Understanding The Ideology Behind The Islamic State

On 29 June, 2014, the group known at the time to the world as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (also known alternatively as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or more correctly, the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham, i.e. ISIS), under the leadership of its Emir (roughly meaning commander or leader) Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi declared a caliphate and changed its name to simply the Islamic State.

This event received a good amount of public attention at the time, even though most commentators did not fully comprehend just how monumental this announcement was. In my opinion, this new Caliphate declared last year represents the single biggest threat to almost all other geopolitical entities across the world.

Even though the Islamic State has gained widespread media attention across the globe due to regular executions of foreign captives and an often violent implementation of what some say is an ultra-orthodox interpretation of Islamic Law, all this coverage has generally been very emotional and shallow, lacking in-depth analysis of what is really going on.

I believe that it is quite pointless to simply feel outraged and keep responding with criticism of this group’s ways. This is because most people already realize that an organization such as the Islamic State is deeply motivated against principles and values which much of the rest of the world holds dear; such media attention does not serve to generate intelligent discussion that will enable people to understand the true gravity of the threat posed to them.

Instead, what is required is that everyone, or at the very least, policymakers, begin to understand the Ideology that has spawned this group. This will enable a response that is likely to be more successful and also, importantly, less costly in both blood and money.

Historical Roots


Greatest extent of the Rashidun Caliphate

I will begin my explanation of the Islamic State’s Ideology by firstly talking about certain key developments in early Islamic History.

In the year 632, the final Prophet of Islam Muhammad, died, leaving behind a state that dominated almost the entire Arabian Peninsula. He was succeeded by one of his companions, Abu Bakr, who established the first Islamic Caliphate, and was followed by three successors as head of this State. These four caliphs came to be known as the Rashidun Caliphs, a term which in its original Arabic means the “rightly-guided” Caliphs.

The Rashidun period was marked by steady expansionism, leading to humiliating defeats for the Byzantine and Sassanid Persian Empires, both being world superpowers at the time. This period also witnessed the emergence of an organized Islamic system of law and administration and for many Muslims, especially Islamists, the Rashidun Caliphate was the only true Islamic caliphate in history.

The Ideological Framework


In modern times, a growing Islamic movement that looks upon the Rashidun period as a golden age is the movement known as Salafism or Salafiyyah. The Salafis preach the most orthodox version of Islam that you can find today. Their name comes from the Arabic word “salaf” which literally means “ancestor”; they’re named so because they claim to follow the first three generations of Muslims, who are referred to as the Salaf.

It is their belief that a true Muslim must be guided in all aspects of his life by the Quran and the Sunnah (the teachings and practices of Prophet Muhammad). In this regard, they strive to emulate the Salaf because they believe that the Salaf were near perfect in their following of the Quran and the Sunnah.

Interestingly, Salafism is the official version of Islam that is propagated in nearly all the Gulf Monarchies— countries that are supposed to be staunch US allies. They share this variety of Islam with another set of people, that is, the Salafi-Jihadis.

The most well known example of a Salafi Jihadi group is Al Qaeda, which has for many years now been the biggest terrorist threat to the United States and its allies. Al Qaeda and its Salafi Jihadi franchises and allies such as Al Shabab, the Caucasus Emirate, Ansar al Sharia etc. do not see the supporters and defenders of the Gulf Monarchies as true Salafis, labeling them “Sheikhists,” or “Murjites” (coming from the Arabic word Murjiah, meaning, “those who delay implementation of the faith”).

The Salafis in general, and the Salafi Jihadis in particular, do not believe that the majority of the world’s population that describes themselves to be Muslims, is Muslim at all. They believe that true Muslims are actually a tiny minority of the people who claim to be Muslims—due to their perception that most of these people have abandoned the path of Tawhid (“monotheism”) and are in fact practically polytheists. These supposed “pretend Muslims” are treated with the utmost contempt, especially Shias, who are viewed as the worst of the lot.

This is the reason why every week, in a number of Muslim countries, hundreds of civilians die and many more are maimed in bombings and shooting sprees carried out by Salafi Jihadi groups. It is also the reason why you will have difficulty finding many Shias in territory controlled by the Islamic State’s caliphate, even though you may still find some Christians left; the Islamic State today perhaps being the most anti-Shia Salafi Jihadi group in the world.

The Objective Of World Domination


The future according to the Islamic State

Due to its Ideology of Salafi Jihadism, the Islamic State wishes to bring back what it believes was the golden age during the Rashidun period, through the means of defensive as well as offensive jihad. Though the group has had a separation from Al Qaeda and others due to differences about the timing of declaring a caliphate, it still remains a formidable force which has withstood the attacks of its various enemies.

There is no basis for ideas such as democracy and equality in Salafi-Jihadi doctrine. This is because their literal interpretation of the Quran and the Sunnah sees therein no room for such ideas, but rather, the goal of putting every single piece of land across the world under the authority of the caliphate, and thus, establish the rule of Allah throughout the world.

This understanding leads us towards one conclusion: the caliphate established by the Islamic State will keep on fighting with cold steadfastness to remove every single other geopolitical entity from the face of the Earth. It is not going to be appeased. It will not change the way it rules. It is not going to stop until either it has been decisively defeated and decimated, or the entire world has been conquered.

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  1. What you forget in all of this is that the catalyst for it is war mongering US / UK / EU….. and corporate / fascist insider monopolies that create poverty and malcontent…. IS don’t stand a chance of doing anything other than destabilizing the region which enables the divide and conqueror strategies of the banksters to continue.
    One could even argue that IS is rather convenient for the powers that be and certainly IS seem to be using lots of US supplied hardware…..
    ‘first we create a vacuum, then we fill that vacuum’.
    The Big brother system needs enemies… Russia is apparently one, and IS is the most important, since “terrorist threats” enable the police state, even though more people die per day in car accidents than did in a year of terrorism….
    You are more likely to be bitten by a shark or struck by lightening than inured by terrorists…. and yet billions are being spent on rather over priced hardware to combat this perfect Orwellian enemy.
    The most incredible thing is that US Senators are war mongering against Russia for the Ukraine problem, even posting out of date photos of Russian tanks entering Georgia, to claim Russia is invading Ukraine…. Russia for all it’s faults has refused to bow to the mighty US hegemony agenda….
    Let the battle for the world currency begin.

    1. Since Russia is not bowing down to America, NATO as somewhat a legitimate reason to exist.
      Let’s not forget about Obama’s “Asian Pivot” which to me is just contain the ever increasing power of China.

      1. It’s all about installing a global currency and who will control that…. China, Russia and Brazil refused to bow and created the BRICS bank…..
        All the central bank 0% interest rates and insane Govt. debt is being done on purpose to create a total currency crisis and banking collapse….. then we’ll have one world currency with no banking privacy…. then you have a world president and complete world power….
        No one is that stupid to do with the economics what they are currently doing… they install straw men schooled and drilled with bullshit…. to carry out ridiculous policies…. then collapse it all….
        Funny how Russia and China end up being the good guys in all this….

        1. Funny how Russia and China end up being the good guys in all this….
          But they are not.
          It’s a double bluff game, don’t be fooled. The elite in Russia and China play their role in the establishment of the global bank. At the very top they all work together to some extent. To push agendas there must be an enemy manufactured or not.

        2. no i think it’s pretty much open warfare at this point…… put 3 people in a room and they can’t decide which bar to go to for a beer…. global conspiracies don’t really wash….
          but lots of manipulation and angling for advantage does….
          think of world leaders like school prefects and you kinda get the picture….
          USD hegemony is dying, they want a global currency…. tear the economics apart, kill the banking system and they win… Russia and China aren’t going to go for that… they want their own control…..
          Perhaps China gets all of Asia, Russia gets all of Europe and US gets all of the Americas… can be…. but in the end there’s always a greedy one with more cookie points than the others… he wants to take the whole caboodle…. right now that’s the US…. IMF, World Bank, Swift system it’s all US controlled…. China and Russia are setting up their own system…..
          The whole debacle in the EU was Goldman and the boys pulling Greece down to kill the Euro….. that had the potential to become the world currency… Europe already lost their seat at the table……
          3 left, winner takes all, it’s high stakes poker…. for the global currency…..

        3. but in the end there’s always a greedy one with more cookie points than the others… he wants to take the whole caboodle….

          You’re dead right. Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

      2. See what we really need is an island somewhere were everyone who doesn’t give a shit about all this can go to just sit this one out and let all the retards kill each other off.

        1. New Zealand tried to opt out of it all some time ago and even banned US warships from docking in Auckland…. but ultimately the global oil economy rules….

    2. I’m glad you aren’t as naive as some of these fools Ray. It amazes me how such “red-pill” men so readily and willingly ingest the governments propaganda kool-aid.

  2. never forget this: “It is not going to stop until either it has been decisively defeated and decimated, or the entire world has been conquered.”

  3. I’ve always thought that ISIS is used to destabilized Syria and Iraq. Iraq was getting very cozy to Iran and Syria is an ally of Iran.
    NATO countries , Israel and Saudi Arabia wanted Bashar Al-Assad to go. lol Since the foreign backed “moderates” that Obama keep saying couldn’t get the job done, then ISIS will be used. I am sure ISIS is a pretext for NATO intervention of Syria. After that is done, expect more propaganda of Iran.
    2015 will be one interesting Year. American hegemony is being challenged by China, Russia and Co to create a multi-polar world again.

    1. The real reason they want Assad out of Syria is so the Saudis can build a huge gas pipeline from Qatar up to Turkey, which threatens Putin’s gas dominance of Europe… Putin keeps Assad in power, so they created havoc in the Ukraine as a pretense to have a war with Russia.

    2. We need to stay the fuck out of this mess. There is NO clear cut better alternative to Assad, and there probably isn’t one at all anyway. We can’t just muscle in some random Option B that sounds better because they talk big. The Iranian Revolution proved that, and that was one of the biggest catastrophes of the last century.

      1. As Obama got into power, a lot of governments around the Caribbean, Central America and South America are being overthrown or almost overthrown.
        Obama installed a dictator in Haiti recently.
        At the Moment the US Federal government is directly and indirectly supporting Gay rights in my country( Belize) and also spending money on creating a feminist movement here. Last year they tried to do a 20,000 strong women’s empowerment rally last year in my city. HAHAHAHA only 6K showed up and at the actually rally, only about 3K went. Most of teh women who went, are fat, ugly, old and known “activists”
        Here is a link

        1. The US Embassy here in Belize contributed USD$100K to that rally lol
          They want to do a next rally this year too.
          A LOT of American expats are furious to see how their and their fellow citizens’s tax dollars are spent in Belize through the US Embassy.
          We are getting shit from the US and EU about us having one woman in our 31 seat National Assembly and 3 women in our 12 seat Senate.

      2. I disagree. The ‘biggest catastrophe of the last century’ was allowing women to vote.

    3. There are a lot of (conspiracy) theories floating around the Internet which say that IS/ISIS/Daesh was in fact created secretively to achieve US strategic goals in the Middle East. I don’t buy this and I would personally advise caution against always presuming that the MSM is distorting facts.
      Aristodemos Hanno

      1. there’s a big difference between not believing every conspiracy theory doing the rounds and believing what the MSM is telling us. The MSM always has an agenda at the very least, and seems to be far less independent than previously

      2. Anglos are a particular people, that believes outright lies as long as they are told by “official” sources, however dismiss facts and obvious truths as “conspiracy theories” if they are stated by non-official sources, logic, evidence and good old common sense. ISIS was a “derivative” of the “moderate” rebels the U.S. supported in Syria, yeah the same “freedom” fighters that slaughtered civilians, beheaded Christians and all that, before they decided to proclaim the IS. The fact is they are very convenient for the U.S. plans to overthrow undesirable governments in Syria and possibly Irak and justify U.S. intervention in the Middleeast.

        1. I don’t for a moment believe that everything that such supposed “official” sources tell us is true and there are a lot of “conspiracy theories” which make more sense than the mainstream narrative. But in the present case regarding the Islamic State, most such theories seem far fetched to say the least.
          I don’t think the Islamic State/ISIS was a derivative of the FSA; ISIS was a continuation of the Islamic State of Iraq which was itself a successor of Al Qaeda in Iraq- the Iraqi Franchise of the Global Salafi Jihadi network.
          Most of the FSA rebels were essentially mildly conservative Sunnis who hated Alawite domination of their country; of course the MSM reporting that these rebels were fighting for Democracy and Freedom was absolute BS but that doesn’t mean that they were theologically aligned with the Takfiris/Salafi Jihadis.
          Aristodemos Hanno

        2. It has been a very public fact for quite some time now that there has been a large number of Libyans travelling to join the War in Syria over the past few years. Most of them are members of local Salafi Organizations within Libya.
          There is also no doubt that the Salafi Jihadis also participated in the NATO-aided rebellion to oust Gaddafi but that doesn’t that there was some sort of “alliance” between NATO and these groups. The Salafis have always hated Gaddafi and they never saw him as a truly Islamic Ruler. In Jihadi Propaganda he is referred to as a “Taghut”(meaning Tyrant).
          When the rebellion began they saw their chance to get even with him(his rule had been especially harsh for the Salafi-Jihadis) and thus, they did not fight Gaddafi at the behest of the West but rather, due to their own personal motives and ideological considerations.

        3. I dom’t think the article gives any indication that NATO is allied with ISIS but rather ISIS is proving a most useful piece of the chess board fo undermine their enemies.

  4. “IS” is like giving automatic rifles, tanks, rocket launchers, and all manner of modern soviet and american weapons, as well as media platforms on which to spread their messages of intolerance… into the hands of the craziest American-style Christian Cult, and then pretending that “it’s ok, they’re a religion of peace.”
    If you want to return to some form of the dark ages, then you should convert to Islam and go join them. If you like where the age of reason has taken us this far, then frankly “IS” should be destroyed with prejudice.
    That’s not to say that you should trust modern politicians on what they say about this topic. You shouldn’t, they’re liars. Actually, it’s accurate to say that it’s modern politicians and their incessant meddling in the arabian region that allowed IS to grow into what it is.

    1. Ah, its not like that at all.
      ISIS is enormous whereas these mythical bogeyman “crazy” Christian cults that exist somewhere in the u.s. are so small its just not a fair comparison. You could try to arm mainline Christian organizations and I can tell you with 100% certainty that they’d turn down those weapons. This is because a core principle in Christianity is peace, in fact, in the face of violence they go as far to allow themselves to be hit before resorting to violence, reference: turn the other cheek. Yes, deviations have occurred in the past but they were deviations. Alternatively, Islam’s relationship with violence is NOT a deviation. Its part of the institution of Islam. Christians evangelize by talking about Christ, Islam murders people into submission. Very big difference. That said, the u.s. government despite countless examples of barbaric executions (many being…guess who – Christians) that are a mouse click on the computer continues to make reference and worry about these mythical extremist Christian groups. It’s very sad.

      1. Also, as a matter of fact Conservative/Orthodox Christian groups are on the decline whereas Orthodox Islam is having its greatest resurgence in Centuries.
        Aristodemos Hanno

        1. Isn’t airstrikes decimating ISIS? As well as the fact that the Kurds are handing their ass to them?

        2. A lot of people would be surprised to know that the airstrikes have been very ineffective till now(if you look at the broader picture).
          Though some IS offensives have stalled because of the Airstrikes, the group’s number of fighters has actually increased since the airstrikes began. That means that it is recruiting fighters faster than the Airstrikes can kill them.
          The Kurds have undoubtedly been very brave in their fight against the Jihadists but they are in a very difficult situation. The Iraqi central government is still playing side games with them and Turkey will probably never fully trust them.
          The almost complete inefficiency of the Shia Government’s forces means that the Kurds fighting on the ground often find themselves outgunned and outnumbered without much help from the Shias.

      2. Its hilarious how ill-informed and misguided you are with your take on Islam and Christianity.

    2. I’m pretty sure our crazies all have access to weapons the ISIS fools would only salivate over…. But domestic terrorism is still rare, propaganda from Holder and his ilk notwithstanding.

  5. Islamic State will kill its own when they have nobody else left to blame. They are already turning inward, killing other muslims.

    1. ISIS have killed more muslims than non-muslims right frm the beginning.

  6. The disturbing thing for me after watching all of this shit is that ISIS may be the closest thing to a united Middle-East within the next decade or two. And that fucking scares me.

    1. It should scare the whole world. The rise of the 21st Century Caliphate is a Global threat though many would like to think its a limited problem.
      IS does not see the current war as a war to simply capture control of Syria and Iraq, but rather, it sees it as the beginning of a much larger War which they believe will end in their Final Global Victory against the “Infidels”.
      The Islamic State has already stated its intention of capturing Rome, which they see as the Capital of their “Crusader” Enemies.
      They might sound Delusional right now but the world would be doing itself a great disservice by underestimating the threat the Global Salafist-Jihadist groups pose today. In the last few years, IS has proven that it is not some rag-tag Militia but rather an organization that is chillingly efficient in capturing and consolidating territory while decimating the vastly superior forces of its opponents.
      Aristodemos Hanno

      1. Except in Kobani where it served as a death vortex for many of its best fighters with amble US airstrikes destroying all the cover and killing most of their men.

        1. Yes, Kobane was a setback for IS and the kurds probably breathed a lot easier after IS was driven back. But IS is not going to stay back forever and it will be on the offensive against Kobane again. The Organization and its Ideology need to be completely defeated for this War to be finally over.

        2. How do you defeat an ideology? The Romans tried everything from beheadings to feeding Christians to the lions, and all it did was make it stronger – enough to overtake the system eventually.

        3. It didnt overtake the system. The system killed it self, then was taken over by the second strongest system

      2. This is fear-mongering with no basis in reality. ISIS is already being driven back. They are headed straight for the dustbin of history.

      3. marxist pope francis kind of defended islam after charlie hebdo, saying how you shouldnt insult someone’s religion.
        After the latest christian beheadings in egypt, I think the idiot pope is starting to realize the grave threat Islam is. He needs rich western nations to protect him

      4. I dont see the problem with that, PROVIDED the Middle Eastern Coalition doesnt wage and all ont the West. I like the West, bt id like to see American hegemony kept in check.

  7. ISIS = Mossad, CIA, US Military trained group working for Israel and the globalist zionists.
    Israel and ISIS information archive http://pastebin.com/4z3FxsjF
    See the bottom of the file to understand the fake ‘beheading’ videos.
    The rabbit hole goes deep.

    1. It’s funny, because we all know that the worst human beings for muslim extremists are the jews, and Israeli jews in particularly.
      So why do thousands of muslims from EU, USA, Canada etc. join them in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria (they have their own ISIS too), Somalia (same) etc.? Not jews. Not christians. Muslims! Muslims who pray 5 times a day. The ones who follow the Sharia rules.
      And why there’re a lot of similarities between their committed atrocities (including the massive use of beheadings), their black clothes and beards (they want to resemble their prophet), black flag (the same flag he carried in wars) and the orders given by the Koran? Why there’re many world wide terrorist organizations sharing same ideology based on their faith? Why all of them want to impose the Sharia on us?
      And this leads us to new conspiracies!
      Is it just a coincidence?
      Was the Koran created by the Mossad?
      Does the Mossad posses a time machine?
      Did the Mossad behead and rape all the people of Qurayza in the 7th century?
      Or maybe it was actually the Mossad who conquered in the name of God all of N.Africa, parts of Asia etc?
      Just food for thought.

    1. These bastards executed teenage boys just for watching a soccer game. Islamic jihadism isn’t the solution to fix feminism. It will be equivalent to bombing a house simply to get rid of a few mice in it.

  8. Iraq was night and day better under Saddam. He built the goddamn country (even one of his famous last words), gave them security, jobs, and social services. Sure, at a heavy price, but let’s face facts, a country like that needs a dictator to function properly, as we learned the hard way. Simpy greenlighting the murder of a head of state and their entire family under the bullshit notion that “Anything else is better!” has bitten us in the ass more than once, and Libya is now our newest nightmare.
    Probably the best article I’ve read about this mess. The Atlantic has always been legitimate in my eyes:

    1. No sympathy for sadam because he provided safe haven to terrorists who truck bombed the WTC in the 90s. But I wouldn’t mind moscow rolling the tanks into a few of these countries now. That would shut it down real fast, and america could pretend to be morally superior again.

      1. Of course no sympathy, but better him in power than half the country under ISIS and the other half pseudo-anarchy!

        1. Maybe america should just acknowledge that a world with one super power isn’t working. Wouldn’t it be easier to just let moscow manage these “client states” in its own backyard?

        2. A case of ‘better the devil you know than the one you don’t’. Amazing how Western politicians consistently have that blindspot when it comes to dealing with that region.

      2. Who said anything about sympathy for Saddam? Very few people in the world probably like Saddam. The point is the man made Iraq stable for years.

      3. You mean Saudi Arabia since no terrorist involved in the 911 plot is Iraqi and most if not all of them are from the Golf…

    2. Well said BDITM. No doubt Saddam was cruel and despotic, but he knew how to keep the country stable and keep the Takfiris and the radical shias at bay.
      Al Qaeda in Iraq(which is today the Islamic State) might never have been created if not for the US led invasion.
      There’s no pleasant way to say this but America needs Brutal dictators throughout the middle East to stop the Jihadists from taking over.
      Aristodemos Hanno

    3. Saddam wasn’t a good guy by any stretch but he was necessary evil that was holding Iraq together. A post-Iraq Saddam has devolved into a hotbed of sectarian conflict between Sunni and Shiites and everything in between. After Gaddafi was deposed, Libya went from being an immensely prosperous nation with advanced infrastructure that also made social services possible to just another failed state in the Middle East. The U.S has tried to continue the pattern by covertly funneling weapons to the FSA in order to overthrow Assad although that strategy has failed and armed Al Qaeda/ISIS in the process. The U.S really needs to rethink its strategy in this part of the world because forcibly removing dictators that act as bulwarks against fundamentalist jihadist groups isent working,

      1. We should try anyway. You never know.
        The musloids think allah would stop any harm from coming to mecca, so let’s drop some weapons with a high gamma ray half life there and find out. Then when muj go there a few years later, you know, because the infidels are lying about it, they can get a practical lesson in nuclear physics.

  9. Through terrifying headlines and shocking videos, ISIS is being used as a tool to justify war in the Middle East and to cause fear and panic worldwide. No, this is not a “crazy conspiracy theory”, it is simply the oldest trick in the book. ISIS was created by the very forces that are fighting it.
    Ever since the creation of democratic nations – where public opinion somewhat matters – the political class is faced with a dilemma: War is needed to gain power, riches, and control, but the general public has a tendency to be against it. What to do? The answer was found decades ago and is still used successfully today: Create an enemy so terrifying that the masses will beg their government to go to war.
    This is why ISIS exists.

      1. It’s a little more nuanced than that. After the Russians pulled out of Afghanistan in 1992, the larger groups of mujahadeen started to fight each other for control of the country. The group that came out on top was the one under Mohammed Omar, mainly because he was being backed by Pakistan’s military. US funding for Operation Cyclone, a.k.a. Charlie Wilson’s War, ended in 1989. Al Qaeda was not on the CIA’s radar until roughly 1996 or so, when the damage had already been done; at best this was unforeseen consequences and standard governmental incompetence, not the government deliberately creating enemies for itself to fight.

        1. “…not the government deliberately creating enemies for itself to fight.”
          I’m afraid the truth is indeed darker than most people are willing to accept.
          Enemies have been deliberately created for the Empire to fight. And even that isn’t the full truth as these enemies are really us – trained, funded, clothed, fed and run by western clandestine services.
          The entire war on terror is fake.
          Al Qaeda is fake.
          ISIS is fake.

        2. Just think about it. The three largest defense companies in the world are all United States companies. They need to sell weapons and they need buyers.

        3. These groups were absolutely fake creations. But remember that the US has been murdering wedding parties and kidnapping fathers out of their homes and torturing them over there for 15 years. So when someone does that to your family, you are going to join up and fight back. The only group to join is the AlQ/Isis “fake” invented group. So eventually it becomes real. Kinda sick.

  10. perennial leftie noam chomsky provides a less-conspiratorial account of western responsibility for creating ISIS. How incompetent is US foreign policy – accidental, intended? Somewhere in between. Alternatively all part of the Oded Yinon plan? The only thing I’m sure of is that it isn’t what they’re telling us, and ISIS works in the interests of western governments not against

  11. Muslim guns don’t threaten us, but Muslim genitals do. They’re moving to Europe and European Colonies and outbreeding us, much to the delight of the left. That’s the real threat here.

      1. But wait I thought moral relativism and egalitarianism were great rallying points in the long-term! – The mindset of leftism

    1. For reference, the latest Musloid attack in Denmark killed 1 person, with 200 bullets fired. We have autistic high schoolers in America that can shoot better than that.

    2. To preempt this from occurring in America, I am in favor of a ban on Muslims from immigrating, as well as perhaps deportations of those currently here… maybe not deportations.
      Perhaps that is unconstitutional, but amendments can be made. After all, what other solution is there? Islam is a cancer in society, and it must be kept out.

      1. Borders should have been shut tight, including Canada, after 9/11. The enemy is well inside the gate.

      2. Don’t pull punches; your initial instinct was sound. Deportations.
        “Diversity plus proximity equals war.”

        1. For you to post that on this site marks you as either a total ingrate or an utter fool.
          Did you forget that the man who created this site comes from a Muslim family? is this how you repay someone who has done you good?
          Even if you are correct, then you at least have the fucking decency to show some embarrassment,

        2. I don’t know what religion Roosh’s family is, but they are Indian which makes it unlikely that they’re Muslim.
          Regardless, Roosh himself has written multiple times about the problems posed by Islam in the West, so I doubt he would have a problem with someone else expressing their opinion on the matter.

        3. Ha! India has one of the highest Muslim populations in the world. How do you think Pakistan came to be? Muslim Indians created a new colony and called it Pakistan. And Roosh is not Indian. He’s Armenian.

        4. The only solution for white people LOOOONG term is either to kick every single person who isn’t white out of the country (since they breed more than us, so therefore will wipe us out LOOOONG term), or just enforce sterilization for non-whites. And just so this isn’t racist, all countries can feel free to enforce the same laws to protect their culture.

      3. Just to offer some dissent for discussion. Here is what I have to ask myself while I work in the field of immigration and refugee services in North America.
        Should issues be black and white? Are all Muslims the same by virtue of their faith? Is a guy simply practising his day game to be more confident a pig just because a feminist says so?
        I have worked with kind people. I have worked with incredibly disagreeable people. If I was involved with a decision regarding the deportation and displacement of a population within my country for the concern that each could be an extremist should I forget the families that I’ve helped? Should I risk the task of continuing my work, helping my clients although I do not know what beliefs they might harbour?
        One option is pragmatic and rational. Another is idealistic and much more complicated. Does morality take priority or rationality? What is moral? What is rational? How does each effect the other and how does the individual make his decision?

        1. You pose valid questions, and of course nothing is ever black and white. But the problem with this case in particular is the significant portion of the Muslim population following an ideology completely at odds with the values of the country being immigrated to, and the resulting spread of Sharia style theocracy through inflitration. This is all driven by core religious teachings calling for conquest (see my link above), by, if necessary, insidious means. It’s Creeping Sharia, aided and abetted by a self-defeating (if well-intentioned) West welcoming it with open arms.
          What’s happening in Sweden is a prime example. It’s at the root of all the UK’s heightened tensions with its Muslim population. Mark Steyn has some excellent articles on its growth within Canada (“How Unclean was My Valley” reveals the daily prayers taking place in a “public” school where menstruating girls are kept at the back and forbidden from taking part). And the film “The Third Jihad,” narrated by a Muslim, documents this movement to undermine American society from within.
          Or how about the ISIS strategy recently made public calling for its followers to invade Europe posing as migrants and refugees?
          I can appreciate your concerns but think those beyond an individual level should take greater precedence. While helping kind families is a noble goal, it’s not in our collective nations’ best interests to import a poisonous element en masse. The West must let go of its suicidal notions of political correctness to effectively deal with these issues.

        2. I have tremendous respect for your argument and I appreciate you taking the time to write out a critical analysis supported by sources to answer each of the points I presented and more.
          I’m always sceptical of painting a population with one brush which is why your comment is the kind of comment I was hoping to find when I scrolled down in the first place. We need more critical thought like yours on this site and in general because it allows for more discussion to take place.
          I love ROK because it has helped me in opening my eyes and taking positive steps in my life to become a man. Yet I am frightened that there are many who do not fully understand this subject. The prevailing comments on this article are not ones that were backed by research or well presented arguments such as your own and I’m afraid the conviction with which some use racial slurs, murder and deportation (I am sure many might not know just how grave and fatal a sentence that is) is implicit that more recently we are not fostering critical thought, and reflection but rather bigotry and ignorance.
          For example, my research came from my field and my life, with the individuals and families I have worked, become friends with, grown up with and advocated for. Your research comes from statistics, real events, growing trends, a clear understanding of the Islamic State’s motivations and other, perhaps not unlike my own, observations. Had I researched both sides I would posses a higher level of understanding and wisdom, and so would be able to make a wiser decision were it up to me than one who has simply bought into the words of others and not reviewed more than one side of the matter.
          We have the knowledge of the world at our fingertips. Roosh has done a great thing for men by creating ROK and we can use (and have used) the knowledge we have gained here to better ourselves on a personal and perhaps international level. So again I thank you for your critical analysis on the matter. If we adopt that mode of thought and reflection we can actively choose to be better and think on a more enlightened and objective level.

        3. Here, here! I’m right there with you. This is a really tough and important topic and I also appreciate your reply and nuanced comments throughout. Yes, many thanks to Roosh for building this place, and for the lively discussions all the articles spark. As he comes from a Muslim background it’s worth noting his own thoughts on these matters, in the couple recent articles following the Charlie Hebdo shootings for instance, particularly this one:

          The Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack Fires Shots At The Liberal Narrative

          One last article I’ll link to that really blew me away with the breadth of its scope and the information presented: http://www.theatlantic.com/features/archive/2015/02/what-isis-really-wants/384980/
          It really opened my eyes as to the motivations behind why anyone would want to join such a movement. But anyways, we’re both in agreement that blaming individuals or looking at everything in black and white is not the answer, and cheers to you for offering the dissent for discussion in the first place. Your positions from your experiences carry a lot of weight, and I’m glad to have this platform where these ideas can be openly debated. All the best, my friend.

      4. If you deport then you will end up throwing out Roosh and Roosh’s father as well as his sister, his mother, his little brother and all the rest of his extended family.

      5. *Never* going to happen.
        The ruling elite need the population growth. While they fool the masses with fallacies such as ‘diversity’ and multi-culturalism’, they cultivate division among the people.

        1. It does exist (I have seen a few myself) but I agree with this one. I know all Muslims are not out to murder us, but there is a shitload who would. There is also a metric fuckton who don’t really see anything wrong with those who would.
          The Middle Eastern nations only started getting upset with ISIS when they started killing their own too. In a way I am thankful for that. Otherwise ISIS would just keep targeting westerners and placed like Saudi Arabia would just shrug their shoulders and ignore it.

      6. Islam is NOT a cancer on society,just a religion which some misinterpret or lie about to get others to hate.If you would really like to learn about Islam,get yourself a copy of the Holy Koran and read it exhaustively

    3. Blame iphone carrying attentionwhores who think a degree in HR and gender economics is way more important than having children. Real enemy here is feminism. Without it we would easily be strong enough in the future to defeat cavemen like ISIS.
      Yea I know most of them have 1-2 children after their glorious carousel ride but that’s not enough, we need at least 3-4 pr couple to keep up.

      1. guys like us don’t want anything to do with the women you’re describing… so they’re shooting themselves in each foot (useless degree + beyond attractive age for us men).

      2. When a group of people are being retarded, the solution isn’t to try to match retard levels with them.
        Instead of getting non-muslims producing more babies, we need to work on a way of getting muslims to produce fewer babies.

        1. Agreed, but I think the problem will solve itself. After they’ve lived a few generations here, they become more or less like us, and reproduce at the same level.

      1. Why is racism wrong, ie wanting to live and work with people who share your values, culture and kinship?

    4. I am Muslim, live in Germany, had 6 kids with a German girl. Quit your bitchin and get to work banging out kids. Since when is all this about complaining and whining. Take action, take control. Lead your woman or she will lead you and not have any kids at all. If I can do it you guys can for sure.

  12. Islamic State is muslim equivalent of Khmer Rouge, different ideology but same end game. Either a super power sits on them, or they devour their own children.

    1. Whenever you see one in public throw pig blood on it. The towel headed fuck might get so upset because it offended allah it will kill itself. Problem solved.

      1. Except a do gooding cunt will claim that you did it violently and you get locked up for being “racist”.

        1. Throwing pig blood at people we see on the streets sounds like the solution to all our problems.

  13. something to consider, western military industrial complex creation or not, these people are determined much like the vc. In fact, the recent coverage of females joining ISIS as embellished as it probably is, nonetheless, this is the level of commitment those guys are on.

    1. The Jihadists have a huge advantage over the rest of the world(especially the West). We don’t have anything of substance to offer to our peoples to believe in; how many of us would be willing to die for “Equality”(aka affirmative action) or “Freedom”(lol wut)?
      And while the Ideologies of the modern world are shallow and weak, the Islamic State represents a very potent set of beliefs which inspires tens of thousands to kill and be killed for their God.
      Aristodemos Hanno

      1. It’s sad and true at the same time. ISIS could probably tone down their recruiting efforts and still not have to worry about keeping their numbers growing. The Western world has managed to alienate everybody who isn’t a degenerate, slavishly devoted to upholding the lie of equality or mentally ill. If the West isn’t sending weapons to these guys we are definitely providing them with a vast pool of potential applicants.

  14. Man I don’t know.
    On the one hand, living under Sharia law would suck, but I would bet that all I would need to do is grow a beard and trade in the AR for an AK.
    The feminists on the other hand are going to get burkas thrown on their miserable heads which would be comeuppance to the max. Try that slut walk now.
    On the other hand, they’ll probably all get wet in their cheesy crotches when Habib the alpha lays down the law on them.
    And the joke will be on us for it will be demonstrated what we should have been doing all along.

    1. A catch-22 if there ever was one.
      That said, I’m on of those Christian type people that don’t take kindly to the idea of me, or my family, being threatened by people who still believe the Earth is flat.
      I do like certain aspects, like generational respect, women having a distinct place in the home and bed, etc…
      But the majority of bad far outweighs the good.

      1. Our former way of dealing with women is the best. Polygamy leads to muslim zoophilia and homosexuality.

    2. I read an article recently predicting that Islamic conversion would sweep through the West in a epidemic. It’s not implausible. Nature abhors a vacuum, and what is the West but a giant nihilistic suck?

      1. In case of an actual Islamic Conquest of Europe most of the native Europeans would not offer resistance. The majority would either become Muslim or accept Dhimmi Status. Though I don’t think the Americans will be as easy.

        1. India (or specifically the Hindus) would never let it happen (since it almost happened once it wasn’t for Shivaji).

      2. Let them come and burn this western hellhole we have created to the ground. Maybe something good will come out of it.

    3. You’re living in a delusion. None of what you said makes any sense. Living under Sharia law would require more than just growing a beard. It would be a totalitarian state where every word you say would be monitored for signs of heresy. You don’t show up at Friday prayer? Enjoy your 70 lashings.
      Feminists would just be stoned to death. Not that they don’t deserve it.
      “On the other hand, they’ll probably all get wet in their cheesy crotches when Habib the alpha lays down the law on them.”
      Yeah, because western women are falling madly in love with muslims and emigrating en masse to the middle east. Get real. You have a manhood problem and are projecting your own insecurities.
      “And the joke will be on us for it will be demonstrated what we should have been doing all along.”
      The way to combat feminism isn’t to act like a retarded idiot or to adopt Islam.

      1. People who think living under Sharia would be basically a cinch probably don’t quite understand what a real religious state is. A better analogy for the Protestant West might well be: take the most orthodox, hardline, pre-Vatican-II, Mel-Gibson-following, Inquisition-wielding, Sunday-mass-or-be-shunned version of the Roman Catholic Church — and then put it in charge of your judicial, legislative, and executive arms of government, freely making no distinction between religion and law or indeed between church and state. Imagine living under that.
        You will have imagined a low-fat, watered-down version of life under the Caliphate.

        1. That’s the point. But given the western female warthog hates a religion that tells her ‘No, because we love you’ more than she hates a religion that tells her ‘Get on that bed because it’s Allah’s will that I fuck you, or else I’ll have you stoned’, I thought a comparison to the RCC might cut through more.

        2. ” You don’t show up at Friday prayer? Enjoy your 70 lashings.” Okay, I dont see what a big deal is it to go to a friday prayer. If that is the horrible state of things we would endure under Sharia law, I am not impressed. Give me some other example, because “making no distinction between religion and law or indeed between church and state” sounds a little too abstract for my taste. Will Hollywood movies be censored? It is not like they are not already spewing drivel. If that new ghostbuster movie gets cancelled I am not going to cry much for it. Books getting censored? Not really reading much at the moment, so who cares. Will abortion be forbidden? So what, it is not me the one getting abortions. Gay marriage forbidden? I am not gay, so it does not affect me. Internet access will be limited? Good, maybe I will finally get off my fat ass and stop watching porn, might find something useful to do with my time.

        3. The point is that even minor offenses would result in the dishing out of major punishment.
          Yes, movies would be censored, except strictly Islamic movies. You and I may not care much about not being able to see the latest chick flick, but great film classics would also be censored. It’s not like they make any distinction.
          You don’t read books? Fine, but I do. They wouldn’t just ban 50 shades of grey. They’d ban the Greek classics and everything that’s not about Salafi theology.

      2. Maybe not migrating en masse, but definitely more western women converting to Islam than the other way around.

        1. Probably because if a Muslim woman in Saudi Arabia converted to Christianity she’ll be stoned to death.

      3. “It would be a totalitarian state where every word you say would be monitored for signs of heresy. ”
        Sounds similar to what we have in the US now.

        1. We might be ostracized for saying something against the status quo, but we don’t have to worry much about being decapitated over it. Every government is guilty of corruption but the U.S. is not on a totalitarian level like Saudi Arabia.

      4. “It would be a totalitarian state where every word you say would be monitored for signs of heresy.”
        What’s the difference with today’s world?
        “The way to combat feminism isn’t to act like a retarded idiot”
        Most guy who have their way with women act like ‘retarded idiots’ (sic)

    4. Christianity used to have this common sense approach on how the sexes are dealt with and which sex should fill which role in society. Islam just uses the blade of a sword to enforce that.
      Christianity needs to finds its courage to face these monsters (and those we’ve created at home).
      Charles “the Hammer” Martel, his descendant Charlemagne, Alfred the Great, El Cid…..we need these men now more than ever. A reincarnated version without fear or remorse to push the barbarians back from the gates, across the fields and over the cliffs.
      If the world does not find this leadership in the Christian countries, there is no hope to be found in the secular nations. When you are dealing with religious fanatics you need another religious fanatic with bigger guns, better tactics and a greater desire to live freely in peace to stop them.
      If you don’t believe me, take a walk through Arlington National Cemetery and tell me how many crosses you counted. Evil wears many faces but chances are that evil was stopped by men who called themselves Christians.

        1. I believe Vlad may have learned his impaling from the turkish court where he was held captive in his youth i.e. the equivalent would be for the west to engage in beheading to keep the scourge at bay. Not the best way of defending civilization

        2. He did. Absolutely add Vlad Tsepes to the list (I actually have paternal bloodline going back to the corner of Europe he liberated…then maybe terrorized a bit).
          Nevertheless, he showed the Ottoman Turks that two could play the khazouk game.

      1. I believe that all freedom loving christians should band together against islam. The prophet Muhammad was a power-hungry, child-fucking, heretic; he set the example for muslims to follow, as they tried world domination. We must start the Crusades once again if we wish to conquer this threat.

        1. If i was so alpha that i had my own religion fathers would be throwing their underage daughters at me too. Divine dick is another level.

        2. I’ve wondered a bit as of late why we don’t do this? A holy version of the Flying Tigers, which itself was a private mercenary organization.

        3. Yea, and? What person not named Ron Paul hasn’t done that? Thats why the writers of the US constitution tried to bind the government down, diffuse and hide power.

      2. Christianism? The joke’s on you.
        With the exception of Russian Orthodox and Evangelists, most Christians are applying the SJW agenda.

    5. I love when you say this logic and people will call you “retarded”. Tell me what individual part of this is wrong? Muslim countries have a higher degree of morals, are anti-communist, anti-feminist, and pro-male. Oh god, that would be so horrible, I would hate to live in a place like that, god forbid.
      Then they make idiotic comments, “Oh you couldn’t eat pork!” So fucking what? Fuck pork. Bacon is the only good food and I could honestly live without it. As long as you have chicken and beef then it’s fine for me.
      I believe that businesses have a social and a legal right to rule. And why not extend that to nations? What is the difference? A national government is nothing more than an extremely large corporation who we pay taxes for to provide us “services”. Even services we don’t want! So for these Western European nations and the anglosphere it is quite clear they have lost their right to rule.
      Imagine two scenarios, one where you’re a 28 year old man with a good job living in let’s say the UK. You live in an area that’s quickly having a higher population of Muslims. You’ve heard countless stories from your mates about how horrible their marriages are, you’re well aware of the divorce statistics, and the anti-male attitude of Western family courts. But you want a family, a traditional family, and you want your children to be raised right. Tell me. What option does this man have besides Islam realistically? None. Zero. He can try and tell himself that maybe he’ll find the “right” Western girl but also that would involve an insane amount of risk. And you’re 28 and killing it at your career, why risk all of my future income on an anglo-slut that can leave with a shit ton of my money, for decades, for any reason?
      The other scenario is that let’s argue for a realistic scenario that in next 5-10-15 years the system is going to start falling apart. This is obviously a highly disputed fact but I doubt anyone here things they’ll die before that point happens. Let’s take it again in the UK. Assuming that some fascist dictator does not rise to power (which I doubt would be able to), who will do better in the long run? If history is any indicator the culture with more traditional grounding and religious background will spread quickly. Look at how fast Christianity swept across Europe or Islam swept across the Middle East and North Africa, why? Because of a massive power vacuum left by the fall of the Roman Empire that allowed for massive growth. The Romans by their fall were all decadent, fat, and some signs even show a sort of primitive feminism coming in at it’s height. In such a scenario Islam would do extremely well and I’m skeptical of Christianity ever making a real comeback. Just as I wouldn’t expect Roman pagan religion to ever make a real comeback.
      The fact of the matter is that some people look at birthrates in Western Europe and go, “Well some countries it is not as bad”. Don’t be fooled. Only by extremely large welfare states and countless benefits do these countries have modest birth rates. Which is weird because only in Western or industrialized nations do people have children based on how well the economy is doing. Which is ludicrous in my opinion when you look at poor as shit countries having the most kids globally. When you look at the birthrates in Eastern Europe after the Soviet Union fell you get a much better picture of what Western European birthrates would actually be like if not propped up by a huge cradle to grave welfare state.
      Overall I don’t hate Islam at all and honestly the more I research into the better it seems over time. I do not know the exact future of Islam but I certainly understand that Christianity is on it’s way out. It’s dead. The best thing that could happen for groups like the Islamic State and various terrorist organizations is for modern Western economies and militaries to fall apart. This would allow them to expand their territory and influence tremendously. I would love to see how the world looked at the year 2050.

      1. “Muslim countries have a higher degree of morals…”
        Which morals specifically? Fanaticism around the subject of sex isn’t a terribly good indicator of an operation running a decent railroad – take a look at the Vatican. Indeed strict enforcement of the blue laws is often a cover for much deeper fucking issues with the religion/nation’s morality in other, more important areas. (Again, take a look at the Vatican).
        Look at the Corruption Perception Indices for a second. These are surveys carried out across the world addressing the extent to which people think their public sector – i.e. their own government – is corrupt. This is kind of important since a country ruled under Shari’a presumably is being ruled with the benefit of a fine, upstanding, moral legal system which keeps the place functioning well, yes? Shouldn’t have perceptions of corruption where the morals are strong and backed by a hardline religion, right?
        Guess what: there’s not one Muslim country that gets into the top 20 for “cleanliness of government”, if you will. The UAE is as high as it gets at 25, Qatar at 26. (Oh, and surprise surprise, the UAE does not allow many of the Shari’a punishments to be enforced. Let’s leave aside it’s illegal to convert away from Islam. And Qatar is well known for its mistreatment of foreigners, besides being an absolute monarchy which forces Islam to be taught compulsorily in state schools, as opposed to England’s pastel and basically powerless Constitutional monarch.)
        Bahrain, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia share 55th place. Next, Oman and Turkey at 64th. Kuwait, 67th. (Italy and Greece, whose reputation for shitty governance, Mafia influence, and corruption precede them, occupy 69 together.) You get down to dictatorships and failed states with Egypt at 94th place, Iran at 136th place, Syria at 159th, Yemen at 161, Libya at 166, and Iraq at 170.
        By contrast, all the major players of the Western world are in the top 20 – the US being at 17, UK at 14, with a grab bag of Scandinavian nations at the top. The great enemy of Islam, Israel, comes in at 37. Outside the Middle East, Indonesia is one of the biggest majority Muslim nations — and can’t even get into the top 100: placed at 107, albeit it’s still doing better than nuclear-armed Pakistan at 126.
        Remember, these numbers are not perceptions by other countries of a government’s corruption — they are measures by the citizens themselves of how honest they think their own public sectors are. Corrupt public sectors generally happen because there either is no real respect for the rule of law or because the judiciary is so weak or paid off that the government does not have to fear an individual trying to bring it to heel in a court. Or, finally, because the country is so hamstrung by a primitive, backward religion poking its nose into every facet of life there, it takes considerable bribes to government bureaucrats to get anything done.
        These are all places where Islam is enshrined in law to a greater or lesser extent, all places where the religion’s supposedly superior morals are in action. And virtually none have the excuse of being economically repressed/oppressed by the Awful Nasty West. If anything the Gulf nations have basically been left to do whatever the fuck they want off the back of oil dollars and in consideration of US military assets being housed there.
        It doesn’t augur well for the suggestion that Shari’a would bring about a wonderful world or society that either respected the rule of law or accepted the separation of powers – which are the fundamental building blocks for the positive aspects of Western civilisation that we treasure and which generations of our fathers and grandfathers died to defend.
        Anyone who thinks Islam is going to bring about a libertarian paradise, or thinks a Shari’a-run country will respect or even comprehend the Western rule of law, has another thing coming. Corruption is the enemy of libertarianism and human endeavour generally. Better morals under shari’a? Fuck off. You might not have to run game quite as constantly, but unless you are addicted to pussy what you give up is a shitload more than what you get.
        And they’re not likely to learn any better. Fifteen hundred years, a base of believers that rivals or surpasses any other religion on the planet, and not one of these camel jockeys has figured out how to run a country without the recurrent societal cancers of nepotism and autocratic fiat cropping up. Nothing to admire there; fuck, the US was founded by guys who wanted to get away from that shit, and in the wake of that even the fucking English monarchy figured out it was probably time to hand things over to a parliament with a judiciary to keep an eye on them.

        1. Time to respond: Men, Western men in particular continue to support a system that is suicide. Their ultimate failure to recognize that a right to exist is based on your willingness to defend yourself is their death. Why Western men are so scared of Islam and Sharia has been one part post-9/11 fear-mongering and one part ignorance. And what? Should I support the traditional conservatives in my country who have done nothing but sit on their hands while their country was taken out from under them? No. I’m sick of supporting them and their failed agenda. I want to be on the winning team when it all ends and these traditional christian conservatives are dead, they all believe in moral relativity, they might as well be leftists with patriotic flavor.
          Who cares about corruption? Have you never thought to yourself that having strictly enforced laws is often to the benefit of women and detriment of men? I mean who really has more freedom? A man who commits a crime and can slip a few dollar bills into an officer’s pocket or one who will get thrown in jail, for a ridiculously long time, for any idiotic and anti-male arbitrary law out there? Get real. It’s not what you do see, it’s what you don’t see that benefits them. Instead the Western man must deal with a mirage of freedom and he fights for a system that would gladly put him in prison and ruin his reputation for any minor infraction. And he believes that that system is the “best” for him. Millions of egalitarian men do. What a fucking sick joke to support a system like that.
          “And virtually none have the excuse of being economically repressed/oppressed by the Awful Nasty West.”
          Oh my God this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard and I’m not even a leftist.
          “It doesn’t augur well for the suggestion that Shari’a would bring about a wonderful world or society that either respected the rule of law or accepted the separation of powers”
          Fuck the separation of powers and all that shit. All of these high-minded ideas will do nothing but get you killed and dead in the end. It’s the truth. Monarchies in Europe lasted centuries and were extremely cruel and we’ve had democracy and what an anti-male shit-storm that has caused in the last 100 years.
          “Anyone who thinks Islam is going to bring about a libertarian paradise, or thinks a Shari’a-run country will respect or even comprehend the Western rule of law, has another thing coming. Corruption is the enemy of libertarianism and human endeavour generally.”
          I don’t think that but the Western rule of law is the exact reason we’re in the mess we’re in. Men are so blind to support a system of laws that means a high percentage of their income gets taken, they can’t support a family, they’re kids and assets are not there’s after they get married, and any misinterpreted comments from ugly men are seen as sexual harassment. Really? He dares to call that type of system of freedom. But yet all of these are Western ideals, voted in by Western democracy, and therefore based on the tenants of Western law. We can either blame the men or just say that Western law has a fatal germ that will eventually cause it’s extinction.
          “Not one of these camel jockeys has figured out how to run a country without the recurrent societal cancers of nepotism and autocratic fiat cropping up.”
          As opposed to “egalitarian democracy” which has proven to be such a good deal for men, eh?
          “You might not have to run game quite as constantly, but unless you are addicted to pussy what you give up is a shitload more than what you get.”
          Giving up the ridiculous system called “game” and moving to a traditional system of marriage and prostitutes for men(provided again they slip some bills into a policeman’s pocket) would be one of the greatest advantages to him. It has been a great deal of feminist trickery to convince him that a system like that is “awful” and our system we have now with shit tests, heart break, running around, being smooth, going out constantly, drinks, bars, clubs, sexual harassment claims, false rape accusations, divorce rape, alimony rape, and child support rape are “good”.
          “Nothing to admire there; fuck, the US was founded by guys who wanted to get away from that shit, and in the wake of that even the fucking English monarchy figured out it was probably time to hand things over to a parliament with a judiciary to keep an eye on them.”
          Partially but those revolutionaries did not understand the impact that their ideas would eventually have on the culture at large. They got the convenience of dying before they ever had to see the consequences of their high-minded ideals. The English monarchy fell apart as did their empire and now look at them. A whole country similar to the US, filled with high-minded ideas of justice, liberty, equality, and fairness. And it is similarly in a precarious position and in my opinion will be annihilated when presented with a real challenge.

        2. Haha. It’s just amazing to see what people believe about Islam (although it’s hard to call any of these beliefs, they’re more like “feelings” coming out in the form of words.) Surprise, there’s more to Islam than a handful of Washington Post articles. And you don’t know anything about it. Islam in the West would not be like Islam in the Gulf. Religion alone does not shape society. But it is a crucial ingredient. One which you currently lack.

        3. “Which morals specifically?”
          Hahaha. I’m a Muslim American living in the Northeast. All the men – and all the women – in my family are successful upper middle class professionals. Doctors, pharmacists, dentists, PhD-level computer scientists working for the Air Force, some have worked for other branches of the US Army. In fact I was a borderline outcast for studying something other than science. None of the women engage in premarital sex. All are in arranged marriages, successful with several children. Our women are beautiful, chaste, and feminine. All of us are sophisticated adults with graduate degrees. And we came from virtually nothing. Basically, we are what you wish you were, and what you used to be.
          I am extremely grateful to the West, and we would be nothing without it. But you’re showing yourself incompetent to carry this civilization forward for future generations. This is hard to convey to the average Westerner. But the people here should not need any convincing; it’s all you talk about. The main reason I worry about Western social trends is that I’m worried we’re going to end up like you the longer we are here.
          Get your head out of your @ss. F*ck trying to dispel your moronic beliefs – you people should be trying to figure out how you can be more like us, how you can imitate us, how you can have what we have. You’ll wake up eventually.

        4. Oh, OK. So this one person who claims to be a raghead says that they and their whole family are super-geniuses and we should all try to be like ragheads… because ragheads never lie.
          And disregard all the dirt-covered, fanatical, racist, crack-head muslims all over the rest of the world. They don’t count.
          Oh man I wish I could be you!
          LOL, jk.

        5. Haha. Why would I give a shit what some random skinhead on the Internet thinks? Why would I lie to you? I’m telling you this because I feel sorry for you, because you are ignorant and confused, and I hope – perhaps vainly – that this information might improve your lot. I mean that sincerely. I think in general Westerners should be more proud of what they have and what they’ve achieved, and stick more closely to their culture. To their once-great culture, not the degeneracy we see today.

        6. A once great culture that still manages to be less corrupt than literally every other Muslim country on the face of the Earth. And a once great culture that you seem content to stick to and jeer at from within in rather than sitting outside it. Again, the corruption indices I referred to are the estimates of a nation’s own people about the honesty of their public sectors. Not one Muslim nation thinks their countries are anywhere near as honest as the West. As evidenced by the fact you’re living here rather than over there.

        7. “Who cares about corruption?”
          Moral men.
          Also, anyone who wants to make a living in the said corrupt country.

        8. I don’t dispute any of that. Also, I am hardly jeering at Western culture—I think I’ve repeated that point enough. Nor is it like I’m advocating you convert to Islam en masse or become a vassal state of Saudi Arabia. I want America to stay America. I just want a little goddamn respect. More than that, I appreciate social conservatism and I don’t understand why you see an enemy in us rather than an ally.
          Frankly I’m just echoing the language of the articles on this site, on the assumption that most people here agree with that assessment (of Western culture), even though I don’t really agree personally—I was being a little rhetorical. Anyway, the point is not to make some final ranking of whose culture is where. The point is that, for all that the West has to teach the rest of the world, you should be able to admit when you have something to learn from others as well.
          I should add something to the corruption rates you’ve mentioned twice, which is that you should look at rates of murder, suicide, and even internal disorder which are below global averages in Muslim countries.
          Average murder rates: the average murder rate in Muslim countries per year per 100,000 people is 2.4. In non-Muslim countries, it is 7.5. In the world’s most populous Christian country, the United States, it is 6. In the world’s most populous Muslim country, Indonesia, it is 1. Of course, in the US, the suicide rate is about double the murder rate, so you should probably worry more about that.

        9. What impressive point do you think you’re making? You’ve already heard about that. But you haven’t heard about the millions of run-of-the-mill, hardworking, successful Muslims already working hard, thriving, and paying taxes in the United States. I don’t blame you, there are very few Muslims in the US overall. That’s the only reason I feel compelled to comment—you’re not going to hear about it except from people like me.
          If you want to talk about random shooters, then here:
          In the United States: 190,000 people have been murdered since 9/11. In
          that same time period 26 people have died to jihadist terrorism. This is
          a minority even of terrorist acts committed during
          this time (39 died to other kinds of terrorism).
          “In the last five years, less than 2 percent of all terrorist attacks in the E.U. have been “religiously motivated.”
          In 2013, there were 152 terrorist attacks in the EU. Two of them were “religiously motivated.” In 2012, there were 219 terrorist attacks in EU countries, six of them were “religiously motivated.”
          In 2011, not one of the 174 terrorist attacks in EU countries in 2011 were “affiliated or inspired” by terrorist organizations. 2010, 249 terrorist attacks, three of them were considered by Europol to be “Islamist.”
          The vast majority of terrorist attacks in E.U. countries have for years been perpetrated by separatist organizations.”

        10. Don’t argue with them, it’s pointless. You can bring up all the logic in the world, show them how your way of life is creating feminine women, masculine men, all intelligent and hardworking and they won’t believe it. They’re ignorant. They probably haven’t met a Muslim in their entire life. The thing about corruption though that people don’t want to admit is that there’s always going to be a level of corruption in a country. I’ve realized you can either have a corrupt electorate or a corrupt populace and given the current Western situation I would take a corrupt electorate any day. Particularly to note that most corruption in these Islamic countries is low-level bribes that I talked about earlier, the really big multi-billion dollar swindles happen in Western countries.
          You honestly are what I wish most Western men would wake up realize.
          “And we came from virtually nothing. Basically, we are what you wish you were, and what you used to be.”
          And that’s the problem with the West, we’re so coddled for so many decades. We think, oh who needs to be a doctor or professional when I can be sociologist on daddy’s dime. I wouldn’t even let my kids major in some leftist bullshit, I’d make them major in something useful and relevant.
          “But you’re showing yourself incompetent to carry this civilization forward for future generations.”
          For me this is just preaching to the choir, I know the exact feeling. It’s hard to place and if you’re talking to a Westerner with his head up his ass like Marcus he’ll never see it coming. Western governments, Western law, and Western ways are on the verge of collapse. I for one welcome any change back towards morality because this current leftist trend needs to stop before it devours everything.

        11. Corruption is a vague term anyway, it’s like saying “oh there’s bad people living there” Define bad? Define severity? Moral men should wake up and realize that corruption is a protective force. Like I argued earlier, a rigid state with strictly enforced laws will generally be anti-male, almost universally (again I’m not including in this countries where bribes and other shit get you out of it easily). But in countries where bribes happen and you are able to get away with it, no big deal. That’s the difference.
          “Also, anyone who wants to make a living in the said corrupt country.”
          Are you fucking kidding me right now? Where is it easier to make a business? The West? Or a country where I need no paperwork and again can pay my way through any trouble? Snap out of West-o-vision.

        12. “Are you fucking kidding me right now? Where is it easier to make a business? The West? Or a country where I need no paperwork and again can pay my way through any trouble?”
          Where were Google, Microsoft, IBM, Ford, Dell, Xerox, Coca-Cola Amatil founded? Certainly not in Riyadh. Where do the major banks of the world have their headquarters? Not in a Muslim country. The reason they don’t is because corruption plagues Muslim countries like flies on a dog’s arse, and always has. Look up the book “On Wings of Eagles” about what happened to Ross Perot’s IT infrastructure company in Iran when the Ayatollah took over. Muslim countries are not economically stable, partially (or mainly) because you cannot trust their governments. A country that has the benefit of the rule of law — Western rule of law — is always going to be more predictable and certain than one without, and that’s why investment goes to the West.

        13. “I think in general Westerners should be more proud of what they have and what they’ve achieved, and stick more closely to their culture.”
          Nice non-white privilege you got there. Telling me what I should be doing because I don’t know any better, but you, being of the world and of course noble and from downtrodden beginnings as a non-white, have the right to say well… whatever.
          I do value my own culture, but when I show that valuation, some douche foreigner is like, “Well don’t forget all the bad stuff ya’ll done!”
          Take Islam and go fuck yourself.

        14. Damn dude! Way to take it personally. Whatevs!
          I hope you overcome the issues you are currently facing. Always keep your chin up!

      2. If you love Islam so much I suggest you go to Saudi Arabia and try to live there for a while. You _will_ change your mind and come back.

        1. Maybe I fucking will asshole, think of all the negative shit you hear about it. Why? Because they’re anti-gay, anti-feminist, pro-male, and don’t allow the leftist degeneracy and filth spread to their country. Not to mention Saudi Arabian citizens get fuck tons of oil money and benefits from their government. You want to know how to maintain a traditionalist society that really doesn’t take shit from anyone, look at Saudi Arabia.
          And what would you like? More of the same Western shit that got us here in the first place? Good idea.

    6. Here’s the thing… Islam itself has a lot of secular things I could get behind, the pro-family lifestyle, male/female dichotomy, social shaming, plentiful virgin brides, etc. But it’s also a very impractical religion–it’s one thing to put up with going to church once a week but praying 5 times a day? I am not a believer in mythical beings and this would be a big imposition.
      The point so many people are missing is there is a huge difference between the religion of Islam and what is going on in the civil wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Accepting Islam doesn’t mean you have to be ok with chopping off heads and everyone carrying around AK47s. That’s kind of like looking at one small slice of Christianity like Mormonism, and thinking that’s the only way to be a Christian.
      The only way I could get behind Islam is if they made it Islam-lite and modernized it and got rid of the silly rules like wash your right hand every time you fart. Kind of like Megachurches did with Christianity. But then that would probably destroy the whole message and its benefits, right?

      1. Haha. True enough, not that most Muslims actually do it 5 times a day, but the prayers are mad short compared to what you’re used to.
        “got rid of the silly rules like wash your right hand every time you fart”
        Haha, the hell are you talking about? The rule is that you engage in a ritual washing before you pray, if you’ve done anything “impure” since the last time you prayed (like farting). Not every time you fart!

      2. “The point so many people are missing is there is a huge difference
        between the religion of Islam and what is going on in the civil wars in
        Iraq and Afghanistan. Accepting Islam doesn’t mean you have to be ok
        with chopping off heads and everyone carrying around AK47s. That’s kind
        of like looking at one small slice of Christianity like Mormonism, and
        thinking that’s the only way to be a Christian.”
        Or, like Westboro Baptist Church.

    7. IKR? I am against Sharia law and all that, but for guys it really isn’t too bad. Get a tan and grow a beard. Suddenly you own your wife and are in total control of who your daughter marries. Your assets are yours and if you feel inclined, killing your wife for dishonoring you will be applauded.
      Why do these bitches support Islam again?

  15. Just to play devil’s advocate, would an Islamic society really be any worse than the decaying beached whale of a civilization that we have inherited from the baby boomers? I’m not saying I want to go back to the 700s or live under ISIS, but Islamic societies have several advantages over the West as it stands today.
    1. Patriarchy. Is there any more patriarchal society than Saudi Arabia?
    2. Iron-clad rule of law. The Kingdom has no drug problem, little crime, and when there is a crime, it is punished swiftly and publicly.
    3. Little to no feminism. What little there is is backed and financed by outsiders.
    4. No bullshit elections or politics. Only local officials are elected.
    Really, other than beer, bacon, and a few sporting events, there is very little I would miss about the modern West if I moved to a Gulf Monarchy.

    1. The main downside, judging from the Ottoman Empire, is Europeans will be made second class citizens. We’d lose more than we’d gain.

      1. But that’s ok, because we’re self exterminating right now anyway. The whole 2nd class citizen thing will solve itself in a few generations when we finally disappear.

    2. You have NO idea kid.
      All those freedom you take for granted – like the freedom to move your behind from city A to city B. Or the freedom to choose your career. The freedom to earn money. The freedom to choose your wife, the freedom to have kids, how many of them or none. The freedom to own property, to drink booze. The freedom to eat whatever you want, whenever you want.
      The freedom to talk to a stranger, even if female.
      All these are not god given rights. All these are freedoms can be removed in the blink of an eye. This is what sharia means.
      You are no free beeing. You are beeing owned by Allah. You have to follow his rules or you have no right to live.
      Boy you have no idea.

        1. Try to express your gayness in an islamic country.
          Try to dress in heels and mini skirt as a woman.
          Try to eat and drink booze in bright daylight during ramadan.
          Try to express your ideas that alah or mohamed are not the real god.
          Try to dress like elton john and talk to 10 random women on the street.
          You do all of these in europe or the US and NOTHING will happen to you.
          You do any of these in an islamic state….good luck.
          We have a lot of freedoms in the west. Too many for most people in fact but in islam you have none. You go with the herd or you die.

        2. Jockey, don’t take this personally but I’ve lived in Qatar and Kuwait, It’s a criminal offence to be homosexual. It’s a criminal offence to criticise Islam or the leadership. Jewish people are not allowed to enter these countries. Some places do permit alcohol in Qatar (Quran says you can’t PRAY after consuming alcohol, doesn’t say you can’t drink) but there really are no personal freedoms in these countries. There just aren’t.
          For me it’s not a problem because of the high pay, and knowing I can leave in 12 months. I’d certainly never want to live my whole life here, and neither would you or you wouldn’t be in the US….

        1. Really? There’s no alcohol permitted here in Kuwait. No pork either. No premarital sex allowed (can be arrested if you have an unmarried woman in the car with you for example).
          Interestingly, no Palestinians allowed in the country either as many of them fought in Saddam’s army during Gulf War 1.

        2. but Palestine or Lebanon or Dubai is not ruled by “religious” doctrine. When the Islamic Revolution happened in Iran alcohol was prohibited. We, Armenians, had to go underground to drink.

        3. That’s exactly my point though….so many people are commenting here thinking that the entire Middle East is ruled by religious doctrine and how horrible life is, when they have no idea.

        4. Allowing women to dress like sluts makes them sluts and is how we ended up with the low quality women we have in the west. If you want to see it, there are always brothels and porn, but look at any country in the world with modest dress and you will fine respectful, chaste females.
          Also, if you enjoy doing drugs, of which alcohol is one, almost every country in the world is more tolerant than the USA. It’s gotten to where I barely like to drink publicly anymore because there are so many restrictions (must carry government ID unless you are in your 40s, must not have anyone younger than the arbitrary age of 21 at any time (even though 20 year olds are legal adults), must not drive a vehicle anywhere after consuming even one drink, must not carry said drink outside of a building,etc.). And most countries are far more tolerant of weed. But keep in mind drug use varies by region and there is stuff they smoke in the middle east that gets you high that they prefer to weed, I forget what it’s called.

        5. but doesn’t it vary from one Muslim nation to another.. Obviously the Muslims in Malaysia are different than Muslims in Saudi Arabia or Yemen.. I think he was referring to the more rogue nations that really will punish harshly for offenses like having alcohol or being flirtatious with women

        6. “Obviously the Muslims in Malaysia are different than Muslims in Saudi Arabia or Yemen”
          Obviously, you haven’t been to Malaysia lately.

      1. 50 million Muslims living in Europe at the present time, 10% of the population. Outbreeding Europeans by 2:1. Only a matter of time Europe has 20 to 30% Muslim population and increasing all the time. What’s your idea? You going to go over there with your pop gun and fight against IS? They’re already here…….

      2. We are as enslaved here as anywhere else in the world. Comfortable, entertained slavery is still slavery. And as our position in the global pecking order drops, as the effects of our own selfish shortsightedness set in, our chains will grow heavier and far more noticeable. The only reason our slavery is comfortable for the time being is the US Dollar being the world’s reserve currency.

        1. Though I have nothing against Muslims, I can at least laugh at Paris Hilton and Hollyweird. I can also have a drink once in a while.

        2. Bullshit. If you think this is slavery you have no idea what slavery is at all. None. And you never did.

    3. ISIS executed teenage boys for watching soccer on TV. A street magician was beheaded simply for entertaining people on the streets. I really don’t think islamic jihadism is the solution here.

  16. An Islamic society would unquestionably be MUCH worse that today;s western society.
    Don’t jump out of the frying pan into the fire. This religion, its attitudes, values are rooted and remain in the 7th century. It is submission and tyranny NOT freedom.
    That is its main goal: submission, not love, beauty or truth.
    Submission. It shows.

  17. I can’t stand the arrogance of Islam with their never ending aggressor victim mentality. The tenets of western culture cannot and will not be snuffed out if we do something about it. We almost lost what scientific and philosophical achievement we had during the Christian rule of the High Middle ages, we’ll be damned to allow that to happen again with these fucks.

    1. The victim mentality of Muslims is a recent addition from the last few centuries, and is enabled by the left.

      1. Of course it is. It’s also the apologists who allow the subtle aggression to perpetuate.

  18. In the West we are expected to fight to defend…what? The right of gays to “gay marriage”. The right of immigrants to take our resources and our lands. The right of women to walk all over us. Let the gays, the immigrants, the women, do the fighting!

      1. There was an article in the news paper that sad Muslim men fuck boys (aged 7-13) or effeminate men, as long as they are the penetrator that was allowable. Given how segregated men and women are it is pretty safe to assume that at least 70% of muslims men are actually gay. Trading one fag for another doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

        1. If 70% of them are gay, they are going to be too busy throwing them from the top of buildings to do any real harm.

        2. Good point I once read somewhere that In Afghanistan homosexuality is rampant, probably much more so than the West however it is kept hidden and repressed because of the hypocrisy or the scotoma of the believers. I don’t have a reason not to believe that it is so much different in the rest of the Muslim world. To substantiate this it was also found that most of the search terms for porn keywords came from hardcore Muslim countries such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

        3. I think it was The Sunday Times. It said something about the police have a bitch boy who they fuck due to the lack of women. A bit like the South African prisoner interviewed of Ross Kemps dangerous gangs series who had been incarcerated for many murders and raped men in prison, if they refused he’s murser them.

        4. That rings a bell with the article. Think it was more specifically within the police of Afghanistan, the kept a bitch boy for communal fucking. If it’s rampant in one profession its bound to rampant in others & likely to be in other Islamic countries too. I’m sure I read it in The Sunday Times, a weekly UK broadsheet newspaper.

        5. “I don’t have a reason not to believe that it is so much different in the rest of the Muslim world.”
          I don’t think it has much to do with Islam.
          Indo-Aryans people (Persians, North Indians, etc.) have a tradition of pederasty and mysoginy (actual disgust for women, not SJW “misoginy”)

      2. not really….eventually even the overlords will get greedy and end up more like Kim Jung Un.

      3. And replace it with something worse.
        Look man, I have no love of feminism, nor of fags (duh), but we have to be reasonable. Falling into a camp of monsters because we share a common enemy is unwise in the extreme. You will *loathe* living in a Muslim Caliphate as a Westerner, assuming you’re allowed to continue living. These people are the enemy of not just everything bad about the West, but also of everything good about the West.
        Thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather see an Eastern Orthodox Christian takeover (Russia). At least they have some inkling of things like respect for human life and dignity.

        1. Everyone’s a monster when they’re conquering territory; so were Europeans. In any case ISIS ≠ Islam.

  19. Some of you guys should watch some Egyptian and lebanese tv to see a side of the middle east you didn’t think exist. There’s so many misconceptions about life there.

  20. The best long-term solution would be for the US and Western powers to cut a deal with ISIS. The West won’t attack or send money, or in any way interfere with ISIS as long as they leave the West alone.
    ISIS leaders certainly have plans for attacking the West in the future, but their immediate goals are making territorial gains in the Muslim world and re-establishing their long-lost caliphate. The West can just let this be a Muslim problem.
    For years many political leaders, clergy, and wealthy Muslims have promoted radical Islam with extreme rhetoric and financial support. Many Muslims have supported or at least tolerated radicalism. Let Muslims can get a good, long, hard look at what radical Islam really looks like. Without Western support to pull their chestnuts out of the fire, they will have to fight to survive. One of two things would happen.
    A) A Muslim, anti-ISIS coalition defeats ISIS. Without Western support, they would have had to do this the hard way, struggling, fighting, and dying not for radical Islam, but for moderate Islam. In the wake of this, Muslims will come to value and promote moderate Islam because they had to fight so hard for it.
    B) ISIS succeeds in taking over the Middle East and re-establishing their caliphate. After this, they really would be an existential threat to the West. So, Western powers (and maybe Russia, China, and India) would use (or invent) any pretense for war with ISIS–not just the half-assed “let’s win hearts and minds” kind of war, but all-out total war, like WWII. ISIS would last too long in that kind of fight.
    Either way, the future history of the world would tell of the gigantic failure not just of ISIS, but of radical Islam.

      1. Armageddon? How?
        Scenario B would result in ISIS being considered the Nazis of the 21st century. The public fear, anger, and moral indignation among Western nations would strong enough for governments to sanction anything.
        Again, this would be total war. In a total war against ISIS, Western powers (plus maybe others) would be freed from the restraints of limited, polite warfare. In a total war against ISIS, Western powers could easily achieve total victory, salivating at the spoils that come with it.

        1. I suspect the reference to Armaggeddon comes down to the likelihood of a nuclear exchange in all-out conventional war.
          World War 2 was very different: indeed had Hitler not declared war on the US following Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour there’s every likelihood the European theatre would have remained a continental affair. The US had to be bombed into WW 2, even taking into account any outrages about the Nazi regime of the time, and there were still plenty of Nazi sympathisers around then, too. (The Jews certainly didn’t get the US there. Look up the Voyage of the SS St. Louis, also known as the Voyage of the Damned, and see how they handled the topic of refugees back then.)
          But it wouldn’t be all-out conventional war anyway. Large scale, nation-to-nation conventional warfare ended the day the US dropped Little Boy on Hiroshima; from then on it was going to be proxies for the most part.
          WW 2 — the latter part of it, anyway — was also a mission of reconquista and/or liberation, with Western forces taking back territory held by indigenous populations with compatible religions, cultures, and mindsets to those of the liberators. (Indeed the Eastern front as it turned out went beyond being a reconquista and into a plain old Stalinist conquista in Poland’s case.)
          The same cannot be said about ISIS: if the intent is to destroy ISIS as a nation, the West will be placed in the same situation as it’s been in Iraq and Afghanistan, the same place Alcibiades warned the Athenians about before they set out to conquer Sicily during the Pelopponesian War: “We go to found a city among strangers and enemies, and a man who undertakes such a venture must either be prepared to control the entire country the day he lands, or find everything there opposed to him.”
          The indigenous population might oppose ISIS, but it is not compatible with Western culture by any stretch of the imagination, and as Iraq and Afghanistan show us, when you break up a shitty country you can’t expect it to put itself back together in a sane way. Not unless you plan to garrison it heavily for a good century or so while converting its population to your norms, as the Romans were forced to throughout Western Europe. Indeed as the Salafist ideology is just that — an ideology — you pretty much can’t win any conventional war over there without exterminating the ideology as you go. That’s practically impossible given the US historically has had only about 2.5 years to win any war it gets into before sufficient traction builds up among the gutless at home to push the politicians to end it.
          And as said, overlying all of this is the nuclear issue, whether the threat comes directly from Pakistan or via Russia supporting what it sees as a useful bulwark against nasty Western hegemony. A conventional war in the Middle East is always primed to set off the end of the world. The only scenario where I can see an all-out, WW2-style assault on ISIS happening is where public mood has shifted so far that outright extermination of every man, woman and child throughout the caliphate is thought tolerable – and I cannot see that happening.

        2. I don’t think even a nuclear war could kill every human on earth. The earth is too huge, there would be pockets of survivors

        3. The famous quote is “What will shock you about a full nuclear war is not the number of dead, but of the number left alive”.
          Of course that whole “left alive” lifestyle will suck hind tit, and chances are you’ll get to die bald and of cancer within five years in most places, so plan accordingly.

        4. Nuclear weapons would not be a factor. The Russians would not give nuclear weapons to an ISIS caliphate, nor would they start a nuclear war to protect it. They won’t put their fate in the hands of another nation that ultimately is hostile to Russian interests. The only other way ISIS would get the bomb is by taking Pakistan, and the West would intervene to stop that from happening.
          As for conventional warfare, that would play out depending on how much support ISIS really has, especially after taking all that territory by force. I’m sure a lot of people would welcome liberation.
          If not, tactics would be adjusted accordingly. Psychopathic politicians, business leaders, etc. would cook up something. A useful tool would be some variation of America’s nefarious reservation method–rounding people up and confining them to places of convenience, and enforcing collective punishments in retaliation for any transgressions. This could be justified as a security measure, along with supporting the newly formed, totally independent, and in no way colonial republics of New Texas and GeeDubbya-stan.
          However, I seriously doubt it would come to that.

      1. I was focusing on corruption, assuming the Islamic state got their way and we were all dead from the beheadings.

        1. Fair enough, but the West has at least a nominal check on corruption – that being the separation of powers (judicial/legislative/executive being distinct arms and balancing one another) and the separation of religion from government. Shari’a is the very definition of fusing a religion with law, and for the most part those Arab states supporting the US have weak to nonexistent independence of judicial arms. The complaint can be made that (both sides of) politicians tend to stack the highest judicial authorities, but given a choice between a corrupt US court system and a corrupt Saudi court system I’d take my chances with the former every time.

        2. no doubt. I drink albeit lightly. Under IS Alcohol would be prohibited, sex would be prohibited other than in the home (no more doing it in the car or in a hotel) I’ll take American corruption over any other corruption any day of the week.

        3. After 9 hours I finally realised you weren’t arguing with me on the original post. 😛

        4. believe me..the IS nutjobs want me dead too…..I am an Armenian Christian and we won a small war against Muslim Azerbaijan..I would be one of the first on the “chopping block”.

  21. Political correctness is a war on noticing.Islam is not a religion of peace. Islam is a religion of war, and most Muslims/Leftist don’t understand the true nature of Islam.

  22. Liberal Minnesota has imported 100,000 Somalis who have caused the crime rate in minneapolis to sky rocket, now al-shabaab (somali terror group) wants to shoot up the mall of america.
    The problem wouldnt even exist if their demo-rat leaders weren’t hell bent on ruining the midwest with these 3rd world Muslims

    1. Yes but more specifically you can thank the religious holy rollers that brought these Somalis in. The Catholics and the religious missionary organizations are importing more saps for their pews and money for the till.

  23. The bravest of the brave are the Assyrian Christian militias that are forming on the plains of nineveh. They have few weapons. The have no official state sponsors..certainly not from the secular technocrats in the west for whom burning churches is secret wish fulfillment and not tragedy. But they have decided it is better to fight and die for the soil their ancestors have lived on for 3000 years than to let themselves be enslaved or driven off by ISIS jihadis. if you want to support any faction, support them.

  24. ISIS is irrelevant. They don’t have the power to inflict any kind of serious damage outside of their occupied regions. Multiculturalism within your country is the problem. Letting a bunch of outsiders live within your ethnostate is tantamount to losing a war and being invaded/settled, except you didn’t even fight.
    That’s not to say that Muslims are bad people, but they’re self-interested people who will promote their own culture and interest at zero-sum expense of others around them. This isn’t evil or unique, it’s normal human behavior. That alone is justification enough for xenophobia.

  25. I sense that the increase in things like beheadings in recent months has made people wary of Islam in general. Good.

    1. and the destruction of ancient statues and manuscripts. These nutjobs will make people loathe the religion even more and turn away from it.

      1. I see there’s a news article out today that in Mosul they burned 8,000 rare books they got their hands on in a public ceremony.

        1. the irony is this; some of the ancient pagan statues, temples, and manuscripts are historical artifacts mentioned in the Bible; some of which point to a timeline which verifies the existence of God. One would think the IS religious extremists would want more of that stuff around so people could get closer to God.

        2. Sure, but they ain’t too bright. Just aggressive and with a hell of a lot of willpower.

        3. a brighter person would be more charismatic and charm people into their ideology. Americans are extremely crafty. We free a computer hacker and give him a good salary , 401K, and employ him in the ranks of the CIA. These dumb fucks just kill the smart people.

        4. Do they though? I hear they are represented in no small number by educated professionals (doctors, scientists, etc).

        5. I haven’t heard that. However, I really question the intelligence of doctors who give up their practice in order to start shooting AK47s at U.S. Marines. If they were, they would use those skills to further their societies not die in combat or die helping their “freedom fighters or Jihadis” while being shot by 40 mm gatling guns raining down on them from a C130 gunship.

        6. I don’t question their intelligence actually. Ideology is a powerful, highly motivating factor that can override certain parts of a person’s mind, without diminishing other parts. It’s how you end up with engineers, doctors and physicists in the Soviet Union. Sure, it’s a brutal dictatorship that killed more human beings than every other dictatorship in history combined, but hey, “capitalists be eeeeeebil” so there you go.

  26. This piece of information might also be interesting: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/12/13/historic-speech-in-damascus-sends-shockwaves-around-the-world/
    But even more important, Duff, a noted international Intel and Security Consultant, identified the root cause of United States of America’s dysfunctional involvement in Iraq and Syria and the true cause of ISIS/Daish.
    Duff explained that what is going on in Iraq and Syria with ISIS is not Terrorism, it is simply CRIME. That is, it is the works of an international Crime Cabal which has gotten control of the American Congress. Yes, this is a large Organized Crime problem that must be understood at its simple root cause.
    Duff identified this Crime Cabal as Israeli and pointed out that this is Worldwide Crime on a scale never experienced before.

  27. The Muslim is a threat to western civilization, they are a throwback to the old Catholic Church. But while we get more and more depraved they get more fanatical and more fanatical. The average American couldn’t care less though we are asleep.

  28. Radical Muslims are just cancers of Western society, unfortunately stupid SJWs think they are oppressed. Get real SJWtards! It ain’t good for anyone!

    1. How about the women who defect there only to find themselves as sex slaves of smelly AK47 wielding freedom fighters.?

  29. The writer of this article makes it sound like ISIS and Al-Qaeda share the same methodology with minor disagreements about “timing”. However, you should be worried way more about ISIS.
    As seen in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban claim to be jihadists but all they do is execute some people and bomb some cars to scare everyone from “devilish practices” such as women in schools and Western media/entertainment. However, these groups have no intention of ruling their respective countries or remove the heads of state.
    This is the central difference between terrorist groups and ISIS. The Islamic State aims to be a new country, a new state formed from the conquered areas of Iraq and Syria and whatever they can get their hands on. ISIS isn’t just bombing people. They are changing official constitutions, installing their own police force, their own military, they are seizing national banks along with oil and mineral reserves, which has made them very very rich.
    You can call me a conspiracy nut-case, but did you really expect this kind of surgical precision and masterful coordination from a bunch of date-munchers? ISIS releases videos of public executions filmed on HD Cameras, where the videos have been edited so well that they resemble propaganda of Goebbels/Riefenstahl-level quality. Does ISIS have Hollywood directors too?
    I don’t believe for a single second that these genocidal lunatics are running the show, because they couldn’t possibly have OR acquire these skills and levels of organization that they’re displaying by themselves.
    Think about it, the Middle Eastern nations have struggled for decades to create a society that is even somewhat stable, but there has always been corruption, injustice and general stupidity, and that’s from the politically EDUCATED leaders.
    Do you really expect me to believe that a bunch of religious crazies with guns can take over an entire democratic country and actually make it MORE organized and MORE stable without some sort of “guiding hand”?

    1. Exactly this, while it’s nice to believe that this particular brand of Islamic radicalism is some autonomous movement and it’s movements make a great topic of conversation, it has already been proven that the same complex that was manipulating the Mujaheddin in the 60’s and 70’s is manipulating ISIS now. I for one don’t believe for a second that they just stumbled on all that shiny new American equipment, and BiIllary’s bunch are already talking about a nice long military over-extension to bolster the coffers of the MIC.

  30. It’s funny that they actually think they are in the fight. Just one of our nuclear submarines could wipe them out in less than 20 minutes.
    Not that I would recommend that because of the loss of civilians, it’s just funny to think of. If they had that power they wouldnt hesitate to use it.

    1. At some point a decision will have to be made that will include hard choices such as collateral damage. They don’t seem to be giving any pause or consideration to anything except their singular focus goal.
      I don’t want war, and I don’t particularly endorse anything our states/governments do, I’m just noting a hard reality.

    2. The truth is though that the militants ran the US out of Iraq. The US and Britain left with their tails between their legs.
      Just the same happened in Vietnam.
      Sometimes with these people the more you clamp down and attack, the more they resist and in particular the more experience they gain which is vital to waging war, much more important than equipment. The know that the west won’t drop an A-bomb on them and they are clever at using tactics involving putting themselves in civilian areas.
      Ultimately they won’t get far I think, run up against Israel, Turkey, Iran and they will be running up against modern air forces and lose. But to pretend the west can just crush them isn’t true. The USA spent an almost unbelievable amount of money, 10 years and countless lives trying to control Iraq and in the end was defeated in humiliating fashion. Exactly as happened in Vietnam.

      1. The U.S. wasn’t defeated in Iraq in a military sense. We rolled them over and made them our bitch. It was instead a stupid “Ok, let’s all leave now, bye” policy implimented by Bush and executed by Obama.
        Don’t rewrite history dude. You don’t smash a military, totally replace its government, walk away and then are declared the “loser” of the engagement.
        The “walk away and leave a power vacuum” thing is why Iraq is what it is now.
        All this said, I opposed the Iraq unconstitutional military excursion from day one.

        1. Well you’re correct that the US successfully invaded and was able to topple Saddam very quickly, in that strict sense it was a military success and a very fast one.
          But the US was not able to leave Iraq free of militants. You might be right that that was a political decision taken by the US, truth is Obama is a very weak man, but I suspect that the US could have spent another 100 years there and not defeated the insurgents because the more you attack them the more sympathy they get from people. Just as many ordinary non-Hispanic Americans just simply would not accept the Mexican government stationing troops in the US etc.

        2. Given a proper policy in regards to insurgents, such as we took back when we actually had Constitutional wars, sure we could have easily wiped the insurgents out.
          But we’re not that country any longer, and if we were that country we wouldn’t have invaded Iraq in the first place. I guess it’s all pie in the sky speculation then, heh.

        3. I do understand what you’re saying but it’s also a question of time. Using a full on assault the US might wipe out insurgents, IS and their allies and impose martial rule with enough soldiers. But one day the US will leave. Whether it’s 5 years, 50 years or 100 years. And the place will still be an Islamic hell hole.
          The examples in history of turning back the tide of Islam are few and far between with Spain and some parts of the Balkans being the only examples and in those cases after centuries of bloodshed. And even then they don’t give up. It is highly likely that certain western countries such as France, England, Sweden and Belgium will be Muslim majority in the future.
          The US would be far better off having spent the money guarding the southern border, rounding up and deporting all illegal immigrants and providing training to young Americans rather than just replacing them with Asians.
          And above all why not concentrate on keeping as many Muslims as possible out of the US.

      2. If US use Ultimate Power, meaning, shoot and bomb at anything at sight so there’s no civilians to hide behind, they would win easily, in Vietnam, Iraque, or where ever. Even without going nuclear. Using nuclear strikes it would be all over in 10 minutes.
        They only last because we don’t use merciless full scale power.
        I’m not saying we should do that, but that is what THEY would do if they could.
        ISIS forces cannot go head to head with modern military. Even Nazi Germany, who was much much bigger, was crushed in the end.

  31. Big fuckin deal yall. They aint making it far. They wouldnt make it far if there wasnt any resistance either. Let them take saudi arabia and the rest of the arab world. At some point in time theyll need to sell us oil. Yes sell at the international market price and continuing to attack and expand to sovereign nations would be as self defeating as North korea starting another war.

    1. Rather short sighted. They don’t have to sell that oil to us, the West, at all. China has a huge demand for natural resources, and they’re no friend of the West.
      Their strength however only comes from our leftist weakness. As Tom Dane mentions, we could wipe them out in less than 45 minutes, decisively, forever and scare the living shit out of anybody else thinking about pulling a similar stunt. But we don’t, and won’t, because the idiots at the top of our pig pile are base cowards and back room amoral wheelers and dealers.
      That gives me a bit of concern actually. In a fight between a determined, aggressive and 100% committed group, and a group of lackadaisical, lazy and amoral bored wishy washy Milquatoasts, who wins?

      1. In answer to your question, I’d like to point out the recent(ish) standoff between the BLM and the Nevada ranchers (the Bundy standoff). The former dressed up like overweight Counterstrike cosplayers, turned up with automatic weapons and a media circus in train; the latter turned up with their families, their own automatic weapons and, in the words of one journalist who was there, a no-shit readiness to die for their beliefs.
        Who won that one? The ranchers – because Obama blinked and called off the BLM. He could not even stomach the possibility of bad optics ala Waco or Ruby Ridge on that one. More about the subject here: http://www.johntreed.com/BLM-Nevada-rancher-showdown.html

        1. Exactly my point. And the Rancher standoff was fantastic. Me and a couple of my friends, Afghanistan war vets (not me, them), were discussing gearing up and riding out there actually, and then it ended.
          The one with the determination wins if their foe just sits and masturbates onto its own belly while watching octopus porn.

        1. Drinking must *always* occur after a victorious and glorious win on the field of honor. Drinking, and having your way with their women and collecting their weapons off of their dead bodies as trophies to take home. heh


        3. Aye. Did you know that you can’t take trophies any longer as a U.S. soldier, meaning you can’t grab the gun off of Haji’s corpse and send it home? And then in country, you have to “follow the customs of the culture”, meaning that if you like a nice ale after kicking Haji’s arse, tough shit you might offend his widow (who is likely suiting up with a suicide vest and looking at a map at how to best get into your base). What the fuck is all that shit about?
          A world run by sniveling tradition destroying, emasculated Leftists is only *slightly* better than living in a brutal Muslim caliphate. Meh.

        4. I was going to object to this train of thought … on the grounds that we, as rational men, are better than this. Win the war, collect their weapons and move on. But, I suppose a generation seeded with half-breeds are going to be a lot more cooperative than a monolithic generation of revenge seeking orphans.

        5. You dun it! 🙂
          Well, you know me, libertarian to the core and yet with this huge streak of old school warrior in me that I can’t seem to keep in check. heh

      2. They dont have to sell us oil. You’re right, they could sell it to China, but then China would stop buying from someone else and we’d get the oil the Chinese wouldnt buy. China wouldnt get all the oil either. At some point we’d pay enough of a higher price to get imports. If ISIS took over the middle east it would just reshuffle the oil market and those clowns over there would have to mature and come to the table. There’s just no way they’re jihad-ing their way out of the middle east even if there was wide spread arab support, and I don’t think there is.

  32. You speak of their claimed Quranic literalism and their claim to follow the original, first-generation form of Islam as if those things were somehow characteristic of ISIS. Well, they aren’t. Pretty much all denominations of all religions claim to be originalist, none ever self-identified as deviant innovators. Scriptural literalism too is something every denomination of every religion, except a few liberal “modernist” ones, considers itself to engage in.

  33. Another major thing we’re dealing with is that ever since the decline of the Ottoman Empire, the Middle East has mostly been in chaos and filled with power grabs. During the Cold War, the West and the Soviets were trying to gain influence over the Middle East, and the U.S. sided with the Saudis while the Soviets managed to become allies with the Soviets by the 1980’s. The Saudis and the Iranians are fighting over the regions, and the same people who supported them during the cold war, is supporting Iran too.
    We’re all just caught up in the Middle East’s version of the great game.

  34. There will never be any mass deportations. Mass migrations will only take place after a civil war. If that happens in a multi-culti nation it will quickly devolve into a race war and ethno-states will be set up afterwards with the losing side(s) getting much much less land.

    1. That was the belief at the outset of the so called “War on Terror”. There was a scholar whose last name is Huntington and he gave a lecture that was later turned into a thesis titled “Clash of Civilizations”. Some, if not many, on the Left attacked the central idea of this thesis, that a clash between western values and something other will be the source of future conflicts. Huntington pointed to the Islamic cultures in Asia as the source of this conflict.
      We are in a war right now and this war is a clash of civilizations in spite of what is coming out of the White House.

  35. terrible article. i don’t doubt anything you say about the history of islam or the differences between Salafis and shia muslims, but you forgot the most important reason why these people choose to murder americans (and other westerners) like they did on 9/11 and join organizations like ISIS. you say they want world domination, but commiting isolated acts of terrorism such as 9/11, and recent attacks in europe by ISIS, does little for that cause. they want to kill americans and westerners because for at least the last 20-30 years, the US has had troops in their countries doing whatever they could to promote US financial interesrt, sometimes very violently, under the guise of “nation building” or “spreading democracy” (but never fully conquering those countries). how would you feel if you were from a politically unstable country, and every day on your drive to work, you passed by foreign soldiers with guns (Americans) who you beleived to be contributing to your country’s poverty and chaos? i know that would piss me off, and for some people, it justified traveling to America and killing people, or joining a group like ISIS to fight against the west. dzhokhar tsanraev even gave this reason when asked why he did the boston marathon bombing. I’m sure the ISIS fighters have similar justifications for their actions. i’m not saying what they’re doing is right (assuming it’s being reported accurately by thr media), but you can’t say America hasn’t been asking for it. at least these people are showing some balls when it comes to standing up to the West, as opposed to the author and commenters on this article, who complain about the west but immediately defend America when it comes to military conflicts.
    Also, if the US truly wanted democracy in the middle east, we would go in there with full force and conquer countries like syria, iraq and iran, and make them into territories of the US. im not saying we should do that, but it just shows that the whole “spreading democracy” thing is BS and that the US is only after its own financial interests.

    1. You overestimate the military power of the west.
      We have the ability to fight several wars at once, and can even win them.
      But it is one thing to bomb and destroy and entirely different to conquer.
      For ground conquest you need troops. Sheer numbers count.
      Thats why we lost afghanistan. Like the russians did b4 us. Like the english empire did b4 them.
      Men on the ground can get hurt. Men on the ground die. Men on the ground come home and have mental problem adjusting to daily disney after having tasted the real thing.
      China and India are the only ones who have the numbers to conquer in todays world. We can destroy, but not conquer.
      Thats our weakness. Supreme tech but few in number. Muslims (and asia) knows this and they outbreed us, hoping to break our world domination one day by sheer numbers.
      ISIS is a joke and useful idiot. Nothing more. But the people, our people who have forgotten what liberties they have and how few people in history and today can enjoy them, these people make me sick.
      If the west is going down, then it is because we let it be. Too much fear. Too much weakness. Too much comfort and decadence.
      A read a shitload about rape culture. Do you have any idea how many women GRAVE to be raped by a dominant and physicaly strong alpha male?
      It is a deep inner desire of women to be dominated by strong alpha man. And what do we produce in todays mega cities and our western democracy?
      Ball-less looser betas who obey the law and pay their taxes.
      Still wonder why women get crazy and jump on the dick of some desert nomad muslim dorks at the first chance? I dont.

    1. dont you mean ‘thanks be to the pedophile mohammed’?
      errr, sorry. I forgot Mohammed is simply his prophet. The lord wanted a pedophile warlord as his prophet

  36. It’s also important to mention that the group’s origins stem from the millions of disenfranchised Sunni Ba’athists that were collateral damage from the American invasion.

  37. A good college try, I suppose, but it misses quite a bit. Principally, the entire 800 pound gorilla in the room of Islamic Eschatology(aka the Islamic Apocalypse). I’ll give Graeme Wood credit for illuminating the SWPL-Eloi Elites by summarizing ISIS’s End Times ideology in his article on ISIS(Link: http://www.theatlantic.com/features/archive/2015/02/what-isis-really-wants/384980/ ) in the Atlantic.
    One of the people who have been studying this issue for some time is Dr. Timothy Furnish who more specifically, studies the epi-phenomenon of ‘Mahdi-ism’. His book ‘Holiest Wars’ is a must read, but I highly recommend his regularly updated website; MahdiWatch(Link: http://www.mahdiwatch.org/ ).
    For a taste of what ISIS truly is, I recommend the 1966 film ‘Khartoum’ with Chuck Heston & Larry Olivier. Here’s a brief clip;

  38. It’s all pretty simple really, what ISIS wants is to relive the glory days of Islam, when it was Muhammad and his companions riding about Arabia winning battles, taking slaves, subjugating unbelievers and growing rich off plunder and rapine.
    Too bad it’s going to get them all killed. Now that they’re out in the open, sooner or later some real military is going to bring it’s ponderous might to bear and they’ll be crushed, and we’ll all be reminded while the global Jihad decided to go with the terrorism approach rather than open warfare in the first place. Spoiler alert; it’s because they’ll lose.

  39. I invite you to read about the Day of Ghadeer, to read about the Fadak incident, to read about Imam Ali a.s, to read about Imam Hussain and Ashoura, there you will find truths that our disagree’ers and their terrorists are trying to hide from you. Their history books are poisoned with lies and attemps to re-write history, that is why you will find confusing contradictions in their books of “saheh muslim” and “Tirmithi” and …etc. They took Islam from those who never could have been farther and further away from it, they took islam from the enemies of Islam themselves! this is why you will find literally lots of bullshit in their doctrine.

  40. Last I checked, the USA has these things called oceans. Last I checked, ISIS has no navy; we do. So what if they have the intent to rule the world? They don’t have the means and never will.

    1. Al Qaeda didn’t need a navy to bring down two skyscrapers and kill a couple thosuand people at a single sitting. And tell me of the ship-based missile defence system that can bring down an ICBM.

      1. I’m still trying to figure out how Al Qaeda overcame the laws of physics to pull that one off. I thinks it more probably that a meteor hits the Earth than one of these goofball ME countries or terrorist groups gets access to ICBM technology.

  41. These muslim fools think they’re the only ones aside from the current banking cartel and government cathedral who have aspirations of world domination?? Then they are all seriously mistaken.. both of them. Your news outlets and the radicals they condemn are just two more tools of a higher yet feebler master. This small group, though clever and cunning with their tactics of deceit as well as divide and conquer, cannot see all ends. Remember, they’re all only human.

  42. Me: “Not all men rape though”
    Leftist: “Stop being a rape apologists. Saying all men don’t rape doesn’t help the situation. it hurts it.”
    Leftist: “Not all Muslims are extremist though…”

  43. And why is Christianity not like this? Because it exhausted itself in wars during the reformation, and eventually went “fuck it”.
    Remember that religious wars are never really fought over doctrine. They are all about power and money.

  44. Sounds like the author needs a crash course in geopolitics. This is blue-pill, main-stream media bullshit.

    1. The author is correct. Whether ISIS suceeds is a discussion for another forum.

  45. Crap, Isis and Al Qaida aren’t salafi they’re Kharjite… articles like this are what happens when mechanics write about cardiology..
    You really got it wrong, nice effort though..
    I am Muslim, I am Salafi, I am red pill… really I shouldn’t exist, unicorn alert, or you got it wrong. Seeing how I am one of many Salafi Red pill men I know I don’t think I am a freak, you just don’t know what you’re talking about.

  46. I have a female friend who apparently had a traumatic childhood. Her father was very machismo and his behavior scared her in many ways (he never abused her physically). As a result of this trauma she refuses to date Hispanic males (she’s Mexican). However, she only dates Muslim men. The irony!

  47. Fuck it. Feminists don’t want to stop them. Overall, ISIS is about what the men get to do to the women. Western women don’t care about ISIS. If THEY don’t care, why should I? As a man, under Islam, I would do pretty well. Fighting Islam is about defending women. But if the women I would defend with my very life (and their lifestyle and value to us as men) have no value to anyone, well fuck THEM. And leftist women DO argue against turning Islam into a smoking piece of charcoal, so why bother arguing? Let Western women become victim to a true rape culture. I’m way past caring and Western women aren’t worth even ONE more masculine life defending them. They don’t want us holding their coat, the door or their chair in the restaurant, why should we men defend them with our lives? FUCK them.

  48. Islam is the biggest threat to civilization in the modern world. They seek to convert or kill every last human on the planet. They will not stop until we murder them or until they achieve this.

  49. The real problem is not ISIS per se.
    The West has been reverting the laws of human nature for the past 5 decades. Islam is basically red pill on steroids. That’s why Islamists have an edge on the long run.
    However, I doubt the West will backpedal to common sense.

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