The Woman Who Posted Her Husband’s ‘Sex Spreadsheet’ Online Did Men Everywhere A Favour

A woman has posted a spreadsheet on Reddit sent to her by her husband detailing her excuses for rejecting him for sex.

sex spreadsheet

Compiled over a month, the excuses range from her prioritizing a Friends re-run over marital intimacy, to consistent references to her feeling too “gross” “sweaty” and “drunk” to make love.

Sounds like a real catch.

The email was sent as the husband set off on a ten-day business trip. He then cut contact with her, causing her to grow incensed and post these most intimate details of their (lack of) a sex life online.

Horrifyingly, both the husband and wife are only 26 years old. They have been together for five years and married for two, with no kids. They own a house together.

The post garnered over 700 comments on Reddit, and the story has been picked up by mainstream media outlets from The Huffington Post to Mail Online.

The wife attempted to justify her emotional betrayal of her partner like this:

Our lives have been crazy busy. We spent all spring renovating our new house. At my job I was given nearly double my usual workload after some of my colleagues were laid off. I gained some weight in the winter and have been busting my a** at the gym to get rid of it.

Yesterday morning, while in a taxi on the way to the airport, husband sends a message to my work email which is connected to my phone.

He’s never done this, we always communicate in person or by text. I open it up, and it’s a sarcastic diatribe basically saying he won’t miss me for the 10 days I’m gone.

Attached is a SPREADSHEET of all the times he has tried to initiate sex since June 1, with a column for my “excuses”, using verbatim quotes of why I didn’t feel like having sex at that very moment.

Without a doubt, tiredness and being busy can occasionally have a detrimental effect on the poon party, but three instances of coitus out of twenty-eight attempts is a sexual desert.
I guess the mainstream response to the story has been predictable enough, but it is depressing to observe the degree to which most commentators have taken the wife’s side and criticized the husband, calling him cruel and harsh. As always, is is the man who is in the wrong. One (female) commentator on Mail Online wrote:

Perhaps she has taken five years of this guy only treating her “special” when he wants sex..? Some men seem to not realize what a turnoff this is. You can’t treat a girl like crap all day long and expect her to want intimacy at day’s end. There is simply no way to satisfy a woman sexually if she is unsatisfied with the rest of the relationship. She may love you enough to put up with it for a while…but she will eventually not be able to fake it anymore.

See how the hamster runs. Without any knowledge of the back story, this writer assumes that the wife has withheld sex as a response to errant behaviour. Sadly, those of us who live on planet earth and interact with women know that sex is far more likely to wither and die in the face of beta supplication than jerkboy aloofness. Do the chores and she won’t drop her drawers. 

The most common response—even from commentators on the Roosh V forum—has been to describe the guy’s strategy as passive aggressive and immature. In my view, words like these are simply shaming tools. Sure, the guy could have “manned up” and spoken to her about the issue—but my bet is that he already had. The spreadsheet feels very much like a last resort, and not one designed, as some have mistakenly deduced, to try to reignite the spark:

If someone had constructed a spreadsheet of reasons why I wouldn’t have sex with them, it would make me instantly want to pounce on their cock and worship them like the god of sex they clearly are. No wait – it would make me feel nauseous and like I didn’t want them anywhere near me. That’s beyond pathetic.

No. My belief is that he judged a spreadsheet to be the clearest and most logical way to delineate his wife’s errant behavior. I don’t suppose for a moment he expected it to cause her to run back to him and begin fellating him. Whether it was a beta move or not is still being debated, but there is something quite compelling, almost Bret Easton Ellis dark triad, in sending a formal analysis of one’s sex life then going incommunicado on a business trip.

Rather than round in on the husband’s supposed immaturity and passive-aggressiveness, people should instead consider the wife’s immaturity, the wife’s passive-aggressiveness. Not only has she willingly and of her own accord made a legal and ethical commitment which her subsequent lack of sexual interest suggests she shouldn’t have made, but she has also chosen to share a private document on the internet. For this she has—bewilderingly—been cheered on by women and manboobs everywhere.

Still, in a way this story has done men a favor. The best creative agency in the world would have been hard-pressed to come up with a more effective advertisement against marriage. Rollo points out that getting hitched is no insulation from the sexual marketplace, and it is a common trope that men need to game their wives. But that’s a hell of a lot of work, and with the sexual rewards potentially so low, and with women being a depreciating asset over time, many guys could be forgiven for choosing not to bother and to remain single, learn game and spin plates instead.

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296 thoughts on “The Woman Who Posted Her Husband’s ‘Sex Spreadsheet’ Online Did Men Everywhere A Favour”

  1. I agree with you thinking its an act of last resort. He treated the sex exchange as a business deal. He sent it to her work email as he was on the way to a business trip. Sounds like a man that had to put it in the clearest possible way with a visual to explain that he just wanted to have sex with his wife.

  2. Dude needs to find a broad who has some better hygiene. Constantly feeling “sweaty” and “gross” huh? Probably because you came back from the gym and slept in our marital bed all night without taking a shower, silly bitch. Combine her admission that she “gained some weight in the winter”, i.e. “I got fat” with being sweaty and gross all the time and you’ve got a surefire way to make any man’s penis soft. Frankly, I don’t know why (or how) this guy spent an entire month trying to bang her.

    1. when I hear women use such words, sometimes a bit awkwardly (as she did of herself), I immediately picture them as the “rulebook” lover…you know, the woman that you dated in your 20s, who was perhaps HOT, even cool, but got weirdly self-conscious about your semen being on her belly (“it’s weird when it dries”), or you 69ing (“I just don’t like you being that close to, ya know, my butthole”); “it’s just, don’t cum in my mouth” and, oh, “you eating me out…well that’s DIFFERENT!”…; “I dunno, I guess I just feel a bit gross about you always wanting doggy style”; “let’s shower before…and after…”; “why would ANY woman enjoy anal?” “I think it’s demeaning to have sex on the floor”, etc etc etc. They are the type of women that wear latex gloves to wash the dishes (if they even wash them). He needs to dump her ugly white ass.

  3. The spreadsheet is great. A nice documented example for humiliation. After he sent it and she did nothing to remedy the situation, he should have dug out one of her friends to hammer the point home with the following spreadsheet entry.
    2014-07-17: Yes: Dug out GF’s friend. Why? Because she did not play the role. A nice refreshing release without having to waste time. After I dumped my goo, I took a nap.

  4. I’m married to an eastern european girl, with an newborn baby and I still get it pretty much whenever I want. I showed my wife this spreadsheet she can’t understand how the guy puts up with it.
    She knows if she tried that shit I would cheat. I told her ‘the day she tries to use her pussy as a weapon or reward, is the day I start looking elsewhere’.
    Marriage can work if you have some balls and stand up to shit tests!

    1. Let’s revisit this conversation in 10 years time and see how your marriage is doing….

      1. Yeah well i always wanted kids, and also kinda needed to for her visa. I’m only trying this marriage thing once. If it doesn’t work out in 10 years, i will be in late 30’s, single, kids already out of the way. Life wont be that bad… It makes a hell of a difference which girl you marry. My wedding cost me a grand total of $2000 including reception and she still says it was the best day of her life. There are good girls out there but they are hard to find, and aren’t in western countries.

        1. “You, sir, are doing it right. Well done”
          The correct way to do it is to NOT do it.

        2. Well if you find the perfect women kudos to you man, but how do you keep american whales from brainwashing her, you still live in ukraine?

        3. I hope you’re not married in a western country. A failed marriage could mean alimony, child support payments, loss of assets, loss of child custody, loss of family dog etc. Not to mention your offspring being destined to fail in life because they will likely be raised by a single mom (women get full custody 70% of the time and join custody 20%).

        4. Haha! So every woman who has a kid is a cuckold? Idiot! If i wasnt 100% sure i would get paternity test… And i never said i was alpha! nor are 90% of people on this site.

    2. I call bullshit. Maybe if you were in an LTR I would give you some props, but the fact that you’re married, its only a matter of time until she sucks the living soul out of you

      1. With no fault divorce these days, there isnt much difference between LTR living together and marriage, just a piece of paper. You can still walk out. She still gets half your shit. My reckoning is: if you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.. She can take half of my $5000 car… There is no incentive for her to leave me. There is no alimony in the country i live.

        1. yes there is. she is entitled to half your stuff and can bring you to the court only after marriage

        2. Do you not fear the oppressive child support payments that will total more than you spend on your car in a year?

        3. He said his net worth that links back to him is 6000. If he is smart, he will make sure his assets are untouchable. Not everyone has to show off to live a happy life.

    3. Women in LTRs know how often a man wants to have sex. If that starts to drop off (long term – not short term as in during her period), then I say look for it somewhere else.
      She got involved with you (and or married you) so she does have a clue of how often you like to have sex. If it drops off (especially after marriage), then it’s time to have a backup. Something is wrong, she’s cheating on you or something else…and she’s not being up front with you about it.

      1. Women, western women, use sex as a weapon. If they want something from you, they will use it against you. For instance, they will say I’m too tired because I have to go to work, take care of the kids, make a meal, wash clothes etc. So you go and do all that one evening but she will have a new excuse maybe bloated. You see its a weapon, and it works because you are trapped. They basically encourage men to cheat on them, they WANT you to cheat on them, but they shit test you, they want to KNOW you still have it and can slip out of it. As long as you spin it right, they’ll let you get away with it.

    4. “Marriage can work if you have some balls and stand up to shit tests”
      Until your wife discovers the abundance of State resources she has at her disposal to control you, including fabrication a false accusation against you (which will not be questioned by the authorities) and have you thrown out of your own house.
      That plus one day she realizes what an abundance of choice she has in a culture where gets her ass kissed by almost every guy she crosses paths with.
      Men who assert that “real men can make marriage work if they have a back bone blah blah blah…” are living without a clue and very dangerously.
      As was already stated by one responder, I too look forward to reading your post 10 years from now after reality has dragged you over the hot burning coals.

      1. Marriage can work if you do it like tony soprano and cheat on your wife and disappear for most the marriage and show up just for family time and dinner. Just like you can walk on a wire across niagara falls, if you have a huge pole

      2. Like most other posters here, you make a long series of assumptions based on no evidence and it just makes you look like a sour grapes beta male loser who provides 0 happiness to anyone else. I don’t know why it’s so satisfying for you chumps to post nonsense like this every day. Guess it makes you sleep better at night.

    5. I’m from Eastern Europe. You are foolish and naive if you think the women here haven’t been fully Westernized.

      1. And your name is “John”? You do not need a Ukrainian like me to tell you that that is not a Slavic name, nor any other Eastern European (Romanian, Moldovan, etc).

        1. sounds like there is more than a few “johns” on here. Buying women is still buying women. Men that have to buy women are sad indeed.

        2. In the old days, women were always just considered property and was freely bought and sold. Guess everyone was beta to you.

        3. Yes, in the old days some people owned slaves, try stepping into 2014. There are plenty of countries where you can buy an obedient wife, sadly they will put up with anything so that they don’t starve or can help their families out. The men who justify buying them by saying they are “good” women as compared to western women actually mean they just don’t want to put any effort into a marriage and they just want a sex/cleaning slave -those men are a sad lot indeed and are just too weak to handle capable American women. That’s ok if you’re looking for a prostitute- have at it, just don’t pretend you’re marrying a wife. It’s a prostitute, unfortunately some men take advantage of those in desperate situations… kind of sad. Everyone was beta to me? That’s just a moronic statement……. flush

        4. Most do not. I hate to break it to ya but my real name aint morrison and I aint in no band.

      2. I don’t follow your reasoning. What city and country are you from exactly? Without any specificity, your argument considers 400,000,000 women to be fully Westernized (if we count all of Russia and the rest of the countries people here consider EE). I hope you realize that makes you sound like an unobjective, pathetic guy who’s making false generalizations and lashing out clearly based on his lack of success.

      3. Really sad how “Eastern Europe” is used in a general way. That’s extremely American “thinking.” If you were actually from EE, you wouldn’t be so vague. Every Eastern European I know identifies strongly with their country. You just don’t see the same interactions and gender roles in most or all of the countries compared to western countries.

    6. Props to you, however, showing her the Spreadsheet was your first big mistake. She should be kept completely OBLIVIOUS to the hamsterdization of any Western relationships, and your revealing your hand by even letting her know you’re paying attention to other men not getting any (or that even occurs). If she hears such things from American womyn, let it be from THEIR nasty lips (which serves it’s own purpose for you), but NOT from you, even out of morbid curiosity on your part, as to what goes on with other men.
      Maintain radio silence, enjoy your kids, pound her pussy…rinse, repeat.

    7. That not all western woman…I married a younger man (8 year gap) I have a full time job, mother, cook, and I workout daily. I don’t get sex from my husband! I asked and he says he’s too tired from work or hanging out drinking. Therefore, I stop asking and started touching myself. So since I stop asking, he accused me of cheating. Wth, when do I have time to cheat? If I’m not working, I’m taking care of the kids! Now, he goes through my emails, phone, laptop and drills me with questions He even comes to my job claiming he wants to have lunch. But he asks my coworker questions. It’s a catch 22 with men!

      1. i feel bad for you…. once someone accuses you of cheating when you’re not there is no way to win. you’ll forever be guilty of the worst their imagination can serve up. my ex used to throw horrible fits about my supposed infidelity and the constant prying and spying was a heavy weight. everything i did had to be carefully considered to make sure it wouldnt later be used as evidence of straying.
        we went through a period where we were on other sides of the country and she broke up with me like once a week. i decided i was done and made out with a girl one night after we broke up. a week later we were back together. when we reunited she started going on about her imaginary schemes and i figured it would be a good time to fess up. her reaction: “oh”
        it was never mentioned again but she brought up more of her conspiracies later on… both old and new that kissing was the worst thing i did to her and it barely bothered her! i always wonder what must have been worse in her imagination.
        im sorry to say it makes me feel better to hear about this from a woman

  5. That man made one mistake. You don’t marry to have great sex live. You marry to start family. Why should man marry a women if not to have kids?

    1. He probably was trying to have kids and start a family. She clearly wasn’t trying.

        1. This makes me wonder if we’ll ever see sexless same-sex marriages of two hetero men, just for the financial/legal advantages. They can claim they’re homo at work, so they get protected status. They claim tax benefits for being married. And they get to save on rent, etc..
          All you need is a set of logistics for actually bringing girls home and enjoying the evening.. and the current legal climate could be seen as a boon to men looking to have a lifetime roommate and not get raped on income taxes.

        2. This was the Mess system in Sparta and Athens. See Plato’s Symposium (Drinking Party).

        3. Essentially this has already happened in the UK, where you can have a “civil” partnership. It makes no distinction between gender or orientation. So you can leave your estate to your best friend if you like.

        4. I had a friend who moved to Toronto illegally from Cuba and married a dude just to get citizenship.
          They’re both straight and benefit from the tax benefits. The Cuban guy started a business and is leading a RedPill life.
          Really interesting guy. My beta/mangina friends fucking hated him as they couldn’t understand his vision. I admired him for using his own ingenuity to find freedom.

        5. I hate to say it, I Really do hate to say it, but I actually find myself admiring the ingenuity as well.

        6. I’ve thought about this too, do you think the authorities will require proof of your homosexuality avoid ‘marriage fraud’, if so, how would they prove it? lulz

        7. Reading the comments below makes me wonder how long it will be until the majority of single heterosexual American men start marrying each other in ‘gay’ marriages (as explained below) because American women have become too hateful and personally loathsome as well as legally toxic to risk any personal interaction with them at all for any reason — let alone marry them.
          As the blogger “Christopher in Oregon” once remarked “…the next time you hear a woman making disparaging remarks about gay men or insinuating that you might be gay, try a method I used once a while back. I told a neighbor woman that considering what women were like today, it was a wonder ALL men hadn’t gone gay.
          She was speechless. The look on her face was priceless.”

        8. Alright Jeremy, you can be the first one to volunteer to test your new theory. We’ll all just sit here and laugh our asses off at you..

        9. But in all seriousness, it won’t be long until our nosy government requires “proof” of homosexuality…

        10. how would you have proof – not likely as it would be too intruisive and would flame up slurs against a minority.

        11. I remember Christopher in Oregon from the Duncan Idaho blog. I wonder whatever happened to those two as they disappeared from the Internet and we never knew their real names.

        12. I don’t know, either — guess they ‘went Ghost’. Whoever they were, I wish them well. They gave me a lot of knowledge, besides making me laugh too.

        13. Sorry, but I don’t quite understand what you mean.
          Be assured that I am NOT gay — for one thing, I don’t understand it because I’m not sexually attracted to guys. My attitude towards homosexuality is like the late, great Sam Kinison’s — as he said, “How can one guy look at another guy’s hairy ass and find love?”

        14. I’m sorry, I just need to comment that this was possibly one of the most civil encounters I’ve ever seen on the internet. Props, you two.

        15. If there was some money based incentive for being gay that involved no gay sex, I don’t see why not/

    2. Companionship, sex, sharing financial burden, etc. At least that’s why I told myself when I got married nearly 10 years ago. Some of its true but lot of rough times as well.

    3. That, I think, is the only reason to get married. And then, once a fellow is on that track, he needs only to concern himself with finding “good breeding stock”.
      Therefore it will turn out that leaving the United States is the first step, for there is none of that here.

    4. Taking into acount how children are made, I’d say he wouldn’t have any luck with that either.

  6. As for the media hens pecking this guy for making a spreadsheet of the days his wife didn’t put out, we knew it was coming. No woman likes to feel like she is obligated to have sex. That’s why it’s best to not tie yourselves up financially to these expert manipulators.
    There is a 100% way to guarantee you don’t end up in a sexless marriage. That’s right boys, don’t get married.

    1. “That’s why it’s best to not tie yourselves up financially to these expert manipulators.”
      Quote of the day. And 100% true.

      1. When it comes to manipulation, the Joos and the CIA are *light years* ahead of these bitches.

      2. Omg, really?! That’s a bit of a fucking cop out since men generally rule most countries, instigate most violence, but women are to blame?? Give me a fucking break, I hate men and women who are narcissistic opportunist wastes of space. Solution? Marry your equal, raise your children with every good intent, and die knowing your kids,will pass in the same values.

        1. No, marry a richer woman, that way she has something to lose if you breakup.

  7. The poosay is *the tool* to obtain and hold commitment and mate. Once commitment is on-lock, you’re done. If you can run perpetual dread game, you’ll keep her on her back, but it that case you may as well stay single and get variety and, more importantly, *commitment-seeking effort and enthusiasm* anyway.
    She sounds like a chubby careerist and a bitch to boot. Awesome catch.

    1. The best way to take down the cuntocracy is to avoid marrying them and then ignore the rest.
      As for “their system”, don’t serve in the military, don’t pay all of the taxes (render unto Caesar only what he knows about), don’t volunteer anything, or give anything. Don’t take on hard or dangerous jobs.
      It’s “their” world now, let them deal with it. Let us be poolside.

      1. This is exactly what I’m doing. Fuck em.
        You go grrrrrrrls. Take this bitch over the cliff while I sit back and laugh my ass off.
        It’s nice to to have the burden of a female parasite sucking my bank account dry and sucking my will to live.
        Pump and dump boys, pump and dump.

    2. yep, he should….but he won’t.
      “I feel sweaty and gross…”
      …because I took it up the shitter from your best friend.
      “I’m exhausted…”
      …because the gardener screwed me hard in the back of his truck.
      “I’m still a bit tender today…”
      …but not from you.
      “I’m too drunk and I ate too much…”
      …dick at that bachelorette party.
      “I just came back from the gym, I feel gross…”
      …because of what I did with that instructor.
      “I have to be up early…”
      …because my boss likes morning sex.
      “I might be getting sick…”
      …because there are strange sore spots on my labia.

  8. Minor quibble: it’s actually the wife who left on a ten-day business trip.

    1. ‘Business trip’.
      She is probably getting it elsewhere.
      Golden rule with women: If she is not fucking you, she is fucking someone else! Women rarely go long spells without sex, they just appear to…

      1. Yup. I’d bet a sizable sum that she gets plenty of strange while traveling.

  9. This is what you get marrying young. Oddly enough the mid twenties are a marriage sex drought.

    1. The only marriages I know that seem to be working are the ones where the woman was relatively young and hasn’t already had a tonne of dick in her from random dudes.

      1. Both are in their late twenties. The man shouldn’t have even thought about marriage until he hit 35.
        I’ve seen these peer age marriages before.

    2. The mid-twenties “sex drought” exists ONLY for men who are the 80 – 90%, married or not.

  10. “I gained some weight in the winter and have been busting my a** at the gym to get rid of it.”
    So how’s that doing a favor to him if that ass is too busted on the squat rack with the personal trainers’ hands guiding it up and down to teach the correct movement pattern, and the hubby isn’t getting any play with it?
    Since when did marriage turn into “look but can’t touch”

    1. That does sound suspect. She works out to look good, but she doesn’t fuck the husband. Sound like cheating.

      1. That is very common actually, women often will improve their looks when they are looking to dump your ass. It happened to me several times in my younger years and perplexed me. Girl all of a sudden started dressing more sexy and deny me to touch her then poof she was gone one day.

    2. Utter bullshit. Exercising gives people MORE energy, even if they’re still out of shape. Healthier=hornier, always.

    3. The take away is: she’s upgrading her looks, and not for her man, then she is definitely looking to trade him in for a newer richer better husband. Text book hypergamy

  11. It says a lot that she would post explicit details of her private life.
    It is also interesting that she doesn’t state the obvious. She is not sexually interested in her husband. The fact that she doesn’t say this is suggestive of her guilt and knowledge that her marriage is a disaster. Sad but true.

    1. Everything you need to know about this woman comes from the fact that, instead of directly confronting her husband about his e-mail and how he felt, she turned to reddit to try to solve her marital problems.
      She never valued her marriage in the first place, she only valued attention and support from others in all her whining.

      1. I just found the original online and from what I can tell from the short post, it looks like she’s a narcissist who’s been trying to inculcate passivity in her husband. It’s likely that after another year or so (assuming they didn’t have kids – which would accelerate her time line in some aspects, and set it back in other aspects) she would have sought validation from other men (and women because her husband is such a “bad guy”). Her desperation in the post is just a reaction to having her “control” over him and their environment threatened. I’d wager that he’s been reading this very site or others like it and hasn’t had much of a backbone up until now. She wants him always there because it shores up her ego to know there’s someone “less than her” in the world (since anyone that loves her must be less as she’s undeserving of love), but being loved by him is ultimately unsatisfying and she would’ve abandoned him sooner or later when circumstances were most favorable, and after she was sure she drained him of all he had to offer and (in her mind) no one else would want him (of course if he did move on rapidly she would lash out and rage in various ways). If you’re reading this post M26. I’m skipping the foreplay (where you come to these conclusions yourself) and am telling you exactly how it is. GET OUT NOW! It won’t get better with time; it will only get worse, MUCH WORSE. She won’t change barring some massive traumatic event that fractures her current ego and you’re pissing away your youthful energy.

    2. That guys life must be hell. And he’s only in his 20’s! If he doesn’t have kids he should cut his losses and get out now while his net worth is relatively low. And never make that mistake (marriage) again. She’s clearly a manipulative cunt who is sucking the life out of him. If she can post that email online (which hopefully will be a red flag to other men), she’s done far worse during the relationship behind closed doors. And most men, especially those who don’t frequent this site, aren’t equipped to divine the various machinations of women. The suffer in silence never knowing the true cause of their emotional pain. I know a teacher who’s on the verge of tears or rage just about everyday of his life – his answer? I must not be loving her (and other women since he recognizes the herd mentality) enough.

    3. to be fair she’s getting dumped and she know it even if some people on the internet are dumb enough to think this guy is trying to manipulate her…shows their mindset, people are hurt and irrational normally.
      he did this to prove to himself its not his imagination..each excuse is good enough and reasonable on its own.. even the ones where she says she wants a shower and doesn’t take it.. ok not in the mood don’t know why. together theyre inexcusable
      it wasnt him trying to restore sex to the marriage it was him telling her why theyre done

  12. It’s not an amazing move, but it’s heaps better than acting like marital celibacy is ok.
    The medium may be questionable, but a man’s message is in the message- and she knows he’s getting fed up with her bullshit.

  13. Been there done that…..I bet she’s on the pill….fucks up the libido of the ladies. My last LTR lady in question wouldn’t come off the thing…. even though sex was about the same rate as for this guy towards the end of the relationship. I tried to discuss it with her but she “didn’t want to talk about it”.
    Got up one night and ended it.
    The great paradox of the pill is it provides protection against conception but quells sexual desire in a woman. And later on in her fertile years the longer she is on the pill the chances of her conceiving become less and less giving the fertility industry lots of revenue. Ain’t nature just so fucking great….. for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…….anyhoo the lady in this case is a moron for not taking her husbands message to heart and instead posting it in a fit of rage online……

    1. It’s going to come out one day that hormonal BC is bad for women’s health. It makes so many lose their libido, gain weight, have anxiety, become depressed, and many more symptons. All should look into copper IUDs, they’re surgically implanted and have no hormones

      1. You sir are correct. The only thing that sucks about the copper IUD are the strings they have to leave in. They can be sharp as shit.

  14. Alpha was both hitting her work email (which he had never done and I presume is monitored to some extent) and then not answering her calls and texts. What would be further Alpha is if he was banging another woman on the business trip.
    Beta was, assumingly, being OK with three instances of sex in a month and allowing that to persist. What was greater Beta was realizing it was not normal and documenting it. That led to his Alpha moment when he said “fuck this shit” and scolded his wife for not performing her expected duties (yeah if you expect a man to be monogamous then you have to also put out when you might not exactly be in the mood…can’t have your cake and eat it too.)
    If the guy plays his cards right that hamster is going to go into overdrive when he gets back from his trip.

    1. It’s quite possible that he has fucked other women in that time frame. Just for the books.
      12/15/13 $300 gf experience with Nikita Voldova. Yay me!

    2. I hope that ‘seeing a divorce lawyer’ is on his agenda for his ‘business trip’. He should be thanking God that at least he never had kids with this ice cube.
      And he should be wary of her wanting sex when he comes back — bets are that she would be wanting to either falsely charge him with ‘marital rape’ or wanting to get pregnant so that she has a guaranteed 18+ year annuity.

  15. At the end of May, dude had a discssuion with her that went something like this:
    Him: “Honey, let’s get nasty”
    Her: “Are you kidding? I just gave you sex!”
    Him: “Ummm yeah, two weeks ago.”
    Her: “we always are having sex!”
    Him: “No, and I’ll prove it.”

    1. “I just gave you sex”, it bothers me how women take an activity that requires two people and claim ownership. Not to mention using said activity like a treat for when the “man” has succumbed to her will, The operant conditioning is similar to training a dog. In conclusion, any man with a shred of dignity should not allow their woman to toss out sex as “treat” for blue pill behaviour.

      1. “I just gave you sex” was a direct quote from my ex-wife. I hear ya.
        At that time, I was constantly seeking the reward. It eventually put me outside any pill, as I didn’t know what I was seeing.
        However, in retrospect, I employed my own nuclear dread game when not only did I cheat, but then later told/confessed. It was not long after that that we started having the hottest sex we ever had.

        1. Yeah, and I just gave you half my paycheck (probably more, because, as we all know, women love to spend money). What’s your point? Tell you what, days you “give me” sex, I’ll give you 1/2 my pay. Days you don’t, I won’t.
          How’s that sound cupcake?

        2. Women don’t know what the hell they want.
          After my ex-cheated (4 year LTR) I dumped her b4 I even found out about it… she was acting disrespectfully and weird in bed.
          A couple weeks after I dumped her I moved out and started boning this acquaintance of hers. My ex rushes to my place in a fury and gives me the most enthusiastic sex we’ve had in a long time… I almost took her back but I pieced together right in front of her how she must have been cheating on me and she had a total meltdown.
          She pretended I was this psycho monster and I almost believed it… I went nuclear on her that day and felt guilty… but hey… guess what… in the end I was right. My analysis made perfect sense.
          If you think your gf is cheating on you… she probably is.

        3. “She pretended I was this psycho monster…”
          A modern feminasty womyn’s favorite gambit — projection.

        4. Sounds like prostitution, essentially. Why bother being in a relationship? Pay for the sex with a whore and get a good night’s sleep alone in your own bed.

        5. Agreed. The vast majority of American women act like whores until they either get into a ‘relationship’ or marry — then they act like nuns.
          Remember, “you can’t make a whore into a housewife”. And the vast majority of American women have proven that they are excellent whores.

      2. She want it ‘doggy style’ — where you sit up and beg, and she rolls over and plays dead.

  16. Women should be forced to give their husbands want they want whenever they want it. Otherwise what is the fucking point of marriage? Stupid, mouthy, cunts like this deserve backhand to the mouth. “Gender equality” and “Women’s rights” is fucking nonsense.

    1. I kinda understand what your saying but it is in the bible that you are supposed to please your husband when he wants to be pleased

    2. Even the Puritans saw not putting out as a grounds for divorce (Yes, the Puritans – we can make fun of them but in fact when you were married, it was fun time). And either party failing to put out was also grounds for divorce, meaning a woman could leave the man if he didn’t supply the cock.
      They probably felt that was better than cuckolding and alley-catting.
      Now today, a man not putting out is grounds for divorce, a woman not putting out is “you go grrl!”

  17. …I gained some weight in the winter and have been busting my a** at the gym to get rid of it.

    Total horseshit. If you’re working out hard and getting back into shape, you get *MORE* horny, not less. Anyone who’s actually busted their ass in the gym knows this.

      1. Yep, everything in your body starts getting healthier, including your libido, and it can happen in as little as 1 week of hard workouts.

    1. More evidenced she is more than likely on the pill…..a fat ass. She’s fallen for the feminist mantra that she can “have it all”, the career, the husband and then the family when SHE decides to have HER family. On the pill every day of the year as she is shit scared of getting pregnant and missing out on that promotion. Hard to get pregnant when you’re on the pill and only having sex 3 days in a month. As someone once said, “career, husband, children, pick 2….”

      1. I dont know man. At the Y I workout at some of those girls do awesome work outs. Not every girl is sitting at a station on their phone.

      2. i know what youre talking about but there are lots of girls that enjoy the experience instead of treating it like a chore. naturally these girls all look great

    2. If you’re working out hard and getting back into shape, you get *MORE* horny, not less. Anyone who’s actually busted their ass in the gym knows this.

      So much this. Since I started going to the gym over 2 years ago, i’ve felt much better in that regard. It’s also funny you mention it because I fucked two chicks that started going to the gym consistently for 2 months. They both had beta bf they would complain about to me so of course one thing led to another.

    1. Maybe wait until after the separation for that. Wouldn’t look good in divorce court.

      1. He works, she works. There are no kids, they have only been married a couple years. There wont’ be alimony or child support. Just a property settlement. Unless one of them is rich even the settlement will be pretty straight forward. The husband dodged a bullet. He should be grateful and cut his losses.

  18. I was hoping this would make it here. The first time I read this, my head just spun. For the record, I’ve had sex with my wife (of 10 years) every single night for the past 4. Now, that’s not exactly normal (usually 3-5 times a week) but, if I wanted it every single night, I’d get it. And she knows it. And, she’s happy about it, because I don’t play this bullshit passive-aggressive shit and she knows I’d walk out if she started to consistently say no. Sorry, that’s just the way it is; similar to the way I’d expect her to walk out if I started beating the shit out of her, she (and ALL women) should expect the man to walk out if the sex dries up.
    Reading some of the responses to this on other sites is just downright depressing. Most of them were in the woman’s favor (shocker) and a lot of them were men saying “3 times a month ain’t bad”. Yes it fucking is. It’s really, really bad. I can’t think of any period in my adult life when I’ve had that little sex except for when I had a horrible back injury and was laid up for a few months. And I still was having orgasms, just not sex because it was too dangerous. 😉
    The really sad thing is, however, that I think that this is honestly the marriage experience for the vast majority of American men. Most of my friends tell me “You know, I don’t even feel like fucking her anymore”. Especially after kids come along, it’s rare to find a couple that’s having sex more than a few times a month. That’s just not going to cut it for me, if I’m not having sex a few times a week, I’m going to start looking around to figure out what’s wrong. I’m sure that I have a higher sex drive than most because of testosterone, but, even before I started TRT, I was still thinking about sex most of the time my wife was around.
    And you know the part that truly pisses me off here. You know that woman said “No” to sex but then said “Let’s watch Friends” or some other bullshit. Like sex is so hard! Like it takes so long?! Most guys are done in <5 minutes and, last time I checked, it felt good for both people. How spun up does the hamster have to be to intentionally deny that to their man. Taking out the trash is more difficult and a lot less fun, I don’t deny that to my wife. And working for a big paycheck is a LOT more difficult and a LOT less fun. Who denies that to their spouse?

  19. This article is inconsistent. You accuse a woman commenter of hamstering because she draws her own conclusions about what was going on. But you just did the same exact thing with the man!
    How is: “Perhaps she has taken five years of this guy only treating her “special” when he wants sex..? Some men seem to not realize what a turnoff this is. You can’t treat a girl like crap all day long and expect her to want intimacy at day’s end. There is simply no way to satisfy a woman sexually if she is unsatisfied with the rest of the relationship. She may love you enough to put up with it for a while…but she will eventually not be able to fake it anymore.”
    Different from: “In my view, words like these are simply shaming tools. Sure, the guy could have “manned up” and spoken to her about the issue—but my bet is that he already had. The spreadsheet feels very much like a last resort, and not one designed, as some have mistakenly deduced, to try to reignite the spark”
    You are doing the same thing. Putting your own hamster spin on the back story of the situation. You don’t know either party involved’s back story any more than the female comments you included.
    Pot meet Kettle.

    1. I was thinking along the same lines. We don’t really know jack-shit about either party to judge in any absolute way.
      I think the situation still draws attention to the idea that marriage can mean sex suicide for men but who knows what is really going on between the two of them.
      Let me ask you this OP… From the POV of a married dude is there any reason you’d accept for your wife to not be putting out consistently over a predictable period of time? Like if something shitty happened to her and she was trying to sort her life out?

      1. “From the POV of a married dude is there any reason you’d accept for your wife to not be putting out consistently over a predictable period of time? Like if something shitty happened to her and she was trying to sort her life out?”
        Injury that prevented sex. Emotional issues are made better by having sex, that’s a bullshit excuse. Period/yeast infection/etc just means blowjob/handjob instead of sex. As would an injury that wasn’t that serious but prevented PIV sex.
        Look at it from the other view. Is there any reason a wife would accept a husband not working for a long period of time? No, none that I can think of (unless you’re already rich). Men bring money to the relationship, women bring pussy. Either stops providing their “share” at equal peril.

        1. “Look at it from the other view. Is there any reason a wife would accept a husband not working for a long period of time? No, none that I can think of (unless you’re already rich). Men bring money to the relationship, women bring pussy. Either stops providing their “share” at equal peril.”
          The modern Western female by most counts doesn’t need a guy to provide for her. So in this sense she doesn’t owe her hubby sex.
          But in this sense he doesn’t owe her resources…
          Interesting times indeed…

        2. Moral of the story: There’s no rational reason for the modern male to ever get married.

        3. I assume that most men are doing something for their women. If not money, then emotional intimacy. Listening to her silly stories. Going out with her friends family. Whatever it is, make that your “share” of the load.
          But, in all honesty, making the money is much better because it’s more “in her face”. I never suggest anyone but a rich man marry a rich woman. You’re just not bringing much of value to the table for them.

        4. “The modern Western female by most counts doesn’t need a guy to provide for her.”
          Actually does. Her true husband, the government, is doing for her these days. They’re still dependent and always will be. It’s just a matter of whose providing the support: their husband/boyfriend or the government (and I don’t mean just welfare).

        5. Sound’s like the behavior of exceedingly self-absorbed people. Apparently, no one needs to honor their promises/commitments.

      2. I think that we can reliably conclude that the lady in question is a douche…… anyone that would post such a message from a “loved” one online is an idiot…..

      3. Not the OP, but…
        When I married, I committed for life. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
        My now ex (after 20+ yrs) suffered depression. I would accept that during episodes, she would be unable. You can extrapolate then that other illnesses would get a pass. However, what I really could not tolerate in the midst of that was the spiritual belittling of my desires and inclinations. THAT built a lot of resentment.

    2. Guest – you are most likely a real female or you are gay.
      Only women dont know what they want and will rationalize all kinds of shit into easy things.
      She needs to be treated “special” to get sex? Common. What sick logic is that?
      For sex you need 2 conditions and only these 2.
      1) Man and woman
      (or in your gay case…well lets forget that)
      2) Attraction.
      Attraction is not a choice. If the girl is attracted to the man you can treat her like shit. You can hit her, abuse her in any (bad) way, steal from her, call her mother and father names, hit her brother, kick her cat and all is forgiven before the great lord of hornyness. She will fuck you even harder for every sin you commited. She will suck your body and soul dry.
      If there is no attraction, she will hamsterize all kinds of shit about “treating her special” or “depression” or “periods” or “whatever”.

      1. How does pointing out the obvious make me a female or gay? Your response has absolutely nothing to do with anything I said.
        I was calling the OP out for hamstering in the same way the women who commented did.
        Your reading comprehension skills are sorely lacking.

        1. “Your reading comprehension skills are sorely lacking.”
          Indeed they are. Your question “How does pointing out the obvious make me a female or gay?” – has been answered in my 2nd sentence.
          Too bad you could only read and comprehend one single sentence…

        2. See, I feel like we are having two different conversations. Your original comment had absolutely nothing to do with anything I said. I read it, I understood it, it was just completely irrelevant. Then your second reply to me made even less sense. Is English not your first language?
          Again, your original comment had absolutely no relevance to what I originally said.
          If you read what I wrote, I was pointing out that the OP was hamstering his thoughts in exactly the same way the woman’s comment he used in his article did. Which makes this whole blog post inconsistent.
          What don’t you understand about that?

  20. How did they get my spread sheet in Reddit?…..
    Ah yes and no. At one pathetic point in my marriage I pretty much had such a spread sheet. I knew when I had made some limp wristed attempt at initiation and I knew what her wide and varied excuses were for “not being in the mood”. I also had a list I had developed in my head and in writing of all the conditions that needed to be satisfied to even potentially have sex. It was pathetic. I think I called it the go, no-go list. She had all sorts of strategies to throw off signals to say to me in an unspoken manner, “don’t even think about it”. So a lot of times it wouldn’t even get to initiation it was simply “fuck it, roll another joint and go do something else.” Sort of like pre-emptive outcome indifference to a pre-emptive denial of sex. Fucking sad.
    Thankfully post red pill there is no need to “keep score”. Sex is no longer some cookie handed out for good behaviour or because the monthly ration is due to her husband. It is now an abundant resource in the home as easy to get as a glass of milk from the fridge. It has been made so common that it is commodified and she understands that if the resource runs dry at home that I can just as easily find it elsewhere so she best make sure the resource is always readily available. She does so and quite happily as she has come to enjoy it and not resent it.

  21. Hank Azaria: “Why did I ever get involved with that bitch?”
    Al Pacino: “Because she’s got a great ass..and you got your head…ALL THE WAY UP IT!”
    -HEAT, 1995

  22. On the article I read, the tone was “This woman should fuck her husband” and predictably enough, all the female commenters agreed. Women are a herd animal.

    1. G1 “The TV said we should use men and get careers.”
      G2 “But I want to fall in love and start a loving family”
      G1 “But look at all those women on TV”
      G2 “Where is the nearest PhD program? I need to update my OS so I can download Tinder. Get out of my way bitch that drug dealer is mine!!!”

  23. Oh poor wifey! Lame excuses showcasing how selfish a woman can be.
    Holy shit…. the world must be ending when god forbid your husband wants to have sex and you don’t feel like it….. yet on the rare occasions when you DO give in, ten minutes into the act, your eyes are rolling to the back of your head and you’re screaming with pleasure.
    Was that so hard? (pun intended)

  24. I haven’t followed the fall-out as closely as others may have, but I’m willing to bet that the comments condemning the “wife” for grossly violating her husband’s privacy have been few and far between.
    What the hell did he see in her anyway?

    1. I didn’t see a lot of support when the whore made Sterlings private conversation public either.

  25. fake.
    so the entire time, she didn’t get her period once in a months span..
    nothing to see here

        1. I meant the gaps in the dates on the spreadsheet are a missing “period.” I don’t know if your reply is a grammar thing or just a joke that went over my head.

  26. I personally like the “I ate too much”. That is an impressive predicament. Maybe she just got a little too hungry after “busting her ass off at the gym”. If you don’t shower after the gym then you simply didn’t work hard enough.

  27. If the wife stops giving it up at home, then seek out another source. If and when she asks you for it, then there will be a role reversal (i.e. too tired, etc…).
    You’ll see how fast that dynamic will change at home. I suggest any married man who isn’t getting it at home seek out another source.
    The problem is the woman holding the sex hostage without there being a clear cut reason why (i.e. period, depression, etc…). Being tired or on her period….a man can understand. These excuses of being sweaty or non-sex, watching TV versus sex other bullshit does not cut it.
    Sex isn’t just for the’s for the woman, too. If she doesn’t want it from him any longer (for whatever reason) then seek out a new source.

  28. Here is one of my old beta stories:
    In an attempt to convince her why she should have sex with you, have you ever told your live in girlfriend or wife that you still have had sex with her when you really didn’t feel like it? I did that once before red pilling trying to talk about “feelings” so I could “understand” why we weren’t having as much sex. I didn’t understand then the kind of melt down I would witness.
    “You’re not attracted to me?!”
    “You were faking it?!”
    “You don’t think I am beautiful.” (Common tactic- she would make a statement, not a question, but beta better answer it.)
    She laid in bed unresponsive in a passive aggressive tactic the rest of the day. I am happy to say I left.

    1. Oh, heaven forbid a man’s attraction being non-genuine, whatever will a woman do if the male gaze is faked?

      1. You don’t – you generate the boner by meditating intensely on someone else (that actually turns you on) whilst carefully avoiding consciously thinking about the slag you need to bone in order to prove something or whatever pressing reason you have that compels you to drill her then and there.

  29. Once every ten days – sounds about right for a married couple. But fuck it, sex is overrated, anyway.
    When I was 26, I could not sleep next to woman without fucking her. LOL

    1. About right if you are 50 years old I suppose. I’m 30 with one child. Three times a month will not cut it with me and my man would lose it at that rate

    2. 3 to 5 times a week past 40 is perfectly possible for a man. Woman can do (much) more than that IF the sex is great and she has got plenty of time at hand.
      If the man is below 40 and the woman below 30 there is only one reason for lack of sex: Lost attraction.

  30. 26-years-old, no kids, at a twice a month clip? It will only get worse from there. I would never return from that business trip.

  31. Reduced sexual desire in both men and women, and especially women, means lower energy level. Sex is not a necessary function, and if the body’s energy levels are, often one will have less interest in sex.

  32. If I was the guy who made the spreadsheet, I would start booking flights to Rio, Thailand, Amsterdam, and other sexual hot spots, paying using the the joint bank account. That would send her over worked hamster on its death throes.

  33. I think the spreadsheet was a means more to proving a point with solid backing. It should be no surprise that women will over-exaggerate the shit out some things (kiss turns in to assault/rape/groping, etc…) Even better is when they undermine a situation or problem and accuse you of over exaggerating (it wasn’t that much money, they didn’t have you waiting that long, they rarely do “that thing”).
    In this situation, the husband probably told her that they don’t have sex that often. She most likely underminded that statement saying, ” we have sex all the time, we fucked a couple days ago.” When a couple a days was more like a week and a few days.
    The poor sap probably saw this as the last resort to show how much she was undermining the situation and over-exaggerating how often they did have sex. Her response is golden, just proves how much women hate evidence and proof of when they are in the wrong.

    1. Any time you argue with a woman, she makes wild generalizations and then questions in minute detail every assertion you make. You need courtroom grade evidence or you need to not give a fuck. Anything in between and she’s going to tear you to shreds.

  34. She’s working double time, and “busting her ass” at the gym to lose weight that more than likely took more than just a couple of months to accumulate. They’ve been together seven years with no kids, and he gets it every two or three weeks. If she’s (really and truly) putting that much effort into getting in shape while “working” those kind of hours, and can’t be bothered to take a shower or turn off a rerun of that fucking retarded show “Friends” to give her husband some poon, something’s up. Dude better be on high alert. Women don’t usually put much effort into looking good for a man they aren’t that interested in fucking.

  35. Women need the emotional equivalent of sobriety check points to wake up. he could save his marriage by going out and cheating on her a few times and then letting her know about it. I swear I have seen this in other situations and experienced it myself. Maybe cutting contact for 10 days will get her to think. If he does not answer her even with texts she will go insane…thinking….. This is a good move. In my world post flings with the wife, the sex is so good now and my bride so compliant it makes me wonder why I put up with all the b.s for 18 of 22 years of marriage. (I have no children) so the dynamic is different. After she stops crying she will find a new willingness in her soul to be there for him. If not, with no kids, and only 5 years, lose the overweight cold starfish before you are 36 and have lost all that time, bitter and angry you tried to fix the unfix-able. For 15 years I begged her to lose weight, now after 2 different flings, she has lost 40 lbs. Its amazing how they really live for the drama. They can do it the easy way but they really prefer the hard way. When women realize they are going to lose something their hamster goes into overdrive and they either realize its put up or shut up time. If you do lose her, its a party out there, no worries in that department ! I Finally got her to go to therapy too. Took me moving out and having my own “fun” to realize what she had.

  36. Yeah the spreadsheet is a beta move. At its heart its a complaint and the typical beta behavior that you just have to be logical with women. A better way would have been, confessing he no longer has sexual feelings for her THEN going on the trip(run hamster run!).

    1. I’m sure that a part of the reason why she won’t bang him is that she’s come to realize that he’s the kind of pussy that would send her a spreadsheet as he leaves for a trip rather than confronting her and the problem directly.
      The dude probably doesn’t deserve to get laid.

  37. I suppose it’s possible that she was just being a bitch, but chances are that he wasn’t attracting her anymore. Guys on this website should be well aware of how lazy most guys are. He was probably a pushover in his relationship, unambitious, lazy, weak, etc.
    This woman probably didn’t stop putting out because she’s a bitch, she probably stopped putting out because she didn’t respect or admire her husband anymore. In other words, she probably stopped putting out because her husband is a pussy.

  38. Bottom line is a man of quality should never get married ( and this just demonstrates the point. Now watch this idiot decide to have kids with her to try to fix things.
    The average women gains 21 POUNDS during her first year of marriage (having nothing to do with having children). Getting married is a sucker move unless you are a loser and you need someone to care for you.

    1. 21 lbs is too much weight. I noticed my ex has gained a ton of weight since I left her. Last time I saw her I was laughing at how big she’s gotten.

    2. Why not tell your wife that she’s getting fat and needs to lose weight? I don’t give a fuck if she cries about it — a fat wife is like a broke husband.

      1. And what if she doesn’t lose the weight? Are you going to divorce her? A stick isn’t a stick unless you can hit them over he head with it.
        If she isn’t going to do it on her own, she isn’t going to do it and stick with it. She might lose the weight in the short term but she will get sick, have a kid, etc. and just gain it back with interest.
        A woman might get and stay fit if she knows you have options. The more options you have, the more likely she is to tow the line.
        People gain weight because they are complacent because they know you now have higher exit costs and you may tolerate it. Married is French for “stuck.” You now have a contract that if you try to void it is going to cost you and at some level women know this.
        To be fair men can often be just as bad (the average man gains 14lbs when his wife is pregnant) and then the two fat fucks deserve each other. But if the guy stays in shape the woman damn well better of he should tell her to hit the bricks.

        1. I’ve never been married, but it seems impractical to just divorce. Why not let her know early on that you’ll sleep with other women if she lets herself go?

        2. If I meet a good bitch and she stays a soldier for me (over the course of years), I’ll go for it. Perhaps make sure she’s got an open mind sexually; someone who wouldn’t mind you getting some side.
          I’m almost certain you’re older and wiser than me: Have you met such women?

        3. Why would you? There simply isn’t any benefit (and TONS of downside) to getting married. You can still have kids if you don’t get married and be as involved as you want to be if you handle it right.
          You want to marry a girl because she “stays a soldier for you?” Does that really sound like a good basis for committing to a woman even if she allows you some side action? I would argue not.
          I was married. Don’t fucking do it! Ever. For any reason!

        4. I’m inclined to agree with you, but how does one deal with the sociological pressure to marry from both families? RELIGIOUS families! And doesn’t marriage mitigate potential financial issues concerning the kids? (I’d definitely get a prenup)
          Also, let me define soldier: Allows me to sleep with other women, cooks, cleans, is anti-feminist and eagerly swallows my cum. Has read all the B&N Classics, can speak with coherency regarding current events and doesn’t act pretentious. Shuts the fuck up and leaves me alone when I tell her to. She’s still retarded, but better than 96% of bitches out there. I told her she was getting fat and she quickly got into shape.
          If she keeps it going for, say, five years, and requests a small ceremony (with prenup), It wouldn’t be prudent to consider it?

        5. Let’s put aside the fact that the soldier you mention exists (which IMO she doesn’t). A woman MAY tolerate you having something on the side but she ALWAYS extracts a price. Becomes more passive aggressive, fucks the pool boy, spends your money, and a million other ways you can’t think of.
          Ultimately when you marry you increase exit costs. 100% of the time (and I mean 100%) this will modify the other person’s behavior to the negative. Sometimes it won’t be a huge different but there is always a difference.
          And yes, there is enormous cultural, religious and societal pressure to marry. Resist it. Do you live for your family or for your own happiness?
          Your “soldier” may do all the things you list for years before you marry. I fucking guarantee it won’t stay that way after you marry. With a cook and a maid or a fb you can “fire” them the second they don’t perform to your liking. If you marry them you give them leverage to underperform and still stick around due to your increased exit costs (pre-nup or not).
          I give a bit more detail here in a post I made (

        6. “how does one deal with the sociological pressure from both families?”
          Laugh in their face.

  39. It’s silly to ask your wife for sex. If you’re in a relationship with a woman, don’t feebly request intercourse, viking carry her ass to the bedroom and conquer her body. She’ll be turned on and will replicate your energy. When you’re in the mood, sneak up behind her, grab her hips and start kissing her neck. Be proactive, not submissive like this poor bastard and his spread sheet

    1. Yeah, nothing will turn a girl of more than a man’s inability to take what he wants, or at least his unwillingness to confront his problems face to face. His spreadsheet is more symptomatic the of the problem than anything it documents.

    2. I was going to write something along these lines. Just MAKE the sex happen.
      The only ways this wouldn’t work is if the relationship is based on an “egalitarian” ethic, which really ends up meaning that the wife uses the husband and does not try to please him. The attention whoring of this wife on redditt, along with her “career woman” crap, indicates to me that they might have had an “egalitarian” marriage. Crappy idea, if you ask me.

      1. whoops, didn’t finish the comment.
        The reason you can’t go viking on your egalitarian wife is, of course, that she might pull the “marriage rape” card.

  40. What a depressing picture this paints. So typical. So sad. In her mid-20’s and she doesn’t want to have sex with her man of only five years, which she rationalizes with typical “I’ve been, like, soooo busy” flake defense. Both young and virile, active, and relatively successful from the sounds of it. Could almost bet money that she is cheating on him, or at least willingly seeking and/or receiving attention from other men that satisfies her in ways she feels her man is inadequate. She obviously has lost respect for him and their relationship, and so early on too. Her putting it on Reddit only goes to show the level of her attention whoring and need for social validation. Pack your shit and leave.

  41. What kills me is that SHE posted this. Jesus. So people could see how reasonable she is? Of course, it gets her attention whoring satisfied and a buttload of support from the feministas.
    I hope the guy saw this online and packed his bags. She should come home to see his lawyers card on the refrigerator with the phone # circled. This marriage is done.
    And if anyone she’s dating learns of this, it’s an insta-dump. In fact, anyone dating a woman that brings this up in approving manner should DTB at once.

  42. 3 steps on the road to marriage-hell.
    1) They are 25 and 26, married 2 years. So it is save to assume they are
    fucking for over 3 years.
    -> It is a biological mechanism that women WHO
    DO NOT GET PREGNANT within 3 years will look for other males to fuck them
    because they perceive their current men “infertile”.
    That is the core and root of the problem.
    1.1.) She is going to the gym, so her looks is important to her. Meaning she
    wants to attract men to fuck her. She does however not want to be fucked by her
    husband, she is perceiving sex with him as a chore.
    Attraction is strongly related with (potential) BABIES. Most likely
    she got sex on the side already.
    2.) The fact she is working and doing “business trips” is another nail in his
    In her workplace she has other (male) bosses. Her attraction to her
    man is thus further decreased by taking orders from other males.
    ->One god, one king, one husband -> this is the sacred order and not by
    3.) Him making a spreadsheet instead of (forcefully) claiming what is his
    right and her posting said spreadsheet in the internet are further prove that
    there is something terribly wrong in this marriage.
    He is not a leader, he is more like a child who
    begs for sex, putting a final nail into the coffin that is there

  43. Good article, and a superb social commentary on modern married life.
    First and foremost, marriage is no longer a ‘sacrament’, where women can be expected to provide sex religiously to their husbands. Feminist indoctrination, lack of religious indoctrination in modern women, and many other social factors in the western world brainwash women into denying men sex within marriages. Women don’t consider it their religious responsibility to provide sex to their husbands on demand, as compared to as in previous times.Thus,in today’s world, marriage is just a social contract.
    The second part is that most western women think sex is a tool just to bait men into marriage, which they usually withhold after they’ve been wifed up. The sex is the bait to commitment. I assume this woman could’ve possibly been a prior slut, but chose to get wifed up to this beta-like man by banging him relentlessly to secure his commitment prior marriage. And I don’t think he would get much sex as to what he probably thought he would by posting that sheet – unless if he was trying to prank her.
    Thus, I guess the adage in medieval Europe, “Keep a wife in the house and mistress(es) on the side” holds ever true for those who want to enter into monogamy, today. If one looks at it logically, game never ends. So why to continue to game one frigid woman who’s already ‘married’ to one, when one can use that ‘game’ to continue to bang multiple women on the side? There is no incentive for men to enter into a sexless marriage or continue to be in it, as most young men often marry because they think they’d get regular sex on demand. Which is not the case.
    I know a lot of people would’ve criticized the poor fellow, but in this age where women have the right to report marital rape by modern courts, who knows what kind of woman she is in real life. And it’s always imperative for men to bang pussy on the side if they don’t get it at home.Game never ends, even within a marriage. If the ‘wife’ doesn’t change by herself within the marriage to provide regular sex as per the man’s wishes, it’s better to quit this often meaningless social ‘contract’ which is still being idealized as a ‘sacrament’. Westernized godless women don’t see sex as a religious duty to their husbands any more. Even they would rather enjoy the taste of eating the forbidden fruit of adultery than to have regular sex with their husbands, in today’s world.

  44. I suspect that he’s confronted her about this before, and she gaslighted him. “We have sex all the time! I hardly ever turn you down! You’re crazy!” The spreadsheet was probably in response to this to provide as much solid evidence as possible. This is conjecture on my part, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. Plus, she’s probably been banging the poolboy.

  45. Excellent observational piece. I am convinced that men who seek marriage should do so abroad. I spent about 5 months in Santiago, Chile and dated a Chilean girl for about 3 months during that time. By far the best relationship I had ever been in. I would have married her except that I wasn’t ready to settle down.
    I now live in LA where it is particularly difficult to game. However, they say if you can game here, you can game anywhere. I would like to eventually return to Latin America at some point to get married and have kids, but not any time soon.

  46. Sure, a strong case can be made against either party for passive aggression. But this isn’t a depth chart for who sucks more in the marriage. This is a case of two people with very little chemistry and even less respect for each-other who should have never gotten married in the first place. This spreadsheet is merely chronicling the inevitable demise of yet another unhappy union.

  47. Just jerk off on her back while she’s asleep. Remind her that she could have swallowed it the night before and avoided the mess.

  48. True story: a year or so ago I decided to buy some condoms (while at Target) in front of my fairly hot civie, whom I’ve been banging for a handful of years and helping to raise her teenage son. We had never used condoms prior to that (she can’t get pregnant due to a surgical procedure), but I wanted to create a cover story because I needed properly fitting condoms to bang other gals — I wanted to be “responsible” with my infidelities, especially during my bombing runs to Tijuana… I hinted that I wanted the condoms to either “last longer” with her or try some back-door entry — and she was aroused by this and supportive of the purchase.
    My thinking at the time was, if she ever found a condom in my shave kit or at my holiday house, she wouldn’t be suspicious because she would assume they were for her. So I used a few on her (without much difference in lasting power) and attempted anal (unsuccessfully as she’s just too tight for my knob) and then left them in the medicine cabinet and my shaving kit all casual like. I then ordered some better (thinner) ones online (Crown brand), which were more to my taste, and kept them along side the Trojans from Target. I had quickly become a bit of a connoisseur of condoms after many years of not using them.
    Well, fast forward about a month or so, and my civie starts to tell me about these horrible “dreams” she’s having that I’m cheating on her — kind of like she’s (shit)testing me. I find this curious, but the sex with her is still good, constantly available and she had turned into an excellent squirter / gusher, so I thought all is fine — just her hamster getting wild. I then go away for the weekend (to TJ for the hot whores, although I tell her the holiday house) and when I return the shit hits the fan. She had counted all the condoms before I left and noticed that 4 Crowns were missing upon my arrival home — she went through my shave kit while I was in the garage!!!
    Naturally I denied it and questioned her psychological status. She insisted that I account for the missing Crown condoms. I suggested that maybe she counted wrong — oh wait, I left some at the holiday house I was just at in case I ever needed them with her (best I could come up with…). She was very suspicious and insisted we go to the holiday house (which she rarely goes to because I treat it as my man cave and no longer invite her) the very next weekend to see the infamous missing Crown condoms. Fuck, who knew she was such a good bean counter?
    Well, of course, I didn’t go to the holiday house; instead, I was in TJ fucking young dimes. I laid awake that night pondering what I should do. Come clean and blow it all up? She could be a real petty little contrarian at times, and it would be more peaceful without her, but the hassle of a LTR break up — plus she’s a great cook and we share a little dog together that we both love. And the teenage boy… Do I suggest an “open relationship” for both of us? Ah, fuck that idea, it never works. Well, I decided that I’d order more Crowns online, get them sent overnight delivery (ridiculously expensive), secretly take a day off work once they arrived, and then drive to the holiday house to deposit them and come right back (7 hours driving total) without her noticing. Fucking hell, but mission completed.
    We then went together to the holiday house a few days later and spent the weekend; the condoms were accounted for, much caveman sex was had, and many apologies were given to me — I graciously accepted them while giving her a slight warning to be more trusting in the future or else. She’s actually a noticeably better GF since that episode, which attests to the fact that “dread game” really is quite powerful. I also learned my lesson to never underestimate the extent a woman will go to to try and prove infidelity, or indeed, simply prove her man wrong.
    I now keep the Crowns locked in a compartment in my sports car, which nobody is allowed to even look at but me. It’s essentially my Fort Knox! The original Trojans and few remaining Crowns are still laying casually in the medicine cabinet, giving us both a reminder to be more careful with our behaviors — me, to use my superior man-brain to better foresee potential issues; and her, to mind her accusations without complete and undeniable proof. So far so good. I still enjoy great home-cooked meals and full access to a top notch squirting pussy.
    As such, a fine solution for any man who is married but not getting pussy is to at least create the illusion of potential infidelity — change your routine intentionally in order to create doubt. Maybe you start working out more, wearing cologne on the weekends, dressing a little less sloppy, develop a new hobby, be more secretive with your phone / computer. You don’t have to fuck young chicas in Tijuana or bored housewives in Scottsdale like I do, but it’s beneficial to plant that seed of doubt, which her hamster will take and plant into some very fertile soil indeed. Making a sexual spreadsheet is fine to document the situation for yourself (if you’re a pathetic self-wallowing creature), but such behavior if made known to the wife will only reduce your value in her eyes and result in less sex or inferior sex. Focusing on bettering / pleasuring yourself (I don’t recommend chronic masturbation) and enjoying the confidence and ego boost that, that entails will attract her stronger than old Pepe La Pew. Plus, the actual act of fucking has to be “off the leash” good for her on most occasions to really seal the deal. Throw in some G-spot squirting orgasms and anal sex and the woman will become your absolute slave. Your will outright own her body and soul. Just my 22 cents.

    1. As soon as you said “we had never used condoms prior..” I said to myself he should know she’s going to count them.

    2. Props to you on all your apparently limitless Blue Pill labor to ward off her suspicions. Was she Miss America?. This is like a guy making special online orders and driving all day back and forth, to cheat on an “Introduction to the Student Union” university class. Do yourself a favor and NEVER share this story with anyone again.

      1. That’s right! Because Karma will bite your a.. and send you right back to where you came from!

    3. Shame on you and all those men like you Dr. F!!! and thanks to this website that attracts all sick men in the head who think they’re some kind of privileged, good looking,smart men that can get away with anything they want. It also helps some lucky women like me, to find out their men’s true colors after many years! This is the most traumatizing discovery of my life!
      Godspeed you Dr. F and best of luck for your future in Mexico, without a quality woman taking care of you!.

  49. hahahaha he is a married man in a western country, where all the laws are designed to siphon the men’s resources into the consumer females… There cannot be anything more beta than that gentlemen, the spreadsheets, lack of sex, excuses and whatnot all pale in comparison to this one overarching mistake that ruins western men’s lives at the altar with the all too eager blessings of the leeching state… DO NOT GET MARRIED in a western country, it’s one of the most essential rules of masculinity in the modern world.

    1. Basicly you are right. But the problem is not marriage – it is the “all the laws are designed to siphon” part thats the root of evil.
      If you keep yourself vulnerable to a states laws you have lost already – married or not.

    2. I’d have to see what he does afterwards to determine his beta level. If he planned the spread sheet and then cut contact forever, that’s pretty awesome. If he speaks to her again on any level, I’ll admit it’s bitchy.

  50. I must disagree with this analysis, and even more so with “Vox Day’s” take on this story at his blog. The Spreadsheet Guy is an incredible loser, period. First, to stick around with such a woman is pathetic and unworthy of any real man. Secondly and more importantly, keeping track of these details and preparing a spreadsheet is such OCD, borderline autistic behavior that it deprives it of all merit. We strange, outgoing, socially-competent Gen Xers would have done the following: “what the hell is wrong with you, toots?!?! You’re basically a frigid creature. I’m sorry for your trauma but I’m audi…” And to send the spreadsheet as he leaves for a business trip smacks of fear and passive aggressiveness. The guy is just another confused, socially-retarded modern male. There is nothing exemplary in what he did – it’s just a window into the petty horrors of modern American sexuality.

    1. You forget that he tried everything else and most likely said what you said but she lies and says that she has been giving him sex the entire time and minimising the problem and accusing him of being delusional. So as a last ditch attempt he created the spreadsheet.

  51. The real question is…why in the world was he still trying?She came from gym sweaty and gross and just went to bed without showering????Im not going to say anything about the guy cos really I think he’s been through enough having to put up with that stanky ass pussy hoarding little cow. I’ve read the full article and I just got so angry at her attitude about the whole thing.Does she think she is embarrasing him by putting something like this up for the world to see? Women in the western world have been given everything and now appreciate nothing. Women are are said to have a lower sex drive compared to men but 3 times in a month is just ridiculous,leading me to believe that she is getting it elsewhere. Females like this are the reason men turn into bastards.The root of all the problems faced by the sexes? Feminism.It made women forget there place and men programmed to think its okay.This shit doesnt fly in my house. So I say fuck feminism…its done nothing for me:-)
    Please no hate mail cos Im female lol

    1. Not all men find the smell of a sweaty woman to be bad. Perfume is a new invention, so is bathing every day. If men didn’t like the scent of a sweaty woman, humanity would have died out a very very long time ago.

  52. Women like to withhold sex and play ‘hard to get’ because sex is the only thing they truly have power over in society.

  53. She is definitely in the wrong. I’ll bet they got married in a church or at least had a pastor officiating, and the Bible says that neither spouse should withhold themselves from the other. Don’t get married if you don’t want to please your man sexually as much as possible because by marrying you, he’s shut off all other options. She should apologize to her husband and make it up to him, but I’d imagine she won’t. In fact, I’d imagine she’s having an affair with someone at the gym, hence the no sex and no showering after going to the gym. How disgusting are you to not shower after being on weight machines and treadmills where other dirty, nasty people have been sweating all day? She is wrong, and she needs to fix her attitude.

    1. We men have a period as well: It’s called “I’m being faithful to this bitch even though my DNA screams for new, strange pussy.” The man brings the dough, and the girl (realizing this) brings the ho. If there isn’t an impressive excuse for denial of sex more than one night in a row, it’s disrespectful.

  54. it was beta to send the spreadsheet. It was overdoseonredpill to cut off contact right afterwards. She is sleeping away from home wondering what her husband is doing.

  55. “My belief is that he judged a spreadsheet to be the clearest and most logical way to delineate his wife’s errant behavior”
    Women don’t operate on logic…it is as alien to them as planet Pluto

  56. Sometimes living together does it. I remember a while back had a fiend of a girlfriend and she moved in for 6 months. All of a sudden no sex at all.

  57. I think it was her that was going on the business trip.
    When I first read about this, my first thought was this wasn’t passive aggressiveness. I would consider anything passive aggressive if I got the feeling he’s still wanting to fix things. I looked at this as the parting shot. Here’s my resignation.
    The use of the spread sheet made me think of the smart phone zombies. If a guy always felt second or third to a girls smart phone and her texting network, he might choose what so many girls say is the worst way to them to call things off. Do it with a text.
    The spread sheet to her was the text to the smart phone addicted girl. Here you go, put in a form that seems to be the only thing you understand.

  58. When the fuck does she get a period? If the communication is that fucked up I mean damn.

  59. Been here, done this, got the t shirt. Was with a girl just like this. Near about broke me mentally, physically, and spiritually, had me profoundly fucked up for a while. Came out of it accepting the “red-pill” truths, learned better game, and been with nicer, more quality women since.
    We as men don’t need to shame other men like this because these are experiences they will learn from, rather our advice to him should be constructive.. An evil woman can twist you, chew you up, and spit you out any kind of way. It is our duty as men to understand what he is going through and uplift him, helping him to make better choices. He is just a man stuck in a marriage with a cunt, not anything out of the ordinary in this day and time.

  60. Let’s reverse the roles for a moment: think of what would happen if a MAN posted this on his wife. The amount of flak sent his way would be unimaginable. If anything shows society’s double standards for women, this is it.

  61. One day in ten. The pattern is unignorable. I’m sure she’s roughly keeping track when it’s time to feed the worm without starving it. She’d no doubt make a neglectful pet owner as well and would have the animal knee-jerks up her ass. Too bad the west doesn’t have shelters and services for abused and neglected DICKS. Imagine if there were DICK COPS that came stormtrooping in, siezing property and trampling liberties. And reality shows where a bottom end nurse arrives to resuscitate a downed dick. It is doubtful our civilization will evolve to that level of compassion.

  62. I think we should refrain from making any conclusions about the situation other than the relationship of these two people is seriously damaged and either they will talk and work hard to fix it, or they should split.
    Any more assumptions would be a biased speculation. Maybe he got hideously fat, maybe she fucks her gym trainer, maybe… We could guess like this forever, and it wouldn’t make any sense.

  63. “There is simply no way to satisfy a woman “, yeah, that sounds about right.

  64. While it’s pretty much impossible to figure out what’s really going on inside that marriage, this blew up on the internet because it’s a perfect little snapshot of our messed-up zeitgeist.
    Predictably, the internets quickly took the woman’s side of whatever they imagined the man’s failures to be. In doing so, while we learned nothing about these two people, the half-witted internet feminists, and their male enablers, did reveal themselves: men have no value, and no rights in any sort of domestic arrangement, and that even raising this complaint is “rape culture”. (No, really, that happened.)
    But then something strange happened on the way to the gallows: some MRA’s, then among the PUAs a different view took hold. Interesting to see that the monopoly on politically correct view of the roles of men and women has been lost, and the feminazis a) don’t like it one bit and b) haven’t the slightest clue how to go about winning an argument in an open debate. It’s all “because shut up”, right down to the bottom. So keep it up guys.
    But I think this really grabbed attention because everyone in a long-term recognized the situation. As noted here, it’s practically inevitable “unless you run game”, (true), but I’d argue that it’s practically inevitable even if you DO run game inside an LTR. You need something more like meta-game: if a man, for whatever reason, decides to enter an LTR (I have some experience with this guys, I’m old enough to be most of yer alls dad) you have GOT to be the one wearing the pants. EVERYTHING that modern culture tells you about a “relationship” (ie, equal power etc etc etc) is crap, and dooms you both to misery.
    That’s what I saw with this guy’s spreadsheet. Yeah, it sort of fits the “beta” mold (but not as much as putting up with the artificial pussy shortage). More directly though, it is a small, awkward, but promising new beginning: “This is not working for me. Take some time to think about it, and when you get back, we’ll talk. If you don’t mend your ways, I’m sorry, but I’m out of here.” It’s taken them five years to get to this point, and it’s foolish to assume that it will work out instantly, but a step in the right direction is one step closer. Who knows, maybe she’ll see the light and get back cooking, cleaning, and yes, keeping the poon train running. The vast majority of women don’t want equality in the house: they want a strong man to LEAD, and they want to follow. I wish this guy the best.

  65. No man needs to get married to be celibate. A man can be celibate all by himself, much more cheaply than he can be celibate with a wife. And he won’t have to put up with bitching, nagging or temper tantrums either.

  66. good thing they didn’t pork on the 4th of July. That’s American Jesus’s birthday!

  67. You know who would be outraged at this woman’s rejections of her husband? My mom. My mom was a major cheerleader of traditional sex roles, she was anti-feminist before it was cool to be anti-feminist. She taught us from a young age, Bible in hand, that a woman’s body was owned by and existed to please her husband.

  68. So many men are being told lies to. I bet he was only thinking that marriage is a contract in which the woman has to provide sex.

  69. The simple fact that she posted this online says it’s time for a divorce. He’s frustrated obviously, but she’s betraying the relationship by sharing it all in public. The sooner he dumps her, the better for him. It will only go downhill from here.

  70. I am very surprised to see a lack of complaint about the ENTITLEMENT that this guy has, this woman doesn’t OWE sex to him, her body isn’t HIS to have sex with and making a fucking spreadsheet highlights this asshole’s entitlement. This kind of entitlement is what leads to domestic abuse and marital rape. IF SHE DOESNT WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU, SHE SHOULD BE ABLE TO JUST SAY NO AND THE FACT THAT SHE HAS HAD TO GIVE YOU REASONS THAT YOU HAVE RECORDED. If anyone can truly look at this, and put any blame on the woman, I hope someone finds you and makes you check your privilege, then kicks you in the nuts.

    1. She’s his wife, you dumb bitch. It’s her DUTY to give him sex 24/7 whenever he wants it. He IS entitled to it – that’s why it’s marriage. And why no sane man will commit to bitches like you that think they have no marital obligations anymore.

      1. That post above has GOT to be parody—it’s too pitch-perfect a skewering of the twenty-something third wave white girl feminist rap. Seriously, we have all the tropes here “entitlement” (all caps!) “rape”, and ending with a call for violence against any who disagree. It’s Just Too Perfect. (and damn funny, so mad props to OP)

  71. Yet another reason we need to get to work on fuck androids. Other than needing maintenance or repairs (because you’re too rough) there’d be no lame excuses.

  72. Maybe he’s grossly undesirable, maybe he put on 20Kgs over the 5years, maybe he’s balding and has bad breath, maybe his gut hangs so low, he can’t find his penis? Maybe she loves him, but is repulsed by him physically. And then the spreadsheet? Just goes to show he’s a coward aswell. Im sure she took a quick trip on the carousel when he was out of town..

  73. 10 day business trip? is she the president of a country? Most probably going for R&R with Boss.

  74. 26 years old? maybe he wasn’t doing it right……ha ha ha……….they both sound like losers.

  75. I hope y’all noticed that when HuffPo posted the female sex spreadsheet, there was no shaming language at all in it. So they take her side but not the male spreadsheet side. What sexists.

  76. My wife can make the same spreadsheet in reverse. After so many years of marriage and her pushing 40 what attraction is left there? I’m the one with the “headaches” now…

  77. She obviously just had no interest in having sex with him and only did those few times because she was tired of him asking all the time. She didn’t even try to make an effort to keep him interested physically – going to the gym and then getting into bed without showering? It seems like she was trying to repulse him, making him sleep next to her when she probably smelled bad. She was using BO as a shield.

    1. This is funny but sad because this is a typical woman trick that is easily countered but young guys do not know any better. When the woman starts playing the withholding sex mind game you just start staying out late after work. Even if you are not doing anything, she will certainly rethink her power game strategy. Every relationship is a chess game and you just have to know how to play it. Simple.

  78. I simply can’t wrap my head around this. How could she go that long with out it? Well She must be slutting around. My husband and I have two small kids and make time for such things, even surprise sex is nice. I just keep thinking “That poor guy needs laid.” I hope he did on his business trip. No one would blame him

  79. I’m betting based on her age, western “culture” and the pattern of repeat excuses that she’d been cheating on him, probably for a lot longer than he’d been tracking. Good lessons here.

  80. This is because of the oxymoron that is “marital rape.” It’s true that too sex is a bad thing, but the limits should always be set by the man’s self-discipline, not the whims of his wife.

  81. I agree with basement dweller, make it clear that if she uses pussy as a weapon or a reward, you start looking elsewhere, which you have the right to do so if she doesnt fulfill her end of the deal. Thats why its essential to cover yourself with asset protection in case she uses divorce as another weapon. Personally im starting to think the time, emotional energy and aggravation that comes from constantly gaming women vs finding a great long term partner is not worth it if you want to invest your life into creating something substantial or creating some great value in the world. From what I can observe it seems the most successful entrepreneurs have wives and even in think and grow rich it talks about sex transmutation, directing the sexual energies into productive outlets.

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