The Attacks On German Women Over New Year’s Eve Appear Organized And Planned

When you read the official press release of the Cologne police force on January 1st, you’ll get the impression that that particular New Year’s Eve was in no way remarkable. It was a night of peaceful celebration on the bridges over the Rhine river and in the down town area. The police handed out some tickets for vandalism (five more than in 2015) and assault (two more than in 2015). Shortly before midnight, the area in front of the central station was cleared to avoid mass panic being caused by fireworks.

There was no mention of the staggering amount of sexual assaults and robberies that had taken place. Now that the smoke is clearing, more reports are pouring in, not just from Cologne but from all over North Western Europe. So far, sexual assaults have been reported in Cologne (109), Hamburg (39), Frankfurt, (7) Bielefeld (5), Stuttgart (3), Stadtlohn (2) as well as in Salzburg (Austria), where Afghans and a Syrian were arrested for sexual assaults, Zurich (Switzerland) and Helsinki (Finland). This strongly suggests coordination and planning, possibly by Islamic terrorist groups. What we saw over New Year’s Eve may have been the first terrorist “rape bombing” of Europe.

Number of police reports filed by 1/7. Source:

Number of police reports filed by 1/7.

Identical premeditated attacks in multiple countries

The attacks all followed the same pattern. Groups of Middle Eastern men converged en masse in a public place, surround young women, sexually assault them and steal anything that is not bolted down. The nature of these attacks—multiple attacks in multiple cities in multiple countries, all with the same modus operandi—raise the possibility that these attacks were centrally organized and coordinated. This is confirmed by the Helsinki police, who received word that large groups of Iraqi asylum seekers were planning to converge from several refugee centers on down town Helsinki, planning to assault and rob women.

Meanwhile, local German media reported that the Cologne police found handwritten translation aids in German-Arabic on several of the suspects they arrested, helpfully translating phrases and terms such as “I want to kiss you”, “I want to fuck you” and “I want to kill you”.

German-Arab translation aid found on NYE suspects, showing them how to say I want to fuck you, I want to kiss you and I want to kill you in German and Arabic

German-Arab translation aid found on NYE suspects, showing them how to say I want to fuck you, I want to kiss you and I want to kill you in German and Arabic

A witness report (in The Guardian, of all places) from Cologne describes how the men were coordinated on New Year’s Eve. Describing what she called “coordination tactics” among the men, Shabani said: “I watched for some time as three men who were smartly dressed gave out instructions. One time a group of three or four males would come up to them, be given instructions and sent away into the crowd. Then another group of four or five would come up, and they’d gesticulate in various directions and send them off again. It looked to me like they were clearly directing the events,” said Shabani, describing the evening as “chaotic”.

Together, these pieces of evidence suggest that the NYE attacks were premeditated and, likely, centrally organized. However, chances are that we won’t hear about that until it is too late, especially in the light of recent reports that the German police are under strict government orders to hide crimes involving refugees (unless refugees are attacked by nationalists). Bild writes: “In 2015, there were over a 1000 incidents involving refugees in the state of Saxony, including sexual assaults involving children and 11 murders. Only three of these murders were reported in the press, the rest was hushed up.”

In that light, the press release after Cologne’s NYE comes as no surprise. And the German authorities will never admit if the NYE sex attacks were centrally organized.

Systematic rape is a weapon of war

If these attacks are indeed centrally organized, they are a game changer. In the Arab world, there is no greater dishonor to a man than when a woman under his protection is violated. The shame is so great that men will kill their daughters or nieces, or force them to marry their rapists, in order to regain face. So when men from a culture that kills its violated women engage in mass sexual assaults, all at the same time in different countries, this can only be seen as a declaration of war. Systematic rape has long been used as a weapon of war and as a tool for ethnic cleansing. And now Europe finds itself invaded by hundreds of thousands of military age men, invited by its leaders, who rape and pillage as if they already conquered the continent.

As an act of terror, the mass sexual assault on that New Year’s Eve in Europe is different, as it is an attack on the women, daughters and nieces of Europe. Every man knows girls of that age, and every European man was already familiar with the groups of Middle Eastern hyenas prowling the streets and bothering girls. When European girls are attacked in an organized mass assault, this more than anything feels like an attack on our closest, most intimate tribe. It triggers our most primal instincts.

A low cost, low risk yet highly effective tactic

This attack, directed at what Europe (and every tribe) cherishes the most, was achieved without the need to procure weapons or explosives. All you need is a group of liquored up Middle Eastern men, urge them to follow their natural instincts and set them loose on the local population. It is low cost and, for the organizers, risk free. And it enrages the European men in a way that the other terrorist attacks never could, for their failure to protect their own women humiliates them, fills them with shame. As such, it comes as no surprise that German men are now forming vigilante groups.

But maybe these events were not organized at all. Maybe this is just what Middle Eastern men do, when they have the feeling they can get away with it. Perhaps they need very little encouragement to form mobs and assault women. We have all seen the videos of women—their own women—being attacked on Tahrir square, during the Arab Spring, or the videos of girls being chased through the streets of Cairo by hundreds of men. Frankly, I don’t know what is worse. Were these attacks organized or are they just something that happens, once the number of frustrated, entitled Arab men reaches a certain threshold?

Regardless of whether these sex attacks are part of an organized campaign, we will see more of them in the very near future. Carnival is widely celebrated in Europe, and while it doesn’t the scantily clad dancers seen in South America, it is a week of drunken celebrations, where masked revelers flood the streets and clubs. The only difference is that now Europe’s men have been warned. We’ll see whether they can protect their women this time.

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  1. Hey, our degenerate elites invited in the trash-humans from the world’s Orckistans to reboot Europe’s declining fertility. These derelicts understand what they have to do to try to get European women to have more babies.

    1. I don’t have the stats, but I’d estimate that 80% of the women of the age group which was targeted are on birth control. At any given time, only around 25% of the remaining women will be fertile. Meaning that only about 5 of the women targeted might possibly become pregnant as a result of the attack. Then remember that not every act of sex with a fertile woman will result in pregnancy – maybe 1 time in 3 it will. Around 1 in 3 pregnancies ends in an early miscarriage. And there’s a good chance that the 2-ish women who would have had a pregnancy which didn’t end in an early miscarriage will take the morning-after pill following the attack. If that fails, or if one of those women doesn’t take it, she might get an abortion.
      Seems like a lot of effort to go to for maybe 1 baby to possibly be born.

        1. What do you believe they plan to do? The only way that they could turn increased rapes resulting from immigration into an increasing birthrate is to ban contraception and abortion. Can’t see them getting away with that in the heart of Feminaziland.

        2. Ah ok you’re talking about the elite. I’m just talking about the sand niggers.

        3. I don’t see why the sand niggers would want to increase birthrates in the west. The chances that any offspring sired by these rapes would be raised as a good little Muslim are miniscule compared to the odds that they’ll be raised as Socialist Liberals. I was under the impression that the sand niggers were on a mission to outbreed us rather than interbreed with us.

        4. You’ll be surprised with how many seemingly normal, white european women convert to Islam in order to marry muslim men.

        5. I don’t think they plan to do anything. That’s thinking to far ahead, you’re giving to much credit to their low i.q. That’s just the way they are , they just do these stuff because that’s their glorious culture.

        6. Maybe they want their i.q`s to be raised by mixing with us. Must be lonely for them living together while they all have the brain capacity of a retarded cockroach.

        7. Yes they are also making burqa`s now all whatever the hell they’re called , don`t want to google that stuff , with florals and nice patterns so women of cultures other than muslim would embrace their girl power by wearing it. Remember , if men tell women how to dress , it`s opressive , if women tell women how to dress , and women say burqa`s are empowering , then it`s empowering :))

        8. That is like the wiggers designation for pathetic white niggers in the US that try to ape the black ghetto culture.

      1. So their attempt to score some Sabine women was thwarted by birth control… I guess two wrongs really can make a right.

    2. These derelicts understand what they have to do to try to get European women to have more babies.

      As long as they keep indoctrinating people with silly ‘girl power’, anti-white male, feminist nonsense (IOW, the cult of leftism) and refuse to put women in their place it isn’t going to happen.

    3. Fucking degenerate morons with more 20th Century ideas. Robotics is close to providing artificial workers, give it a decade. What are you twats going to do with your demented halfbreed children and 80IQ invaders then? Just going to have to clean them up too when they are obsolete. What a fucking pointless waste all of it is. THE FOLLY OF MAN.

    4. Actually, they understood what they needed to do to replace there pet dog ‘Christianity’ , which is not working as a control tool anymore, neither in Europe ,neither in north America. ..islam all the way baby. Seriously people need to get real on their history. We need to revise , uphold and make clear important shit, like the reformation. That was an important point in western society. Where we are going now , we there is a possibility we lose grip on these things. We must stay clear headed and be verbal. I see no other choice.

  2. There is only one response to this sort of aggression:
    Stare into their eyes as you crush the life out of them.

  3. It is worth mentioning that the Geman minister for “justice” uses the incident to push for feminist-style new rape “laws”.
    Meanwhile, not one of the perpetrators was arrested.

  4. Finnish prime minister says the finnish street patrols must stop, while the sharia patrols by somalis is cherished in the press as immigrants helping social cohesion.
    Stupidity or treason?

    1. “Finnish prime minister says the finnish street patrols must stop,
      while the sharia patrols by somalis is cherished in the press as
      immigrants helping social cohesion.
      “Stupidity or treason?”
      Or simply loyalty to the new regime. Possession even in the best of times has always been 9/10th of the law. If you violently claim it, and can hold it, it is yours.

      Notice the comment from five months ago by “dambigfoot”:
      “In Greece, Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, America. We Orthodox Christians have guns. This is why U.K shouldn’t have taken guns from citizens now this is happening Muslims all over Londonistan. Hold on to your guns as tight as possible there will come a day where Muslims and Christians will have firefights in the streets of Eastern Europe, and America. Most Orthodox Christian countries are safe, Ethiopia, and Egypt Christians are being killed. Orthodox Europe always understood the threat of Islam and fought it since Muhammad. When we fought Muslims it wasn’t new like Western Europeans calling it a ‘Crusade’ we called it war. You have to understand that Muslims would give their lives for their bs cause to dominate the world. Europe has always bottle necked Islam between Constantinople (Istanbullshit) and where Spain meets Africa, also Russia was converted to Christianity when it started to become strong. That is why Serbs went to war with Bosnia, and Albania. Muslims were killing Serbs then when Serbs gained the advantage against them the Muslims and Croats became a buddy with U.S all in the name to stop Communism. Europe has had a advantage geographically and when you take Muslims into the country then you loose that advantage. Muslim women have more babies then most cultures. The only way to stop it now it to do something radical like Russia, and Serbia did. Once Muslims say ‘I was born here I cant be deported to anywhere’ then a radical solution is required. U.K should send Military to deal with them and to cut the cancer which is gaining a foothold in Europe.”
      And from “mad dog” 4 months ago:
      “I live in Burnley and believe me since you filmed this the situation has got worse. no white person, or female would even stand on that same street corner now. I know of someone who was thrown into the back of a van and raped by 6 paki men. she was 14 on her way home from school. There has never been an arrest never mind conviction. The police do not care. It is a pressure cooker and will one day explode worse than 2001. Those riots will be nothing in comparison.”

  5. Caution this affair sounds a bit fishy! Reminds me of FEMEN modus operandus. Who is really behind the organized action? Muslims? SJWs? or it is organized by the NWO handlers?

  6. Quite possibly it’s organized considering the fact that the officials are trying pass the blame on the victims.

  7. If a woman on a college campus gets molested, then it’s not her fault even if she was wearing a revealing outfit. Loud cries of “men shouldn’t rape” are heard everywhere. If a German girl gets molested in Germany by an invader, then she should have been more careful on her choice of attire and conducted herself better. In other words, she is partly to blame. Wtf?
    This is why you can’t fight these people with rhetoric. They. Will. Not. Listen. They are delusional. They are inconsistent in their thinking. This fight will be won when we take up our arms and say “enough is enough” and we physically drive these invaders out by force (and maybe a few impalings to send a message). The government won’t do it. The liberals will definitely not do it. That is why it is up to us men to do this bloody yet necessary task for our very own survival. 2016 looks like it will be just the beginning.

    1. “This is why you can’t fight these people with rhetoric”
      No forget about that. They simply need to be removed from any power without any explanation, since trying to explain it to them would be a huge waste of time. Women have proven that they will run everything they are in charge for into the ground.

        1. Dude they just need to remove the elites, the cause of these problems. They caused the war in Syria and middle east, they let them in, they allow the violence happen, they caused the financial crisis and they manipulate derivatives and currencies and drive up commodity prices. they steal money through bail outs and they creates problems so patriot act and freedom restricting laws are put in place, they control the media and disseminate family breaking and feminist ideals and consumerist debt fueled propaganda, they keep secrets that help the sorld progress, they control the food and water supply filled it with questionable gm and hormonal foods, they promote abortions, they assasinate those who oppose them. they did mind controlling experiments (mk ultra) through agencies like via, they promote fatty cheap diet and pharmaceutical to drug you up but don’t solve the problem. They are connected to the drug cartels. More and more…..
          Kicking the unuseful or violent immigrants out ain’t enough, the elites will find another to distract and control the mass. They need to be stopped!

        2. Easier said that done, since everything is happening behind the scene, with the actors not easily identifiable, and their actions not obvious to the common man. Gotta hand it to them, they have really done a good job this time

        3. We know some of them. The possible groups could be the bildeberg group and roundtable group( councils on foreign relations – ( )
          and people who participate meetings at bohemian groove. Every year elites have a transnational meeting called bildeberg . They are very secretive and people from different western nations such corporate CEOs, Royal bloodlines, politicians such as David rockellers, bernanke, so on. ( they say their original purpose is: they want to prevent another world war .But we know there is more than that.
          However they are very powerful and have connections every where. To stop them would be difficult and would take a great revolution

        4. well, didn’t they have a meeting were this was on the agenda?.. b… b.. bil.. bilder…. aahh shite umm mm

        5. You do realize there is almost no hard evidence on either of the two assertions this article makes- that there were rapes or that it was organized? I haven’t seen one shred of evidence that rape took place. None. I read the leaked police report and it referenced sexual assault, which can be just about anything. Did not reference rape. I have not seen or heard any video that suggests rape. It was a busy train station; I think it would be unusual if rape happened right there in front of hundreds. Verdict: more Fake Rape accusations from women and trumped up by well-meaning but highly emotional Internet mob after the fact. As to organized, the evidence seems to be a witness who saw people handing out a few sheets of paper.
          We do have a problem here with immigrants and crime; but NYE Cologne is being BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION.

        6. “… NYE Cologne is being BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION.”
          Really? It seems to Me that the evidence is piling up pretty fast that this was an organized, multi-city assault.

      1. They’re destroying what was started in the reformation. They don’t seem to care about the enlightenment.

        1. It started the parting of religion and politics. Such things are fundamental in keeping politics fluid and able to correct itself. Islam just don’t do that shit.

        2. Orthodoxy has questionable beliefs like other churches. The ideas of trinity and cross, hellfire have either pagan influences or origins or similarities.

        3. From what I have read, Jehovah’s witnesses don’t participate in the military or wars. Other religions that don’t I’m not sure

    2. Extreme times. Extreme measures.
      The white man’s achilles heel is pathological altruism. We are at a point, or very soon will be, when a choice must be made. We either kill the traitors among us (pro-immigrants) until we have enough power to kick the immigrants out, or we watch as we slowly die out over the next 50 or so years. This is what it will take.

      1. I don’t think the options are that extreme. It’s more about having a sensible and logical immigration policy. First world countries will always need immigrants of some type in their economies like nurses from south east Asia who are excellent at their work, IT graduates from China and India whose expertise we need in the west.
        We need a rigorous system that selects immigrants based on their skills, education and compatibility with the host nation’s values. Letting in low life north African and Arab delinquents, thieves and bum bandits who have nothing to give and have everything to take is the problem and disease that needs curing. Based on such a system, the amount of Arabs admitted should be very small and as for the “asylum seekers” all of them need to be repatriated as under the Geneva Convention they’ve no natural right to obtain citizenship to the country they are cared for during conflicts in their own lands.
        Arabs are not “red pill” avatars of our heroic past that some deluded people here think they are.

        1. This is not going to happen. Our owners have no interest in a healthy society, or they would have stopped this decades ago. They want men like us dead. This is not hyperbole. They want to kill us so that they can enslave the rest of the population.

        2. You’re on crack. Nurses from south east asia are some of the worst around, only serving to lower the pay of well trained nurses from the US. And IT graduates from China or India are, in general, far worse to deal with and clean up after than European or American IT professionals.
          In both cases the only benefit is lowered costs for the businesses, but in the case of India and Chinese IT they end up paying more.
          And in both those cases, as soon as you put any of them in charge, the next thing you know everyone working for them is from the same country, and generally as useless as they are.

        3. It’s going to happen, and it is that extreme. Christianity failed the elites as a control religion. Islamism is the best candidate. Hold onto your horses, we are exiting reformation at a fast pace.

        4. Hmm, maybe if I start smoking crack the world will make sense again. Hey, that’s going to be my new year resolution. Thanks for the advice.

        5. We had some what of a system in place so why did we decide to open the flood gates…and potentially let in terrorist with this group (from Syria of all places, too).
          These leaders have a bigger plan and they are not sharing with “the people”. Many political leaders are probably worrying about the end of the gravy train (tax money) so we’ll have to shrink our governments (will be a good thing). The rest may have another plan in mind…you just don’t know.
          They no longer work for us…only special interest groups (big money).

        6. Couldn’t agree more. I’ve been an IT professional for over 20 years and I have as of yet to meet more than a handful of “good” green card software engineers. Those have been Chinese.
          My experience with Indian programmers is that they are driven to accomplish “get from point A to point Z” but they could care less HOW they accomplish it; so, maintainable and safe code go right out the window. Result: more work for me fixing what these “wunderkind” produced.
          Basically, it’s trendy to hire from out of the country in IT. Believe me, a lot of executives don’t want to understand it either. Something to parade in front of their fellow executives from other companies.

        7. True u get a good batch and a bad one. Perhaps better selection will do. Many of them are desperate but only some resort to violence. Employing and educating them would be good

      2. Unfortunately, Western men have become so timid and effeminate, that this will never take place. My grandfather’s generation imagined that they were fighting for the right of white men to make love to their own women. Now they fight for the right of other men to fuck their women. You can’t sink much lower than that.

      3. “The white man’s achilles heel is pathological altruism”
        I would add, the leftist’s way of thinking is pathological altruism + massive denial of reality. In others words, some kind of madness.
        How long will people be fed up about be governed by insane people ? interesting question

      4. Groups are, at least, forming in Germany now to protect citizens (seeing as how the police are either overwhelmed or have orders to do nothing). They will not be armed but they will be average citizens (in a group) on patrol.
        If that groups has to start up in the U.S., then it will be armed (guaranteed). If the police can no longer do their job effectively then it will take the people in the community banding together to get rid of the crime and these groups. I know plenty of my neighbors (armed) who will take up this call if (or when) needed.

    3. If I lived in Germany, I certainly would. Just like if these looters went after my home, I certainly would defend myself.
      Germans have been beaten over the head by the Hitlers stick so many times they’re afraid of twitching and being vilified as nazis.

      1. And you’d already risk being fined a huge sum or even be in jail already for just posting this. We’ve become such a country of whimps, all born with the guilt. Every baby that is born these days immediatelly killed billions of Jews, nay, zillions! Why? Because it is born in Germany. Nevermind that this all took place ages ago. Nevermind that most countries are far more racist than Germany these days(look at the UK(let’s bomb the chunnel, so we’re safe from immigrants!), the French, the US, Japan, China, Korea…NO WAY that this could happen in Japan or say Indonesia. But in Germany? Believe me, there isn’t much you can do. Unless you really know how to go “Jason Bourne” and stay on the run and kill them all. But as a German in Germany, you’re a third class citizen. You have no rights. Only the right to shut up and pay. And if you’re a German heterosexual man, you’re even worse off…not only come politicians and rapefugees first, but also women, gays and lesbians.

        1. I know…I blame Hippies and their anti-authoritarian style of raising kids. It’s one thing that it’s ok for a guy to cry. But it just gave them tons of power with nearly no responsibility and the whole government is basically a bunch of left-wing, socialist fascists now that want to open our country for complete and utter destruction. I really wish we had a “stand your ground”-law and I’d vote for martial law until this country got rid of ANY criminal and most of our politicians…because they merely do Americas bidding and don’t give a f… about the people who may or may not have voted for them.

        2. Well, America was founded on acts of terror against the British crown. The founding fathers recognized the need to “refresh” a government through revolution, and tried to incorporate such mechanisms. Didn’t work very well as they never expected globalization and white guilt.

        3. That’s true. And they owe a lot of their independence to a general from Saxony, from what I read(he trained them well).
          They put it in their constitution to never own colonies, since they once were one. What happened next? Cuba…Guam…the Philippines…wiping out 2,5 mio Pinoys and Pinays and inventing concentration camps…
          Obviously, mankind is capable of many dispicable acts of cruelty and they are quick to forget where they came from. But I know no country where there’s such a long-lasting, cultivated guilt as Germany. Here, you’re already a Nazi if you dare to put up a German flag…a thing that is a total no-brainer in almost every country in the world! Here, we apologize to rapists and murderers and sue the victims. Here, a bunch of complete and utter morons who totally seem to hate everyone and everything(expect people who’d actually deserve it) run the show and ruin everything. Germany once was a great country and I was very proud of it, especially the WW2 generation. Not so much for the war. Hitler was a product of the Zeitgeist. Dolchstoßlegende and such. If it hadn’t been him, it would have been someone else. You can’t cultivate hating a race unless enough are ready to follow. People say it can’t happen again. I point at Mr Trump.
          I just don’t get it…the greed of a few who have more power and money than they’d ever need is to lead to our demise and end? For what? Heck, everyone could be so much better off if we’d just stop messing with mother nature. If we would allow nature to fight overpopulation the way it does with animals. If the lions eat all the gazelles, the lions die too. If a family has 22 kids in Africa and they starve…well, it’s sad, but it allows others to live. Exactly the number of people the land can feed. And it’s not like they couldn’t do something to improve their situation. But to import them all into a country that is already famous for it’s ridiculous laws and it’s almost non-existing police force? You can’t dare to use your gun in the police. If you accidentally hit a criminal with it(which isn’t easy, as they’re old guns with terrible aim), you can be sure that he’ll walk away a rich man after suing you, while you go to jail or at the least lose your job. There are SO many cases in which the victims became the culprits here! I’m not one for violence per se. But violence only respects even stronger violence. Been like that in WW2 Germany, WW2 Italy(mafia? Totally underground), the Romania of Vlad Tepes…criminals these days just have nothing to fear. And if some non-brainwashed politician suggests a good thing like shooting murderers or a 3-strike policy, all the educated leftist socialists will crucifiy him for it, because there’s no way you could do that to the poor criminals…

        4. Actually concentration camps were not invented by the US in the Philippines in the early 20th century. The credit for that innovation goes to the British during the Boer War in South Africa in the late 19th century. Just trying to keep the historical record straight.

        5. Mea culpa, thanks for filling me in:). I remember reading somewhere, that it was around 1900 in the Philippines. Now that you mention it, I do recall reading something like that about the Boer War. So thanks:).

      2. I say wear that black hat and wear it with pride. Be that Nazi bad guy (if it means preserving your culture or heritage). Fuck them…everyone else does it and they are praised. White people (especially men) do it and we’re racist.
        So much for equality.

        1. Considering that TIME magazine once named Hitler “man of the year”, I don’t care much of public opinion.
          However, when I calmly explain my views to a leftist IRL, I’ve usually won. People call Trump fascist because he doesn’t soften the blow.

    4. This fight will be won when we take up our arms and say “enough is enough” and we physically drive these invaders out by force (and maybe a few impalings to send a message).

      Unfortunately, Western men have become so timid and effeminate, that this will never take place. My grandfather’s generation imagined that they were fighting for the right of white men to make love to their own women. Now they fight for the right of other men to fuck their women. You can’t sink much lower than that.

    5. “Rhetoric” is never the answer against the left. Power and might is. They need to be destroyed.

    6. The scary thing is this: We are around the one hundred year anniversary of WW1! Twenty years from now will be the 100 yr anniversary of WW2.
      Will Islam trigger the actual anniversary for WW3 & WW4?

  8. I’ve got a feeling that the strong and independant leftist European women who voted for this and played the role of political commissars in many European families and schools for all these years, are going to get a really hard reality check in the butt very soon.

    1. Yes, they will.
      Turns out nobody will lend money to Muslim hellholes unless they’re sitting on seas of oil. Germany isn’t. The Germans won’t enjoy interest rates near zero forever.
      Problem with feminism from an economic perspective is that eventually you run out of daddy’s money.

      1. Feminism without governmental intimidation and banks money can only exist in an overshelted little brain. Just like any morbid ideologies for that matter.

    2. nah, they’ll going to find another twisted interpretation bullshit to explain this, despite facts and despite reality. Perhaps, promoting people to take more refugees home in order to teach them, on daily basis and by example, how occidental men treat occidental women, or some bullshit like this ?
      i don’t expect more about leftist.

      1. ‘So here, take this pit bull, that was beaten by its owner, lied to and made to hate people that smell like you, and teach it some lesssons in your home’ ……..good thinking

      2. Just for the record, I obviously do not think all refugees have this mentality, but I’m betting it is prevalent with those indoctrinated with Islam.

    3. I agree. I say someone ask Lara Logan how she feels about the whole rainbow, multicultural project, now.
      I bet she feels many things (or no feeling at all) after she was raped by a group of them.

      1. I watched that part on lara logan.
        a hot blonde runs into a huge crowd of angry muslim men, GEE WHAT COULD GO WRONG?
        even a retarded person wouldn’t do that

  9. I saw a BLM (Black Lives Matter) march in my neighborhood last year, however, it was mostly composed of white college-aged “me too” trendies and hipsters so no burning and looting worries or events. I pity any Umma who might try to stage a “rape in” in Dixie because we have chainsaws. Seriously, who in the elected European elite didn’t see this coming?

    1. Are the Southerners you speak of (I am a 8th generation Southerner on my father’s side) the same that have allowed their cities to be destroyed by congoids and send their kids to private schools to avoid the negro all the while playing the fanboy at SEC games? Europeans are actually fighting back, witness the nationalist riots in the Netherlands, the attacks on immigrants in Scandinavia and Germany, ect.

      1. Southerners did fight back, once. All it got them was most of Dixie’s cities burnt down by the Union Army. Rhodesians and South Africans fought back too.
        The bad guys won every time through superior firepower and superior numbers. And the firepower just gets better. Sherman took months to completely reconquer just the state of Georgia. Today Abe Lincoln, may he burn in hell for all eternity, could have wiped out the South’s ability to resist in a few minutes at the push of a nuclear button.
        No. The only thing you can do about your country’s terminal multiculturalism and feminism is to figure out if there’s anywhere you can go that’s free of Muslims and feminists, and if there is, go there and stay there. At least that way you don’t have to pay for the Kool-Aid.

      2. Lot of truth there. I’m going out of my way to shop today so I can avoid two courts (public housing) instead of taking the most direct route through them.

    2. I have seen dozens of pictures of BLM “protests” in the paper and have noted the same thing. Most of the faces are white. WTF is going on in these idiots heads?

      1. Lolz, maybe the media mostly covered “safe” BLM marches. Or, maybe the marches were cherry-picked to portray an ebony and ivory solidarity story. IDK.

  10. Actually, this sounds like fun. What better way to ring in the new year than by dashing through a crowd, grabbinb boobs and buns as you go? Next year I’m going to do this in Las Vegas. I bet it would catch on in Mexico City too.

  11. And it happened. Took two days after the reporting. Finnish feminists took up arms to condemn the Finnish rape culture, where groping in bars is apparently common…
    Apparently one hand groping that can be slapped by the woman and punished by the bouncers and the police is the same as twenty hands that will stab you if you slap them.
    Disgusting vile women hating demon spawn the lot of them.
    Feminists are women’s worst enemy.

  12. “Maybe this is just what Middle Eastern men do, when they have the
    feeling they can get away with it. ” Gee, I wonder why they think they can get away it ?

    1. Ohhh Ohhhh me ! me ! i know the answer teacher pick me pick me ! Because they can get away with it.

  13. Would the vast majority here have a problem with these Middle Eastern immigrants if they were red pill patriarchs who adopted western culture? I seriously doubt it.

        1. My impression of immigrants in Germany was generally good. Maybe I just got the good ones, I don’t know. I talked to many and they were great. They were also from all over the Middle East. But that was a while ago and times have changed. I never once felt in danger walking the streets of Germany late at night. I doubt I could say that now. When immigrants are the minority and motivated to seek integration to the culture, things are alright. But this clearly is no longer the case. It boggles my mind that Germany did not learn from their experience with Turks post-WW2.

        2. It’s time to accept the FACT that non-Europeans are not capable of assimilation. Universalism has failed because it was destined to fail. Time to stop all third world immigration and repatriate those already here.

        3. The only time assimilation works is when you destroy the culture of the people you are trying to assimilate, this is why multiculturalism is such a bad idea.

        4. Ya`ll want some gypsies ? We gots plenty of them here. They integrate really well. Their top priorities are stealing and beating people up on the street , oh and begging. Damn … i am not a good salesman :))

        5. It sounds rough when you say “destroy“ . We shouldn’t be the ones that force them to integrate , THEY should be the ones that are respectful enough to blend with the set of values of the nation they are in. If i come to your home to drink beers together , do i act like in my own home or respect your turf and go by your house rules?

    1. They may be red pill in regards to keeping women in line but they won’t adopt western culture. Islam is not compatible with western civilisation. Period. It is virtually the opposite.

        1. They will never adopt the culture , they say so themselves. Why should we let in and embrace people that won`t embrace out culture back ? If i want to go to America and America would let me in , i would be thankful and embrace it`s culture and adapt to it`s own set of values , i wouldn`t come there with my own and impose it on them , out of respect for the people that give me safe haven , not go about raping their women.

    2. They are not capable of assimilating. Culture doesn’t spring up out of the ground, culture is the product of a given set of genes. The middle east sucks (with the exception of Lebanon, lot of good Euro DNA) because it’s full of middle easterners (same with Africa, “Latin” America, most of Asia)

      1. Amen. There are groups of people that really aren`t capable of blending in. Gypsies are all over Europe for generations on end and still behave the same irrespective of the country they`re in. I really do believe it is a product of genes.

    3. What a cucked comment. Boohoo 🙁 feminism women are mean and stupid so i accept other patriarchal men from another race to put them in place for me.
      No the answer is for us to be red pill patriarchs ourselves and get our culture back in order, trust me on this i grew up around them and it is best for us to get our act together by ourselves because as white men we can do it best and becoming “patriarchally enriched” by them will be to step out of the ashes and into the fire.
      Dont get me wrong we should strive for patriarchy, the patriarchy of the white man without any compromize when it comes to other races power.

      1. My statement wasn’t cucked. I was attempting to state the simple fact that after a lifetime of indoctrination race means little to absolutely nothing to most who post here. It seems that ideology trumps race, nationality, ethnicity, culture and DNA in the manosphere, since these things are ignored and not encouraged. “the patriarchy of the white man without any compromize when it comes to other races power.” It seems to me that most “white men” cannot shed their racial identity fast enough. It’s a pity that Western Men have become so mixed up and confused. They are completely immune to propaganda of agitation (because they are well fed and sheltered) but completely accepting and vulnerable to propaganda of integration (because they are well fed and sheltered).

        1. Do you think blacks in Africa accept whites there as whites accept blacks ? It`s in everyone`s interest to seek the protection of their own. Sadly , and i really mean sadly , we can`t all be equals and we can`t all live in the same place seeing as races and countries all have different values and morals. Advocating for acceptancy of third world nations that lack culture is not good. If you build your home from scratch with your own hands and someone comes over to your place , moves in and imposes his own values on you in your own home , delegating some rooms as being his own , do you accept him ?

        2. If your statement is correct wich i believe it is then the manosphere is basically a bunch of cucks whining about feminism, a reactionary movement that doesn’t really stand for anything.
          Of course many guys here are racially aware but they seem to be moving their business to other places than the manosphere, i have noticed their presence dissapearing from RoK the last couple of months.

        3. “If you build your home from scratch with your own hands and someone comes over to your place , moves in and imposes his own values on you in your own home , delegating some rooms as being his own , do you accept him ? ” I guess so. They are called Yankees and we’ve been living under their yoke for around 150 years.

        4. Germany Proves That “Rape Culture” Is Merely A Political Weapon Against Western Men

          Go and read the top comment made by a black mgtow in this article, he is obviously right about feminism but him being anti white shines clear to me and yet all the whites is praising the comment, thats really the definition of being cucked.
          Anyway i have seen some guys who has dissapeared from here on if you’re not aware of the site allready

    4. Oh, they’re patriarchal all right.
      Had they had the wits to adopt western culture, they wouldn’t have been allowed to just show up. Immigration laws are only enforced against people who threaten to be competition for local elites.
      There was no welcome wagon in the west for white South African refugees from the communist takeover. They had to get in line for immigrant visas behind bogus asylum seekers from the Third World, never mind that their lives really were threatened if they stayed in Africa.
      And, of course, nobody at all would take high IQ German Jews in the Thirties.

    5. Red Pill patriarchs ? Oh my god another one that blames patriarchy for everything. So we`re here screaming out loud to punish the rapists and deport them , and you STILL somehow see a connection between us and them thinking that we would embrace them as our own ? Somehow we’re the bad guys because patriarchy and because reasons. Ok good to know , next time i see a woman raped i will take my chair and some popcorn and watch the show unfold saying “sorry girl , i`m patriarchy , i don`t want my mean opressive ways to upset you“

  14. It’s no more organized than the mobs that fill the street of every muslim city every time they are angry with something. Rioting is in their DNA. It’s like bees swarming.

  15. When your crimes will be covered up by the police and socialist, raping women is just
    a fun reward that can be done without fear of deportation or jail.
    And as a bonus you get to attack far-right supporters and label them as Islamophobic
    and it’s a win-win for both groups who see far-right as a bigger threat.

    1. I will forever not understand why so many people see the far-right as such a threat. Because of Hitler ? Germany was in it`s most prosperous state while he reigned , look at Germany now , the most effeminate gay-hugging country in all of Europe. The laughing stock.

      1. “I will forever not understand why so many people see the far-right as
        such a threat. Because of Hitler ? Germany was in it`s most prosperous
        state while he reigned , look at Germany now , the most effeminate
        gay-hugging country in all of Europe. The laughing stock.”
        The real right is autocratic monarchy in synergy with Orthodox theocracy (Constantine to fall of the Russian monarchy in 1917). Everything else is to the left of that. The Nazis were totalitarian socialists barely to the right of Communism. Only with the fall of the USSR and the rise of Putin has a proper authoritarian “right” assumed power in a major country. Notice the distinction between totalitarian and authoritarian.

  16. Remember a few years back when a pet chimpanzee ripped it’s owners face off and no one was supprised?
    Enjoy your nigger pets. I hope the rape they shit out of you until you expel all non-whites from your country.
    Victory or valhalla
    These people are the grandchildren of Nazis. Hopefully they’ll wake up soon.

    1. I hear stories that they became the most effeminate country in Europe and there are the least Nazis there, the most being in Russia. Oh the irony … Hitler is rolling in the grave … oh sorry … Hitler`s ashes are rolling in the wind saying “haha i told you so“.

    1. 800 Shotguns Headed To Belgium From Turkey Seized In Italy:
      You can be assured that most weapons shipments have gotten through and will continue to do so. Muslims are and will be heavily armed. The only question is whether “bitter clingers” (aka Christians and allies) will legally be able to possess firearms with which to defend themselves.

  17. There are german men trying to organize groups to defend their women. But I wonder if this will not become just another source of frustration and regret.
    Feminists are already blaming them for the attacks, and excusing the rapists. And I keep under the impression that if the establishment come up with a “progressive” explanation on why german women should shut up and let the immigrants rape them and knock them up, most of them will comply.
    And so, these men would be risking their physical integrity and their freedom (because unlike the immigrants, they certainly will be punished to the fullest extent of the law) for what?

    1. For what? The very survival of our civilization. Jesus, if our ancestors had been as cowardly and passive there would be no West,

    2. “For what”? For the very survival of our civilization ,if our ancestors had been as cowardly as we have become there would be no West to lose. Defeatism is the last refuge of the coward.

      1. It`s not about cowardice , it`s about incentive to save the same female princesses that wage a silent war on men , Let them call for out help , not offer it for free. Can`t remember where i read a story some time ago where a man witnessed a woman getting yelled at by a man , presumably her boyfriend , and he went to fight with the guy. He got knifed and left there to bleed until the ambulance came all the while those 2 went off together into the sunset. Point is , let them BEG for men`s help and then maybe offer it.

      2. The culture of “our ancestors”? Sure. The modern homo-feminist culture of traitors and ingrates? Fuck it. No liberal or feminist is worth risking your neck. Hell, they worked the past decades to destroy western culture.
        But if you want to help the scorpion to cross the lake, it is your hide.

    3. True point you are making here. They should let them fend for themselves. No need for white knigting here. That’s the reason why women are so messed up in the head nowadays , to much pampering and princess-complex , always waiting for the male to save the day so they can then walk over him in thanks.

  18. Subversive tactics are now called for. Here’s an idea – produce and widely distribute underground very graphic vids, of white on arab backlash – white hooligan-style – depicting capture of arab rapists – tied up and anally raped with objects, begging for mercy – by way of begging their burqa wearing arab women (also captured), to suck the white cock, for mercy sake.
    Then death, baseball bat to the head style. And the subversive voice over message – “arab men … we got your number…come on over…. taste the white man’s evil dick. We fuck you in the ass, we tear the garments from your women and fuck them in every hole…. we evil evil fucks….. please come and receive our glorious evil, come be baptized in our evil ways…… your submission will be your eternal redemption!”.
    Of course best to just stage this at this point (Martin Scorsese-style).
    Then watch the escalation of the shitshow ensue. Which is what is needed now. No use beating around the bush anymore, – escalate this thing to impress upon everyone:
    – these guys don’t get the european ways. They outta step. They be needing tune-up, tit-for-tat style. Fight fire with fire type of thing (they can’t understand anything else). Draw a line is the sand now. Point to it.
    – There really are white hooligans, probably more badass than any arab can be (because arabs be hampered always, looking over their shoulder-wise, penalty for apostasy and all). White hooligans are not hampered like this. Time to show this.
    – European women gotta pick sides now. They should go to the middle east if they don’t like it in the west. We the libertarians here. If they no like that leave. Which men would they rather have as their protectors?

    1. I would ship them weapons myself if it weren’t a federal crime. I have so many guns I don’t need here in the Midwest it’s white and peaceful. I want to get in on the action.

    1. It`s a sad state of things when people of a nation have to form bands to bring the justice that their own state can`t provide … the state that brought this threat upon it`s people in the first place.

  19. German women probably voted with their compassion and enabled the leftist parties to let these people into their countries in the first place. Meaning they are disproportionately responsible for their own rapes. In a way one could almost call this a twisted form of social justice
    How’s that for victim blaming?

    1. Shhh. Feminists will come and scream “don`t teach women to not get raped , teach men not to rape“ :)). While we`re at it , don`t teach boys to fight so they can defend themselves in case of a robbery, teach them not to provoke fights. In other words , they like to shift personal responsibility to men when the time is convenient but say they are empowered and need no man when all works good.

        1. Teach politicians to think, they’re idiots. I just read in the papers here in Holland, that they are now thinking of teaching the refugees laws and social rules of the western way….. You mean to tell me that wasn’t the plan..?. They expected them to smell it.. What a bunch of idiots, they all have their head stuck down in the sand.

        2. They need to be taught with a police baton and deportation, that’s all they’ll understand. Anything else like you describe is nothing but waffle to placate the public they are also genetically the way they are it runs deeper than a merely “learning the western way” look how well it works in the US with all the shooting the police need to do to try to get these people to behave half western.

        3. The kind of teaching they need is the policemans baton, I don’t think those more subtle lessons will get through to them. If they were not able to evolve to that level in their own countries it’s most naive to think they’re suddenly going to learn it in a classroom one evening a week.

        4. Although i think their religion has scarred them deeply, and caused much distress in their minds, i don’t think police batons are going to help. I don’t think anything will. I hear many liberals calling, ‘love them to death’ . I’m not sure if a wolf cares if you love it either.
          Just don’t forget that the western world’s church was decapitating and and doing evil shit to people for some idiot crazy beliefs not too long ago. The real danger here is not the islamatised migrants themselves, it’s a school of thought , quite literally a virus infesting the neural pathways of these people’s minds.. and you can’t just remove it, every attempt to may in fact make that virus only more potent, more poisonous.
          This is why it is important we get back to our own history and seriously make effort to make clear to these people what our thoughts are on intertwining religion and politics and restricting freedom.

        5. For years as I have learned by living here, the police in Germany are very soft on crime by migrants. Apparently it’s also or more so the unwillingness of judges to sentence here. So lawlessness is permitted, and very few deportations. Sure there were some Christian witch burnings in the middle ages, but do consider which civilisation has produced more technology, music, literature, culture etc since then before putting us on the same level as them.

    2. “Compassion?” You’re giving them too much credit. They wanted all the Middle Eastern bad boy cock they could smoke. They got it.

      1. They`re just sad that they couldn’t choose which Abdul or Hassan to ravage them. It`s like i call 2 girls to come to my place and then i`m sad that i got to fuck the one that i like least.

      2. Talking about the regressives in terms of their “compassion” and “altruism” is really becoming a pet peeve of mine.
        They are not any of these things, they are driven by hatred of white males who aren’t faggots, period.
        People need to stop giving them so much credit by taking what they say at face value.
        It’s stupid.

        1. Pity the faggots don’t like women either. I suspect faggotry has become epidemic because it’s the only acceptable excuse for men to go their own way.

    3. I agree. The sad part is that now they are going to have these groups around for decades. Women won’t be able to go anywhere (lost their freedom) and they will have to learn to live their lives in a different way thanks to this policy.

  20. Who give a fuck about them. They shitted on the men and cutting balls off of some of the men. Feminism and feminists fucked men over in the justice system and with kids. So I say sit down and grab a nice cold beer. Watch the rapes and laugh in their faces when they beg for our help. They Don’t need no man, so they don’t need our help than.

    1. While it is certainly very , very sad that these rapes happened , i can`t help but agree that people should learn to fend for themselves and think it 100 times over when they decide to shelter a population of immigrant fourth world animals. Also , sorry to the animals for comparing them to these sub-human trash.

      1. We cannot let them rape our White women, this is a genetic upgrade for the sand niggers. What you get is a generation of smarter, therefore more dangerous sand niggers.

  21. Or as we say in the USA, just another Saturday night thanks to dindus and spics, aka black and brown men. I have no pity for the White Western European women and their Cuck men who mocked Americans with racial virtue signaling for decades while Yankee alt rights screamed “STOP!” and are now are reaping the whirlwind. You just got what you richly deserved.
    Don’t worry EuroTrash, anti-Dindu/sand-Dindu/spic-saturated-in-Islam fortified suburbs are actually pretty nice once you get used to them. You’ll need to – your precious urban centers that you used to rub our faces in the rhetorical shit are gone, probably forever. I can’t wait for Cologne to turn into “Euro-Detroit”.
    The blunt reality is that this war is not about Islam. It’s about race and we’d better start calling it for what it is if we don’t want all of human civilization to collapse.
    To paraphrase the great John McLean, “Hey EuroTrash, welcome to the party, pal!”

    1. once whites become even more of a minority most everything will collapse and the population situation will sort itself out in its own

    2. RaHoWa. Ever heard of gypsies ? They`re the blacks equivalent in Europe. Ghetto`s , funding backed-up by the state , never work , never go to school , get charity and special privileges like riding the bus for free etc. They beg and steal and make enough money from begging that they build their own palaces because there are a buttload of stupid people that give them money out of pity. And after all of this , they still complain that they aren`t privileged enough.

      1. The gypsies are a minor nuisance in comparison to what we have in western europe somalis, afghanis etc. dont get me wrong since romania and bulgaria entered the EU truckloads of gypsies have really helped the continual destruction of northwestern europe, but trust me there are even worse things than gypsies…

    3. “The blunt reality is that this war is not about Islam. It’s about race
      and we’d better start calling it for what it is if we don’t want all of
      human civilization to collapse.”
      No, everything is always primarily about religion, only secondarily about race. Thinking anything is more powerful or important than religion is why the western half of Europe failed. Church and state are supposed to be in synergy, not infallible Pope over Church over all secular rulers, and not church separated from state.

    4. Spot on comment except for the eurotrash maybe, although i get the sentiment.
      Be aware that much more western europeans have been against all this than you might be aware of, the leftist supremacy have been very succesful in silencing the dissent here.
      And yes, race trumps everything (in reality at least)

  22. What does it matter? European feminists got what they thought they wanted—all the Arab cock they could smoke—and the Arabs made them choke on it. Now they want Daddy to get them out of this.
    No. German men who have anywhere else they can go need to go there and stay there, telling their ungrateful sisters, daughters and ex-wives as they leave to enjoy their new lives as the broodmares and punching bags of their new Muslim masters—and if they want someone to blame, to go look in the mirror.

    1. Yes . They are strong independent womyn who don`t need no man. Men helping them would mean oppressing them. Go grrl !

  23. Islam is evil. Can you believe that the conflict in Syria itself is because of Islam? (Shia vs Sunni, with the shiites defending Assad because their imams told them so and the sunnis fighting Assad because their imams told them so)
    Don’t know why Western leaders are so eager to import them here. They’re literally killing each other because some desert dwellers had a dispute 1,600 years ago.

    1. because they vote left wing, unlike those pesky white Christians who generally want freedom. It’s easier to control dysfunctional people.

      1. Plus I still factor in Lerner-Spectre’s words ”jews will be at the center of europe’s transformation” to becoming a racial melting pot. And that in addition to the seemingly ‘racial-monotype’ blonde manjawed ‘brunhildes’ and tomboy mop-top haircut lesbian women like Merkel who run the puppet positions in europe and who stand down to the brown hoardes. Look at Merkel, Janet Napolitano and remember back when these women were your LUNCH LADIES at school. PROOF that we’re no longer in control of our government or our world. When the lowest smv crawling form ‘the lunch lady’ are officially the genotype approved to be seated and regalled as our ‘puppet leaders’, it is at this point that we know we’re under complete siege by alien forces.
        And as for the leading men in Europe, aside from Putin there doesn’t seem to be a European man in charge or who is actively ‘puppeteering’ who doesn’t resembly Dan Quayle (skippy) or some dapper GQ looking fag mag mama’s boy. There isn’t a red pill man in government leading (or puppet-chairing) any caucasian country except for Russia. In all other white countries, the key posts have been served up exclusively to women and manginas.

        1. Well , bad for us and good for Russia that they don`t allow strangers in their country and have their shit together. It`s them against the world and it sure as hell worked out fine for them until now so why don’t other countries take their example and do the same? Other European countries became to pussyfied and accepting to the point that they get raped by sand niggers and STILL shift the blame from them. What a sick state of affairs we are in , we`re people`s cognition disappeared in favor of “acceptance“ and “diversity“ and if we think otherwise they say we`re hateful backwards-thinking brutes.

        2. Russia understands that removing dictators from the Middle East will only cause major world problems, like when Saddam was removed from power. Not only will that create millions of refugees, but it will create more terrorists as well.
          I guarantee you that if Saddam were still in power, there would be no refugee crisis and no terrorists (anyways, not as much as today) Yes he was evil, but he kept the WORLD stable, in some way.

  24. I think about all those girls who welcomed these refugees with celebrations and all that shit. What are they thinking now ? Suckers.

    1. Well i`m pretty sure they`re thinking it’s the “patriarchy`s“ fault for what happened.

      1. they will be like “why the good men were not here to protect us ? btw where are the good men ?” or some shit like that.

        1. :)) I once talked to a professional-perpetually-single 34 year old bitter hag that asked me the classic question of where did all the good guys go ? I told her the good guys are all taken by deserving women. Needless to say , she wasn’t terribly pleased with my words and took it all personal and shit , which happened to be my plan all along :))

        2. next time, i’ll tell that all good men have been replaced by muslim shariah-mass-rapist promoters that feminists and leftist actilvely contributed to let them invade europe. Can’t wait to see their reaction on their faces.

  25. Look what ive stumbled upon, just another hate site fueled by unenlightened self-interest! And to think you guys would be any better than liberals…what a shame. Well I suppose I will just leave this here. By the way, have you guys tried homosex? Its great!!

    1. Hate site ? So we shouldn’t hate men that rape ? I don`t speak on behalf of this site , but i sure personally hate raping men , be it of any color or nation. What do you want ? To embrace them and love them ? If you say homesex is great you must know from personal experience so why not go and offer the muslims some love ?

        1. I`m pretty sure they only like effeminate males , so be sure that they want you to be the bottom when you say you want to love them. But hey … to each his own , whatever rocks your boat dude :))

        2. don’t worry, soon hords of muslim refugees will going to mass rape fags like you, you’ll love it. sucker.

      1. This ‘derp’ dude is fucked up. They (he) only has 10 troll comments about shit like ‘anal seepage’. Shit’s fucked up.

    1. They still don’t. Media is shifting attention from them. It`s the patriarchy`s cis white privileged male shitlord`s fault as usual.

  26. Somehow I dont feel my White Knight instinct kicking in. Should I try to save the bitchfaced whores I see in bars every weekend, dancing with their iphones ?
    The ones who can barely look at me on the street, who never has a kind word for anyone ?
    I know they are “our” women but really, it doesn’t really feel that way. I could care less if they are all raped, sad but true.
    I know there are tons of other dumbasses with working White Knight instincts, let them handle it. But at this point, they are probably too weak.

      1. Actually they are our tribe’s property but our men are under orders to stand down and throw up their arms and aid and abet the defiling of our women. To resist the hostile decrees against our people brings the weight of the tyranny down upon you. We’re expected to go out peacefully like dumb animals saying ”mooo” while we’re led to slaughter. We’ve never witnessed such a perfect controlled captivity in our history where men passively say ”go ahead and take our women then”. Think about it. We’re under hostile rule everywhere. I can’t point to a good ruler anyehere. ‘Tribes’ have basically been outlawed. Our blood is beginning to boil. Man will soon return to the throne.
        Hail the patriarchy!

        1. “Think about it. We’re under hostile rule everywhere. I can’t point to a good ruler anyehere.”

          Meanwhile the USA can’t even get into space anymore without Russia.

          “After Russia annexed Crimea last year, Congress passed legislation that forced the Pentagon to stop buying Russian rocket engines that have been used since 2000 to help launch American military and intelligence satellites into space.
          “Now, that simple act of punishment is proving difficult to keep in place.
          “Only five months after the ban became law, the Pentagon is pressing Congress to ease it.
          “The Pentagon says that additional Russian engines will be needed for at least a few more years to ensure access to space for the country’s most delicate defense and intelligence technology.”
          Not surprising when the “perhaps foremost” purpose of NASA is now to make Muslims “feed good” about themselves.

          “NASA Administrator Charles Bolden created a firestorm after telling Al Jazeera in June 2010 that President Obama told him before he took the job that he wanted him to do three things:
          1 – inspire children to learn math and science
          2 – expand international relationships and
          3 – ‘PERHAPS FOREMOST, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science … and math and engineering.”

        2. Yes , we are under hostile rule. Problem is , you try to defend these women , you will be the one punished for it , precisely because of this silent war on masculinity. All these decades of indoctrination and pussyfication in first world countries took it’s toll and it’s starting to show. If we try to be good people , the same people that we are trying to save , the victims , will stand up and beat us down along with their true violators because that’s how they were taught in school.

        3. People have been taking women captive for eons. 1).capture 2).break 3).re-mold and re-patriate 4).re-name them and make them yours and place them under the auspicies of your tribe. Cultures throuohout history infused new and desirable blood into their creed by the women they capture, sometimes taken as booty in battle and sometimes high smv princesses are outright bought and paid for. Yes it’s aggressive pair bonding/mate selection but the cultures with the testosterone to break and tame their own women and especially the desirable women they bring into their fold are the cultures that ultimately survive. They are by virtue the winners in the end of the grand SPERM WARS.

        4. Yes , i get what you`re saying , and i agree. I`m just not up to risking my life yet for these low quality women. If they weren’t so entitled , spoiled and mean angry defensive sluts , i would be the first one crafting a personally inscribed sword to impale it through those that want to take my precious women :))

        5. Grow ye hair long (the Samson rule) and cease dickchopping (circumcising) ye sons. Let thy schlong hang long. Give ye sons the gift of their God given ‘full rod of power’. It may take a full generation before man is back up to speed to put a lid on the turmoil that feminism has wrought and infected throughout the body politik of our species. There is rumbling everywhere now.


    1. Let me give you 100 respect points for clearly stating the situation. Why, oh why should any white man give 2 flying shits about what happens to the white harpies that have been trying to kick us in the balls for the past 50 years.

    2. I understand the moral meaning of laws against rape, but from a practical standpoint, it seems most men by supporting it cut their noses to spite their face.
      In the old society before feminism when practically every working man was guaranteed a wife, those laws made sense from a male POV.
      With the rise of feminism and acceptance of casual sex, only the top few men are regularly getting sex while the majority of men get none. It seems that the so called beta males are allowing there genetic legacy to whither away while the so called alpha males are genetically successful. Women want the majority of beta men to preserve their right to mate with the top alpha males. When the Beta male does this, he dooms himself to genetic extinction as there’s nothing in it for him.
      From a practical standpoint, rape would level the mating playing field by allowing men to use their greater physical strength to obtain sex and thus spread their genes instead of enabling only the “alpha males” the privilege of spreading their genes.
      I’m not advocating rape, but I do think that if western women want the protection of men as a group, men must demand concessions that are in our own interests. One would be to abolish feminism which enables female hypergamy at the expense of all but the few top men and go back to the old way of how the relations between the sexes were in the time of our grandparents.
      It makes no sense from a genetic standpoint to rescue women from rape only to have them flock to the few alphas and want nothing to do with the majority of men who came to their defense once the smoke clears.
      Kind of like how when the Costa Concordia was sinking and men boguarded the life boats leaving the majority of women without a lifeboat. And women were up in arms about how chivalry is dead, etc. But these same women declare from the highest mountains and lowest valleys that they don’t owe a man anything and aren’t so much as obligated to smile at you.
      Yet this same woman feels that you owe it to her to sink to a watery grave in her place. Why? Until this stops, let them be on their own. Let their alpha male baby daddies rescue them. Don’t risk your life and body trying to fight barbarians for a woman who won’t acknowledge your existence unless she likes your looks or you have something she can gain.

  27. “So when men from a culture that kills its violated women engage in mass sexual assaults, all at the same time in different countries, this can only be seen as a declaration of war.”
    Declaration of War on whom? Personally, I wont even lift a finger to help western sluts. They shall be raped. Isn’t it their fantasy anyway? 😀

    1. Damn … that means they get their fantasies fulfilled. Those lucky bastards , they still win in the end :))

  28. When they fired at the Cathedral I was super pissed, am not Christian.
    You can’t blame sheep for being led to the slaughter.
    There is so much going on behind the scenes, as infuriating as it is, it’s not gonna change anything being angry at the low iq drugged up foot soldiers.
    It’s about defending this civilisational model, flawed as it is, cause the other ones will never produce a Beethoven, Michelangelo, Shakespeare etc, or be able to build a bridge and get over shit.

  29. “Refugees Welcome” they got what they wanted. they ignored the warnings of reason and called it racism.
    man im glad i don´t have any girls under my protection.

  30. Telling in the stories is the fact these thugs had to be released because of a lack of detention facilities.
    So make the damn facilities.

  31. A culture is man made. The savage culture of Arabs and Muslims is the product of them being savages. If they were civilized people, then they would reject their own retarted culture.

  32. This was actually a really good development. The left has an alliance with Islam against everything good in western civilization because those “evil white males” are always at fault. However, there was bound to be a collision of the homosexual/feminist left and Islam, followed by the crackup of that alliance. That collision happened in cologne. Now feminists are forced to either blame the women for asking for it or calling for Muslims to be deported. It’s great.

    1. women don’t rebel or resist….they go along with whatever they’re told.
      so there’ll never be a schism within liberal circles, even with mass muslim rape, because women are natural cowards and wouldn’t dare question what feminists force on them.
      they lack any form of courage, independent thought, or persistence to speak out against the feminist bullshit that’s destroying them. They’ll go along with the mass rape until their own men take charge and tell them whats right again.

  33. These women are the same ones that are willing to let an Arab sheikh shit on her for a pair of red-bottom shoes and a shiny purse, just to post a selfie with the caption “enjoying my trip in Dubai!”

    1. I can’t wait until the first report of a 6’5” blonde haired Teuton wrapping his hands around lil Achmood’s shit colored throat and squeezing the life out of the subhuman.
      But the best story will be of all of the Muslim children who’ll die when the white man bars hem from civilized countries.

      1. Everybody knows this is not going to happen. White men are cucks by nature. The few whites that DO want to fight will be ridiculed by their own people.

  34. women are too stupid to understand the danger they’re in. they have to be on the pavement getting raped before it even crosses their minds.
    don’t help them. the men should let them suffer until they come to their senses, because they’re the ones voting for this left wing shit

  35. White men are cowards by nature. They will only come in action when things go very bad. When it’s a matter of life and death. But then it’s already too late. Just look at the history and you will see that ‘white’ civilizations emerge from nothing, grow fast, prosper, but also relatively easy fall, because their misplaced feeling of superiority makes them blind for potential threats.
    There are cultures in the world that are more than 3000 years old and they are all non-white. The West as we know it is degrading at a very high rate. The new culture for white men will probably be heavily influenced by Islamic culture. Just like Christianity became the new culture for the cowardly European tribes, Islamic culture will be your new frame and white women will be the sexslaves of Arabs.

    1. When the k selected (whites) go to war, the r-selected races die by the millions. History shows this. Don’t raise the ire of the k-selected peoples lest your populations be laid waste.

      1. That they are fake or that MRAs say it’s fake?
        Dean Esmay and JohnTheOther. If they are not luminaries then I apologize

        1. JTO broke away over a year ago and formed his own MGTOW cabal, now he hates MRAs even worse than male feminists. As for Dean Esmay, he too broke away from AVFM (although the parting was more amicable), I don’t know whether he still calls himself an MRA. In either case, how about links to their opinions over this “fake rape hysteria”. The only relevant thing on AVFM site is an auto-generated sidebar link to a New Republic article written by a woman I’ve never heard of.

        2. It seems to me more like a bitchfight between Esmay and Forney, in a classic case of “she said/she said”. Can’t find Esmay’s original tweet on the matter. As for John “MGTOW Guru” Hembling, he doesn’t know jack about anything. I swear, half the reason I’m in the manosphere is for the hair-pulling hysterics. (The other half is to bag out feminists).

        3. Thx. It seem to me Esmay was just calling for evidence and due process, rather than lynchmobbing these (Muslim) men out of hand. Color me stupid, but I’m pretty sure many RoK readers can sympathize with men being “guilty until proven innocent”. At any rate, this bloody-minded partisanship and pointless bitchfighting is one reason I call myself neither an MRA nor a PUA/neomasculine. (And don’t even go there with the faggoty “egalitarian”). The fucking feminazis must love it though.

        4. Incorrect. He was perversely applying innocent until proven guilty.
          Of course we would need evidence to prosecute a certain person.
          But Esmay was denying a crime took place

  36. It’s all pretty shocking. But I’m just a bit skeptical of a single eye-witness report in The Guardian, aka Britain’s preeminent left-wing pro-SJW shit-rag. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re insinuating that 3 EWM (Evil White Men) coordinated the whole thing, to inflame racial tensions and all.

  37. was actual rape going down in German on NYE? i.e., male penis going in unwilling female vagina? Or was it “sexual assault” like just groping and fondling ,etc? Anyone have feedback on this?

    1. there were rapes reported. probably the majority was fondling and whatnot.
      I’m sure eventually they’ll start slinging jizz like monkeys

  38. The whole idea of letting these bimbos into europe was the fact, the germany/france/austria/finland and many others all have the same problem. Too few babies from the white population.
    This will destroy socialist goverments and there is nothing they can do about it.
    Wait. Just a second. Nothing? Really?
    Well there is one thing. But you males might not like it. But who cares. We will do it anyways. Girrrl power and all that.
    So lets import young brownish men from countries where women have healthy rates of babies. These guys are also real men, not afraid to take what they want. Even better, as we are fed up with these whimpy beta hordes we created anyways. If the new men kill a few of these schlumbs, that would be awesome. We like to have sex with violent men who can kill. We really dig that.
    It is sad but i have to say this is by no means sarcastic. This is, word by word the truth. Thats how females work. If you are a weakly manboob who wants to walk a mile in women shoes…go for it. But dont expect them females to reward you with sex. They would rather see you dead than have you taint their eggs. And rightly so.
    So what can be done? Accept women for what they are. Stop believing in socialism and feminism and grow some balls to do what is right. It is not too late. yet.

  39. This was the real return of kings. Fapping enviously? having yet to put a hand on female buttocks US losers lol

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