Do You Want To Save The World?

What do starving children in Africa and polar bears losing their ice have in common? They are both devices used to appeal to emotion in order to take your money. Their survival or lack thereof has no impact whatsoever on your life, but people harp on them to get you to care, for their benefit, not yours.

Why do they do it?


They do it because it works. It works because people do not realize that not caring is the better option. By not caring about these and other activist causes, they will cease to have power. Also, telling some telemarketer you don’t care instead of some lame “I don’t have money this month” excuse gets you blacklisted from charities real quick.

Remember, it was “i got my mind on my money and my money on my mind” not “I got my mind on the polar bears.” Do you want to retain resources for yourself and things you actually care about? If so, stop caring about things that do not impact you.

If a man had the discipline not to be wasteful, these parasites that want your money for their pet causes would disappear quickly. They continue to exist, though, because not enough people tell them no.

You might think giving $5 to the girl extolling the necessity to save orphans in Darfur is a quick and easy way to keep things moving on the subway, but it merely feeds this beast of suicidal altruism. Having the discipline to leave these social justice types hanging is key to getting them to stop.

Third party observers that are not zombies will see that you are not bending to the will of a dipshit, meaning that you actually have a backbone. If they see you as selfish and miserly, then you probably don’t want to enjoy their company anyways.

The characteristics of charity looters



One of the first things I have noticed about those who solicit me is they appear weak and meek. Whether its some skinny hipster asking me to donate to xyz at the coffee shop, or some big organization that wants to deprive me of money, time, or legal freedom by utilizing the subterfuge of emotional appeal or social conformity, they cannot be direct. This lack of candor is close enough to dishonesty for me to dismiss them immediately.

Speaking of social conformity, it is a powerful weapon to get people to do things that are not in their best interest. It is visible everywhere, from Apple earphones to women wearing the same leggings and boots as each other. The use of social conformity is imprecise, though—it is not agile enough to react to the smart non-conformist.

When one stops caring, those who wish to persuade you cannot change the direction of the herd fast enough to rope you in. To counter this weakness in getting people to behave a certain way outside of their own interests, other options are examined. Remember, if they cannot get you to care, they cannot get your money. Do you really want to be that guy that goes along to get along?

One of the best indicators that not caring is effective is what these activists do when their cause peters out. They appeal to government. If you don’t want to donate, they will just get it through tax dollars. What they do not realize at the “grassroots” level is that co-opting government power turns people away from their cause—well, at least the productive citizens.

No one likes paying higher taxes. This trumps the well-being of sand fleas on NoOneCares Island. It also exposes the true intentions of the higher-ups of these various activist organizations. Everyone sees Al Gore as the greedy hypocrite he is after his advocacy for clean energy.

The merits of not caring about things unrelated to you are simple. You get to keep your money, there are fewer restrictions on you, and it exposes these do-gooders for the control freaks they really are. If they cannot control you through the soft power of emotional appeal and social conformity, they have to switch to the hard power of laws and regulations.

Whenever an organization or movement makes this switch, the truth comes out. In conclusion, I will only care about nonsense when they make me care about nonsense.

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276 thoughts on “Do You Want To Save The World?”

  1. Charity = bandages on a leaky dam
    Activism = getting others to cede power or resources to you
    Only the careful management of mutual self-interest leads to a better world through creation on a mass scale – it’s just too bad the average person can’t separate compassion and comfort from policymaking

    1. as long as mutual self-interest excludes disguised self-interest since that is the basis of most “social justice” movements

    2. Shooting is reserved for charity beggars and tax men. Travelling salesmen, political pamphleteers, missionaries, and census takers should just have the dogs set on them and THINK they are going to get shot. If they escape with wet trousers, you have done your job.

  2. Many people unwittingly donate to causes that are in the end detrimental to themselves. Doing so to be looked upon as good in the eyes of others who don’t give a damn about you.
    Not to mention that alot of the money ends up in the pockets of the organizers.

  3. The most successful charities today are the ones that find the best ways to enable attention-whoring. Think “races” and ice buckets.

    1. most are total horseshit. How long have they been walking/running for a cure at this point? Its just a way for sheep to congregate, they never ask any deeper questions about why there is no cure(even though there is).

    2. Yep. People are going to keep having cancer… on the other hand, fatties will run for about a minute on a “race” so they can have their greasy chips and extra-sugary icecream together..

  4. What do starving children in Africa and polar bears losing their ice have in common?
    Nothing? One, starving children, is a real problem, the other is a carefully crafted set of photos meant to convey a false narrative?
    I gave up wanting to save the world a long time ago. The world doesn’t want saved, and will fight you tooth and nail for its “right” to enslave itself. Fuck the world.
    I do however care deeply about my own personal freedoms, so I have directed time and money into ensuring that “the law” doesn’t prevent me from exercising my rights. Not as an act of altruism, but as a practical matter. That others benefit, or not, is not my concern. As to giving to charities, no thank you, most are frauds, even the “legitimate” ones. If I feel charitable I’ll put my money where my mouth is and go build a house with Habitat For Humanity.

    1. Bingo.
      The world is grinding under a new religion of statism. It does not call itself a religion, but it has zealots (SJWs), it has “give me money to be saved” bullshit (Patreon). It even has it’s own end times, like Revelations, except they call it “Climate Change”.
      There’s a pattern here.
      So. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Meaning that no matter what you do, you are not going to change the world by deciding to change the world.
      It’s a road to being useless.

        1. My props to both you and doctorjeep for very astute observations. I remember well a serious of brutal winters in North America, specifically 6 out of 9 between 1976-77 and 1984-85. Over and over again we were told of an impending Ice Age just around the corner. Science today is more politicized than it was during the time of Galileo.

        2. climate up, climate down… doesn’t matter. all that matters is the government wants more of your money in the name of these bullshit causes.

    2. i decided to be altruistic towards my self. i’m giving up my comforts to make my self happy. my self always tells me what a wonderful altruistic person i am and my self’s feedback makes me proud. the best thing about it is: my self will never leave me and always be loyal. my self promised it.
      i mean, if i’m being altruistic, i can just as well be to the person who most appreciates it: my self.

        1. no, but i read about it after reading your comment.
          the remark made me feel simpleminded and gullible, which contrasted the comparative seriousness which i had put into my comment. that is funny.

    3. I actually give more of a shit about polar bears, as they don’t tend to grow up to become murderous, Islamic shitbags. But hey, that’s just me….
      Also, generally speaking, we already have too many people; we don’t have too many polar bears. And if we ever get too many polar bears, we can always shoot a few of them, and bring the population under control. That’s a bit more difficult with people.

      1. I actually give more of a shit about polar bears, as they don’t tend to
        grow up to become murderous, Islamic shitbags. But hey, that’s just

        Unless they run in gangs. Gotta watch them bear gangs. They get all fatwah on your arse but fast.
        And if we ever get too many polar bears, we can always shoot a few of them, and bring the population under control. That’s a bit more
        difficult with people.

        This is why God invented tactical nuclear missiles!

      2. The problem everywhere there are starving children is bad socialist governments. Unless they are raising money to get an army together to overthrow said government it is a waste of everyones time and money.

        1. notice how the women in the ads with starving babies have gold earrings, clean hair, ironed expensive clothes? they hold it to ransom and let it die

    4. Exactly! A big ole polar bear???? Please be serious. A fully grown big polar bear eats a lot, and therefore obviously knows how to get food. Therefore, the polar bear is doing much better than the starving child or poor woman whose rights are being derailed in Defur of BFE.
      A better solution would be to put all three in a room and see who gets my money or gets fed.

    5. You cannot free a slave, they have to free themselves first -Harriet Tubman.
      The worst thing you can do for someone is help them unasked.

      1. Unless you’re helping a homeless chick and trying to get your dick sucked for 2 dollars. They’ll do it. Might have to do a bit of haggling. But tell them you’ll give them 10 dollars IF you cum. Then once you’ve cum just walk off.

        1. That’s theft.
          It’s no different than saying you would offer someone 10,000$ to rebuild your porch, but because you know how to get of a contract, you would not pay him.
          Basically you’ve just told everyone that you think it’s OK to lie as a parasite and that you are not to be trusted on any level.

        2. Yep, I actually go round to homeless women and score free handjobs and blowjobs.
          In all seriousness, you’re autistic, right? Or is it aspergers?

    6. Don’t get me wrong I like this website and I completely agree with some of the articles. However I do wonder if any of the audience on here ever disagree en masse with some of the ideals pushed by the articles or what ever article and opinion piece is published is just gulped down and accepted as right.
      Telling charities you don’t care is probably a good way of getting rid of them. I completely agree that most of them if not all are just scams. But to say you only care about your own freedoms is deeply concerning and dangerous.
      We have activist for causes that the everyone has benefitted from and in some instances the activists had nothing personal to gain.
      We live in a circular world and what happens around you will eventually affect you, be it the same starving third world Hispanics coming through the border to find wealth or some mad person hijacking a plan in the name of Allah. We should all care to ensure not only are we safe but society and our civilisation is preserved for our children. Caring only about our selfish desires is narcissistic at best.

      1. there was an article on here a while back about how to seduce married women. the response to that one was almost universally negative.

  5. I never donate to most charities. Not because I don’t care, but because most charities are scams. The “cure this or that disease” charities are worthless, the last thing they want is to cure anything because as soon as they do, they can go look for new jobs. They tend to be run by doctors, lawyers and investment bankers (all with vested interest in keeping the scam going) and their financial statements look more like that of a hedge fund. Most people who work at these places are either women and/or incompetent losers who couldn’t get a job in the private sector.
    The “save the African children” charities are even worse. Something like 70% of the money never even makes it to Africa. The rest probably get stolen by the warlords who actually run the place. I doubt more than 5% actually makes it to the children.
    The absolute worst are the ones that want to save the polar bears. All of these should be shut down and their leadership charged with fraud. You see, the polar bears are just fine. They don’t need saving. The reason why their numbers dwindled was because they were nearly hunted to extinction. It had nothing to do with the weather. Since the hunting ended in the 70s, their numbers had recovered significantly. They survived the last warm period a thousand years ago and they will survive it again.
    Fuck charities and the assholes that run them.

    1. I’ve heard that the polar bear census is actually growing, not decreasing.

    2. Having worked for a charity I’d say a good proportion of charity workers are pretty much psychopaths sublimating their aggression for what they see as a ’cause’. At least when they’re not completely cynical about what they do. As for the top brass there’s nothing worse than machiavellian politics deployed in pursuit of a generally dwindling supply of cash.

    3. The new shaming to donate scam: At the grocery store checkout (never at Aldi’s though): Would you like to donate $1 to BS Charity to feed the homeless gay children?
      I always say no. What is surprising is how some cashiers and people behind me in line look astonished that I would dare refuse the homeless gay children’s fund.
      But I don’t care. Shame the SJWs to their faces, say no and JDGAF.
      If we’re ever going to turn this tide, that’s how it has to start.

      1. Try getting shamed for some charity’s benefit on a British Airways flight …
        I Didn’t Give Even One Fuck.

      2. I hate the grocery store checkout charitys! They always used to get me. Now I say “not today”, though I still feel a bit guilty because of people behind me.

  6. many times I’ve had solicitors come up to my door step and try to sell me something. Recently, a young boy knocked on my door at 8pm. I said “hello” and he began to tell me how he has something that will be mutually beneficial. I stopped him right there and said “No you don’t, because i am not interested–whatever it is.” Furthermore, I said, “you’re a kid, what are you doing out on the street this late. Whatever you are doing or trying to sell, it is not for your best interest. You should go home”
    I’m sure someone or group was trying to exploit him in some way or fashion.

    1. You have to learn to turn away the kids, for certain, that’s the hard thing. I’ll give a bit to our specific high school’s band since my kids are in it and it only seems right to do and the football team does a mulch sale that actually has great prices that beat the local shops so we buy from them too, but otherwise, eh, not so much.
      Now two months ago 3 eight to ten year old boys showed up after a huge snow and offered to shovel my driveway for ten bucks. I couldn’t accept the offer fast enough. Here were three young aspiring capitalists willing to put in some back breaking work in order to cash in on an opportunity that nobody else was out doing, all of this in the age of video games when they could easily have sat inside like all of their buddies. Now THAT I’ll support any day of the week!

      1. Now that makes sense. The problem in my area (southern cal) is that people are always walking up to your door step trying to sell you magazines or some other shit. they promise these kids scholarships but only if they hit a quota of subscribers (this is not how scholarships earned) I actually give them a mini lecture essentially on how they are being used, i try to wise them up.

        1. We get those too. In fact we seem to have a never ending stream of beggars that show up throughout the year. At first it was hard for me to say no, I’m actually a decent souled person in real life, but it became easier once I understood that the stream never stops.

        2. i hear ya! I stopped answering my door all together. If i am not expecting you, i am not opening that door. if it’s an emergency, they will call.

        3. That’s one thing moving to a rural setting has almost completely eliminated. They don’t like dogs and ‘scary rednecks’.

      2. I’m so glad to hear that this still happens. In my neighborhood none of the kids or teens do this. When I was a kid, snowfall was like a payday, it meant that we could make some cash shoveling!

        1. They were the only ones I’ve seen in a few years actually. I watched them go across the neighborhood over the course of the day. They made a freaking *killing*. Very fast too, all that energy from youth plus they worked as a team, divided the driveway into thirds, and each did his third fast and well. They’re on the right path, that’s certain.

        2. Very cool. When they start driving, they can hire the younger kids to work for them. This worked out well for me.

      3. Outstanding. Real money for real work. Not an ounce of millenial ‘GoFundMe’ nonsense. There is hope…

        1. I recently found out about that Go Fund Me nonsense. My response to my friend was “what kind of bullshit is that!?” People are shameless asking for handouts. I will not subsidize a grown adult for some bullshit.

        2. It’s exactly what it is. A shameless dressed up handout program. Without even the express guarantee of quid pro quo.

  7. I follow my old man’s philosophy of you can’t save the world and should just worry about what is under your own tent. Support local charities, groups, projects, etc. The more local they are, the more accountable they are.

      1. I donated money to them this year actually. When I have chiltlins myself, I plan on volunteering my time. Seriously, how much fun would showing a bunch of how to make a fire and cook a squirrel be?

      2. We did, son was a scout from Tiger Cub through full fledged Boy Scout working on his Eagle.
        Then the Scouts went gay. He dropped them like a grease covered ball. We withdrew all support, and let them know why.

        1. Our troop is based around the local mormon church.
          They still get shit for NOT allowing openly gay scoutmasters.
          The local girl scouts, though, are totally infiltrated.
          “I won’t buy cookies because I don’t appreciate you putting brownies in pride parades and promoting homosexuality”
          “Oh, because they are too young to decide for themselves yet?”
          “No, because I think Lesbians who try to tell children it’s ‘normal’ should be nailed to a truck tire, and set on fire.”

        2. “No, because I think Lesbians should be nailed to a truck tire, and set on fire.”
          That’s some funny shit right there!
          The moment the vote went in to allow gay kids in (gay kids? WTF?), the petition started to get gay scout masters. It will take time, but it will happen. Also saw a bunch of sell out ‘scoutmasters’ harping on about giving “hidden scouts who were gay but couldn’t reveal it” honorary badges of some sort. For violating their scout oath.
          I have zero use for that organization now. I was a Boy Scout too. They’re dead to me and my son.

        3. Get the scout manual ca 1976.
          The later ones lost most of the sctual ‘scout’ training and started emphasizing the ‘citizen of the nation’ and ‘citizen of the world’ merit badges.
          I won’t even offer my troop the citizenship badges. They are there to learn to be scouts, not social justice avengers.

        4. well, to be fair, when I said ‘Truck Tire’ I was actually thinking of those giant industrial trucks they use out at the copper mine.
          Nailing a lesbian to one and setting her on fire wouldn’t damage the tire at all, unlike nailing her to a tree, and in Utah flash fires are always a real dangerous risk… In the copper mine, no risk.
          See, I was being environmentally conscious.

        5. When I was a scout there was this new kid who was a bit off. We knew exactly what was going on. It didn’t fly with me very well that this kid was part of our brotherhood.

        6. Our troop had lots of alone time. Kids like that didn’t last very long. They tended to trip and land on a tree branch four or five times.
          As did one particular assistant scoutmaster.

        7. These slime infiltrate everything good. They cannot stand to not have their fucking degeneracy flapping in our faces.

        8. You know what man? Me neither. And for most of my life I was absolutely content and happy to live and let live. You’re gay? Hey, whatever, have fun, I’m going to go mow my lawn, take’er easy. These last ten years or so though? They’re pushing their agenda so hard, as well as other “protected” classes, that I’m on the verge of a constant middle finger display most hours of the day.

        9. In the final stages of every great empire, moral decrepitude always takes effect. It always includes women practicing child sacrifice(abortion), widespread belief in the occult and worship and creation of cults for obscure occult and feminist deities (wiccanism) (church of the vagina) becoming an empire of far-flung managers, normalization of man-man, woman-woman, and man-boy homosexuality, the widespread practice of eliminating husbands and destroying families, and the loss of ethical accountability.
          This is always referred to as ‘progress’, and always results in the destruction of the empire.

        10. For those of us of the Christian persuasion there are alternatives to the BSA and GSA:
          Royal Rangers
          Trail Life USA
          American Heritage Girls
          I’m sure there are others. They are small but growing, and we plan to look into these once our kids are old enough and interested enough in participating.

        11. NY just hired the first gay scout master. Honestly, for me, when they started attacking the scouts about this, is when I turned against the gay rights thing. This shit has nothing but lawsuits written all over it. Would you trust a gay man with authority over adolescent boys?

        12. Yeah, I know, but he’s 18 now and out the door to college this fall. But it’s good information to know for those that have younger men that they’re raising, for certain.

        13. If you have time, it’s better to ‘mountain man’ with your boys and their friends yourself.
          You can even offer ‘rewards’ for learned skills, like woodcutting, firemaking, shelter building, and campfire cookery.

        14. True. He’s already way past that skill level. There was a side branch of scouting in our area, where they taught kids to literally live off the land. Eat bugs and what kind you can and can’t eat, etc. Construct shelters from nothing. Basically it was MacGuyver 101. He did that for a couple of years as an add on to normal summer scout camp. He graduated by being driven out to the woods and staying three nights with nothing but a knife and some cord as supplies, but only after they inspected the shelter he constructed, etc. Hard core stuff, I have no worries about him making it in the outback or during an emergency.

        15. WTF is “citizen of the world”? Why not offer a “citizen of the milky way galaxy” badge?

        16. That’s not necessarily true. I don’t recall hearing about these things when the Soviet empire fell. Other than hard, self-destructive drinking (men) and the occasional bout of prostitution (women), the average Russian remained pretty conservative in their behavior prior to and throughout the collapse. Perhaps that empire was a whole different bird altogether. During the entire history of the Soviet empire, the average person never had a high standard of living to begin with. This is in stark contrast to the the US, Roman, and British empires.

        17. The same reason we trust straight men with authority over adolescent girls.
          Oh…wait a minute.

        18. When I was a teenager I was pretty libertarian, in an IDGAF way although gays made me nervous. By my early 20’s I was downright socially liberal. And then over the next 25 years all the lefties just pissed me off by trying to shove their agenda down everyone’s throat.
          The funny thing about the “gay agenda” is that it is a few gays and a lot of guilty straight liberals. “Pink Knights” if you will. Most gays really don’t care about leading boy scout troops or getting married. Regarding the latter, some our outright opposed to the idea of “aping the breeders”.

        19. How the hell did we get to this place; where gay pride parades, people riding naked on bicyles through the streets of S.F. and slutwalks are the norm and the BSA are portrayed in the media as deviants because they refuse to accept the behavior of these miscreants? It’s a shame for your son GoJ. Achieving the rank of Eagle Scout was once a distinction that carried some significant weight, not only within the organization but in college applications and even on resumes. The work these boys did to wear that badge taught them much about being men and the importance of being solid citizens of their communities. I can’t even imagine what influence the fags are going to have on the Scouts. There probably will be a badge for organizing or participating in one of the events I mention above. I’ve noticed that once gays worm their way into a place or organization it usually ends up being a place or organization that is predominantly gay. A true tragedy for every one that’s ever worn the uniform. “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” Wm. Shakespeare

        20. Thanks Brigadon…..I spit coffee all over the computer screen when I read that one. Too bad the site only allows a single upvote per post.

        21. The soviet Empire was never really an empire in the classic sense. It barely lasted 40 years, and was broken from without long before it decayed from within.
          If you’d like to further classify it, it was a ‘post revolution’ culture in between empires, marking the transitionary period between the end of the Tsars and the beginning of a new conservative cycle. The post revolutionary period of Russia WAS it’s empire’s ending, and the late period of the tsars WAS marked with that sort of excess. It looked like an empire, but it never became one in truth.
          Post revolutionary governments are extremely transitory in nature, and are more like a single generational speed bump in an empire’s history… and I am not sure if the new conservatism of Russia is the beginning of a new empire (One can hope) or simply more transitionary effect. I’d like it to be the former, but the presence of the former revolutionary government’s apparatchik strongly suggests that it’s still in transition.

        22. Citizen of the world was the first influx of multiculturalism into the scouts… they got a foot in the door, so to speak.
          Elimination of the wartime information was the last straw. People forget that the boy scouts were intended, and trained, to be the ‘home guard’ in case of invasion… guerilla and skirmish troopers, well armed and well trained for fighting on their home ground.
          I understand that they don’t even have the firearms badges anymore.

        23. Too bad you needed some paper towels and windex after that one. reminds me of my last contact with lesbian activists with one of my pets in the DC subway:
          (Pride parader:)”Hey, what are you not good enough for your own kind?”
          “No, they are not good enough for me.”
          “What’s he got that we don’t?”
          “A penis, a gun, a conscience, and the ability to father children.”
          Man, dykes fucking HATE seeing hot girls with big, muscular guys… especially the ones with beards. I think bull dykes have beard envy, although I have seen a few of them working on some pretty impressive facial foliage themselves.
          Mostly, though, Dykes look like “Mom” from “Doctor Detroit”.

        24. I believe that dykes are the angriest human beings on the face of the earth. They hate men because we’re men. They hate straight women (and as you say the hotter the more they’re hated) because the straight women love men and not them. Last but not least they hate eachother because being typical women they’re constantly comparing themselves to other women and trying to compete with eachother and going through “bff’s” as often as the weather changes then talking shit about who’s fucking (if you can call it that) who. In a closed circle like theirs the competition is high and many fights ensue. I’m an ex-cop. We had a lesbian club in the city I worked in. You can’t imagine some of the bloody fights we responded to at this place.
          There must be some kind of biological thing going on with women who only sleep with women. A couple of girls I knew in high school, one I dated, were as hot as they come; both athletic, very feminine. I lost touch with them and ran into both years later after they had rethought their sexual preferences. Both had deep voices, very masculine mannerisms and kind of a hard look to their faces. Hard to explain it but I’ve heard the same thing from other people describing this change in girls when they grow up to be dykes. I was talking about this with a girl I was dating who knew one of these women. Her take? “Between the anger and the masculine traits. It’s got to have something to do with not getting any dick.” Funny…..but maybe true.
          What was the pride parader’s response to your girl?

        25. Baden-Powell was a late 1890’s UK war hero. He set up the military Scout program. Later, UK leaders were concerned about the British boys being worthless losers, sort of like in the USA today, and asked him to set up the Scouting program for boys.
          Within a few short years, there was already an incident with pedophiles and the Boy Scouts.
          But, back then society still thought it was bad for your little son to be buggered by a pervert…

      3. I was in boy scouts. I think every boy should experience a couple to a few years in a scout troop. I learned quite a bit for a young boy–stuff that adults didn’t even know.

  8. This article hit home, serial altruism is the West’s #1 problem, not global warming, not starving children, not the polar ice caps, not whales or dolphins, SERIAL ALTRUISM. And Im way ahead of this article because I have been IDGAF-ing for a LONG time.

  9. Why the fuck should I donate to a cause that pays out a $300,000+ tax free “compensation” to it’s president and all the other executive assholes who put it together?

    1. I don’t think most people realize that “not for profit” means the company or organization makes no money, but the employees sure do!

  10. just go ask any economist with a brain how much damage those “donations” to the economies of African countries do, along with inept African leaders. the greater good is sometimes diabolical, and needs no action. Feeding starving people so they can produce more starving kids is actually not humanitarian.

    1. Your money goes to the financiers (who take their cut) charity (that takes their cut) to the vendors (that take their cut), to the activists (who take their cut) to the african government (That takes their cut) to the african military (That steal what’s left of supplies, sell it on the black market, and use it to buy guns and drug production equipment)
      But it doesn’t go over well to have a poster of a starving child that says “Arm the children so they can become future drug dealers”

    2. “Dead Aid” by Nambisa Moyo is required reading on this topic. Bonus points being she actually comes from Africa and can see the destruction aid has wreaked on her continent.

      1. Dambisa is way too optimistic about the Chinese “cooperation” with “African leaders”. Oh well, her bias.
        Speaking of inept twats in the world…

      2. I no longer spend much time on the USA side of the border. When I did, at the most common Winter Texan crossing in the Reynosa area, (Progreso) a Mexican dentist posted a sign asking people not to give money to the cute young kids begging for money.
        He said they drop out of school, get more by begging than their father earns, and take up drugs.
        Some years ago, my best friend came down for the winter.. I took him across and he saw the sign as he handed money to the little beggars. I explained it to him and he said, sarcastically, “That is HIS opinion.”
        Yeah, WTF does a dentist who has lived there for 40 years know, anyway compared to a person who just came in three days ago?

    3. Most people think of Malthus as writing that societies grow in population until they began to starve. But, his ESSAY ON POPULATION mostly documents the truth that ‘poor laws’, the original government welfare system which required each congregation to tax its community to provide money for unwed mothers, ALWAYS produces more people in poverty and despair. ALWAYS.
      Just as LBJ’s program has virtually destroyed the black community in the USA.

  11. This is good!
    I see a lot of these people outside grocery stores, but I usually just ignore them.
    The ones that really annoy me are the college kids collecting for Greenpeace. Next time I see them, I’ll say something like:
    Fuck the polar bears/whales/rainforest/whatever shit they’re pushing at the moment.

      1. Did they? A few hundred million less indians would do wonders for their recovery….

        1. genetically engineer them to have a coat of Organic Kevlar, a gizzard to strain poisons, and jack their aggression through the roof.

        2. You’d be surprised at the number of Indians in the upper echelons of their bizarre caste system that would agree with you.

    1. Another dickhead move would be to ask “So how many selfies have you posted today of you hustling people?”

    2. Why do you insult me so audaciously, young man? I’m saving the baby harp seals. Do you know how polar bears make their living? Well I’ll tell you; by biting the heads off baby harps seals, that’s how!
      Don’t you care about the fucking baby harp seals? Don’t you care about the planet?

      1. You seem to have a very real gift for turning their language and strategies around on them.

        1. I’ve simply lost patience with honestly trying to explain things to the wilfully ignorant. Now I go straight to hitting them upside the head with cognitive dissonance in the hopes that maybe one out of a thousand of them might actually start to think.

      2. As Mad Magazine put it, back in their old gutsy days: “Hello, Save The Baby Harp Seals Foundation? Can you save one for me? I’ll bring my own baseball bat!”

        1. They used to be really freakin’ cutting edge, back in the 70’s and early/mid 80’s.

      3. “Don’t you care about the planet?”
        These same twats probably want life extension to become a reality so they can be safe in their smugness for considerably longer than their genetic crap-shoot would otherwise allow …

  12. Amazing how you give a purposeless Western-ized teen ager a Cultural Studies Prof and a college degree and on sheer egotism alone they think they can change the world.
    A favorite quote I’ve never forgotten from one of the lesser known German Idealists of the early 19th Century:
    “The state has always been made into Hell because man wanted to make it his heaven.”

  13. I didn’t do the ice bucket challenge. I have to need to show myself shirtless and take a video to post on Facebook just to attention whore.
    I do, however, plan on doing it in five years from now and posting it just to see what people comment about it after all those years have passed. Just to be a dick!

      1. That’s one angle, sure. I just don’t like any kind of bandwagon. If every other two-dollar schmuck and twat are doing it, it MUST have little to no good purpose!

        1. Exactly! It just became a trendy thing to do. ALS is a serious disease that said schmucks don’t even have a clue about.

        2. my whole issue with the “ice bucket challenge”… for 99.9% of the people, it was just another opportunity to gain recognition as an attention whore on social media, rather than raising awareness of a terribly debilitating disease. As well as an opportunity to shame those who didn’t throw a bucket of ice water on themselves because they don’t care enough about ALS. But for all the shaming, half those individuals couldn’t tell you about the symptoms or conditions surrounding said disease.

      2. Get out of CA. seriously. The entire southern half of the state is a plague zone, and they steal all of our water.
        Every year we have conservation and dry spell warnings because californians have to have vividly green lawns… out here? Our grass is a universal brown by midsummer.
        California is beachfront… they should be running desalination plants and sending US water. but all those little bastards are constantly ‘NIMBY’

        1. As an angelino I try to conserve as best as I can. But I am in the minority, these folks don’t give a shit here. I would like to get out of SoCal, but the weather is pretty awesome.

        2. We get more rain than England some days, and the ground squishes water, even floods out entire fields, during spring.
          Say what you will about Ohio, but you can’t call us a drought state by any reasonable measure of the term.
          Just rubbing it in. heh

        3. I might have too. i am surrounded by too many liberals here. I am latino and conservative (minority), I guess you can say I am behind enemy lines here.

        4. If there are more of us red pillers in North Texas, then I’m in! A good friend of mine and his wife live in Austin. they are enjoying their time there.

        5. Me, I am only a racist insofar as people refuse to ‘when in Rome’. Sinco de mayo, feliz navidad, and refusal to adapt to the local culture just pisses me off. I hate Jews, Maxicans, and blacks because they refuse to adapt and become successful and contributing members of the nation that shelters them.
          Ah well, soapbox.
          I am not in North Texas, I am in Utah… not much red pill, but a lot of conservative. You wouldn’t like the climate though… for three months a year it’s nice, the rest of the time it’s cold, broiling, or dusty.
          It’s not bad if you have allergies, though. The altitude and dryness means I haven’t had hay fever in 17 years, since I moved out of DC (I used to spend nine months of the year doped on bendaryl carrying a box of tuissues constantly.)

        6. I share some of the same sentiments with you. However, I wouldn’t go as far to say I hate any one group (Perhaps SJWs). I strongly believe Latinos (from all countries in Latin america) should assimilate and contribute to society and their communities; adopt the culture, much like my parents and I did. I believe everyone should be held accountable and responsible for their actions/choices. this i believe is the underlying problem our country faces today. But those in control would rather divide and conquer us and make many issues today about race when in reality it is about logic and taking control of your own life.

        7. It’s the beautiful weather that keeps me here in SoCal. Culture in Austin is nice, but too damn humid.

        8. That daily beatdown of extreme heat and humidity just gets too oppressive. I love Texas but after a stint in tropical Hong Kong, I just never want to live in a sweaty beatdown of a climate again. That kind of heat is for natives of whatever land you’re discussing. You may have loved it while you were there but once you escape it, it’s hard to fathom going back to it.

        9. If I moved to france, I would eat cruellers for breakfast and celebrate Napoleon Bonaparte as the greatest leader that ever lived. Long-term culture, not this short term stuff. When in Rome.

        10. are you sure you aren’t thinking of Cheyenne?
          That place is evil. it hates humans and tries to kill them.

        11. Never been there, but I’ve been through a lot of Texas. You can’t avoid going through a lot of Texas to get anywhere in Texas and I was actually trying to get out of it. There’s a bloody lot of the place. How can so much place have no place in it?
          But if I ever decide to go desert rat I suppose my first move would be to scrape up some change from under the couch cushions and get a couple zillion acres of it.

        12. No, just surrounded by New England land prices, although for someone going off grid it’s the property taxes that will eat you alive. If you’ve got some real acreage it can run thousands a month, compared to hundreds a year for unzoned Texas desert.

        13. I live in Mexico since I retired. My wife of nearly 40 years is Mexican. I know many Mexicans in the US, both legal and illegal.
          And, by the second generation, except in major Mexican settlements such as CA, certain big cities, and along the border in Texas, most of the kids are speaking and reading and writing English.
          Part of the problem is bad decisions made by US citizens. Women preferring expensive shoes and purses more than babies. And, men who won’t help other men who are being destroyed by false sex abuse charges or the divorce courts.
          If whites don’t make babies others will move in and fill the gap.

  14. I refuse to give to. Any charity or group asking for money. I went large stretches of time unemployed and underemployed and was told to fuck off by these same people. They expect white males to give freely and donate while we get nothing in return. . Sorry, the party is over. Not one cent from me. If they ask, I say the truth. I don’t give a damn about your cause.

    1. Spot fucking on! Most charities are job reference factories, nepotist and highly selective employers and above all, intricate money laundry schemes.
      Did Bill Gates give his dough to charities, hell no.

  15. Causes are one of the best covers for the corrupt and the power-hungry. So many SJWs hide behind them it’s amusing. The Sierra Club, GLAAD, the NAACP, the ADL—all run by people just looking out for their own power and their own checkbooks. Even if they don’t start out that way, causes evolve into corrupt, power hungry institutions because power and money are naturally corrupting elements.
    Look at the many individual, valid criticisms of the Catholic Church hierarchy through the centuries, where many bishops and popes and cardinals used the church’s vast wealth and influence for themselves and for evil (google The Borgias for a particularly egregious family). Even in as early as the 400s AD St. John Chrysostom, the bishop in Constantinople, was railing about such corruption: “The floors of Hell are paved with bishops’ skulls!”
    Beware the person who comes to you under the guise of working for a “cause.” 80% are not in it for the cause at all.

    1. “The Sierra Club, GLAAD, the NAACP, the ADL—all run by people…”
      Wait, what “people” are we talking about again…?

  16. Fuck yeah. Did charity work (for money) for a few months, there is no “greater cause” it’s all about sales. Fuck em.
    Everyone cares about the panda bears because they’re cute. Fuck em, they don’t wanna breed, let them die out. Save the rat eels instead, they’re so rare no one has even heard of them (probably because they don’t exist).
    I’m a firm believer in natural selection. That’s why I don’t like black people whinging about shit not being fair. If it’s too fucking tough, go the fuck back to Africa you ungrateful cunts. Oh, that’s right, you want your cake and eat it too.
    And if anyone think’s this is off topic, nah, racism, saving panda’s, it’s all the same shit: protect the weak.

        1. Haha, true, but I went on a bender (not just on this site) and let it all hang loose. I admit though, it’s fun to reread the next morning.

    1. Homosexuals also advertise themselves like they’re cute koala bears. Women also like gay porn that’s why they subscribe to them.
      Money should never have fallen into women’s hands.

  17. bravo! this needed to be said.
    i share your sentiment that these people always look meek and helpless. like most scientologists i see on photos and their “say no to drugs” campaign.
    sometimes i engage them and ask them why i should care. they have no answer. the best they can come up with it is that “it’s sad that i don’t care” and that i surely “will realize my mistakes some day”.
    it’s good training to harden yourself against guilt.

  18. The main charity around the area I work is “donate money for villages in Africa because they have to walk 20 kilometres and back to get clean water!!” Who the fuck builds a village 20 kilometres from fresh water?!?

    1. funny remark, but it’s not that unusual. i recall seeing a documentary called human planet where they would travel long distances for water. don’t recall the reason atm. maybe the place where the water is is not inhabitable (desert / swamp).

      1. In America, folks would have taken to the road and found a new village. In Africa, they stay put and die. Weird.

    2. The local river probably died out, but that’s not an excuse to not dig a bloody well, can’t find water, dig deeper! If people have adapted and are comfortable to walk 20k then that’s simple Darwinism, end of. Water is the most necessary resource for life and if your instincts say don’t seek water then you’re fucked.

  19. I’m so sick of being asked by the cashier at grocery stores if I’d like to donate to whatever cause. If I wanted to just give my money away, I’d give it to who I wanted to without being asked for it

    1. I always tell the cashier to take out as much as they want from the money they get from my transaction. And then smile while saying “have a nice day”.

    2. The cashier at my favorite store asks me if I want to round up for wildlife conservation. As I’m usually in possession of 1,000 rounds of ammo or a new gun, I generally say yes. i like to give back. Heh.

  20. Go fuck yourself Douglas Heppner and take your satanic propaganda with you.
    Brethren of ROK beware:
    The article is full of lies, .
    It claims that the well-being of the poor, and how you treat them, has no “impact” on you , which is complete bullshit.
    The Lord Himself said we should give to the poor.
    And thus we should, – because The Lord said so – and if you try to go against The Lord`s orders you`ll end up in burning in Hell.
    And that certainly has impact on you.
    So do not let yourselves be deceived by this article, but realize that the author of the article is a simple cheapskate, who try to provide “ideological” excuses for being a stingy motherfucker who is simply not man enough to share of his surplus.
    Simple as that.
    So Brethren of ROK: Give to the poor as The Lord has ordered.
    And tell satanic false prophets to go fuck themselves.

    1. Is that the rhetoric of Jesus: “go fuck yourself”? I am not a Christian, but yet i know that Jesus did NOT ask us to give blindly, but yet “asked” us to give to our nieghbors. Go back to your 1st grade Sunday School class or 1st grade Reading class ASSHOLE!

      1. Dude, are you on crack ?
        Jesus *told* us to give to the poor. Simple as that.
        Complying with The Lords orders are not optional. When He says give to the poor, then we are to give to poor.
        And if some other stingy motherfucker tells you otherwise, then he is a false prophet who can go fuck himself.
        And if you defend false prophets or their satanic greedy bullshit which goes against the clear orders given by The Lord.., then YOU can go fuck yourself.
        Capice ?

        1. I`m not trolling.
          I`m loyal to The Lord.
          And when I see cheap satanic bullshit propaganda here on Return of Kings like the article above, I speak out against it so that my brothers of ROK will not be led astray.
          Simple as that.
          I like ROK too much to let it be polluted by the opinions of a stingy, cheapskate motherfucker who will not give to the poor and even attempts to make life worse for the poor, by convinvicing others not give either.

        2. Why should I give a fuck about a bunch of third worlders? My taxes already go to fund enough bullshit.

        3. “So why haven’t you given up everything yet?”
          I’d guess because, it is easier to lecture others about sacrifice than it is to the become an Orthodox monk, continuing to sweat and labor, but owning nothing, and leading by example.

        4. I’ll give to the poor when Da LAWWDDD! himself gives me the courtesy of asking in person. Until then, both you and him can fuck right off! I’ve got lots of sinning to do in the meantime.

        5. Valid question. Simple answer. He is simply not a Christian in the “True” sense of the word. He lives under the Western definition of Christianity which is based on law, Eastern Christianity is based on medicine.

        6. Another man who thinks he sits at the left hand of God. The Bible talks about the joy of giving, not the guilt of not giving and maybe going to hell.
          Have you actually read ROK? You think the readers spend all day and all night digging out Bible verses to follow?
          The good thing about the Bible is we can all read it for ourselves and need not take your word for it. It also says, ready for this, M.F, JUDGE NOT LEST YOU BE JUDGED!
          I call what you are doing here, pick-n-choose Bible.
          Now, GFY.

      1. This is for real CJ.
        The author is a stingy motherfucker who won`t give to the poor.
        Because he`s a cheapskate. Simple as that.
        And instead of admitting that he is a stingy motherfucker, he attempts to provide his bullshit “ideological” cover-story, as an excuse for not giving.
        So, the dude is so stingy and so reluctant to depart with any of his possesions, that he probably cries every time he takes a dump.
        So don`t take lessons from this dude, CJ.
        Stick to what The Lord has commanded.
        Give to the poor in The Name of The Lord.
        And leave Douglas Heppner to cry in the toilet by himself, as he despairs over having to depart with any of his “precious posessions”.

        1. I don’t give to the poor either. No one has ever given me anything. My family used to be poor, no one ever gave us anything, but my parents worked hard not to be poor anymore. Poor people are poor for a reason and it’s not my problem. I have my own problems to worry about. I need new tires on my car….are you going to donate to me so I could buy new tires? Wouldn’t jesus like that if you did?

    2. You should give to the poor, as an individual to individuals. Groups, societies, government were not the way Christ went about doing these things, nor did he advocate them. Rome had a huge welfare state, and Christ circumnavigated it and went directly to the heart of the problem.

      1. Exactly…..donations to charities and organizations go to the CEOs and employees gathering the donations first before the remaining amount goes to the people that need it

      2. The heart of the problem is Greed.
        Now give to the poor.
        And stop inventing excuses for being stingy.
        Your responsibility is to give to the poor.
        And if you give to the poor via a group, societies or what have you, then they are responsible for forwarding the money you have given, to the poor.

        1. You trust groups too much. Their responsibility is often spoiled by greed. Give directly to the poor, man to man. Make a real difference, don’t use a proxy.

        2. “Now give to the poor.
          “And stop inventing excuses for being stingy.
          “Your responsibility is to give to the poor.”
          In the modern welfare state, the poor are the wage slaves who often don’t have the time/money to support their own families and their own health. If you want to help the poor then stop robbing them in the name of helping the “poor” (it is a strange type of “poverty” that enables a lifestyle like that of the idle wealthy).

    3. Giving to the poor in your own town is one thing. Being an overly altruistic imbecile and dumping money into Africa is quite another.

      1. I definitely agree with this. I am a charity starts at home kind of guy myself. Dumping loads of money into Africa or “saving the whales” hasn’t done shit.

  21. Donation collectors trigger my fight or flight response. And i get the whole polar bears thing. But as for starving children…saying I don’t give a fuck would make me a degenerate waste of valence electrons. Life is not always a zero sum game.

  22. Your “they appeal to government” needs to be emphasized. I recall in years past that people were celebrated in their community for *doing* things to ameliorate a problem. Now they are celebrated for lobbying to get taxpayers’ money to “deal with” the problem which then *never gets solved* because the bureaucracy that develops by sucking on the tax teat needs to keep itself in business. But the praise goes on and on. Feh.

  23. I like to have fun with the people wanting donations in the street by seeing how long I can talk to them and ignore their pitch.
    There was a greenpeace girl who was trying to use her looks to manipulate and get donations by smiling and winking at me, I knew what was up straight away but just played aorund with it. She’s like “do you like whales” and I told her that they taste great on my toast in the morning and similar things to that and she was getting really upset. In the end she walked off on me and my friend.
    Then the guy with her tried to come over and after a few minutes seemed like he wanted to fight us, though he was just some skinny hippy. My friends reply was classic, the hippy was like “what happens when we humans destroy mother earth” and my friends like “we will just move to another planet”.. he didn’t like that reply. haha

  24. It comes to this:
    The author is simply a stingy, cheapskate motherfucker who will not give to the poor.
    And in addition, he even attempts to make life worse for the poor, by convinvicing others not give either.
    Thus this article is just plain and simply unworthy of ROK.
    Because this is the Return of Kings:
    – Not “…the Return of Stingy, Cheapskate Motherfuckers who won`t give to the poor and even attempt to convince others to not give to the poor, also”
    So give to the poor.
    And do not let Return of Kings deteriorate.

    1. “Thus this article is just plain and simply unworthy of ROK.
      “So give to the poor.
      “And do not let Return of Kings deteriorate.”
      Yes, clearly it is unworthy of inclusion on a website that hosts such classics as: “5 Reasons to Date a Girl With an Eating Disorder.”

  25. Perfect example: the ridiculous state-sponsored theft of your money by forcing you to pay 10 cents for a bag at any grocery store/gas station in The People’s Republic of California. Grocery bags have been free since we’ve had grocery stores, and now all of a sudden I have to fork over an extra dime?
    Once again, SJW’s at work. They’re finding that people are getting wise to the fact that their made up, bleeding heart causes like Greenpeace and Save the Whales/Gays/African Kids are just scams, and aren’t forking over the dough like they used to. Even at Whole Foods they’ve excommunicated these parasites from soliciting at the entrance. People just want to pay their $80 for six items and be on their way without being shaken down (even further). You know it’s bad when SJW’s are banning other SJW’s from their premises.
    So since they can no longer guilt you into donating, they’ll extort you by charging you for something that you need and that should be free by claiming that it’s “for the environment”. I went to Target recently and forgot a reusable bag. Rather than bend over for these dicks, I left the store with both arms full, cradling all my items, and receiving many strange looks. On the way out, I passed a man walking in carrying an empty Hefty trash bag. We gauged each other, and experienced one of those moments when two grown men are on the exact same wavelength of silent communication, a “Broment” if you will, where all that’s needed is a nod.

  26. A short time ago a group of girls walked up to me and handed me a piece of paper. I don’t remember the exact wording but it was some sort of plea for money. I tried to give it back and walk on, they blocked my way. So I dropped it and they scrambled for it and got the fuck out of my way.
    Good article.

  27. There is a certain wisdom in being chronically broke. A low AGI means a lower income tax rate, reduced alimony payments, eligibility for government benefits (or “refundable tax credits,” or whatever euphemisms), free time spent doing what you like with who you like, and fewer blood-sucking vermin circling about with their hands out. It takes a level head, a love of thrift, and a general indifference to the opinions of others, but poverty has its privileges.

  28. Tech is taking over biology which means you will have access to all of your processes real-time within 10 years probably on your augmented reality lenses(googleit) or phone, shortly after , the average lifespan will be much, much longer when people see that they will have to live with the consequences of their actions for centuries instead of a petty 40 or so adult years of active life, than the world will finally have “compassion” because the truth is that people are not “compassionate” unless it’s practical, or unless it’s to be viewed as a conman “guru” or well meaning wolf in sheeps clothing of some kind
    Once it becomes “practical” it will become reality. All the people who mock radical life extensions will be the first ones to undercut you in line for the treatments, Hypocrites.
    live as if you will be around for centuries as it may happen
    people exercise because they want to avoid the consequences of disease, replace “compassion” with being “practical”

    1. I’ll pass. You go ahead and merge into your machinery as part of the Borg collective.
      Revelation 9:6:
      And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

  29. Generosity, altruism and self sacrifice are among the finer qualities of the human spirit. Simply saying “IDGAF” is a selfish cop-out.
    Give to charity and give to the deserving by all means but discriminate between worthy causes and the scams. Yes, there are lots of scam charities invented purely to generate salary for professional charity managers and we should beware of them, but that doesn’t mean deforming your soul into that of a miser.

  30. If you’re going to give to the poor, give to the actual poor, not their proxies.
    The proliferation of charities is actually perfectly in keeping with the general psychology of lefties: they tend to give money to faceless institutions, but hate individual people. Right-wingers tend to keep their money from faceless institutions, but have a lot more patience for individuals.
    Small acid test: when a Leftie tries to convince you to give money to save random Africans, ask them why they aren’t down there themselves doing something to help out if it’s a priority to them. When they stumble and stutter and say how they’re better served giving 0.00004% of their money to an institution that might, maybe, pay off a warlord and dig a well somewhere, agree with them that time is money and money can be best used to substitute for your time.
    Then go and help the next homeless guy to his feet, give him five bucks, and send him in the direction of the nearest McDonald’s and/or homeless shelter, and then say “I just gave more of my time to charity than you will in your life. Now fuck off.”

    1. Oh, they do so love humanity, they just happen to hate every individual human including themselves.

    2. I wonder why no one is taking money to help stop the genocide of Caucasians in South Africa.

      1. I do. You can too, by donating to Sunette Bridges’ work on
        Or Anna’s …
        The results of charity work are posted so you know it is going directly to people that really need it.
        If you want to make a difference, you can. If enough do, then the genocide might well be stopped.

  31. Never give hand outs to people who walk up on you. If you live in a big american city you know its a ploy. Go to the red cross website and donate so you know you’re money isn’t disappearing into a black hole.

  32. I once gave to a charity it was the Micheal Scott Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Race for the Cure. I think it was money well spent.

    1. Reason I posted link: Classic example of one man hollering and another man quietly doing.

  33. I would be willing to bet that 99% of the “charitable” organizations out there are are a scam and this would include ALL religious organizations. The dupes out there on the street begging for money thinking the funds they collect will actually go to help someone or something in need. all that money collected for cancer and yet folks still getting it in hordes. What a joke. The whole system is set up to rip off and fuck over the next guy. The idgaf attitude is applicable in dealing with these chumps. Just ask them if they love lining the pockets of bureaucrats or ask to see the spreadsheet of the funding. oh god, I hope my nickel can save poor timmy and susy from super aids!

  34. I shake my head every time I see one of those “destitute homeless sad abused” dogs & cats in cages commercials with Sarah Mclachlan music asking for recurring monthly payments to help save the sad caged stray animals. Then they show the ‘visa/mastercard/discover’ logo at the bottom of the screen. Obvious money-making scams. That’s why I NEVER give money to any charity whatsoever, especially the ‘cure’ ones. Elites that run these charities are toasting their wine glasses on private planes.
    Last time I gave to charity was a homeless black guy that was standing near a hotdog stand downtown wanting something to eat. I gave him my last few bucks so he could get himself a hot dog, and patted him on the back. 100% of my money in that case went straight to the person that needed it.

  35. Fuck the poor. I mean that literally. Fly to Thailand and fuck them for pocket change. Fuck them in the ass.

    1. This type of Photo ad is tailormade for the female mind. Its mainly based on appeal to emotion and feelings of guilt.
      The text however is a nice satire on what usually accompanies these types of Photos of starving african children with swollen stomachs and sad eyes.

    2. I agree. It’s funny. Sure, racist and sick but nothing is funny unless it’s serious or sick. And, this sick sick sick.
      The first rule for any society is anything that society does must make that society sustainable. Sub-Saharan Africa obviously did things which made their society worthless and not sustainable. People in a society get the society they deserve.
      The USA is doing most of the same stupid and misandrist things that sub-Saharan Africa did and we are going to have the same sort of society.
      I’m glad I’m old. And, IDGAF about my grandkids. I did and spent thousands of hours as an anti-feminist with nothing but insults from everyone. So, IDGAF any more. I took care of myself for my whole life and now those grandkids gotta’ do the same thing.
      The only disadvantage of being old is I won’t be here to see the US society living in mud and stick huts. Dang!!

  36. No I do not want to save the World. I want to save my country and the European race from the impending disaster.
    “Saving the World” is really codeword for “White people are evil and need to be colonized and miscegenated out of existence.” Thanks, but no thanks.

  37. I you want to donate to the poor, make sure to give to the local community. Or even better, give money or useful goods to people directly.
    Do not give foreign aid, as it will mostly line the pockets of corrupt politicians or western do-gooders. Better to not aid international SJW institutions at all.

  38. This is by far the most detrimental to humanity article I have ever read. While true it is easier to just not “GAF”, by doing so you forfit your significance, & impact in this existential world we live in. The purpose of any category of any species is to help its species thrive, so as humans logically the only thing that gives us worth is the positive impacts we leave behind in peoples lives. While its true you shouldn’t sip the coolaid of every social justice endeavor you encounter, choosing to shun, & demonize all of them is ridiculous. This writer sounds like an over privileged narcissist. “ugh! charities are so annoying, I hate when they try to get me to help suffering children, just let them die so I can order my machiatto in peace.” Before you decide to heed this explosive diarrhea of nonsensical drivel, educate yourself, not just on the numbers & statistics. But travel abroad & actually throw on another persons shoes, as im sure your $150 jordans are getting 2 weeks old now. I’m sure you’ll be astounded, that these are actual individuals you referred to. Crazy right? & on the minúte chance you maintain your extremely narrow hedonistic mindset, keep your destructive mindset to yourself because others actually have the integrity to act to work hard to improve conditions. This writer is a troll plain & simple.

      1. “thrive”, evidence to the fact you didn’t read it at all lol… In short I’m just saying people shouldn’t compare their 1st world problems(charity marketing) to things that actually matter.

  39. No people give money to these organizations because of peer pressure. If people were really inclined to emotional sympathy and care there would be a lot more equality sought after on things not so distant from where they live.

  40. I suggest watching Fundraiser on the cartoon Boondocks brings out reality of what these interest groups are really. A red pill cartoon

  41. IDGAF seems to be the core of alpha demeanor.
    “Lance, wanna screw?”
    “Whom? You? I dunno. I don’t give a fuck. Maybe someone hotter.”
    “Come on. Complimentary blow job, too.”
    “I don’t give a fuck. But if it makes you happy. Pucker up.”

  42. IDGAF is also alpha, in my opinion.
    “Hey, Lance, wanna fuck?”
    “Whom? You? I dunno. I don’t give a fuck. You. Someone hotter.”
    “I’ll throw in a blow job.”
    “Oh, okay. I still don’t give a fuck, though.”

  43. The only two charities I donate to are Movember because all the money goes to helping men in western countries – mens depression, homeless men and disease that solely affect men such as prostate cancer. The other is when I see a animal about to be “put down” through no fault of the animal.
    I refuse to help womens charities because they are everywhere and the stupidity of people that donate to womens only charities is the fact that most women will die from heart disease and yet I rarely hear of womens groups pointing this fact out and redirecting their money to a cause that will affect them more than all the other stupid charities.

  44. The longer I live in North America-and especially among Americans, the more I’ve needed to develop an IDGAF attitude. Decency = weakness at this time.

  45. I used to tell Planned Parenthood hipsters “You wouldn’t be here if your mother had had an abortion”. Then they would usually respond by saying “Have a Nice Day” .

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