Does An American Spirit Really Exist?

Conservatives have from time to time upheld what they consider a distinctly American identity. The Founding Fathers with two capital Fs, the Constitution, an inalienable and unconditional set of “rights”, and classical liberalism. All this comes in mind when one thinks about what conservatism proclaimed to be.

This stance appears in a work like Charles Murray’s Coming Apart, which opposes an “American model” of industriousness, self-responsibility, and pride in excellent work to a “European model” consisting of welfare State, cravings for job security,  and general opposition to work (see chapters 9 and 17). In less intellectual terms I also remember the ridiculous “freedom fries” fad, because lee-bur-ty and patriotism mean doing the Deep State’s bidding based on lies, y’know?

The big alt tent, although rife with different political ideas, has constantly striven to escape from this stance. Many oppose big banks and big corporations, who destroy the possibility of a small-scale entrepreneurism and exert an unchecked power over pop culture. Some on the Alt-Right openly oppose shadowy capitalists, to the extent of proposing the nationalization of SJW-managed companies like Twitter, an idea no conservative could have had ten years ago.

Some on ROK consider that “rights” are a convenient myth, a modern invention—a position I agree with. Clearly, we have been more culturally efficient than cucks who quote Russell Kirk while worshipping Martin Luther King with years of delay. But precisely because of this, both sides of the one party in power, the strong Democrat and the weak Republican, have accused the alt-sphere of being “un-American.”

Is being “American” an idea? A mindset? In other words, would there be an “American spirit” that both faces of the Current Year partake but that we would not—regardless of our passports?

Are your stars still so bright, does your banner still wave?

To a European, two pictures of America have coexisted. One was of historical pioneers, of endless opportunities, of cow-boys, of superheroes. The other was of the uneducated, rude, imperialist Yankees, obsessed with money but somehow clever and sassy. These apparently conflicting pictures have often fused or overlapped. Both are superficial and, to some extent, true—at least historically.

To get a deeper portrayal, I will borrow from Murray’s aforementioned work. According to his interpretation of American history, the United States have been based on the following virtues since their foundation:

1. Industriousness. Willing to work, cheerfully looking for opportunities and seizing them, generations of Americans would have been enthusiastic defenders of a classically liberal civilization:

To them, industry signified a cluster of qualities that had motivated the Revolution in the first place—a desire not just to be free to speak one’s mind, to practice religion as one saw fit, and to be taxed only with representation, but the bone-deep American assumption that life is to be spent getting ahead through hard work. (Coming Apart, chap.6)

2. Honesty. Americans would have known that only a honest, trustworthy people could live without needing an authoritarian government. Dishonest, unvirtuous men would call for armed forces looming over everyone, whereas people who respect the law and tell the truth would be able to govern themselves with only a minimal State beyond. O, the land of the free

3. Marriage. Echoing the Scottish philosopher David Hume, founding fathers such as James Wilson and John Adams have insisted on how the “sacred bands of marriage” were essential for society and how marital fidelity was conducive to “peace and harmony.” Murray stresses the degree at which a distinctly American morality made marriage a more demanding, and consequently less scandalous, institution than in Europe.

4. Religiosity. Here Murray highlights the necessary social role of religion. From Adams to Jefferson, the founders allowed themselves to disagree on particular dogmas but all agreed that religion was essential to maintain morality and keep the passions in check. “Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a [land?] whale goes through a net”, Adams wrote.

John Adams would not have been pleased

Although Murray’s list of essential “American” virtues likely holds its share of truth, it also strikes me as highly idealistic, confusing the wishes of the founding fathers with historical reality. He also seems unaware of how calculative and utilitarian his portrayal sometimes sound, as if religion was only a tool that aimed at a smooth functioning of the market and at worldly success—yet perhaps that part is an accurate representation of a peculiar feature of modernity.

By all accounts, the birth of the United States owes a lot to Europeans’ desire of fulfillment and free self-realization. Cautious, religious, wilfully ascetic, Puritans aimed at managing themselves with success, and they somehow did. They resented the hierarchies of Europe, both in papacy and Anglicanism. Very friendly with Jews, whom they often regarded as the “people of the Book”, they nourished a narrative of emancipation. European noblemen such as La Fayette were fashionable for helping to fight against privileges, that is, against their own blood and caste identity. (These men who went against their own interest and identity were conveniently brushed off as insignificant by the reductive Marxist view of history.)

Are you heaven on Earth, or the gloom of the grave?

Murray argues that the four “American” virtues have been well practised until the 1960s, when the cultural offensive of the Left forced significant changes among the commonly admitted behaviours. Once again, this may be broadly true, but seems to ignore how much the worm was already inside the fruit at the very beginning.

The founding fathers only barely highlighted that their country was to be mostly white. Perhaps it seemed evident then—too evident to say. If one follows a particular kind of universalism, of abstract individuals endowed with inalienable “rights”, one can think that anyone can be “American” provided he pretends to aim at these virtues. The Puritans were also cucked from the start by worshipping their later (((greatest ally))), and the Jerry Falwells or John Hagees strike me as contemporary Judas who couldn’t have appeared elsewhere.

Impregnated with a messianic fervour of Jewish origin, ‘Muricah substantiated a zeal towards other causes than capitalism and (a mostly white) entrepreneurial liberty. Roughly one century after the mythicized Revolution, the government allowed the country to show a rather peculiar face to the world: the Statue of Liberty, a colossal “Mother of Exiles”, greeted the immigrants by welcoming the “poor”, the “wretched”, the “huddled.” Miserabilism, loving the poor as such and as perpetually indebted to a great Luciferian Mother—you had it.

Later, in the 1910s, workers’ masculinized wives would push for the infamous alcohol prohibition so that their tired husbands would go back groveling at them instead of unplugging and bantering with fellowmen. All this happened well before the 1960s. The worm was in the fruit.

If you strip libertarianism from religion and respect for property, you get what French Leftists called libertarisme and what normal people would call licentiousness: I have a right to do anything as long as other people consent and, of course, consent can be obtained through manipulation and social cleverness. This may seem at odds with the American ideal of liberty, but it is easy to understand than unbridled ambition easily treads on the rights of others.

A lot of what comes from the US shares at least some of the initial “American spirit” and is historically degenerate. In the name of “rights” and freedom, anyone can be anything, anyone can make him or her or xieself. A frail child, Theodore Roosevelt purportedly answered his father’s physical challenge by saying “I’ll make my body.” The Arnold Schwarzeneggers and the Jay Cutlers followed the same philosophy. Why not the Bruce Jenner then? Can’t anyone be anything xie wants, even special snowflakes in a kindergarten?

The vivacious belief in “rights” fulfills SJWs with the motivation to shriek and lynch—just as the messianic idea gave wings to the pseudo-ideal of the racial melting-pot, as if considering races as raw matter sounded like an ideal at all.

Even without considering the vanguard of hysterical degeneracy, one can perceive some unfortunate particulars that benefited greatly from the American liberty: Jews crushing the last remnants of decency through the porn market, and big capitalists shattering independent businesses. O, land of the hidden fees, home of the corporate slaves, owned by an elite of Jewrasians, micromanaged by HR anglobitches!

Not an end in itself but a springboard

Don’t get me wrong. As we say in France, I’m not spitting in the soup. Some of the worst degeneracy was born in the US, but so were the manosphere, Alt-Right and other vanguard currents too. Everyone involved here shares a mindset of self-responsibility, of personal investigation, of an ability to change and adapt without renouncing to oneself. These are virtues many Americans still hold in high esteem.

The European Rights and nationalisms often struggle with petty ambitions, useless ideological bickerings, and divisive irredentisms. Americans have a much easier time thinking of themselves practically or racially instead of dividing along old-fashioned national lines, and their pragmatism makes them able to go straight to the point without getting led astray. And while I would clearly object to the “American”—quotation marks highlighted—idea that anyone can be anything, so would Murray, as he upholds an idea of vocation or personal calling that seems closer to the dharma than to transgenderism.

It should also be noted that the “national” cultural life has always been rife with conflicts. Some potentialities were ferociously suppressed in the name of a rather neoconservative view of what “America” means. Is the stable 1924-1965 immigration period less “American” than the hostile anti-whiteness and misandry of today? Do you need to consider your ancestors as stupid or inferior, in the name of progress, to be fully “American”, if this means something at all? Is MK Ultra “American” because Hollywood suggests it is?

One can reconsider, autonomously of course, what it means to be “American”, or wake up from the American dream while keeping the glorious, adaptive and identitarian parts left. As for myself, I would consider it a springboard to something that goes beyond petty, divisive nationalisms—including both the French-Jacobine and the stars-and-stripes varieties—and that would make our—yes, our—civilization dharmic and racially and culturally united again.

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237 thoughts on “Does An American Spirit Really Exist?”

  1. The American Spirit is still alive, mostly thought because it takes a long time for things like that to die.
    We did have an active American Spirit up until around 1988. I remember that year something changed. Being an “American” was no longer a source of pride, but a term meant to shame. Never understood the exact mechanism that changed it but 1988 was a watershed year for that flip.

    1. It was Reagan’s last year in office. After that you had the NWO types running America. Those were great times for America, the Left in their comfort decided to change America.

        1. The 1990s were the calm before the storm. Most people back then never predicted the 2000s to be like the way they are today.

        2. That is when it began taking off, and now its beyond the point of no return.

      1. There was a distinct American pride during the Reagan years. People will call it false nostalgia but it really did exist. Up until then the Left was still the Left but they were at least pro-American. But after ’88 is when they started openly trashing the country. Then came the first wave of political correctness and it all went downhill from there.

        1. I think it has made a comeback in some communities (such as this one). Trump standing up to the press and winning is a good sign. But you are right, until we shed this white guilt, it will continue.

        2. A country needs a powerful external enemy. When there isn’t one the people will turn on themselves.

        3. If not an external enemy, at LEAST a common goal – like whole moon thing was once upon a time.

        4. Not true, before (((they))) tricked you into two world wars you were a cool nation too.

        5. And for the external enemy, it wasn’t the US of A who killed 27 million Commies but the Nazis did that.

        6. These same fat feminists act like small children, they spend money on Whole Foods and Trader Joes, often buy a lot of junk despite it being “Organic”, they will usually go to Soul Cycle or LA Fitness to make up for the frequent laziness, and yet most of them are still fat. And they want people to accept them as fat, actually call them curvy.
          The root problem with obesity is not people eating non organic food or not having access to a trendy gym or fitness craze, its all about basic discipline, which is gone from our society.

        7. Right now the media is in a total state of war with Trump, the MSM at least, but even some conservative leaning outlets are not defending him after his comments.
          He said both groups were bad, but the media was outraged he did not take sides.

        8. To translate a Chinese proverb, “To feed without teaching is the father’s fault. To teach without severity is the teacher’s laziness.”
          养 不 教 ,
          父 之 过 。
          教 不 严 ,
          师 之 惰 。

        9. It’s all about discipline and accountability like you said. And this country is simply rejecting that. You can eat all the best food. If you eat too much of it without properly expending the calories, you’ll still become overweight.

        10. The ancient doctor Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine, and your medicine be food.”
          Somehow, this sort of wisdom is easily lost.

        11. Gotcha, thanks Jim. I keep arguing we need more shame, not less. Nobody listens. Fat bastards!

        12. We need proper shame – shame of what deserves to be shamed. Laziness, immorality, destructive actions and ideologies, and the like deserve to be shamed and should be regularly.
          That which one should prize should not be shamed. Health, identity, skill, aptitude, virtue, and perception are things often shamed that should not be.

        13. You can only shame if you have a standard to judge by. Hence destroy the standard.

        14. I was looking at old photos last week, most from the mid 80’s, the content of which were mostly friend’s weddings from post college years. Back then it was sort of normal to get married in your mid 20’s. (I even think there still might have been happily married men back then too). I was astonished by how skinny everyone looked and how well dressed they were to (objectively adjusted for style norms of the day). Men were wearing fitted suits or tuxes and women were in elegant gowns (these were middle class to working class weddings too). It amazed me how much our culture has shifted in just 30 years

        15. 1980s look how thin everyone looked. Even Sam Kinnison wasn’t that fat compared to most people today. He’s an Olympic Swimmer next to Rosie O’Donnell.

        16. The first character (“bu”) is literally “Not” – as in “Not teach” or “not discipline/severity”.
          The second (“zhi”) has a few meanings along the lines of “it” and “the.” You pretty much have it.

        17. Being not as familiar with it, I’m not prepared to quote the text as you did. Of course, we established long ago your Chinese is much better than mine. I’m still quite the amateur, and am now enjoying looking into something I was only vaguely aware of.
          What might be of interest to the larger audience here is that this wisdom is nearly 800 years old.
          Between you and I, though, I’ll complain about the original translators of, well, basically all Chinese, historical and contemporary. Translations seem to happen only once, nobody reviews it, everyone repeats it, and it forever retains an awkwardly-understandable but fundamentally-lacking existence.

        18. I am also an amateur, I just have a talent for appearing more skilled than I am.
          I find translating a language like Chinese very interesting because the interpretation is a bit looser. It’s pretty easy to translate a German sentence, which shares our basic sentence structure and has rigidly defined words, but Chinese is very different. There are implications to words and patterns that don’t necessarily jump out of the page, but they do make sense.

        19. Small follow up on the severity/rigor thing. I spoke with a native speaker yesterday evening and received agreement that the English word ‘rigor’ conveys the original sentiment much better, although my derivation from the Chinese could also use some improvement. Instead of 严谨, I should have come from 严格. The former has a sense of work ethic, the latter has more of a ‘dedicated to the academic’ sense.

    2. Bush Sr. blatantly sent us to war over a commodity… Oil. People knew it, and with many Americans, that shit didn’t settle well. That’s some of what killed the spirit. Go kill people from far away for trade reasons. Thus, monkey see, monkey do. People up to that point looked up to the President to literally be the “model citizen of the country,” thus largely why he was elected in the first place. If the new precedent was screw up a country for oil, masked in the guise of killing evil dictators, then in the granular sense, at citizen level, why not screw over your neighbor, become untrustable, and scam your way through life like governments and their officials do?
      It isn’t just the American spirit that’s been killed, it’s the American individual. Not sure about you, but people are generally not to be trusted nowadays… which is really, really sad.
      Everyone knew for past 200 years no president or their administration could make everyone happy, so evil-wrong doings were attached with stigmas to them. So be it, same happens in business… even the very best businesses. However when the majority of what a president, or any other high-level government official accomplishes in their term is shady as hell, essentially stealing the value away from lives, people get very, very bitter. Along with that bitterness – which is quite justified – so goes the unity in national spirit.

      1. Decades prior to the 80s the government was already going to war over commodities/wealth and funding horrendous mind control program. Check out Smedley Butler’s *War is a Racket*. More relevant than ever.

  2. But Teddy Roosevelt succeeded in turning himself into a cultured badass: A real-life action hero who herded cattle on his own ranch, led men into battle, earned a brown belt in judo before most Americans had ever even heard of Japanese martial arts – and he read hundreds of books a year in his spare time.
    By contrast, Bruce Jenner can’t turn himself into a woman no matter what he does.
    That shows the difference between the real self-made man versus the larper.

    1. And
      Founded National parks
      Museum of natural history
      Crazies are protesting to remove his statue

      1. Yeah, funny how this effort to erase white history seem to target the most accomplished white men. You’d think the shallow-rooted, so-called “Americans” behind this project would instead want to show by example that they can accomplish great things as well, so take that! white supremacists!

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        3. Nation95g

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        4. They started off with Woodrow Wilson, students at his alma mater were clamoring to remove a statue from their school. I guess they might remove them all and make people forget our incredible history and visionary leaders.

        5. They should love wilson:
          Sisnt he give them federal reserve, income tax, and women voting our rights away

      2. And went on the expedition to explore the “River of Doubt” which nearly killed him. The river in South America is now named Rio Roosevelt. Read the book by the super hot author Candace Millard “River of Doubt”…

        1. You should have seen the guy who questioned a bunch of students at an “elite” college, asking them if they knew Abraham Lincoln’s political party, virtually all got it wrong, these ivory tower types could not conceive it was a white Republican who ended slavery, and it was Democrats who supported the practice as well as horrors like Jim Crowe and segregation.

    2. I’m a martial arts nerd. And every time I discuss teddy Roosevelt I awe at his judo/ryo goshin ju jitsu lineage. Puts the Gracie’s to shame! He learned from Maeda before Carlos and Helios!

    3. Teddy did real things with his life, truly accomplished a lot in his life, but he lived in a time when the US was on constant upward trajectory and his society valued strong masculine men. Today’s society devalues this and that is why American society is so different.
      Imagine if Roosevelt met “Caitlyn”, he would be horrified. I recall when he was Bruce Jenner, he was the alpha masculine male that was seen picking up women left and right, what a disappointment.

  3. “Industriousness. Honesty. Marriage. Religiosity.”
    Those elements are strongest in the U.S. South more than pretty much anywhere else in the entire western world these days, and certainly among white majority English-speaking countries.
    NO WONDER the Alt-Left and their cronies want to destroy and demoralize southern Whites first and foremost with all their “Confederates were Nazis” riff-raff.

    1. I once watched a documentary on the South. There appeared to be only two white social groups fake Christians and bar hopping,shoot at traffic signs types. Neither group had any time for the other.

        1. Bo (NY) and Luke (WI) were actually yankees posing, effectively I might ad, as southerners. Which is something I am sure stuck in everyones craw south of the Mason-Dixon line.

        1. an ‘old friend of ours’ is an acquaintance of hers. I still may try to exploit this to my advantage.

        2. She must be pushing 50 or so, at least. Like a prime rib that got put out in the sun.

        3. That sounds like the episode of Top Gear where they “experienced” the American South….total nonsense.

        4. haha I think I saw that one…. didn’t they make a challenge where they had to ride through rural Alabama with “homo sex rules!” sprayed on the side of their car?

        5. So, you watched a documentary on a known leftist network and believed it. Most anything you see about the south and southerners on television is false or at least very misleading.
          White Christian southerners are the only people left that it’s ok to make fun of.

        6. Yep…I think they all had something like that on their cars. Then they claimed rednecks threw rocks at them as they drove away from I think a gas station. Of course it was a complete put on….rednecks would have fired buckshot.

        7. Anyone who sees how totally corrupt and dishonest the media is about everything, should realize, the left hates the South, and will only piss on it

        8. Oh believe me I know. I live in Florida now, but I grew up in CT. I heard all the garbage about how the South was filled with racist hillbillies who had sex with their sisters. But because I was an immigrant from Canada my parents made sure that myself and my brother learned about American history first hand. We went to Gettysburg. We went to colonial Williamsburg. We would drive through the South to Florida every year and I became very fond of it’s people and it’s culture. Not to mention my parents are also fans of country music(lots of Country music fans in Canada). So I grew with Rock n Roll, R&B and Country….Eventually my brother ,my dad and I(my mom was born in the US) all took the oath of citizenship…..but I am well aware of what snotty east coast liberals think of the South.

        9. You gots to visit the south to “get it”.. Southrons are contrary people. A southerner could be on fire and would refuse a bucket of water offered to him just to spite you…

        10. Margaret Thatcher once said the BBC stood for “Britian-broadcasting-communism.” She was right about that.

        1. These are the two well-known groups of Southerners. They reflect the reality of the big cities in the South, but not the majority outside of those cities.
          Absolutely fertile ground for propaganda, though.

      1. I think people in the Western USA are much less hostile towards eachother & there arent such large rifts between different ethnicities.

    2. Marxism has already destroyed the black community and the other minorities aren’t really seen as a threat. The whites are next in the agenda.

        1. Catholicism is too strong and the latinos were never enslaved. Along with having an average of 7 or 8 IQ points higher than your average black, they are far more difficult to manipulate.

        2. And they tend to value familial bonds very highly. That alone runs counter to leftist agenda.

        3. correct. Most racial fighting within U.S. cities is Hispanic-Black, yet both parties are trying to be spoon-fed by the Marxists that Whitey is their enemy.

        1. Who built that Trojan horse? Who pushed it up to our gates? Who encouraged us to open the gates and bring it in?

    3. The south has already been demoralized don’t let the fact that it is the Bible Belt fool you. Most southerners are Christian in name not Christian in conduct

        1. Shit, at least the southerners try to fake it a little, unlike those damn godless heathen northern fucks.

        2. It’s not. I’m just pointing out that it is more rampant than what people think it is. But I still love the South. I spent most of my life down here.

        3. the thing about hypocrisy is that, by definition, one has to have values in the first place to be a hypocrite. food for thought.

        4. LOL. See, that’s where the rest of the USA is laughing at you. Look west of the Mississippi. There’s another half of the country that isn’t, “From the Yankee north.” Fucking sweet tea drinkin’ idiots, you are.

        5. Psst, hey buddy… let me let you in on a little secret – sometimes, just sometimes, I’m not entirely serious with every little thing I say. Yeah, it’s true. Now don’t go around telling everyone. It’s just our little secret.

        6. My mind was truly opened when I lived in New Mexico. Totally nice, cool people there. MUCH different than people from the Northeastern USA.

        7. Heh, my mind was opened in DC. Bunch of short tempered, got no time for no one unless you are bringing me immediate benefit, horn honking angry birds. Midwest, South, West, all full of much more laid back, nicer people.

    4. My parents made the, dare I say, difficult yet inspired and intelligent choice to migrate from shithole state New Jersey to wonderful, beautiful Christian dominated state of Utah, before I was born. Thank God! I would not be the man I am today had they not done so, I suspect.

      1. Utah is GORGEOUS. National Parks galore. Good clean healthy living. And what lake is that?

        1. Sorry for deleting , the internet got me! Said it was Utah but it wasn’t , my apologies!!!

        1. Other than chiming in to say I am staying out of this conversation, I am staying out of this conversation.

        1. Can’t find the “c” button but there you go throwing in an extra “m”.

        1. Utah is glorious. In Utah: Canyonlands/Arches /Zion national parks… If you want to visit go to Moab which is literally a town based on adventure and is the launching point to Arches/Canyonlands parks… Amazing..

    5. Confederates were northerners with fertile land and a prolonged spirit of self-reliance. Culturally they were largely the same, with only a few notable exceptions (e.g. the North believed in economic and political power while the South was more in favor of individual sovereignty).
      To loosely translate a fairly popular Chinese proverb, “All men are born with a good nature. Our natures are the same; our habits diverge.”
      人 之 初 ,
      性 本 善 。
      性 相 近 ,
      习 相 远 。

      1. & General Sherman predicted the outcome of such a war before it even began, waged it like a prodigy, and carried on.

    6. The south is the poorest/most obese region of the USA & more or less an embarrassment. Just sayin’ dewd!

  4. Perhaps Americans are now eating the sour fruit of late Capitalism? Maybe Americans have realised that the game isn’t worth the candle?

      1. Americans strike me as being a profoundly restless and permanently unsatisfied people.

        1. I’m sorry I wasn’t listening.
          Too busy pacing around and envying my neighbor’s stuff.
          So you were saying you don’t have a boyfriend?

        2. Dude, don’t listen to him, it doesn’t matter. Just keep stalking her and eventually something might happen.

    1. I was wondering about the term late Capitalism. I’ve been hearing it lately and I thought it was an outdated Marxist term, and it is, but Wikipedia tells me its been resurrected:
      “According to a 2017 article in The Atlantic, the term “late capitalism” is again in vogue to describe the modern economy.[21]
      The term had entered mainstream discourse in the United States, albeit
      with a semantic change or ironic twist. “Late capitalism”, as it became
      commonly used, has become a catch-all term for various incidents that
      express capitalism’s distortions, and it is often used in critique and
      satire. In this usage, there is also a sense that contemporary
      capitalism cannot go on like it does forever.”
      That’s a bummer.

      1. Its stupid because it suggests that capitalism has an absolute expiration date, that somehow its a ‘phase’. Same eggheads say the same thing about everything we might deign to call ‘traditional’.

        1. I think it is not so much Marxism that bastardizes late capitalism but rather the death of ethics.
          Capitalism reflects nature – there are strong and weak, big and small, predators and prey. Ethics is a key factor differentiating mankind from the beasts – we perceive right and wrong and act not necessarily according to our own interests, but also to the interests of others.
          We have allowed for law to take the place of ethics, and as such we have returned to the more primitive (and destructive) state of beasts in the economic world. This has produced a lapse of long-term thinking and unholy amounts of destructive acts that benefit a small group in the short term.

      1. Bad idea, she’s fat, like sit around the house fat, like all the way around the house fat.

  5. We can tell that our elites don’t find American-style libertarians threatening. Otherwise they would send mobs to gatherings of libertarians to pepper-spray them, hit them with bicycle locks on chains, throw bottles of urine at them and so forth.
    And right afterwards our elites would assign their cyberwarriors to shut down libertarians’ websites.

    1. Well duh libertarians don’t have the numbers. We are too few to have the elites’ concern

        1. Yea but their actions speak louder than their words. Also pretty much anyone with a die hard conservative view point is considered a white nationalist according to the media.

      1. by their nature, they want to do their own thing and want to let others do the same. Not exactly the mindset needed to overpower standing governments and force people into their power structure.

  6. I have a migration theory that wherever a number of people migrant for greener pastures, they tend to do better than their predecessors. Case in point, the very first migrants from Africa going to Europe then when those cavemen got obliterated by sheer numbers by stronger Africans they moved to the Middle East and so forth.
    The ones on top of the physical spectrum didn’t have to leave the continent of Africa due to them already winning physicality and therefore having greater access to food and others. The ones that left were the ones who couldn’t compete physically therefore looked for better opportunities and they went onto Europe where they had to adapt to an environment that is foreign to them therefore increasing their industriousness.
    When the original Africans got too big, overpopulated the weaker ones went up to Europe and took everything from the previous generation, then the children of those went eastward for greener pastures. And the cycle keeps on going.
    America now is that land where it’s pretty much the end for us, we have nowhere to go for more challenges and opportunities.
    Back to my original point they tend to do better than the generation before because they had no choice but to be better. It’s the constant monkey on the back type of pressure to not only survive but be better.
    Unfortunately there’s really nowhere to go for us but decay.

    1. There is always the frontier of Space. I was hoping we’d be farther along in this regard. I’d volunteer for the off-world colonies in a second.

        1. Because it’s “important” that a tribesman in an African village with a smartphone can stimulate your anus from the other side of the world.

  7. The american spirit is still alive…the European spirit is still alive…Western spirit is still alive…This video proves it. One of the most beautiful things i saw on recent years. Courage, honor, respect for ones culture and history. We are going to win this war. Fire and fury brothers, fire and fury!

  8. Whenever somebody says something about the American Spirit I think of the speech to the troops in the beginning scene of “Patton”.
    Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser!

  9. Glad someone called out MkUltra. I have seen it with my own eyes – and it explains a lot.

      1. I probably shouldn’t online, and it is an in depth account – But I witnessed it at an “art” gallery which was actually a cult. Luckily I had read about MkUltra and saw what was happening and removed myself from the situation. It confirmed many things for me, but also left many things unanswered.

        1. Could you tell me by email if you want to keep it private?
          [email protected] dot com.
          Just remove the “…”, line breaks, and rewrite the name of the mail provider. 😉

  10. The American Spirit is white. Why is that? Because America is historical and culturally a white European country. Up until the 60’s blacks were cast off to the side(where they belong) and whites rightfully had control over politics and culture. Because of that our country thrived and it is only until recent that our country has floundered because of diversity and multiculturalism

    1. But blacks worked in our space program and got our rockets to the moon! Hollywood says so.

      1. Wait till the Wright brothers movie is made. I bet you didn’t know Orville was black, both were Muslims, and their sister Katherine actually designed and flew the plane.

      2. Chimpanzees did more for the Space program than they did. Do they get any recognition for that?

  11. Our womenfolk (and menfolk, who am I kidding) have decided that, if they cannot be the greatest in terms of attainment, they will attain the greatest size.

  12. If you guys want to see more footage from the Charlottesville event, this video by VICE is good. VICE is mostly crap, but the interviewer did a good job here of just letting people from both sides speak without interruption, and not explicitly pushing an agenda.

      1. U thought the interviewees were actors?
        I realized that guy at the end Chris Cantwell is a poser so maybe you’re right.

        1. Clark, thought id give Vice a look as well when it came about, this is one “show” i actually sat through…
          i watched a doco on Vice the other day about the racial devide in Memphis TN, between poor black and rich white people, hosted by Ross Kemp of “Ross Kemp On…?” fame, and he interviewed both black Americans & whites from Memphis (mainly blacks though) and the one thing that was prevalent the whole doco was “its white America”.
          He went and interviewed the gang banger thugs who were “forced” to drop out of school and get a 9mm, hold it side ways like Ice Cube and say “check yourself fool” as they peddle Methamphetamine all day while getting shot 10 times 50 cent style, all the thugs blamed whitey.
          then he did something that surprised me, he went and interviewed church going elder black American men, and what they said was darn nigh poetry, what they said echoes alot of what is said here, the breakdown of the family & patriarchy, the lack of fathers being there to show these young men how to behave in a civilized manner, the rise of solo mothers who dont have a clue how to raise young men, and the black community was at fault NOT white people, it was all laid out and black and white (there’s a pun there i guess)
          and do you know what Ross Kemp said in his closing thoughts?
          he basically ignored what the senior African American gents had told him about the roots of the problems, and just blamed “good ol’ whitey”
          so my take on the Vice TV channel is, same old liberal leftist programming just sporting a Converse Chuck Taylor, tight black hipster jeans, Neil Young/Al Borlan flannel shirt, neck beard clutching an Apple Iphone image,
          ie nothing new under the sun.
          for the record : maybe someone who lives in Memphis TN can chime in on this?

        2. The same thing can happen to us.
          As much as I do think Jews are pushing hyper-liberalism through media, academia, business, and government, the fact is that we and our women in most cases have accepted the degeneracy.
          I’m glad to hear that some God-fearing black folk are aware of what’s going on and see that the solution lies within themselves, but it is painful to be intelligent these days.

        3. Those black people don’t have a voice. They are constantly ignored because it doesn’t fit the narrative of being “whitey’s fault.”
          These are the black people I have sympathy for. Having to witness the destruction of their communities and people because they don’t fit the White Liberal’s adopted Jewish narrative. Black people are simply tools to be used and discarded while they chant slogans about rights and equality.
          They’ll never truly allow these Conservative Black Americans to stand on their own and regain their communities and families. To do so means Liberals lose power and influence.

      2. Remember when liberals just showed up to fight the cops? Why not just let them do that again? They looked like clowns on TV

  13. I’d like to get this term into circulation to see if it catches on: The Alt Right promotes a policy of “reversity.”

  14. I don’t get where capitalism is “white”? The Constitution too? It reeks of insane libs calling everyone and everything racist. Sure beats thinking

    1. An economy can not exist without Capitalism. It either is free market Capitalism, where everyone is free to enter into the market. Or it is monopolistic Capitalism, where the socialist/communist party and their cronies are the sole business profiteers.

  15. LOL dude you’ve only been here for 5 years according to your profile. I don’t think your in the best position to judge what the american spirit is really about. Furthermore the notion of what the american spirit is different all across the country. America is a very diverse nation, we might not be speaking completely different languages but you’ll basically feel like your in a different country moving from one state to another. Heck I feel like that when I’m going from one part of NY to another.

  16. The American spirit is pretty simply defined as opportunity. As shitty as things have gotten, there is still more opportunity here than anywhere else in the world. It’s just a shame that most of the modern immigrants don’t see it that way and instead see it as the land of entitlements.

    1. god god man!
      what is this protest/pic about btw?
      driving all the evil devil patriarchal white men out of the gynecology and obstetrician fields?

      1. Protest against evil rapist patriarchy, of course ?? & daring some men to put their hands on her vagina ?? Having wet dreams ??

        1. ha, yeah thought as much.
          but for the record, the one on the right is a man … right?

  17. Interesting perspective. I read Coming Apart in 2013, it is relevant for understanding contemporary American history.
    In Hindu teachings, the four goals are dharma, kama, artha and moksha. Although artha, worldly success, has been a predominant element in America since its foundation, the family life has largely withered away the 1960s onward. Also dharma and moksha have been neglected. Only hedonism, consumerism and petty politics remain for the large share.

  18. Of course the American Spirit exists. It is why the left is doing its best to eradicate it.

  19. All Empires eventually are overcome and collapse due to their own hubris, this is no different, no matter how much we wish otherwise. Its already rotten from within from corruption and traitors. the greatest disappointment that I see it any hopes for my kids future is completely shot because of these corrupt scum in government, media, and of course the activities of the self serving and anarchistic nihilist traitors who burn shit down for the sake of seeing the flames. Oh well, inevitability was never meant to be anything but hugely bitter tasting.

  20. Yes the American Spirit exists at least as far as the Rural Parts of our country and some parts of the suburbs at concerned. You will find the American Spirit in the farms and small towns and small cities of this country.

  21. Steve Bannon is gone, he is the mastermind behind the nationalist ideology of Trump. The remaining key White House staff, Cohn, Kushner, Mnuchin, Tillerson, and Ross, are all globalists. Bannon himself said the Trump Presidency that people fought for is over. Now Trump is a standard RINO, he is going to be ousted in 2020 if he does not resign early. Its over.

  22. The period between 1900 and 2000 was easily the gilded Golden Age of American life. The 21st century hasn’t been kind to America and also to Europe. All the pundits have been calling this an Asian century, I believe that, all the Asian nations are becoming richer and more prosperous, their peoples are more confident, far more than in the 20th Century.

  23. I’m afraid that you miss the point of Liberty Enlightening the World. Those huddled masses yearning to be free does not mean welfare masses who will come here and depend on the hard working. It means people yearning to be free of the decadence of other societies so that they can have the OPPORTUNITY to aspire to something better. The American dream is that is if you are industrious, you can fulfill your destiny, something Europe has never really attained to. Those huddled masses want their manifest destiny. If you think the FF envisioned a forever white America, you are mistaken. Most lived with a mixed society of free and enslaved blacks and even the Virginians among them realized that one day slavery would have to be dealt with. The Know-Nothings envisioned a WASP America. Guess what happened to them? We should never cease to be a land of immigrants; but we do need to cease being a land of free-loaders.

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