Worked To Death

There is no room for passion in the routinized settings which provide us with security in modern social life. Yet who can live without passion?

Back when I was in school I met countless guys who were typical “Type A” personalities. They wanted to be the best, they wanted to dominate, and they wanted nothing more than to win. These were guys like Moritz Erhardt, the investment bank intern who quite literally worked himself to death in the pursuit of success. Passion for riches burning brighter than the sun in the peak of summer; Erhardt sold his mind and body for a £45,000 salary.


My faculty was full of med students, and I dated a few girls who wanted to be high power lawyers making 100k a year. Aside from material wealth the students wanted the prestige associated with their dream profession. The status of a prestigious job and their dream salary is their drive.

I once challenged the hopeful lawyer whom I dated. I asked her why she wanted to go into law. She said “the money and the power.” I asked her what she would do with the money and the power and she said she would live in a 16th floor apartment overlooking the ocean. She’d be able to see both the sun set and the sun rise. She’d see the clouds roll in on quiet days and fireworks from celebrations. She wanted to eat out every night and never have to cook. To try the trendiest cocktails and wear the newest dresses. Hopefully one day she would find herself a rich man to call her husband. She described how they would meet in a quiet lounge, how he would swoop her off her feet and treat her right.

I smirked mischievously and asked her how shes going to find her dream man if she’s holed up in a dingy office for 80 hours a week until the stress mars her beauty, until she’s played the game of office politics so long she doesn’t know who she truly is anymore. She furrowed her brows and said not to talk bad about her dream. Her dream of status and a salary.

One of my best guy friends was a med school hopeful. He studied hours every day and quite frequently missed out on nights out with the guys. He failed to get into med school because his volunteer work was sub par and he only got a 91% average. He’d given up all the fun nights and all the beautiful girls that come with a university education for the hopes of status and a salary. He had to settle for second best and go to a different med school. He wanted to be an anesthesiologist because they call the shots in the O.R. plus they have the most status and the highest salary.

Whenever I pried I never got a straight answer as to why these people were willing to give up the wealth of their youth for the riches of the future. The girl never wanted to be a lawyer because she respected the law. The guy never wanted to be a doctor because he loved humanity and wanted to help all he could. They just wanted status and a salary.

worked to death 3

I don’t know the intricacies of the medical field, law firms, or investment banking firms, but I do know that you start at the bottom, have to take shit and supplicate your way to the top. Like every aspect there is a game to be played, people to manipulate and people to please. These people will hit 30 years old and will be making their dream salary, but will not have the internal value to enjoy the fruits of their labor. I do acknowledge there are some who are born to play this game, they “get it” when it comes to that life path, they are the ones who succeed, but out of 100 guys there is only one winner. The rest will have spent some of the best years of their lives working to please their superiors, while guys with a concrete sense of self worth are making love to beautiful women the world round.

“Its a sad state of affairs when we can’t spare a moment to make our lives worth living. With the constant pressures of success and the crippling fear of failure keeping us numb the greatest achievement that we’ll ever know is the realization that we have the time.”

I’ll leave you with a quote by Krauser, who said it best and I ask you: Is it worth it?

For as long as you focus on external value you’ll remain Provider Chump. For as long as you are climbing the greasy pole of social elevation you’ll have a chip on your shoulder. When you have internal value, Personal Charismatic Value, you need nothing more than the shirt on your back. YOU are the value. To the people in your life that is real value.

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107 thoughts on “Worked To Death”

  1. Really sounds like a bitter article written by a butthurt guy who got bad grades and can’t get a decent job ‘cos he spent his college years trying to get poon like a beta and failed at life…

    1. All men are trying to get poon. The pursuit of sex is not the difference between an alpha and a beta. Nice try though, dork.

      1. Cue the Dave Chappelle clip about men would live in cardboard boxes if they could still get pussy.

        1. He must be talking about a different grade of pussy than what is commonly available in the US these days. Life in A cardboard box for a fat, feminist whore…….fat chance!

      2. While all men may try to get poon on some level, the degree to which that pursuits run their lives vary widely. Similarly, all men try to get some material acquisitions. I mean, even most hippies don’t want to live too long without a pair of boxers to call their own. Ditto for some respect from others. It’s not like the pursuit of poon is somehow any more innate, natural and noble than the other two.
        Things just get silly when inveterate type As make a competition out of any basic drive. Like investment bankers literally dying (more often killing) to make another buck, and politicians doing same to have someone cheer them on at a rally. But also hyper competitive salesmen treating every single night (and day) outside their home, as some death race between all attendees regarding who can get the most numbers/bangs/8s whatever.
        Now, some people are just more competitive than others, and will always find a way to make everything a ladder climbing contest. What is truly sad, is when the more happy-go-lucky amongst mankind (always the majority), aren’t sufficiently on guard to prevent the ladder climbers and social rankers from getting government to increase the initially small leverage they have over the rest by force. That’s when a civilization ends.

    2. 0/10
      The author criticized working only for money and power.
      Those people in the article didn’t have passions or interests in their fields.

      1. It sounds bad because he chose law and medicine as examples, which are supposed to be passion-driven choice but I don’t see why money and power can’t be your goal and motivation for going to work or studying, both are amazing tools worth having (even if, in that case a business school will be more effective).
        Sure hitting bars everyday might be the best investment for game, but for every other life domains, you’re better off studying.

        1. “but for every other life domains, you’re better off studying.”
          Perhaps if you’re a guy. He was talking about a (presumably female) date. A women thinking she’ll find happiness in a paycheck and a cubicle, is, at least 99+% of the time, completely delusional.

  2. So trying hard in school and pursuing your goal is a bad idea if it interferes with partying and enjoying your youth? Not enjoying your youth because you are trying to build for your future is not something you understand? Dont think I agree with that.

    1. Ok, so go to an American school and get out with 150,000 USD in debt and work all your life to pay that and your mortgage. Good luck, we will watching you from our beach hut in Thailand.
      Do you know that once you reach 500k you are more or less settled for life in most parts of the world? And then you can pursue whatever is your interest in life since you have all the free time you need to do so? With 500k you can live on interest or gains (inflation accounted for) with almost any secure investment. And if you dabble on third world bonds or stock, you can double that in less time than it takes you to complete your debt-ridden degree.
      So save money, learn about the market (stock and the normal one for goods and services), do a degree if you want, but not in that funds-vacuum system, and live life, really live life. Your 20s only happen once.

      1. Starting pay for a doctor is around 150,000 so paying off loans shouldn’t be a big problem. As far as enjoying your 20s that’s still possible to do. I’d rather sacrifice a bit in my 20s to make sure the rest of my life is provided for.

        1. Many US docs cannot expect to pay off their loans, considering overheads and malpractice insurance. Family Docs will be in short supply in future.

  3. I’m going to be straight up honest here. I did 5 years at a UK med school, but in my final year failed my finishing exam and got failed out. My med school was 80% female and I found that on occasions, as a guy, I got excluded from learning opportunities because of their bitchy attitudes. So my experiences with women in the workforce have been dire. I looked around, got into a US med program, and am in my final year again (where I will now pass). I found US med school to be much harder (considering that I had done the same courses before) and I found US/Canadian women to be much better to work with.
    So I have no incentive to work in the UK, considering that my experience abroad has made me realise the better working environment abroad, due to women. I also have no incentive to date English women, as they do not look for any success traits. I regularly see guys who have no job, no game (spoken to them) and no life prospects who get at least 6’s because the guys have a lot of free time to socialize. This is social madness.
    Way i see it, people (and groups of people) have to be accountable for their actions. I have always dated foreign women, as that has been better for me. So for me, women and society have meant that I shall move abroad and take my skills with me. Obviously that doesn’t benefit the UK, as I will be replaced with hordes of unskilled immigrants. I would not want to work here for all the money in the world. So for me, personally, whereas in the past I wouldve worked to death for a family, taking the red pill means that I will let my nation slide down into a pit whilst I enjoy the decline.

    1. I’ve had a similar experience which led to my new philosophy which I still carry on to this day. Whenever possible, I avoid taking classes with/working with women. I own my business so this makes this tons lot easier. If in a learning setting, and the lecturer is a female, I sit to her left so that I can more easily concentrate on her with my right eye (If you remember, the right eye is less likely to pick up on female neurotic bullshit lol). I never interact socially with female students, employees or clients (though I have in the past). This last one has had the biggest effect on my life. I may make me come across anti-social to those who don’t know me, but you’d be amazed at how easy everything becomes when you avoid unnecessary/social female interaction (or interaction with men that are more female minded) when it pertains to your “work”. I have work in brackets because to be honest it doesn’t seem like work anymore. My pleasure in school and work has sky rocketed. Warren Buffet says it best: (not a direct quote) just like reflexivity in economics, there is social reflexivity. A part of being successful is learning to avoid those people that “drain you dry”.

      1. It’s easy not to interact with female employees since you have your own business (and it’s even smart to only hire men) but come on a client is a client.

        1. Not in the dystopian US, where a female client can command the legal system to rape you on her behalf, simply because that suits the scum on top of the tax feeding pyramid.

  4. The take-away here is just working yourself to death for PURE greed is shortsighted and not wise. This is not new wisdom folks.
    Working hard at something you believe in is part of a richer life.
    I’ve put in 90 hour weeks on new engineering projects many times in my career. But I strongly believe in what I’m doing and I greatly enjoy the creative part of engineering.
    The old time sailors in the age of sail had a saying. As they worked the sails in a raging storm high above the cold, dark ocean, it was “one hand for the ship and one hand for yourself.”

  5. Trading.
    It is possible to work just a few hours per day and have no boss, live anywhere in the world, have lots of time to workout, read and write and hit the bars. This article seems to argue that the only way to riches is losing yr best years as a corporate slave. I would encourage any recent college grad with the right instincts to give himself a year trading before giving up and becoming a slave. For the few who succeed, its a damned good life.

      1. Or massage therapist for young women. Or run my own school for girls. It would be very strict.

      2. Playing poker for a living is hard work like any other job. You have to stay 100% focused for long hours and play even when you don’t feel like playing. All while being surrounded by grumpy losers in a casino.

        1. Yep, trading is a lot easier. Not exactly fulfilling, but for intelligent folk, it is a piece of cake.

        2. I prefer trading… bets. Here in Europe there’s something called betting exchanges, where people trade bets on sport events. As long as you understand the market patterns, you can make big money per game.
          However only 5% of people there are actually winners. As long as you dont approach the market with your precious little feelings but with cold logic, it will be rare the days you will end up in red balance.
          Alot of people there, bet their money for fun, because they are bored with their pathetic lives. So its actually taking candy from grown up babies who should have known better.
          And the beauty of it, you only pay comission when you win, and it takes as little as like 50 cents to start trading bets, so you dont need to start as a millionaire to actually make money.

        3. I could say no but you wouldnt be able to check if I was telling the truth.
          Truth is I make alof of money on betting exchanges, truth is most people lose and unless you have some degree of experience and market knowledge you would lose aswell.

        4. Trading is definitely not ‘a piece of cake’. It’s about the hardest thing you can do. Even highly intelligent people usually have to devote at 6 months – 1 year of research in some particular area before they find an edge and achieve profitability, and most people will never succeed at all. In other words, it takes thousands of hours and thousands of dollars investment, with no guarantee of success.

    1. Volatility is huge in this game. If you’re talking about day trading I have to disagree with you (unless you’re starting with big numbers). I will agree if you’re doing something like pan european equity sales which essentially means going home at 5.30/6.00pm everyday. However, again, this is a volatile and political industry and not many people stay past the two year stint.

      1. Nope, I´ll give you an example: 2015 USD Argentinean Bonds –> Value in November 2008: 85 pesos, value in May 2013: 820 pesos (1000%), discount 20% annual inflation in pesos. Or in Nov 08 you needed 25 USD to buy said bond (0,3 USD x 85 pesos, since at the time 1 USD = 3 pesos more or less) that will pay 100 USD in 2015 plus 7% interest per year, so you would get 149 USD (7 USD py x 7 years over the 100 nominal value). That is almost six times your initial investment (or maybe nearly 5 accounting for inflation of 3% yearly for USD).
        The risk? Well, the risk is that the Argie government could not pay. So you could sell the bonds now and exchange it for USD.

        1. And let´s not talk about derivatives, because that is the stuff of nightmares (if you win and if you lose).

        2. And on Tuesday, person X’s lottery ticket cost a buck. By Wednesday, it was worth millions……. Now, that’s some serious return on initial investment!
          The risk? Well, he may have sucked at picking lottery numbers. And just imagine if he used his superior number picking skills to reinvest his initial proceeds in millions of more tickets….

        3. I don´t think that you are considering the probabilities. Putting the example of the lottery ticket (whose probability of winning is zero, given that 1,999… is equal to 2, you get my drift) is the typical answer of those that do not understand how a stock market works.

  6. Do not sell your soul for a salary.
    Work to live, don’t live to work.
    I am guilty as charged of this: “Giving up the wealth of their youth for the riches of the future. ” In my case, it was the PROMISES of riches in the future, none of which materialized since the business I’m in hit an iceberg around 10 years ago, and is slowly sinking into the cold, cold depths of the abyss. (Like most of the rest of the country.)
    At least I figured out the game in my mid-20s, and extricated myself from the web of debt and soul-crushing sacrifices Corporate ‘Murica wanted me to be a part of for its benefit. In simple terms, I “downshifted” as many men are doing these days, and decided to enjoy my life now, instead of hoping for some magical “someday” that never comes.
    After several years of relentlessly climbing that greasy pole of social elevation you speak of, I finally realized it was making me unhappy and bitter. I had been sacrificing to get ahead in this field since I was in junior high school. Life was passing me by, and shit needed to change.
    I intentionally applied for and accepted a lower position that doesn’t give me the worthless social status craved by so many, but it does give me lots of chances to travel (more time off.) It also doesn’t require as much responsibility, so I’m not so burned out all the time.
    Look, the long and short of this is, you only live once. You only get to be young once. And, you’ll never take as much as you make for Corporate ‘Murica. In the end, all that sacrifice benefits the Master you are serving much more than it does you.
    Learn to be happy with less, and learn to chase experiences instead of material possessions. Learn to live in the now, for there is no guarantee of tomorrow. These are the lessons I’ve learned, and I’ve never felt more freedom or happiness because of it.

  7. I see what the article is saying but there is no substitute for hard work. If you want to be successful in your field, you will have to work harder than others. That is a fact. So you will have to sacrifice ‘nights out with the guys’ to do it so don’t get it mixed up.
    Usually people that want to ‘do it for the status’ get weeded out early on anyway.

    1. Seriously, for a lawyer in America today, if he’s not doing it for the money/status, but because he, out of all things, “believes in the law”, he is, no exaggeration, clinically insane. And stupid to boot. Ditto for some imaginary schmuck so indoctrinated he believe there are jobs in contemporary finance that is about anything other than pure personal, government assisted grift.
      I can still see some having a passion for medicine and, truth to be told, the lawyers, politicians, administrators, banksters and other expandable riffraff, have largely succeeded in eliminating remuneration as an incentive to be a doctor. A development socialization will only accelerate. As long as doctors spend even one minute of the day doing something other than focusing on climbing social status ladders, they will be outclimbed by, then forced to submit to, the above mentioned groups, who have no other duty. Such is, inevitably, life in Dystopia.

  8. Nothing wrong with having ambition and busting your ass. This is what makes men, well MEN. But there is a difference between busting your ass for yourself (e.g. your own business) then busting your ass for someone else.

    1. The whole “your own business” shtick, while not completely nonsensical, is incredibly over hyped. Formal ownership is largely just that, a formality.
      I have my “own business”, but all that means is I “take orders” from 10 clients, instead of letting some dude in a suit in a nice office talk to and procure the clients for me, and then forward their requests/orders to me.
      So what? I’m still forwarding half my rate to scum buckets in DC and Sacramento. And half of the rest to various regulation feeders, to make sure I “comply” with a bunch of laws that wouldn’t be laws in any society with even the remotest pretense of being a civilization. Another percent or two to the aforementioned dude in a suit in an office, wouldn’t make the world of difference, as far as I’m concerned.
      Things are different for Elon Musk and those in that stratum, who are often held as examples of “guys who own their own business.” But that is not because he “owns his own business.” Instead, it’s because he is so effing wealthy and well connected that he gets to chose to do exactly what he wishes to do; customers/clients/whatever be damned.
      But again, that’s because he’s rich, not because he formally “owns his own business.” It would be no different if he was simply an employee with a fat bonus plan, or an heir. And as for being rich being nicer than being not….duh!

      1. Sure you take your orders from clients instead of your boss, but the différence is that all the profit belongs to you, while your boss would only give you a small part of it.
        If you want to get free by being rich like Elon Musk, that’s a good first step.

        1. Exactly. No garentee that youll be rich, but as an employee youvonly share a small percentage in profits. Change your gig, but work for yourself.

        2. Some counterexamples:
          Premier league soccer players made out like robber barons, even when their clubs are going under. Ditto, I’m sure, in all professional sports. And on Wall Street, where bonus babies run away with the loot, leaving the owners with diluted equity stakes worth about nothing. And Tom Cruise, who participates in gross, regardless of whether the Movie makes money for the owners or not.
          Heck, more down to earth; even my hairdresser. He’s good, made good money, and wanted to take a few months off to travel. His boss fired him for it, citing policy of three weeks vacation. When he returned from his travels, he started working for someone else. Making the same money, as all his clients moved with him. While the old Salon is upside down in debt, a fair chunk guaranteed personally by the former boss/owner. That stuff happens all the time.
          If you’re good at what you do, someone will pay you, no strings attached.
          I don’t mean to say you are wrong. on balance, and all things being equal, for most people owning all your output is likely preferable to having a bunch of others living off the value you create. And the more off the rails and disgusting our legal/political system gets, the bigger the advantage will probably get.
          But it is important not to fall into the trap of thinking everything is a-ok with this dystopian hellhole, or that America anno now is somehow a meaningfully better place than the Soviet Union anno Stalin, just because you are formally allowed to “own your own business.” You are, just like Stalin’s gulag fodder, a slave. Period. No matter whether your name is on some share certificate or not.

      2. Yes. But your corporate boss wants to leverage your cost 20 to 1. While you can leverage yourself as much as you want. Make sense?

  9. I don’t know the intricacies of the medical field. . . but I do know that you start at the bottom, have to take shit and supplicate your way to the top.
    I know a lot about the medical field, since my fiancée is a resident. Listening to her, her peers, and attending doctors led me to distill their complaints into “Why you should become a nurse or physicians assistant instead of a doctor: the underrated perils of medical school.”
    The basic point is simple: being a doctor isn’t “worth it” relative to other medical professions.

    1. That write-up blew my mind. I had been agonizing over med school versus transferring into the nursing program here; wow.

      1. I think the PA field will yield good results in the future. Nursing is a safe choice, but I think PA’s earn more and will take over from the family practitioner MDs (obamacare will kill them).

    2. Good article, and don’t forget that nurses are always horny!!!
      My buddy works at a hospital and its basically an orgy. Everyone has fucked everyone, he walks in on people having sex regularly… I’m in the wrong field.

  10. Not to sound all Don Draper, but this tells me that colleges and universities don’t sell educations anymore so much as phony dreams and expectations. People like you’ve described are willing buyers. I wonder how many people seek an education for the joy of education?
    Me, I just want to live comfortably enough to travel a lot and have free time to exercise, cook, and relax. I’ve got that now, so I’m lucky.

    1. I went on a tour of an metal engineering plant this past spring, and the engineer giving me the tour said that the welders make more than he does, but they work sometimes as much as twice the hours fabricating everything.
      There is always a tradeoff that most never comprehend!
      OTOH, many millionaires are actually living next door to you having wisely spent and saved their finances, avoiding overpriced purchases both singular and plural, and making nothing even close to a surgeons salary. It is not what you make, but how much you spend.
      This is why men lose in family court, we are savers by nature, and women love to spend with their love of shopping. So the elites, I feel reasonably confident in this conspiracy theory, rig the system to favor women and get as much of the nation’s wealth in their clutches, so they will in turn give it to businesses both owned by the elites, and their cronies.
      Be warned.

      1. That’s it, be a minimalist and don’t get married, that’s enough to prevent money problems (a better-paying job is always a big plus though).

      2. This is a very good assessment of something I’ve suspected was happening for a long time.
        I’ve heard it stated that at first this ponzi scheme we call an economy propped itself up by sending women to work. Next people had to stop saving in order to prop it up. Now, in the final stage before it collapses, people have to take on enormous amounts of debt and an ever increasing workload to keep it going.
        Who does it benefit? Those as the top of the pyramid.
        That’s why I’ve decided to live in the now. Once this system collapses, things are going to get ugly fast. Best to take advantage while I can.

        1. Its the Roman Empire all over again. They debauched the currency and the women, before it all came crumbling down. It has often been called the cycle of an Empire. And yes, women don’t make things, so they do not provide value in the work that they do. We get the shaft whilst the man laughs.
          Mass immigration (not their fault) is getting more people onto the bottom rung of the ponzi to be slaves, whilst their presence lowers wages for existing workers. Enslavement for all, before the inevitable suffering of collapse, seems to be the name of the game. So people prepare as best they can. The real questions are, ‘is it too late to turn things around’?
          ‘How do I make life easier for myself in future’?

        2. You are right about Rome, and Oswald Spengler wrote about the formation, rise, peak, and decline of empires throughout history in his prophetic book Decline of the West.
          The book was written in the 1930s and his predictions for Western Civilization up through today have been astonishingly accurate, because the predictions are based on the cycles that happened in all the previous civilizations/empires he studied.
          If the West follows his model, we should be looking for an authoritarian government to arise that promises to crush the rotten edifice of democracy soon. It’s easy to see that democracy is already teetering on the edge as money powers have permeated and now dominate the ruling class. They’ve completely sold most of us out for profits and the reckless pursuit of profit has also destroyed the social fabric of the society. The final collapse of the financial system will likely be the deathblow to western democracy. Spengler called this “Formation of Caesarism” and I think it has a high chance of happening within our lifetime.
          His prediction says: “Victory of force-politics over money. Increasing primitiveness of political forms. Inward decline of the nations into a formless population, and constitution thereof as an imperium of gradually increasing crudity of despotism.” Sounds pretty damn close to what’s happening to me.

      3. Excellent points Jesse. Whats really astonishing is that the Chinese provide a fantastic counterpoint. By learning over the course of decades that government was not dependable (and have a cultural history that reinforces this is must be said) they became self reliant. They learned to prepare and be frugal and cautious and as a consequence are some of the planet’s best savers. The accumulated capital is now being re-invested into their economy in the form of new businesses just as the Chinese government realizes they can “have their cake and eat it too” in the form of expanding economic freedom and internet censorship/ political tyranny. Of course, they also still have, at their core, underneath all the communist rhetoric, a very traditional social structure that provides stability so there’s that.

    2. Like I mentioned in my above post I fully agree with you. They’re selling an idea. They promote whatever trendy topic they’re studying, rave about their ranking for being a quality university (even if it is for something like ‘most green’).
      People buy ideas and expect feelings. University these days is the ultimate drug for the young and impressionable. Eventually it will hit them they have no job prospects and are tens of thousands of dollars in debt. One out of 20 people I know that graduated have a job that isn’t part time and isn’t completely unrelated.

  11. I hear your argument, and I agree their motivation was obviously flawed. Yet, I disagree because the other side can be, and most likely is worse, and that is the regret with wondering what you could have done when you don’t trade your youth and hard work in for future gain. Like telling a woman to trade in her youth to a high status man for the benefit of having his security and provision.
    I am not saying I totally disagree with you, I don’t, but I do disagree in that not investing your time and energy at all in order to chase worthless bitches and the frivolous life forever is not going to pay in the end either.
    Like everything, you must balance life, almost as much as you must balance yourself. Failure to do so can bring nothing but misery and pain.

  12. Except if you become a dentist,then you earn shitloads of money without working too hard and without having a boss.

    1. except that you’ll be tied down to one area and it will be hard to travel– heard to close down your practice– not lots of money as a salaried dentist–
      It’s not all roses either.

  13. No, it’s not worth it.
    I read somewhere last week about the proliferation of the latest scam that the big corporations are trying to peddle to their employees: the policy of “unlimited vacation time”. On the surface it sounds great. But it’s not what it appears. In reality, it’s another subterfuge of the Matrix to keep everybody plugged in and slaving away.
    By doubling down on political correctness, shaming, and groupthink, they can chain people to their desks even more now. And they now don’t even have to pay benefits like retirement or vacation time.

    1. My job is now pushing me to be on duty even when I’m at home. They want me to do things for the company between shifts. The creeping level of responsibility is taking its toll on my personal life.
      I really need out of this Matrix.
      Another manosphere article sums it up nicely: “[He] has made a very rational decision regarding his well-being: He has looked at the world he inherited, at the immense chasm between the haves and (relative) have-nots, and has figured that slaving away in a cube farm or a grimy sweatshop on a stagnating wage to serve a smaller and smaller cadre of super wealthy and femcunt HR schoolmarms is no life at all. What is the point of busting your hump when the brass ring has moved from your fingertips to Alpha Centauri?

    2. Good point.
      People always seem to forget that a company wants everything they can possibly get out of an employee. Its understandable, if I were in that position I would accept nothing less than the most.
      People have a “pizza” day at work or get a $50/month ‘bonus’ for not being late a single day and they forget everything they had to go through to get that.
      This was a big problem when I was in university. The university would spend millions to make the school more “green” upgrade buildings/landscapes, and fund trendy studies. People would forget all about how the university was a business, how they were getting fucked on increasing tuition, a complete lack of student housing, no ‘community’ and very large class sizes etc.

  14. Guys, I live in Japan. I just saw a tv show last night about a Japanese guy who lives in Thailand among the Karen tribes and has adopted six children. His wife is a three or four on the 10 scale, chosen obviously because of her attitude, not her looks. He has totally given his life to serving humanity. He is neither a beta nor an alpha. He has transcended both labels. He makes all of this wealth pursuit look like bullshit. Just live. Stop trying to categorize everything.

    1. I told a guy in Cambodia how much I admired the austere life of the monks and that I would like to try it.
      He laughed hard. “You? Without shoes? Without woman?”

  15. I am the rare man who went to law school graduated passed the bar and continued my education to become an JD MD PhD so I can be an effective patent attorney. I am currently in medical school and I have to say it is worth it if you want it. I think that the medical field is better than the legal field in terms of stress an the people with whom you must deal. If you do not marry and have children you can do as you wish in your 20’s and get it together in your 30’s. I partied down in my 20’s and did not start law school till I was 28. now I am 38 and close to finishing my necessary education leading to a substantial paycheck. My 2 cents is have fun in your 20’s and take the time to enjoy life before you make your career move.

  16. I dunno, the act of making money itself is thrilling to me. I have like 5 different streams of income outside of my day job. Just checking my bank account makes me happy. But all of what I earn is for me, if you guys are spending all your money on someone else…

  17. Busting your ass for someone else, makes no sense to me, hence why I’ve been self employed for the better part of 10 years and counting. Being responsible for your own income and well being, its the most responsible thing I can think of. Dependent on nobody. Busting your ass for a company is no different than pimping and hoeing and take a wild guess who the hoe is.

    1. Are you employing anyone in your business? If so, you would understand how important your employees can be. Treating them like a “hoe” is bad policy.

  18. Do what you love.
    Never ever do what you feel you have to do for someone you love..or more importantly, someone that is not even there yet.
    We work and strive to set ourselves up for implied future pussy. No one will admit to it. Power and status?
    It’s either for money and materialistic comfort,
    or to be on the higher rung of the sexual hierarchy, due in part to a certain group’s need for money and materialistic comfort.
    Which is what I believe a lot of men are doing. I think it’s something we have always done. I have a lot of passions and hobbies we all do. Pursue them. And enjoy them.
    Your happiness is paramount.

  19. Chasing status and money is as frivelous as chasing pussy. There must be balance in one’s life and rather than chase the elusive carrot, a man should work smart and increase ROI of his time, the most valuable asset anyone has.
    How? Save and make your money work for you by reinvesting exceeding resources, increasing even further your monthly income stream.
    Work on your passive game, hit the gym, work on your fashion, improve your body language, etc…
    If you do this instead of working your ass off for that promotion, you wont even need a job or you wont even have to open X number of girls in order to get laid, you’ll just decide you want that girl and she’ll most likely be happy to go home with you, without any need to apply some PUA cheesy “routines” to DHV or whatever, your passive value speaks for you. Some of the time they will even open you making your life easier and seduction more effortless and natural.

      1. If you already have extra money every month to invest, you already are on the right side of the curve. Alot of people spend every last cent they make and therefore they are slaves of their job because if they got fired, they wouldnt be able to keep their current lifestyle for long.
        You have examples of people that win the lottery and after a few years they are broke and on the other side of the spectrum, you have people with blue collar professions that started as an employee and end up as employers and investors.
        It’s only hard if you arent financially literate. Start reading books about creating assets, investing… The knowledge on how to make money is more powerfull and more valuable than money itself.
        So if you dont have financial literacy, before investing your money, you should invest time in acquiring knowledge. Once again it will save you time, money and mental health in the long run.

        1. If you are starting out you could read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, it does have alot of fluff, the author was more of a good salesman than an investor, but it will give you some decent advice and a different perspective on money and investing.
          But if you must read just one book I would recommend “The Four Pillars of Investing” by William J. Bernstein
          If you like that one and want to get more technical get “The Intelligent Asset Allocator” by the same author.
          Other good bets:
          The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham and Jason Zweig;
          The Investor’s Manifesto by William J. Bernstein;
          The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber;
          Hedge Fund Market Wizards: How Winning Traders Win by Jack D. Schwager;
          The Missing Risk Premium: Why Low Volatility Investing Works by Eric G. Falkenstein;
          The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine by Michael Lewis;
          The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money by Carl Richards;
          There are more, but these should keep you busy for some time.

  20. Just like Kraus said, it all boils down to cost benefit.
    Also, for women, entering high status fields rewards them with being withing the sphere of the high class men they so desire, allowing them to hunt higher without having to deal with the sub class of men they despise. It’s just another ‘mating strategy’.
    That said, the only ones they’ll lock down are high status men who lucked out, or really put in the work but are still beta to the core, and not self actualized alphas.. the guys who feel like they put in all that work just to get married and pump out some kids with the first beautiful broad that comes buy to court him.
    He’ll rethink his thoughts in divorce court a few years later.
    Clooney had it right all along.

  21. Why work when you can live off the backs of taxpayers for free? A recent article said welfare in my area is equivalent to a tax-free $21 an hour wage. Sickening!

  22. I think Krauser is one of the best social and …..manosphere thinkers around (Top 5, hands down)but some of this ‘provider chump’ commentary that keeps re-appearing has gotta be clarified. I for one am damn grateful that my Dad (manliest of manly men of the old school variety) was a ‘provider chump’, working his ass off for 65-70 hours a week to get my brothers/sister going in life. As I told the priests at the private prep school he sacrificed and sent us all to: “He and my Mom could have been partying it down in the South of France, driving that Mercedes Gull Wing he always wanted but instead they spent all their money sending us here”. Still doing 8 hours a day at age 82. There has to be a place made for traditional sacrifice for wife,family, kids when discussing this stuff.
    Want to talk about the degradation of society ? how about a society where men don’t sacrifice for their families. Yes yes yes, the bitches can really nail us in divorce – we all know that. But if we make say $100k/year and they make us pay $28k of that for child support (here in USA) well, at least we get to see our kids and the bitch is out of our lives and you woulda spent that $28k on them anyway. As my friend says “You know why divorce is expensive ? Because it’s worth it”.

    1. Another point: I think Krauser is making his point about provider chump game in the context of attracting and keeping women – a man using that (external markers of value) as his first foot forward. I am quite sure that ‘PRovider chump game” doesn’t refer to what a man needs to do to support a family in the modern western world.
      He did make the comment “money is only as good as the happiness it can enable. If it’s costing you more to earn the money than what it gives you, you’re a dumbass”
      There are a lot of people out there who value family and are doing what they have to do to support their kids even if it doesn’t really thrill them. THat’s some honorable sacrifice. Some bad planning and lack of imagination maybe for not getting into something they love, but it’s an honorable sacrifice.
      The above should be part of the discourse

      1. I think Krauser is the man of the moment, in the sense that he would not have been as successful in the past, nor a decade into the future. Women at the moment revel in irresponsibility and want a similar attitude from their men (not at all suggesting K is irresponsible, just that this carefree non-provider attitude is what he portrays). But civilization was built by providers and will fall with them when they are maligned. So women will revert to hunters (providers) and those men who keep them safe, as society becomes increasingly unsafe. If you go to third world countries, men in good jobs are valued much more. The provider role is respected more and women complain less.

  23. Not sure what the handcuffed chick on the couch has to do with the essay but I like it. Thanks.

  24. Well WC,
    it’s a good column. Talk about “provider chump”. I can put my hand up for THAT criticism! I worked my arse off for 25 years. Indeed, I damaged my health severely in the 90s working so hard to provide for “wife and children”. And how did everyone treat me in divorce? Like crap.
    During the 2002-04 recession I worked in Saudi Arabia even when they were blowing up compounds etc. I was poisoned in Manila that so damaged my liver I could not drink alcohol for 7 years. So yeah…I was a “provider chump”.
    My last 5 years? I have been happier and healthier than ever before.
    My advice to red pill men is simple. Collaborate and co-operate building a second economy. Then derive your incomes from that second economy. We have some of the greatest minds in the world available to kick off the second economy. When it is kicked off it will come under attack from the PTB and so it will only be successful if plenty of men decide that they want to do business outside the first economy no matter if the first economy offers “freebies” to go back in to it.
    My advice to young men is to NOT follow in my footsteps…..joining a global multi-national and “wife and kids”. That is not a great idea despite how well it was sold to me 30 years ago.

  25. Brilliant text! I cannot add anything; was especially fond of the Krauser quotation and of this paragraph: “Whenever I pried I never got a straight answer as to why these people were willing to give up the wealth of their youth for the riches of the future. The girl never wanted to be a lawyer because she respected the law. The guy never wanted to be a doctor because he loved humanity and wanted to help all he could. They just wanted status and a salary.”

  26. I, for one, am grateful that these people exist. Whatever their motivations, they keep civilization running. They bust their asses off for 5, 10, 20 years so that I don’t have to. Yay for the blue pillers!
    (Oh, and… status shmatus. I have a friend who’s a complete layabout and fucks high status men’s wives pretty much on the regular… because they’re never around and/or they married them just for the status but couldn’t give two sh!ts about them as people. So.)

    1. Except all the blue pillers are becoming red pillers. And then keeping their assets and denying essential services without proper compensation, denied to them by society(insurance companies). Obviously, society begins to collapse at this point. Which we have reached. Check how your healthcare costs have skyrocketed.

      1. Nah, I don’t see it. Red pillers are a minority and will stay a minority. You need to be a certain person to accept certain truths.

  27. You are not on a position to judge people who work hard,like this guy.
    The death of this guy is unfortunate.However,guys like him make 6 numbers in their late 20s,become managers of hedge funds or VP at M&A at the age of 35 and retire at 40.
    Analysts indeed work very hard first 2 years of their career,but than it gets ok later.
    Now compare to roosh and likes of him-he is 35,he has worthless degree in microbiology (which means he wanted to make it into medicine but failed), he is extremelypoor,has to teach english in order to survive. He will have to rely on government support very soon.Ofcourse he will try to show to all us that his life is ok,and that he has made “better choices”.Sure…
    What choice of a life path would you make? Beta lifestyle in cold and grim shitholes of eastern europe,or beatiful women in comfortable locations around the world?

    1. Microbiology is not useless in any sense, as long as organic chemistry is a prerequisite for graduation. I aint Roosh but if you think microbiology is a useless degree I must protest. Gender Studies, Libreral Arts, and French are useless. Knowing the difference between gram positive and gram negative bacteria and how to prevent the peptoglycan wall from regenerating with the use of penicillin and its multiple derivitaves is real knowledge based on observable fact.

      1. This knowledge is acquired by a medical student in 3 classes.All the mentioned is just a standard run-through usmle 1 test.
        Very-very simple stuff.

        1. It is not so simple as memorization , you must understand the mechanism behind it. Without the foundation of prerequisite sciences you will not get it.

    2. Retire when they are 40. Haha good one. Take a hard look around. The cost of living gets higher as their status and salary grows, the competition for success at matters that are largely out of their control intensifies, booms and busts are inevitable, bonuses are not always stable (particularly now), so on and so on.
      I think you have been sold a false ideal. It isn’t as linear as it seems bud. Either that or you are too young to know any better.
      So yeah. This writer is in a position to judge because he seems to perfectly understand how it works. He might not be in the trenches of an investment bank to know that, but that just tells you that you don’t have to be. It’s not that hard to figure it out.
      I advise you to take a hard look at yourself before you arrogantly accuse anyone outside the financial Industry of not being able to judge, when many who have come before you are right behind this guy’s point.

  28. I’m a 2nd year resident physician. To be quite honest, I question to this day as to whether it was worth it. Sure the prestige is nice and I will be making good money. I do like saving lives but I didn’t do this because it’s my passion. I kind of just ended up in this profession because my whole family is full of doctors, engineers and lawyers… was just sort of expected of me.
    That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy medicine– I do. But when I did enter into this field (I started this process way back in college) I was firmly entrenched in a Blue Pill mentality. Perhaps if I went back knowing what I know now, I would have chosen a different path.

    1. If you are not married and do not have children you have set yourself up for a fantastic lifestyle. Word to the wise my friend, do not tell women that you meet outside of your profession what you do for a living or thy will view you as boyfriend/husband material instead of a fun sex partner. When I first finished law school before I took the bar in February 08 I went bar hopping and met a 7, she asked what I did and I told her I was a contractor for the government who did the dirty work. I fucked her that night and had a 3 month fuck down relationship. She went through my phone one night while i was in the shower and found out I was a law school graduate. I shit you not she said ” I never would have fucked you on the first night if I knew that” and tried to turn girlfriend after that. She introduced me to her friends and tried to make it more than it was. Keep your profession and your money to yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labor, you earned it( remember how much anatomy and biochem sucked!) not anyone else.

      1. I’m not sure that your girl is the rule, you shouldn’t say how much you make that’s for sure, but shouldn’t a good job raise your percevied value and make her chase you more?

        1. Not if you are trying to have sex quickly. A woman will know if she will fuck you in roughly five or six seconds. How quick she has sex with you depends on her goals and ideas about whether she thinks you are relationship material or just a cool guy she wants to fuck. This goes into what her friends and family think of you, verses what she wants and a host of social issues , ect., ect.Now if you want to get married(why would you?) talk about your profession. In terms of getting laid be vauge about your job but make it obvious you are comfortable .

  29. I’ve already failed socially and given up all hope of having fun as a youth. Might as well make it so I can crush it in my 30s and 40s.

  30. I spent countless hours in libraries to excel academically in undergraduate and graduate school to be in the position I’m in right now. I take pride in waking up before the sun comes up and getting home after the sun goes down. After dinner, I strive to better myself by studying for a certification I’m bound and determined to achieve. I’ve cut out television and limit my time on social networks to get the job done – I do dedicate 2 to 4 hours a week to watch the best football (European) matches, and I watch Bloomberg while getting dressed in the morning. It’s all worth it to me when I jump on a plane to visit a foreign country or sit down to drink a fine bottle of wine and dine at the best restaurant in town. Work is something we have to embrace as men. We really have no choice, so why not strive to make amazing things happen by working hard?

    1. I spent countless hours and years to where I got as well. Big deal. A job doesn’t define me as a man. Neither does sipping fine wine or dining in fancy restaurants. You go ahead and let the job define you. You’ll be on a treadmill for the rest of your life.
      PS Bloomberg. Lol. You really think those morons are giving you sound insight or providing useful facts? It’s for sheep.

      1. My accomplishments define who I am as a man. Keep your cynicism to yourself if you hate what you do or are not where you want to be in life. This is the last place I want to argue to justify why I work hard.
        Bloomberg is useful for market data. I could care less about what they have to say. It’s why the volume is on mute.

        1. Putting words in my mouth. Love that argument.
          It’s so useful for market data you need to brag about having it on the tv while you dress? Must make you feel like a man.

  31. Very true, however its a sad state of affairs in the U.S. because people generally recognize your value based on what you can do for them as opposed to how you see yourself. So to the quote by Krauser, I totally see and appreciate where he’s coming from, but I’ve yet to experience people who can identify my internal/Personal Charismatic Value in most areas of my life.

  32. Well, I have to say that when i discovered you could actually get better at Game and that status becomes almost irrelevant with tight game and generally interesting life and having some ambition, my medschool results became drastically worse. It started about a year ago. They would become worse anyway, as I was increasingly tired and went there for status (not really money in my eastern European country, after medschool you are paid like burgerflipper for quite long time). My life views and goals drastically changed. Even though I still value medicine highly, it became impossible to finish, because already insufficient motivation lowered. Not compared to other people, I still work very hard etc., but not enough for this job. With shitty game I didn’t get laid even though everyone asked about my future job, autopsies, whether it’s like in movies etc. When you go there and don’t truly love medicine it will destroy you, literally…so now I am depressed because I wasted 4 years – even though I learned a lot about my capacity and ability to work under pressure, as well as about people- but at the same time I’m very happy, because my life didn’t really make sense before and now I have pretty clear goals in life.
    When you see dead people about 50 times, that there is literally nothing after death and there are so many risks every day at every age, it’s almost like you experience the meaning of life – there is no meaning. Minimalist living, focusing on experiences, fun and self improvement, not possesions, is the key.

  33. Bank the money while young and invest in your own thing. Do not blow your money. The 100k salary for 80hrs a week = 50k ‘normal job’ and also after taxes does not net a rock and roll lifestyle.

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