          against science at all.”
          Oh, yes. And pretending human brains are magically impervious to the same forces of evolution that all living organisms are subject to is NOT “against science.”
          “Dude, there are no races,”
          Tell that to the negroes who are dying of sickle cell syndrome because they can’t find other negroes willing to help them with a bone marrow transplant. DNA doesn’t seem to support your position.

        5. From Wikipedia:
          “Sickle-cell disease occurs more commonly among people whose ancestors lived in tropical and sub-tropical sub-saharan regions where malaria is or was common”
          “United States: The prevalence of the disease in the United States is approximately 1 in 5,000, mostly affecting Americans of Sub-Saharan African descent”
          So it is derived from malaria, and that is why you see people whose ancestors came from Africa having the disease.
          I don´t know your definition of “white” (I guess it comes from the American way of segregating people into “races”) but it would be a more positive approach for you to focus on the culture you want to preserve, since the Caucasian complexion comprehends many different cultures, not only “American” (which would include the WASPs and other sub-cultures, I guess).
          About left and right: mostly is about economic issues, and inside those it would be mostly between proponents of capitalism and socialism as a different way of distributing the wealth created by work (since all wealth is based on the work of people, meaning: somebody creates the stuff that we use). In capitalism the owner of the means of production has the right to extract a part of the value created for himself just by being the owner of the machinery, land or other factors; in socialist systems it depends on the author, mostly it means that the wealth created should go to the person that did the job creating it even when he was not the owner of the machinery or other means utilized.

        6. “A trait due to a change in ONE nucleotide in the DNA sequence that leads to a change in ONE amino acid that changes how the hemoglobin protein folds. This change in the structure of the hemoglobin protein leads to a change in the shape of the red blood cell to a sickle shape.”
          This is just one example of the biological reality of race. Another example is the fact that pharmaceutical companies test drugs on subjects of difference races because they react differently. One such example is “BiDil,” a drug marketed solely towards black Africans.
          “In November, a tiny company called NitroMed
          unveiled results showing that its drug combo, BiDil, reduced deaths due to heart failure by half.
          The results were astounding, but there was a catch. The drug was only tested on African-Americans and had previously failed to show a benefit in a broader population. An editorial in The New England Journal of Medicine by M. Gregg Bloche, a Georgetown University medical ethicist, warned of the need to manage the downside of “race-based therapeutics”–and predicted that it was only a matter of time before race was linked to the effects of other drugs.
          Only six months later, Bloche seems prescient. A flood of studies has emerged showing racial differences in how patients suffer from disease–or benefit from drugs–in ailments ranging from osteoporosis to cancer. And several more have looked at the effects of drugs on particular racial groups. Many of the doctors conducting the studies are African-American.”
          “”Cavalli-Sforza’s team compiled extraordinary tables depicting the “genetic distances” separating 2,000 different racial groups from each other. For example, assume the genetic distance between the English and the Danes is equal to 1.0. Then, Cavalli-Sforza has found, the separation between the English and the Italians would be about 2.5 times as large as the English-Danish difference. On this scale, the Iranians would be 9 times more distant genetically from the English than the Danish, and the Japanese 59 times greater. Finally, the gap between the
          English and the Bantus (the main group of sub-Saharan blacks) is 109 times as large as the distance between the English and the Danish.”
          DNA doesn’t agree with your assertion that race doesn’t exist.
          “I don´t know your definition of “white”… Me myself, I really don´t care if a person has more or less pigmentation in his skin.”
          This is a strawman argument race-denialists love to mix in with their asinine, emotional platitudes. As I have demonstrated above, race is not merely differences in skin pigmentation. Anyway, anti-Whites know exactly who White people are when they want to push their anti-White “diversity” and integration nonsense.
          “About left and right: mostly is about economic issues,”
          If you’re asserting that the anti-White policies of the powers that be in White countries is not limited to either “socialists” or “capitalists,” then I agree. Leftist politicians want non-White immigration because non-Whites tend to vote for leftist politicians, and thus for more welfare and more non-White immigration, and ultimately for the destruction of White countries. Big businesses want non-White immigration because it increases job competition and lowers working wages. Both groups are operating under the assumption that all humans are biologically identical, infinitely malleable, and therefore completely interchangeable.

  26. I’ve read these bitches’s manifesto, sounds feminst to me, fuck antigones whores

  27. If you can point out the feminist organization that is fighting Islam’s misogyny that is NOT Femen, by all means, do so. And if you can point out an organization that stands a chance against Islam that is NOT feminism, by all means, do so.
    One of the major gripes MRA’s (not all but some) have against feminism is that they give Islam a free pass. Muslim countries can do all the horrible things they want to women and feminists will respond with silence.
    When Femen insults Islam, feminists actually call Femen ‘racist and Islamophobic’.
    So we have a branch of feminism which most feminists hate. And this branch is taking on one of the ‘big bads’ in our world.
    Well, I say “Have at it, ladies.”. Femen has my respect. Sure, they’re feminists but are MRA’s ripping Islam a new one? Are the governments of the world? Does anyone besides a handful of people even understand that Islam is not a race but an ideology, a religion, a system of conquest. No. Not that I can see. Conservatives, as a group, seem to get it but they’re too busy arguing with liberals about Miley Cyrus’s buttcrack or about abortion or pot or whatever to really make any headway. Besides, the people who need to be reached with this general message are probably liberals. They’re the ones rolling out the red carpet for Islam. And who can reach liberals? Feminists. Feminists like Femen.

  28. Femen Contacts:
    Mobile numbers: +41793027015 Anna Hutsol
    e-mail: [email protected]
    online store e-mail: [email protected]
    online store: http://femenshop.miiduu.com
    skype: femen.ua
    Рostal address: Anna Hutsol 01001, Kiev-1, а/с 93-В Ukraine
    FEMEN France Contacts: Inna Shevchenko, mob. +33605857180, e-mail: [email protected], Skype: femeninna
    FEMEN Germany: Alexandra Shevchenko, моб. +33612298020 e-mail: [email protected], Skype: femen.shevchenko
    Be sure to tell them how much u love these dirty hoes!

  29. How ridiculous to think that Antigone would be a “White women’s movement”. Watch this video and see that it’s not. I counted three non-white women in there.
    There is absolutely nothing racist about the movement. (See the video about the visit to the Tunesian embassy also.) There is a lot to be said about Anglos who analyse other, especially Latin countries through their own lense and filters but it would take too far to further elaborate on this here. Do you guys even understand French? Doesn’t seem like it.
    By the way I’m all for men becoming more masculine again, but the kind of understanding you guys have of masculinity is a very negative and destructive masculinity, not a beneficial one. Actually it’s appaling. It’s the masculinity of bad alphas who don’t have the spiritual qualities and superior intelligence of the good alpha. The good alpha is the true leader while the bad alpha is hormonally driven and mainly makes a lot of noise. Of course a man who sleeps around is a slut! A lot of women would never date such a guy and those who do are at your level. It’s usually the first thing we check out with men.This is what distinguishes the true gentleman from the classless, immoral low level guy who didn’t have the chance to have a decent upbringing and who doesn’t know what he’s doing in life and lives only for instant gratification. There are plenty of men who don’t need to sleep around in order to feel validated. This is simply the emotionally and sexually immature behaviour people who believe that humans are animals.

  30. How ridiculous to think that Antigone would be a “White women’s
    movement”. Watch this video and see that it’s not. I counted three
    non-white women in there.
    is absolutely nothing racist about the movement. (See the video about
    the visit to the Tunesian embassy also.) There is a lot to be said about
    Anglos who analyse other, especially Latin countries through their own
    lense and filters but it would take too far to further elaborate on this
    here. Do you guys even understand French? Doesn’t seem like it.
    the way I’m all for men becoming more masculine again, but the kind of
    understanding you guys have of masculinity is a very negative and
    distructive masculinity not a beneficial one. Actually it’s appaling.
    It’s the masculinity of bad alphas who doesn’t have the spiritual
    qualities and superior intelligence of the good alpha. The good alpha is
    the true leader while the bad alpha is hormonally driven and only makes
    a lot of noise. Of course a man who sleeps around is a slut! A lot of
    women would never date such a guy and those who do are at your level.
    It’s usually the first thing we check out with men.This is what
    distinguishes the true gentleman from the classless, immoral low level
    guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing in life and lives only for instant
    gratification. There are plenty of men who don’t need to sleep around in
    order to feel validated. This is simply the emotionally and sexually
    immature behaviour people who believe that humans are animals.

  31. Sorry but as soon as I see someone attacking Femen, the first thought that pops into my head is that they’re really about defending Islam and therefore against equality for women. Femen is pretty much the only feminist outfit with the guts to attack Islam and they’re the ones you have a beef with? I can only assume that you WANT to have your daughters daughters forced into marriage at age 9 to sweaty old perverts.
    ” The working classes have never had the intellectual capacity nor means to produce any ideology.”
    —wow. You’re an idiot.
    ““Curvy” ladies of the world take notice: neither the FEMEN nor the
    Antigones have presented one single overweight activisit to the camera.”
    —I’ve seen fat Femen activists. Yahoo image search. Not that hard.

    1. All forms of feminism are forms of bigotry.
      “I can only assume that you WANT to have your daughters daughters forced into marriage at age 9 to sweaty old perverts.” A feminist supporter jumping to conclusions, what a surprise. And it’s pure sensationalism – you know it’s not true.
      “wow. You’re an idiot.” That’s some profound insight there. Way to contribute to a thoughtful dialogue.
      “I’ve seen fat Femen activists. Yahoo image search. Not that hard.” It’s also not hard to post a link.

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