Playboy Endorses Dating Women Who Have Had Double Mastectomy

When I was just a boy, the Internet was something I only read about in SF novels. My main source of information and entertainment were magazines of all kinds. Thankfully, my grandparents had giant stacks of various magazines from ages long past and allowed me to rummage through them.

I spent hours upon hours dispassionately flipping through their pages, stopping only when I found something that interested me. I was dispassionate, that is, until I stumbled upon a Playboy.


I have no idea how it ended up in the midst of drab technical magazines or how it evaded the piercing eyes of resident females, but there it was. Its pages glossy and glistening, I looked at the front page and instantly knew I’ve struck gold.

I vividly remember how I waited for everyone to go asleep or get busy before sneaking into this little archive of mine and finding the Playboy in the same place where I left it.

With bated breath and my whole body trembling in excitement, I studied every page to the tiniest detail and absorbed everything: the gorgeous lines and shades of naked women, raunchy jokes and various stories for which I had no context. All of this content opened a whole new world to me, a world of glamor in which a man traveled freely, had loads of sex and enjoyed life with style.

It was uncensored to the point I’ve never seen before and resembled something that only a man would share with another man. Sadly, this once glorious conduit for inspiring boys to not get married is now just a shadow of its former self and delivers SJW propaganda straight to impressionable boys.

The inevitable equalist infiltration

One of Playboy’s online articles, published May 15, talks about dating women who’ve had both of their breasts removed due to breast cancer or mere threat of it. Written by a standup comedian who also underwent the same treatment, Eden Dranger, this 1,100-word article reads more like a press release of some medical association rather than an article aimed at men.

As much as it pained me to ruin my childhood memories, I dove into the article and here’s the gist of it:

Playboy desperate cry for help

Nope, doesn’t sound desperate at all

This Playboy article is a desperate cry for sexual attention, made even sadder by the attempt of the writer to frame it as coming from a strong, independent woman. She lists her erogenous zones and tries to convince the reader that scratching her back counts as foreplay, but it’s all a failed appeal to emotion. She feels it, so it must be true, but it’s not.

Without her breasts Eden has lost a part of her femininity, which many men may find to be a dealbreaker (especially if this was done electively rather than due to sickness). Despite the social programming to the contrary, we are here to tell you that you don’t have to settle for a fatty, a mentally ill woman, or one who no longer has breasts. Not even if your favorite magazine tells you that you should.

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261 thoughts on “Playboy Endorses Dating Women Who Have Had Double Mastectomy”

  1. Couple of thoughts:
    1) “I have no idea how it ended up in the midst of drab technical magazines or how it evaded the piercing eyes of resident females, but there it was.” That’s easy: Dear ol’ Grandad hid it from your grandmother among other magazines he knew she’d never touch.
    2) It’s no wonder Playboy is now a conduit for bullshit feminist shaming tactics—Christie Hefner ran the company for twenty years. Knowing that now, I can’t say I’m surprised.

    1. 50 years ago Playboy was the tip of the spear in the culture wars, today they are another mainstream left wing rag indistinguishable from Cosmo, Glamor or Newsweek for that matter.

    2. Doesn’t surprise me a bit. You let a woman run a man’s magazine…what could go wrong?

  2. My buddies mother in law, aunt (in law), and grandmother in law were all dead from breast cancer by 45 so his wife got em lopped off at 35 when they were done having kids. It was a good move on her part. If I was walking around with two timebombs on my chest, I’d get rid of them ASAP too.

    1. IIRC, the gene that indicates a much higher risk of triple-negative breast cancer (which is particularly lethal) can be inherited, and preventative measures include mastectomies and hysterectomies. I know a couple of women who had this done once they were finished having children – because their mothers had died relatively early due to that cancer, and they were carrying the same gene. This was before Angelina Jolie made news about having the same procedure done, so who knows if it’s become “trendy” or not. But there are legitimate medical reasons to do so.

      1. Genetics determine two-thirds of who you are and you can change your genes. Anyone who undergoes surgery because a self-interested party tells them to, based on information they cannot verify, is a fool.

    2. I’d find someone without a known high risk of dying early from bad genes. Why would I do that to my kids?

    3. Cool. If she had relatives who had brain tumors she would get her brain lopped off?
      Sorry mate your buddy’s wife is fucking stupid.

    4. Wait, “…when they were done having kids.” So, you’ve got a genetic condition that will either kill you young or curse you to mutilate your femininity, and you intentionally pass that shit on to your kids? And also keep those genes in circulation for humanity in general? Why not sever the bloodline and adopt?
      It’s not just your buddy, every article I’ve ever seen praising pre-emptive mastectomies starts with women telling the horror stories of their cursed existence (“I watched my mom, my aunt and her daughters fight cancer!”), then mention in passing that she waited until having kids. Either the cancer’s not so bad or her desire to raise her own genetic kids is stronger than her empathy for those very kids. And I’m certain it’s not the former.

  3. i don’t know, man, she still has breasts – she only doesn’t feel em. i’m kinda sick of being admonished to tolerance, too, but i wouldn’t mind fucking a woman who doesn’t feel her breasts. once. or twice.

  4. “We are here to tell you that you don’t have to settle for a fatty, a mentally ill woman, or one who no longer has breasts. Not even if your favorite magazine tells you that you should.”
    Fat? That’s on you. Diet and get to a gym.
    Crazy? If you know and admit it, get help.
    Lost precious body parts due to a necessary medical procedure? Uh…

    1. There is a difference between a “necessary medical procedure” and pre-emptive surgery.
      If I had bollock-cancer, I would have it treated. If I had THE CHANCE of bollock-cancer I would go to the doctor for regular check ups instead of just having it chopped off just in case I got cancer.
      If a woman pre-emptively chops of her tits because she MIGHT get boob-cancer, instead of just getting regular check-ups at the doctors, then she is fucking mental, or just seeking sympathy attention.
      They probably do it just to get fake tits and sympathy at the same time (tits of a slut, heart of sweet girl).

      1. Cuchulainn is probably trolling, but I know too many women who’ve gone through this. Losing something that is an essential part of your womanhood is devastating, even when the silver lining is that you don’t die of cancer. They never get over it, and they deserve whatever sympathy we can muster.

        1. No, im not trolling.
          I have no problem with a woman getting surgery if she is diagnosed with cancer.
          I just think having your tits chopped off because you might, that is MIGHT get cancer, is the act of a mentally disturbed person.
          Go to the doctor regularly, learn how to check for cancer yourself.

        2. I don’t say this often, so please don’t mistake my intent, but you’re a fucking moron. Women who have the mutation for the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes get cancer from 41% to 66% of the time; BRCA1 50% to 66%, BRCA2 41% to 58%, and when a cancer does occur, it’s extremely aggressive and fast spreading. This is not a small chance, it’s the flip of a coin. It’s a real and serious health threat and if my chances of getting cancer was the same as calling heads or tails on a coin, I’d have the surgery too.

        3. I agree with him. For a chick to lob off her tits on a mere CHANCE because she’s just too lazy to keep an eye on herself speaks a hell of a lot to how lazy she is.

        4. Totally agree, I think the writer has called this one wrong. The cancer thing is serious and prevention before cure is important in these cases. Maybe that story shouldn’t have been published in playboy as i dont want to start thinking about serious stuff like cancer when i read playboy, i just want to dream, have fantasies and a boner so hard i could cut diamonds with it, but that’s a matter of opinion.

        5. The cancer is so aggressive by the time currently available tests discover it exists it’s too late. Personally if my loyal wife who cooks for me gave me kids and looks after our kids without giving me a headache want to do it in exchange for being around longer more power to her. She will need to get new titties though. What most people don’t realise is that the younger you are the more aggressive cancer is. Older people in their 80’s can live a good 6 years with cancer as their bodies cells don’t multiply fast due to the normal aging process so the cancer can’t spread. For a young lady or gentleman it can be fatal. Like I said above the choice of medium is poor.

        6. Too many women are easily talked into surgery (regardless of needing it) by doctors, today. We are talking money here (it’s a big business). But, the problem is we’re letting these “grown children” make adult decisions….and usually they’ll make them for the wrong reasons.
          I don’t think any woman should be able to sign off on that type of surgery unless it’s life and death. Otherwise, it’s attention whoring 101.

        7. “They never get over it, and they deserve whatever sympathy we can muster.”
          I agree.. we don’t have to be cruel and make these women feel even worse. But it is possible to be sympathetic to these women.. and to what they have lost and have gone through.. while still rejecting the notion that somehow a woman without breasts is just as “beautiful” and “sexy” as a woman with breasts. That’s just not true.. and it isn’t right to redefine beauty and what is true in the interests of “fairness” and “egalitarianism” to make some people, and it is almost always women, “feel better.” We need to have some clear and honest standards of truth and beauty to hold up as ideals.. even if not everyone can live up to those ideals.
          by the way, where is women’s sympathy for men who suffer illnesses of their own and who are unable or don’t live up to women’s high standards? I’ve never seen it.

      2. The genes for the disease almost guarantee the cancer will come. Most sane women don’t want to go under the knife if they can help it anyhow.

      3. I doubt women do it for attention. I don’t know the medical details but women removing their breasts isn’t something I laugh about unlike women that joke about mutilation of male genitalia
        If there is a way they could have prevented this (less alcohol and smoking) I advise any interest groups on the subject to work on educating and disciplining people on it not seek a treatment. Prevention is better
        But I highly doubt women would remove their breasts unless they were a butch dyke or tranny.

      4. The two are not remotely similar. Yes, removing ones’ testicles because you might get cancer is dumb because a) risk for TC can not be determined genetically (at least not yet), and B) it has a 95% cure rate with chemo or radiation.
        As Mineverse points out in his earlier response to you, there *are* determinable breast cancer genes; the cancer itself is fast spreading and resistant to treatment.

        1. You completely miss the point. If you KNOW you have an increased risk of getting cancer, you don’t lop that part of your body off pre-emptively, you have regular checkups to cover yourself instead. Its not like the West doesn’t have good medical provision, does it.
          Its typical female emotionally-driven decision making. Idiotic.
          Plus, to be honest, fuck them, prostate cancer kills 6 times as many men and gets a 6th of the research funding. To me, its just the same as FGM versus MGM. I don’t give a fuck, they have all the help and money thrown at their problems, men don’t, so fuck them.

        2. No, I don’t believe I am missing the point. Do some research on the lethality of triple negative breast cancer. By the time it shows up on “regular checkups”, odds are you won’t be around in 5 years.

        3. Do we get a ribbon, a 5K run and a huge fund for prostate cancer? Just don’t make it chartreuse …

        4. Nope. And The NFL (National Feminist League) supports breast cancer interests over prostate cancer. Fuck that league. Goodell is a disgrace of man and a straight-up pussy.

      5. Spot on. The fake tits plus the sympathy (attention whoring) is what I am thinking here, too. Women looking to do it (and diagnosed) are doing it for survival.
        Any woman doing it as a precaution needs to visit a shrink, first.

      6. I say if we have the chance of being divorce raped it’s best not to marry at all.

      7. The first time I was aware of prophylactic mastectomies was in the 80s when I worked for a health insurance administration company. One of our customers added coverage for such a procedure. At that time there was no DNA test for the gene, only the requirement that some female in the family had ever had breast cancer was necessary to get the surgery paid for by insurance. It became more and more popular as more insurance companies covered the expense. Women were lining up to get their new, improved fake boobs.

    2. I dont want to be shamed into wifing up someone cause they are ill, in fear of someone thinking I’m bad cause human biology says to run away or ‘someone has to fuck them. Thats oddball entitlement. Imagine your gaggle of female coworkers telling you to date so-and-so and they warn you she had something that may kill her. Would you really risk your life or time just to appease some den mothers?

    3. It doesn’t matter what the reasons are. If shes missing her tits, I won’t date her. If you want to, thats on you to be a good little beta cuck.

      1. exactly, the reasons don’t matter. it’s precisely this kind of thinking that makes us listen to all kinds of justifications for failures in every part of life. either you deliver or you don’t. because in the end, it’s not about men rewarding the woman with the purest heart, but about men choosing what they like for themselves the most. about men following their untainted dreams.

        1. Exactly. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that the “why” in life NEVER seems to really matter. “Why” is a question ONE ASKS ONESELF. The world will never give you an answer nor does it owe you one.
          The who, what, when, where? These all have some relevance. Why only matters in the reflection of one’s own experience.

        2. I think we’re getting to the core of red pill vs blue pill worldview here. The blue piller wants to be TOLD why is gf cheated on him. He wants to UNDERSTAND. He wants to MAKE SENSE of it all. Though there is a reason WHY, and sure enough you could explain it to him, he will not accept it fully until he realizes the reasons for himself. Therein lies the key to what I’d consider true enlightenment…not to seek comfortable affirmations from others around them but to be able to see things for as they are, and not dig into other’s minds, because another persons spoken word, in this world, means JACK.
          It’s obvious to anyone who’s thinking about it; other people have motivations, insecurities, and desires all their own. This of course has an effect on what words leave their lips. The truth is something that will come in time to those who choose to leave emotion at the door.
          To quote Robert Deniro from meet the parents, “Can you ever REALLY trust another human being”
          Greg (the textbook beta): “well, yes…”
          RDN: “No, greg. The answer is you cannot”.
          The irony being that in that scene, Greg doesn’t even really believe what he’s saying, he’s just going with what he sees as the safest answer.

        3. The truth is something that will come in time to those who choose to leave emotion at the door.

          there is a paradox in that emotion-thing that is a bit hard to understand when you start getting into red pill philosophy. leaving emotion behind is only half the truth, because motivation and energy are finally emotion-driven. ignoring emotions results exactly in constructs like socialism – if emotions don’t play a role, why shouldn’t we follow some arbitrary model of fairness that makes everyone miserable?
          to me, red pill comes down to learning rational thought and -in fact – to understand emotions. how they work, how you can influence them, how much they mean. your body is like a pistol – use it the wrong way around and you hurt yourself. in a way, red pill is like a handbook to the body and mind, ideally provided through a skilled father. the less you understand the body and mind, the more you will be fucked over by people who do.
          understanding other people is useful, especially if you want to be a leader. maybe that whole “digging into other’s minds” is more about overly empathizing and be keen on making the other person feel good, because that’s what you would want. so it starts with yourself – learn to accept pain for the sake of a purpose yourself, and you will be willing to inflict it on others. dominate yourself and you will dominate others, as mike cernovich wrote.
          morals and victim attitude / locus of control are big parts of the scheme, too.
          these are just thoughts, i’m not yet satisfied with them.

        4. I think you hit it on the head. To revise my previous post I would say that the BP man seeks answers only that fit into his pre existing conceptual framework, rather than objectively accepting the truth for what it is. That is what i meant by leaving emotion at the door, not to say that emotion doesn’t serve a function. Of course it does, it’s a part of life, and we are all inseparable from it. But when it comes to accepting uncomfortable truths, the red pill man knows this is often a painful, yet necessary part of the process.

        5. accepting the truth for what it is

          indeed. and doing that without staying bitter.
          i think the reason many fail to accept it is that they avoid seeing it. you will tell it to them, they will rationally understand the concept, but they will not go out and verify it, putting their ego on the line. no matter how true something is, you can not believe it until you have proof of it. once you force yourself into places where your assumptions are tested, your mind will almost automatically switch to the right mindset. it’s just this tiny step that pride doesn’t allow you to make.
          great thing about truth is: it doesn’t change. so once you actually see it, you are never intimidated by anyone’s words anymore, nor offended.

    4. Doesn’t matter why. A woman without tits is not a complete woman. Why settle for a broken product?

        1. Damn, I feel sorry for these women, but why show this to millions of people? If I lost my huevos to the big C, I wouldnt post after shots of my debacle

        2. Damn, I feel sorry for these women, but why show this to millions of people? If I lost my huevos to the big C, I wouldnt post after shots of my debacle

          Attentionwhoredom is innate in women, they live for that shit.

        3. So they should have died? What if you get testicular cancer in your left nut. I hope no attractive woman will ever have sex with you again. Because you got cancer. How dare you! You see how ridiculous this sounds?

        4. No attractive women will have sex with such a guy — except he is rich and/or powerful.

        5. So they should have died?

          That’s irrelevant to me, they’re free to chop their tits off at their own discretion.

          What if you get testicular cancer in your left nut. I hope no attractive woman will ever have sex with you again. Because you got cancer. How dare you! You see how ridiculous this sounds?

          Let me answer this question by taking a quote from your last comment on this article;

          Are women without breasts attractive to me? No.

          Everything else you’ve said is just a strawman argument.

        6. “Damn, I feel sorry for these women, but why show this to millions of people?”
          They demand men accept it and find these women as “beautiful” and “sexy” and appealing as normal women with breasts…. which is wrong.
          I feel bad for these women as well.. and for anyone who has had to go through a horrible illness like cancer and has had to face mutilation of your body. I’ve been suffering through my own illness the last few years (although nothing as horrible as cancer) so I can empathize with how an illness can destroy you physically, emotionally and spiritually… but to then go around insisting your body is just as “beautiful” and “sexy” as that of a woman with breasts is just wrong.
          Women like to claim they are more “empathetic” than men are.. but I have never seen any evidence whatsoever of that. I think that only means they are better able to recognize emotional cues from facial expressions.. but that’s about it. Women are incapable of empathizing with men and with men’s suffering in any way. I know from my own experiences.. and how my illness has affected my strength, virility and career.. that women don’t give a shit if men go through any kind of illness or suffer setbacks. They don’t give men any benefit of the doubt, and will without any hesitation, thought or empathy reject men who don’t fit their rigid and high physical and financial standards… so why the fuck do they demand men accept women who don’t fit their standards?

    5. It’s very sad. But it’s not my problem. I see no reason to make her problem into my problem.

    6. Lost precious body parts due to a unnecessary medical procedure? Uh…

      Fixed that for you.

  5. I am not sure I agree with the author on this one. You don’t mess with cancer. If the gene is there what is she supposed to do? I would date one (of course she must have reconstructive work done), and I would not consider her damaged for this fact alone.

    1. Im pretty sure you didn’t go “Oh, I have a chance of getting nut-cancer, in the future, maybe, so….. I will just have them chopped off”!
      If a woman pre-emptively chops of her tits because she MIGHT get boob-cancer, instead of just getting regular check-ups at the doctors, then she is fucking mental, or just seeking sympathy attention.

    2. I agree, I dated a masseuse in Cali who had both done.They were lost to cancer. Man, we banged for hours! Her ass was just a thing of beauty. I saw a pic of her tits before, and they were definitely a thing of beauty.
      To bad she was a slutty nympho! Marrying that is like marrying Lisa Ann or Brandi Love. Yes, you want them to give you a BJ, and have sex with them for a week. After that though, no wedding ring is coming.
      No man wants his kids to look him in the eye and say “Dad, thanks for marrying and having kids with my whore mom. Boy, it was awesome when Lil’Johnny found a picture of his dad and my mom doing something really weird on the couch! I did not know mom had the flexibility of a gymnast. But our whole neighborhood does now! Hurrayyy!”

    3. “You don’t mess with cancer. If the gene is there what is she supposed to do?”
      Trust in God and keep her body whole. If, you were told that, you had a gene that gave you a higher chance at developing testicular cancer, would you have your balls cut off? I sure wouldn’t.

      1. God has nothing to do with it..
        As to this.. ” would you have your balls cut off”.. I was thinking about that while writing the post, and tbh I don’t know.. tough call.
        If I had a clear family history showing that most males died before 40 of testicular cancer and I also had the gene, I would probably chop them off.

        1. “God has nothing to do with it..”
          On the contrary, God has everything to do with everything. Those who think otherwise are liable to abort perfectly healthy babies (my wife and I encountered this scenario with two children of our children), and remove tissue that was going to remain perfectly healthy, because fear inspired by doctors primarily concerned with covering their asses legally.

      2. The two are not comparable. TC treatment is no walk in the park, but it’s easily curable.

    4. Is there a shortage of healthy women? I’d pick the ones with amputated limbs or burns over those with messed up DNA.

      1. That’s not the point.. I mean we can take this anywhere we want. Let’s say your wife of 10 years has to do this, would you dump her?.. We can hypothesize all we want, right?

        1. No worries about that. Today, your ‘wife of ten years’ dumped you 3 years ago.

      2. Seriously, if breast cancer is so likely that she’s willing to lop off her tits, no way in hell am I chancing passing that on to some kid.

        1. Here’s a better question. If you had one of these nasty genes (god forbid) would you disclose that to your LTR and wife prospect? Also would she be required to do the same?

        2. Absolutely. If I knew about it. and if it weren’t something that could be ‘naturally’ overcome.
          For example, I am pretty sure that my family has the gene that encourages alcoholism. However, I am not an alcoholic (I drink maybe two six packs and two fifths, total, each year. Adding a shot of Morgan to my coffee is an adventure.) and I let my ex know it up front.
          In fact I sometimes wonder if the fact that I didn’t get drunk and beat her was a secret disappointment. All that drama potential lost!

        1. Of course it is. And so is preferring pretty girls over ugly ones. Everyone is an eugenicist.

  6. I clicked the link to the article, and then clicked the link in her name to see what this chic looks like, and it took me to her twitter page. Women who are nobodies (basically 99% of them) should not be on twitter. It just looks like she’s having a conversation with herself, constantly posting tweets that no one even replies to. If you’re not famous there’s no need for you to be on twitter.

    1. “If you’re not famous there’s no need for you to be on twitter.”
      Pretty much. Although it’s mostly used to bitch and moan about stuff. Although I guess that’s what the Internet in general is used for too.

      1. women that have children have a vastly lower chance of developing breast cancer, and bigger tits
        No one should fuck a cyborg.

        1. Good idea. There’s no excuse for any cunt to do anything with her life other than have children, and starting early leads to better health and a better life.

        2. Not all women make good mothers. Should they all pop a few kids out anyway just to avoid breast cancer? Hell of a way to go about it.

        3. Not all women make good mothers? how ‘good’ do you have to be to squat?

        4. I’m not implying their ability to give birth, but their ability to raise a child. Do you suggest all women get pregnant and those not fit to raise the child should just pass on the child to someone else, or into foster care? Just what the world needs, on the off chance it reduces (not eliminates) a woman’s chance at getting breast cancer.

        5. I simply suggest that a woman ‘not making a good mother’ is a default state of affairs. The father makes the mother a good or bad mother, depending upon whether or not his hands are tied.
          The failure of motherhood is directly tied to the failure of fatherhood.

        6. Yeah, but when the cunt can’t work I pay for the kids just because she MIGHT not get breast cancer.

  7. I just dont agree this time man, i dont know. I got one of my nuts removed because of cancer and I cant help feeling empathy with those who are and have been dealing with it. Having a part of your body removed in order to save your life is not like getting stupid plastic surgery.
    I enjoy your writing dude, just dont agree on this one.

  8. every men know that whores are good for one thing… sexual pleasure… but when it comes to time that men are being serious and wanting to settle down, they rather marry a virgin.

    1. they are making it easier – just put them through a taxidermist and mount them on your steering wheel.

  9. I have no problem provided she had fake ones put on.
    But these constant “we are beautiful, come fuck us!” articles from feminists are unbelievably annoying.
    Women would lose their shit if a man posted a similar article. “You’re not entitled to us”, “patriarchy”, followed by tying it to rape somehow.
    Dear Women, You be you, men will be men. Stop telling men what to find attractive.

    1. hmm, Roosh should do that.
      “You women are not entitled to us.”
      Maybe get Matt to write it. It will make his sjw stalkers shit themselves.

      1. We need a Matt signal and a dedicated commisioner to shine it across the sky.

        1. No kidding. Here he comes, trailed by his horde of SJW’s desperate to hold up a scrap he dropped in moral victory!
          I don’t always agree with everything he has to say, but I enjoy like hell the insane frenzy his haters go into whenever he says it.

    2. true or theyll play the old, “just cause Im out doing xyz doesnt mean I want you talking to me, leave me alone and mind your own business”
      with all this confusion, women should go out and start gaming guys.

        1. Oh that reminds me of this british muslim documentry I saw as a teen.
          It was all these muslim career women rejecting good eligible successful men because they were uber picky and that the men wanted the stay at home wife whose traditional. But later theyll call the imam at night crying that they dont have a man….So much for strong career woman that need no man.
          Women say one thing and do another,
          “we dont want to be approahed leave us alone, we arent sex objects we dont need men”
          “why arent you approaching me, youre not real men, we need you step up”
          men wre damed if we do damed if we dont.

        2. I knew a muslim woman, who was married. She got pregnant and aborted the child without telling her husband because she wanted a career.
          He divorced her.
          She has a career though.

        3. Add “Unless WE think you’re hot enough” to “We don’t want to be approached”.
          If a girl likes a guy enough, he can say and do pretty much whatever unfettered. All of their decision-making is preferential and biased. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Sounds cynical, but many facts are indeed cynical.

        4. That sounds a lot like a saying I have: What’s the difference between a productive happy female worker and a sexual harrasment lawsuit? The boss is good looking.

        5. It’s crazy a woman can kill your child and you have absolutely no say in the matter, even as the baby’s father.

        6. That’s so true. A really hot guy can say something gross and women are all over him that he’s hot and aggressive and takes charge. A non attractive guy acts bold and confident and says the same thing and they say he’s creepy.

        7. “Creepy” is their favorite catch-all phrase for any guy who doesn’t meet their delusional “standards” they feel entitled to. It’s pretty goddamn worn thin by now.
          A girl I recently called a bitch (who outright deserved it based on her behavior) told me “OMGGGG who calls someone that?” and I said “Think of it like calling any guy who you don’t ‘approve’ of a ‘douchebag’ on the regular. Same damn thing.” Shut her up quick.

        8. Yes it is. And it’s crazier that while she retains the right to kill your baby if she finds it inconvenient to her life goals, you do not have a right to terminate your relationship with the child if she chooses to have it but it’s detrimental to *your* life goals.
          I’m against abortion, just pointing out the double standard at play.

        9. I honestly never cared, until, about 2 yrs ago, I read that 55 million kids were aborted since 1973 in this country. I dunno, it just seemed like a jaw-dropping amount…surely, not all of those kids would not have been wanted?

        10. There’s actually a Chinese dating show that gives a glimpse into the new generation of modern chinese women and the same thing happens on that show 30 yr old attractive women crying their eyes out because they are single (but have a career)

        11. I got written up a work one time for calling a girl a bitch. This was after she screamed at me when she couldn’t locate anyone in my work area. In an effort to shut up I told her, stop being a bitch. This upset her so much she went and told my supervisor. As she walked towards my supervisor, I taunted her go ahead you tattle tale, go rat me out. Calling a someone a rat or a tattle tale does not work on women.

        12. He did the right thing divorcing her. I wish it was a crime to abort a child, and certainly without the consent of the father.

        13. We’re overpopulated as fuck anyways, another 55 million people wouldn’t have helped the hole Americas in debt wise.

        14. Most of those abortions were whites and blacks- whites and blacks with a history in this country, for better or worse.
          The shortfall has been made up with third world, happy to be here- type motherfuckers…you tell me- is this a good thing??

        15. no culture is immune to western “im special girl power feminism” sadly

        16. A lot of women are really obsessed with their careers. Men treat a career as a means to an end (i.e. feed their families). Women act like a career is a means in itself. My ex would go on and on about it. I told her “a career will always be there. Your most important job is to raise healthy children.”

        17. To just point out the craziness (and your point), If you punch her in the stomach and kill the baby, you will be charged with murder, but the exact same day she can abort it and its not murder. If the baby doesn’t have a right to life (or isn’t alive) then shouldn’t you at a maximum just be charged with assault and battery?

        18. Not handsome/wealthy/popular/socio-politically high standing enough = automatic default to “douchebag”, you know the routine.

        19. Actually, not agreeing with whatever they think at the moment in their psycho group think = automatic default to “douchebag”. Yep, I know it well.

        20. If they think you’re cute enough they cut you A LOT of slack though for what you say and do. Conduct a little social experiment, just observe human behavior in a crowded place like a nightclub.

        21. Overpopulation is a MYTH the entire human population can fit in LA and have 2x elevator room

        22. Calling someone a rat goes against someone’s sense of honour. Women have no honour. It is an exclusively male virtue.

        23. Calling someone a rat goes against someone’s sense of honour. Women have no honour. It is an exclusively male virtue.

      1. Could you imagine telling SJWs to “mind their own business”?
        That’s what needs a “come back”…the old ‘mind your business’ line. Tell an SJW to mind their own business every time they feel the need to comment on something.

        1. Minding others business is the crux of their existance lol. If they did, they’d end up starting a business and be successful for having used their previously misguided energy and passion for x, y, or z.

  10. Fat acceptance… check
    Tattoo, piercing, and body mutilation acceptance…. check
    FemiNaziCrazy acceptance…. check
    Female equality acceptance…. check
    Rape culture acceptance…. check
    Social Justice Warrior crazy causes acceptance… check
    Amputated titty acceptance…. really?
    Where does it end?

    1. It ends when men stop being pussies, tell these bitches to shut the fuck up and start giving a shit again.

    2. “I’m a proud feminist” acceptance… check
      I’m a slut who has fucked 20-30 guys before you.. Now put a ring around it!… check
      I’m “strong, sassy and independent”… check

  11. In my view, standing with your woman through a health crisis is the traditionalist and manly thing to do. Titties are great, but honor and loyalty are more important.

      1. These things are the domain of men. But this makes it so that men have a responsibility to make sure that women behave by a set of rules that at least resembles male morality.
        The reason women are so screwed up now is because we, the men who were supposed to control their behaviour, have let them be their destructive selves.

    1. If you think that’s manly, may I suggest you even manlier? Let your wife have children with the mailman and raise them as your own. So much manly honor and loyalty !

    2. A woman who loses her breast *due* to cancer, sure. A woman who jumps on board the new bandwagon, driven by Angelina Jolie, of pre-emptively cutting off her tits because the word “maybe” exists in a human language, no, not so much.

      1. yet nobody mentions that more now than ever women are on birth control longer than before. I bet the rate of breast cancer has climbed with the rate if increasing age of marriage and also with the increasing incident of women getting on the pill while still teenagers.
        How about abortions increasing the risk of breast cancer?
        How about all the meds they take?
        Ahhh the feminist apple cart is at risk here.
        So yeah a woman who jumps on the bandwagon is brainless and a liability. A woman like that will turn a man in for not obeying a gun ban because her heart strings got tugged by the blood shirt waving media.

        1. Yep. Even mentions that birth control increases the risk for breast and other cancers.
          But I wouldn’t expect women to educate themselves…That might require work on their end. It’s easier to pop a pill and continue to blow out their vaginas.

  12. I’m here to tell you son…..that replacing natural mammaries with idealized artificial ones has always been Playboy magazines appeal… not sure why you are so offended?

    1. It hasn’t always been that way. I’ll have to disagree with you on that one.
      I’ve been around and I’ve seen the change.

  13. Okay, I can sympathize with women who had to remove their breasts because of an actual treatment against cancer… but removing them because they might develop cancer? Like that retarded move Angelina Jolie did?? To hell with that… seriously… why don’t you remove all your teeth also, because you know.. you could develop cavities.. ohh better yet, just kill yourself, because when people are alive they may die and you don’t wanna run that risk, do you?

  14. Playboy ain’t my favorite mag. Stopped paying attention to that shit a long time ago. A man is supposed to enjoy the breasts of his woman. For her to chop off her tits because she MIGHT get cancer speaks to her laziness because she won’t take care of herself with regular checkups. Americans are lazy after all…..
    And to all of you SJW’s lurking & reading this:

    1. Fuck yeah. All the chicks with the tattoos, rainbow colored hair, hairy armpits, no class/manners, drug use and ghetto lingo, not my type.

      1. I don’t get why these women don’t understand that dyeing their hair some bizarre color that doesn’t appear naturally in humans gives NOBODY except the most bottom-of-the-barrel Betas a boner. Apparently skullfucked women don’t have any issue being self-destructive. Another reason to dodge these ticking time bombs!

        1. No here’s what’s worse: when they have big fat legs and get leg tattoos.
          Uh… that’s not really hiding it.

      2. I went to a music event near my house in Burlington, VT and most of the women had the tattoos, funky hair, and fat bodies. It was almost as if they were trying to look unattractive. The guys weren’t much better with the tribal earrings and the skinny jeans. I would say the young men looked like total fags except gay guys don’t look like that.
        There were a few hot girls, but the uglies definitely ruled the day. The end is near, we are becoming a nation of androgyny.

        1. Try meeting women in other places. Of course at a live show there’s going to be a bunch of feminists.

        2. Will do, I thought a music event would provide a lot of opportunities. I didn’t know the uglies had that market cornered.

        3. I find when I don’t acknowledge the lunatics I’ve won the chess match before it even began.

    2. “…she MIGHT get cancer speaks to her laziness because she won’t take care of herself with regular checkups.”
      Or just switch to a 100% vegan diet and the cancer risk drops to near zero.
      And NO, I’m not a smelly, vegan SJW. But facts are facts. Just read “The China Study” a scientific book that lays out the truth about cancer and the western diet.
      A few years ago I cut out 90% of animal products from my diet (still allow myself a little cheese/cream/meat on the weekends). Best decision I ever made. Never felt healthier.

        1. You’ve been sold a lie man, you are brainwashed by the meat industry.

      1. China study has more holes than a swiss cheese. The very fact that NO civilization or culture over the earth in all history, has been or is vegan is an indictment to its lack of effectiveness and how unnatural it is. BTW cancer in most cases is caused by the toxic load that we in “Modern” societies, have to endure.

        1. Not just the China Study man, there have been TONS of studies done (despite pushback and propaganda from the billion dollar meat industry) Meat is in fact the leading cause of disease.

        2. You can google the success of those who follow the paleo diet. Humans, especially men are unable to follow a vegan diet without supplementation (testosterone depends on FAT, hence why low fat diets are terrible for testosterone levels and why almost no vegan (or even vegetarians) look masculine).

        3. We don’t have the physiology of a carnivore or omnivores:
          Also lol @ the myth that guys can’t get big on a vegan diet and that fat is good bullshit which is a myth, you just need good amounts protein and enough calories. Only thing fat gets you is clogged arteries, and murdered by the #1 killer in America which is HEART DISEASE.

    3. Since a man MIGHT end up getting divorce raped and cuckolded, it’s best he not marry.
      Hey, this logic for chopping off tits can be useful for other things.

  15. OFF TOPIC: Speaking of damaged goods…what about those poor Duggar girls? People would consider them damaged goods because of their perverted older brother Josh. I hope none of the other children have been harmed. They’re blameless victims.

    1. What you’re talking about happened 12 years ago and is an attempt to distract the media from the fact that a terrible mother dated a convicted child molester.

    1. haha, oh yeah. the feminazi manifesto. most truly a thing of beauty.
      it’s funny that it is men trying to enjoy time with women, but women calling men misogynists. oh, well.

  16. Holy fucking shit, I’ve never seen so many white knight faggots commenting on an ROK article. Seems we’ve been infiltrated.
    To all the betas commenting, please get sterilized.

  17. Uh… I wouldn’t rule out dating a girl if she had a double mastectomy. I am an ass man, though.

  18. If it’s a DNA problem well tough luck. Women don’t give shit for short men so men shouldn’t give shit for breast defect women either
    Also if they get it at 40 than their dating game is close anyway at least they get to enjoy their youth without the misery

  19. To all the angry feminists and SJWs who will inevitable flood to this article once it’s been linked in XOJane.. before you start bellyaching about all these horrible misogynists, consider this:
    Would YOU date a man who’d had testicular cancer, and his balls replaced by rubber ones?
    I didn’t think so.

    1. Not only that, but women would probably mock a man like that.
      Females are feral hypocrites.

  20. You know what? I can see it coming. Remember everything from the Leftist/Marxist/Feminist industry starts out as laughable, but is then culturally entrenched in 15-18 years. I can see women start to chop off their breasts en masse. Why? Because men like breasts…Off they go then. No more objectification! And betas will be shamed into have waxy, bumpy scar fetishes. That’s feminism’s end game; making men as miserable as women. Remember equality!

  21. My mum had breast cancer an had a mastectomy so I have some idea of what a woman goes through an it’s a horrible thing so they deserve sympathy. But I hate these “you have to find us attractive no matter what” articles aswell, women are becoming so entitled they think they have to put in zero effort in to attract a qaulity man, or that’s at least what they’re being told. There’s very few magazines or media nowdays where men can talk freely amongst other men or publish articles aimed at men that arn’t PC or feminist propaganda, the ones that used to have caved.

    1. Agree. I get tired of the “here is what you need to do for women..” articles and media rants. We always have to love women, no matter what…blah, blah, blah…
      That doesn’t fly with me. If she doesn’t fit the bill, then she doesn’t fit the bill. No one is going to talk me into dating a fat woman or a woman who is damaged, crazy, etc…
      The problem is we are not keeping these women in check (with shaming) so they are running of the rails (getting fat, tats, etc…) and society is trying to convince us it’s acceptable.
      No, it’s not.
      Most women, today, don’t deserve a good man. Their behavior is terrible.

      1. That’s right it’s another example of feminism an modern society telling women they deserve eqaul treatment without earning it. So many women think they deserve the perfect man but are no where near perfect themselves or don’t want to put in the effort to seriously improve themselves or make themselves attractive. Yet society will tell them it’s the mens fault not her.

      2. You don’t “need” to do anything for another homo sapien you don’t want to. There’s no good reason why they can’t do it for themselves. Grown adults make their own choices and know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. It is really hard for me to ever sympathize with somebody unless they stepped on a landmine or are terminally ill. There’s an ample amount of charities and special-interest groups that are willing to reward people for their bad choices. I’m not one of them.

      3. Excellent point. I get tired of it also. I even quit going to church because I tired of being told every service what I as a man need to do to please women. I’m a man, not a clown, I don’t give a damn about the needs of women. Hell most women nowadays can’t stop looking at their iPhone long enough to listen to a lecture, or study or sermon. As far as I’m concerned, they can look after their own needs.

        1. That’s the right attitude that every man should have. There is no reason to be a goodie-two-shoes and blame or question yourself for the actions of others, especially when it couldn’t be more clear that you can’t change or help anyone now with all of these anti-abuse laws that make you a criminal for even the slightest thing. It’s up to them to help themselves.

      1. The ONLY scene I can remember where James loses his cool…that laser aimed at his family jewels…

  22. pump and dump, albeit its gonna be weird with lost feeling in her nipples

  23. ACLU and all the Hollywood women that have hit the wall and are finished are screaming for someone to do something to force producers to make movies with old women portrayed as young and beautiful. As if THAT will fool anyone. Soon, James Woods will be sue for not wanting to screw 35 year old cows that hit the wall before they were 28. Women are deranged.

  24. Well, Playboy is now run by a woman and has been for over a decade. You expect anything less from it these days?

    1. Agree. It jumped the shark awhile back (another men only space invaded). I guess we’ll need to come up with out own mag as well, now.

      1. You and Ghost of Jefferson are the best commenters on Return of Kings. I look forward to y’all’s logic and critical thinking, which is rare nowadays.

      2. I’m up for our own porn mag.
        Can you imagine such a thing, from this source?
        It would be like Playboy from the 1960s.

    2. Playboy is dead… replaced by free internet video porn that is 100% better.

  25. Oh for crying out loud. Honestly, this is going to end badly for traditional media. I could go on about the web and, in this instance, how online porn is disruptive to playboy, but, you all know it anyway. Fuck you playboy keep digging you’re own grave.

  26. I could really care less about this problem that women have…it’s their problem. They have enough money, corporations, etc…backing their research so let them sort it out.
    I care about the lack of backing for cancer that men have (especially prostate cancer). The NFL sponsors the shit out of breast cancer and they do little (to nothing) for prostate cancer. A professional sports league for men sponsors more for women than men. Let that shit sink it for a bit.
    Is there any man eager to give their hard earned money to a league that doesn’t give a shit about them (or their cancer)? Not I…and the pink shit that they wear was a big flag that the NFL (of yesterday) is gone.

    1. So if your girlfriend gets breast cancer you will dump her and leave for another. Such a gentleman you are. (/sarc)

      1. Well that was all non-sequitur-y.
        There’s a new trend of women getting pre-emptive double mastectomies, as they are following the hivemind conformist urge built into them. This was made popular by Angelina Jolie, so naturally chicks are now doing the “Hey, I can do that and be special too!” thing. Chicks like that, fuck them, out the door with a boot in her ass.

        1. Oh yes it no way involves looking out for the best interest at health concerns. Double mastectomies help prevent breast cancer, Are you literally that stupid just because Angelina got one. Most would rather keep their boobs than get mastectomies, but they like get getting breast cancer less.
          And Driver said,” I could care about this problem women have…it is their problem.” That implies he will not care if his girlfriend gets breast cancer

        2. Sir.. just get rid of all your teeth, because, you know.. you might get cavities… ohh better yet, just kill yourself, because people may die when they are alive, right? And you don’t wanna run that risk now, do you??

        3. Wow you know that you can fix cavities, but breast cancer not so much. Plus the article wasn’t demanding that every male has to date a woman with a doublemastectomy. It is saying that a man dating a woman shouldn’t be bothered to find out she had a double mastectomy. It would be like a woman should not judge a man for having one scrotum.

        4. But a woman would not only judge a man with one testicle, she will mock him to the point of shame regardless…..
          Your double standards don’t work here.

        5. Look at the survival rates when it comes to breast cancer. It is probably 85%, I would guess. Check lung cancer survival rates for comparison. And now multiply (1 – (survival rate)) by the number of annual new diagnoses for the respective cancer type. What do you find?

        6. How do you know this. Not all women would do that. You need to understand not all women are not all judgmental just like some feminists need to understand about also. .

        7. You know removing your head from your sphincter can also cure you of being a jerk.

        8. Here we go….. another NAWALT case.
          Look around you. All the shaming of men everywhere in the media alone is enough justification to validate my statement.
          Wake up.

        9. Who is shaming men? I’m not ashamed to be a man. I don’t feel shame for being a man.

        10. “Who is shaming men?”
          Wake up man. Hang around the manosphere some more & read.

        11. Well you’re laughing alone, cause we’re all laughing at you on here pal.
          Here’s to hoping chewbacca answers your text tonight. You’re probably a female troll anyway.

        12. I will still be getting more action than you will be tonight that’s is for sure.

        13. What, at the slut walk in Toronto? Hahahaha.
          Either an ugly female troll or a little boy who has been so broken he will date broads with body hair.

        14. I’m inclined to think you are the little broken boy. Because I know how to treat women with respect.

        15. You Sir, are without a doubt, the most intelligent commenter on this site, and one of the only reasons I visit it. That said, your comment above is downright ignorant. I watched my own mother die of breast cancer 20 years ago. Not only was her body butchered (the treatment options were terrible back then), she was psychologically and physically destroyed prior to her inevitable death. She left two young daughters motherless, and a husband heartbroken. It terrified me as a young girl watching her go through this, and it terrifies me today to think I could meet the same fate. Despite being at high risk, thus far the best course of action (as decided by me and my doctor–not Angelina Jolie), is heavy screening. I can assure you though, that at the first sign of trouble, my sweater puppies are coming off. Other women are determined to be genetically at an even greater risk than I, and they are offered a mastectomy. I know of one personally who opted for this route. If you were to ask her what her motives were, she would tell it was her children, they need a mother. The surgeries and reconstructions are gruelling, and take a tremendous toll on the family while the woman recovers. In two years she will celebrate her 45th birthday, and that will make her the longest living female in her immediate family. Me thinks she made the right choice, you?
          PS: while women are notoriously catty and competitive, this is the one area where we are pretty candid and supportive of one another. As such, I’ve seen and felt the reconstruction results—they’re really nice!

        16. I think we’re dealing with a low risk of brain cancer here. If only because that would require having a brain in the first place.

        17. No, it’s a men’s club. Oddly, only so few people jump on. And it’s not because we aren’t anything short of as masculine as they come.

        18. Who cares? Don’t engage in discussions with white knight manginas ppl. That will only ruin this website.

      2. Where did Driver state that? His post has nothing to do with that. It was neither stated nor implied. Are you outside of your brain right now? Get lost, creep. You too “Cupcakette” Dumb Assholes..

        1. He said the he doesn’t care the problems woman face with the prospect breast cancer. Maybe you and Driver need to develop empathy.

        2. We do empathize with our opponents. Knowledge is power.
          Good luck with the innocent, wounded deer act, manipulator.

        3. I don’t manipulate. I just report what was said. You need to learn the definition of empathy.

        4. I do, and I don’t think you put too much thought into the meaning of what I just said.

        5. yo wtf is this shit with women being our opponents. a lot of you guys take the term “game” way too literally. it’s not ACTUALLY a game, with women being the opposing team.
          women hate each other too much to be a team.
          and why would you want to spend so much time and energy just to get validation from someone you see as the opponent (in other words, an enemy of men)? just to get your dick wet and satisfy your biological needs? you don’t think you could find a woman that is useful for any other purpose? i mean, i’m all for using girls for sex and not being a beta loser, settling for any woman less than what you want. but if you already see women as the enemy right off the bat, and your ONLY hope is to use them for sex and then leave, then your life is pretty sad, bro.

        6. Maybe you should shut up and go make Heisenberg and Driver some grilled cheese sandwiches and bring out a couple beers for them, then go away until you’re summoned.

        7. Ladies are not our opponents. Feminists who want to destroy our way of life are the enemy here.

        8. Prostate cancer is just as likely as breast cancer but I have never heard the media or any woman talk about it, much less empathize with it.

        9. Are you kidding me? Major League Baseball does a huge thing. It has been talked about, you just ain’t listening.

        10. Don’t watch baseball but still doesn’t change my point. One or a handful of prostate campaigns vs hundreds of thousands of breast cancer.

        11. It is on you then you choose to live under a rock. But you don’t really care about spreading awareness of prostrate cancer. You use it as pretext to bash women.

        12. I hardly live on a rock. Most people don’t watch baseball. Even the World Cup in the us has higher ratings. And where did I bash women? I don’t really care about awareness because I take personal responsibility and do research myself on thousands of things. At this point who isn’t aware of the risks of prostate or breast cancer?

    2. The elephant in the room is that more and more women get cancer yet:
      – more and more women are on some medications, 1 out of 4 for mental stuff, year after year
      – more and more women are on birth control riding that carousel way longer than in the past. What’s the number one risk from taking any kind of hormones? Cancer.
      – having an abortion increases breast cancer risk 6 fold.
      You see, if the “cause” were to be addressed, that will upset the feminist apple cart.
      But, since getting meds instead of facing their reality (and then voting their socialist fantasy land in a booth with no personal consequence), sucking cocks by the bag, and abortion are sacred to them, I consider it a kind of comeuppance.

    3. Whats wrong with you man? All the people who coached me and all other young men in baseball, football, and basketball were women.
      Oh, wait….

    4. Yeah my Dad had polyps removed early to prevent prosate cancer, so I can relate. Fuck the NFL six ways to Sunday and the ugly, weirdass women who pose to love it for attention. Instant boner killer!

  27. “Moreable” isn’t a word, twat. Now on your knees where you belong, twatbot!

  28. So Angelina Jolie gets her cunt removed and all of a sudden she’s a heroine. You’re old and irrelevant, nobody cares. Adopt a kid with Ebola and give em a smooch for me.

  29. Ok, it’s Friday and I’m bored, yet feeling quite loopy. Time for some humor.
    What do you call 250 American Indian women with double mastectomies?
    The Indian Nippleless 500!

  30. I’ll have sex with girls I find attractive. I typically don’t find girls with tons of plastic surgery attractive… I like natural girls… that being said, if I was attracted, I’d hit it, but I wouldn’t take one for a LTR because you know she is very self image centered and a girl that cares that much about how she looks is constantly seeking validation and throwing her looks in men’s faces. I don’t need that kind of stress in my relationship.

  31. Talk about the hamster wheel on overdrive.
    Mutilating a sex-related body part only confirms it’s like losing a part of a soul.

  32. Fatshaming: 99% justified. But attacking this is lame. Who cares about Playboy anyway.
    Are women without breasts attractive to me? No.Can they help it they got cancer? No.
    Now, there are some women age 25 or so who are genetically predisposed to get breast cancer. Grandma died of it, mom did, and so she removes her boobs. 25 is pretty young, but I’ve heard some of these young ages in the media last years. 25-30. If she has a hot body for the rest, and she’s fun to be with, maybe a good mother, good cooking skills why shouldn’t a woman without breasts be allowed to wish to find a good man? I know, dating and the matinggame is war. But I don’t think a woman should become a catlady because she didn’t want to die from cancer.

    1. Why only 99%? Being fat is 100% in the control of the individual. I don’t buy the genetics bullshit.

      1. Most fatties lazy guzzlers, but there are people with diabetes and thyroid problems.

  33. I wouldn’t wish cancer on anybody. But why would Playboy, a magazine for mean who like looking at naked hot women….i mean read the letters about naked hot women promote this?
    These women need to get the situation puts you in a different market. Apparently Playboy to the readers say men should fuck every woman with problems. The bigger problems the more you should want to fuck them. Just, ya know, fuck them. I mean, damn the “rape culture” or something full speed ahead?
    Its why i dont read crap like Playboy. The next article will be about how we should respect slut walk or something with hot naked women and their tattoos saying “sluts have feelings too”.

  34. Really interesting that Playboy would push something like this but I’m not all that surprised considering they quit showcasing real women around the mid 90s.
    They used to show foxes back in the day but around the middle 90s, the ‘Stick women with Man ass/hips’ were introduced and I never looked back.
    I’m not surprised the writing would suffer considering they don’t display beautiful women any longer imho…. seems like the magazine has lost its way.

  35. I’m a legs and ass man. If a hot woman had her boobies removed because of cancer and then had set of implants put in, as Pope Francis would say “Who am I to judge?”
    Bitch, turn around and show me that ass. Face, legs, and ass. Boobies are the last thing I care about.

  36. Playboy hasn’t been a men’s magazine in years. The articles are all about female/homo garbage like shopping, “strong women”, expensive restaurants, fashion (read: how to look like a twink), and celebrity worship.
    Flip through any recent issue and you’ll have a difficult time distinguishing it from a woman’s magazine except you’ll occasionally run into an interesting article or bare boob. I would go so far as to say it’s now a magazine that is intentionally, subversively attempting to destroy masculinity. And it’s run by a woman, need I say more?

  37. “Despite the social programming to the contrary, we are here to tell you that you don’t have to settle for a fatty, a mentally ill woman, or one who no longer has breasts. Not even if your favorite magazine tells you that you should.”
    you sir. disgust me.

  38. I would not get involved with a woman who had a mastectomy. Conversely, if I was already involved with a female I would not leave the relationship if she had one unless it was done as an elective procedure. If I developed moobs no woman would want me. I understand and accept that fact. Logic of course eludes the “fairer” sex.

  39. More proof that nutcase Makow was correct in saying years ago that Playboy is gay, the “Playboy Lifestyle” is gay, it’s all part of the design to wreck heterosexuality.
    By the way, those morons who mutilate themselves do it because ‘they have a bad gene’. Sound familiar? Fat broad, “it’s genetic”. Anorexic/bulemic, “it’s genetic”. Psycho harlot, “it’s genetic, where’s my SSRIs, bitch!” All the human waste douchebags say, “Now please fuck me and knock me up so I can reproduce my bad genes and kill off your good ones! Rape-culture me in the anus!”

  40. I can careless about Playboy but this story resembles that tranny (woman who cut her breasts off) who is trying to be featured on Menshealth magazine. It’s obvious that they are promoting homosexuality (transexual deviance) with the destruction of gender distinction. Just look around at various newscast which are promoting transexuals to realize it’s an agenda to brain wash. Trillions of dollars go to women’s cancer awareness world wide. It’s only a small number of women who actually remove their breasts from cancer. I could never be attracted to a woman with no breasts. I’m not hardwired for that nonsense. Fighting your DNA is intellectual disingenuous.

  41. I am so tired of hearing about women having preventative mastectomies. There is too much talk in our society about this. I mean good for them, let them do it. It’s a personal decision. BUT…..What about the women in their 20s and 30s who had a double mastectomy because of CANCER?? That’s right, I said it. Women of ALL AGES get breast cancer. It is estimated that out of all the breast cancer survivors in the US over 1/4 million of them were diagnosed YOUNGER than 40. Yes, men should be encouraged to not look past these women for dating and relationships. Yes. they are slightly different emotionally than the average woman. But they still have boobs people. A good plastic surgeon is an artist. That shouldn’t matter. But it does.

  42. Seems like Derek Baroni missed this part, “getting 100 percent artificial and cancer free breasts”.
    Stick to just looking at the pics, Derek.

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