John Lennon’s “Imagine” Programmed You To Accept The Globalism Nightmare

I recently stopped to listen to a street busker singing cover songs. One of those songs was Imagine by John Lennon. As the crowd around me happily sung along, I grimaced at lyrics that painted not peace and love but authoritarianism and control.

Imagine is a globalist anthem for ushering in plans of world socialism and unipolar government, and it’s still used today by those same globohomos, such as the Anti-Defamation league, which has attacked me in the past. They’re currently featuring the song (archive) for their “world without hate” page, which translates to “world where only we can hate.”

Below I have taken the lyrics and translated them to their actual meaning.

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today… Aha-ah…

Imagine if we killed off God and replaced him by managers, propagandists, and scientists controlled by a small group of elites who dictated the foods you would eat, the jobs you would have, and even the way you would love one another (yes means yes, rapist). Your new religion will be materialism where you wake up every day aching for physical possessions or desires that we manipulate to keep you in a constant state of mental slavery.

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace… You…

Imagine that George Soros and his globohomo cronies succeeded with their plans of “open society” by destroying Europe and the United States with millions of low-grade migrants while bombing to smithereens any other country that resists their dictates. All national identity will be erased, followed quickly by self-identity, so that you are a gingerbread cookie copy of everyone else, mentally and chemically controlled to be docile animals that never threaten those in power.

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

I’m not a hippie doofus but a pawn of an establishment that is hard at work with a depopulation agenda and color revolutions to realize a masterful globalist vision. The fact that I was a member of the first real “pop” band should clue you in to the usefulness that I provide to the one-world government dictatorship. Resisting will be futile.


Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world… You…

You will be given rations that consist of GMO soy and corn mixed up in a slurry that provides all your nutritional needs. You will not be able to own things like cars or apartments because we will rent or crowdshare them to you based on your true need that is determined by scientists on our payroll. The good news is that you will never be jealous of your neighbor again because he will be using the same Chinese-made junk as you.

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

The boot is about to land on your face, but I hope you grant us your consent in ushering in these plans because it will make for a smoother transition to a world where a small group at the top can efficiently control billions of slaves that have become too weakened to ever threaten their authority. By the way, celebrate “diversity” while you can because within 100 years everyone will have the exact shade of mahogany brown skin.

While there are many pop songs that are now jarring to my ears because of how “useful” the lyrics are for destroying any notion of traditional society, Imagine takes the cake for the most blatantly socialist song that is still prized for its message, even though its vision was already attempted in the Soviet Union to the tune of tens of millions dead.

Humans certainly have an innate craving for good stories and pleasant music, but we have to make sure that those who are making the movies and songs we consume are not implanting ideas in our minds that help them rule over us. Unfortunately, it’s clear that anything coming out of Hollywood or the music industry today has those very aims in mind.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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374 thoughts on “John Lennon’s “Imagine” Programmed You To Accept The Globalism Nightmare”

  1. I always hated the Beatles and thought Lennon was a loudmouth, ingrate, communist foreigner that should have been deported. And I thought “Imagine” was the theme song for cowards.

      1. His death, at the time, meant literally nothing to me. I heard it on the radio and thought about how much I really disliked him, then switched stations.

      2. I just didn’t care. All the hippie hero worship for a heroin-using, drunk, kid-abusing communist never made sense to me.

  2. Totally with you, Roosh.
    Imagine all the people .. Living for today
    Turning over every long term need and goal to … who? My time horizon for planning need not exceed 24 hours?
    Whatever form this takes would have to be strictly benevolent and completely unable to fail. Only the naive believe something this is possible, especially when instituted by humans.

    1. Once on the Greek blog I used to write, the owner posted an article about valuing life. It dwelled on the paradox that countries and peoples who highly value life (living for today) tend to devalue life, hence the more materialistic cultures slowly destroying anything that made life good, even on the material sense. To end it he posted an old German march song called “Der Todd in Flandern” it was an anthem to death and he added that it was not what it appeared, an exultation of death, but an exultation of life! But alas not the life of the day but a live of value, what the ancient Greeks could call the good life, what we may call the balanced, honor-ful life.
      Here is the march song with the lyrics (written in the first comment) in English:

  3. In Greece that song is the anthem of Anarchists, after founding that in 2010 I think I could not enjoy it anymore. In fact it suffers from a great “nihilism” or astute materialism, egalitarianism and humanism. Through that song many people affirmed their beliefs in lack of the divine, in the non-existence of differences between peoples and the importance of themselves (the beginning of the special snow flake syndrome).
    That song truly characterises the main and the most serious diseases of the west, one day one should hear it and feel disgust for the hippie generation, the generation that could choose to hear between good academics and successful entrepreneurs or sophistic spin-doctors posing as academics (Frankfurt school) and bums, deciding to listen to the last two.
    After that all choice was lost, and this has lead to a time when Communism has failed, fallen we saw what it caused but still many people still support it!
    As for an antidote to that thing listen to this:

    it summarises my feelings for the hippie generation of free love that grant us open borders and the more beautiful human beings!

  4. Globalisation obviously works.. free movement doesn’t.
    There should be a better way of redistributing the vast increase in wealth from a global economy to societies dumbest and weakest, who do not have the ability to adapt by themselves.
    Of course, back in the day men did not sit around whining about other cultures being able to invent gunpowder and cry about how it “was not fair”, as they themselves only knew how to use a crossbow – they moved with the times, improed and adapted.. Apparently these men do not exist anymore, so they have to go crying to Washington for protectionist policies, instead of self-improvement.

  5. The imagine there’s no countries bit really makes me angry now that you point it out, this is really not a positive thing when you see it implemented before your eyes from above. I was always a Beatles fan although am starting to feel with songs like I’m a Loser they helped influence society to go in a wrong direction.. Reading this does make one wonder what Mark David Chapman was thinking when he shot the guy..
    Actually he also sang “give peace a chance” and suddenly remembered about an anti-liberal book Give War a Chance I’ve been wanting to read..

  6. Open borders would actually be a good thing (as borders only separate administrative units with different degrees of freedoms, red tape, regulations, taxation etc.) if we could have one global nation with free trade (actual free trade, not the State Capitalism and currency manipulation we have now), identical taxation (and hopefully low), the same rules and regulations (hopefuly not sharia or something whacky like that) and the same degree of welfare or absence of it.

    1. And eating arsenic would be dandy if it just were not poison.
      Because basically, you have the same odds of that, as you do with your suggestion.

      1. It has the same basic flaw as Socialism: “Basically it would be ideal if only people didn’t act like people always have.”
        When we talk about a global ruling authority, as open borders requires to be reasonable (and as is a logical consequence of open borders), we are talking about an inescapable entity with no higher authority present on the earth. If power has ever corrupted anyone, it will corrupt this authority, as it is the greatest unchecked power imaginable.
        Globalists are just the children of Socialism, because Socialism has long suffered from the ability to escape and see alternatives. There was a West side of the Berlin Wall. If the USSR could have just brought both sides under the same umbrella, there would be no Iron Curtain, there would be no economic competition to crush the establishment, and Socialism could reign indefinitely.
        The ideals of maximal liberty and maximal socialism are surprisingly close in appearance.

  7. John Lennon is such a piece of shit and the beatles are, at best, a mediocre pop band with decent harmonies.
    I wonder if anyone ever bothers listening to lyrics. This is underscored for me, this time a year, by the 2 billion different versions of Hallelujah which get played non stop every Christmas because people assume that since it says Hallelujah in the chorus it is a nice Christmas type song despite the fact that its author, Leonard Cohen, specifically described the song as an “ode to orgasm”

    1. It simply shows how much people pay attention to the lyrics, most songs of today are written disregarding them anyway due to a lack of good song writers.
      Also: HOW DEGENERATE MAY ONE BE TO WRITE AN ODE TO ORGASM!!! That’s insane!!! At the very least it is a nicely masked ode to orgasm!
      This is a better Christmas song from Hallelujah, cause it is about gunther not an ode to orgasm:

      now seriously why carols are not selected anymore? I await them every year!

      May the singers who died from the alexandrov band and sing in that be remembered…

      1. I like the ode to orgasm and think it is oddly appropriate…just not as a Christmas song. I do think it being masked in terms like Hallelujah make sense considering classical understandings of the orgasm being similar to the rapture.
        Come Christmas I put on the rat pack Christmas. I feel that anything else is really redundant.

        1. We have some old discs that we put they are either state symphonies or 50’s stars singing christmas songs.
          For the masking I meant that he did not make it into a vulgar song, honestly I thought that it was a song about love… Think how a modern singer would have made it and you will perfectly understand me :D.

    2. The Beatles are no Beach Boys, that’s for sure.
      Speaking of people assuming songs are Christian, apparently Evanescence won a Christian music award one year for a song about orgasm or some such thing. Their response was basically, “What kind of moron thinks we’re a Christian band?”

        1. Not a huge issue in my taste in music, just playing. But for who I would date or marry, it is a big deal. Short answer, it is key to a happy marriage. Long answer….well, I am writing a blog on that. It will take time.

      1. Correct. The Beach Boys were legitimate musical talents. I have never heard of Evanescence

        1. This is the only information my brain has stored about the band. I learned it back when I was being forced to perform “Christian Rock”, which (in my opinion) was rarely either Christian or rock and never both.

        2. Never have I liked “Christian Rock”. It is one of those half-assed conglomerations. I listen to hymns or normal music. Trying to do both half assed means you are failing at both.

        3. The lead singer for Evanessence has (had?) an amazing voice. You’ve probably heard one of their songs at least, Wake Me Up Inside, as it received like a bajillion radio plays when it came out (2001 I believe?). Their first album had some really nice songs on it, and I was quite impressed with her voice. All subsequent albums sucked.

        4. It is possible if I heard a song I’d say “oh I know them” but I am pretty dated with music. Back in 2001 I was listening to old blues and a bunch of John Prine

        5. For some reason there christian black metal tends to be good, if you into that short of thing:


          Or simple metal:


          also a small extra by a russian rock group:

          the last is the one time that rock works with Christian. Funny think in the recomendation of videos on the right of the video there is a parody song about a woman who is a very big girl of loose morals… that is the surrealism of Greece :D.
          Also due to my orthodox background the idea of a modern choir singing in a church and of American Christian songs appals me.
          a byzantine chant follows

          it is about a hymn on virgin Mary.
          Lastly a Russian chant so that you can have a better idea of orthodox chants

          now remind me how on Earth I manage to mix, black metal, power metal and religious chants on a article about John lennon’s imagine… Well that is the surrealism that the Greek carries with him! 😀

        6. Actually you should check EBM for the most right wing of them all. Metal though is a marginal second for me. I also like black metal, the very least many do acknowledge God… in a way!

          EBM is a wide genre and sadly as with metal it has many degenerates (search Psyclon Nine at your own caution) but because it is more structured (there can be limited variations but in general it comes either from gothic or industrial) due to them limiting the use of electronic instruments to make them appear more real to the spectrum of normal instruments.

        7. I listen a lot of EBM/Synthpop/Futurepop/etc. I have some problems with Psyclon Nine because the vocalist’s a kike, but otherwise they sound good; I like Blutengel, Covenant and Retrosoic; Aesthetic Perfection has some really good songs, and some really shitty. In electronic I prefer more melody, like VNV Nation…..but hey, when you are partying Hocico (shame they are proud beaners) and FGFC820 have their place:

          A lot of EBM bands are right-wing, one example is Spark!, from Sweden:

          The skinheads there are really confused: they can’t choose between dancing or moshpit….
          I discovered this band yesterday, and I like a lot:

        8. Actually with psyclon nine I did not need to notice that the vocalist was a skype, he is probably a homo who likes to dress as a drag.
          All the rest appear as nice bands, I ‘ll give them a try. Also I had the idea that Retrosic too was rightwing.

        9. I agree. Fallen is a great album. Open Door was alright. The third album sounds like just another power band, nothing real unique anymore. I recommend going on youtube and looking up their demo album called Origin. Several new songs on there that are real good. My favs are Away From Me and Where Will you Go.

        10. And contrary to most female singers, Amy Lee from Evanescence does not seem to act like a narcissistic attention-whoring slut. On the contrary, she seems pretty traditional in her lifestyle…

        11. Apparently they must’ve, considering I didn’t even know they released more than one.

        12. Her voice is powerful and carries. Evanescence strikes me as being like a band of grown up goths. The ‘wake me up’ vid of her contemplating leaping from a building reminds me of Depesche Mode ’16 candles’ or Blue Oyster Cult ‘Fear the Reaper’. Each hit was promoted roughly a decade apart. Clubs played Depesche Mode in the 80s but I never listened to the lyrics. I’ll bet a lot of poor 16yo western girls would listen to those kind of cult songs over and over in their bedrooms with lyrics about taking pills, slitting their wrists or jumping. By the time a girl listens to that kind of stuff, their parents should have already crunched a dowry deal and had their princesses relocated to their post, cracking their P-toe on a duggar farm and squeezing out carbon gems for the western treasure chest. I doubt this decade will see any more hit songs promoting suicide for young breeding age western girls. In this decade, quaking multitudes of GREAT BALLS OF FIRE will take center stage and influence the pop genre.

      2. How dare you utter the names of things that should not be.
        ANY ‘rock’ band from Little Rock is absolute bullshit.

      1. It makes my head ache knowing that “Hey, Jude,” was about getting that boy to accept that his dad bailed, and to accept Yoko in his world– and that McCartney wrote it on behalf of his deadbeat buddy John, because Lennon couldn’t be bothered.

      2. Roosh’s interpretation had me in tears but rings very true. I’ve said this before, but John Lennon was an absolute piece of shit. Talentless, addicted to heroin, abused his children, & it’s all been recounted by that crazy screeching lunatic Yolo Ono.

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        2. A heroin addict who smoked/snorted it, but supposedly never injected…what a waste! That’s like being married to Christina Hendricks and never getting a tittyBJ

    3. We finally agree on something: John Lennon is such a piece of shit and The Beatles are, at best, a mediocre pop band with decent harmonies.

      1. I got redpill’d hardcore when someone pointed out that The Beatles were basically the 60s equivalent of a boy band and hardly anyone notices because they’re distracted by the high production values, epitomized by string quartets backing that sets them apart from other generic rock’n’roll groups. All of a sudden Eleanor Rigby, I Am The Walrus, and Strawberry Fields Forever don’t sound all that groundbreaking, in light of this new perspective.
        And Lennon was a damaged hack, the “avant-garde” releases he shat out with Yoko Ono are so unlistenable that even music critics weren’t afraid to tear into them (and if your album is called Two Virgins, features a photo of you and your sideway-snatched quirkslag standing buttnaked for the album cover, and provides 40 minutes of white noise without delivering any actual music, no criticism is too scathing. Death to edgelords and edgelord culture)

    4. I never understood the fascination with Beatles. They’re ugly as fuck and blue pill at core.

    5. Led Zeppelin. Nuff said.
      You know they’re an awesome band when every other Rolling Stone or shitlib “music” decries their “misogynistic” lyrics.
      One of my favorites, from Dazed and Confused, is “soul of a woman was created below.”

      1. I really do understand that they are talented, I just can’t stand their sound.

        1. yeah…not about anything else other than Plant’s lyrics and also how Jimmy Paige’s guitar playing seems a lot like a prolonged jerk off session. They were all super talented guys, this is one that just comes down to taste.

        2. A big hunk of Zeppelin consists of old blues covers and songs inspired by various old blues songs. You might like the originals better. I like both personally.

      2. Jimmy Page actually swiped that one from Jake Holmes. A lot of Led Zep’s songs were stolen, as they were never properly credited on the albums.

        1. And yet those claims never seem to hold up in court. I’m a bit skeptical about “stole mah lyrics!” claims from nobodys and hasbeens.

        2. “Dazed and Confused was written by the folk-rock singer Jake Holmes and
          released as a track in his debut album “The Above Ground Sound” Of Jake
          Holmes in 1967. That same year Jake Holmes opened for The Yardbirds in a
          show in New York where Jimmy Page heard the song. The song was
          rearranged and later became one of Led Zeppelin best-known songs, the
          debt to Jake Holmes however went largely unacknowledged by the band
          until 2012.”
          Wouldn’t be the first time it happened.

        3. If they fess up to it, then that’s fair. Most claims, against most bands, normally end up being laughed out of court.

        4. Jimmy Page eventually admitted to “taking liberties”, but blamed Robert Plant for not changing the lyrics sufficiently.

        5. I used to know this old blues musician in Houston that admitted ripping off some of Chuck Berry’s stuff. He also toured with Chuck and thought it was pretty funny. Didn’t change the fact that he was talented.

        6. A lot of times that is simply about how the copyright laws weren’t considered at the time. I mean LZ along with loads of other bands stole shit from Robert Johnson and it is fairly easy to prove it as the Robert Johnson records from the 20’s exist and there are the lyrics that I am hearing on songs in the 1960’s and 1970’s and the original musician not credited. This isn’t claims of hasbeens and never weres (which I agree is quite skeptical) but a lot of lyrics from what at the time was very obscure music but which now, mostly thanks to the internet, is fairly easily searchable. The problem is that a lot of the musicians in the 20’s and 30’s, especially black musicians, never had proper representation. They either got shit wrong or were ripped off by people who knew better. That it gets kicked out of court is often about legal technicalities. However, it doesn’t take a judge ruling in favor of someone for me to know that if a record from 1927 has a bunch of lyrics that are on a Led Zep record and that that guy isn’t credited that the lyrics were stolen

        7. Another issue, however, is how blues works. Sun House had a lyric that Lonnie Johnson put in a totally different song, that Robert Johnson put it yet another song, which Muddy Waters then used or Big Bill or Blind Lemon. It was the back and forth of blues guys. This never was a problem until being a musician meant making millions of dollars and then they started to consider where what came from. Take the lyric “I got a girl, she’s long and tall, She sleeps in the kitchen with her feets in the hall” Now who was first? R Johnson, L Johnson, Skip James Will Shade and the Memphis Jug Band Sun House, Leroy Carr, or any of a million other guys….the answer is that it is impossible to tell and it doesn’t matter because borrowing lyrics or even riffs is kind of what the blues is about…it doesn’t matter, that is, until someone 50 years later goes triple platinum on an album with a song that has that lyric, doesn’t credit anyone, doesn’t even mention he didn’t write it and now is a multi millionaire. Then it seems kind of shitty

        8. I agree, but some of LZ’s songs are “traditional” as in nobody knows who actually wrote them. Page and Plant usually redid them pretty significantly. One such song is Gallow’s Pole.
          Leadbelly from what I understand made the first popular recording of it, but it goes further back.

        9. Plus, if there are any musicians reading, all blues follows the ” 1,4,5,4″ structure, and uses the pentatonic 5 tone scale. That doesnt leave many options for originality. So Every song can be modulated or have the tempo changed to sound exactly like every other song. A blues guitarist might very well play a riff he believes is original, when its clearly been done before.
          Its kind of like the 4 chord song issue. You can play about 10,000 popular songs with four chords.
          The good news is, Zeppelins best work is undeniably Jimmy Page’s unique mixture of celtic, classical, and classic rock, and nobody did that before him.

        10. That is correct. Variations are always possible but it is from a mix of personal influences like Page mixing in Celtic stuff or how early rockabilly guys mixed in honk or how BB king brought his personal jazzy feel
          The thing about the pentatonic scale is that it is as infinite as the possible things it is combined with. I still don’t like Zep but I can appreciate what they are doing. I don’t give them a lot of flack for stealing riffs or even lines per se because that is just an Blues thing. I do think it is annoying when they don’t acknowledge the shoulders they are standing on though.

        11. It’s not just blues. In an interiview, Dizzy Gillespie admitted that he would steal a lick from Miles or Miles would steal one from him or somebody else, that it was just part of it . They all borrowed from each other and nobody thought twice about it .

        12. absolutely correct regarding jazz. ANd if you think of the intermingling even. Coltrane’s last album as part of the miles davis band was Kind of Blue. It is on that album where you really here Coltrane start coming into his own. That was ’59. But if you listen to his 62 (maybe 63?) album simply entitled Coltrane songs like Tunji and, of course, Miles Mode, sound almost more Davis like than Kind of Blue which was a Davis album because Coltrane was getting back to “HIS” routes which were essentially riffing off of davis.

      3. Immigrant Song, probably one of my favorite songs of all time, about Vikings raiding and pillaging Saxon England. Very “problematic” in that it is prideful of so many things that today we’re supposed to not admire.

      4. Example from the Lemon Song: “squeeze my lemon, til the juice runs down my leg”….SJW TRIGGER.

        1. This is another stolen lyric. Borrowed if you are being plagerized. That lyric dates back to at least the mid ’20’s along with its counter part “if you don’t like my potatoes, why are you pulling on my vine”

        2. I love Zeppelin, but they were huge plagerizers. I remember getting the Complete Robert Johnson Box Set. And about shit my pants when I heard Zeppelin lyrics in Traveling Riverside Blues. They actually did a cover of it, and yet used the iconic “let the juice run down my leg” in the Lemon Song. It blew my 20 year old mind.
          For the record, I think Johnson actually says “Squeeze that lemon, till the juice runs down my dick”, but was obscured enough to sound like leg.

        3. Johnson does, but that lyric predates even Johnson! This is why it is hard to blame LZ. Reusing lyrics like that was standard blues tradition. The difference between Robert Johnson using son house and Elmore James using Robert Johnson was that one of those guys really had much to give.
          It is in the 60’s when huge amounts of money were atttched to it that it became different.
          It isn’t the usage of other people’s material I didn’t like about zep though I do think they were a bit smarmy in not really doing anything for the people who made them possible, it’s just that I didn’t really like the sound.

        4. Yeah…everybody has their musical kryptonite. For me it is Bob Segar, Foreigner, and Van Halen.
          As far as blues go, (I know I’ll catch he’ll for this…BUT) Stevie Ray Vaughn does absolutely NOTHING for me. I’m like you. I can recognize the talent, but the sound and the songs don’t touch me. But I’ll admit to a little bit of prejudice. Blues should be like onyx. Black and old.

        5. I suspected that. I believe it wasn’t until their “Led Zeppelin III” album that the band fully came into their own as far as original material. That’s when the British folk and non-blues style rock really picked up.

        6. SRV made a career out of covering Jimmy Hendrix is all. I never liked him either. Blues is too simple to be playing 60 years after the fact.

    6. I always took the song as an ironic take on how world peace was impossible because of all the things he lists in that song that would have to happen for it to work. All things beyond human nature. I know he probably didn’t intend it to be taken that way.
      I know another song that people mess up is The Police’s “Every Move You Make”. I heard that Sting was bewildered that people were playing that song at their weddings.

      1. I never really digested the politics of the song imagine. I was content with just thinking it was a crappy song….which it is. I don’t care how good or bad the message is, if a song is shit its a shit song.
        Yes, every move you make is amazing that it is used as a romantic tune when it is quite clearly about stalking. Another one is the Cure’s Lullaby which, because its lyrics mention “the spider man” is played all over on Halloween even though the song is quite clearly about smiths own drug addiction and depression summed up by the cannibalistic spider man. Another one (and mind you I am NOT a Bruce Springsteen fan) is Born in the USA which was used by Reagan as an anthem despite it being a song about the disgraceful way that the US Government treated returning Vietnam vets. Others is the song Closing Time which the songs writer said was about a baby leaving the womb and not kicking out late night stragglers at a bar, one of my favorite misunderstood songs is “American Woman” which is not about the seductive powers of females in America like it is usually taken but rather about how the Canadian writers will not be suckered by outward beauty into what they saw as war like politics.
        Mr Tambourine man was, and still often is, thought to be a song about drugs and drug dealers. Bob Dylan himself said it was about Bruce Langhorne who played tambourine on a few of his albums and was a huge musical influence on him by turning him on to a lot of the folk stuff that he would later really bring into his music.
        I always love things like this.

        1. Ain’t That America, which I cringe when I hear, most people think is a complement to America. Even a casual glance at the lyrics shows that the “artist” Melloncamp hates America.
          Purple Haze, by Hendrix, is about a science fiction book Hendrix was reading at the time, he was a huge sci-fi fan, and the song is about a scene in the book he was reading. Of course, everybody thinks it’s about tripping on drugs.

        2. Didn’t know that about purple haze but I believe it. Hendrix was a smart dude. The Aint That America song is really quite obvious and, oddly, seems to always be used in truck commercials to sell trucks to “real Americans”

        3. The line between stalking and romance is entirely based on the woman’s feelings so that one is understandable.

      1. It’s not “bad or good” so much as “highly, highly overrated”. I understand it was due to the zeitgeist when they came to be, but objectively speaking they really don’t have the huge amount of talent that would normally command that much attention. Sometimes it’s a matter of place and time I suppose, and not just talent.
        Agree on McCartney, he always seemed the most talented and enjoyable of the bunch.

    7. John Lennon was an asshole as a human being. They were decent musicians to be sure….but that’s it….this article was pretty good….

      1. I think “decent” is being really fair. He was absolutely an asshole…a totally intolerable cunt…but I really don’t think he was much of a musician.

      2. Justin Beiber is way worse than John Lennon.
        John never said he was a saint, he knew he could be an asshole.

    8. Reminds me of the South Park episode when Cartman got his friends to form a Christian pop group “4Him”. Their songs were standard pop garbage with “Jesus” replacing the name of the love interest.

      1. There is a reason for this it it’s 420 am and I just woke up. I will respond later!

      2. Ok back and a little more awake. I believe the difference is that the Jeff Buckley version (most famous probably) as well as many of the other covers omitted a lot of the original lyrics because Leonard Cohen had like a million versus and the song was really really long. I can’t say this for sure but I believe it is true

        1. You might be right, but even when you Google the Lenard Cohen version specifically, that lyric isn’t included.
          Maybe they do that to songs all the time, and I just wasn’t aware until now, but that’s too bad.

        2. Yeah I see that. However if you pull up Leonard Cohen EP you can listen to it. Maybe LC wrote a shorter version for radio play and that is being covered. I really don’t know the history other than that hallelujah was originally an absurdly long song. My guitar tab has nearly 20 verses

    9. Agree with you.. I am the Beatles generation & since the mid sixties my opinion of them, that they were an below average group, couldn’t stand their shit much & never , never understood why they did become so big ?? The power of joo’s media ??

    10. I have this odd feeling that John Lennon was the first hipster. And that makes me intensely dislike him all the more.

      1. He was def a hipster but I feel that the hipster really goes back forever. So long as there is a culture there is a counter culture and so long as there is a counter culture there are shit who use to to make money.

        1. Agreed, but have they always been effeminate, untalented, scrawny, cucks with eclectic specticals? Because that’s what I see with Lennon & the hipsters today.

        2. Yes I believe they have…the difference is the mass exposure due to mixing technology in there. Remember, there simply aren’t nearly as many of these faggots as it seems it is just that they dominate entertainment (because that’s what attention whoring fags have always done) and now the world is 24/7 entertainment so they aeem to be everywhere. In the end it is just the sorcerers apprentice where the brooms multiple ya know

    11. I’ll keep it simple for those who don’t follow along, Lolknee is basically saying: people are fkn sheep

  8. I hate the song, always have. IT’s nihilistic and ugly.
    Another song that plays during the Christmas season is ‘So this is Christmas, (and what have you done)’
    Its an ugly, derisive song, angry at Christmas while purporting to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.
    ITs absolutely disgusting. Can’t believe its played and tolerated by so many. Wow.

    1. Agreed. That Christmas song is a real insult. It has a thin veneer of hopeful-ness — but it peels itself back to reveal sneering, bitter moralizing.

      1. “Agreed. That Christmas song is a real insult. It has a thin veneer of hopeful-ness — but it peels itself back to reveal sneering, bitter moralizing.”
        Kind of sums up Lennon in a nutshell.

  9. A world become one
    Of salads and sun
    Only a fool would say that
    A boy with a plan
    A natural man
    Wearing a white stetson hat
    Unhand that gun begone
    There’s no one to fire upon
    If he’s holding it high
    He’s telling a lie
    I heard it was you
    Talkin’ ’bout a world
    Where all is free
    It just couldn’t be
    And only a fool would say that
    The man in the street
    Draggin’ his feet
    Don’t wanna hear the bad news
    Imagine your face
    There in his place
    Standing inside his brown shoes
    You do his nine to five
    Drag yourself home half alive
    And there on the screen
    A man with a dream
    Anybody on the street
    Has murder in his eyes
    You feel no pain
    And you’re younger
    Then you realize
    Only a fool would say that.

  10. They do on the radio the same they do on network TV. Any of those clear channel stations are pretty much the same. You have the classic rock station with their 1000 songs they play, the country station with their 500 songs….etc.
    For classic rock, I am disgusted at how much you hear this song, Elton John, Queen, David Bowie, or any other LGBT musician. Country is worse, what is this conglomeration of hip-hop and country? Merle Haggard must be rolling over in his grave. I don’t even expose myself to the other stations.
    Never will you hear any serious blues or classic country, no classic rock like Black Oak Arkansas or Ted Nugent. Oldies is limited to the wimpy Beach Boys type stuff. There is all kinds of good music out there that is in the dust bin of history because the powers that be chose to ignore it.

    1. Your best bet for classic blues and Jazz is usually college radio stations. Here in NYC WKCR 89.9 which is the Columbia radio station has excellent blues and jazz music as does FUV 90.7 the Fordham station. The trick with college radio is that it doesn’t have a single overarching theme. For instance, one show on KCR I like called Bird Flight which is a Charlie Parker themed show used to be followed by some Chinese music that sounded like cats being murdered wholesale.

      1. My brother did college radio back in the day. He would go on for 2 hours play heavy metal, I would help him out on occasion and pull records for him. Then some other guy would play another 2 hour block of jazz, or whatever they liked. Unless you are within a mile of campus, the signal thins out. Kind of fun to do if you have the time at college.

      2. WFMU 91.1 FM is awesome and so is…except when they suck donkey nuts…then it really sucks….

      3. “Chinese music that sounded like cats being murdered wholesale.”
        Maybe that Yoko Ono’s music!

    2. We have an idependent “oldie” rock station that has been around since I was a kid (at the time, it wasn’t “oldie” music but as the years passed, it became that). I hear all of the stuff you mention on it. Nuget, Zepplin, Rush, Yes, the Stones, etc. all get regular play.

      1. “at the time, it wasn’t “oldie” music but as the years passed, it became that”
        I can remember EXACTLY where I was the first time I heard a song from when I was in high school played on an oldies station. Still fucking depresses me.

      2. The privately owned stations do much better, I agree. Any major city will have only the corporate networks though. I live close enough to Salt Lake City to pick up radio, and that is all we get.

        1. For some reason Columbus seems to have kept a lot of independent “everything”. While there’s plenty of corporate crap to be found, no question, a lot of shops, some radio stations, radio dj’s (and stations) and independent businesses seem to have thrived here.

        2. It probably has to with the fact that back east has a more spread out population and it would be difficult to get rid of all the ma and pa radio stations. Over here it is pretty much city or desert.

        1. Thanks Jim. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and enjoy the upcoming New Year as well. Holidays are pretty hectic here.

  11. A world become one
    Of salads and sun
    Only a fool would say that
    A boy with a plan
    A natural man
    Wearing a white stetson hat
    Unhand that gun begone
    There’s no one to fire upon
    If he’s holding it high
    He’s telling a lie
    I heard it was you
    Talkin’ ’bout a world
    Where all is free
    It just couldn’t be
    And only a fool would say that
    The man in the street
    Draggin’ his feet
    Don’t wanna hear the bad news
    Imagine your face
    There in his place
    Standing inside his brown shoes
    You do his nine to five
    Drag yourself home half alive
    And there on the screen
    A man with a dream
    Anybody on the street
    Has murder in his eyes
    You feel no pain
    And you’re younger
    Then you realize.

  12. I was telling myself how every christmas there is “Last Christmas” on the radio, little did I realise it would indeed be prophetic this year.

  13. Want to trigger a hipster faggot who “just loves the Beatles!”
    Tell them that the Beatles fucking suck. I’ve caught some tongue lashings in my life, but you’d think I’d murdered their child.

    1. It’s like telling SJWs there are identifiable racial trends in height, weight, IQ, etc. It’s so self-evidently true, and all analyses of data lead to that conclusion, but they’ve built their identities on the most blatant of delusions.

      1. And that, my friend, is when I start talking about dog breeds. The level of discomfort reaches maximum overdrive when you start noting that all dogs are dogs, but that difference breeds have higher or lower characteristics than other breeds.
        The analogy of course is never lost on them and they struggle *really* hard to try to move off of the subject as quickly as possible.

        1. I tell them that race is an inheritable trait and so is IQ so something’s got to give.

        2. Labs are great dogs (yes, I got your joke). They’re so smart that they will literally train their owners, using rather crafty methods even. I had a black lab and she was sharp as a tack, and could probably have done our taxes for us on an annual basis if we’d let her.

        3. It’s this new age thinking that nurture trumps nature, that nature is basically obsolete. A boy can be a girl if he chooses. Anybody can be ultra successful, so let’s dumb down colleges so that every idiot who passes a standardized test has a chance. The only reason you haven’t succeeded is because the white man’s keeping you down, not because you’re lazy, or dumb, or both.

        4. Yeah, I know. A perfect answer of course is “Then why aren’t Chihuahua’s pulling dog sleds in the Yukon?”

        5. Agree. I am a big fan of the labradoodle. From what I understand, breeding the lab and its awesome mind and personality with the astonishing physical health of the poodle makes for an excellent dog.

        6. I got a labradoodle puppy for Christmas last year. He’s probably the best dog I’ve ever owned.

    2. I do it all the time. I used to pretend I have never heard of them just for the lulz. Like someone would mention the beatles and I would say “no, I don’t know them. which tunes do they do” and keep it going. Claiming you have never heard of the Beatles will drive someone totally fucking insane. I mean it…like off the charts insane. However, it isn’t true. It is hard to deny never having heard of them so now I just go with my honest assessment of them which is “a mediocre pop band with decent harmonies and no more” and even at that people get triggered.

      1. It’s hilarious to me how people become so innately connected to the most mundane things. “ZOMG!!! You talked shit about my favorite sports team! I’m gonna kick your ass!” or “How can you not like the Beatles? Your life must suck! You’re an asshole!”
        Their lives suck so bad that third parties become the core of their identities.

        1. Seriously. You WILL absolutely get into a fight in a bar in south boston for wearing a NY Yankees cap. From what I understand about European soccer it is a life and death matter in certain places.

        2. I have heard of the same thing happening in LA. I think it was a Giants fan a few years back who got jumped when leaving Dodger Stadium. He ended up suffering massive brain damage. It’s fucking crazy.
          Soccer is at another level. I’ve seen full on stadium brawls.

        3. What’s not to like about Giants? Sure, the ice giants are pretty rude and violent, but the rest of them are fairly benign. The only problem is when they’re out tossing boulders and accidentally throw one at a house.

        4. I saw some film from a team in Thessaloniki (Varanos can correct my spelling if necessary) called PAOK. Apparently their thing is fire. Like, it’s just their thing. There is video of them just throwing Molotov cocktails onto the field — IN THEIR HOME STADIUM. There was a match that had to be postponed because they burned the stadium

        5. Oh, that reminds me of something. I was sitting in a bar once, and Famous Former Sportsball Player walks in and takes the seat next to me. I honestly had no idea who it was, and apparently was the only person in the bar who didn’t know. He had a bit of a personality, as these kinds of guys usually do, and we chatted for a while, and my lack of knowledge soon became apparent, especially to the person sitting on my opposite side. Word spread. Famous Player seemed to be merely amused, but the other patrons seemed to be taking it personally. How could I not know? Did I even have a life? One fan that drifted over suggested I shouldn’t be disrespecting Mr. Player and I have to give up my seat.

        6. The funny thing is, I’m sure the athlete liked you more than anyone else there. Game principles apply here. A hot woman receives attention all the time from people who will never get anything beyond a hug from her. It’s that dude who treats her like every other bitch who wins the prize.
          The same goes for a famous person. They’re inundated with attention and fans begging for autographs or fawning over them that they love it when they can chill and have a real conversation.

        7. Saw similar that one time I met Ted Cruz at the airport. I recognized him, but despite all appearances I’ve been largely tuned out of politics for a while.
          So we exchanged pleasantries and went our separate ways. Everyone else was either miffed that I didn’t show him greater respect (although, as a Texan, I am always at least somewhat courteous to people I don’t hardly know) or falling over themselves to personally suck his dick.
          To me, he was a reasonably nice guy who seemed familiar. To everyone else, he was Jesus II. I think I had the better deal, because I got to be basically equals with Jesus II.

        8. That’s awesome. I want to go to one of those games now. Create a solid exit strategy, don’t get caught in the crowd, toss a few Molotov cocktails for shits and giggles, then get the fuck out before shit gets real.

        9. Don’t forget the ginger giants of North America. I’m fairly certain I saw something about them and their subsequent genocide by Indians in the comments section the other day.

        10. Those fuckers hanging around singing are hardcore. I mean, fuck, the whole goddamned stadium is burning down around them and they’re singing songs and celebrating.

        11. yes…we won….lets burn down the stadium while singing. Seriously, google “PAOK” and either fire or violence or any number of things….there is a video where fans just blow up the rival teams van. Setting shit on fire appears to be their thing the way the fucking tomahawk chop is what the Indians do.

        12. Not entirely certain that was true in this case. After I was sorted out on all the facts, I remember thinking he was actually a bit flashy and enjoyed the superficial attention. I think I only got to keep my seat because the business he was there to attend to had materialized and he moved away from me.

        13. there is not one person in that stadium who even seems to be thinking that leaving might be a good idea. FFS I leave a movie in the theater about 10 seconds before the credits roll to avoid crowds

        14. True, some celebrities are ultra attention whores and want everyone to blow them. I’ve met a few who weren’t necessarily huge, but had acquired some fame. They enjoyed just having a normal conversation, and seemed a bit annoyed by people coming over and fawning all over them.

        15. I was never a big Howard Stern fan, but someone sent me a video of a prank he pulled once. He sent one of his staff to a red carpet awards show as a reporter. Anyway, whenever a celebrity would come by they would rush up to interview and then ask “and who are you” or “what have you been in” The reactions were priceless.

        16. I’m the same way. It used to annoy me as a kid when we were at a baseball game and my dad made us leave before the 9th inning to avoid the traffic. Once I got older, I recognized his wisdom.
          As for the people in the video, that’s just insane. Even drunk people know to stumble out of a burning house.

        17. I’m afraid to even ask what in the hell you’re talking about. Heh.

        18. He does a good bit now and then. I haven’t really listened to him at all since 2005 or so though.
          My favorite bit was where he’d call one Chinese restaurant and place an order, then call another Chinese restaurant and have the first restaurant read the order to the second restaurant, who would *take* the readback as an order, then they’d sit and repeat the same thing to each other in a loop ensuing in much frustration. Not sure if I described it well, but it always cracks me up.

        19. I tried to find it. I’m pretty sure it was in the comments of some article last week. There was something about these 8-9 foot tall red-bearded giants that used to inhabit North America, but the Indians were threatened by them, so they killed them off. Apparently there’s some massive conspiracy concealing their bones from the public.

        20. Flares not molotows and the craziest fans are in S. America.In Brazil or Colombia and Argentina to a lesser extent.

        21. LOL! I’ll bet that ties directly to the farcical “The Welsh were here first” thing that some people believe without even a hint of evidence, based on laughable claims by idiots.

    3. Already pulled something similar when I was living with roommates on Colorado. Being typical 00’s hippies they wanted the metalhead’s opinion on which band to receive the place of honor over the fire place. The Beatles or Elvis. Having never been a fan of either, my response was simple:
      “Fuck both of them. Where’s the Rolling Stones?”

      1. Ugh. I cannot stand the Stones. Make It Black (or whatever it’s titled) is ok if it’s mixed in with a whole mess of other non-Stones songs, but normally the band just annoys me.
        I am however a huge Elvis fan, and I know far more of his catalog than most people who “like Elvis” but have only heard “Blue Suede Shoes” and “Jailhouse Rock” on the oldies station.

        1. See I love the stones. They really were playing some excellent blues rock music. Their first album, 12×5, was mostly (if not entirely I am not sure) old covers that they just nailed. I think they still are making good tunes.
          I’ve always liked Elvis, but more for his “sad bastard” songs than the pop ones

        2. I don’t deny their talent, they just never clicked with me at all. I guess I have too strong of an association with them being linked at the torso with the hippies or something.

        3. That’s understandable. My favorites from that time frame music wise are Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis. I said that just to fuck with the roommates since all they did was smoke weed and play video games all day.

        4. lot of music like that some clicks and some doesn’t. I always felt they were closer linked to bikers. I know they used to hire hell’s angels as security for their shows. I am pretty sure they were linked mostly to whomever was making them rich through record sales and at that time that was … annoying hippies….but I feel the music really stands up as being good stuff. Still, I know how you feel. I flat out hate Led Zeppelin. I get that they are talented, but the music just grates on my ears

        5. They just sound crappy in my ear. Robert Plant’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me and I think there was way too much musical masturbation going on in a lot of their songs.

        6. I always liked them, even
          like some of Plants solo music. Now that I’ve been talking about it I have Black Dog stuck in my head.

    4. Want to trigger a hipster? (I refuse to use the word “faggot”) Tell them you love the Beatles. They’ll come along and say they always hated the Beatles. So do being a dumb hipster cunt

    5. I fucking hate the beatles. They changed their sound based on what was popular in the U.S. Didnt micheal jackson buy all of their rights or something?

  14. I dunno, he was young and naive. Supposedly, he woke up after the birth of his son Sean, became conservative/level-headed/whatever. I dig this song

  15. It’s still funny to me how people think that “globalist” killed John because he wanted to stop the war in Vietnam. Like hippies were capable of doing anything else but smoke drugs and listen to crappy music like this.

    1. lol!!!!!
      This reminds me of when homer becomes a pan handler to make more money to buy marge an anniversary present but is making so much money that he doesn’t give up after he buys it. The bums are all standing around complaining he is getting gall their hand outs
      Bum 1: we need to do something about homer
      Bum 2: we can’t do anything. that’s why we’re bums.

      1. Lmao.
        There was a cleveland show a few years ago where, for whatever reason, je starts going to the soup kitchen, etc.
        He realized all the great sandwiches that get donated are better than the crap out of a box his attitudey wife made.
        So he got all bummed up and ate great sandwiches.

  16. Globalisation obviously works.. free movement doesn’t.
    There should be a better way of redistributing the vast increase in wealth from a global economy to societies dumbest and weakest, who do not have the ability to adapt by themselves.
    Of course, back in the day men did not sit around whining about other cultures being able to invent gunpowder and cry about how it “was not fair”, as they themselves only knew how to use a crossbow – they moved with the times and adapted.. Apparently these men do not exist anymore, so they have to go crying to Washington for protectionist policies (which will always be left-wing, no matter what The Donald tells you), instead of focusing their attention on self-improvement. A generation of sissies, indeed.
    The real men among us can only think back to greats like Ronald Reagan: “Our trade policy rests firmly on the foundation of free and open markets. I recognize … the inescapable conclusion that all of history has taught: The freer the flow of world trade, the stronger the tides of human progress and peace among nations.”

    1. She lived a really, really hard life. I don’t mean that in the sense of her being fraught with struggles that she had to fight against, but rather, that she was an “empowered wymmnz” who snorted enough cocaine to keep the country of Columbia in business for most of her life, and, as I understand it, slutted it up to the extreme until she no longer could (wall). My level of *anything* regarding her is fairly nill.

      1. Still. Roosh writes star wars article, carrie fisher dies. I have a list of people I would like Roosh to write an article about.

        1. I wonder if he can do this in reverse? Like, if he writes an article about Leslie Nielsen, will Leslie come back to life? Because that would be *fucking awesome* if so.

        2. Are you suggesting that Roosh try to reverse the polarity of his magical powers which allow him to kill entertainers merely by writing an article on their franchise for the sole purpose of bringing Leslie Nielsen back to life? If so, I am totally on board.

        3. Let’s bring back Stevie Ray Vaughn too while we’re at it. That dude could play.

      2. If Ringo dies within the next 7 days I am going to say that Roosh can officially kill people by writing articles.

        1. We need to harness this power for Good, or at least, amusing evil.

        2. It didn’t work on Hillary, I guess it’s because she’s a zombie anyway.

      3. She lived a full life.
        Slept with one of the biggest movie icons of all time (Ford)
        married one of the greatest songwriters of all time(Simon)- gee, no wonder it didnt work after Harrison, hes a foot and a half taller than Simon
        I knew she wrote some best-selling books, but apparently she was a big script doctor over the past 20 plus- years.
        But what happened at the end? She was still your typical woman- gets to star in another Star Wars flick(and I think she filmed another before she passed) and complains she had to lose weight for the role, as if a 300 lb Han Solo woulda passed muster.

  17. Any man that was that rich and famous who married a woman who was that ugly was not to be trusted.

      1. He married ugly too?
        I always figured John Lennon was playing it safe by marrying a woman that he didn’t have to worry about someone trying to steal her away.

        1. How someone could have as much mojo as him and pull only a 5 or 6 is beyond me. He must have been paid off.

        2. oh ok. So wife 2 was a hottie who became a nottie. Man, there should be a weight clause in marriage contracts.

        3. I don’t know but, he definitely didn’t have to worry about Jody coming over while he was gone.

        4. still shaking my head. How is it even possible for that girl in the first pic to become a beached whale? I mean, really? If I wanted to turn into a 350 pound slob I would need a coach to help me figure out how.

        5. There really should be. Some young hotties do display fat tendencies that men should be wary of:
          1) Mom is a whale
          2) Remains skinny due to young metabolism, not from diet and working out
          3) Eats like shit due to said metabolism
          4) Drinks with every dinner and lunch on weekends (and sometimes weekdays)

        6. yea, really crazy. Marriage contracts should really be more honest. The woman can set a minimum salary while the man sets a maximum weight limit. Also, number of children should be decided. I mean, really work it out in detail like any other contract. Make sure you cover all bases

        7. That is a big fear of mine, my wife is right at the age now of hitting the wall. She is still thin to normal, but how do you get her to keep a desire to stay in shape? She has taken longer to rebound with every kid.

        8. 1) Sit on the couch all day
          2) Eat food served by maids paid for by rich husband
          3) Eat more food, but only the sweetest and most chocolaty
          4) Fuck the stairs. Take the escalator. And if the escalator’s out of service, take the elevator.
          5) Use the mobility scooter when grocery shopping. Or just have the servants do that for you.

        9. Look at their face, typically the cute looking faces under 23 will become fat. Look at their mom. Look at her diet, if they are eating McDonalds that is bad. But, if they are eating nothing but granola and lettuce, they will not maintain that diet long term and it will be bad too.

        10. What a horrible woman. She *KNOWS* that even today, he can go out and get any attractive woman that he wants if he were so inclined, but he’s chosen to remain faithful (I’m assuming). Her NOT getting back in shape is a huge insult to him and his honor. Fucking hate fatties like this broad, she clearly has more entitlement issues than she has Twinkies, and that’s saying a lot.

        11. That’s simple, ensure that she knows that you have standards and that you are keeping yourself in shape and thus, so should she. Or frame it as a health issue, and that you don’t feel it would be right or just to have her get fat and then contract obesity related illnesses just because she’s being selfish.

        12. I was just thinking this. She obviously has access to the worlds best personal trainers, dieticians, chefs….as his wife she will want for nothing. Even if she wanted to skip the hard work she would have access to the best doctors for cosmetic surgery. There is simply no excuse for it. If she looks that that it is only because that is what she wants to look like

        13. That is about the same answers that I came up with. I do also make it a point to take her outdoors as much as practical. Hike up to a rocky outcrop to do some climbing is a great way to instill some desire to stay in shape (for the both of us).
          I had this high school girlfriend for about 8 months that took this job at McDonalds about 3 months into our relationship. By 5 or 6 months, she was definitely getting fatter. It was almost like she was porking out because of rebelliousness. Finally, I had enough and broke it off. Some women are strange.

        14. Once you make it clear that you have standards, then you can always reference back to them if she does something silly later in life. My wife knows that I like long hair. Once in a blue moon she’ll go out and get some of it lopped off. Not “pixie suburban mom” cut, but just hovering above her shoulders where normally it goes below. She’ll make it a *huge* point to ask me what I think (which she never does any other time when she gets her hair styled) and my answer is always the same. “You know I like your hair longer” and then I simply find something to do and drop the subject. The hair grows out again and the topic doesn’t come up any longer.
          She once asked me what I’d do if she got fat. I said, and I’m quoting, “The next door neighbor’s wife”. She laughed a nervous laugh and never asked me the question again. She’s remained a healthy weight and still looks great in a bikini.

        15. “The next door neighbor’s wife”…….That is something I think I am still a little blue pilled about. I never threatened my wife with anything like that. I will flirt with the waitress or whatever, but making a solid threat, albeit with humor is something I haven’t done.

        16. I was reading an article about billionaire wives recently. The amount of hoops they have to jump through is nuts. A certain set of expectations is often built into the arrangement.

        17. I’ve always been “funny arrogant” with her and can come up with some really good comebacks on the fly. She’s used to it at this point, so she just laughs it off. On the other hand, she knows that at a certain level, I could and would. Playing it off as humor gives her some wiggle room to laugh it off a bit while still receiving the message.

        18. The best humor has an element of truth to it. Over the years, and since finding ROK, I have gotten a lot better at making my opinion known without starting a fight.

        19. Well to be fair popping out a few kids does fuck with a woman’s weight big time. I can’t be bothered researching if she’s had a couple of kids but that might explain how she went from that hot sexy thing to.. well.. what she is now. That and just hitting the wall. Still I’m sure if she tried she could lose some weight and be sexier.. but Brosnan is a bit of a beta male despite his good looks and believes in marriage as a vow of fidelity from what I remember hearing in an interview with him. That might explain why she hasn’t bothered.

    1. Both her grandfathers were bankers, so I asumed it was for her money at the time. I always wanted to hand Yoko a copy of “Catcher in the Rye” for her personal reading pleasure (inside joke).

  18. Nothing would put a bigger smile on my face than being able to get into a fist fight with every member of the Beatles, neil young, and one direction

  19. For some reason when I read the words “I’m not a hippy doofus” I laughed until my head hurt.
    On a serious note I never did like that commie asswipe, I don’t think Richard Nixon did either.

  20. Every time I hear “Imagine,” I feel like I’m being smothered. The horrible pace, the saccharine piano line, the totalitarian lyrics. It really is the perfect love sonnet to authoritarianism.

  21. I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on how progressives destroy everything that gives meaning: family; religion; nationhood. This stupid song sums it all up.
    Somehow in the world they want to create, the New Man has to create meaning for himself. But only if it is correct meaning … good luck with that one!

  22. If you want to remember what that kind of innocent-sounding utopian thinking and singing leads to, I invite you to watch this very disturbing Russian film on the Red Terror :

  23. I red-pilled to that song back in 1993. John Lennon never lived up to what he sang about. He was an over-payed shill for the music industry. The song is a brilliant work in that it has brain-washed many who sing along to it like it’s Kumbayah by a campfire.

    1. hypocrisy is one of the best antidotes to their rhetoric. Al Gore is another shining example.

  24. I’m with Bill Burr on this one. The Beatles wrote some great music, but Lennon redefined pussy-whipped.

  25. WKRP in Cincinnati did a good show where, if I remember right, The station manager was being told what songs to play by a religious group. He read the lyrics to the song and asked if it should be banned and the religious leader said yes, because it says there is no Heaven or Hell. Then the station manager says no, it says IMAGINE there is no Heaven or Hell… Found it…
    Dr. Bob Halyers: [Mr. Carlson is asking whether a certain song is suitable or not for airplay] “Imagine there’s no heaven / It’s easy if you try / No hell below us / Above us only sky… Nothing to kill or die for / And no religion too… Imagine no possessions… Imagine all the people sharing all the world.” That sounds like Communism to me. If there’s no heaven, no religion and I assume no God.
    Arthur ‘Big Guy’ Carlson: There’s not an obscene word in here.
    Dr. Bob Halyers: Not the way I see it.
    Arthur ‘Big Guy’ Carlson: Go on your list?
    Dr. Bob Halyers: Arthur, this is typical of the kind of secular liberal humanist point of view that gluts our airwaves.
    Arthur ‘Big Guy’ Carlson: Yeah. But we’re not talking obscenities here anymore, Bob. We’re talking about ideas, political, the philosophical ideas. First you censor a word and then you censor the ideas.
    Dr. Bob Halyers: But the idea is man-centered, not God-centered. The Bible tells us to put our reliance in God, not in our fellow mortals. Arthur, this song says there’s no heaven.
    Arthur ‘Big Guy’ Carlson: Ah, no, it says just imagine there’s no heaven.
    Dr. Bob Halyers: That’s blasphemy.
    Arthur ‘Big Guy’ Carlson: On the list or not?
    Dr. Bob Halyers: I have no choice but to say “on.”
    Arthur ‘Big Guy’ Carlson: That decision was made by one man!

    1. The problem with Bill Burr is that he was spot on red pill in the beginning of his career, then went out and married a feminist and has since become more and more left in his act.

    2. There is a live album called The Rolling Stones rock and roll circus where John sings and plays lead guitar for a band calling themselves The Dirty Mack. Clapton is playing lead guitar, Keith Richards playing bass and Mitch Mitchum from the Hendrix Experience on drums. They absolutely kill like two songs. Great sound. Yoko come out in the middle of a third song and pulls this shit. Clapton and Richards both look too fuckinh stoned to even notice but Mitch is sitting behind the drums with that exact fucking look that Chuck has here lol

  26. I was never too keen about a fellow who lived overlooking Central Park & rode in a Rolls Royce telling me to ‘imagine no possessions’.

  27. I grew up listening to “Imagine”. At the time, I thought it was a mellow song and a great vision for the world.
    Somewhere in the late 90’s or early ’00’s, I sat down and looked at what the lyrics were saying. I realized that song is a horrifying ode to a communist utopia. I never saw it the same way again. Ever since, hearing it makes my skin crawl.

  28. Music was a weapon of the misled, misfit, Baby Boomer, Hippy deadbeats in the culture war they started in the 1960’s, John Lennon’s “Imagine” is their anthem and it’s as dick-less of a song as John Lennon was a man.
    I was glad when Garth Brooks finally outsold the Beatles as a Solo act, It took some of the thunder away from the goofy Beatles!

  29. That Rolling Stone cover is one of the most horrific images I’ve ever seen, ugh. Never understood the whole Beatles fascination, either.

  30. I didn’t even bother reading this article before knowing he was an emasculated man for the fact that once Yoko drilled herself into his life, his friendships with his lifetime friends went to shit and she continues to receive his royalties like a woman getting child support.
    I will go and read this through……

  31. I kinda enjoyed the lyrics and there was a time I believe in the liberal utopias, like the one in Imagine. But real life quickly showed how things really worked. I still consider the song a good one, but it has absolutely no lyrical value whatsoever. It’s pure commie garbage.

  32. He was a fag. HAD to be.
    Rich, famous rock star on top of the world marries a FUGLY dyke that ate out Hillary’s fish-hole?
    Yeah… Fag.

  33. While I am no fan of the lyrics of “Imagine”….. If Lennon wanted globalism why did the establishment do what it did to him? Now Nixon did cross the establishment from time to time which is why watergate was hung on him, but ultimately Lennon started seeing the real divide in society and like all such figures of that era he was killed, although rather late and probably the only one that actually was done by a lone nut.
    Lennon IMO was mostly misguided and still sorting things out.

      1. And the “lone nut” was the son of a Bush crime family business partner.

  34. Imagine is a piece of self indulgent nihilist shit. Everyone lauds the Beatles musical genius,but, I could never take to them. I also get the distinctive feeling that I’m being made a fraud of when I listen to them. Their music is like a vacuum of mediocre experimentation that you’d only find in student groups of a certain vintage.
    The fact that they were all great mates with Britain’s most notorious pedophile and class A Cunt, the late Jimmy Saville, massive insider with incredible access to all the other Cunts in the upper ranks of British society, should disqualify John Lennon’s feel good globalist music in anyone’s mind.

    1. The Beatles are one of the most overrated musical acts of the twentieth century, if not of all time. They have some good material to be sure, but they do not deserve the sacred status they’ve been given.

      1. You’re a noble nihilist my friend, but, still I contend that there are no such entities as authentic nihilists. It’s an oxymoron.

        1. It is a simple misunderstanding…one that many, most, nihlists make when they mistakenly consider themselves such.
          The common misconception of Nihlism is that it rests on the belief that there is simply nothing and no meaning. But that is only half the story.
          What most don’t understand is that the acceptance of nothingness leaves us with an obligation to create meanining for ourselves. It is the most authentic thing in the world. To build a system for oneself to superimpose over the emptiness of the world rather than to pick a pre packed one is the same as building a house rather than buying a pre fab.
          You are a noble man of faith, but I still contend that you and I are doing the same thing only you are going prefab and I have built from the ground up.
          In short, everyone has a religion (even atheists…atheism being the most dogmatic and, frankly, silly religion) only difference is that I am the center of the universe, I am my god and my universe is created by and presided over by me.

        1. Depends on how you define care. Does it have some kind of effect on me? Is it something I think is worth fighting for? No of course not. It is hard being God Chip, it isn’t for everyone. Nor do I mind if others find religion or atheism or whatever (though agnosticism annoys me).
          However, when I see kindred spirits I try to lead them aomewhere positive. I’m a pedagogue at heart

    2. The eyes, THE EYES!! I feel that Savile just had forced buttsecks with me with that creepy stare.
      But yes, I never heard of Savile until recently. It’s amazing how no fucks were given until the guy died, then everyone in Britain jumped into the dirty paedo bandwagon. And the saddest part is, even Margaret Thatcher herself was bff’s with this creepy bastard.

  35. Good article. Looks like an as above so below reference in the lyrics
    The guy who assassinated Lennon could have been working for the illuminati or maybe he just saw that ultrafag photo with Yoko Ono. Sufficient motive in my opinion

  36. Imagine if Lennon wrote that song when he was poor as fuck.
    From Wikipedia:
    Lennon composed “Imagine” one morning in early 1971, on a Steinway piano, in a bedroom at his Tittenhurst Park estate in Ascot, Berkshire, England.

    1. Imagine getting drunk and laid,
      Imagine firing up my hot rod
      And kicking some pretty boys arse….oh yeah
      Poetic don’t you think?

  37. How do you want to deal with global issues like finacial crisis, depletion of oceans and topsoils, water crisis and climate change in general and above all overpopulation on national level?
    Nationalism = war and is no less artificial construct than globalism.

  38. This is the worst article I’ve read in ages, you completely twist the meaning of the lyrics around. You know why he’s imagining no religion? Because organised religion is the number one cause of wars! And the rest of the comments here are mostly bullshit too, saying the Beatles are overrated or not talented?! Wtf? They’re the most influential band in music history ffs! Do you know how many bands would not exist now if it weren’t for the Beatles? A hell of a lot of them! Get off your high horses and see if you can make music as great as theirs!

    1. Triggered much?
      Yes the Beatles were incredibly over rated. The fact that a bunch of other mediocre bands wouldn’t exist is not much of a feather in their collective caps.
      The fact that even hearing that the Beatles aren’t a great band triggers you harder than a fat chick being told she isn’t attractive should be clue number one that the reason you think they are good has nothing to do with the quality of their music which is meh at best

    2. ” Because organised religion is the number one cause of wars! ”
      Ok, sweetheart, tell us how WWI, WWII, the Napoleonic wars, oh i forgot the atheistic communist revolutions that killed 155 million… which one of these were started by bible wielding amish?

    3. “Do you know how many bands would not exist now if it weren’t for the Beatles? ”
      A lot of ones I don’t bother to listen to. and BTW do you know how many beatles songs wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for classically trained George Martin? have you ever heard a recording of them playing before they were massaged by older record producers in record studios? They sound like crap.

    4. Yeah, I remember when Germany invaded Poland, they did so charging forward yelling “For Christ!”. And World War I, the U.S. absolutely refused to get involved unless it could field a regiment of Crusaders. Yep. The war of 1812 was launched due to the British wanting to convert the Americans to Catholicism, naturally, and who can forget the Spanish-American war where the Hindus and Jews fought it out in vicious battles at sea? The American Civil war, it goes without saying, started when some missionaries opened fire on Fort Sumter.
      How about you, oh I don’t know, shut the fuck up and find some place else to spew your Leftism on?

    5. Most influential band in history? I think Black Sabbath may have something to say as they damn near invented an entire music genre.

      1. Come on you know Beatles influenced boy bands like Wham, New Kids on the Block, and the Spice Girls.
        Most influential in history? Louis Jordan or Big Joe Turner

        1. I’m not sure if the first portion is sarcasm or not-very confused by leaning to the former.
          You may be right with Big Joe whom had a hand in creating rock and roll leading to all the other bands. Hadn’t occurred to me

        2. Honestly, I’d say Louis Armstrong.
          Pretty much paved the way for everyone who came after him, including Louis Jordan and Big Joe Turner.

        3. I was being sarcastic. But in all seriousness, Beatles did have some limited influence, but they were more a product of media hype. The Monkeys were nearly identical, and just as talented. They are largely forgotten, because the communists in the media would not follow them like the media followed the Beatles.

  39. That feeling you get when see some doe eyes hippy getting all transcendental with the song playing.
    If they had any possessions worth taking, would love to bash them in the head and have them wake up in their dreamland. Right when it says ” easy if you try ” pink the sound of a metal quarter bat to the back of head.

  40. Didn’t Lennon’s personal assistant come out a few years ago and say Lennon was later embarrassed by this song …..thought it was naive and childish?

  41. Many of the Beatles’ top song titles, as well as their attendant lyrics, read like a manual for teaching beta males how to suck feminist ass while remaining passive, non-self-actualized cucks –
    1) “Love Me Do”
    2) “I Want to Hold Your Hand”
    3) “She Loves You”
    4) “All You Need Is Love”
    5) “Hey Jude”
    6) “Let It Be”
    7) “Yesterday”
    8) “Please Please Me”
    9) “The Long and Winding Road”
    10) “We Can Work It Out”
    Etc…’nuff said.

    1. Meanwhile, George Thorogood puts out songs like:
      I drink alone
      Who do you love
      Get a haircut
      Howling for my baby
      Highway 49
      Ride on Josephine
      Madison blues
      Long gone
      Although many are covers from guys like Bo Diddly, there is a contrast

      1. Exactly – a huge contrast. And then we have The Rolling Stones, who put out the little-known tune, “Ride on Baby”, way back in 1967, which sports the following red-pill lyrics (complete with a final line that talks about hitting the wall; there might even be a little cock-carousel allusion in the refrain) –
        A smile on your face but not in your eyes
        You’re looking through me, you don’t feel it inside
        Get out and ride on, baby
        Ride on, baby
        Ride on, baby
        Ride on, baby
        I could pick your face out in an FBI file
        You may look pretty but I can’t say the same for your mind
        You walk up to me and try to look shy
        The red round your eyes says that you ain’t a child
        Get out and ride on, baby
        Ride on, baby
        Ride on, baby
        Ride on, baby
        Well I’ve seen your face in a trashy magazine
        You know where you’re going but I don’t like the places you’ve been
        Get out and ride on, baby
        Ride on, baby
        Ride on, baby
        Ride on, baby
        I can pick your face out from the front or behind
        You may look pretty but I can’t say the same for your mind
        Laugh a bit, give it a try
        If I’m not impressed, you can still cry
        Get out and ride on, baby
        Ride on, baby
        Ride on, baby
        Ride on, baby
        By the time you’re thirty gonna look sixty-five
        You won’t look pretty and your friends will have kissed you goodbye

        1. Stones were way better than Beatles. I seriously think Beatles got publicity because they were leftists.

        2. I think you have a point there. The Stones were bad boys; the Beatles were beta boys. When I was a little kid, the Beatles were hot. I never liked them. I liked the Stones, though. I guess they were the equivalent of Ford and Chevy back then. Pick whichever one you want – if you pick the Beatles, you’ll wind up as a hippie beta; if you pick the Stones, you’ll wind up in jail – haha.

        3. I wasn’t around then. It was about the time grunge ended that I just couldn’t listen to new music anymore, so I started researching and going back in time. Now I am seriously getting into blues and rockabilly.

        4. Cool, man…I like John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughn. Beats the crap out the shit they are putting out today.
          Have you ever heard “Electric Worry” by the band, Clutch? It was a hit a back in 2007. It’s a direct ripoff of John Lee Hooker’s “Boom Boom” (1961).
          If you can’t make up your own stuff, steal it! (I really like both tunes…)
          “Boom Boom” – is the first video below. “Electric Worry” is the second. You might get a kick out of one, or both…

        5. And if you pick Motorhead you grew a mean mutton chopped mustache-I made my choice.

  42. Good thing that I’ve always hated this song and consider Lennon to be a sanctimonious hippy fuck.

    1. Who wrote ‘imagine no possessions” from his multi-million dollar condo on Central Park West.

  43. “Imagine is a globalist anthem for ushering in plans of world socialism and unipolar government…”
    Well, Rush, I applaud you…some of us actually lived in those kind of countries (communist) and are worried as US&A is taking that road, rather directly.
    Nobody on the sunny (western) side of The Iron Curtain doesn’t know the legendary Radio Yerevan jokes…on of them goes like this
    Question: Is it possible to make America a socialist country?
    Radio Yerevan: In principle yes, but who will supply our wheat then.

  44. Lennon could’ve had a fully traditional English woman with the finest ass out there and he picks some shrill slope greed cunt playing a commie.
    If that doesn’t illustrate what a bonkers dope he was, then I don’t know what does.
    Linda McCartney knew her place…at Paul’s easy disposal to get on her knees, show gratitude for his funds and suck his cock.

  45. Ughh the baby boomer anthem. I @#$%# hate that song! It’s about nihilism in the end.
    A few years ago I read that richard dawkins started an atheist camp for children (charming) and every day they would sing this ‘hymn’. Pathetic twats.

  46. it’s funny that people regard lennon as an ‘intellectual’. the Beatles were working class kids of average intelligence but nothing special and being younger were easily led and duped by gurus, shamans and appealing idealogy. Of course it was also part of an image.
    A few years ago we learned one of the Ramones was a reagon supporting republican (and some punk/new wave definitely had an anti-communist tint, despite the clash) . but that was kept under raps because it was bad for their ‘image’ . Same goes with hippie era music like the beatles. its not a surprise that many of the working class rocks stars as they get older, express brexit and anti-eu views.

    1. It forces you to ask, Who is behind all this? Most people do not like the leftist ideology, and I doubt that many in Hollywood do. It is like they sold their souls to someone in order to become famous. Beatles were mediocre at best. Far more talented musicians and actors are out there.

        1. And John Lennon got murdered soon after he started saying that song was childish and naive.

  47. Rush 2112 (side 1) is perfect antidote to this overrated dirge. Awesome musicianship too. But, of course, fucking leftists hate musicianship.

  48. “Nothing to kill or die for” directly translates to “nothing to love or live for…” and that my friends is the darkest world of them all.

  49. Always hated this paean to the New World Order.
    …And Lennon looks such a pathetic gynolater on that Rolling Stone cover.

  50. Lost the article after… THAT pic. Goodness that needs like 20 warning labels!!! I may not have an appetite for a whole week.

    1. If that is how you have to pose to get on the cover of the Rolling Stone, I don’t want it.

  51. Roosh… you need to become a solider cause when the war begins, we need a general like you! A good read like always!

  52. Funny. I always hated that song. I thought it sounded like everybody should give up everything they like and everyone would eat the same food, live in cookie-cutter stick houses, wear the same clothes, walk around barefoot, and maybe even use the same toilet paper. Ok, that last phrase is gross and over the top. But you get it. No winners. No losers. No pain, and no pleasure because there would be nothing to compare it to. Nothing to strive for. After I thought about it, I could see how people would start killing themselves at the age of 25, give or take, because there would be no reason to live. John Lennon was a fool.

  53. I never liked Lennon. My interest was fading long before this and it was settled by “Happiness Is A Warm Gun”.
    Of the major groups from that era notice that the Rolling Stones are still going. They were often paired and compared with the Beatles.

  54. I like “Imagine” well enough. And still think the Beatles are great. The problem is, the left take “Imagine” literally. Which proves what boobs they are. And think if John Lennon had lived, he probably would have been a Trump supporter. If you want a real take on the Beatles, and the British invasion, check out Derek Hunter’s “It Was Fifty Years Ago Today… And It Had To Be The Beatles.”

  55. Several of my posts have been erased.
    Censorship is for democrat faggots.
    I will not traffic or link to this site if that happens even one more time.
    If you dont want me to post, then fucking ban me. DO NOT censor my fucking posts.

  56. Ever since childhood, I loved Beatles music and still do. But I have to agree the Lennon song “Imagine” fits right in with the globalist nightmarish narrative. That is why it is often used as a theme song by the corrupt and abominable United Nations.

  57. This sight is a bunch of white collar pussies Remaining Men Together.
    Seriously roosh, I saw the little faggots who punked you on that Montreal video and you should be ashamed of yourself. No wonder you preach about tossing steel in your spare time.
    A pathetic little bitch who has to run and hide from other little bitches has NO BUSINESS alienating a potential ally over a G rated pic of john faggot lennon. Especially since I can scroll down and see others have posted pics too.
    Guys like me won this election for Trump.
    Thats right. Not little faggots who censor comment sections, guys like me.
    Ive kept my nose in all this and I constantly send out links to people I know that would never be exposed to a different point of view and over time, I convinced many LIFE LONG Dims to vote R for the first, and maybe only time, ever.
    But thats not important.
    Being a FAGGOT and deleting perfectly ACCEPTABLE comments is more important.
    Stupid cocksuckers.
    All that impotent posturing over a pic of john lennon.

  58. I have been very happy these last couple of NYE’s when FoxNews didn’t force us to listen to this piece of mournful cacophony before the Ball drops in Times Square. Personally, I have imagined everything in this song and really didn’t like what I saw.

  59. If there wasnt globalism Roosh wouldnt be Canadian but still in the middle east where his parents came from. They would also more likely beat some sense into him and he wouldnt act like the total pussy he is being now.

  60. Today is Russian Orthodox Christmas, and I offer you this beauty as an antidote to degeneracy (even though I’m a mean old Heathen):

  61. John Lennon and the Beatles will always be the best band in the world. Their music was and is so much better than today’s music.
    And if you think this about this beautiful song, then you are stupid. John was the most anti-government. Wanting peace is not a bad thing. It’s a great thing.

  62. “Globo homo” < Are you homophobic? You’re just taking this song personally because you’re probably religious, and materialistic too. This song aren’t based on communism or socialism or on any political view. But, to try and unit the world, to limit religion because so far it have just cause destruction rather than peace (Hitlers discrimination against jews, kkk, Isis etc) because one religion will always think its superior than the other. And, theres a huge line between religion, and believes. John stated Religion, not believe, and God is not a religion. Since “God” is used in all religions as the same figure, so hes “universal”, religion refers to your lifestyle/culture. People nowadays are too materialistic and selfish, they’ll rather prefer the selfish joy of luxuries(cars, technology, delicious food) than complete world peace and being poverty free. You clearly don’t know what is being poor. Poor is when you can’t afford nutritious food, not if you cant afford a phone. Infact 300 years ago, you were rich if you could own a basic settlement with nutritious food. If selling everything I own and eating “mushy food with just nutritious values” to just feed a couple of hungry kids in the world, I’ll do it. I expect this from every person in the world, or every so called “religious person”.

  63. Imagine no possessions…says a guy who lived in a fucking estate that was practically a castle, before taking over several entire floors of a Manhattan high rise. Ah, hypocrisy.

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