Top 35 Most Important Articles On ROK

ROK has been open for a little over two years, and during that time we’ve published over 2,000 articles. This can be overwhelming to a new visitor so I went ahead and selected the 35 most important articles that will help you understand all the truth that has been hidden from you. They are intended to aid in your exit from the cave of blue pill ignorance and into the red pill’s harsh but essential light.

Here they are:


1. Why There Will Always Be A Sexual “Double Standard”

2. A 3 Point Primer In Modern Female Privilege

3. This Accidental Experiment Shows The Superiority Of Patriarchy

4. “Rape Culture” Was Manufactured To Wage An Unjust War Against Men

5. The Equality Movement Is Allowing Women To Tyrannize Men

6. The Deregulation Of The Sexual Marketplace

7. How Black America Has Predicted Our Future

8. America’s Sexual Hierarchy Favors Alpha Males More Than Ever

9. How The Gender Script Was Flipped

10. You-Go-Girlism Is More Toxic Than Feminism

11. Cultural Marxism Produces Matriarchy

12. Is Feminism Its Own Worst Enemy?

13. The 7 Most Common Feminist Insults

14. Why The American Economy Needs The Beta Male


15. 11 Fundamental Guidelines For Solid Game

16. 8 Essential Rules To Surviving The Workplace

17. Don’t Believe The Lies About Foreign Brides


18. 10 Reasons Why Foreign Women Are Better Than American Women

19. 40 Pictures That Show The Decline Of American Women

20. How Young Women Promote The Hookup Culture

21. Modern Woman In Wanting To Be For Herself, Has Destroyed Herself

22. Women Should Not Be Allowed To Vote

23. Young Girls Are Better Than Older Women

24. The 15 Magical Years of Womanhood

25. The Intellectual Inferiority Of Women

26. The Awesome Temporary Power Of Young Attractive Women

27. Women Have No Sense Of Justice

28. The 7 Most Common Lies Women Tell In A Relationship

29. Help Raise Awareness About Rape Tourette’s


30. The Myth Of Male Power

31. The Myth Of The Male Biological Clock

32. Why White Knights Voluntarily Enslave Themselves To Women

33. The 5 Stages Of Nice Guy Grief

34. The Western Male Is The Reason Why His Women Suck

35. Why Money Can No Longer Save The Beta Male

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70 thoughts on “Top 35 Most Important Articles On ROK”

  1. Whichever article included that chart pointing out that correlation between too many sex partners and higher divorce rates. That chart should be shown to every 12 year old girl in the world. Their parents too..That chart blew my mind.

    1. “That chart should be shown to every 12 year old girl in the world.”
      Probably too late by then

      1. correlation between too many sex partners and higher divorce rates
        goddamned recommended reading/viewing

    2. You can do an internet search for divorce calculators. My multiple regression analysis is rather weak but there are multiple factors in play. The bigger the age difference the greater the divorce chance and yet a lot of red pill theory would dictate early 30s guys (or older. . .depending on your theory) with early 20s girls. Red states have higher divorce rates than blue states. However, when you take other factors into account, conservatives generally have more stable marriages than liberals.
      The chart that always blows my mind is the rate of Downs Syndrome babies against the age of the mother. By age 35 it is multiples of younger women, but the absolute numbers are still low. After 35 the increased risk is just insane.

    3. Why do you perceive divorce as a bad thing? When smt is over, it is over. Few things last forever and a meaningful relationship rarely can last over a certain amount of years and still make sense

      1. Obviously were talking about about women not just being a cum dumpster, but fulfilling her biological role as a mother. Then it makes a bit more sense

  2. Could we also have a list of the articles that most annoyed Tumbler feminists? Short hair, tatts & eating disorders… that kind of thing

    1. Dear All,
      Remember to support free speech by becoming a patron.
      $10 or $20 a month – or even just $7 or $3…..if you read ROk every day and it gives you value, it gives you inspiration, if gives you an alternative view, it fights for your rights and covers issues the mainstream media does not cover then proudly become a supporter and patron of this site.

  3. There are so many great eye-opening and inspiring articles on this site. These 35 are excellent but there are MANY MANY more. Hats off to most of the authors.
    Some articles were questionable and some were downright shitty but I for one am grateful for all and grateful for this website.
    Keep up the good work men and let the articles keep on coming.

  4. “Your Time Is More Important Than Her Feelings”. My first ROK read and its had me hooked ever since.

  5. Roosh you missed the latest ones. “35 Things thats wrong with America” deserves a spot, and sums up the big Picture quite well.
    The one about the Charlie Hebdo assault, and maintaning the liberal narrative, was equally insightful.

  6. One of the biggest gripes about Cracked in the piece the other day was that so many of their columns were listicles… there have been, what, four? Five? here the past week.

  7. There was an article on ROK that explained the process of subversion in
    great detail. I feel like that should be mandatory reading for everyone
    since it clearly outlines the modus operandi of the original Cultural Marxists. Social Justice and various other sects of contemporary leftism all appear to be offshoots and byproducts of the Frankfurt School and its mastery of ideological subversion on a grand scale. Additionally, everyone should watch the Yuri Bezmenov lecture before formulating an opinion on Cultural Marxism.

    1. Agreed. That was the first RoK article I showed to non-redpilled friends as well. Hard to argue against the articles premise when you can see it happening right before your eyes.

    2. If you can find it link if please. I’m still trying to understand politics and culture. I haven’t yet grasped Marxism.

    1. I’ve read almost all of Billy Chubbs articles. He’s a real gem of the ROK community. I recommend every man to read his articles. Type “Billy Chubbs Return of Kings” on google, and it will provide you a link of all Billy Chubbs articles. You’ll not be disappointing.

  8. I think that this should be embedded under the header, it would help new people and be an excellent reference if I feel like re-reading some of the very good articles written here.

  9. First article I read on here was called I think ’25 signs she’s a slut.’ I was shown it by some outraged slut I was banging at the time. In fact the only time any girls I know have ever heard of ROK is that article. Instant classic.

  10. Surprised to see How to Get Everything You Want and 9 Elements in your Quest for Self Mastery isn’t mentioned in the Lifestyle section

  11. there was a famous repost of letter from a father to his son. that in my opinion is goddamned essential reading

  12. I think an honorable mention should be the “letter of open apology to western women”. Pardon me if I didn’t get the correct article title down

  13. The article, “how to survive a modern day witch hunt” needs to be engraved in stone. Happened to me in 2010 and I am still traumatized. Next time I’ll be prepared. Also, the Forney article about tatted chicks being screwed in the head. Holding frame is something I now practice along with stare. Women cower away at the look through you stare – great to practice.

  14. I can’t believe a site like this exists. I barely made it through the first three articles.

    1. Yup what is this shit. Mustering hate doesnt make you a man it makes you weak and sad. Anyone that believes a word is soft in the head.

  15. This website is for whiny insecure men. Real men don’t give a crap about this stuff. Whiny men write websites and articles complaining. You are what you profess to hate.

    1. Yes real men don’t have time for persecuting people who cannot defend themselves. I vote to have all pedos and rapists castrated, I will do it, I used to the the piglets on the farm, I got Lots of experience with pigs. God, what a bunch of jerks out there.
      All ugly, frustrated and full of demons. Wait till The Judgement day and see whose image you were defiling. Women and Men were made in His image.

    2. Depends if the problems are real or imagined. If not imagined obviously you can “whine” about them, why not ?

  16. Must be really insecure to need a platform like this, lmao. No wonder you guys have to worry about being with some of the worst most shallow chicks out there… Go look in the mirror. The chicks you meet are probably the perfect match and you just don’t realize it.

    1. All chicks out there are shallow, more or less. Too much feminism and “girlpower”. They actually believe in that shit now.

  17. You’re site is absolutely disgusting! You must be a very happy fully rounded person and be single as fcuk! Gross! I feel bad for your family and whatever friends you have!

  18. I’m been looking for a website for insecure aggros, wife-beaters and rapists forever. Thanks guys. Go Trump!

    1. Maybe you should learn how to read before you take on that task, would make your search easier.

  19. I usually lurk on here, but I felt like I needed to say something. This is ridiculous. We are giving those sluts and libtards exactly what they want.

  20. Lol! Love you had to cancel… I guess you’re just being oppressed further. If you “real guys” are oppressed, then I’m digging my freedom as a “nice guy” (aka guy who doesn’t feel entitled to rape)

    1. So you people think it’s not OK for a 50-year-old Australian man to marry a 18-year-old Russian woman (for example), but it’s OK for a 25-year-old female teacher to rape her 13-year-old male student? Sexist hypocrites.

  21. A website for little boys, with mommy issues. So obvious, Psychology 101. No wander you make so much fuss about getting laid, you rarely get any! Real men don’t care about this crap and do not fell threatened by women.

  22. Seems like you guys are afraid of women. I’ve probably made love to more women than Roosh, but it was a choice by both parties. I’ve never had to use pick up strategies. Roosh (and all his fans) needs to spend some time in prison and find out what rape is like from the other side. Who knows, he might still be for it, but again, from the other side.

  23. I’m seeing a load of articles here that clearly present the problem, but I don’t see much in the way of solutions. Maybe you could add some articles about the road to putting women back in their place?

    1. There’s no solution to that. The general solution mentioned here is to either move abroad or find a woman from another country. Women here are lost and will be all through our lifetime.

  24. I know women aren’t welcome on this site and I understand that because I agree with most of your views. I’m a 25 year old girl who has been trying to get raped for the last 10 years. I have dressed like a slut, I have been out alone all night a number of times. How do I get this done and how do I serve for the satisfaction of the male gender?
    How can I live my true role as a female?

  25. There needs to be only a few articles, if you’re being honest about your beliefs: 1) Women Suck, That’s Why They Need To Be Controlled” 2) Scared Because You Realized Men Like You Are No Longer In Charge? Let’s All Lash Out, Together! 3) Anger = Validation 4) Having A Right To Say It = Being In the Right.

  26. I have been a long time reader of RoK and felt that now was definitely the time to stop lurking and make my support known

  27. Why don’t Christopher Contrary write for ROK anymore? He was essential. The last time I read anything from him was 2014.

  28. I feel safe and tranquility in the abode of dignified men(here in the website) who no longer accept to be weak or to be enslaved by the new world order(Feminism is a major part of the order). I am so happy that there are actually other men here who begin to share my views. It’s not just about sex, but sex is indispensably absolute necessity of life and many of our women have been brainwashed against our traditions and customs by popular cultural exported by the United states globalized media(by sick people who run it). Now most of us have no mothers or sisters to be proud of and give example of how they raise and keep an entire family well-tied and strongly bonded. Now they have become total sluts thanks to the globalized so-called liberal laws that are spreading to other countries by pressure from evil people in the U.S. Women are no longer interested in men. Many men are desperately turning to bisexuality and cuckoldness and transgender because they see that other stereotyped men are better than them or life of woman as depicted by the evil media is much better or in school where they sell them the idea of gender being social construct. Other substance now made increase estrogen in men like for example, the herb-killer atrazine. We need more websites like this. Men’s movement should be real. Please don’t stop posting content and do not back from the fight like MGTOW do. Your withdrawal means more misery for you. Your withdrawal means giving more gays and women the power to screw you. Gay men attacks on heterosexual men will be overlooked because nobody cares about us because other heterosexual manginas are busy desperately chasing a pussy and will kill you if the pussy commands them to do so. This is an outcry to all heterosexual men who care about their values, traditions, morals, honor and their integrity. You survival depends on taking action against feminism and global culture. Empowering struggling men like Roosh V and any man who cares about your rights and needs. Please donate, share, discuss and support Roosh and any good unselfish altruistic man who cares about other men succeeding in life. Let Government, corporations, institutions poisoned by feminism know that there are men who will stand up for their rights even if they are labeled rapists or racists or xenophobe or any label to villanized them and incite hatred and violence toward. I hope my message is clear regardless of my grammatical errors.

  29. The layout of each individual article and the layout of the web sight in general work really well together. Makes it really easy to go back and figure were I fucked up today.
    Thanks ROK.

  30. You forgot “Shallow men with small penises need a safe space to bash women and play macho under fake names”. Classic.

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