Why Is Female Sex Tourism Embraced By Society?

Female sex tourists are usually older women from First World developed countries who visit developing countries looking for the “love” of a younger man. These relationships are transactional in nature where money and gifts are going to the younger men who in turn are providing sexual services to the women. In essence these mostly older women are engaging in prostitution by any black-and-white definition of the word.


One would assume that since society views men who visit prostitutes in a negative light they would also be critical of women doing the same thing. In the case of sex tourism, both older men and women from developed countries make trips to the developing world to pay for sex with partners far younger than themselves. However the way society and the media view the men and women doing the same thing couldn’t be more different. Male sex tourists are depicted, at worst, as criminals or, at best, as low-life scum taking advantage of poor desperate women. Meanwhile, the media practically celebrates women who do the same thing—in the form of films and articles—while the at-large society seems to accept this glaring double standard.

In my opinion, the articles and films are really grasping at straws to depict female sex tourists in a positive light to the public. However, any objective look at the films and articles on the subject suggests that they actively promote, rationalize, and condone what these wealthy older women are doing with poor young men from developing countries while on vacation.

The movie Heading South, as seen in the preview above, is about older French women visiting Haiti in the 1970s. They exchange their money and gifts to get sex from the local teenage boys. Can you imagine how vilified a comparable film about old American men paying teenage girls in Thailand for sex would be in news media outlets? I suspect news media would create stories reporting mass protests and boycotts of cinemas that decided to show the film.

It’s safe to say that while the news media loves to go after any possibly deviant male sexual behavior like male sex tourism, they give women a pass for the same behavior. This why major motion pictures like Heading South and Paradise: Love (preview below) can be created with either news media complacency or support.

In recent years several articles discussing the phenomenon of female sex tourists have had writers trying to paint these women as victims who are tricked by local men who make them believe the relationship is about love and not money. For instance this is what one women comments as she realizes her boy toy was only with her for her money:

I used to think Derrick was respectful of me and really loved me, until I heard him laughing with the other boys one night. It turned my blood cold.

In one article, For Love And Money, writers Deborah Pruitt and Suzanne Lafont argue against the use of the word prostitution for the relationship that female sex tourists have with the men they pay for sex.

Male sex workers are involved in romance rather than sex tourism, because there is often a level of emotional investment that is not present in sex tourism.

The media is doing its best to either cast the female sex tourists as victims who are lied to about the nature of their relationship or they try to romanticize the relationship as deeper than prostitution. Also an implied message in the films above is that the female characters are only overseas looking for “love” because the men back home no longer desire them the same now that they have gotten older so these women are acting rationally by traveling to places where they are still desired by men.


I believe the goal of these articles and films promoting female sex tourism are largely to help women rationalize paying for sex. Female sex tourists are finding themselves in male territory as sex without feelings or a relationship element is difficult for many women to practice. Conversely, male sex tourists usually have no illusions about the transactional nature of their relationship with prostitutes, but this type of thinking is not as easy for women to achieve. Also, unlike women, older male sex tourists have typically had a lifetime of paying for sex one way or another—between divorce and courtship—so outright prostitution is not as hard of a transition for them. For older female sex tourists, it must be difficult to realize their vaginas, which at one time could command high value on the open market, now cannot even be given away for free.

While the media does its best to spin the reality about female sex tourists, the fact is these women are engaging in sex tourism because they are too fat, wrinkly, and outright painful to look at, so they have to pay poor men from third world countries for access to dick. The men they are fucking do so out of economic necessity and are disgusted with themselves. One of the male sex workers describes his experience with these women:

They stink, have rough skin and look like old dogs. No wonder they have to pay for a man. . . Men won’t touch them where they come from.


Only in the case of older women buying sex would you ever see films and articles putting a positive spin on prostitution. There is a long list of adjectives that the media uses to describe men who also practice sex tourism, but when women do it, the words associated with it are either positive and congratulatory, or even go as far to portray the sex tourists as victims.

The media understands that women have such fragile egos that any criticism of their behavior (solicitation of prostitution) is not permitted. In fact, it seems that the more women engage in undesirable behaviors, the stronger the need to celebrate the behavior (e.g., the fat acceptance movement, slut walks, pedestalizing single motherhood etc.). With upcoming demographic changes that will cause a large population of old single women, expect even more articles and films to promote female sex tourists so that they can easily rationalize exploiting young men.

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  1. Who gives two shits about how you are perceived by others…. OH this guy got laid in a foreign country by a girl much hotter than the farmers daughter, and in most cases younger than 18 since it is legal there. I can’t help but feel bad for anyone who views men that get 8s or 9s in foreign countries for cheap as scum. Balls = Drained! Me = Happy! Your Opinion = Worthless!

    1. The sad thing is that fit healthy, attractive males with true value, self-worth, character and morals have to travel eight thousand miles to find a female to even just engage in a conversation. It really makes me sad to the bottom of my heart to have grown up as a white male in this pathetic USA. What a waste of a life.

    2. ” . . . younger than 18 since it is legal there.”
      As well as in most of Mexico, the US and all of Canada. Where do y’all get the idea that 18 is a general age of consent?

  2. These women are embarrassing our nations.
    Have we completely forgotten the concept of Noblesse Oblige? 1) Be kind to those who are less than you, 2) Don’t debase yourself in front of them, else you embarrass your entire class.
    These women fail on both points. Is it any wonder that third-world immigrants hold us in contempt?

    1. I have a solution for immigrants that hate this country and the people in it. Deportation.

      1. I have a solution for racists who, like you and Aurini, inject their Nazism into every. single. discussion. Deportation.

    2. Wouldn’t we, like, ya know, have to have a sense of Noblesse before we could have a sense of Oblige?

    3. Because the real problem here is embarrassing the nation. Not, you know, about the exploitation of vulnerable people overseas.
      I find your lack of priorities… disturbing.

      1. You’re deliberately missing the point, which is that the aforementioned embarrassment and contempt are direct consequences of such behavior.
        I find your inability to comprehend a fairly simple concept entirely unsurprising.

      2. It’s not about priorities; it’s about guarding his fat, old, white women. Aurini is the kind of white knight who buys up copies of 50 Shades of Grey to protect the morals of his white women. All white women are his.

    4. They are being kind to these young men, they are improving their financial lot in life. They are not debasing themselves in front of them, its an even exchange. As far as embarrassing themselves in front of their entire class, these women come from a few different classes, none of which would be embarrassed by this.

        1. As long as they are women and not children, as these rastitutes are young men and not children, I’ve got no problem with it.

    1. Its not that black guys would fuck anything. Its that these black guys from developing countries are at the mercy of these affluent white woman offering them money for sex. Wouldn’t you shag a woman for U$200.00 if your minimum wage in your shitty factory job is U$0.50 an hour?.
      A man has to feed his family. Even if it means fucking a land whale.

      1. In this case, yes, but that doesn’t explain the Brothers in the US that give it up for free to fatass reject white women. As I stated in my post, if Brothers are going to get with fatty rejects of other races, then we (well, not us, but those Brothers taking out the trash) should make them pay, and pay more because we (they) saved them a trip to the Caribbean.
        Janitors do get paid, you know.

        1. GAG, the African American men who do that are NOT quality men. They are homeless and looking for a place to stay, jobless, ghetto types who didn’t quite have enough “thug” in them to attract the hot black or latina girls in the ‘hood or have fetal alcohol syndrome, or any other number of issues that prevent them from getting their lives together and looking good.
          You can find them in Dollar General shopping for diapers with their similarly statused fat white baby mamas.
          Black men that have got their lives and looks together absolutely do not go for such women.

        2. Well, not all black men fall in this category but a lot of them do have a thing or two for fat fucks, or errrrm in their own words “curvacious” “bodacious” “bootilicious” women…..black or white or anything.

        3. They have no taste, just admit it. Look at their dumbazz clothes. Only a handful of black or part black men who were brought up around more upper class whites have any taste.There may be a few exceptions to this rule but they are Rare exceptions.Guys who swig Cristal from the bottle or wear a lot of flashy jewellery are more interested in just showing off and not because they have any appreciation for things.

      2. Black guys are proud to be seen with some hideous obese white skank who no white man would be seen in public with.

        1. “Black guys are proud to be seen with some hideous obese white skank who no whit man would be seen with”
          I’m pretty sure more white guys are seen with obese white skanks than black guys.
          You mad bro?

        2. Dude, I was looking at that Hooking Up Smart website you were posting on. Thats the gayest shit Ive ever seen and moderated to fuck by a man-hating feminist. Why u here bro?

        3. You can sit there and play Stevie Wonder all you like — the rest of us have our eyes wide fucking open, and we’re merely reporting what we see on a regular, if not daily, basis.
          Black men, on average, are the bottom-feeders of the sexual dating pool in the West.

        4. Your ignorance is amusing to say the least. Go to the UK and witness how ‘ugly’ the white woman black guys are with.

        5. You may be a Black man with proper standards, and for that, I applaud you, but our enemies are correct, unfortunately. We have to turn that around and compete. Encourage more Black men to have standards in life, and chastise those that take out the trash, the fatties, fuglies, and faggots that society wishes to keep us relegated to.
          Heterosexual Black men: You are sandwiched between two sides that want nothing but your death and despair. You have the leftist feminists and faggots on one side, and the white supremacist right on the other.

        6. True that. Black guys have factors to overcome such as overwhelming negative stereotypes, dismal role-models, disturbing socio-economic environments and passive-aggressive racists.

        7. He’s right in the UK all the fittest girls are with black guys cause they are considered more “cool” (Cheryl Cole) and all the fat whales I’ve seen are with white nerdy beta losers.
          Just what I’ve seen at school and outside.

        8. You’re holding up modern-day U.K. women as shining examples of white womanhood? Now that’s amusing.
          To paraphrase something Roosh once said: you know things are bad for black guys when white Western women are their big upgrade.

        9. have you seen the average african american woman? I think a woman from any race would be an upgrade

        10. have you seen the average african american woman?

          Sadly, I have.
          In fact, there are only three certifiably “smokin’” black women in the modern world. And they are:
          1) the Blasian attorney I used to bang
          2) the 24 year-old Ethiopian chick I met at the Short Stop in Echo Park (L.A.) and had a quite exhausting first-date fuck session with
          3) the black girl who used to sneak over and give me amazing, eyes-rolling-back-in-your-head blowjobs during summer vacation, while my mom was at work
          Factors shared by two of these three women: partial white heritage that accounted for their “smokin’”-ness.
          Factors shared by all three: they preferred, and only dated, white guys.
          Which tends to be the case with many of the hottest black women. So — damn — it’s one thing that black guys are usually stuck with the white man’s rejects and leftovers (or they’re merely used to satisfy superficial white-girl curiosity about black dick but remain relegated to secret hook-up status). But now, black guys are increasingly not even getting the hottest of their own women.
          I feel for ya, brotha’.

        11. what planet do you live on???
          Meagan Good
          Paula Patton
          Lauren London
          Noemie Lanoir
          Zoe Kravitz
          Thats just at the top of my head.
          You named the black girls that you’ve shagged as the hottest in the modern world?
          How narcissistic of you
          “black guys are increasingly not even getting the hottest of their own woman”
          Your delusions are incredible

        12. Your bold commitment to uncomfortable truths is incredible

          Fixed, bro.

          You named the black girls that you’ve shagged as the hottest in the modern world?
          How narcissistic of you

          Good to see that you’re adept at discerning dry humor.

        13. You should start a blog.
          You’re one of the few — if not only — blacks I’ve seen who cuts right to the heart of the matter instead of placing all blame on external forces and crying “RAAAAY-CISM” when “black men, raise your standards” is the more appropriate answer.
          Also, you seem to understand that some women are simply not attracted to black physical features — a fact of life that can neither be avoided nor seriously denied.

        14. Oh, and of the five women you mentioned…

          Zoe Kravitz

          has a history of liking the vanilla:

          Paula Patton

          is married to Robin Thicke — a white guy:
          Also, I referred to “partial white heritage that accounted for their “smokin’”-ness.” I’ll amend that to mixed heritage in general. So let’s see…
          Per Meagan Good’s Wikipedia page:

          According to Good, her maternal grandmother is “Jewish and African, so I guess that would be considered Creole.

          Per Paula Patton’s Wikipedia page:

          Her father is black and her mother is white.

          Per Lauren London’s Wikipedia page:

          London was born in Los Angeles, to an African American mother and a Jewish father.

          Per Noemie Lanoir’s Wikipedia page:

          Noémie Lenoir (born 19 September 1979 in Les Ulis) is a French model and actress of mixed heritage.

          Her father is a retired French electrician who later divorced her mother

          And from Miss Kravitz’s Wikipedia page:

          Her paternal grandfather, filmmaker Sy Kravitz, and maternal grandmother, Arlene Litman, were both Jewish, and Zoë Kravitz identifies as a secular Jew

          You asked me:

          what planet do you live on???

          Looks like Planet Earth.

        15. Oh, and of the five women you mentioned…

          Zoe Kravitz

          has a history of liking the vanilla:

          Paula Patton

          is married to Robin Thicke — a white guy:
          Also, I referred to “partial white heritage that accounted for their “smokin’”-ness.” I’ll amend that to mixed heritage in general. So let’s see…
          Per Meagan Good’s Wikipedia page:

          According to Good, her maternal grandmother is “Jewish and African, so I guess that would be considered Creole.

          Per Paula Patton’s Wikipedia page:

          Her father is black and her mother is white.

          Per Lauren London’s Wikipedia page:

          London was born in Los Angeles, to an African American mother and a Jewish father.

          Per Noemie Lanoir’s Wikipedia page:

          Noémie Lenoir (born 19 September 1979 in Les Ulis) is a French model and actress of mixed heritage.

          Her father is a retired French electrician who later divorced her mother

          And from Miss Kravitz’s Wikipedia page:

          Her paternal grandfather, filmmaker Sy Kravitz, and maternal grandmother, Arlene Litman, were both Jewish, and Zoë Kravitz identifies as a secular Jew

          You asked me:

          what planet do you live on???

          Looks like Planet Earth.

        16. True that.
          Plus black guys have to fight against their evidently overwhelming urge to bitch all the time about how hard their lives are.

        17. I had no idea who those females were so I looked them up. Aside from the fact that they’re just ordinary looking it’s apparent that they are also white to a degree. Negroes don’t have straight hair. Look at 1/2 white deBlasios son with that giant afro

    2. TLM: Because jumping to racist cliches instead of examining the larger issue of sexual exploitation is just so much easier.

    3. Part of the story here, yes. At least there is a significant fraction that are up for any kind of sex no matter who it is with, whereas very few whites or east Asians would have any interest in getting this kind of action even for financial gain.

  3. “For older female sex tourists, it must be difficult to realize their vaginas, which at one time could command high value on the open market, now cannot even be given away for free.”
    Oh snap!

    1. Not only “cannot even be given away for free.” They cannot be given away for free to underage boys in third-world countries.
      The U.S. has a law against sex tourism with children under 18.

  4. The thing is, some men probably need prostitutes in order to get any sex, while there will always be some dude with low enough standards for a woman to get with. If anything, women that engage in sex tourism should be chastised for overusing privilege, or something along those lines.
    Personally, I don’t wish to buy the services of a woman, but I don’t mind traveling to countries where women are more appreciative of me, and/or far more attractive. I’m a heterosexual man that likes sex, so if I encounter some Chinese ladies that are interested in a Black Dragon, for instance, I’m not turning down a tour of the Great Sugarwalls.
    PS: Damn it Brothers, raise your standards. If you’re with slop like that, at least make them pay. In fact, make them pay more because you saved them a trip to the Caribbean.

    1. Sure everybody but grandma could go onto a hookup site and post “free sex”, and find something in the dredge that will stick it in them. But that is going to be a blow to their ego, and they won’t get their tingles from it. Going to the carribean, and “helping” giglo pay for his sick grandma’s doctor visit or whatever white lie allows the ego to escape the body check.

      1. “Sure everybody but grandma could go onto a hookup site and post “free
        sex”, and find something in the dredge that will stick it in them.”
        You’re wrong. Not only can grandma do that, in “western civilization” SHE IS!
        I swear, this has to be the only culture with 4 generations of the family surfing porn and online trying to get laid.
        And you wonder why American kids don’t respect their elders?

    2. Raising standards is something a lot of guys would be smart to do. There are way too many guys out there who are willing to have sex with fat women, or old women way past the wall. I personally think these guys should be shamed and have some sense knocked into them, but when you fuck a fatty you’re basically shaming yourself. If you had any honor you already wouldn’t be doing it.

      1. So, honor is now defined as who you sleep with.
        It’s great to know that you’re the honorable ‘love them and leave them’ type who bails at the first wrinkle, or first few pounds.
        I hope this form of honor continues to work so well for you when you become geriatric. After all, it would be so dishonorable for your wife or lover to have remained with you for so long.

        1. You bet! If my LTR girlfriend starting gaining pounds I wouldn’t have sex with her. If it continued I wouldn’t stay with her.
          Having sex with a horny cougar is very different from staying with a wife who’s been with you for years, has been loyal to you, and has raised your children. If my wife honored me by doing those things I’d honor her in return by staying with her and taking care of her.
          But we all know you’re just a troll, here for the attention.

        2. So, if your girlfriend is a step on the path to wifeness, where does that leave her?
          Children = Weight gain, with some exceptions.
          In your slightly convoluted schema of loyalty, honor, and other such fun and games, how long does a girlfriend have to maintain prettiness before she succeeds in passing the loyal wife who you’ll love forever barrier?
          Is it at a year of girlfriend-hood, or six years of marriage? Or, is disposablity a more enduring characteristic?
          I’m genuinely interested in understanding your logic. I’m sure it’s an interesting psychological phenomenon.

        3. My logic is that I do what I feel like and when girls call me a pig, I laugh because I know it gives them the tingles.

        4. That’s an odd form of logic…
          … are you quite sure you haven’t confused logic with a mild case of narcissism?
          I feel like your riposte is a slightly less witty version of “I have a windmill in my beard.”

        5. I think if the “wifey” loses her attitude such as yours, she is on the right track to passing the “love forever” barrier.

        6. Hi guest! Nice to meet you, too!
          I’m quite glad your skills with a dictionary are so stellar. You must be such a perspicacious fellow to know that riposte is a cheese.
          I’ll just assume you really do know better.
          Don’t worry! I wouldn’t date or marry you either! Isn’t that such a relief? You don’t have to worry about me.
          Fortunately, not all guys are you, and not all women are me. I’m going to talk to some real men now. You know, the ones who respect my decision to wait for the nasty till after marriage, and honor that by waiting themselves.
          And, you know, are secure enough in their masculinity that they aren’t threatened by my cheerful sarcasm, arc welding skills, and steel toed boots.

        7. “… they aren’t threatened by my cheerful sarcasm, arc welding skills, and steel toed boots.”
          Oh yeah, that’s so hot, baby. Next, could you retread my tires with your teeth? Mmm… No, no, the steel belts. Yeeeah, that’s it.
          (American women are strangely tonedeaf to sensuality. It’s like a cultural identity crisis: “I don’t know, or care, how to be feminine, so I’ll become an ersatz, tomboyish poseur with a gash. Throw me the football.” And guys still fuck it. I blame it all on the permissiveness of all the desparately thisty beta simps out there. Stop fucking these cretins, you dumb assholes.)

        8. bitches like these that are pain in the ass should be included in the “Should Not Fuck” list as well, along with the whales and old skanks. and old whales. i have a feeling this bitch is both fat and old, hence defending her fellow army of whales. time to start whaling again!!!

        9. “Children = Weight gain”
          Bull****. 5 of my female friends/ relatives have had 2 or more children and they were back to pre-pregnancy weight within 6 months through diet and exercise. Only lazy/ complacent women don’t lose the excess weight.

        10. You sound like a pretentious know-it-all. A funny one, nonetheless. I suspect you’re messing with these Guys on purpose.
          And I think you can be fairly certain the wife/girlfriend is always disposeable, according to anyone you ask on this page, because a woman’s value lies solely in her beauty, apparently.

      2. I mentioned before this average looking 38 year old guy who was head over heels for a 57 year old woman. She looked good – for her age, but she did look her age. He on the other hand looked like an average 38 year old American guy, which means not good but not bad either. He could have easily gotten a similar average looking woman is own age or even younger.
        My conclusion was that he must’ve had some personality disorder that turned women his own age off from him.
        Even the 57 year old felt uncomfortable when he grabbed and kissed her in Walmart.

    3. Okay, so I’m having to give your first paragraph a skip while I try to deal with the bile it generated. Unfortunately, skipping to your second paragraph doesn’t actually do me much good.
      Why exactly do you think they appreciate you more? I’m fairly certain it wouldn’t be because you call yourself a Black Dragon. Such a thing would be equally idiotic there as it is here. Maybe they are just blessed by a language barrier preventing them from fully comprehending the inanity of ‘Great Sugarwalls’.
      Now that we’ve dealt with… the utter ridiculousness of the way you refer to yourself and potential lovers, lets deal with the greater issue. So, back to the rhetorical question, posed previously.
      Why would they appreciate you more?
      Think about that, and then maybe consider what exactly defines the population of people most at risk for being victims of sexual exploitation.
      We’ve been diverted. You totally miss the big issue. Of course, the article totally missed it at well. You’re apparently in the company of a great lot of fools.
      Sexual exploitation is nasty, regardless of the gender, age, or socioeconomic status of the perpetrator or the victim.
      P.S. I’ve recovered, From the first paragraph, they shouldn’t be shamed for overusing ‘privilege’. They should be shamed for being sexual predators.
      P.P.S: Way to go overusing the ‘Asian Hooker Stereotype’ that stems (historically) from the 1960’s and
      70’s. Bonus points for racial insensitivity and overall lameness.

      1. With a gun to my head I couldn’t draw a cogent argument from this mess. Think about it; nobody replied because there is nothing to reply to. It’s like Google translated it from Mongolian.

  5. The double standard continues. Men are expendable workhorses who can do nothing but evil and women are precious flowers who can do no wrong. Well, in the eyes of Anglo society and its laws. With men, it’s sex tourism. (Cue dark music.) With women, it’s international romance. (Cue birds singing.)
    I personally have no issues with prostitution, as long as it’s between two consenting adults. In fact, it’s already explicitly legal in most of the world. Maybe if it was legal here in America it would drive down the price of pussy and we wouldn’t see so many men selling their souls and their lives for it. But that would mean that women would lose their #1 bargaining chip, which is why it will never happen now that females wear the pants in Anglo America.
    But let’s fantasize for a minute. Maybe, just maybe, as women realized their pussy power was finally in check, the Americans of European descent in this society would get back to having…oh I don’t know…families instead of continuing on the materialistic suicide course they’re on now. (Look up some demographics. Caucasians are dying off faster than a vanilla ice cream melting away in Phoenix in July. But they have nice McMansions and cookie-cutter SUVs! That’s more important than a dirty little baby and continuing your family lineage I guess.)
    If you disconnect yourself emotionally from what is happening, and try to view it from the perspective of a dispassionate and unbiased observer, it really is funny what’s going on. Oh, the history books that will be written about the Decline of the American Republic.

      1. “It is inaccurate to say I hate everything. I am strongly in favor of
        common sense, common honesty, and common decency. This makes me forever ineligible for any public office.” -H.L. Mencken

    1. Relampago you must establish a popular revolt in haste. Start from the bottom and seize control of this godforsaken nation with the aide of your countrymen.

      1. Why do that? It’s like having a front row seat to the biggest comedy show on the planet.

        1. You’re the lover of so called “western civilization”…
          “How to live life? Between a pair of Latin tits, drunk off your ass, with the Stones on blast and a Sam Peckinpah Western on the big-screen. How the fuck else?”

        2. That’s the second time you’ve quoted my Disqus profile. Are you profile-stalking me? How creepy.
          Unlike you, I understand the difference between Western civilization and the things that stand to degrade and destroy it.
          I stand for the survival of the former. You, however, are a sterling example of the latter.

        3. Gentlemen, behold the spectacle of Mint Choc Chip: everything that’s wrong with leftism-infected Western society in the age of third-wave feminism and multiculturalism. She/it is, indeed, the defeatist, self-loathing mindset of the West in a single, shit-encrusted nutshell.
          Learn from her/it. Hold it up as an example of all that must be shunned and rejected if we — the children of the greatest, most advanced civilization ever to take root — are to prosper and keep alive the teachings and accomplishments of our forefathers.
          Like a cancerous cell, Mint Choc Chip must be isolated and studied so that her kind can be stamped out of future generations.

        4. A woman agrees with y’all that the Anglosphere sucks and you all become patriots!

        5. You see Western society as inherently degraded and classless.
          We see it as something worthy of preservation, worthy of being returned as closely as possible to its pre-feminism, pre-multiculturalism state of affairs.
          Simple enough for you to understand?

        6. She’s too busy angling for our approval to see that almost anyone here would choose, if he had to, even the far-fallen contemporary American woman over a dull, obnoxious, faux-intellectual harpy like herself.
          A theme at RoK is that you don’t have to make those sorts of choices, of course, but the point still stands. I’d take the sluttiest sorostitute in the U.S.A. before shacking up with a self-important crone like Mint.

        7. “You see Western society as inherently degraded and classless.”
          Its not a matter of a perception.
          What are you, some sort of moral relativist?

    2. It’s simple… Feminist make more noise than a Dude that embraces prostitution
      This last week, a couple feminist have called me a misogynist because of my constant objectification of women in my blogs. Including reporting my PG blogs to everybody and their bother
      Yes, female prostitutes are a threat by reducing ‘their’ pool of men

      1. Don’t worry. You aren’t in their pool of men in the first place. You’re quite safe from their evil, feminist hands.

      2. Prostitutes should be of legal adult age. The girl above looks 14 and should be at home with her family doing her school work.

      3. That girl is not a Ho. And any high quality girl wants a banker not some little boy living in a cellar.

    3. Isolation of suburbs makes it harder to find the right person. Computer culture makes it worse. In the barrio we live on top of each other and there is more interaction between marrying age people. Plus Latin girls are nicer and more friendly. Larger families and having more people around gives them greater social skills. Move to the barrio and marry a Latina with a large back tattoo., That is if you have the cojones to deal with her shot caller brother and baby daddy in prison who’s friends keep leaving you threatening messages. Only problem, she wanted a baby with blue eyes. But our daughter looks like a she was just passed through the barb wire fence in TJ.

      1. What is wrong with having an eye colour other than blue? Not everyone buys into that overrated “blue eyes=superior” nazi bullsht.

        1. Latinas want blue eye babies. White girls sit in the sun to get a tan and get butt implants. Black girls straighten there hair. Latinas put a little red in their often jet black hair. Anonymous profanity does not turn un reality into reality. Demonizing you adversary only works when you have a large ad budget and all the networks behind you. Come on in, reality is fun. PC enslaves even the weak who try to use it as a weapon.

    4. “If the world’s oldest profession was legalized in Puritanland…er…America”
      I think it should at least be decriminalized, along with drugs. I’ve never been to a country with more laws, more prisons and more incarcerated citizens than the so called “Land of the Free.”
      What’s up with that?

    5. If you legalize prostitution in the US, the ladies wouldn’t have to spend thousands to travel either. Seems like a win-win. Let’s do it!

  6. Not always.For example Turkey is very popular sex tourism destination for Russian women yet the society judges them fiercely for that.

    1. Two reasons: 1) Turks are Muslims, and 2) it’s not just older (worthless) Russian women who go to the Middle East for sex, but younger (valuable) ones as well.

      1. What does Turks being Muslim have anything to do with it ? Why do attractive young Russian girls go there for sex ?

        1. Who said anything about attractive Russian women?usualy fat and old ones do this.
          Turks and middle easterners are the biggest betas on earth (at least before they get married).They will do about anything just to get access to a white pussy.Practically BDSM shit.They will crawl on their knees,let women abuse them etc.
          It feels nice to be courted by such men for a week or two.Makes beta women feel alpha.
          It is the same reason why betas like roosh travel to Ukraine.women think he is indeed some american businessman,makes him feel a bit more alpha for a day or two.

        2. They don’t go for sex. And btw, although Turkey is Muslim the country is secular. In fact, it’s illegal to have a political party that is anti secular or religious (it’s not in the US). Many of these countries are foreign to me and I doubt if I could live there but you get less of a feeling of oppression than you have in the US. Where this feeling comes from in the US I can’t even say. Everything looks normal but there is still this feeling. Where does it come from?

        3. You really need to get out of the cellar.Roosh isn’t fooling anyone. Do you think that Russians or Ukrainians are stupid? The only females that you may deceive are the same as the ones in the US who are from backwaters or depressed areas and even they are pretty good at judging class.Females have a good radar because their whole life depends upon the man they choose.

      1. This is true )
        Russian women are the most disrespected there.Turks are scared of dutch women,cautious of german,butthurt with scandinavian.But they have absolutely 0 respect to russian “natashas”.
        Russian women in general have no grace and self respect.Will jump in a bed with any man,the most dirty and hairy turkish hotel animator.Or iranian telling bs that he is a writer haha
        I heard from my russian mate they have a web site for this shit in russia,where women share their experiences on fucking with negroes and brown folks and pass contact details.

        1. Get out of the house stupid and actually go somewhere and stop reading bullshit and Wiki

    2. It is not and you’ve never been there. The reason that Bulgaria was a tourist spot because it was the first place they were allowed to travel to outside of Russia. Then places like Turkey and Egypt because they were closer and still cheap compared to the rest of Europe.

  7. “For older female sex tourists, it must be difficult to realize their
    vaginas, which at one time could command high value on the open market,
    now cannot even be given away for free.”
    bacon this is priceless :-)! you made my whole week !
    the sickest thing about it, is they are probably spending their dead husbands money, after driving the poor bastard to an early (sexless) grave….

    1. The husbands aren’t dead. They’re home waiting patiently for their wives to return from vacation.

  8. I have another take on the subconscious level beyond the usual PC-ness: on the sexual marketplace, older white women are worthless, but older white men are not.

  9. How long do you guys think the double standards between men and women can last before something breaks? How long do you think culture denigration of western white men can continue before something breaks? Will they just go quietly into the night or will there be a massive (possibly violent) masculine reaction?
    If the Anglo/Celtic men who built the west ever decide enough is enough…it’s going to get really, really ugly.

    1. I’m fairly certain that the western white man is doing quite well for himself, thank you very much.
      Have you considered that maybe the common denominator in your lack of positive social interactions might be you?

      1. That’s obviously the reason. These boys are deluded and have an insane sense of entitlement that they got from their unwed mothers. They’re 2’s themselves who think they’re entitled to a 10 and are bitter when they can’t get it. their view of females has apparently been influenced by their trailer park or ‘hood environment where every other female is fat or slutty. They also delude themselves that they’ll get better females overseas and don’t know that like goes with like, class with class regardless of what the nationality. Most of the girls in Moscow who are slim and good looking also have advanced degrees, have traveled and a lot of their parents are well off. Do you think that they want some poor jerk from the US with no money, sophistication or class? And if you’re black you may want to stick to hitting on fat bubblebutted white girls in the US because that’s about what you’ll get.These other countries aren’t so pc and pussy whipped and think of blacks as golliwogs.

  10. Yuck. Sex tourism grosses me out. I would just like to add that many, many men engage in the same sort of romantic tourism as these women do. They go for “the girlfriend experience”, they meet a whore is who is “different”, really loves him, and wants to leave that life. So they send them money all year long. Just like these old bags.

    1. Way to miss the entire point of the article. Nobody’s arguing that. What’s being argued is that men who do it are vilified while women are celebrated as victims.

      1. Actually, I think the article missed the point. Tokyo Teddy, on the other hand, totally got it.
        Well, except for the fact that he kind of defaults to the ‘gold-digger’ scenario instead of getting into the nitty-gritty of why sex tourism is disgusting.

        1. What you call a “whore” is a different thing in some countries. In Thailand, the “whore” you speak about behaves better than an American girlfriend would (and is a lot cheaper). And by the way, what is the difference between a girl expecting a date in an expensive restaurant were you will spend more than 100 USD and a girl that goes with you on a two weeks vacation? Love? Please.

        2. My dear sir, please point out to me where I used that particular word?
          My point is, and has consistently been, that we’re missing a key point. Sexual exploitation is sexual exploitation. I’m in complete agreement with most of you on the thread that what these elderly ladies are up to is oooky.
          Where we differ is that it seems many people here seem to default to that elementary school mindset of ‘If they got away with —- then I should get to, too! It’s not fair!’
          Instead, we should condemn the whole ugly practice. It really doesn’t matter who you are. Exploitation is exploitation.

        3. Funny how the privileged white bitch cares soooo much about the poor exploited third world females…Yeah right bitch. Because they have few options. No foreign males?, means they work in a sweat shop for pennies if they can even find that work at all while their family starves. Its basic economics. The needs of both agents are fulfilled and in perfect equilibrium. Save your high and mighty crusades for Jezebel u cunt.

        4. So, would you forbid relationships between a high class man and a low class woman in your own country? And a man that lives in the cool neighborhood and the woman that wants to move there? And a man that has the power to choose an employee and the woman that wants to work in a company? That is what you are saying?

        5. Hm… I’ve never actually posted there! Thank you for kindly informing me of their existence! Your word choice is quite debonair.
          After a quick google search, I’ve discovered that they were on to lamenting the hideous trend of old ladies participating in sex traffic quite some time ago. However, since you seem so much more well informed about the writings of Jezebel than I, perhaps you could post a link of where, exactly, they suggest that the exploitation of young men, or women, overseas is a good thing.
          If you do, I would gladly begin to attempt to set them straight as well.
          Thank you for pointing out some of the many economic factors that give rise to this abuse. They are indeed very similar to the ones that give rise to exploitation in sweatshops, as well. You are quite keen.
          You do realize, though, that this equates the old women and men participating willingly to the owners of the shops. Exploitation is still exploitation. Is that so hard to comprehend?
          Lastly, wherever did you find the notion that I’m a privileged, white, breeding dachshund? Or terrier, or whatever canine subtype you were thinking of?
          I’ll check back in a month, to see if you have that web URL for me, after I get back from trying to actually make the world a better place for all of us.
          Peace, dude.

  11. And the racial aspect is completely ignored?
    Black men fucking White women is the ultimate goal of the multiculturalist project.

    1. There is no such thing as a “multiculturalist” project. It is a result of the interaction between immigrants and locals in countries with low level of inter-marriage between different groups. Argentina, as an example, is a country made by migrants from many countries and is not multicultural, but a “melting pot”.

      1. Multiculturalism means Muslims preserving their culture and people, Black preserving their culture and their people, Asians preserving their culture and people, Jews preserving their culture and people, and Whites melting into nothingness.

        1. “and Whites melting into nothingness”
          That’s because you are not a traditional family oriented people.
          Nobody else’s fault but your own.

        2. Thats what happens when a society abandons religion/ code of ethics en masse and call it “enlightenment, progress etc’
          Enjoy your hell on earth western fucktards.

        3. Even before their abandonment of religion, they weren’t as family oriented as the global East and global South. I don’t think they have the genes for it.

        4. Whites are not melting into anything. It’s only the lower class and trash ones who are being weeded out.You see, like a company that has some divisions that are losing money and have to be closed to make the co. stronger, we also practise this in regard to white people to make the race stronger. Who cases if mulattoes and fat female trailer park skanks are absorbed into the black races. A smaller tighter group of people with above average IQ will never be beat by a gazillion with an average IQ of 85.In the future there will be castes with the Whites as the Alphas and those below them right down to the Delta- octoroons serving them in some capacity. The real savage negroes and other wogs will live on reservations in isolated areas as soon as they are cleared out of the cities through gentrification. That is the future.

        5. A smaller tighter group of people with above average IQ will never be beat by a gazillion with an average IQ of 85.
          But White people, right now, aren’t “tight” at all. Just look at South Africa.

        6. In the upper classes, the only class that matters, they are tight even though it is not apparent to you. We don’t have to talk about anything because we all believe the same things so don’t be fooled. You’ll never hear anyone say anything about negroes or talk about some white power bullshit. We know who we are

  12. Fake war on women (one of the many contemporary lies created for political advantage). An actual war on men?

  13. Seems like you could call Jane in the Tarzan movies a sex tourist, though younger than most: An upper class English girl who goes off to live with an ape man in the jungle. She can always return to England and function in civilization, but Tarzan certainly can’t.

    1. “She can always return to England and function in civilization”
      Why would she want to?
      The jungle is full of natural beauty, nutrient dense, non-genetically modified and organic food, and hunk of a man never before seen in thin-lipped, pasty skinned England.

  14. Why is female sex tourism embraced by society? Women have no zero sexual accountability in our culture. Why does a 28-year old female teacher get to fuck her 14-old student and only serve two months in prison while a man convicted of the same crime could spend twenty years of his life there?

    1. because the boy probably liked it, and probably will brag about it in the future–unless the teacher was a walking tub of lard

      1. it’s rape by the law. I shudder to think of any woman in her twenties who thinks it’s appropriate to rape a child. I don’t care if he’ll brag about it- it’s illegal and wrong.
        Also, plenty of men have been the victims of sexual assault and have been traumatized, even if the woman was “hot”. Young boys don’t all want sex all the time with all attractive women.

  15. I’ve read a few articles where this phenomena is in fact actually portrayed as exploitation of young black men, one journalist even calls it “slavery”. I don’t agree.
    And its not exclusively older women. Caribbean Rent-a-Dreads attract a younger crowd. Notice a few very young, very cute girls in the video below. Probably there is no material exchange with these girls and they are considered “girlfriends”? However its interesting how some “experts” in this short documentary frame it as the rent-a-dreads “preying upon lonely women”. The way I see it, both parties are doing this willingly and both are benefiting. These are not under aged minors but grown-ass young men in their early 20s.

  16. “Can you imagine how vilified a comparable film about old American men paying teenage girls in Thailand for sex would be in news media outlets? I suspect news media would create stories reporting mass protests and boycotts of cinemas that decided to show the film.”
    I’m curious about your thoughts on the movie “Teddy Bear”

  17. Men are superior to women. The talmudic has taught gentile man to hate himself. At various times in various places over the last 3,000 years or so the talmudic pushes populations/cultures of gentile men into a certain direction for it’s purposes. Overall the talmudic, to destroy, honor, nobleness, dignity etc has taught gentile man to hate himself and instead of blaming the jew- blame each other. Women are inferior to men, less moral ,ethical, strong, disciplined, etc. The talmudic, by creating, the beta/omega male (as opposed to the alpha) has created men that are weaker and more pathetic then females. Sodomy is a “natural” outcome of this.
    Stop putting females on a pedestal. Stop forgiving them when they cheat on you, disrespect you (especially in public). Start using them for sex or just ignore them. Let them have what they want, you will see how quickly they will crumble. All it takes is for men to be strong. Stop believing them, the lie is natural to them, stop making decisions (especially against other men) for a b*tch. Stop letting “horniness” be the reason of your decisions. PUT THE BITCHES IN THEIR PLACE. Give them what they deserve. Serious.

  18. I have a friend that went on vacation to St. Croix a couple of years ago. She came back with a dark guy with dreadlocks that worked on a boat. She’s a bigger white girl who wasn’t really known for her preference for the dark meat so it was a bit surprising. Oh and he moved to her nice home in Colorado rather than her move to his place on the island.
    Now I’m not sure if that is what she went there for but she had made a big deal previously of her inability to attract guys to her liking while insisting her big size had nothing to do with it and it’s who she is as a person that should matter. Just seems like too much of a coincidence.

    1. She’s a fat 40 something bubblebutt who can’t get a man so she got a negro houseboy to shag her.

  19. These dirty old women should be ashamed of themselves. Imagine old hags picking up young beachboys and probably using their deceased or divorced husband’s money to do it. The point of sex in Nature and what drives us to do it is reproduction.Once a female’s eggs are gone and her tits and arse sag it’s all over and there’s no reason for sex.It’s like the body has already called it quits but they still have this delusion that they are a sexual being even though Nature has taken away from them everything that makes them sexually attractive ( a fertile look). It’s as deluded as a 70yo man who still thinks he can be a professional footballer lol
    People sort of have an instinct about what looks right to them. A 60yo female with a 20 something male looks ridiculous while a 60yo man with a 20 something girl just makes people think that he still has it in him. There are 80yo men who have kids. Even little kids who are non PC at their age know what looks right to them. Heather has two mommies? No, that doesn’t look right, you need a mommy and a daddy.

  20. This is a disgrace, & is clear exploitation of these impoverished men. The main reason this doesn’t get the same attention as male sex tourism, is because how the female is framed today – incapable of possibly ever having a purely physical lustful thought & the victim of today’s society.
    The brainwashing is staggering; look at one of the quotes from the Daily Mail article:
    Georgia, Australia
    “suppose if these women recognise that these boys are only with them for the financial benefits,nobody gets hurt or misled.But if the women foolishly believe they are actually wanted by these boys,more fool them.Sex industry is the biggest in the world, and
    *these young men are taking advantage of this.*”

  21. This is the silliest article I’ve ever read. Men for generations have gone after younger, sometimes foreign women and been given a free pass. Women for millenia were denied even the right of being sensual/sexual creatures. Try to level the playing field and men go ballistic. Women live longer and are more sexual than men, so what are they supposed to do when an age-related decline in the dating pool is further winnowed out by men’s fixation on youth? Give up sex? Why? Women have just as much right to sexual fulfillment as men, and if they have to buy it (which is a tragedy and an indictment of men) so be it.

  22. I love this excerpt from the linked article:
    Barbara, like many women who find
    ‘romance’ in Negril, says she is shunned by men of her own age in the
    UK, ‘because they want thinner, younger women and for some reason can
    get them’.
    “For some reason”

  23. As long as the people involved are 18 yo or above, good luck and safe sex to all.
    Its time however western people stopped being so judgemental with everyone else on the planet.

  24. Fascinating article. Women are such liars.
    Isn’t it sick that the West is dying and instead of family home places grandmas and gatherings we have a bunch of divorced aging John and johnettes? We’ve lost our minds and tell me what kind of future will children have coming up in an age like this? My stomach is literally sick.
    A scholar all Rok readers should check out is Henry Makow. He’s singlehandedlymblasted feminism for what it is. He’s a new and says the elite Illuminati Jews are the ones to blame for all this crap.

  25. Thanks for the tips! I didn’t even know female sex tourism was a thing. Now I know where I’m going next vacation!

  26. While I agree that it shouldn’t be shed in a nice, shiny little light… the women who work in prostitution in third world counties are generally trafficked, have their passports taken from them, are beaten by their pimps, and do not have a say in the matter. The men prostitutes do what they like.. If a man wants to pay for sex, go for it.. but if you’re going to a third world country where a young girl has been kidnapped and raped, that is not okay. I think this article is very ignorant and doesn’t realize that the women in these third world countries do not have options like the men. They are bought and sold, told they have debts, which only increase because their pimps are feeding, housing, clothing, and taking care of them, so basically their debt is never paid, and the girls can NEVER get out of being sold.. They either die, or are killed.. Or, they stay in the business and are forced into sex and raped. I’ve done a lot of research of human trafficking and… no, this article is just.. blahg. kfldkmvlskdvm.

    1. “the women who work in prostitution in third world counties are generally
      trafficked, have their passports taken from them, are beaten by their
      pimps, and do not have a say in the matter”
      This is a myth.
      When you examine the sex industries in major sex tourism destinations like the Philippines, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, you’ll notice that the vast majority of the women working in the industry are not shipped/forced over from elsewhere. They are girls drawn from the local population who have generally entered the industry of their own volition. They do not need passports because they’ve usually never left the country. They are not trafficked or “shipped” by anyone.
      You can take a trip to Angeles City (Phillipines) any time and see for yourself. Most of the girls are ordinary filipinas, and many of their pimps are actually women (“mamasans”). They are not fed or clothed by pimps; they do that themselves. The same is true in Bankok, Santiago, Manila, etc.
      The steady supply of young women that feeds these industries is not driven by force, but by economics. A sheer lack of viable industries and careers paths drives masses of young women into the bargirl lifestyle, where they make several times what a run-of-the-mill call center/factory worker could make and do a fraction of the hours.
      “The men prostitutes do what they like”
      The men are in the same position that the vast majority of sex workers in third world countries are.
      1. They’re local
      2. They’re very poor.
      3. They’ve voluntarily engaging sexually with tourists in order to improve their socio-economic status.
      The situation these men are in is very similar to the situation that most female sex workers in places like Thailand, the Dominican Republic, and the Philippines are in. They don’t “do what they like”, they do what they need to do in order to survive. Too often that means a life of crime or sex work.
      “They are bought and sold, told they have debts, which only increase
      because their pimps are feeding, housing, clothing, and taking care of
      them, so basically their debt is never paid, and the girls can NEVER get
      out of being sold”
      As I noted above, the vast majority of girls in the globes sex-tourism hotspots are not bought or sold. They are locals working of their own volition and are generally driven and kept in that line of work by a lack of economic opportunity.
      “I’ve done a lot of research of human trafficking”
      I can tell you haven’t done a lot of research on 3rd world prostitution.
      None of what you’ve said so far in relation to the subject has been valid.

    2. You are doing the “my degree of XYZ is fine, but your degree of XYZ” is not.
      Is it prostitution or is not?
      You want to differentiate the degrees of prostitution to make yourself right. You are more concerned about being right than actually helping third world women in prostitution.
      So easy to be righteous, so hard to actually do something.

  27. i have looked at all your articles and concluded you are the biggest cunt i have ever come across please fuck off and die

    1. Are you a crusty old fat lady who can’t get laid and needs to travel for it? If not, why so mad?

  28. This article really makes you wonder what kinds of newer, more incurable STDs and STIs these sluts are carrying around in the cesspools between their legs.
    It’s a definite unintended blessing that these nauseatingly hypocritical female wastes of DNA would NEVER give the time of day to a decent Western man, let alone ‘lower herself’ to have sexual relations with him! Think of the wonderful diseases that you’re not being exposed to!
    This is yet another reason to shun these narcissistic, self-centered, over-privileged fembots!

  29. The name given to these women is cougars – glorifying their actions.
    Another term used by women to glorify other sexually expressive women is “strutting your stuff”.
    Men’s sexuality is dirty in media and to be honest in society. Unless he is George Clooney. This has been brought about by feminism. None of us would be here without the strong sex drive of men throughout the ages.

  30. And the men going to Ukraine? It’s not because women will touch them where they are from, believe me.

  31. beautiful.Young jamaican studs fucking old white cows for a living.I might move.

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