15 Photos Of Women Who Made Themselves Ugly By Working Out Too Much

A couple weeks ago I wrote an article about ways women make themselves more masculine. It occurred to me after I wrote that article that I missed one of the worst ways women make themselves more manly: ridiculous physical strength.

I’m not talking about healthy women. Women should have some strength. It is necessary for traditionally feminine roles (you’d be surprised how much strength you need to care for children). But so many women today are going well beyond the strength they need to be good at what they should do. When you consider also that being too strong makes women unattractive, it becomes obvious that all their strength-building is done for a sick sense of vanity. Or perhaps penis envy. You decide.

That’s not to say fit women aren’t attractive. On the contrary, fit women are the most attractive. The women I’m referring to take their workouts/athleticism/muscle-building/fat-burning to extreme levels. These images will demonstrate just how ugly women’s pursuits to be physically manly makes them.

1. There’s a lot to not like here, but the neck is what really gets me.

2. I’d be genuinely frightened if she offered me a good ol’ fashioned

3. Is there anything more selfish, vain, or disgusting than a woman risking the health of her unborn child just to keep her clean-and-jerk up?

4. At least she has nice hair

5. What machine works the neck like that?

6. So this is what happened to Chong Li after Bloodsport

7. It’s not just strength training that makes women unattractive. This woman is clearly damaging for no legitimate reason.

8. Is the “virgin” on her shirt a sponsor or a label because I can’t see many men being physically attracted to her?

9. I see nothing feminine here

10. From pretty to untouchable in what, three rounds?

11. I really do not want to see the front

12. She should’ve stopped in 2013

13. If you couldn’t see any of their faces you’d think this Seal Team 6

14. I’d bet all three have chest hair

15. I’m only assuming they’re women because of their outfits

Again, fit women are the most beautiful. You don’t get a body like this without being fit:

But the women featured above took their fitness to obsessive, self-destructive levels. They wanted to be more like men, and unfortunately, they got what they asked for.

For more from Jared Trueheart on the roles of men and women in literature and film check out his writing at Legends of Men.

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117 thoughts on “15 Photos Of Women Who Made Themselves Ugly By Working Out Too Much”

  1. A lot of these women are juiced to the gills.
    I think number 12 is a good result though, would bang.

    1. By far the least unpresentable of the lot, I could do without the fried chicken tan though

    2. Nearly all the female strength athletes are on male hormones for sure.
      A 6 pack on women looks shit & masculine. Low body fat on women is anathema to a woman’s health and fertility.
      Pretty women should not fight in competitions as the wreck their beauty. Dog ugly she beasts, lesbians have nothing to lose so I don’t care if they bash the shit out of each other.

      1. Fair enough, she is doing the lean back and flexing hard to get them to pop though.
        I still think she pulls off the feminine athletic look well and is quite attractive. Prefer a tight lean rig like hers any day over skinny fat.

        1. That last chick, also, got a boob job and that’s a red flag for insecurity. And when a girl has low self-esteem she believes she is not good enough so any amount of attention is going to be enough for her. Bad for LTR good for pump and dump.

      2. 6 or 8 pack is only good for men. Flat stomach is only good for women.
        Anything else is disgusting for both.period.

    3. Athleticism in chicks is pretty cool. Like when they made that movie where Michelle Obama climbed the Empire State Building.

    4. I’d bang her in 2012. Nice and chubby.
      Remind me again .. why do girls have to be skinny?

      1. Don’t have to be skinny as in supermodel wafer thin. Just need to fit their body frame well and be healthy. I can dig some naturally largish hour glass women.
        We’re just violently rejecting the whole unhealthy fat acceptance feminist mantra.

        1. It’s good to reject feminist mantras but I think ROK has gone too far the other way. For me, a girl who is chubby or plump is more soft and feminine and therefore more attractive. I want a life partner, not a training partner!

    5. True, and if theyre not on roids many of those women are at least taking estrogen blockers and testosterone supplements. Its quite common amongst women who do crossfit.

      1. Any woman doing CrossFit is a sure fire way to know they are extremists.
        Stay Away.

    6. #2 should blow his load in my mouth and on my hairy belly. I’d swallow that dudes’s cumshot anyday!

      1. a human should not utter these words… practice some class

        1. Dude, this is (((Steely Dan))) impersonating me. My avatar is the one you see here. Doesn’t change. And I don’t talk like he does.
          (((Steely Dan))) likes to impersonate me, Marz, and others, as he tries to undermine this site.

    7. One of my last GFs was a partial cross-fit nut. She didn’t take it overboard but showed me some friends she had who “competed” in body building. One of the beasts was taking test and estro cytles, and is alll fucked up n nasty now. I actually left the gym culture for various joint-health reasons as well as my final conclusion: 90% or more have severe, deeply hidden body dysmorphia & self-image issues. Half or more of my meat-head friends were juicing. I was done with it. The time restrains of CONSTANTLY lifting and eating perfectly just wasn’t sustainable. We lifted with a few transplants from Westside barbell from Columbus too. Fuckin 45-60yo guys STILL on gear. When I got up around 260-65, those dudes suggesting I get on gear. No thanks. My theory is once you go on, you’ll always want that edge and never get off. I Did however meet a really cool dude from their group who actually formulated, tested his creations products before the GNC Labs panel. He got hired by Cellucor and moved out of state for a great job with them. We also have a IFBB judge (black woman) who used to compete who frequents my gym. Pretty cool, but the girls heavily into most fitness are just plain gnarly.

      1. WestSide is Epic.
        Some in my family lifted competitively. All own their own businesses, still large but no gear, not even too much lifting. Late 50s now.
        Im bigger than id like for my age 6-0 225, but F it. Im still built like a tank. 40 yrs of lifting does that.
        It was a phase for them, for me its a lifestyle. They lifted in meets in prisons and anywhere you can imagine. I Never lifted competitievly, though I was very strong and competitive. I played D1 Big 10 Football. My joints dont like the heavy stuff, so I stick to DBells, Kbells, bodyweight like chins/dips etc.

        1. Hell yea. 6′ is a really good size for maintaining if you’re mesomorph shape without joint issues into older age. Rock that out as long as you can. I have mad respect for the guys who stayed in it and made a life out of it. Bonus points if you’re ex-military too. If I could get my joint issues right, I’d be more active and get back to 235-40… which I felt was my ideal best feeling range in size. Optimally both strong and powerful in that range.

      2. GRock, I wonder how tall you are if you got up to 260? No man under six foot tall can get that heavy naturally without getting fat too.

        1. 6’4″ – I’m literally exactly 200 Lbs now.. which is very skinny for me. 265 was a LOT of work, more than almost any mesomorph or endomorph, and the guys in the gym with those more forgiving frames took note of the level of work it took. As I’m an ectomorph shape. Basically, I maxed out my frame at that weight, and WOULD HAVE needed juice to break beyond it I think. Just simply put, I didn’t want the dad bod, so simply, just quit eating so much. I’m dealing with severe left knee issues and am over-due for BOTH knees to be replaced… However, wisely I think, I’m waiting for the medical technology to catch up so I can get knees that don’t need to be re-replaced every 10 years. Fuck that.

    8. Not “a lot of them are juiced to the gills”!!!
      ALL of them, 100% are on name testosterone hormones (steroids).
      If steroids do this to the much-weaker bodies of females, imagine what it does to the MEN! 😉 This is how Thor, Ryan Gosselin, Gerard Butler as Leonidas, etc got to that point.
      Make men powerful, stronger, looking amazing.
      Gender roles are important, people! Women look like monsters on steroid. Men look meta-human. Steroids is for men, not women. Women should be soft and smooth, not bulky and hard. Period.

      1. Some are on roids, some aren’t. You can do a lot without roids if your entire life has 1 purpose… to work on your physique.. someone cooking your meals, someone managing your entire life. The real battles are conquered under a barbell, but in a kitchen, sleeping right, knowing when to stretch, when not to stretch, time of day you take certain supplements and vitamins and not others, quality digestion. The most amazing science experiment you can endure is pushing your own body to the limit.

        1. Edit: Aren’t conquered under the barbell, but everything else associated – for instance, when you get to the point lifting kills gains, you’re riding that line.. getting to that line and riding it, that last 1-5% (for each person being different) is 85%+ of the entire battle.

    9. America is a land of extremes. You are either totally parked or driving at 100MPH. Morbidly obese or too thin. Unhealthy/not fit or a steroid monster.
      The lack of middle ground is certainly a problem in America. Especially our women. They are so dam extreme. -_- And these photos are proof of it.
      I love my country, but the extremism of points of view, especially political ones is very tiresome and unique to our country, for most part.
      Ps. Steroids (testosterone) are for men, so men become strong, muscular, and shredded – the way MEN should be. Women should be physically fit, but they should be soft and smooth, not hard and bulky. Steroids are not for women.
      Gender roles are important to a stable society. Lack of gender roles and lack of moderation and ability to have a “middle ground” in life is why our country so so extreme and unstable today.

  2. And on the other hand you get millions and millions of obese, grotesque lardballs…it’s a sick we live in.

    1. AJ
      The West is a sick world of hypocrisy you mean.
      For example, I was cautioned for soliciting a prostitute in America because she walked to my car but Rocco Seffredi used prostitutes every day and his an American hero.
      Asia has less paradoxes.

      1. Voice Like a Cat Fight
        Ugly as Puke
        Who would want to marry
        A female Gook?
        Never mind the super clap!
        “A strain of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea has arrived — the first three cases were recorded between February and April of this year.
        Two Australian men and one British man contracted the sexually transmitted infection in Southeast Asia, likely after engaging in unprotected sex, according to the European Center for Disease Control (ECDC). The ‘super gonorrhea’ strain, a bug called Neisseria gonorrhoeae, is highly difficult to treat given its resistance to the antibiotics that are often used to treat the infection.”

        1. If u deal with cheap prostitutes what do you think will happen? Michael Douglas got herpes from a ‘good’ white woman.
          Fact the average Asian woman is still looking for love and has family values unlike a liberal rat that just want to take without giving.

        2. “…unlike a liberal rat that just want to take without giving.”
          @Keith, this! You nailed it!

  3. Feminism is the uglification of women. It is the hatred of women as women and of men as men.

    1. Yep, you nailed it: feminism is a war against both men and women, it’s part of the revolt against civilization, where the ugly, the stupid, the sick, the depraved so far have all managed to coalesce against the smart&productive

      1. AJ
        “Feminism and Old Age”
        In 20 years there will be a whole generation of feminist-raised women offering to suck young men’s cocks for 20 Euros in the park because they were never married, do not have a husband’s pension to live on, or his house to reside in, or kids to chip.
        They will all be old and taxing the welfare system and will walk up to young men and just resort to sucking their cocks for what is in the young man’s pockets because they never married, never had kids and the government support will be too small to make ends meet.
        Most of these trends start with the middle-class, who are smart enough not to be blown totally adrift because the anchor of money and education.
        For example, middle-class education women who popularized feminism then affect the poor lower class women who will inevitably get pregnant because they are stupid.
        For that matter, Kim Kardashian can afford a whole roost of black babies with Negros who do not give a shit but the average poor young white woman emulating her will end up depending on the taxes because her black lover will not be rich rap artist but mostly likely on welfare himself.
        Middle-class popularized drug use and could handle this but when it distills down into the working class they are out stealing to get drugs because they don’t have the money to buy cocaine whenever they want.
        Feminism is one more trend that did less harm to the rich who invented it or even the middle-class than the working middle class-the grandparents who have to raise the children of a girl who is a slut that has babies with men and leaves them to be raised by her parents.
        Not to mention, in 20 or 30 years, how many older women are going to be totally dependent upon public charity. They never married so hubby left them no house or pension or anything.
        The damage this is going to do to the system is going to be considerable-you cannot sell your ass or drift from sugar Daddy to sugar Daddy when you are 50 years old. You cannot even prostitute or do porn.

        1. Yes and all these dumb femiwhores will soon realize how low is their position in the victimology VIP list for welfare table scraps.
          Prepare for a majestic U-turn toward the alt right by these dumb cunts once it dawns on their sparrow-like brain how little the third world care about their plight.

        2. the shadow gvt that is what they want the third worldification of western europe and north america.

        3. Nah, Mr Drama
          Feminism first emerged in USSR after 1917 Revolution.
          It didnt take too long, but the reverse actually happened in many decades, women reverted Back to being feminine and being women.
          You cant change nature, try as they might. The pendulum is slowly swinging back to the middle. I see it. Others do too.

        4. As a single financially stable good looking guy I get a mix of death stares and desperate attempts to rope me in when I’m in the poorer parts of my western European home country. These are all 40+ year old waaaay post wall.

    2. (((They))) chose this feminism word very carefully. Feminism has nothing to do with femininity. It’s a kind of mind-trick, where the word implies that it empowers women and is there to help them. And what kind of monster could be against “feminism”, as the feminine nature of women is so good?
      A more accurate term would be Dumb Bitchism, since that is what feminism does; it turns normal women into dumb bitches.

  4. Couple points about the photos: probably some Photoshop at work; definitely use of hormones / steroids in some cases; and very likely at least a few are transgenders.

    1. Well that’s a bit of an assumption there, isn’t it? There’s nothing wrong with having an opinion and supporting that opinion with photos.

  5. I’m pretty sure the two coming out of the ocean are a big dude and an m-f transgender.
    And believe but can’t prove that a couple of other pics are m-f transgenders. As for all the others who actually do appear to be “women,” they are reprehensible specimens, and the antithesis of femininity.
    Don’t know if it was a cross-dresser or tranny, but I’ve had my first live sighting of a big dude wearing a dress and a wig, lumbering across a strip mall parking lot. I think it came out of an Ulta store, which is makeup and stuff for chicks.

    1. When I see chicks fighting, first thing that comes to mind; all the beta enablers who told them it was cool. Shame on those dweebs. And shame on them for allowing them to contaminate their gym. 100% garantee that gym was more fun before a daddy issues chick showed up to prove a point. 100% guarantee the guys in the gym took their game down a notch when they suddenly became confused when sparring with a chick. Chicks who fight are gross. And no we’re not “intimidated,” lmao, just grossed out.

    2. I saw that pic and said, “…that’s 155% a fuckin’ MAN, baby.”

    1. RM doesn’t look good in that photo, but in the early 1980’s she did look pretty nice in non competition condition. At the time I would have let her smoke my beef and give it plenty of jerky.
      Bev Francis was one of the first she beasts, on anabolics, around the same time as Rachel. This developed into more and more male hormones in female pro bodybuilding, until its recent death in the last couple of years when they stopped it at the Olympia competition. It had lost its marketability, no one wanted their products associated with these female monstrosities. Bitches still take anabolics in other divisions but its only small amounts in comparison(still too much in my eyes).
      Top crossfit bitches be on plenty of steroids and peptides too.

  6. 1, 2, 3, 6, 11, 13, 14 Trannies. Sprinkle in a couple anorexics. Only 12 and the last are undeniable wamen.
    Steely Dan came out as the obvious fag would get a blowjob from “women” that look like men. How telling. GFY your fag self, SJW POS. Triggered much? Sick freak.

      1. @DNJ, do not even bother to respond to that kind of morons! No point in “feeding the Crow” !!

  7. Not attractive but women like these are very rare. I dated a fitness competitor for a few weeks. She looked FANTASTIC up until comp time then it was gross.
    The truly bad part is that these women are so into their fitness that they have no time for much fun.

  8. Most of these bitches are on the juice. I prefer petite black or light skin women with a fat arse.

  9. Females taking synthetic hormones usually leads to bad things. Just ask Hope Solo.

  10. Working out too much makes most men looking grotesque too. The current narcissist trend spares no one.
    On a positive side, this 91 yo woman can do a level of gymnastics that most of you here could only dream. Have a look and be ashamed.

    1. Basically, any man or women taking roids is a bad idea. Looks unnatural for both Sexes.

    2. Thats not true, theres is a limit of how big you can get and believe me its not as big as the majority of the population believes. Look at bodybuilders like Al Kavadlo, they are fucking strong but you wont confused them with what we called a “lifter” today, in fact in many cases if they were wearing a t-shirt many assholes wouuld ask them “bro do you even lift?” . Of course all of this is influenced by genetic factors, especially bone structure (Al’s brother is bigger than him because of this) but believe me no matter how much exercise you do you will never end of being a disgusting meatball, juice has changed the perception of how big someone can get naturally

  11. In 200 years when men cease to completely exist, these same creatures will try their hardest to resurrect us.
    Seriously a woman should never be battered, get into altercation, nor prepare herself to fight. When it gets to that point, men have failed to do the things they are put on this planet on.

  12. Endurance athletes are the worst.
    I can tell when a woman does endurance because they often have these boney thin faces with grand canyon wrinkles between their eyes.
    That’s what high doses of cortisol does to you.

  13. I think you are very uninformed about working out and pregnancy. That woman in the picture looks very athletic. If she’s not pushing herself beyond what she usually does, then it’s not going to pose any risk to herself or the baby unless she has a complication such as placenta previa, in which case you are advised not to do heavy lifting. But for a very athletic woman in an uncomplicated pregnancy, there is no harm in continuing the same work out regime or lifting heavy objects. If anything, it’s going to make her less prone to complications such as abnormal fetal position, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, pelvic girdle pain and pelvic organ prolapse. She’s going to have an easier recovery after the birth and the baby won’t be negatively effected. Of course if you go into pregnancy really unfit, and you attempt to become a hardcore weight lifter, that’s not so wise. The surge in cortisol in this case could cause high blood pressure, and a pregnant woman who is unfit is much more prone to serious sports injuries because of the hormone relaxin.

  14. As a gym freak myself I like muscular girls and women. From this list I like all of them but 4 and 5 (they are ugly), and 7 and 8 (runners suck). Id discard the old one and the black at 14 too. 12 in 2014 is a stunner, come on. Big majority of guys will never achieve this perfect form.

  15. I dated one.. Once… Never again. She liked to be choked and humiliated, in bed. The more manly they are externally, the more insecure they are, internally.

  16. At least number 12 is an improvement….a bit too lean. Should ad some carbs to her diet. The sad thing about overexercizing with women is that them titties are the first to go. #savethemtitties.

  17. I just turned 32 and have lifted since I was 14, I’ve learned some wild shit about gym culture since then. Even the hot fitness chicks that manage to retain femininity are probably running test. Them bodybuilder bitches are running Test, Trenbolone, Anavar, Deca-Durabolin, actual steroids. Based on the muscle mass Crossfit chicks are running test at the very least. If anything, when I was doing Crossfit I just ended up getting super shredded. To actually put mass on you need more than than some ketogenic/paleo snake oil.

  18. Huh. I remember commenting on that article last week saying you forgot #6 CrossFit. Thanks for adding my insight.

    1. If it was boyish, you’d be in the right place. But it isn’t, and you’re NOT in the right place. Get lost, kid.

  19. In the annals of human history, there was never any representation of female muscularity as being a beautiful thing. There are no cave paintings, figurines, drawings, graffiti, sculptures, photos, daguerreotypes, reliefs or even literature depicting a lean and buff female as healthy, ideal and/or beautiful (other than the very recent phenomenon of female bodybuilding and social media fitness). There were indeed long stretches of time and multitudes of territories where fat women were prized. Then thin women. But not muscular. Even female warriors – don’t laugh – weren’t depicted as muscular and/or strongly lean.
    Our artistic ideas are based heavily on our historical experiences in real life and our natural desires and dreams. So, this modern trend not only flies in the face of rational beauty standards – which are the best ways to keep women from falling into dysmorphic thought patterns – this enables a terrible sense of mental health, a dangerous pattern of physical health and above all, an outright identity crisis. These women are turning to testosterone by all means when it’s the anti-thesis of their building blocks. Throw in the fact that a female skeleton is not designed to carry a masculine physique concentrated with muscle and devoid of fat.
    If these types of women are leading the charge of the fitness movement, it’s no wonder more females are becoming unfit. When Richard Simmons became the face of fitness, the industry became less of a “man’s thing”. Richard Simmons is the nadir of masculinity, and with that, men steered clear of his workouts.
    This is the flipside. Along with Susan Powter, a bald woman in the early 1990s and Jackie Warner, a more manly version of Justin Beiber, non-feminine women are bound to fail with female clients much the same way Richard Simmons failed with men. Feminine women like Denise Austin remain successful, and even her daughter has taken up the mantle.
    But returning to the chemical front, with more and more people figuring out about “gear”, Deer Antler Spray, stem cells ahem*HGH*ahem, blood doping and other hormonal games, followers and professionals are becoming further disillusioned with the lifestyle. All this for bodybuilding, which has, according to fans of the sport, declined artistically for a quarter century. Or for crossfit, which has never been able to pierce into the mainstream despite the iconic narcissistic yammering among practitioners. Perhaps it never will.

  20. Anyways, are more preferable than red/pink/purpleheads and/or land whales.

  21. And yet…still aren’t men.
    Avg male gym goer can probably match peak female competition lifter who may be on gear.
    With that being addressed, why do they go through so much futility to only achieve an aesthetically masculine frame without much of the benefit?

  22. #10 isn’t really “pretty” before having the hell beat out of her. She would be if she would remove the “problem glasses”

  23. #7, Paula Radcliffe, is the world record holder in the marathon. By a lot. With a mark that has stood for 15 years.
    Even if you could establish that her running was the cause of her alleged ugliness, I’d say it was a worthwhile trade-off.
    You also seem unaware that pictures of people running as hard as they can tend to be unflattering. You’re probably hideous to behold under even the best of circumstances, but how debonair would you be when fleeing in terror from an “ugly” woman who was preparing to jam a dildo up your pathetic, sniveling ass?
    Finally — and this is just piling on, admittedly — the least you could do is not write like a retard. “This woman is clearly damaging for no legitimate reason” makes no sense, as “damaging” requires a direct object. The rest of your prose is just as clumsy.
    Other than that, you totally nailed this whole post! Today, “Return of Kings”; tomorrow, “Rolling Stone”!

  24. the 2012 pic
    that became
    the 2014
    will turn
    right back
    to 2012
    (if not 2010)
    as soon as
    you say “I Do”

  25. The body building world became grotesque by the early 2000’s as competitors looked freakishly huge. This is probably due to several factors but obesity became a major issue a year or two before 9/11. The cause: unknown.
    Just looking at these women’s biceps and abs just shows how low this sport is degrading…If half of those women are trans or ftm, then its probably sank even further.


  27. Most of these aren’t even real women. Shoulders wider than their hips, Adam’s apples, straight shoulders, giant jaws, brow ridges, and many other skeletal male markers. They’re MTF transgenders. There are very few real women competing in world class level fitness competitions. Real women just cannot get that lean; it ruins their bodies. A friend of mine is a bodybuilder, and she’s only lean for 6 weeks out of the year, and she looks so unhealthy. Then she gains 30 lbs back, because a real woman has to have body fat in order for her body to work properly.

  28. I think they scare the writers because they would fuck them up when they inevitably feel threatened.

  29. That last chick, also, got a boob job and that’s a red flag for insecurity. And when a girl has low self-esteem she believes she is not good enough so any amount of attention is going to be enough for her. Bad for LTR good for pump and dump.

  30. Looks like a bunch of trannies on massive doses of roids! The only normal looking woman was the last one. Barf on these trannie chicks on drugs!

  31. Is this some parallel dimension where we worry about people working out too much? Yeah, you can find photos like these on the internet but 99% of unattractive women are like that because they prefer cheeseburgers to cock.

    1. 3, 4, 6, and maybe 12 are doable. The others, though… when they get that roided-up look, they look like dudes. 7 and 8 are flat-out disgusting… it would be like screwing Gollum’s sister.

  32. “3. Is there anything more selfish, vain, or disgusting than a woman risking the health of her unborn child just to keep her clean-and-jerk up?”
    Don’t you mean “keep her snatch up”? Heh.
    And in many ways, she’s the least objectionable one. If nothing else, at least we know that one is fertile.

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