5 Reasons You Should Stop Using Facebook

I remember signing up for Facebook ten years ago. At this point in time, the new social media site was geared mostly toward college students and it was uncommon for anyone over the age of 25 to have an account. 

But over the last decade we’ve seen Facebook morph into a $50 billion conglomerate and information kingpin acquiring massive power and wealth from the endless amounts of time users waste scrolling through their news feeds. This beast of a social media platform has gone on to consume the lives of millions, gather nefarious amounts of data, foster unnecessary personal dramas, and often cause more harm than good for its users.

It would be prudent to take a good hard look at your Facebook experience and ask yourself if it’s something that’s actually adding value to your life.  Here are five reasons why you should think carefully before using the world’s largest social media site.

1. Your Facebook Feed Is A Black Hole Of Completely Worthless Information


I think it’s important to create streams of information that add real value to your life. Through platforms such as Twitter, Feedly, and YouTube, I’ve followed writers and content producers that have dedicated their lives to self-improvement, entrepreneurship, higher meaning, and the search for truth.

So you can probably imagine the stark difference between an intellectually curated Twitter feed and the dumbed-down Facebook community of people you went to high school with that peaked in the 12th grade.

Log into your Facebook and the most common information you’ll likely find is who got married, who had kids, and who got fat. Scrolling through your Facebook feed is akin to flipping through a more personalized celebrity gossip magazine at the grocery store checkout line.

Every time I log onto Facebook I’m immediately reminded why I never log onto Facebook.

2. It’s No Longer Useful For Dating


In college, I gained some value out of the site by using its chat feature to build up attraction with girls in my social circle and get their phone numbers.

But over the years, most girls have attached the “creepy” stigma to guys who hit them up via Facebook messenger.

In addition to that, you don’t really need a Facebook profile for “social proof” as you once did since Instagram is a better social media app for meeting girls.

3. Forfeiture Of Your Privacy


Most people have realized by now that the first thing a potential employer will do after interviewing you is look you up on Facebook. They’re basically searching for any and every reason not to hire you. Lock your account down as best you can with privacy functions. Don’t let that one drunk picture of you from 5 years ago ruin a potential job offer.

If that wasn’t enough, Facebook has a long history of shady activities when it comes to privacy. They’ve already been caught accessing your location without permission. We can only speculate what else they’ve been infringing on.

4. Censorship


Although Facebook has a right to control the information broadcasted on it’s platform, that doesn’t mean they should abuse that right by censoring anything they might find disagreeable or offensive.

Much like an overbearing parent, Facebook proactively controls the discourse of its children, eagerly censoring content that might rub someone the wrong way. Facebook has so many overreaches that an entire website has been dedicated to documenting their affronts on freedom of opinion. You can probably guess which side of the political spectrum they try to stifle.

5. It Brings Out The Worst In People


Plenty of time has now passed for in-depth research to come out regarding the long-term effects that too much Facebook can have on a person’s mental well-being. It gives the illusion that everyone else has it better than you and that your life just isn’t fair. This is a slippery slope into a victim mindset and blaming others for your circumstances. How oppressed these chronic Facebook users are as they sip lattes from a comfy chair in Starbucks and scroll through their Facebook feeds on the latest Macbook.

I won’t completely deny the merits of Facebook. If you’re using it to build a brand or a business then it could be a good investment of your time, simply because so many people actively use it. I’ve also witnessed the joy it brings to older users for connecting with long lost friends they haven’t seen in decades.

But the truth is that in many cases, Facebook does cause more trouble than it’s worth. It’s never a bad idea to cut back on your usage or even just opt out entirely. You may no longer be the first to know about an upcoming dinner party or what Brad and Sarah from freshman year have been up to all these years, but I suspect you might be better off as a person.

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245 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should Stop Using Facebook”

  1. One reason is more than enough to stay away from facebook.
    “There’s better things to do with your time”

    1. You can read a romance.
      You can drool over a model.
      You can watch CNN.
      You can read the New York Times.
      You can read a Marvel “Graphic Novel”.
      You can…
      You take the idea about how constructive is facebook…

  2. 6. Your posting, commenting and liking identifies you as a Beta to the women who are on there.
    The alphas are busy smashing goals. They don’t have time to post stupid shit that is not specifically related to some successful business venture. Women realize this on a conscious/subconscious level as well.

    1. exactly ! nothing screams more than ” i’m a blue pill beta” than a guy posting useless shit on facebook to earn likes and liking everything from girls in order to get noticed or appreciated.
      facebook’s color is as blue as the blue pill !!

    2. “The alphas are busy smashing goals. They don’t have time to post stupid shit that is not specifically related to some successful business venture.”
      Pure truth.

        1. Look at the tits on them!
          Safe to say with their oestrogen levels and the advanced stage of gyno *their* future *is* female!
          Lock those dicks always girls – not going to be needing them…

        2. What in the hell is wrong with these dough faced fucking “Men”?!? In what universe would any sane man wear a shirt like that? I mean think about it, can you see the reverse happening without multiple lawsuits being filed within minutes of some management schmuck telling a group of girls “Hey, go put these shirts on for a company photo…yeah, they say ‘The Future Is Male’. And be smiling when they take the photo”.
          What. The. Fuck???

        3. At first sight I thought it was the latest episode of Bob Smith’s latest cuck magazine! Alas real life is imitating Bob’s art!

        4. You know how I know that I’d get laid by the few pretty girls who may work at this company? Because I’d refuse to wear the shirt and wouldn’t participate in this bullshit. You know why? Because it’s a shit test. You know what happens when a man has the balls to pass a massive shit test like this? You got it, pussy on the half shell, served up neat.

        5. No pussy is worth lowering yourself to that kind of state. The ironic thing is, lowering yourself to that kind of state will drive away that pussy you are looking for.

        6. Yup, that is the easiest way to decipher if something is bigoted, reverse the situation and imagine the results. poor schlubs

        7. Indeed, It’s how I instructed my kids growing up. Whenever you hear of a “legitimate” organization that mentions a race in its name/title, remove that race and insert “White”. If it mentions sex (Female specifically/woman/faggot/whatever), remove that and insert “Men” or “Straight”. If your reaction is “Hey, they tell me this is wrong at school!” then yep, the organization is also racist/sexist.

        8. shit. They could wear the same shirt with “the future is shemale” i would’nt be suprised. what a bunch of fags.

        9. The facial hair seems to be there solely to provide plausible deniability for their effete, manboobed existence. It has a signaling function. They’re like “I may look female and act female, but I’m really a guy and have the beard to show for it”.
          Well, they’re not fooling anyone. No amount of facial hair can uncuck a cuck.

        10. It is called the domestification of the man and the feminization of the male. Also, in older times, it would be called lack of self-respect and the people doing it would be considered honor-less.

        11. Where is that picture of women at a company party, all posed together with T-Shirts that says “The Future is Male”?

        12. Men who don’t shave mostly do it due to laziness, traditionaly unkempt facial hair was considered a sign of dirtiness. In cultures that men did not shave they had to style their beard, if you have facial hair style but do not overdo it (so you don’t look like a hipster). I personally shave everyday and keep just a classic moustache. In General unkempt facial hair is a sign of laziness if one wants to leave some stubble he should not forget trimming and shaping…. If one does not want full shaving is a must.

        13. Yeah that pic makes me angry. I want to fuck each and every one of these guy’s GF if they have any, otherwise their sister or something while they shout “Take her hard, My Master”.

        14. Yes!!
          You’ve just expressed the same thought I’ve been brewing, half-formed for a while now!
          Yes this explains those funny, elaborate, over-cultivated beards and moustaches on hipsters and other current day faggots!
          “I may have zero effective lean muscle mass, can’t fill out my skinny jeans, mince along and giggle and cry like a teenage girl… but I can still grow a beard so I’m really a guy (and don’t want to get pegged up the arse by my blue-haired girlfriend honest).
          I *knew* there was something to it! Spot on…

        15. This is precisely why I won’t work in an office. These STUPID company functions where you’re mandated to support some ridiculous feel good cause.

        16. They don’t actually want their jobs. They just want to be paid the same working 35 hours a week as the guys working 50.

        17. You can bet your last dollar that I would threaten an immediate lawsuit if they gave me the “wear it…or else” line. If I’m not allowed to be “sexist”, neither are they.

        18. You just know every one of these ‘men’ has been cheated and shit on by women repeatedly yet still hold strong to the ideals/dream they were indoctrinated with since young boys.

        19. Fortunately, today’s generation of “men” is making it easier and easier for us to be perceived as more masculine than them.. you just watch what they do… and then don’t do it!!! HA!

        20. Embarassing to think Al Bundy is some breakthrough movement type thought etc. Remember when Married With Children was more the norm of American thought and everyone could laugh? Now, oh the feelings that would be hurt and triggerings after watching Darcy get slammed haha

        21. I realized I could whip every man’s ass that works in my hotel and it made me profoundly depressed. I’m not a big guy by any means and haven’t even been lifting all that long,but Jesus, it’s embarrassing to me that none of these people want to be better/stronger than they are now. Okay with being disgusting fat bodies. For shame.

        22. I’m rockin a rough ass Amish looking beard this winter. None of this waxed moustache bullshit. Just neck beard and a shaved head.

    3. Bang on. Perhaps I’m not in the right age cohort to offer a valid opinion on this but based on my observations, it’s a platform for women and beta men. The accomplished men I know both my age and younger either eschew it completely or, at most, maintain an account they rarely use.
      Interestingly, my teenage daughter has nothing to do with FB either. In her age cohort, FB is seen as a platform for middle-aged women.

      1. I’d like to see FB replaced with another platform, which I believe will happen in time. And then, that platform will probably be ruined as well.

  3. If facebook records where you’ve been and when you’ve been, guess who else can see that shit ?
    That’s right…everybody you hate can pick the time and place when to fuck with you.
    Better off…
    Or better with a fake one.
    Ya know ?
    You can use facebook to identify fuckers, potential threats or potential allies.
    It can be a useful tool if properly used ( anonismously )

  4. 6. It’s full of Leftist SJWs, Manginas and White Knights spouting Marxist nonsense as if it was reality.
    7. It is the fastest way to make your Testosterone plummet and your Oestrogen skyrocket – it’s for girls to attention whore and beta orbiters to masturbate…
    8. You have a pulse…. go enjoy the real world for fucks sake!

    1. “It’s full of Leftist SJWs, Manginas and White Knights spouting Marxist nonsense as if it was reality”
      exactly !!!

  5. I quit facebook since 2012 and i don’t regret it. When I liked someone in real life, i tend to not like them anymore after seeing the same shit they posted on their facebook day after day (cats, leftists opinions, gay friendly messages, useless news that i don’t give a fuck to, party photos, blue pill propaganda …)
    In fact, the less I know from people I use to know, the more I appreciate them.

    1. I joined it, with great reservations, for a few months to keep in touch with a buddy from my dojo who moved to Japan to train in Japanese and Okinawa dojos…
      I was convinced it wasn’t worth a shit in days…
      I actually found myself getting drawn in to FFL (Facebook fantasy land – where posting stupid fucking pictures is more real that you’re real life!), saw it for what it was, and closed the stupid thing down.
      No regrets…

    2. “the less I know from people I use to know”
      This is so true! I never realised how many left-wing c*nts I was acquainted with until I read them ranting bollocks on FB…
      Actually this could be a positive, because it identifies the tossers who you need to give a wide berth!

      1. my only way to sort them is to ask them directly what their opinion is and never reveal mine (unless it is compatible). If someone is too leftist/blue pill/SJW, i’ll leave them with no regrets and burn bridges.

        1. Yes, this is the way.
          I have a rule of thumb in my life that has never let me down, and that is to expect the shoddiest behaviour from anyone left-wing. Something about their ideology seems to allow them to knife you in the head sooner or later.
          Cut them out quick, and don’t look back.
          As for revealing my opinions I actually do that pretty quick, but I’m in my 50s, a successful CEO, and I don’t give a flying fuck. YMMV…
          My latest speed test is to speak admiringly of Trump and watch for the flecks of foam to form at the edges of their mouths…. instantly cut out any Trump haters!

    3. That is the art of mystery and mystique, People just don’t get it anymore. They want to reveal EVERYTHING about themselves to EVERYONE. Including the part that is supposed to be hidden and kept for themselves only.

      1. you nailed it. It is a law of power to conceal mundane information and reveal what one actually want to reveal to others. Besides, scarcity of presence makes value. the less you are visible or accessible, the more mysterious and interesting you become.

        1. That particular law of power has borne out to be entirely true and tested in real life.

  6. My wife has facebook. One thing I noticed is because your identity isn’t concealed, people are not genuine with each other. They post pictures of their kids, or post what they had for dinner, but most conversation is these superficial posts of “look how good I am” You sure don’t want to say anything that would tick off your mother-in-law.

  7. Never understood the fascination, and thus never had an account. The entire premise is feminine.

    1. For sure. I am convinced that many if not most women consider their ‘Facebook Life’ more real that their real life.
      I was sitting in a cafe in London last week watching a young ‘couple’ sit through their entire meal not saying a single word to each other and compulsively fingering their iPhone screens and clicking around on Facebook…
      I think one of them was male, but difficult to distinguish due to absolute absence of any distinguishable muscle mass, skinny jeans (ARGH!) on both of them and near identical androgynous features.
      Not one fucking word did they say to each other!

      1. Some really do treat it as real life as you say. “You don’t care about me we’re not even fb friends, you just wanted to fuck me” …. Um it’s just a website snowflake. and yes I wanted to fuck you. She gets mad and stomps off, but by the next weekend she is all “hey I know it’s just a website, I’m not stupid, wanna hook up?” lmao
        I think mostly they want to show you off with that relationship status thing, well not really even show you off but social proof for them that they actually scored some real dick. heh

        1. I find your insight entirely convincing. Of course you are passing the shit test here so of course you get invited back.
          Yes, I think it’s fair to say she wants ‘her man’ to be posed in just the right place in her artfully crafted ‘look at me everyone’ shots of her… Um… ‘Life’

        2. I am SO glad I married off before the social media thing really took off. I get annoyed at it enough just with my wife posting to her old college friends and family.

        3. Indeed… When feeling pessimistic I am inclined to think iPhones and FB may be the final nail in the coffin for the West’s already declining fertility rate.
          And surely FB must have further dented women’s… er… ‘productivity’…. ahem…. in the workplace? (All that time! All those computers! All those beta orbiters!)

        4. My wife stays at home with the kids, and whenever I come home and the place is a mess, or dinner isn’t started yet, I will check the history on the computer, and sure enough several hours were spent on Facebook.

        5. Yeah, and if you do go ahead and plow her again… the exact same conversation comes up again 2 days later. Rinse, repeat, ad nauseam. Just speaking from experience really. Sometimes that shit test turns into the hamster being a broken record heh

        6. I guess we all have our vices, but sometimes there are things we need to bite the bullet and detox out of our lives.

  8. The average Facebook profile — be it a man’s or a woman’s — is a carefully constructed, manufactured piece of self serving propaganda. Very little of what you see there is grounded in reality
    People who make it a point to show how awesome their lives are; how they seem to be consistently engaged in the most exciting things are, in fact, anything but exciting or engaging people. Any travel photos are your standard issue “stop the Leaning Tower of Pisa from tipping over” fare; the Eiffel Tower; St. Basil’s Cathedral — never anything off the beaten path or far away from a Starbucks or McDonald’s.
    See a constant stream of workout and gym photos coupled with motivational quotes? That bitch doesn’t workout.
    See a constant stream of “OMG we’re so totally in love!” photos? Those fuckers will be broken up within two to three months.
    See a buddy showing off pictures of him overhauling an engine for his “hot rod”? He’ll never finish that damn thing.
    That girl with 1,000 Facebook friends? She doesn’t really have any friends.
    It’s all a facade to make very boring, vapid people seem like they’re something more than they are. A big part of the reason you’ll deal with nothing but lying, duplicitous scumbag women nowadays is because they’ve become so accustomed to bullshitting themselves and everyone else on their social media platforms. Lying becomes second nature because to reveal the truth would display nothing more than an average to below average human being — a fucking nobody.
    The average female could never tolerate being able to see herself as such, therefore, you get nothing but a socially manufactured pathological liar to interact with. Genuineness is dead.

    1. THIS.
      These fuckers construct their FB pages precisely around their insecurities and what the *want* others to think…
      The very fact they spend all their time polishing the turd that is their FB feed is proof positive of the absolute waste of space that they are. If they had a real life they would be enjoying it.
      Beautiful post!

      1. The main thing I can add against facebook is the vortex of time it is. Honestly, for one to manage his fb account and be social by its standards one needs to give hours daily to it, it is the reason why many people today don’t look where they are going!

        1. As dead as the dodo, my friend. If you dare even call a girl these days and they actually do answer instead of caller ID-snipering you are met with a few seconds of pause and then an askance and suspicious “Hellooooo?” like you shot their dog or something and calling them instead of thumb jockeying is the ultimate heinous crime!

        2. now that Trump has won we could start some activism and one place to attack is definitely facebook…. we can make noise the same way rolling stone did about some fake rape…. only in this case it will be true and we can do some good… there is also good evidence BTW that both google and facebook are heavily CIA funded fronts.

    2. the only thing true on fbook are manginas, gays and sjw. Those are what they do pretend to be. those suckers.

    3. Ahaha… Couldn’t be more true….
      Sad pathetic people. Deep inside, they know that they are.
      It’s like they’re thirsty for some sort of approval. Certain number of “likes” from their “friends” for their FB posts is the ultimate goal of their day to day life. Gotta say I feel sorry for them sometimes, y’know. But eh, non of muh business. I got my own life to live.

    4. Don’t even get me started on the gym posts, you’ll never be able to leave!
      A lot of people mistake having never gotten fat because their parents never let them eat too much junk food growing up with having a nice body you’ve spent you’re ENTIRE LIFE forging. Them I do put in their place.
      I do also often challenge these “social media badasses” who think that after joining the gym in January and boasting about how cool they are in February to a few rounds in the boxing ring to prove it. Oddly, not once has my offer been taken up on…

        1. My favorite are the girls with boxing gloves on and their arm outstreched touching a heavy bag making a “tough girl” teethgrinding face WHILE LOOKING RIGHT AT THE CAMERA! Oooh, watch out, world!

        2. I’ve had the privelge of working with women who could fight like a man. They rarely brag about it and tend to treat men who could fight with respect. I’ve had the misfortune of working with the tough girls you mention. They see a girl knock out a guy with one punch in the movies or on TV and truly believe that’s how life is. These gals usually wound up with a life altering permanent disability with no more talk about being tough.

        1. Haha, the people who brag about meal prepping are so goddamn pretentious. You eat to live, faggot, not live to eat!

        2. While I’m not on Facebook, I’ve always found the bumper plate lifting girl with the whole “I’m powerful girl!” crap on it highly amusing. The effect is lost once you explain bumper plates to some unwitting schlub who thinks that she’s “supah strong he woman!”

      1. Facebook, by merely existing, creates relationship problems.
        How many of those 150 dudes (and that’s on the conservative side) on your girlfriend’s “friend” list has she sucked off and been pounded out by? How many of them have her nudes on their phones or some action shot video footage of her taking a load of baby batter to the face? It’s pretty much a certainty that at least a couple of those men have been there.
        Back when I had a profile on there, women I hadn’t heard from or seen in years would pop up out of nowhere just to “say hi.” These women were often in relationships, some of them were even married and had children. I’m like: “You’re in a relationship you skank, stop contacting men who have had their cocks in your mouth on Facebook and show some fucking respect to the dude that’s paying your bills.” I’ve even outright told them this before, only to be met with, “Geez, I just wanted to say ‘hi,’ like, what the fuck is your problem?” No, bitch, you weren’t just saying “hi.”
        Ex-boyfriends, fuck-buddies, and one night stands are just a few keystrokes away from re-engaging contact with your girl. And given the levels of thirst and flat-out desperation nowadays, it’s almost a certainty that guys from the past will be re-emerging to get another shot at a chick if she’s even marginally attractive, and she’ll certainly entertain those men because she’s a whore who gets off on the attention. If I ever meet a girl who says, “I don’t have a Facebook account,” she immediately gets a lot more of my attention.

        1. Again, THIS.
          You have an excellent free-standing article just in your posts here Mr Yader. Thank you for telling it exactly how it is.
          FB, and indeed all social media, could have been custom designed to fulfil the… ahem… ‘needs’… Of today’s cock-carousel riding little snowflakes.

        2. Amen. Well fuckin’ said and its increasingly becoming my philosophy. I deactivate my account most of the time and don’t allow it to be linked to any of my other social media accounts. Every time I meet a new gf she wants to hook up on FB. I now discourage it and explain my minimalist use of it. My most recent chick finds the whole approach refreshing, so like yourself and what you were saying she gets a lot more of my attention.

        3. there’s a reason why girls are so jealous when it comes to a man’s ex-girlfriends… (even though it’s often false because men are less likely to go back for a second dip)….
          whereas the girls know full well, it’s just a question of hitting the ex-bf up again at any time in the future and she can get a bit of strange…. married or not…. no such thing as friends with exes, especially where women are concerned.

        4. “If I ever meet a girl who says, “I don’t have a Facebook account,” she immediately gets a lot more of my attention.”
          Fuckin’ A-meeeennn, my brother….

        5. When I met my wife she had a FB account that she didn’t use much. Regardless, I said to her: ” I think FB is gay and for losers going nowhere in life. In my future home we will never have a TV and we wont have personal FB accounts. ”
          Within less than a week, she mentions to me – unprompted – that she had disabled/erased her FB account . I thought to myself – good girl- you might just be a keeper.
          To this day, we don’t use FB and we don’t have a TV – and she’s never bitched once.

    5. Facebook: make everyone believe you are a celebrity!
      Honestly I never really took why people liked it in the first place, when I had a facebook account I rarely ever used it in the end (4 years ago) I deleted it. Fun fact to delete a facebook account you need to google it! Facebook does not offer such an option easily, at least 4 years ago.

    6. Facebook, a.k.a FAKEBOOK.
      My generation was about the first to grow up with TV. This generation is growing up with FAcebook and all kinds of virtual realities that mess up their expectations of life and what it provides people. Kids now expect to have the lifestyle of a pop-star at the tender age of 19 for doing little more than planing a guitar and singing songs in front of millions of adoring fans. Or, they believe that most adults work in cool high-rise office building making tons of money in law, advertising, writing, PR, etc. Worst case is that girls think they can be the next Kardashian by putting up worthless content on YuckTube and social media, making money without doing porn, forgetting that that’s what put KK in the public eye in the first place. Everything this generation perceives as real is nothing more than VIRTUAL BULLSHIT. They might as well wear one of those ridiculous VR headsets and walk around watching their own lives as a scripted role in the Matrix. The only thing missing is the cable plugged into the back of their craniums.
      The fact of the matter is most people have DULL, POINTLESS LIVES that end up in disappointment and failure much more than celebrity style success. But as long as social media exists, they can believe the bullshit being passed around as reality. As long as more people waste time on Facebook than clogging traffic and taking up all the good parking spaces by getting out and living life for real, well then I’m all for it.

    7. My facebook, which I never use, is as boring and normal as possible. It’s basically a propaganda piece for employment. I don’t remember the password and can’t even log on. People who waste their life on something that does not exist are a joke. Spot on.

    8. Hey! I finished restoring my hot rod while texting those 1,000 hot girls, and I got 998 dates! But I gotta cut this off short. After I get back from Bangladesh where I’ve been saving orphans, I’ll need to get back to my routine at the gym where I’m almost ready to break 400 pounds at the benchpress.
      Did I say pounds? I meant kilos!

    9. everything about this 😛 love it. I have an fb account that literally only gets used to talk to one friend of mine. theres no information of mine on there and any photos of me are someone elses. ive even adblocked most of the site si u dont see shit. its awesome

  9. I deleted my FB about a month and a half ago almost solely because of the election bullshit. I figured I’d miss it, but honestly, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’d been a member for about 12 years. One thing I’d add is that before you delete you can download a .zip file of your entire profile, which is good if you want to hold onto pictures, etc.

  10. 6- biometric identity theft. Experts think this is the next big (and probably the worst) identity hack. Delete all your photos. Tell your friends you do not want to be tagged in their uploaded photos

  11. Not sure about anyone else but it has been a comical supplement for sitcom television. Most ladies who like you will seek your Facebook out, this makes it easier for me when they reveal this in person. Gives me a chance to cherry pick which ones I want.
    The political banter is also a beautiful double edge sword. While I would have to stomach all of the riot talks, feminist drivel, and how I support the patriarchy, I would have missed out on the tears, butt hurt moods, clear liberal markers, and even arrests and sexual identity reveal of people I only knew mostly in passing. Viewing them all this way allows me to cherry pick who I choose as friends and fuck buddies in real life. I like the advantage.
    All that said, my days of genuine connection or seeking lays through Facebook are long over. Unless it is for marketing, I may not add another picture to my profile again. I’m fine using it in passing as I know quite a few people I will like to work with in the future and they are all easiest to contact through Facebook.

    1. True. I had it almost a decade ago to keep up with a small circle of close friends. Did get some lays off it too back in the day.
      I remember the near addictive pull from that time.
      I’ve been so inactive for a long time now. Can’t be bothered to update or post or Like the news feed drivel. Seeing previously hot girls visibly aging & fattening up is a good reality check though.
      I use the FB Messenger mostly for my work contacts or networking. Managed to obtain overseas work contracts that way. Figured I’d give a restart text to convert a dormant girl into a bang a few weeks ago & that worked out.
      Other than that, reading a lot of the surprise butthurt feedback during the Trump election win helped me filter out the useless contacts on my list. So, similar to your situation, that’s a plus.

    1. When I applied to jobs I used my second email. I have two emails one for social media, Amazon and other stupid shit. THE second one is for jobs only. So employers can’t see if I have Facebook or not.

      1. I have one email I use specifically for Facebook. I use my “regular” email for everything else.

  12. Facebook is geared towards women. The posts come up pseudo randomly in a hamster wheel fashion, and they are superficial in nature. No surprise, considering who developed it.

  13. Back in high school, a girl from my class texted me, in the middle of the night (which is weird because we were not particularly close and we barely talked to each other in school).
    Her text was “Please like my profile picture”.
    It was her selfie.
    Close up.

    1. “Hey, I really like your picture profile. Do you have one that shows tits? I’d like that even more!”

      1. Girl: He….he cyber harassed me! He cyber triggered me! All I wanted was the logic gate digital thing to flip & confirm a ‘Like’ on my pwofile picture. To immortalize that magical moment in time for me when I didn’t look like the cunt I am. My entire self esteem depends on it!!! WAAAAAAH….!

        1. And an hour later, she’s in your room giving you a blowjob.
          They’re nothing, if not predictable.

      2. I couldn’t say that at that time. I had a very good reputation in school, I was well respected among others. Didn’t wanna ruin that for any bitch. lol

  14. Before deleting my account, I found it increasingly difficult to log on each day & sift through all of the left-leaning garbage pouring out of my “friends” pages, especially this summer once the primaries got into full swing (which was the last straw & that pushed me to finally delete my account for good.) Interestingly enough, Facebook doesn’t actually give you the option of deleting your account, just suspending it. To actually wipe it clean, you have to go through & systematically delete each post, one by one, which can take more time the older your account is but in the end is worth it because even if you do log back in at some point, you have nothing but a husk of a profile with no friends. Instagram is a much less mentally taxing alternative. I’m on there a few times a week tops.

  15. Facebook made me despise people I knew my whole life. I stopped using it back in 2012 I think. I still have an account because sometimes it’s necessary for groups to find apartments or stay in touch with people as a world traveler, but I get nervous before singing in. I never know how sick it may make my stomach. People posting their weddings on Facebook makes me the most sick.
    I remember when it first came out and you had to click which college you attended to sign up. Back then, it was funny before your entire family joined.

    1. “Back then, it was funny before your entire family joined.”
      Yo, truuuuuu….

    2. “Facebook made me despise people I knew my whole life. I stopped using it back in 2012 I think”
      thats is exactly what happened to me at the same time !
      leads me to the conclusion that the less i know from people the most i appreciate them

      1. The thing is, those people you now despise are the same people as ever, they are in the same trap. They cannot be genuine. I had several high school friends that I knew where quite liberal. I really didn’t care, we would still drink cheap whiskey around a bonfire, or go to cruise Main and try to pick up girls or whatever. We might talk politics, and we would have different ideas on what to emphasize (environment vs. economy) or whatever. But at the end of the day, we all wanted a better life. Now, when the majority of communication is done over the internet, people are put into these boxes. Instead of really communicating with someone over a beer or in a long conversation, you are limited to getting your point across in these soundbites, that everyone has already heard. Now, someones politics has taken a far bigger facet of their life.

  16. In addition to all the reasons given here:
    I’ve no need to know every single detail about everybody I’ve ever met in my lifetime. I really don’t. Since I don’t need to know this information, nor do I need to know what they think about LOLCAT pictures and videos, I have no need of Facebook.
    The less I know about friends and acquaintances stupid opinions and dumb “LIkes”, the better off I am. I can then genuinely talk to them face to face or on the telephone and instead of getting some carefully crafted “Look how cool my life is!” bullshit story, I can get actual information out of them that is more meaningful, since they’re not trying to impress 800 “Friends” and are only talking to me, person to person.
    This really has nothing to do with the technology per se. It’s a matter, to me, of having no desire to even work up the effort to give a shit about what some person I barely remember from High School had for lunch. I just…don’t…fucking…care.

    1. “No need to know every single detail……” You really don’t, or at least my wife doesn’t. You may learn about what her old college roommate made for dinner, but you will not learn about what she is thinking, or anything personal. People build this illusion around them. I find forums like this are much more enlightening about what a friend is thinking, even though you don’t know who they are.

      1. This is a discussion forum around very interesting subjects among (mainly) intelligent men. Of course it is!

        1. That’s the difference. Outside of like three to five guys, I don’t actually know anybody here in real life or a close aproximation of real life. Y’all are just internet personalities to me, amusing and fun and informative, and that gives me (and presumably everybody here) the ability to relax and speak genuinely.

      2. I’ll be honest here Jim, I really could care less what most people I know in real life are thinking either. I’m an extrovert so that might sound strange to say, but really, I don’t need to have what others are thinking smacking me in the face and demanding that I “Like” it all the time. When I want to know what somebody thinks, I really want to know, I’ll ask them direct. And again, I’ll get a real answer most of the time because they’re answering me one on one and not creating a billboard to attract “Like”s.
        A bonus to not being on Facebook is that nobody knows what I do in my personal life in my group of actual real life acquaintances and friends. It actually adds an aura of mystery around me (a bit, let’s not get carried away) so that people generally ask me all kinds of things that they don’t bother talking to their FB “friends” about. It leads to fun conversations.

        1. I dont like talking much these days. I just wear a giant foam facebook thumb at work, at bars…if someone says something I like, I just hold up the foam thumb

      3. Exactly. The pointless minutiae culled from existing in that low risk, self absorbed bubble they call a life. Which is why the future is NOT female.

      1. I’ve made it this far in life without purposefully dumping ice water on my head, I’m not about to start now.

        1. The latest one is doing 22 pushups in different locations for…something. Its just like bad advertising- you remember the ad for the wrong reasons, not the product being pushed

      2. No, but I did jump off a cliff into a slushy lake at one time. No, I didn’t post it on Facebook.

  17. Facebook is the view into the depth of sjw, social marxism with strangers and friends alike.
    If not for this I would think everyone is like us here – alt-right masculinity etc.
    In fact its far from that. we are extremely outnumbered…
    I never see anything counter than sjw nonsense..
    is very good to know thy enemy!!!
    Otherwise, is latte feminist cat video nonsense…

  18. I have a 27 year old nephew who facebook messenger-
    “Hillary or Trump”
    I answered “Trump”
    replied with thumbs down…
    have not replied.
    Wondering if I should try and save him. His mom (my sister in-law) is a ball busting feminist cunt…
    So what to say to introduce him to manosphere? So he doesn’t marry a ball busting feminist cunt like my brother, or lost cause?

    1. he’s your nephew, so he’s more worth to be saved than a random friend imo. moreover if his mother a feminist cunt !
      to introduce him to the manosphere, just be a good example of masculinity to him, and the day he’ll complain about girls, just discuss the topic about the manosphere.

      1. he is other side of world.
        i want to email him a subtle introductory link of some sort. However, I worry will be mocked and passed on to his mutha…
        Another issue with facebook — cannot mention anything alt-right or get disowned and shutdown…I just observe…

    2. Take him out to some teen hang out and just be a fly on the wall and show him what is going on. Point out how 90% of the boys are typically shy, and even though they are expected to be chilverous and ask the girls on dates, they are typically ridiculed for it. Show him how most the girls are lavished in attention and qawk about it with their friends. Point out how a few guys get more attention, but it is really mostly an affect of girls fickle nature and how they talk with each other. At 27, he is all too familiar with it. What he may not see is how superficial and cold women can be. Like most boys growing up, they are caught up in the middle of it and just think there is something wrong with them. Women (and the media) tell him that in order to get the American Dream, he has to become subservient to women. Women like to be treated like princesses, but they don’t want to marry servants, they want to marry men.

      1. good points, unfortunately he lives other side of world traveling and such…
        a good use of Facebook for the younger traveling crowd can keep up with friends etc (I did it via poste restante)…

        1. Well, if you are on the other side of the world, I doubt there is much you can do. The only way you can change someones mind this much is to have genuine face to face conversation for a period of time.

  19. How oppressed these chronic Facebook users are as they sip lattes from a comfy chair in Starbucks and scroll through their Facebook feeds on the latest Macbook.

    At the same time aggressively pushing for war with Russia and denouncing Trump supporters as “racists”, “misogynists”, “xenophobes”, and “islamophobes”.

    1. And, with no small amount of irony, “warmongers”.

    2. full of hate, accusing of hate?!?!
      Mostly anti-gun either-coast-effeminates, and wish to declare war on men in the fully-armed-fly-over-states…
      war is peace,
      interesting to watch…

  20. I keep mine around for the sole purpose of staying up to date on current leftist issues and tactics. Those fuckers can’t find a keyboard fast enough. I spend so much time here, on RVF, Infowars, Breitbart, etc. that I sometimes get tunnel vision and forget about how those idiots think. Knowing your enemy is a key element of warfare, and spending five minutes a day scrolling through a few statuses is worth it for me to stay up to date (and know who not to trust when I go to my home town). Plus it’s been pure gold ever since November 8th.

    1. On Nov 8th I created a fake account to enjoy the salt.
      The german SJWs went full ‘Another Shoa’-mode.

  21. Deleted my account at the end of july. Wow, I just realized I made the best decision of my life (deleting facebook) and the worst of my life (Lasik) in a 3day-span.
    I also don’t have whatsapp. Never had it.
    Feels good, man.

      1. Oh, I already told the story a dozen of times in this comment section.
        To sum it up: My pupils are too big for lasik but the doctor didn’t tell me and went on with the procedure. A normal Lasik means a circle with a diameter of 6.5mm in the center of the eye gets treated with a laser (the so-called optical zone). But because my pupils are bigger than 6.5mm I see with the untreated and with the treated zone at the same time which results in starbursts, halo, glare and so on.
        My dim light vision is completely destroyed.
        I’m doing an internship right now, otherwise I would visit some ophtalmology specialists who do topography-guided lasik (more complex better version of Lasik, also called ‘Contoura Vision’).
        So maybe it can be fixed. Time will tell.
        Can’t recommend Lasik.
        I had perfect vision with contact lenses but I thought Lasik would be even more convenient.
        That’s what happens when you choose the path of convenience.

        1. facebook and whatsapp is convenience.
          Face-to-face talking is less convenient.
          McDonalds is convenience.
          Hitting the gym and eating oat meal all day is less convenient.
          Buying at amazon is convenience.
          Buying in the city is less convenient.
          Lasik is convenience.
          Wearing glasses is less convenient.
          Flying on top of a mountain is convenience.
          Going climbing is less convenient.
          Convenience is in most cases the worst choice possible.
          It’s the opposite of being anti-fragile.

        2. Yikes, I’ve considered lasik for a while as I wear contacts but I suffer from dry eyes. I’m interested in learning to fly helicopters and will probably need to pass the medical test with a new pair of glasses instead of the contacts.

        3. Dry eyes is the biggest risk of Lasik because of the fact that a flap is created that cuts nerves and never fully heals again (of course the doctor didn’t tell me that, this bitch just concealed all risks and told me that it was an easy, standard procedure like ‘visiting a barber’).
          My eyes are way more dry than before the surgery but because my eyes where pretty wet in general I don’t have big problems. My contact lenses were perfect. I could wear them 8 days&nights straight and they were cheap as hell (Biofinity).
          I’m such a dumb fucker.

        4. There is a case where one guy with a too small optical zone got 4 million $ out of it.
          But I’m not in the States, I’m in germany – the culprits paradise.
          I would get 2000€ at most. Not worth the effort.
          It’s disgraceful but that’s how it is.

        5. Yes, every laser correction surgery where a flap is created has this side-effect.
          A better alternative for patients with dry eyes and/or thin cornea and/or risk of getting hit in the face is LASEK/PRK where only the epitheleal cells are removed and no flap is created. But this procedure hurts more and has a healing time of a month or more. In that time your vision isn’t 20/20. With Lasik most patients have 20/20 the next day (like me).

    1. Yeah! The lack of social media accounts is for some reason truly liberating! Tweeter, Facebook, instagram, snapchat, whatsup, viber, pinterest and tublr are sucking your life out. The reason I believe is that they are de facto too invasive in ones life, think it like unwanted calls through the telephone multiplied by a hundred! When one wants your attention he may seek it.

    2. Had it done 20 years ago, NEVER looked back, 100% happy, being glasses-free is magic
      I think THE most important thing is the training and skill of the Dr.
      Alas age has caught up, as i am now presbyopic, as we ALL will be, new tech coming for this too

  22. Deleted my account after NYE 2011-2012, as a NY resolution. Never looked back, except with a bogus account because I’m interested in app dev and oAuth.

  23. I got away from FarceBook because I find life is better if I don’t know how exciting and wonderful everyone else’s life is(sarcasm) with minute by minute updates and it ain’t nobody else’s business what I’m doing minute by minute.

  24. Social media in general has done a great disservice to our society as a whole. I was in high school pre-internet. I had liberal friends, I knew they were liberal, but I didn’t care so much. We would drink whiskey around a bonfire, go cruise Main and try to pick up girls or whatever. At times we would talk politics, all of us wanted a better life, although we would have different methodology or priorities. But, really we could see past the differences.
    Now social media has emphasized politics in everyone to the point that relationships are broken or even riots created. They put up article after article, always controversial, always divided into two camps. The types of articles presented are designed to maintain a 50/50 split between the camps.

  25. Yeah it used to be great for meeting chicks… Now it’s mostly just worth it for the messenger function which is pretty good and works as a stand alone app.
    The events near you feature is actually pretty useful as well. As a digital Nomad I use that in new cities to find things worth going to.
    I created this High leverage information diet Manifesto that some of you may find helpful… https://youtu.be/4r_Jkuc352A

  26. I agree with most of this with 2 exceptions. It’s valuable to reach out to many folks at once with a fair degree of certainty on reaching them without mass phone calls and voice mail tag hell. And many people in the previous election cycle were exposed to the dirty deeds of Hillary Clinton through their Facebook accounts only.
    I do think just like the Ma Bell, it’s time to break FB up into little FB’s.

  27. The only reasons to use Facebook:
    1. Business (for example, the ROK Facebook page)
    2. To pull girls (posting pictures of your awesome lifestyle)

  28. I use Fecesbook to do intel on potential new business clients and other people (like women I’m considering banging). It has its uses for me personally. But as a tool to stay connected to everyone and thumbs-up things and find new recipes and cool memes, uh, no.

    1. Intel? I ain’t got time for intel!
      Sporting a new haircut today. Felt I needed to change things up a bit.

        1. Gable was my go to avatar on some forums around ten years ago. When I stopped using him lots of people complained, heh.
          Dude was a fun loving alpha, woman slayer, voracious gun collector and shooter. What’s not to like?

        2. Yeah, Clark was the man. He banged-out so many hot Hollywood babes…what a role model he was. Did you read that story about him and Grace Kelly, on the set of “Mogambo”? She was about 22 and infatuated with Clark (who was in his 50’s). And she supposedly kept hitting on him but he wasn’t interested and wanted to dissuade her amorous intentions, so while they were talking one night, he took out his false teeth very slowly, dunked them into his whiskey (or Scotch?) glass to clean then off, and then, also very slowly, popped them back into his mouth. And that was that…

        3. I’d go with Clark. Not that Dino didn’t have his admirable qualities. A lot of Hollywood leading men were gay and/or bisexual. Like…drum roll (which is not widely known by non-insiders)…John Wayne. Hope I didn’t burst anybody’s bubble there, but The Duke liked him some cock.

        4. Dean had a family and was actually a home body. His hard drinking party boy image was the 180 of his actual true life self. He hardly if ever drank at home. Little known fact.
          I’m going to need some more proof for Wayne. Gays have this insidious way of claiming everybody famous in the world was gay, without even the scantest shred of evidence.
          And now I find myself looking at Grace Kelly pictures. Not that this is a bad thing.

        5. Yeah, brother, now you’re talkin’…Grace Fucking Kelly. I would go through a fucking wall, swim across a shark-infested moat, and write bad checks to bang her…as close to a 10 as you will ever find.

        6. Yeah I don’t blame you on wanting more evidence on Wayne…it’s common knowledge among insiders but I am not going to lay out the proof, connect-the-dots and hearsay as it is…he made some good films. Wore a corset in most of them, though.

        7. Corsets were fairly common for male actors at the time. Not so much for gut, but to keep the chest high and center I think. Not many people with actual beer bellies back in the day.

        8. True, and Wayne had a beer belly. He’d walk on to a set, hung over (a notorious drinker and carouser), and he’d have that corset all cinched up, and magically, he was John Fuckin’ Wayne. Heh. Lots of actors used ’em as you said. He was a draft-dodger, according to many. Qualified for military service but avoided it like the plague. Basically, he was human, like everyone else. Flawed. A study in contradiction. So it goes…

        9. Yeah, I knew he did, in later films he didn’t really have it hidden much if at all. I was just speaking in the general, most people don’t realize how much went into making the perfect male specimen for the screen in the days before scientific bodybuilding and high tech nutritional supplementation.

  29. Vanity is one of the human race’s greatest failings – and probably its favorite vice. FB will continue to prosper. But we don’t have to contribute.
    Keynes warned us it is better than a man tyrannize over his money than his next neighbor. When wealth is used to seize political power we should all be concerned. Time to take the Sherman Anti-Trust Act off the shelf where it has been gathering dust and apply to these new malefactors on wealth. Howard Roark is n’t running Facebook. Dagny Taggart is not in charge at Google. When invigilating the technology sector, we are giving warning to those who are croyant with the ruling power that we did not give them our money so they could attach more chains.

  30. I opted out entirely from Facebook some months back, as all it really did was serve as a tool of total annoyance. I don’t at all like the idea of anybody who is on my friend’s list there being able to contact my phone at any hour they wish. That’s the reason I don’t give my cellphone number out to people unless I know who they are. Having the Facebook/Messenger apps on one’s phone only allows others to contact you without even procuring your number to begin with. I find that a staunch invasion of privacy, along with all the leftist horseshit being constantly peddled by news-feed addicted zombies that regurgitate vile left-wing dogma on the hour.
    Among other things, if there’s an event or something new and I don’t hear about it – if someone cares enough, they will make the effort to let me know and contact me in turn. Otherwise, it’s quite nice not being invited to what’s-her-cock-cuck-boyfriend’s 32.5th birthday at some shit-hole dive bar with piss and spew soaked floors that stick to my boots like tree sap.

    1. Roll on the floor LAUGHING. Brother, your last paragraph just so hit the spot for me today. Let me add that it’s also nice not to deal with the shit the hypergamous bitch flings your way for her own edification at her cuck BF’s party. They stick on you like sap also. AHH, to be a red pill tree……

      1. HAHAHAHAHA! Glad I could provide a source of entertainment for you, sir. Nonetheless, it all rings so true that I can’t help but laugh at the entire situation.

        1. Your point was quite germain. I experienced that just 3 months ago…..and she was trying to get me to prove my value!? (which I did)……HAHAHAHAHAHA!
          I have been red pill aware for 6-7 months now. You described the situation that I first saw the way women work first hand with a red pill view. Every IOI and shit test she gave me was a dagger thrust into my old blue pill self. I left it dying on a dive bar’s sticky floor. I walked out a red pill man with a mischievous smirk on my face.
          Thanks for the soul laugh Brother.
          Best part is that she had to invite me to the Bday party in person….I don’t do farcebook…or twit…or text…
          The gals can find it exotic if you are “disconnected”….it gives them something to twit about.

        2. It amuses me greatly on one hand, and gravely saddens me on another to know the intrinsic and complete inner workings of the female psyche, or even the general agenda of the world at large. But I wouldn’t have it any other way to be totally honest. I’d rather know, be disappointed or saddened, than be a complete and utter dolt, with the thinking of a blue pill that’s part of the general collective.
          I run into quite a few people at times who try to convince me to get on Fartbook and friend them so they can contact me. Usually when I’m travelling overseas and bump into a fellow entrepreneur who’d like to keep in touch. Even that still doesn’t motivate me to do so. I just give them my email and they can send me a line there if they really want to. The point is, farcebook is just an easy, go-to way of connecting with others as a one-stop-shop. But the trouble is, the more they use this service, the more it totally monopolizes their business model to control more and more of the populace.

        3. Along with the devolution of language by use of texting speech in other venues.
          Quite like Orwell’s “newspeak”…Doubleplusungood.

        4. I am beginning to think that it’s not only ‘text language’ so to speak, but people just generally have no idea how to use correct grammar, spelling, or any form of syntax.

        5. In a After Action report after WW I concluded that the average intelligence of the inductees was slightly above imbecile as defined in those days. And yet, we went to the moon with engineers that went to one room schoolhouses. Intellect cannot be suppressed…for long….or made to ‘like’ Fecesbook

  31. My whole business is run by getting paid traffic from facebook. Trust me if I could I wouldn’t use it. So much garbage on my news feed even when most of my “facebook friends” are entrepreneurs.

  32. What I think about when I think about FaceBook; take a deep breath, as deep as you can. Now in your most high pitch, screeching voice, yell “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME….” as fast as you can, for as long as you can until you pass out.
    The most recent trend I find annoying are the volentourism pics of girls going to Africa, posing with poor African people, being a burdon, exploiting them, upsetting little kids by showering them with love and attention then leaving them behind just so you can…. post it on FaceBook. As if you’re the bitch that pioneered this idea. Vomit.

    1. Imagine a world run by women’s “charitable” impulses.
      Try not to drink too much Scotch as a result of the depression.

  33. I notice I use a different tone on FB w/friends and acquaintances than I do on more anonymous forums. I try to be way more reasonable and cut my friends way more slack with regard political differences than I otherwise tend to do. Now, maybe that’s a good thing, but I still get tired of the endless political wrangling and FB does have a stifling effect on speech.
    Just the fear of censorship (I’ve been locked out more than once for using nasty words) is enough to make users pre-censor themselves.
    Also, I would just as soon not know all of my friends’ political opinions. I’ve certainly lost a lot of respect for several friends because of reading some of their material on FB, though I haven’t unfriended anyone yet. What I have done is unfollowed a lot of friends. You remain friends, but their postings don’t show up on your feed. It’s still hard to resist the temptation to go to their page and read their postings, though, however much they irritate me.
    There are other ways you can’t avoid shit you don’t want to know about on FB, like being informed which friends “like” a certain page and so forth. And I’d just as soon turn off the damn “Trending” news ticker which is invariably filled with lefty headlines.

  34. While I stll am (guilty pleasure here) I have my own reasons (I live abroad, sharing stuff with family and acquaintances back home plus the free FB calls) . I have hidden the posts of nearly 90% of my friends list. As a music and cinema freak, my news feed is mostly about events coming up from the bands I like or the cinema projections at selected venues I follow.

  35. Exept if you can use it for business, Facebook have NO positive impact on your life.
    Worse, it’s basically the STASI with a good marketing plan.
    Why people let that enter in your life is beyound me.

  36. Again another advice in muslim style, this time Facebook is
    “haram” and off limits. It is not the ultimate evil, it is an idiotic web application. You will be branded strange extremist if you fanatically deny it. Interest hobby groups use it to announce activities, also maybe announcements from workplace, some friend can find you. Just don’t spent time and DO NOT post any political ideological and personal stuff. It is that easy. Finally create a fake name second account for apps and other login sites, like Fuck Fuckerson.

    1. Hey MUltan: I was trying to PM you regarding my PMP proposal which I shared with you in another thread, where the comments are now closed. I don’t see how one can PM another member on Disqus. Anyhow, my email is in the slideshow, if you’re interested in carrying on a more detailed discussion.

  37. Worthless information is right. I get so tired of “Find the 8, then share it when you do!” “If you agree with this, like and share!” Forget it! I’m tired of silliness being posted to test my willingness to go along with the meme du jour, or whatever else it is that has to demonstrate how involved I am in a specific cause.

  38. All I saw during my time on FaceBook was a perpetual string of strong woman, or weak-but-acting-strong, memes. That pretty much sums it up.

  39. It’s never a bad idea to cut back on your usage or even just opt out entirely.
    You can opt out, but you can never leave. Farcebook’s cloud will retain everything in your profile, forever. Everything. That’s why Farcebook is a lot like cigarette smoking: You’re almost always far better off if you never started in the first place.

  40. There was a time when I was like explained above.
    But after seeing one of my woman acquaintances attention whoring herself after her mother’s death, looking for sympathy likes, that was the point when I really got disgusted by facebook.
    I quickly deleted everything that made me look like a small-time celeb, I made all my profile private, disabled chat for everyone except chosen people. Removed/muted everyone I didn’t care about.
    Now I use facebook to track events around me, follow musicians, game developers, and stupid meme sites.

  41. I get alot of right wing news from Facebook, Daily wire, Britebart. And I mocked leftists without mercy after Trump won. Would rather not give it up.

  42. Facebook was for college-age men to get into contact with women. To have sex with them. Then it became monetized as a marketingtool and part of the other digital narcissism enablers like: Twitter, Instagram, dating apps/sites. It’s all for bitches, male or female. Delete that shit, watch your online privacy (you should be anonymous if you don’t have a business). If people want to speak with you, they would call you. If you want to be part of a community: find one in your neighborhood. There are plenty of people who just like you don’t want anything to do with Facebook.

  43. I don’t have a problem with employers using what is available online as it’s expensive in both time and money with the wrong hire. Interviews have gotten harder with what you cannot ask or admit to thinking, and most references are worthless. With one individual that comes to mind, he never new about the interview he got canned for thanks to what was easily found online.

  44. Fuck Facebook. Plain and simple. If you’re addicted to facebook, you’re an idiot. If you think you may be addicted, you’re a complete idiot. If you’re in denial and using facebook, wow, you’re wasting oxygen that the rest of us can use.

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