A Stop At Disenchantment: The Social Retreating Of Men

“A Stop At Willoughby” is a Twilight Zone episode from the early ’60’s. It is a sad, wistful piece about a man who is not long for the intense pressures of the modern world.

The show opens with a man named Gart Williams, a New Yorker working in advertising, getting yelled at by his fat boss for losing an important account. The boss tells him the business is “push, push, push” and he had better get with the program. He goes home, depressed, and is confronted with his cold, cruel gold-digging wife. She gives him no sympathy and refers to him as a latter-day Huckleberry Finn.

He goes back to work and the situation worsens with his boss. He has a breakdown at work and when he phones his wife, she leaves him cold with no compassion. She refuses to show any love or compassion to him after his begging.

All through out this he travels by train to and from work. He drifts off to sleep in the November snow showers and travels to a small, slow town in the 1880’s called Willoughby. It is quaint, slow-paced and free from all the pressures of the modern world. As the situation in his life worsens, he dreams even more of this world.

Eventually, he decides the next time he fantasises about Willoughby, “he will get off the train.” Indeed, in the last scene he does get off the train – to his death on the train tracks while shouting, “Willoughby!” The ending is ambiguous as to whether he intentionally committed suicide or did it his dream-like state. My theory is that the train symbolized life and his suicide show the unnatural nature of suicide. Anyway, as his body is hauled into the hearse, the door is closed and we see the name of the mortuary is “Willoughby & Sons.”

Here is the ending narration by Serling:

Willoughby? Maybe it’s wishful thinking nestled in a hidden part of a man’s mind, or maybe it’s the last stop in the vast design of things – or perhaps, for a man like Mr. Gart Williams, who climbed on a world that went by too fast, it’s a place around the bend where he could jump off. Willoughby? Whatever it is, it comes with sunlight and serenity, and is a part of The Twilight Zone.

The Narcissism Of Liberal Feminists

Consider a feminist-friendly review of the episode that frames perfectly why this man committed suicide and why feminists play a direct hand into it.

[Image: toddvanderwerffresize_535049.jpg]

The author is Todd VanDerWerff. Clearly, a soft man divorced of masculinity, as he approvingly cites feminism & shows his anti-male bias in his review.

I want to talk about Todd’s approach to the main character of Gart and Gart’s wife. Todd seems to have trouble seeing Gart’s wife as a villain. He expressly states he has trouble with this and also doesn’t see her as oppressing him. He likes her “Huckleberry Finn” comment as it has a “stab of truth” to it. He sees her as somebody that is trying to get Gart to grow up and come into the modern world.

If that wasn’t sick enough, Todd dances around Gart’s suicide and why he does it. He talks about ambiguity and how we don’t know what was going through Gart’s mind when he jumped off the train. That much is true. The most compelling issue, to me as a human with compassion, is just why did he do it?

This is one of my sticking points with liberalism. They talk a big game of deconstruction, dismantling untoward power structures but they have little to say about how to reform the world. All the talk about striving for equality, decency & human rights is nothing but worthless pablum to paper over the supreme lack of positive solutions for the world.

Take the Sexual Revolution, liberals kicked off the reigns with no thought as the underlying psychology of America, the potential ramifications for sexuality & human relationships, much less the economic ramifications or the ramifications for children. We did it in the name of removing oppression & helping the kids. No, you did for yourselves and then used claims for compassion & equality to cover up your reckless & blatant selfishness.

We see this here in Todd’s piece. An episode like “A Stop At Willoughby” can be disconcerting to a liberal because of temporal issues. One idea I have yet to wrap my mind around is liberal obsession with temporal politics – i.e. the unending accusations of “being in the wrong time period,” “the time has passed for that idea,” or “that is not how the modern world works.” It sidesteps any real rebuttals while also playing up an appeal to authority – society doesn’t think that now, so it is inappropriate.

The problem with this analysis is that is completely ignores real male feelings about the world around them. Men are routinely exhorted to express their feelings so they can become humans, instead of the stoic, masculine zombies they pretend to be. However, when they do like Gart in this episode, they are told they need to grow up and become a real man. Todd approves of this analysis, as he probably sees Gart as some racist misogynist who pines away for a time when he was so privileged he didn’t have to think about the world around him.

I bang on about narcissism, but this a clear case of liberal narcissism. We are presented with a man who clearly is depressed with his life. His wife is a horrible person, but do liberals & feminists care? What matters is the maintaining the zeitgeist of subjecting white males to horrendous levels of criticism. Gart was a man distraught over the increasingly hectic & narcissistic workplace. His wife was a controlling bitch. What was his recourse? Real compassion for fellow humans cannot be constrained by the artifices of victim politics – either you empathize with somebody or you do not. The fact that people like Todd can feel so much sympathy for women in the past, but completely ignore male suffering strongly suggests somebody who doesn’t feel compassion at all, but understand the needs to show it off in order to get social approval.

A Stop At Disenchantment: The Social Retreating Of Men

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One the reasons that men like Gart commit suicide is because of ignorant people like Todd VanDerWerff. Why is it so hard to sympathize with a man in psychological trouble? You would think the ideology that bangs on about mental health issues would be sensitive to needs of the clearly depressed? Wrong.

Part of the reason is the complete ignorance of psychology among liberals. I don’t give two squirts of piss whether white, heterosexual males have it so good in society. I don’t limit my feelings for others within some narcissistic, proscribed bounds. Healthy people do not do that. Either you feel for somebody or you don’t. You do it on the basis of their individual reality and how you relate to that. Gart’s seeing Willoughby as liberating & serene has to rub some liberals wrong. It suggests the world that has been constructed by liberals is deficient & hurts people. Todd criticized the past as being oppressive, but that criticism does nothing to alleviate Gart’s concerns. While the issue of whether Willoughby was just a mental mirage constructed by Gart or representative of America is an interesting one, it completely avoids the main issue:

Why are men like Gart so disaffected?

At the end of day, that is the troubling question that lingers in your mind after watching the episode. He clearly is a man with codependent qualities, as he spends much of his time fantasizing about a reality that does not belong to him. However, it is clear he is surrounded by unhealthy people: his narcissistic wife; his bellicose, domineering boss. He doesn’t seem to have a social support network.

Escaping into the fields of fantasy is the option he chooses. It isn’t a healthy one, but one that allows him to cope with a life that is completely depressing. The golden future of true love & career fulfillment that are supposed to be awaiting a man have never come to fruition. The reality is that most people never get there. It is intriguing that Gart works in advertising, as his industry has done much to fool men like Gart that the modern American way resulted in happiness & fulfillment.

While that is part of his disaffection, another key element is his wife. When Todd talked about not wanting to treat Gart’s wife as a villain, he provides a key insight into why men are retreating from society at large. Sensing their needs & desires are not treated as important and relevant, they get retreat into their own mind: sometimes via fantasies, sometimes via video games, etc.

It is the complete & utter inability of society at large to understand the ways women hurt men in relationships. Part of the reticence is the lingering idea that women are more moral & compassionate than men, so they are not likely to hurt men in relationships – so male needs go unnoticed and unattended as media caters to women.

the View

Female domination of media also plays into this. Women are not going to tune into a TV show, magazine or blog if said outlet is about exposing female abuse of men. Sure, maybe – if it is framed in a narcissistic way – i.e. ‘I’m better than that bitch,’ etc. It cannot purely be about showing compassion towards a man by way of how a woman treats him. There has to be something plus – i.e. he is a closeted gay man who is verbally abused by his wife when she finds out, etc. Also, consider how women use media to taunt men and let men know women don’t need them anymore. How compassionate.

Men like Gart realize that society is not long for them unless they are confident, successful & attractive to women. If they are not, they had better be quiet about it otherwise they will be shamed back in silence so as to perpetuate female delusions about themselves & society. Omega losers like Todd VanDerWerff have a stake in this oppression, as they think they will finally get that elusive female sexual approval once “patriarchal” gender norms are dismantled. What fools like Todd don’t understand – and men like Gart do – is that all you have as a beta male or less is to completely submit to a  female’s frame or get cruelly tossed aside. Either you kowtow to female narcissism & play the non-human in their life or get busy fucking off. Gart could not come to terms with it, so he commits suicide.

While the modern workforce plays a great role in this, yet what really hurt Gart was his wife. Gart was understandably upset with his work environment, but it was his wife’s coldness that did him in.

Our society teaches women to prioritize independence and not needing men. Men get the message that they are not relevant to a woman’s life. When they do consummate a union, there is always the lingering idea that she doesn’t need him – that his presence is voluntary on her part. What women are fleeing here is a real, substantive emotional connections with men. It isn’t men that are afraid of commitment – it is women. Remember, women were the originators of the idea the marriage is a trap.

What this results in for men who are trapped in a world that pretends they are the ones that fear and run from emotional commitment, while existing in a world in which they pursue commitment as a base impulse and women instinctively flee it. When they get commitment from women, their needs are treated as necessarily met. They are treated as assholes who need to not just grow up but to also step up their relational game, as men don’t meet their ladies’ needs.

Men should realize that society and relationships are just one, collective fantasy of women.  This point will always be considered sexist & misogynistic precisely because it punctures female’s collective delusions about how they treat men. The increasing number of men like Gart in America does nothing to help women feel good about themselves, so they paint those men as hateful, troubled or ignore them outright. Just like that man who self-immolated on the steps of family court, he had to be relegated to the footnotes of American history lest women get their fantasies upset.

The sad ending to Gart’s life represented his only true act of personal autonomy – killing himself. Who cares about white privilege, etc. if you do not have autonomy over your life? Gart’s life bothers feminists because it strongly suggests men do not have power over their life and liberal society and women (sometimes) are the cause of it.

People do not die from suicide, they die from sadness.

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271 thoughts on “A Stop At Disenchantment: The Social Retreating Of Men”

  1. Good article…. After a couple of years of sifting red pill material, writing a few of my own bits and pieces and experimenting with things…… I find that essentially the problem is :
    Men blame themselves. They shoulder all the blame for their fat, ugly, mean, frigid wives. They shoulder the blame when spiteful, entitled twenty somethings with a mental age of an 11 year old blow them out and make fun of them.
    Take an example….. Men are trying to find beautiful mares to ride. They train, buy all the best equipment, build stables, learn all about horse riding, and then they wonder why they cannot be happy riding the horse they end up with. Some try out hundreds of horses and still don’t like them.
    There is a very good reason for this… there are no horses.
    Maybe once there were horses, but today there are only pigs, sheep and cows (and maybe the occasional goat, cat or dog). But there are NO LOYAL MARES… they do not exist.
    It doesn’t matter how good at horse riding you are, riding a pig or a cow is never going to be much of anything. It’s just a nasty messy farm animal that will soil your shoes.
    Enjoy yourself and have a barbeque. But never get conned into thinking you have found a mare….
    The question is, whether these mythical creates ever existed at all…

    1. I will be re-reading this a few times I’m sure. My thoughts are pretty much the same with an exception here: ” there are NO LOYAL MARES… they do not exist.” and here “But never get conned into thinking you have found a mare….”
      There is probably 50 million women between 18-30 years old in the US… and you are 100% certain without meeting them that not ONE of them is capable and willing to cheerfully fulfill all the duties of: Housekeeper, Whore, Maid, Cook, Nanny, Personal Assistant, etc ?

      1. there are probably hundreds even thousands of lions and tigers in zoos and parks around the US and the World…. I don’t have to climb into a cage with each and every one to know that they bite.
        and if I am going to get into a cage, i wanna know damn sure that i have a shotgun and 10 keepers to shoot the fucker if it gets out of hand, when i have my finger up it’s ass…..

      2. “There is probably 50 million women between 18-30 years old in the US… and you are 100% certain without meeting them that not ONE of them is capable and willing to cheerfully fulfill all the duties of: Housekeeper, Whore, Maid, Cook, Nanny, Personal Assistant,
        etc ?”
        Out of those 50 million only 15% will be attractive- down to 7.5 million.
        Out of that 7.5 million 40% will have kids- down to 3 million.
        Out of that 3 million 75% will check off a minimum of two of the following-
        history of cheating on previous boyfriends
        former or current sluts
        have financial issues that she has no hope of fixing on her own
        have/had substance abuse or alcohol issues
        bad childhood/poor family relations
        on anti-depressants
        have no homemaker skills whatsoever
        terribly selfish
        minimal potential for being a good mother
        Down to 750,000
        Out of that 750,000, 50% will be in committed relationships- down to 375,000.
        There are perhaps 375,000 women in the 18-30 age group that have potential to be really good committed partners…
        375,000 women out of a possible 50,000,000.
        1 out of every 133… not all of us are going to make it.

        1. and I thought my math of the situation was scary breaking it down from a population of 1000, but it comes scarily close. I said 8 out of 1000 but your math is 7.51 out of 1000. Although I included not smoking as a criteria

        2. and don’t forget that 100% of those remaining 375,000 will have a myriad of BFFs, cousins, aunts, sisters, etc. etc. etc. who are not in their class and are angling to make sure she drop out and validates their own pathetic state.

        3. Yep, it’s safe to assume that with every passing day more women are falling out of that 375k than are joining its ranks. We won’t even go into the amount of orbiters and bitch-boys that would stop at nothing to sabotage shit either.Finding that 1 in 133 just means the party is just beginning.

        4. Good call on the smokers. I didn’t throw in the small percentage of lesbians/bi-sexuals either… the more thought that goes into it, the worse it gets. It’s a sad state of affairs.

        5. what is a sight to behold is the attitude swing in my baby momma when she gets off the phone with her BFF… it’s like a different woman downloaded from the matrix… there’s nothing i can do to help this situation…. no amount of alpha or game or nothing… the poison is on her side… not mine.
          and god help you long term because there will be a month when you are feeling sick and can’t keep pounding her 3 times a day to keep her passive… she won’t say oh well … he’s sick / busy / stressed / tired…. what can i do to help the situation….
          instead she will up the ante and try and break you.
          IT IS WHAT THEY DO !

        6. if you want something long term….. the only solution i can see is some kind of employment contract…. financial incentive, performance incentive etc. etc.
          a woman was kept in place naturally by her physical weaknesses…. but these days she knows she’s almost a man….
          so unless you want to be wife to a ‘little husband’…. and / or constantly angle and compete and game for your life to keep her in check…..
          and hey everyone has bad days….it’s going to slip and she’s going to take control sometimes….
          how else do you keep your position… without laying down the rules from the start.. ?
          you’re better off hiring a secretary or PA and then banging her…. and keeping her on the job…. the relationship is casual, the employment is pre-requiste to the sex and visa versa… at least now you have a vantage point…
          women wanted employment… well i say hire the bitches…..

        7. I personally don’t smoke, so it might not be an issue for those that don’t like licking ashtrays. But smoking ages them, faster, bad for kids if you eventually want them, & a pack a day habit costs about the same as a decent vacation for 2 a year.

        8. It was like a spirit when I was a kid. At 9 my nextdoor friends on both sides got their parents’ divorced, then mine, then ourfriend across the street’s parents.

        9. They’re out there. It took a hell of a lot of time and effort(that I ran alongside my other game), but they do exist.
          You just need to understand how to find them(your best bet may be religious dating websites, mine came from Catholicmatch), and what kind of man they want so you can develop the traits they want.

        10. Divorces have become the status symbol of the “strong”, “independent” woman “who doesn’t need a man” (just his money and possessions, of course) — it’s become like the old “shiny new car” status symbol of the past. Someone gets one, then they all have to have one.

        11. “…instead she will up the ante and try and break you.”
          That reminds me of a story that was told by the instructor of a Labor Relations course I had to take in college: he taught the course and had experience as a professional labor arbitrator. He was telling us about one situation where he had arbitrated a bitter strike, and the leader of the union told his members “one of these days, we’ll break this company!”
          Us students couldn’t believe that someone could have said or believed something so foolish and short-sighted — after all, if the company goes out of business, what are the union members going to do about jobs?
          It seems that women have this same short-sightedness and foolishness about marriage.

      3. I’ll put it this way; a few years ago my college was sponsored for a fancy concert event, so students could get free tickets. I got two and I thought it’d be cool to get all dressed up and sophisticated, and for a nice girl to go with me for that night, also dressed up, dinner after and that would be it. That’s all I asked for and I am not a bad looking guy. So tell me why when this came up 3 times, I would ask upwards of 20-30 girls and not a single one said they’d go with me? To something of no cost to them and all they’d have to do was get prettied up and wear something they’d wear to church? I understood the reality of the situation; I’m a handsome guy, but I’m not handsome enough to them. So none* of them were going to say “sure, I’ll go with you :)”
        *The first time, after I’d asked many girls there was one who was willing to go but she had a boyfriend so I said no. The 3rd time there was a girl that said she’d have gone with me had I asked her earlier but now she had plans; she sounded genuine. Other than those two things, the girls always had plans already or work, and a few outright said no. The point is I got like 50 rejections trying to get one yes, believing that with so many girls around I’d get that one yes. It never came.

        1. Ah, but herein lies the inherit inequality of feminism. If this amount of boys rejected a girl you’d say the girl was a victim. But when it happens to a male it MUST be because he is a loser.

        2. Hey dude you are back! I thought you got prostate cancer or had a testicular disorder. Good to see you are still here pretending to be a Russian woman, married to a prince ,in medical school, writing your PHD thesis on manosphere blogs, while traveling the south of France and trying on new crowns for when you become queen of Qatar or whatever the fuck your story is for the week. Instead of that poor girl whose picture you were using post a dick pick as your avatar and we will refer to it as a self portrait pajama bitch! Man dude you are a hilarious troll, seriously what is your next story? Going to astronaut school while training at the Ninja academy part time while you live in Tokyo as an ambassador for Russia while inventing cold fusion in your spare time? Call me a pajama boy negriod, send your assassins from the Vatican that owe you a favor because you preformed life saving surgery on the pope when aliens tried to abduct him

    2. It’s basically a collision of real masculinity (i.e. the natural psychology of males) with the reality of modern society. Men are designed to be independent and take responsibility. If you do something and you fail, you try to learn from your experience and improve, instead of playing the victim. However, modern society is basically structured in a way that men fail and it’s really _not_ their fault. So men are taking the blame for things that they are not really responsible for (such as why they have dysfunctional families).

      1. big tree small axe…. all that great male attributes made to work against itself…. same in a crap relationship with a negative nagging woman… man can retreat into video games, pot or beer and become relatively useless… then she can point the finger and boss him around….
        having dysfunctional people around can be crippling even to a man who might be very talented…. especially while he’s trying to prove himself….. a tree cannot grow in a river….

    3. All you need is a good housekeeper, who is also a Nurse and a Massage therapist, on salary. Then just game lots of twenty year old sluts on the side. Best of both worlds.

  2. If as a man, you choose to step off the train, you’re castigated by society for not playing within their rules. If you stay on the train, you’re castigated by society by their rules. It’s definitely a no win situation, insofar as approval and acceptance. You either get your own, or you get society’s. Now, ultimately this doesn’t matter to those of us here, but it’s not too far-fetched to conclude it’s a critical component to vast swaths of the male population being blue-pull.

    1. red or blue pill is not essentially important…. the important thing is analyzing what you need in terms of female influence in your life and secondly figuring out how to get that….. call it post red pill enlightenment and action.
      women have qualities (not just sexual) that can be very useful to a man…. provided they don’t get out of hand and start trying to run the show.
      both red and blue pill end up with compromises…. one plunges in assuming his needs will be met and finding he is a work horse for some almost prison like agenda… the other tries to protect himself and glean whatever scraps he can from ONS, plate spinning and mini relationships, which in my humble opinion are more trouble than they are worth.
      In terms of female influence, a man needs a maid, housekeeper, whore, personal assistant etc. this might all be one woman or it might be several, but all should be sexed up and all should know their place – AND be clearly incentivized so they don’t step out of line and perform their duties as required.

      1. “… the important thing is analyzing what you need in terms of female
        influence in your life and secondly figuring out how to get that…..”
        I find that being fast enough on a bicycle that they can’t keep up handles about 90% of the problem.

      2. What is ‘spinning plates’? I keep seeing this term but I don’t know what it means.

      1. It’s only a no win for the lower classes. No one at the top like myself (my father is in the oil business) or my man MrBig cares about what the 99% say or do and in fact we find them rather naive and childish and never have any contact with them at all.

    2. You blanket blog boys must be from the lower classes if you worry or even notice what society thinks of you. My man MrBig doesn’t even notice the little gnats that buzz around and does whatever he chooses to do regardless of the silly laws the peasants have constructed for other peasants which mean nothing to him.

  3. Brilliant article. This sentence was particularly chilling.
    “The fact that people like Todd can feel so much sympathy for women in the past, but completely ignore male suffering strongly suggests somebody who doesn’t feel compassion at all, but understand the needs to show it off in order to get social approval.”
    I challenge every man to analyze what beliefs we truly hold vs the ones we express or “show off” in order to get social approval. Navigating the Modern American Bullshit and staying true to self is impossible without this.

    1. Truth, real truth. Be careful, you might hurt someone, because that is what the truth tends to do…

    Get the popcorn ready: in the next 5-10 years, these Sex-in-the-City wannabes are gonna hit The Wall, and HARD.

    1. QUOTE: “Get the popcorn ready: in the next 5-10 years, these Sex-in-the-City wannabes are gonna hit The Wall, and HARD.”
      I’ll believe it when i see it, men have been saying women will hit the wall hard for some time now. Some women have already the wall but the atttudes of both women and men reamin the same.
      What we need to hit the wall is the status quo of things, including the way men are preceived and treated by society, as well as its laws, and thats not going to happen. It’s a slow burn out there, and even then there will come a point where humans become part carbon, part nano-tech entitites, thus creating human like facsimiles that will genetically weed out any kind of free will in men.

      1. Your point is well taken. Post-Wall women do seem to find beta chumps to marry when they hit 35.
        However, in all seriousness, we must prepare at least for the burst of the Misandry Bubble:
        Economies will soon start to fail, because female productivity does NOT equal male productivity, no matter how much affirmative action is given to the princesses. The more men jumping off the train (MGTOW) means less worker drones for the state.
        Additionally, there will be violent outbreaks that must be controlled/avoided, as the thugspawn from all the promiscuous single moms (due to the Sexual Revolution/Women’s Lib) will rove in packs, looking for resources when .gov entitlement dry up.
        Then maybe, just maybe, we can build anew, and eventually explore our Universe as a species, without having to hold the hands of the beautiful retards (women) anymore.

        1. No, I don’t, but thanks.
          I am able to write passionately about the issues at hand because I have spent the past two years reading the blogs of the Manosphere. Standing on the shoulders of giants, so to speak.
          Those who have taken the Red Pill like me have a tough choice;
          1. Spread the knowledge to other men (and quite possibly save their lives)
          2. Keep ours mouths shut and keep reading Mano-blogs and watching Stardusk and Barbarossaaa videos, learning surviving skills in these times of darkness.

        2. I’m with #1, but there will ALWAYS be those with their head in the sand (or up their ass) who cannot see the the Truth because they DON’T WANT to, or they cannot see further than the tip of their own nose.
          “There are three kinds of men: those who learn by reading; the few who learn by observation; the rest have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.” — Will Rogers

      2. For every woman that hits the wall there’s another that reaches sexual maturity and winds up being an even bigger bitch than the woman who she replaced. So I agree with you, it’s only going to get worse, not better.

    2. Unfortunately, even if they hit the hit the wall, there will be tons of thirsty guys that will marry her in a heartbeat therefore there will be no consequences to her cock carousel years. The only thing men need to do to bring out their femininity is to HAVE STANDARDS

      1. This. Many guys are so incredibly thirsty – and almost paradoxically – feminine in their ways, it makes me feel sick. They are waving around with university credentials these days like badges of honor, but at the same time, are unable to make a simple cost-benefit analysis with respect to women and relationships. Pathetic.

        1. Men are waking up, but not nearly enough to make a difference.
          I’ve seen how desperate men are out here. They will fuck and provide for the most hideous beasts you’ve ever laid eyes on.
          We’ve been isolated to the point that men will marry and have children just to keep from being lonely.
          In fact, my father told me he married my mother out of loneliness. You can probably guess how that turned out…

        2. You see how the word crazy would imply something, if they call themselves that case closed.

  5. “Men get the message that they are not relevant to a woman’s life. When they do consummate a union, there is always the lingering idea that she doesn’t need him – that his presence is voluntary on her part. What women are fleeing here is a real, substantive emotional connections with men. It isn’t men that are afraid of commitment – it is women. Remember, women were the originators of the idea the marriage is a trap.”
    Nailed it. No healthy marriage is based on ‘love’ or ‘romance’ or tingles. Healthy marriages are based on economic and societal need. True love is an expression of that. My grandparents who’ve been married for 70 years and raised 3 kids together were in love; some tart lusting for the local cad has none of it, despite her vapid postings on social media.

    1. Modern women are incapable of loving men – they’ve had so much cock as to be unempathetic. If you get sick, they will get angry with you and give you grief, like its your fault. Women are brainwashed and indoctrinated by society to be homewreckers and most fulfil this programming well. They buy into he idea of marriage and long-term monogamous commitment, but they cannot fulfil it. No to marriage (even if you’re Christian). Protect your assets. And treat her like dog crap, for sadly speaking the meme is true, that even so called ‘good’ women will get on their knees begging for a piece of you, if you give them a taste of the hate some (not all) of the time. The 20% of women not wired like this are usually the ‘man’ in the relationship, and date phaggots, so catering to them is pointless.

      1. They do not get angry with you when you get sick because you are sick…………..they are angry because you are supposed to be infallible not vunerable.
        Feminism or no-feminism the bottom line is they don’t want a pussy who plays a victim……………that is their role.

        1. And they fail to modulate their anger and frustration because they are feral, unsocialized.
          A woman without future time orientation– who cannot suppress her hamster enough to even pretend to care for her man– is worthless, except as a pump and dump.

        2. A woman without future time orientation is at the very least broken, perhaps insane, and should be dealt with as a contagion that might make you broken and perhaps insane as well …

        3. They DO NOT crave cock….cheap & available on tap , female sex drive is way lower than a man’s , in general anyway…they want RESOURCES provided for by the man’s effort !!! & yes..Western women are as toxic as their bodyweight in plutoninum !!

      2. I don’t think women are brainwashed into anything. I think the the past the harsh environment limited how much women could act up. Now they live in the modern world, their baser instincts for social violence can be given free reign.
        I think most women have an instinct to destroy weak low status men. Sadly they see all men as weak, simply because all men are weak before the state. The state is their alpha thug enforcer.

        1. Government = Mind Control
          TV Programs = Mind Programming
          There IS a mind control going to enslave men using Feminism as the bait.
          Don’t get married, don’t have kids in the USA.
          Move to South America to do that stuff.

        2. Don’t move to South America. We’re all going down to socialism here, living in fake democracies. The pool of decent women are dwindling really fast, since feminists took over the educational system.

        3. Better yet – Go your own way (MGTOW). I like Asian women, but will not marry again. When I move to the Phils ot Thailand, I will have gf or live alone. Either is fine with me.

        4. When you don’t care about women anymore, you are truly liberated from them.
          And that is why women both hate and fear men who GTOW.

    2. Dead the fuck on. Is it pain day, the truth is out there hurting everyone…

      1. In theory, by 1918 Soviet women were liberated through lofty ideology. All that the Bolsheviks had hoped for would have been liberating had it worked as promised. War and economic crisis meant that there was no money left to run the socialized system as promised. The new policies completely uprooted the stable way of life and left the workforce in a state of disarray. Work became for women, not so much a sign of their liberation, but a reinforcement of their inferior status.

  6. This is a good article with solid writing and analysis but this is not limited to white men. Black ,Asian , and Hispanic men who fight their way through the career path and deal with corporate dehumanization also must go home to dispassionate, emasculating, women. I expect bosses to be assholes focused on the bottom line because this is a capitalist society, but your wife is supposed to buffer this, give you a compassionate refuge in this brutal world. Women will never understand how brutal manhood is, and how needlessly difficult feminism makes it to do simple tasks such as earning a living, raising boys and getting an education. The funny thing is after they destroy every incentive to date, marry and have children they ask where have the good men gone? Todd VanDerWerff is what you get, have at it western women.I will be with my girl Lyudmila from Russia, she likes actual men not post op transsexuals like pussy ass Todd.

    1. I don’t doubt that. I’ve seen it. The difference is that black and Asian men don’t have as many Todd VanDerWerffs in their ranks — as far as I know, anyway. So at least those men can rely socially on others without getting sold out and shamed by their fellow brothers. Unfortunately, white men tend to be into shaming other men. Which is one big reason they’re getting the rep as the wusses of society. There are a lot of white male feminists; not so many of other races. The only white place you see brotherly solidarity is within subcultures (i.e. Italian and Greek guys).

      1. I do think the Western ideology is to throw other guys under the bus for poosey. Men from other cultures oftentimes pick this up by living in the West – I do not believe it is a racial thing.

    2. I agree with you. When the author started bringing In “white male privilege” I kind of stopped taking him seriously a little. Over all, I agree with the author on most of the points made.

      1. Younger white men 30 and under get a lot of shit for things that they feel they have no responsibility for such as Jim Crow, the treatment of women pre 1940, and having “privilege” yet they get none of the tangible benefits. Black people like myself see all the benefits they have and seem totally unaware of and are pissed when we see it “wasted”.Then we end up at each others throats when neither of us can change the past and only have control of our present state of mind. On top of all this we have these nagging fucking females who give us no solace and we end up with high rates of suicide, depression and outright drop outs from society as a whole. It could all be fixed if we as men firmly said no to all this bullshit and reasserted ourselves collectively as dominant in society but we are all so fractured and confused with %20 being dominant and taking what we want,%50 straight bitch up and hate the %20 for doing what they wish they could, and %30 just dropping out and just accepting whatever falls through the cracks. RoK always says enjoy the decline but truth be told I do not really see a total decline, just a rearrangement for the bottom %80. That rearrangement is where the issue for western society really gets fucked up. The last thing any country needs is a well educated, armed, permanent underclass without hope or prospects.

        1. “Black people like myself see all the benefits they have and seem totally unaware of…”
          Would you care to specify, to enumerate these so called “white privileges” you see, or are you just going to throw that out there unsubstantiated?

        2. I will give you a few. White men do not get pulled over for nothing and searched when no underlying traffic violation occurred, this may seem like nothing to you but it is enraging when it happens over and over.
          White men pass the bar and are immediately assumed to be competent lawyers, where as if you are black people immediately assume you are a product of affirmative action, even though you passed the same bar a white guy did and the bar is graded blindly.
          I have been arrested for a DUI when I was not drunk and had to go to court for three months waiting for a drug test to come back negative because a cop wanted probable cause to search my car because he assumed I had drugs because it was a nice car.
          I have been arrested for gun possession 3 separate times in Georgia when the gun was legal and the charges were dismissed. The second time I was arrested I went in front of the same judge and the copier at the courthouse was broken, he tore the relevant statue out of the Georgia Criminal Codes and told me to carry it and show it to the police if I was pulled over again. when I was pulled over again for crossing the double line (complete bullshit) I showed the police officer the paper and he said he was not a lawyer arrested and charged me anyway.
          As a patent attorney if you are white all you need is a JD and a BS in your relevant science. With the exception of computer science, if your black anything less than a PhD you will not be taken seriously.
          If you are white you have been free since your family originated in the US, all property, money , donations to educational institutes your relatives graduated from, legacy admissions, and avenues of employment were available from day one everywhere in the US, if you are black you were completely free to do as you wished since roughly 1973 or so depending on the state.
          As a non felon , educated black man there was one point where I just sold the rims from my car because I got pulled over and arrested on bullshit charges so much at one point I had to go to traffic court 17 times in two months just to have the charges dismissed. I got arrested, bonded out, went to court multiple times and spent thousands of dollars for shit I did not do.
          I was falsely accused of rape by a white chick and everybody believed that bitch, and I cannot prove it, but I am pretty fucking sure she knew because I was black she would be believed. If she was not a serial false accuser I would be a felon. fucked for life.
          This country has a news channel that damn near celebrated when a man was acquitted for the murder of an unarmed teenage boy after he stalked him and started a fight.
          Being black is no picnic in this country but I do not blame young white men nor do I expect them to understand I just keep pushing forward because there are dudes in Africa who would love to come take my place and think I have the privilege of being in the US. I sure as shit do not think about them, so I do not expect young white men to care about me.

        3. Thanks for this reply. As an older white non-liberal guy, I respect you for toughing it out with racist cops. I knew DWB was a bitch, but you put a face on it. Sorry about the rape charges. You should come down to South America some time and I will introduce you to some of the hottest, most feminine women in the world.

        4. I celebrated because Geo Zimmerman was 100% innocent Only IDIOTS believed the first version of events (innocent cuddly kid armed only with iced tea and skittles). And only RACISTS continued to believe in Zimmerman’s guilt AFTER that fairy tale was debunked.)
          Zimmerman did not ‘stalk’ him, Mr. Feminist.
          Zimmerman did not start a fight.
          Trayvon the thug circled around and jumped him.
          Why didn’t Trayvon call 911? Black people call 911 ALL the time (so that myth doesn’t work on me.) In fact, in Detroit (80%+ black pop) the police had to tell people to QUIT calling 911 so much.
          PS I do appreciate you reminding me of white privilege. I try to exercise it as much as I can. But honestly, it doesn’t get you laid. It just makes life more of a glide in some respects.
          Now, here’s someone for whom White Privilege did not a darn thing – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Er-0ZtcG4cA

        5. I have no stake in the George Zimmerman case and truthfully he did not win shit because there is a price on his head and he cannot walk the streets in Miami and was chased off the beach a week ago.His version of events is all we know,because he killed the boy he followed,called the police on,continued his pursuit of despite the dispatcher telling him to cease it, got out of his car and continued to pursue into a wooded area until an altercation occurred which he a grown ass man man damn near thirty was losing to a teenage boy, whom he then shot. If I am scared of a potential criminal whom I called the police on I would not get out of the car,I would wait on the police like a reasonable man. Emotion removed analysis, GZ had a gun and he felt he was not going to be intimidated by this boy so he got out his car and started some shit, when his ass could not back up his shit with his hands (remember GZ usually beats up his girlfriend, or his wife,or elderly men-Google his Florida arrest record) he pulled his trump card, a gun and told a story to minimize his guilt. Happens here in Florida more often than you think.

        6. Call me nigger, tar baby,or porch monkey I could care less, but don’t call me a fucking feminist it is disrespectful and I would not call you that.Have some decency man, have you no shame? Have you no respect for your fellow man? Where is your basic humanity?

        7. “His version of events is all we know,”
          FAIL. It was largely corroborated by the police, the 911 calls (minus the MSNBC editing! baha) and the EYE witness who had the benefit of a 4-6 ft vantage point (since it happened in his backyard.)
          It’s the Travyonista’s version of events that are in dispute. Esp his LYING dad. I can understand his dad WANTING to believe that sound of a screaming BITCH being his son given what the upshot was. But TWO cops heard him say at the time it was not his son and he even LIED about that during the trial. FAIL.
          I normally would not speak ill of the deceased or bag on a bereaving father, but given all the RACIST bullshit that’s spread about this case, I hope they both forgive me for making an exception.
          Trayvon WAS a thief and a DRUGGIE. GZ had TONS of friends testify on his behalf. Why did the prosecution only bring ONE of Trayvon’s friends? Because they were ALL ILLITERATE THUGS like him. They had to bring Rachel. Had she been HALF way good looking, they would have had her LIE and pretend she was his gf. But, they knew they couldn’t pull that off once they checked her out! baha
          Rachel said Trayvon only smoked weed 3 times a week. FAIL.
          She said weed gave him the munchies but he never even opened the skittles. They were OBVIOUS to make PURPLE DRANK a narcotic. If you really have the munchies as I have, you rip open the TWINKIES or Doritos before it even gets to the register. You don’t buy ONE bag of skittles and leave it unopened.
          Trayvon WAS casing homes and Zimmmerman recognized it.
          I’m sorry you find consolation in an INNOCENT man being stalked like Cain the rest of his life. I will have to return the favor by hoping he SHOOTS anyone that dares come near him.
          You wrote “despite the dispatcher telling him to cease it”
          But, I thought you said GZ was a STALKER. What stalker calls 911 and tells them he’s about to…er…stalk someone? FAIL.
          I hope you aren’t an actual attorney, because you are coming off rather DUMB.
          And why should GZ have to obey (non-existent) instructions from 911 when the ‘scared little cuddly teen’ Trayvon didn’t even bother to call 911 or tell Rachel to? BAM.
          GZ saw a potential criminal and called the police he did exactly what he was supposed to. He doesn’t have to wait for the police to arrive anymore than that woman in Detroit had to wait for the police to arrive before she shot those intruders. He SHOULD have followed Trayvon and SHOULD have scared Trayvon which is exactly what he did. What he didn’t expec that Trayvon was so cocky he thought he’d teach the cracker (his words) a lesson.
          Trayvon caused his own demise by picking a fight with the wrong WHITE man. Whoops! I mean White Hispanic..sorry, multi-racial male, no I mean half Peruvian of mixed racial descent! LOL!
          Zimmerman did NOT receive a fair trial at the hands of that BITCH judge. But he WON anyway. He gets laid by chicks better than his level and makes money selling his art. He keeps his weapons and will (rightfully) shoot to kill ANYONE who comes in his way. He is STILL in Florida. Not even chased out of town by those racists that you speak for.
          Even Taylor Swift isn’t buying your version of events! lol

        8. You don’t deserve to be called RACIST terms and I was raised better than to use such language. However, you are MYOPICALLY racist in this case. But you DO deserve to be called a FEMINIST for invoking the STALKING term. That’s how WOMEN think and speak. GZ was not STALKING TM.
          He called the cops before he did anything. What STALKER does that?
          You DELIBERATELY used that word (as do feminists) to CONJURE up an EMOTIONALLY-LADEN image, to dishonestly paint someone in a jaded light and I busted you for it.
          Sorry, if the HIGH HEELED shoe fits…wear it!
          PS Before you whine about respect for your fellow man, think twice before calling another one of your ‘fellow men’ Geo Zimmerman, a STALKER. If you can’t do that, just be like Tyler Perry and…Speak in tongues!


        9. Dude , get it together. There are so many stupid things you said I do not even have time to reply . Let’s just try to agree to disagree because truthfully you sound like an emotional idiot. If you wanted to talk reasonably I would engage you. Look at the news he was chased off Miami beach last week, I live here in Miami it was front page news. As for the rest of your comments, they are not worth my time. And for the record I am an attorney , and truthfully you seem far to emotionally invested in irrelevant facts surrounding the murder of a minor by a grown ass man who should have shown a lot more discipline . The only mature thing GZ did that day was call the police, every action after that was unreasonable and idiotic. And furthermore his behavior post acquittal has been quite telling. An prior to the shooting only GZ had an police record with multiple arrests including assaulting a police officer, it is all online, florida public records. I hope you get over your emotional connection to the case and look at things more objectively moving forward, considering your tone that is unlikely .

        10. ” Look at the news he was chased off Miami beach last week,”
          That’s a selective rendering of the news from someone who wishes HARM on an innocent man.
          What I read was that after ridding himself of that chubby wife, he was boning a pretty hot blond who took him back after his incident with her.
          I also read that he made BANK on the sale of one of his paintings and that he’s not THAT bad of an artist.
          So, I guess it depends on what you read in the news.
          As for your retarded comments personally denigrating me, I’ll let them stand on their own! baha
          “And for the record I am an attorney , and truthfully you seem far to ”
          An attorney who can’t spell TOO? Like I said, you don’t strike me as too bright on several counts.
          1- Your promiscuous and gratuitous use of racial epithets.
          2 – Your bizarre exegesis of the facts in this case.
          3- Your inability to spell FOURTH GRADE vocab words! baha
          And, I think we ALL know who’s got an EMOTIONAL investment in this case. You are the one who included it in YOUR list of grievances against WHITE privilege.
          You say – “The only mature thing GZ did that day was call the police…Prior to the shooting only GZ had an police record with multiple arrests…”
          But, the problem is that, arrest record or not, TM left his own Trail of Thuggishness. That of a jewel theivin’, bus driver swingin’, racial epithet using, posing with weapons while tweeting, multiply suspended from school juvenile delinquent. The fact that he has no arrest record for these incidents is besides the point. He was a thug. Straight up and he picked a fight with the wrong pudgy ‘cracker.’
          GZ’s case should never have been brought to trial. It was clear self-defense. Don’t know why just one shot ended TM”s life. That is regrettable. But, again TM put himself in that position by jumping GZ. We would all have hoped for a better outcome. But, this case has nothing to do with race or white privilege. It does have to do however with race lynch mobs, race hustlers and the racial grievance machine. But that’s only ex post facto and just another sad commentary on our society.
          Now for some good news. Ted Nugent apologized for this outburst. As he should. I’m no fan of Barack, but you don’t talk about the POTUS in these devaluing terms. Even if the left did talk this way non-stop about his predecessor.

        11. Sure man, you are just right about everything I am wrong GZ is a wonderful guy and I am going to go ahead and quit law after this enlightening discussion. Thank you for illuminating me about everything and I will dedicate my life to agreeing with your opinion on everything. These comments from you have enlightened me. Thank you so very much , you win the comments section. Take care.

        12. In his FIFTH post since he said “I have no stake in the George Zimmerman case”, our erstwhile atty friend has waved the WHITE flag. Whoops! Hope I wasn’t being insensitive! lol
          You see this is the problem when guys put RACE above manhood. In a male-centric site like this, the MOST palpable truth of the George Zimmerman Trial should be that BITCH of a judge he had to contend with.
          But, not for ATL man. Oh no, he sees the evils of WHITE privilege in a case that did NOT INVOLVE ANY WHITE people! LOL!
          Quick Review: It was a Hispanic male vs a Black Male
          Only by PAINTING Zimmerman with White Skin in a reverse Al Jolson were the mainstream networks able to gin up the race hustle machine.
          Even worse, ATL man bemoans ONE network for celebrating while ignoring the obvious reality that EVERY other network and 95% of ALL other media were CHEERLEADING for Zimmerman’s conviction. And this, in a beef where neither of the two principals were white, was his example of White Privilege.
          That’s what RACIAL MYOPIA does to you, men. It weakens you as a human being and concomitantly as a man.
          That BITCH of a judge was totally unfair. That horrible Angela Corey (the prosecutor) was WAY out of line. But, all this guy wants to do is rag on Bill O’Reilly! lol

        13. You win, your intellectual superiority is too much for my inferior mind to compete with. You have changed my life with you deep insight, I am impressed at how graciously you accept victory. I claimed you won the comments, I was wrong, you have won the entire internet. Well played.

        14. Obviously no one can change your tiny mind, but I think you’re right when you say his intellectual superiority is too much for your inferior mind to compete with.

        15. More internet brilliance from this comments section, my mind gets smaller by the day!

        16. What you fail to see through your veil of victim hood, is that “white” is not a monolith. Think of Europe today and the various prejudices and preferences at play. Well the US has been and still is, though to a lesser degree, the same sort of place. You don’t see it because your head is far up your ass……but the truly hard hit in this society are not held down by skin color, name or religion, but by economics. If you are poor, well good luck to you sir, you are officially fucked in the US of A.

  7. “One idea I have yet to wrap my mind around is liberal obsession with temporal politics. . .”
    Because History. It’s the central tenet of the thing. In fact, it is, as they envision it, a supernatural force that guides and directs everything. It is God.
    Thus being out of step with “the times,” is opposing the will of God. Because progress. This is why “Godless Communism” manifests as if it were a dogmatic, religious belief.
    It is. There is a god. It’s name is History.

    1. Good point. I hadn’t thought about temporal politics consciously before reading this article. Your point about History being the liberal god is thought-provoking. History is written by feminist liberals, therefore god is created in the image of feminist liberals. Thus the “historical inevitability” of feminist liberal narcissism. Things are worse than I realized…

      1. George Orwell – 1984 I think ? – who controls the present, controls history – – who controls history (the perception of the past) controls, the future.

  8. For many men I’m convinced a simple life of an honest day’s work, with a family that they have headship over is the key to happiness, or at the very least, contentment.
    Without that to work for many men will be going their own way, and as a result we will see the wheels really begin to fall off.
    People who think White heterosexual males are simply good for paying taxes, spending money and making life easier for women have a mental defect.

    1. I think there is a conection to working and being the head of a family for men is key. If you did not have any incentive to get up in the morning then you might as well be dead. This is true even for a guy who has a fuck load of money and doesn’t need to work. Hanging out and partying and banging chicks 24/7 can get tedious. There has to be purpose in life, and family offers this, or at least it did before everything was turned upside down.
      One thing is certian that I have come to agree with, i read this from someone who posted it here:
      “I am nobody’s fool, and i am nobody’s slave”
      If one really takes a close look about what is out there, how he is perceived and what he gets in return for his hard work and contribution, then one can conlclude that it simply is not worth it.

      1. “There has to be purpose in life, and family offers this, or at least it did before everything was turned upside down.”
        So sez you.
        “We dont need no stinkin’ families”

      2. I was with you right up until the end. I do not care how most others perceive me. I care how my family perceives me, and my subordinates, to a point (it affects productivity), but that’s about it. Drinking with one of my closest friends, not too long ago, he called me ‘Ward Cleaver’ because I am a traditionalist and cultivate patriarchy within my own family. I laughed it off, but you know, I’ve got a good family, happy kids, and my decidedly non-American wife still seems to think the sun rises and sets in my drawers most days. My friend’s American wife falls asleep in front of the TV a lot, and, although he’s the primary breadwinner, he’s also the maid.

      3. family can give a man purpose, but it can also be a tedious bore and a burden (and these days a hot bed of emotional female games)….. it’s also an obvious point of weakness and control…… there are plenty of examples of men finding other things for themselves to do…. monks have always produced the most incredible works of art, writing, even fighting techniques….
        the lone gun slinger is a far more powerful force and if he then enlists a few females to help his cause he’s in a far better situation than ploughing into family for all the wrong reasons….
        validate yourself, to yourself, with a pursuit you love and enjoy, give yourself the space, time and freedom to pursue that endeavor to the max.
        THEN and only then you can think about extras like fancy cars, big houses and wife and kids….. I’m not sure there’s really enough time for it all……

        1. Who wants a Swiss Family Robinson when you can have a Swiss Family Manson full of lifelong devotees?

  9. Woman extract resources from men. If you think about this, there are good biological reasons for this. However, many woman have ceased upholding their end of the deal. Therefore, they should not be surprised if as a result many men cease engaging in a one sided transaction. You reap what you sow.

    1. Women have a VERY hard time understanding that the Law of ‘Cause and Effect’ and the axiom of “actions have consequences” also apply to THEM too.
      Their by-far favorite comeback is ALWAYS something along the lines of “hey, I’m a girl…CHIVALRY, remember?”.

  10. 2wkyed,
    “Men are routinely exhorted to express their feelings so they can become humans, instead of the stoic, masculine zombies they pretend to be. ”
    Yeah….and we see how women respond to me when I point out Jennifer is an adulteress, prostitute, criminal child abuser! LOL! And now I have published many more of her misdeeds in my new free ebook the wimminz will be getting even more angry.
    What they will NOT do is say:
    “Peter has a point, Jennifer committed perjury and therefore all other injury, harm and loss is her responsibility….and he has had the guts to stand up for his rights and denounce a criminal woman for which he should be thanked and admired because millions of other men are too afraid to do the same.”
    Nope…you will not be hearing any women say anything like THAT any time soon! LOL! I am amazed how many me refuse to denounce the exs when they commit crimes…they just suck it up in some delusional idea that to accept crimes against you is “be a man”. What rubbish.
    And from the book we will see just how many women will want to take my advice on how to be a good wife….if they do not want to be good wives….fine for them….men can simply take note of this.
    I hope RoK writers will have a bit of fun with the stories in the book and the points I am making.

  11. So what you’re saying is that Todd VanDerWerff is blaming the victim — something he would be railing against had the suicide in this episode been committed by a woman.

  12. Let’s face it. We live in Rome. Our societies in the West are subverted towards uncompetitiveness and weakness. All the stuff that is glorified is anti-competition. We have ‘bread-and-circus’ alongside division of society into camps where we have a Hobbesian all-versus-all world. The system that is set up is designed to enslave us from birth for the financial elite’s nefarious needs. But whilst countries like Russia and China have this structure but maintain their populations, we are run like a poor business, where profits come ahead of people’s wishes every time, selling our souls for fake debt-based money.
    The decline of the family and of women goes hand in hand with all of the above and is to be expected in a collapsing society (the West). We know we are headed towards a financial cliff (can’t keep paying interest on debt to the Fed) and probably some good wars and totalitarian police state to be ramped up in the future. All for our own good of course. I am giving the western nations 10-20 years before they collapse. Then we will see something worse than Brazil, with sub 1% uber-rich, 10% struggling middle class and 90% slaves living in ghetto conditions.
    Its not men’s fault; they have been played. Women, instead of championing equality (which is a good thing) have instead opted for enforcing social rules upon men that benefit the women at the expense of the men. We are now seeing the end game of all of this, before we become the USSR/Russia or China. And despite the hype, I’m sure most citizens in those societies suffer every day. The only real escape (if you don’t have a ‘good’ job that is not going to disappear, and you are a compliant slave) is to decamp elsewhere, as the Western nations are going to be the new uber-totalitarian state. South America sounds good.

    1. We are selling tickets to Fiji…….it is pretty clear the US is soon going to be involved in a war with Russia…….Fiji is far enough out of the way.
      I tried 6 years ago to get men to work together to create a way to leave the west and go live somewhere where men are still respected. Men did not want to co-operate and collaborate with me on that….now Emosi, head of mens rights fiji, and I are in business and we can take applications for work/residency permits and we can also sell real estate.
      Only guys with plenty of money need talk to us…..all the poor guys? You get to stay in the USSA/USSK because you didn’t help your brothers when you could.

      1. But why should anyone seek your advice on residency and work permits when by your own admission you are living illegally in Germany, won’t be able to travel until you pay an EU16,000 fine for overstaying your visa and you’ve been denied a work permit for the EEC? Honest question!

        1. Nolan (not his real name) is a loser, wife beater, drunkard and wannbe pimp. Ignore everything this moron con man says.

      2. Dude, the U.S and Russia are not going to go to war (at least not against each other). It’s just part of the puppet show.

        1. It is a puppet show….and the plan is for the US/Russia to be on opposite sides in WW III. You might want to educate yourself on what is really going on before opening your mouth and demonstrating your ignorance.

        2. Oh, ok. Why don’t you go ahead and educate me? You’ve always shown yourself to be such a veritable fount of knowledge up to this point.

        3. You can start out here. But given that I have produced three books, 200+ videos, and made thousands of comments, all of which you have not bothered to even scratch the surface of….why would I educate you without an offer of payment.
          Do you see anyone else offering to educate people without an offer of payment? Indeed? Would you expect even something as simple and as easy as a 5 mile cab ride to be given to you without an offer of payment?
          This lack of offer of payment when asking for something from young men in the west is one more thing that has to stop. The plans for WW III have been public for a long time. It is not like they are hiding the fact they want another big war.

        4. I have read a lot of your comments and I agree with some of the things you have said. That being said, all of the bitching and moaning you do are the reason nobody listens to you. You come off like an arrogant pussy crybaby, and it turns people off. Obviously, I don’t know you, that’s just how you come across.
          I’m not disputing that there are plans for a third world war. It’s a good bet. However, I seriously doubt that the time is now. Tell you what; if it happens, I’ll apologize for doubting you and bow before your obviously superior intellect. As far as paying you for your thoughts, I have my own and I value them much more highly than yours. So, no thanks. Pitch your crap to someone who wants it.

        5. “That being said, all of the bitching and moaning you do are the reason nobody listens to you. You come off like an arrogant pussy crybaby, and it turns people off. Obviously, I don’t know you, that’s just how you come across.”
          It is called projection. In my position you would be a pussy crybaby. If you have bothered to actually read what I have done you will realise that “pussy” and “cry baby” are very inaccurate terms for me.
          After all? I am the one who told a family court judge that if he unlawfully incarcerated me I would kill him….so he didn’t. I am the one who video recorded a family court matter and posted it to you tube…the only man in the world to do that by the way.
          I am the only man in the world who has denied the jurisdiction of courts in three countries that I know of.
          Yeah…that sounds like a “pussy”. That sounds like a cry baby. A man who walks into a court in a foreign land where he does not even speak the language in front of 4 armed cops and tells the judge that he has no jurisdiction and walks out a free man and they do not bother him for 2 more years. Yeah….I am such a “cry baby pussy”.
          When you have done what I have done? Get back to me. You do not want to learn from my books? Great. Enjoy your slavery.

        6. Oh, ok. If it had been me you threatened to kill, you wouldn’t be here now. Where I’m from, we take that shit seriously.

        7. I did not threaten anyone. Threatening people is for girls. I promised the judge I would kill him if he unlawfully incarcerated me. Big difference. His name is Judge Griffin of the Irish Family Law courts. I am still wishing to get his home address in case anyone here is from Ireland and would like to help me.
          And yes. He took it very seriously. That is why he never signed an unlawful order to unlawfully incarcerate me.
          I have made it clear that I consider any effort to violate my right to liberty to be an act of war. I have made it clear that any man or woman who signs such an order and that is acted on then that man or woman will be killed. I have since made it clear that the head of state of anyone who issues such an order will be committing an act of war.
          In Germany I had a court meeting in April 2012. I sent the judge a notice telling him that I reserve the right to carry any weapon I choose and to use it in any way I see fit. I also sent a notice to Angela Merkel that any unlawful violation of my right to liberty will be considered an act of war for which she will be held personally responsible.
          When I was in the court meeting (unarmed and in front of 4 armed police officers) the judge asked me why I sent those notices. He was copied on the notice to Angela Merkel. I told him that the very fact I was in his court today was proof that I know how to defend my liberty in the face of criminals in government. He took the point and decided not to issue an order to unlawfully violate my right to liberty. And the germans have not bothered me since. Wise people.
          “If it had been me you threatened to kill, you wouldn’t be here now. Where I’m from, we take that shit seriously.”
          Yeah. Right. Some cowardly anonymous internet commenter says he would not tolerate this. He calls me a “cry baby” and a “pussy” from behind an anonymous userid. And yet I have faced down judges and magistrates and cops in three countries. Men like you are all the same. Gutless cowards who will not help other men like me. You are all talk and no action. If you were to take any action? It would be to assist me assist large numbers of men…not to try your pathetic “tough guy” routine from behind an anonymous userid.

        8. Cool story. Come to Houston Texas and talk some shit, Peter Andrew Griffin. Maybe we can sell tickets to a boxing match between me and you and donate the money to a charity for men who need help. I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

      3. Why does your every response comprise deluded advice which does not work, a demand that idiots pay you for this advice and then a spam link to one of your dodgy websites? Mods – BAN THIS SPAMMING TROLL!

    2. south america is a shithole…. mired in poverty and corruption… .south america is in many ways 10-20 years ahead of the USA and EU…. that’s where it’s all headed… huge swathes of poverty with high crime rates and enclaves of uber riche, that only venture out in bullet proof cars.

      1. Firstly, Europe will see lots of ethnic violence and wars (already in place). As will the middle east. China and Russia are no go for most. So apart from South Asia, where else to go? Aus/NZ will be better off but still suffer the fate of North America. So South America is the last place left. It is already a huge divide between the rich and poor there BUT because it is already this way, the status quo won’t change. Plus it will be more stable as it will not suffer the ethnic violence we will see in Europe/Middle East and perhaps UK too.
        Your point about MOST (not all) of it being a 5hithole is true, but they are already this way so they won’t change. We are headed towards where they are, so the tumult here will be worse. If you have cash and convert it there, its worth more. But even if you don’t have assets, countries like Chile will offer opportunities.

        1. i tried it for 4 years…. and have a 2nd passport to prove it…. it’s mired in the catholic guilt system, ignorance, corruption and it’s absolutely matriarchal…. the women worth knowing are tarred in American feminism the ones that aren’t are illiterate peasants….. what’s worse is that things you take for granted in a developed country, aren’t there and the cost of maintaining a decent lifestyle are through the roof… plus everyone looks at you like you’re a walking wallet / cash cow tourist even when you speak the language well…. it sucks….

        2. sure it is if you want to live like a peasant….. the problem is, if you want to live at a reasonable standard that can be MORE expensive than living in the US, AND you still have to put up with all the mess, squalor, danger and corruption… it got to the point where i’d rather take the bus, than drive, because the police would just pull over cars indiscriminately and get $100 bribe money. The money wasn’t even the problem it was this dance for half an hour about them going back and forth between pretending to be your friend and threatening to do a full arrest on some trumped up charges…. when that happens for the 5th week running, you just end up on the bus with the peasants… and the bus sometimes gets robbed too…. welcome to latin america…

        3. Assets and money are the number 1 things regardless of where you live.
          If you’re a lower class loser or negro as most pyjama boys on here are you’re going to find it difficult anywhere.

        4. You sound like a peasant yourself who went to another country and were pegged as one by the people there. You don’t change your class just because you cross a border.Do you believe that the people in these countries can’t gauge your class? lol And btw, only speak English because it’s only the lower class females who usually don’t speak it and no man of substance would even bother with these girls.

        5. i lived and worked in latin america for 4 years, and have a passport to prove it… how long were you there for ?
          it’s a great place if you don’t mind dodging open manhole covers and potholes and run down, crapped out everything…. and have a bankrole to live the high life, with maids, and drivers etc, rent a huge lavish condo with security… but in the end the hassle factor and inefficiency kills it….
          obviously a retiree that just wants to potter about, can live nice, but you have to think of whether you rather focus on your profession or spend all week trying to mend an AC unit and reconnect a faulty telephone line….
          people on the whole in latin america have no concept of getting shit done, being efficient OR quality, attention to detail, customer service, honing their skills etc. etc…. anything from changing a tyre on your car to fixing a leaking pipe is a circus of poor workmanship, over charging and parts that have to come half way around the world and take weeks to arrive…..
          if you love doing that shit… great… but you will find that fixing one thing usually takes 10 times as long, drives you up the wall and leaves you with 10 new things to fix….
          i had a friend whose gardener came… he asked him to move a small tree, so he cut it at the base, across the trunk, and replanted it with no roots… THIS is the quality of workmanship in latin america… the gardener is so dumb ass and lazy he can’t even replant a tree with it’s roots on….. hahahhahaha.

      2. You don´t seem to know South America, really. I don´t think I have ever seen an armored car here.

        1. you’ve obviously never visited mexico… and there are at least a dozen more where military is normal…. and now of course it’s normal to have goons with sub machine guns in every airport so we’re all approaching the same messy state.

        2. These pyjama boys only know their cellar , wanking and video games. They are from the lower 20% of US society and don’t even know what real people are like or how they live so I’d pretty much ignore their naive and unsophisticated childish nonsense. None of them have ever gone anywhere and the few who do just go to places similar to where they are from. Like goes to like

        3. You are mistaken troll. The problem presented in this website is real. I am a Marxist that supports Free Market Socialism and this website is full of Libertarians or straight dumb racists, and I still agree with the basic concepts regarding relationships between the sexes. Many of those writing here have traveled the world many times over. The situation is dire, my dear.

        4. Big parts of South America are nice places where you could get even a better quality of life than in the US. Think small or medium-sized towns, Patagonia, Mendoza, medium cities in almost every country in the South part (NOT Mexico), and if you have the money and game Buenos Aires or some other place. Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina are fairly safe and “European”. Colombia I have heard that has many interesting destinations (and amazingly looking women), even in Bolivia I had fun in Cochabamba (3rd city in the country) in nightclubs with the high-class locals (still cheap).

        5. Buzz off you dumb communist idiot. And learn how to read.
          None of them have ever gone anywhere and the few who do just go to places similar to where they are from. Like goes to like
          Even if a few managed to go somewhere it would just be like home to them.

        6. free market socialism… hahahhaha don’t make me laugh… that’s like saying you are a drug free heroin addict….. socialism doesn’t have a place for any free market, especially when it needs to tax everyone 50%, install huge inefficient government organisations with little oversight or performance incentive….

        7. Can you give me the link to your thesis that you wrote for your PhD in pharmacology I am genuinely interested to read the ground breaking research you completed at 18. How is medical school in New Jersey treating you, when do you take STEP 1, how is your boyfriend Dr Biggs? Still at Princeton ( who has no medical school) or another imaginary program?

        8. I disagree with your politics but I appreciate your intellectually honest approach to discussion. I am a conservative libertarian on most issues , however globalism and the creation of a ” global village” is inevitable, the problem is the growing pains on along the way. Remember all that truly separates us is the fact that our evolution biologically is incomplete, and or focus on the deadly r’s ( race, religion and region) makes us so easily divisible. The advance of science is rapidly changing the world in ways I personally would not have thought possible 20 years ago. All that I wrote is just my opinion , but since you don’t troll in any of your posts I just put it out there for your consideration.

    3. What’s propping the West up at the moment is all foreign. Foreign goods, cheap foreign labor, foreign scientists staying in the US on an H-1B visa. As long as this foreign influx exists, the US will still be on top, but it’s an unstable system. No one seems to care about this.

  13. 2wked,
    I think there should be serious discussion in the man-o-sphere as to why men suicide at such high rates. As a man who was suicidal I have rather a unique perspective on that. I have also talked three other guys back from the edge.
    The fact is that men do not give a shit about other men in the 99.9% majority. I am sick to death of the lies in the man-o-sphere about how “men care about other men”. It is complete bullshit and needs to be called the complete bullshit it is before we will get any improvement.
    Men HATE other men with a passion. When a man is suicidal there are almost NO OTHER MEN who will lend him a hand. Take a look at my case. My whole extended family knew my children were kidnapped and being abused and my own BROTHER said it was not a topic of conversation he was interested in having….much rather talk about the price of tomatoes than my children…
    Men are going to have to face the level of MAN-HATRED among men before things improve in that area. Men are going to have to stop bullshitting themselves and everyone else and admit that when men like Earl Silverman kill themselves NONE OF THE OTHER MEN AROUND HIM WERE GIVING HIM A HAND. I made a video about that. I think it is in this one….not sure. But Simon Pritchard was another guy who killed himself.
    Look at it this way. I created the remedy so men do not have to pay alimony or child support. The remedy also lets a man unilaterally divorce his wife and the state and deny the jurisdiction of the family law courts…the thing that drive me to be suicidal.
    And men suicide in divorce EIGHT TIMES more often than women who have actually been raped. And how have men greeted this news of a remedy that would save tens of thousands of mens lives every year? Well they have hated on me for delivering it. If that is not PURE HATRED I do not know what is.
    Men ATTACK ME for delivering a remedy that will save the lives of tens of thousands of men a year. That is no joke. That is what happened. Men care about other men? Complete bullshit. I can not even get a man to go and check on the well being of Darrell Foote being held unlawfully in Adelaide Australia.
    It is far past time men in the man-o-sphere had a serious discussion about male suicide and the lack of love and compassion of other men towards their fellow men. I, for one, would like to see such a discussion take place and would love to participate.

    1. “When a man is suicidal there are almost NO OTHER MEN who will lend him a hand.”
      Maybe because real men RESPECT the personal decisions of other real men. Especially a decision of that magnitude and conviction of finality.

      1. Oh…so “real men” just stand back and let a man being criminally victimised and abused kill himself. Really?
        And your experience in this area is what? Exactly?
        You just promoted the idea that you think men who are being criminally victimised should not be assisted and left to kill themselves in hopelessness and depression.
        Care to say that in your real name?

        1. I dont think he meant it that way. As men we can certainly try to help our fellow men and present our opinions to sway theirs…
          But in the final analysis – a real man decides his own fate.

        2. “As men we can certainly try to help our fellow men and present our opinions to sway theirs…”
          Bullshit you try and help other men. I will call that lie the lie it is. When men are being criminally victimised NO MAN will come to help. All you will do is spout your useless “opinion” and claim that spewing your useless opinion all over the place is “help”. It isn’t. And I am here to tell you it isn’t.
          And by the way? When a man gets to be suicidal it was not a decision he made. He is not “deciding his own fate” at that point in time….or at least very rarely.
          I was suicidal and I know something if which I speak. One of the driving forces in me being suicidal was the fact that those I could have reasonably believed would support me…..my father….my brothers….my relatives…..my friends….ALL BETRAYED ME. That is a big shit sandwich to swallow.
          And THAT is one of the reasons so many men kill themselves in divorce. Suddenly EVERYONE around them betrays them and supports the criminal women over him…..it is a BIG SHOCK.
          So no….”present our opinions” is not “help”. And you will not get away with such bullshit in front of me.

        3. Peter, letting them go may be the best thing you do for them.
          They have no future.
          Better to rule in hell then serve in heaven.

  14. Only other men cares about men. Noone else, especially women. We have to stick together. Thank god for sites like ROK, rooshv.com etc… where I can speak with likeminded people.

    1. Men are “cared about” only when someone wants something from us.
      Females want your money.
      They want your looks.
      They want your position in society.
      They want your connections, networks, skills.
      Women dont give a fuck about men.

      1. Of course not, it is biological. We should accept it. It is a hard pill to swallow, but it is what it is.
        The only thing I am furious about is that I was told the lie that they care about us. I only want the truth, nothing else.

        1. But..
          Who would buy the diamond wedding rings?
          Who would buy the cutesy valentines day cards, flowers and chocolates?
          Who will pay for the online dating memberships?
          We are all a bunch of suckers. We were made patsies the moment we entered this world, from our first breaths.

        2. I refuse to be a sucker.
          Society tried to trick me into being a sucker, but it is failed.
          When you see the truth it is easy to avoid being a sucker. Except taxes…

        3. Be thankful you have seen how far down the rabbit holes goes.
          I have a friend that just announced his wedding date.
          Some are men find salvation.
          Some men are damned.

        4. I was told that lie to….and it was not a good lie to tell me.
          Indeed. When I went back over my life ALL the women in my life lied to me…including my mother and grand mothers. They lied to me to convince me to be a compliant slave. That is why the new book has a chapter called “Be Honest”
          It beggars belief that a man has to put a chapter into a book called “how to be a good wife” called “be honest”….but it is necessary. Western women are pathologically dishonest now.
          My fav#1 has only ever tried to lie to me once…she was terrible at it and I laughed at her when she tried she was so bad at it…..I like that in her.

        5. I noticed the British flag in the corner of the Fijian flag. Is Fiji part of the British Commonwealth?

        6. “I have a friend that just announced his wedding date.”
          My condolences.

        7. Our ancestors made marriage thousands of years ago to stabilize society. We have deconstructed it in less than 3 generations and now must pay the price.
          Marriage needed the narrative of ‘love’, but deep down women were for the most part harlots. Now that we have the internet, we learn what a lie this ‘love’ is for most folk and seeing as marriage is going down the drain, we are left with a void as to something we were brought up to believe in was one of the most important, if not THE most important, thing in life.
          The west is as much a prison for most men as North Korea or Russia or China. One where the illusion of freedom is given, whilst your mind is enslaved to broken dreams.

        8. Divorce is the biggest stressor in a man’s life, that cuts off more than a decade off his longevity; not to even mention the effect on his subsequent quality of life, supporting some harridan.

        9. No…not any more than you would have immediate citizenship for Australia or any other commonwealth country.
          Indeed, I am in conversation with the entire parliament of the UK and they seem unable to explain to me why they are not willing to obey the magna carta in my case despite the fact not even the monarch can alter the magna carta.
          So to get into a place like Fiji, or Australia or anywhere else, you have to go through the visa process at the moment.
          I am living in Germany based on a new process which has been consented to by Angela Merkel but they are refusing to give me a residency permit to go with that so I am still working through the process.
          Since Genesis 1:26 says I have dominion over all the earth why should anyone threaten me with injury and harm if I do not get their “permission” to work?

        10. More dishonest spam! Wake up call, you spamming dickhead! You are NOT “in conversation with the entire parliament of the UK” You have spammed people with thousands of meaningless gibbering e-mails, and each and every one of them have rightfully IGNORED you! Meanwhile, you are living illegally in the EEC because you have rightfully been denied a work permit, because you have refused to submit tax returns, which you advise other men to do … yeah dickhead, how has your own advice worked out for you so far?

      2. Women view men as “something from which I can extract resources”. That’s about it. Women (sometimes) love children and women love “to be loved”.

        1. As a man, for the ‘fairer’ sex you are nothing but a utility to be squeezed.

        2. yes, so the first solution is to firewall that shit….. and the second solution is to use game, money, power, respect, and whatever else you have at your disposal to get WHAT you want from women….
          housework and secretarial work, breeding and fucking…..
          at worst you need to hire 4 women…. at best perhaps you can roll all into one….. what you can never do is allow her to start a ‘relationship’ with you. it must always be strictly professional WITH clear performance parameters and restricted benefits and some bonuses back to her.

      3. But what would a female want from a penniless prole like you? Are you having delusions again?
        It’s probably true that your lower class fat females do have your yarbles in a vise but these girls can’t do any better than you and have to content themselves with extracting your minimum wages.
        But stop trying to say that they’re extracting big resources from you because you sound like an arsehole.
        What’s your highest level of education and what are your income and assets. You really believe that a high quality woman, slim, good looking and well bred, would be interested in extracting crumbs from you? I’m choking just thinking about it lol

        1. Shouldn’t you be in residency healing the sick , or are you still riding the wave of popularity from your PhD you got at 18 where you cured cancer.

    2. “Only other men cares about men. ”
      Total bullshit. 99.9%+ of men in the west do not give a shit about other men. And it is long past due that someone had the balls to say so and call you on this sort of bullshit.
      How many men have helped me? How many men have helped Bill Greathouse? How many men have helped Norman Scarth?
      It is time to put to the sword the lie that “men care about other men” because they don’t in the vast majority. If you claim otherwise? You are going to have to present some proof.

      1. I care about my male friends, and they do the same. We help each other out.
        But you are right in some sense. The only thing we can help is to tell the truth, and everyone can decide what to do with it.
        The thing is, you have been fucked over by the state and not by other men. State is a parasitic entity just like women.

        1. “The thing is, you have been fucked over by the state and not by other men.”
          Um..Alan Shatter, minister for justice in Ireland, is a man.
          Enda Kenny. PM of Ireland is a man.
          David Dunkley who stole my house is a man.
          Justin Dowd who helped him steal it is a man.
          Judge Griffin of the family court in Ireland is a man.
          Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott, PMs of Australia are both men.
          I was not criminally victimised by “the state”. The vast majority of people who committed crimes against me were MEN.
          “The only thing we can help is to tell the truth, ”
          Again…total bullshit. When you see a man being criminally victimised you can go to his aid. Not just stand around and say “gee, that’s bad luck for him” which is what you do.
          When a man is criminally victimised NO ONE WILL COME TO HIS AID. Go and ask ANY man who has been criminally victimised in the family courts.
          In the US today there are 2 MILLION men in jail for victimless crimes….ALL of them should be free. And NO MEN ARE HELPING THEM. I could get them out with a little help from other men….but no men will help me.
          I could stop the slaughter in the family law courts with a little help from other men….but getting men to help is EXTREMELY difficult. It is SO DIFFICULT that I have had to claim into use the use of force, up to and including deadly force, as lawful and legitimate because not enough men will do as I ask them to do.
          So do not try this bullshit on me. It will not fly.

        2. There cannot be a state without men. Even an all-female state necessarily has to be backed by men or it would come crashing down in the blink of an eye.

        3. You are right. Where’s the honor? Where’s the loyality among men? Society is becoming more feminized because men enable deranged female behavior.

        4. Men care about other men, – ONLY when it’s in their vested interested to do so….. in this regard they can be more opportunistic, back stabbing and disloyal than women….
          with one exception – they have the balls to do it to your face….
          if you want men to care about you, you need to be of some value to them….. they need to respect you…. men won’t fuck over a man they respect….. one of the best ways to create value and respect is by being that guy they grew up with, shared some drinking, whoring, sporting, etc. lifetime experience with.
          there has to be some common bond, that creates respect…. the difference with men is that once you have that bond, you ALWAYS have it….. whereas women can only pretend to create that bond and next week, they are already doing you over.

        5. Hi Ray,
          I don’t give a shit if men care about me or respect me. I have earned the respect of men and my track record is unsurpassed in the man-o-sphere. There is not another man in the man-o-sphere who even comes close to achieving what I have achieved.
          There are other men who have done more than me and they are ALL my friends. I have sought them out, supported them, helped them where I could and we are collaborating on the massive tasks ahead of us. For example the new pope goes on trial in 30 days or so and I will help Kevin Annett make that well known like I did with the trial of the last pope, the result of which he resigned.
          So no….I do not ask men to respect me or care about me. If they do not respect me they are unworthy if my respect. Period. If they do not care about what I have done they are unworthy of being cared for themselves.
          What I am denouncing most strenuously is how men do not care about THEIR FELLOW MEN. For example many a young man has written back to me having read The Truth Be Told and said I may very well have saved his life. The Truth Be Told is a shock to most young men but it WILL save many young mens lives.
          I have asked young men to read it and pass it along. But young men care so little for their fellow men that they will not even do as little as pass along a book. Their attitude is “fuck the next guy, why should I care”. And that attitude is pervasive in the west.
          So you mis-understand me if you think I want men to respect me or care about me. I am pointing out that their lack of caring and lack of respect is based in HATRED and INDIFFERENCE and that they display these characteristics to the men around them as much as they do to me.
          Remember. I put my life on the line for ALL men in the west. I did this because I am a man of great love and compassion for my fellow men. I am a great example of what a man will do to save the lives of his fellow men without being asked and without being paid. And I can count the number of men who are my peers on my two hands.
          Why? Why is the number of men I know who have similar love and compassion for their fellow men less than 10? Especially when I have talked in front of 100,000+ men.
          Men in the west are a total disgrace Ray…..and it is going to take someone like me to get in their faces and tell them so….not this bullshit “catch more flies with honey” bullshit. There are LOTS of men I know who have asked other men politely for help and they don’t get any…..so I am taking a MUCH harsher tone because it is not possible to ignore me like you men ignore the guys who ask politely.
          One of my mates has been in this fight TWELVE YEARS. He is a deeply christian man. Never cusses. Is impeccably polite. When he was made homeless by the masons I asked 180 people on my list to please lend him some money to get a hotel room until he could get some money owing him.
          Two of my millionaire friends turned me down flat. I know at least 50 millionaires in Australia…..probably a lot more.
          In the end I loaned him AUD5,000 to put a roof over his head and food on his plate. I donated more than EUR15,000 to worthy men when I had money. THAT is what HELP looks like Ray. It looks like putting a roof over a homeless mans head and putting food on his plate so he can continue the good fight.
          Not f***ing ADVICE….OK? You can’t EAT ADVICE. ADVICE does not put a roof over your head.
          Same with Bill Greathouse. When he was fired from his job for sticking up for you men and he didn’t know how he was going to support his son how many men sent him some money? VERY FEW.
          You men do NOT HELP. You are full of shit with your useless advice and I am going to tell you so to your faces…ok? If any men want the ADVICE THEY NEED they can read my two books because that is why I wrote them…to give men the ADVICE THEY NEED in the environment they are living in.
          But what we are doing? We actually NEED HELP….and I have asked 100,000+ men for HELP and they will not help in any significant number. They have no love and no compassion in their hearts for their fellow men….they will step over a starving homeless brother in the street to help a woman with a broken fingernail and we all know this to be true. It is time for that shit to stop. And I am just the sort of man to stop it.

        6. We’re so screwed, because most men outside the readership here, are complete and utter phaggots, without actually being gay. Even gay men are better men than what passes as heterosexual guys these days.

        7. I guess its true what Margaret Thatcher said, or at least, years of social engineering have made it true:
          ‘there is no such thing as society’.

        8. Correct…..Bill Toal and Michael Toal and all those around Jennifer openly support an adulteress, prostitute, criminal child abuser over and above an honest man of honour and integrity.
          There is no honour among men in the west….or at least very little…and this has to change if men wish to live in a world worth living in.
          Meaning? Men of honour must make it clear to scumbag criminal women and their mangina men that their crimes are not going to be tolerated….which is what I am doing and have done for 6 years.

      2. Very few can escape the grips of their own ego. When push comes to shove- as we have seen a couple of times in this very community- men will not support men. I wish roosh well in his current difficulty. I have no doubt he will return with new insights and perspective.
        “Have patience and endure.”

        1. And women VERY RARELY help men Kate…even more rarely than men help men.

        2. I guess that’s true. Its really hard to understand. Why there can’t be more unity. Why there has to be all this fighting. Why we can’t take care of each other as brothers and sisters.

        3. “Why we can’t take care of each other as brothers and sisters.”
          Because women see men as their own personal slaves. That’s why. And women incite men into violence against each other so they can compete for the “best” men.
          One time my fav#1 was talking and she was repeating the “men are violent and competitive and they are the problem”.
          So I spent 10 minutes explaining to her how the men are violent and competitive with each other in order to COMPETE to get to the top of the social ladder in order to get the “best” woman they can get….with “best” being very heavily qualified.
          I pointed out that if women were given no ability to choose a man, say male and female babies were paired off by computer when they were born, then the men would not be competitive because there would be no reason to compete.
          You could have knocked her over with a feather. She had never realised that the fact women get to choose and they choose the highest status men they can is what causes the men to be competitive and sometimes violent…that the mens behaviour is driven by women and their insistence that they get to marry up 90% of the time thereby leaving the men at the bottom of the pile with no chance of ever having children if they do not turn to “bad boys” since they have no other way to compete and “attract” a woman.
          There is all this fighting specifically because we allow women to choose their men and they don’t want the men at the bottom of the pile so the men are incented to fight to climb up the pile by one of the greatest drivers of all…the desire to have children.
          Has no one ever told you this before?

        4. I both hear what you’re saying and find it irrelevant. When we can weep for each other, the war will be over.

    3. True. If a guy complains about getting falsely accused for sexual harassment a girl will say to him “you probably WERE being creepy.” But what if you applied that same logic and said to a girl that had been raped “You probably WERE being slutty”? You already see the shitstorm there.

  15. “We did it in the name of removing oppression & helping the kids. No, you did it for yourselves and then used claims for compassion & equality to cover up your reckless & blatant selfishness.” Going to be using that one for a long time

  16. Excellent review of an interesting episode. This article pointed out things I had never fully realized, such as “temporal politics,” for example. We need much, much more of this kind of media/literary criticism.
    And BTW, that photo of Todd VanDerWerff? He doesn’t just bear a passing resemblance to a fat feminist; he IS a fat feminist.

  17. All of this shit is just noise. If men pay attention to shit like this, how would you expect them to behave? Men just need to tune this shit out. It’s that simple. I don’t watch TV any more, except for maybe a few sports games here and there. Instead of reading TV, I read books. Find a more productive use of time than watching TV that’s solely noise and if all men do this, this stuff will simply disappear.

    1. You remind me of teenage boy I met once who told me about the private school he attended. I laughed when he said, “They teach us manners and shit,” because he showed that the lessons in manners didn’t catch in his coarse adolescent mind.

      1. Look, I don’t pay attention to any of that shit. I automatically assume that it’s garbage considering that everything this page refers to is intended for someone else to make money off people stupid enough to watch this garbage (ex. The View). The entire basis of feminism is dumb as fuck and it’s basically pushed by fat chicks that want to be lazy and stupid for the rest of their lives. Anyone with half a brain can realize all this stuff from the mainstream media and TV is full of shit. That was the point I’m trying to make and I don’t think very many people here would disagree. Would you? I think not.
        I always see RoK refer to various TV shows and stuff, but I don’t understand why. TV is a waste of time. It destroys every ounce of creativity and imagination that our brains would otherwise have.
        Do you disagree with anything I’ve said? Instead of watching mind-numbing hours of TV daily, I fill my day with useful activities like reading books or blogs, actual communication with people rather than artificial communication, exercise, and other shit like that. I actually finished two books this week and I’m about to go to the library (right now actually) to get some more stuff I can read. My mind is way too important to fill it with bullshit. The average amount of TV I watch is equal to 0 hours.

    2. Except it’s a societal reality that is affecting you, your friends and family and the only way to deal with it, really. Is to have those people who has realised that, gang up and turn this society around.
      Just like anyother time in history when tyrants made life too miserable for the common people.
      Think of it this way, if you’re apathetic and doesn’t do anything, you’re not a threat. Not a threat = they can continue to rule. You must deal with it, it’s your responsability as a man.

  18. 2Wycked, you’d like the book The Manipulated Man. Deals with the idea of male autonomy in a way I haven’t seen before.

  19. The Steampunk genre looks like the geek version of Willoughby. It presents fantasies about alternatives histories in the 19th Century when white men ran things, they ran them better than the other tribes, and they ran them without self-doubt; and it gives opportunities for geeks to exercise their unique talents and earn the respect of other men. The female characters might profess feminism as a theoretical proposition they picked up from books, or from the lost Victorian art of the good public lecture; but they still had traditional upbringings and they realized that sexual freedom in the real world posed dangers to their integrity even if it sounded intriguing as an “experiment of living,” as John Stuart Mill might have called it.

  20. WTF Roosh has apparently been jailed in Poland guys. Tuthmosis just posted a message on rooshv forum.

    1. You didn’t know it was a hoax? lol That picture is not him in jail, it’s him in his 1 room hovel where he lives.

  21. One idea I have yet to wrap my mind around is liberal obsession with temporal politics – i.e. the unending accusations of “being in the wrong time period,” “the time has passed for that idea,” or “that is not how the modern world works.”

    Of course this can work both ways. If we seize the framing by pointing out how progressive ideas come from the prescientific world view of the Enlightenment, whereas the Dark Enlightenment has current scientific empiricism to draw upon, and the evidence doesn’t support these powdered-wig philosophers’ speculations around the dinner table from 18th Century France, then who starts to look backwards and outdated?

  22. Flipping through the news channels the other day, I stopped for a minute on CNN. Anderson Cooper was on.
    Watching Anderson was like a dystopian vision of the future. Or perhaps of the all to real present.
    Anderson Cooper is the “perfect man” by contemporary American standards. Yet, he has not interest in women. He prefers loving and having sex with other men. He is unattainable for any woman. And his state of being is unattainable, not to mention undesirable, for any heterosexual man.
    I am glad I jumped of the train that is American society. I didn’t do it in a dream. I did it over a period of years and only as I woke up to reality.
    It is interesting to observe. Like watching a long, slow movie about the apocalypse that I can check in and out of. Lately, I prefer to watch it less.

  23. One the hardest red pull truths I’ve had to swallow was the inherit narcissism of women. Woman can’t love you for who you are but what YOU do for them. How times do we see women leave their husband once they lose their jobs, businesses, careers etc? 10/10 times. Even Muhammed Ali’s wife left him when he started showing symptoms of Parkinsons. Not even the status of being a living legend can solidify the loyalty of a woman.

      1. Hate to say it, but I’m still looking for a woman who can give me better handjobs than I can.

    1. Really? Ali’s wife left him? That is so sad. And for a reason like that… there’s a reason it’s “for better or for worse.” They don’t understand the “for worse.”

        1. Damn. They complain about men being assholes but stories like this cement a hard truth even more-its’ women that create asshole men.

    2. I agree, but in fairness one of the reasons some women (not all) end up splitting up with their husbands when they lose status (ie their job as many have in the recession, leaving the woman as the ‘breadwinner’) is because men don;t tolerate blows like this well, feel too ashamed to discuss the issues with their partner (in fairness due to the pressure society places on them) and the relationship begins to deteriorate. A woman cannot continue to feel attracted to a men she feels is lower status than her, and once she believes her attempts to repair the relationship are futile, she will initiate the break up of the relationship.
      While some women will abandon ship the moment the going gets tough, many couples (yes men and women) cannot cope with the sudden shift in status that the great recession has caused in many relationships. How many women ended up committing suicide when they lost their jobs in the recession? Again, the problem disproportionally affected men who already – due to societal pressure – suffer more in these situations anyway.

    3. I’ll say it again, as I’ve said numerous times before; loyalty is not a feminine characteristic. Loyalty for men has always possessed a multiplicity of meanings whether it was fidelity to the clan/nation, courage under fire, discipline amidst chaos or stoicism whilst undergoing pain. These were all honorable and exclusively male. Honor has traditionally meant one thing for women and that has been, virginity, saving one’s hymen and womb for one’s husband unto death. Now that the feminist’s have taken this little civilizational cornerstone away, women are void of any honor. They’ve never had to be honorable because they’ve never had to fight, barter, or hunt, they simply had their vaginas. That is an evolutionary fact. Again marriage is a noble institution but only for conservative cultures with conservative laws. Loyalty from women can only be had under a patriarchy, when women fear the consequences, because outside of that, they don’t possess the biological characteristics for loyalty. That’s why I don’t get this faggoty Western animus against the noble and masculine cultures of the Middle East. In fact I may be Christian, but I want nothing to do with Modern Christianity, for all I care it could burn to the ground. Muslims and Christians always had the same opinions on women, with the Early Church Fathers having even stricter views. Here a few of the Early Christian hits.
      Tertullian (160?-220?): “Woman is a temple built over a sewer, the gateway to the devil. Woman, you are the devil’s doorway. You led astray one whom the devil would not dare attack directly. It was your fault that the Son of God had to die; you should always go in mourning and rags.”
      “The word and works of God is quite clear, that women were made either to be wives or prostitutes.” — Luther
      “What is the difference whether it is in a wife or a mother, it is still Eve the temptress that we must beware of in any woman… I fail to see what use woman can be to man, if one excludes the function of bearing children.”
      — Saint Augustine of Hippo, Church Father, Bishop of Hippo Regius, 354 – 430

      1. Provoking POV. It would be really interesting to know how prevalent such views of women are in all cultures of the world ,particularly from their Hagiographies,especially those of the past or any culture untainted by prevalent Western thought.

      2. “That’s why I don’t get this faggoty Western animus against the noble and
        masculine cultures of the Middle East. In fact I may be Christian, but I
        want nothing to do with Modern Christianity, for all I care it could
        burn to the ground.”
        Christianity has already burned to the ground but although the middle east is definitely ordered in patriarchal societies, I think calling them noble is doing them far too much justice to say the least. What’s so great about living in these tribal societies where isolation, state violence etc, are a threat to anyone who steps out of line? Perhaps the only benefit is the feeling of belonging to a certain clan but blind adherence to Islam and oppressive governments hanging on it have not improved life the middle east.

  24. Could this explain why Japanese men are opting to have sex with lifeless fictional characters?

  25. A couple of articles ago in one of the red pill realizations articles, I read a point that has a recurring theme: Most blue pill men are blue pill because they did not have a strong father figure. I am not sure how many fathers are loyal readers or writers to this site, however, I would be very interested in an article about things fathers can do that can help a son be red pill from an early age. I know this might be more of a book topic than one suited for an article. But I think it would be an interesting thing to look up on.

  26. I think only historians in the distant future who look back at this era will be able to fully appreciate how massive what I’ve begun calling “the woman problem” (by which I mean, well, all of this) truly was.
    Even on sites like these, I get the feeling that not all that many fully appreciate the real magnitude of this issue.
    Interesting times…

  27. Great article, really. This is what a “red-piller” needs, something that starts the thinking about the larger perspective, something that makes it easier to understand what’s your role, what’s your position in life and where you want to go with it. What needs to be done etc.
    Why should men even accept this rude behaviour of women? Because we want pussy of course. But the problem is, that suddenly it’s not okay to be an honorable man, suddenly it’s not okay to invest emotionally in an another human being. It’s not okay for me to show to her that i want her and in return i will share my belongings, keep her safe and in return she gives me good sons and daughters and support me in my strive for reaching my goals. Suddenly that’s not okay, instead they need to travel, they need to dance, they need to sit a desk-jobs feeling fucking important, just like a man. I’ve never met a man who is happy with sitting at a desk all day long so why do women so strive to work, i work so i don’t need to work i just don’t get it.
    I hate it, because that means even though i get i wife someday and have kids i can never really trust her to not fuck me and the family over for her “own” personal needs. What kind of life is that? What kind of society do we live in where we promote distrust and disharmony among human beings? They talk about love, they talk about being nice etc, etc. But judging by how society works, it’s the exact opposite.
    That’s what i think Gart is dreaming of, glorified days were women and men were good to eachother. He’s basically unhappy for although he does good, the world treats him bad. Which is the exact case of many men today but nobody cares, which will be the leaders fall because they got a time-bomb ticking.
    Simply put, there is one group, one demographic you don’t simply fuck with too much without causing a revolution and that’s young men. With no real future and nothing really to lose and a lot to gain in terms of changing society, it’s inevitable.

    1. women were never good to men…. they only did it because the needs of the old days forced them to….
      in my opinion the only protection today is an employment contract…. hire the bitch to fill whatever role you want…. if prostitution is illegal then live someone it’s legal…. i don’t see any other way to firewall the risk….
      there is no goodwill that you can rely on…. sentiment and feeling and love can disappear overnight and leave you with a huge, draining and expensive mess… that completely disrupts not only your personal life, but quite possibly your professional life as well….

      1. Force or force, that was the norm. That what they learned they had to be to be seen good in the “tribe”.
        Yes, there is no incetive today and that’s the problem. They learn nothing from the family, all they learn is from school about being fucking special snowflakes who can be whatever they want. Then they learn they can fuck whoever they want, whenever they want and how many they want without any reporcussions, you just can have an abort if nature somehow reminds you that fucking used to equal the creation of life.
        There is no morals in society today. That’s why the political correct are so fucking rabid about everyone falling in line. Those are not morals, those are political standing-points to make sure society changes even further into a global dystopia described in both “1984” and “Brave New World”.

        1. so true. The women of today reflect the political ideologies above. They are ‘weaponized’ against traditional men, in favour of a society where all are enslaved to ‘Big Brother’.

  28. Nice analysis. As the TZ episode evidences, the deliberate degradation and emasculation of western men is not a new phenomenon. This bullshit has been going on well over a century here in the United Sisterhood of America.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. It doesn’t sound like they were threatening her at all, so to me that’s just wrong. Just because what they said about her was out doesn’t mean they should get punished for it. It’s clear Canada doesn’t provide the same first amendment protection the US does.

      1. Oh well, at least they weren’t making “innapropriate” jokes about dongles and forking! Heaven forbid!

      2. Actually, the guys should be protected because it was a private discussion. She chose to ignore the law.

  29. Whenever some dumb liberal tells you “it’s 2014 for fuck’s sake” or some other stupid shit just say “yeah? and 300 years ago it was 1714.”
    Watch them have zero ability to respond.

      1. The date doesn’t matter. Pick what you like. It’s arbitrary, just like the stupidity that’s coming out of their mouth. That’s the point.

      2. Well… 1914 was the first year of the outbreak of WWI, and the death knell for the Old European order. I wouldn’t quite say, those were the “good” days. After all, WWI birthed Trotsky, Lenin and the USSR.

  30. > Men should realize that society and relationships are just one, collective fantasy of women.
    The red pill in a sentence.

  31. A lot of it also has to do with the character of a man. Take for example this friend of mine. He’s not a close friend but I do hang out with him from time to time. Same age as me. 36. He met a gorgeous Russian girl a few years ago when he was 32 and she was only 19. She was a complete party chick when he first met her. A little on the slightly weird looking side as well. But lo and behold, when she started dating, and having sex with my friend, she matured tremendously and got even hotter and better looking and they have just gotten married. My friend who married her is the classic alpha guy. Very strong character but at the same time, flexible and knows how to chill as well. I reckon that it is his strong sense of masculinity that allowed him to attract this Russian beauty, nurture her and make her his wife. Of course, we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future but the lesson comes down to this: A lot depends on the strength of character of a man and his willpower and in this feminazi era, a lot of this masculine characteristics are being eroded away by the feminazis, manginas and beta males. Thank goodness my friend wasn’t a victim of this nonsense (although sadly, I have another friend who is a tragic victim but that is a story for another day…). And best part is that he’s Asian from Canada.

    1. No offense, but that’s complete bullshit. I don’t care if you’re Rambo, nothing will stop the courts and Marxist government from confiscating his assets and children in case she decides not to play by marriage 1.0 rules anymore. Men in the West will have to learn, there is no real viable way to cohabitate with women much less live with them in the same society without a strong patriarchy. Let’s see how long that shit lasts, until she decides someone else caught her eye.

      1. A worthwhile man will create worthwhile women who will understand that in today’s society, they cannot safely live under the same roof with a man, and that they must pay for their own shelter and sustenance.
        My soft harem’s currently got 3 members. How many does yours have?

        1. What is the difference between a “soft harem” and a “hard harem”? Whenever a guy writes “soft harem” I assume the guy is a PUA wannabe.

  32. Nice article, 2Wycked. I was disgusted at the avclub.com interpretation of the episode. The nasty boss is seen as a hammy caricature (rightly enough) but the nasty wife is seen as legitimate in her hatred of her husband. These white knights are really scum.

  33. Thing is….we’re also ignoring the root cause, and it’s one that anyone who has ever lived overseas notices about Americans.
    EVERYTHING is a competition. You need the girl who’s a model or a cheerleader, not the one who will take care of your needs and make you happy. You need to graduate from the most “prestigious” college, not the one that will train you in skills you are interested in. It’s important to eat at the “best” restaurants and go to the “best” clubs, not the ones you enjoy going to. Having a good “network” is far more valued than having fulfilling friendships.
    When everything is just a means to an end and valued solely for it’s ability to help you “win” at the competition that is your social life, then you are unable to enjoy anything for it’s intrinsic value. You no longer care about the well being of others, there is no reason to improve your friends and coworkers lives, sex loses it’s fun as it becomes little more than a bingo card, and you have to remain on edge at all times lest a single mistake cause you to lose esteem.
    When everything is a competition the end result is a soulless, empty society.

    1. People used to go to work because they needed money to support their households. Now they view their household as a support function to their “career.”
      And because the outward appearance of their house is part of the competition, they buy one beyond their actual means, so nobody is spending any time being housed by it anyway, so there is little, if anything, to be viewed as a household anyway. The place is just a staging point for a shower and nap before rushing out of it again. A dorm room would function just as well, or better.
      In fact, even the so called “luxury” apartments are little more than glorified worker’s barracks these days.

  34. My favorite Twilight Zone episode, and an interesting analysis. However, I didn’t see Todd Whatever’s critique that way. I interpreted it as a positive review of the actress in that she took a very unsympathetic character and gave a multifaceted performance which made her character more believable than an all-out villain. This made her betrayal all the more devastating. I’d like to hear more discussion of the episode itself and the plight of the protagonist, rather than a somewhat reactionary view of someone else’s review. I view the TZ episode of more of a revelation of the unyielding pressure on the main character to produce and give more than a human should have to, and the lack of compassion others have for him.

  35. Interesting article and a problem that is becoming more prevalent and tragic. I live in the southern regions in the world, and there have been two very recent and high profile custody related murder/suicides lately.
    Empathetic article in two parts. See his absolute disempowerment as a man, first relegated to househusband, secondly to – nothing.
    Even more disturbing and graphic. Suicide by police after destroying his son.
    These horrors remind me of the quote “He who makes a beast of himself, takes away the pain of being a man” (Samuel Johnson).
    The Redpill is a strong vaccine for these fates, as we relate our daily lives to understand the unsympathetic nature of woman and society at large, realising we have only ourselves to lean on.
    When you are ganged up on by ridiculing women, like a lion surrounded by hyenas. Even those who like and respect you! Understand the nature of shit tests, understand the medias constant reinforcement of the goofy, dopey man, and understand that your sympathy for the feelings and rights of others are not requited.
    Dont check your privilege, check yourself.

  36. There is no reason for you, as a man, to put yourself in a position where an entitled female can nag you into depression.
    Have casual sex with women, don’t be their beta providers. Live for yourself.

    1. What depresses me is thinking about the overall state of society, and the kind of world my nieces, nephews, and foster kids will have to live in.
      I’m often glad I don’t have any of my own kids.

      1. I’ve been seriously considering not having any for around 6 months now. With society in its current condition raising a level headed child is very difficult due to all the conditioning and external influences it’ll receive, we cannot control this.
        I think about the time, effort, sacrifices and funds a father puts into raising a child and in 2014, I don’t think it’s worth it. I’d be happy just being a fun uncle to be honest.

        1. As we age, there will be more and more fatherless children and straight-up orphans who will be in need of guidance from real men such as ourselves.

  37. Bahahahaha!
    What is this spineless bullspit!
    Don’t like the commies and cultural marxism in your midsts?
    Quit bitching. Pick up a gun, load it and vote!
    The founders of this nation weren’t “players” or “PUA’s” or whatever beta bullshit sites like these peddle like girlie men with nothing to live for!
    Grow a pair. If you don’t like reality then change it!
    Don’t like living in a police state?
    Do something about it!
    What a bunch of babies.
    “Oh, a woman used me and I’m going my own way”.
    To where? To breed with inferior genes from some Asian/South American skank?
    Again, the founders of this nation were the True Alphas. They fought an EMPIRE for freedom. They didn’t bitch and moan and kiss ass to cultural Marxists!
    You ALL are a bunch of spineless poofters!

    1. Yes, because waving a gun around and shooting people will make things better.

  38. 2Wycked, this article, unlike many of yours, feels like it’s written from a place of pain. If that’s true, I’m glad you’re exploring your difficult feelings on this site, surrounded by encouraging men. Keep it up, my brother. Your voice is being heard.
    If I’m wrong, at least you’re helping out your fellow men know they aren’t alone.
    Actually, as I read the comments, there is a lot of pain here on ROK. In all seriousness, I wonder how many lives Roosh is saving with this website?

    1. That’s the thing, maybe we’ll never know. But we can take comfort that at the very least, truths are finally exposed, for FREE, and voices can be heard.
      It’s like the first time I discovered the internet years ago, and it was like an amazing breath of fresh air-so many possibilies.
      That’s how it feels to be learning what I’m learning from sites like this. And to be able to contribute as well is awesome.
      I agree that their is a lot of pain & humiliation behind a lot of information presented. If, when shared it helps another man, then it was not suffered in vain.

  39. The AV Club does go off the rails sometimes. Todd could have written a “liberal” review slant in a much more accurate way historically – one which Serling himself would have embraced. That was the 1950’s-early 1960’s critique of mindless conformism, exemplified by the “organization man” who is to do what his betters tell him, since he now lives in the Best of All Possible Worlds, and for whom the future is to be reduced to one work: “plastics!” (see “The Graduate”, and movies like “The Swimmer”). How many 60’s shows were about questioning whether such a life was the true ideal: i.e., “is that all there is”? Isn’t there something deeper/more spiritual to strive for? From this standpoint, the wife’s cruelty shows her as being a creature of her “Organization Man” times (and incidentally, confirming red pill principles).
    I am not here to argue that all this turned out well in later decades. (See: beatniks, hippies, new-agers). My point is: it was a significant theme in late 1950’s and especially 1960’s media. If Todd had put aside his women’s studies degree and checked into this real cultural history underlying “Wiloughby” he would have had a review much closer to the mark.

  40. “Sensing their needs & desires are not treated as important and relevant, they get retreat into their own mind: sometimes via fantasies, sometimes via video games, etc.”
    Au contraire. Use this incentive driven dynamic to our advantage and iCulture yourself. Men today are incredibly ripe for a massive iCulture and, with that, the ability to molt contemporary culture. In other areas options and alternatives abound, whether, its learning to live lean, entrepreneurialism/working for yourself, foreign women et al. Per the statement above, the source Gart’s angst is the culture, yes? Okay, start a new one. You say, impossible. I say look at what our technology can do for us today. feminists are tied to the old media paradigm. That’s gone. Today, Gart and you, can easily design a cadence of pro-male entertainment and news from existing content, past and present. Going forward, as people realize there is a market and given the increased technology to shoot HD quality footage off your phone (for crying out loud), I think the stage is more than set for original content to be developed by non-establishment entities such as the Men’s Movement (MM) as it will be for numerous other groups and demographics. Look at it this way, we defeat “the view” by ignoring it. Someday soon a women might ask did you see this show or that and you’re reaction, response and personal feelings will be so ambivalent it would be as though you’re talking with someone for a foreign country.

  41. “Amongst all the savage beasts none is found so harmful as woman.” – St. John Chrysostom

  42. I guess this has a bit to do with the article’s topic, but I know I for one am absolutely sick of people calling me a bum because I don’t have a job. I’ve never had a “real job” before, so it’s made it difficult for me when I’ve applied to many different outlets. It is just annoying because I feel as though I am busting my ass trying to obtain employment, yet I get nothing in return. If I were female no one would care that I don’t have a job.

    1. Look into entrepreneurship. I kept myself afloat through college as a freelance copywriter online. Things have seemed to dry up as of the past couple of years, but there is still money to be made.

  43. Being attractive will not help you if a woman wants to fuck you over. I knew someone who has very good looking. His cute wife divorced him and drove him away from his kids.(She looked like a innocent angel, but she was a heartless cunt.) He was also got hit by a false rape accusation because he turned a girl down.
    This is someone who the girls loved and he got get casual sex, or a relationship easily.
    The feminist system can get anyone! It can get me, it can get you! It doesn’t matter how successful you are.

  44. man wtf are you talking about.. ‘liberals’? You think some strange, far off on the fringe feminist like this has anything to do with a Chicago teamster, a ‘liberal’? People like this have as much to do with liberalism and liberals as John Birchers and KKK members have to do with most conservatives, except that conservatives, being vastly outnumbered and wrong about nearly everything, have brought their tea party lunatic fringe into the center of their party and given them real power. There’s a reason why higher levels of education are directly correlated with liberalism. I think it’s time for you to quit writing and get an education.

  45. This article was powerful, I feel so humble after reading it. I suppose like the other women who read,and agree, with most of the post, Return of Kings is my guilty traitorous pleasure. I attended an all womens university, but never truly fit into the mindset ( I used to hide my southern living magazine) goodness forbid it be found and burned along with my bra. I talked a good feminist game but when it came down to it, was unwilling to apologize for my unearned “thin privilege” and less willing to be a slut-ally. I found the site while researching mens rights activist and received the rudest awakening. And, all I can think to say is sorry, and that I wish I could apologize on the behalf of all women. No one ever made me feel ashamed, not for wearing inappropriate clothing when I knew it was just for attention, not for ,trying, to beat down male egos by hoping to sound smart but really being pretentious. I feel ancient when I see my small town friends whom are younger than me with loving husbands, and beautiful children, and here I am at 22 just realizing I hate the bar and if I want to dance the YMCA offers plenty of classes and not answering text does not make me aloof or mysterious. I think its almost disrespectful how little value feminist place on the arts of our fore-mothers: singing,dancing,cooking,baking,mending,fluency in several languages,healing,nurturing, the ability to bring a sense of grace and peace to a room. I hope that I can become so accomplished and teach by doing, I hope there is still a place for traditional gender roles and I hope that men when returned to the glorious creatures they were before strong armed into a hypocritical submission, will be able to forgive us for showing our dark side and truly love and need us again.

    1. It’s great to see some female support , but too much damage has been done by the man hating loonies that run the feminist movement , most women nowadays are not worth a nanosecond of my time , I don’t hate women & certainly don’t bear any grudges or negativity, simply can’t be bothered with them anymore.

  46. When this episode came out in 1960, I think women did have a right to nag husbands. Men were in the board room and women were only allowed to be secretaries. So a woman’s only option to have nice things was marry for money and then nag until husband provided it.
    In 2014, women will sue if you don’t make a special place for them in the boardroom. They demand government give them loans not available to men to start their own business. So I think this right to nag men should have gone out away, but of course they still want their cake to eat as well.
    Nagging women should be reserved for men that don’t want to provide for their offspring so these bastards don’t become wards of the fem-fascit state.

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