5 Reasons Why Girls With Mental Disorders Should Be Shunned

With mental disorders skyrocketing among American females, it’s inevitable that men will have to deal with girls who are not playing with a full deck. Just under a quarter of women suffer from mental illness, with rates as high as 50 percent among girls aged 18 to 25, and girls overall are 40 percent more likely to develop mental disorders. Despite this, all too many guys are willing to play Captain Save-a-Ho to these damaged goods.

Just say no.

Girls with mental disorders, no matter how minor, are defective creatures. While they might be good in the sack, their craziness will render any attempt to form a lasting relationship with them futile. Here is why you should shun girls who have any form of mental illness.


1. They’re whiny

This applies mainly to girls with “anxiety.” Like anorexia, anxiety is almost exclusively a white girl problem: mysteriously, girls in poorer countries such as Thailand or the Philippines almost never suffer from this ailment. Girls typically cope with anxiety by popping Prozac, the heroin of the middle class, and they’re abusing antidepressants at such a high rate that they’re poisoning the water supplies of major cities.

A girl who needs the crutch of prescription drugs so she can get out of bed in the morning will be nothing but trouble for you. If she needs therapist visits just to deal with her comfortable office job, she won’t be able to handle having children, cleaning up the house, or performing any of her womanly duties.


2. They’re slutty

It should go without saying that girls who sleep around are cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, but in case you need scientific evidence, females with higher numbers of sexual partners are more likely to have anxiety, depression, or other mental disorders. Girls who hop into bed with any stiff prick are compensating for serious mental deficiencies, and if you expect them to stay faithful to you, you’ve got another thing coming.


3. They’re self-absorbed

Virtually all girls are full of themselves to a certain degree, but modern technology and our you-go-grrl culture of artificially inflating girls’ self-esteem has pushed female narcissism into the stratosphere. A girl who can’t go 24 hours without posting selfies on Instagram is basically saying, “I’m so empty inside that I need constant affirmation to keep from overdosing on Klonopin.” “Confident” girls are incapable of seeing men as human beings, only as tools in their never-ending quest for validation.

To those who think that religion or conservative values can redeem a narcissistic girl, think again. My last long-term American girlfriend was a devout Christian from a flyover state, but she was just as hooked on social media attention whoring as the coastal degenerates.

Her Twitter and Instagram accounts were a nonstop barrage of pouty selfies and polite humblebrags, each Like from her male orbiters inflating her ego like a water balloon. I also later found out that she’d been hiding a second “boyfriend” (in quotes because they didn’t have sex) from me.


4. They’re gross

If you’ve ever thought about slumming it with a fat girl because you think they’re nicer than thin ones, think again: fatties are more likely to be mentally ill. And regardless of her weight, mentally disturbed girls are smellier than their well-adjusted counterparts.

One of the symptoms of depression is a lack of interest in cleanliness, meaning that girls who are down in the dumps will have messy bedrooms, grimy skin, and loins that reek of the halibut apocalypse.

Mental illness is so pervasive among girls these days that female typists are writing articles justifying it. For example, the Telegraph’s Daisy Buchanan recently wrote that “[w]omen reserve the right to be smelly,” because taking a daily shower is just too much effort. That’s how sick these girls are: they can spend all day on their iPhones playing Candy Crush, but they can’t take five minutes to wash their filthy asses.


5. They’re manipulative and violent

But these are all child’s play compared to the primary reason you should avoid mentally ill girls: they will drive you insane. At one end of the scale, anxious and depressed girls will make you miserable by submerging you in their manufactured emotional torment. On the other, you can actually end up in jail due to the manipulations of girls with borderline personality disorder or similar problems. Trying to fix borderlines is a fruitless enterprise; they deserve only pity and scorn.

For example, when I was in college, I dated a borderline who constantly started fights with me because she felt I was “neglecting” her. Her modus operandi was to make mountains out of molehills, haranguing me for not putting the dishes away in the “right” order or wanting to spend time with my friends.

I didn’t know this at the time, but she was trying to provoke me into hitting or slapping her, because getting me angry was the easiest way to get the attention she wanted.

The only thing that girls with mental disorders are good for is a quick lay, particularly if you know how to yank their levers. But you’re wasting your time if you try and wife them up. The ideal girlfriend is emotionally stable, naturally happy, and lives to please you. A nervous, Zoloft-popping wreck will do nothing but ruin your life.

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850 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Girls With Mental Disorders Should Be Shunned”

    1. Women who pass for normal are unstable. Women who are can’t pass for normal are crazy.

    2. I really don’t believe that many of them are truly crazy. Truly crazy people don’t know that they are crazy. They are “crazy like a fox” meaning that they KNOW what they are doing. They just understand the system and know that as long as they act like lunatics 24/7, they’ll eventually get what they want with no responsibility added.
      Crazy is something more prevalent in the west because it’s convenient for these chicks to act like nuts and get away with it. Mental Illness is less prevalent in poor countries where if you aren’t out in the fields working, you’ll starve to death.
      I had this proven years ago when I worked for a mom/pop store. The husband was cool but the wife was a lunatic. The husband even wondered if she had split personalities. I got along pretty well with him so I let him know that the “split personality” thing was a cop out. She acted like a bitch because she was ALLOWED to.
      Anyway, the husband has to have prostate surgery and is gone for several weeks. It’s now up to her to run the business. I hear her with my own ears complain, “Damn, now I can’t be the bitch anymore.” While her husband is gone she runs the business efficiently and of sound mind. Where there had been mood swings and tantrums every week, now there was clear thinking and LOGIC. Shocked the hell out of me. I didn’t think she was capable of it.
      Anyway, the husband returns and she remains cool for about a week and then devolves right back into illogical bitch mode. She could control her behavior all along…she just CHOSE NOT TO. I’ve never viewed women the same since.

      1. The devil only knows what kind of cock gobbling she gets up to in her spare time.

  1. Same goes for dudes. You are judged by the company you keep. Don’t fuck girls with mental disorders, don’t hang around men with mental disorders. Ever been stalked by a guy who badly wants to be your friend and have what you have? It’s fucking terrifying.

      1. Was a guy on a very high daily dosage of Paxil to keep him from attacking people like a rabid Pit Bull. This was over a decade ago. Guarantee he’s in prison somewhere now.

        1. Good point. Men end up in jail, women have “issues” are “vulnerable” and “victims”. Fact is, both women and men need an excuse to behave badly.

        2. I had a bi polar friend. He wouldn’t hurt people, but he’d get fuckin weird. Like at a bar, he’d ask people (strangers) uncomfortable questions and shit like that, he could make things very uncomfortable very quickly. He’s been in and out of jail quite a few times, could be in jail now. My point is, I don’t think he deserves to be in jail, the guy needs actual help for his mental illness. Do you think your old friend deserves jail time too? Definitely glad I cut ties, he was only getting worse, was a liability, and I was guilty by association. Didn’t need to catch his beatings.

        3. Yeah, women have hospitals and ‘therapy’, and men have jails and prisons.
          Feminism gave women all kinds of excuses for ‘behaving badly’.

    1. I understand exactly what you’re talking about, from what I remember from high school. There was a small subset of not-so-popular kids who would desperately try to do whatever possible in order to be around the popular kids so that they could enjoy the perks, such as getting to be around all the hot chicks.

    2. I just had a dude stalk me for months. And he wasn’t some faggot, just a sick fuck. Had to change my number and shit.

    1. How dare you talk about my gf!
      It’s all good, she fell down the stairs anyways and is now in a coma. I’ve never been so happy before in my entire life.

  2. Miss Piggy shouldn’t see this article, she’ll go even more mental than she already is…

    1. I’ll check back later and see what the comment counter is. Good reading, can”t buy entertainment like that.

      1. I never though about it THAT way before; “you can’t buy entertainment” like this, AND it’s free!

    1. If you want to; just be warned that girls who have no sense of personal hygiene are most likely filthy between their legs as well, and who goes around sticking their dick in a sewer?

      1. Well clearly the majority of men on here would because they dedicated an article too it. Double wrap It

  3. “To those who think that religion or conservative values can redeem a narcissistic girl, think again. My last long-term American girlfriend was a devout Christian from a flyover state, but she was just as hooked on social media attention whoring as the coastal degenerates.”
    She couldn’t be redeemed by God, because she already had a god that she paid worship to anytime she looked in the mirror.
    Girls like this aren’t really Christian, they are the posers of the religious circle. Like sluts who still lay claim to the V card because they take it up the booty, these girls lay claim to the C card because they claim the title of Christian, when the term is a lifestyle and not a title, a verb and not a noun. (technically it’s an adjective, but you get what i’m saying)

    1. Women see men as nothing more than worker bees. The only thing that can reduce a female’s narcissism is a baby.

      1. I’m glad you said “reduce” and not “eliminate” because something as profoundly life altering as having a baby still wouldn’t necessarily eliminate an Apex female’s narcissism.

        1. No, it’s obviously never eliminated. My point is that a child is the only thing that can get a woman to think about something other than herself.

        2. I think nothing short of having acid thrown in her face will be effective in eliminating her narcissism.
          That being said, perhaps the cure for narcissistic females is dating fundie muzzies 🙂

      2. Or shame. Shame is the kryptonite of the narcissist. Women were ashamed to show their thighs in public 50 years ago because everyone around them would have her labeled a harlot. Women are narcissistic today because men feed their thirst.
        Women shame men for thirsty behavior but men drool over theirs. Evidently they have higher standards than today’s men, and that’s the problem.

  4. Well if you look for a stable relationship aka LTR material then yeah, you should avoid them. However, if you are genuinely bored with your life and seek some action and want to feel alive, then they have some value. I can assure you that )))

    1. Yeah, just like jumping off a really high building or cliff, it’s a big “rush”, until you hit the ground…

      1. exactly. but if you manage to escape a bad one without your life being ruined, then normal gurls cant surprise you anymore ))

        1. Not even that – the real pain is knowing you likely won’t be able to do it again, it was a once in a lifetime only experience.

  5. This type of article is a major public service. A large percentage of American women are dangerous to men. Nobody except Matt Forney and a few others in the Manosphere talk about this in a logical and serious manner.
    Look out into the public sphere. You see manufactured victim-hood and laws to address that victim status. The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is the best exampled of this. According to the VAWA propaganda, all men are part of the patriarchy and just one step away from murdering the women in their lives.
    From ADHD over-diagnoses of young boys, to false accusations of rape in college, to workplaces oppressed with the fear of accusations of sexual harassment, society has manufactured a sense that males are inherently mentally ill and this mental illness must be dealt with harshly, without remorse, and even randomly in order to “make a point.”
    In reality, however, men are generally psychologically healthy. The only major disorder that men suffer disproportionately is schizophrenia and that is a tiny percentage of all males. Most men live in an unforgiving environment that quickly knocks out all self-delusion, which is the basis of most psychological and personality disorders.
    The real dangers to society today are women. Women today are a danger to themselves, to men, and to other women. The sickness of Western society has created a feedback loop that promotes and even drives female mental illness. Sick politicians and media promote destructive public policy, which in turn promotes the further degradation of women, which in turn requires more policy and media attention …. a feedback loop to societal ruin.
    We already know this. But we do not have anyone telling us the implications or describing the resulting mental illness. The media says the exact opposite of reality. Even the president quotes feminist made-up statistics (“1 in 5 women on campus will be raped”). So, where to go?
    Forney provides a great service. But we need more. We need educational camps. Even re-education camps. Run by professional men in order to serve men. I am not talking about Marxist camps or religious sects. I am talking about simple classes to set men straight about what is normal for humans and what is abnormal. A key component of this should be to teach men about the manifestations of cultural sickness into the mental illnesses presented by women in large numbers. How to recognize them, how to avoid them, and how to deal with them on a short term basis while making an escape plan. (There is no long term “dealing” with it).
    From Borderline Personality Disorder to histrionic states to violent expression of psychopathy – the rates of mental illness among women is the largest threat to the human species ever experienced. In our day-to-day lives, we can unwittingly step into it and be engulfed, to our ruin, within a matter of minutes. It’s time to wake up to the threat and do something constructive about it. These women cannot be helped, but we can help ourselves.

      1. Yes, women are easily manipulated into supporting practically anything
        Remember, the first thing women did in EVERY country when men gave them the right to vote…….They banned booze to “keep their husbands home”
        But remember, it was men that gave women the right to vote.
        And men can reverse it all
        and Matt , how Christian could she have been if she dated you?

        1. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, if I was the ruler of the land when women started their miserable campaign for the vote and all the other perks, I would have snuffed them out with absolute ruthlessness. Mass graves, execution squads, draconian legislation, the whole lot. But you have Obama and we have Cameron ruling over us and not emperor B.A.

        2. Let’s see– which is worse, mass executions of women or letting them vote….. Sure SOUNDS like a college twit getting a BA in 2014 lol

        3. Mass executions of nation wrecking, self pitying parasites. They had plenty of male support as well and they should have be dealt with just as harshly.

        4. I recommend you start a charm school, focusing on the need for mass arbitrary executions based on flimsy subjective criteria. Sure it will be a hit!!
          Do you talk about this stuff in public, or only when hidden behind a computer?

        5. A lot of this commentary just serves as proof that it’s time to turn over the reins of leadership to women.
          ELIZABETH WARREN 2016

      2. Simply put:
        Most men favor liberty over security — we can secure ourselves and our stuff. We don’t need a big daddy to save us. WE lift weights, learn to fight, and generally aren’t afraid of firearms or edged weapons.
        Most women favor security over liberty (Ann Barnhardt is an exception). They are biologically programmed to seek protection from men.
        But when men are disenfranchised, the ‘strong and independent’ women turn to big brother.
        Whenever someone (typically a female or mangina) says to me “guns should be banned” I say “why do you want to leave all women defenseless against violence and rape?”.
        Their reactions are priceless when logic confronts their emotional bullshit and it causes cognitive dissonance.
        The restoration of rightful liberty in these United States won’t be a trivial process.
        Violence may be required.
        Whether that comes in the aftermath of an economic collapse, or as the result of a new revolution I can’t predict.
        All I know is, men should be ready.
        A good place to start, if you’re interested in that kind of thing is John Mosby, AKA Mountain Guerilla.
        Fitness, strength training, military stuff.
        His viewpoint honed as a SPECOPS soldier, is very red-pill and entertaining.

        1. You are absolutely right. Throughout history, Women have been the ones who have helped sabotage free society by voting for things and politicians that promise more security in exchange for less liberty.
          This is because these sorts of circumstances cater to the fundamentals of their personality: seeking protection from someone and something greater than themselves.
          Since Men have been diminished in terms of strength by the hollywood leftist media, the government has stepped up to fill the void by acting as representation of strength that females have exploited for personal gain and to sabotage other Men (anti male laws on school campus, sexual harassment laws in corporate settings, gender specific affirmative action programs everywhere)
          Giving them the vote (literally, since they never had to bleed for it) has caused more problems than it solved. The Founders were right to be concerned about Women getting the right to vote, given that they tend to vote so irresponsibly thanks to their emo instinctual background.
          I have said it before and i will say it again: we need a 2nd American revolution.

        2. Eh, America is a lost cause. Your best bet is to travel somewhere with a monarchy or a more traditional form of government and make a life for yourself there. Sadly there are no monarchies I know of in North or South America, so you will be leaving most of your friends and family behind.
          One of the first times I noticed how women will jump at an opportunity to enhance their security at the expense of liberty was when as a young teen, my state enacted a law saying all boaters must get a “boating license.” Now, boats are expensive things, and typically families with access to boats are at least upper middle class, as a boat is a luxury good, and one will not turn over said boat to someone who is not trained and monitored, at risk of letting your boat sink or crash.
          After this law was enacted, there were state water police on the lake at all times, who would come up and harass you looking for money, counting how many lifejackets you had, seeing if the coke you were drinking was actually a beer, and just generally being invasive and peering at you through binoculars all the time when you were out having fun on the water.
          Why did this all happen? Well some kid got hit by a jet ski (or was a jet skier who ran into a boat I think) and the mom demanded that the state get boat licensing so now we have it and it’s never going away. Of course to get the license all you have to know is basic rules of the water that every boater knows like slow down when you see buoys and always yield to the right ,but you must pay to fund the state salaries and boats for the water police.

        3. I have no interest in a Monarchy; i simply long for the days when we were a constitutional republic in practical deed as well as technical word.
          As it stands i’d rather stay and fight the inevitable goose stepping brown (or blue) shirts as they come; thanks to the tattles of SJ mangina quislings and their leftist overlords.
          I should add however, that there are very few places that haven’t been tainted or outright corrupted by progressive influence. Europe is an example. Besides the islamic threat they have practically made the free speech of faith a criminal offense, at least in certain areas.
          To address your comment specifically, that is an excellent example of the female “mindset” which is a term i use loosely. It reminds me of the whole gun control debate that females specifically are leading because they can reliably be called upon to appeal to the emotional sensibilities of other females as well as anorchous males. The progs behind the scenes exploit these useful idiots so they in turn can exploit some random gun related tragedy for political gain.
          The only thing standing between the US and outright totalitarianism (besides the gleeful apathy of the conventional population) is our second amendment, which moronic moms demanding action on guns seeks to eliminate.
          Not coincidentally, George Soros jr aka Michael Bloomberg funds this so called grassroots org.

        4. In a woman’s voice “If we’re all nice to each other bad things wouldn’t happen.” Ugh, yes it would.
          “If women were in charge, war wouldn’t be possible.” Ugh, it would turn into a murderous bloodbath.

        5. lol i’ve gotten that one before. My answer is like this:
          You’re right…if Women were in charge, there would be no world war….just lots, and lots…and LOTS of petty, local conflicts. (aka city states vying for power all over.)
          A female who can’t go for 24 hours without displaying some sign of puerile emotion and can’t go for one month without a hormonal sabotage is expected to make a good ruler? In what dimension? haha!

        6. What about a constitutional monarchy where they don’t have any real power except to enforce the constitution.

        7. What we have in America is many of the weaknesses and drawbacks, without its strengths. Our elections are the equivalent of getting to choose which son of the royal family is going to rule over us.
          All of Congress are millionaires, if not now, then certainly by the time they leave office. We are facing a choice between a 3rd Bush and a 2nd Clinton in the next election, and it is claimed that all of the past presidents have been distant cousins of each other–essentially a royal family.
          Monarchy has gotten short shrift in history. No one wants to be ruled over by another, but the facts are that all governments in the world are oppressive to some degree. Examine your biggest fears of monarchy, and then examine whether those fears exist in the system we have today?

        8. It would have to go through the constitutional amendment process before it could be applied.
          Regardless, i see no reason to change the constitution’s original charter. I would however like an amendment that more severely punishes those who violate their oath of office.

        9. I just don’t believe in exchanging a pseudo republic for a monarchy of any sorts. The constitution as it stands is an effective document, its only drawback is that it requires flawed human beings to enforce it.
          Laws are only as lawful as the Men who enforce them, and they are only as constitutional as the Men who create them.
          We can set up a constitutional monarchy, but if the D’s and R’s involved are anything like the sort of dynastic scum that currently plague leadership positions, it won’t make a lick of difference.
          I love my like-minded countrymen but despise the government of the US with a passion that could ignite a dead star, as well as despising the lotophagi that feeds it.
          It’s why the US as we know it will cease to exist, and a grotesque police state facsimile will soon arise to take it’s place.
          You probably already know this so i will get off my soapbox now.

        10. When I go back and read comments from older guys here, or watch movies from the 1960s or 1970s, it is then that I truly see that the US as I knew it *HAS* already stopped to exist. It’s hard to draw a line in the sand and say when it was a good place to live, and when it was not, because it is a creeping thing. It will slowly continue to decline and change for the worse. And many will not realize. It really is like the frog boiling.
          I still am able to earn a decent living, be physically safe, and feel somewhat free, and even though the economy looks horrible on paper, one can still make a very good living here vis a vis other countries, (at least for the time being until the petrodollar dies and hyperinflation takes off) but the future for this nation is absolutely over. No chance of resurrection. I plan on retiring to another country, that is if I am still allowed to when the time comes…
          As for the pro-monarchy argument, I always considered monarchs as tyrants until I came across a book that argued the benefits of monarchy. Think about this: the US constitutional republic, however great you may think it is, lasted only 200 years. Monarchies lasted centuries. I am not pro-monarchy as much as I am anti-democracy, and a monarch can stand up to evils such as feminism, short term thinking, political greed, etc. I mean look at the only nations fighting feminism–it’s places like Saudi Arabia. They may have other problems, but feminism is not one of them.
          My favorite quote from GW Bush: The constitution is nothing but a goddammed piece of paper!

        11. This is true, the US has changed considerably over the years. I just believe that the worst is yet to come. This country is suffering from the philosophical equivalent of AIDS, and the worst part is the people are too wrapped up in the superficial aesthetics of their lives to give a damn. There are far too many of them and far too few of us, the elitists know this, you and i know this, the only ones that don’t know this are the ones who don’t make a habit of knowing anything more complex than the next iphone release date or the next best opportunity to selfie.
          You are correct about your Saudi reference, but in that regard if we are to follow the Saud model, we only succeed in replacing one form of elitism for another, in this case Islam.
          Monarchies (going by the Saud example) bring with them the possibility of a theocracy of sorts manifesting…mind you, this is coming from a Christian.
          I much prefer a system where laws are greater than the Men who apply them but in the end i suppose the only perfect law is the one that exists in the heavens, as part of the foundations of my faith.
          Your constitutional monarchy suggestion has merit; it’s just that at this point i am (philosophically speaking) too far like Diogenes to believe anything other than a nuclear strike on CH will solve anything in the US.
          Even then, we’d still have to deal with all the elitists living in the states, making it a 50 way battle for control over what was left. (with virginia and maryland at a disadvantage, obviously)
          I despise what passes for civilization today.
          I’m one of the few who welcomes the apocalypse, biblical or zombie centered.

        12. LOL! I think most people in a country (Men and Women included) realize that it’s a bad idea to have a country ruled by females, not to mention it being unrealistic.
          It’s just the fringe feminazis (and their mangina accomplices) that want to take the female desire to control Men to a militant level.

        13. What the Founders understood was that the only way to keep wives and slaves as permanent unpaid labor was to perpetrate the preposterous notion that they were incapable of making logical decisions without the direction of a white man.

        14. The Founders just wanted wives to oversee the kitchen, iron their ruffled collars, fluff their powdered wigs and bend over on demand…..all in exchange for room and board….
          Looking at the old portraits of those dudes, it’s clear their wimmen folk got a raw deal.

        15. Most of the women I know keep guns handy because when male hormones get out of whack there’s nothing that calms ’em down quicker than the appearance of a semi-automatic, although a heavy cast iron pan can work just as well in a pinch.

        16. They understood that women when left to their own devices don’t always reach the most logical of decisions.
          History has proven them correct in that respect.
          If you choose to think of that as sexism feel free. I on the other hand choose to think differently.

        17. When male hormones get out of whack?
          Are you referring to the biological myth of “manopause?”
          Otherwise have no clue what you are referring to, unless of course you are being deliberately farcical.

        18. There is nothing more potentially destructive than a man in the throes of wildly fluctuating testosterone levels.

        19. …except for a group of one XX or more suffering from their periodical emotional sabotage and instability.

        20. Pshaw! …An entire herd of XXXers in ANY stage of estrous would still be easier to reason with than one MENopausal geezer having a temper tantrum.

        21. Well that is your opinion, and you are more than welcome to it. I however disagree.

        22. Unfortunately, your disagreement is only based on the altogether understandable fear of your own inevitable ball-drop.

        23. my friend, i never offered to play ball with you; you’re not even in my league.

        24. My fleeting observations aren’t meant as a threat to your goodies, young man!
          They’re merely reliable forecasts.

        25. That depends on who does the telling. History is written by the winners but edited by the losers.

        26. And yet somehow the truth manages to rise to the top, much to the chagrin of those who lie, cheat and steal to “win.”

        27. Yes indeed, and on Judgement Day God’s perspective will be the only one that matters, and undoubtedly humble all of us..

      3. The problem is that when you are given only 2 choices, it doesn’t mean that either of them is good. Every other country I have visited with public elections has at least 3 political parties (not sure about Mexico but it’s not really a functioning state at this time). I for one refuse to vote Republican because of their immoral warmongering and anti-environmental policies. And this warmongering is the biggest economic issue we face by far. I used to vote Democratic until the first Obama presidency and the Ds got to the point where I can’t tolerate them either.
        But remember that women are nurturing by nature, so if party A is more “pro-school” then the other, they will vote for it. It doesn’t necessary make party “B” any better. They just cater to certain groups. Like how Republicans stand up for gun rights. They know it won’t make two shits in any sort of revolution how many weapons you own, and whether you shoot deer on the weekend is irrelevant. But people are crazy for their guns so they advocate for continuing to let people have them to get votes. So for example the Rs will pretend to stand up for “freedom” by mostly continuing to allow guns to be sold but then cut way back on freedoms by instituting the TSA. So the voter who cares about freedom loses, but thinks he has won.

        1. I agree with you that having essentially a two party system is a placebo for choice, in that the choices given usually range from bad to worse.
          I refuse to vote reliably for R on the basis of their capitulations and their lackluster efforts to derail the leftist agenda, which does include eco communism as well as other far left fringe issues.
          Personally you can consider me a traditional conservative in that i do not support interventionist policies that have no clear value to the US. Clear value is a deliberate term i use to differentiate from the opaque “long term interests” i have heard whenever interventionists on the left and pseudo right use to try and justify an overseas military operation.
          Like you (with D’s) i was a registered R until i grew tired of the rinocrasty of the establishment right. It’s amusing to see how we arrived at the same basic train of thought from different political stations in life…proving once again that the red pill does not denote intellectual uniformity thanks to the blessing of critical thinking.
          But i digress…
          Thomas Jefferson for his part, elected to use the USMC to put down the irksome threat of the barbary pirates (for example) since repeated attempts at diplomacy had failed. This was an overseas operation that had a clear and present threat to US interests abroad, but nowadays this is more the exception to the rule. Our military has become the SJ equivalent of the march of dimes, as we are dispatched to countries for the purpose of fighting poverty or diseases. As a Man who trained to be USMC i find it all quite sickening.
          One thing i will disagree with you on is implying, intentionally or otherwise, that(all) people are “crazy” for their guns.
          I’m not sure exactly what your position is on the gun issue but just to make you familiar with mine: i am a responsible gun owner and despite the fact that i know full well i cannot take on the full oppressive might of the statist government that will one day hunt me down for simply being me, i will nonetheless offer them the best resistance any one Man can offer his oppressive government, even if he stands alone while doing so.
          Guns are not the cause of gun violence, irresponsible and inhumane owners of guns are the cause.
          That being said, i agree whole heartedly with your comment about the TSA. I wish we would adopt the Israeli model which is far less invasive and far more compliant with civil liberty.

        2. My position on guns is I couldn’t care less either way. I think guns are ineffective against the oppressive federal government, and if people want to hunt or whatever, so be it. I can’t imagine a scenario where I would need a weapon, but then again I live somewhat of a charmed life. If I lived in a dangerous area where my life or property were constantly challenged, perhaps I would feel differently, but most likely I would just move to a safer community 🙂 I grew up in a neighborhood where we didn’t lock our doors and prefer that lifestyle to the shoot em up wild west.
          As for your military points, it is agreed, although I rarely find a humanitarian reason, at least not in practice. While politicians may say the goal of the Iraq war was to “liberate the Iraqi people” in practice the Americans caused far more death and destruction in Iraq than Saddam did, even if you buy the premise that he was a bad leader, which many do not. Keep in mind the military in and the USA has been involved with hundreds of wars since its founding, when it was really only threatened a couple of times.

        3. I can understand your position on firearms. May i ask what stretch of earth you call your own? Nothing too specific; the country will suffice.
          As it stands i have more to fear from the oppressive US government than i do my countrymen. I don’t live in a bad neighborhood but no amount of distance can keep me safe from the extensive reach of the autocrats on capitol hill. I have more to fear from their unconstitutional legislating than anything else.
          With regard to the US military, keep in mind that they have no self autonomy to speak of…they are at the beck and call of the political aristocracies that run this government, including those that work their influence behind the scenes like megalomaniac marionettists.
          I just wanted to clarify that, since you are not digging deep enough into just who deserves culpability for these sort of agenda driven wars.
          Incidentally, this is why i am able to reconcile a love for the military (including the beloved CORPS) while simultaneously finding issue in the manner in which they are applied worldwide. They can’t question their orders, even if they are idiotic ones. They however have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic…but to actually fight on behalf of a 200+ year old document against a very real and very tyrannical flesh and blood ruler is more than can be expected of most, sadly.

        4. I live in the SE USA, which is actually very pro-gun. But I grew up where we never locked our doors, the last house I bought didn’t even have a deadbolt, and my parents still don’t lock theirs. I grew up shooting rifles at Boy Scout camp etc. I think rifles, shotguns, etc. are good, but handguns are *only* used to kill or maim people, and I’m not a big fan of that.
          I absolutely agree with your 2nd paragraph 110%. And that is my biggest beef with the 2nd amendment folks. They tend to ignore the *real* infringements on their freedoms as long as they are still allowed to hunt. If they put some energy into protecting the other amendments, it would have a much greater effect on society.
          The average NRA member thinks one must never give an inch on any sort of weaponry rules, but allowing the TSA is a necessary inconvenience, trillion dollar foreign wars to swap out leaders in strange lands are a good use of taxpayer money, free speech zones are just fine, and whistleblowers should be prosecuted. Hell, eliminating guns would make us all “safer” than having a TSA, if that’s the goal you’re going for. These types seriously lack perspective.
          I think you are probably right about where blame lies with the military. But how much does that really matter? Perhaps to you, who has a personal experience in the military. But to me, the taxpayer, it matters not. Over 50% of what I pay (in my county we pay $8,000 per year to the military per household) in taxes will go to this foreign adventurism. For that price I could get together with the neighbors on either side of me and hire a full time security patrol–now that’s some REAL security! To the 15 year old kid in the middle east going to his big sisters wedding right before they are all murdered from the air from strangers in a strange land he knows nothing about? Matters not to him either. So I see it mostly as a distinction without a difference. But it is nice and refreshing to see a reasonable point of view from someone who is coming from your background. It is somewhat rare, but when I do meet someone from the military who is awake, they are *WIDE* awake.

        5. Meh…the NRA is nothing more than a farcical smoke and mirrors org. They have compromised on gun rights with D’s and R’s alike when it suited their financial interests. I much prefer NAGR over them. They are the real deal pro 2nd amendment no compromises seeking no selling out org.
          With regard to your latter point, bear also in mind that what we are currently spending to fund these international agenda driven wars pales in comparison to what we spend on entitlement programs…in fact, it would look positively david and goliathesque if one were to stack them against each other.
          From my understanding, we are spreading our military thinner and thinner as the elitists on CH use them as a means of enacting social justice abroad. As if that isn’t bad enough, these same elitist see fit to cut the salary, benefits and leave time (to say nothing of forcing them on multiple tours) of these enlisted servicemen and women.
          I understand your umbrage at having to pay heavily to fund military programs you don’t believe in, but please understand you are directly paying just as much if not more so to fund nanny state programs designed to keep professional parasites on the public dole, which has the added misfortune of encouraging less people to work, which the US BS government then tries to pass off as “job growth” when they release to the dingleberry media that “unemployment rates are down.”
          No, unemployment rates are NOT down, more people have given up on looking for work, which gives the superficial impression of the unemployment rate going down to the casual economic observer.
          Given the choice, i’d much rather pay for Men and Women who put their lives on the line than for parasites who haven’t known an honest day’s work in years…but we can agree to disagree on that, i suppose.
          I do thank you for that last compliment though. I’ve acquainted myself with some of your views and while we don’t necessarily agree on all things, we do agree on some of the more important things.

        6. I can understand why someone in the military would want to support the military, the same way all teachers I know want increased funding for schools, and will always complain about too little money in education (it’s more about spending it on the wrong things ie brand new million dollar buildings). That’s simply human nature.
          But when I hear someone suggest that the military is in some way underfunded, I simply can’t take this person seriously. The 2015 direct military budget is currently over $800 billion (total military spending is much higher but let’s not go there). When you take out social security and medicare (which are really prepaid pensions and insurance systems, that if you live long enough, you will collect, unlike any other tax) the military is about half of the federal budget. Now, that may make sense if you are living in a warzone like Iraq, where there is little safety and you run the risk of dying daily. But if one was given the choice of arranging all the things they wanted done, roads, schools, bridges, environmental protection, policing, etc. I can’t imagine a scenario where one thinks its wise to blow half the money on one of those categories, and if they did, the military should be nowhere near the top of the list, especially if one lives in a peaceful safe area with good neighbors. The opportunity cost of spending so much on the military is enormous. Indeed no other country makes such a choice. Personally, I would never spend a penny more abroad than I did at home. The US spends $173 billion on police AND FIRE (couldn’t find a stat for just policing/prisons). There is no way I could ever justify spending anywhere near that much for foreign policing, as I’m far far far more worried about local criminals.
          If one steps back and looks at it from a distance, the US Military Industrial Complex is simply a lobbying group for wealthy corporations that make weaponry that kills people around the world. There is that famous study that found you are much much more likely to die at the hands of government than you are from any other unnatural cause. And these corporations profit off of murdering others.
          I do not necessarily believe in a supernatural being, but I take the teachings of Jesus very seriously, and Thou Shalt Not Kill does not have any exceptions. Therefore I view any money I spend on the US military as indirectly murdering, and try to legally greatly reduce any federal income taxes. If it were a defensive force, and if we followed Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution which prohibits a standing army for longer than 2 years, perhaps it would be ok, but it’s far from ok. There is an entire industry based on murdering hundreds of thousands of people a year, and it is more immoral than any other issue I know. The USA started 201 of the 248 armed conflicts since WW2, and I’d argue that none of them were safety or security issues.
          I don’t like spending my money on handouts, or on killing strangers. But at least handouts have *some* return. The return on killing Iraqis and Afghans for 15 years is nill. Actually negative when it causes blowback, which it will. But when you give some street thug a Section 8 voucher and EBT card, he pays rent to a guy like me and buys groceries from someone in the neighborhood, and the money is recycled, not just burned up into nothing.
          We argue over a lot of stupid things in this country. If we simply never went to war against Iraq, which everyone now admits was a mistake, the government could, for example, pay everyone’s Obamacare bill, and there would be nothing to bitch about. And there would be billions left over.
          However, if there’s one thing we can view positively, I see an extremely high chance that military spending will bankrupt the USA, the same way it did the USSR. Russia spends 1/10 what it did in 1985 on the military, and they are perfectly able of defending themselves. The USA spends *more* than it did in 1985. The amount it spends is unsustainable, and we are already seeing infrastructure, education, and public safety issues deteriorating.
          Finally, as an interim step, the US could always simply go back to its 1999 military, which was half the size of the one today, and it would still be bloated, wasteful, and capable of blowing up the world many times over again.
          Anyway, sorry for the off-topic rant, but this is a very important moral topic for me, and I greatly enjoyed discussing with you DR.

        7. My friend, according to this pie chart, obama is set to spend 65% of the budget on “mandatory’ programs which invariably include social safety net programs.
          Only 29% of the whole pie will be spent on “discretionary” programs, which invariably include necessities such as the funding of the military, and FED related finances.
          With regard to your 800 bil remark, i think you are including programs that are indeed pork, but lumping those in with necessary payouts to soldiers in order to state that it’s all essentially waste, is specious. That number actually consists of (from greatest to least) direct expenses related to the day to day operations of the military (domestic and abroad) followed by VA spending and to a lesser extent, homeland security spending.
          That last one is the pork i refer to. The HS dept is relatively new and was created shortly after 911, ostensibly as a means of protecting us from foreign threats. (why the CIA and FBI couldn’t simply fuse for the same purpose is beyond me) The money wasted on it (43 bil more or less) should be cut immediately since there was no real need to grow the govt any further.
          I suppose from your perspective, you can consider the largest chunk of military spending the source of most of the pork, and i could reasonably agree insofar as costly wasteful expenses are concerned. What i don’t agree on is cutting back on programs where next gen research is conducted, like with DARPA. Just as with the human body, if you cut more and more resources from the body of the military, what resources are left will be distributed among the most essential and directly relevant programs, at the expense of theoretical research. If this were a mere company that would be tolerable, but with regard to the US military lives are literally on the line and any technologies developed which save lives or prolong the injuries sustained by the average soldier are well within reason, at least in my eyes. So on this second point, i would argue against cutting, but would instead argue for more responsible spending, where every dollar spent is done so in the most cost effective manner possible.
          The third and final point here is the Veteran’s Affairs. I don’t believe in cutting here AT ALL. These are the programs that directly affect the lives of formerly enlisted servicemen, many of whom are injured physically if not psychologically. This is part of where obama has chosen to exercise part of his so called necessary cuts to the military budget, to the detriment of men and women who gave up their freedoms for the purpose of maintaining order here and abroad.
          While that last sentence may cause your eye to roll, bear in mind that some (not all) join for this altruistic and noble purpose. Regardless of the motivation of the others, the fact is they all sacrificed personal freedoms to do what very few would do willingly, up to and including dying. Cutting their “perks” is a disservice to them given all the sacrifices they have made.
          Furthermore, defense spending under O has actually decreased. (unlike with social net programs which have conversely increased) It’s become a running joke for a serviceman to expect a raise when an R is in charge and expect a pay cut when a D is in charge for that very reason.
          Given the sum of my research on this, obama is cutting from all the wrong places, and funding overseas agenda driven wars which you and i both disagree with.
          Let me turn my back to domestic, non military related programs to reiterate that we spend a whole lot more on them. Obamacare alone is set to add 200,000,000,000 billion just this year alone. Now add roughly 600 billion for medicare, 845 billion for social security ( a conservative estimate, no pun intended) and over 200 billion (again, conservative) on the most directly defined welfare programs and you end up with a cost of over 1.845 trillion dollars per year, spent on direct welfare, universal healthcare, and social net programs. This is spite of the fact that for the first time in history, more people are on the public dole than those paying for the public dole. How then, does your estimate of an 800 billion military budget exceed in waste over this? It actually doesn’t.
          (Excuse me for not posting the numbers, it involved pain staking research and i am feeling lazy at the moment)
          Given my numbers (which i verified online) my projected estimate is that the 2 major programs here will collapse within the next couple of decades if not sooner thanks in increasing part to the 2 lesser programs and the facts they involve.
          I think we also disagree on what to consider social security and medicare…you consider them as pension programs but the problem is these programs don’t really go towards your retirement, they exist to pay those already on retirement. That’s the dirty little secret of these programs. This is why i consider them part of the social net and not really private insurance plans as you and i consider them. They are largely unfunded (SS hasn’t seen black in years) and by the time you do get to retire by all projected estimates it will have gone broke way before then…you are therefore essentially paying for someone else to retire right now, rather than someone else to pay for you to retire later on, making it a true social net program.
          My final point here is that i essentially agree with you that waste management must become a matter of standard fiscal practice rather than capricious inspiration. I just disagree on your choice of where to start, since you seem to believe we should start with the military, when all evidences point to the social net (comprising of public assistance programs) as being far more in need of fiscal evisceration at this time.
          I would also like to mention that the role of the military is the same as with car insurance: you pay for it with the understanding that you may not need it in the moment, but if ever the need arises when you DO need it, you will be glad you already paid for it, waste notwithstanding. It sucks to pay for a theoretical service but if we didn’t have it say, in WW2 i think you and i would both possibly be speaking German right about now.
          On a different note, the actual hebrew verse is “thou shalt not murder” which changes the scope of the verse significantly. Killing and murder imply two very different circumstances.
          I’m not going to get into the issue of which wars were valid and which weren’t for the sake of brevity and personal opinion; i will say that i believe we are united on the belief that any money spent on the military should be spent responsibly and should not be wasted on agenda driven wars. That being said, if we are serious about no longer wasting money, let’s start on the domestic programs, like SS, medicare, and of course the entitlement programs. Let’s start in order of fiscal relevance.
          As for the latter part of what you said, the issue here is that these handouts given to “thugs” don’t really contribute positively to the economy overall. They are monies that have been apportioned through fiscal redistribution to those of an indigent status, which means the money was taken from the hands of producers and given to those who consume as a matter of habit. While this produces the effect of a positive impact on a local level, in reality what is happening is nothing more substantial that a placebo effect because that money could have been far more effective in the hands of those who are an actual stimulus on the economy, with regard to job growth and spending on the economy overall.
          No offense intended, but this craptastic thinking is what the D’s overall believe, whether its steny hoyer with food stamps or nancy pelousy with uneployment benefits.
          In the end, these handouts are going to end up bankrupting the US, far sooner and far more realistically than military spending, especially when one considers that there aren’t enough hard working hands to support the lifetsyles of those receiving them.
          Thank you for the positive debate. I always enjoy waxing intelligently with people who can disagree in a rational and civilized manner. Your latter remark about religion and Jesus strikes me as remarkably similar to Thomas Jefferson. That is no small compliment.

        8. TJ–my personal hero and attended his university so he has some bit of influence on my thinking 🙂
          It’s nice to see a discussion where there is just truth from both sides–that almost never happens (basically everything we both said above is true, we just come to different conclusions). This 2nd chart shows my biggest beef with military spending:
          I just don’t think I live in such an unsafe place that the military deserves 10 times what any other sector does. If you let me build that chart from scratch, it would probably be more like 10% science 10% transportation 10% military and police 10% education 10% energy/environment, etc. If I *DID* live in such a dangerous country, I’d prefer to move to a Switzerland where spending 55% on the military is not needed. (Or any other country in the world)
          As for the nondiscretionary handout stuff–the medicare, social security, entitlements, etc. bro I am right with you those should go away but it’s simply not going to happen. And I *DO* get a benefit from some of those–I collect Section 8 rent, after refusing it for years, I started taking it. The government pays 50% above market rents (sick, but ok I’ll take it) and that money goes right in my pocket, making me turn a nice profit, as it does for thousands of landlords (slumlords?) throughout the nation. Can’t say that about the Iraq war, every dollar of which was basically lit on fire to the tune of over a trillion). Both of course are horrible uses of money, but one considerably more horrible (not to mention immoral).
          I believe travel is the best education… travel, spend a long time in a foreign country, if you have not. Once you see that other societies can function successfully (and those without feminism do so far better than the US, in my opinion) and without spending hundreds of billions on war, you start to question why we should squander so much on war, when there are more important things in the lives of most people.

        9. True, those aren’t going away any time soon but, as a realist, i understand that they can’t be phased out immediately. A lot of Americans have an economic IV hooked into them that forces them to depend on these programs. They should be phased out in the same manner that junkies are weaned off drugs: bit by bit.
          And yes, you are getting a benefit from section 8 but as i said, it’s a placebo effect overall. That money is redistributed income that the government took from someone who would have put it to better use. It’s like an organic body feeding on itself in order to keep itself alive..that won’t bode well for overall health.
          The public assistance government exists to create parasites, which is how those who enjoy the powerbase they exploit maintain their grip on the poor and ignorant.
          I agree with you that paying for costly and unnecessary agenda driven wars is unacceptable. I just think that wasting money on costly politically motivated domestic safety nets are even worse. I suppose we will just reach an MV on this to prevent redundant exchanges. (modus vivendi)
          True, people die from the first directly, but i would argue that the people die in the second as well, if indirectly. Their livelihoods, their independence, even their souls.
          Keeping someone as an economic serf is no better than keeping someone as blunt instrument of war.

        1. I’m glad somebody finally addressed that.
          I have 2 categories for XY’s and 2 for XX’s.
          Men and males for the first, Women and females for the second.
          The first i use in a positive light (ROK mbrs in general or any Man that has done something of red pill significance) the second i reserve for beta and omega mangina scum.
          For the latter, i use the term Women to signify a real Lady that understands her place (submissive) to a Man, and i use the second to denote the feminist or feminized SJC (social justice cunts) that tend to pass for the majority of American females today.

    1. I was at a men’s retreat for my church this past week. A few of the more masculine guys in the group brought this topic up. The next generation of young men need to be reeducated. Without it they will fall prey to these marriage wrecking women over and over. As Rollo over at the Rational Male says: the male of today is expected to keep operating according to the old set of books b/c it helps to fulfill the feminist agenda

      1. Oh yes, men need to be educated to see women as less than human. That’s gonna work out real well.

    2. I don’t like your comment too much.

      Women today are a danger to themselves, to men, and to other women.

      Why do you care about women? You sound white knighty. Your sentence can be translated as “Feminism hurts women, too, waaaah”.

      The sickness of Western society has created a feedback loop that promotes and even drives female mental illness. Sick politicians and media promote destructive public policy, which in turn promotes the
      further degradation of women

      Again, why do you portray women as victims? You sound white knighty.
      And you miss the whole point when you list “Western society”, “sick politicians” and “media”. It’s a list of a white knight.
      It’s NOT politicians who degrade women. It’s WOMEN who elect these politicians.
      It’s NOT media that is evil. WOMEN force media to be like that.
      It’s NOT Western society. It’s WOMEN in the West that make it go downhill.
      Media, politics and society would be all fine, if women wouldn’t be allowed to vote or to participate. Women are not victims, they are the cause of it all. Women are the main perpetrators.
      You miss the whole point. You miss the fact that WOMEN WERE ALWAYS LIKE THAT. See http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assemblywomen which even features fat shaming.
      Women are not worse than in previous times, they are merely less controlled. Women are parasites (aka infesting higher life forms = men) and as parasites they have no inbuilt mechanism to know when to stop, or what is right or wrong for society. Parasites don’t care about the society of their hosts. Women can not be healed. And what you call “mental illnesses” is not a bug, it’s a feature, it makes women unaccountable for their actions.

      1. By blaming everything on women and holding no accountability to men, are you not as well exhibiting victim/bitch mentality? We as men allowed this to happen, since we are superior, it is our duty to fix the shit… cuz women are not going to! Know what I mean? Men need to get this shit rolling for real and we cant really blame women because, once again, we are the ones who shape EMPIRES… not women! I still think Fema-nazis are the worst blight the world as ever seen though, lol!

        1. Men need to get this shit rolling for real and we cant really blame women because, once again, we are the ones who shape EMPIRES

          That was all true before women got the right to vote. Now we have a completely different situation.

          I still think Fema-nazis are the worst blight the world as ever seen though, lol!

          Not quite. Feminazis are the minor problem. http://i.imgbox.com/PweBO2G1.jpg

        2. Sir i am curious…many Men on here simply despise feminists, but you seem different.
          Are you the actual misogynist that many feminists claim us to be?
          Mind you this is not an attack, merely a civilized inquiry into your modus vivendi.

        3. Your pic does illustrate a phenomena i have noticed among so called conservative Women.
          Gretchen Carlson and other fox news shelebrities are considered conservative simply by virtue of their employment, which is the equivalent of saying that a SCOTUS judge must be conservative simply because he or she is appointed by a republican. (a specious remark)
          Check out this core estrogen meltdown

        4. Contrast what i posted earlier with Kimberly Guilfoyle, who advises young females aka stupid young females to hold off on voting until they get some more years behind them. I tend to agree, although that may only result in a marginal improvement to their political sensibilities.

        5. watch the movie “Out of Africa”- based on a memoir.
          That woman was not a feminist. Of course it took place in the early 1900s, so I doubt a woman like that exists anymore

        6. True, which is why i said earlier that the improvements that come with age for a Woman would in essence be marginal at best.
          She is twice divorced and married gavin newsom, of all people.
          Then again, maybe marrying that uber leftist freak was just the right kind of reality check she needed to understand that people on the left tend to believe in warped and twisted ideals.

        7. she has been divorced twice. yet Im pretty sure she has called herself catholic. you go girl

        8. LMAO, that pic was perfect hahahahaha… what, do you have a collection hiding in a folder for the perfect moment or something?
          Let me rephrase… FEMINISTs PERIOD, are the greatest blight this world has yet seen! I just consider almost all feminists as Femi-Nazis. Now I know to make that distinction!
          Once again however, WE as men must make the change… that is exactly what is happening here in the red pill community!
          We master ourselves as men and stop supplicating to errant womens demands and we will start rectifying this shit.
          Number one strategy is to start teaching men how to be REAL men again. Plenty are waking up for guidance. THIS is where the root movement beings baby…
          This is what real men need to be doing to feminists now!

        9. Can I be the first person to spit on the chard remains of our treasonous pope, pretty pretty please?

        10. I have to agree with you. It’s not that most women read Naomi Wolf (97% of women on this planet don’t know who she is) or have studied post structuralism. Women as a group are out to get as much from society and men as possible. I don’t think I know any woman that isn’t a feminist. Some are mild and some are militant. That is the only difference.

        11. One of the funniest and reality based pics I’ve ever read dude…I often wonder, from where do u get these fab pics? Is is some website or do u make it on your on or how?

        12. These days more women know who Naomi Wolf is than Betty Crocker, and it serves them well.
          Honestly, most of you guys here need to remove your head from between Rush’s Limpballs.

        13. Kim’s just reading from the script the GOP has devised to keep a sizable portion of women home on election day.
          It won’t work.

        14. Are you daft, man? … Just turn on Rupert’s Propaganda Channel and see for yourself.

        15. I used to watch FOX news, and i never saw anything of the sort.
          Perhaps this is just bias on your part…yes?

        16. Oh, it’s always wise to enter the Fox hole equipped with a protective layer of bias so as not to be tragically Murdoched.
          Since you say you “USED to watch Fox” it seems a warning bell must have gone off at some point in your head……and yet I see traces of residual damage.
          Let’s hope it’s not permanent.

        17. Perhaps your advice is better suited to yourself? Since i see a lot of blue pill “reasoning” with regard to your particular perspective.
          I used to watch fox religiously because they were a refreshing oasis from the bs of the mainstream left wing media. Nowadays even fox is leaning just a bit to the left the more that they hire left of center and centrist personalities, not to mention the fact that they are co-owned by a muslim is a thing of concern to me.

        18. I don’t think it’s likely Fox “news” will ever lean left, (but it’s fun to imagine them trying) and their Saudi co-owner should be the least of your concerns.
          Rupert Murdoch has long been a student of Nazi propaganda techniques that he’s snidely riddled their news line-up with. He also had their news division legally declared a mere source of entertainment so they could lie outrageously without fearing lawsuits and fines.
          They’re more an “oasis” from reality than a refuge from BS.
          In time, most sensible folks come to realize that to be well-balanced it’s best not to lean too far to the left OR the right, and that those who repeatedly claim to speak from a “no-spin zone” are generally the least trustworthy.

        19. If you’re going to go that route, we have more to fear from George Soros and his progressive destabilizing of the US through his puppet obama.
          Personally, being on the fence in any regard except to exercise neutrality is not something i favor. I lean proudly right but i don’t play favorites, which is why i don’t care what your thoughts are on RM, i just believe you play favorites because you are highlighting someone who is far less a threat than the person i mentioned.

        20. We have to look askance at every member of the 1%, Daniel, because that’s certainly how they’re looking at us.

        21. The real threat isn’t the 1% of the private wealthy, it’s the 99% of the public wealthy.
          Think on that for a moment

        22. I’d be glad to when you’re more specific about what you mean by the “99% public wealthy.”

        23. Ah, and your estimation in that regard is sadly accurate.
          It’s also worrisome that many of them eagerly do the bidding of the 1%.

        24. I tend to think that the easily corruptible of both do the bidding of the shadow elite.
          The names of the people who truly run things in this country and abroad are relatively unknown to us.

        25. Yes! And their greatest fear is that we’ll stop yipping at each other and join forces to rip them out by their roots.

      2. Why do you care about women? … Again, why do you portray women as victims? You sound white knighty.

        Both women and men are victims of the mind poisoning that is modern feminism, which is meant to divide the sexes against each other and destroy the family. Men and women are not natural enemies, but we evolved to provide two complementary roles that form a cohesive family unit. Attacking and demonizing an entire gender is something that feminists do. Trying to win the gender wars is futile. No one can win. When you “win” you go extinct.

        1. Both women and men are victims of the mind poisoning that is modern feminism

          Just like poor poor Marxists are hurt by evil Marxism.

          Trying to win the gender wars is futile

          Unfortunately that strategy (together, not against) has failed since 100 years. It’s the very thing that brought us into the mess. It’s a failed MRA strategy from yesteryear. There is not a single proof that any talk with feminists or that working together with women will have any positive outcome for men.

          Men and women are not natural enemies, but we evolved to provide two complementary roles

          Men and women may naturally complement each other but the emphasis is on _naturally_. We do not have a natural state of things, we have the big government state of things, and women love the big government, women enlarge the big government, women are the enemy.
          Mind you, I am not talking about the individual woman. The individual woman might be the nicest, friendliest and most loving person you have ever seen. I am talking about “the women” as in “female electorate”.

      3. you do appear to have ripped off the host / parasite idea from eustace mullin’s rather unpleasant writings on the “biological jew”. Yet you are someone who rejects conspiracy theory. Why try to radicalise men in way that will illegitimate and marginalise their opinions in advance?

    3. when i broke up with my ex wife in 2004, she went to stay with her sister, who had her committed to a mental ward…. .enough said….

      1. You were probably beating her, demanding sex and being very patriarchal…well we all know that’s the story she has told to anybody that will listen.

        1. damn filthy husband demanding sex, how dare he? doesn’t he know that leads to children which could severely inconvenience his wife?

        2. Yes, demanding sex is abusive and expecting a woman to bear children is patriarchal.

    4. Bravo, good sir.
      That said, is there any female in America that does not have worms in her head? I think, perhaps not.

    5. Bills like the “Violence Against Women Act” are just trojan horses to get porkbarrel projects funded. They fill the bill with crap that has nothing to do with violence or women, and then promote it on the floor. If a politician dares to vote against the bill because of the unethical spending and special interest projects in the bill, then they have to answer to political attack ads that ask, “Why did [so and so] vote against the Violence Against Women Act? Does he support violence against women?” It’s politics and how the game is played. Women experience the least amount of violence out of everyone in society, including children. They do not need a special act just for them.

      1. The U.K. is soon to make it a criminal offense the wicked crime of. . . withholding money from a spouse. In other words not handing over every penny you have to the greedy twat.

      2. You forgot to mention that congress passed the violence against women act by using their power granted in the Commerce Clause. That’s the part that I think is a bit much. But the supreme court case United States v Morrison overruled it so its all good. By the way Mike Gavin, I, as a 17 year old girl, value Liberty way more than security. Liberty is obviously worth more as it is harder to obtain than security.

    6. Hear hear!
      If we knew some dude who, in his whole life, did heaps of dumb things, wrecked cars, drained bottles, was a complete fucking drama queen, and a basket case, what do we do with him?
      We tell him GTFO.
      Now why do women get that pass?
      I’ve been with the crazy bitches. Trust me. It’s better without them. I can breathe now.

    7. Your comment is public service worthy as well, man.
      That’s a pretty sobering breakdown. I’m not American & I don’t live there but that strain of subtle & not so subtle manipulation of men is spreading like a pandemic elsewhere.
      I’m glad i managed to dodge a couple of bullets in the form of Walking Dead infected women myself a few years ago. Pure luck & that intrinsic male instinct ( i believe all men have it if they pay attention enough) for self preservation held out well enough.
      This here though is about being forewarned & forearmed.
      I’m glad you also went about exploring solutions in your comment. Cheers.

    8. If it was a fact that one in five men that went to college would be beat up and raped by their fellow students, the male population at university’s would be virtually zero (excluding the homosexuals, of course). So why is it that women are heading off to college in great numbers. Might it be because this one in five is a load of horseshit, or are women just so awesomely brave and eager to take the fight to the patriarchy.
      One way of finding out their real intentions is to see how they react and have responded when segregation by sex is recommended. They won’t hear of it because their aim isn’t the safety of women, their aim is the slow purge of men from the education system through intimidation and fear.

    9. The prevalence of mental illness should be a great rallying cry to wake up and take the red pill. Looking back on crazy shit exes have done (and they really pale in comparison to some of the stories I have read here (yeah I’m looking at you doktorjeep haha)) I am shocked at how in the moment, they seemed unreasonable but not completely insane. But if you replay the story and replace one of your buddies doing the same actions, you would think the guy is a complete lunatic and would never socialize with him again.
      This can be applied to almost every interaction one has with women, and reveals their true depravity and anti-social nature. For example, lets reverse what happened on a recent New Years Eve with “Brian”.. Steve brought his college buddy “Brian” out for a night of fun on NYE. They pulled up to a cool bar, but before heading in to have a drink, Brian stomped his feet and started yelling at Steve asking him why he brought him to this place and he wanted to go somewhere else and he wasn’t dressed right! Steve will never hang out with Brian again. But how many of us have put up with shit like this from a woman, just because?

    10. I am a design teacher and you may be pleased to hear that I sprinkle small red pills in many shades and hues around the classrooms every single day. It doesn’t take much to influence a young mind. The right comment in the right moment, and a student’s attitude can be tinted forever.

      1. How the fuck did you do that? I preached Redpill to n online forum full of 14 year olds and got banned

        1. I don’t preach, I give hints :P. It’s usually examples of “common sense” with some underlying red pill truth. Girl has taking a habit of hitting her neighbor (guy) in the head more or less playfully. One day I tell her something along the lines of: “Stop doing that. Remember that he’s clearly stronger than you. The only thing that keeps him from hitting you back is his belief in being civilized. You should deeply respect his self control.” Class laughs, she stops doing it. Both 18 year olds.

  6. Any kind of mental-stability drugs (Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, etc.) are an instant full-stop, for both LTR or flings. When they’re off them they’re crazy, and when they’re on them their the sex drive bottoms out. Big NOPE on those.

  7. I don’t know about you guys, but after reading this article, I recently started thinking…does anyone else find it strange how we (men; some of us) as children and pre-teens were falsely and erroneously diagnosed with some bogus McMental issue, heavily medicated and placed in front of quack psychiatrists/psychologists/other types of pseudo medical conmen for completely useless time-and-money wasting sessions, and yet when everyone grows up, it’s generally the women who are having mental issues and breakdowns left and right? And how when it happens, people turn the other way and maintain radio silence? Or am I the only one who has noticed?

    1. Not at all. But, then again, that’s not to say that the msm doesn’t ignore this, because they certainly do, which makes the truth behind your statement all the more grating. That said, I hadn’t seen it the way you put it…that boys are targeted for drugging, yet, its girls that are the ones who end up suffering the most from legitimate issues.
      Full circle its a maddening cycle and, indeed, depressing. Boys are targeted for drugging because they’re acting like boys, their natural and God given state of being. Moreover, this drugging stunts them, apparently “for their own good”…argh (my righteous male aggression!), NO, so that girls can be given a chance to compete. And why do they need to compete, pray-tell? Because of their fucking sensitive egos, which by some perverse twist has them butthurt if they can’t be selected for full contact king-of-the-hill or football.

      1. Has anyone else ever noticed the non-sequitur of Feminist “Equality”? Namely, how feminism continually demands ‘women-only’ legal advantages and government (i.e., taxpayer)-funded programs, just so that women can be “Equal” with men?

    2. My family doctor offered me pills when I was a teen for depression… I’m lucky that I was a rebellious kid and said no fuck no… I’d rather be depressed than stuff the doctor’s happy pills down my throat.
      If you’re a teenager with half a brain and you start to realize how fucked up and confusing the world is, you are going to be depressed for a little while… Its natural… Its a frikkin rite of passage…
      Wanna know what cured my depression? Lifting weights, staying mentally active, getting rid of shitty people in my life, working on career (a slow but rewarding process), believing in myself, playing guitar, having gratitude for the good things in my life, admitting when I’m wrong.
      As long as you don’t expect it to happen overnight, you can pull yourself out of a rut… Even when you think your whole life has turned to shit things can get better.

      1. Seems like you had already taken the red pill as a teen, which prevented you from taking any of the other colored pills as a result.
        Good show!

        1. In some ways yes but in other ways I was very blue pill with blue pill fantasies.
          For some reason the idea that I would ever get cheated on by a girl was unfathomable to me when I was younger. When I found out my second LTR girlfriend was hooking up with my “friends” behind my back I had a friggin meltdown. My Catholic upbringing combined with my love of myself combined for a mental implosion. There was a good year after that where I was just floating around not knowing what was what.
          At this point though if a girl were to cheat on me I doubt I’d care nearly as much.
          Some girls cheat. The end. Turn the page.

        2. Deep inside the psyche of every beta male lies a masculine lion waiting to rip its cage apart and roam free.
          You can sedate the lion, you can program it with day to day instruction but in the end, the lion will invariably attack his feminist liontamer.
          It’s in his nature.

        3. back in the 1800s, I believe they called depression “melancholia”. Prescription? Moonshine whisky

        4. “girlfriend was hooking up with my “friends” behind my back”
          Note, brother Kent, not “friend” but “friends”.
          When I was a youngster, one of the many janitors who would provide me with sage wisdom over the years schooled me in certain black arts.
          This janitor pointed out that there are 3 categories of female human in general:
          1. The cock craving amoral skankbag type.
          2. The serial monogamist hypergamous “love/drama/romance/commitment” slut.
          3. One’s mother.

      2. I think I read that something like 70% of Americans are on prescription drugs. Must be doing wonders to our natural brain chemistry. Maybe that’s why we’re all getting so smart. Oh wait…

      3. butbutbut thats so much HARDER than taking a lil pil everyday!

      4. Just gotta get my diet right…. sugar is deadly for depression…..I do believe that diet and mental stability are intricately linked…..

        1. And sugar is in damn near EVERYTHING. Check out the labels on the foods in the stores — sucrose, fructose, corn syrup, the list goes on and on.
          I became aware of this about four months ago when I watched a video advising you to watch your diet and eat as few sugars and carbs as possible — concentrate on plant and animal proteins and fats for the majority of your diet; try to keep sugars and carbs to a minimum as much as possible.
          LEARN ABOUT NUTRITION. Our Western diet is overloaded with sugars and carbs, and look what it’s doing to us.

        2. yep – if you think sugar isn’t one of the most addicting ‘substances’ available then try going without it…

        3. Also avoid anything ‘low fat’ or ‘low calorie’. Dietary fat (as opposed to body fat) is necessary, providing a transport mechanism for all fat-soluble vitamins, brain and eye health, essential fatty acids that your body cannot make. Fat, protein and carbohydrates are simply three forms of macronutrients, and each is important. And a calorie is nothing more than a measure of energy. In fact in Europe the word “calorie” is typically replaced with “kilojoule”. Think how silly it would sound to say “I want to eat a low energy meal”– that defeats the entire purpose of eating!
          Food Inc and Forks over Knives are good dietary documentaries. The former stressed that the “fat free low calorie” movement in the 1980s targeted the false enemy of fat, and what did they replace the fat with? Sugar. Sugar *is* actually bad for you, although I still eat desserts and sweets from time to time. But I don’t eat meals with added sugar. So always avoid anything low fat or fat free–it is stripped of needed macronutrients and loaded with sugar.

      5. It”s so much easier to obey. You can pull out your mental illness crutch as an excuse for bad behaviour.

      6. Psychiatrists and other medical “professionals” get bonuses from pharmaceutical companies for pushing psychotropic drugs. People should avoid them at all costs because there is no way to accurately measure and control brain chemistry. It’s a crap shoot.
        And doctors are legally bound to admit this to you if you ask them directly.
        These days we’ve all seen perfectly normal kids medicated into a dull state of semi-oblivion just because they were healthily rambunctious.

    3. Any young boys showing Masculine interests get Medicated. Meanwhile Liberalism is promoting LGBT behavior and refuses to acknowledge it as a Mental illness that needs treatment. Seem backwards much….

        1. Read the short story by Poe-The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether :o)

      1. You probably don’t know this but there are many side effects to drugs and one of them is cross dressing with certain drugs. I’m serious. So you can also have the delusion that you’re the opposite sex like these trannies.

        1. I can believe it, I remember a couple months ago they were advertising the Risperdal Lawsuit because Risperdal was causing Breast development in Boys who were taking it.

        2. which drugs exactly? Does this explain Jenner at all?
          Chantix(smoking cessation) now has to prominently feature known side effects (irritatibility, anxiety, suicidal thoughts) on its labels- dont you get the first two (maybe the third?) when you quit cold turkey anyway?

    4. Never happened to the Boomers which is why they are the only normal men today capable of leading.

      1. I disagree with this statement. As much as I don’t want to sound like I’m absolving my generation (Gen Y) of any responsibility for the quagmire in which we find ourselves (because I’m not. We’re in this fight whether we want to be or not. We’re just as responsible for it), it was the Boomers who, for the most part, allowed this. Whether or not their hands were tied with the half-cocked threats of legal action and serious confusion of what to do is at this point irrelevant. If they were so capable of leading, then they would have stood their ground against the then rising, destructive tide of feminism when it was gaining its undeserved momentum. They would have seen it for what it was, which was just a massively failed “shit test,” to borrow from the PUA term. Regardless of who it was, statesman to journeyman, politician to plumber, they could have stopped it.
        But they didn’t.
        In one way or another, they gave into fear, and now future generations [of boys] have to deal with the consequences. Want proof? Look at how drastically things changed when X, Y, and the Millennials came onto the scene. Who were the parents of X and a good portion of Y? The Boomers. Who gave birth to a portion of the Millennials? X. And what was gaining steam the whole time? Leftism, cultural marxism, feminism, any other poisonous ism that infects western society. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
        Oh, sure, the aging Boomers can in theory lead now, but where were they when we needed them the first time around? And while I still disagree with what you said, I can understand why you’d say it. Other than the fact that you are absolutely correct in the Boomers NOT being excessively drugged and pointlessly psychoanalyzed into oblivion, (Sorry, I should have realized the complete context of your comment.) They were the children of the Greatest Generation, sons of the boys who were sent to fight in WW2, bringing and end to the Nazi regime’s rule in Germany and Europe, and bringing to its knees the feared Japanese empire. Normally, the ideals of brave men like the GG’s are passed on to their children. And no doubt they were, in many cases. But for whatever reason, it still wasn’t enough to at least staunch the bleeding of our culture if not completely stop it.
        And don’t misunderstand; I’m not trying to start a cross-generational flame war here; this is merely an opinion based on my own observations and a small bit of research. Now, am I mad at or embittered by the Boomers? No. Disappointed in their lack of action? Yes. But I also realize that because of it, the fight just got a lot more…interesting and difficult. But not impossible.

        1. I’m 52 – I think that puts me at very end of the boomers for which I am probably held accountable. But I have experienced the boomer generations shit on a grand scale and so agree with your assessment above. However, this is not a defense but an observation that explain: the male boomer’s had mothers who didn’t divorce – while the boomer’s women all burned their bras and screamed ‘equality’. The male boomer’s mothers were mostly ‘good women’ who stayed married and honored their vows which tended to influence the boomer men to agree and go along with ‘equality’ for women. Mix in a healthy dose of white guilt and the masculine devastation of WW2 and maybe this explains something as to why boomer men stayed silent…

  8. Damn I am meeting these kind of girls all the time. Self absorbed, manipulative bitches.

  9. Another nuke dropped by Forney. “Death Threats” are sure to follow.

    1. TRUTH does have that effect on some people.
      Which is why lots of people prefer a Pretty Lie to an Ugly Truth.

  10. I live in a major metropolitan area…all females are fucking nuts. And, around here, I increasingly see, pardon smell, more and more gross girls.
    Back in the day a hot girl might randomly pass you bye and after that visual stimulus followed the icing of a sweet pheromonic combination of feminine scents, I’m talking clean, fresh, pure, yet, many times floral with a hint of spice or seduction. It clicked on levers and got you aroused instantaneously.
    Nowadays, girls, hot or not, walk past and at best I get some stale mundane odor of office, outside, dry cleaning or that sort of stale skin smell. Worse, you’ll get…well use your imagination. Its a boner killer.

    1. I know exactly what you are talking about: the only women who smell nice at my work are foreigners.

  11. This article really hits close to home from me. I have a sister that suffers from anxiety and a few other health problems. What’s odd is that we were both brought up in the same home with two loving parents that are still happily married today. We have very similar childhoods, but functioned well in school and were very social (to an extent anyways). I function perfectly fine yet she is the one on medication, going to a support group, and on the edge of obesity and diabetes. She’s in her early 30’s and already hit her wall ( I can tell just by looking at her pictures when she was in her early 20s) and sadly I have to say she will remain unmarried the majority of her adult life.
    While as a brother I would love to have her find a good guy, settle down and have a family. But as a man looking objectively at her, I can see why she’s still single and will remain so. Like the modern American woman, she doesn’t cook, rarely cleans, doesn’t have a lot of hobbies, and prefers the company of her cats. She could easily set up an online dating profile and have thirsty betas asking her out by the end of the week, but she refuses to do so. I could take some joy in knowing that she isn’t sleeping with every Tom,Dick, and Harry in town.
    As her brother I love her dearly, but can’t see her ever finding meaningful happiness in her life unless she takes some initiative and drive. Which are two things I don’t see women having a lot in today’s western society. While I get depressed for a time being I decided to do something about it and started making my own way. What’s amazing is that I look a ton better now then when I did in my 20’s and I’d have no problem finding a much younger woman if I put my mind to it. My sister doesn’t have that option it seems now.

    1. At a superficial level it does sound like there are major confidence issue there. There might be a hundred other things going on, but focussing just on the former, one might ask whether an article like this would be help or plunge her into a spiral of despair. Once I would have said she needed to be treated with kid gloves, but that’s what always happens and it rarely if ever works. Women create supportive environments for each other (and mental health support groups mirror this quite often) and while there might be a therapeutic element to be being having ones confidence ‘built up’ with words and kind sentiments, it doesn’t seem to work. Why, because kind words and sympathy don’t change behaviour, which ironically is something that reading a classically offensive ROK article actually can. Fuck Sigmund Freud, girls with fragile egos, and confidence issue probably should read articles like this, or those written byTuthmosis, because they will produce a reaction – a defensive reaction, that will either get the hamster spinning (possibly making things worse) or motivate them to do the same thing that equivalent articles aimed at men are designed to do: that is take practical steps to improve your life, improve your appearance, organise your mind and thoughts, set realistic goals, and not passively expects things to get better. I’m not saying any of those things are your sisters problems, but there’s no doubt that the mental health industry is built-upon over-complicating the human psyche.

      1. Looking at it now I noticed that my sister had the tendency of befriending other girls with personality disorders as well. She would bring them over quite often to hang out. Most of the time these girls would be very pretty and attractive, but then I would find out from her their issues. One girl would cut herself secretly or another would be in a mental abusive relationship with her boyfriend. My sis would then try to spend time fixing these girls and forget about her own problems that she’s facing. You are often effected by the company that you keep and my sister keeps bad company as it seems. They’re doing nothing to fix her and she’s using them as a clutch to avoid her own insecurities.

        1. I think that’s quite a common scenario and clearly not a healthy one. It may be difficult to tease out the dynamics here as they may be quite complex. All of us may choose to associate / hang out with others who make us feel normal or relatively successful in comparison and that could be part of it, but women in particular seem to be prone to ‘dramatising’ their problems, and competing with each other to out-dramatise problems. Just as girls have always boasted about successful boyfriends etc, nowdays the victim mentality ensures they boast and compete with each other for victim bragging rights, something which may sustain problems that might otherwise resolves themselves, since they become an essential part of their identity and therefore something which cannot be ‘cured’ or resolved without threat to the sense of self-hood / identity. The more bound up this may be to some kind of politicised ‘ identity e.g. gender related or feminist etc the more such ego-defence will be aggressively resisted. Not saying that applies in any way to your sister, but even if none of the above describes her I am sure there will be ‘pay-offs’ that sustain her dilemma. In all probability though interfering will probably just result in resentment and resistance so the safest course is probably just to remain a supportive brother and see if she can come up with her own solutions to her own problems

      2. ” Fuck Sigmund Freud”
        Slightly off topic but you are absolutely correct. That man was a pervert who said all males want to fuck their mother and kill their father.
        His whole system of “psychology” was merely a method to pathologize certain qualities one would attain from critical reasoning and clear understanding of reality.
        A shuckster and freemason faggot. Everyone who respects and upholds that piece of shit is utterly vapid and worthless as a human being.

        1. agreed. From Freud we get the idea of repression, and everything that has crawled out of pandora’s box ever since, has been liberated in the name of combating repression. It is highly likely that the origins of Freud’s ideas are kabbalistic, reflecting the idea that libido – desire is the operative force in the universe. Which of course is pure speculative metaphysics

        2. Meh. Existential considerations aside, Freud’s model of the id, ego, and superego are useful, particularly for explaining our current cultural decline.
          According to Freud, a person is influenced by his id (emotional and bodily desires) and by his superego (a sense of right and wrong derived from cultural norms). The ego is the rational self, caught between these two. Crucially, the ego is capable of rationalizing the desires of the id. People work hard to come up with reasons why it’s okay to do something because they already want to do it.
          In most societies throughout history, cultural norms served to safeguard the interests of society (family/village/nation) as a whole, and to curb individual desires. Classical liberalism values individual desires/aims, and also values individual authority and autonomy. What this has led to is people challenging traditional authorities in order to create new, self-serving norms.
          This creates imbalance in the system, because the superego no longer opposes and keeps a check on the id, but increasingly reflects and reinforces it.
          Also, this:

        3. “the superego no longer opposes and keeps a check on the id, but increasingly reflects and reinforces it”
          you could certainly argue that. I used to be more sympathetic to Freud than I am now. Freud thought he was developing a science when his case studies were anything but scientific, and my point about the kabbalistic influences were to point to evidence that what he put forward as scientific on the basis of case studies etc, may have a quite different origin. Freud has certainly furnished us with some useful ideas, although the idea of the unconscious has had other equally if not more interesting (if not necessarily more scientific) exponents. Jung – who features quite a lot in ROK – for instance was particularly critical of Freud because of his very apparent fixation upon sex / repression, including incest. Freud’s ideas about incest are dubious to the say the least, and may have been his own particular pre-occupation (jewish mother’s obviously lol). With Freud the illness often arises out of a failure of the individual to successfully negotitate the psycho-sexual stages. I’m not quite sure who still believes that these days – the super-ego has a fairly neutral status (the Appollonian order to the Id’s dionysian chaos) but later commentators seem to see repression of libido as something that caused psychological sickness both at the individual and societal levels. Indeed for the likes of some like Marcuse, as far as I can tell the whole of (judeo-)christian society and civilization was deemed to be suffering from the evil effects of sexual repression – hence the outbreaks of sadistic violence in the two world wars etc. That a highly dubious contention – but one which is still implicit in the endlessly repeated progressive mantra’s about “love is love”, “how can love be wrong”, “all children need is love” (different kind hopefully?). I think its time to look carefully at the whole ‘repression’ thesis

        4. You know I have heard that he was a sabbatean frankist (satanist) which is heavily involved in the kabala. The connection to freemasonry is quite evident to anyone who has read some books by high level masons.
          That christian civilization was so thoroughly duped by these perverted faggots is quite the indictment to the intellectual capacity and moral fortitude of the average man.
          “It is highly likely that the origins of Freud’s ideas are kabbalistic, reflecting the idea that libido – desire is the operative force in the universe”
          I’ve read similar things regarding the whole of paganism and the fact that many of them since recorded history have worshiped the phallus as the “generative principle”…..other pagans..witches perhaps worship the vagina in similar fashion. But both see sex…and all manner of disgusting perverted sexual acts and abominations as “liberation” and somehow exercising power with this “generative principle”. In short they worship themselves and a basic function of their body intended for procreation, of which they had no choice in possessing these traits but they worship it none the less like a retard squatting in a corner happily flicking his junk back n forth.

        5. There are definitely reasons to think Freud was influenced by Kabballa and later in life I think he acknowledged similarities between his thinking and kabbalistic ideas. Demonstrating how the influence came about is less clear. As for a sabbatean / frankist influence – I wasn’t aware that was considered satanist (certainly not by sabbateans) but the obvious similarity there would be the role of the sexual taboo (e.g. incest) and the implied revolt against the rule of the father. Freud’s theory is patriarchal on the surface, but speaks of revolt against the father (old testament judeo-christian morality at least), which is mediated by incestuous desire, figurative or otherwise of the mother. There could well be a pagan aspect to that as well as to the kabbalistic and / or sabbatean side of things. Goddess religion, the new focus on sexuality / fertility (as in Fraser’s Golden Bough) and later witchcraft are parallel if not necessarily linked processes that stress the principle of earth rather than sky religion, and with it a ‘spirituality’ linked to materialism. There’s no doubt that there is antagonism in Freud to gentile civilization but it may not be quite that black and white. The worship of the self does arise in this era, following the idea of the death of God, and the Marxian / feuerbachian transformation rehabilitating man as the ‘real’ author of ‘god-like’ attributes

        6. Yes very well said. The spiritualizing of the material is nothing new really but we see it prevail in the world thus proving that man in his heart is quite base and opposed to all true spiritual things which are not of the material.
          As we are seeing now these religious systems that promote indulgence through sexual “liberty” are really perfect means of mass control over members of society. As Huxley said
          “As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase. And the dictator will do well to encourage that freedom. In conjunction with the freedom to daydream under the influence of dope and movies and the radio, it will help to reconcile his subjects to the servitude which is their fate.”

        7. “As we are seeing now these religious systems that promote indulgence through sexual “liberty” are really perfect means of mass control over members of society”
          the huxley quote is a good one. May not have been intended as a means of control, but certainly its getting clearer by the day that it has that potential

    2. “What’s odd is that we were both brought up in the same home with two loving parents . . .”
      Perhaps the only thing odd about it is the way you view it.

    3. “As her brother I love her dearly, but can’t see her ever finding meaningful happiness in her life unless she takes some initiative and drive.”
      I know where you’re coming from, my sister is the same way. I have tried telling my sister it is only her responsibility to make her life better, and whatever I can do to help I will, but in the end its on her. Shitty situation to be in as a brother and as a man, hopefully they wake up sooner than later.

    4. Be a real brother. Tell it like it is. Take off the pastel sweater and throw tact out of the window behind it and go save your sister’s life.

  12. Having a background in mental health and psychology I read this from a position of conflict, but there’s a lot of truth in it. Interestingly Matt Forney’s take here is similar to many of the marxist / feminist critiques not least because it shares a degree of anti-psychiatry at root, and identifies the primary problem here as one relating to the social specification of mental illness. Modern psychiatry is basically ‘biological’ psychiatry that emphasise the bio-chemical, and quite often the genetic roots of mental illness. The red pill however is a critique of culture primarily, and therefore it shares with the marxist critique the idea that psychiatry and the culture it is a part of is actually producing at least some of the mental illness manifesting in society as a whole. Men have every right to avoid women who are sure to be trouble, but its unfair to target genuinely mentally women like schizophrenics. The critique must be of the culture that generating specifically female mental illness. Depression (hysteria), bi-polar etc are a part of what is being produce, but the primary problem here is female narcissism, and a social-political system, that is increasingly organised around fulfilling women’s narcissistic needs. Rape culture, domestic violence, and identity politics more generally (particularly of the LBGTQXVBDSM variety) is all a function of this organisation around women’s (and increasingly men’s) narcissistic needs. More than this the whole of feminism and leftism is increasingly objectively aligned with psychosis. This is not a clinical psychosis perhaps because it is a highly collective psychosis, where others feed into and built the house of cards fantasy world of a feminism built around the word salad of discourse & an idea of culture that not only bears no relation to objective reality, but is simply at war with ‘what is’.
    The sad fact is that the mental health industry, however necessary it may sometimes be (and sometimes it is very necessary indeed) is increasingly organised around the production of mental illness. I can’t quite endorse this, but there’s a sense in which a strong dose of reality is the most therapeutic intervention of all, if only because I see no other way off weaning women off their addiction to the constant and destructive addiction to attention and validation. Oh, and the other thing is most psychologists these days are chicks and they are as capable of getting to the root of the problem as they are of honest self-criticism

    1. It seems similar to a pro athlete who can’t play anymore, so gets depressed and his life falls apart….he has lost his whole identity.
      Most women nowadays have their whole identity based around the attention and compliments they get from men. A never ending stream from 14 to 26, it seems to go on forever. However, eventually their beauty fades and gradually men stop paying attention.
      Yes, women can still get attention from men in their 30s, but one way or another it dies off. They no longer get the little dopamine spike from attention and being wanted.
      Hence, 1/4 of all women are on anti-depressants

      1. “Most women nowadays have their whole identity based around the attention and compliments they get from men”
        yes, they seriously need to be weaned off what is effectively an addiction to attention. You have an interesting idea there: since rewards chemicals like dopamine are always going to be implicated in the receipt of attention etc, a brave (male) psychologist really should design an experiment around such the psychological and neuro-chemical factors involved in narcissistic / attention-seeking behaviour – selfies, face-book likes, etc. They’d have to have balls of steel though, not to mention tenure

      2. This is true but some women can still get lots of compliments from men into their fifties if they remain thin an are attractive for their age (most arn’t) but they will be compliments from men they don’t find desirable most of the time.

    2. The trend started in the late 1980s. Basically it was this, and I swear it was intended.
      I have met a lot of women who can tell a sordid tale of a life history. I’m talking men cheated on, some ending up in jail on false accusation or incidents she caused, credit cards run up, houses and cars wrecked, the whole bit.
      And like an idiot I have to ask why.
      And ever.last.one.of.them had the same look in their eyes as they say:
      “Well, I was diagnosed bipolar…”
      Every one of them.
      I suspect that there was an intended effort to turn a generation of fucked up women, the kind that needs inpatient treatment, out on society as a form of weaponized social disruption. I have seen and have been in the wake of these women and they leave long trails of broken men until justice finally catches up and she ends up in prison herself or dead (or as usual, so darned fat that no man would go near her except for thirsty betas who have it coming).
      So the psychiatric community can go fuck itself. It failed. Now a couple who has pistol permits is being told they can’t adopt a kid but GLBT couples why they get to the top of the list.
      Psychiatrists and related workers will be hung off the same overpasses as the academics and media people.

      1. Psychiatry has always been political. Not sure when the rot set in. In my opinion both right and left wing psychiatry is pretty rotten. 60s anti-psychiatry was heavily implicated in the quasi-marxist critique of an irrational, schizophrenogenic capitalist society, but then got destroyed by bio-psychiatry as new drug therapies made care in the community possible. The gender feminist camp got their claws in proper soon after – you’ve got homosexuality being de-pathologised, feminist anti-psychiatry pointing to the politics of hysteria etc, and then evil shits like John Money inventing ‘gender’ itself, and creating the gender identity disorder that plagues us today. Where bi-polar fits into that I’m unsure but there’s certainly an epidemic out there. I had one friend who was very laid back and for a while only ever attracted bi-polars – presumably women who couldn’t get off without massive mood-swings and the like. Nearly always pretty, but toxic after 24 hours or so. In that mix you have women with personality disorders, sometimes more than one at a time, chief amongst which cluster narcissistic type disorders. Society is mass-producing these succubi by encouraging all of women’s worst characteristics: narcissism, unconstrained and perverse sexual expression, grandiose thinking / delusions of grandiosity, exaggerated self-esteem, and a generalised taboo against grounding themselves in any kind of recognisable or objective reality.

        1. All that’s needed is to point out that the same people telling us that homosexuals are “born that way” and nothing can be done about it are also the same people telling us that gender identity is a constructed foisted on us by society and family.
          This on it’s face is reason to break out the pitchforks. I’m sorry but if gender identity is installed or implanted by any sort of outside influence, then so is homosexuality. Nobody is getting to have their cake and eat it too. And we’ll be shoving this down back down the throats of the “academics” fist and all.

        2. The entire strategy is based on having their cake and eating it. Feminists / queer theorists will say culture, while gay men will say ‘born that way’. That’s how they queer feminists etc., can ‘recruit’ while gay rights activists talk about gay penguins in nature. Its cynical pragmatism

        3. While I certainly believe that the “metrosexual is cool” movement is responsible for a lot of people taking up a gay lifestyle, I think it is pretty clear that there is a certain portion of any population (across many species) that have homosexual tendencies. I don’t hate these people or criticize them. Hell, that just leaves more women for me. Some people have a special attraction or lack of attraction for blacks, redheads, and yeah, maybe some guys like other guys, so what? Doesn’t bother me.
          On the other hand this magical “infinity number of genders” stuff is absolutely batshit crazy. Gender identity is simply your sex. Male = penis. Female = vagina. This is always the case except in rare cases of genetic mutation, like the way you can be born with 6 toes, or a badly botched circumcision, then in that case sure, fix it. But otherwise it’s crystal clear to tell the sexes apart.

        4. Yeh, the quasi-Marxist critiques of psychistry ala Foucault seem rather outdated now, but I still think he makes a good case that we continue to live in the shadow of Freud.

        5. Foucault is definitely interesting, albeit aligned with the left. His use of ‘genealogy’ – which he uses to trace how discourses (e.g. on madness) develop could potentially be a very useful tool to borrow with a view to critiquing the world we’re now living in – he adapted it from nietzsche anyway

      2. I’m highly skeptical. Women have just learned to take the insanity defense. Claiming to be bipolar explains away anti-social behavior. Don’t blame her, blame her condition. She’s only partially liable for her actions. She gets sympathy instead of judgement. Its BS much of the time. Very manipulative. Very female.

      1. “doctors, she reports, are more likely to prescribe women – especially those between the ages of 35 and 64 – psychiatric medications over men. Women on the cusp of menopause, for example, who report crying more often are frequently given antidepressants, when the underlying cause of the tears could be any number of feelings other than sadness, including fear of a new situation, frustration, and feeling deeply moved by a profound experience”

        gee, why does their depression tend to start at 35? Why not 22? 😉
        Looks like when they stop getting ‘harassment’ from men they get very sad.

        1. That’s an interesting observation, I didn’t even put it together when I read it.

        2. It starts at 35 because that’s when they really start to realize that their attractiveness is plummetting, and being Director Of TPS Reports with a drawer full of diplomas doesn’t mean as much as they were promised it would mean.

  13. Feminism
    Breaking millions and millions of women for 40 years

      1. Thinking about retirement. Have plenty to pay my employees on interest. Fuck the job on your part: Still no life? You branded 20 stone piece of shit dummy, with all your sock puppets. Disgraceful.

      2. Still upvoting yourself as well. “A true lady doesn’t kiss and tell” Yes, therefore, you should be telling away. Dummy.

    1. Shane/Jonas/Nella/Beth Good/Eleni, posts, responds to herself, and validates the article in 5,4,3,2,1..:

    2. There is no god. Thanfully, that means Matt Forney will rot forever without any afterlife.

  14. Great article. I know a lot of women who are simply…f’d up. Fellas go to their medicine cabinet and take a pic with your phone. Then look up the med list (there are Iphone/ Android apps or just google). Matt is correct, get the hell out of there.

  15. When you find a headcase, get out ASAP.
    I’ve wasted far too much time on mental girls and I’ve now learnt my lesson. You won’t see me going back for more doses of crazy, I’ve had my fair share.
    If you want an example of why this article is right, Google Eleanor De Freitas, a well educated call girl, who accused a boyfriend of a week of raping her after he dumped her when he found out she was fucking for money. She then kills herself after being charged of falsifying the rape claims and its everybody else’s fault but hers. I’d say all five of the above points are well exemplified in that story.
    The guy she accused is probably going to be fucked for a very long time as a result of her selfish and batshit behavior. Make sure its not you.

  16. I agree with everything in this article, however, I disagree that 25% of women have clinical mental disorders. That’s as fucking ridiculous as the 1 in 5 rape statistic. If that were true, we would be facing a public health catastrophe necessitating draconian measures and we would be in the process of rescinding the 19th Amendment, and women would be leading the charge because they hate each other.
    In reality, many of the females who claim to have some mental illness are either: 1) addicted to pills; or 2) using this as an excuse to cover for shitty behavior.
    My step sister is a perfect example of this – she loves to tell people how she is borderline, though she has never been officially diagnosed, and based on my observations is not so much clinically ill as a raging, spoiled, unreasonable cunt who wants a get out of jail free card for acting like an insufferable asshole whenever she feels like it.
    These women should be avoided too. But it’s important to recognize this distinction. True mental illness is deserving of sympathy even though underserving of any investment of time and effort relationship-wise. These people genuinely need help. The rest are fucking frauds akin to false rape accusers who deserve nothing but scorn and ridicule. We don’t need to treat them as if they’re actually mentally ill and award all of the sympathy points and “solutions” that follow from the need for “dialogue” on this problem. We need to tell them to get their asses back in line with acceptable standards of behavior and shut the fuck up about their first world, white girl, attention whoring problems.

    1. Well, one out of four women in the US is taking prescription medication for depression, anxiety, etc.*
      Plenty of people live lives without purpose or meaning. They seek solace in the countless poisons our culture offers, which offer temporary reprieve at the expense of long-term damage. Such a way of living takes its toll. Feelings of depression and anxiety are just a natural response to spiritual suffering.

    2. Fake it until you make it. If you are conned into thinking you are crazy, and submit to medication, you will eventually become crazy.

  17. This is a special room in a nightclub in Ireland. As the name suggests it is room with a specific purposes of taking a picture of yourself.

  18. I disagree. I think women who are on meds or in therapy should be preferred.
    Because really, would you rather have girlfriend who has been treated for mental illness or one who hasn’t? 😉
    Seriously, never stick your dick into “Crazy”*
    *Or if you are a woman let ‘crazy’ stick its dick into you. Or either, if you are a gay man. If you’re a lebian, I guess you’re on your own….

  19. There is a reason our For Fathers believed in a women should be seen but not heard, and there is a reason the Bible says that women should submit to their husbands and follow. Women voicing their opinions, Attempting to lead Men, Being “Liberated”, it all just results in a society and culture of madness and downhill ethics.

  20. There are too many who commenters on this site who blame women for their problems. It may well be that certain conditions are true and have certain affects, red pill thinking is accepting those truths, the way reality really is and adapting to it. For example, you will never be rewarded with the sex you want, or think you deserve, by being a supplicating nice guy. This is a brutal truth for most men, and has huge consequences for general societal/civilizational/communal/political health.
    Too many are whingeing about their predicament and blaming everything around them, in the same way feminists whinge about the patriarchy because they are too ugly to attract the men they think they deserve, and too thick or lazy to get the jobs they think they deserve. One major difference is they have legislative influence, for those directly affected by that you have my sympathies. However many are not affected directly by that and are simply moaning at the fact that the world will not accept their specialness and give them their just deserts.
    I know this because I’m one of the entitled ones, I at times rage against the perceived inequities I feel and look to continually blame some external force when it is objectively me hijacking myself. At the moment I’m stuck in thinking that avoidance is better than the delusional sense of “specialness” I have which doesn’t get supported by the world around me. Ideally I will get past that and get to a point where I can build a sense of self-esteem grounded in objective value (to others). At the moment I can’t get past the idea that I have little objective value to others. This appears to be false, emotionally painful, and part of the same problem. Hero or Zero!!
    There are many people who comment on here who have the same “triggering” sense of injustice that the SJW’s have. YOU ARE LIKE THEM. Face it and you can improve, otherwise accept you will be eternally conflicted with your self and nothing will ever get better. You will only be king in your own imagination, objectively you will be the idiot or the clown. At best pitied (if well connected SJW plenty of benefits). But given your a man you will find it harder to get the enablers around you, well adjusted men may dismiss you, avoid you, belittle you, they will NEVER respect you.

  21. Any woman has the potential to go bat shit crazy. My ex got into a fiery argument with me because I made “small talk” with some women outside the bathroom where i waited for her. We left the party and she lunged at me, while driving, and punched me on the arm a few times.

  22. Women are emotionally unstable. They fill their lives with “drama” which is meaningless even to themselves just to get attention. If not attention from men, then attention from other women, or anybody who will listen really. I’ve always thought its the ticking of that biological clock that weirds them out, its in the back of the brain, always tick tick ticking, its going to reassert itself.

  23. I am not doubting that mental illness exists, a family friend I know in China, his kid became schizophrenic during baccalaureate exams and had to be put away for life. But there is no way that 40% of people have a mental illness.
    There is no way that huge percentages of young boys have ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, schizoaffective and all manner of conditions for which the schools feed them pills, that cause them to grow manboobs. Same thing with the women described in this article who pop Prozac.
    As an adult, I learned I have Asperger’s. Just going by a general observation of people around here, there is no way that more than 0.5% of the population has this illness. The same is probably true for other conditions such as bipolar (less than 0.5%). And btw, it doesn’t keep you from having a job.
    But what people do have is asshole disorder and a lack of purpose. Suicide is sometimes a rational cultural choice. It is a response to a lack of purpose and honor. The ancient Japanese hara-kiri for example. Or Cato the Younger.

    1. You need to check the epidemiology: the lifetime prevalence of psychiatric disorders is around 50%. Most of that is anxiety disorders, about one in five women and one in ten men will be depressed, but only around 3% have serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.
      Now, as a psychiatrist, dealing with the truly mad is rewarding. Most of them know at some level things are wrong and want help. (The US lawyers who do not understand the local Mental Health Act, however…. this is kindof a PG or R site). The people who drain you are those with complex anxiety disorders, personality issues, and a sense that they are entitled.
      And most of that is not biological: the rates of all these disorders are a third or less once you get out of the Anglosphere.

        1. I was involved in the NZ Mental Health Survey. The diagnosis is made from a structured interview, and over estimates the rate but, more importantly, is properly translated into other languages and comparable between countries. So the rates in NZ are such that one in two will have a problem using that methodology over their lifetime, and OZ and the US are fairly close to that.
          The rates in Germany, India, Mexico and Nigeria are much lower.

  24. I had a friend that literally was in handcuffs every other weekend due to a bpd woman. Its sad seeing a man try his best to help make his instagram slut happy. To take her to the councilors, to hold her hand in the hospital after every overdose, to miss work and school to help her recover. These women destroy the toughest of men. The only men that have a chance are those redpillers who run game, pump, and dump with evidence of consent.These ladies dont want to be saved. They dont want a man to care for them.
    Society needs to shun these women. We need to teach men to avoid this type of woman. The only reason chicks like this exist is because society “lost frame” a long time ago.

  25. Well this is just boring.. Very predictable writing and nothing new from the author.

      1. Nella/Eleni/Beth Good/Shane/Jonas, guest, et al..posts, and validates the article in 5,4,3,2,1..:

    1. Bear in mind this site has new visitors all the time, so what may be old news to you may actually be novel to them.

      1. I agree..but doesn’t negate away from the fact this man keep replaying his one hit wonders.

      2. Nella/eleni/Beth good/Shane/Jonas/guest et al validates the article in 5,4,3,2,1::

    2. Well this is just boring..Very predictable post and nothing new from fem- troll.

  26. I don’t talk to my sister often because she has the iq of burnt toast, but from what i know of her i can say that she fits this article perfectly.
    She is very attractive but carries herself with little to no class because she is pandered to by beta males who don’t mind her attitude…why take the time to invest in herself on a deeper level when she can just cruise through life on the gifts and efforts of others? She’s also made some bad decisions in her life that i can only attribute to some deep rooted mental disorder.
    Females only understand cause and effect, they lack the ability to think logically. Logic would tell you that looks fade and that a personality must be cultivated in order to harvest successes in other areas to compensate for that.

    1. She’ll be able to “cruise through life” until she hits thirty or so. The Wall takes no prisoners.

      1. Nella/eleni/Beth good/Shane/Jonas/guest et al validates the article in 5,4,3,2,1:

  27. Most of the crazy ones suffer from copper toxicity. Copper has enzymatic effects that stimulate the old, animal brain. Dr. Paul Eck called it the “emotional mineral”. Excessive copper increases the adrenalin and is very often the cause for unruly, hyperactive children (or women).
    Copperheads frequently experience unpleasant symptoms when copper is released from storage sites, such as the brain, liver or kidneys and dumped into the blood. If you happen to be around a woman during her copper dump period she would be extremely moody and very often physically aggressive towards anyone around her.

    1. Its called Wilson disease, something a MD doctor would help with not a psychologist.

      1. I don’t mean Wilson disease. It is an extreme form of copper toxicity. Many people are loaded with too much copper without showing symptoms of Wilson disease.

        1. This is true. I had a hair mineral analysis done a couple years back. Copper was waaay off the charts, sky high. As well as Aluminum. Copper is an ingredient in many pesticides and antifungal agents used in foods.

    2. Nella/eleni/Beth good/Shane/Jonas/guest et al validates the article in 5,4,3,2,1:
      Nella you branded 20 stone piece of shit

  28. As a male that has suffered anxiety issues and got over them without drugs, one of the reasons we should shun women with mental disorders is because when a woman discovers that a male has any issue like that, she drops him like a hot potato and often steps on him for “stressing her out” on her way out the door. Don’t even pipe a crazy unless she’s a 9 plus.

  29. Okay, Matt, I’ll call it. Pretty much everything you write rings true (earning you a lifetime supply of haterade in the process, no doubt).
    It turns out that recognizing decent women is not actually that difficult. She is feminine in appearance, a normal body weight, not a single mother, has no tattoos or piercings (other than ears) and is not on any psychiatric medications.
    Yet somehow all these short-haired, fat, tattooed bitches
    popping Xanax between blowjobs keep getting laid. How on earth is that happening?
    Seems to me like men have to make a choice. Decent women are
    not tossing down their panties after a few clever one-liners and peach vodkas. If they did that, they wouldn’t BE decent women. They require effort. Work. In many cases that work will deliver you a zero ROI.
    If all you want is to get laid, you will have to deal with the crazy, selfish whores, because crazy selfish whores are the only ones
    willing to spread at the drop of a Adderall.
    The rest of us? We don’t want slutty men, either.

    1. “…We don’t want slutty men, either.”
      REALLY??? That’s news to me — I remember that those guys were the ones that were so popular with ALL the girls and all the girls wanted NOTHING to do with any other guys.
      “Pull the other one, darlin’…it has bells on it.”

        1. Here’s a clue. Get lost. Clean yourself up, be proactive. There are quality women out there. YOU need to make a choice. A choice to get your head out of your ass and be feminine and honor quality men. If not I have no sympathy for you.
          Beat it asshole————————->

        2. And here’s your second: every woman when pressed will admit that she was a bit crazy when she was “young”.

        3. You clearly didn’t read all of my comment: “…those guys were the ones that were so popular with ALL the girls and all the girls wanted NOTHING to do with any other guys.”
          ALL = EVERY ONE of them.

    2. “Decent women are
      not tossing down their panties after a few clever one-liners and peach vodkas. If they did that, they wouldn’t BE decent women.”
      This is simply wrong. The reality is many women have plenty of sex, and possibly with plenty of partners. I think slut shaming and other ways of regulating sex via community/family/law put pressure on women to watch what they do and self-police. As women become more comfortable with expressing their full sexual nature, they will take on plenty of STR’s but most importantly with the right kind of men, and ideally with as much secrecy as possible. The problem is, if the hypergamy evo-psych argument is correct (I’m guessing you wouldn’t subscribe to that) this will tend to be with a lower percentage of men. The others will get less of the sex proportionally. This would also apply to the women, however based on evo-psych argument men are proportionally more driven to sex and therefore suffer more from getting less or none than women do.
      When you say they are not “decent women” what does that mean? Lets say a woman of 25 has had sex with 30 men, all of whom are reasonably attractive and higher, and genuinely trigger real sexual stimulation all the way through seduction and then sex. Has she hurt herself? Is she now a spoiled woman. Will she forever be a spoiled maiden? Her biggest problem will be jealous men, ie those who were interested but got nothing, and envious women who hate that she can nab higher value men than her. Hence it has to be all hidden. Men who have lots of promiscuous sex with women, much like lots of women, always keep it to themselves. Otherwise they will trigger envious and jealous responses in those around them.
      I see the problem on AvFM is that they don’t really think any of this is true. And while not admitting it publicly genuinely think that “decent women” don’t shag about. Its a lie, but its a necessary lie to not trigger anger and frustration in those that do worse in the whole dating/sex world.

    3. This is NAWALT by another name. And NAWALT’s problem has always been that the existence of a needle in a haystack is still one needle in a fucking big pile of hay, impossible in practice to locate, worthless pragmatically to search for – particularly given that in the right circumstances and with societal pressure, that needle can turn into just another straw of hay very easily.
      As Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder keep showing us, there are no decent women left. As a group you are not objecting to the societal forces or members of your own sex who are twisting your gender into knots. As a group you are happy to enable the twisted majority by refusing to shame a woman for slutty behaviour.

  30. Reading this article and looking at those pictures make me cringe. Surely most women can’t be this depraved, I dearly hope not!

    1. The header picture? I Internet know her from way back when. Bitch is even crazier than she looks.

  31. Truth be told. My ex was a sociopath, didn’t realize it until 2 and 1/2 years into our relationship. She was highly intelligent, so it made it very hard to pick up on. But my gut was telling me something was wrong the whole time, but my ignorant ass didn’t listen.
    She basically would make fun of me to my face in front of her friends/family. Try and say things just to see what I would say in response. She would do cocaine considerably often and deny it to death. Cheated on me left and right, and would ask me to “prove it” when i’d accuse her. Not deny it saying she didn’t, but she’d tell me to prove it.
    Then, most characteristic of all sociopaths, she would make me beg for her forgiveness when I would question her or think she was lying.
    She told me she was raped at the beginning of our relationship, which is complete bullshit, as always with these women. She basically played the victim card to try and get me to feel sorry for her so i’d stick around. Most likely due to the fact that I was much better looking than she was.
    She was also a bisexual and would hide that from me, although I found lesbian porn on her computer one time.
    She also told me her parents beat her to a pulp when she was a kid and “couldn’t remember the first ten years of her life”. She also came from a very wealthy family who has a serious reputation for being “nasty”.
    Couple that with a half head shaved feminist troll sister, her mind was beyond corrupted. Not a close friend in sight, would change her half assed party friends with the seasons.
    She fuckin destroyed my life. Half the reason I ended up on this site. I also believe she may have installed some type of keystroke software on my computer, so there’s a slight chance she may be reading this now.
    All in all, I feel bad for her, which is sad. Because I should really fuckin hate her. But living a life with no morals or conscience has got to be miserable. Just a shady fuckin soul.
    Her name by definiton, means “dark”. Extremely suiting.

    1. Put your documents and personal stuff on a USB pen, and do a clean re-install of your operating system, including reformating your hard drive. Replace your keyboard, in case she paid someone to install a hardware key logger. If you can’t do that yourself, pay a PC shop $50 to do it for you. Pick a new password for your online stuff, and change all your passwords.
      Maintain three passwords: One for your PC. One for important online stuff and email. One for forum and online buying sites.
      End of intrusion problem.

      1. Might I suggest another solution.
        Keep everything the same so that you don’t tip her off that you know about her spying. Then, buy a small laptop and do all of what you suggested, including encrypting the hard drive with something like TrueCrypt. Only use it to connect to the internet at free WiFi cafes. And ensure she never knows you own it.

  32. Matt, no one believes you dated a devout Christian girl. Please. stop making shit up.

  33. If you have a mental disorder and you’re a guy, NO FUCKING WOMAN IN THE WORLD would feel bad about shunning you.
    Frankly, a large cause women’s mental disorders is cognitive dissonance. I.E. the confusion they feel while weighing fruitless arguments for right-and-wrong against the rewards they receive for bad behavior and the sense of unearned entitlement that society conditions them with.
    Going through life without having to develop emotional intelligence thanks to the weak men who placate to them makes their eventual breakdowns inevitable.

  34. I’ve never seen a female that even looks like she knows what she’s doing behind the wheel of a car.

  35. Feminism is a mental disorder: daddy issues, penis envy, eating disorders, borderline personality disorder, queer, etc.

  36. I miss the days when the feminist, nutso, propagandized, crazy, deranged, spoiled, bitches would run rampant on the comments section. Welcome back Eleni.

  37. Matt…you must have known my ex girlfriend personally because she is perfectly described in each of these reasons. Well done, sir.

  38. So, don’t get in serious relationships?
    Check. Sounds like good advice.
    But, they’re sluts so fucking them’s cool?

    Um, wait?
    Too crazy to date is DEFINITELY too crazy to fuck.

    1. If you think they need a shrink or a social worker, RUN away. Do not walk. Cut them off cold. Because they will make your life hell.
      (Disclosure, shrink I am)

  39. Years ago I read a book titled “Is the American Dream Killing You?” In the chapter covering family life the author cited some studies that show a correlation between mental illness in children dumped off at an early age into the care of childcare workers and teachers. Children not raised with the stability of family and parents, even from white bread suburbia, end up with attention seeking narcissistic traits.
    It was ironic at the time in my life because I was involved with a female who was probably BPD.

    1. my ex thinks daycare was better than my mother. she hated my mother that much. f’in crazy

      1. Same here my mom hated my ex-gf. Good mothers worth their weight in gold. Or is that too blue pill? Purple? Mauve?

  40. I don’t mind girls with tons of prescriptions… as long as they’re fun, and she shares some with me.

  41. I wish I would have known what was in this article five years ago. I made the mistake of marrying a borderline. I’m now divorced but I paid dearly. I also made the mistake of having a child with a mentally ill woman. I still have nearly 15 more years of battle before my child with her is 18.
    Here’s another piece of good advice to all of you out there who may be involved with a she-psycho. The courts don’t care. Doesn’t matter what she did or how many T’s you have crossed or i’s you have dotted. You are a man in the family court system and you are the enemy. The woman will be treated as a poor victim of the evil man, no matter what her history or mental illness, SHE WILL BE SEEN AS A VICTIM AND ALWAYS HAVE THE ADVANTAGE.
    The above article should be read and adheared to as if it were gospel. Don’t make the mistake I made. Don’t even approach them for one time sex. Just avoid them at all costs. Trust me.

      1. Louisiana. The family courts here are a toxic soup of feminist victim mentality just like the rest of the country. Kids can’t really decide until they are in their teens. By that point however, the fem groupthink has done its damage already.

        1. I knew a fellow who got screwed in custody battles but was eventually able to get his daughter back.
          He did it by finding ways to keep track of the mother. You see the mother just hung around and drank all day. But this was no basis of course, because as you say, the courts don’t care. I’ve seen worse cases than this too.
          Anyway, he was eventually able to notice that his daughter’s grades were suffering. He kept careful track of that. There’s a kind of magic elixir in all this. Yes the courts don’t care because man = evil, but if the child’s grades are poor and the system’s high exalted public skools can do no wrong, then that could be the foothold you need.
          I know of two cases of men raising their daughters because they caught the mother being a complete loser and those girls grew up to be fine women. A woman raised by a single dad is a shining light on this world – she’s almost (almost, because genetics) hamsterless.
          (compare that to boys raised by single mothers, and they become men with hamsters who were not born to have them)

        2. I’m convinced being a man with a hamster is a prerequisite for becoming a successful politician…… but i digress.
          You hit the nail on the head about boys being raised by single mothers man.
          Keeping track of a borderline is difficult because they go to great lengths to hide their craziness and the high functioning ones are masterful at enlisting sycophants (male and female) to do their bidding. The one bright spot is their nature works against them. It’s like a pressure valve. Eventually after months or even years of smooth sailing something has to give and they will have to have some kind of “crisis” where they are a victim. My ex blamed both of her quite public suicide attempts on me. (Because as an evil man i can drive someone to suicide through force of will alone.)
          I just hope my daughter isn’t put in a fog of half truths, lies etc. She’s incredibly smart.

        3. Yeah I saw one go 10 years before letting “the trouble” start. 10 years.
          Then she decided to start doing drugs but she also made up abuse stories to get the kids and put her husband in jail too.
          Wanna know how bad the family courts are?
          When the state police investigated and saw no evidence of abuse, the family courts still wanted to take the kids and send local cops to break the law and do it.
          I was asked to help by a friend, and it was the closest I ever came to having a standoff with SWAT. Luckily he was contacted by a kind of “underground railroad” of sorts and he managed to go underground with his kids.
          That was 2002. Earned my MGTOW card.
          This is why a all-cities-collapsed scenario with hordes of women being chased around by rape gangs is not a thought that bothers me. It does things to the mind when you end up in a situation where you will either die or end up in a cage even for being right. All because of “them”, all because of “their” system. Well, let them and their system go to hell so real men will have a chance to rise out of the ashes and rebuild.
          It also does something when you see a problem woman simply decide to get back to being fucked up and drag an entire family kicking and screaming to hell. Every other soap opera or show is all about men doing that. I have rarely heard of a man doing that.

        4. Yea and with women the thought process isn’t a complex one mental illness or none. I’m not happy, I want multiple dicks/new dick, all my friends are happily divorced, and then pow! The family unit is destroyed for a woman’s selfish desires. Women get applauded for destroying families. If I decided to go run off and shack up with the hot 23yr old at the gym then i’m a dirtbag.
          Thats good about your friend. Hope he’s in a better place. Its a shame when law enforcement is involved because it normally spells doom for the man.

    1. Sorry for your fate brother.
      The only question I have is how would you know a batshit crazy type to NOT approach her for sex? Some of them are obvious from the word “go”, but sometimes crazy can take a while to show itself.

      1. Very true. What I mean is if she is nuts from “go” then cancel the operation and move on. If crazy is camouflaged then strict scrutiny should be applied. You raise an excellent point about crazy waiting to show itself. Mine was a borderline and it really didn’t come out for almost a year. After that the fault is squarely on me for ignoring red flags. If you are a young guy with the world ahead of you and everything to lose, then when crazy does drop its cover, no matter how slight, break ALL ties immediately.
        These creatures use sex ( usually great sex)as the initial hook and employ it as a tool to keep you in a fog. If crazy has broken cover and you still go back for sex then you have essentially walked through a door and locked it behind you.

    2. Sorry you had to go through all that, bro. We live and learn. Have faith that things will getter with time, while striving to become the strongest version of yourself. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

      1. Thanks brother. It is good advice you give. The hottest fires make the strongest steel. Its rewarding passing on red pill knowledge now. If my story helps one guy change course then i’ve done my job.

  42. Let’s just add this to the ever growing list of reasons why women’s right to vote should be revoked. Overnight we can start treating these women for their hysteria and start picking from the normal ones. I want a healthy woman to have my kids, not some mental case.

    1. Revoking suffrage. So nice to think about. If everyone of us started publicly decrying women voting, I believe in my heart of hearts that it would give conservative mainstream politicians the momentum and courage to start turning the wheels back to a better time. It just needs to be repeated audibly and often. Honestly, that would be the only way for conservatives to ever win any kind of national elections. I really don’t think it’s too fringey to be actualized. The more it’s brought up in conversation and alternative media portals, the closer we can get to mid century utopia in the new millennium.

  43. Just assume that every woman you meet is bat shit crazy and take it from there. Oh youth the 16-18 weren’t. But in our society today? Don’t bother with anything serious between that age and say, 32 when the old life force bends them to it’s will. And even then be extremely careful. In fact fuck it. The odds are you won’t win. As the ref says. Protect yourself at all times. You may not know you’re in the ring but you are.

  44. This is not always true. This may have been true for me when I first developed my mental illness but after finding the right medication and having years of therapy I am probably more mentally strong than people who don’t have a mental illness.

    1. NAWALT: The act of declaring that because there is a single needle in that there haystack, all the straws therefore are needles. Even when the needles can turn into straws at the slightest provocation or trigger.

        1. NAWALT is an acronym for Not All Women Are Like That.
          Also see: the chief, solipsistic, narcissistic argument that women generally bring to these threads as if it proves anything or disproves the topic’s thesis.

        2. oh I see. so you feel my post was narcissistic. Perhaps I am slightly narcissistic but not in a bad way. I just don’t think you should automatically disqualify a woman because she has a mental illness. I can’t be the only mentally ill anti feminist.

        3. Well I am very confident in myself but I don’t really think i am a narcissist cuz I selflessly help others a lot.

        4. just because a woman is mentally ill it does not mean she is unstable. I am very stable and functional with my mental illness. Also I am not an easy lay, far from it. Contrary to popular belief most women with schizophrenia do not have children or only one child. Which shows they may not be as sexually compulsive as you would think. In fact a lot of people with schizophrenia have an above average intelligence quotient. I definitely fall into both of these categories. I am also ambidextrous which is common with schizophrenics. The gene linked to ambidexterity is also linked to a gene known to cause schizophrenia.

        5. “just because a woman is mentally ill it does not mean she is unstable. I am very stable and functional with my mental illness.”
          Ah, no. By definition, you’re unstable unless you’re medicated. You require a crutch to keep back the crazy. And there’s plenty of schizo girls out there who choose not to medicate, who are in denial about their need to medicate, or who initially medicate but then decide not to medicate. Again, you’re still arguing NAWALT.

        6. you are a troll. I see you all over these comments starting arguments and then you try and accuse me of arguing with you. I am arguing with the statements made in this stupid article not you. So I believe we are done here troll.

        7. I don’t think so. And for the record I’m not accusing you of arguing with me, I’m accusing you of stupidity.

    1. “For too long, those with mental health problems have been deemed undeserving of the same kind of care & compassion one would lend to those with a physical problem.”
      Nobody said nutcases are undeserving of care and compassion. What he did say is that you’d be foolish to fuck one or get into a relationship with one, in the same way you’d be foolish to get into a locked cage with a fucking tiger because it’s cute and deserves compassion.
      “The fact of the matter is, the mind is an organ of the body and maladies
      of it are invariably biologically & chemically based”
      You must not be familiar with the term “psychosomatic”, not to mention pretty much the entire field of psychology and psychiatry.

        1. Why, because you’re going to reveal your full name and verifiable medical registration details in the field of psychiatry and/or psychology as opposed to the far more likely five minute reading in Wikipedia you’ve undertaken?

        2. Not really. You’ve chosen to insinuate that you have some qualifications or expertise in this topic rather than come up with some non-Wikipedia support for your argument.
          I am querying your qualifications, and given your response it’s apparent you don’t, in fact, have anything verifiable to put forward to say you have any expertise or familiarity with this area. Again, put up your verifiable details of medical registration or verifiable relevant experience establishing you as qualified to comment on mental disorders (being a former inpatient of a mental health facility will not qualify you, I’m sorry to add).
          Not that it terribly matters since you have also chosen not to engage on the principal point: the article did not say nutcases are undeserving of care and compassion. It did say you’d be an idiot to get in bed with one or get into an intimate relationship with one.

        3. Then you have no qualifications or expertise in the field and were lying. Indeed you seem to be advancing the proposition that there are “half truths” in the article on the basis that you know better from relevant experience. Sadly, you also refuse to disclose said relevant experience in any detail — and not verifiably, either — so your comment really has no weight.
          But then, that was apparent from the moment you used the word “deconstruct”. Classic Gender Studies/Pissy Feminist Lit. undergraduate language there. Do some work on your tells, darling, you’re too obvious.

        4. Why is it so hard for you to answer the question of your qualifications or expertise, and meet the principal argument made? Once again, post verifiable proof of your expertise or qualifications in dealing with mental disorders, or be accurately described as the liar you are. You’re being asked to present verifiable proof as to your supposed “familiarity” with this area, which is the foundation for both your argument and your credibility generally, so I wouldn’t take it lightly unless you want to look even more a fool than you have thus far. I’ve already said that time in a mental institution won’t qualify you, but it will be pretty enlightening about where your knowledge base is derived from.

        5. And for a finale, she goes to ad hominem. Ah yes, clearly a dedicated, thoughtful debater.

        6. LOL, Karen decided to go ghost yet again. Too bad the salient parts of her idiocy have been preserved for posterity.

  45. Man, I love being neurotypical.
    White girls pretending they got mental issues should not be treated with sympathy, but rather scorn, until they learn that being a victim is not a status marker in society.

  46. It is pretty sad when people with in the community shun a fellow
    antifeminists because she has an inherited genetic brain illness. What’s
    next? “why you should never date a woman with cancer.”

    1. This further proves how fucked up society’s stigma of mental illness is and how people do not understand the science behind mental illness. Mental disorders are one thing cuz they are not genetic and are often developed from a traumatic experience. But mental illness are disease that affect the brain that people have no power over. They are genetic and usually develop when a person is in their early 20s. Through therapy and medication people with mental illness can be virtually normal.

      1. If mental illnesses were physical diseases of the brain, then they’d be treated by neurologists, not psychiatrists.

        1. So you honestly think schizophrenia is not a real disease of the brain? How fucking retarded are you? Neurologist are the ones that study schizophrenia and provide biochemists with the information needed to develop drugs that can treat the genetic chemical imbalances in a schizophrenics brain. Perhaps you should do your own research in the science behind schizophrenia it is extremely fascinating. And it is genetic because My great aunt was schizophrenic, my immediate aunt is schizophrenic and so am I. The science totally backs me up but I am sorry your statement is not true.

        2. you can clearly see the difference in a brain scan of a normal person and a person with schizophrenia. That is how they diagnosed me.

        3. I suppose you are probably a person that blames schizophrenia on demonic possession or evil spirits.

        4. You seem to have schizophrenia judging by the way you write.
          All freaked out by someone challenging you & shit.

        5. hehehe trust me i love a challenge that is why I weight train. But I don’t love assholes.

      2. So you are a crazy chick huh? There are plenty of guys willing to supplicate to you and call you wonderful. What is so important about these men here?

        1. I am only crazy if i do not take my medicine. I have a boyfriend who is wonderful and understanding towards me. I am not looking to seek mens approval for myself. I am just trying to dismiss societies stigma on mentally ill people. Would you say that John Nash’s wife should have left him because he was mental ill? Why would it be unacceptable for a man to date a mentally ill woman (as long as she is not malicious) but acceptable for a woman to date a mentally ill man? Do you truly believe there aren’t rational, lovable mentally ill woman that try to make themselves better people despite their genetic bad luck?

        2. Well you found your man. You should be in the kitchen cooking right now and making long term plans with your lives rather than jacking with us bad men here.
          Also women leave men take the kids house money and future earnings all of the time crazy man or not. You need to get creative on pleasing your man. You can thank me later with some wedding photos and post cards of family pictures. God will bless you with some grand kids if you behave wifely over the long haul.

        3. hehehe I would be in the kitchen making my boyfriend dinner right now if he didn’t live in california. I don’t plan on having children. I feel like children get in the way of a loving relationship with your partner. My bf feels the same and he had the anti baby surgery before he ever met me. There are good women out there but they are rare, just like good men. If anyone should hate men it should be me cuz I have been beaten and violated by men, but still I know not all men are like that. There are good men in the world.

        4. “I feel like children get in the way of a loving relationship with your partner.”
          That’s basically narcissism. Although frankly if schizophrenia is genetic it’s desirable that you don’t pass that on to any offspring.

        5. how is it narcissism. He is the one that hates kids. I tolerate some children.

        6. most studies show when women have children they lose interest in their partner in favor of the love they get from their children.

        7. the planet is already too over populated with people. Talk to me when a super volcano erupts. Then I might think about breeding.

        8. Actually, the West is underpopulated. Most Western countries have birth rates below replacement rates. But thanks for establishing the link between Malthusian Doomsday Prophecy and mental illness.

        9. oh that’s why our oceans aren’t polluted, and are brimming with more sea life than ever before. That’s why there are virtually no endangered species and our rainforests are expanding. That’s why the planets average temperature is dropping. *makes retard gesture*

        10. Actually, nope. The population of the planet has nothing to do with the utilisation of its resources. If anything mechanisation and technological advancement is correlated with steady declines in birth rates — for example, as I said, the birth rates of most Western countries, unlike Ye Olde Mother Africa. Go back to school. Our oceans have been polluted since civilisation began, and for every endangered species we discover about three more new species. And don’t get me started on global “warming” which for some odd reason can’t seem to establish any rise in global temperatures over the past 15 years, against all the Malthusian Doomsday Prophecies of Al Gore et. al.

        11. Above is evidence of why you are one of the mentally deficient and should be shunned.

        12. Your cherrypicking of “fact” to support your already taken decision speaks volumes about your thought processes.

        13. Oooooh.
          Name calling!
          You win!

        14. I tend to use vulgarity when I am finishing a conversation with trolls. I know the truth of the matter is all of you ass holes would be lucky to have my affection. I am a very good caring person, intelligent, creative, talented, strong and determined to constantly improve myself and inspire people around me. There will always be ass holes, you just got to crush them with your biceps and show them who’s boss. I am done arguing it is obviously pointless since I exposed my mental illness your minds are already shut to me and there is no way to open it.

        15. I agree. Misapplying the word “misogynist” is a vulgarity.
          You do realize you came to a men’s website. You came her to tell us what we should like. That makes you the troll.

        16. “I am a very good caring person, intelligent, creative, talented, strong
          and determined to constantly improve myself and inspire people around
          Kinda have a high opinion of yourself, dontcha!
          Solipsist much?

        17. I wouldn’t want men like you to like me anyway. You could not handle a woman like me. you are not man enough.

        18. (snickering)
          Anyhow, in your mind the word “misogynist” is a hateful term you can use to describe someone of a different political bent.
          I love women. I detest womYn. In your mind that is sufficient cause to label me with the slur “misogynist”.
          Does it make you feel better about yourself when you resort to name calling?

        19. Solipsist much?
          What was I thinking? Your woodcut is in the dictionary next to the word…

        20. I feel it is misogynist if a man think less of a woman (and completely dickheaded if they think less of any human being in general) because they were unlucky enough to have the genetic make up to cause them to have a mental illness. It is truly disgusting for a human being to not show empathy for mentally ill people. I would not want to be with a man or woman that felt that way.

        21. Well that is a REALLY novel interpretation of “misogynist”.
          Are there any other words you would like to redefine this evening?
          I wonder how much of the bullschtuff you put out in an average day is totally made up.

        22. I’ll never be beta wussy enough to satisfy you baby.
          I’m fine with that.

        23. It would satisfy me if I could snap your neck with my calves I might be able to actually. hehehe

        24. “It is truly disgusting for a human being to not show empathy for
          mentally ill people. I would not want to be with a man or woman that
          felt that way.”
          Empathy =/= wifing up or fucking headtapped women.

        25. Stop painting your horse’s toenails black. It’s carcinogenic to the poor animal.

        26. SuuuuuuuuuuuuWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

        27. hahaha that comment has no revelance to me. I actually dont eat enough food right now. I have to force feed myself tuns of food in order to get my period to start because I work out so much. here is my current before and after body transformation. the fat is just melting off. BTW right now i am devouring a whole platter of bomb ass fish tacos trying to force my period to start. (no pun intended)

        28. and I am a fairly decent mathematician I understand some basic calculus and chemistry. Chemistry was my college major.

        29. …and this is relevant because…
          Your last two posts indicate the solipsism is strong with you.

        30. Your last three posts indicate the solipsism is strong with you.

        31. OMIGOD!
          You are a freakin’ ninja in the dark arts of solipsism!

        32. Y O U
          A R E
          J E D I
          I N
          T H E
          D A R K
          A R T S
          O F
          S O L I P S I S M.

        33. You are a goddess among solipsists.
          If we were drop you in the Amazon and return twenty years later we would find the natives dancing the Dance of Self-Absorbtion in your honor.
          And we’d find your ass at the bottom of a cenote.

        34. You weren’t far off.
          She sent me a full frontal in the same thread.
          Apparently she is a bon bon addicted unemployable fashion designer.

        35. But ‘she’ cleans up real nice!

        36. Speaking for all of us here,
          We are SO glad you chose to share all of that!

        37. ACCCKK!! I upvoted you but don’t take it as encouragement to continue assaulting our eyes and burning our brains with pics like that. 🙁

        38. You don’t have much room to talk, what with that pic of Rosie in all of her “glory”…..but yes, Shep has made me find the brain bleach.

        39. ’twas my evil twin that posted that picture ( batting eyes innocently , snickering )

        40. Obviously i have more important concerns than some guys I don’t even know trying to cut me down on the internet. I could give you pictures to fap to but like I said I am not easy. Very few people get the pleasure of seeing me in full nude.

        41. “I am a very good caring person, intelligent, creative, talented, strong
          and determined to constantly improve myself and inspire people around
          Kinda have a high opinion of yourself, dontcha!
          Solipsist much?

        42. Your lucky.
          She sent me a nude pic of herself holding a snake.
          Seriously, check her history.

        43. most of the time I do, I do get super depressed and hate myself sometimes. But I usually snap out of it as soon as I talk to someone and they help cheer me up.

        44. I did check her fb photos. The snake picture was probably the least projectile vomit inducing of the bunch 🙁 what has been seen cannot be unseen 🙁

        45. yeah i am a total brunette, not I am a blonde my body hair is sparse and barely noticeable.

        46. “Man enough” = “man willing to put up with abuse and behaviour that a woman would not tolerate were the genders reversed.”

        47. I do not abuse men. I respect men as long as they respect me. I am very good to my partner. I love him with all my heart. I would never intentionally try to hurt him.

        48. I don’t know why she is so sweet on me. I’m trying to be mean to her. It is just not working.

        49. This concerns me.
          You really should not troll here until you get completely on top of your mental state.

        50. Shep, you’re just irresistible -you bring out the urge certain women have to snap a man’s neck with their cankles. She could do it too. Of course the assault on your eyes and nose being that close to the aforementioned cankles would probably kill you instantly- 🙁

        51. I am not trying to troll anyone I am just sticking up for myself. You are the ones trolling me by saying so much nasty stuff about me. You don’t even know me.

        52. He has really sweetened up in his old age.

        53. He used to be a peter panner, looked like he was trying to take off flying from his stool…

        54. You couldn’t cut it in a man’s world on your best day.
          You risk harming yourself by pretending you could. You have no business here in your weakened state.

        55. Eh, you came here to say nasty things about us.
          “You don’t even know (us).”
          You do know that psychotropics lose effectiveness and need to be changed periodically, don’t you?

        56. Hahaha I never said i was going to harm myself are you kidding me? I have harmed myself in the past but I am too strong to let some people i don’t even know online convince me to harm myself today. I have way too many happy endorphins pumping through my brain from exercising to give a fuck about what some shallow dickhead on the internet thinks about me.

        57. Bullshit. Any woman who tries to put men down by saying they’re not “man enough to handle me” is the kind of violent, abusive, unstable harpy who thinks she’s entitled to be so.

        58. I only started saying nasty things to you guys when you started saying nasty things to me. My original comments were merely defending mentally ill people. And that is where I stand. I know a lot more about mentally ill people then the general population. We aren’t all that bad, a few mentally ill people are bad. But I have known some great people that have mental illness. Before I developed my mental illness I had a very loving relationship with a young man with bi polar.

        59. relax it was meant in a somewhat flirtatious way… If you are man enough for me… show me. 😛

        60. If you’re a womYn typified by this story, you are “that bad”.
          From your reaction….
          Well, they say that when you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one that you hit.

        61. Sarah,
          Shouldn’t you be spending some quality time with your fat-accepting craziness-tolerating (make-believe) boyfriend right now?
          For reference, you really should (pretend to) text your nudes to him from now on rather than sharing them with me. You’re not my type and I’m fixin’ to go jump in bed with my hot wife.

        62. Yeah.
          Don’t send me any more naked pics.

        63. relax i wont. I just sent you that because i realized it was public and you would probably find it anyway if you looked hard enough.

        64. If I had sent a pic of my right testicle to you, I would quite properly have been labeled a perv.
          Why is what you did any different?

        65. I would not care if you sent me a pic of your nuts bro. I see dick pics all the time in my deviant art inbox. I am not a prude, nudity does not offend me.

        66. It is not about nudity.
          It is about behavior. If a man you only know from the internet sends you a pic of his junk, that is inappropriate.

        67. maybe for most girls but not me. I have no problem with seeing a guys dick if he wants to show it to me.

        68. I can’t guarantee I am going to like every dick i see though but dicks don’t offend me I am not a lesbian

        69. Sarah, This isn’t role play. What I have read from you worries me. Of all of the wonderful things in life and you are here? Why? even if you conquer them all what have you won? for you? This probably isn’t going to end up being one of those special moments for you. Why not go make a real one?

        70. you are probably right paul I have much better things to do with my time. Like eat more tacos.

        71. Emily Dickinson College student sez EEEewwwww!
          SRSLY? ‘Ass fecked up, dewd.

        72. Cupcake, If I sent pics of my junk to some womYn I didn’t like I could be assured that the cops would be knocking on my door to discuss my ‘rape threat’.

        73. I’m beginning to think your problem is not your mental illness, but your upbringing.

        74. Hi Shauna.. I like the new avatar, are you checking out Shep’s stalker? she wanted to snap his neck with her calves…LOL……………..;-)

        75. Hiya Infadelicious! Like your new avatar as well! *wolf whistles* hehehe…There is a story behind my avatar change..kinda funny..Shep has a stalker? Oh my!!…I was going down my list of comments and saw yours too, so decided to see what was happening…LOL..me thinks Shep can give the stalker a run for the money…and it will be great entertainment for me..*pulls up chair with a scotch and some popcorn*……Is this a WWF contestant? Or possibly a Sumo contestant? me likey the wrestling matches…*pulls up chair a bit closer to watch the fun* hehehehehe…Oh, is it ok to follow you so I can upvote?

        76. mmm scotch and popcorn….She could be a sumo.. check out this thread above. she sent him nude pics… and threatened to snap his neck with her calves, which she also posted a pic of … ;-( put down the scotch and popcorn before you look though

        77. YIKES! nude pics to someone she doesn’t know? wow, just wow! I don’t mind freaky stuff with my significant other but dang.. I’ll look..altho, I’m kinda scared…I saw the calves…On a serious note, do I need to report her? Reminds me of the fatal attraction thing…so when she said she would snap his neck with her calves, was she listening to opera and clicking her light on and off? Screaming she won’t be ignored?? (joking again)..YIKES!!!

        78. ROFLMAO!!!! Thanks, just had to wipe off my computer screen..LOL…..too funny and yet, a bit scary…..thanks for the laugh tho….;)

        79. I would rather she do that than send me another nekkid pic of herself.

        80. i just looked at those calves again… are you sure those don’t belong to Ernest Borgnine?

        81. I found another pic from the same portfolio as those thighs!

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