Russia Embarrasses Ukraine In The Latest Propaganda Battle Of East Versus West

On 29 May, 2017, a brief Twitter feud happened between Ukraine and Russia. The two powers’ official and non-official accounts skirmished through light punchlines and pictures.

The Ukrainian account posted first, apparently as a reply to Vladimir Putin’s late remark on the same day. Meeting with French banker escort boy President Emmanuel Macron at Versailles, the historical residence of French kings, Putin was faced with an attempt to display some rhetorical ability. Macron indeed mixed up a reference to French history and a sneer at past European knights, before saying that France and Russia had had a relationship for three centuries, “since Peter the Great.”

Putin, more at ease amongst the majestic surroundings, replied playfully that relations between the two countries were much older and deeper, as they would have started with the eleventh century princess Anne of Kiev or Anna of Rus—the very wording of the princess’, then queen’s, name has become controversial.

In a matter of hours, Ukraine’s official Twitter account started the feud with the following picture, which claims to “remind a sequence of events” but seems more like a trollish comparison:

And then it started.

Two interpretations of Russian (and Ukrainian) history

Beyond the trolling, baiting, and impression management, two questions are at stake here:

  • When did Russia come into being? Did Russia appear with the Kievan Rus principality, which came with the city, or later? Did Russia start within a place which would eventually become independent, or only when the capital was transferred into Moscow, thus letting Kiev belong to a separate nation?
  • Was the Princess Ann Russian, Ukrainian, or both, provided that the question makes sense?

What the Ukraine communicators suggest here is a version of history where Ukraine is essentially a nation, clearly identified with a specific territory centered around Kiev. Those who defend this view emphasize how the Ukrainian language differs from current Russian and trace contemporary Russia to a history that mostly took place around Moscow.

On the other hand, Russia emphasizes its own continuity from the Kievan Rus principality and how the place nowadays called Ukraine is bonded to her through a common history. For at least a century, Ukraine has entertained a nationalistic and separatist overview whereas Russia, following its long history of czardom and tumultuous annexations, sees itself as a fateful empire whose very name comes from the Kievan Rus.

What does history say?

Unsurprisingly, the fake news media commented the meeting by making the Rotschild employee Macron look good. The HuffPo said Macron “recalled” the very version of history Putin finds polemical and short-sighted, Le Monde mused on Putin’s supposed “ego” and hammered that the current Ukrainian government—which was violently put in place by well-trained, well-funded rioters—had been “freely elected”, while Numerama pretended to ignore that Ukraine, not Russia, started the Internet feud and kept fanning on the flames. All these outlets conspicuously avoided the historical issue of when Russia came into existence, either by lack of knowledge or interest, or so that they could keep their veneer of objectivity.

The Kievan Rus principality was founded during the ninth century by Vikings called the Varangians. First small, the principality was able to expand and become the guardian of a trade route expanding from Scandinavia to the Byzantine Empire thanks to the efforts of its chiefs, the Rurik dynasty. At its peak, in 1054, the Kievan Rus reigned on territories now split between Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia:

The Kievan Rus principality from 1054 to 1132.

Between 1024 and 1032, Rurik king Yaroslav “the Wise” sired a girl, Anna Yaroslavna. According to the custom, her family name derived from the first name of her father. Her signature, recorded on a diploma, was spelled in Early Cyrillic alphabet albeit with a particular handwriting style that reminds of the Futhark alphabet:


In 1051, Anna went to the distant realm of France to marry the king Henry I. According to Wikipedia, she would then sign documents in Old Slavic, as Ана Ръина (“Anna Regina”). The French would call her Anne.

Back to the story of Kievan Rus, the principality was constantly facing both external threats, as warlike peoples of Turkish-Mongol origins were coveting the mastery of trade routes, and internal threats from bloody succession wars between Rurik princes. One of them, Alexander Nevski (1220-1263), managed to unite the Rus again, at the price of becoming a vassal of the Mongol invaders.

In the meanwhile, Kievan subjects began to colonize Moskovia, a cold-weathered yet more peaceful place. During the 12th century, a fortress would be built there: it would be eventually designated as the Kremlin.

The key moment happened when prince Daniel Aleksandrovich (1261-1303, Nevski’s son and heir) transferred the power from Kiev to Moscow. The latter gained political influence and, in 1299, the metropolitan bishop from Kiev would relocate too near Moscow.

Thus, there is a clear continuity between the Kievan Rus principality and the Czarist State that formed near Moscow. The relationship also stands out when we consider how the first czar, Ivan III Vasilyevich—who was also a Rurik—managed to finally kick the Mongols out and, by marrying the last Byzantine emperor’s niece, established Moscow as the “third Rome.”

However, the continuity here outlined is a bit weaving. From a purely geographical and linguistic point of view, one can rather perceive a discontinuity: the city of Kiev and its surroundings were on the outer circle of Moscow, and the country’s children have been isolated enough to draw from old Slavic their own dialect.

The area has been shared between the Poles and Lithuanian at north and the Turks and Mongols for centuries. Only later was it taken back by Russia, then by catholic Cossacks from Ruthenia, who during the 16th and 17th centuries created the Sloboda Ukraine, literally frontier districts free from taxes (“Sloboda” meaning “free”, and “U-kraine”, “on the march”). Czarina Catherine the Great took the zone again in the middle of the 18th century.

Only during the 19th century did the word “Ukraine” make a major comeback. Intellectuals picked up Karl Marx’ virulent classism, suited it to their aims—they did their rabble-rousing amongst peasants instead of factory workers—and worked on both politics and culture to create a nationalist-separatist “Ukrainian” feeling.

The neocons behind present-day Ukraine

Should we conclude that Russia is right to claim legacy from Anna Yaroslavna, and consequently, perhaps, from Kiev? Things are not so simple. The answer depends on one’s interpretation of history and of what is right.

If one perceives historical continuity as the most important aspect, and I stressed this aspect by mentioning the Rurik heredity from the Varangian founders to Czar Ivan III, then la reine Anne belonged to the family who sprawled both the Kievan Rus principality and the Moscow-centered czardom. This is a historical fact that so far has not been denied by mainstream outlets. Yet, if one privileges nation-states, or even more, regionalistic impulses over the weight of long history, Kiev can be seen as Ukrainian in the sense that it would not be Russian.

In any case, I find anachronistic how current Ukraine pretends to appropriate the princess Anna in a manner that excludes current Russia from its legacy, as the very Ukrainian nation simply did not exist at this time—and it must be remembered that Anna Yaroslavna was primarily identified by the bloodline she belonged to rather than by a particular place. “Ann of Kiev, the Ukrainian” seems mostly an artificial creation promoted to support a made-up identity.

As to the question of when Russia started—did it start with the Varangian king Rurik, or with its distant progeny in Moscow? It is difficult to give a straightforward answer. The same is true when it comes to the question of the Ukrainian right to be independent from Russia. After all, the founders of the United States came from England, and that does not give the US a particular right over England. To a non-specialist, these questions are too faraway and intricate. Which is exactly why the fake news media can spin their narrative: they’ve got the “experts”, y’know, who know details you don’t and will pound whatever version is convenient to the powerful interests of today.

No matter what right Ukraine has, no matter the properness of Ukrainian identity, what we know for sure is that the current Ukrainian government is little more than a globalist puppet. President elected Victor Ianukovich, who had already faced a lot of pressure as well as the well-backed Orange Revolution even before his election, was brutally chased of power after he announced his intention to strengthen ties with Russia. Is the right to self-determination acknowledged only when those supposed to have it follow a globalist agenda? When Ianukovich was driven out, he was replaced by Peter Porochenko, a sellout working in tandem with globalists and NATO.

Of course none of this was mentioned by Ukraine communicators. When the official Russian Twitter account replied by evoking the city of Veliky Novgorod, which was part of the Kievan Rus during the 11th century, Ukraine replied with an animated picture from the Simpsons accusing Russia of being “really” the Soviet Union. Recall (((who))) created the Simpsons, and notice how hawkish and cuckservative the muh-USSR rhetoric sounds…

Ukraine then jumped from the 11th century to the 20th by invoking “international law”:

Wait a minute. Current-day Ukraine is using a stylized version of the Rurik coat of arms as its own and started this troll feud by a rather controversial comparison between Kiev and Moscow on the 11th century. Why, then, did Ukraine communicators jump from the 11th century to the 20th? What they did is a flagrant anachronism—the orthodox cathedrals of Kiev bear no relationship with an abstract 20th century invention. Luckily, they posted a few “funny” animated pictures along and some idiots keep comparing Kiev and Moscow on the 11th century as if these places then had any relevance in what is right “now.”

Russian outlets such as RT or Sputnik News are, for sure, less than perfect. Both have repeatedly supported the “refugee” invasion of Europe under the pretense of reporting on it, just as the fake news mainstream did, and Sputnik often posts puzzling “news” about aliens. Yet, all in all, Russian communication does not use the aforementioned tricks and seems more honest than the globalists’ useful idiots.

I don’t mind about Russia recovering its previous empire on the extreme east of Europe. But I do definitely mind how globalists use numberless masks and alias to maintain their fake narrative. Russia does not oppress or kill us, no matter the extent of their possible links with Julian Assange—who has a reputation for not having ever falsified any document. The globalists do.

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  1. TL;DR: Globalists use irrelevant historical points to create strife between Ukraine and Russia.

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  3. “On 29 May, 2017, a brief Twitter feud happened between Ukraine and Russia”
    Maybe it is just because I am old, but when I read that sentence my first thought was that the world is filled with unrepentant, attention whoring faggots. ooooohhhh a twitter fued between Russia and the Ukraine. Jesus Christ people, this isn’t war this is a bunch of pansys jerking off

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    2. Thank God I am not alone in this. I hear constant bullshit about what is going on in the Twitterverse. Who gives a fuck? This shit is not news. It is a bunch of faggots engaging in electronic verbal diarrhea and making quips about largely irrelevant bullshit. Twitter is for retards who are too fucking stupid to pay attention to anything that takes longer than 5 seconds to understand. It’s the modern equivalent of getting all of your opinions from bumper stickers you see on passing cars. If you think Twitter is important, you are a retard. At best, Twitter is most appropriate as a tool to either talk shit to people, or get word out in an emergency. Paying attention to anything else on Twitter is about as productive as sitting around and sniffing your own farts.
      As an aside, if you want a measure of how far “journalism” has fallen as a profession, take note of how much of it simply reports on what has most recently been brain-farted onto Twitter by some moron.

      1. It really is nuts. I mean I don’t take politics seriously even a little bit and never have, but I have usually made exceptions for people who thought politics was somehow important or relevant. At this stage of the game anyone who bothers voting is just silly and the pretense that politics on any level means anything more than who wins the Rose Bowl is eye rollingly fucking stupid. Like college sports, politics is just another thing to keep the slack-jawed rubes busy so they keep going to their shitty jobs and spending money and eating crappy food.

        1. I mean ok if you felt some kind of personal satisfication from it that’s at least a legit thing. I like pistachios. Same thing

        2. Absolutely. Definitely agreed on the principle that this is essentially professional wrestling for fags.

      2. Spot on, dude. I laugh everytime I hear that someone was “debating” on twitter. You don’t “debate” on twitter, you just insult one another and whoever makes the wittiest quip is the winner. It also turns people into such condescending pieces of shit who think they know everything so they dictate from the comfort of their homes how people should act, how events should unfold etc.

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      3. “It’s the modern equivalent of getting all of your opinions from bumper stickers you see on passing cars. ” Brilliant.

    3. I’m a very practical man by nature. I greatly value information that is relevant and actionable. But the articles that been appearing lately remind me of silly tabloids.
      “I consider that a man’s brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you choose. A fool takes in all the lumber of every sort that he comes across, so that the knowledge which might be useful to him gets crowded out, or at best is jumbled up with a lot of other things, so that he has a difficulty in laying his hands upon it. Now the skillful workman is very careful indeed as to what he takes into his brain-attic. He will have nothing but the tools which may help him in doing his work, but of these he has a large assortment, and all in the most perfect order. It is a mistake to think that that little room has elastic walls and can distend to any extent. Depend upon it there comes a time when for every addition of knowledge you forget something that you knew before. It is of the highest importance, therefore, not to have useless facts elbowing out the useful ones.”
      – Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Scarlet

      1. Your comment and quote are both dead on and that I now know you are a fellow Sherlock buff I am quite please….quite pleased

      2. Never read Sherlock Holmes books. How are they. I’ve been gaining an interest in reading some good literature from back in the day. Any more recommendations

        1. They’re quite good. Highly intellectual and totally not action packed. A good exercise is to put yourself in Holmes place and try to come up with ideas based on the evidence he uncovers. Then compare it with his analysis.

        2. Very good actually. Start with A Study In Scarlet, the origin of Champion’s quoted passage. Move on to the Sign Of Four and go anywhere you want from there. Money well spent when I decided to pay good money years ago to obtain the printed version complete work.

      3. You get a like just for quoting Sherlock Holmes. Especially when it’s my favorite quote from him.

    4. We know that Russia is winning the real war in Ukraine. Ukraine throws soldiers at it like wet logs on smoldering tinder. Twitter is just another faggy extension of MSM. It’s extremely juvenile, just like females and feminized males.

      1. Seems right, but in the end it doesn’t matter how much land is grabbed, how many soldiers die or what treaties are written……in the end it comes down to who has more likes. War is hell.

        1. I would upvote your comment, but that would only provide you with a logistical advantage on the battlefield.

        2. Multi pronged war but as Henry Winkler said “give me likes or give me death”

    5. “Jesus Christ people, this isn’t war this is a bunch of pansys jerking off.”
      Hahaha. My thought exactly.
      What kind of people who take this whole “Twitter War” seriously?
      Which level of faggotry are you in to take tweets as a real threat?
      What are you? Teenage girls?

    6. Twitter is the most irrelevant shit you could imagine for anybody who does not use it. Less than 20% of Americans have an account. Less than 5% use it on a daily basis. Only magnified by lazy journalists, SJW and people who mostly have never done anything political outside their bedroom.

  4. This modern world is so decadent that’s funny. They are tweeting Simpsons memes from the official twitter account of a country…

    1. Even worse, they’re arguing like a bunch of kids. You’d expect government officials to have some class…

    2. “Our feelings were hurt”
      –Ukrainian Ambassador to UN General Assembly

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  5. Tell Ukraine to Crimea River. Everyone knows that the people of Kiev are chicken.

  6. So now countries fight each other by going to Twitter and baiting one another into an argument.
    A true epic of our time.
    Someone should make a poem out of this.

  7. So RoK and its acolytes still have a figure-4 liplock on Putin’s jock. Nice to see some things haven’t changed.

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        1. Neither. It was Nature Boy Buddy Roger’s then Nature Boy Ric Flair used it in tribute. It was also used by Greg the Hammer Valentine and Nature Boy Buddy Landell.

      2. I don’t know. Putin seems to get a slightly bigger pass around here than is readily justified, although I don’t read much into it. I just figured some voices are louder than others.

        1. Sure. I’m just fond of sniping at people coming in to snark at “ROK!” with some silly blanket statement comment.

        2. I admit I admire his Zero Fucks Given image. He projects himself like a total bad-ass, which is fun in an internet way, but I don’t think I’d want him babysitting the neighbor’s kids or anything.

        3. That’s an old Rasputin trick. Supposedly Rasputin could control and communicate with animals. Some Russians believe Putin is his reincarnation.

        4. I’m usually hearing it as either Boris or Natasha.
          Moose and squirrel!

  8. OT
    This says it all. Yesterday’s Rose Garden speech was “written by a fool, to be delivered by a fool, with the presumption that a great percentage of its target audience is made up of fools.”
    You’re welcome, China. The U.S. just handed you most of the wealth creation of the 21st century.
    It’s okay, I guess. We’ve been on top for too long. Time to bow out, give some other society the chance to make itself great. That sure ain’t happening here.

    1. If I wanted to learned how to tie a kravat knot(and I dont) I would read Esquire; for politics, not so much

    2. The truth about the Paris Accord is that it is likely to be the most expensive treaty in human history, and by the UN’s own climate models, it *might* reduce “global warming” by less than 3/10ths of 1 degree by 2100.
      Watch this, it’s only 10 minutes long and it’s worth it:

      1. When Exxon and other international oil companies are pressing hard for it, you can bet it has absolutely nothing to do with actually protecting the environment and everything to do with shifting money from the poor people in rich nations to the rich people in poor nations.

      2. The sad truth is that no matter what you believe about the Paris Treaty, we just abdicated world leadership.
        Make America irrelevant again.
        But hey, no worries! We’ve got Syria and Nicaragua on our side — and Nicaragua didn’t sign the treaty because it wasn’t tough enough.
        Don’t spin this one. This is a disaster for American leadership. It has ramifications that go far, far beyond the environment.

        1. Because we didn’t follow the herd, now we aren’t leaders? That doesn’t make any sense.

        2. A leader doesn’t force his country, the country he is primarily responsible for, into a terrible economic deal where his country pays the freight and his country’s economic competitors get the advantages, just because some retards say “muh environment.” That’s not leadership, that’s sabotage.

        3. Hey! Just because all of the burden would be on us, and China would get 30 years of “we don’t have to do anything” doesn’t mean it’s a bad deal, bro!

        4. china is building 350 more coal-fire plants
          we are shutting ours down
          we get to pay carbon taxes for the shit they will belch out
          sounds fair to me!

        5. And really, does anybody think that in 30 years China will do shit? Hell no.
          And again THIS WAS NOT RATIFIED BY THE SENATE. Fuck this “accord” right in its stinking, stupid, unscientific, bullshit arse.

        6. You will do metaphorical anal, and you will like it!

        7. I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say here. Let’s drop the diplomacy and just tell me what you really think.

        8. Shouldn’t this have quotation marks (and maybe proper citation)?
          Nearly certain this is what the lefty spinsters have been droning out since yesterday.

        9. The beauty of standard boilerplate talking points is that attribution is not legally required, just assume that it comes from the Hivemind of the feminine Left and you’ll be good to go.

        10. U.S. emits 25% of all greenhouse gases. We have 5% of the global population. You want to stick your fingers in your ears? Pretend that this isn’t disproportionate?
          Pottery Barn rule: You break it, you buy it. Developed countries owe more.
          You may disagree. You may believe that your daughter deserves a new SUV on her 16th birthday AND that Bangaldeshi fishermen won’t die by the millions in this century. Unfortunately, the former contributes to the latter.
          The U.S. (and Europe) needs to acknowledge our disproportionate contribution to the global problem. Europe already has. The flatulent Cheeto, like yourself, is pretending otherwise.

        11. Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated country on the planet- over 160 million people(is that the US’s fault too?), not sure what getting a kid a car has to do with their fisherman dying. There isnt much fish left in the ocean, I think the lack of fish would contribute more to their demise that some kid driving an SUV

        12. China cancelled 113 coal plants this January. Last month they forced 28 out of 31 provinces to stop approving the construction of new coal plants as well. They can’t fucking breathe in Beijing and Shanghai.
          They’re worse off than we are and as a result are already taking steps to address it. It’s in motion. We’ll see how far it goes.

        13. “And really, does anybody think that in 30 years China will do shit? Hell no.”
          There is a Google machine. It will give you answers to questions like this and help you avoid looking ignorant.
          My comment above, reprinted:
          “China cancelled 113 coal plants this January. Last month they forced 28 out of 31 provinces to stop approving the construction of new coal plants as well. They can’t fucking breathe in Beijing and Shanghai.
          They’re worse off than we are and as a result are already taking steps to address it. It’s in motion. We’ll see how far it goes.”
          Of course the world would’ve preferred oversight, but China has always been standoffish. The perfect cannot be the enemy of the good.
          Also, since you’re an expert in science, please explain why the Paris Accord is unscientific. I am legitimately curious to know. Or you could just save yourself a lot of time and admit that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        14. Dude, I’ve already told you that politics is not something we’re going to discuss. Please accept this reality and move forward.

        15. Nonsense.
          Leadership is not the same as obedience to an amalgam of regulations foisted upon us by trans-global financial interests and their inferior client-states!

        16. Even if what you say is true, it isn’t relevenant. There is no objective proof that mankind has any Impact on green hosue gases and even if it did what percentage and Impact they would have.
          It’s a bogus assumption reinforced with lies, fraud and psyduo science. It is a fabrication to serve a political purpose and even the more intellectually honest leftists admit that.

        17. Disaster Like what, not paying money to the two most populated nations in the world to *maybe* start looking at possiblydoing something?
          How about the billions of dollar spending bureaucrats aren’t going to make?
          Of course climate change is real. I look out my window…no glacier. 10,000 years ago…glaciers

      3. Also, hey, it wasn’t ratified by the Senate so, who really fucking cares what the Left thinks about it one way or the other.

      1. ah the 80s, when American and English wrestlers were the good guys, and Iranian, Russian, and Mexican ones were the bad guys. The French wrestlers were always flipflopping

        1. Notice how the wrestlers of the 80s and 90s were a lot bigger / muscle bound than the ones today? Most of the wrestlers today (like John Cena) don’t look more than Average Joes. Compared to the larger than life figures like Hulk Hogan, Legion of Doom, Ultimate Warrior, etc.

        2. While that would have been an excellent counterpoint that totally destroyed my point… I have decided that I refuse to believe that Andre was actually French, despite all evidence to the contrary. I’ve decided he was Romanian, so the issue is settled: no such thing as French wrestlers.

        3. theres a brief, great doc on his life on youtube. I wish there was more footage of him from his 70s heyday on the web

        4. Also, notice how wrestling was a lot more popular 20-30 years ago?
          Now what sports are popular? Basketball and football. Black-dominated sports. Wrestling was an almost white-exclusive sport. Can’t have that.

        5. he was actually jewish. Now, Im sure peeps will read more into my comment above

        6. You see the problem right? The male role models I was exposed to at say the age of 10 were these larger than life figures with machismo and chutzpah and swagger. Think of the Attitude Era (late 90s) in WWF and WCW: NWO, Degeneration X. And now those children who grew up are being expected to conform to some castrated / neutered PC straight jacket archetype.

        7. When you think about it, you realize wrestling was a white man’s sport.
          Now, where are little white kids going to look for role models? That’s right: NBA and NFL.

        8. I swear to god Pabst, you really have to be an actual troll. Dude could split you in half over his knee. Those aren’t “saggy moobs”, because guess what, when you do bench presses, your chest muscles get, gasp, bigger.

        9. Post me a pic of Andre the Giant’s amazing physique.

        10. I’m in agreement with the other poster who said that he thinks that Pabst lives in some alternate universe.

        11. You can’t compare someone like John Cena to wrestlers like Scott Steiner, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan etc. Just compare the size / physique.
          There is no comparison.

        12. Isn’t Pabst a NYC lad…that would explain some of it. A microcosm of the world it most definitely isn’t…

        13. Yeah there were “Fat” wrestlers. But even guys like Andre the Giant, King Kong Bundy, Tugboat, Typhoon, etc were huge larger than life figures:

        14. You said build. You’re not going to get away with moving the goal post here Pabst. You were wrong on this one. Nut up and admit it, then move on. Quote referenced below.

          Notice how the wrestlers of the 80s and 90s were a lot bigger / muscle bound than the ones today?

        15. They’re also like 6ft9 500 lbs. Not like Cena who is what? 6ft in stacked heels and 220?

        16. I’m 100% right. Cena looks nothing like the WCW / WWF wrestlers from the 90s. He is bordering on dad bod.

        17. I’m basically on the verge of being done talking to you today. If you cannot admit any error under any circumstance then you’re acting like a woman, and when I talk to a woman I don’t want to fuck, I don’t talk to her.

        18. We’re through talking for the day. When you can act like a man and admit error, then I’ll reconsider continuing discussions with you.

        19. I was wrong once…it was in the third grade and she actually wasn’t in love with me…took me a long time to admit it.

        20. Until a few years ago, McDonald’s had a black CEO who marketed that fast food chain exclusively to the “urban” crowd, and “Mickey D’s” was worse for it.
          Seems to me that the NBA is marketed in much the same manner, perhaps worse as its alien-looking Commissioner is publicly neverTrump.
          I hear tell that the NBA’s practice of having its biggest stars arbitrarily sit out games is causing friction with even its most devoted fans.
          …if only college basketball could fade away too. Hopefully without 0bama hyping “March Madness” every year, with his hilariously bad bracket predictions, we’re one step closer.

        21. Admit error? The only error I made was not being forceful enough in my assertion. Hell, even the female wrestlers back in the day like Chyna looked more masculine than these new guys like John Cena and these other jobbers

        22. The pain of growing up, eh Bob? A true mark of maturity in a man is his ability to admit error once it’s been demonstrated. To continue in error intentionally when shown wrong makes a man both dishonest and feminine.

        23. It’s tough to find a white male who seriously follows the NBA these days. Sociologically speaking, the reasons why this is so are definitely black and white…

        24. john cena looks like a midget with those little t rex arms. He is a reminder of the devolution and dysgenics going on in the West.

        25. Yeah at some point you would think most men would admit when they are wrong. I’ve found that not to be the case, however. Most men cling to their arguments like virgins cling to their panties, no matter how obvious it is that they are mistaken…so it goes.

        26. When a cheetah kills its prey, we do not say that the cheetah is a murderer, we simply note that this is part of the nature of what it is to be a cheetah.
          When I say “feminine/woman” one should then assume that all of the qualities of a woman are simply that, qualities of a woman. No need to get into rough vulgar terminology, wot?

        27. yeah pecs are supposed to be firm and erect not sagging. Cena’s chest looks deflated.

        28. the ones with moobs back in the 80s/90s were 500 lbs not 210 when soaking wet like cena

        29. And they’re not even “moobs”. Unless a guy is hard flexing 24/7 he’s going to be relaxed most of the time. Different universe entirely.
          Cena is 6’1 and 251 pounds. That’s pretty hefty for a 6’1″ dude.

        30. it sucks. up until the early 2000s, you had solid teams, solid team play. all these guys travel, palm the ball, discontinue their dribble, hardly ever called. no more fore arm shivers if you drove the lane too much…it sucks now

        31. It sucks big-time. Nobody plays defense, they walk the ball up and down the court, the stars are allowed to shoot pretty much uncontested…yawn.

        32. thomas low-bridged malone in the previous meeting, landed hard on his back and head. and then this happened when the met the next time

        33. Cant believe that Blazers team couldnt win ONE title; same goes for that Supersonics team

        34. thomas low-bridged malone in the previous meeting, landed hard on his
          back and head. and then this happened when the met the next time:

        35. No he didn’t. He only became a bad guy when he turned on Hulk Hogan to make the main event of Wrestlemania III; he otherwise was beloved the world over.

        36. Half Bulgarian, Half Polish actually. His real name was Andre Rousimoff.

    3. I started reading the Esquire link and then stopped after the blantant bias and profanity. Then I thought, “Who reads that fag rag?”

      1. 1970s: We’re headed for another ice age
        1990s: Global warming
        2000s: Climate change / unpredictable weather / more severe tornadoes and hurricanes
        2010-2016: Let’s put this climate thing on the back burner while we focus on the gay and trans agenda
        2016 – present: Global warming again

  9. Between 1024 and 1032, Rurik king Yaroslav “the Wise” gave birth to a girl, Anna Yaroslavna.
    Point of order: Unless the Rurik kings were women, Yaroslav didn’t “give birth”, he sired.

  10. Regardless, you are only a nation as long as you can keep from someone who wants it. Before we took North America, “Indians” took it from the mestizo’s in the south.

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  12. Ukraine is an arbitrarily created bastard state with no real basis in history. For centuries there was no such thing as “Ukraine.” What would become Ukraine was a borderland between Poland and Muscovy of Germans, Jews, Poles, Latvians, Gypsies, Tatars, and Cossacks who were constantly at each other’s throats. Ukraine was created through a process of backroom dealing at the last minute as the Soviet Union was falling apart.
    I like Ukrainians a lot, but they are too fucking backward and naive to be their own country.

    1. All of those central and eastern European countries were arbitrarily created from the former empires. Czech Republic and Slovakia formed Czechoslovakia, which was created after WW1, carved from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Same with Serbia and Croatia, formerly of Yugoslavia, also carved from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
      100 years ago, people in these countries were part of one of the greatest empires on Earth. Today? They are part of a tiny, insignificant, irrelevant nation whose women are known as desperate and degenerate whores the world over.
      The great empires were dismantled to make them weak.

  13. It’s tropics in Ukraine. Beautiful weather. Some chance cocktails of Molotov or melting ice.

  14. It looks like virtually all blue eyed people descended from a man in denmark 8000 years ago. Talk to a Russian or Ukrainian and they will likely know zero about the vikings history in their contry. Last I checked there were more than a few blue eyes there. History is often written and rewritten and nothing more than propaganda for the current overlords.

  15. Who cares, its actually a lot easier for a regular guy to bang beautiful women in Ukraine than in Russia, so its political mess is a boon for single men.

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