Will The Swedish Negro Ball (Negerboll) Survive The Era Of Political Correctness?

They’re brown, sweet, and probably Milo Yiannopoulos’s favourite pastry if he ever tasted them. I’m referring to the popular Swedish negerbollar (“negro balls” as translated into English).

I remember making them with my mother as a kid. We used butter, cocoa, rolled oats, sugar and black coffee, mixed it up and then rolled the dough into small balls. On top of them we sprinkled pearl sugar, but it’s also common to use coconut flakes. Our negro balls were so good that I would have eaten them all at once if my mother hadn’t made me wait.

Back then, I wasn’t really aware of concepts like political correctness and racism, and I didn’t think that it was still relevant to talk about racism in this day and age. I thought no one cared about skin color anymore. I probably knew what “neger” (negro or nigger) meant, but I couldn’t imagine that “negerbollar” could offend anybody. I guess I was naive, and I had no idea of how hypersensitive society was becoming.

But times have changed. Now you can’t utter the n-word (as a white person) in any context without someone getting very upset. Very few people, at least in my age, would use the word neger. Instead we say black or dark-skinned person. But a lot of Swedes still say negerbollar.

Leftists have declared war on negerbollar


Fredrik Virtanen.

If you know what leftists are like, you know that they love policing language and, by extension, thought. They don’t want you to say certain words and phrases because they can somehow be dangerous and offensive. They also think they can read minds and know that you’re a racist when in fact you’re not.

So, naturally, a lot of leftists have have spoken out against using the name negerbollar. They want us to say “chokladbollar” (chocolate balls) instead (which is the most unoriginal and boring name imaginable). The famous columnist Fredrik Virtanen says, “Negerboll is not a funny name for chocolate ball, it’s racism.” He thinks “white skins” are just filled with hatred for blacks: “Racism lives within us. It’s a part of our European colonial heritage.”

Another socialist, Daisy Kintu, thinks it’s racist to defend even the right to say negerbollar. “Because the word has been used against black people, you as a white person can’t sit and judge whether it’s racist or not. The word hasn’t been used against you, so sit down and listen instead.”

White knight Jonas Stentäpp writes in the same vein: “It is not white people that should decide if the term negerboll is offensive, it is those who are subjected that should decide if it’s offensive or not.” So the basic idea is that white people should just shut up and not have an opinion on this subject. Logic and facts come second to skin color and level of grievance. It’s SJW argumentation 101.

Making the dictionary PC


Leftists could celebrate a small victory last year when a new edition of the official Swedish dictionary was released. Words like “hen” (a gender neutral pronoun) and “intersektionalitet” (intersectionality) were added, while “negerboll” was removed. According to the man in charge of putting together the new dictionary, negerboll was thrown out not because it’s become out of use, but because some say it’s offensive.

The left has also tried to shut down shops where negerbollar are sold. In 2014, a store owner was reported to the police for selling them without using the PC name chocolate balls. The organization responsible for the report was Afrosvenskarnas riksförbund (kind of like the NAACP of Sweden). While the police found that no crime had been committed, the store owner still made a public apology and promised to change the name of the pastry.

Still some people have the guts to use the traditional term. A bakery in southern Sweden called one of their products Luxury Negerboll. “We have five different kinds of balls and they all can’t be called chocolate balls”, the boss said. After getting negative attention in the media, the name has now been changed to “Luxury N…boll.”

Anti-racist balls?

Despite what leftists say, I think eating negerbollar can actually be seen as an anti-racist act. If you really were a racist, would you be eating something that had the n-word in its name? If a white person putting negerbollar into his mouth isn’t a sign of tolerance, I don’t know what is.

Furthermore, putting white sugar on top of a brown ball exemplifies how combining colors can produce a great result. A racist person would prefer the ball to be either black or white, as mixing them would reduce the value of it. But of course you can use brown sugar instead of white, if you’re more leaning toward the black power side.

But the real question is: Are black people and white SJWs right in being offended by the name? I think not. When Swedes use the name negerbollar, they aren’t talking about a person or anything relating to people. They’re referring to an eatable chocolate flavored ball that gets its dark color from cocoa. “Neger” might be regarded as a derogatory term today, but it comes from the Latin word for black.

Racist crackers?


Imagine if white people were offended by the word “cracker” when being used to refer to biscuits. Would that make any sense? I’ve never heard of anyone being hesitant about saying cracker, yet most people are probably aware that it’s also a derogatory term for white people. It’s true that it doesn’t have the same connotations to slavery and oppression, but it’s still meant to be disparaging.

In the end it comes down to whether you’re willing to constantly adapt your language to the politically correct rules of the day, or not. SJWs will always find reasons to call white people racist, it’s a big part of their narrative, so you won’t solve anything by kowtowing to them.

For me personally, probably like many of you who visit this site, being told I can’t do something makes me want to do it even more. So I won’t stop saying negerbollar anytime soon. I also hope many more Swedish men find the courage to grow their own balls nice and big, and refuse to comply with the politically correct demands of the left.

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127 thoughts on “Will The Swedish Negro Ball (Negerboll) Survive The Era Of Political Correctness?”

    1. Remeber, many don’t work, they live off the state, mommy and dadddy (matress bitch) or have made up positions that aren’t real jobs like “Diversity Co-ordinator.”
      So they have the time to think of stupid shit tlike this..

  1. the day will come when these people get their faces pounded into the pavement and their arseholes pounded into a bloody pulp by the people they think they are defending.

  2. What is really racist about the word negro anyways? All it means is “black” why is it somehow inherently more racist than the word “black”?

    1. These westerners live in a bubble. They also have to create a boogeyman to challenge them. This is borne out of axiety to define existence. That’s why religion and spirituality needs to be at the forefront again.

  3. I’m brown and grew up with refugees, people in general are racist. It’s not exclusive to white people! These people are mental.
    If you’re nice to people they’d be nice to you too. Racist banter is actually a way of gauging people’s skin. Thick skinned or nah?
    Thin skinned limp dick fvckers!

    1. Brown? Like the color of shit? I can just imagine how badly you and your family smell. One question: why did you come here? We don’t need curryheads, beaners, or camel-jockeys; go back to where you came from. You realize you don’t belong here right?

        1. He’s a troll. On one article he insults racists in the name of the manosphere, on the others he insults brown people in the name of the manosphere.

      1. Oh look, our Hasbara friend here is attempting to make ROK followers appear ignorant and horrible racists. Possibly has another pseudonym on another forum that will reference this as confirmation we’re all baddies.

    2. I came across this video the other night. LGBT individual trying to infiltrate a black group. I’m impressed with how the leader handles this. He lets her speak so members can witness what he means, exposes her then tells her to get lost!
      From my observation, the LGBT community is hell-bent on trying to infiltrate every damn organization and turning it into a gay awareness group.

      1. I’m glad he stood by his principles. This is the differences that we must understand that exists between us. Accepting someone else’s reality is ideal in reality but it ultimiately creates a dysfunction and you end up with a situation out of your control. Glad he took control and stood by his men.

    1. Sweden is failing the muslim invaion shit test BIG TIME ! The muslim invasion is actually healing its inhabitants by forcing them to grow a pair of balls. What we see now, the rapes, the murder, the arson all done by invadors will eventually awaken a monster. I’ll give it 5 years.

  4. Thank you ReturnofKings for bringing the important issues to my attention. I am so glad I am a monthly subscriber. I used to think SJW outrages were stupid; now I think they are being eclipsed by our outrage towards their outrages. I will not lose sleep on whether the Negerboll or whatever keeps its name or is changed to something else.

    1. anybody want to do an over/under on how long it takes for this dissenting opinion to get flagged as spam?

        1. I don’t know…RoK publishes 3 or 4 pieces a day and I really look forward to reading them all…but this is probably the most disappointing one I’ve ever read. Hydenius usually comes correct, too…but I guess everybody gets writers block sometimes. I get the main idea and yeah, it is stupid to complain about the name of a cookie being changes by leftists (even though I haven’t heard an American call a filbert nut a “niggertoe” since the 80’s either) but really, theres so much more that can be done or said on this platform than lamentations on a Swedish pastry, don’t you think?

        2. I thought he was just more so pointing out the stupidity of how these people nit pick at everything. Definitely not a ground breaking article but more so a pet peeve ? People are changing the names of pointless shit like this but Beyonce can give a shout-out to the black panthers during the superbowl.

        3. Exactly my point. I don’t know, maybe I am doing the exact same thing by pissing and moaning about it — but I’m used to reading some really good, challenging, horizon-widening stuff here.
          Btw thanks for pointing out that guys other comments…I get the feeling he’s just kind of a fucking all around mess. Hateful sumbitch, that’s for sure.

        4. To be fair i dont think this guy is white though.
          He is trying to sell “white guilt” rather than having it himself.

        5. As you said.. 3 or 4 pieces a day. So if you don’t care about political correctness actually redefining words and changing our language, move on to another article.

        6. True, but don’t underestimate peoples tribal instincts.
          It’s not only the “alt-righters” that have agendas based on ethnic interests, they might be the ones most open and honest about it.
          Here in northern europe it’s very clear at least.

    2. You need to go away from this site and find yourself through travel. I recommend Somalia or Afghanistan. I hear Northern Iraq is nice this time of year

  5. This reminds me of a friend who commented on a black guys tweet about how the black guy was at a kanye concert and was petrified to hear white people saying nigga as they sang along the lines. The black guy was going off saying how dare people sing along saying that word and how they don’t understand. My friend commented on the tweet saying they are just singing along to the song and of course all the sjws came out of nowhere and started calling him ignorant and rascist.people are so fragile and pathetic these days i swear.

    1. Leftists simply cannot win arguments. Their response to a dissenting opinion perfectly represents their mental capacity for group think. They gang up on anyone who disagrees. 10:1. Go argue with a liberal on Facebook and wait 20 minutes. There will be a dozen people calling you a slew of names and doing nothing to refute your fact based arguments.

      1. I would say it was around 10-1 with my friend as well, i didn’t see it till the next day unfortunately so i couldn’t chime in

    2. I use it every now and then because I spent a little time in some bad spots when I was younger and it was just the lingo . I ‘ve pushed it out of my vocabulary because it’s like people who say “fuck” as a filler word . It’s nigga this , nigga that , it’s densenstized people to the word .

      1. I personally don’t say it because i grew up in an all white area so there was really no reason to say it, would i say it if i was singing along to a song at a concert, i would.

        1. If they’re going to package it up and market it to white people they can’t really be upset . It’s like the Indian head dress thing , you packaged your culture up put a price tag on it and sold it . Don’t get mad when people buy it and imitate it

        2. I would personally use “offensive” words just to “trigger” white antiwhite leftards-libtards, antifas, SJWankers, so if they have something to say, I can bitch slap them in self-defense if they push to far.

    3. Anyone see this? 21 year old Bernie supporter balling her eyes out cause TRUMP supporters were ‘MEAN!’ on phone.

        1. yeah, and she gets pretty vicious herself there at the end, with her opinions about southerners. i like to think that a good man could turn her around though. what can i say, i’m an idealist.

        2. Not a player, and didn’t hear her comments about southern men; but from observation and experience I would say that her negative comments about southerners should only make it easier for a southern man to claim her if he knows how to handle shit tests.

        3. good point, her voice is feminine too. physically, she’s really quite beautiful. i got the impression of a young woman who wants to be traditionally feminine but has been brainwashed by the marxist-feminist education system. i like to think that maybe it’s not too late for her to be turned to the light side of the force, as it were.

      1. Such a waste-she has all the physical qualities I appreciate in a woman yet has a very soft mind. I think she needs a man of steel like me to turn her around to reach her full potential.

      2. Not a player, but I can clearly see that you players out there have a perfect shot with this one. She is open to being taken and tamed. But you’ll have to know what you are doing.
        How do I know this? Well, the only thing you need to worry about with women is if they are unaware of you.
        The more a woman is aware of you, the more you are already *in* her existence. If she is freaking out over you, then you ARE her emotional world.
        Women live in the world of emotion => you become her world.
        You are her world => you dictate her reality.
        Of course, someone with real experience will have to confirm what I wrote, but I say Go for it boys!

      3. I’m not really triggered by this one lol.
        I actually appreciate her compassion and concern. It’s just misdirected to a non-issue. Plus there are some real dumbasses and hateful people–who knows who she got on the line? But a good man could easily direct this energy in a good, tangible direction. I far prefer a woman with soul and passion to an emotionless tinderdrone.

        1. Fair assessment. Like someone else remarked above … It strikes me this girl wants to be traditionally feminine but has endure multiple years of feminist brainwashing via Academia.

  6. I find it funny when people say, if that group finds it offensive, we shouldn’t say it. For example, the redskins. So just because someone says they’re offended by something, no matter how arbitrary, I shouldn’t say it? Well there’s no way in hell I’d abide by that.

  7. Cracker is a befitting name for white Americans: plain and bland.
    As for niggerballs, feminists are opposed to them, at least when they’re not in their own mouths.(NSFW, Not Safe For Work, so I don’t get chewed out again you dumbasses :-))
    Finally, wonder what will happen to the old Dutch tradition of Zwarte Piet. But I’ll tell you what’s not going away. The old school Mexican comic Memin Pinguin.

    1. whoa wtf. a big black dick just appeared in front of my face. you need a trigger warning for that, you insensitive asshole.

      1. Lol, someone nuked it hard. I was going to change it to a link to the pic. Ok, so in case the commenter was wondering, you give a NSFW warning BEFORE you show the content, not AS you show it. In other words, if you HAVE to link to black porn, LINK it, don’t put the image here.

    1. The guy on the cover looks too clean to be a chimney sweep but I get the gag. What’s the flavour of the candy, liquorice ?

  8. Of course does it refer to Africans/Negros. From what I see it’s just a ball of chocolate. Why would you call it a negro ball if:
    1) Negros are not the inventors of it
    2) It’s just chocolate. Or does it have some special negro stuff in it?
    I’m not a negro, so I really don’t give a fuck about it, but if it’s authentic Swedish food, then it would be logical to call it something like ‘Swedish chocolate balls’. But can’t blame Swedish people. They have zero pride.

  9. kaffe och bulle is the last remaining swedish institution. Having said that given the refugee crisis there is a real opportunity here for swedish tea-time to become that time of the day when you suck on some real chocolate-coloured testicles. Actually, that’s not racist because my own testicles are chocolate coloured..and covered in coconut flakes
    “Words like “hen” (a gender neutral pronoun) and “intersektionalitet”
    (intersectionality) were added, while “negerboll” was removed.”
    …which must mean that when conservatives get back into power and this situation is reversed, negerboll will become the gender neutral pronoun.

  10. The debate of the negerboll is the very least of Sweden’s problems. The biggest concern should be that Swedes are convinced that, for whatever reason, that they do not have the right to exist. As a result, most Swedes hate themselves, hate their culture, hate their achievements, and above all, they hate their heritage and can’t see it exterminated fast enough.

  11. In the Middle East they have a chocolate cream-filled treat that they call “ras el-abed” which translates to “black man’s head” because it looks like the back of a bald black man

      1. Yes, abed actually means slave. My last name is Abdallah, which translates to slave of God
        However, abed is now used as a slight derogatory term for black people. It’s not very politically correct and is slightly racist. Black people in Arabic should be called “sood” instead.

        1. Keep your political incorrectnes instead, as soon as you start to tone down your “racism” black men are going to expect to procreate with your women whom should give birth to arab children and not black ones to be frank.

  12. I remember finding Europe refreshing in the 80’s because it was not PC. Leftists were still communists supporting things like coal mines and minimum wage.
    Now, they are as bad as California.

    1. Western Europe became very PC in the 90s while Southern Europe moved in that direction in the 00’s.
      When I first went to Greece in the 90’s, anti-Jew and anti-immigrant sentiment was rife in the media, but when I returned in 2004 it had disappeared.
      Having said that, Greeks and Italians aren’t as pc as the Swedes or Germans.

      1. Indeed- as a Greek I can tell you point blank that none of us give a flying shit about being ‘politically correct’ and many of us derive great enjoyment from being straight shooters and causing these muppets to have aneurysms.

        1. Bravo! 🙂
          I always find it interesting when the occasional Greek or Italian pops up here. Your women are nowhere near as bad as ours! I’ve lived in Australia for most of my life–I’m from Greek background–but I never had more success with women than when I lived in Greece. The best looking women I’ve ever had were all Greek women, and at least 70% of the time they were the pursuers, unlike here where I have to break balls just to hook up with a moderately cute girl.
          The only downside to Greek women is the moodiness and the general game playing. oh and the fact that they think they are always right. I guess they aren’t that much different to Australian women after all? They are better looking though 😉

        2. I concur with your observations and they are better looking by far; I would never settle for anything less than Greek were I to get serious.

  13. “…the word “cracker” when being used to refer to biscuits”
    Seriously? In what world do you live? In Wonderland?

    In USA and Europe civil war is inevitable. 100% racial. 100% religious. 100% anti leftist. 100% anti ashkenazi khazars.
    It’s just a matter of time. Colonization is increasing.
    This looks ok to you?

    You better read this and prepare:
    – Jewish involvement in the promotion of ‘hate speech’ laws, multiculturalism, mass immigration, denationalization, subversion of traditional values, and related items.
    – Practical Idealism. The Racist and Supremacist Roots of the Ideology behind the European Union
    – The Barcelona Declaration. Euro Mediterranean – EU’s dirty secret.
    Awesome education and bright future. In ghettos.

  14. This is a wonderful example of the things that happen to people who have nothing better to do with their precious time on earth. Cure cancer? Not until the insidious negerboll is eradicated!

    1. I agree 100%. They are also willing to distract you from such noble pursuits if you do not give a fuck about their nonsense

  15. My Mormon raised mom is still kicking at 92. She has always been open-minded about blacks and when I have taken her out to eat she will invariably chat it up with the darkies. But every Christmas she would refer to Brazil nuts as “nigger toes”, which infuriated my old man.

  16. This made me smile because my grandmother, at the ripe age of 96, still calls Brazil nuts “nigger toes”

      1. I am not your nephew, but I am glad to see someone else has a tradition of nigger toes. We would roast them for Christmas too.
        The best part is that it wasn’t said with subversion, a chuckle or derision. Nigger Toes are just what we called them.

  17. France has a similar pastry. Oh, and the “funny bone” in France is “le petite juif” – the little Jew. Or little Eskimo, if you prefer…..

  18. As I was reading this article I have a bowl of family recipe Swedish meatballs right in front of me for dinner. Along with a traditional Leberknödel soup from a cow I recently purchased. These crazy people can have the entrails as long as I get a solid weeks work.

  19. We call these sweets “Brigadeiro” (Which isn’t related to anything serious) or “Negrinho “(Little Nigger) over here, in Brazil.
    While no one went against Negrinho, there were some SJW nutcases complaining about another sweet a couple months back – “Nega Maluca”, which would be like…”Crazy Nigger” (Female).
    I get a giggle when I read RoK and I see Brazil mentioned as some promise land that is not a Western, “Progressive” country.
    We’re basically America but poorer and without the right to defend ourselves from criminals. All the SJW nonsense is deep within our academia, our politics, our media…
    Just now my mother, knowing I’m an avid Trump suporter (I Watch every debate, even not being American and having anything to do with it) came to my room and mentioned “That Trump guy is being called a racist neo-nazi and starting racial conflicts with ex-Mexican president! I Just saw it on TV!”.
    National television, not international channels.
    It’s funny because I’ve watched every debate and every remark he (Trump) said and he never says a specific race is not allowed into america – It’s about THE RULE OF LAW.
    It’s absurd to have your legal inhabitants paying taxes and having to respect the law to the letter, when foreigners, whose past is totally unknow to you, may freely cross your borders and do as they please. Laws are to be an expression of the costumes of that nation, and made to conserve THEIR way of life and values.
    All the West is decadent. It’s culture became too soft and tolerant to the point it advocates it’s own demise.

    1. In mexico it’s called Negrito Bimbo. And SJW changed to Nito (Short for negrito), in mexico Negro it’s a color. I live in the mexican/usa border, We see White american here, we see white and Mexican American here in mexico, what you never see in mexico is American Black people, Why?, they lost all their Black victim card here in mexico. The sister of a friend married an American black guy, in mexico watermelon is just a watermelon, he got offended when we offer him a slice. In mexico we call our dog by name of its color, I had two dogs, One Brown and a Black dog, I call them Cafe y negro, The name of their color, Negro in mexico it’s just that a color. In mexico black americans, Not mexican blacks got offended by a comic printed in mexico, come on. the main character is an stereotypical negro image, but in mexico it’s not racist at all. Mexicans are a mixed race. Black, Indian, European mixed.

    1. Why are leftist women so hell bent on turning their men queer? So they’ll have someone to go shopping and watch Desperate Housewives with?

      1. It’s a shit-test, Einstein. When someone has a doubt of you being of moral and phisical value, they provoke you. What you do in response either confirms their test, or gives them a second though about you.

  20. Get out while you still can.
    Maybe some parts of Europe can be saved (and a future Crusade could expel the rest of the threat) but Sweden is lost.
    It has dug its own grave and is now just waiting for someone (diverse, of course) to push it in

  21. Political correctness is such complete bullshit. If a specific word “triggers” or “offends” some precious snowflake, then that is their fucking problem. It is not everyone else’s obligation to avoid or change for one individual’s special requirements for “non-offensive” language. SJWs and PC promotors seem to have more of a war on the damn dictionary than fucking cancer.

  22. Reminds me of the time I wasted a few days ago, explaining to a non Spanish speaker (politically correct ignoramus at that) that ‘negro’ is the masculine adjective for the color black.

  23. Look at that soft podgy bag of crisco in the 2nd pic. I bet the kids at school used to poke him in his porky belly, and he’d whine “stoooop it!!!” At times like this, I wish Ragnar Loðbrok would rise out of his grave and start splitting scalps.

  24. A “cracker” was a white indentured servant,
    when he or she picked the corn,
    it made a sound,
    like a craaack,
    hence Cracker.

    1. Was working at a food exhibition a few years ago, building the stands.
      I see this tall Blackfella carrying a huge sign for Coon cheese, I thought it was hilarious.
      A bit later he came and joined us for a cigi, and said, hey did you see that?
      A coon carrying a coon, we became buddies immediately.

      1. Awesome mate. I love it when our indigenous brothers have a sense of humor about this stuff. I’ve known a few blokes like that myself.

    2. Yeah, someone reminded those fucktards that “Coon” was simply the surname of the original cheesemaker. So according to the PC nazis, anyone with an “offensive” name should have to change it.

  25. If negro balls had to be renamed chocolate balls, it’s time to change the name of hot chocolate to negro milk.

  26. ‘Chef’s chocolate salty Balls’ – South Park, Lol. And ‘hen’ as a pronoun could cause problems in English, where it’s a homonym for ‘chicken.’.

    1. I always thought “hen” was a putdown for women.. ie guys complain about a woman henpecking him. lol I hope this one takes off, I had not heard it before. I will gladly call them hens.

  27. My local whole foods used to carry something called Chocolate Negro (it was really Spanish (Chocco LAT ay NAY gro) which is Spanish for Dark Chocolate (yes, negro is the color black, just as we used to call black people black–can’t imagine they can change this word) but it has since disappeared and I’m convinced it is because someone was triggered by the name. Anyway I don’t shop there anymore because they’re always out of what I want (out of all ground beef on last visit? wtf?) and overpriced.

  28. I find Stentäpp’s argumentation faulty. He seems to suggest that black people should somehow have any decisive voice in Europe, which is definitely not how things work. Natives do the deciding; visitors are supposed to shut up and nod politely.
    Black people got their own continent where they can decide things until they turn blue. It’s called Africa.

  29. Ugh, yet another sign political correctness is an English elite export, just like Social Darwinism and language control. It’s already bad enough the perfectly legitimate Italian word “Illuminati”, whose original Italian meaning is “The Enlightened Ones”, gets used in English as a purported conspiracy. No wonder a growing number of Italians, out of retaliation for seeing their language butchered at the hands of the English, are starting to call the English the Assetati.
    Never mind the fact I personally met an American of English descent who is frustrated his own language is full of political correctness and Orwellian doublespeak. Case in point: the word “cock” originally was an English adoptation of the perfectly legitimate French word “le coq”.

  30. I’m starting to dislike some of the authors on this site…I’m pretty sure this isn’t what this site was meant for..I thought this site was about ways to improve your life and shit..not a tool to express your latent (or in some cases blatant) racism…

  31. It could only be Sweden-had I not read the headline I would have guessed such without even blinking. What a pathetic bunch of beta-cuck manginas; Vikings my ass-at least Greeks are as ferocious as their Spartan forebears but these pussies are more RuPaul than Ragnar.

  32. You gotta hand it to people who have nothing to offer and no other way to make a living who jump into the political fray to capitalize on non-issues. I’m sure that that’s what drives most of the SJW acitivity. They’re cynical and self-serving, and I’m sure they don’t believe what they actually say. It’s all about finding a niche to make a living. Preying on base human fears and anger.

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