11 Best Quotes From Donald Trump’s “Art Of The Deal”

ISBN: 0399594493

The Art Of The Deal is an autobiographical memoir written in 1987 that explains Donald Trump’s rise in real estate. It gives you a broad overview of how real estate development works and a closer look at the beliefs that drive Trump’s ambition.

Here are my favorite quotes from the book…

Trust your gut

…listen to your gut, no matter how good something sounds on paper. The second is that you’re generally better off sticking with what you know.

Think big

My style of deal-making is quite simple and straightforward. I aim very high, and then I just keep pushing and pushing and pushing to get what I’m after. Sometimes I settle for less than I sought, but in most cases I still end up with what I want.


I wasn’t satisfied just to earn a good living. I was looking to make a statement. I was out to build something monumental—something worth a big effort.

Accept the worst-case scenario

If you plan for the worst— if you can live with the worst— the good will always take care of itself.

Don’t be desperate

The worst thing you can possibly do in a deal is seem desperate to make it. That makes the other guy smell blood, and then you’re dead.

Don’t overpay

What you should never do is pay too much, even if that means walking away from a very good site.

Care about the cents

To this day, if I feel a contractor is overcharging me, I’ll pick up the phone, even if it’s only for $ 5,000 or $ 10,000, and I’ll complain. People say to me, “What are you bothering for, over a few bucks?” My answer is that the day I can’t pick up the telephone and make a twenty-five-cent call to save $10,000 is the day I’m going to close up shop.

Use scarcity

With so much demand, our marketing strategy was to play hard to get. It was a reverse sales technique. If you sit in an office with a contract in your hand, eager to make the first deal that comes along, it’s quite obvious to people that the apartments aren’t in demand. We were never in a rush to sign a contract. When people came in, we’d show them the model apartments, sit down and talk, and, if they were interested, explain that there was a waiting list for the most desirable apartments. The more unattainable the apartments seemed, the more people wanted them.

There’s always a time to strike

The worst of times often create the best opportunities to make good deals.

Surround yourself with the best

I have a very simple rule when it comes to management: hire the best people from your competitors, pay them more than they were earning, and give them bonuses and incentives based on their performance. That’s how you build a first-class operation.

Create win-win deals

Deals work best when each side gets something it wants from the other.

Even though I don’t care about real estate development, the book was hard to put down. I enjoyed reading about how Trump dealt with problems that would have stymied lesser men. If you are a fan of Trump and want to understand the forces that drive him, I highly recommend this book.

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98 thoughts on “11 Best Quotes From Donald Trump’s “Art Of The Deal””

  1. – Don’t overpay
    – Care about the cents
    How many times has there been an infrastructure project announced that will cost a certain amount of money and be finished by a certain date only to be told later on it will cost way more and take much longer to complete?
    Trump is going to have none of that.

  2. “I never had a master plan. I just got fed up one day and decided to do something about it” Chapter 12
    I’m willing to bet that explains his Presidential run too – fed up with the shit-show he saw in Washington and just up and decided to sort the damn thing out! That’s Alpha.
    Funnily enough, I had *literally* (Hitler) put TAOTD down when I browsed to RoK and saw this article! Simply awesome book… was back in the 80s, and still is today…

    1. “I’m willing to bet that explains his Presidential run too – fed up with the shit-show he saw in Washington”
      I think he has said something similar on his want to become president.

      1. Not surprised.
        I’ve been a fan of Trump since the 80s, got loads of his books, and just think it’s going to be an amazing show watching a Trump Presidency over the next 8 years. Here’s hoping it makes a permanent impact and underlines exactly where Men should be – on top and in charge.

        1. I got interested in him during the elections, I am too young to have read his books when they got out but I wanted to take an insight to the mind of this larger than life, out of atlas shrugged, type of personality. Heck! I am probably the only young Greek that has read his book, which here is not even translated by the way. Also I have read Think big and crippled America He acts as a manager and thinks as one which is quite normal, the only fatal flaw I see of him is that he will rely heavily on his staff members which is something that might be jeopardized but he was clear enough in his promises so won’t be able at least to spin it.
          Anyway I am quite excited about his presidency and I am really on edge for a Putin-Trump meeting… Oh the memes….

        2. Aha, Ayn Rand too I see… Read ‘The Fountainhead’ as well as ‘Atlas Shrugged’? or any of her non-fiction?

        3. *edit: when I refer to abbreviation I meant abridging*
          I have read two books of her non-fiction (how to write fiction and how to write non-fiction a guide for readers and writers), I have not read any of her fiction books, must admit, but I have read an article on her and made me always correlate her to Howard Hughs and Henry Ford and Donald J. Trump really could sit next to them.
          On the other hand I have read all the works of Plato besides many others. From libertarianism I read Capitalism and Freedom, and The road to Serfdom and even an abbreviated version (that is when I found what abbreviation meant) of the wealth of nations, so in general I do have an understanding of libertarianism, whose fatal flaw is that it places to much hope to a system that does not discriminate hence lacking political thought nullifying it against the left, which is only political in terms of power seeking.
          Also if I remember correctly you said that you are a monarchist of sort? Did this transformation happened with Hoppe’s book on democracy, when I read it I was bedazzled. For economics I also studied Keynes or socialism lite as I call him on his theory on credit (can’t remember the full title). For me what should be done now by the alt-right (here in the wide sense, just excluding the lite form) should not base themselves only on factual merits but also on spiritual, philosophical and rhetorical(the last makes the messages heard, believed and spread). Anyway, I got really out of hand to save face!

        4. Wow! Big post! Here goes…
          She wrote four works of fiction, the best two are the Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged, the second being one of the longest novels ever written in the English Language. Her works do an excellent job of conveying her philosophy, Objectivism -rational individualism. Her non-fiction mainly dealt with aspects of her philosophy. Considered lightweight by philosophers, objectivism is certainly compatible with the Red Pill. Notable followers included Alan Greenspan who ran the Federal Reserve for years. Ayn certainly had a thing for rugged powerful men.
          Milton Friedman sits easily with Rand, Hayek too – I like your taste in economics! Capitalism and Freedom still sends shivers down my spine when I read it! Red blooded free market capitalism in all its purity, again sits easily with the Red Pill!
          Hobbes for sure! But why not read Locke too? And De Tocqueville while you are at it. I don’t think I’ve said I’m a monarchist directly, but I certainly subscribe to the ‘Great Man’ theory of History, and I would say civilisation has benefitted a million times more from Alexander and Octavian than any leftist I don’t care to mention…
          The world is forged through the will of great men who dare. Nothing else. Call them Kings? Or Emperors? Why not… May they return!
          Spiritual merit? philosophy, (true) oratory and rhetoric?
          May they return too!…

        5. Of course all these thinkers sit with the red pill but they offer for most of the time insight to the working of nature and a glorification of it. for example Capitalism works, it is true, but base yourself wholly around it and… you fail. The reason is that the system remains too open so outsiders might infiltrate it, as it happened already. So there is a need for some MINIMAL control like a limit on lending and financing.
          I think Rand’s philosophy is more a way to live rather than a way to think or generally that is the idea I have of her but objectivism is too rational, it lacks a theory of mind and of groups. The fact that these ideas tend to be good to follow does not mean that most will follow them in fact fewer will as they slap them on the face. Under the confines of a hierarchical system most people tend to not mind as their overseers run and keep the institutions and the laws that make their life stable hence comfortable.
          Only few men may ever help better mankind and specifically anyone with the ability to stabilize the left knows only how to destabilize it wants power for its own sake so it knows not how to use it because it lacks any plan. For this reason I am quite sure that leftist political theory is designer to remove the blame from themselves the moment their inner selves expose themselves into the public, hence the reason they tend to be more corrupt than anyone else and their need to control anything.
          Lastly, the blue pill gets swallowed not because it has credibility but because it simply feels good to be asleep.

        6. You are not the only Greek.
          But in this era of economic wars, what nations need are not politicians, but CEOs and managers.
          What makes right today is not military strength, but fiscal and industrial strength, as WW2 clearly demonstrated. And politicians (or the vast majority of them) are not trained on the aforementioned fields, but rather on “social studies”, whatever the heck that is, and other irrelevant fields.

        7. As someone who enjoyed all her fiction, I’ve always felt like “We the Living” is very underrated. It reads more like a conventional novel than her other fiction, with much more believable characters and its portrait of life in Soviet Russia under Lenin and Stalin is chilling. What’s more, a middle-aged Ukrainian colleague of mine read it and told me that it was exactly similar to the stories her grandfather told her of life during those times, so it’s fascinating as a historical record too.

        8. Actually I agree! It stands out as obviously different, but I believe it was her first and was based on her early life experiences and hence the authenticity. No doubt her actual experience of the realities of Soviet Communism informed her devotin to Capitalism and her vigourously anti-Leftist views! She saw the reality and not the sentimental emotive rhetoric.

  3. I have read it all from beginning to end and I found much wisdom inside it also I understood Trump as a man who never runs away from a challenge and is not afraid of risks. Truly if any modern politician used to work in a similar way we wouldn’t have been in this mess. This happens in democracies because politicians need to think only on their reelection and the masses lack the inteligence to judge long-term and instead as long as their token voters, lobbyists and providers are paid either with contracts, quotas and artificial jobs they can keep going on. Hopefully the Trump presidency will be an exception here as the situation is too bad for them to continue ingnoring reality, so…

    Chant for his honnor:

    1. We’re all hoping…
      We have our kind of guy in the Whitehouse, so lets see if all our theories about if we ran the world are correct 🙂

      1. Actually they are, most Nations prior to the Enlightenment had similar ideas. So let’s hope that this will start a trend for more right governments ’till divine monarchies may start arise again so the future of our people may be sealed.

        1. I stand corrected. You are right, of course.
          Then I hope it shows that our theories about the return of MEN running the world are correct…

  4. The art of the deal is a great book, but my favorite of his is “Think Big and Kick Ass”
    My favorite passage from the book:
    “In primitive times women clung to the strongest males for protection. They did not take any chances with a nobody, low-status male who did not have the means to house them, protect them, and feed them and their offspring. High-status males displayed their prowess through their kick-ass attitudes. They were not afraid to think for themselves and make their own decisions. They did not give a crap about what other people in the tribe thought. That kind of attitude is associated with the kind of men women find attractive. It may not be politically correct to say but who cares. It is common sense and it’s true- and always will be.”

    1. Trump also gave some very good advice on how to protect yourself in the case of a divorce with a prenup, he underscored the need to record the woman doing it so that she would not be able to falsify it.

    2. True to this day. If you have the means to “house them, protect them, and feed them and their offspring.” women will notice and value you higher.
      The funny thing is – you do not have to spend too much, it is enough they KNOW you have it.
      While the “joe average” guy has to spend a lot in dinners, diamond rings, expensive gifts and STILL she will see him as the joe average he really is – a poser at best.
      Moral of the story: If you are born at the top it is very easy to stay there while it is damn hard to work your way up the ladder and you will most likely only make it in the later stages of your life.

      1. A man’s ability to “house them, protect them, and feed them and their offspring” often leads to his involuntary divorce. That’s beta. Alpha is different.

        1. “That’s beta. Alpha is different.”
          You deserve a better explanation.
          Beta is the average/below average/above average man, who is no leader, has no special genetic traits, has no outstanding reputation; in short the common guy.
          This guy has NOTHING to offer (in a womans eyes) other than his resources. Here comes housing/feeding/money/stable job into play. Frequently women cheat on these guys to get better quality sperm for their babies. It sucks to be beta, no doubt, but they are sheep and dont deserve any better.
          The alpha is much better than them. He is far above average. Top 10% of males and of course most alphas do have resources. And lots of it. Or do you believe the king is unable to house and feed his offspring properly?
          The Trump beeing a good example here.
          The poor alpha is only an alpha if he is young and happens to come from a shit family so he got to build everything from scratch. He will be well off a few years down the road though. The alpha who is 30+ and STILL poor is no alpha no more. Dont fool yourself.

        2. No, I don’t think you understand. Alphadom is not even remotely about money. It’s about attracting and dominating women.
          True, a few alphas build civilization and achieve great wealth and great power. But there are many others. Some alphas are messianic and hypnotize women with their intense magnetism (Russell Brand, Rasputin, cult leaders). Other alphas are performers, singers, actors, etc whose finances fluctuate but who always enjoy enormous social proof. Some alphas are poor but have tremendous physiques that women dream about (think UFC fighters in training). Still other alphas are just outright psychopathic rulebreakers (Charles Manson).
          IOW, alphas achieve alphadom through emotional, mental, and physical domination of women.

        3. There’s a lot of alpha guys in prison who aren’t exactly top 10% of males, but could still nail some beta providers wife, easily, upon their release.

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        Please use a proxy like TOR browser. you don’t want your IP address be revealed. This website is similar to torrents

  5. Trump won by being smarter than the liberals, by being smarter than the extremely dumb media, by being smarter than the vocal critics in his own party, by being smarter than the elites and by being smarter than the pundits.
    Now everyone is having a fit at his nomination of Vocal critic Haley and possible nomination of vocal critic Romney. Smart men like Trump do not make stupid moves. By hiring these two empty heads he has neutered them. He now has had them pledge aliegance to his admin and read them the rules by which they must abide by. If he left them to the outside world these two stupid people would have easily become the darlings of the media and they would have attacked Trump at every policy move. Now he has them neutered.
    As an additional benefit he installed a pro Trump guy in South Carolina so he got an extra bang for his buck. This man is brilliant.

      1. Exactly. Big mouth loser Jeb Bush already came out of the shadows and took a swipe at Trump. These two would have done that too but now they are silent.

  6. Though Trump describes himself as a builder, in recent years he hasn’t been as active as he once was, owing to a string of bankruptcies and failed projects. Much of his income today comes from licensing deals, in which developers pay to put the Trump name on their buildings and have the Trump Organization manage their properties.

      1. His daughter Ivanka is in fact the main marketing strategist of the Trump brand. She was central in developing the company’s “brand book,”. With Melania remaining in NYC to focus on Barron, Ivanka will step into the role of First Lady.
        There is a very special relationship between Donald and Ivanka. According to a onetime associate of the Trump family, “If anyone else–even the boys–called, they wouldn’t necessarily be put through.” He added, “He never did not take a call from Ivanka. It was like a standing order.”
        I smell incest. He hinted it himself by saying that if he wasn’t her father, he would …

        1. Not sure what that has to do with it. I don’t know one way or another if you are right. I am simply ignorant about trump family politics. Hell, I barely care about my own.
          You are right about Trump being a brand name rather than a real estate developer at this point though. I can’t deny there was brains in it. Asian developers use his name on their buildings to drawn in the tacky new money people with tons of dough and absolutely zero class (you know, people like trump). His popularity and presidency will cause that business to suffer.
          I can’t say licensing his name was dumb as it was profitable — in fact it was a lot more profitable than being a second rate developer in a city with the worlds best developers. I also can’t say it is particularly noble either. He is a band embassadore for a brand of products specifically aimed at the kind of brain dead, tacky and classless people who are into that shit.
          But yeah, business will suffer. I believe it was 4 buildings here where the developer / owners have already removed his name to disassociate a connection. This has nothing to do with politics or left or right or ideology. It is just bad business to have any political agenda stinking up your company.

        2. All these quotes in the article are irrelevant considering that he’s had many failed projects and few bankruptcies and that he inherited a big fortune.
          The presidency will in fact help the brand to go truly global. Trump never mention the 1000s of Indians who come to USA on employment based visas as he currently has strong business interests in the country. For example, the Trump tower in Pune.
          Indian Business Partners Hope to Exploit Their Ties to Donald Trump
          “We will see a tremendous jump in valuation in terms of the second tower,” said Pranav R. Bhakta, a consultant who helped Mr. Trump’s organization make inroads into the Indian market five years ago. “To say, ‘I have a Trump flat or residence’ — it’s president-elect branded. It’s that recall value. If they didn’t know Trump before, they definitely know him now.”

        3. I think that is one possibility. The other is that the world will soon learn what a clownish asshole trump is and he will totally stain and ruin the brand. Could go either way

        4. People far and wide will scurry to the branding business
          “Liam, here’s two ten pounders I caught last night. Gotta go to work. Love you XOXOXO.”
          “Oh before I forget, wash your hands when you’re done. Put the perfume bottles in the sink and soak off the old labels. The new labels have some amazing beauty queen goddess in high heels.”

        5. Certainly it did. The only reason it didn’t complete destroy them was that it was Bill, not Hillary.

        6. LMAO!!! Trump made his billions well before he inherited money from his father who died in 1999. So the advice of a billionaire is irrelevant because some of his dozens of projects failed. Let’s hear about your flawless businesses and projects and the fortune that you have amassed.

        7. Yes, and my mom pointed out that Trump has turned his daughter into a wife. He depends on Ivanka for stability and advice — and pats her on the ass — while his actual wives come and go like cleaning people.

        8. Lineal relationships are the strongest and most loyal. Wives and girlfriends come and go. Your parents and children will always be your parents and children.

        9. Many people call Trump a clownish asshole right now. So many. The Trump supporters that are with him now will be with him till the end. That simple. Commitment to an Ideology.

        10. trump has been an insecure clown for at least the last 30 years. He didn’t change when he was elected POTUS. He is better than Hilary, but that is about all you can say about him. He is basically the insecure beta in chief. The only thing he really has going for him is that the people he is dying to get approval from seem to be people who favor constitutionalist judges on the scotus

        11. Well so many people have said he’s so many different things. The only way you could really know is if you met the guy and personally knew him for years yourself. He’s obviously got insecurities, as his eccentric behavior proves it, but to say he’s alpha or beta or omega or whatever .. I think that’s up to different people, lol

  7. Trump could be one of the best presidents we have ever had. He certainly has his work cut out for him after Odumbo tried to turn us into a mess like Europe. The classless Odumbo will be popping off after leaving office when Trump dismantles everything he screwed up. A drunk monkey could produce at least 3% growth in the economy Odumbo could only manage 1% growth.

  8. To me one of the most interesting things about the Trump administration will be- Hes not a politician, he doesn’t act or talk like one. His experience comes from the business world instead of a lifetime in government. I think one of the differences is, government moves very slowly, always has always will. Business, in general, moves much more quickly because if you move too slowly your competition will get the business. Trump is used to telling someone to do something and it’s done right then not 6 months or more down the line. It should be interesting.

    1. Trump will have to break house rules constantly to get government moving. Government wants to sit and have turkey dinner every other day. Burearchy is the current form of government.

      1. I don’t think he can cure all the ills of the government but, it will be interesting to see him try.

    2. Just the fact he never seriously ran for office then beat every flavor of Republican, The Clinton Machine, and the media basically with just Twitter and a small team is incredible. He realizes people in the Military are required to work 24/7 through holidays and disasters and he shames all the congress critters into stepping up and earn their money to match his work ethic.

      1. Heh I doubt if many of those career congressmen can keep up with his work ethics.

  9. Trump intends to appoint “the king of bankruptcy” and ex-Rothschild banker, Wilbur Ross as Commerce secretary. A specialist in corporate turnarounds, Ross buys distressed or bankrupt companies at steep discounts, then seeks to shave costs and generate profits. Some of those cost reductions have come from altering pay and benefits for workers.
    I can’t wait to read how his supporters will spin this one.
    Let’s hear it, folks.

    1. What would you prefer to keep a job but with a lower wage, or face forced redundancy because the company you work for is bankrupt?
      I’ve seen quite a few examples of these companies and they are always poorly operated with many ‘legacy’ employees on utterly ridiculous wages given their roles. This ‘fat’ tends to accrue all the way to the top tier of management and once it’s there, it’s very hard to remove. Competitive companies = competitive and strong economy..
      Wilbur Ross would be the ideal person to send department by department to do some spring cleaning in the government agencies.

    2. OK, let’s spin it:
      “Ross buys distressed or bankrupt companies at steep discounts, then
      seeks to shave costs and generate profits. Some of those cost reductions
      have come from altering pay and benefits for workers.”
      Buying companies at discounts: it’s called a bargain. In other words, business as usual.
      “**Some** of those cost reductions have come from altering pay and benefits for workers”: So? Is it that hard for libtards to comprehend the complexity of simple mathematics that rule the market? If you spend more than you make, you go bankrupt. If you have to eat from your flesh to survive, you do so. I don’t know in what fantasy-land libtards live, but if you are paid 2k $ and the company makes 1,9k $ from you, then guess what: you are overpaid and must be paid less. It’s THAT simple, even highschool kids could understand this, if they were taught properly.
      Life (and the world in general) is a zero-sum game, learn the rules and learn to play. Buy a Monopoly game and practice as hell. You’ll see…

    3. It Will Be Epic. I don’t want to be pessimistic, but it will be epic. The history repeats. Over and over.

    4. Who really cares? Its the department of commerce, its not like they actually do anything. My guess would be the Transition team put him as the prime candidate on the nomination list, and so Trump just went with what they said…

    5. The government needs to be gutted and all employees need to reapply for their jobs. I know. I used to work for the feds. All these govt employees threatening to quit if Trump won are a big joke. Over 90% of them would be unemployable in private industry.

  10. Hey, is any of this shit true?
    I’m kind of like you guys, only I don’t live in a basement. Do you have like another 9 books you can recommend? Books that will help me get laid. I’m really desperate because I’m tired of watching porn.

    1. Well, if you’re really desperate to get laid in contemporary American society, and yet you CAN’T get laid, your sheeplike lack of imagination must be so severe that you use depressingly tired attempts at insult like “live in a basement” (note: you forgot the classic words “your parents’”) and provide links to sad, corporate progressive echo chambers in lieu of an actual argument.

      1. I’m not really insulting you guys, I really am like you people. Okay, so I said “I live in a basement” instead of “I live in the basement of my parent’s house.” Whatever, I was kind of tired when I typed that. Anyway, I’m just asking for help in getting laid. I too watch a lot of porn, even degrading hardcore porn, just like you people. I even watch misogynistic movies that fit your world view. However, you people actually get laid and don’t just watch porn.
        If you can’t recommend 9 books I can read, how about 9 movies or documentaries I can use to get laid? Reading 9 books would take a considerable amount of time.

        1. I don’t know. The only degrading, hardcore porn I watch is the stuff I film on my cellphone.

        2. You’d really like to see my cock as I bang hot chicks, wouldn’t you? I’m starting to figure out your motivation for being here. Don’t go gay just because you can’t get laid, man. I mean, ok, you wanted 9 book recs? Fine:
          1.) Brothers Karamazov: Gruschenka is an archetype of the sexually and emotionally manipulative, hot, young chick who eats beta pussies like you alive. Stay away from chicks like this. It’s my job to put them in their place like they secretly want me to. You should just aim for nailing 4s and 5s.
          2.) Winesburg, Ohio: George Willard’s high school crush would probably like him to bang her in the foothills outside of Winesburg, knock her up, and spend the rest of his life becoming one of the “Grotesques” who are born, grow old and die there in that nothing of a town. But George resists, packs his suitcase, and takes the train to Chicago, where he become legendary asshound (and literary legend) Sherwood Anderson.
          3.) The Moviegoer: A bunch of existential stuff you wouldn’t understand, but en route the narrator will teach you how incredibly easy it is to get laid. Binx’s game is so good it bores him. Profoundly.
          4.) Fat City: It’s about some bustout boxers, but it also teaches what women are all about and how they see men as, essentially, appliances. When they break down? Throw ’em the fuck out and get a new one.
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          7.) Anything by Bukowski: You heard me, motherfucker.
          8.) Ask the Dust: John Fante was Bukowski’s literary idol. Do the math.
          9.) Genesis: No, not your ironically-favorite band.

        3. Dude, thanks for your help. Are any of these free to read? Can you link some of the books? For the past couple of weeks, I’ve only been reading stuff by ancient Chinese scholars, and Japanese Medieval swordsman, but only because they are free online. These books don’t really help when it comes to game and hitting on women. But your books might just help me get laid.

        4. If this is the best you can muster while trolling, you might actually be incapable of ever getting laid.

        5. I’m just asking for help in getting laid. I’ve been checking out some of the other articles on this site and they seem to be of great value to up my game. However, I can’t just rely on words on the digital screen. Perhaps you can link some great videos on how to pick up women. 9 videos would be great, even if some of them are documentaries and such.

        6. I must say, as an older fart who is not familiar with how trolls work, you sir are not holding up to a very high troll standard. I mean come on, could you try to make it a little more creative or interesting to read you? I would even go for a fart chuckle right about now but you are just not worth it.

        7. Whoa, I’m not trolling, I’m just asking for advice. Anyway, do you have 9 tips on how to write a book report? I haven’t written one in a long time. In fact, can you give me 9 tips on how to write in a competent manner in general? Well, thanks for the help, I think that Brothers Karamazov is a Dostoyevsky novel, so there should be a free e-book online: http://ilibrary.ru/text/1199/index.html. But the one I’ve found is in the Russian language, which is Cyrillic, I think. Can you provide a link to an English translation? That would be very helpful thanks. With your help, I’ll finally get laid.

    2. Was that supposed to be a joke? Why did you link 4 articles written by the Mainstream Media? Did you really think we would start to argue whether the MSM Fake News are true or not? Come on…
      If you are really that desperate to get laid, you are at the right place, though. A little more search among the articles of this site is a good place to start with your mission. Good luck!

  11. “There’s always a time to strike”
    The worst of times often create the best opportunities to make good deals.
    100% beautiful tactic…many good long-term things I’ve done in the stock market started with buying (or holding) on strong fundamentals when everyone else was despondently selling selling selling into a trough. Do your homework, put some brass on your balls and exploit those “animal spirits” when they start doing stupid shit because they are scared (in the financial markets and elsewhere). “Fear trades” are meant to be exploited because they create value opportunity.

  12. “When people came in, we’d show them the model apartments, sit down and talk, and, if they were interested, explain that there was a waiting list for the most desirable apartments. The more unattainable the apartments seemed, the more people wanted them.”
    He is spot on! I’ve lived around extremely rich people in an extremely rich county for quite some time. Rich people love getting fucked over, it’s bragging rights to them. I shit you not. “oh it cost me almost $1000 for an oil change and a race prep for my 911 turbo”…”yeah, well the it cost me over $2k to replace the front brakes in my R8”. They make it seem like they’re complaining when they’re really just bragging.

  13. ——OFF-ISH——
    The spokesperson of the Hungarian government just made a red pill reference about Trump’s victory.
    When does the moment arrive that we are not called “alt”-right any more? This is a governmental-level red pill communiqué. Mind you, I’m using the term red pill in a political context.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but I think this is brilliant news

    1. According to Paul Ramsay, this has already happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8HBLX_khwQ
      The alt-right has the executive branch (for the most part) and its ideals are way more publicly accepted than they were 1 year ago, or even a a month ago . There really isn’t a need to be “alternative anymore”, its mainstream…

  14. Trump is a smart man.He is self aware, is brave as a lion, and wise. Those quotes are excellent. He is clearly a thinking person who has emotional intelligence.

    1. No, Trump is stunningly ignorant. He cannot learn anything because he has almost no attention span. He also is unable to reflect upon his own life. His entire personality consists of three adjectives: “More, bigger, mine.” You’ve voted a failure of a human being into the highest office in the land.
      My God, he’s ENTERING office with a 40% approval rating. That’s horrible. It’s going to plunge to single digits as his supporters realize that he has no beliefs and that they’ve been lied to, horribly, by him during the campaign.

      1. Where did you get this 40% approval rating? Out of your ass?
        I assume you think that misrable feminist cunt is a winner of a human being? That disgusting pig you worship has been a parasite on the taxpayers her entire life. She couldn’t even run a hotdog stand. But you did claim that she genuinely cares about your well being. LMAO!!!

  15. Almost picked up this book the other day. Will have to do so next time now. Some very good points I have lived myself, especially the worst case scenario point. Lived it. Survived it.
    Surround yourself with the best is the point that proves Trump got to where he is because he respects people. Period. This is why the elite just cannot stand him. Trump genuinely likes and cares about peoples well being and prosperity.

    1. The ghostwriter of that book, Tony Schwartz, came to the opposite conclusion: That Trump is incapable of any empathy whatsoever. He’s good at pretending to care, but deep down we’re all just pluses and minuses to him.
      Schwartz has openly talked about how much better he made Trump look than he actually is. If he could retitle that book, he said he would call it, “The Sociopath”.

      1. Wow… a link to the NewYorker. Might as well have said “Hey, I have no counterargument, look here, paid schills say he’s a sociopath so he must be one.”
        My counter would be if you look at the above quotes… and watch the numerous online videos… the advice and the man seem to be in sync to my gut.
        Is it possible Trump is not all Mr. Nice Guy, “aw shucks I loves the little people” ALL the time? No. Trump did not get to where he is by being a nice guy. There are no nice guys at his level of success. But to quote a July 2016 article in the heat of the election race from the most liberal/MSM source one can get is taking me and the other readers here as extremely naive and stupid.
        If you actually have evidence, even just one, present it.

        1. Schwartz spent 18 continuous months with Donald Trump, day in, day out. Name another person on earth who’s done that. His opinion is expert and it is unique. Take your fingers out of your ears.
          We don’t necessarily need a nice guy in office. But we do need someone who has shown some level of public service in the past. Emperor Gluteus J Maximus has spent his entire life in one 70-yr-long show of self-aggrandizement and self-glorification.
          Yes, it was in The New Yorker, shocking. Last I checked that magazine was irrelevant. But when they run articles like this, I read them — as I also do with conservative periodicals. So nice poisoning the well there. If you’d like, you can read about Tony Schwartz on some other platform that doesn’t give you the heebie-jeebies. I follow him on Twitter.
          Trump is a zero, a hollow shell of a human, who knows nothing other than “more, bigger, mine”. His conflicts of interest — all signs point to his having invested hundreds of millions in Russian projects — will turn our entire country into Putin’s buttboy. Putin has already signaled that he sees no borders on Russia’s empire and that he in fact interfered in our election through fake news to confuse our poor sheeple. The fact that the president-elect won’t admit this fills me with rage. He won’t even take a meeting to discuss Russian intel.
          He’s already degraded the presidency, and it’s only going to get worse.
          Go ahead, make excuses for him. I expect that you’ll still be doing it in three years when Trump paramilitary forces are rolling through Middle America confiscating private property and kidnapping daughters. That’s an exaggeration, but really — take the blinders off — that’s the type of dictatorial personality he really is.

        2. To say he is a “zero, hollow shell of a human” is a little much. I’m not a Trump follower / occultist but just because he’s a flawed person doesn’t mean he’s without humanly traits

  16. The scarcity referenced above is actually false scarcity – and it has to be done right or people will see right through it and never trust you again. Online “gurus” try this nonsense all the time with internet marketing shticks when they reference “limited time only; only a few seats left” etc.
    Trump is smart to use it, but never believe it when you hear it.

  17. If this is the best in the book you have to be in a delusional echo chamber to be impressed. So redundant and obvious that it beggars belief that you would try to proclaim it as fucking insight.

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