5 More Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Cook

Cooking: every man, at some point, has to cook something to eat. My father was a manly man type, he served in the Marines, could rebuild a car engine, was good at sports, and so on. One of the biggest “man lessons” he imparted to me was “A man should know how to cook.” Presumably, this was because my mother was a lousy cook, and my dad had to figure something out. His options being to just eat the dried out nigh-on-being-burnt “food”…or starve to death.

Too many men these days subsist on sodium-filled frozen food, drive-thru menus, and general food related garbage. Not only do they not know the first thing about cooking for themselves, but all that quick and easy food is making them unattractive and fat. No lady worth her salt wants that, let alone tries to procreate with it.

Let us dust off those nacho cheese chip crumbs and look in to why you should learn how to cook, shall we?

1. It’s much more impressive than you think


Cooking is way more impressive to a lady than anything you could possibly show her. Fat stacks? Muscles? Vehicle? Your night-moves in the bedroom? These all pale in comparison if you find out her favorite dish to eat and MAKE it for her mouth face.

However, you don’t even have to learn anything about her if you want. Make the ONE thing you’re really good at and that will still be more impressive than any fine dining experience.

2. It teaches crisis management skills


Congratulations, you have now imbued your kitchen with that much sought after smoky aroma.

When you begin cooking a whole meal, you have to learn time management. But more importantly you need to learn how to handle yourself in the kitchen should the need arise.

The constant need to check the oven isn’t the point of this reason. No, you needn’t keep opening the door letting all that meal-giving delicious heat out. I’m talking about things on the stove-top that could catch fire. Do you know how to put out a grease fire if you get a little sloppy and spill?

It’s the small flammable things like that that separate the men from the boys when it comes to cooking. There is surely nothing less sexy than immolating your own home.

3. Cooking never gets old

Learning to cook is great in that it’s a perpetuating learning cycle. Getting tired of the dinner menu planning? Try your hand at making desserts, your own bread, the possibilities never cease.

Aside from the different foods, you can always learn new techniques. At the very least you can work on your knife skills, sharpening your own blades, and investing in better kitchen utensils all in the name of making your cooking top notch!

4. Total control


There is nothing better than manfully dominating something you set your mind to. While you may never truly be a master chef or give ol’ orange Crocs™ wearing Mario Batali a run for his money, you’ll eventually be able to exert your will over a bevy of food items and menu plans.

Once you have mastered kitchen crisis management and learned how to infuse flavor into your food without compromising taste, few things feel better. The control you have over cooking is a subtle way to let a potential lover know that you are in total control of everything and anything she throws your way will find no mercy.

5. Cooking classes are a great way to meet women


Pictured: a woman trying to use a knife.
Not pictured: couple sitting the Emergency Room because she sliced a gash in to her arm that’s not holding the vegetable PROPERLY!

In fact, many adult learning classes offered in your area are a great way to meet women and learn a new skill. Well, making a solid birdhouse is debatable, but still a few cooking classes will teach you what good!

Oftentimes a cooking class will offer a specific menu to learn on top of teaching basic kitchen knowledge (for example, “hot things are hot”), learning how to use a knife, and other skills. In between the learning, or when someone catches on fire, maybe chat up a lady in the class that you have had your eye on?

If you and this cooking class paramour actually hit it off, then nothing is better than having a partner that also knows their way around a kitchen and could lend their expertise to the proceedings! Maybe she has a familial cooking tradition or passed down technique that could really shake up a few of your dinners?

Man has been cooking things since the dawn of time, when he first brought fire back to his cave and roasted a morsel for himself and his cave nug, so nothing could be manlier than learning to cook for you. If you succeed at it, you get amazing things to eat and share with others. If you fail, you oftentimes still get something to eat, or at the very least, a great story about the time you singed off your eyebrows pan-frying some chicken!

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254 thoughts on “5 More Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Cook”

  1. And one more thing: Learn how to cook before moving out of your parents’ house. Eating sandwiches every day gets boring quickly, and it’s gonna make you fat.

    1. And definitely don’t be embarrassed to ask your mother if she needs help in the kitchen. You learn to cook and she will be grateful. Two birds with one stone.

      1. When I was living at home my mother always asked me for help cooking… and by asking me for help I mean doing 95% of the work.
        On the positive side I can make a great apple pie from scratch, among other things.

        1. I have made a nice (albiet simple) drawing table from scratch and cobbled together several broken shelf-kits. My family has been doing carpentry since my great-great-grandfather Jera, a cabinet/coffin maker.
          I also ended up with my grandfather’s shop-smith, but that’s stuck in my parent’s basement for the winter.

    1. Or a Dutch oven, and I’m not talking about keeping your female half’s head under the covers as you blast away the Brussels sprouts from that evenings roast beef dinner. Its good for outdoors also. Look up how to cook with a Dutch oven on boobtube, great piece of kit. Oh and not to forget a proper cast iron skillet/frying pan. Again good to go indoors and out.

  2. Absolutely! ROK should have a weekly column about cooking. Learn how to broil steak, grill chicken, blanche vegetables . . . or saute vegetables. Compare different types of meat vs. different types of cooking methods and why one is preferred over the other. We don’t need a chef, just a dude who likes to cook.

    1. And how to economically manage your own kitchen, how to store foods and make ’em last the most, etcetera.

    2. Chef here. Maybe I will take some time and write out an article. Don’t know if ROK will publish it though…

        1. I am happy that a female judge would be willing to stick up for the male. One doesn’t see that often enough.

    3. I can vouch for the panty moistening effects of cooking for a woman. For me it follows the same process. She comes over, she eats, I bang her, she leaves with that look on her face.

  3. While I agree that that every man should be able to cook, I still found this writing to be an incredibly pretentious exercise in male shaming and insulting to my intelligence. I mean I had a good laugh and all that, but damn. A burned down destroyed kitchen? cmon. And cook for yourself, who gives a shit what women think of it.
    What next? Men should be able to change diapers next to pictures of a severely inflamed/ infected diaper rash?
    I apologize if this article was meant to be humorous. I don’t ever discourage humor… but I don’t know what to think.

    1. “What next? Men should be able to change diapers next to pictures of a severely inflamed/ infected diaper rash?”
      As a former Father’s Rights activist, and counselor of divorced fathers, that might not be a bad idea. Some men here no matter their plans may well someday be fathers. I do not recommend it, but **** happens. If you do mess up and become a father, please be a good father. There are other lives involved.
      But, once a man learns how to change a diaper, I seldom never see a badly burned baby. That seems to be a talent of lazy mothers. Sorry, but that’s what I have seen.
      If you laughed, then his writing was excellent. That is how I took it.

      1. I’ve changed my nephews’ diapers. It is both eye and nostril opening. Didn’t change my mind one bit about being a father, which I still aspire to, but it left me asking questions. Like, I am glad no one has managed to weaponize baby poop. Wouldn’t kill you, but would be a psy ops nightmare.

      2. Speaking from experience — if you can change your own oil, you can change a diaper…it’s not THAT difficult!

      3. All new fathers should have to take a course in changing diapers at the local nursing home. They will then regard changing a babies diapers to be a delight.

    2. Cooking is a highly masculine activity. Women cook after men show them what to do. It didn’t take me long to become a better cook than any woman I dated. They’re enthralled by my cooking skill, not because they think I’ll be their bitch, but because the kitchen is yet another place for me to exert authority. You should see how submissive they get.

    3. I saw a documentary about a man who developed the ability to breastfeed after the mother died.
      We should have an article to teach us how to do that, too!

        1. Men want to cook the very best. Was that not what the series breaking bad was all about????

  4. Nothing like enjoying a product of your own time, effort and skill. I cant imagine not cooking for myself. Plus, when you nail steak and sweet potato wedges……

  5. I don’t know if the previous article mentioned it, but one good reason to learn how to cook is to force a woman to up her game. Because if you can cook, wash, clean, iron, sew a button, fix an A/C unit, do landscaping, etc., it makes a woman redundant in a man’s life for any task other than, for a lack of a better word, intimacy. Ladies, now THAT’S empowering.

  6. I was a Boy Scout leader for maybe 15 years. For rank advancement the boys had to be able to plan meals, buy the ingredients, and cook them, sometimes over a wood fire.
    I told them a lot, “A man who can’t cook his own food is a wimp!”

    1. The cooking merit badge is now Eagle Required. The BSA took the unusual step of requiring it even for boys who began the program before the change.

    1. THAT is also the best reason to know how to keep your living space (house, apartment, barracks room, etc.) clean and tidy, as well as how to properly do your own laundry.
      Knowledge IS power!

        1. Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years
          Rocking my peers and putting suckas in fear
          Making the tears rain down like a monsoon
          Listen to the bass go boom…

        1. Nah its fine. Anything that brings you into close proximity with women, in a “safe” environment, is great.

      1. You are right.
        She will be naturally impressed.
        In this age of squishy sissyboy metrosexuals, and boys who let their mommy do the driving until they are 22, any hint of manliness is powerfully attractive.

        1. Nope. That is a model
          I actually look a bit like him, but I’m older and have scars resembling a railroad map all over my face.

      2. I cook because I love good food and my kitchen is better and cheaper than any restaurant. I’ve got so that women prefer to eat in than dine out.

  7. Smoking baby back ribs as I type. They’re almost done so no time to chat, but yes, not only men, but everybody should know how to cook.

  8. There seem to be no more than 4 or 5 variations of restaurants in Munich: Italian, Greek, Asian, Bavarian and the Turks with their Kebap. I am so sick of it. There are literally hundreds of restaurants and they are all varieties of these 5. But variety is too strong a word; these restaurants – from what I heard – all get their meat from a handful of industrial factories. Also, they practically all have the same fucking meals: Schnitzel, Salad, Pasta, Pizza, Tiramisu.
    My grandmothers cookbook has ten times more variety than the combined restaurants of whole Munich.
    It is evil to want women to cook? What the fuck is so degrading about it? It is a great and demanding art and a huge responsibility to tailor the food calendar to the needs of the family members. To have variety, health. So many fucking factors. And that does require her to be committed to it. It is nothing you can perfect if you just do it beside a job.
    It is the one great tragedy in my eyes. That nutrition – something so basic – has become a lost art that women find degrading to pursue. It would be the one great argument to marry, frankly.

    1. The way I look at it, these foolish, arrogant women who can’t cook and clean — and WON’T learn — are just making it easier for us men to be able to identify them as women that are best avoided.
      Anyone who won’t do any kind of domestic chores have got to be real slobs — can you IMAGINE what their homes/apartments probably look like? EEECH!

  9. EXACTLY the kinds of articles we need to be seeing more of here!
    Coincidentally, this article arrived the same day as my new Chef’s knife. I have a couple of married friends–in both the guy is the better cook. I met an ex-LTR in a cooking class-great atmosphere for it. Another plus is most of the guys were older rich guys with free time ie 50s+, with a mix of women of all ages, including some more traditional types that want to improve their cooking, so there was little competition for me.
    Most importantly, learn to cook for you and for your health. While I occasionally will pay a local place $12 for their overpriced but delicious hamburger, there is nothing more rewarding and that makes you FEEL better than eating a meal you just cooked from scratch. Even if you are just cooking rice and beans several nights a week, it will make you feel more alive than whatever processed gunk you could have bought somewhere else. It’s healthy, it’s tasty, it’s frugal, and it makes you feel more independent and self-reliant– not to mention more attractive to women.

  10. My wife does almost all of the cooking now.But that was not always the case. I recommend the crock pot for ……fast food !
    Dude survival. Throw some stewing beef in. Add water, salt pepper, . And a few veggies such as carrots and onions. Fresh garlic also yum.
    COuld be improved upon vastly. But that will get you started. Spend 5-10 minutes in the morning. With a bottle of wine, get something when you get home from work.
    Spread on some cold rice left over in the rice maker from the day before. Perfect comfort food. (Rice maker also easy).
    I always tell the little girls in my workplace right out of college to try that as none of them know a dang thing about cooking. But that recipe will carry you far.

    1. I love the crockpot. It’s nearly impossible to screw up a meal. I’ve yet to make a shitty crockpot meal. My latest concoction that I made last night is as follows:
      1# lentils
      2.5 cups rice
      3 cans chicken broth
      1# diced onions
      1# diced bell peppers
      1# mixed peas and carrots
      1 red thai curry seasoning packet
      Added a couple cups of water to make sure it doesn’t burn. Let it cook overnight and voila! You got delicious and nutritious lunches for the week. I was going to add chicken but didn’t get to that in time.

        1. i recently helped a mutual friend of ours make his first crock pot roast beef, taters, onions and carrots. his pot was small and the lid wuld not stay on, so i told him to cover it with tin foil till it cooked down a bit and then put the lid on. He said no worries, and he assured me he had solved the problem. He sent me the pic.below.. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f0add343f9ee8858ce95be1aa53726d881303b59d3b9b787645156d0048ce866.jpg he used his boots to keep the lid on LOL…he has since invested in a 6 quart crock pot and made pork roasts and a whole chicken with veggies all in a matter of 2 weeks…so easy, delicious, inexpensive and feeds you for days.. The trick is to throw the ingredients in the pot at night before you go to bed, then put it in the fridge .. In the morning just pop it in the base and turn it on and its ready when you get home from work…

        2. I would have used some loosely wrapped baling wire, a bit more sanitary. 😉

        3. I’ve done the whole chicken and veggies route, and I save the bones for broth, and save the juice for soup base.
          I haven’t quite perfected the bone broth yet, but I did pretty good for my first time.

        4. I have been up a chickens ass looking for an egg plant but my flashlight quit working and I took a wrong turn. How have you and OKC been getting along?

        5. About to go camping with the Boy Scouts. We’ll get another Polar Bear for this one.

        6. The boy scouts are a fantastic organization about to be ruined by political correctness. Make sure they don’t give you a bipolar bear all they want to do is ride the elevator.

        7. (snicker)
          They may be ruined by LaFayette County Conduit Bonds. Mark my words. If they fail within the next 5 years, that will be the reason.
          Those Bonds were a tool to permit open and avowed homosexuality in the BSA.

        8. Hey brother! It’s snowing here to beat the band this morning. Expecting 4-5 inches.
          I am back now but maybe I should have taken this and I could have done as well …..
          Never saw a nice buck to take this time around.
          Your recent conversations with ER just had me rolling on the floor brother. It was frickin’ hilarious!
          Have a great weekend brother! Stay warm!

        9. Thank you for your kind words.
          That is a nice looking bow. It bears an overwhelming resemblance to the four Cherokee bows my son and I have made at the Oklahoma Self-Bow Society encampments near Perkins.
          Your wood looks like it might be Yew.
          Did you make that yourself?
          Are you native?
          If you are, do you find Taha to be a giant insult?

        10. I did not make it myself and am a lousy shot with one. I just remember you talking about making them so I thought I would post a picture of one and we will leave my wood out of it. LOL.
          It will not be long I think before we all go native!
          Have a great evening Shep!

        11. No wood shots.
          The interesting, and time consuming, thing about making a bow like that is that the face is a single layer of grain. It takes about 16 hours for me to get one just to that condition. Then the other surfaces are shaped.
          Sometimes you find a flaw such as wind-checking or a strange knot which compels you to start all over.

        12. I could never begin to whittle me a bow! I am great at toothpicks though 😉 My grandfather was the master at wood working though. He tried with me but my one brother seemed to pick it up better than the rest of us. Hell I couldn’t even build a damn dog house. (Story for another day).
          Have a blessed Monday Shep!

        1. I used to boil whole chickens for chicken salad. Got a recipe from the back of a t-shirt.
          Chicken + mayonaise +celery+ salt/pepper = Robert’s famous chicken salad. My name is not Robert, but I did a pretty good job. Just make sure that you cut ultra fine the celery. Paper thin. Also, I recommend the Asian store mayonnaise over the American stuff. Especially Japanese brands. American mayaonaise, even organic, has lots of other needless stuff. Asians just use basic mayonnaise indgredients-eggs and a couple of other things.
          But after boiling the chickens and pulling the meat off the bones, I had a great brother for any kind of soup. Chop up some veggies such as carrots, or make the above soup.
          My wife is a great cook, but I miss cooking some of my old favorites.

        2. I’ll have to look at and bookmark that.
          I tend to stick with something other than beef because the grass-feed beef is ridiculously expensive, and I can get typically get more organic / non-GMO chicken/fish/turkey/whatever (not soy) for less money.

      1. wHERE can you get the red thai curry seasoning packet. Also,another silly question.
        I know before I use dried beans/lentils, I always let them soak first. Is the crockpot just so slow that they do all the soaking they need while cooking.?
        I thinnk the answer is obvious, but I like to be 110% sure.

        1. I found the red thai curry packets at Target, but I bet you’ll be able to find similar items at nearly any grocery store. Just go to the ethnic aisle.
          Lentil are usually small enough you don’t need to let them soak if you plan on cooking them in the crockpot overnight. That being said, I try to let any legumes that I’m cooking soak 12-24 hours beforehand.

  11. Two other major reasons, perhaps listed in previous articles, but I cannot help myself so-
    1. Saving money- knowing how to cook will save you lots and lots of money, particularly in the US (from what I understood, dining out is more expensive than in Europe, and groceries are much cheaper at big retailers such as Wal Mart etc). This in itself is a huge motivator.
    2. Eating healthier things, cooked from scratch- you can control what goes in your diet and avoid additives, food bases, preservatives, thickeners and other crap like that. Food ‘taste makers’ are always loaded with salt and starch. By cooking our own meals, you can also control how much you eat (you won’t eat a whole pot of food, but you will eat a jumbo-sized burrito if you’ve ordered it already), and stay away from the temptation of junk food in case of hunger or cravings.

    1. One of the most important thing Baden Powell did to diminish non-combat mortality when in the field was to teach young boys good habits when cooking.

  12. One of the best cooking shows to watch when you start learning how to cook is “Good Eats”.
    Not only Alton Brown has great recipes, but he also explains exactly what he’s doing and why he is doing this and not that. Using physics, botanics, biology and chemistry.
    Safety tips.
    Healthy food tips.
    How to pick your kitchen gear and care for it. How to use the same gear in different, sometimes unconventional, but very handy ways.
    And his instructions are super easy to follow.
    The list goes on and on.

  13. Cooking together forms strong bonds. The best friendships develop under a little adversity, and cooking certainly provides a little bit of stress when people work together.

    1. Agreed. You can’t really suck at cooking unless if you don’t watch how you mix your ingredients. Or the heat. It’s always a surprise how many things you can make that taste great the first time.

      1. Pork Tenderloins.
        The ones from the store don’t need larding. Even the wild ones often don’t.
        I like to thinly slice garlic, prick the side with the fascia, and push those slivers into the meat before I cook it.
        You can put 2 in a #10 Dutch Oven with 16 coals on top and 9 on bottom for one hour. I might put 3 or 4 apple slices in sometimes. Other times I’ll season with pepper. Usually I put a couple of strips of bacon over the top to ensure they can’t dry out (hat tip Infa).
        In a conventional oven 350 degrees for on hour. Use a meat thermometer to ensure center reaches 165. It can go to 190 with no trouble.
        Even on the toughest hog they will come out unbelievably tender and better than many of the NY and KC strips you’ve had.
        If you’ve got a nasty acorn fed boar use the rest of the meat to make sausage and meatballs. For some reason those meatballs are wonderful from game. We eat them with shells, on top of our lasagna, in spaghetti and with just about anything else we can put Alfredo, pesto, or red sauce on.

        1. I hunt wild pig every 4 to 6 months in northern California and the best tasting ones are 200lbs and are harvested at the first and last acorn drop.

        2. We’ll be taking four butchered deer to my deceased business partner’s wife and his kid’s families.
          Take extreme care not to run afoul of California’s laws about what you can do with game. I’m sure they have some really strict ones.

        3. I’m sure you are right. You’ve got me thinking. Walmart has free synopses of the OK hunting regs. I’ll pick some up next time I am in the store.

        4. Hunters have taken six deer off my property this season and the ornamental shrubbery and their owner are happy about it. The deer are irritated, they have eaten my shrubbery and slept around my lake and never once said thank you. Last winter I counted 18 deer in my yard all at the same time.

        5. They come up to my cat’s bedroom window and stare at her. She growls at them but seems quite happy to be inside.

        6. The only state were there are more goat ropers than Oklahoma, The place where bill learned of the advantages of Vacuum powered devices. Arkansas.

    2. Agreed. Cooking is my family’s father-daughter bonding. My mom has never made a single thing from scratch, so my dad just brought my sister and I into the kitchen to learn from him. Also definitely a good father move, if you have daughters and your wife can’t cook teach them yourself. I don’t understand what the point of claiming you can’t cook is if you’re a woman. It’s not hard, you can utilize chemistry if you think you’re too good for housewife activities, etc.

      1. My daughter hates to cook, but I make her.
        My son likes cooking with me. In two weeks we’re going to scratch make and pre-cook about 10 lbs of meat balls.

        1. When my kids were little and I would cook for them, I got accused of child abuse: spam and eggs, spam and beans, corned beef hash and beans, eggs, scrambled, fried, boiled, every way I knew. I had to stop feeding them eggs when their cholesterol got too high from feeding them so many eggs.

        2. …Spam and eggs, spam and beans, spam eggs sausage and spam, spam spam spam tomato and spam, spam spam spam spam, spam spam spam spam…

  14. Take this one step further back up the chain. A man should know how to butcher deer and pork. He should at least know how to take and cook the tenderloins and have a good sausage and meatball recipe for the rest.
    All boys should master this little skill set between the ages of 15 and 18.

    1. Not only should it be mastered by 15-18, but girls should know how to hunt, field dress an animal, how to process it at home and how to cook it too. Both of my daughters had those skills before they learned how to drive.

      1. Sorry you didn’t have boys and tried to convert your daughters into men. Do they wear jeans, camo Under Armour shit & shop at Cabela’s too?

        1. I’m sorry your ignorance makes you feel this way. Now, they don’t need some low-educated, knuckle dragging Neanderthal, like yourself. It sort of makes sure that their future husbands will probably share their interests, see them as a partner instead of a dependent and they have hunting as a recreation… when their not busy being your boss at work.

        2. If you can eat it , kill it. If you can’t have sex with it , kill it. If you are armed and it is there, kill it. If it has money, make friends with it. Then kill it.

        3. Guys who try to make their interests the same as their women are lame, the same ones you see buying yet another gun under the excuse “it is for her.” Sorry, I see these types of women everyday. They dress like men with cowboy boots, jeans, camo sweatshirts, 40 lbs of extra weight- you can have ’em. Or maybe you prefer the ones who wear football jerseys.

        4. Your ignorance is on full or maybe fool display. You really are a misogynist. There are plenty of feminine, beautiful women that enjoy hunting. I think you have issues because you can’t keep up with real men, and don’t like having to compete with the girls…. because they kick your ass at everything you like to do too.
          I for one don’t have to worry about any of this. Most men on Earth can’t do what I do, so I’m not really in too much competition with anyone. I root for anyone that wants to be better in life, and I especially root for those that transcend the limits that society (and morons) want to put on them.

        5. Female hunters? haha GTFO, & who hauls the carcass out after the animal has been shot? Who tracks it? Who trains the dogs or faces a charging animal? That’s cute you like to share hobbies with the girls, but the male hunter will always be at the top of the food chain. ALWAYS. I would stay far away from your hunting camp, thankfully the Dave Matthews & wine would warn me off.

        6. Oh, good one wise ass. Your mom feathering my nuts on the bear skin rug usually eases my stress right away.

        7. Both of my daughters are world class competitive shooters. It has a little to do with having our own gun range. One is a multiple world champion. If something is charging… I’ll take them over you anytime. They pack out their own game, and my youngest is a tracking phenom. We can hunt most most types of game, and never leave our property. Hunting is a way of live for us, just as is has been for hundreds of years for my family. You’re a recreation hunter. You wait all year, take a week of vacation time, and then go hunt someone else’s property.
          You’re probably the last person that should be talking crap, but the first to pipe up and probably the last to shut up. You don’t speak for men. You speak for below average men that need a woman that is dumb, submissive and probably blind, for them to be ‘real women’ for you…. because they are the only kind that will give you the time of day. Water always finds its own level… and you sound really shallow. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8326124db20efc711cabbbc809117b0381e5366def96d66b763e9a4bd36b2fca.gif

        8. You sound redneck as hell, & yes I would most likely avoid your gun totin’ daughters like the plague. Have your own gun range? Oh, what a dream come true- you must be really successful. I’m not even a recreational hunter, I’d rather freedive and spear. Surfer chicks > redneck princesses. Go crank up some Toby Keith and sharpen some Buck knives with them daughters, the wild boar are waiting out back.

        9. Read your little spiel on killing everything above, then go give your buddy from the Corps a reach around.

        10. I’m not sure if it’s even possible to be a “redneck” this far north, but whatever. You sound like one of those CA leftist progressive manginas that creep peep at hot women on the beach, while their boyfriend, and your betters kick sand in your face. I really want to make fun of your spear fishing, but my whole family is better at that than you are too. I happen to live right on the edge of the sea.

        11. So far all of your assumptions are off, and it’s laughable how you consider yourself & the buck toothed daughters better than everyone, at everything without ever meeting who you’re speaking to. Not leftist, just tired of you hillbilly fucks making the rest of us look bad. You sound just like everyone here from South Dakota, and ready to defend being retarded 24/7. I bet your grandma spears yellowtail at 90′ on a single breath of air, so I better cower away now huh?

        12. If you go drink a fifth, can you at least come back on here and write something original or worth a fuck? “We all look like rednecks, don’t we?!” Where are you trying to go with that or even trying to say? Who is we? Made my pussy ache? He is the bent up pussy trying to defend raising his daughters like god damn lumberjacks, and you come on here to spout off to defend the jag off? Am I on a Martha Stewart forum?

    2. Don’t get me started on gun safety and knowledge! My kids started early. As well as knife handling ,sharpening and safety.

      1. MY GODS — your kids were SO LUCKY!
        I hope you’re doing the same with your grandkids.

        1. Red, The youngest are 3 and four. The big girl is 8. they all live a20 miles away in different directions. That makes it difficult.

    3. I think it is just awful that hunters kill animals for the meat when all they need to do is go to the supermarket and get the meat where it is made.

        1. Thanks, Jed:-)
          I’ll be chuckling for a few days every time I recall this. Ironically, the way animals are raised and slaughtered for consumption is far more inhumane than anything any hunter would do.

        2. That notion is probably derived from the same crowd that thinks that milk comes from neatly packaged containers that are found in the dairy section of a grocery store.

        3. You mean it doesn’t? Wow — what a disappointment!
          I remember milking cows on my grandparents farm and watching my grandmother hand churn butter. Nothing like farm fresh food!

        4. Ironically, it makes a certain kind of sense if you expect consistency from the SJW’s. It isn’t “harm” if no one was mean. It’s the same logic that lets them dismiss abortion as “Humane”. It is also incredibly self-convienent. “You can keep your cheezeburger if you are pure of heart”. “You can keep your abortion if you mean well” The list is depressingly long.
          Welcome to Oz.

        5. I am doing very well Jed but still way busier than a sane man should allow himself to be. But I never claimed sanity. It should back off to mere insane chaos after turkey day. New start-ups are like that. How are you?

        6. I’m doing well enough, thanks. Not getting enough done, but at my age I’m not too worried about.

        7. I read that article several times and still I am not sure that any human could be that stupid. I finally got over it after reading a lot of political blogs. With humans there is no boundaries on getting things wrong..

        8. Slaughter has always defined that if it is convenient it is Okay. Thats the human way. I don’t think the rest of the animal world buys into it.

        9. Could barn yard aroma’s be considered fillers? If so don’t eat anything cooked in DC.

        10. The cassien protein is one of the leading causes of liver tumors. Drink lots of milk and keep the medical system solvent.

        11. I totally agree Jed. I married the farmers daughter and always loved eating at her house for the farm fresh food!
          Have a great weekend my friend!

        12. Jed, I was given the milk warm, right out of the cow. EEEWWW! I was also fed powdered milk reconstituted with vegetable oil: a crime against humanity!

        13. The introduction of the myriad of fillers into the food supply brought about that famous saying:
          If You Can’t Read It – Don’t Eat It

        14. Right there with you. I consider myself a redneck conservative, but do buy into food that is good for you. And good to eat.

        15. I don’t really know you, or what your politics are, but what is to disagree with about good food?

        16. Hi john, I’m 101-plus-% Conservative! And, I read all of the ingredients on every packaged item.

        1. No, he is never serious.
          He is an old guy who grew up in my neck of the woods.
          He now lives in what is regionally known here as “God’s Country”.

        2. Good to know, Shep. I am an escapee from the People’s Republic of Kalifornia, and am now living in what I call a Free State. Good to know he is NOT serious. I can be serious for minutes at a time, then have to break it up with humor, myself.

        3. I think he is about 80. He grew up in an affluent landlocked incorporated town in OKC called Nichols Hills. It is really nice.

    4. Why should they learn how to cook there is a fast food joint on almost every corner. All a man needs is his lady friend to grab her purse and drive him there.

  15. Am I the only one who thinks this is GAY AS FUK? C’mon cook? Are you serious?
    There is a difference between a Chef and a Cook. A Chef is the leader of his kitchen, commander of the ship. He takes pride and ownership of his art and craft because he has a duty and responsibility towards his business and customers. Whenever there is fiscal responsibility involved it would be best to let a competent man take charge, as I’m sure we all agree with.
    To a regular guy, cooking is just another chore and there can come no enjoyment from it except for filling his stomach. I’d rather spend that same hour working instead of cooking and then buy whatever the fuck I feel like like a boss.
    The idea of men sharing recipes and ingredients over the phone getting all giddy as his soufflé starts to rise is just not right.

    1. Fine. Eat shitty, unhealthy food, or pay a kings ransom for shitty unhealthy food at mediocre restaurants.
      As for me, I’ll be, as you say, gay as Fuck. Btw, real men don’t drop the “k” as if they’re concerned about offending other men.

    2. Men throughout the ages have cooked their own meals. It’s one of the staples of Boy Scout training, not to mention something you master in the field when you’re in the military. It’s not ‘gay as fuk’, it’s a simple reality.

      1. That’s not what I’m talking about. Yesterday’s man roasting a fat hog in the field after hunting all day long is the equivalent of today’s man standing over a mean steak grilling on the barbie. What you’re talking about is born from necessity and that’s survival man. It’s raw and savage.
        I’m talking about dudes looking like Arnold standing over a stainless steel stove wearing a pink apron with frills around the edges and bright red oven mitts pulling a tray of muffins out of the oven.

        1. The night cook on one of the destroyers I was stationed on was one of the best bakers I ran across during my time as one of Uncle Sam’s nephews. He could make cakes and pastries that made you think of mom and home.
          He was also over six feet tall and weighed around 250 lbs., with little to no fat on him — there was no way that I would have called him ‘gay’…

  16. I like to cook. I want to know what’s going on with my food and what’s going
    to go on it.
    I tend to notice men are better cook than women even though women are
    supposed to cook by default. Most women today don’t even know basics
    of cooking and that’s how sad it is. I think every girl going through
    middle, high school, and college should be required to take a cooking

  17. I would add:
    Learn to grow sustainable food as well as hunt (practical in many ways, but also gains you familiarity with firearms).
    Learn to iron and mend your clothing (maybe not a big deal for some, but I have 90% of my suits and day wear custom made, sometimes having them professionally laundered though, proves impractical).
    Anything that makes a man more self-sufficient.

    1. Cooking should not only take place in a kitchen but also learning bushcraft and learning to cook your game too over the campfire.

  18. The point about being impressive is very important. Women are expected to know how to cook, so when they do – it’s not a big deal. When a guy learns how to cook a few interesting dishes, that makes him unique and almost one of a kind.
    Also, cooking at least sometimes, rather than eating out, will encourage healthier eating. Not many of us probably have the time and the patience to be able to cook regularly, but something would be much better than nothing.

    1. Nah. The guys I knew who knew how to cook prided themselves on it way too much. It was like they had to be the expert and claim a talent in chefery to hide their girly shame. Attention seekers and snobs too.
      It is not a big deal to know how to feed yourself and to make it taste good.

  19. I’ve gained many skills over 5 decades and have many accomplishments as a result. I would say that learning to cook (out of necessity as my ex didn’t cook much at all) is probably in the top 5 most important skills I’ve acquired. I spent the time to learn classic French technique, which prepared me to easily learn other world cuisines.
    Cooking is the one skill that allows me to give to others in a very personal way. The results are fantastic (you get to eat), the breadth and depth of cooking is practically infinite, and there’s so much freedom to create that you’ll never complete master nor grow tired of. It’s an outlet for my creativity. And unlike my music, I don’t need a stage and audience to show my talents. I can create top-notch restaurant quality meals with a few simple ingredients and very little cooking equipment.
    And women find it sexy as hell when you whip up a simple dish for them after banging their brains out. I was just complemented by my hot latina the other night when I whipped up one of her favorites, authentic black beans and rice. She found my cooking a real turn-on.
    Learn to cook, and learn basic mixology. It’s part of my game. And, these skills will make any man’s game more mature and rounded.

    1. Take pictures of your creations. These are just a few of the dishes I’ve put together over the years. It’s a visual menu of ideas for me if I’m every bored of the same-‘ol. There’s everything from very simple to a fair bit of technique here. Can you spot the hamburger?

      1. Going the low-carb route with the hamburger? Presentation is pretty good, though I must say that that steak looks a little lonely on that plate.

  20. For a good marriage harmony, the men should do the cooking.. If it’s lousy, he can only blame himself & not his wife, which could lead to a divorce & him loosing his shirt in that deal..

  21. Chef here. Maybe I will take some time and write out an article. Don’t know if ROK will publish it though.

  22. One additional benefit is you can have a woman give you one of her recipes. If she gives you a sample of her cooking and it’s good, let her tell you how she made it. You can learn something new while striking up conversation. You can also use your cooking skills to strike up a conversation with a cutie at the market as well and then have her cook you up something or vice versa. Instant date in a private setting.

  23. It’s the craftsmanship. The unenlightened ‘modern strong’ woman might see the kitchen as a symbol of oppression but a man should look at it as a character building work shed. At least I do.
    Being able to construct something of value with raw materials & appropriate tools while doing it my way is about as masculine as it gets. Small scale operations management. My girl at the time would be the one getting me the sauce & spices while I took charge of the marinade & seasoning & deciding what went where & at what time.
    And even after a girl leaves or gets kicked off the roster, the lessons & experience picked up from food craft is a knowledge commodity. The gift that keeps on giving, heh :p

    1. Symbol of oppression my ass, cooking and dressing feminine is their guilty pleasure.

  24. Not to sound like I’m a braggart…nah, who am I kddding? My friends all tell me that I make the best tuna and bacon chilli pasta! Lol

  25. Cooking with a girl is a great ‘date’ idea. You get to be in control, doing something impressive, and you tell her exactly what to do at each stage. It can be done very economically as well.

  26. “Fat stacks? Muscles? Vehicle? Your night-moves in the bedroom? These all pale in comparison if you find out her favorite dish to eat and MAKE it for her mouth face”
    This reads like buzzfeed article.

  27. For those of you who may not be able to afford cooking classes, purchase Julia Child’s text “Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Vol. 1”. That text teaches techniques as well as recipes. The techniques you will learn can be applied to other cuisines. It will also reveal that the things done in the standard American home kitchen are recipes based on the French method but with many shortcuts in place to save time.
    My advice is to learn how to do the standard roast chicken according to the French method and make it once per month to hone your skills. Merely open to that recipe and master it through repetition. You needn’t venture beyond that at first. Once comfortable with that, move on to other stuff.
    Two more pieces of advice: 1) read and memorize the recipe before doing the roast chicken; this is like memorizing a route on a road map before setting out on a long journey. 2) Always do food prep which is to assemble and prepare all ingredients contained in the recipe before actually cooking. If the recipe calls for a 1/4 cup of “this” or a tablespoon of “that”, get those things together first before cooking.

    1. I would like to add to your suggestion Fannie Farmers’ Cookbook. Similar to Julia Childs Mastering cookbook but simpler yet accurate. I have both plus advanced cookbooks including Vincent Prices’ leather-bound and anothe over 100 years old.

  28. Wonder if Jessica Valenti and Angela Marcotte can exchange online healthy recipes or if they are too liberated.
    Fat feminism is a Cheetoes inspired ideology.

  29. I have never understood how it’s supposedly somehow unmanly to do anything remotely domestic. I’ve had other men belittle me because I know how to cook, I can do laundry, I can keep my place clean etc. I lived alone for years and took it as a source of pride that my place was well-kept, I ate decent meals and always had clean clothes. I have had several girls comment that I’m the only one that’s ever cooked for them.
    I have met guys that are completely unable to even do anything remotely domestic such as iron a shirt or make any sort of meal other then a microwave dinner. The excuses are always either “That’s woman’s work” or even up to “well mom always did it for me so I don’t know how.”

      1. Agreed. If I can borrow from Mark Twain, “A man who won’t do his own housework is no better than a man who CAN’T!”

  30. I’ve mastered pizza making recently (dough done from scratch), I dont think I’ll be buying pizza ever again.

  31. Fellas need to cook, women these days are shitty at it, like they are at so MANY things anymore. If you like to eat decently, you need to start to like to cook. I like cooking so much, I helped compose and edit a cookbook that was passed around the family. No point publishing, there are too many cookbooks. It was a collection of three generations’ of Greeks, Ma, her Ma, and HER Ma. We got ahold of all the recipe boxes and translated the index cards. Some dishes we adjusted, some were perfect as is. It’s pretty simple to eat well, going gourmet is complicated and gets expensive, but any combination is better than restaurants. Fast food is poison. Learn to cook.

  32. Meh men of the past spent more time learning other skills and learning to work and create and run businesses etc…
    they got wives to be domestic…

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