Mainstream Media Applauds Actor And Globalist Mouthpiece Jesse Williams For Racist Tirade

In one of the most nauseating displays of overt racism ever seen in modern times, Jesse Williams, an overpaid actor who pretends to be a doctor on TV, spewed venomous bile which showed hatred towards his own mother as much as it debased an entire race while accepting a BET Humanitarian Award. It’s yet another chapter in the reality is stranger than fiction world of social engineering we have entered over the past several years. Here is an excerpt from his speech, which is loaded with race baiting and villainization.

We’ve been floating this country on credit for centuries, yo. And we’re done watching, and waiting while this invention called whiteness uses and abuses us. Burying black people out of sight and out of mind, while extracting our culture, our dollars, our entertainment like oil — black gold. Ghettoizing and demeaning our creations then stealing them. Gentrifying our genius and then trying us on like costumes before discarding our bodies like rinds of strange fruit. The thing is, though, the thing is, that just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real.

Williams also figuratively sent people who won’t agree with his ideals to the back of the bus.

If you have a critique for the resistance, for our resistance, then you better have an established record of critique of our oppression. If you have no interest, if you have no interest in equal rights for black people then do not make suggestions to those who do. Sit down.

The studio audience went wild. They loved it, as the speech clearly touched a nerve with them. But, it also touched a nerve with other people who were left aghast at its insinuations. Telling an entire race of people they’re an invention and don’t really exist is one thing. But how could Williams say that whiteness is an invention, denigrating his own Swedish mother? And with the knowledge he is half white himself? Does that mean blackness is also an invention? What does the rest of this diatribe even mean? Most of that paragraph seems rhetorical. Ask yourself a question. What if an overpaid white actor got up on stage at the White Entertainment Awards and said the following:

We’ve been floating this welfare state on credit for generations, and we’re done watching and waiting while this invention called blackness uses and abuses us.

I think the country and media would rightly be preparing for World War III after a comment like that. But Samuel L. Jackson lauded the hateful Williams speech as he accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award.

That brother is right and he’s true. Make sure you vote and take eight more people with you. We gotta fix this. Don’t get tricked like they did in London.

Making this entire fiasco even more unbelievable, Jackson told blacks to vote for an old white woman who is going to “fix” what 7 1/2 years of a black President couldn’t? What does he mean? Jackson’s comments capped off a bizarre turn of events at the awards show that raise more questions than answers.


Predictably, the Marxist media hailed the Williams hate speech as wonderful. The New York Times wrote How Jesse Williams Stole BET Awards With Speech on Racism. BET wrote Jesse Williams Spits Knowledge Like a Seasoned MC. CNN lauded the race hatred with a headline stating Jesse Williams’ speech stole the BET Awards. And USA Today rounds out the echo chamber with Jesse Williams takes racism to task in powerful BET Awards speech.

What kind of world are these media people living in writing headlines that praise a man who tells an entire race they don’t exist, and conjures up mental imagery of Evil White People and the Evil White Man rather than seeking unity? You can see why I left The Twilight Zone that is the mainstream media behind. Meantime, the media jumped all over Justin Timberlake for offering this timid rebuttal on Twitter.

Oh, you sweet soul. The more you realize that we are the same, the more we can have a conversation.

The knee-jerk reaction shouting Timberlake down and attacking him for daring to make a comment that calls for healing racial divisions shows us the real agenda of the puppet masters who control the media marionettes. There is a segment of society that is not into equality as much as getting their turn to oppress. This speech and the media reaction to it marks a worrisome shift in the narrative, one that has already become increasingly hostile to one group of people, singling them out as the enemy of every other race in the world.

Racial Bolshevism

Communist revolutions are often accompanied by atrocities such as genocide

Communist revolutions are often accompanied by atrocities such as genocide, which scapegoat certain groups as “oppressors”

The push to broad brush white people as villains must be seen for what it is as a socialist revolution proceeds through America and Europe. Speeches like these are intended to be intimidation and marginalization tactics, indicitive of a type of Racial Bolshevism that has developed within the current socialist revolution in America. I featured the idea of Racial Bolshevism last December with this commentary by Jack Borroughs, even before the Beyonce Black Panther Super Bowl, the targeting of Trump supporters by ethnic rioters, Black Lives Matter violence, and other racial pot stirring that has taken place in 2016.

That’s why contemporary Progressivism should really be called Racial Bolshevism.  The psycho-political profile is identical: whereas the original Bolsheviks believed that the Communist utopia could not be achieved without the elimination of the bourgeois class, the contemporary Racial Bolsheviks believe that the multi-cultural utopia cannot be achieved without the elimination of white people–especially white men.

That doesn’t mean that they’re *planning* to kill you. That’s not how mind control works. They think they’re just “seeking justice” for non-whites. But of course they will never define in concrete terms what “racial justice” actually is. It’s all kept tantalizingly abstract for a reason–namely, so that there is no end game, ever. That means that they can never stop. Every defeated injustice yields a new racial injustice on the horizon, which must then be defeated. Finally, the unacceptable injustice will be the very existence of white people.

After all, the only way to truly “stop white men” is to kill them. Right? Because if you don’t kill them, then they can always keep right on acting white, and doing white things, in that white way that you hate so much. But if you just kill them, then the problem of whiteness is permanently solved. And then the world will be saved! See how that works?

The Williams speech stripping an entire race’s humanity as he collected a “Humanitarian Award” marks the beginning of a new narrative that does exactly what this prescient statement warned us about—it makes the very existence of “whiteness” or white people an injustice that must be defeated. Already, the left is coming after white historical symbols—taking Jackson off the $20 bill is only their first volley. This speech marks the beginning of a new offense to debase your entire existence if you are of European descent. Could Black Lives Matter or a group like them be the new Khmer Rouge? Socialist revolutions are often accompanied by atrocities such as genocides. A quick refresher on the Khmer Rouge:

The organization is remembered especially for orchestrating the Cambodian genocide, which resulted from the enforcement of its social engineering policies. Arbitrary executions and torture carried out by its cadres against perceived subversive elements are considered to have constituted genocide.

Money was abolished, books were burned, teachers, merchants, and almost the entire intellectual elite of the country were murdered to make the agricultural communism, as Pol Pot envisioned it, a reality. The planned relocation to the countryside resulted in the complete halting of almost all economic activity: even schools and hospitals were closed, as well as banks, and even industrial and service companies. Banks were raided and all currency and records were destroyed by fire thus eliminating any claim to funds.

During their four years in power, the Khmer Rouge overworked and starved the population, at the same time executing selected groups who they believed were enemies of the state or spies or had the potential to undermine the new state. People who they perceived as intellectuals or even those who had stereotypical signs of learning, such as glasses, would also be killed. People would also be executed for attempting to escape from the communes or for breaching minor rules. If caught, offenders were taken quietly off to a distant forest or field after sunset and killed.

All religion was banned by the Khmer Rouge. Any people seen taking part in religious rituals or services would be executed. Several thousand Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians were killed for exercising their beliefs.

Almost all privacy was eliminated during the Khmer Rouge era. People were not allowed to eat in privacy; instead, they were required to eat with everyone in the commune. All personal utensils were banned, and people were given only one spoon to eat with. In many cases, family members were often relocated to different parts of the country with all postal and telephone services abolished.

Save a few minor details, the play by play of the Communist Khmer Rouge’s activities as they conducted a socialist revolution which marginalized religious people, teachers, doctors, and intellectuals could easily be seen as playing out any day in the United States and Europe. Indeed, some aspects of the atrocities that happened in Cambodia are already here – the elimination of privacy, for example, or the marginalization of religion by Christophobic leftists. The largely white middle class would likely be the target of a new revolution in America. We are beginning to see a lot of smoke signals telling us some kind of fire is being stoked which plausibly could turn into the targeting of one ethnic group as scapegoats.


Brexit has already made today’s Communist and globalist revolutionaries show part of their hand in the poker game, as the European Union moves to create a European superstate that echoes the Soviet Union in a last ditch effort to create one of the linchpins of world government, which would run all of Europe out of Brussels. Indeed, world government of the type we are beginning to see the picture of as the puzzle pieces fall into place was championed by none other than Marx himself. One must wonder if the intent of those pushing centralized world government follows Ayn Rand’s analysis:

There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism — by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.

Since instituting world government with the vote is obviously presenting problems for the elite as people wake up en masse, are we seeing the stoking of racial fires and class warfare as a backup plan, that if needed, will enslave the world by force instead of by vote? Make no mistake, this speech marks a turning point in the popular narrative, and with other world events taking place, it is nothing to be dismissed. It truly makes one wonder if a new genocide is an agenda item of the globalists.

Why else would they be pouring salt into old wounds and targeting an entire race for the crime of “whiteness”?

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      1. Kratom paste sunscreen will help prevent that, whilst increasing girth and length, too.

        1. Did you just question he made an assumption of an assumption you inquisitor?

        2. How dare you associate me with inquisitionistaphobia! These are far to many microaggressions for my college educated gender studies brain to handle. I’m going into my safe space!

        3. Are you forbidding me to enter your safe space because of who I am ? That’s discrimination !

        4. Discrimination is ok because your white and a man. Take your imperialism out of MUH safe space

        5. Assuming that I’m a white man is so specist of you that I’m triggered like I’ve never been before. I identify as a black poodle.

        6. This isn’t merely joke stealing. It’s Comical Appropriation, and that’s no laughing matter.

        7. You identify as a creature of color that white people have manipulated, kept in a shack, fed scraps to, and extorted the labor from? I sympathize with you. See I identify as a baleen whale, pay no attention that I walk on land, in fact people are starting to understand as I have been called a landwhale many times. You are most welcome in my safe space.

        8. You are from a privileged breed. I, on the other hand, identify as Shih Tzu. Check your privilege!

        9. God, I never thought I would have to see a comment section dominated by brevityphobes and their incessant verbosity.

    1. It’s funny how the lightest skinned ones are always the angriest at white people. Self-hatred is probably a factor.

        1. It’s possible that they envy white people for being white too. So that’s why they hate them. “Soar grapes” or the equivalent of “penis envy”. Or maybe they hate their parents for making them mixed. They become envious of both races but pick the easier side.

        2. I’ve known enough people of mixed race that had serious identity issues.
          Even blacks amongst themselves classify each other on whether they are dark skin or light skin.
          There should be research on this topic. How do you reconcile two very different ethnic identities?
          Imagine combining the reservedness of Japanese culture with the extrovertedness of American culture.

        3. Muhammad Ali would hoot and make chimp noises while beating his chest at opponents that were darker than him.

        4. Or it’s possible “they” have an insight into race relations that a lot of white people don’t because they are the products of interracial unions. You think siding with black people is picking the easier side? Where the hell have you been? White people live longer, earn more money, get better jobs, go to better schools and are treated a lot better by the legal system.

        5. Blacks “classify” themselves based on skin tones to the same degree that whites do on hair and eye color. White people distinguish themselves based on whether one has green eyes or blue eyes or brown, or whether one is blond, red haired or brunet. Hell, there are a dozen distinctions on blond hair alone (ash, dirty, strawberry). Does this mean white people have serious identity issues.
          There are studies on black and biracial identity. Someone bold enough to make statements about “serious identity issues” might be smart enough to look up such studies if he were interested. Or better yet, try meeting black people and asking them about it.

        6. Usually due to having an education, a healthy diet, morals, savings, and shit like that.

        7. I think he means the side which is expected to make the most excuses bicth , and complain

        8. That’s the most absurd argument I’ve ever heard. Because I’m white I’m not capable of critical thought about race relations? Hmm, that’s raciss.

        9. As a black man i will say the whole thing is foolish. The whole state of mind of light skin vs dark dates back to slavery where darks were in the field while lights worked in the house. I really thought that ignorant ass mindset would have been left in the past but unfortunately not. Luckily my parents taught me better lol.

        10. I’ve noticed it mainly in the blue-collar world (where people aren’t as PC in general).
          I could never really tell if it was meant as a derogatory thing or not.

        11. Not exactly. Although it’s sold as such on television and by women. Do white people hate mulattoes too? Seeing a lot of dindu comments floating around for this guy. Or is just based on what he said?

        12. I’d say it goes both ways. For some its just for jokes while others are still stuck in the past.

        13. I’ve witnessed this firsthand. Ironically, the ‘light-skinned’ ones have it the worst.

        14. “Do white people hate mulattoes?”
          Stupid question dude. Like all white people would have the same opinion on any question you asked ever.

        15. It sounds like your emotions are getting involved heavily here and I’m having trouble following your point, if you have one. Are men and women of bi-racial identity :”siding” with blacks? I thought society itself considered basically even someone 1/4 black as black pretty much automatically. I really didn’t know they had much of a choice as to how they are seen.
          Also curious about the live longer statement? What does this have to do with anything? If living longer is in white peoples genetics, then a half black half white man should get some of that, no matter who they side with. If it’s in their culture, then they should get some of that too from whichever parent was white, although the second option is less of a sure thing. There does seem to be a genetic component to this and also an obesity component which is largely lifestyle. Pun intended on the largely.

        16. “Stupid question dude. Like all white people would have the same opinion on any question you asked ever.”
          Funny how that logic isn’t followed on the opinions of what black people are like, hold as responsibility, or showcase on a day to day basis. But yet opinions are floated like pearls of wisdom. Good way to point out hypocrisy.

        17. Im a Joe Frazier fan myself. When Ali had no money, Frazier would help him out. All Ali did was insult him. In their third and final bout, Ali wanted to throw in the towel, his cornerman said “Just one more round!”. Frazier’s cornerman, not Frazier, threw in the towel. Why? He couldnt see out of one eye due to the pummeling he received. The other eye, his good one? Well, he was legally blind, and kept it hidden from the public. He could only see shadows at that point, and he still wanted to go out like a champion. Ali did not

        18. Ali was only ‘the greatest’ because of his politics. There were better boxers in the era.

        19. I think the problem is American mainstream culture. At least in my experience, in Latin America those things are unheard of. Here in the south where I work (way south of your border with MX), is no racial utopia, however Mulattos and other mixed race peoples are content with themselves share the culture of their white counterparts and love their respective countries to the point of chauvinism even though the national identities of those countries are not fully developed.
          Things like ebonics (a particular dialect of the blacks in US) are just a laughing stock, there are no racial accents in the region. It seems your victim culture has done its wonders.

        20. And because of his mouth.
          Even after that third fight, Ali had no choice but to admit several times that Frazier was tough as hell.

        21. Your argument is pointless. The state of other black people doesn’t affect the state of Williams. He still has money and status. But black always trumps white, so he picked black.

        22. f**k Ali, the most arrogant athlete of all time. And a racist. The fact that anyone talks about him in high regard is already a troubling sign for our country

        23. <.

        24. Oh, you cannot say anything bad about the great Ali. Remember the funeral for Ali? All of the people who came in and made it a political rally for every leftist cause? It made me throw up!

        25. Colin Powell’s response to Tiger Woods denial of being black applies here. When you look like me walking down the street, most people will say you are black, and that means you are black.

        26. It is a matter of perception; you don’t get to choose. I was married to a half black Costa Rican woman. She was light skinned enough to just look Hispanic (her deep accent helped with that impression) in the US. But when we went to Costa Rica the difference in the way she was treated, even within her family, was huge. Those saying shade doesn’t matter below the US southern border are full of shit.

        27. The poster I replied to stated that biracial people side with black people. I never said white people are incapable of critical thought. What “argument” of mine are you referring to in your statement? Everything I stated is true.

        28. Did you read the statement I was replying to, Josh? The original poster claimed Williams was siding with blacks, the implication being clear that black people somehow have it better. Living longer does have something to do with genetics but it also has lots to do with income, environment etc. There’s no genetic component to obesity. Look at white Americans, then look at white Europeans. White Americans are lardasses in comparison.

        29. What argument am I making? It’s a statement, period. I’m not arguing why Williams identifies as black. Bi racial people are categorized as black in American society and always have been. The minute one decides to accept the categorization, white people like you are suddenly upset ( it’s not about you). Black doesn’t trump white in the U.S. That’s why rich black people are still treated poorly by white society.

        30. Just stating, blacks idealize poor goals in general. It shows with age.

        31. Argue to me that they took us to the moon, defeated mountain summits, the sea and air, created automobiles etc. Go on motherfucker

        32. Really..during his era who could match him in terms of pure athletic prowess. No one can deny his political legacy, but keep in mind before he was stripped of his title he was undefeated

        33. Ever been to an automotive plant, dickmouth? Black men built those cars right alongside white men. As for the moon, you do recall that back in the 50s and 60s many blacks were excluded from the very colleges and jobs that facilitated the space race, right?

        34. What are you basing this opinion on, genius? I doubt you know any black people. “It shows with age”? What shows with age?

        35. Lol I actually did ask a black friend yesterday about this and he said I was right.

        36. Their poor life decisions. Basing this opinion on their lack of passing any inheritance to children, to better their future generations. Look at some household stats genius, and pull your head out of the sand. How many blacks you meet who knew their daddy?

        37. Fail- yes look at what blacks did to these cities after they came for the Union jobs. Any shipyard or auto plant, from Tacoma to Detroit. Nice places, huh? How do you think Oakland became synonymous with crime-ridden shithole? Blacks from south brought in to work shipyard labor, went to the pits from there. You have such frail little arguments, hard to hide the sun with your thumb isn’t it? Have any examples of how South Africa has been on the ascent since um, the 70s? Or has it declined? Now throw me some examples of their family values & how they cherish women through music. Little twit.

        38. You said “Blacks idolize poor goals in general”. Again, what are you basing this opinion on? Your reply “Their lack of passing any inheritance to children”. That isn’t an answer nor does it make any sense. You’re asking me to look at household stats. This goes back to my original point that blacks people don’t have it easier than white people, and to say Jesse Williams is siding with black people because blacks have it “easier” is ridiculous. Every black person I’ve ever met knows their daddy. Quit acting like white men aren’t absentee fathers, too. My head isn’t in the sand.

        39. Little twit? You’re about as dumb as a rock. Those cities failed because industry left them. All over the U.S. where industry has left, ruin has settled in. The crystal meth problem plaguing white America is an example, as is declining wages and life expectancy for white men. I like how you drip with contempt for blacks having the nerve to leave the South for good paying union jobs. It’s almost as if you think black people are inferior and didn’t deserve the opportunity. You keep saying I have frail little arguments. I’m not arguing with you; I’m stating facts. These things may not confirm to what you’ve taught yourself to believe, but what I’m saying is true.
          There was something driving white flight and the decline of cities in the 60s and 70s. Seeing how gentrification and white populations returning to cities has been ongoing since the mid 90’s, with black people still remaining in the cities, I’d say that “something” was an attitude among whites that has since evolved.
          As for South Africa, I have never been there, but I am aware that Apartheid was a thing until about 1990. You may have a point. After three hundred years of systematic oppression and poverty,they should have gotten their shit together in the twenty six years they’ve been free (that’s me being sarcastic) . I don’t know about their family values or how they treat women and I’m sure you don’t either.
          To your original point? When a black person has “education, diet, morals, savings, shit like that” it only makes him more of a target to jealous assholes like you.

        40. No they don’t. And what is with you putting light skinned in quotes? Do you think all black people have the same exact skin tone? Light skinned black people actually get a fairer shake in American society. Light skinned black men are considered smarter and “less threatening” and light skinned black women are considered “prettier” than their dark skinned counterparts by white America. Within the black community? Sure, it happens where someone might have a beef with someone else who has lighter skin, but it cuts both ways: light skinned black people will talk about dark skinned black people. It’s like how white girls with black hair talk shit about blondes and vice versa. Simple comparison and not quite the same but similar.

        41. lol frail little responses, get out of here moron. Making excuses for a piss poor history won’t cut it, take the training wheels off and blacks revert back to their usual savagery.

        42. Let’s just be honest and admit that it’s not just whites who find light skinned blacks to be more attractive. It’s certainly blacks as well. If a black man with money doesn’t end up with a white girl, you can bet he has a mulatto with a Caucasoid face.

        43. Too be fair to Ali, it was a brutal punishing fight. It’s easy for us to sit on the sidelines calling a guy a punk after he’s has his ass beat for 14 rounds but if we haven’t experienced that kind of punishment (I have experienced a fraction of it and it is awful) we cannot appreciate the mental and physical toll it takes on a man.
          This is why you need a good corner man. He makes the right decisions. Suppose Futch did send Frazier out again. Frazier might have died in the ring instead of spending some time in hospital.
          We can second guess decisions from afar or we can accept the ones made by the men closest to them.

        44. And because of his unwillingness to back down when they tried to take away his livelihood? A man who stood up for his principles? Aren’t these the aspects we encourage in men?

        45. There’s definitely much more arrogant athletes. I actually think Ali was one of the most humble which is why he is revered around the world.
          Why are you so envious?

        46. Not dark enough to be Black and not Light enough to be considered White. Sounds, like a raw deal to me. Unless you’re ‘light-skinned’ maybe you shouldn’t speak about things of which you have no knowledge. Also, I put ‘light-skinned’ in quotes because the idea of segregating amongst your own is profoundly stupid.

        47. You’ve gotta be kidding me. Sorry you’re butthurt about others not feeling the same way you do about this guy, but actually f**k your feelings! Ali was one of the most arrogant athletes of his generation. In my eyes, and based on my moral values, he’ll never be a true champion because of that. He wasn’t able to rise above the stresses and vitriol with a positive attitude and humble spirit.
          It is quite laughable you calling Ali humble, what crock of s**t you are delusional. All the man did was talk s**t and disrespect others.

        48. “A mulatto with a Caucasoid face”? How’s that view from 1873? Caucasiod? Mulatto? You probably pay for pussy…
          Let’s just be honest and admit that the reason there are so many variations in black American skin tones is because white slave masters couldn’t resist banging their black slaves. It must have been good; they ripped apart a country and seceded from the Union because they feared losing their slaves and losing out on fucking black chicks.

        49. Calling someone light skinned or dark skinned among blacks people isn’t segregating amongst your own no more than saying blond brunet or red haired counts as white people segregating among their own. White people “segregate” with hair and eye color. Where are your deep thoughts on that subject?
          Not dark enough to be black or white enough to be white? Grow a brain cell or two! i know Jewish, Indian, Arab and Latin people who are often mistaken for “mulatto”. Not everything is white/black.

        50. Will you come up with something to disprove ANY of the points I’ve made aside from your own opinion, you gaping cunt? Give me an example of “black savagery” and I can counter it with ten of “white savagery”. I wish I could be as dumb as you. We’re having this debate.. But my thing is, I don’t make blanket assertions about white people. Being from th U.S., it’s very easy to do so. There’s a famous photo( there’s several) of a gathering of white peoples at a lynching, posing in front of the two dead hanging bodies. No shame or fear of being identified or a hint of compassion or remorse. Yet you want to type “black savagery” from the safety of your home. The big difference between you and I is that every word I’ve typed, I would say to your face. I’m a man of conviction and integrity. You’d never in a billion years say this shit to a black man (unless you were surrounded by twenty of your closet allies). That and I have actual documentation that’s been peer reviewed to back up my claims.

        51. Black people are fucking idiots and I avoid them, why would I debate with one of their dumbasses? I need them in my life like a need a kick to the balls, worthless motherfuckers out to play victim. Next question? Oh, correct, they’ve never improved anything in my life the least bit. Carry on, dickbreath.

        52. Their shitty decisions leading to the death at mid life, just like Ol Dirty Bastard and countless others. Need more fucking guidance, dimwit?

        53. Well, they only had their own continent called Africa to build upon, right? Oh nevermind, that place is just somewhere for celebs to donate money for piss all forever. Entire continent not really doing shit except breeding AIDS and other disease. Go back to Africa and keep trying, or you wanna cry more in the USA? That’s what I thought bitch ass.

        54. 50s and 60s blacks were busy in Los Angeles starting riots/fire, then shooting at the firemen who came to put that crap out. Proud heritage. I like how the Koreans handled them in the 90s.

        55. Points aren’t even debatable. Black savagery- go into any black community for more examples than you can count. Read Zebra. Ferguson, MO had plenty of black savagery. Rape figures? The appearance of 95% of dindunuffin females could pass as an assault on my senses. North African females can be beautiful, I’ll say that, maybe even North Eastern ones also, but for the most part the American black is a sad excuse for the rest of African descendants. Even in Central/South America, we are amazed by the mathematics of the Mayans…does Africa have anything comparable from ancient man?

        56. What in the eternal fuck are you talking about, dickweasel?! Ferguson? Dindinuffin? North African- you have spun completely out of your goddamn mind. There was a university in Timbuktu regarded as a center of learning in the ancient world. Africa must have held some allure. Why else did Europe scramble to divide it and tap it’s… resources? The continent was under colonial rule until the 1960s. Do you recall what the U.S.A. went through in its first 50 years after colonial rule? Probably not. Read a book.

        57. Black people are idiots and you avoid them.. More like you’d shit your pants if you ever encountered a black person. You couldn’t debate a black person because you don’t grasp the concept of a debate. To debate, you need things like facts. You need a topic to debate. You don’t have anything but a microscopic dick and a brain to match. You’re such a sorry little pussy. I hope you get laid sometime in the next decade, assbandit

        58. And the whites were busy blowing up black children in churches in the 1950s/1960s. Proud heritage. I’m sure the Koreans love your praise knowing what you’d do to their daughters/ sisters if given a chance, a bottle of MGD and some special K

        59. Africa is a continent with more racial diversity than any on the planet, you stupid fuckstick! White people loved their continent so much they left it to come to North America. After centuries of pestilence and wars, they get bored? Go back to Africa? There are black people in this country with roots going back to at least 1620. Maybe you should take your sorry ass back to Europe. As for AIDS. Look it up and you’ll find the first carrier of AIDS to North America is a white man. Not that you will look it up. That requires reading. Bitch ass. Yeah, you wish. The last time you saw a bitch ass you were looking in the mirror, you chapped assed, ankle grabbing son of a whore!

        60. Again, inbred.. Life expectancy from white men is going down.. Kinda like you after too many beers when you’re hanging out with your buddies.

        61. You asked a black friend and he said you were right! Ask ten more of your “black friends” and get back to us. Then ask ten more black people who aren’t your friends. Basing your world view on something your one black friend told you is stupid.

        62. Seriously, what kind of a dumbass comes up with the strategy of trying to tire the other guy out by leaning on the ropes and letting him pummel your body so bad you piss blood after the fight?

        63. You’re a funny guy. You’ve no idea what my “feelings” are.
          You don’t know anything about Ali but you do know envy and hate. I’m pretty sure Ali went to his grave not giving a fuck about miserable people like you.

        64. “There was something driving white flight and the decline of cities in the 60s and 70s. Seeing how gentrification and white populations returning to cities has been ongoing since the mid 90’s, with black people still remaining in the cities, I’d say that “something” was an attitude among whites that
          has since evolved. ”
          No, that “something was
          (((slum lords))) decreasing property values by renting to porch monkeys so they could evict them later and sell for huge profits to stupid goy hipster yuppies. See the movie “An Education”. Since section 8 relocations later ruined the suburbs also, whites figured they might as well not have to sit in traffic for hours every morning and moved back to the city to be closer to work.

        65. Why would white people have any shame, compassion, remorse or fear of being identified for hanging criminals? Society wasn’t insane enough yet to have invented #blacklivesmatter for thugs who got what they were asking for. I would have no problem saying this to your face even if I was alone and you were wit 20 ov yo boyz

        66. “Look it up and you’ll find the first carrier of AIDS to North America is a white man”
          Ya he was a coal burning monkey fuckin homo who brought it back from a trip to African’t

        67. So you do not think that people of mixed-race have to deal with opposing cultural/racial identities?

        68. to call Ali humble you are an idiot, that is the definition of ignorance. You are dismissed.

        69. Keep crying that its a white man’s fault for not opening the door to your opportunities-Africa is an utter wasteland. Europeans conquered North America, while your bros were peddlin’ your asses to the sugar fields for a buck. Way to win!

        70. Cant debate with blacks, cause they cant stomach the bitter truth. Predictable your negroid brain reverts to dick size in your tirade. Fortunately for you, you have a skull density which can withstand blows from 2x4s to help offset the harrowing situations your mind guides you to.

        71. Africa is a joke, and always has been. The Chinese are now there looting its resources, thankfully. Keep grasping at straws and skewing history. The Dutch made it their bitch.

        72. Your revisionist black history needs to hold water somewhere before a debate is needed.

        73. Who can debate with an idiot like you? Nothing you’ve said is rooted in truth and it’s all based on your own hatred. Every point you’ve thrown at me has been stupid and easy to refute. Your response? Double down and keep insulting.
          The big differences between us are that everything I have written, I’d say to someone’s face, and I’d be able to back it up with facts and history. You’re a coward who wouldn’t dare say the shit out loud that you share here. What bitter truth can’t I stomach? You haven’t shared any truths, just a bunch of bullshit insults. How do you know anything about “blacks” when by your own admission you don’t know any? When you throw around words like “negroid”, you only further prove how backward you are. Skull density and negroid..when did you graduate high school? 1893? Continue to rock that home school education of yours! I do mean it, Dirty. I hope you get laid.

        74. Hope youre running a good synthetic grease in the axles of that hamster wheel, it’s approaching redline.

        75. Apparently only in white men. Funny how the speaker addressed actual historical and present day opression based on race. Yet the thinly veiled Alt right bloggers at ROK call him racist???? WTF I guess all the sites advocating for mens rights are sexist againt women then. I get it though my fellow brothern know our lots in life suck and the only saving grace is that we arent black. Its a pathetic bitch move to continue to bitch and whine about Blacks fighting for equality and liberty while ignoring real historical and current examples of oppression of Blacks. But then again this is ROK, all elese fails lets kick around the blacks again for fucking clicks.

        76. let me ask you this, what black is your equal? what black is qualified or worthy of anything other then your scorn? ???

        77. I think Obama is a good man, Ben Carson, Colin Powell, Brian Anthony Logan, ummm numerous black friends and associates, etc. I’m not big on racist black tribalists, though, or black leftists, and their liberal white enablers who have never actually lived in a black neighborhood or had to struggle like lower class whites. I’m not big on black people who try and blame all their problems on ‘the white man,’ and guess, what, a LOT of black people (and esp black self-made men, alpha males) agree with that sentiment. White supremacy and white privelage don’t explain or excuse everything, or much of anything for that matter. Cops and others fear black people b/c of the way the criminal element and their enablers act, and b/c of the extraordinary amount of violence poor black areas produce. Not rocket science. Stop attacking others and being hostile and life will get much better for you. If you are a law abiding, respecful black person I am truly sorry that you may have to at some times pay for the sins of your brethren, but again, thats also not the ‘white mans’ fault.

        78. I didnt call him a punk- you did. Frazier helped him out when was down on his luck. Did Ali appreciate it? nope. All he did was talk shit. And that is my point- Frazier was willing to die in the ring- Ali wasnt. I have much respect for Frazier

        79. Ali was active when the USA was clearly a racist nation. He was a loudmouth, but this nation was so up its own arse, that kind of assault was appropriate. If you’re going to defend Vietnam, and the kind of bombing industrial complex that typified the 1960s, after Eisenhower clearly warned about it, and Kennedy was killed trying to stop it, then you’re totally clueless.

        80. He was a fricking boxer and a young man at that! He wasn’t a loudmouth as he grew older! Do you think Dick Cheney comes across as arrogant?

        81. I think being willing to die in the ring is stupid rather than the mark of a champion. Frazier is lucky that his corner-man knew better.
          Actually nobody called Ali a punk I was speaking loosely. You do seem to be implying that Frazier is somehow more of a man than Ali. How do you know Ali didn’t appreciate Frazier’s help? In any case the two men were in competition with each and yes Ali talked shit but Frazier talked a lot of shit about Ali. Ali was just better at it.
          I have respect for Frazier too but do you respect the fact that Frazier constantly mocked Ali’s Parkinsons Disease? Hows that for shit talk?

        82. Yes i know it was a different time in this country. I don’t judge him on his conscientious objection to going to war either.
          Idk y people are so protective of ali. Its just my personal preference —and has been my whole life– that i don’t like trash talkers. I just don’t. Maybe it’s because i grew up watching Rocky and Bloodsport, or the values of my family. Either way i don’t consider trash talkers true champions

        83. This is one of the most non sensical posts I have ever read on ROK. Did any of that have any facts?

        84. Yeah. Cheney was arrogant and evil.
          I dont like Ali’s trash talking but, thats an objective point. My beef with Ali is less about him and more about how overrated he is. There are and were better boxers than him. Like Pele he gets sold as great because it fits a narrative.

        85. Son, you’ve bought into the Hollywood narrative that Whites are afraid of Blacks. Thats a joke. Even though, I really don’t care about this debate youre having, I would not only tell you and every other Black person or any colour, what I think because I am real man and thats what men do.
          What you fail to realize is that Whites arent at all afraid of Blacks. Whites afraid of the legal system. Whites have shiit to live for and dont want to mess up their lives. That’s why they avoid conflict. The irony is that the same police and legal system that BLM and other idiots always rant about is who actually protect Black people. If Whites actually rose up and acted en masse against Blacks, shiit wouldnt end well for Blacks.

      1. Virtue signalling, in hopes they’ll be spared when appearance is all that counts during the bloodletting.

      2. And there’s another interesting issue here. One century ago this guy would have tried to IDENTIFY HIMSELF AS WHITE, since his looking is not that far from a white guy. He could pass as a dark skinned white.
        Nowadays he chooses to identify himself as black.
        There’s an empirical rule to check which group is more oppressed. Just look for the mixed people who could choose both groups and check with which group they choose to identify themselves, because it’s most likely the group that will give them social advantages.
        And that says something about the social racism these days, doesn’t it?

        1. Can you blame anyone who could pass as white a century ago for doing so?
          There is no advantage for the average man to identify as black, at least not to the extent you imply. Unless your appearance is really at the margins no one will accept you as anything but anyway.
          At most, people would consider this guy biracial, definitely not white.
          I have a similar complexion, bone structure, hair (brown eyes though) and I’ve been asked if I was Spanish, Egyptian, Filipino, Ethiopian, mixed (black/white), etc. White has never come up.

        2. Well, guess what? I am Spanish. And Spain is as white as any other European country. Indeed, the populations which are the more closely related to us (genetically) are England and Ireland. When it comes to look, I usually pass as french. Not to say there’s almost no Arabic blood in Spain. We made a good cleaning after the Reconquest. Maybe other western countries should follow the example.
          If somebody has asked you if you were Spanish or Egyptian or Ethiopian… I’m afraid that person has no idea of what people looks like around the world.
          With regard to the guy in the article, he’s clearly mixed. But mixed people can identify themselves with one of the groups. This guy clearly identify himself as black, even when he just looks about a quarter black. That is what you should think about.

        3. I have two half black grand nephews (well one half black and one 1/4 black). The only way either of them would be identified as black is if they told someone. Light skin is genetically dominant. They even both have blue eyes. The reaction I have seen is that everyone, white and black, assume they are white.

        4. There are NO social advantages with identifying as black! He does so because in the U.S. if you have one white parent and one black parent, you are considered white. Jesse Williams didn’t make this shit up, so stop acting like he “chose” to be white. I get that a lot of you boys are like 27 years old, but his racial identity was decided centuries ago. “An empirical rule-” you need a punch in the fucking nose! No one in their right mind would identify with an oppressed group. There’s no incentive to, unless you think there’s something so awesome about being black and male. Which you apparently do. I suggest you read the shit in this comments section said about black men. I also suggest you do the math. Black people are 12 percent of the population. Black men are probably 6 percent. Meanwhile, the U.S. Is like 75 percent white. What social advantages are there??

        5. Spain does have a lot in common with Ireland and England DNA wise, but it also has a higher concentration of sub Saharan DNA than the rest of Western Europe. It’s not huge, but it’s there. To make sure you’re not 1-2% sub Saharan African you should get a DNA test. Please report back with the results.

        6. Well, my mother was blonde with blue eyes and my father was basque, so it doesn’t look like sub saharan, does it?
          Anyway, 1-2% of sub-Saharan blood is quite a low amount nowadays. Compare with US (15% of black blood), France (10% of arabic blood), Germany (10% Turskish blood), UK (5-10% Pakistani blood). So it seems that Spain is likely to be one of the whitest places in Europe right now. Not judging, just answering your comment.

        7. Again, Spain and Portugal have more sub Saharan African blood than the rest of Europe, around 1-2%. It’s a fact. Have you ever had a DNA test? You might be surprised( or mortified) by the results. Spaniards aren’t whiter than Americans or the English. Spain was colonized by the Moors for how many centuries? White Americans are pretty white, as are English.

        8. Well, indeed we are, unless you consider that 1-2% in Spain is higher than 10% of Pakistani blood in UK or 15% of black blood in US. And in case you disagree, I’m afraid I’d suggest you to take some basic (very basic) math courses.

        9. -Novelty/exoticism, the same way France loved jazz and it was where black “musicians” made the most $ in the 1930’s. 6%, makes you wonder why every pop song has to feature a rapper in the middle nowadays
          -The superior athlete/ big dong myth
          -Kardashian poosay, oh wait you wanted a social advantages, my bad
          -Victim status reparations.

        10. You are missing the point entirely! You keep writing “10% Pakistani blood in the U.K.”. Are you referring to the Pakistani population of the U.K.? If so, read what I wrote. The DNA of Europeans in the Iberian Peninsula is 1-2% sub Saharan African. White English people aren’t 10% Pakistani anymore than white Americans are 15% black. I suggest you take some (very basic) reading comprehension classes. I’m not referring to populations and percentages of minorities within the country, I’m referring to the DNA composition of white people within Spain.Again, this isn’t about the number of nonwhite people in Spain, it’s about the racial ancestry of Spanish people themselves. Do you understand now or do I need to draw you pictures?

      3. maybe this ……”During the antebellum period, abolitionists featured mulattoes and other light-skinned former slaves in public lectures in the North, to arouse public sentiments against slavery by showing Northerners slaves who were visually indistinguishable from them, preventing them from putting the people in the category of “other”.”

      4. Maybe the anger stems from institutional racism. If you actually listened to his tirade you would know that he was talking about the many acts of racist acts by law enforcement and other government agencies.

      5. Many of them hate white people because being half-white the “black community” treats them like shit. They’re attacked constantly growing up by dindu nuffins for not being “black enough.”
        Instead of ever turning against their own diseased communities, they instead learn a deep resentment for their white parentage for “tainting them…” because before dem white folk dey wuz kings n’ sheeit.

      6. Self-hatred runs rampant in white liberals and leftists. I am sure that’s one of the major sources from where his mindset comes from, the other would probably be the BLM movement and the black panther party. But at the core he just wants to be black and black people recognise sellouts. So he acts like a white self-hating liberal or leftist to try to convince them.
        Personally I wouldn’t trust anyone who fights their own no matter what their reasons are. It’s a sign of weakness of character to put strangers ahead of your own.

    2. That’s what today’s western woman has been told that she wants.

    3. Indeed. Another half white (or half black) man crying about the system. At what point do we consider that change is or has happened (with a black President at the helm). At what point does the black community stop playing victim and start accepting responsibility and accountability?
      The black community wants to be equal to all others but it still wants it’s own stuff (like the BET awards where no white person has ever won that award). They can’t have it both ways – win the Oscars so we’re all equal and then have their own awards show. They can’t be equal and have affirmative action (a leg up just because they are black).
      I’ve done nothing but help pay for the black community to get their shit together for decades (you’re welcome). The work was hard but it’s not over…let’s get it done and stop with “playing the victim” and bitching…that’s the role of women.

      1. Using President Obama is an anecdote and is a weak form of argument, look at things more holistically. Historically, when Black people do take responsibility and accountability and thrive, their efforts are destroyed (Tulsa Race Riots). Hell, they even wanted to move back to Africa and that was stopped too (Marcus Garvey). Affirmitive Action does not disenfranchise any group and is not a zero-sum game, like the Jim Crow laws did. White women are the biggest benefactors of AA. I think you are exaggerating on paying for the black community and are referring to welfare, which is a miniscule compared to where the rest of your tax dollars go. And if you want to talk about welfare look up the Homestead Act of the 1860s where land was given to only white people.

        1. Obama is hardly an anecdote when you consider that the majority of Americans voted for him. Twice.
          And AA doesn’t disenfranchise any groups? What do you call it when there are two candidates for one job (aka a zero-sum micro system), Tom is white and better qualified for the job. Harold is black and less qualified. But Harold gets the job OVER the better qualified white person just based on his race. Systematically. That is pretty much the definition of racism, and being disenfranchised. And zero-sum. At least on the micro level.

        2. I am arguing from a macro level. You are using an anecdote and an outlier with Harold/Tom. That is not the norm, that is an exception which rarely happens. Whereas Jim Crow affected all black people, all the time everywhere.

        3. But the fact that AA exists and that that is it’s purpose and effect…doesn’t that sort of make it not an outlier/anecdote? It affects any white person who has to compete with an African American for a job. It may not affect ALL white people but neither does institutional racism of the criminal justice system affect ALL black people…but it’s still a problem.
          Either way, thanks for responding. I appreciate it when two people can have a civil discussion on the internet!

        4. Add up all the micro levels and you get the macro level. It is disadvantaging whites across the board and anyone that says this is ok is a racists. The greater part of this racism is the racism of lowered expectations. It is the assumption that blacks are so inferior to whites, and always will be, that they just have to have preferential treatment to make ends meet. The black racists believe this just as much as the white racists.
          BTW giving long ago historical examples of racism against blacks does nothing to justify the current racism against whites. Racism against blacks then was done away with. When will you support doing away with anti white racism?

        5. You are pretty much arguing my point. If you add up all the micro aggresions, do you think the sum of these micro aggressions against whites is greater than those that impact blacks? In other words, do you you think your odds are overall better if you are black? For the blacks that hypothetically do get the job over a more qualified white counterpart, how many don’t even get their resume looked at? (a study was actually done on this, i will let you guess what the outcome was). Black people are only 13% of the population, of which most will never even be in a position to “steal” a job from a white person. Even if every single one of them benefited “unjustly” the odds would still be in favor of whites on a macro level.
          How long is too long ago to cite relevant historical examples? what is the cutoff? The examples I gave were less than 100 years ago, relatively recent in the history of the entire world and not ancient by any means. Racism was not done away with, and will never be honestly. people didn’t just wake up one day and realize that they don’t hate black people anymore.

      1. Why can’t noids just remember their place in the world, entertaining the men that built the world as we know it.

      2. I suspect we shan’t be seeing Will Smith much anymore since he embarrassed you know who.

    4. What do you call an Obama styled half-negroid full of nonsensical racially charged vitriol?

    5. This is not without design. As this movement goes on, you will see lighter and lighter people joining it. The whiter you are, the more you will be expected to call out whiteness in order to prove your worthiness and commitment to the campaign of moral panic. Eventually people of complete Caucasian ancestry will be forced to be the loudest critics of whiteness. It is designed to create a hysteria of people hating the color of their own skin.

      1. We’re definitely already starting to see this. I hear way more white people calling out whiteness than black people.

    6. Yeah, that’s the first thing that I noticed when I saw the title and first picture of this article. W.T.F?

    7. Technically he is right. There is no such thing as a white person. It is an invention of pseudo-science that serves certain social functions. However, there is also no such thing as a black person.


      1. ISIS or PKK.
        Check CNN or any other news site. It’s everywhere.

        1. Yeah, this shit doesn’t even phase me one bit anyone. It’s gotten to the point where it’s just like seeing the traffic report; your not surprised because it’s happened so many times already. There’ll probably be a few more before the year is up.

      2. It’s obvious the Amish, Jehovah Witnesses, and Mormons are responsible.

        1. Hey man…
          Don’t underestimate those Jehovah’s witnesses. Not being able to celebrate holidays would make anybody snap.

    1. Holy shit calm down, its okay. Your acting like people won’t even have candle light vigils and post their condolences on social media. Every things going to be taken care of.

  2. That’s what’s always gets me about these half castes, they always identify as black. Obama’s father was midnight black and his mother milky white. She took the black pipe and the old man disappeared. The guy identifies as black yet is not black, he is half n half. Of course they identify as the victim class….more cheese……
    What are the chances this guys mudsharking mother brought him up alone…….

      1. I would suspect it would name his real father, but it doesn’t matter. The man was a manchurin candidate from way back.

        1. Frank marshall davis
          Obumma looks exactly like him. And its a provable fact his mother dated him for a while

    1. I remember some idiot Brit reporter writing an article about how “At least the President isn’t someone of Anglo Saxon descent…” and screaming YES HE IS

    2. Funny enough, I’m a mixed Whitezican and have always claimed as such. I’ve never understood why any of the half breeds such as myself won’t admit they’re mixed other than admitting they were whipped ass little bitches by their classmates growing up.

      1. Every mixed person I have ever met and known will tell you they’re mixed if you ask. The big reason being that so many people DO ask. Nobody tries to hide it. Whitezican about a self hating, whipped little bitch

        1. Damn you must know some forward people. I have mixed siblings and people never ask them if they are mixed.

        1. May God hold you near and whisper on love in your ear. Some bonds cannot be broken, I pray your touching comments will speak volumes for you one day. May God cradle you in his bossom. Stay blessed! Pray, tonight just pray!

        2. No problem. We’d sit down over a cup of coffee. I’d have my facts and figures together. I’d go through how single motherhood is destroying black communities in the US and how 65% of all violent crime is perpetrated by blacks even though they are only 13% of the population. if he gets angry over facts that’s his problem.

        3. It’s really even worse than that, of that statistic, 95% is committed by AA males between the ages of 15 and 25, meaning 1% of the population is committing over half of violent crime and murders in America – mostly against other AAs.

    3. Obama was raised exclusively by white folks. Beyonce was raised by a white mom (IIRC).
      Odds this guy was raised exclusively by a single white mother? Given the pattern, 90%.

    4. Half castes. You’re a dipshit. The reason biracial offspring identify as black is because that’s the classification given them, by law. When slavemaster would rape slave women and the women had children, the law considered them black and illegitimate, mainly to avoid the offspring from claiming any rights to their father’s estate. Remember, back then black people had no legal rights. No legal rights meant no right to sue.
      Nobody is “identifying with the victim”. There are black people lighter than Obama with two black parents, would you consider them half white? Most African Americans/ black Americans have white ancestry- some more than others.

      1. So you got callouses on your hands from picking cotton? I never owned slaves and you never picked cotton. Get over it…….sheeeeeeettttttt

      2. It’s not about skin tone, it’s genetics. He is literally half white.

      3. This is very true. My mother Is Italian. However my fathers people (the Griffith’s) are Anglo Saxon/Irish that trace their ancestry all the way back to the founding of the USA. We were able to trace the Griffith side back several generations. What we found was wild. My great great (several greats ago) Grandfather owned a huge plantation in South Carolina. This was confirmed through court documentation, legal records etc. From what we could find, it is estimated that he fathered 30+ children with Black women. He owned 297 slaves and during the Civil War was a Colonel in the Confederate army. I say this only to illustrate your point of most Blacks having some White European heritage in them. I would go a step further and say that virtually ALL Black Americans that trace their roots back to slavery have White blood in them.
        I always considered myself a Yankee, (being born and raised on the south side of Chicago) however the only ancestors I had inside of the USAat the time of the Civil War were from the South. I knew my dads side had owned slaves as well as a plantation. I knew my Grand Father was originally from South Carolina. But once we started to dig up the history, it was really a eye opener. The land is STILL in the hands of the Griffith family to this day.

    5. Who in this world would consider Obama anything but black? That wasn’t his choice. I’m not defending the guy because I quite frankly don’t like what he’s done as POTUS, but I think this line of thinking is an over-analysis.

      1. Italian’s are not white. Everything from Rome south is just Northern Africa.

  3. Why do they even have BET awards? Aren’t we all equal why does a race need a seperate award? I think it’s time to protest this obvious discrimination! It’s high time a white actor won a BET award!

        1. Given the size of the black population in America it would be kind of odd if black people were winning every second Oscar. Unless you are for special treatment and quotas?

    1. They have BET awards because for decades, black contributions to entertainment were ignored and sidelined by the mainstream media you people vilify. I believe a few white people have won BET awards. Why do you care is the question? You hate back people. Also, why is there a Miss Black America contest? Because when the Miss America contest came about, the rules expressly forbade black women from competing. I’ll never understand why it’s okay for a white person to point out how a black person is black, but when black people acknowledge their own blackness, white people freak out.

      1. It reminds me of payback by feminists (and not true equality).
        So for years other people got it wrong and now this generation must pay for that (and all of the slavery 200 years ago). Yeah, makes perfect sense to me.
        You still holding all of those Africans accountable for selling out blacks as well? I hope so….partners in crime.

        1. and again, I give you the Miss America contest (today) that features plenty of good looking black women competing for the prize…yet, black America still needs their contest (with no whites competing in it).
          If whites had a separate contest labeled Miss White America (today) black people would lose their minds and riot over it.
          Yes, equality at it’s finest. It makes perfect sense to me.

        2. Are we still holding Japanese people accountable for Nanjing? Are we still holding Turkish people accountable for the Armenian genocide? Are we still holding North Africans and Arabs accountable for taking massive amounts of European slaves? Are we still holding Mongolian people accountable for Genghis Khan?
          People’s counter argument to that will probably be “You can’t blame all Turks for the actions of their government!” or “You can’t blame all North Africans or Arabs for their governments and rich taking slaves”. But for some reason that same logic disappears when talking about white people. We are all guilty. Even though the amount of white people who ever owned slaves was insanely low, like under 3%, all white people are to blame.
          Strange how the only people today who are made to atone for the sins of the father are white people.

        3. When you get called a racist (or sexist) enough times, you then become a racist (or sexist).
          For decades, white men have been under this subtle attack (from plenty of sides) for (pick a subject). Most of it was usually for something that happened a long time ago, a different time with other people but I’m force to pick up the tab on all of the bullshit. My tax dollars go towards helping people (both men and women in minority groups) who openly hate me just for being a white man.
          It’s something that’s not discussed in our society today. Today, we are still talking about others who are “oppressed”.

        4. Yeah I definitely don’t let it make me a racist. I figure that a lot of the time the people who are throwing white people under the bus and telling white people to feel collective guilt while ignoring the terrible things that were also done by other cultures are actually “progressive” white people.
          Of course a lot of black people hold the same opinions as the white progressives, but they probably aren’t the majority. I don’t think.

    2. A good point. Will Smith and his wife complained about the Oscars this year yet you didn’t hear a peep out of them when the BET awards came out. Isn’t that a double standard? White people are not included in the BET awards but Hollywood is being racist (and unequal) when black actors don’t get a nod.
      The hypocrisy is overwhelming (and stunning) at times.

  4. What has this actor’s culture created in the last half-century in N America that will withstand the test of time as a contribution to Western Civilization that will be lauded in 500 years? Rap and pop culture entertainment nonsense that this “actor” contributed to will be dust in the trash heap of history and will be looked on as something amusing, quaint, and for children.

    1. “Rap and pop culture entertainment nonsense that this “actor” will be dust in the trash heap of history and will be looked on as something amusing, quaint, and for children.”
      I think you’re giving them too much credit. I think it will be remembered with disgust and embarrassment.

    2. What has this actor’s culture created in the last half-century in N America that will withstand the test of time as a contribution to Western Civilization that will be lauded in 500 years?


      1. Two (((groups))) now have become famous for appropriating that suits their imagination.
        Next up, space aliens are really black too.

      1. …and in the process fundamentally changed America into an unrecognizable cesspool of unnecessary and stupid social programs and dumb laws.

  5. Bring on the race war. It will be mere hours before the monkeyshines are ceased and they would be on their knees, begging to shine our shoes again.

      1. He wouldnt do shit, maybe if he had 3 or 4 ‘niggas’ with him lol.
        0 manners, 0 intelligence, 0 aspirations. any Black man indoctrinated by black culture is mentally bankrupt and a blight on civilization

    1. The elite aren’t interested in a race war and THEY pull the strings.
      Their job is to stifle upward mobility of those most capable of unseating them.
      Guess who that is? It ain’t the monkeys, that’s for sure. That’s why this whole pipe dream of a race war will never take place.

    1. Who won the Native American award for best baton twirler? The world needs to know about Marcus Twirls-Sticks-at-Charging-Rabbit!

      1. The big one there is the Native American Award for Slowest Talking.

  6. Regarding these particular comments of Williams’ –
    “Burying black people out of sight and out of mind, while extracting our culture, our dollars, our entertainment like oil — black gold. Ghettoizing and demeaning our creations then stealing them. Gentrifying our genius and then trying us on like costumes before discarding our bodies like rinds of strange fruit. The thing is, though, the thing is, that just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real.”
    I almost snorted lemonade out of my nose while reading the above rant. Rap music is only popular because the major record labels are in bed with the private prison consortium. This is a fact. Rap music was created and marketed with a vengeance solely to encourage predominantly black, impressionable youths to go “gangsta”, and wind up in prison – mission accomplished. (It certainly wasn’t created and force-fed to the public because it’s an example of artistic genius…that shit makes domestic animals howl and small children cry.)
    Watch any TV program or any movie on the big screen and you will find it almost impossible to point out more than a handful of black actors who are even somewhat good at their craft…Chris Rock, the black comedian, used to do a comedy bit about that very thing, although it’s been buried and scrubbed from the Internet. In this particular bit he stated that black actors were flat-out terrible, for the most part. In addition, he talked about the dread he felt while watching the TV news, because he knew that the perpetrators of the majority of the heinously violent crimes showcased by that medium, were going to be “brothers”. (But hey, this is just a statistical fact. Look around any urban area here in the USA and you will see these magic, black geniuses at work, as they commit upwards of 65% of the violent crime in the country, while comprising only 13% of the population – source, U.S. Department of Justice.)
    What’s painfully evident is that there is a huge, ongoing push to mythologize blacks as being a race of superior beings…while in reality, the complete opposite is true, for the most part.
    Up is down. Good is evil. Truth is fiction.
    Same shit, different day.
    “Truth is the mother of all hatred.” – Ausonius

  7. Is it just me or are the BET awards pretty much identical, from a psychological perspective, to the Special Olympics…

  8. I was listening to NPR (i know, i know…) and they played the clip of this nog spewing this crap. Made me sick.
    Of course, the NPR dweebs said nothing critical about it. Fucking sickening

  9. Let the blacks get angry and start a war. We will fucking obliterate them.

        1. Some people intentionally post shit like that here just to give the site a bad name. This will allow them to point fingers and call us “racist”, “myisogynists” etc.

        2. If you notice with articles like this one, you’ll find one comment or none, from me. I don’t even think commentators put it out to be racist but under the belt that they are being red pill and honest. It is dishonest and hate filled. Unbecoming of a man who is truly trying to be a leader of other men; alpha.

  10. And what is lost on the regressives is their misplaced sense of importance. Do they not realize that vast numbers of people have awoken or are waking up to the msm lies?
    So this ‘actor’ receives applause in the echo chamber of race baiters, radical feminists, sjws etc. Out in the real world, white men are watching and waiting.

  11. Another pampered, rich bobo entertainer does his “revolution schtick” and runs off stage?

  12. as whites; you just need to boycott the sponsors if they don’t want to give you respect. that’s all that can be done. BET; not that I would ever watch it is now no longer.

  13. Socialist ideology needs the separatist ideology to survive and grow. They have been the the instigators of that line of thought for centuries. Slavery is a redistribution of wealth from one class to another, segregation in the South was under Democratic rule, Social Security is a wealth redistribution based on age. (Why not make it mandatory individual savings accounts?) Welfare is largely race based. Nazi power was based on race and wealth redistribution. Soviet power was based on the same, China…….the list goes on and on. This guy is no different.

  14. Great article. I wish my foolish mother in law would wake up. Democratic socialism….a turd with flowers on it

  15. How many billions in financial aid has racist America given to Africa? I mean how fucking stupid can one guy be?

    1. He knows what he is saying isn’t true. Power corrupts. Most of your college eggheads are the same.

    2. America that was built on the backs of millions of African slaves and their labor.

      1. As well as many other races. No doubt, we can give respect for the slaves who toiled and their circumstance in our history. But you seem to want to hold that over your fellow citizens as a cudgel for the current problems in the black community or maybe as an argument for reparations, or an upper hand in an argument to shame folks who were not responsible. That dog don’t dance anymore.
        You want to talk as men instead of some type of manipulation, then we can do that.

  16. If you are unclear of the struggle sit the hell down. Please don’t claim to be offended, I’ve been offended all my life. Because one man stood up to voice what most have held for generations doesn’t make him racist. He’s aware!! Grow up people! If we remember our history then you’ll know of the one drop rule. His father did give him a choice and he chose, his wife and children are black and he’ll continue to raise them that way. Lots of bigots in here throwing stones at glass houses.

    1. How are you being oppressed when you benefit from your oppressors? Shit doesn’t even make sense and it’s all to deflect blame for black crime.

      1. Hmm… Guessing your understanding is that only a race commits crimes. Misunderstanding that the oppressor as you called it are also benefiting from the oppressed on a much bigger scale. God bless and keep your heart filled with peace. Unfortunately you cant constantly beat a dog and expect him not to turn on you. Stay awake maybe karma will pass by. Jesse didn’t only address one class he came down on everyone. Funny how some of us choose to pick bits and pieces of what they want to hear. Have a blessed day, may God keep you fruitful.

        1. The thing is Caucasians don’t view Negros as dogs. We – mostly – view them as equals. It’s Negros who refuse to drop racism and view themselves as beaten dogs.

        2. All races have struggled, even the Jews. I’m also guessing they should forget about it and get over the holocaust. Just admit you’re racist! You are not black and you can’t speak for anyone…not even your own race. Where ignorance is bliss you’re foley to be wise. I’m still very unclear why all of this anger over a man’s freedom of speech. Must have touched a racist nerve somewhere. Your comments RACIST, your replies RACIST, YOU ARE A SELF PROCLAIMED RACIST! But yet still you want a race to forget. We won’t! Trust me! God’s speed!

        3. I’ve never part-took in a holocaust nor slavery nor any of those things. To accuse me of some sort of oppression just because of my race is absolutely racist.
          I mean, do you even know what racism is? It’s exactly what you and Jesse are doing – singling people out based on race rather than who they really are and then insulting or degrading them somehow.
          The pair of you are racist as fuck. Honestly, fuck off. You aren’t welcome here. There’s plenty of room for Negros on RoK, but no room for Caucasian hating racists.

        4. You are stupid to think I hate ppl because of color. I don’t perpetuate a cycle, by what you’ve express I’m confident you’re a RACIST! If you’ve notice NOT ONE DEROGATORY/RACIST statement came from anything I’ve said. YOUR CHOICE OF GRAMMAR SAY ONLY THAT YOU’RE A RACIST AND COMFORTABLE WITH IT. But you sure made you’re case. Have a blessed life!

        5. You’re implying that my being Caucasian makes me responsible for things I never remotely partook in. That means you’re racist. On the other hand, what have I said that’s racist?! Nothing.

      2. Explain the benefit. Every gain black people have made in this country has been paid for with black blood and their white allies. The only people benefitting from white oppressors are whiter people. Like the descendants of Europeans who arrived here after the end of slavery: they always say “My ancestors didn’t earn slaves” You’re right, they didn’t. However, they did benefit from getting jobs that blacks were denied solely based on their skin color. There’s a reason Italians and Irish embraced whiteness when they came here. The English considered the Irish trash, and Southern Europeans like Italians were looked down on by the English and Germans. When they got here, they traded up.
        As for your dipshit remark about black crime? Read a book you imbecile! Read some peer reviewed studies. Meet a few black people. Not every black man is a criminal or a victim of crime. Yes,black American men are the biggest victims of crime proportionate to their numbers, and most crime is intraracial. No one is trying to deflect blame for black crime. The fact that his remarks have you guys so tweaked out is telling. You don’t look into the historical perspective of a damn thing he said, you just scream “racism!” Which is funny because when black people say something is racist, you say racism doesn’t exist(and that they’re the real racists for calling a thing racist)

        1. Claiming victimization from something that happened years ago needs to end.
          There have been billions spent on affirmative action, low income housing, federal loans, all given to benefit blacks and other low income minorities.
          So yes, blacks are benefiting. And according to SJW’s, that check should never stop increasing apparently, because slavery?
          Basically SJW’s are saying blacks are not intelligent enough to get out of their economic conditions so they need even more reparations.
          A message of self determination would help low income blacks much more than this bullshit.

        2. Oh you poor, poor perpetual victim. Waaa.

        3. Here’s the issue. Life is unforgiving, if you don’t “adapt and compete” you WILL lose.
          MLK and men like him were respected because during their time there actually WAS a reason to complain about racism. Today there is plenty of opportunity to take advantage of so if you decide to embrace a dysfunctional culture (popular black culture) no one is going to have sympathy for your plight (except politicians and others who financially gain from it).
          Black people need to wake up the hell up and start criticizing bad behavior or we will continue to be looked upon as sub-human beings. Rioting and defending street thugs and other individuals who make us look like idiots.

    2. Wtf? What exactly do black people have to struggle against in this country anymore? Fifty, sixty years ago I could agree with you. But when blacks FROM OTHER COUNTRIES are doing better in the United States than our native blacks (and even many whites) clearly there is not some kind of institutional “struggle.”

  17. At some point I hope genocidal aliens invade the earth and start killing everyone, just so I can finally point out how fucking dumb it is to separate people based on arbitrary, meaningless values like skin color.

    1. 90% already know that, 5% are so clueless that it wouldn’t do anything, and the remaining 5% (the socialists who are playing the race game for political power) would go right back to what they are doing.

    2. Who’ll listen, you’ll either be at the bottom of the heap of dead bodies while everyone else with a pair of balls will be killing aliens.

  18. This BET special olympics programming was on at least 10 distinct channels. From his comments this individual was either under the influence of drugs or booze or has such a low self-esteem that buying into such a ridiculous belief system helps him get by daily. There is not one ounce of accountability anywhere to be seen.

  19. “Burying black people out of sight and out of mind, while extracting our culture, our dollars, our entertainment like oil — black gold. Ghettoizing and demeaning our creations then stealing them. Gentrifying our genius and then trying us on like costumes before discarding our bodies like rinds of strange fruit. The thing is, though, the thing is, that just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real.”
    Oh, don’ youz goes worrying muthafucka, I ain’t payin’ fo’ no niggas to beez entsertainsings me.
    Seriously… WHAT fucking genius? You have a handful of musicians, a smaller group of actors and after that, outside of athletes, YOU NIGGAS GOTS NUTTIN’.

    1. Yo yo yo don’t forget about the genius of Michael Jackson….black musical genius….oh……forgot about the kiddie fiddlin episodes and the no no nose job n skin bleaching…..hmmmm

      1. Contemporary western blacks were stripped of their natural wild jungle heritage and were given a prosthesis ‘MSM’ culture that was deep and rich with soundstage lights and circus.

        Some funny shit. More circus to keep workers simple dumb and happy. And Michael Jackson could dance and sing like a motherfucker.

        At a time when working and socialized American blacks were still producing 8-12 offspring even with families living in duplexes or apartments, the MSM entertainment strongly defined their identity. Black on black couples fucked and reproduced like crazy. With dwindling replacement rates, Whites should at least have picked up on the jigaboo speed fucking and reproducing after being saturated with the culture in black sitcoms. I’ve known South African white families who actually witnessed dindus openly fucking in the streets. For whites it would be rape but for the dindu it was traditional dindu fucking. Take a hint. Being surrounded by dindus, whites should have taken a queue and gotten down and fucked like swinging monkeys. The race is on. The real war is the war of nature, THE SPERM WARS.
        MSM sitcoms are a powerful force shaping popular culture down to the bedroom level. Observe the flipside where whites are actually a numerical minority but remain in power as the ones who define the civilizing order of the nation. Again sitcoms are for keeping the masses simple dumb and happy. The following are South African sitcoms from the 70’s and present:

      2. Yeah, why is that every black musician calls themselves genius?

        1. Rampant narcissism, typically stemming from excessive parental neglect.

        2. Yeah Ok, I always thought it was some marketing tactic, seems to be a rapper thing.

  20. F__k half breed assholes like him already and his followers. Any blacks in Amerika that are unhappy are welcome to leave for Africa. Liberia or elsewhere is for you. If you ain’ts no gots money I’m sure plenty of whites would gives you some gibs me dat to leave the country permanently and never return. You might want to figure out what tribe since you don’t want to get hacked to death with machetes being in the wrong place.
    American blacks that are conservative in outlook and have their shit together are welcome to stay of course.

    1. You stupid jackass! Go buy yourself some white sheets, kerosene, matches and burn a cross in the first black yard you can find. You racist piece of shit.

      1. What makes me ‘da rasis’? Are they not always complaining about YT? If more blacks were like Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell instead of some ghetto shithead, we would not be having this conversation.

      1. Whilst I don’t agree with purging, you’re kidding yourself if you think you can engage a racist in a rational debate – they’ve already abandoned reason, see.

  21. So now since all the jigs aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they hate white people can we FINALLY just come out and have a race war already?

    1. They’ve been open about it since the 90s. Everyone who cares already cares. Everyone who doesn’t, doesn’t.

        1. I used to think that eventually, one of them isn’t going to be able to hold back, and they’ll do some kind of terrorism, and the backlash will kick it off, but considering all the things Islam has been doing to everyone, and the reaction is to double down? I don’t know anymore.

    2. I hate to be that guy because I think you might be joking, but I know tons of black people who hate people like Jesse Williams a million times more than they hate white people.

  22. Dude’s just pissed cause his mama was a mudshark and left him with no identity

  23. Khmer Rouge were more than 13%, they had Red backing, and they weren’t facing an armed populace. The people above do not have those resources, and they don’t have the same sheep of a population to prey on.

    1. (((professor))) Rudy Goldensteinberg admitting that no well is too deep for him to be thrown down

      1. And yet, the Hebrew manages to cash in, even with THAT song. 😉
        Haters gonna hate….

  24. What exactly did he say that was racist towards white people? He raised several good points. Given that he’s mixed, it’s a stupid assertion he hates white people.

    1. Whatever valid points he made were washed out with liberal SJW drivel meant to deflect criticism of black crime (IOW – everything about the bullshit BlackLivesMatter movement).

    2. He’s singling out and blaming Caucasians – as an entire race – for something they have nothing to do with. That’s racist as fuck.

  25. the tragedy is that I’ve grown to like black people after living in Asia for a while. their contributions to American culture are real otherwise all us white folk would be a Dave Chappelle charicature of white people. However seeing shit like this turns me off to them. it makes me not want to talk to or work with black people because the risks of offending them are equivocal to dealing with a woman in the sense that you will always find yourself on the losing end.

    1. It’s true. American culture has been largely shaped by blacks, particularly musically. We might have been nothing but a clone of England were it not for them. But things have gone downhill real fast in the last half century. Unfortunately, today race-baiting sells.

      1. that’s what it comes down to: it sells and it puts people in influential power. that’s all it is. as “oppressed” as blacks are their 92% vote for the left on 12-13% of the population has been crushing elections for generations now.

      2. The race baiting has been going on for 100 years.
        “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”
        -Booker T Washington, 1911 (yes, 105 years ago)

        1. I read somewhere else that the black community had the option of living by the philosophy of Booker T Washington or WEB Du Bois. Unfortunately, they chose Du Bois.

      3. Believe me there are plenty of white people in England who act black and it is not pretty.

    2. BET = Black entertainment television. try starting something called WHITE entertainment television. They would come down on you like the anti-christ.

        1. When has anyone on The Nashville Network said that their network is for white people?

    3. So because I speak properly, the music I listen to is complex and my clothes aren’t baggy that means I am like Chappelle’s caricature of white people?
      Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying there is anything wrong with black culture, I just hate how white people constantly throw their own history under the bus. I hear so many white people say things like “ugh you are so white” as if it is an insult.
      Most people today wear jeans and t-shirts, two things “invented” by white people. Most white people listen to rock music which had just as much of a contribution from white people (country and European folk) as it did from black people (blues and jazz). White people’s mannerisms are not a product of black contributions either, even though a lot of white people are starting to speak like rappers. How exactly would we be caricatures of white people without black contributions?
      To be clear, I recognize that through out history black people have made tremendous contributions to American culture. I just think they are often overblown, as if all white people would be uptight snobby aristocrats without it.

    4. Look up “conservative black people” on youtube. We’re a small minority of course, but I wouldn’t give up just yet.

      1. Larry Elder, Tommy Sotomayor, and there’s another old guy out there who’s legit. Im listening to Sotomayor right now and its so refreshing.

  26. Fuck this guy, he doesn’t know a damn thing of what he’s talking about. You see kids? Miscegenation only breeds hateful halfies. It is a violation against nature to breed race and race because it naturally inputs self-hatred into the mixed-spawn.
    But of course they only hate the white part of themselves, damn you bolshevik puppets sure are pleasing your masters.

    1. Another alt-right knuckle-dragger who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
      Mixing, racial or otherwise, occurs whenever two populations share a border. There’s a damn good reason Arabs start to look more African the further south you go, and Europeans look more Asian the closer you get to east Asia. Humans will fuck anything. It’s what we do.
      What’s more the “white race” (which is not a race, but a phenotype) came into existence BECAUSE of racial mixing.

      1. Humans will fuck anything. Just ask Matt Forney. The man seems to try to defend male whiteness while going abroad to bang Filipinas.

        1. M. Forney shames land-whales and yet wrote a guide on how to fuck fatties! I’ve seen his homophobic rhetoric and yet he attended a Milo Yiannopoulos event!
          He’s cool, though. Just a little confused in what he preaches.

        2. If I didn’t know any better, he seems to be another confused suburbanite. Just like those “victimized” feminists, and apparently, also this black gentleman.
          As for me, yes, when it comes to women, I don’t discriminate. True, I have a preference for Mexican girls over, say, Thai girls. Otherwise, my penis doesn’t judge.

        3. Er… maybe. I really wouldn’t know. Yet if he follows his own advice for how to fuck fatties then I suspect he’s had at least a few free sides of whale. 🐳

      2. Are you some disciple of Boas? Another leftist cuck who assumes that everyone who espouses negative views of race mixing to be some republican pinhead. Of course races mix, that is why some are pure and others are impure. For this guy giving the speech on his intentions to exterminate ‘whitey’, he is mixed with white, but no matter how much you dilute the paint, you can’t take the jungle out of the monkey.

    2. It’s a crime against nature to be a dumb racist prick like you.
      The above article was preaching ANTI-racism, in case you didn’t notice.

  27. Ah, Williams, a product derived from a miscegenated Swedish whore. Swedish women are just a gift that keeps on giving.

  28. “We’ve been floating this country on credit for centuries, yo. And we’re done watching, and waiting while this invention called whiteness uses and abuses us”
    Thanks for this remarkable insight Dr. Bantu
    I didn’t realize a net worth of $4m was a sign of the nasty honkeys keeping you down

  29. Who cares what this half-chimp thinks or says? No, seriously, I want to know. Does anyone honestly think that there is anything of value coming out of this evolutionary throwback’s mouth?
    This “tirade” was not composed or written (can he even write?) by him. It was written by his handlers, who give him fat checks so that he could voice their hatred for Whites without exposing them. It’s not like they have to convince him to do it, either – he is perfectly happy to get cash for acting on his race’s eternal inferiority complex.
    Ooga booga, ebil whitey be oppressin’ us n shieet. We be needin’ mo’ gibsmedats for dem programz to fight raycism. Eek eek, ook ook.

  30. What does one expect? Sheila Johnson, the woman who helped found BET has distanced herself from it, saying quote:
    I don’t watch it. I suggest to my kids that they don’t watch it,” she said. “When we started BET, it was going to be the Ebony magazine on television. We had public affairs programming. We had news… I had a show called Teen Summit, we had a large variety of programming, but the problem is that then the video revolution started up… And then something started happening, and I didn’t like it at all. And I remember during those days we would sit up and watch these videos and decide which ones were going on and which ones were not. We got a lot of backlash from recording artists…and we had to start showing them. I didn’t like the way women were being portrayed in these videos.”
    From Wikipedia.

      1. Ha! Haven’t seen the Boondocks in years, much less read the comic strip. Excellent!

  31. 1. Purchase guns: 2 AR and or AK type weapons, plus 1-2 sidearms, Beretta, Glock or equivalent.
    2. Stock up on dry goods and water.
    3. Move to a part of the country where you’re not hopelessly outnumbered.
    4. Plan and train for defense.

    1. This again? Your government will slaughter you before you have the opportunity to do so. When you tire, the government will still not be righted. Save your energy and just plan a route to leave the country to head somewhere you expect to be safe or without globalist tendencies. Not questioning your badass, just saying the armies, drones, and attack droids are all ready and prepped.

      1. Strategic Withdrawal would be step 5. I do have an exit-country option as well. This is mainly for the unorganized dindu mob, not organized US military might.

        1. Fortunately for me, I only have to cross a bridge over a river. That is, if Lord Donald of Trump doesn’t block those as well.

        2. Strategic Withdrawal should be step 4. The bad guys can’t hit what they can’t catch.
          I’d also say move to a part of the US with inhospitable, COLD and mountainous terrain. The very place where rapefugees (ones not from the ‘Stan) would not be able to physically handle.

        3. Hence why I said ones not from the Stan. I’m operating off the assumption that anyone from afghanistan, tajikistan, uzbekistan, etc will be better in mountainous climates than we are.
          We’ll have an advantage over the arabs and the ones from central africa that follow a particular death cult, though.

        4. Oh right… even so, I really don’t think the cold is that much of a challenge…

      2. But the key question to ask is if they would want to waste fuel and munitions on one person whose trying to hunker down or escape in such a situation.
        We’re all assuming the government would actually have the resources to do this in such a scenario. I mean, if the USMC has to literally cannibalize aircraft parts from aircraft graveyards and siphon fuel from nonessential vehicles (I’m assuming the rest of the military isn’t in as good of shape either) at this point… how would one expect the military to launch operations of any significant sort if another katrina happens, or if the power grids all along the eastern seaboard get knocked out, etc.
        There’s also the fact that the cities would be the first places to burn in those situations.

        1. If they feel you’re enough of a threat you’ll get dealt with. Modern military tech. makes this quite easy.

        1. Surprised you would say that as a family man but guess it is easier to stay, come what may.

      3. Running won’t save you.
        We outnumber them by 110:1 (talking entire military vs. armed civilians). They wear uniforms, we don’t. We live next door to their families.
        They don’t stand a chance.

        1. Agree. I dont think they understand how many rednecks with guns there are in this country.

        2. If they could have come down on us with Thor’s Hammer and taken our firearms, they would have already, without hesitation. They are ruthless. And they haven’t. They’re scared shitless of us.

        3. “They’re scared shitless of us.”
          I picked up on that years ago (and they should be). Have you noticed how shrill they are becoming? Smell their fear and their actions…circumventing rule of law, hiding evidence, comtempt of of congressional order, dismissing rights, etc…reek of desperation.

        4. I like the logic there. Going on the assumption of lack of communion I just assumed anyone could potentially be an enemy, but if it is strictly the government versus citizens they do not have the manpower to attack all states at once. The drones and droids aren’t as versatile. Yet.

      4. Armed civilians must legitimately scare the globalist types. They wouldn’t be so hell-bent on banning and confiscating guns from civilians if that weren’t the case.

  32. It sent chills down my spine and then got my blood boiling.
    It’s gone from Ganbon, Wise, Ignatiev calling for the extermination of the white race to silly little butt boys mouths and millions of idiots.
    It was half arse spoken word hyperventilating nonsense, it’s shit that SJW’s have killed spoken word and poetry with the kids rhyming and hysterical shrillness.
    We don’t want your stupid kulcha!
    It’s been forced upon us, rap kulcha has turned almost a whole generation of kids into degenerate blobs.

  33. This is like that tirade a black woman laid on a Caucasian college student awhile back. She screamed at him about cultural appropriation for having dredlocks. Meanwhile I think less than 5% of black women wear their hair natural. Then there’s this assclown, who I won’t even remember because hopefully this will be forgotten with the next news cycle, who uses his humanitarian award pedestal to claim all Caucasians owe black people because of cultural appropriation. To that I say, if you loathe us so much quit speaking English. Whitey also introduced Africans to modern clothing, cars, acting, technology, television, and even that fucking stage he was standing on. As far as credit, and contributions he speaks of, I think we’ll be able to set up a colony on Mars without your amazing enrichment you’ve bestowed upon us.

    1. Yep if we never enslaved them and brought them here they’d still be in shit hole africa living like it’s the 1700s. I don’t think they realize that, but without white people they’d still be living on the Serengeti

      1. Africans live like the 1700’s? Wait, you meant 1700 B.C. I’m assuming?

      2. They would not have been enslaved without the Moor presence in Europe during the dark ages, which influenced advancements in Europe that led to the enslavement of Africa.

    2. She screamed at him about cultural appropriation for having dredlocks. (sic)
      So she’s not only an ingrate, she’s also ignorant of history?
      Check out the Ancient Greeks from Homer’s time. Dreadlocks.
      Uh oh…

  34. Every “black” problem is their own doing. They value ignorance over education, bling over investment, government handouts over hard work. They refuse to accept responsibility because they don’t want to give up the government teet. They accept being used and bought so that they can do nothing.

  35. So right, all they want to do is start oppressing white people fucking morons, and white people are freaking applauding this crap, honestly it’s sickening

  36. What those black racists do not realize is that there was irish slavery also, in fact soul food comes from native american, irish and african cuisine!

      1. The British conquered Ireland in 1100 AD and ruled them with an iron first. They took away all the lands and made them tenant farmers. They were not allowed to practice their religion nor speak their language (Gaelic). During the great potato famine, millions died from starvation but their British overlords were exporting what little foods were being produced. Yup, the Irish hate the Brits.

        1. Ireland did a lot of this to themselves. Kind of like the beaten wife who continues to stay with her abuser, in my eyes. I never have sympathy for that kind of woman (if she continues to stay).

        2. How did the Irish do this to themselves? Ok, having a shitty system of agriculture is their fault, but the British did treat them like shit.

        3. Not a whole lot of fighting back, their aristocracy was eager and happy to sell them to the English for pence on the pound, and a rather absurd level of victim mentality and submissiveness as instilled in them, more than other people for some reason, by the Catholic Church (I am not anti-Christian, btw). They had a couple of resistance battles then went tits up. The Scots, on the other hand, kept taking it back to the English with force without rest. When England and Scotland merged, the English had come to somewhat respect the Scots. The Irish, not so much, because they rolled over so easily.
          I’m not saying that what the English did to them was right, but I’m not the kind of guy who has much to any sympathy for the “battered wife” that won’t fight back and refuses to leave.
          The Irish finally developed a bit of balls with Sinn Fein and their independence movements later in their history, but the 1500’s through the 1800’s were a pretty lame time in my opinion.

        4. The gathering of the Chieftains in the 1500’s found them well ready to negotiate with England. I’m well acquainted with Gaelic history. Even discounting the clan Chieftans, the people certainly didn’t seem very eager to fight back as the Scots were. I can only speculate at why, but they just didn’t have anywhere near the same levels of resistance.

        5. On a humorous note, the more I learn about the history of the Irish, the more this scene becomes more accurate:

        6. To this day you can still see the lack of resistance and a whole culture of diffidence and deference that the Irish mostly have to their European masters who screwed the country over the last few years. Yet, all the Irish did was moan, march and complain a little bit, but they never once put it up to them in a forceful manner like other nations (the French and Greeks protested until they got their way).
          Everyone loves the Irish because ultimately they’re seen as “poor auld victims” which actually feeds into whole natural inferiority and victim mentality of the country, which gives Irish people an excuse to feel sorry for themselves. No, I’m afraid “the fighting Irish” is a complete misnomer which all of the plastic paddies or wannbie paddies from around the world, never see when they are downing the black stuff and romanticizing about the old sod.
          Still, until the fighting Scots, Ireland has it’s Independence and its own sovereignty for almost 100 years which is a peculiar postscript to your observation.

    1. Yeah, these “whitey iz evil” bastards are very selective in their racial outrage.

  37. he doesn’t even look black. i think he feels like he has to reaffirm his “blackness” all the time – so he’s trying hard to act blacker than even the blackest of them. as a result he sounds like a total idiot.

    1. The Bloodhound Gang’s bassist was half-black, yet he never said a thing about his blackness.

  38. That poor black magical negro that’s only worth 8 million
    ( is being oppressed. Nigga please.

  39. There’s an old saying: “never meet your heroes”. Not that the likes of Jesse Williams (or anyone else who ends sentences with “yo”) is my hero.. but I was always partial to the eminently cool Samuel L Jackson. But his endorsement of “fuck whitey” is a timely reminder that my vision of Jackson is not anywhere near reality.. it’s thru artificially-created movie roles, and ones written chiefly by white people. Ironically.
    Once the real man opens his mouth without the benefit of a committee-written script, the cool black motherfucker is gone and replaced by the Hollywood white-hating liberal hypocrite. Poor oppressed slave bastard, having to drive home from the Black awards night in his fucking Lamborghini. Yet another reason why I don’t watch movies anymore.

    1. At least Morgan Freeman seems to not really dig this shit. I recall himself saying that he doesn’t want a black history month.
      Shit, I may be wrong though.
      It is quite funny though, how these people have the nerve to talk about oppression even though they’ll make more money than the average white person in the United States.

  40. As Jesse Williams confirms for us here, most adult blacks behave like little children in monkey suits…

  41. Until shit gets real, fat white American suburbia will continue to worship the negro sportsball, rap music, multi million dollar black actors playing oppressed by evil whitey roles in the Jewish entertainment industry.

  42. Oh look another rich African, who would still be living in a mud hut if the Europeans had not bought his ancestors from the African/Muslim slave traders and brought them here. I’m so happy he grew up with endless perks and handouts, all manner of social and cultural protections so he would finally be able to share his rote and repetitive story of oppression and suffering.
    Where oh where would the world be without all the incredible technology and magnificent scientific advance flowing like a river out of Somalia, Zimbabwe, and the Congo.
    Oh snap…. Africa is a cesspool of disease and strife… Dam you Whitey!!!!!

    1. Your arguments have no context. You obviously know nothing about the history of Ancient Egypt and how it influenced the Romans and the Greeks, how the Moors influenced Europe in the middle ages, and how Europe colonized Africa in the late 1800s and destroyed the continent (Berlin Conference, King Leopold and Belgium)

      1. Ancient Egyptians were NOT of negroid type. There were some admixtures (because of trade and slavery)…but they were bronze-skinned, brown-eyed, black-haired (and some even red-haired) caucasoids…

        1. The original settlers of Ancient Kemet were 100% negro (Egypt is a greek word meaning black). This was 4000 BC. There was not a trace of “caucasoid”, Caucasian wasn’t even invented until the 1800s.
          Even if you are right, you are saying that they have every black feature possible, live where black people are from, but aren’t black.

        2. (Sigh)
          Oh boy…where should I start….
          Ok, then: KEM means black in old egyptian…but it referred to the colour of the earth…fertile black earth left after receeding floodwaters of the Nile. Therefore, KEMET = “Land Of The Black Earth”. There was MUCH less desert then in Egypt…and in the rest of mediterranean basin , the soil is red, or yellow…
          Secondly, if You don’t believe my testimony…genetic tests were conducted on many mummies already…please, read some…unless You want to claim that “black people of Egypt” were ruled by red-headed, pale-skined pharaohs (e.g. Ramose II, etc…)
          For Your consolation, Sheba/Saba (the ethiopian one) WAS black…it was a nice city-state…and not only their rulers were pretty…;))
          “Caucasoid racial type” is anthropological term depicting phenotypical characteristics within the species of modern human (homo sapiens sapiens).

      2. I’ve actually been there have you??
        Shut the fuck up moron, and go get a clue before you whip that retardation out again. The Africans and Muslims created the slave trade, the Europeans exploited it because both were to mentally deficient to do so. All of Europe had a 1000 years of naval experience, and the “superior blacks” were living in mud huts killing each other over dirt, just like they STILL ARE TODAY in their failed fourth world nations. They contribute nothing but disease, violence, and misery…. Have you ever seen a commercial for “starving white kids” on tv?? Nope!!!
        Are any countries in Africa showing up in times of crisis to lend aid? Are the “refugees” all making a beeline to the Congo??
        Get lost dumbass, yourthat idiotic propaganda don’t work here.

        1. You are obviously not ready to have a mature, civil, intelligent debate. Stop with the insults and give me some more substance to chew on, I can handle it. It’s easy to be tough behind a screen.
          I don’t know where ‘there’ is that you have been it has nothing to do with my argument and doesn’t prove anything. I don’t know what you are referring to about blacks killing each other without any context, but if you are talking Africa (which I have been to) killing each other is so far from the norm. When did not exploiting people become a lack of mental deficiency? Africa is full of natural resources, not dirt, hence why the continent was colonized. And a lot of the continents struggles are a direct impact of colonization which ended only 50 years ago.
          My comments are the exact opposite of propaganda, they are accurate truthful facts that are publicized on any outlets.

        2. Look sparky, I realize you’re clueless so put that holier than though shit away because it makes you a fucking joke.
          Now, the SUBJECT is another African racist who hates Europeans, or did you miss that? So I listed several countries in Africa, that they are completely failed states like all of them are and have been for a 1000 years and still are today. Then I pointed out that as a people or nation they contribute nothing to the world technologically, scientifically, medically, or militarily so they as a whole are a liability not an asset.
          That is easily verifiable fact, it’s well documented, and anyone who has been there can witness it first hand as I have.NOBODY is trying to go there to “escape oppression” for a reason moron! However, EVERYONE if beating down the door to get into European countries or haven’t you noticed the horde of “migrants” flooding all the European nations lately.
          Well of course you have, but like a good little commie you need to ignore reality and pretend that all those abysmal countries are wonderful utopia’s only tarnished by the evil whitey with his cool toys and civilized ways, which have helped those savages advance rather than continue to fail.
          If you hate whites as much as that jackass does, THEN LEAVE and head on home to your blessed “superior culture” that has done so well in Detroit and every other place run totally by Africans and commies, now kindly fuck off!

        3. No substance or critical thought here on cause on effect. I would at least respect a well thought argument even if I don’t agree . Just insults. You cant hurt my feeling online, and if it makes you feel bigger fine. Have a nice day!

    2. Western Europe. WESTERN Europe.
      If it wasn’t for western Europe, the “racist Slavic shitlords and beautiful Slavic goddesses” the alt-right never tires of praising would be mostly peasant farmers being ruled over by a corrupt elite.

      1. We are all ruled over by a corrupt “elite” who are not much more than thugs getting away with it because to many of us dont give a fuck about saving the world anymore

  43. I had one of those genealogy DNA tests. Turns out I am 0.1% West African……

  44. Welcome to the party. We’ve been in a one sided race war for over 30 years. Think not? Let any white person take a stroll, in the daytime, through a black neighborhood.
    Blacks committee 7x the amount of violent crime against whites as whites do against blacks. And that’s with 1/6 population.
    You’re absolutely crazy to live anywhere where there are more then a sprinkling of them.
    The worm will turn.

  45. What the fuck suddenly makes him black? Because he says so? That motherfucker hasn’t seen a black African even on a picture…

  46. It’s really hard for me to take this “Black Powah!” stuff seriously from a guy with light skin and blue eyes.
    Just sayin’.

    1. My issue exactly. I have no idea who the fuck this guy is but he sure as shit doesn’t look black to me.
      The article says his mother is Swedish…

      1. To be fair, I don’t take “Black Powah!” shit seriously from anybody. Just seems humorous to hear it coming from a guy with more Viking DNA in him than the average white American Appalachian.
        Sure, Ragnar, tell me about your oppression. Skol!

    2. It’s an embarrassment for sure. I got a text from my father about it with his support. I responded, “Man… aren’t going to like my opinion about this speech” and just laid it all out.
      People have been brainwashed and continue to be. The MSM is very good at what they do. I guess it also helps that true critical thinking is a very rare thing.

  47. At this rate, I feel like we may need another world war or an alien invasion. Without an outside enemy to face, a nation will turn on itself and America is no exception.

  48. actually he looks like mill-vanillie,
    perhaps he was lip-sinking his master’s rhetoric…

    1. Considering the “actor’s” career…his lip-syncing might be more of a suction-driven kind….;)))

  49. “of course they will never define in concrete terms what “racial justice” actually is. It’s all kept tantalizingly abstract for a reason–namely, so that there is no end game, ever. That means that they can never stop. Every defeated injustice yields a new racial injustice on the horizon, which must then be defeated.”
    This I had realized even as a child. I saw it with both blacks and women that with every advancement they made, they started to ask for more afterward. At the time I really believed they were still working on equality, but I new it wouldn’t stop after they were equal. I knew that deep down it was a power grab and not about equality.
    But this next part is almost an “aha” moment for me today.
    “Finally, the unacceptable injustice will be the very existence of white people.”
    This does make sense. There is already a small vocal proponent in blacks, hispanics and other non-whites that want to literally kill white people for being white. There was that black kid from the debate against Harvard saying white life has no value and that he wouldn’t “affirm” white life. There are contingents of Mexicans whom want to take most of western America for Mexico. Death would be a side affect of battle here, but a similar result. I do believe these are a small minority, but that doesn’t matter. It matters that the powers that be are clearly stoking this and it matters that before you can have a genocide you have to demonize that group to the people from your country you are not planning on killing or removing. So if you want to remove white men, you demonize them to their own women and to all other races. It’s a box that must be checked off 100% of the time if you are going to get away with genocide. Creepy. Clearly of course the white women will be kept around and aloud to reproduce with other races.
    I’m not saying a genocide is going to happen or is even actually being planned. I am saying that this article does make a reasonable argument. Keep your damn guns folks, because they literally cannot succeed at this without disarming all the hill billies.

  50. I get why this moron is so annoying. What I really have trouble understanding is why people fucking listen to him. Hi wiki lists him as an actor/model which puts him in the same IQ range as most of the girls I fuck….plot spoiler: it isn’t a high number…
    .He graduated a middling university (Temple) with a dual degree in African American Studies and Film which means all he did in college was be pissed off and watch movies (which is what most people do in college to wind down from doing actual work)
    Hi degree in being black (because that’s a thing) and watching movies somehow gave him the credentials to teach English in philly.
    Then in 2005 a bunch of good looking young guys applied for a small roll in a tv show thing and he was picked with 13 others. He played “black guy number 3” or some shit in a law and order.
    He did some theater in Greenwich village (which, if you don’t know new York city, don’t think like he was doing the lion king….theater in Greenwich village is basically anyone can just show up and play a part assuming you smoke enough dope and don’t have a job)
    He was then in a movie called Brooklyn’s Finest with a bunch of huge celebrities. His own wiki doesn’t even mention his characters name just his ultra famous co-stars who probably funded this as a vanity project.
    And in a Rhianna video he played the part of her love interest (no word on if he beat the shit out of her or not).
    Hi big break is a recurring role as a doctor on a tv show I’ve never heard of.
    This, in some way, has given him the platform to speak out on social issues and politics.
    And people look at me funny when I saw that not only your vote, but the office itself has no fucking meaning.
    Christ… am I the only nihilist here?

    1. Don’t think you are. That’s my moms favorite thing to call me actually. And no I’m not joking lol.

  51. Williams gave a brilliant speech and I’m shocked (not really) you tone-deaf whites cannot see what time it is. Let me be blunt. Blacks are waking up to your crimes, and are not going to take it much longer, something will have to give. Your crimes are as follows:
    1. Lying about the transatlantic slave trade.
    2. Slavery
    3. Genocide of native black/siberian peoples in the Americas
    4. Genocide of blacks in Africa.
    5. Genocide of blacks in Australia and Tasmania
    6. Destruction of ecosystems, native cultures, native languages, ways of life of blacks globally since 1411 (all of which constitute the UN definition of genocide)
    7. Destruction of black businesses and towns like the race riot in Tulsa Oklahoma which killed hundreds of blacks, left 10000 impoverished and destroyed over 500+ black owned and operated businesses. Along with similar atrocities country-wide, FOR NONE OF WHICH was any perpetrator held accountable.
    8. Deliberate poisoning of black water, food and air for decades.
    9. Deliberate targeting, incarceration and mental breakdown of black males through the racist war on drugs, which studies have proven vastly negatively affect black families and men more than whites, despite the fact that whites do drugs at the same rate as blacks do.
    10. Deliberately infiltrating and coopting black neighborhood protection movements and turning them into violent gangs. The Crips and Bloods were originally neighborhood protection orgs against the police who would target, beat and kill unarmed black males. These ‘gangs’ were infiltrated by intel agencies and forced to be the drug runners for the cia etc. to major cities. Where do you think they get the drugs and guns???
    See, we’re not just talking about ‘race relations’ or ‘how to heal’ anymore. We are talking about verifiable war crimes. We’re talking about genocide. These actions are ILLEGAL gents, and there are legal methods to receive justice. More and more people are learning of the lies you have told, the lives you have destroyed, and the deliberate pogroms against blacks that you have enacted.
    And before you say, “But I didn’t do any of that”. It is irrelevant. When given the chance to stop it you turned a blind eye. Your whole existence in this country is due to theft and genocide. YOU ARE NOT AMERICANS.
    Webster’s 1828 definition of American:
    AMER’ICAN, noun A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or *copper-colored races*, found here by the Europeans; *but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America*.
    In other words, you are INVADERS! If I stole your house from you, and let people rent out the rooms, when justice is done BOTH I and my renters would need to vacate, while I would be forced to pay criminal penalties. You descendants of Europeans are criminal coconspirators just by existing here in our land. So yes, you had an integral part in all of the crimes above, because it is for your benefit they were carried out.

    1. Go shove your head in a pig, idiot.

      1. I’ve always noticed that when faced with facts, whites, white supremacists, and white liberals resort to short, name-filled retorts. I’ve also taken this as evidence that I am correct, as they wouldn’t do so if they had an argument to reply with. Thanks for your post.

        1. I’m not debating you, Jamal. I’m simply mocking you for your victimhood mentality. A mentality that will keep you seething in anger and unsuccessful in life. I just like knowing that it eats you inside, ’tis all.
          Now get about the whole “head in a pig” business, if you will. That’s a good lad.

        2. Sometimes having a ‘victimhood’ mentality is the correct mentality to have, i.e. when you’re genuinely a victim. If you were the target of a robbery, how effective an argument would it be for the robber to tell you ‘Stop having a victim mentality man! Be more successful!’ I don’t think any reasonable person would let such a nonsensical thought fly, so why do you expect that I and blacks should? If you have no reply to the crimes listed then you shouldn’t reply at all, as it makes you look more guilty.

        3. Seriously, I’m mocking you. You poor little well fed and well clothed victim sitting in air conditioning typing his thoughts out on a computer to millions of people.
          You’re pathetic and weak. You deserve whatever your victimhood mentality does to your psyche.

        4. Doesn’t matter if you’re well-fed when your food contains sterilizing poisons. Doesn’t matter if you’re well-clothed, if your clothes are designed to make you sick Don’t you know that modern computing was made possible largely due to the work of a BLACK MAN, Mark Dean?
          Mark E. Dean (born March 2, 1957) is an American inventor and a computer engineer. He was part of the team that developed the ISA bus, and he led a design team for making a one-gigahertz computer processor chip.[1] He holds three of nine PC patents for being the co-creator of the IBM personal computer released in 1981
          Just another example of you claiming to your race the contributions of blacks. That is ironically, one of the ten crimes I listed above.

        5. Awwww, poow widdle fewwa, does your pussy huwt?
          You frightened, effeminate little weakling.

        6. More stellar argumentation from you I see. Keep up the good work!

        7. I’m not arguing with you. Pay attention to detail, I already told you I’m not here to debate you, I’m here to mock you. If you can’t wrap your little brain around that, it’s not my fault, you’ve already been instructed as to the means and methods of our communication. Get with the program, Scooter.

        8. The key here is whether you wallow in and make victim hood all your about or actually go and have a life, you know like most people do.
          The made up bullshit ‘crimes’ you listed have no relevance to anything even if they were to be true. Who the fuck cares?
          If you wanna be a sulking weak ass complaining victim cunt all your life, then have at it, but you are wasting all the energy and effort those who came before you put into getting your sorry ass here.
          Grow a fucking pair bitch boy.

        9. Well, at least you admit to being irrational! Another sign of someone with no argument is a move to the irrational. Your mocking me provides validation that I am correct. Thank you.

        10. Steps to see if you’re making sense or not.
          1. Go get raped, robbed, assaulted. Repeat ad-naseum.
          2. Then apply whatever advice is supposed to be contained in your post.
          3. Come back and post your results.

        11. Haha, I’ve been robbed and assaulted, never raped because I’m not dumb enough to get my ass landed in jail.
          You still have no fucking point. If you get raped repeatedly my guess is you might want to check your behavior, you might want to hang with a different crowd. Unless you enjoy it that is. Each to their own.

        12. And so, when you were robbed and assaulted, did you seek justice or did you just brush it off? I’m pretty sure, just to win the point, you will argue that you ‘didn’t do anything and manned up’ or whatever fantasy, so I’ll just nip that in the bud. That is not the appropriate response one should expect to take or be expected to take in a so-called ‘civilized society’.
          See, this is what you do not understand, either you provide justice for EVERYONE or you get justice for NO ONE. Get it? So your, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootsraps, rugged-toughness claptrap has no place in this discussion because we don’t live in the wild, we live in a society with law. The law clearly states that it is ILLEGAL to steal people’s land, destroy their culture, cause them to forget their heritage, etc. These are all genocide and constitute acts of war.

        13. Haha, justice is something I do myself. Whether you believe it or not is completely irrelevant, I have never gone crying to anyone about anything like that. I grew up in a foster home and got beaten up regularly, do you think I blame all cops for that since the guy was a cop? No. Do I blame dog owners since he was one? No.
          You will have a shit life and on your deathbed you at the latest will regret living your live of wallowing in victimhood.
          You go ahead and depend on your victimhood and perceived wrongs and the law and see where that gets ya.
          No one gives a fuck about what you think should be expected, the rest of the world lives in reality, not your ideal fantasy land.

        14. This whole stealing of land and destroying of culture is how human history has worked from India, Africa up to Modern Europe.

        15. Regardless of your personal viewpoint, it is a fact that crimes committed are subject to justice and recompense. It is natural law. I never thought I’d see the day when ‘red-blooded ‘Muricans’ would be advocating to “let your chains rest on your wrists lightly.”
          The reality is you are on stolen land, the original inheritors of the land are still alive, and thus there is a window for justice to be done. Again, only when it comes to your crimes and mistreatment of blacks would you dare advocate that someone ‘not seek justice’. Trivializing it as ‘victimhood’ to hide the fact that you and your ancestors are directly implicated and thus responsible for these crimes.

        16. Haha, your mother is subject to justice and recompense you stupid twat. I’m not American and have never so much as set food there. You have no clue where I am or who I am, and for your information neither I nor any of my ancestors have had anything whatsoever to do with blacks or the US, or any of that shit. I don’t want your mud huts, spears or anything else you have.
          Better luck next time bongo bongo jungle boy.

        17. Well of course she is, all humans are so I don’t get the point of that retort. If you are not part of the Ango-European-‘American’ empire then my comment is not for you. Of course, only hit dogs holler, so I wonder why someone who’s supposedly had nothing to do with blacks or the US or anything would bother to reply.

        18. Your “black water” shit got it started. I’m responding because it amuses me how dumb your ideas are.
          What supposed lies are being told about the transatlantic slave trade? That it was a tiny part of the global slave trade? That it would have been impossible without blacks selling other blacks to whites? That Arabs have been enslaving and slaughtering blacks for centuries before and after whites engaged in slavetrade? That the white English were the ones who put a stop to it?

        19. That millions of ‘Africans’ were not transported to the Americas in slave ships. That the ‘africans’ were here before Columbus arrived. That blacks are the native americans, a title they share with the ‘Siberians’ who crossed the bering strait. Africans came to America thousands of years before columbus, and again centuries before. Not to mention there is evidence of blacks in America going back 50k years or so. It makes sense since the melanesians closely resemble African Americans despite being separated by tens of thousands of years of separate evolution.
          Anyway, slavery in africa was nothing like slavery in the Americas. For one, you couldn’t mistreat slave, if you did you would be ostracized from the community (a big deal). Sleeping with a slaves wife was punishable by death. Children of slaves were born free. Slaves were almost ALWAYS captives of war from other tribes, so instead of genocide/death the losers became ‘slaves’.
          Slavery was not permanent, you could own property and even have slaves yourself. It wasn’t a cruel institution were you were worked so hard it was cheaper to import more slaves to replace you than to let you replace yourself.
          Finally, Arabs ARE caucasians and carry the worst traits of whites as well, so I’m not sure where you were going with that.
          Finally FINALLY, whites didn’t put an end to slavery at all. It still continues to this day. That’s number 1. Number 2. Whites didn’t end slavery out of the kindness of their heart or for any moral reasons. There were two reason slavery came to an end:
          1. only around 5% of the pop owned slaves which heavily unbalanced the economy. Thus it was in the interest of whites to end the institution.
          2. Slave revolts were getting expensive. Haiti was completely lost to a slave revolt. The news was suppressed at the time, but there were actually over 230 slave revolts in the US causing millions of $ in damage and lost lives.

        20. Actually I’m extremely rational and logical. I simply do not choose to engage Leftists like you in “debate” any longer. It’s a waste of good time and energy, and I get much more enjoyment out of simply pointing at you and laughing.

        21. The fact that you would assume that I’m a ‘leftist’ just because I don’t agree with the genocide, rape and propaganda surrounding my people is proof enough that you are in fact irrational.

        22. Verbosity is not wisdom.
          If I am wrong, You and the people who think like You should REALLY head to Africa as soon as possible, and show the “evil whitey” what a marvellous civilization you can build there! Do it! Now!!
          Oh…or, is someone “keeping You from doing that”, after all?

        23. There’s a good one. Let’s see how this logical fallacy works: I accuse you of being a backwards ignorant savage and if you reply you look more guilty and if you don’t, I’m right.

        24. Neither is succinctness. We are NOT African. So-called ‘African Americans’ are actually descendants of the original peoples of the Americas. The original peoples of the Americas are black. Siberians (who you called ‘native americans’) were also here but they came later than the Africans who came here. Read the book, “They came before Columbus”. Also, ‘The First Americans were African” by Dr. David Imhotep. He has 8 peer-reviewed studies that prove conclusively that Africans came before Columbus in a couple waves, the earliest being 50k years ago. The Siberians came in 3500 BC.
          The transatlantic slave trade was a hoax. It didn’t happen the way you were told. Most Africans were already here and are the inheritors of this land, which is why you whites have lied about it. You knew that if blacks learned the truth of their history, they would demand indigenous rights that the UN has guaranteed

        25. Succinctness is closer to it, nevertheless. 🙂 Less chance for silly blabber.
          Your kookiness slowly becomes an art form. 🙂 Bravo!

        26. Not really. You can be just as incorrect by being succinct as you can be being verbose. One thing really has nothing to do with the other. Thank you for your comments, however. They show that I am correct and your only recourse is poorly-thought out sarcasm. A most welcome sign 😉

        27. You succeeded only in mildly amusing me…and then, boring me..
          Wisdom has nothing to do with “correctness”, as your puny mind sees it…
          However, I stand corrected: instead of going to Africa and help “fellow indigenous” – you REALLY should go to some First Nations rowdy bar, on Saturday night, and tell all those “redskin imposters” to kindly make space for “True Aboriginal Black Americans” to return…;)))
          Watching that “edification of Injuns” and its finale might even re-kindle my mild interest into your antics…;)))
          Until then, be a good boy, and move your soapbox on another corner… :))))

        28. There are elderly melanesians who in their youth engaged in cannibalism during tribal warfare who are still alive!

    2. 50-60 years ago you had a right to be angry.
      Today you do not. Every problem you have stems from your people’s willingness to live on welfare instead of making a living. Again, when there are native Africans doing better in America than a decent part of the white population, American blacks have little excuse.

      1. Not an appropriate reply. The statute of limitations for these crimes is extendable due to the strong propaganda and brainwashing campaigns designed to
        1. blame blacks for their plight, when it was deliberate action by whites and the govt the created.
        2. Cause blacks to forget their ancestry, culture, languages and most importantly INHERITANCE (this land).
        Furthermore, your argument is specious in that it assumes that the crimes listed were not ongoing till this day, which is incorrect. Cointel pro is STILL at work. Even the idea of ‘living on welfare’ is, if you trace the root cause, the fault of whites.
        Blacks did not need to nor did they live on welfare. They built successful segregated communities all over the US. These communities were attack with violence and DOMESTIC TERRORISM. Furthermore, whites were given sweetheart deals by govt, jobs were moved away from cities, and behavior was criminalized in order to remove black males from the workforce. The black unemployment rate was equal to the white one all the way up until the 1960s.
        That was when policies like the GI bill etc. started to have their effect making the situation ripe for ‘welfare’. Welfare itself was a targeted weapon designed to split up the black family (and it worked wonders), to decrease black numbers, and increase black abortion rates. Margaret Sanger, founder of planned parenthood, was unashamed of her racist and eugenicist views towards blacks. And you have current political candidates praising this genocidal maniac TO THIS DAY. So no, your argument is wholly without merit.

        1. Surprisingly enough, we actually do agree on something. Welfare. Yes, welfare HAS destroyed the black community. Yes, there were thriving, functional black communities in the days before welfare. And yes, in a manner of speaking, whites are responsible for the welfare crisis. Because of welfare, we basically pay the ghetto black underclass to breed like rabbits, which leads to nothing good for anyone.

        2. A fine argument for discontinuing these programs altogether actually.

        3. Breeding is not an issue. When you live in harmony with nature, as blacks did before white invaders arrived, then breeding takes place naturally. But placing people in ghettos, and ensuring they will be impoverished is an act of genocide plain and simple.

        4. I am actually for a policy of soft eugenics. Unfortunately, because of the legacy of welfare we have created a large class of people (largely but certainly not limited to blacks) who are simply not capable of functioning in today’s economy. Some kind of assistance will have to stay in place for them. But we can reform the system so that we’re not paying them to breed indiscriminately. We can also provide financial incentives for blacks (and other groups of people) who contribute a net benefit to the tax base to have more kids.

    3. Black water? You should probably not be drinking it if it’s black… It might not be water… Black air? That’s called smoke to most people.
      You know what’s irrelevant? Your bullshit, now why don’t you go build a mud hut and cook some bushmeat on a fire fueled by dried shit, since that’s the pinnacle of advancement you guys came up with?

      1. Oh my, what’s that saying? “If you’re getting flak, you must be over the target!”

      2. He’s just trolling for attention. If life here were really that bad and mean ol’ whitey was keeping him down, he would probably invest some time in heading back to the Paradise on Earth known as sub-Saharan Africa. I hear that they are eagerly anticipating the invention of the wheel and written language, any day now.

        1. Wikipedia:
          The importance of oral culture and tradition in Africa and the recent dominance of European languages through colonialism, among other factors, *has led to a Western misconception* that the languages of Africa as a whole either have no written forms, or have been put to writing only very recently

        2. I don’t even know where to start with the dude. Maybe he’ll go away?

        3. Well my arguments are not trolling, nor are they inflammatory or hateful. They are backed up by solid historical facts. If you don’t know where to start its because you have nothing to say.

        4. Wikipedia = weak. It can and is updated by pretty much anyone, and is home to lefties who are busy trying to rewrite history to fit their idiotic agendas. It is therefore unreliable unless you subscribe to the idea that if a majority of people think an idea is right, e.g., 2+2=5, makes it so.

        5. Do you have any other evidence? Because wikipedia is just the quickest source I can cite, there are several others, some with actual pictures of ancient African Script. You’re the one with an illogical assertion they must prove (somehow blacks didn’t have written language).

    4. History lesson (World History) : What land in the history of human kind was not taken from other inhabitants in order to make every civilization that stands today on Africa, Americas, Asia, and India and Pacific? It is how the world works. Don’t be so sore. When you guys takeover America, I won’t complain. White folk are spiritually dead from sitting on the Internet, watching mass media, and shopping. It will happen, so I won’t complain.

      1. Not true. Tasmanians lived for 10000 years on their land in complete peace and harmony. Same for Australian Aborigines, except its closer to 40,000 years. The Chinese never left China to invade anywhere else, their wars were almost exclusively within China.
        The idea of conquest and theft of native land is a relatively recent concept brought by caucasians and Europeans. Rome, the largest slave society in premodern times, did the whole conquest thing.

        1. T.T.G.S.,
          China was such a sizable land, but there was continual war and bloodshed to keep it under control and to enlarge boundaries bit by bit and at sea: they were never not at war. You may be right about Tasmanians, I have never read much on their history, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. However, other groups in the Pacific were brutal and conquering. But, you cannot ignore that Africa and India have been warring within themselves and with others eternally, and they have never regarded it as a “bad thing”. Some of the oldest murdered corpses in the world have been found in Africa. The advent of 17th/18th Century European human rights in England and France do we begin to see “taking land” as a bad thing.
          Two years ago we read “Thing Fall Apart” with my accelerated middle school class and the kids weren’t surprised at all when humans were being traded and used for reparations for intra-tribal crimes. It is only when they start reading European History in high school when they start imposing European indignities on other peoples, which is also a dangerous form colonialization.

        2. China has always fought wars with themselves. The only exceptions were foreign invasions like the Mongols and the British. Furthermore, their wars were about consolidation, not expansion. They fought to unify ‘Chinese’ those who shared history, language and genetics. They did NOT expand to conquer. Further, there were many eras with centuries of internal peace like the Ming and Han Dynasties. The warring states period was tumultuous due to the massive social upheaval going on at the time.
          As far as Africa is concerned, the warfare there was far less brutal than Europeans brought to the continent. It was often the case that a battle would not be decided by slaughtering thousands of men, but rather the two leaders would duel and whoever lost his men would switch sides increasing the power of the winner.
          Furthermore, the Arabic historian, Ibn Battuta, was one of the first visitors to subSaharan African in the early 1300s. He paints a vastly different picture of the continent than what you are trying to portray:
          He described the people as friendly, joyous and fervently against injustice. He described the carefree nature of the people who played music and danced in the streets from 10 pm to 1 am at night on weeknights. He noted the great wealth they possessed, yet the distinct lack of the fear of theft or violence. He also uncovered evidence from their archives that the city he visited was over 1,000 years old (in the 1300s so started around 300AD).
          In other words, the grim picture you paint of humanity is one of projection; because Europeans and their descendants are and have been brutally violent, you extend that to all other peoples. You use the artificial circumstances your kind has created as evidence, but Africa as it is today (artificially drawn borders by Europeans, selfish leaders whose only choice is the cash or bullet to the head, etc.), Detroit and Chicago are not natural habitats for blacks. Just because an animal whom you’ve placed in a tiny cage will beat his head against it till dead doesn’t mean that’s his natural behavior or that all animals are somehow masochistic and need your ‘guiding hand’.
          The animal would be better off free from your tyrannical and self-serving backsplanations.

        3. Humans fight and do what they do to “vanquish”, and you prove it better than anyone else. Ironically, you use the European tools of “critique” to do so. You have chosen the tools of the side that you claim is evil or the weaker? That itself does not seem good strategy.
          So, yes, families fought for power in China. You deny they killed each other? They did not take land from each other?
          I have no doubt that civilizations in sub-Sahara Africa had beautiful people, art, and culture. Just as cultures in Africa, America, Asia, and Europe are beautiful today. Never have I claimed that humans are strictly barbarous. My original claim is that civilization and cultures take land from other people in order for their culture to grow and survive. That simple.
          I am projecting? I never said Chicago or Detroit were healthy for anyone. Urbanization, in my estimation, is the death of man. You are the one projecting. Especially with using a monotheistic God’s morality to view the people of Africa. Quoting a Muslim makes it any better? But, am I to assume that Muslim eyes are much clearer than a Christian’s eyes even though they serve the same god.

        4. Humans DO NOT do this. War is not a natural state and most people do not wish to go to war. It is only the European that has normalized and lionized war. 95% of the US’s existence, the US has been at war. Similar stats abound for white European states. Of course, war happens everywhere at some time, but the scale and severity of it were far more limited before Europeans took over. This is a fact. There were TWO (!!) hundred year wars in Europe, neither of which resulted in significant changes or advantages for either party.
          The families that fought in China were fighting over the right to rule, not trying to exterminate people like whites have done with blacks. The only people who have genocided others in a race war are white people. Tens of millions of blacks killed in Africa, Australia, Tasmania (wiped out), and the Americas. ONLY WHITES have wrought this level of destruction. Your false equivalence is like equating a friendly slap on the back with a car wreck. “I mean, everything has force behind it really…so there’s not much difference.”
          The funny thing is, before the Moors civilized you, Europeans were almost uniquely barbarous. They were so backwards and uncultured that the ROMANS referred to you as ‘barbarians’. So destructive, backwards and vile were your ancestors that the word today for ‘wanton destruction’, Vandalism, comes from a tribe of Europeans called the vandals. So petty and spiteful were your ancestors that there was an entire prosthetic industry devoted to creating fake noses. Why? Because the trend at the time was to cut off the nose of someone you didn’t like, or who had done you ‘wrong’.
          Your original claim is the projection. Tasmanians didn’t steal land from anyone, nor did australian aborigines or Melanesians. In Africa, most of the empires were born out of the stagnation of older ones, not through violent military conquest.

        5. Just in the past century alone some of the most noted genocides are in non-white nations: Armenian/Assyrian/Pontic Genocide by the Ottoman, Mao’s “Great Leap Forward”, Rwanda, Centra African Republic(currently), Nanking Massacre, Cambodia…. Yes, I am quite familiar with the Romans and their conquest of Europe. Yes, alot of War and slaves in Europe; the history books are well-documented. Egypt and Muslim forces did similar things in Africa.
          Yes, I am sure that there were Island nations like Tasmania and Aboriginies of Austrialia. I never denied that. But, to claim that African nation were born out of stagnation, and not violent miltary conquest is a lie. The Kingdom of Axum, Egypt, and the Sultanate of Adal have all created chaos throughout Africa as the folks from Europe did. It is not just “white people” that do this.

        6. Armenia/Assyria/Pontic genocide is all caucasian. Rwanda was the fault and deliberate action of Belgium. Hutus and Tutsis lived together and intermarried for centuries until they came and placed one group above the other socially for decades. This boiled over into war.
          Im’ speaking of mostly areas unspoiled by the Caucasian like subsaharan Africa. But make no mistake about it, my point isn’t that war didn’t exist in the past, my point is that only whites have waged war of genocide to this scale of destructiveness. Only whites have made economic poverty a forced export/import.
          The vast majority of people who have stolen territory, genocided anyone either by colonization and destruction of their culture, or by overt war have been white. Jamaica, African countries and countries like Haiti are not poor because they’re run by blacks as you racists seem to think.
          They are poor because they are forced to be corrupt or be assassinated by violent whites and their mercs. Haiti is poor because they are under economic warfare by white and European countries who support these policies. The people of whom also support them as well, thus implicating them.

        7. 1) Take a chill pill
          2) Which whites are youe exactly referring to? Slavic,Germanic, those from Iberia?
          3) If the Europeans weren’t this ruthless there would be no whites left in Euro, maybe some in Iceland!
          4) Russian Asia is the recoil of the Mongolian Invasion.
          5) Trolling is weak. Try harder

        8. A good example of how Africans formed empires, during the Bantu expansion of the thousands of Africans migrated into the territory of other african tribes. From what we can tell, there weren’t wars about it. The people were just assimilated over the 1500 years this migration took place.

        9. T.T.G.O.S,
          All info on Bantu movements is based on theory, specifically tracing movements of tribes by the path of their language; it is a recently new field. Unlike, Western Culture, historians have no first or second hand documentation of Bantu movement southward on the continent. We do know they either displaced or assimilated cultures. My assumption would be that this was not done peacefully, your assumption is that is was done peacefully. Yes, you folks practicing critical theory make many assumptions and take them as fact when we in actuality have no first hand evidence of what happened.

        10. you’re splitting hairs. within China were smaller nation states and they went to war with eachother based on their differences as well. You get the population to go to war my dehumanizing the enemy and portraying them as savages.
          I’m sure those Chinese leaders said “put down your farming tools, leave your family and loved ones and risk your life to kill your fellow countrymen who are under the influence of a bad regime”

        11. if wars in China were about consolidation and not expansion then the British and later independent America was consolidating the east and west coasts

        12. you’re the one equating blacks in Chicago and Detroit to being animals. Critics of blacks here say they act like animals, you go a step further and say they are animals and were never meant to live in the city.

        13. There’s a reason anyone had to “fight” to unify “their people” and it might have to do with the fact that others did not agree with their viewpoint. Ever think of that, ace?

        14. No I’m not. The difference between Chinese wars of unification and European wars of conquest are just that: Chinese wars were not about economic exploitation to the detriment of the native peoples, because the wars were fought BY the native peoples to consolidate into one unit. This is a natural human progression that can happen with or without war (consolidation, that is).
          However, European wars were caused by Europeans who sought to become rich by exploiting first the resources, and then the population (through slave labor) of natives in countries they had no legal claim to. Chinese had legal claim to the land the fought wars on because they all shared a common history, tongue and ancestry. This is not the case with Europeans when they went killing in Africa and the Americas.

        15. Actually that is not true. Firstly, the Bantu expansion took place over a 1500 year period. Due to logistics, it is highly unlikely that this involved protracted warfare. Secondly, oral histories exist of the events. First/second hand documentation is not the only evidence that would exist for such a thing. Documentation is just as liable to fraud and untruth as oral histories are. If you want to lie you can just write the lie down.
          Where is the evidence of protracted warfare resulting from aggressive Bantu expansion? The indigenous people like the San and the Pygmies STILL LIVE in the areas that the Bantu expanded. If there was a 1500 year war with the numerically superior Bantu then it stands to reason that they would’ve been wiped out, not living side by side peacefully (albeit with lopsided numbers, since the Bantu were numerically superior). In other words, you are assuming that there was violent confrontation because it makes your point, but you have no evidence that this happened. And all the evidence points to it NOT happening that way, due to the logistic difficulties with fighting a 1500 year war.
          It just makes more sense that assimilation was mostly peaceful.

        16. I didn’t equate blacks in Chicago and Detroit with animals; apparently you are unfamiliar with metaphors. A metaphor does not equate its subject with that which it is making a metaphor of.

        17. “Detroit and Chicago are not natural habitats for blacks”
          In an earlier comment you claimed they were the original inhabitants

        18. The are the original inhabitants of the LAND. The CITIES of Detroit and Chicago are white built, unnatural environments. The black gangs are fighting over lucrative drug trade run by the CIA. There is nothing natural about that arrangement.

    5. “So yes, you had an integral part in all of the crimes above, because it is for your benefit they were carried out”
      I know. Amazing isn’t it?
      You think if the Bantu developed a weapons technology more advanced than a stone tipped spear, they might have tried there hand at killing and invading peoples other than even more primitive blacks on the African continent?
      History shows blacks to be the most prone to impulsive violence, to be the most racist and to normalise slavery more than every other race. What’s prevented them from committing this on a wider scale is they’ve got their asses kicked by every other race.
      Blacks are not a net benefit to any society and it’s bizarre you’re trying to erode the goodwill whites display towards blacks. If white guilt disappears, if they no longer resist making blacks accountable for their racism, how long do you think blacks could survive?
      Spears vs drones isn’t an even fight.

    6. Stop living in our civilization, stop using our infrastructure and our institutions, and go move to Africa. Until then, you’re just another whiny champagne socialist hypocrite.

      1. Its not your civilization. I’m am not an African. I am an original American. YOU are the invader who must return to where your ancestors came from.

        1. Hahaha! I’m not going anywhere, bud. If you and your fellow mestizos want war then bring it, but we both know that will just end up a repeat of how our people DECIMATED your people in the past. You’re only other option is to shut the fuck up and stop complaining so both of our peoples can move on peacefully. So go ahead, keep attacking my people. You’re just going to awaken more of us to the fact that a multi-ethnic nation is a pipe dream and earn your people a one way ticket back to Mexico or prison. Either way it’s a win-win for my people.

        2. Violence is not the answer. But justice will be done. Beautiful ain’t it? South Africa ended apharteid without a shot fired.

        3. You are neither. You are just a semi educated douche who thinks he has all the answers just because he says he does. Every statement you have made here is absolute unproveable bullshit.
          If you admire African culture so much, then why are you here? Fighting the good fight? Crap, you are here just to stir up shit, like any half assed troll. Africa is NOT a peaceful paradise since blacks took over, Blacks there are slaughtering whites on a daily basis, starvation is rising, infrastructure is falling.
          African blacks are so ignorant that they can’t even work the farms that they have stolen through murder in order to feed themselves. They can’t even manage to maintain the equipment that holds civilization together, and that applies to EVERY continent that they have infested, especially in America. You keep on with your Afrocentric dreaming, see where that gets you (nowhere productive).
          Good luck, loser.

        4. Good luck with that. I’ll personally deport you back to Mexico myself when Trump is president.

        5. you’d be changing your tune of you set up a casino. I heard somewhere in New England a group and barely native guys set up a casino and are living like bandits.
          or you could run for office like Elizabeth warren.

        6. Diplomacy isn’t an alternative to war or violence, it’s just another method of war. Once the issue is decided, there will still be a winner and a loser, and the loser will suffer from the loss just the same. Just because suffering is hidden from your views or stretched over a longer period of time doesn’t make it less real. But it’s a great way to postpone the inevitable to our children’s generation.

        7. You mean you are a Native American? One of those tribes who would regularly raid other tribes for women and SLAVES? Who would also attack and wipe out or chase off other tribes in order to take over their land and hunting grounds? You mean THAT kind of original American?
          In all honesty, anyone who accuses another people of being guilty of slavery is a hypocrite, as ALL nations, tribes, people,whatever, throughout history, have been guilty at one time or another of slavery, genocide, rape, torture, etc. Or, do you have a convenient excuse for that, too?
          You are an idiot.

        8. My educational attainment has no bearing on the discussion, just like your lack of intellect does not either. You/I have claims and it is up to the claimant to provide proof of those claims.
          “If you admire African culture so much, then why are you here?” What a silly question. Even if you believe the Transatlantic slave trade hoax, my ancestors are most likely in the Americas long before your ancestors were.
          Most African countries are still recovering from centuries of colonization, disruption of native traditions and practices, ASSASSINATION OF THEIR LEADERS (the French assassinated ~8 African leaders who wouldn’t ‘toe the line’). So no, Africans have never ‘taken over’. They are still under colonization, just colonization with black leaders. If they don’t do what the IMF, and Europeans want then they get assassinated. That is not freedom and if your way of life was so superior, you wouldn’t need to force it on people at the barrel of a gun.
          Haiti was threatened for A CENTURY AND A HALF with invasion after winning their glorious revolution by the French. If they didn’t pay ‘reparations’ to their slave masters for successfully ending their slavery, they would be invaded. This left haiti poor, destitute and completely broke. They didn’t finish paying until the 1950s. France became rich off of their labor, just like all other European ‘superior civilizations’.
          If you are so superior, why do you need to steal, coerce and murder to get your way? That is by definition proof that your way is inferior, because no one would do things your way if they had a choice. So you can go somewhere with that b.s. NOBODY is buying it.

        9. First of all, ‘decimation’ only means reduction by 1/10th, so it is not the victory you assume it was. Secondly, whites do not have a monopoly on violence, esp. in self defense; slavery ended because there was over 230 slave revolts in the US alone. Haiti was a glorious revolution where all the whites were killed. South Africa is currently undergoing a violent chapter in its history. The Zimbabweans actually fought the Portuguese for 1 century and KICKED THEIR ASSES OUT.
          The Ashanti in Ghana fought the British for 90 years, and while they lost in the end, they never lost their sovereignty or self-rule. The Ethiopians actually killed or wounded over 7,000 Italians in their very successful war of independence making them the first and really only modern African nation to defeat a European one in battle and retain sovereignty. While they lost the second Italian-Ethiopian war, they inflicted 208,000 dead or wounded on the Italians. Their military is currently 42nd in the world.
          So don’t think for a second that your drones or nukes or planes or boats can save you. There are 1 billion people in Africa and 80 million in the Americas, violence would not be pretty nor would it end well for you. The only option is true diplomacy, righting the wrongs upon which you stand, and leaving the African wherever he may be, in peace.

        10. You’re a fucking idiot. I don’t want to deal with a bunch of shitty Africans. African rulers can carry out their civil wars and slaughter each other until the end of time for all I care. Same goes for the Arabs.

    7. And of course blacks get a pass on the buying, owning and selling of slaves, Their own people that they so desperately worship. Anthony Johnson – First slave owner in the United States! Up until his court battle, there were no slaves, just indentured servants (still unacceptable BTW). You really think a boatload of 70 or so whites can get off a boat, wander into an unknown, dangerous, unforgiving land, stumble on a village of 300 and take them all as slaves, just like that? If that scenario is in any way true, then your ancestors DESERVED to be slaves, fool. Your people are just as guilty as any other race regarding slavery.
      Try to actually critically think about it,before you embarrass yourself by making ignorant statements. You do yourself and your race a grave injustice.

      1. Europeans came into Africa and setup a nice business meeting in a conference room to execute the slave trade, and Africans just went with it!

        1. I will be more direct. At what point in history did Europeans deal with others with peace and fairness? How do you think they colonized half of the world? Europeans murdered people by the millions with firearms and advanced weaponry and basically FORCED Africans to sell other Africans, if you didn’t want to be sold you had to sell others. So your scenario is a completely false narrative as to how the slave trade happened and to blame other Africans

        2. not sure you’re entirely accurate. I’ve heard accounts that the British or Europeans would roll into a country with a bunch of money and fund a rebellion or a coupe in exchange for using their currency and/or being subservient to the British. ie here’s a bucha money and weapons, go seize power and exploit your populace and in exchange you’ll be the top dog with harems full of women. Ok that may be a bit fantastical. The Brits and other European countries couldn’t just roll into another country, shoot them up and expect generations of compliance. there were some smarter tactics involved. Every empire or invasion has a lot of trouble subduing the populace, at some point in time you need to give them or give someone a better deal than what was there before, otherwise the resistance you get from the local population costs too much time money and man effort and it doesn’t make up for the what you get out of the population.

        3. Really? Europeans were responsible for slavery? Ok, listen up idiot, Africans were involved in slavery hundreds of years before Europeans arrived on the scene. They would conquer other (rival) tribes, and the survivors became slaves. They would then sell said slaves to Arab slavers, who would then resell the slaves. When Europeans finally did show up, they then sold slaves to them (the Dutch).
          And don’t think that Whites were exempt from being slaves, one of the first wars America fought was against Islamic slavers who would capture U.S. ships and sell the sailors into slavery. Thus the Marine Corps Hymn verse “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of TRIPOLI”.
          EVERY nation and people have been guilty of slavery, even the Native Americans kept slaves captured from other tribes, so feel free to get off your high horse, and follow my earlier advice to try a little critical thinking prior to making a post that proves your ignorance to all who can read.

        4. I don’t know why you have to resort to insults. Lets have an intelligent debate. I complete agree with you that slavery existed before European but it was the most vicious and nefarious in the history of the world (breeding, raping, beating, etc) and was industrialized to a massive scale. Yes, the history of the world everywhere included slavery but there are different levels to this. Whites who were enslaved in America could work for their freedom as long as they did not coordinate with Blacks to revolt.

        5. Condescension begets insults. And there is no evidence that slaves owned by whites were treated any differently than slaves owned by other races. American slave owners, to my knowledge did not make valuable slaves fight to the death or feed them to wild animals for entertainment as we know happened in the Roman world. Indentured slavery contained both blacks and whites, until a black man by the name of Anthony Johnson went to court to argue for the right to keep a black slave whose indentured time was up thereby initiating the ownership of another human being.
          Whites, especially American whites, are most definitely NOT responsible for slavery, and you know it, you just won’t admit it. It’s easier and more profitable for you to accuse U.S. whites of all the world’s evil, because we are the only ones who will listen. Try your whining in Africa, for example, and the locals will have a flaming tire around your neck before you can finish your argument.
          As for your question about when did Europeans ever deal with others with peace and fairness, well, I can easily ask at what point in history did ANY other race deal with another, with peace and fairness?
          In fact, we are ALL guilty of the exact same crimes that you accuse whites of being guilty of, and it’s because ultimately, we are all human and therefore, flawed. So when you start being condescending and claiming that American slave owners mistreated their slaves, you would do well to do a little more research into the subject, as in less that ten percent of the U.S. population could afford to keep a slave, and those that did, would not treat such an expensive piece of farm equipment poorly. Economically, it was suicide for a plantation owner to mistreat his slaves. Yet the ancient romans were fond of feeding slaves to lions, or having them fight each other to the death. In Arabic nations, male slaves were regularly castrated while the females were used as sex toys.
          I’m tired of putting up with SJWs and butt hurt minorities blaming white men for everything wrong with the world today. If it wasn’t for the ingenuity of white men, most of the world’s civilizations would not exist.

        6. As far as condescension, look at the tone of you original post.
          And if you are convinced that whites ‘are most definitely NOT responsible for slavery’ I literally cannot argue with you and am at a loss for words. I also don’t know how you can argue that slave owners ‘would not treat such an expensive piece of farm equipment poorly’. You can’t justify not expressing an opinion just because locals in Africa would ring your neck (and I will not debate you on the validity of that statement).
          Fair point about peace and fairness, its not an ideal world. But a lot of the worlds problems today are predominantly structured off a system of race and its not an irony.
          And if it wasnt for the ingenuity of many Africans, from the Ancient Egyptians, to the Moors, and slaves in America, a lot of the worlds civilizations would not exist. But the dominant society writes the history books and doesnt tell these stories.

        7. Whites are NOT responsible for slavery. Slavery existed long into the shadows of history, before the written word. As blacks are so fond of saying, they were the first people, then it lends creedence to the theory that they were the first slave holders. And I can justify not expressing an opinion by pointing out the African practice of ringing, because in Africa, they would ring you for expressing an opinion that they disagree with. My point was that you get to express your opinion here and you won’t be killed, elsewhere, you would be.
          And the dominant society writes the history books, because they are the ones who were smarter, harder, tougher, and more capable than the losers. Don’t cry about it, it’s the way of the world. Study some history books, it’s the same for every civilization as far back as history goes. Maybe some day in the distant future, blacks, or asians, or hispanics will be the dominant race on the planet, then they can write whatever history they want. Until then, history is written by whitey. deal with it, and don’t bite the hand that feeds you, if we are indeed as dangerous as you claim, you may want to watch your attitude towards us.

        8. You mean that you can’t argue with anything in the post because I’m speaking the irrefutable truth. It was nice beating you!

        9. I’m not blaming Africans for slave trade so much as I’m saying the narrative of “it’s all white peoples fault” is not true.

        10. No, your writing didn’t make sense. I would at least respect a well thought argument even if I don’t agree. Congrats on the internet win!

        11. My writing made perfect sense. Just because you choose to ignore it doesn’t make it any less sensible, or truthful. As with all SJWs and minority activists, when you begin to lose a debate/argument/whatever, you claim your opponent makes no sense, or is being racist, etc. Face it, you lost because you couldn’t counter my arguments with verifiable facts, and couldn’t come up with any false BS that you could insert into the argument to slow me down or otherwise befuddle me. Come back when you and your friends can come up with something that I can’t shoot down.

        12. Your point that “you get to express your opinion here and you won’t be killed, elsewhere, you would be.” is completely irrelevant and applies to you as well.
          Your second paragraph essentially says deal with whites being dominant people, that’s the way it is, and don’t bite the hand that feeds you, which is more weak babble.

        13. ^^^^ this ideology will create a civil war, and one that you will lose. Think before you judge all people of a particular race, or try shaming them

        14. You have constructed an ideology that paints you and people that look like you as angelic, pure beings with no agency (i think contemporary feminism has shaped your views in part). And paints people with white skin as evil oppressors. Even if that were historically accurate — and there is no fu***g way it is— why have you spent so much time trying to learn how to absolve yourself of any wrongdoing? Are you looking for explanations for your problems? How about just treat people how you want to be treated? Be kind and compassionate. If you start a race war—politically or militarily—you will lose. Just think on that a bit dude. Self preservation

        15. 100% right. These butthurt sore loser racists just don’t want to accept that they are the minority, and that they lost.

        16. Its the truth dude, learn how to get along and live in the world we built or go to africa, up to u. You will never convince whites as a whole that they are evil and need to give you more free s**t

        17. Yeah, the house nigger had no choice but to whip the field nigger on the cotton plantation fo masta neiver

      2. Actually, slavery in Africa was nothing compared to slavery in the Americas. I know this might be difficult, but just because two things have the same name doesn’t mean they are the same thing. Technically, the Americas employed ‘chattel slavery’. This was not the case in Africa. A few differences,
        1. In Africa it was punishable by death to sleep with a slaves wife/rape a slave.
        2. Children of slaves were born free.
        3. Slaves were not overworked.
        4. Mistreatment of a slave resulted in being ostracized from the community (a big deal)
        5. Slaves were not barred from reading, learning or self-improvement.
        6. In fact, slaves could own property, businesses and even other slaves.
        7. Slaves were NOT from ‘their own people’. I don’t understand why whites don’t get this. There are over 3000 (!) different ethnic groups in Africa. The slaves were almost ALWAYS prisoners of war.
        Another thing to note, that the slave market was artificially enhanced by white European invaders who fomented wars between tribes (knowing that slaves came about as a result of wars) by lying and saying one tribe plotted war against another. Further, they provided weapons and alcohol (always with the alcohol) in order to alter the balance of power that kept peace. So your little emotional tirade is just that, an emotional tirade devoid of facts. The facts indicate that your crimes are massive and recompense must be done.

    8. You lost me on “truth about trans-atlantic slave-trade”….;)))
      Me and my Fulani house-personnel procurer almost fell from the parapet of my coastal castle laughing…;))))))

      1. he lost me at native black/Siberian people. He’s just making shit up. People, nations, tribes and ethnicities have been doing genocide and atrocities for centuries. Didn’t the Egyptians enslave the Jews? didn’t a some hutu and Tutsi slaughtered eachother in 94? I suppose it’s whites fault for doing nothing–which is what we should be doing with the worlds affairs. Native Americans warred, scalped and enslaved eachother. white people couldn’t go far into Africa because the mortality rate was something like 30 days so they hired blacks to round themselves up. The first slave OWNER in America was black. All this is about is power and political leverage.

        1. Actually, the Egyptians DID NOT enslave the Jews. That was a myth created by Jewish propaganda 2000 years ago. It survived for so long because it was not until about 1820 AD with the discovery of the Rosetta Stone that people could understand/read the hieroglyphics in Egypt. Before then, nobody knew much about ancient Egypt or their society (because they didn’t know it was all recorded on the walls).
          Once this discovery was made, it was quite a shock to find that Egyptians made NO MENTION of Hebrews, an Exodus or slavery. Egyptians were not in the habit of using slaves until much later than the Pyramids were built. The Pyramids were most likely built by skilled, highly paid workers.
          The Hutu and Tutsi civil war was the fault of the Belgians and colonialism. The Hutus and Tutsi had lived together and interbred peacefully for centuries. However, when the Belgians came they divided the society based on ethnicity (divide and conquer) and placed one group above the other with special privileges, etc. This caused decades long resentment. When the Belgians left they did not rectify the situation and it spilled over into a civil war.
          We are far beyond ‘slavery’ being the only crime your people are charged with. Genocide, theft of culture, destruction of culture, importation of foreigners to wipe out one’s culture (all fit the definition of genocide btw) are now the targets.

      2. I will concede that #10 is true. But if this clown troll above thinks the cia or any establishment body foreign or domestic is part of the “white supremacy”, they are totally lost and a buffoon.

        1. Ahhhahahaha….;)))….”Imhotep”…)))) You crack me up….;)))….cannot breathe…

        2. “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”

    9. for as atrocious as you paint white people to be I don’t see you going back to Africa or wherever to be with your people who apparently never do this shit. Btw leave the white mans inventions like electricity, phones, computers, cars, planes, and more with us. The rest of the level headed “brothas” are welcome to stay as the equals and citizens they are. they’re welcome into my house any time. In fact I invited one, an old coworker, to dinner last night to meet my family because he’s a good man. You? get lost. Go some place where my intrinsically racist ass can’t bother you.

      1. Of course I wouldn’t go back to Africa because I’m NOT AFRICAN. I’m a native, aboriginal American. IT IS YOU who is the invader. You are not American. You descend from thieves and liars. How do I know? Because you steal everything that you own. Even your idea about ‘white man’s inventions’ is stolen! Modern computing owes a great deal to a BLACK computer scientist. Mark Dean who holds 3 of the 9 IBM patents for the modern changes that allow personal computers to exist. But you attribute it to ‘white people’ when it is not so. You are a fraud and a thief, just like your ancestors.

    10. You’re more interested in putting people down than anything else. Someone builds a cathedral and you say “he cheated in school once, that’s nothing to be proud of”. Everyone has done bad things – the fact that you’re completely focused on that alone shows you have a hostile agenda.
      And oh no! We have to feel bad about our “history of oppression” now! We’re oppressing Africans as we speak by sending them boat loads of food, water and medicine. We oppressed the colonies by introducing them to the rule of law, public sanitation and modern technology. We oppressed the blacks by bringing them over to America to live in comfort and safety while the rest of Africa was dying of malaria and eating each other. I can’t figure it out, but I don’t feel even a tiny twinge of guilt. All these “oppressed” people seem better off now than they used to be, for some reason. That’s a very strange kind of oppression, don’t you think?
      So basically, you’d really prefer it if all the people here and their families were wiped out? You’d think the world would be a better place? Yes, wipe us out and replace us with Saudis and Somalians, then everyone will dance and sing in happiness forever. Your hatred for white people is very disturbing.

      1. The bad things that Europeans have done include genocide and the murder of ~100 million blacks since 1411. If someone had murdered 100 million whites you wouldn’t be on the internet talking about it, you would be cleaning your gun. I’m completely focused on that alone because all the problems we face in the world are the result of this European aggression that is STILL ONGOING.
        You are oppressing Africans when the food you send contains chemicals that are weaponized, when you spread diseases like AIDs and ebola via vaccination. Africans already had the rule of law and sanitation long before they even knew that whites existed. Ibn Battuta wrote that the houses of the subSaharan Africans (he didn’t word it that way, but that’s where he visited in the 1300s) were cleaner than those of the Dutch (who had a reputation for cleanliness at the time). Further, he spoke of cities that were huge in comparison to European ones, with very wide streets and trees strategically planted.
        Most Africans don’t even live in places with Malaria. And the people that do, have a natural resistance to the disease, this is where sickle cell anemia comes from. Africans who live in close proximity to the disease usually possess a gene that gives them ‘half sickle cell’ such that they don’t get the disease, but their blood cells are mutated just enough that malaria cannot infect them.
        White people are the ones for whom malaria made Africa a no go. Africa was commonly known as the ‘white man’s graveyard’ due to malaria and it wasn’t until the discovery of quinine from the Cinchoa tree in South America that whites had the ability to combat malaria and enter Africa proper without fear of disease.
        I don’t care what happens to all the ‘white’ people and their families, just that you leave the land you stole and end your slavery/apartheid system. That’s all. Don’t worry, black people are much smarter than you think, and its not difficult to create a working economy. The difficulty arises when you are trying to keep an economy while keeping the majority of people in it down as whites have done. Don’t worry, with you gone such will no longer be the case.

        1. Here we finally see the fundamental nature of liberal thought. I’m glad you finally explained your position in simple terms. Let me summarize: You think whites are a scourge, and deserve to be eliminated. Now let me ask you this: do you think people like you are going to survive the cleansing you propose? I suppose if asked much more nicely, we would just pack up and go back to Europe and take everything we created with us.
          Here’s how the world would look without colonialism: In Europe, we would possess all the advanced technology and industrial capacity that exists today, while the rest of the world would remain stuck in the middle ages – or prehistory. Africans would not have metal tools, or the wheel, and would still be eating each other. Human sacrifices would continue as before in South America. “Human rights”, “equality” and “democracy” would be completely unknown concepts outside of Europe. Sharing our knowledge with the world was “evil”? The spirit of discovery and adventure was “evil”? Taking
          the land and resources we needed for the welfare of our people
          was “evil”? Promoting human dignity and the rule of law was “evil”? What is good to you then? You think the cannibals living in mud huts are good and virtuous people? Only someone with blind hatred for Europeans could think something like that.
          Oh, and if you think inventions aren’t worth the damage, I assume you don’t make any use of them? That’s right, you’re currently writing this on the internet with a computer of some sort. You don’t use industrial products, I would surmise that everything you use you’ve made with your two hands, right? I guess you think the benefits outweigh the problems then. (Or you’re a hypocrite.) So what do you propose to FIX these problems? I can guarantee without knowing you that you take full advantages of the benefits of “what white people did”.
          It’s okay, you go on believing that “black people” as you put it are clean and without faults. Yes, blacks only fail because of white racism and oppression (in your world) and that is justified by one Middle Easterner’s text from 800 years ago. Yes, the observations and commentary of one writer applies to the modern world. This is what you believe? Really?
          You’ve shown the sort of supremacist you are. Your argument, in simple terms is this: “whites are evil, and we should be destroyed, and all our resources should be distributed to non-whites instead”. People who talk in obscure terms are usually hiding something. Honesty is always expressed in simple terms anyone can understand. Trying to tell me that you are a racist because you provide supporting evidence that whites are racist is a very weak position to be in. I’d suggest you just get to it.
          As an aside, keeping my gun clean is a habit I acquired long ago. It isn’t based upon the rantings from a black supremacist.

        2. I would like to take a moment to dispel a notion. A couple of them actually.:
          1) The vast majority of white people never have, nor ever will, invent(ed) anything. 99% of all white people live and die without inventing a single thing. So it is the height of fallaciousness to attribute the inventions of a small fractions of whites, to the vast majority as a whole, since that vast majority will never invent anything in their lives.
          2) Furthermore, in this vein, most of the ‘inventions’ of whites were not invented by whites! For example, you’d think the PC was invented by whites wouldn’t you? But no A BLACK MAN holds 3 of the 9 IBM patents that make turn a giant, room sized computer into a PC. Without this man, Dr. Mark Dean, YOU wouldn’t be able to use a computer. And it wasn’t just that, black men have invented countless things that have advanced society just in America alone.
          Yet you have no trouble attributing the shared and otherwise contributions of blacks to whites, and not just whites but to the vast majority who will never invent so much as a paperclip. That is some specious reasoning right there.
          3) Blacks DID NOT LIVE AS SAVAGES IN AFRICA. THAT IS A MYTH. You do not know your history, but during the so-called ‘dark ages’ blacks lived as kings in their own lands. The dark ages only applies to WHITE EUROPEANS. In Africa scholarship was at an all time high. Blacks figured out correctly the motions of the planets, sun and moon and could predict eclipses AT LEAST in the 1300s. Ibn Battuta, avowed Arab racist historian, was SHOCKED at not only the splendor but the intelligence and uprightness of the blacks in subsaharan Africa. He found diagrams which explained all those celestial mechanics, DURING A PERIOD WHEN EUROPEANS STILL THOUGHT THE SUN REVOLVED AROUND THE EARTH.
          Furthermore, these ‘primitive blacks’ had figured out sanitation, while Europeans were still throwing their piss and poo out the windows into the streets below! While the black plague ravaged your filthy people, Africa was virtually untouched by it. Don’t you know that there was only 1 (!!!) university in all of Europe before the black, African Moors arrived in 711AD and civilized your people?
          The ONLY REASON why Europe is not still the same poor, filthy, destitute backwater is because 1) the moors taught you how to bathe, cook, season your food, build baths, universities and castles (an ancient African tradition) and 2) your ancestors coveted and subsequently STOLE the wealth of the blacks the came across in Africa and the Americas! THAT’S IT!! Columbus’ ships were laden down with STOLEN GOLD from the Americas. That’s where your European wealth comes from.
          Furthermore, the Greeks got their ideas from the EGYPTIANS. Who were also black! You can look at the hieroglyphics, and wall paintings because the Egyptians painted themselves and they were black people! All the fathers of greek thought went to Egypt to learn. In Europe THIS IS COMMON KNOWLEDGE! They even have an expression for it, “Thank heaven for 711”! That was when the Moors lifted Europeans out of the doldroms. So its clear you don’t know history and are an ignorant person with no knowledge of what’s going on. The only reason I reply to you is to let others know of your total lack of knowledge.

        3. Yes, and Dr Dean was smart enough to work alongside a man by the name of Dennis Moeller instead of whining about shit. You’re talking to a software engineer. Your revelling in victim status impresses me little.
          Oh, is this the whole “black Egyptians” nonsense? Let me explain the theory for those who aren’t aware. Blacks created high civilization, had the most sophisticated engineering knowledge, the subtlest philosophy, the most admired culture, the most successful trade, and at some point they left Egypt, crossed the Sahara and started living in mud huts and eating each other instead. Any other profound historical facts to share with us?

        4. By that logic, blacks all need to go back to Africa. You are also living on land that isn’t yours, so get the fu** on

        5. Afrocentrism and the Black Athena theory is some of the moist idiotic and ridiculous shit ever.

        6. This is the only comment of yours worthy of reply. Blacks ARE INDIGENOUS TO ALL CONTINENTS EXCEPT ANTARCTICA. Blacks lived in the Americas for tens of thousands of years before whites arrived in 1492. Thus, the only people who should leave ARE YOU PEOPLE.

        7. Ill tell you what racist pos, let’s battle and have a war b/w blacks and whites, b/c clearly you have nothing but hatred for people that look different than you, and are incapable of living in peace with them. The only natural conclusion to your ideology — if more people are to think like you—is your own extinction via war. Don’t pick a fight with a bigger, richer, smarter, more powerful, more numerous and more experienced opponent dumbass.

        8. You are not more numerous. There are more black people in the world than there are white people. And of course you want a war, you want to erase the record of your crimes before they are brought to light. No thanks, let’s go to the UN with all the evidence. Let’s put it before world opinion. Take note, this is a world dramatically opposed to slavery, genocide and theft of native lands.

        9. In reality Egyptians were caucasians who’s civilization crumbled by miscegenating with black slaves they used to built the pyramids. The early pharaos when the civilization was on the ascent looked white while the last few had mulatto facial features

        10. The first whites did not arrive in 1492, vikings visited the east coast before that and caucasians were there before any asiatic so called “native american” people followed over the bering strait.

          Where are the ruins of all these “castles” you claim blacks built in Africa? They must have built the pyramids in south america also since y’all were the first ones there, lol

        11. The Vikings visited in the 10th Century AD. There is no evidence of whites in the Americas before that.
          Again, Kennewick man has native American DNA, he was a ‘siberian’. Furthermore, there were no Whites on the Earth at the time Kennewick man lived. There are actually plenty of ruins in Africa, greater Zimbabwe which whites laughably tried to play off as being constructed by foreign whites when it was the black Zimbabweans who did it. The British razed over 100+ African cities to the ground during the 1800s. More history you don’t know.

          New DNA Results Show Kennewick Man Was Native American
          There were no whites in the Americas at that time.

        12. On Thursday, Danish scientists published an analysis of DNA obtained from the skeleton. Kennewick Man’s genome clearly does not belong to a European, the scientists said.
          “It’s very clear that Kennewick Man is most closely related to contemporary Native Americans,” said Eske Willerslev, a geneticist at the University of Copenhagen and lead author of the study, which was published in the journal Nature. “In my view, it’s bone-solid.”

        13. Ok internet tough guy— you speak hatefully and warlike against white people, then when a white person says ‘ok bring it’ now you back up like a bi**h and want to have some sort of UN savior? Lmao
          The UN is not going to save you from the white tribe, scummy pussy. You reap what you sow and we have wayyyyyy more intelligence and resources than you will ever have. If you want freedom youre going to have to beg for it like the inferior bi**h u are

        14. Right, that’s why your post reads like someone who has never had home or scholastic training because you’re so intelligent huh? There is no ‘white tribe’, you whites spent most of the last century killing each other. In Europe before you found Africans to kill, you spent centuries KILLING EACH OTHER. Your filthiness and diseased lifestyles killed 2/3rds of you. See, what you don’t get is that it is YOU who is outnumbered. You are on the side of evil and what is coming for you cannot be stopped, bargained with nor killed with a gun. Ask South Africa how Apartheid ended up, ask the whites in Haiti how slavery ended up for them. Since you seem to have trouble posting and following coherent thoughts I’ll give you a hint: IT DIDN’T END WELL!

    11. God forbidden you not have anyone to blame or you’d just be a fucking nobody. You whole identity is based on being a victim.
      You are simply a fucking loser with a capital “L.”
      Your people would still be living in fucking grass huts. You whining fucks can’t go back to Africa and build shit because it would take effort. You expect people to give it to you due to your utter lack of responsibility. If we disappeared tomorrow your world would descend into chaos. You idiots would be fighting light-skinned blacks for not being black enough.
      I’m not painting all black people under a broad stroke, just people like you.
      Less than %2 of Americans owned slaves dumbass. The majority of white Americans today have ZERO connection to slave owners. Your blaming shit on something some white dude might have done over a hundred years ago.
      Your people lost tribal wars to other Africans and they sold your ass to Jewish slavers. Blame them. Less than 6% of the slaves ended up in the US. Where did the others go?

      1. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Your emotional screed wouldn’t be suitable in kindergarten, so why do you think it should pass as legitimate discourse here? You’ve been dismissed.

        1. Awwwww sorry did he hurt your feelings snowflake?
          Advice–don’t start a war you can’t win

      2. Yeah just look at Detroit after whites left, Baltimore, and anywhere else where blacks are the majority. Total chaos. low IQ, emotional decision-making, corruption, and violence.

    12. Take em to school. The denial and reflexive defensiveness is deafening…..but demographic change will tell the tale

      1. Breeding like rabbits is no credit to your race. Blacks have invented nothing, except endless jabbering about race.

    13. White people—- prepare for war. ^^^^this angry racist is speaking something that way too many blacks believe for us to live in peace.
      White people of today are NOT responsible for the sins of the past, and we will dominate you if that’s what needs to happen for you to respect others. The past is past. If you try and lynch young whites for what some peoples ancestors did you will in turn be judged for what blacks are doing RIGHT NOW in the street—attacking random white people and jews, harassing people, and generally proving just how inferior they are.

    14. Notice how the only response from Europeans is…prepare for war. White men are the least introspective, consciousless sociopaths to ever walk the planet. Rather than acknowledge their crimes against most of the earth, they practice denial, deflection and then invoke violence. Even their women despise them, which is a major reason this forum exists. But its cool, people are awake to their ways and demographics don’t lie. I for one, enjoy their delusion. Anyone in denial of reality will surely experience it one day and it won’t be pretty.

      1. Not only that, but they KNOW that they are wrong. This is what they’ve been so afraid of. This is why they didn’t want us to learn to read. This is why they had to keep us down economically. If we ever found out the truth, they would have to pay it back in full! The Italians had to pay the Ethiopians for their occupation, destruction of country, and murder of civilians after the second Italo-Ethiopian war in the 30s. The US had to pay reparations to the Japanese interned illegally. And they will have to vacate and return the land they stole to the sons of its native inhabitants. Blacks.

    15. You forgot about the the New York city draft riots. Blacks are even worse at rioting.
      Caucasian remains predate those of asiatics in north america (Kennewick man) therefore “native american” is a misnomer.
      Savages did not build burial mounds like those found in the mid west.
      South American pyramids were only used by the asiatic savages for human sacrifices after they exterminated the caucasian minority who built them and miscegenated with their women

      1. There are three problems with your ‘Kennewick man’ discovery. Firstly, Kennewick man is 9000 years old. Genetic scientists have proven that white Europeans didn’t exist until 8000 years ago. Before that, Europeans were dark-skinned. So if your ‘Kennewick Man’ was in the US 9000 years ago, he wasn’t a white man, he wasn’t the same group of people as your ancestors. That’s just the first problem.
        The second problem is that blacks have evidence of existing in the Americas going back 50-100k years. Long before whites even existed on the planet. The Olmec built pyramids are dated to 15-20k years old. The Olmecs and Mayans were blacks, of course because there were no white people at this time.
        The third problem is this:
        “The results of genetic investigations published in 2015 **strongly pointed
        toward a Native American ancestry of Kennewick Man**, after which the
        Asatru Folk Assembly supported the Native American tribes claims. The
        genetic evidence adds to “growing evidence that ancestors of the New
        World’s aboriginal peoples originated in Siberia and migrated across a
        land mass that spanned the Bering Strait during the last ice age. And it
        would undermine alternative theories that some early migrants arrived
        from Southeast Asia or even Europe.”
        So it looks like the genetics points to a Native American (Siberian) heritage for Kennewick man, and not Caucasian, so you can stop claiming him now.
        Dr. David Imhotep has 8 peer-reviewed studies that conclusively establish blacks in the Americas up to 50k years ago, which is 42k years before white Europeans even existed on the planet. You’ve been dismissed.

    1. Im white and i actually used to love watching the bet awards, lot of great passionate performances. Now, however, the toxicity and hatred coming from black Americans makes me fear for my safety and prepare for war

      1. I’m not so worried about “war”. It is just a shame that we cannot all sit down and enjoy TV without radicalism being spoon-fed to us. I’ve been enjoying some Netflix oldies Quantum Leap and Cheers. Current TV sucks. I don’t hate when I turn the TV off.

  52. Dahahaha joke is on him, I just googled, “Jesse Williams wife.” What an absolute clown of a guy.

  53. Williams displays the typical behavior of the enraged, confused, unwanted mulatto. Whites have often been able to get along pretty well with real blacks, just so long as everybody stays in their own lane. Even the most “racist” white man rarely “hates” black people, although he may disapprove strongly of some of their traits. The mulatto, however, is a born troublemaker. A mongrel who hates his father and despises his mother, the mulatto was known even in 18th century Haiti as a ticking time bomb. This freak Jesse Williams is a perfect example of the angry, hating mulatto, much like W.E.B. DuBois. Desperately wanting to be white and loathing their “savage quartering”, as Faulkner put it, they lash out. He knows his mother is a shameless slut and his father is a primitive who took out his hatred of the white man by screwing a white woman. A wonderful pedigree. Race mixing with blacks is a terrible crime for both blacks and whites and its effects are passed down for generations. Give me a real black guy any day. I can almost always get along perfectly well with them.

    1. not sure anyone here agrees with most of what you said. you had a couple good points and then went off the rails

    1. If that’s his girlfriend/wife, that quite simply says it all. Weak gamma males tend to choose average-looking women from easier, lower-value races.
      The ironic thing is, unlike even President Butt Nekkid, this particular mulatto actually could pass as a heavily-tanned white man if he wanted to. Instead, he goes full black radical.

      1. I thought you were referring to General butt naked. Look it up, real guy who had real power

    2. I don’t understand the ridicule, his wife looks pretty fine. I wouldn’t mind a woman who looked like her at all.

  54. One has to laugh at a rich and famous mulatto telling a bunch of rich negroes how oppressed they are.

    1. even worse that it’s on a stage owned by a group of old white people that run Viacom and pay him well for his talents.
      It’s irony of an unprecedented degree.
      Race baiting is big fun for the ratings.

  55. Oh good grief…what a whiner. G, life is so terrible, you are so oppressed…you get paid funny money for playing make-believe. grey’s anatomy is tedious. I think that cast needs to be told, very firmly, that they are, in fact, NOT doctors at all. I just find it very smug and pretentious…as if these liberal progressives are saving lives, so, they’re beyond reproach. Which is just what these actors and actresses believe because it shows in their politics a la this messianic complex to save all these oppressed minorities etc. And the constant ego affirmation. I can literally stomach this show for only seconds. For instance, I remember one 5-6 second exposure. The lead surgeon who is a Black female and who’s husband stays at home was addressing a gaggle of catty women “doctors” saying over and over – “you are surgeons”! I cringed at the raw social engineering at work. This is a chick show and when their not having performing miracles in the operating room their having raunchy sex with each other. She wasn’t talking to those actresses in the show…she was talking to the thousands of impressionable women out there.

  56. Black and white are “knot-races.” They are States of Mind. The people who call themselves white do so for the sake of fictional status grounded and founded in both fear and pale-skinned self-esteem. The Blind Dead see what they want to see and hear what they already know.

    1. You’re partly right. There is no such thing as the “black” race and the “white” race, no matter how hard alt-righters believe it.

    2. That’s a beautiful “feel-good” sentiment. It’s unfortunate that all of history and all of reality contradicts that idea. It’s unfortunate that the immense majority of people don’t feel that way, never felt that way, and never will feel that way. It’s unfortunate, but it’s how things are. And if you prefer to ignore reality and focus on “how things should be” instead, then it’s no wonder that policies based on that sentiment never work in real life either.

    3. What do the ‘people who think they are black’ do it for? You left that out, racist

  57. A race-baiting speech at the BET awards?
    That’s like a Chinese restaurant serving fried rice.

  58. Meh, naggers gonna nag.
    Lets see where his career ends up in 10 years. My guess; Same day loan commercials during afternoon shit television.

  59. It’s sad because there are some decent blacks in the U.S., but when the country finally erupts no one is going to discriminate. If a nationalist neomasculine government eliminated welfare countless blacks would be killed in self-defense by whites, Asians, and hispanics.

  60. There’s always a chip on the shoulder for the half bred ? Neither white, neither black & rejected by both ??

  61. Apparently only whitey can be racist, but from my own experience, I can tell you, most racism comes from the left (self hating whites who see a racist every time they look in the mirror) the black community, and last but deffo not the least, muslim community. Some how though, racism from any other group, but cis white male, is overlooked and even praised as “sticking it to the white patriarchy” and “cultural celebrations” or “diversity and enrichment”.
    Or rather, it’s ok for all other groups to hate on whitey, but if whitey so much as utters a single word in disagreement with multi-kultism, he’s demonised a racist and ruined.

    1. Agree 100%, And this is–ironically —planting the seeds of a resurgence of white nationalism, which was nearly extinct.

  62. This melanine- and hate-filled gentleman should be given the chance to expand on his “discrimination of blacks” thesis in front of an audience of tribal elders in Mauritania. ;)))
    By my hoof, THAT would be fun to watch!!

  63. deep down, probably his whole life he’s been trying to prove himself to the black community.. Figured this time he’d use this platform to once and for all prove that he’s black.. smh

    1. This seems most plausible to me–he saw this as a good opportunity to get brownie points from a community that he wants to prove himself to.
      He could also just be brainwashed for real, i wonder what his educational background is

  64. Good article but Jackson is not being taken off the 20 dollar bill, he’s still gonna be on the back of the bill. I like that pro-white movement but I feel like its too focused on the others .This needs to be more self-centered.

  65. There’s a difference between being racist and racial. The former ends the discussion, while the latter opens it up. Jesse Williams’ tirade is racial as well as racist. It actually sounds like half of the comments at Heartiste or Vox Popoli these days, just with the colours reversed. Hard to separate the horseshit from the oats over there too.

  66. Well, that was some weak shit. Someone doesn’t like one of my posts, so it gets deleted? Noting offensive beyond my personal opinion, no name calling, no foul language. I thought this place had more integrity. What a shame.

  67. This comment section is dripping with racism, ignorance and a general lack of knowledge about race relations. You can’t correct fools

  68. Wow… the Jew York Times celebrated an anti-white attack made by a Hollyjew actor and promoted on a network owed by a Jew? Such coincidences. :^)

  69. Ok, man… OK.. I think your purposely misleading the readers about where this comes from, and it’s not from actual Marxists. We fight these obvious racists EVERYDAY. They hijack our language, Our history of working class struggle, they deny and obscure it for their own interests.
    So for this BET jackass….
    Globalist, yes,
    Bourgeois, yes,
    Does he promote the interests of the working class??? NO. He is a neo-liberalist, those calls for diversity, separate from material equality, makes him not of the left. This is the psudo-left, all the appearance, none of the substance.
    Some of the psudo-left call themselves Marxists, their are those in society who will use anything, for the purpose of obscuring their real intentions. Their history always starts from … somewhere legitimate… and then ends up as postmodernist bullshit that hates working class people.
    Lets get more specific, So kinda like how everybody called themselves ‘tea party’… but more than half were just establishment shills, who wanted a 180 from the real tea party. It’s just like that for the left too.
    At this brutally corrupt time in history, we have a duty to actually try and understand each other, as working class people we are the ONLY ones on our side. BTW, that EU vote, who’d you think switched sides to make that happen?
    Your welcome,
    Now start trying to understand that significant sections of Marxists are very anti-liberal, RoK is bamboozling you now to separate you from your class, they have their own interests to protect first. They may hate Globalists, but they prefer them to me or you.
    F*CK this racist, his ‘resistance’ perpetuates exploitation and hatred. The global elite are getting very scared about us, so they are working up racism to defend themselves. That’s their dirty secret, the truth, they need racism to maintain their economic system.
    Always cross check things these days, they war on our minds.

  70. What the commies pulled in Cambodia didn’t work out too well for them when they tried it in Indonesia. Check out the documentary “The Act of Killing” if learning what the Khmer Rouge did pissed you off. The communist chinks got strangled with piano wire and stabbed to death. The heroes who did it run the country now and reenact/ reminisce about it for over 2 hours. They are hillarious old guys at this point. It is really entertaining shadenfreude and the feel good movie of the year, 4 stars!
    As expected the weaselly ((( director))) pretends he intends the doc to be a tribute to them to trick them into opening up when his real intentions are to make them look bad, but he fails miserably.

  71. As a black man. Jesse Williams speech was the best and most important thing that BET has ever displayed. EVER. Some real activism. Real words. Real passion. This cant be turned off. This is what happens when you don’t give dam about “your career being ruined”.
    His career and position in Hollywood does not supersede his people and injustice towards them. Not one ounce of hesitance shown. Not one apology. Not one curse word spoken. Nothing to taint his message. Injustice against black people took that stage. And every black person should be proud right now

    1. People will respect blacks when they start respecting themselves, by not killing each other in the way they do.

  72. I didn’t have too much problem with his statements on police brutality, because the police in this society are pushing everyone down, because everyone has had it with the globalized zionist-led elites.
    The paragraph opener quoted above is just plain stupid to me. It doesn’t really make any sense. The statement about magic and not being real is pure poetry for the sake of speech. It means nothing. The comment about invented whiteness also doesn’t make sense. Is he talking about the reality of white and european history going back millenia (even if it did start in Africa, which sorry to those religious idiots, it did start there), which is recorded, and therefore can’t have been invented, or he must be referring to a whiteness that was somehow imposed on black people, but they have clearly discarded it culturally anyway. Again, no idea what he’s really talking about.
    He just threw out a phrase that sounded exciting, and everyone filled in their own dots. I’ve seen this as a strategy. Instead of doing the hard analysis, just grab some buzz words, and agree around some generalized concept that white is bad. We get it. Case closed.
    I did agree with his statement that outsiders should not judge the black cause, because they’re not experts on what black people feel. Walk a mile in a man’s shoes before you speak. I can live with that.
    The thing that really irked me is the idea that ALL American culture emanates from black people. The USA is an extension of WESTERN culture, which has taken influences from the GLOBE, not just Africa. Black people have been pioneers in many if not most aspects of US popular music, but white people did play major roles along the way, and sometimes, as in the case of UK bands like the Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin, Who, or US bands, like the Doors, Creedence, CSNY, etc etc etc, white people have PIONEERED an extension of black blues. Zeppelin included celtic influences that had NOTHING TO DO with Africa. Black artists were deep into soul, while heavy metal was being invented, (with the help of one notable black man, Jimi Hendrix, who was NOT a racist, and was willing to go anywhere he felt like, and NOT get tied down to any musical paradigm.) Hendrix acknowledged and mastered the blues, but he also respected Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and the Beatles, and he took from all of them, and he always talked about community, not about how white people were ripping off the blues.
    Meanwhile, white country music was also a foundation of rock n roll, ( a white man invented the electric guitar) and gets zero credit. Jimi Hendrix was a pioneer, but where are his followers? Rapping? Talk about apathy. This cultural argument IS PURELY RACIST. I’ll tell you some cultural areas blacks didn’t pioneer – painting (picasso, dali, sargent, whistler) There are great black artists, but they certainly didn’t lead the medium. Same goes for film and literature. Given a shot, they stand tall like other races. LIKE ALL RACES DO!
    Williams made an ass of himself with that speech, and so does anyone who follows the idea that any race OWNS ALL CULTURE. There’s no excuse for statements like that.

  73. Name ONE black-run or black-majority country that is an example of moderation, prosperity and social peace.

  74. Blacks excel at jabbering about race. This forum is quickly descending into négritude.

  75. This is one of the funniest ‘articles’ I’ve ever read. Thanks for the laughs! I can’t believe anyone thinks the way you do, but I can also tell you’re not much of a thinker.

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