Girl Plagiarizes Fifty Shades Of Grey To Falsely Accuse Her Father Of Rape

“His daughter had given a compelling interview to the police and my client had absolutely no real defence other than ‘I did not do it.’”

— The barrister, Cathy McCulloch, of a man falsely accused by his daughter of incestuous rape

Even as feminists claim that “rape survivors” are not believed enough by society, a British court has nearly convicted a man of incestuous rape, based solely on the testimony of his daughter. What saved him? His lawyer’s knowledge that the daughter’s story had essentially copied passages, if not the overarching plot of Fifty Shades of Grey.

After the man revealed to Cathy McCulloch that his daughter’s favorite book was Fifty Shades of Grey, the barrister noticed the almost identical use of words, phrases, and passages from E. L. James’ infamous novel. Armed with this discovery, it took only seven minutes for the girl’s fabricated story to be demolished in court. Following this, I am yet to read or hear about any criminal charges or punishments to be meted out against the fabulist of a daughter. Undoubtedly, given the farcical “women are almost always victims” mentality of the British legal system, this vindictive false accuser will spared any sanctioning whatsoever, in addition to the lifetime of official anonymity she will be guaranteed.

The man’s account is yet another chilling reminder that often the only thing saving innocent men from significant jail time and a life of undeserved social and even physical abuse is pure luck. Moreover, his plight should help us remember how the bar for sexual assault and rape convictions has been set so woefully low in the modern world. Rather than being dependent on the testing of proper, objective evidence, a man’s fate is usually left to he-said-she-said calculations that automatically favor any emotional woman crying rape.

Look at the pathetic excuse she gave for her spectacular crime

“I hate you, dad, you’re a loser, and I’m going to falsely accuse you of raping me!”

In a nutshell, she was angry with her father, found him strict, and wanted to teach him a lesson. If we take this as a basis for making false allegations, pretty much every prepubescent child and teenager, male or female, should be accusing their parents of sexual abuse or rape. As a teenager, in instances both justifiable and unjustifiable, I found my parents overbearing, restrictive, and unfair. Perhaps we could all get revenge on our parents, most notably our fathers, by inventing such trash?

As a society we have become so indulgent towards children, whether of the real or the adult but emotional kind, that people can not only make these claims, but essentially get away with making them when they are proven to be false. For example (and this is just one of dozens of similarly covered hoaxes in Britain alone), badly aging hag and thankfully bit-part Game of Thrones actress Souad Faress got away with a false rape accusation after video evidence conclusively demonstrated she made up the encounter. The Crown Prosecution Service in Britain not only went along with her madness and prosecuted innocent man Mark Pearson, it also refused to go after her when the fantasy was exposed in court for what it was.

The current system rewards good or eloquent actresses, not the presentation of evidence

Men falsely accused of rape face false accusers who have time to craft their fabulist stories and a legal system that has watered down the burden of proof and arguably reversed it.

I use the term “actors” here loosely. This does not mean that anyone alleging a crime, or defending against one, should not be able to testify. The basic aim of fair systems of criminal law, particularly once proceedings reach a courtroom, is to test whether someone is guilty or not and the respective claims of those taking either side. But this is not where determinations are supposed to end.

The whole point of the mandated “beyond reasonable doubt” standard in criminal trials is to put the onus on the state and its witnesses to prove a crime occurred. For crimes outside of rape (e.g. murder, armed robbery, serious fraud, or significant acts of vandalism), this does require objective evidence, whether CCTV footage, multiple witness statements observing the exact same event, recorded injuries, or something similar. Unforgivably, rape and sexual assault trials are treated as judicial anomalies that do not demand this form of conclusive corroboration.

The British man falsely accused by his malicious, evil daughter consequently faced an uphill battle from the start. His daughter’s tears and emotions obviously swayed the investigating officers, who lacked solid evidence anyway, and almost certainly made a very significant impression on the court (before her claims were blown out of the water). A man falsely accused of rape or sexual assault is indeed in the worst of positions legally-speaking. Even when “exonerated,” he is exposed to a lifetime of public hate and still regarded as guilty.

The stress that comes with realizing his situation and the very good likelihood of being falsely convicted is naturally going to make the average man far less effective and assertive in defending and saving himself either in a police interview or on the stand in court. Added to this is the time accusers have to prepare themselves for accusations–the male accused, by contrast, is usually blindsided and surprised. Considering the propensity of many in law enforcement to believe accusers and charge suspects with almost zero evidence, a large number of men are going to half-sense that their “guilt,” however innocent they really are, is sealed.

Plus, the British daughter falsely accusing her daughter was not even the best actress. What happens if she had actually bothered to change certain words or phrases to make her accusations less like the passages and plot of Fifty Shades of Grey? This brings me onto my final point:

Even his lawyer thought his case was hopeless

The state of various Western legal systems is so parlous nowadays that even the British man’s lawyer originally thought his position was unsalvageable. As the quote above shows, barrister Cathy McCulloch regarded the girl’s police interview as “compelling” and the father had no recourse other than to say “I did not do it.” Like McCulloch, others employed in the profession of criminal defence are more than aware that the de facto legal standard for those accused of rape and sexual assault is that they have to prove they are not guilty, rather than the state having to prove they are guilty.

Only McCulloch’s delving into E. L. James’ novel spared the father from a horrendous existence rotting in a prison cell. This amounts to a game of chance that no legitimate, let alone robust legal system can afford to countenance. It is time for rape and sexual assault trials to be treated in the same time-honored fashion as every other crime.

A lawyer should not have to read Fifty Shades of Grey to save their client from a false rape accusation.

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354 thoughts on “Girl Plagiarizes Fifty Shades Of Grey To Falsely Accuse Her Father Of Rape”

  1. “His daughter had given a compelling interview to the police and my client had absolutely no real defence other than ‘I did not do it.’
    When a woman’s word is all that is needed to convict; you have become a second class citizen.

        1. I actually remember quite a few of those. Ha – yes, he would certainly bone her, but which bone would he use?

        2. Maybe something connected to the hip bone?
          Of course, the finger bone is connected to the hand bone, I have that on good authority:

        3. Hey, nothing gay about 80’s cartoons. I mean, think about Fisto. Now that was a cool cat.

    1. We have the principle of “beyond reasonable doubt” for a reason – to protect the innocent against false or misguided accusation. Rape is damnably difficult to prove, because you basically have to witness the whole interaction to provide meaningful testimony and evidence decays very quickly.
      But rape is an emotionally loaded charge, and most people view it as equal to or greater than murder. All too many would rather throw out the legal precedents designed to protect them than allow one actual rapist to go free.
      And here is the great conundrum. If the law does not protect against false or misguided accusations, then the innocent will suffer (and in greater numbers, as women realize they can accuse with impunity). But if the law cannot effectively penalize real rapists, then there is a very real risk of letting serial rapists loose.
      I think the best we can do is to give false accusers the same punishment they would visit on the accused. If getting caught lying about rape means years in prison and a lifetime sex-criminal registration, perhaps that will be enough to slow the deliberate attacks on the innocent. (Also, if the court rules not guilty, it should officially declare to the world that the accused is not a rapist, so he can get on with his life).

      1. Oh, and drop the ridiculous extensions of rape. If you get yourself drunk or high, it’s your own fault and you are still responsible for your actions.

        1. Our society is more interested in abandoning responsibility that increasing it.

        2. When there is no reward for shouldering responsibility, you’ll get less men coming forward. It is what society desperately needs, but why do a thankless task and take on more obligations when the only outcome is more work and personal risk.

        3. Fuck this society. I look after me and mine. Possibly my “tribe.” Everyone else is on their own.

      2. But rape is an emotionally loaded charge, and most people view it as equal to or greater than murder.
        Indeed, to those SJW feminazis a beta or otherwise unwanted dick inside their vagina is more painful than a knife in their stomach. I once told that in a chatroom and all girls there were so offended, called me a rape advocate and blocked me.

        1. Anything that removes 100 percent control of a female’s hypergamy from her is offensive according to them. But considering the fact that many women have rape fantasies, orgasm during rape and so casually treat rape as a joke by making up false accusations at the drop of a dime and rarely report real rapes, I don’t think they find it as bad as they say.
          I still say the worse thing in a woman’s mind that can happen to her is either public humiliation and/or prematurely losing her looks. Look how this 13 year old girl threw herself off a highway overpass simply because her head was shaved and a video of it put on the internet.

          You rarely see women do this because of rape, unless it becomes public. See public humiliation.

        2. Holy shit…
          Orgasm during rape has not necessarily something to do with the victim sincerely enjoying it, though. It is how the body reacts and that’s not limited to females.

        3. Yeah but when you take all other factors into account like it being a top female fantasy and the fact that several women have stated that they never have been able to have an orgasm during sex with their most likely beta boyfriend and then have an intense orgasm from a rapist and the fact that it’s very underreported there may be something to it.
          What controls our sex drive isn’t the conscious mind, but the primitive mind. I don’t think a woman wants to be raped in her conscious mind anymore than I think a woman wants to be with a man who kicks her ass and orders her around like a slave.
          I think in her higher brain, she does want a nice guy who goes out of his way to please her and always ask for permission before any physical contact and is sensitive and caring.
          Problem is, her primitive mind which controls what makes her moist doesn’t want any of those things. That’s why a woman can stay in an abusive relationship and when you ask her why, she gives you a blank stare and can’t explain it other than to say she’s in love. But women crave to be submissive the most. And in abusive relationships and rape, women get to be most submissive to a dominant man and I think that’s the root of it.

        4. Somebody else here pointed out there is a difference between rape fantasies and actual rape, namely that one is something where she gives herself to someone, whereas with real rape, something is forcibly taken from her.
          Just think of the fact that real rapists are likely not some Alpha males typically, but some rather weakly unattractive guys who otherwise wouldn’t get any pussy. To be raped by such a man is probably not a great thing for her.
          Surely that ‘primitive’ part of hers may react with arousal, but I would be careful with interpretations like ‘it is what she really wants’. For that, you would need to establish what ‘really wanting something’ actually means. The orgasming may simply be the body’s way of dealing with the pain by making it ‘more enjoyable’. Who knows. I do think that many who have rape fantasies have experienced some form of sexual abuse and that is their way of dealing with it; friend of mine said he talked to a few BDSM people, one of whom was a girl who said that after living out the fantasy, she was able to leave behind an actual rape that happened to her.
          You may argue, though, that the fact that rape is so difficult to handle for people is because the social conditioning just does not allow the emotions needed to deal with it. In other words, shame and guilt that it happened may prevent people from healing and indeed make them hold on to the pain instead of brushing it off much more quickly, as it can also be observed in the animal kingdom, where animals shake off trauma through spasmic movements.
          Now, here’s another thing to consider. When we get abused, for instance as children, we tend to reenact these things. Why? Eckhart Tolle calls this the pain-body, where unresolved pain seeks to repeat itself in one form or another.
          Take a pussified emasculated male. He actually is under the impression of enjoying the degradation by a woman and serving her. But does he ‘really’ enjoy it? Or is the enjoyment an illusion created by his mind, perhaps as a defense mechanism against how much it really hurts? Because you can argue that the primitive mind of a man also reacts to being subjugated to somebody else, which typically happens with a single mother. Does that mean that it is something the man enjoys? Or simply something he endures?

        5. RF’s are Tarzan swinging off into the jungle with you, and you halfheartedly vocally resisting his unyielding advances, which result in 3 hours of the best secks ever, with his 11 inch penis dominating you.
          RF’s aren’t getting smacked in the head with a bottle, or chloroformed, and waking up in an alley with some unattractive looking man plugging your butthole.

        6. “ust think of the fact that real rapists are likely not some Alpha males typically, but some rather weakly unattractive guys who otherwise wouldn’t get any pussy.”
          It depends on what you define as alpha in this context. A beta male nerd is unlikely to be the type to rape. The violent felon type who is “alpha” is more likely to rape a woman than Dan in accounting. On the other hand, the violent felon probably gets more pussy anyway. I don’t think many rapes are committed by the overweight “Dan in Accounting” types who have trouble with women.
          Typically, they are more likely to be committed by the same sort who are physically abusive towards women and likely commit other violent crimes as well. Let’s be honest, who is your most likely rapist:
          A tatooed hispanic gang member fresh out of prison for carjacking and pistol whipping the owner and has a history of DV with his 3 baby mammas or the polite, shy guy who works in corporate America?

        7. Well, I was once in prison (excursion) and from what they told us, most rapists are rather of the type who have problems actually getting any action, which is why they do it. The guy who led us said that it is a misconception that felons are strong; rather typically, they are weak, which is why they commit those felonies.
          Anyhow, I have not researched it myself, but I think we would both be surprised by the findings.

        8. I just don’t see it in real life. The type I’ve seen who do it usually are the type who do other violent crimes as well. And then you have to divide it by race as well. Those beta type who generally can’t get a woman are usually also the nonviolent type as well. Now they may be more represented among child molesters, child being a pre pubescent child. That I can see.
          I mean, going back to ancient times, what do you think motivated Islamic armies to conquer the Middle East and North Africa? It was the promise of young women to capture as concubines. In the sense we would consider rape today. Those guys didn’t have to come to to learn game. They simply beheaded the woman’s husband and took her by force and threatened to behead her if she didn’t comply. That was all the game they needed. I don’t think any of those guys would be considered the modern day equivalents of nerds who can’t get any. I don’t see Steve Urkel having it in him to rape anyone.

        9. Honestly, I don’t feel bad when some whoreish woman is raped. And lets be honest, most women are that today. It’s different if its a respectable,chaste woman. These are the same women who’ll cheat on a hardworking husband with some loser because he’s cute and still think they’re entitled to alimony and the house that the husband still has to pay for.
          Or the type that think it’s perfectly ok to manipulate a man she has no interest in out of large sums of money. Or the type who’ll sell herself to the highest bidder. See sugar babies.
          And these are the women who have some “honor” to violate? Rape of these women is more like petty theft.

        10. I just think it’s cut and dry the way it is. I mean, it offends our sensibilities to think that women have rape fantasies. But that’s what they are. Not rough consensual sex fantasies.

        11. I am not opposed to accepting it. Frankly, I don’t have much emotional stake in it. I just don’t want to accept something just because you say it and because it sounds … I don’t know … super dark red-pilly, if you get what I mean.
          So when you say you think it’s cut and dry the way it is, where do you take this conviction from? Because I don’t have it. Maybe it’s a gut instinct telling you that; I wouldn’t disrespect that, although I would not accept it as evidence for myself.

        12. Yes. A much simpler way of dealing with this is to get rid of the “consent” fiction. Women are retarded, they will say anything and then change their minds.
          Simpler to relegate all sexual behavior via contractual agreement. You would have two such contracts, one between a husband and wife, and one between a man and a mistriss that would be far lighter. That is more easily entered into and exited.
          Anything outside of such agreements would be punished by beatings.

        13. Bill Clinton was hardly weak and its been confirmed that in at least one case, he outright raped a woman while governor of Arkansas

        14. Man, how long have you been on this site? A fellow commentor drops hard facts about the female psyche on you and you proceed to jump through numerous mental gymnastics as you argue against what is a known hard fact about women and rape.
          You are THE DEFINITION of purple my brother.
          There comes a point in every man’s life where he has to stare the cold hard facts about society and women in the face and embrace it as truth. Alot of those truths are disgusting, counterintuitive, and hurtful, but true nontheless.

        15. Maybe I am “purple”, whatever that means. I don’t give a fuck. I’m sceptical, that’s all. Too often in my life have I too easily believed in something, in the wish to be accepted and respected. Too often have I ended up finding out that the adopted belief was too simplistic.

      3. Women will pull the ‘If I can be charged, now I’ll be too scared to come forward. You’re a rape-advocate!” emotional appeal card.

        1. “If I can be charged, now I’ll be too scared to come forward. You’re a rape-advocate!”
          You can’t be charged if you haven’t committed a crime.
          If you aren’t falsely accusing someone, you have nothing to fear by reporting.
          If you are falsely accusing someone, you should be scared to come forward because you should be in prison.

        2. Although that’s part of the appeal, I wouldn’t necessarily characterize it as a reversal.
          When this refrain is typically seen, there is a direct infringement on some right you have – why are you so against searches without a warrant, if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear?
          But in my scenario, you have no right to falsely accuse someone of a crime, and you never have had such a right. So the refrain sounds familiar, but it is actually very different because it is logically sound.

        3. Emotionally operating individuals will purposefully associate false reports with any accusation that doesn’t end with the accused being convicted to sway their point. “Rape is the most uncharged crime in America (false). You mean I’ll go to jail if I can’t prove him guilty?”
          Obviously we know the difference between an unproven accusation, and one that’s been proven false. The layman is the problem, as always.

        4. All true, but it’s great because that’s what I always hear about expanding rape laws. I love how this reverses the same argument against them.
          Being logically sound is just icing on the cake.

        5. Yes, but the answer to the layman is simple – proving a lie is one of the hardest things to do in our judicial system. You will only go to jail if it is proven that you are lying.

        6. But the people rallying against it will purposefully misframe it as: He gets convicted or I, the woman, get convicted.
          And preventing such a ‘travesty’ will appeal to the betas, white knights, and politicians. And the wymyn who don’t want responsibility.

        7. Sure, but you’ve got to maintain frame. In no other instance in criminal law is that the case. If you accuse someone of robbery, assault, attempted murder, etc.. it is never the case that if the accused is not convicted, you will be convicted instead. Don’t let morons dictate the rules of the debate.

        8. Even if we did pursue most false rape accusations, most wouldn’t result in the women being convicted. She would have the same burden of proof the man is supposed to get. If it worked properly, this is what would happen.
          Women accuses man of rape. There is absolutely no evidence other than her word. Man is acquited because he is not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
          Man decides to take her to court for the false accusation and gets the proscecuting attorney to agree. There is no evidence of a rape and it is still just he said she said, but now it’s on the court to prove she is lying beyond any reasonable doubt. Sounds impossible to prove.
          Are there any criminal lawyers on here that can shed any light as to if this has something to do with why women are never charged with making a false accusation? Wouldn’t have to prove it didn’t happen for sure, in order to prove the accusation was false, thus getting a conviction?

        9. Your argument is nonsensical because the evidence of her falsly accusing him is the previous case. If she accused him of rape, and it comes out in court that she is lying, she should be charged with purgery.
          You don’t charge her with false rape, you charge her with lying in court, and maybe Defamation of character.

        10. There is a stark difference between “innocent because of a lack of proof” and “the fact did not happen”. Only the latter should be (automatically) prosecuted.

        11. Heh, you are arguing from a position of logic when your opponents are women and manginas.

        1. It was in the Common Law at the time of the US founding. Sargon of Akkad did a video in which he described the rules of Hue and Cry (basically, if you see something say something, and if you are caught lying about it you get the same penalty).

        1. I’m a gadfly of sorts. I don’t expect anyone to take my ideas to heart, but I like to hope that I plant a seed.
          Honestly, this whole comment is based in large part on conversations I’ve had with girls who have been raped, for real. You know, the “cry myself to sleep, never talk about it, filed a report” girls. This is the line of thinking that gets them introspective, wondering how much truth there could be in all this.
          So, who knows? Maybe in a couple of generations this will come around again.

      4. Good point, very much agreed.
        Isn’t it peculiar though how charged rape is in our society emotionally? I don’t think it’s normal. Maybe there are still some genetic memories of sexually violent pasts in our blood?

        1. For women, sex is essentially exposing yourself at a deep level (physically and mentally). When she consents to sex, she is basically allowing you to penetrate to her core. This is why they get the thousand-cock stare after a few years on the carousel – they no longer feel the impact of that decision.
          Rape is not giving, but taking. When they have rape fantasies, they give up their core and allow it to be taken, but when they are otherwise raped all that happened is the taking. This distinction seems without a difference on the surface, but it has deep psychological meaning.

        2. Interesting. May be something to it. Then again, raping a man is no less painful to him. The question in my head is really why this triggers people so much. Without a pain of their own that gets triggered and projected onto the situation, there should be no emotional reaction. So where does it come from?
          The distinction between real rape and rape fantasies is pretty obvious to me, but it can’t hurt pointing out.

        3. There’s no way to gauge pain between peoples, unfortunately. As far as I can tell, getting kicked in the balls is all of childbirth in one quick dose, but how can I know?
          I think the answer is fear. If you know somewhere inside how precious your eggs are, you are able to empathize enough to fear how it would affect you. Men, not bearing eggs but bearing a loyal nature, fear both the pain that could be inflicted on their loved ones and the darkness in every man that could lead to such a sin against your fellow man.
          It’s a largely solipsistic argument, I suppose, but perhaps there is truth in here.

        4. Hm.
          Just wondering. When you see a man get kicked in the nuts, do you literally feel the pain? I think that for me, I do kinda flinch maybe and say ‘Ow’, but it is more of a conditioned response I have seen many do before me. I don’t really feel any pain.

        5. No idea. It seems to fit, though – we mirror other people in early development so that we can develop their skills. No reason that trait would completely shut off as we get older.
          If it’s not true, then it’s a fancy word to describe empathy and the mind-body emotional connection. When we smile, we feel happier, and when we see someone else smile we almost feel their happiness. When we take on the same physical aspects as another, we take on some of their emotional state as well.
          So, maybe there’s an empathetic process by which I tense similar muscles to those tensed when kicked in the balls. Mirror neurons or no, the idea makes sense.

        6. Stop with your victorian romance bs. All sex is taking. A woman wants you to take her. Thats what loosers who are terrible with women can’t get through their heads.
          Whether she feels compelled to “just get caught up in the moment” or you physically keep escalating till the deed is done, no woman wants to be in the position of willfully deciding to have sex with you. The want to be compelled or made to.
          If she is in a man’s presence and he has made it clear he wants her sexually, and she does not rebuke his advanves directly and unequivocally, she is more than willing.
          If she has made it clear she is not interested and even gone out of the way to not facilitate his advances; now we have a actual rape situation.

        7. Reminds me of a funny movie:

          In response, I merely seek to explain the psychology that leads to the emotional reactions to rape. Women want to be in a position to give access to their pussies, though as you say it is not so clear or logical as my wording would suggest. Her reproductive system is a precious thing – we are programmed to think in this way so that reproduction and society can continue.
          I do not encourage pedestalization, at least not intentionally. And I do not want to take away from your excellent analysis of the external traits of sexual escalation. But I think the pedestal is a perversion of a natural state, and it is this natural state that I think is the root of the fear and emotional impacts of rape.

        8. Because the original question of mine here was why sexuality is such a delicate matter in our society. A woman being raped being in pain is no adequate reasoning for this, as it is equally painful for a man.

        9. Raping a man essentially demasculinizes him in a way. That’s why in prisons it was said that a real man would never allow himself to be raped. And that any man who was on some level was a homosexual who wanted it but just needed help coming out of the closet.

        10. They did a interview in the 70s with 10 ex cons. 5 had been known to be prison rapists and 5 were victims of it. All claimed to be heterosexuals before prison. But upon release only the rapists still claimed a heterosexual identity and claimed to be having sex exclusively with girls. The victims on the other hand now claimed homosexual identities and said they had come about in prison. One was even working as a gay prostitute.
          The rapists actively sought out relations with men behind bars while the victims were forced into it. Normally the victims were slapped, punched or beaten up until they agreed to do what was demanded of them. After that they were basically treated and talked to as if they were women and I guess they found it easier to get comfortable in their feminine role rather than resist. This probably led to them embracing a homosexual identity

        11. Which would rather support the notion that homosexuality is a traumatic form of sexuality in many men. People who get abused tend to seek to relive the abusive event. Like abused children are more likely to become child abusers themselves etc.

        12. Some might be born that way, then again, others can become that way by things like homosexual abuse.

      5. Here is Donald Trump talking about how Mike Tyson was railroaded in his rape case. Go to 5:39

      6. Historically, a woman was expected to cry for help during a rape because it was assumed that others would be around to hear her. That was because it was expected that a woman not be alone with a man who wasn’t her husband or family member

        1. That is an interesting and valid point. If you want witnesses to an actual rape, you pretty much have to have them around when it’s happening.

      7. Agreed. Although I would also change the penalty of rape to whipping for the first and second offense, then hanging for the third. No point in putting up with it.

      8. “Rape is damnably difficult to prove”
        It is simple if you don’t consider the “consent” of the woman, but rather the question of to whom the woman belongs. This woman’s father/husband/guardian did not consent to her having sex with that person, therefore, any sex that happened was rape (excepting an arrangement for a shot gun wedding).

      9. But! But! She was telling the truth! The court got it wrong cuz patriarchy!!! You can’t punish her, she’s traumatized enough!

  2. The process is the punishment. The damage to his private relations, reputation and lost time will not be recovered.

  3. There are days when an Islamic takeover of the west doesn’t look that bad.
    This is one of those days.

    1. Also perhaps men like this girl’s father should convert to islam and then have his daughter be forced to go through sharia law for her crime.
      Seems like a viable option for a place like Britainistan.

  4. We are going to see a major boom in false rapes. Feminists lie about the “rape culture” in America, but we will soon see a REAL “False rape culture”, where women will lie shamelessly about a drunken hook-up they regret, or any other bullshit reason for their slutiness.
    I don’t advocate hitting women, but these bitches who lie and falsely claim rape with no proof, should be beaten, along with the lawyers, the white nights, and the judges.

  5. Someone needs to out her identity like they did with that Game of Thrones actress who falsely cried rape.

        1. He will cut her out of his will, but after he dies she will sue the estate and probably win.

        2. that’s an interesting one. It might depend on whether the falsity of the rape is considered proven. Since it appears to be an open and shut case of fabulism he would surely be considered well within his rights to disinherit her. Although that’s not reckoning with the bias of the court system

        3. unless she’s clearly completely psychotic that would be hard to forgive I imagine

        1. It’s funny, but I really like how you actually spell that correctly.

        2. Year 9 English class and not a student knew what it meant. I was shocked to find that jail is an imported Americanism.

    1. Given the Fifty Shades of Grey role-play turned out to be pure fantasy I’d say it was more a case of what punishment didn’t she receive (from daddy)

      1. Massive daddy issues present. Would band and dump ASAP.
        Maybe she had wierd fantasies about old men or her dad!?

    2. I would like to see a National Register of False Rape Accusors.
      You’re on a date with a girl. She excuses herself to use the restroom and you check the register. She’s on there and you disappear before she comes back.

      1. Ohhhhhhhhh I like that one. Girls would be a lot more skeptical to meet up as a result.

        1. What’s sad about this is if on a future date, a guy would have his way with her and no one would believe her from her past history. No one really wins except guys that avoid her like the plague.

  6. Gotta say u train the most shameless pieces of shit on earth….. Seriously her own father who raised her up! Seriously catch this bitch and make her life a living hell.
    OH NO as it looks the “men of west” left their balls at home. If my sis threw this crap on dad I would throw her out of the house and get her jailed

    1. The anger I get. I was falsely accused years ago, and I’ll probably never fully recover from the impact of that (though the records are sealed, thank God).
      EDIT: Prior comment was a bit too much for this forum. Edit was very nice, my friend.
      Remember that we’re always under suspicion. It is best that we keep our commentary as calm and rational as possible, while getting our thoughts and emotions out as best we can.

      1. Toned it down…… Don’t worry feminists won’t witch-hunt Hindus I mean remember “divalchity”

      2. I know a guy who did 3 years on a false charge. Years later even the prosecutor admitted through channels he didn’t believe her either.

  7. She shouldve pilfered a more believable plotline, like that of the movie “Precious”.

  8. Well, since spanking and light beating is forbidden, he could put her into a hijab…The dress is accepted by leftists and a man will have his judicial protection and a perfectly legal punishment tool.

      1. Not necessary. The father just happened to fall in her dream – perhaps pure coincidence.

        1. I’ve seen dozens of tweets from girls complaining that Trump is featuring in their sex dreams. It’s significant enough that you can find articles everywhere from The Daily Beast to HuffPo.
          I find that hilarious. They see a dominant man on TV and fantasize about him, but their conscious minds cannot find a good way to rationalize it.

        2. You can’t make this stuff up. I will be laughing the rest of the week about this.
          Seriously is there anything that we talk about in the sphere that is not true.

  9. Great first their children, then their spouses, then parents and all of this for what? Some attention?
    (other creative answers can also be left in replies)

  10. OT: Julian Assanges lawyer has been found dead. Apparently he jumped in front of a train.
    How convenient.

    1. Funny how that keeps happening to people with certain types of knowledge and or intent.

      ..just like un guy catching a barbell on his throat. ..perfectly normal. Happens all the time.

      1. Or the guy who published a negative book about clinton last month. Suicide. Gun shot to the back of the head on top of a mountain.

        1. Was he one of the 3 best selling authors?
          Forna while 3 of 4 of the best sellers were about clinton bs.

      1. And how do you know he didn’t? How can you raise anyone like a man when the entire system is against you and hates men?

      2. No thanks. I don’t think parenting is for me and it’s not something you can try and stop if you don’t like it.

        1. You could daye a chick with kids for a while. So you can see how insane it is.

          Then you will enjoy single live much better.

        2. I did, the kids were good kids, but every little thing that went wrong with the relationship she blamed on me not wanting kids. Also at least 20 minutes of every date were dedicated to bitching about her ex-hubbie.

        3. Oh, it’s not that bad really. In fact, I’m rather proud of my children and the experience I gained as a human being in raising them. While we had our ups and downs like any family, the net result is certainly positive.

        4. I look forward to it. Should have one out of the oven by the end of next year.

        5. Best of luck.
          If I had only ONE tip limited to three or less words to give to an aspiring father it would be this.
          Be consistent.

        6. My friends with kids say that are happy, but they don’t seem that way. They say they are, maybe they are telling the truth. But if they are miserable, would they say it? Prob not. They also seem so freakin’ tired ALL THE TIME.
          One guy I know, he and his wife have a boy and a girl. He’s 44 and exhausted. She is pressing him to have another as the existing kids are getting bigger and not so “cuddly” anymore. I told him to get the snip and tell her “my body my choice”.

        7. That goes even beyond parenting, and applies to personality in general. The worst bosses I’ve had were inconsistent, and completely unpredictable.

        8. Little kids take a lot of physical energy on your part, yes, but that slows down as they age. When they get older, they take more psychological intelligence on your part. Is every single day a New Bright Sunshine Golden Paradise? No. Hell no. Not even close. Overall though, if you do it right, it’s a great experience. Sure, I could have not had kids and spent my life traveling the world, and that’s surely a valid choice if somebody wants to make it, but I really have a very deep set urge to ensure that my line continues forward.
          Good advice to your friend. Sounds like his wife wants pets, not kids. I don’t see good things for his future, that kind of woman will start to resent “older” kids pretty quickly.

        9. If it worked out for you great, it just seems like a wager with no upside and limitless downside.
          I’m also not one of those people that enjoys the things most people find rewarding or joyful.

        10. No upside? Are you kidding me?
          Every human interaction has limitless downsides I’m afraid. At least with kids you get to set the boundaries and expectations from the start, which gives you something of an advantage.

        11. Yes, but I don’t have the option of NOT creating the other people that piss me off 🙂

        1. Looks like you lucked out count your blessing and hope you don’t have a daughter caught shoplifting and ducks out with a daddy molested me story. No limits on how far back on that kind of thing. Remember you lucked out nothing special about you in particular.

  11. Due process doesn’t have much longer in terms of protections for guys that are falsely accused.
    What hasn’t been taken away by the Patriot Act has been eroded by rape shield laws and college campuses.
    If we wanna stem the tide in this situation, and return to scenarios where rape accusers need to prove that the rape actually took place using evidence and actual legal requirements, we as a populace need to destroy the college judicial system through lawsuits and guerilla activism.
    Heck, the Duke LaCrosse boys have dedicated their lives to doing this.

  12. This is disgusting these brats should be punished for false crime reports.It is literally rape.She raped his reputation and almost cause him to rot in cell.
    But i cant really feel sorry for the man since he is the one who raised that bitch honestly.

    1. I would not be so quick to judge the father as in today’s age, the influence of the social environment outside the family is in most cases overpowering.

    2. The “if your child does anything wrong at any point in his or her life, that means the parents sucked” thing is *way* overplayed and overused. Sometimes it’s true, sometimes it’s not.

  13. Funny, I was watching the show “The Hunt” this weekend, and there were a bunch of cases of little boys being snatched up and molested and the police didn’t do shit to find the perpetrator. But as soon as some spoiled little bitch turns on the water works, they’re on it like flies on shit. The criminal justice system should remove “justice” and just call itself the criminal system. That’s all it is anyway.

  14. Chairman Mao in China’s Cultural Revolution had children turn their parents in for anything like teaching discipline. Spanking your child here in the US will have your kids taken away from you if the child report it to a teacher. Doctors are required to report anything they see, even for a small bruise.

    1. My adopted daughter had something very common in Asians – a mottled darkened skin along her spine called Mongolian Spots. I had my doctor verify that, photograph it, write a letter explaining what it was, we explained to daycare workers and manager, and we STILL came within a whisker of being accused of child battering by Children’s Protective Services when a substitute worker was in the infant room.
      I doesn’t take much to get CPS on your case. And they’re like bulldogs, at least here. Once they get on the case, they do NOT want to let you off innocent.

    1. I dated a girl once. Had a crazy bitch sister. I told the girlfriend: Never leave me alone with her, this is the kind of girl that makes false rape accusations.
      Her reply: I know, she accused our brother and dad of rape to be emancipated.

      1. Holy crap. Better idea. I pretend to take her out to a “fun-trip” to a beach holiday then I actually go to Saudi-Arabia with her, burn her pass and leave her there.

  15. We need serious punishment for false rape accusations: I would say 3-5 years + (the time the victim had to go to jail)

    1. Not any arbitrary punishment, but a decent estimate of the damaged incurred in the trial, the finantial loses, the potential losses due to being in jail, losing your job and your house, and not be able to get another job due to being in the offender’s list, plus compensation for the socioal stigma and the psychological trauma, which often leads to suicide. How do you recover from that? Leaving the jail is not the end of the story, you know.
      I’ll let you figure out a fair punishment, but I would say it’s more like 20+, if not life sentence.

      1. 20+ is appropriate because a false rape accusation can ruin a man’s life. It makes sense that a woman who fabricates sexual assault should rot away behind bars too.
        False rape accusations upset me as a woman because it discredits girls who are actual victims of such a violent crime.
        The fact that this girl had the nerve to do this to her father epitomizes one reason society has decayed: Fathers are no longer strong Alpha figures. I love and respect my dear father too much to do such a terrible thing to him

  16. But I have some GOOD news here:
    Gina-Lisa-Lohfink, a plastic barbie who had a threesome with to guys, which was also recorded, about 5 years ago accused the men of rape. It is clear from the sextape that she gave full consent, but still. For the last months we had to read tons of new “No means no” bullshit all over the internet etc.
    Today the judgement: She has to pay 20.000€ or she will go to jail for 80 days.

    1. Good news? A man would be years in jail for committing something not even half as bad as that.

  17. Under Babylonian law, a false accuser would pay the same penalty that the accused would, had they been found guilty. We need to return to that.

    1. Ideally, this would cut the number of false accusations. It’s hard to believe that would be the likely outcome, though. My gut says roughly the same number of false accusations would be made, with maybe half of the accusers paying the harsh(er) penalty, and the other half having increased the quality of their lies sufficiently to secure a conviction against their victim.

  18. Nuts. No comment about the fact that our system allows this shit. But let’s face one thing: He must have been kind of a shitty dad if she did that to him.

    1. “He must have been kind of a shitty dad if she did that to him.”
      Lolno. Terrible reasoning. By that same standard, every guy accused of rape must be a shitty guy.

      1. Nah, that’s different.
        Unless she is a total psychopath without any capability to bond whatsoever, I think it is fair to assume that whatever errors she has as a person, are partly rooted in her upbringing.

        1. Blaming the parents is the lamest psychiatric cop-out in the book. Comeon, man.

        2. Again, no, if he was at work 8-10 hours a day and she was subject to what most teenage women are subject too, sometimes things go sideways and in an effort to correct things she took offense and this was her manner of doing so, yo ucant blame the dad. or the upbringing, sometimes the force of corruption is too strong.

        3. I am not blaming anybody. This act was her own doing and it was shitty. I just can’t imagine it coming out of nowhere.
          There is a difference between blaming and analyzing causes. Free will can only take you so far.

        4. This is how disagreement should be dealt with one the boards.
          Just by being on these boards we are thought criminals. We can’t afford to be getting into dick measuring contests!

        1. So you are saying that a loving father who has a good relationship with his daughter will – just because of school indoctrination – get accused of rape by her?

        2. Yes, that is what I am saying, Tom. As an avid ROK reader, that should not surprise you.

        3. I don’t buy that, sorry. Makes no sense whatsoever to me. Nobody sacrifices a good relationship with their family for … nothing. People who are susceptible to ideology and propaganda come from somewhat fucked up households in the first place. Their insecurity makes them susceptible.

        4. She could have been raised correctly and then turned into a bad seed in college. Happens all the time. People have their own will and make their own choices, blaming it on others is a bit silly. You can raise a kid right and he can still one day choose to do something utterly bone headed. You can raise a kid in a trailer park and beating his ass every day, and when he turns into an adult he might be the kindest, nicest person you’d ever want to meet.
          End of the day you make your own decisions in the world and own them.

        5. Why?
          And if so, why is it not happening more often? As far as I know, this is the first incident that has been proven to be a false claim.
          I don’t buy it. You are suggesting that something happens basically out of nowhere, for no reason at all.

        6. My brother’s ex-wife tried to get his daughter (my neice) to falsely accuse him of rape so she (the cunt ex-wife) could screw over my bro. Happens ALL THE TIME.
          And my bro was a FANTASTIC father..who just happened to marry a borderline personality disordered CUNT.
          Believe it.

        7. Nah, the girl is smart, that’s how she got as far as she did against her dad on this. Its not as simple as you think it is. Not to mention the moms influence. I have 2 daughters and a sister that I had to raise. Trust me, the power of the dark side is strong.

        8. Hypergamy. She probably found out that her best friends father had a bigger dick than hers.

        9. People do. I’ve seen it myself. Particularly women. Her only recourse is ‘he was strict.’ Not ‘he beats me.’ Not ‘he locks me up.’
          Being ‘strict’ can be as little as designating limited TV Time growing up. You only get the iPhone from 8-5. Don’t dress like a complete whore.
          Little, stupid things like the above are enough to knock a girl off her rails, with the current influence from society.

        10. Women don’t have to make sense Tom. In fact, they generally don’t, regarding, well, basically anything.

        11. I can imagine that someone who was raised ‘right’ in the sense that he / she learned to bow down and conform to their parents eventually starts protesting and fighting as soon as he/she has the power to do so. I do not see how a kid with a genuinely good relationship with the parents would do such a thing. I mean, maybe they would become alienated or whatever – but accuse her father of rape, that’s extreme. It takes some serious emotional damage to do such a thing. That doesn’t come out of nowhere.

        12. Sense is rooted in rules, and rules are rooted in loyalty. Women aren’t hard to understand, but they can be wildly unpredictable.

        13. No, not at all. These girls are subject to a lot of bs not to mention the opinions of friends who may not have as good of a relationship with their dads or maybe the friends don’t have dad, then add tv and internet and facebook etc. as a father you are just going to have to trust me if you don’t see the logic here. Its pretty fucked up out there. Why haven’t you heard about more instances of this? Because when the rape accusation is false, its no longer a story.

        14. A good upbringing helps innoculate against a kid turning bad as an adult, but it’s not foolproof protection. Things people do out of anger don’t have to “make sense”, they just happen. Especially regarding women.
          What’s the old saying, when a woman loves you can do no wrong, but when she hates you, you can do no right? That nice little princess can turn into a she-tiger on the drop of a dime. It’s built into their nature.

        15. Women will even state that they don’t make sense because they are a woman. They will say things that contradict their past behavior then still continue on the premise that they are a woman and are unpredictable by rule. lol..

        16. It’s the same thing as a “good wife”, who was nice and caring and with whom you’ve had a great relationship, up and walks out of your life and divorce rapes you one day. She did it “Just because” or “I’m unhaaaaaaaaapy” or for any other bullshit reason. It’s what women do, when left alone to go feral across society.

        17. A strict dad is infringing on her feminist taught rights. All it takes is a friend to tell her how she has been wronged her whole life and now its a FACT.

        18. I don’t believe anybody ever acts without a reason. An action of some random woman may not be explicable to you, as you don’t know much about her person. But from the perspective of the individual, there must be something.
          But I guess I haven’t thought of the possibility that a girl may not realize what serious damage she could do with such an act.

        19. Your second paragraph basically encapsulates the situation.

        20. Her reasoning was that he was ‘strict.’ Of course she has ‘some’ kind of reason. The question is: Is it a good reason? Doesn’t look like it.

        21. Hm. Well, considering how unisono you guys seem to be, I suppose I shall open my mind a little to the ‘nonsensical’ argument. Not convinced, but hell, maybe you have a point.

        22. Being the Man and supporting your family while the wife stays home and tends to the house and the kids can be a futile enterprise in this day and age. Women can get triggered so easily and we wont know what the fuck it going on. we gotta be on our game constantly and it goes even further when you have daughters.

        23. The longer relationships you have with a singular woman, the more you will see what we are talking about.

        24. Well, she could not be aware of the real reason. Let’s consider the fact that childhood abuse memories often get repressed and later the emotions get triggered by some minor slight. I could sing a song about it.

        25. One major indicator that this particular girl would, and did in fact, do exactly that is the word “strict” as opposed to abusive.
          This most likely means he was a disciplinarian to some degree in not always letting her have her own way or setting boundaries for her (maybe something as innocuous as limiting her cell phone use, grounding her, or having a curfew), once known as parenting.
          And in truth, people who have the most support, love, and compassion openly and readily given to them are apt to take it all for granted the moment one thing is denied to them. I had friends who complained their dads wouldn’t let them go out drinking (the same as my own) and yet I had other friends who were being routinely beaten, guess which groups complained most often and loudest?

        26. Of course there are cases of that. But that’s a 80s-90s era thought process, and the vast majority of ‘repressed sexual trauma’ has been proven to be complete bullshit. Again, the ‘vast majority.’ Of course there are cases where it was true.

        27. I do not see how it has been proven complete bullshit. Any source on that? I know from personal experience that this shit is real. And let’s not forget all forms of personality disorders like narcissism, which are also rooted in repressed emotions and memories from early childhood.

        28. Our established differences on the concept of parenting and all it entails ensure I couldn’t give an answer that would befit you, in the same vein that you couldn’t tell me why not.

        29. I have to say Tom, of all the people on ROK You pose the most questions that I can actually see you taking in and applying the knowledge fed to you either against or for your original thought on the matter. Its pretty great to watch, and probably why you get so many people running to try and get you on the right track if its a collective feeling that you are off of it on a certain subject.

        30. It’s nice to not live in an echo chamber. Reasonable men should be able to provide discourse amongst each other.

        31. Heh, thanks. I really just try to go with the flow and listen to my gut. To be honest, I am a bit surprised by your perception. In my normal life, my question usually get me called contrarian and annoying etc. People will get into debates with me and when I don’t cave in, they will accuse me of being an aggressive debater over unimportant things – despite the fact that they engaged in it too.

        32. Not so much spoiled as “entitled,” especially in terms of feminist theory.
          Around the early 90s, there was a large uptick around where I grew up of school-age girls reporting “inappropriate” interactions. A few weeks before this increase, we were all sat down for orientation regarding sexual abuse, molestation, and so on. This didn’t mean that there weren’t true accounts, but so many were found false that further scrutiny was needed.
          Turns out it was many-fold:
          Some had done so because they had just now been given the idea, it was something heretofore beyond their capacity to invent independently. I had the same issues with the concept of theft, since I would never take something from someone else, the idea was beyond me until I was educated on it, around age 7.
          Some had come away with the impression, due the earlier “talks,” that making such a claim was expected, like it was an assignment they had to complete.
          Some realized it was a way to get someone else in trouble, especially if you disliked them or they had given you “trouble” before.
          And then for a definite minority (of one girl) it was the only way out of an abusive environment with an uncle.
          It died down over time, but never truly went away and a lot of people’s futures were tarnished by it and a lot of true claims were missed because of the fakes “piling-on”.

        33. You take valid points though, that disqualifies you from being a contrarian. Just because you question a lot of things it doesn’t mean you are contrary, in my experience it looks to be that you are looking for more knowledge and accept it, if you deem it valid.

        34. Indeed she’s insecure. But is she justified in this feeling? We don’t have any legitimate evidence to suggest she is.

        35. I can see you being more unmoving though, in a verbal debate. I can be less absorptive of information in verbal debate, not as much time to think of a rebuttal. I’m seen as a contrarian in my circles too.

        36. You’re not a female. Your logic is on a different level than that of whom you are trying to relate to in this case.

        37. Hm. That may be possible. Although I feel that usually, the opposite may be the case, because I see the debating partner is a real person whom I can empathize with and that the person is a real human being, which makes me more willing to compromise a little.
          But yeah, the information overload could be a factor sometimes. Rather introverted.

        38. Well, I like to play devil’s advocate, simply to explore facets of a topic that I have not yet explored before. So I sometimes end up advocating for a position even if it is not even my own. I am strange in that way.

        39. I think you’ve hit it, some combination of insecurity, overcompensation for her own imperfection, BPD, and the requisite faux narcissism trying to justify away her own shallow, meaningless sense of self by projecting her shortcomings onto her father’s love, rules, and expectations (which naturally have all gotten tangled up in her irrational excuses and are easier to blame than acknowledging that she is wrong).
          It will be a long while (if ever) before she sees that her father was the only one who gave a damn enough to care and place protective measures along her path, and that can’t even happen until she admits that most all of her problems are sourced within her.
          Insecurity may be brought on by many factors including family and environment, but ultimately our ability to deal with the reality (even the unflattering, stinking truths about our own self) is what marks us as insecure or not.

        40. Well, what does ‘justified’ mean? Every feeling is there for a reason. That does not mean that somebody is to ‘blame’. It just means that stuff has causes and consequences. I say that without judgment. Like I would say that when a motor stops running, it likely has a more or less easily identifiable cause.

        41. That’s what I see I suppose. Its needed when we have like minded fellows and some dumbasses. Its constructive to get an alternate point of view without it being Troll shit. It allows us to get out things that is very useful for those who only read and don’t participate.

        42. As I wrote somewhere else in these comments, I think that – excluding concepts of past lives and genetic memories here – whether someone is insecure or not is determined in the first few years of life by the environment.
          Jon Anthony also wrote an article about similar ideas recently. It was called The 8 Whatevers or whatever.

        43. I can tell you from having 2 boys and 2 girls that this is a rule applied to boys. I have a step daughter that I have almost fully turned around from her actual dads missteps and she is past 3. my sons however I raised differently and I definitely have 2 different dudes there. Women latch on to what’s near and what’s constant, and with my daughter being very well put together my step daughter latches on to that confidence she has. Boys are less influenced as they grow older from 3-4 years old.

        44. Hm. Maybe I still have too many ideas about equality in my head that make me generalize these concepts across the sexes? Who knows. What a weird world.

        45. That’s basically what the Salem witch trials that took place during the 1600s were.
          A bunch of girls got caught doing freaky stuff in the woods, and got out of trouble by blaming it on “witches”.
          If you read The Crucible, and look between the lines, that point gets hammered home quite a bit.

        46. That actually explains a lot for me. Women have zero growth pattern and can be corrupted and any turn, whether it be 8 years old or 80 years old.

        47. I would agree that early development is critical and has long-lasting influence on our personalities and later lives.
          But I also believe that we have room and capability to overcome this should we pursue such a proactive and productive course rather than choosing the simplicity of excuse.
          Else wouldn’t we all remain stunted psychologically, emotionally, whatever at that stage for our entire lives?
          And indeed isn’t that precisely what our modern adultchildren share in common, the inability to accept responsibility for their own actions (or lack thereof)? The inability (or complete lack of motivation) to grow up?
          Insecurity is largely a phase in which one lacks confidence and the absence of challenge, to gain such confidence, from external or internal forces. That’s something we have to work through individually.

        48. The world as a whole used to keep women in line and that is all gone now. Its up to us with our own individual females to keep them in line and its pretty difficult as you can see by this “strict” father being accused of rape by his daughter.

        49. I agree more with the former. I think one can raise a child right and things can still go wrong, especially with friends/society/college. But raise a child poorly and it would take a miracle for him to turn out alright. There are very few success stories from broken homes, while the prisons are full of them.

        50. Well, naturally, we have the capacity to overcome it, some more than others.
          But my point is that when the ground work is solid, there is nothing to overcome. Hence: Fix yourself up before you have kids, so that you can love them fully and so that they will have nothing to fix up later on.

        51. Hm. Maybe.
          I guess I just protest against the ‘keeping them in line’ because I apply it to my own life and how I deeply hate people telling me what to do. But maybe it’s different for girls, who knows. I am not sure what to believe, but I tend to think that there is some amount of overlap.

        52. These days, going to prison is so easy that it hardly even makes you ‘a failure’.
          I have the feeling I will go to jail for punching that cop. And I am made to pay thousands of EUR for insulting cops.
          Those are minor things in my eyes. If that is enough to make me a ‘criminal’ and an exile, well, fuck this society, I will gladly be a ‘failure’ then.

        53. It would all come down to wild versus civilized, and living in-the-moment vs. long-term planning, I would think.
          Some things have to be kept in a delicate balance else you have chaos or control in absolute.

        54. None set yet. Our system is slow with these things. It has been 8 months since it happened, but I have not heard much from them.
          Oh, wait. There was this psychiatric evaluation I went to. And then I was supposed to go there a second time. Was not in the mood, though. Heh.
          But that’s no court.

        55. Happens every day Tom. I know a slew of guys who were blind sided by their wives sudden desire to abandon the family to chase mirages.

        56. I suppose there must be something to it.
          Eckhart Tolle wrote in his book that women, during menstruation, share a collective consciousness of a lot of pain or whatever that makes them act out in crazy ways. Maybe that has something to do with it.

        57. Women are convinced we are just like them. The see the material entrapments that come with a man’s success, but their clueless how their obtained. They are fruitlessly striving for a goal that will never be theirs.

        58. They shouldn’t be. To make them strive for something that is no inherent desire of theirs is the most sexist thing that can be done in my eyes.

        59. No one is making them, although the western chicks are told since birth they are entitled and better than males. There are no success stories yet, but thats because of the Patriarchy (ad nausem).

        60. Yep, dad calls her out, probably with just cause, for having sex with her boyfriend.

        61. The only good thing that came out of it was that “spectral evidence” was banned forever under English law… Which carried over to us.
          Imagine if that still existed today…

        62. They are influencng them, yes. No one can make you “do” anything without your compliance. Including cops 😉
          Keep me abreast of your court hearing. Let me know if you are being adequately repressented. If not, let me know.

        63. Well, they can use psychological and physical force to ‘persuade’ you. You may be way more stoic than I am and certainly more than most of these women are.
          Thanks. I’ll keep it in the back of my head. Are you a lawyer or something?

    1. The tree of liberty must be watered from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Looks like we must add the blood of degenerates and sand apes to that list as well.

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  19. By the way, have you guys seen this?

    He basically asks her a perfectly normal question about her body. Notice how she immediately turns it around on him like a nuclear shit test as he hestitates to say in greater detail what he means with her ‘body’. You would think his question is obvious and innocuous, but she makes a big drama out of it and attacks him for it. Fucking incredible and yet so close to daily reality. Why do women think that there is something so holy and special about their sexuality that no one even dare address it?
    As a contrast, imagine that someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger was asked a similar question about his muscular body. Do you think he would react the same way? Do you think he would attack the interviewer or shame him for daring to bring up the subject, as if it was something shameful? I highly doubt it.
    Double standard.
    I don’t know about you, but I see absolutely nothing ‘sexist’ about that video. His only mistake, it seems, was to not maintain frame and hesitate when she confronted him. He did not totally cave in, but the little weakness he showed was enough to get kicked to the curb.

      1. How would a Chinese man in a piece of armor do a bit of difference….oh wait. My bad.

        1. Didn’t say ‘desire’ or ‘would pursue’ or ‘would sacrifice for that ass’
          Wouldn’t go out of my way, but wouldn’t pass it up if it was available and willing.

        2. My lowest on the scale is the Buzzfeed nudist girl. I consider her and young HM on the same range.

    1. Not to question her acting abilities. I did find her to be a decent actress. But, even assuming the interviewer was a misogynist, she still forged her career partly based on her looks

        1. I saw “Parkinson’s Interview” and I assumed there would be more shaking. Now if you want to see some awesome interviewing take a look at Serge Gainsbourg with a young Whitney Houston.

        2. This is what I was thinking when I saw Parkinson’s interview

  20. “And then, Daddy locked me up in the basement, and then he whipped me! And then he took me for a ride in his awesome helicopter! And then he bought me these awesome Gucci bags! But he still raped MMEEEE!!#”
    Or at least that’s what I got from the 20 minutes of 50 Shades of Grey that I saw before I dosed off.

    1. You actually watched? I caught my mother reading a Daniela Steel novel once and asked why she reads soft porn? She refuted it wasn’t porn then I asked her, “isn’t around page 80-90 the sex happens?”
      She stormed out of the room.

      1. Yeah. It is porn. Softcore porn, but porn. They tried to make it like those old school pornos where they tried to have a plot, but where we all know the hunky teacher bangs the hot but innocent coed.
        The only two things worthy of mentioning. One, the Christian Grey character was as alpha as they would make him. Young, dapper, successful, assertive. Of course, the movie went its way to make him a tad possessive, creepy, and a bit of a momma’s boy. But he was still pretty dope.
        The other one was a naked Dakota Johnson. Now, both her character and her real life alter ego are dull as shit. Yet, they got it right in this aspect. In the book, Anastasia Steele is a virgin, and holy crap did Dakota Johnson nailed the part (and got nailed in the process). Her body looks as virginal as hell. Slim, firm, no tats, no tanning, perky tits, the works. Otherwise, yeah, it sucks.

  21. Not surprising, given that this is the country that doesn’t think women should ever be imprisoned.
    But then, the English have a history of being soft on women. Two notable female pirates in the 1700s (back when evil White men were the undisputed masters of the world), Anne Rackham, and Anne Bonnie slipped the hangman’s noose and avoided the gallows by getting knocked up while in prison and “pleading their bellies”. It’s the land of white Knights.

    1. Cultural context. To kill the woman with a baby inside would be seen then (and honestly, today too, and rightly so) as murdering the baby. To be consistent with their Christian culture I can see no other choice but to not kill the mother *while* she was pregnant. Afterward though, to the noose. Not implying that they killed either one of them later, I have no real knowledge of those broads outside of a vague recollection of hearing their names in regard to piracy at one point or the other in my life. Probably didn’t pique my curiosity enough to read more about them, since I don’t really recall any facts about them.

        1. Yeah, we’ve always been weak when it comes to punishing (particularly young attractive) women. It’s wrong, it’s always been wrong, and we’ll probably keep doing it because we want to fuck ’em.

        2. I’ve watched women in the military do almost everything short of murder, and escape punishment. Sometimes multiple times. Why? Because the CO is fantasizing about having sex with them (or in actuality having sex with them), or their female leader sweeps it under the rug.

  22. Surely there is mental illness involved here. I’m trying to think of any way the daughter would benefit from this. Hell, even in the once in a lifetime instance where there is actually a real rape/incest case I would think the girl would not want that revealed. She would be viewed suspiciously by friends and any possible suitors. So why make a public false claim of this? Daddy issues + insanity?

  23. In a decent society, the father would have bent his daughter over his knee, and spanked her for such an accusation.

    1. I would have gotten the belt if I dared speak such horrible lies about my father. #oldfashionedparenting

        1. I agree! Old fashioned parenting produces responsible and successful children. I was very well behaved because I did not want a belt across my ass or smack in the mouth.
          Old fashioned parenting also results in masculine sons and feminine and chaste daughters who take pride in traditional pursuits.

      1. I couldn’t even imagine how exponentially furious my Dad would be had I accused him of such a diabolical act and the harsh and righteous punishment I’d receive!

  24. Due process or innocent till guilty, or probable cause not applicable if you are accused of rape. The establishment thugs will be glad to send you to prison.

  25. Speaking of psycho “rape victims” with daddy issues, I almost swiped right on THIS. Considering Lolknee wouldn’t even dare stick it in, it may necessitate an emergency PSA. Tinder is no longer a safe-space, gentlemen.

      1. If someone from the Manosphere does not troll her Tinder account, then there is no God in heaven.

    1. Holy shit, indeed! This deserves an article. Who will write this?
      Mattress Girl Goes on Tinder Looking for Future Victim.

  26. I don’t give a shit if she is mentally ill. She would be forever dead to me if that were my daughter. This didn’t surprise me. Around here, the policy is to file charges based upon the accusation and let the court sort it out. As you can imagine, a lot of exonerated men have sued and won huge settlements from the state. The public hell they went through still wouldn’t be worth it to me.

  27. If my daughter would have done this to me ?? I wouldn’t want her to call her my daughter & to everyone I would say, I have no daughter ! Wouldn’t never forgive until I died ! To err is human, to forgive is divine.. But NOT in this case !

    1. I’d be the same, but I’d like to think the woman I chose for a mother and myself would do a good job raising our daughter where something despicable like this could not happen. For the vast majority of families it wont, and pity for the few where it does happen.I find with this sort of crime/accusation, the instinct of many is guilty as accused not necessarily as convicted.

  28. A few years ago I saw a Dateline episode which detailed a murder committed by a group of girls who were each in foster care. During the investigation it was revealed that many of the girls had become tired of the strict rules that they faced at home and had envied the freedom and lax rules which their friends in foster care enjoyed. It turns out that it was common for the girls in foster care to instruct their female friends to accuse their fathers of sexual abuse so the girls could be removed from their homes and placed in foster care. That’s what these girls involved in the murder had done.
    Casey Anthony’s defense strategy involved throwing her father under the bus by accusing him of sexually molesting her as a child.
    They say that rape is about power not sex. For women, crying “victim” is their power, even if it is false flag. Women share an intrinsic collective victim mentality. Females enjoy implicit sympathy, support, and solidarity with other chauvinistic women through claiming victimhood. It doesn’t matter if it’s not true. Women face few if any repercussions for making false accusations. Few women have concern for a falsely accused man though. It’s a “heads they win, tails we lose” strategy.

    1. Young girls throwing it all away and rebelling against their parents to be with their boyfriends was a story old as time long before “Romeo and Juliet”. A young girl who was previously kind and compliant can prove to be the most duplicitous and cunning creature on earth when her parents try to thwart her and keep her away from her heart’s desire.

      1. No argument but this is about the instinctual female abuse of our protective hierarchy and of their societal power in victimhood to get what they want without regard to the men they hurt. I truly believe that females see collective victimhood and misandry as their right, and that false claims of victimization, including rape and domestic violence, are much more prevalent than generally accepted.

        1. False claims have never not been popular. “Thou shalt not bear false witness”. Liars may believe they’ve been victimized and use the force of law as a club to try to get redress. Or they lie because they like putting the screws to others and enjoy watching their hapless victims suffer. Rape and domestic violence are underreported. Conversely, false flag claims do seem more prevalent, but is this because sex plus violence makes for awesome clickbait, or because there’s more female liars seeking revenge?

    2. Wow, what a fucked up nasty story. The consequences on the falsely accused father are huge. The wife will turn on him, many other members of his extended family and friends will ostracize him, he cannot provide proof he didn’t do it, unless the daughter screws up and leaves holes in her story, he will go to prison for many years, he will be targeted for violence/rape/shivving in prison for being a child molester, his career will be ruined and he may have great difficulty finding post jail employment. I dont know what sort of justice you could met out to these daughters given their age. False rapes or false domestic violence reports absolutely need to have strong repercussions, say like 2/3 at least of what the guy would have faced.

      1. True. Dateline only touched upon that aspect of the story because the crux was on the murder, and of course it was only men being affected so no one really cares. That resonated with me though because I had been subjected to heinous false accusations when I had gotten custody of my three children. In my case the allegations were easily disproved and shown to be a cruel ploy by a vindictive female. I was pretty upset that someone would send me to prison on false charges in order to advance her agenda. I broached the possibility of suing the lowlife for making blatantly false claims but was strongly discouraged because it was felt that that might intimidate people who have legitimate claims. I still feel some angst about that experience but I was one of the lucky ones. I’ve heard some real horror stories of convictions based on false charges. There are also support groups for those who have been falsely accused.

        1. “…but was strongly discouraged because it was felt that that might intimidate people who have legitimate claims”
          I disagree on that concept.don’t get me wrong I am not saying you were wrong to go along with it. I’d bet you had had a gutfull of the legal system and just wanted to get on with your life, but really someone with a legit case should not be perturbed from proceeding just because a few liars got busted & sued. You can’t get sued if you tell the truth and there is no evidence to show you lied. You were unlucky but also lucky in the end your ex overplayed her lies. A few of my friends have been down the same road, except they did not get accused of any sort of child abuse/neglect, but had domestic violence orders put on them and barred from their own house. One of the guys is the equivalent of Leonard from TBBT show, nice guy mild mannered geek guys are not immune from spiteful exes exploiting the system against them.

  29. Laws need to be enacted to punish false accusers. The pussy pass has existed for too long and mangina men help to facilitate it.
    If this was my daughter I would disown her. Never shitting out any kids to avoid the lifelong headaches that come with them

  30. If I had pulled despicable stunt like this, it would’ve been a genuine murder trial. However, I love and respect my father and have infinitely more integrity than this degenerate of a daughter.

  31. Every so often a story comes along to justify the why of islam’s treatment of women…

  32. Not even safe in his own home,
    scary, and super lucky/stupid,
    would kick her to the curb,
    never see her again,
    how’s that for strict?
    A few years ago, had to move out of a share house and the woman (not friend, just flatmate) took my queen size bed and gave it to her 3 year old and then told me some bullshit story about the other flatmate taking it blah blah blah.
    When i told a close female friend she said we should go back with one, better yet 2 females witnesses and myself, this is some womens concept of the new law,
    1 mans words + 2 females = one woman’s, never spoke to that bitch ever again. That’s worse than islam.

  33. If I was falsely accused of rape, I would probably go to prison, because of how many times I would smash the bitch’s head against the concrete.

  34. Lex talionis.
    “The judges shall investigate thoroughly, and if the witness is a false witness and he [or she] has accused his brother [or father] falsely, then you shall do to him just as he had intended to do to his brother. Thus you shall purge the evil from among you. The rest will hear and be afraid, and will never again do such an evil thing among you.” (Deuteronomy 19:19)
    When a little righteous, lawful judgment is imposed wicked people scurry and hide like cockroaches and the rest of us have peace!

  35. Feminazis like this were the ones who defended all those bogus child abuse cases during the 1980s, where innocent parents spent years in prison over lies.

  36. If I was the dad, my next step would be seeing how to emancipate myself from her.
    If that is not possible, I’d leave my wife and go it alone.

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