A Police Officer Shares His Personal Experiences With False Rape Claims


It seems that there has been a lot of attention in the mainstream media these past few weeks regarding—how do I put this delicately—less than credible rape allegations. Between the recent Bill Cosby allegations, the Lena Dunham claim, the Lady GaGa claim, and the Rolling Stone UVA frat rape story falling apart, the topic of rape–and false rape–has recently captured the headlines.

Now the issue of false rape allegations is nothing new to those of us in the manosphere, but as we all know, this topic will never be covered fairly or accurately by the liberal mainstream media. Therefore, it is our duty in the manosphere to continue to bring attention to this issue, as well as to educate other men out there about the dangerous cultural climate in which we are living. As such, I would like to offer my own insights and experience with this particular issue, based on a decade in law enforcement.

Before I begin though, I’d like to state that REAL rape is a terrible and inexcusable crime, and any traditionally masculine and honorable law-abiding man should agree with this statement. Real rapes can and do occur, and they should be investigated and punished accordingly. There is no excuse for forcible non-consensual sexual activity. With that caveat out of the way, this article is not about real rape or sexual assault, but rather my insight and experience with false allegations.


I have a good friend to thank for being the first one to open my eyes to what would eventually become an epidemic over the next two decades, and for perhaps feeding me my first dose of the “red pill” (and also for introducing me to the Canadian “Space Moose” comics, which so aptly made fun of the feminist movement on college campuses back in the late 90s). Prior to a conversation with this friend back during our freshman year of college, I had never heard or even thought about the issue of false rape claims. Despite having always been politically conservative, I had still been completely “blue” to that reality until then.

I don’t recall exactly how we got on the topic, but I distinctly remember discussing with him how easily a girl could cry rape in college, and how liberals and feminists were expanding and redefining the definitions of “rape” and “sexual assault.”  We talked about how self-reported surveys were then subliminally leading women into believing that they were victims of rape because of these expanded definitions, thereby skewing any real and meaningful statistical data.  We also discussed how rape and sexual assault, as legal definitions and criminal statutes, had essentially been hijacked and expanded by the feminist rape movement to basically include any kind of awkward, drunken, or regrettable consensual sexual encounter. 

We went on to discuss various scenarios, like how a girl can go to a bar or a party, get black-out drunk, have irresponsible but consensual drunken sex, and then claim that she was “roofied” or drugged when she can’t remember anything the next morning. We discussed how today, any kind of awkward but well-meaning sexual advance, any consensual hook-up that is regretted weeks later, any consensual drunken hook-up, any irresponsible but consensual sexual encounter, and basically any other kind of benign sexual encounter that somehow makes a girl feel uncomfortable or remorseful, can now constitute rape or sexual assault in the minds of feminists and brainwashed college girls. 

Hell, we even discussed how unintentionally making a girl feel uncomfortable or “creeped out” without even coming on to her can now be construed as sexual harassment or stalking in the minds of a brainwashed college girl.                     

After that conversation with my friend, all of the other liberal brainwashing about “rape” and “rape culture” on campus started coming into context, and began making sense to me. All of the lectures and propaganda about the extremely dubious statistic of “1 in 4,” or that traditional masculinity and college football promotes the “rape culture” on campus, or that college fraternities are nothing more than “rape factories,” as well as the fervor of the “take back the night” movement, were all put into their appropriate context, thanks to that conversation with my friend.    

Throughout my college years in the Marxist humanities department, or as I jokingly liked to say, the college of humanism and secular socialism, I was able to read between the lines and see the ulterior motives of the “rape” movement. I had always been skilled at rhetorically and intellectually picking apart and destroying progressive ideology, but now thanks to my friend, I was also intellectually aware of the feminist rape movement. 

I can distinctly recall a specific debate that I had with a female student in a sociology class, while we were discussing the topic of date rape and frat parties.  The specific premise that we were discussing was how frat parties were designed and intended solely to get girls drunk, and then take advantage of them. I stood up and played devil’s advocate to this premise, and I made the point that if girls know this is true, then why go. 

At that point, an angry female student stood up and essentially stated “what, we’re not allowed to have fun,” while also insinuating that I was somehow “victim blaming” simply for asking why any rational girl would knowingly go to a place that had just five minutes prior been referred to as a “rape factory.”  

This anecdote illustrates the “no responsibility or consequences for actions” mindset that is being instilled in the minds of the college girls. Sure, you can go out and party recklessly all you want, and if something consensual happens while you’re intoxicated, or that you later regret, go ahead and cry foul. Have your cake and eat it too.

Law Enforcement

I made it through college and survived the Marxist brainwashing of my liberal arts major, and went on to become a cop. I work for a large department in a large metro area, but I rarely deal directly with college kids. Therefore, the following experiences do not specifically involve the college crowd, and illustrates how the false rape mindset is no longer confined to just college campuses.  I will again state that real rape and sexual assault is a terrible crime, and I swore an oath to ethically and dutifully investigate these matters, following proper procedures and protocols, and I take that matter seriously.

I will begin with a recent story. A few months ago, we responded to a large house party of kids—late teens and early 20s.  Cars were lining the streets of the neighborhood and drunk kids were stumbling around all over the place, so we had gotten a lot of complaints about it. Multiple officers arrived, and we located the house having the party.

As we were clearing the party—yes, being a buzzkill adult is awful I know—I located an intoxicated male and female engaged in intercourse in a—how shall I say—very less than private location. Both were so intoxicated, that they did not even notice my presence when I asked them what the hell they thought they were doing. I had to physically separate the two, pulling the young man aside while two female officers helped the woman get dressed.

Initially, I was simply going to charge both of them with lewd conduct for their very public display, but while I was dealing with the man, the woman stated to the two female officers that this was a non-consensual encounter, and that she did not know the man.

That statement of course changed everything, and we began the proper procedure for that kind of investigation. We were all extremely skeptical about the matter, due to the blatantly public area in which this occurred, but nevertheless, there are still procedures to follow. The man and woman were both formally questioned, and it turned out that they did in fact know each other, were very good friends, the sex was consensual, and the woman lied because she was cheating on her boyfriend and also did not want to get in trouble with the police. 

The man did not end up getting charged, but unfortunately neither did the woman, a matter which was not in my hands.

This incident brought up a conversation with my supervisors a few days later. We were discussing the topic of false rape claims, and all of us were racking our brains trying to think of one incident that we could recall of an adult rape claim being real. This was a combined total of roughly 50 years of law enforcement experience, both patrol and investigations, and between us we could only think of one example involving adults off the top of our heads. 

Sadly, we could all recall plenty of real abuse and molestation cases involving children, but few with adults. This is again not to say that they have not happened, just that the actual crime of forcible rape in our experience was extremely rare. What did however stand out in our minds, were the many instances of claims that turned out to be blatantly false. I have also spoken with many female officers and detectives on this issue, and they also have very similar experiences. 

In my experience, I have investigated many different rape cases that ultimately turned out to be false, with some common reasons behind the initial claim.  I have seen multiple instances of a girl claiming rape after she was caught, or about to be caught, cheating on a boyfriend. 

I have seen a girl cry rape to avoid getting in trouble for being out past her curfew, which would have violated her probation. 

I have seen a girl from a religious ethnicity claim rape after getting pregnant through consensual sex, in an attempt to avoid the stigma of an out-of-wedlock pregnancy. 

I have investigated the rape claim of a girl at a house party, which ultimately turned out to be nothing more than regrettable drunken party sex.

And finally, I have seen multiple examples of false claims stemming from mental illness, psychosis, and delusions on the part of the woman, with various motivations behind such claims. In my experience, I can personally attest to many of the examples listed in the A Voice For Men article “13 reasons women lie about rape”. 

The overwhelming majority of these cases ended with an admission of lying on the part of the victim, after her story fell apart under standard questioning and scrutiny. Others, much like the Lena Dunham claim, end with the victim refusing to admit that she is lying when confronted with scrutiny, but ultimately choosing not to pursue prosecution, and requesting to discontinue the investigation. Other cases fall apart once it is clear that the victim is psychotic, her story is not credible, and there is no probable cause to charge. A very small percentage of these cases end simply because there is no evidence or probable cause to arrest and charge. 

The good news is that in my experience, I have not seen a man wrongfully charged. This is not to say that it can’t happen—because we all know that it can—but generally police and investigators are intelligent and ethical enough to sort through the interviews, the evidence, and ultimately the PC for a charge. 

Regardless of your opinion on the police, we are not intentionally looking to charge an innocent man if there is absolutely no evidence to do so. We want to find the truth. Yes, it can happen, and it is a great injustice to us all if it does, but it is not the norm or intentional. Ideally, the system is designed to allow some guilty to go free, if that adds greater protection to ensure that the innocent are not convicted.  

Yet sometimes it is not up to the police, as we saw with the Duke Lacrosse case. Sometimes an overzealous DA can pursue a false case simply for his own political gain. It is for this exact reason that we must educate men on this issue.

Another unfortunate reality is that the false accusers are also rarely charged. Rarely do they suffer a consequence for their false allegations. The reasons behind this are obvious, and stem from political pressure and the politically correct notion that we must not intimidate real victims from coming forward. 

I can say wholeheartedly that I disagree with this, but it goes way above my head. Sickeningly, you have people such as Zerlina Maxwell advocating that the word of rape accusers should automatically be taken as truth. I’m sorry Zerlina, but we still have something called due process, evidence, and probable cause.  If she is concerned with the authorities being skeptical of rape accusers, there is no one to blame but the false accusers crying wolf. They are the ones who have forced many of us, not only law enforcement, to question the validity of such accusations.

Putting It All together

With the feminist false rape narrative once primarily attributed to college campuses now spilling out into the general public, what is the intended purpose behind this culture script? Perhaps the main motivation is to continue to promote the false narrative of an epidemic of women being victimized.

By continuing to perpetuate that women are helpless victims, feminists and various other social justice warrior activists can continue to request money, government funding, and federal grants for their various centers, organizations, and non-profits. Another key reason is that feminists can continue to redefine—i.e. kill—traditional masculinity, by deeming it barbaric, dangerous, and threatening towards women, in that it produces the “rape culture.”

Ironically, these are some of the same feminists and progressives that are teaching and encouraging young women in college to go out and explore their sexuality without inhibition, and to be promiscuous. They are teaching lectures and seminars on how to have better sex, while passing out condoms and sex toys to students, all the while continuing to expand and redefine the act of rape if this exploration ever becomes uncomfortable or regrettable. 

They are encouraging young girls to “hook up,”, while referring to men’s promiscuity as “rape culture.” Now I am in no way implying that anyone ever deserves to be raped, nor am I implying that non-consent is ever justified because “she was asking for it,” but I am simply pointing out the blatant double standard that feminists are promoting. 

We are ultimately creating n environment where women no longer have to feel responsible for their actions. Instead, they are being encouraged to go out and have irresponsible casual sex, but also to cry rape if they regret it later. Take it from me—I’ve seen it firsthand.

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  1. The worst part is that women will lie about rape and sexual assault to cover up the most mundane things. Such as, not wanting to pay a $13 cab fare and not wanting to get in trouble for missing her curfew. Other examples are not wanting her fiance to know she volunteered for a gangbang or simply to get back at her ex. The falsely accused have even been murdered by people who believed the female. If you want to know why we should always remain skeptical in these cases, it’s because of incidence like these. Otherwise, our legal system is simply the 21st century version of the Salem Witch Trails.

  2. False rape accusers should receive the same sentence the would-be rapist would have received PLUS be forced to pay damages. Watch false accusations dwindle overnight.
    Of course, this would require that women face the consequences of their actions. Never happen in this vaginal society.

    1. A proper sentence for a false rape acccusation would be rape. Shit if you want to be a rape victim so bad, be a fucking rape victim!

      1. Let the judge select the partner from our overcrowded prison population, eh?
        Modern rape claims are just that, women regretting their decision. If they want the law to be involved with their sexual choices when it doesn’t go well for them, we might as well have sitting judges pick out partners for them.

      2. Yeah. I say put the false accuser in a cell block of hardened convicts and let nature take it’s course.

      1. She only got six years… That’s shameful. She should have got whatever the punishment is for murder + the punishment for rape added together.

      2. THAT is a very good idea. There should be a pathological liar list or something like that. That would force them to tell everyone they meet that they are a pathological liar.

    2. While I understand the motivation behind that idea, I do not think it is a good one. Like the poster said, the majority of these claims end in an admission of lying. Women make these claims because they are irrational creatures, more or less being tossed about by the currents of whatever emotional state they are experiencing at the time. It is very easy for a woman to make such a claim in the heat of the moment, however, if she then believes that the consequences of recanting her accusation are a lengthy period of incarceration I believe she will be far less likely to admit that she made the whole thing up. I don’t think that is good for the falsely accused man.
      That said, in situations where the man has actually been convicted and it later turns out that the woman was lying I think she should suffer extreme legal sanctions.

      1. Admissions could go to sentencing. I.e. you may be convicted but get a light sentence if you admitted to it.
        Likewise, about the whole deterrent factor that prosecuting fals accusers would have on real rape victims, if the crime of false rape claim was prosecuted to the standard of beyond reasonable doubt, then a he said she said instance would never reach that standard just like in rape cases, but say, video evidence of the whole act going down with her enjoying it would.
        The standard of beyond reasonable doubt would protect the innocent and punish the guilty. But feminists don’t want bad women punished, feminism is all about giving bad women the power to fuck over good men.

        1. I dont agree with false rape claims and agree that the woman should be punished accordingly, but just because she appears to enjoy it does not mean it isnt rape its not totally black and white

    3. That is at least one thing the bible got right. It is stipulated in the laws of Moses that the accuser must face the same sentence as the accused would have should he have been found guilty.

  3. “As we were clearing the party—yes, being a buzzkill adult is awful I know—I located an intoxicated male and female engaged in intercourse in a—how shall I say—very less than private location. Both were so intoxicated, that they did not even notice my presence when I asked them what the hell they thought they were doing. I had to physically separate the two, pulling the young man aside while two female officers helped the woman get dressed.”
    Officer Cockblock! 😀

    1. Damn, the shit you put up through man. Deep respect to those of you who clean up society’s shit so we other people can lie to ourselves that everything’s ok.
      A brandy and a sincere cuban cigar for the gentleman !

  4. I’ve told this story here before but given the context, I think it bears repeating:
    “Back in the day,” a friend of mine was accused of rape by a girl who lived in his building. My buddy got off on treating girls like dirt so he kicked her out of his apartment, half-naked, with cum dripping from her face and never talked to her again.
    Unfortunately, she didn’t handle this as well as one would expect because she told every one she/we knew (including his boss and co-workers) he had raped her.
    The only reason he wasn’t fired from his job, ostracized from our social circles and arrested was because I was able to vouch for him. How was I able to vouch for him you ask?
    Because I was there and witnessed the entire thing.
    In fact, she had begged me to join. Initially, she wanted him to fuck her face while I fucked her in the ass (her words) and a bunch of other kinky shit. Something about her felt off so I opted to kick back, nurse a bottle of scotch and watch my buddy go to town.
    That said, the best advice I can give to young men, especially those attending liberal (read: Marxist) colleges or residing in Liberal cesspool/metro areas; Trust you gut.
    If she seems like the type to file a false Rape charge, chances are she is. Secondly, don’t bang sloppy drunk bitches (who are disgusting and deserving of their own article) and if at all possible, record your pre- and post- sex acts.
    Short of coddling and cosseting women like children, that’s the only way a man can hope to cover his ass.

    1. I propose a more drastic measure that achieves two purposes at once.
      Don’t fuck feminist sluts. Hell, don’t fuck any girl that doesn’t deserve a good time. It makes life easier.

    2. Gotta ask, why do you think she failed to accuse you too? You’d have been hard pressed to deny involvement if she’d pushed for it.

    3. I remember this story ! Helped me construct a more realistic shape of a true female image. 70% of girls are like that = sluts to use. 28 % are women that are not sluts, but will use you to some degree and there’s the 2%, the rare flowers that once you touch follow only you and you alone. We still have ground to cover with the 70% & the 28% only after we’ve covered everything there’s to cover with those bad examples, may we try & touch the subject of the 2%.

  5. Great fucking article. I wish you could get this published somewhere other than here, seeing as how this site is considered despicable by much of society.
    I’m just thinking about how anything that the National Review, for example, writes is brushed off times 1000 by the left no matter how good the argument (see George Will’s recent comments on rape.)

        1. Good point.
          He needs to submit this as an Op-ed. How about Rolling Stone for starters? A lot of them will refuse to print it but someone’s sure to post it because they’ll think its good clickbait.

      1. Who controls the British crown? Who keeps the metric system down? We do, we do!
        Who keeps Atlantis off the maps? Who keeps the Martians under wraps? We do, we do!
        Who holds back the electric car? Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star? We do, we do!
        Who robs cavefish of their sight? Who rigs every Oscar night? We do, we do, we do!

    1. It’s sad to see people no longer using good old fashion common sense (no matter the person or party).
      It used to be pretty clear that if it was raining outside….then it was raining outside. Today, there is a spin on it (and everything).
      Common sense….gone.

    2. “I’m just thinking about how anything that the National Review, for
      example, writes is brushed off times 1000 by the left no matter how good
      the argument”
      And it always will be since such individuals practice their political ideology as one would a religious cult, quite frankly.

  6. Women lie when it suits their purposes you say? That can’t be true, because some women told me it wasn’t true.

  7. I always think of Mike Tyson when I hear more about the false rape claims. He dissed her after consensual sex and spent years in jail for it.

    1. i think rape is a terrible thing, but i must admit if i was in his shoes and was falsely accused and convicted of rape i would make sure she wouldn’t survive the ordeal..once again i stress that this would be under the circumstances i was totally innocent and it was a false claim.

      1. Just killing her makes it too easy. Someone destroys my life? I’ll make him/her suffer through a 1000 hells.

  8. Nothing like personal experience to trump BS statistics. Not arresting false rape accusers is stupid because that person is more like the rapist (commiting a crime that harms someone) than the victim of rape. But as we’ve seen feminists use the rule-Would men want it? and decide the opposite. Would men want false rape accusers arrested? Yes, so feminists oppose it.

  9. Rape has actually gone down 85% in der last 35 years, 50% alone in the last 10 years. The feminists are loosing ground for their victim abo. It threatens their very existence as a group and the louder they will cry. It is kind a race to the bottom until it collapses.

    1. and a very high proportion of rapists now seem to be made up of immigrant stock – muslim, black etc. so the number of whites guilty of rape is very small indeed.

      1. @ 2:20 for the case of sweden you are refering to. Keep in mind Sweden has a very broad view of rape. Like consensual sex without condom is rape. And Im assuming its these migrants that get busted with “rape” with swedish women just didnt know how the law worked there while their men do.
        And weve only heard these stories from Norway and Sweden and no where else aside from the 2 incidents in uk but that be nit picking like Farah Noor Adams being killed and raped on the street by a scotsman.
        If we are to here an overrepesentation of rape in europe, it should be france where their presnece is largest and where the women are smaller compared to the viking women.

      2. yeah, check out the gunman who took the hostages in sydney.
        muslim spritual leader – 40 counts of sexual assault

  10. What really makes me angry, that the feminists make the most noise in countries, where men are the most gentle in the world. I checked today a map of rape cases around the world. There was a big, red band starting from africa all over to south east asia. Europe and US where green and yellow at max.

    1. And why does it make you angry? Is there some moral law of the universe which mandates that you are to accept your lot as long as there’s a significant number of people who have it worse than you in that regard?

  11. AB Nihilist, you’re from counterorder.com aren’t you? Freydis had some good stuff on there, haven’t been there in awhile.

  12. I have seen a girl from a religious ethnicity claim rape after getting pregnant through consensual sex, in an attempt to avoid the stigma of an out-of-wedlock pregnancy.

    She should have tried the “God impregnated me” excuse. Might have resulted in a new religion.

  13. I’d like to quote my most favourite American politician.
    “I’m more concerned with bad guys who got out and released than I am with a few that, in fact, were innocent.”
    Yours truly,
    Dick Cheney

    1. Yes, Pol Pot and even Bismarck made similar remarks. Most authoritarian regimes hate the presumption of innocence.

      1. Nothing like an educated lover of liberty to turn back the tide of feminized shemales.
        Thank you for coming out daily to fight the good fight.

    2. I wrote an article on my site about why I despise the establishment Republicans, this just furthers that.
      A judge who taught a criminal law class I took back in college summed it up well with a Venn diagram representing the criminal justice system. Ideally, the the circle is shaded to protect all innocent men, but that means that some guilty will inevitably go free as well. As opposed to shading the circle of punishing all guilty, which may mean that some innocent men are wrongfully convicted. We all know the system is not perfect, Ill be the first to admit that, but as a libertarian I fully believe that it is a greater tragedy to punish the innocent, than to allow some guilty to go free.

      1. The saying goes, “It’s better that 1,000 guilty men go free, than 1 innocent man be imprisoned.”

        1. Ten guilty men, not 1,000. Which is probably appropriate since close on 1 in 10 rape claims is false, according to the FBI’s stats.

      2. You’d probably like the way John Adams formulated the reasons for the presumption of innocence: it’s a way to actually keep society from going completely off the rails, because if you don’t presume innocence, you provide no incentive for innocent people to obey the law – “It matters not whether I behave well or ill, for virtue itself is no protection.”

  14. I wish more cops and institutions follow your philosophy
    However this quote got me “but generally police and investigators are intelligent and ethical enough to sort through the interviews, the evidence, and ultimately the PC for a charge”
    I beg to differ
    A good friend of mine that I’ve known as a toddler was thrown in jail by a femcunt that screamed rape. I commented on ABC news about how women falsely accuse men of rape and this bitch had the audacity to find me on Facebook and message me it was “real” but when I asked her what happened 0 response. The young man was going to be a doctor who was working nigh time shift as a cab-driver to help pay for his school…he ended up getting a drunk bitch that didn’t pay for her fare and ran off into the streets and when confronted by the gentlemen she called rape…and of course a white-knight beta bystander heard the commotion and sided with her.. He is now 10 years in jail with his dreams of becoming a doctor; saving lives- crushed. Congratulations femcunts for destroying another innocent mans life
    –ps he was a churchboy last I recall a virgin too (seriously)

  15. I honestly could never see proof beyond a reasonable doubt in a rape case unless it was on video or something. All these stories are enough to introduce reasonable doubt.

  16. good read.
    the defintion of rape by feminsits n sjws arent the only things that changed. therms “crime of passion” and “honor killing” has also been redifined to make women the sole and helpless victims. like the old definition of honor killing in pakistan was 38% male even though males are 2-3x more likely to be assaulted n killed. now its redifined even more for their advantage for example.
    really those are ego killings. you offend the family by being rebellious you will be punished(crime of passion n honor killing).
    really not different then other crimes but these coined defintions carry much stigma yhey make you guilty then innocent in court.
    that bit of religious ethnicities that cry rape so they dont get ostercized by family is why i dont fuck with indian,middle eastern and muslim groups(being 1 myself). they will do anything to save face and not worth touching.
    you can get into trouble with their family lookin for blood and thr law all cause she claims to fear for her life. grow up and own up to your mistakes is impossible to tell those princesses.

  17. A woman making a false rape claim can potentially destroy a mans livelihood an break apart his family not to mention have him locked up. A woman proven to have made a false rape claim should be given the same sentence as an actual rapist an be forced to pay some sort of compensation to the man she accused for the mental stress would have endured. But in the femnazi west I can’t see that happening.

  18. “This incident brought up a conversation with my supervisors a few days later. We were discussing the topic of false rape claims, and all of us were racking our brains trying to think of one incident that we could recall of an adult rape claim being real. This was a combined total of roughly 50 years of law enforcement experience, both patrol and investigations, and between us we could only think of one example involving adults off the top of our heads. ”
    I’ve been saying this for years. “Real rape” with women as the victims is an extremely rare crime. I believe that there are more men “real raped” than women, perhaps by a huge margin (because of the prison system; if a guy winds up there, in the eyes of society, he deserves to be raped. Which should tell you all you need to know about our society).
    The only way to make rape a crisis is to redefine it. Make “drunk and regret” into rape and suddenly you have an explosion of “rape” cases.
    Rape, frankly, is primarily a male issue. Women can’t stand that, so they make it into something about them. Which isn’t to say that women aren’t raped, I know they are, and it’s a terrible crime when it happens. However, it’s about as rare as being hit by a fucking train; it’s a non-issue in the grand scheme of the other horrible shit that people do out there that are actually committed with dramatically more frequency. You mentioned that in your 50 years combined experience you’ve seen one real rape case. How many murders? How many horrible assaults? How many shootings? These are real crimes, and they deserve to have the police focus their efforts on finding the perps and bringing them to justice. Instead, you guys are out having your chains yanked around by women who are afraid their boyfriend will find out they are a slut; that’s a criminal waste of resources. It’s a waste of time for our society to focus so much effort on trying to “stamp out” the tiny number of real rape cases that are out there; IMHO, people are predisposed to crimes like this and there’s not much that you are going to do to stop it (other than arrest people who do it and throw away the key).

  19. Congrats, feminists. You have blown it.
    I was having drinks last week with a couple of buddies. All three of us are rational men of a certain age, successful in our fields, experienced with life and women (in fact myself and another are both widowers). We are not “misogynists living in our mom’s basement.” We are men who are invested in a functioning American society. We generally believe in the necessity for government and the rule of law, have assets and investments etc.
    Somebody brought up the uva Rolling Stone article and we each within 10 seconds of each other said it was made up bullshit and that we don’t believe any accusation of rape made through the media anymore. Enough is enough. The narrative has been stretched to the breaking point.
    It’s my belief that these false accusations are being recognized and processed by men (and honest women) within the mainstream. More and more simply don’t buy this stuff anymore. It’s an extraordinary accomplishment; accusations of a crime that every society in the history of the world has condemned with severe punishment are rapidly becoming not at all credible. Amazing.
    Cue Robert DeNiro in Copland…”YOU BLEW IT!!!!”

  20. Great article and as an individual you seem like a good guy who’s on side. Now here’s the problem; the police are the armed faction of the matrix. At some point you guys have to start doing the right thing. Remember; aged Nazis are hunted down and arrested and can’t use the excuse “I was just following orders”

  21. Recently here in germany also happened a false rape accusation which got a lot of attention in the news.
    A woman from switzerland accused a very famous german comedian/actor (Karl Dall) for rape.
    Karl Dall got arrested instantly and put in jail for 4 days.But the judge didnt believe that woman and therefore he got acquitted.He will also get € 56000 for Compensation for damages.

  22. If one in 4 women really are being raped on campus, then rape culture needs to end. I suggest the following fixes:
    1. Fire all university presidents, administrators, and teaching professors (Why? They are creating a rape environment).
    2. Send all men to male only institutions ( Why? So they can’t rape women duh)
    3. Find someplace safe(er) for educating women where they will not be raped.
    I suggest the African Congo. The place gets bad rep from Boko Haram, but the rape rate there is only 11%. That is less than half of what is happening to American women on campuses! (Disagree with this and you are in favor of tens or hundreds of thousands of additional rapes).

  23. Again, thanks!! Nothing was more important to me than my reputation!  Now a penniless, destroyed, dethroned college professor from a vindictive, malicious liar ( https://vid.me/Gyx).
    Thanks for bringing to light that women DO IN FACT LIE about rape. And in my case it turns out she’s involved in a series of shady accusations. Even with actual 911 calls and proof ( audio ) posted here at this link, https://vid.me/Gyx , yet STILL the falsely accused find their career’s are ruined, “no one wants to risk liability or to deal with it,” or, “it’s too complicated,” – but the extortionist mugshot.com image readily Googled, tells a flat-out wrong but simple enough story for everyone. My colleague said it’s like you stepped in ” [email protected]” and no one wants to be around you anymore.” The falsely accused are tarred and feathered “He’s a Witch” EVEN with hard proof. It’s a modern day Salem witch hunt!
    Barton “Bart” James Christner
    Lost are my 20 years tireless efforts, Both BS and MFA degrees, significant community service, a textbook published “DIGITAL MEDIA: A VISUAL ENCYCLOPEDIA” years of mentorship, youth development, I worked directly for the President of Dicks Sporting Goods, President of Daytona State College, and President of The Dominican Republic. I had broken off a 6 month dating relationship with “Pamela K. Geldart” to go back to a prior relationship with Carol Giles ( whom I have since happily married) and Ms Geldart had threatened, “No one leaves me!” then she subsequently targeted Commissioner Robert Gilliland ( Google both he and his ex-wife Cindy “steak knife murder” and recent assault mugshot Oct 2014) and she targeted my tenure committee chairman Robert “Bob” Arcuri ( Google he and his wife Jody Arcuri ” murder, drugs, violence – both of them), and lied to them both about me. Mandated reporting, right?! Or Google  John Korchinsky of Delray Beach ( dead), or Ronald Blum of Melbourne ( died – ” suicide” – Aug 12, 2014) or James Geldart ( Ms. Geldart’s ex-husband) all five, all in relationships with Ms. Geldart, these men ALSO reveal mugshots online with domestic violence/rape/assault charges online. STILL the “system” towards Ms. Pam Geldart, despite being caught in multiple false accusations, multiple variations, multiple stories and having created three know fraudulent identities (fake Facebook and Linked In profiles in the name of her falsely accused, as an attempt to falsely implicate him) has faced NO repercussions for this heinous behavior, perjury/lies.

  24. What a great article, and with feminists and the mainstream media downplaying false rape accusations, I think more innocent men will face this in the future, should he get drunk with a woman, they both consent to sex, and she regrets it the next day because she cheated on her boyfriend or a host of other reasons. To me the simple solution is to not get involved with any woman on campus, and if you’re going to date, date outside of campus.

  25. In PA, there’s a social service that rape reports are now submitted through, meaning that law enforcement doesn’t even field the report. Instead, SJWs take the initial report and use their clout to force investigations. I know of 3 current rape cases involving personal acquaintances, only one of which I question the integrity of the man.

  26. Terrific article.
    “And finally, I have seen multiple examples of false claims stemming from mental illness, psychosis, and delusions on the part of the woman, with various motivations behind such claims”
    I had an ex gf show up to my apartment (my roommate let her in). I ended it because I found out she was doing cocaine and had a mental issue she was hiding from me. She assaulted me and destroyed my apartment; broken tv, speakers, furniture. She just started raging. Police show up and she tells them I raped her and gave her AIDS and that she was pregnant. I have them take pictures of my wounds and the bleeding from all her scratches and biting. Long story short. The DA decided not to file charges against her for battery or for destroying my apartment. Good thing is that they dropped the BS rape charge she tried to throw at me. She was just pissed that I ended it with her so this was her way to retaliate. Oh, and then she called my family to tell them “her side of the story”.


    1. You might want to get a new keyboard; you seem to be having problems with the CapsLock key.

  28. The solution is for college men to cut college women off from sex completely. Just don’t do it. If they need to date or have sex with a woman do it with ladies who are not college women. The local Dennis, super market, whatever. There’s a lot of places a guy can go to hook up. The fact is that there’s just too much danger in it now. I feel sorry for college men these days. But that’s just the hard reality of their lives now.

  29. I believe that they once put women to death that spun stories this way; falsely and publicly insulting a man’s honor must have been a grave crime in most of tribal Europe.

  30. I actually think the punishemnt for a false rape claim should be lenient. But only if the accuser retracts her accusation. Otherwise the false victim will have more motivation to maintain her false rape facade.

  31. It’s quite reassuring to know that there is at least one good red pill cop out there somewhere. Even if I don’t live in a large metro area. Is there any way one can identify oneself as a fellow RPer? Kind of like how in the old days when the Freemasons were a good ole boy society, and if you wore the ring into court, the judge would let you off? I’m just looking for a way I could mutually identify to a police that we are both rational, reasonable mature men in a quick manner.

    1. The problem with this is that there would be no sufficient control over who receives that symbol and who doesn’t. Also, the manosphere is not a cult. It encourages men to act and think for themselves, nothing else. Of course, to a certain degree indoctrination may happen, but it is not the purpose of the manosphere itself to commit to such an endeavour.

  32. I had a teammate (baseball) who himself was a false rape victim. One night he went to an apartment consisting of 8 girls living there and ended up fucking one – one who just so happened to have a bf. The bf came over and caught them in the act and promptly beat the shit out of him. The cops arrived for a fight in progress, but the girl cried “rape” to save her bfs ass. Despite the fact her 7 roommates corroborated my teammate’s version of events, he was cuffed and charged with felony rape. Ultimately he had to serve 2 months in jail, 6 yrs probation and spent 10 grand on his defense – all because he made the mistake of sleeping with some cum gulping whore.
    Welcome to liberal feminist america gentlemen…

  33. So in the author’s experience of these numerous false rape allegations, how many real rapes have you experienced in your career?
    Would you estimate the ratio ?
    It would be very interesting to know an estimate of how many of those real cases resulted in a conviction.

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