Does Building Muscle Get You Women?

Weight lifting should be a cornerstone activity in every man’s life. A lot arguments can be made for this.

It builds strength and muscle – among many other health benefits.

But is getting women one of them?



Women don’t want monsters.

20 inch arms and shoulders too big to get through the doorway? No thanks.

Yes, the same way we are attracted to fit women – girls are attracted to fit men.

So yes – if you’re fat lose weight. Fat is never sexy. And if you’re rail thin – then bulk the fuck up, son. Girls aren’t looking to molest little boys.

But aside from female bodybuilders – who exist in a culture where steroid level physiques are the goal – woman don’t want more than knowing that you’re strong. That you can protect them. So if you aren’t a fatty – or look like an African Charity model – don’t kill yourself in the gym for some snatch. Spend your time actually talking to women.

But Wait


From the above passage you might assume I disapprove of dedicating yourself to the gym.

That couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Lifting weights might not get you in bed with a fly bitch – but it will develop certain characteristics that will help you get there.

Following a consistent workout regimen is an absolute must. It trains you to take the same approach in other areas of your life. At the most basic level it forces action. You won’t grow if you don’t put your time in at the gym. The same way you won’t turn into a Casanova if you don’t talk to women.

Moreover, the fact that any good program should incorporate constantly trying to outdo your previous best and push you beyond your comfort zone is essential. Self-development in any hobby or discipline follows the same progression. But lifting weights forces you to acknowledge your current skill level. If you can only squat 150 lbs and you try to squat 200 lbs you will fail. And you will know it – getting stuck on your ass or worse (an injury) is obvious.

In other areas – like game – you can lie to yourself and feign supreme skill – ignoring the basics. Weight lifting forces you to build from the ground up. And it teaches you that doing so equals sustained progress in the long term.

Does Building Muscle Get You Women?

No. It doesn’t.

But it does encourages it.

It will assist in your personal development and more importantly – your personal development skills.

So man up, hit the weights, and get stronger. By the same token – hit the streets and bars, and get better with women.

You can’t read or think your way into growing biceps and you can’t read or think women into your bed.

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110 thoughts on “Does Building Muscle Get You Women?”

  1. Da fuck is this ? Do you even lift ? I bet u don’t phaggot !!! Unless you’ve experienced being on both end of the skinny/jacked spectrum you are in no position to preach this nonsense. Roosh please … this site is legit but bodybuilding is not your forte. Just link guys interested in lifting to MISC we’ll take care of ’em over there .

    1. I dunno. A lot of body builders don’t want to hear it but the “general” rating of attractiveness of men goes something like this:
      1.Fit / toned
      2. Built
      3. Skinny
      4. Roided.
      Actually, “roided” is probably higher than skinny in the ratings (yeah, I didn’t base this rating on any actual scientific data).
      Case and point: Ryan Goseling. Chicks go crazy for him (dunno why, to be honest) and are always going on about his “great body.”

      1. Women love Ryan Gosling because he taps into that prince charming romantic, sweeps me off my feet fantasy they have through that Notebook movie they all go gaga for. His physique is somewhat aesthetic to be honest but he is 6′ 174 lbs … which is fucking tiny ! I see no reason for a 6 foot man to be under 195 lbs. Take away the fame from Ryan Gosling and put him in a club with The Rock, Greg Plitt or Zyzz. I guarantee you the later 3 will pull badder hoes !

        1. Alright, The Rock would definitely pull in the most chicks; they always go for gay guys (or bi-sexual, or so I’ve heard rumoured).
          But, on point, all the guys you listed will be able to pull, but the types of girls they pull will be different.

        2. They would pull chicks who like that look. For chicks who like dirty, rocker types, for example, those dudes would cause zero dampness in their pussy area.

        3. “I see no reason for a 6 foot man to be under 195 lbs”
          Sticking to people six foot plus:
          Fast standing start kilometer: Chris Hoy; 220 lbs.
          Fast standing start 4 kilometers: Bradley Wiggens; 180 lbs.
          Fast rolling start 21.4 kilomters up Mont Ventoux: Chris Froome; 155 lbs.
          Different strokes for different folks. The world has a lot of different kinds of work to be done.

        4. “Take away the fame from Ryan Gosling and put him in a club with The Rock, Greg Plitt or Zyzz. I guarantee you the later 3 will pull badder hoes !”
          This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

        5. Dude, Zyzz pulled harems and would hang them for weeks. How much sex has Gossling gotten from his fame? I bet you Zyzz beat him. And Plitt? Oh damn- he’s probably swimming in hoes.

        6. The long distance runners are known to be weak and feminine- this is irrelevant. The real man here is the 1km guy.

        7. I’m 5’11 and couldn’t reach 195 if I tried. I’m very aesthetic at 150. Different people are built differently.

      2. What being built like a Greek God looks like:
        That’s Ares, the god of war, not Adonis, that skinny-fat, pussified little pretty boy.
        The statue of David (the guy who took down the giant) has been held the be the image of the male ideal for hundreds of years. He isn’t quite up to the god Ares in the buff department. After all, he’s only human.
        Bodybuilders, on the whole, suffer from male pattern body dysmorphia, the inverse of the female anorexia (although increasing numbers of feminized pussy boys suffer from this now as well).
        The extremes attract not because they are beautiful, but because they are freaks.
        If you are jacked, yeah, go ahead and use it. There are always people who are into freaks. It has the advantage that people will tend to qualify themselves to you.
        But they will always be the minority. Do you have a collection of amputee or dwarf porn?
        Wait, don’t answer that. TMI.

        1. You couldn’t have been more accurate. If your goal is women you shouldn’t get past the greek god stage, and that statement will be even truer in (eastern and western) europe.

      3. I don’t get the Ryan Goseling thing because he doesn’t have a handsome face. One eye is quite noticeably lower than the other. His jawline and chin are not classically handsome. He just looks like a fairly run of the mill dude.

        1. Actually, his eyes are way too closely together. I think Ryan Goselin looks like a fucking goof.

    1. lol..Man, who the fuck gave me a thumb-down? What I said is a fact;lifting..weights..increases..testosterone!! Just wondering, why would someone thumb-down a fact?

      1. Dunno. Maybe they were confused, heard something about steroids shrinking your balls and lowering your sperm count?

      2. Bet it was a fat guy who thinks that testosterone is purely the result of watching action movies where Bruce Willis kicks someone’s ass while you sit on the couch and eat a couple of ham and cheeses.

  2. What? Lifting absolutely helps you get women… it’s also absurd to think that the vast majority of people who regularly lift will even come close to approaching the “monster” status, which indeed may be a turn off to many women. But lifting to get a good body is in no way different than getting a new haircut of wearing non-shitty clothes: it improves your appearance and will help your game.

    1. I think your comment is pretty well spot-on.
      The point is not that anyone thinks women will be on them like flies on honey, but rather the benefits that come with a good body and other things like increased confidence, better attitude, great health, low stress, and much more.

    2. Sure. Personally, I’m not too much of a lifter, but I noticed the same effect when I started to train boxing. I think it’s primarily just the extra confidence that you get.

    3. Yes it helps you get women. Women may not like the huge bodybuilder look, but they certainly like the jacked fitness model look. That look is very hard to achieve for a man. But if you have that look you don’t really need game, you just need to not say anything too weird or beta. Even then many girls will pursue you if you have the looks.
      Achieve this level of musculature,
      and women WILL be all over you.

      1. Just as men visually key in on the 0.7 waist to hip ratio in women as beautiful, there are ideal male proportions. Plenty of research backing it up. For a man it’s a 0.9 waist to hip ratio. I can’t dig up the number for shoulder & chest circumferences to waist, but it’s a known thing.
        It’s important to realize the idealized proportions look like the statue of David, like the fitness model you picture above. They look nothing like the dudes on the cover of muscle and fitness or the guys dead lifting 500+. If aesthetics are your goal, you should lift to achieve ideal proportions. For example, going crazy with squats and dead-lifts might hurt your proportions. These exercises swell your lower mid section and ass.
        Being 10% body fat or less trumps musculature in terms of aesthetics almost all the time. Strong but fat is not pretty. That skinny 5K running guy who doesn’t lift but is shredded still looks better with his shirt off. There are a lot of guys who would be better served by focusing on getting lean rather than on lifting heavier.

  3. I workout, and the gains give me enhanced testosterone levels, more confidence, more strength, better sleep, easier mornings, enhanced concentration and overall awareness + that feel good pump that follows me through my work day. It definitely gives you bonus points with women, but it’s not going to do the work for you. It’s a plus, not a must. I agree with this article on that point.

  4. I think lifting weights is overrated.
    I know a lot of guys with big muscles but no game.
    Your tongue is your most important muscle.
    My gym is full of meatheads who are dorks around women.
    Many of these guys are overly concerned with muscle because they don’t do well with girls. They figure — “If I can’t get girls, at least I can have muscles”.
    Don’t get me wrong. I do workout a lot. But, my point is that muscles alone do not bring girls. Game brings girls.

    1. This is anecdotal to your location. Where I live and workout, the meat heads in my gym (formerly golds gym) are never without a woman. And they are typically the most attractive women in the gym. Short guys (5’8 and below) at that. I saw the same thing on the West coast US in a different gym chain (La Fitness). In a society that is attempting to celebrate lethargy and obesity, looks do matter, and women who work out are very much against dating men who don’t. What’s an indication of a man who works out? Muscle. Look at this chick and how hard he was mirin. Game alone does not make a girl do that

        1. No, that guy isn’t natural in his build. Naturally built is the key to wet pussies.

        2. Like I said to the previous guy…All that matters is the face of that chick in the video. It does not matter what we think of him. I NEVER SAID looking like him was the way to go. IF that is where all this is coming from. I mean, why care when it works for them, regardless of what we think? As men, who seriously gives a fuck what another man does to his body? Besides, unless you catch him in the act, or a piss test comes back dirty, he will tell you he is all natural. But when people talk like this, being hypercritical of a person’s shape in fitness, there is always just a tinge of jealousy there. And still, look at that girl’s face!!

        3. Her pussy was wet from the camera. Watch the video, does she even bother checking out his body?
          Anyway, enough with the video. I just gotta say you’re pretty fucking deluded if you think most guys who aren’t built like Arnie secretly want to look like him. Nah, the body shape that I desire to imitate is actually Brad Pitt’s from Fight Club.

        4. HA the CAMERA?!!1! You must not recognize lust coming from a woman. But i’m deluded….
          “I just gotta say you’re pretty fucking deluded if you think most guys who aren’t built like Arnie secretly want to look like him.”
          You made this shit up…. This guy is NO where near are jealous. **Most guys**. Where have I made this implication??? Do you read? I never said looking like him is the way to go. I capped it on purpose “NEVER SAID.”
          ” Nah, the body shape that I desire to imitate is actually Brad Pitt’s from Fight Club.”
          Let me be clear, I don’t give a fuck what you want, nor do I care what some guy thinks about another guy’s physique. Chicks are into it regardless of how you feel about your body or anyone else’s. Bottom line. The world does not revolve around you. And no one is going to kowtow to how you feel….using words like desire and shit. You are getting into feelings now. “I ‘desire’ to have a body like Brad Pitt from fight club” LOL. Seriously?

        5. “Chicks are into it…” Delusion 101. Here, let me fix that statement for you, “[a small minority of skanks] are into it…”
          Boom. Done. Now why don’t you go masturbate some more to yourself in the mirror.

        6. right on. having disproportional muscles on steroids might not be the healthiest way for one to go. As for attracting women, it does depend on a given culture and the individual girl. more than one girl in straight honesty has told me that they prefer a more lean, swimmer’s body (which happens to be like me). According to what i’ve heard in the US, more women like the larger bodybuilder’s muscles (idk for sure).
          bottom line, as you say, if the guy in the example above, has it working for him, so be it. Even if this guy only manages to attract+bang SOME hot women, he has what seems like an unlimited set of SOME hot women to pick from.
          This fits with one of the first principles of game written about by roosh, and written about by many articles on this website; no one has a 100% success rate, (get rejected by many girls if necessary), to bang many of those some hotties, that will get wet to you and your game.

        7. I’m not arguing with you on the fact she looks wet. But for one girl like that there are 10 equivalent girls who are wet for the fight club body type.

        8. That is subjective. I could easily say the opposite. All the women in my gym date buff guys. Hell, people have adverse reactions to size and shape. What is considered big then? Like comparing the guy above to Arnie? Cmon…

        9. I don’t think it’s that subjective. The women at your gym are not representative of the whole attractive female population.
          Sure, having a type of girls liking your body type is good, but girls liking bodybuilders aren’t exactly the ones I’d want to attract.
          To know what MOST girls would choose, just watch some movies and series, what characters do girls go crazy about? How do they look like?
          Pretty much all of them are close to the greek god type of body.

      1. “This is anecdotal to your location.”
        You won’t find a lot of women who hate sailors moving to New London, CT to find a man.
        Most of the world is not New London, CT. There is a certain irony to your objection.

        1. I would not know. I have never been nor live there. 2 states away. Not even close. Nice try though.

      2. looks like a mexican ninja turtle with a baby’s head. is that the chalice he drinks his synthol from?

    2. Giovanny’s right.
      Not only do some meatheads resort to muscles as an alternative to banging girls.But tons think that if they can just pack on another ten pounds of lean muscle – then they’ll suddenly be attracting girls like flies on honey.
      They’re never quite in shape enough to actually approach and to escalate when they finally do. So they never get laid. But they do have big triceps though.

    I have been looking for you!!!
    How did I change your life???
    I would love to talk to you about this!

    1. Lol . Sup Gio ? In too many ways my man ! I used to be the most depressed , validation seeking, beta loser you could imagine. Several of your posts about inner game coupled with the importance and methods of getting over your fears in life … plus that book you recommended me( Psycho-Cybernetics) has not only gotten me out of depression but made me decently confident and able to live in the moment. It’s been a long journey but an upward cycle for me over the last year n a half or so. Got an awesome job working offshore in the Gulf and off the coast of Angola , Started lifting … recently started some light cycles too ! I still got a long way to go. Might sound kinda dramatic but you did the job my father never did and were always ready to help unlike the other arrogant high rep phaggots on RVF. . Thanks brah !! Although a simple thanks doesn’t do you justice. I hope i can repay you someday .. somehow !

  6. A well intended, but misplaced article. Weights alone will not instantly get you women, but (game) <(weights + game) .
    You could have written a more positive article entitled ‘Does Building Muscle help you to Get You Women? YES IT DOES!! ‘ .

  7. You’re improving yourself, so you feel happy about your improvements. Also the positive feel-good chemicals hit you too. Having a nice body will get your more attention, but if you’re afraid to talking to girls and can’t hold a conversation or can’t close, muscles won’t really help.
    Besides, are people saying that doing running or cycling is bad for your game or something? You can’t be lean and have girls, you have to only be a big buff guy? To be honest, most guys in my life that I know with the most girls don’t even workout at all; they’re overweight (not obese though)

  8. What the hell did I just read? Of course gettiing muscles gets you women. Unless you have transitioned from puny with game, to buff with game, you sir, don’t know what the fuck you are talking about

  9. does anyone edit/curate these articles??
    this is like saying, does having style get you girls? no. does having money get you girls? no. does having well rounded experiences get you girls? no. but game does!
    how dumb.
    any of the above with no game gets you nothing, except for muscles! there will always be a subset of women that seek out muscled men and make that happen on their own.
    until you’ve been out and random girls walk up to and open you with, wow you’re big! or whatever, you just have no idea.

  10. “Lifting weights might not get you in bed with a fly bitch – but it will
    develop certain characteristics that will help you get there.”
    Characteristics like calling them “fly bitches”? That will help me “get there”?
    Yes, I’m sure that will help. Women love to be called fly bitches. I bet they get wet every time a player calls them that.
    There’s nothing sillier than lifting weights. Why not do some actual work instead? Then you have something to show for it, as well as a good workout.
    This sounds like something roosh would say. Roosh, the pua that can’t get laid.

      1. Do something masculine. This site is for masculine men, isn’t it? Masculine men build things. Or they tear them down so better things can be built.
        Clear brush around your tree stands.
        Chop firewood.
        Build a deck.
        Bust sod for a small garden next year (now that is a workout…)
        There are so many useful things to do. Lifting and pushing dead weight is just plain silly.

  11. Women look at nice arms and shoulders the same way a dude looks at boobs and ass, it works, and is very effective, and even more if you aren’t retarded like 85% of the human race, if you break the rules, if you can back your presence up with plenty of cold hard cash, and if you are liking who you are. All these go together to provide the full-package that all the fine bitches desire. It is a simple formula that works in all cases.

  12. Well, if you want to become governor of California, getting 20+ inch upper arms definitely seem worthwhile. Right, Maria!?

  13. Strength training should enhance other aspects of your life. You lift so you can look good and also perform well outside the gym. A lot of guys I know won’t go out for a hike because they trashed their quads the previous day.
    It should also give you the necessary attitude to tackle other challenges in life. If you are a bad ass in the gym and a total pushover in other aspects of your life, the scale is tipped too far.

  14. You don’t get it.
    Do most women want a Mr Olympia?
    No, 97% doesn’t, but there’s that 3% that does, badly. That’s millions of women per capita for the top competing bodybuilders and if you’re one, there’s a good likelyhood that in a crowd of 200 random people there will be 3 women who will go out of their way to bang you if only they see you from afar. Imagine how that translates to your experience at a music festival or, god forbid, a fitness related event.
    Now tell me that’s not an asset, I’d say it’s a fucking superpower.
    And that phenomenon scales (range of women up, strength of attraction down) down to more reasonable physiques.

  15. “Girls aren’t looking to molest little boys.”
    Then why do they expect you to shave? Because they’re looking to molest little girls?

  16. I’m relatively new to bodybuilding/working out vigorously, but in general I agree with this article.
    However I think it is more accurate to make this statement: Bodybuilding does help you attract/get women…but *not directly*.
    I’m not a big guy, but working on that. The results and (all positive, with the exception of ocassional injury) consequences I’m seeing are very, very encouraging. The behavior I have noticed from women tells me all I need to know.
    (important) stats for a frame of reference: I’m young-looking 40, 194lbs this week, good dresser, professional/educated, outgoing.
    Here are my observations after having worked out vigorously and seeing results:
    – (most) women notice my good body and some comment. Others don’t comment but look twice or smile (indicators of interest I never had before I started).
    – SIMPLY BY NOT BEING THE SAME AS OTHER GUYS (fat, weak physical form, weak posture) MY AGE I stand out significantly. When wearing a tight shirt or good-fitting polo shirt, I’ve been told several times I’m cute or handsome
    – My confidence level has risen significantly
    – Women I know who are married to “average” (fat, slob) guys sometimes comment on me
    – Get comments from people about my healthy habits or how “you’re doing a good job” regarding busting my ass in the gym
    – Gives me the confidence to be a little bit different than the average guy
    – Guys who are dickheads are less prone to give me attitude when they see I’m obviously in great shape
    – Success in working out requires making sacrifices and a great diet….which in turn gives me a better attitude and changed my priorities in life
    – Fewer beta tendendcies than guys who don’t work out
    Overall, working out in and of itself is no guarantee of immediately having women falling at your feet.
    However, the benefits give indirect advantages when it comes to women and even other male friends/coworkers/etc.
    I remember seeing a poll done on Facebook where women picked between a VERY large, muscular man or a very fit, moderately muscular man. They overwhelming picked the moderately muscular man as veeery attractive.
    That’s what I think the average man should aim for: strong & big enough to handle himself when another guy tries to be a fake alpha and give him problems, but not so large and grotesque that he is intimidating to women.
    I only wish I had started a long time ago. If only I knew! Would have been a different man already.

  17. This site has really gone downhill but I will bite.
    My field of experience is excercise and nutrition and I have been doing it since the last 20 or so years. I have seen a lot of stuff but it got really worse during the last 5 or so years with the boom of “healthy eating” and the rapper generation.
    Everyday I get young men – usually around 20 – asking me how to “bulk up” and “get big” for “da girls”. What’s annoying me is that these boys do not want to train for themselves but for women. This site has also fallen into this trap with it’s “glamor muscle” advice (more on that later). I thought this was about becoming a better man and not about catering to some spoiled little princess that has had a silver spoon in her ass ever since she was born ?
    This whole gynocetrism has also stopped guys from getting good results in the gym. The “chest and bis” plus clean eating routine does not work or requires more time than a routine built around free weights and compound lifts for natural beginners. It does not put enough stress on your body and it does not give you the needed nutrients since you will be munching down on chicken breasts and salads.
    Even for impressing women it fails. The “chest and bis” guys look like idiots. They have these big Popeye-like arms and decent chest but they don’t have the back to open it up, they don’t have the shoulders to give them a commanding presence and they don’t have the legs to give them power. They are a poor-man’s version of a mediocre body.
    Train for yourself. If you want to be big and swol – go for it. Chances are you will always look better than the tiny men running around the clubs and streets and when you approach nobody will be giving you any shit.
    Peace out.

    1. Dirty gains require dirty eating. Only way I can lift with any intensity is to have a ton of “junk” for breakfast. Hash browns, pizza, waffles, tons of steak, egg salad, don’t get anywhere near chicken, and only bother with rice if it’s fried with pork at a Chinese restaurant. Plus, there is just no way anyone is getting 5k calories with broccoli, brown rice, and chicken breast. No way in hell.
      But without those guys with their expensive supplements and fitness centers, there’d be no one to make fun of when their still titchy little gits after years.

  18. It is difficult for building muscle to get women because someone conscious of game has already found an opening. Women have noticed my muscularity long after they’ve been won over.

  19. “20 inch arms and shoulders too big to get through the doorway? No thanks.”
    Yeah, because *20 inch arms is a possibility for anyone but the >1% of the population.
    *at a low body fat obviously

  20. Muscle definitely gets women, to a degree. Too much is a turn off. But I can attest how when I’m more muscled girls tend to be more giggly and put their little paws over my chest and arms.

  21. It does get women.Why? Because you show you care about your body and appearences and women are all about that. Because it shows you have some kind of discipline, and no, you do not need to become a monster but being rip will get you by far more women than all the ‘game’ without needing to carry out much of a conversation with them. So since the game is about scoring fresh often and not keeping a woman I would advise to work out.

    1. “. . you show you care about your body and appearences and women are all about . . .”
      . . . pedicures.

  22. I agree with the premise. It’s a mistake to workout/exercise if you’re doing it to pick up chicks. The whole point of exercise is to make your body healthier, to make you feel better, and to take a little bit of the edge off. That being said, if lifting weights or whatever form of exercise makes you feel more confident, it’ll help with chicks. If it helps you look better as a result, more girls will probably notice you. That being said, looking like a roided out retard or a dumb meathead probably won’t be too helpful.
    Personally, I noticed a huge difference with women after I started working out. I also noticed it after I picked up various sports and started training in different ways as well, which I think was a result of the extra confidence I had.

    1. If you do that for health, there are many (and “many” is an understatement) ways to workout that are far healthier than lifting weights, ways that won’t damage your joints over time and reduce your movement amplitude .

  23. Nonsense, lifting weights and building muscle increases self image and builds self confidence both essential ingredients for natural game and skill in scoring with women.

  24. I think this article leaves out one good point. Weightlifting increases your confidence. When you feel physically fit, you act and move more confidently, which can increase your chances to attract the opposite sex. Basically, it is a simple self-esteem builder.

    1. The fact that a nonzero percentage of females like bodybuilders does not invalidate the argument.

    How can I contact you?
    I dont want to post my email here..
    Is there somewhere else on the internet where we can connect?
    I don’t think you can pm me on the forum. Is there another forum I can join so that we can pm or something???

  26. going to the gym is fun…
    I like seeing sweating masculine men…
    My eyes get a workout, tehee…
    I work with a bunch of smelly H1B’s at Qualcom…
    The gym is my retreat and so is the nude beach….
    All hail masculine men!!!!

  27. Does building a great body and being ripped you get girls? No. A lot of my gym buddies and myself included got into the gym to help with confidence levels. Unfortunately, after years of training, I’ve yet to find an exercise on the gym room floor that helps build confidence. That’s achieved from success with women and success in general. Bodybuilding has made me more routine based and rigid. It’s hard to be running game late nights at clubs when you’re prepping for a show or trying to maximise your results naturally. As I never feel content with my body, I’m even more self conscious about my limitations. Girls pick up on this. A great body is only helpful If it’s part of a complete package. It can actually hurt your chances with women if you don’t have the other elements in play.

  28. Building muscle will help you
    > Be more confident – very important
    > Have more testosterone
    > Have more power and status
    > Be more attractive physically
    But no matter how big and shredded you get, women won’t fall on your dick. For the record, i’ve been lifting for 3 years now. Just do it but don’t count on it to replace your game.

  29. It really just gives one more advantage, one more thing to build upon. We need everything we can get and this one is available to everyone.

  30. What if I want monster status for the hell of it?I mean, I want to bench 450+ and squat 600 atg and deadlift 700 without drugs (because it’s fucking cool)- and it’s in my genes. Will being that strong and being ripped (5% bodyfat- where I’ve been since I started lifting) actually ruin my chances of getting girls? Again, I’m talking being 5’9″, only weighing 205 or so since I’m natty. Someone with experience in this department please help.

  31. Weights or no weights, it won’t make a massive difference. The only girls you clowns could pull would be retarded anyway.

  32. Another article written based on theory vs. actual experience…. Of course being jacked gets chicks.
    Chicks are attracted to power. Being jacked displays physical power. End of story

  33. Having muscles doesn’t get you women, that the fact most of you say ”get you women” means you see them as more of an object. But if you want to Be with a woman.. stop being self conscious about your body and thinking ”But all the guys with muscles get babes”. In reality, just open your heart and stop being afraid of your own emotions and stop being little kids and grow up.
    from Some guy. the guy that will never reply because I’m brushing through the internet.

    1. “In reality, just open your heart and stop being afraid of your own emotions and stop being little kids and grow up.”
      Try telling yourself that when you get ridiculed for being a fatass (or skinny depending on your bodytype) shitloads of times.

  34. Weightlifting doesn’t need to be a cornerstone activity in any man’s life. Building lean muscle mass and improving fitness can be achieved without using weights. Weights are one of an array of tools that can help you reach your goal.

  35. I agree about everything in this article except one thing ‘being in shape will not directly get you women’. Honestly, if you have a build like say David Beckham, you WILL get laid. Getting that body shape is about the hardest thing on the planet to do, but if you achieve it, I guarantee you will get some from somebody and will never have to utter a word.

  36. Women like me better as a 140 lbs skinny man.
    I weighlifted for 2 years but quit and funnily enough I dated again. I didnt date when I was weightlifting.
    However I plan to start lifting again as ive gotten weak.

  37. I think get girls you need more tech, want 3 girls a day? check this review

  38. Does working out get you women? Who cares. I’m too busy getting them gains and tinkering with my motorcycle. Oh and you can only imagine how much money I am saving instead of spending on dumb ass broads. Call me gay if you want but if I want something as high maintenance as a women, I’d get a classic muscle car.

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