The White Knight Landing Page

Note to Non-White Knights: Internet heroics on behalf of women by self-declared protectors are epidemic. No one knows this better than I, who am constantly barraged by attacks from these electronic tough guys. This was especially the case after each of my viral articles 5 Reasons to Date a Woman With an Eating Disorder, 24 Signs She’s a Slut, and Girls With Short Hair Are Damaged. But I’m by no means the only victim. This is everywhere.

That’s where this page comes in. My experience in the past few months—of trying to respond individually to all of the various heroes who have stepped in to fight for women they don’t even know—has alerted me to the value of creating a form letter than would do it for me. Enter: The White Knight Landing Page.

Just like I will do from now on, every time you see a white knight spring into superhero action, just send them a link to this page. It will do the rest of the work.

White Knight Section

Dear Lancealot:

Welcome to the Return of Kings White Knight Landing Page. You’re here because someone you know online, or in person, thinks you’re probably a white knight. Chances are: he’s right. This page will explain to you what a white knight is, why you probably are one, and what to do about it. 

It’s in everyone’s best interest that you read this carefully.


The Return of Kings Staff

White Knight Information Sheet

What’s a White Knight?

White knightism manifests itself in a variety of ways, but probably the most common manifestation is running to the  “protection” or “defense”—of usually a stranger—just because she’s female, with little or no consideration other factors. Online, that often translates into attacking another guy when you think he’s unfairly criticized or “bullied” a girl, or a certain group of women. The key part is that you’re standing up for what’s essentially a complete stranger because she’s a woman and therefore, in your eyes, defenseless. Hence the name. You’re the knight in shining armor coming to the rescue of a damsel in distress.

White knights often pepper their statements with “bro,” “dude,” or “man” in an attempt to “level” with the other guy or to put on a tough-guy act. They also often claim to speak for all men. The preface “as a man” is the absolute calling card of the white knight.




There are lots of theories for what drives guys to do this, but there’s no question that an old-fashioned notion—ironically, even-more-sexist through its condescension—of men’s role in the world is at the heart of it. A distorted concept of “justice” is also a culprit. Feminism, which talks out of both sides of its mouth by simultaneously declaring women strong and independent, on the one hand, while, on the other, brokering in an endless series of victim narratives (which white knights swallow, hook, line, and sinker), plays a major role.

Hollywood (and Bollywood) for all of its supposed forward-looking permissiveness, is one of major disseminators of this elaborate mythology.

White knightism isn’t just an online phenomenon. There’s also an older, face-to-face version of it which, though increasingly rare, you still see in bars and clubs. Interrupting statements like “Don’t talk to her like that!” or “Are you okay?” are usually a signal that the in-person white-knighting act is in progress. While this may have required some tiny degree of courage in the past, white knightism is fundamentally a cowardly act today. It’s supremely low risk, since white knights can be 99.9% certain that they won’t get punched in the face for butting in.

Online white knighting is even cheaper, since it carries an even higher likelihood that no consequences will come of it. It’s almost always, at its core, an attempt to score points with women.

Women Are Always Right. Men Are Villains.

You can’t have a hero without a villain, and that villain is invariably whatever man is distressing the damsel. White knightism is grounded in the fundamental belief that women can do no harm (i.e., are never really at fault for anything, or did anything to bring on whatever situation they find themselves in). But, it also features a huge placing-on-the-pedestal component. White knights lavish women with (usually undeserved and inaccurate) compliments. All women all beautiful. All criticism of them is “bullying,” or an inability to appreciate them as women. Thirst and white-knightism are, in medical terms, often comorbid.

“She Shouldn’t Be With Him.”

Cockblocking is also a common symptom. The white knight will often intervene in a potentially romantic situation if he deems a girl shouldn’t be interested in a man for whom she’s displayed interest. That could mean when he’s not in the room. “That dude is a player.” Or, it could also happen with him in the room—with a well-placed interruption, an attempt to insult the man in front of the girl, or by physically pulling the girl away from him. He sees the other man as unworthy for this girl—maybe even branding labeling him as “creepy” to her—and will unilaterally make that decision for her.

She’s “too drunk” (even though she’s sober), she’s “going through a hard time right now” (even though she’s obviously looking), she’s “doesn’t like guys like you” (even though she does). He’ll stop at nothing.

This is a growing problem, since major institutions, including the President of the United States, are actively encouraging this form of white knighting—unsurprisingly, under the catch-all bugbear of “campus sexual assault.”

Skip to 0:38:

Why You Do It.

White knightism is caused by a mix of factors. In the broadest sense, it’s a product of brainwashing about girls that paints them as the more evolved sex—that never lies, cheats, or harms others without some man having encouraged her. Our legal system, to a large extent, is based on a White Knight Ethos. Women get lighter sentences for the same crime as men, and are almost always given the benefit of the doubt by responding police officers. Bouncers will always kick out the man, even if the woman instigated the conflict. After all, “you should never hit a woman.”

Skip to 0:20:

It Won’t Get You Laid and Turns Girls Into Bitches.

White knights frequently harbor unrequited desires for their damsel. They’re secretly hoping to curry favor with their girl—or women in general—which will hopefully lead to something. The thing is: it won’t. Women, even though they may talk a big game, secretly loathe white knights for the disingenuous cowards that they are. They’d never sleep with one. They might friendzone one, but that’s about it.


However, women do use and abuse these unsolicited protectors for other purposes. And, like the banks, every undeserved bailout feeds a downward spiral of growing hubris and cuntiness. Every time a girl pours a drink on a guy in a bar or initiates physical violence with a man, it’s with the full faith and confidence that there’s a room full of would-be white knights on her side. Not only that, she knows cops and bouncers will take her word over any guy’s. That same girl would never, in a million years, get in a guy’s face in a room with just the two of them or with a truly equal system in place.

Women Are Perfectly Capable of Taking Care of Themselves.

White Knights are cowards and hypocrites, but also fundamentally sexist. They condescend to women—who are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves (especially online)—by taking it upon themselves to be their protectors. When I criticize a woman, I do it as an equal. I say what I would say to a man doing the same thing.

White Knights know that they’re probably not going to suffer an attack as a result of their heroics. If tomorrow, people started getting punched in the face for butting into other people’s business, white knightism would plummet overnight. That makes the average white knight a coward.

War On White Knights

Today I’m calling for a war on white knights. Every time you see one of these cowardly specimens in action, do everything in your power—within the law—to expose, shame, and harm them. Not until we shine light on this pitiful behavior will we end this epidemic.

And achieve true gender equality.

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329 thoughts on “The White Knight Landing Page”

  1. In America, girls who are a 4/10 or a 5 at best, get white knights telling them how beautiful, pretty and amazingly sexy they are, over on Reddit. Talk about picking the lowest hanging fruit, you don’t have to lie to women about how hot they are, just because you can’t find any to go to bed with. Would a man who is 4/10 get girls telling him how handsome and cute he is? No he wouldn’t.
    Roosh explains this well in his video.
    There is no limit to how low a white knight will go to rescue a damsel in distress. Maybe them girls egos shouldn’t be too inflated and get back to planet earth. Women have such entitlement issues. They want to be treated like princesses like in the chivarly days moaning about a non-existent pay gap and wanting free drinks and dates, but they also want to be treat like equals like go to work and be miss independant. They want Miley Cyrus to objectify herself, but not when a half naked women does so in a man’s video like Blurred Lines. You can’t have it both ways! But hell no we daren’t call them out on this “female privilege” of the army of white knightinghood, because the patriarchy is evil, and those white knights have power women could only dream of (sarcasm).

    1. I went to go read that thread and, sure enough, that chick is indeed butt ugly. That being said, I’ve met some attractive educated graduate students that aren’t raging feminists, but I do see where Roosh is coming from. A surprising amount of female graduate students actually work as strippers, ironically enough.
      From my experience, fat girls are the most bitchy, stupidest, pieces of shit. Fat women are actually good for nothing. The level to which obesity has gotten in our current society is rather disparaging, especially to the level it’s been accepted among females.

      1. “The level to which obesity has gotten in our current society is rather disparaging”
        Most males are blue pill (no surprise there, I’m sure) and don’t dare to shame them for it. It’s almost like they are scared to death of saying ‘no’ to a female.

      2. “From my experience, fat girls are the most bitchy, stupidest, pieces of shit. Fat women are actually good for nothing.”
        Highly agree. Back in the day they at least had some level of shame and meekness going for them (mostly). With fat acceptance and grrrrl pwrrrr all the rage they are by far the most bitchy, loud and arrogant human beings on the planet. Pretty girls, even bitchy ones, can’t compare to the sheer landwhale anger fueled rage most fatties display nowadays.

    2. “Men should be the ones with the bulimia and anorexia issues, but men . . .”
      . . . are different and invert eating and body image issues into body building.

  2. i’d have no problems with white knights if they truly did it out of selflessness. like you really want to help another human being out of a -perceived!- predicament. but no. white nights ALWAYS have an agenda, the agenda being getting the damsel to somehow touch their cocks when the dust settles.
    it’s just another way of ‘playing’ women, just that real players are at least honest about their intentions..white nights are usually lack the balls to openly hit on a woman, therefore they default to these underhanded tactics, that -surprise, surprise- never fucking work.
    white knights ought to chop off their balls and return them, since that’s how women see them anyway, as eunuchs.

        1. We already have a Baal Mart, it’s called Apple …
          “But Apple mice don’t have any balls!”

      1. When you get married, especially in California which is the express return ball store.

    1. If, under the same unfortunate circumstances, you would help a similarly distressed or endangered man, then it’s not white knighting.
      Just don’t expect any gratitude for your altruism from women. Unlike well-socialized men, women perceive selflessness as a DLV, a strong indicator of poor fitness. “He’s such a… nice… guy.” Why this is so, and why society pushes the “white knight gets the girl” meme so hard, are interesting questions.

      1. If men helped each other instead of helping a “distressed” woman we wouldn’t need RoK.

        1. Right on kurt. Unfortunately a lot of men new to red pill think that adopting asshole game means applying it to everybody.
          Wrong men, just to women and betas. Actual masculine men trying to help or join in camaraderie, don’t do it. Help the movement, don’t destroy it through ignorance.

        2. Unfortunately it seems that at least part of the behavior is biological in origin.
          Throughout most of human history, men banded together to either hunt for food that they couldn’t effectively hunt alone, or to deal with imminent threats from either large predators or other groups of men. We’re just not wired to perceive women as a threat or adversary to us the way we are with other men.
          That’s not to say it can’t be done, but it is akin to swimming upriver.

        3. If Im understand what you mean by asshole game correctly, then Alpha would never need to be assholes to other asshole. Just like two male lions when they see each other from a distance don’t fight over bs, they might not even roar. Mutual respect is understood without words. If one doesn’t understand what respect, then he naturally gets introduced to fear. Its just to bad that WK are addicted to matyrdom.

        4. Right on. That’s why the men’s movement has no real leadership- we’re fighting evolutionary biology, and have a hella time cooperating. Females are more wired to cooperate, and use men’s protective (see video above) instincts against themselves.

        5. Thank you for pointing this out. It isn’t always obvious to those new to RP.

      2. It’s a useful competitive sexual strategy to convince guys that being a white knight is going to get them laid. Men do it because it gets other men out of the picture, and women do it because it gets men that turn them off out of the picture. Taking the red pill is all about learning that it’s all a game and you shouldn’t take what other people say at face value. Encouragement of your nice behavior often has sinister motives behind it.

        1. So you’re saying promotion of white knightism is encouraged by both alphas and women to cull inferior stock through self-disqualification. Decreases competition, improves reproductive signal to noise ratio. And they don’t even have to lift a finger.
          That’s diabolical. lol

    2. You think guys don’t sincerely believe women are the fairer sex who should be treated better? I used to believe as a hapless virgin it was settled morality, and that one day that special woman for me…lmfao I would more likely say something than brawl, being emotionally defeated before the word ‘go’. WKs who get physical could also be finding a ‘morally acceptable’ outlet for their repressed manhood. Testosterone gets a rush from fighting for fighting’s sake. I do think sexual pursuit is part of it, but if sexual pursuit were the major part over ‘love’ and ‘intimacy’, WKs would be using Hugo Schwyzer game if not general red pill seduction, imo. I bet there is the ocassional red pill guy that does the WK to establish dominance and plays the room. Chicks do dig it if you establish dominance on a pretext that serves the Female Imperative, not that I would agree with doing it. Most WKs who fight are cowards operating in the safety of the herd. There is nothing but pain for them, and maybe a few will unplug.

    3. If I had a choice between helping a homeless man, by buying him something to eat, or to step in for some entitled slut who got into some argument by some player because she wouldn’t blow him in the bathroom, even though he paid $150 in drinks, I’d rather help the homeless man.

    4. Though it may be hard to accept, true selflessness is a fantasy. Even seemingly altruistic acts reward the doer with a dopemine rush, AKA a “good feeling” after having done a “good deed”.
      I’m not saying that all acts are secretly malicious in intent, just that selflessness is an ideal, not a reality.

  3. The biggest white knights in the U.S. are the cops. If I thought shaming them would do any good I would have been a stand up comedian.

    1. dunno about that. i tend to think that the real culprits are the laws, the coppers are just upholding the law, since naturally they’d be fired if they didn’t. again, self interest.
      now, i’m not some sort of apologist, i’m sure there are many shitty cops out there who get a kick out of mistreating the innocent just because their badge says they can get away with it..but in the end it’s the same excuse that the nazi camp guards used to try to exonerate themselves – ‘i was just doing my job, those were my orders’, bla bla bla. the laws back the cop up for everything but the most egregious of abuses.
      the laws must first be amended if we ever want the rein in the cops, but in a system where any politician will get behind idiotic laws just to please his backers so that he can get re-elected, i’m not so sure the laws will ever be straightened out. fuck democracy.

      1. Reducing Qualified Immunity greatly would really do a service to the rest of humanity. If a cop butts in where he’s not welcome for no reason and can get his arse sued off for it, he’ll stop butting in for no reason. Qualified Immunity protects and enables their attitudes most of the time.

    2. The difference being that the cops generally do get sex from the women out of it. Know far too many cops for my liking and they’re all shameless womanizers…especially the married ones.
      Not sure that doesn’t still qualify them as white knights, but at least in their case the act -> reward system is actually paying them back somewhat.

      1. Agreed drudge, but “a man in a uniform saving me from my own stupidity” also is a big turn on. Even if it’s all uniform, which it may be, to the cops it seems to be a combination of both white knighting and uniform, from what I’ve been told, that enables them. So they keep doing it, and man oh man, do they need to be brought down several rungs on the social ladder for it.

        1. Women can’t tell the difference between a Potentially Dangerous Man – that is, the sort of guy who’s civilized, but morally strong, the sort of guy who will defend the family against robbers and barbarians with extreme prejudice – and males who wear the socially prescribed outfit of “tough guy.”
          I can tell at first glance that most cops are frightened little boys, made all the more dangerous because of their egos and armaments – like a beaten dog who’s ready to bite a harmless stranger – all women can see are “heroes”.

        2. Hahaha your first point is so spot on it’s not even funny. Most people cannot size up others for a shit, men and women alike. I have been, may times, a part of a bar convo which went something like this:
          Guy: yammering on about fighting
          Girl: you’re like tough hey….
          Guy: well ya but the guy standing next to you (Al Bundy) would crush me
          Girl: Really??!? But you have like, lotsa tattoos…
          Every time I think how am I so damned dumb that I repeatedly forget just how clueless the average chick is.

        3. First thought: let’s you and her fight. 🙂
          I’ll be the guy selling popcorn while everyone watches.

      2. For the most part cops are far more alpha than the average cubicle dweller on ROK and I doubt much of the big talk in these comments would ever be said to a cops face, on duty or off duty.
        Just another example of the ever present “internet badass” syndrome.

        1. The power they have to inflict violence on behalf of the state is not the point here, you faggot troll.

        2. Cop bashing (from a keyboard) is the same fucking thing this article is pointing out as wrong. Attacking a man or group of men with absolutely zero chance of resistance is the realm of the white night.

        3. Complete nonsense. White knighting is the act of running to the defense of damsels in distress, by virtue of the fact that they are female, in the hopes of earning sexual favors from said damsel. What you say has nothing to do with it, and attacking/calling out white knights for what they are is the noble thing to do.

        4. I agree white knights should be called out. White knights only do what they do because there are NO CONSEQUENCES for their actions……
          That is the point I’m trying to make. Talking tough from the safety of a keyboard is the same thing in my eyes as white knighting. It is the ability to act without resistance.
          Lets be real clear …… I consider the behavior of white knights disgusting. I hate it with a passion.

        5. The point of fighting white knights is to redress an injustice – namely, the fact that women hypocritically harness the power of white knights to do their bidding and get away with bad behavior.
          Following your train of thought to its logical conclusion, none of us should ever say anything bad about the cops, the state, or the powers that be in general, because if we did so in real life, “there could be consequences”.
          White knights deserve what’s coming to them because they are complicit in a violation of justice. Whether or not they can “do” anything about what they’ve got coming to them is not relevant.

        6. This is tiresome. Typing and bitching about the problem is not the solution to white knights, cops stealing your woman, govt support of feral females, abortion, birth control, etc etc.
          If you want to stop white knights start busting them in the mouth. The same goes for cops and the government. Do something other than “talk”. While busting a cop in the mouth will get your ass kicked or killed and then jailed you can still take action without hiding behind a keyboard. The problem is most people are not willing to confront anyone.
          If you still don’t get it I give up.

        7. Hopefully one day (namely, when/if the numbers are overwhelmingly on our side and discontent is sufficiently high), the time for that will come. But that day isn’t here yet. And until that day does arrive, the best any of us can do is raise awareness.
          If you want to go sock a cop in the mouth though, be my guest.

        8. I see where you are coming from about the cops. I think people are targeting the wrong issue. It’s not the cops, it’s the laws they enforce. If law was based only on the protection of an individual’s right of property then we wouldn’t have these issues with the police. Cops in fact do good things. The problem comes when they have to enforce stuff like “open bottle laws”, “vehicle registration mandates”, as well as stuff like “stop and frisk”. We’ve let the government become hijacked by people who want to use it to either enforce morality through the force of law or to redistribute money from one group of individuals to another group. This is the actual issue.

        9. Yes, I agree. There’s plenty of blame to go around, but cops, as the enforcer donkeys of this corrupt order, are bound to be on the receiving end of a sizable portion of the vitriol.

        10. Lol… being strong and being wise is not mutually exclusive. Im black and I live in a low income area. I drive a new model cadillac and get pull over all the time cause I don’t fit the model. Drive an hour to the OC and the cops do not mess with you. Knowing this, and knowing that after I talk to a cop and tell him how I really feel, you think that report is going to go anywhere. You think I stop getting taled when I drive. They KILL people out here for no reason. Ask anyone I know and they got stories of police harrassment, and that with us not talking shit. Being Alpha doesn’t mean being suicidal dummy.

        11. What’s truly dumb is living in a low income area and driving a new model Cadillac. #Priorities

        12. No… what is truly dumb is wasting thousands of dollars a month on a shelter that u visit just to sleep. I spend 450 a month in LA county n free up enough cash for shit I wanna do driving a paid off car.
          Lol, ur prolly got college debt, a mortgage, car payments and living on leveraged money to be Alpha in neighborhoods that have women who dont want u for more than a night. I dont know whats more blue pill than that.

    3. Cops are the reason we live in a Police State.
      They are brain dead morally corrupt sub humans treated like dogs by the elite while thinking they are helping the people and serving a great cause.
      Cops are Nazis patrol officers today. Same shit, different costume.

    4. Absolutly agree with this statement.I’ve seen them first hand try to court a girl right in front of her man in a demestic situation.They are truly white night scum.

      1. My preferred “Black Knight strategy” for dealing with the police is to ensure that I’m avoiding enough taxes to keep several of their potential numbers off the force entirely …
        Black Knight reforms start from the top and trickle down like Reaganomics.

    5. That’s what makes the military and police so fucking different. Soldiers and Marines usually are alphas and were alphas in high school and college. The military while loyal, would probably mutiny if ordered to uphold faggoty Marxist laws, like they trying to do with women in combat roles. However, the police, were guys who got picked on, couldn’t get the girl types and grew up into hateful and vengeful super-betas. They do not care what laws they have to uphold, as long as they get to punish alpha males. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, the military might have to crush local police enforcement.

      1. I respectfully disagree in the case of the US military.
        I see many men in the US military as men who couldn’t otherwise get gainful employment, so when Uncle Sam Walton’s Fighting Force of Extraordinary Mercantilism wouldn’t hire them, they decided they’d join Uncle Sam’s Misbehaving Children or something like it.
        Job-shopping post-military mercs often turn out to be guys who have mortgages and household demands back home — bringing in the Beta Bux from the Green Zone sounds like a way to get away from Wicked Wifey while pulling in the Dead Presidents.
        I don’t think the US military would mutiny at all — some of them see the “people back home” as rear echelon motherfuckers (REMFs) and collaborators in the Vichy French sense, not that I disagree with this assessment all that much.
        Getting some back at some “civilians” who helped get them into the shit? They’re likely to think of it as delayed karmic payback.
        The smart ones are the ones who decide that it’s better to patch things up, such as bullet holes, mechanical problems, and injuries, rather than creating these problems. Smarter yet are the ones who realise how this is a doomed operation long term, who decide it’d be better to go find some farm to tend or some business to fix.
        “Someday this war’s gonna end …”
        I would give serious consideration to the negative effects that happen after “the boys go home” — even Chalmers Johnson noticed this was a long-term liability when he wrote his books on foreign policy and economic blowback before he died.
        To be honest, I’d be less concerned if some of these guys would go full Colonel Kurtz and started taking control of local events in their out-of-country theatres.
        Besides, with the militarisation of American civilian police forces, those former military guys might return to find themselves out-gunned …

  4. I’m afraid there are a lot of closeted white knights/pussy worshippers within the ranks of ROK commenters, too. A female just needs to submit a rambling mess of a comment and within few minutes a giant string of ostensibly male replies and multiple upvotes are generated.

    1. that’s why responding to womyn has been banned. no more thread-hijacks. and also we get rid of some of these undercover white knights.

    2. I sometimes upvote feminist trolls because they made me laugh and it’s obvious to anyone with an IQ over 100 that you can’t mistake these upvotes for agreeing with them.

    3. One of my comments in one of articles here got replied by white knight mangina. Better ignore it.

    4. More than a few. The “She Shouldn’t Be With Him” mentality is pervasive.
      Taking the red pill is more than just reading a few blog posts about hooking up. It’s a huge change in mentality that has to happen. A mentality where you see things for what they are: that sexual attraction doesn’t happen the way you have been led to believe.
      Some guys are ‘by default’ white knights. It’s just their personality. But they CAN learn to not behave that way. Society largely fails in doing that. That’s where we should pick up the slack. They have to be taught that when you act like a white knight, everyone hates you. Guys hate you and girls – yes – hate you. Since the main motivation of a white knight seems to be getting people to like them, understanding that truth would go a long way.

      1. I think over coming “she shouldn’t be with him” thoughts is an indicator where you are at in you internal game development.
        Example: I used to see this 9 getting off the train at my stop pretty often. Good looking, good style, slim well proportioned body, no whorish makeup. But what really stood out was her attitude. Tonnes of dudes checking her out and she was gracious about it, warmly smiling back, not with a scowl on her face.
        One day I see her man picking her up, a dude I would have wrote off a “typical douche driving a bimmer” in my old days. But this time, I didn’t get upset at all. I smiled to myself, and thought, “this guy must know what’s up, good for him ” and I walked away happy for him. I saw that as a big growth moment for myself, reached a new level.

      2. I think MOST GUYS by default are beta. Betas are the clogs in the system who crawl on their belly through a razor wire fence when bombs are going off overhead and bullets and mine blast below. No alpha who is a selfish male, would be dumb enough to risk their life for some vague concept. Betas do well in the corporate environment they like to be enslaved and bossed around. Betas are the back bone of a capitalistic society. Lets be honest, you cannot have a society with99% alpha males. No one being married just fucking and boinking who they feel and no one shows up to work or everyone is self employed. The system relies on a large scale dumb population who doesn’t ask questions. and that is not alpha males. In fact countries with the most alphas tend to be dysfunctional as everyone wants to lead like in russia or ukraine and countries full of betas seem to do very well like britain or italy or france as most men there just do as they are told.
        Betas were good historically because to get a woman in the past you needed to IMPRESS THE FATHER. The girl had no say, and only a good worker who was steady and reliable would do that (the main tenements of a beta male).An alpha male would be viewed as too risky to marry your daughter to. You mean you want me to make my blood line depend on that guy who goes on voyages for days on rough seas who wrestles with bears and kills snakes with his bear hands?
        It is quiet interesting though. The more you try to be liked the more you will be hated and resented and the more you try to be hated is the more you will be liked. With the exception of denmark just having a strong opinion even a grossly sexist one— like I said all woman should only be allowed in the kitchen and forbidden from working in a university feminism class. Naturally the woman lined up to eat out of my hand.

  5. Awesome post, Tuthmosis.
    Really appreciate the way this article page has been constructed – the choice of videos (the Enrique Iglesias song is the perfect “ode” to White Knights), the hilarious cartoons, and brutally honest, hard-hitting speech. Perfect. Kudos to the RoK team for designing this article page.
    Tuthmosis – your brutally honest article is awesome. You should name yourself “Truth Moses” – for exposing to misguided men, the realities of White Knighting.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. It’s one of my goals to spread that Enrique Iglesias song and video enough to have it become the unofficial anthem for white knights everywhere.

      1. I respect woman..ALL WOMAN !!
        I think by doing that they will notice and track my IP..and they will call me and show their appreciation by touching my dick.
        I AM A WHITE KNIGHT !!

  6. Of all the twisted and off-the-wall characters that you come across in modern society (feminists, street hobos, etc.) the White Knight is by far the most hilarious. I feel like these guys are really missing the point and have a long way to go, at least more than the average man.

  7. Men as a survival strategy organize into hierarchies and elect leaders. They call him “boss”. At a primal level we think our boss can kick our ass, even if he s a pear-shaped supervisor amidst the cubicles of Encorpera.
    It is the phenomenon of women being able to call upon male protectors and authorities that makes them “bossy”. The latest initiative to “ban bossy” from the lives of young girls fails to acknowledge this findamental truth.
    Sheryl Sandberg is a moron. She was hired as a foil to deflect criticism of Facebook over female staffing rates. Now the male creators of Facebook have allowed her to tour the country as self-appointed meddler in women’s social development instead of performing her job as CTO. Her Lean-In circus is predicated on White Knight Culture.

    1. Fuck, Elmer, don’t get me started on the “Bossy” thing. It’s a transgression against my sensibilities on par with the dude who put together the male breastfeeding campaign.

      1. It turns my stomach the way she invokes young girls in her advocacy. They learn full well not to get bossy or presumptuous with young males who are shedding the influence of their mothers and attempting make a presence in the world. The best girls intuitively charm boys with their feminine attributes and encourage them to be leaders and doers.
        You play guitar? An interested girl will swoon, even if she is a musical prodigy. An annoying cunt will try to one up you. Sheryl Sandberg wants to turn all young girls into annoying cunts.
        Damn Sheryl Sandberg and her shameless use of White Knight Culture!

        1. The fact that a bunch of successful women, who’s level of victimization by mean boys on the playground who didn’t want to play tag by their made up bullshit rules appears to be minimal, are telling everyone being called an innocuous adjective was somehow a harmful experience, is worthy of dismissal with an exaggerated masturbatory motion at best.

        2. “Sheryl Sandberg wants to turn all young girls into annoying cunts.”
          Indeed. And see how much nicer things are when you simply use the appropriate term instead of the gender nuetral “bossy”?

    2. We can ban bossy and revert to what we really mean to say, which is “bitchy”. I’m good with that.
      Hear me, bitchy girls? Yeah, you, you’re a bitch.
      See? Isn’t that better than the PC and cleaned up “bossy”? heh
      Besides, I can’t imagine calling the passenger seat on my motorcycle a “bossy seat”. Bitch seat and bitch bar ring so much truer.

    3. You can rate Sheryl for not being a feminist. She did a TED talk refuting the gender pay gap.

    4. Her goal is simple: “lean in (work harder for longer hours), so you can make me more money”

  8. In this planet of 3.5 billion men – an overwhelming majority of men are white Knights – as they are blue pill.
    Having lived three decades living in the Middle East, Western Europe, Asia and Latin America, I have seen white knighting everywhere.
    In the Middle East, if you’re a white woman willing to sleep around, there will be tons of darker skinned Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian or other ethnic men willing to white knight for you. Go to any “western” cities there (Dubai, Doha, Manama etc) and see the state in any party clubs or corporate offices. Western white women, East European women (Russian/Ukrainian specifically) or white looking women (Asian/Middle Eastern) rule men by proxy there.
    If you go to any club there (which might be even a whore pick up joint), you’d see men white knighting whores/prostitutes in the hope that these whores would choose these white knights for sex. I have never seen so many blue pill men in any part of the world as there – the worst kind of blue pill men are those who pedestalize professional whores, and white knight them – and a sizable population of men (usually expatriates) in that part of the world do that. Such has become the fallen state of modern educated men – they’ve even stooped to a level of pedestalizing professional bitches.
    Things are no different in Western Europe and North America.
    You’d see North American and West European men pedestalizing their own women,and pedestalizing East European women (who are generally more beautiful than West European women). Go to Asia, and you see lots of blue pill men in places like India, Japan, China, Korea and the Philippines. China and India being the two most populous countries in the world – have the maximum population of white knight/beta/blue pill men in the world. Latin America is lately is beginning to become more and more blue pill with the rapid influx of feminism.
    The future seems bleak – as most of these white knight men will reproduce even more blue pillers – so red pill must be realistic and cunning enough to combat it. Only the logical of the blue pill men will eventually realize the argument of red pill, but the vast stupid majority of blue pill men will not.

    1. “Such has become the fallen state of modern educated men – they’ve even stooped to a level of pedestalizing professional bitches.”
      Well said.
      Men with decency used to ignore, laugh, mock street prostitutes…now they want to marry them!

      1. That’s easy to explain. Given the feminist rush to sluttery the difference between street prostitutes and regular modern women has nearly disappeared.
        Except for one thing. Prostitutes have the dignity to treat it as a business transaction and don’t expect you to praise them or think highly of them for their trade.

        1. I have more respect for pros to be honest.
          Regular girls who dress and act like whores but demand respect is hard to take seriously…

        2. I find that prostitutes have more redeeming qualities than the modern feminist women

        3. Sorry bro. I think “redeeming” is the wrong word. “Honest” or “Upfront” are better words to describe whores. They just don’t play games to fuck a man’s mind like modern feminist sluts do.
          You can’t reform a whore, nor can a whore “redeem” herself. She’s already made her bed – as the modern feminist slut has.
          A boar is no different from a pig – just that it has tusks. They both belong to the same family of species.

      2. “Men with decency used to ignore, laugh, mock street prostitutes…now they want to marry them!”
        – Aptly said. Feminism’s winning stroke against masculinity is when men choose to marry prostitutes. It shows how much men value themselves – to choose to be cuckolded, to choose to be owners of public sperm receptacles. That’s what the husband of a prostitute essentially is.
        I’ve seen countless non-white men in the Middle east who’ve married a white prostitute. Where and how did he meet her? In the bar and club, often in a “pay for pleasure” arrangement. He thinks he’s snagged his prize – by exclusively reserving and owning a much-pedestalized public sperm toilet for himself, by marriage.
        And in Asia, you see loser white men who choose to marry an Asian prostitute. Why? The “thirst” for lifelong sex with an exotic woman – even if she’s been a sperm toilet in her life for men.
        When men choose to marry prostitutes, men also shame traditional, virgin women. Since all women follow the herd mentality, a “good” woman (who’s waiting for marriage to give up her virginity) often chooses to whore/slut it herself – because female nature is more prone to skepticism and pessimism, as she sees her slutty, hoe sisters getting pedestalized, and eventually married by men. She sees her slutty/hoe sisters having their cakes and eating them too. So she chooses to become a hoe herself. She’d rather go with the tide, than against it (a trait found in white knights/manginas as well).
        As long as men will choose to marry prostitutes, you’re gonna have feminism in this world.

        1. These men marrying for sex failed to understand rule #1 in marriage….
          You don’t marry based on sex alone, that’s asking to get cleaned out.
          You want to bang an Asian girl? Get on an Asian dating site.
          You want to bang a Russian girl? Get on a Russian dating site.
          Pick your flavor, flash some cash, drop your load and move on to the next tart…

        2. In Thailand and the Philippines, you do see White men marrying former hookers, ladyboys, and the like (not all, but a sizable minority do). In Taiwan, China, Japan, etc., white men get paid, wined, and dined to bang regular local women.
          I’ll argue that the white guys that marry former prossies might actually do better than they would in the US; if they play their cards right and enjoy the country that they’re in, they might have more business opportunities too.
          Just sucks to be Black because Black dudes cannot get paid or laid in East Asia.

    2. Well, for what it’s worth, attitude and disposition are not genetic, but learned. As long as we keep the flame of manliness lit and carry it forward and teach the fallen to stand on their own again, there’s hope.
      I can remember the day I stopped white knighting. Never really did it much but I’d still engage in it on occasion if I really, really felt the girl needed “rescued”. Then one night this couple were in a bar I was in, and the woman was a total cunt, basically emasculating the guy verbally and with great glee to an audience of silent bystanding men (shame on them, and me). He ended up standing up, telling her to fuck off, and that her shit would be on the lawn when she got home, and oh by the way, he wasn’t taking her home. Got in his expensive sports car and drove off and she did a barroom slow motion breakdown, talking to herself how she just wished he was a better man, how she really was tired of being treated so poorly (he’d done nothing to warrant her attack in public), etc. I sat and watched and my first impulse was to get up and go over and try and comfort her, then I though thought “da fuq? Bitch? You deserve this. Hell I wouldn’t have put up with your shit either”. Left her sitting. Other men, naturally, did not, as she was semi-cute and had a narrow waist and big titties. Stupid fuckers.
      Never thought about doing it since.
      We’ve got to find a way to reach these guys. I suspect that men like the one who told this broad to fuck off are ripe to hear red-pill wisdom.

    3. I think their being thirsty has a lot to do with it. When birth rates drop — as it has all over the world except Sub-Saharan Africa — the sex ratio skews against men. And men in the Islamic world are also thirsty for different reasons (polygyny, arranged marriage, women covered in tents, etc.)

      1. One thing to be noted with non-white men in the Middle East (Middle Eastern ethinicity, Indian or Asian expatriates) was that they felt validated about their masculinity when they managed to bang a white female’s ass (either American, East European (Russian/Ukrainian/FSU), West European, or even a light skinned Asian (Filipina/Chinese/Korean/Malaysian/Singaporean)). A white man in that part of the world would see this situation with disgust as well as pity for these hog-like men, who behave much worse than the white knights in the Anglosphere. The problem of this “thirst” is that it nullifies men into behaving like spineless pigs willing to bow themselves to pedestalize whores/prostitutes or sluts who fall into that racial category. And this gives “options” and “evil power” to the whorish, slutty feminist white or light skineed woman – who can’t relish this enough.

    4. The white blue-piller/beta/low-tier man becomes god in East Asia; he just gets played if he doesn’t learn minimal game. The Black guy, on the other hand, is stuck playing with himself in East Asia, or anywhere else if he isn’t into the dreaded “3F’s”.

  9. All these white knights in that cop video disgusts me…
    Not one of them stood up for his fellow man.
    They let whores dictate their pathetic lives.

    1. That is what struck me most about the post as well: Pigs. Actually, they are letting whores dictate our lives and in return getting their paychecks guaranteed for as long as the currency holds up. Thug bureacrats. Fiat money is fiat not money.

      1. Damn right, fiat money is what Bennie Bernanke and his cronies decides between hooker blow jobs and burning green paper to light their cigars…
        Real wealth is knowledge about self and the universe surrounding you.

    2. Actually, I think there was one older guy arguing with the Security guy in the background. One decent guy in a sea of white knights. 🙁

        1. My mother taught me never to put my hands on a woman…unless she puts her hands on you. I wouldn’t have punched her in front of a sea of 5-0 but if she had put hands on my face behind closed doors I would’ve put her horizontal in midair like Mickey O’Neil was in Snatch.

        2. My mom taught me never to period, but even she felt that ratchet girl deserved that bus driver uppercut!

    3. I am more curious as to why the male government workers are so ready to betray their own gender.

        1. Whoa… There is honor amongst thieves, they aren’t thieves, they are pathetic cast off shells, REAL thieves do it for fun and excitement, stealing crown jewels and tossing them in the river after you got away with it. Just saying…..

  10. Not being able to hit a woman in self defense is bullshit. I don’t know about the States, but in Canada with evidence like that video, she would be charged with assault too, but odds are she’d get off and he’d get convicted.
    I’m glad I don’t go to bars anymore; I hate drunk bar bullshit.

    1. As my drummer once remarked to me as we sat in a sheltered corner watching the tables and chairs flying: “Hey, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we mix big, stupid people with alcohol?”

      1. I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been a drunk asshole in the past, but I’ve learned my lesson. I still like catching a buzz, but in a more relaxed atmosphere, like perhaps Port Barton Palawan as a little hottie dances in her thong for me on the beachfront deck of our bamboo hut, the Pacific sun setting. One month and counting! Oh yeah!

    2. One of my greatest regrets in life was not slapping a bitch that, WITHOUT JUST CAUSE, or even unprovoked, did so to me when I was much younger.
      I’m sure the fallout would have been hell if I had done it, but damn sure would have taught them a lesson.
      Live and learn.
      No more.

    3. Bouncer logic on the matter: “don’t get involved in domestics, because you’ll have to hit the women you are trying to protect”
      Every bouncer I know who has tried to intervene, has had the chick sucker punch him when he was trying to deal with her boyfriend.

      1. Sounds like an invitation to join the boyfriend with kicking her arse, to be bluntly honest.
        It seems like a logical and reasonable answer to the proposition that “let’s you and him fight” — let’s simply flip the script just a bit.
        After beating the stupidity out of the bitch with your new-found friend, I suggest giving him a drink on the house.
        Then again, I represent “The Official Opposition” and therefore cannot be relied upon to give you guilt-free solutions. >:)
        Damned if you do, damned if you don’t … *guffaw*

      2. i literally had to choke a bitch out once lol funny as hell she was pretty fat too. she wouldn’t stop swingin until the oxygen stopped flowin bahaha

        1. Nice, nice. Hadaka-jime is one of my go-to’s, if you can snap pressure on the carotid, they’ll black out instantly.

    4. I’m in Canada and have many times hit and seen women hit in self defense situations. Some women go full on nutbar real fast when shit hits the fan. When facing genuine threat, gender is not relevant. Personally, I use an open handed style of strike that looks to be more of a hard slap to the casual observer. Anyone can can YouTube vintage Bas Rutten pancrase fights if you want to see the strike style I mean. It’s funny because know nothings will comment ‘that dude totally bitch slapped her’ and anyone who knows will just be chuckling knowing a bitch slap does not come from the butt of the wrist.

  11. What I’ve found most fascinating about internet White-Knightery, both latent and blatant, is that it is often most vehemently practiced in places where the culture is predominately male. Both websites dealing with video games, and websites dealing with sports are home to perhaps the biggest White Knight sausage fests in the known universe, with all of them doing performance art for an audience of women, who aren’t even around to see the show. At this point, they should rename Deadspin to Sports Jezebel to prevent any confusion.

    1. Yeah I’ve noticed the whole ‘preparing the environment’ thing in a lot of webpages of various interests of mine. Why they can’t just be satisfied with the notion that perhaps women simply aren’t as interested in said activity rather than always trying to make the space more female-friendly to encourage more female participants is beyond me.

    2. The popular video game forum NeoGaf is rampant with white knights. On an encouraging note though, there are just about as many anti-white knights, to the point where Gaf actually had to ban the term white-knight because so guys were using it, rightfully so. The place is also loaded with feminists and “progressives” (aka liars).

  12. I can’t decide if the first video is hilarious or sad, for it demonstrates what pussified times we live in.

    1. I go by the expression “It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.”
      Bingo, you’re right. All we need now is “men” in pink nail polish and hipster clothing to tell the rest of us how terrible we are as the neanderthal brutes that we are.

  13. Luckily I’ve never encountered real life white knight, only online. I swear to god if I see white knight intrudes my business in real life, I’ll beat him up. If there’s a girl hits me, I’ll beat her up too. It doesn’t matter if I end up in jail and getting butt-raped, as long as I stand for what I believe in.

  14. Putting a stop to white knighting will potentially bring women one step closer to the equality they perpetually purport to so desperately desire. since, without white knights to defend them they will be left to attack and confront (both verbally and physically; online and offline) men without the impunity they have enjoyed for so long.
    Who wouldn’t threaten, attack and/or humiliate someone if
    A) you were the default victim, or at least could comfortably and believably default to ‘victim’ status
    B) it’s highly likely the majority of (or at least a significant enough number of) bystanders would – by virtue of you having a vagina – would rush to your rescue?

  15. White Knights should be despised for their behavior, but even more for not admitting that they are only trying to obtain the girl’s favor in order to get laid. That attitude of “Oh I’m just a respectful and altruist person, I’m not trying to get in her pants in any way” makes me sick. They should all have their balls chopped off.

    1. Having been marginally guilty of the same a long time ago (before becoming reformed) I think in some cases they do consciously believe that’s their intent (“honor”, chivalry) but subconsciously the truth is that is not the motivating factor-it’s as you mentioned.
      Deep truths are the hardest to face. Nothing like being shit upon, ignored by, or humiliated by the woman you so gallantly attempt to rescue to best really wake up a man from his naiveity.

  16. Excellent article. Once again, RoK has brought to light the truth about one of the greatest thorns in society’s side.
    I find white knights to be an extremely annoying combination of false honor, pseudo-arrogance (for example: cockblocking), and disrespect.
    Any man who shoves his thin-armed self into another man’s business (aside from REAL situations that demand attention) deserves to be humiliated and brought back down to earth.
    It’s a shame there are so few strong men in America who will respond as needed to these types.
    Also, I don’t argue with white knights, and I don’t argue with women. Not going to entertain either one of those silly creatures. Do not care.

    1. “Also, I don’t argue with white knights, and I don’t argue with women.
      Not going to entertain either one of those silly creatures. Do not

      Fuckin’ A words to live by, gents. Make this one of your commandments.

      1. A hard learned lesson my man.
        You KNOW it is a waste of time, why bother? Maintain your frame, cruise on by the silliness.

        1. “I can’t afford you …”
          Best words from “Jack Reacher”, except you only have to think them rather than saying them …

  17. The cool thing about putting a White Knight in his place is that the very women he is defending won’t come to his rescue when he needs it.
    The White Knight is not aware that the very people he “fights” for don’t give two shits about him.

    1. That’s correct. I’ve proven this time and time again on Twitter. I get attacked by a white knight, I excoriate him, the girl disappears. I then point it out to the white knight who, invariably, has nothing to say about it.

      1. Why would one expect a woman to rescue a white knight? A woman rescuing a man is emasculating to the man she’s rescuing. As a larger point, I don’t understand why you treat a woman the same as a man. I agree not to pedestalize her but if you attack a woman’s argument she will likely take it personally. a softer touch is required.

      2. One thing, Tuthmosis … how do you castigate these idiots? Same game concepts which you and the staff teach?

      3. I think you have devised the best way of handling the situation. Addressing each on a case by case basis is a useless waste of your own time and mental effort. This page, and ROK in general, serve an important purpose, namely to free up the collective to move to a higher and better level of discussion. For the lower level stuff the page suffices. Horse! Here’s some water. Drink up or fuck off.
        Polk High forever!

      4. Would you mind pointing me to one of these twitter threads in which this occurs? That’s a very good angle I’d never thought of. It’d help with this project I’m working on.

        1. I dunno but I think of all the woman who jump to the defence of bill clinton a man who cheated on his wife and sexually harassed his intern and has a long record of sexual aggression against women (he was sued by and settled with like 19 of them and these women actually have bite marks). Now that being said, alot more women jump to his defence (an overly aggressive hyper sexualized alpha male) than to say your typical white knight conservative republican or democrat.
          White knights are manipulators who are dishonest and work in an under handed way to try to get sex from women. alpha males are more upfront. I want to fuck you, girl says no, move on. Beta will do everything but say that.

    2. If anything, they’ll take a jab at him as well. I’ve seen that once or twice.

    3. This happens all the time, when you White Knight for a woman, when you’re in dire straights, she’s nowhere to be found. Probably fucking that asshole you threw your life on the line against.

  18. Some participants here confuse beta with white knighting. They are not exactly the same. I believe that a majority of our beta brothers deserve our pity, our coaching, and our encouragement to wake up and take the red pill.
    White Knights on the other hand should be put to the sword, ostracized, and made to feel like what they are…women with dicks.

    1. feh, underneath every white knight there is a stone-cold bastard waiting to be exposed to the truth.
      Believe me, I used to be one. What white knights need is information and a dose of reality, not being ‘put to the sword’.

      1. having an ex friend whose a white knight (and fucking cockblocked me like its a fucking instinct) i can tell you they can wake themselves up

    2. Pity is for women. Betas need coaching. And to be taught the things that society failed to teach them.

  19. Who put that consent video together for the empowered women who deemed it necessary, Josef Goebbels?

  20. Several years ago, white knighting bar owner once wrongfully banned from a bar I used to frequent. Supposedly three girls said I was “creeping them out”, which I found too generalizing. In reality I never even SEEN what they look like and I usually stay with the people that I know.

    1. There’s a guy on the forum who was banned on the word of a white-knighting bartender who claimed–unilaterally–that he “creeped out” the girls by always hitting on them.
      This is a very common variety.

    2. You probably didn’t gave them the gina tingles, so they coerced the bar owner to remove you from the premises. The word of a woman has much, much more power these days than the word of a man. If there are multiple women each claiming the same lie, you’re toast. It’s like these white knights can’t comprehend the possibility a woman is anything less than a precious flower whose word is impeccable and of the highest moral authority.

      1. “The word of a woman has much, much more power these days than the word of a man.”
        That’s always been the case, hence why strict rules were put around women’s sexuality and roles in society in the past. History shows what happens when that’s left unrestricted; the Salem Witch Trials come to mind.

    3. It’s an occupational hazard that any beta getting into Game will have to deal with, unfortunately. But, once you have your alpha vibe and body language reading skills down solid it becomes much less of a problem.

  21. protecting women is born into us as men. we can’t deny it. It’s for the good of the species. however now it’s twisted and used to cause our own destruction to the benefit of a lesser creature…women. When you grow up you are indoctrinated with this crap..protect women, you’re not a man…a man would. It takes every fiber of your being to realize you were born with this natural desire to protect women but realize only a few deserve it so use it wisely not across the board. It is part of being a man but…use this power very, very sparingly and wisely to the few that deserve it. Good luck finding the few that deserve it, that’s the trick. To counter this when a woman is not acting like a woman throw that line back at them…you’re not a woman…a woman would cook, clean take care of the kids, not cut her hair to look like a guy, fart, cuss, burp, get drunk, act like a navy sailor on leave with every guy she meets. being a woman is born into them to. Use that against them like they use our natural protective instinct to turn the tables. If a woman is drunk and mouths off and says “defend me” say I would but a woman wouldn’t act like you are and walk away.

    1. No thats conditioning. I am from Eastern Europe and I have never felt such “need”. I would like to help my gf (of course she would have to reciprocate) but I have no need to help a random girl.

  22. If you’re reading this as the father of a white knight you have failed both him as well as yourself.

  23. The best thing about being in the knowledge about white knights and their behaviours, is that they never get the pussy they yearn for. All they get is a metaphorical pat on the head, like when an owner pats its well behaved dog.

    1. Go to any western city in Asia or the Middle East, and see how white knights (foreign born men) are rewarded profusely with sex from white women (Anglosphere/East European/West European). I’ve seen it – the white knights there DO get sex, probably more than a red piller. It is an irony to note it only in the Anglosphere or Europe that white women don’t reward white men with sex, for white knighting. Just proves that (white) women are ironically evil and scum of the earth.

      1. You need to tighten up your game pal (as do I). When I lived in the Middle East, the white boy us marines cleaned up with the white chicks and the slutty middle easterners.

        1. Slutty middle easterners? Male or female? AFAIK, they cover their women in tents, make them marry their cousins, and chop off the heads of any interloper males they catch. It’s Here Be Dragons territory for any man interested in foreign women.

        2. Not all of them, depending on the country my man. A large number of the wealthier, and even middle class, women live pretty much like westerners. They don’t wear the hijab and they will put out for the right dude. Some of them will even want to marry a white guy.
          Think Cairo or Beirut, not Saudi Arabia. In any event just trying to encourage the guy. White women are generally going to want to fuck white dudes, he should try and be one of them, instead of complaining.

        3. advice will be appreciated on this (looking for horny muslim broads to bed crusade spearding white and western values into their self righteous cunts)

      2. I have 0 interest in visting the hellhole that is the middle east, but I’ll take your word for it.

      3. I despise the term “rewarded with sex”
        It puts the pussy on a pedestal, as always. You are rewarding their ability to hide the batshit crazy for a few minutes. They are NOT doing you a favor by opening their vapid holes.

  24. White knighting is a ridiculous practice that doesn’t benefit anyone. However, some things are just common courtesy regardless of how fucked up gender roles are in our society. That being said, a man should never expect sex as a result of his help.
    Helping women through some situations, even when you would rarely do the same for a guy, is fair in some situations. One such case would be changing a flat tire. I expect a man to be capable of basic automotive maintenance and repair, but I do not expect the same abilities of a woman. Call me sexist if you want, but it’s reasonable to expect that a woman is usually not going to be capable in that realm. A man will have the requisite strength to loosen the old tire and properly secure the replacement whereas a woman is more likely to not posses that ability. On the same token, you should be willing to help a guy who is having trouble, it’s just less likely to see that situation.
    Keep in mind that this is only in very few instances. Most of the time guys are simply out to cock block in hopes of garnering sexual rewards for the perceived protection from a creep or think that their favors will get them somewhere. An obviously misguided concept that society sadly seems to embrace.

    1. “One such case would be changing a flat tire.”
      No. That’s what AAA is for. If she can afford to drive, yet somehow can’t be bothered to spend ten minutes learning how to change a tire, she can pay.
      White knights are toxic because they transform women’s individual problems into externalities. We all pay when bitches aren’t capable of caring for their property, paying for their own healthcare, avoiding single motherhood and so on.


    Every random chump within earshot of your conversation about Game, about your ‘changed’ way of seeing inter-gender relations, about your most objective critical observations of how women ‘are’, etc. – understand, that chump waits everyday for an opportunity to “correct” you in as public a way as he’s able to muster. That AFC who’s been fed on a steady diet of noble intent, with ambitions of endearing a woman’s intimacy through his unique form of chivalry; that guy, he’s aching for an opportunity to prove his quality by publicly redressing a “villain” like you for your chauvinism. Even under the conditions of relative anonymity (like the internet), he’ll still cling to that want of proving his uniqueness just on the off chance that a woman might read his rebuff and be fatefully attracted to him.
    This is the bread and butter of the White Knight beta. It’s best to assume that most guys who pick up on just your Game vibe, to say nothing of overtly talking about it, are going to side with the feminine imperative by default. For practitioners of Beta Game (which is to say the better part of 90% of guys) this is an organic opportunity to identify with women and engage in the same shaming conventions women use without the fear of having it seem contrived.

    Really, there’s already a cure for White Knightism it can be found @tinderfessions on twitter.

    1. Here’s a snippet of Tinderfessions….
      ” I gave tinder up for lent, that lasted about 2 hours. Guy #53 is currently on his way over, my roommates think I’m a slut. – Breena ”
      These girls are literally whores.
      Stop the knighting you fools.

  26. That video where the girl hits first bothered me due to it being the core of hypocracy and how far we have come. Women literally have been conditioned to think it is okay to hit a guy but a complete no-no for a guy to hit a girl, even when he clearly was punched in the face first. One if the things I hate most in life is double standards and hypocracy. For example male teachers being burned at the stake for being intimate with students while female counterparts literally get like a house arrest and community service.
    I felt better after clicking on the Youtube video and reading the comments, 75% of the ones I read basically said she shouldn’t have hit the guy first and deserved to be hit back because she did so. Men shouldn’t hit women, I agree. But women shouldn’t hit men either. And if a woman assaults a man, she is 100% deserving to be struck back in a similar manner.

  27. Anyone else furious with how the cops ILLEGALLY assaulted the guy for defending himself? That a bunch of pieces of shit. Anyone know what happened with this case?

  28. My thought is use it. Predictable people are predictable. More then once I’ve looked at a girl, given the grin, and said “here comes the attempted cock block in three…. Two….”
    “Hi, I’m the white knight and and I’m here to pussy block you!”
    At least that’s how the woman sees it at that point… Thanks for making me look awesome ‘bro’ and maybe she wasn’t going to sleep with me…. but now she’s pissed off enough she will.

  29. I have never once seen a female commenter on any site say so much as “thank you” to a white knight. Their anime pillow wives are more likely to come alive than for their online bullshit chivalry to benefit them in any way.

  30. The faggotry on display in that cop video is off the charts. Every white knighting shit talking faggot in it (cops included) should feel profound, everlasting shame for this embarrassing display. Unfortunately, none of them have two brain cells to rub together.
    It’s shit like this that fuels my desire to see it all collapse. Burn it all down, fuck it. There’s nothing worth salvaging here.

  31. I’ll go one further then your article and say in general – don’t “help” people at all unless they are truly one of your best friends or family. The saying “no good deed goes unpunished” is around for a good reason. Some examples I have heard from friends/co-workers:
    -a guy sees a minor accident. He pulls over and to make sure people are OK. Police arrive. He gives them information because he was a witness. Police run his name and he has an outstanding warrant for unpaid parking tickets in another city. For his efforts he gets repaid by getting arrested.
    -a guy helps break up a fight in a bar between some other patron. Not only did he get punched in the face when providing help, he also got named in a lawsuit. For his efforts, he was rewarded with a black eye and a few thousand dollars in unreimbursed legal fees to get his name dismissed from the suit.
    The only time I will help someone is if they are in immediate danger of a significant harm. Then my degree of help is “do you need me to call the police/ambulance?” Don’t touch the person. Don’t even try to help them up if they have fallen. The police and paramedics exist for a reason. To provide aid and comfort for people who are in trouble. That’s not your job. Don’t make it.
    The only time I have deviated from this rule was throwing an underage, really drunk kid into a cab to take him home. The kid was from out of town, barely coherent, and had no idea where he was. Fortunately for him, he had his friend’s address in his pocket. I normally would have just called the police but for whatever reason I figured the kid did not need to get arrested for both underage drinking and public drunkenness. I hailed a cab, gave him $20 and the address, and walked away. If the kid made it home I highly doubt he will remember how he did and yeah I was out $20 for my effort (see no good deed goes unpunished), but I guess I was feeling generous that day.

    1. “no good deed goes unpunished”
      That is indeed the nature of the world we live in.
      Sage advice.

    2. Thats why I always remind myself on the story of the Scorpion and the Frog before helping someone.

    3. Here’s a true story for you. In New York some years back, a woman ran into a diner crying and screaming that she was being beaten by a man. The patrons, mostly Latino laborers, helped the woman, held down the pursuing man, and called the cops. Cops appear, find that the man being held down is a fellow cop, savagely beat up and then arrest all the men who had helped the woman. There followed a series of court cases, in all of which the woman (who was actually the pursuing man’s wife) testified in defense of her husband and all of her husband’s brother officers, and against the men who had helped her.
      As you say, don’t help anyone unless a) you know them, and b) they are worth helping.

    4. Yup. The only time I have helped someone within the rubric I have stated is when a drunk girl passed out in the middle of a busy street. She had two also drunk girlfriends trying to drag her out of traffic. I don’t think, morally, I could watch someone get run over by a speeding car so I grabbed the passed woman and drug her to the sidewalk. Her girlfriends were too drunk and weak to do so. Did I hang around like a white knight expecting a reward? No, I went on my way not saying my name or any identifying information. I would have done the same if was a man. I have never been confronted with the situation where a man was in a similar position though. (Chicks can’t handle their booze.) Saving life and limb of your fellow human being is one thing, helping out then expecting some kind of reward is another. That is what separates a white knight from a real man.

    5. This is fantastic, practical, effective advice. Post like this are what make ROK worth coming to. Upvoted!

  32. As a girl who isn’t a crazy feminist, I hate white knights just as much as you guys do. As you noted in your article, it’s fundamentally more sexist towards women as it assumes we can’t stick up for ourselves. It also just makes that guy look pathetic that he’s willing to say whatever he needs to just for the chance to get internet likes. I respect a guy with his own opinion, and don’t need pussy white knighters.

  33. Not gonna lie I hate white knights. They are so annoying. It would make sense if it got you laid but it almost never gets you laid. On top of that, the women almost always hook up with the D-bag that you were protecting her from. It’s like taking up for a woman being abused. Chances are she is not gonna leave the guy so there is no point in even getting involved in a domestic violence dispute. If women were logical creatures, white knighting would also make sense but they are typically not and as such white knighting is often times an exercise in futility.

  34. My comment to the video”
    *Punch* Equality, Cunt! Equal treatment!
    This happened to my friend a few years back. Some fuck-hole was crying outside of a club. My friend asked her if she was ok (because he wanted to fuck her). She told him to “Fuck off”. He called her a bitch and she smacked him. The cop did nothing. That cunt should have either gone to jail or been spitting her teeth out.

  35. Another point as the “racist” misogynist” Black Knight.
    A muslim woman in a hijab was standing in the parking lot in the rain with her toddler of the Lacy Washington Walmart with a flat tire. It had the audacity to ask “do you know how to change a flat?”.
    I responded with “Enshallha hanzer Kuss” (This is the will of god, pig’s cunt) without breaking stride .

    1. those pussys dont know how to handle hadji women they are just like our western sults but they have a massive degree of self rightouesness
      id still fuck a few though (none of the fat camel faced hags though just the young ones who climb on the treadmill every day) anyone got advice

  36. Anyone watched 300 Rise of an Empire yet? There’s a fabulous scene where Themistocles duels Artemesia. He blocks a cut from her and he steps in and hammers his fist full on into her face. The white knights and manginas who watch that scene must have been gnashing and wailing away like bitches…lol

    1. So presumably, he won, or somebody won, against this bint, right?
      My biggest worry about seeing this movie is that it looked like they were inserting Grrrrl Pwrrrrrr into it, and I generally avoid those kinds of flicks these days.

      1. Screw that then. I am sick unto the gills of every decent thing being made into Grrrl Pwrrrrr. Yet another reason I stopped going to movies. Was just hoping this one put the kibosh on grrrl pwrrrr, which apparently it didn’t.

    2. Stop putting money in Hollywood’s pockets you chumps. If you really must watch that garbage, torrents are your friend.

    3. It was a truly awful movie. I am not going to another Hollywood shit piece like that ever again.

  37. I’ll let y’all in on a little secret.
    My wife-at-the-time and I were at a party. Everybody was drinking to some degree,
    some (ahem) more than others. I started getting loud and my wife didn’t like what I was saying and proceeded to slap my mouth. I kept talking and she kept slapping.
    After a few slaps I thought I’d teach her a lesson and gave her a painful-but-not-injurious bite. Heh heh. She was drunk too and started screaming, “He bit me! He bit me!” Her best friend’s mangina husband came over and thought he’d be the white knight and started getting in my face. After a heated exchange he said, “You wanna try me!? You wanna try me!?” I was drunk enough to try him, but as he was a weight trainer and former bouncer, he quickly pinned me. But the adrenalin was pumping and I was yelling like a madman and I was resisting with all my might. He got winded soon enough, got a scared look in his eyes, and started screaming, “Somebody call 911! Somebody call 911!”
    Well, the cops came. Somebody spilled the beans and told them I had bit my wife’s hand. Automatically I was cuffed and taken away to the drunk tank and charged the next day with spousal assault and forced to sign an undertaking to stay away from my wife, kids, and home. The cops never asked me what happened, they just assumed that since I was the man, I was in the wrong.
    I was off the hook a week later, as my wife had begged the police to drop the charges, and she admitted to them that she slapped me in the mouth first.
    But the damage was done. She begged and begged and begged, but I never went back to that crazy Russian bitch. Get me falsely charged with spousal assault once shame on you, get me falsely charged with spousal assault twice shame on me.
    So you see, I have a little experience with just how anti-male the justice system can be.

    1. Man, I feel pissed off after reading about your experience.
      It’s indeed really sad and pathetic to note how anti-male our society has become. And how men target other men to score points as white knights. A man’s home and family is INVIOLABLE to another man – yet that son of a bitch mangina husband of your wife’s friend broke that limit (probably been dominated by his wife – I’m assuming Russian again considering she was the friend of your Russian wife. But it shows how modern men disregard the limits of other men’s private life by interference – just to white knight.
      Russian women indeed are drama queens. A woman who’d slap her man in public to discipline him – is unbecoming of a woman.So much for the myth of Russian women’s “femininity” .Just proves the hidden fact – that Russian women are indeed closet feminists. Western men need to be bloody aware of that. Choosing between a feminist American woman and a closet feminist Russian woman is akin to choosing between the deep blue sea and the devil.

      1. He’s actually lucky. In many US jurisdictions, the DA would have continued to prosecute despite the wife’s refusal to cooperate. Tough on Violence Against Women!
        Nevermind the restraining order, can you imagine what having a DV conviction on your record looks like to an employer? This stuff can fuck you up real bad, in unexpected ways. Walk away, and dump chicks who play these games.

        1. Dump and walk away indeed!
          Actually, my lawyer was quite surprised that the charges were dropped, as we have a zero tolerance spousal assault policy in this jurisdiction. My ex must have done a lot of sweet talking, but it was all in fucking vain. Heh heh. Silly bitch thought I’d return to her after that shit.

      2. My ex’s best friend was a Canadian bitch, and she had her husband firmly in her control. She is white and he is half native. I’ve known a lot of native people and they are proud of their heritage and display their art and culture in their homes. But was there any sign of his native blood in their house? No, not at all; she strictly forbade it, and he let her. He set a bad example, as my ex saw his weak ass pandering to his wife’s every whim, and it made me look bad. Gradually I was expected to do everything she demanded without question, the same as he.
        Well, she married the wrong Canadian. Heh heh.
        I can’t say anything too bad about Russian women, as she was sweet and sexy and supportive and great for 6 or 7 years, but when the western femnazi mentality finally infected her, it totally ruined her. It was great while it lasted!
        Lesson learned. Off to Asia next!
        Always get a prenup/cohab boys! 😀

        1. A relationship with a Russian (or for that matter any feminist woman) is like a presidential term of 4 years – in which you partner with the opposition party. You constantly have to face mid term elections (shit tests) to stay in power. And the relationship usually loses its fizzle at the end of the presidential term of 4 years (more so with Russian women, whose staying power only lasts for around that time, after they which they get “bored” and “itchy”).

  38. I normally try to write with as much eloquence as possible, but I cannot stress this point enough, in the territories known as the former United States,former UK, former Australia, former Scandinavia and former Germany: LET THESE BITCHES BURN! I know it may be rough to see these corrupted whores get berated, slapped and even beat down, but coming to their aid only exacerbates the issue of feminism. Now, I am not for gender equality, that is a supremely ridiculous notion, as blatant equality is ridiculous in of it self. With that said, I am for the natural order, which is patriarchy. The sooner these women learn that men will treat them as true “equals” by letting them fight men, die on the frontlines, etc etc, the sooner they’ll come to their senses and beg for a return to normalcy. If a woman loud talks a man, and he summarily beats her ass, I won’t do shit about it, despite my MMA training, not a Goddamn thing! Well… that’s what they wanted, pure equality, well you got it! No sympathy from me, my heart has turned cold to the former women of the former United States. Men as soon as you realize that Western women have no options abroad, the quicker you’ll realize that the ball is in your court! Do you think Arab, Persian or Russian men would tolerate an Anglo bitch, before probably killing her? No! But then again a masculine response, is too much to ask from these so-called “men” today.
    Men who straddle the line between beta-protector sycophants and red-pill alphas are non-existent, you know why? Because you can’t be both! Chose a side motherfuckers, and ride it. I tend to think of everything in militaristic terms today, and letting women taste the fruits of their own mothers’ labor is what I would like to call in military terms: SCORCHED EARTH POLICY. Decent men, not even the dregs of society, walking past women getting the shit beat out of them, not alerting the police etc etc, is what will really alarm them. Again this isn’t sadism, because once they come to the realization of what their cunt mother forbearers did, they’ll quickly spit on their graves and beg on hand and knee for a return to the days of old. Men would most likely have to have balls of steel to watch women burn (metaphorically) in society, just like Russian peasants courageously starved themselves out in order to starve Napoleon’s Grand Armee.
    However, I’m not deluded, if Americans were like Russian men, a band of brothers, who beat a feminist bitch in the street like the Cossacks did or pepper spray them in a McDonald’s like those noble Russian lads did, then I’d have hope. But when we’re surrounded by faggots of the highest order, then my country is a former country. I use to be a former citizen of the former United States of America, what this place has become is reprehensible. There may not be man-wide scorched earth policy against institutional feminism in America, but I am applying my own, everyday! No fucking mercy! I advise you to apply your own. A small group could start a fractal chain reaction of wonders. But then again, even if men remain the faggots they are, I’ll still go out on my shield. Gott Mit Uns.

    1. The problem with that idea is that the dissemination of information will never be good enough to kill the white knight problem at its root. Converting deluded white knights is all well and good, but you’re just chopping branches off an ever growing tree.
      It’s the same reason why I’m not congratulatory of former white knight chumps who discover the “red pill”. Hey, good for you to have finally seen the truth, but doesn’t it bother you that the existence of your former self and guys like your former self are the reason why we’re all in this mess in the first place?
      “Sorry for being such a chump guys, but I saw the light finally!” just doesn’t cut mustard anymore.

      1. ‘exposed to truth AND reality’
        It’s the reality part that really cuts. you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink (Truth) but if you start beating him, you can certainly drive him away (reality) and eventually he will have to return or perish of thirst.

    2. A better approach would be: what compels a man to become a white knight faggot in the first place? And how do we fix THAT problem?

  39. Slumdog Millionaire is classic Hollywood, not Bollywood.
    Only a bigoted Westerner would consider it even remotely plausible that an overt kidnapping could occur in the middle of a heavily crowded Mumbai train station…

  40. awesome post an hope it goes viral…perhaps well have white knight/captin sav a hoe shaming week.

  41. Here’s something any would be white knight should take notice of. Usually these comment sections have a few female trolls commenting (even with the ban on responding to them). For this article, though, there are none.

  42. 100 shades of spot-on. I drilled some chick in the mouth for taking a swing at me after I leveled her boyfriend about a month ago. I couldn’t believe how fast a room full of dudes became foaming-at-the-mouth saviors of the poor distressed damsel. Funny how just one shot in the teeth shifts a bitch from Empowered Womyn to whimpering bitch.

    1. True story, about 3 years ago, a very well dressed Asian man (not the MIT geek types), some fucking bushido warrior type smacked his bitch a few times in the street and jacked her up in a busy clubbing section of my city. Now, I learnt a long time ago, 99.99999…..% of the time, it’s the woman’s fault. All of a sudden, some white liberal mangina decides to get off his bike after drinking his Starbuck faggachino and “intervene” on behalf of this bitch. Rightly so, this man gets his ass beat to the ground. But that’s not even the fun part, the police were called by all of the politically correct club-goers and shocked white liberal women, that “only” one man came to that Americanized Asian cunt’s rescue or attempted rescue. When the police show, the guy’s gf emphatically denies he ever hit her, saying he did nothing wrong, in addition to saying this white hipster attacked her man! Only the witnesses testified on behalf of the beta, but let this be a lesson, a bitch will never fucking come to your aid! Even if you defended her unto death, she’d never, ever fuck you if she smelled weakness. In addition to the beta hipster mangina getting his ass bloodly beat, he summarily went home with no pussy, while the Asian guy probably got the best pussy of his life. Hell he probably conceived his first child that night. Lesson to be learned, never aid the Western cunt. She isn’t worthy of it, men use to defend virgins and nuns, and now they defend whores with tramp-stamps who probably have had 20 abortions by 19. Men, learn your worth.

      1. Yep. Whenever you intervene in a fight as a stranger, you never know what reaction you might get. If it’s a fight between a man and a woman, it’s even more volatile.
        My karate sensei is a police officer. Often he and his team have to intervene to control violent situations. He told me of this one time where they got called to a domestic fight. He finds a guy sitting on top of his girlfriend / wife and chocking her. He put the guy away, but as soon as she got back on her feet, this crazy bitch grabs a big kitchen knife and attacks the guy who just saved her life! He had to break her jaw to prevent her from stabbing him. That’s gratitude for you .. lolz.

  43. 9 out of 10 times, when a woman’s experiencing something “negative” it’s because she chose to be there: I.E. she went out with a low cut top to get attention, and bikers are hitting on her; she cheated on her thug boyfriend, gave him herpes, and now she has a black eye, et cetera.
    9 out of 10 times when a guy’s getting harassed, he didn’t do anything to deserve it; some guido-retard at the bar with a chip on his shoulder is trying to compensate for his deficiencies by picking a fight with his better (come to think of it, that’s pretty much the ur-cause of shit you’ll put up with as a man).
    The essence of white knighting is to defend those who are experiencing the consequences of their actions, while doing nothing to help those who are hapless victims. As above, so below – it’s not just how the sexual marketplace works, it’s also how our politics operate. Welfare for the losers, taxation for the hard workers.

    1. “she cheated on her thug boyfriend, gave him herpes, and now she has a black eye,”
      Or as I like to call it, pulling a Rihanna.

  44. For fuck’s sake, will someone ban spammer female troll casinobox? She’s shitting up the comments section.
    “casinobox • 4 hours ago
    As a girl who isn’t a crazy feminist,”

    1. I’m a man you dumb piece of shit. I’ve advocated legalizing polygamy on this page before for God’s sake. You’re dumb as a pile of rocks.

    2. Her name was “Margaret”. Disqus screws up the display of people’s names if they’re new comments, attaching the previous commenter’s name. You have to reload to see the name correctly.

  45. The code of the knight requires the saving and respecting of ladies not the whore of babylon.

  46. This is the eventual fate of a White Knight – like Harvey Dent.
    Bane could represent a red piller, who exposes the crimes (hypocrisies) of a white knight, and storms Blackgate (prison-like modern society) to free “criminals” (red pill men) – who are wrongly incarcerated due to the sham of the Dent Act (anti-male laws in society).
    Or ironically, Bane could represent the female gender – who secretly despise white knights. Bane talking to society here – could represent women talking among themselves to ridicule white knights. Eventually to free the “criminals” – that is men on red pill who are “criminalized” by society for acting like men.

  47. Another reason some men white knight is they are looking for an excuse to get into it with other men. As white knights they thrive off pretending there is no dominance hierarchy and that men who chase women and act dominant are primitive throwbacks that need to be dealt with. However, that doesn’t change their primal nature which is the same as a red pill man. To dominate their competitors and be attractive to females. They can’t outright come out and be aggressive toward other men without looking hypocritical, so white knighting is the convenient excuse they need to satisfy their primal urges of dominating other men and being attractive to females.
    Unfortunately for them, females don’t seem to respect this cowardly strategy. Women have much more respect for a dude who comes out and admits he wants to be dominant and loses than a white knight who pretends they aren’t playing the dominance game.

    1. Yeah, same here. And I wasn’t even talking, I just gave off an “asshole” vibe which he didn’t like and demanded I be “nice”.

    2. I know a guy who gets pissy at the slightest utterance of an untoward word about women. Even if there are no women in earshot. I’ve ran afoul of him several times.
      Naturally, his girlfriend has a hatchet jaw like Dick Tracy.

      1. The only thing worst than a feminist is a white knight! I always question these losers. ” Do u find women usually walk all over u and never show u any respect, why do u think this is? ” “why is she always running after an asshole but not u? ” that usually gets their attention than ‘Red Pill 101’ begins!

  48. The story must be told.
    I was at a bar and I decided to steal this girls hat as a joke, she punched me in the face and broke my glasses. I picked them up, looked her in the eyes and called her a dumb whore. she then attacked me and tried to press me up against a bar flailing her arms like a drowning monkey. The bouncers I thought were coming to rescue me from this poor excuse for a woman, but in our white night modern society they grabbed me and kicked me and my friend out onto the street. I didnt even physically touch this girl. My friend had to guide my blind ass home at 4am, while she got to stay inside.
    From that day on I never touched the material possessions of a woman I didn’t know, I thought a lot better
    about which woman I would approach and mastered my game outside of bars and never went to asian night again..

    1. This one time I was talking to my mate near the dance floor, this bitch was dancing with her friends and trying to push me to make room for herself. I didn’t move even tho there wasn’t much room. She tap me on the shoulder but I just ignore her, she keep trying to push me with her body but I didn’t move. After a couple more taps on my shoulder she said to “move” and I replied”no, I was here first.” I went back to talk to my mate, next I get someone taping me on the shoulder and it was a bouncer. He goes to me “get out” I’m like… “what the hell did I do” he than goes “GET OUT” and this bitch is looking at me with the biggest smile on her face, looking all superior.
      I thought to myself, im not going to let this little skank get me kick out. Lucky one of my mates gave me a full pint so I throw my whole beer at her. I never forget the look on her face from a big smart ass grin to WTF!!!! She came at me throwing punches but I block them and slowly moved to the exit, 2 other of her female friends came at me but I keep shuffling backwards where the bouncers didn’t do fuck all and just watched. They didn’t stop any of these bitches throwing punches at me. I thought to slap one or punch back but the bouncers were standing around me and I knew they would drop me if I did and I didn’t want to give this bitch any satisfaction.
      The head bouncer came up to me wondering what happen once I was outside. I told him what happen where he agree with me but said I’m welcome to come back but not tonight.
      Anyhow, I went home kind of pissed but satisfied that she would had to leave too due to being soaked in my beer. I so fucking wanted to drop her when she keep coming at me for a good 30 seconds, never forget that look on her face “u have to do what I say, I’m a woman” bitch attitude…

      1. Thrown a few beers in few stuck up bitches faces myself and skipped out the door. Its pretty funny.

    2. Note, my pseudonym refers to knighthood of the middle ages when chivalry referred to protecting men and women peasants.
      OK, that said, clubs are truly women friendly places. I always found the notion of “ladies night” amusing. First, they aren’t “ladies” and secondly, the purpose of the cheaper drinks for women doesn’t attract hot girls for the men to throw money at the bar to hit on. They’re usually cougars and women out in a group for cheap drinks and already have strategies to chase men away. The worst night to hit on women is on “ladies night”.
      And the same goes for the rest of the bitch friendly club scene. I never understood why men subjected themselves to this kind of abuse.
      All that said, I can see why the woman is angry that you stole her hat and perhaps thought you were a simple criminal. Punching you in the face is highly excessive though. Especially if she saw it was a joke.
      Your at fault for not calling the police and asking for a report. Provided you were clearly not intending to steal the hat, she is guilty of assault and the bouncers of collaboration with an assault.

  49. So what should one do if they are surrounded by WK in event that you and a women is in altercation

  50. White knights are faggots in disguise and so are all PIGS!! I fucking hate cops all of them! White knights and cops are both faggots. as a matter of fact white knights ARE cops they are so fucking gay!

  51. Game and the Friendzone summed-up in one easy-to-ready Psychology today article:
    “Are You Too Nice? 7 Ways to Gain Appreciation & Respect,” by Preston Ni, Psychology Today, 1 Sep 2013
    (Neither “Game” nor “Friendzone” appear anywhere in there, but you don’t need to read Mystery or Neil Strauss’ book then. Supply and demand, baby!)

  52. this is a very helpful article. it helps me understand when I’m being a white knight. like most things, it’s the motivation and context that matters – not simply the act of helping a female.

    1. Great points. I’m going to trust the judgement & advice given by those who wrote that when a man is weak and doing good for a woman for the intention of “winning” her she can sense his weakness & see his intent. And failure will follow appropriately.
      After all, red pill truths have demonstrated that no good deed goes unpunished.

  53. Society as a whole still values women way more than men in pretty much every aspect. And these pussy-beggers will cross oceans for women who wouldn’t step over a puddle for them.
    This reminds me of something I’ve read on Angry Harry.
    “If you are a man in this country, and because of some crazy circumstance it so happens that you are found in the morning with your penis chopped off because your partner has lost her temper, then, quite simply, you will be laughed at.
    Comedians will make jokes about you and some of the press will say that you probably deserved it.
    If you are a man, then you are pretty much worthless.
    Most people wouldn’t laugh at an animal that had such an experience. However, so low are you considered to be in the scheme of things, so worthless and hated, that severely mutilating you is a joke.
    It doesn’t matter how ‘good’ you’ve been throughout your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re the type of man who has always done his best and tried to do the right thing.
    None of that matters.
    If you’re a man, then, quite simply, you are so low that people will laugh when your penis is cut off. And this fact ALONE should tell you something rather PROFOUND!! And if it doesn’t, then, quite simply, you must be stupid.
    Well, this is the kind of world that you live in today.”
    I see zero incentive to stick my neck out when I would easily become the punchline of a bad joke for getting mutilated.

  54. I’m all for white knights. They allow me to get laid more easily. There is no bad boy without the nice one.
    and gender equality is overrated.

  55. Chivalry aka ‘White
    Knighting’ can only exist in the context of a feudal system; it was a privilege
    reserved only for the highest quality women in the royal court, not peasants
    and whores.
    women want to be ‘treated with respect’ and if they claim to be ‘strong and independent’,
    then they must REJECT chivalry. It’s the double standard of ‘you go grrll
    POWAH, hear me ROAR!’ attitude mixed with ‘be a man; treat me like a woman’
    that make modern women insufferable.

  56. Sup, “White Knights”. I agree with some of the points in this article, mainly that it can be irritating to have men validate their existence and self importance by standing up for a woman who clearly doesn’t need it.
    But then again, the site rule is that female commentators will be banned.
    So fuck that shit, and keep “White Knighting”, maybe they’ll listen to you.

  57. The best thing to do in a white night situation is play the situation like Shakespeare’s Iago. Women are not physically manipulated like men. Most men are afraid of physical pain this is not true of women. Yet psychological games are an imperative. Play bitches and leverage them against their vanity and nurturing instinct. Instead of saying a guy is bad for the girl say the opposite e.g “he cares for you but you are too standoffish.” At bar to random. In the end she will either think your a kind stranger trying to help her and she will seek your attention bc you don’t value her. Worst case u help a brother out

  58. Enrique must have read ROK went from ultimate virgin white night to player. He must have read the manual of how to shed the white night derangement!

  59. That fucking skank hits that guy and the pigs fuck him up where nothing happens to her…

  60. That video with the cops when the scag attacked the dude and he hit her back, then everyone pounced on HIM including the badged a-holes — all I keep hearing from everyone in that youtube clip is “he hit a girl, he hit a girl…..”
    White Knights are also false friends.
    The USA is a wasteland.

  61. I feel disgusted when I see these white knights. I was never that bad. I really wasn’t!

  62. I am sorry to say it, but the ultimate in White Knight behavior are men that join the military.
    I think that they have noble intentions, but they seem not to have connected the dots to realize that in the military they are the means for the feminist state to project power. They should be able to look at our current Commander in Chief and realize this.
    Then these men come home to find their wife was screwing around, one of their kids was spawned by an other man, they are stuck in a divorce court that takes their assets and their biological kids away, and they lose their house. Sorry, but that is really, really dumb.

    1. your actually 100% right. It is cops and military ( state sanctioned ) people who white knight the most.

    2. i view the military as a red pill move (not with the current commander and cheif) i mean fucking foreign bitches getting paid and i get to kill people fuck i should really join

  63. Tuth, I’ve been doing this on online forums for a long time, calling out white knights and male feminists as the beta males they are is my calling card. But yeah, that cop video make my stomach curl, the only reason why the cops came in is because it’s assault only when a man does it. When I woman strikes first it’s “you go girl!” Shit like this is the reason why I took the red pill to begin with.

  64. I went to the bookstore a couple of months back to pick up some books. After I made my purchase, I went outside to smoke a cigarette when these two women out of nowhere started striking this conversation with me. I used aloof game and pretended I wasn’t interested and used my wit to make them laugh. They said “see you inside” and went back in. My ride didn’t show up and I needed to use the phone, I went back inside and asked politely if I could use the phone, and suddenly this white knight out of nowhere goes “she doesn’t want you to use her phone” I punched him squarely in the face, and the girls were shocked yet laugh while blood was rushing down his nose. Before I was escorted out of the store I said “Next time mind your own fucking business you beta chump”, that is how you deal with white knights in real life.

      1. It is real, dude was either her boyfriend or her surrogate, from the looks of him, I’d say he was the latter.

  65. I agree tuth but how do we shame white knights, maybe that will be the next post, how to shame white knights. If you called the average white knight a white knight he’d probably think you were complimenting him and buy you a beer. You have no idea how dumb downed the general white knight populous is… these are men who think women are logical and rational and never go nuts and attack men.

  66. “White Knights know that they’re probably not going to suffer an attack as a result of their heroics.”
    I disagree entirely — I believe Black Knights should undermine these errant White Knights by making it untenable for them to continue their errant White Knightery. White Knights should expect confrontations with Black Knights, although most Black Knights are well-trained enough not to resort to mere physicality except when “self-help” has emerged as the best remaining option.
    In fact, this is the most noble form of public service the Black Knight can aspire to achieve: the re-education and emancipation of errant White Knights should serve useful purposes through more durable, more worthwhile pursuits.
    Rather than continuing in risible efforts to defend that which should perish, the errant White Knight can be reformed as a defender of culture, a defender of the durable knowledge of a society that will be necessary to rebuild it in its post-decadence phases.
    In the meantime, I support the idea of a “White Knight Landing Page”, and encourage any errant White Knights to abandon their defence of depravity in favour of defending what should be defended the most.

  67. Sucks to be you guys. This fictional war you have concoted. You’re kinda losing it. That makes me happy.

  68. That stupid Enrique Iglesias song was my ex’s favorite back then, but of course it was the favorite song of all silly Russian women back then.
    Whereas his father sings about all the skin he’s laid.
    (this drummer’s livin’ the life!)

  69. Recently realized I’ve this white knightism for a long time now…and it’s pretty disgusting.

  70. Although I don’t apologize for things I don’t do, after reading some stuff on this site, I agree with people like Joel Terry and Roy Lee Taylor. They’re not trying to get laid, they’re embarrassed that dumb assess like you people still exist.

    1. Then they’re embarrassed for the wrong people.
      There is no pride in demeaning one’s self for false chivalry.
      When you white knight a woman and she ends up fucking another guy, then you’ll understand.

  71. She’s man enough to slug the guy, she reaped what she sowed.
    Although, I would have just mugged her face.

  72. Don’t forget Indian “men”, the mega-white knights of the world.
    I was out one time with my girlfriend at the time in a club in Atlanta and there was an Indian girl who appeared sick and with stomach pains or something. Her boyfriend was there as well. As expected, they weren’t wearing clothes appropriate for a night out in Buckhead.
    While he was away for a moment my girlfriend asked her if she was ok, needed anything, etc. When he returned that dweeb white-knighted against my girlfriend, complete with odd hand gestures and basically showing body language like “get away”, pseudo-protective bullshit towards her.
    White knighting against a woman? WTF? Truely retarded.
    I can’t even begin to explain how annoying & idiotic that is.
    I agree with the article. I think I’m going to start black knighting against some of these twits. I’ve had enough.

      1. No, I couldn’t justify punching the guy in a lesser case like that, but I would have had a “convincing” talk with him and get my point across.
        Those sadly were my blue pill days. I’ll be looking forward to the next opportunity. Just waiting for it >:)

    1. -When he returned that dweeb white-knighted against my girlfriend, complete with awkward hand gestures and basically showing rude body language like “get away”, saying “she doesn’t need anything”, and pseudo-protective bullshit towards her. Basically trying to come between my girlfriend and the girl. White knighting against a woman? WTF? Truely retarded.-
      I can think of 2 possibilities :
      1) That retard thought your girl was trying to attempt a cock-block.
      2) That retard worried that your girl is a lesbian.

      1. I can see what you’re saying, but it was never anything so elaborate. He was simply doing the same old knee-jerk reaction of others like him.

  73. While she obviously was assaulting(or trying to) all kinds of people, I really don’t think trying to punch her out was necessary. She was so drunk she could barely stand let alone hit someone. That man was obviously more coherent and could of restrained her instead of trying to go all mike Tyson on her. A cop, when breaking up a fight is obviously gonna go for the threat first. When someone attacks you with a knife, all martial arts will teach you to subdue the knife first. The man was much larger and more dangerous than said drunk white bitch. I’m not a white knight here. I get more vagina than probably most of you guys here, so I’m not trying to get laid, just voicing my opinion. Typical sociat morality says not to hit a woman. Why? Because many women Are fragile. Not saying many men aren’t either, but a grown man trying to knock out a drunk bitch in high heels? Come on. Might As well be fighting a child. We don’t get to see the aftermath, I’m sure she was arrested too. If I were to punch a woman like that I’d probably break her face. She was no threat, they could of just tripped her, or walked away.

  74. These white knights….
    They need a woman to stand up…
    They desire to fall into the pit
    That rests between fragrant petals.
    Little do they realize…
    They are are falling into a pit.
    But one without fragrant petals…

  75. Betapedia used to do a cool job in shaming WK. They are not putting any new content lately tho…

  76. All the guys condemning the cops for taking out the guy who hit the girl in the video are hypocrites. As people who have taken the red pill you recognize that men and women are NOT the same, counter to what feminists promote (or at least what they claim.) If you think traditional gender roles are ideal, then you recognize that it’s not okay for a full grown man to launch a punch against a woman, because they are not the same. It’s the equivalent of knocking a child’s teeth in because he hit you. You don’t reciprocate the violence of a child; which in all reality has no capacity to hurt full grown men, you instead restrain the child and tell them to stop being a brat. What we should be condemning is the double standard of the law; which says that a person is allowed the right to self defence, but in practise it doesn’t allow that (hence proving the point that men and woman are not equal.) The act of those police officers actually proves a red-pill truth, one that we should support. People condemning the police officers are in reality being MRA’s.

  77. If you wish to take out a white knight this is how you do it. When he comes in to defend the damsel ask him if he believes women to be equal to men. If he affirms then ask him why the need to defend a creature who is equal to himself. Imply that he is a male supremacist who believes females are inferior and that is why he is trying to defend her. If he truly believes that she is equal to men she can face her own battles.
    His actions reveal whether or not he is a sexist pig or not.

  78. What an asinine article. As if somehow now it’s not okay to call out a guy for being an idiot if there is a female taking part of the conversation, or the argument is being made about women.
    Stupid is stupid.
    So if a girl says “Go Avalanche!” to a post on ESPN, and some guy says “You are a whore” in reply…now it’s just “not cool dude” to tell that guy he’s an idiot, just because a woman is involved.
    Totally makes sense….dude/bro/man.

    1. Would you do the same for a man? Never. But for a woman, every hair in your body starts moving. See the point here? The special treatment for women is why your kind are called white knights. I hope you take something from this.

      1. Like I said, “Stupid is stupid.” I could care less if someone is a female or a male.
        First of all, saying a woman is a “whore” just because they have an opinion that differs from yours…is stupid and childish. On the flip side, a woman calling a man chauvinist just because they have an opinion that differs from theirs, is also stupid.
        Calling a man a “white knight” as a term of derision, based on the fact that they are willing to call a spade a spade rather than just referring to all women as whores, is also stupid.
        But of course, in “your kind’s” perspective, men don’t make stupid comments, right? Unless of course they call someone out for being so intellectually dense and relationally stunted that they just assume women are whorish and men are superior in value.
        Got it. Yep, learned a ton. Thanks.

  79. Oh, you poor victim, getting criticised because of your warped and obscene diatribes about women. We don’t stand up for women because we see them as defenceless. You’re making shit up because you have nothing real to criticise us with. We merely support them, because teaming up is more effective than them just going it alone. We’re not trying to be tough guys, we’re just trying to challenge ugly, misogynistic (whoops there’s that trigger-word that makes MRA’s turn off their brains) views. And just because we don’t think we’ll be attacked physically doesn’t make us cowardly. You have a warped idea of what cowardice is. By the same token, if you go on an online rant against women, you probably won’t be hit because of it. By your own logic, you are a coward. Further, we don’t think that ‘women are always right, men are villains’. Again, that’s just you putting words in our mouths because you’ve got nothing real. And we don’t believe that women are superior, we just recognise that they are often treated poorly based solely on the fact that they are women, and we object to that. As for your laughably immature suggestion that male feminists are trying to get laid… just grow the fuck up, seriously. Stop feigning to understand our motives, because you don’t, at all. All we want our comments to ‘lead to’ is a world where there are less shitty attitudes towards women, where they aren’t viciously and unfairly attacked because of their gender. And feminist males usually do fine with women. Better than your average MRA, for sure. Probably because we don’t have insane resentment issues with them. It’s a better platform to be operating from. Also, using gendered insults like ‘cunts’ and ‘bitches’ just makes you look even more like somebody who has a deep-seeded hatred of women. When you use this reductive language, you are not treating them as your equal at all. You are trying to shame and humiliate them into silence, because you resent the fact that they stood up to you.

    1. -We merely support them, because teaming up is more effective than them just going it alone.-
      Indeed there is safety in numbers, if you & your ilk gang-up beating on a single man then the odds of not getting your ass kicked shall increase astronomically.
      -And we don’t believe that women are superior, we just recognise that they are often treated poorly based solely on the fact that they are women, and we object to that.-
      Sorry my friend but you are dead-wrong, women ARE superior, in any dire life-or-death situation it is always “WOMEN & children first”……… you see my friend, despite the undeniable fact that you are an honorable gentleman and a righteous gallant white-knight, yet still, your life doesn’t carry as much importance as those of women and children, Allah be praised!
      Speaking of Allah, ISIS are treating the Levantine women way poorer than your average white racist is even capable to conceive, your heroic exploits are more sorely needed over there my friend. Free tips : Unlike your average woman-pedestalizing-sissy-boy in the West, those ISIS dudes probably take “you’re a misogynist!” as a compliment and a moral-booster rather than something to be ashamed of.
      -All we want our comments to ‘lead to’ is a world where there are less shitty attitudes towards women, where they aren’t viciously and unfairly attacked because of their gender.-
      Then boldly go and smash the evil patriarchal ISIS at their misogynistic lair my friend, post-haste! My prayers are with you, Godspeed! And who knows, mayhaps you’ll get laid with ten of those hot desert chicks after you delivered them from the evil clutches of patriarchy ISIS?
      -Also, using gendered insults like ‘cunts’ and ‘bitches’ just makes you look even more like somebody who has a deep-seeded hatred of women.-
      My friend, I must admit that you made me confused, women too use ‘cunts’ and ‘bitches’ against each other, are you implying to portray women as self-loathers who have deep-seated hatred for each other? Don’t you think it is a misogynistic act to portray women as anything less than angels?

      1. I’ve never really been in a life-or-death situation. I’ve had a near miss or two, but I’ve never been in a protracted situation like that. As such, the example you mentioned of ‘women and children first’ doesn’t hold much relevance for me or anybody else currently not in mortal peril. As for the world we actually live in day-to-day, women are treated more poorly. They get less support in politics and in business (less opportunities for jobs and advancement), and they are far more likely to be sexually abused. Almost all the politicians in this country (I’m Australian, but this holds true for every western democracy I’m aware of) are older white males. The people who decide our laws, economic policies, and influence our values are overwhelmingly men. So perhaps you might rethink who society considers to be the most important. And why with the ISIS thing again? That’s a common thread with MRA’s and right-wingers. Because I object verbally to the way women are treated (and I’m of course wholly against ISIS and what they do), I’ve somehow got some obligation to go overseas and have gunfights with radicals? Why? That doesn’t make any fucking sense!! I object to how ISIS treats women, but there’s not much I can be reasonably expected to do beyond that. And I think ISIS people would probably react to being called a misogynist by laughing, because they think such a thing is trivial. It’s the same underlying mentality of an MRA, just taken to greater extremes. They don’t consider poor treatment of women to be an issue. Regarding your ‘maybe you’ll get laid with ten desert chicks’ comment… grow up. Being a male feminist has nothing to do with trying to get laid, much as MRA man-children like to pretend it does. And in your last paragraph, you might have more accurately said that SOME women use those gendered words. Many women revile their use. It’s not necessarily self-loathing that causes their use, just thoughtlessness. It’s reductive to women, and you saying the equivalent of “women do it too!!” doesn’t really excuse a man doing it to shame a woman into silence, as MRA’s so often do. Further, it isn’t misogynistic to portray women as anything less than angels. Feminists object to the routinely dishonest vilification of women by MRA’s, that doesn’t mean that they think that women can’t be criticised. You’re exaggerating to imply that MRA’s are called misogynistic for no good reason, when really, they’ve usually well-and-truly earned it.

        1. -I’ve never really been in a life-or-death situation. I’ve had a near miss or two, but I’ve never been in a protracted situation like that. As such, the example you mentioned of ‘women and children first’ doesn’t hold much relevance for me or anybody else currently not in mortal peril. As for the world we actually live in day-to-day, women are treated more poorly.-
          Chuckle….speaking of relevance…..well, women are treated way more poorly by the white boys of the West and the ISIS of the Levant but guess what, that doesn’t hold relevance for me either so definitely not my issue nor problem.
          -They get less support in politics and in business (less opportunities for jobs and advancement), and they are far more likely to be sexually abused. Almost all the politicians in this country (I’m Australian, but this holds true for every western democracy I’m aware of) are older white males.-
          And almost all combatants who had been killed during any theatre of conflict on this planet had been men. And most of the NBA players are black, white boys sure aren’t getting much support & opportunities too eh? And OMG don’t lemme start with Asians, they are like, so totally underrepresented in the NBA. And the conditions with soccer is even more appalling, Asian and African countries are treated poorly, wanna proof? No Asian and African country ever won the World Cup so far! Those white boys of Europe and hispanics of Latin America sure are hogging the World Cup all to themselves!
          -Being a male feminist has nothing to do with trying to get laid, much as MRA man-children like to pretend it does.-
          No offense, Sir but are you asexual?
          -I object to how ISIS treats women, but there’s not much I can be reasonably expected to do beyond that.-
          But aren’t there millions upon millions of your kind? Even if it just 200,000 of you descended upon the Levant then it’ll send a clear message to the ISIS that y’all are a force to be reckoned with.
          -It’s the same underlying mentality of an MRA, just taken to greater extremes. They don’t consider poor treatment of women to be an issue.-
          The poor treatment of women is indeed an issue, just not MY issue cuz it doesn’t hold relevance for me, gnome-saint?
          -It’s reductive to women, and you saying the equivalent of “women do it too!!” doesn’t really excuse a man doing it to shame a woman into silence, as MRA’s so often do.-
          Ah but you see, Sir, that’s exactly why you’re wrong because MRA don’t need any excuse nor permission to call out on those loud obnoxious bitchy cunts.
          -Feminists object to the routinely dishonest vilification of women by MRA’s, that doesn’t mean that they think that women can’t be criticised.-
          Feminist consider ANY criticism from men towards women constitute dishonest vilification so basically, feminist think only they reserve the right to critic women.

        2. Not your issue or problem? So you (tacitly) admit that you don’t give a shit about women? Then you don’t really have a place to be commenting on gender issues. As for the tired old ‘more men die in wars than women’ line, that’s down to men’s greater propensity for violence, not because society values them any less. The NBA/Soccer argument is just you falsely conflating reasonable discrimination with unreasonable discrimination, because you’re stupid and intellectually lazy. With sports and physical activity, men are undeniably better. But with politics and business (positions of influence and leadership), women are unreasonably discriminated against because of poor attitudes regarding their ability to lead. And I think you’ll find that literally every person on the planet performs numerous activities that don’t revolve around procuring a partner for sex. That male feminists aren’t motivated by sex does not imply that they are asexual. To imply otherwise is stupid and immature, although admittedly, not as stupid and immature as your previous ‘desert chicks’ comment. That was a riot. Also, “white-knight” is a childish insult. I just laugh at people who use it. And don’t you think it’s a bit hypocritical to call people ‘obnoxious’ bitchy cunts? I can’t think of too much that has been said by feminists that was as obnoxious as what you said there. It’s not you ‘calling them out’ that’s the issue, it’s you attacking them with misogynistic terms, and treating them as inferior because of their gender that’s the problem. Permission isn’t the issue, the issue is that you don’t have any real right to vilify and dehumanise a person based on a social group (gender status, sexual orientation, ethnicity) they belong to. There’s no excusing that. With your last point, you’re exaggerating again, trying to make MRA’s the victims of some politically correct agenda, when really, you deserve the criticism you get. And usually MRA’s at least try to pretend that they don’t hate women or consider them unimportant. You’re not even making an effort.

        3. -Not your issue or problem? So you (tacitly) admit that you don’t give a shit about women.-
          Nah dude, I openly admit by my actions that I don’t give a shit about women outside of my family circle especially if those women are ugly.
          -Then you don’t really have a place to be commenting on gender issues.-
          It’s not your place to decide who to comment or not on gender issue, this site is for MEN who cares about MEN’s issue so you see, this site is not for like gender traitors like you, please go to Jezebel to congregate with your fellow traitors and pay homage to your feminist overlords, Sieg Cunt!
          -As for the tired old ‘more men die in wars than women’ line, that’s down
          to men’s greater propensity for violence, not because society values
          them any less.-
          Men, almost all the times, might have instigated almost any war in history but if society values men more than society can still send women instead of men to war-zones regardless what gender instigated the war. Moreover, men instigated wars not for the thrill of violence itself (violence is only the means to an end) but for resources and land in order to, voila! Make life better for themselves and their women & children!
          -The NBA/Soccer argument is just you falsely conflating reasonable
          discrimination with unreasonable discrimination, because you’re stupid
          and intellectually lazy.
          What exactly you meant by “reasonable” discrimination in the NBA? More black MEN than white MEN and Asian MEN combined playing in the NBA so it should be “reasonable” as long as who gets the short end of the stick is NOT WOMEN? Is that what you’re trying to say? You truly are a gender traitor dude, you should consider becoming a tranny.
          -But with politics and business (positions of
          influence and leadership), women are unreasonably discriminated against
          because of poor attitudes regarding their ability to lead.-
          What are you babbling about? Men had no problem being led by women like Joan of Arc and Boudica (translation: women who can prove their worth instead of just feeling that they’re entitled to something).
          If you want to talk about modern politics, then I’ve got a question for you, genius : Who do you think elect the politicians into power? Free hint for you : In 2008, Oprah Winfrey, instead of went “yay, you go guuurrl” on Hilary Clinton, chose to endorse Obama during the primary and God knows how many other women did the same.
          -And I think you’ll find that literally every person on the planet
          performs numerous activities that don’t revolve around procuring a
          partner for sex. That male feminists aren’t motivated by sex does not
          imply that they are asexual.-
          Ok ok I’ve got it, you still like pussies. Speaking of motivation, what possibly can motivate you and your fellow 200,000 white-knights to descend upon the Levant to free those poor women from the evil clutch of ISIS patriarchy? Will money motivate you? And if you, how much do you want?
          -Permission isn’t the issue, the issue is that you don’t have any real
          right to vilify and dehumanize a person based on a social group (gender
          status, sexual orientation, ethnicity) they belong to. There’s no
          excusing that.-
          ISIS dudes are dehumanizing women waaaaay more than the average MRA is. Speaking about excusing, so what’s the excuse of your and your 200,000 fellow white-knights NOT challenging those ISIS dudes into a pitch-battle? It’ll be a truly hilarious sight & sound to behold, on 1 side the ISIS battle-cry “La illaha Illalah, Muhammad Rasullulah!” versus your white-knight battle-cry “Men are pigs! Smash patriarchy!” LOL
          -And usually MRA’s at least try to pretend that they don’t hate women or
          consider them unimportant. You’re not even making an effort.-
          If the MRA hate women then they would have done or at least advocating what the ISIS dudes are doing now. Nah dude, the MRA do not hate women nor do they hate the ISIS dudes, the word you’re looking for is not ‘hate’ but ‘indifferent’ towards both sides.

        4. You seem to get more and more illiterate as you get more worked up, which has been amusing to watch. The fact that you don’t care about women means you’re not a real man. Did your dad not teach you that? And valuing women based on their looks is sexist as hell, and makes you a bad person. Shallow, too. I don’t think I’m a gender traitor at all, I just view women as my equals, which seems to offend the hate-filled man-children of the MRA movement. And yes, going to read some Jezebel sounds like a good idea. It would be a welcome change from this site, which is making me lose faith in humankind; I feel like I’m drowning in the sheer stupidity, ignorance, and horribleness of the articles and comments. Your comments about war are as asinine as your previous suggestion that me and other feminists should go overseas and kill people in ISIS. Men instigate wars because men are more aggressive than women. Regardless of what the goal is, war is a terrible thing, and men are overwhelmingly the ones who wreak havoc on the world as far as that’s concerned. We shouldn’t be sending more women to war, we should be having less wars. As far as reasonable discrimination goes in the NBA, they seemed to have achieved a meritocracy there. It’s about ability, and it would seem that African Americans are more likely to be suited to it. That’s fine by me. Whites and Asians aren’t being discriminated against because of their race, they are under-represented because those body-types just aren’t (on average) quite as athletic as African people’s. Again not a gender traitor, although I do find your use of the pejorative term ‘tranny’ petty and small-minded. There’s nothing wrong with transgender folk. That you’d use their status as an insult is just stupid. And just because there were some examples in history where women have led, doesn’t mean that people always give women due consideration for leadership positions. They don’t. Men have to do a whole lot less ‘proving themselves’ than women do to get the same position, at least in general. And quote: “In 2008, Oprah Winfrey, instead of went “yay, you go guuurrl””. hahahaha, that’s the stupidest thing I think I’ve read on this site. A touch racist, too. And not that you’d know, but Hillary actually got more votes in the primary than Obama did, but thanks to the distribution of those, Obama still won. And again with the ISIS thing… there is no point to you or any of the things you say. Also, it’s kinda creepy to hear an MRA talk about ‘pussies’. Hearing that from a misogynist is pretty weird. The one thing you’ve been right about is that ISIS dehumanises women worse than MRA’s. Congratulations? That’s not really something to cheer about. And I don’t need any excuse not to go to war, war only causes more suffering and doesn’t really help a situation (remember Iraq? how’d that work out? The answer is ‘terribly’, in case you forgot, and things are about as bad now as they’ve ever been). Also, other things that sort of snag your terrible idea which you seem to imagine is somehow my responsibility: I have literally no idea how to fight a war, even if I was inclined. I don’t know where to get suitable weapons, I wouldn’t know how to get people over there (logistics), I wouldn’t be able to bankroll it, I wouldn’t know what to do when we got over there, and even if I did, it still wouldn’t help. But I feel as if pointing out those obvious problems with your shitty idea won’t stop you from mindlessly repeating it- you don’t seem to have that level of cognitive function, which is a pity. And no, you don’t have to be an ISIS level arsehole to be considered to hate women. Just because there are worse people out there than you, doesn’t make you a good person. Indifference to what ISIS does would make any reasonable person think that you hate women. So would the fact that you shout them down as ‘obnoxious bitchy cunts’, use the term ‘sieg cunt’, and that you don’t consider women’s issues to be important at all, i.e., you don’t think women matter.

        5. – The fact that you don’t care about women means you’re not a real man.-
          So I must join your grand order of the white knights in order to be considered a real-man? LOL no thanks dude, real men don’t let other people define who they are.
          -Did your dad not teach you that?-
          My dad taught me to respect my parents and to have self-respect as a man – something which you clearly were not taught.
          -And valuing women based on their looks is sexist as hell, and makes you a bad person.-
          LOL please kindly elaborate what valuing looks has to do with sexism? And why should I even care even if it’s sexist or whatever? Oh I forgot, I’ll be a bad person LOL… Lemme tell ya a secret bro, if it comes from white-knights then I proudly wear “you’re a bad person” ranting & raving as a badge of honor so thanks for your compliment bro!
          -And yes, going to read some Jezebel sounds like a good idea-
          Then boldly go there already my friend and never to return here for thou shan’t be missed.
          -We shouldn’t be sending more women to war, we should be having less wars.-
          But….but…..if even white-knights like you refuse to go to war against then ISIS then what about those poor women there?? OMG, is nothing sacred?!? Please do remember that you white-knights are the vanguard of the unholy feminism.
          -It’s about ability, and it would seem that African Americans are more likely to be suited to it. That’s fine by me.-
          Yeah you got me there dude, blacks rule the NBA is fine by me too just as it’s fine by me that women don’t get all that they want or get what they don’t want.
          -And not that you’d know, but Hillary actually got more votes in the primary than Obama did, but thanks to the distribution of those, Obama still won-
          And still the fact remains that Oprah endorsed Obama instead of “you go guuurrrll” and Oprah was not alone. If most women voters were loyal to their gender and championed 1 of their own then Obama won’t have a prayer against Hillary. But surely tranny-wannabe like you must understand why women prefer Obama to HIllary, right? The allure of a pulsating big black cock versus a dried-up loose smelly pussy? No contest, big black cock wins, pants err I mean hands down.
          -I have literally no idea how to fight a war, even if I was inclined. I don’t know where to get suitable weapons, I wouldn’t know how to get people over there (logistics), I wouldn’t be able to bankroll it, I wouldn’t know what to do when we got over there, and even if I did, it still wouldn’t help.-
          If I may give advices :
          1) Learn how to say your usual insults against men in Arabic language.
          2) Go to Syria by plane or on horseback or whatever.
          3) Once you’re in Syria, lead your 200,000 fellow white knights marching to the city of Raqqa and Kobani, those 2 cities are the strongholds of ISIS.
          4) Once you met those sexist ISIS dudes, back to point 1 above and make the time you devoted to learn how to insult men in Arabic language worthwhile.
          5) It would be great if you can survive the following carnage but even if you don’t, please rest assured that your feminist overlords won’t quickly forget your sacrifice for you had given your life for a noble cause worthy of the noble name of the grand order of white-knights.
          -Indifference to what ISIS does would make any reasonable person think that you hate women.-
          I’m still waiting for you and your fellow 200,000 white knights to go fight the ISIS dudes in order to prove that y’all aren’t secretly indifferent towards women and/or even *GASP* hate women! I won’t be holding my breath though LOL
          -So would the fact that you shout them down as ‘obnoxious bitchy cunts’, use the term ‘sieg cunt’, and that you don’t consider women’s issues to be important at all, i.e., you don’t think women matter.-
          You’re being hyperbolic dude, I think women matter, I do think women in my family circles and beautiful women matter.

        6. Ok, pretty much every time you’ve responded, there have been several points you’ve made that showed you clearly failed to comprehend what I was saying, regardless of how clear it was. Either you did so deliberately because you couldn’t deal with my actual arguments, or you did so accidentally because your comprehension is garbage. I don’t know which is the reason, and at this point, I don’t particularly care. It’s clear to me at this time that you aren’t somebody who can be persuaded by reasoned argument, or even make one, so I will move on from you at this point. But I will be back on this site. Toxic and wilfully ignorant MRA ideology should never go unchallenged. And not everyone who buys into it is a moronic ideologue (and probable troll) like you. Some people can back away from this idiocy, when prompted.

        7. -Ok, pretty much every time you’ve responded, there have been several points you’ve made that showed you clearly failed to comprehend what I was saying, regardless of how clear it was.-
          Oh not only do I understand clearly but I also can smell from a mile away the garbage you were vomitting and treat it accordingly LOL
          -Either you did so deliberately because you couldn’t deal with my actual arguments, or you did so accidentally because your comprehension is garbage.-
          Your arguments are garbage, I know garbage when I smell one and I know how to deal with garbage.
          -It’s clear to me at this time that you aren’t somebody who can be persuaded by reasoned argument, or even make one, so I will move on from you at this point.-
          “Reasoned” argument? From you? Duuuuude…… puuhhhlleaze!
          -Toxic and wilfully ignorant MRA ideology should never go unchallenged.-
          “Go unchallenged” LOL listen to how high & mighty you are yet you’ve got absolutely no problem in allowing those ISIS dudes go unchallenged raping those poor women in 3 different orifices simultaneously……OMG you’re SUCH a disgrace toward the grand order of the noble white knights LOL
          -And not everyone who buys into it is a moronic ideologue (and probable troll) like you.-
          An ideology which is in line with my best interest as a man is moronic? Geee, you must immensely enjoy being straponed by your female overlords huh?
          -Some people can back away from this idiocy, when prompted.-
          Not so in your case or you perhaps you enjoy strapon too much?

  80. There is a massive difference between a white night and a real man. I AM what would be considered an ORIGINAL White night. Not every woman is good and for example;
    3 years dedicated and loyal (When I love, I LOVE) 3 different women. Cheated on for a year with one because she decided she wanted to be poly amorous (cute excuse) another after I spent 2 years moving to new York for left me 3 months after because I was “clingy” (… Really. Not a joke, angered more for the fact I was NOT clingy and it was a convenient excuse) and the finale and bad kicker? Because I love too much.
    In the end, it comes down to only one thing;
    Romance is dead. Women don’t deserve good men because they don’t want it or know what it really is. They want a man that will be what they want. When they want it and nothing more. Prove me wrong if you can, this isn’t jaded or hate talk, I still will not give up on love or let women like that tarnish me because love is the greatest thing to me (keep in mind I grew up wanting to be Westley from princess bride, but I don’t buy into feminism or that every woman is worth saving…. Why? Get yourself destroyed after investing everything into someone) women are not as amazing as the media and movies tell you, they can be heartless, cold, cruel, vindictive, violent, ignorant, scheming, useless and downright evil.
    My point? Not every woman is this way such as not every man is a waste of time rapist (Thanks Valerie Bertinelli and the “Men rape women and are evil unless they act like your pet dog” channel) but men should not let this change the romantic ways. Be there for YOUR love even if it is to a bitter end, but DO NOT drown your soul and life in the idiotic thought that every woman must be saved. Do not cry equal rights to men then use us as a damned bullet proof vest against the world both literal and metaphorically.
    Why are men the way they are with women lately? Gentleman are a dying breed because a lot of men these days see the gentleman factor Hollywood wants you to, when in truth it was a two way street. Gentlemen were not doormats and women have all but made us extinct…. Even I am doubting love and was damned close to giving up (… I wonder why men go gay…) If not for the fact that I have seen true love and desperately want it.
    Point; women have killed gentlemen and taken what we are for granted. Have fun with your boys because that is what feminism is creating.

  81. Still there is something missing in this picture. It might be few but there is certainly some men and women that are actually kind AND selfless . There are values that some people do believe you should bring into all aspects of life. And I think the best people do at parties too. This is people who care about others health in general. If u cant stand up, Ill give u water. If u lost something and need help, its really easy to do so. If u havent broken up serious fights, u dont know what it takes. Internet knights? Lol on that we agree.
    cowards…real cowards (men/women) never speak up. They dont take ethical choices. They dont show strangers respect because they dont understand respect.

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