How The Sexual Marketplace Can Be Restored To Balance

Economics isn’t only about money. An economy is a method of distribution of scarce resources, and the sexual marketplace is no exception. It’s a strange paradox—since sex is a renewable resource in boundless supply and fun for everyone, why is there any scarcity? Economics in theory and in the real world are two different things!

The sexual revolution brought about a “free for all” environment, but most guys get pretty slim pickings. Among many reasons, the greatest are the deregulation of the sexual marketplace creating unprecedented hypergamy, and sixty years of radical feminists (bless their hearts) polluting society with their hostility and neuroses. Average valuation between the sexes changes over time, similar to the fluctuation of foreign exchange currency rates.

During the late 1960s, the playing field was pretty level, and the libertines took it to the point of excess. In the early 1970s, things were starting to change a bit for the worse, but a dinner date was foreplay, rather than a job interview. In the 1980s, buying a drink still got you a chat at least, another quid pro quo that has fallen by the wayside. Unfortunately, by then the social scene was getting pretty rough for younger guys. Since then, it’s become much worse for most men. The cherry on top is online dating, inevitably with a high male to female ratio, and the whole city is your competition.

Today, things are drastically out of balance. Women by far have the upper hand in what was once an even playing field. So how does this affect society?

The results of unbalanced valuation

So classy and friendly – what’s there not to love?

Here’s what the inflated exchange rate did to our social environment. Do any of the following items sound familiar?

  • Unprovoked snotty behavior and disrespect
  • Inflated ego and lack of kindness or humility
  • Flaking and other inconsiderate actions
  • Princess Complex
  • Average women believing average men are beneath them
  • Rejecting decent, stable men in favor of flashy guys and thugs

In times past, all that would’ve been considered shocking or even neurotic. I wouldn’t say this characterizes all women—only a few of my girlfriends behaved this way, and I screen for attitude now—but surely you know the type. These conditions are worst in certain urban areas and most common with the younger crowd, but it’s been a long way down for all of society.

Unrealistic expectations are another big one. Consider the personal ad boilerplate to the effect of “Must be six feet tall, have a six figure income, and six pack abdominals.” Despite having a laundry list of near-impossible standards—the “666 formula” might be just the beginning—many don’t think they need to bring anything to the table themselves.

Besides the obvious loss of quality and moral fiber—about which far more could be said—the sexual marketplace imbalance provides yet another problem. Today’s hypergamy effectively leaves all but the (perceived) top 20% of guys out in the cold. Having good game mitigates a lot of this individually, but the effects on society are terrible. It took me a long time to figure out what worked, and I hardly can imagine what younger guys are going through now that the social environment is worse than ever.

Finally, the distorted marketplace (along with pop culture) encourages many young women to party away their prime years. Not so long ago, they’d be forming stable relationships leading to families. This causes much misery in the end, as well as bringing down the fertility rate to an unsustainable level.

This must not continue, and it won’t

This has brought various reactions from different corners of the Manosphere. MGTOWs withdraw from the social scene. Others say that if society is in the toilet, we should enjoy the ride all the way down the tubes. Some recommend mail order brides or moving abroad. I say we should be the best we can be as individuals, and work together to reverse the decline.

The imbalance in sexual marketplace valuation is socially unsustainable. Things might become worse yet, but this can’t continue forever. The tides might be turning now; feminist narratives are slipping. The good news is that the sexual marketplace imbalance is economically unsustainable too, like an overheated stock market ripe for a crash. The question is not if this will happen, but how.

As Bob Smith observed recently, legalized prostitution would deflate the sexual marketplace bubble not much longer than it takes to say “Hello Sailor, looking for a good time?” I do have qualms about opening this safety valve wide open; society is too decadent already. Even so, the analysis is spot-on, and the results might be tolerable.

Here are some other ways the bubble could burst, from the least workable and desirable to the most.

The “Mad Max” scenario

“Babe,do we have any coffee filters left? This ditch water tastes terrible.”

In some gloomier parts of the Manosphere, a few dwell on total societal collapse. Women would need our protection again; “Now that’ll show ’em.” Unfortunately, returning to the Dark Ages would kind of suck. Suppose a major catastrophe happens: no more electricity, fuel, tap water, etc. Looting, food riots, and eventually cannibal gangs would be a bit annoying even for the most hardcore preppers. That’s a steep price for some long-overdue appreciation.

Perhaps World War III breaks out, and millions of male casualties adjust the supply-demand curves of the sexual marketplace. That’s also a bit too grim for my tastes. Further, the possibility of getting nuked, shot in the back while fleeing invaders, or being drafted for the meat grinder might be troubling.

Anyway, disasters aren’t in our best interests, and those causing them are way above our pay grade. There’s no shortage of mismanagement and bad faith by the Powers That Be. Still, the way things are going, civilization is more likely to fizzle out painfully over time than fall dramatically. The playbook of our globalist would-be masters thus far has been to boil the lobster by turning up the heat very slowly. Thus, they know to keep their strategic disasters limited.

We shouldn’t passively wait for Doomsday and hope we’ll come out ahead. Instead, call out those responsible for the decline and take measures to stop it; this we certainly can contribute to individually. They’ve acted irresponsibly and with great hubris. And speaking of groups well-known for going overboard…

The gay agenda wins

Is the dawning of the ac/dc revolution soon to come? Bi the way, that means less competition!

I have moral qualms about this scenario too. I’d prefer they keep private things private. That’s not happening, now that the Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name has become the neurosis that doesn’t know when to shut up. Thus far, society has bent over to their every demand sooner or later. Since the LGBTTQQIAAOMGWTF agenda is being pushed relentlessly by schools and popular culture—even forcing their way into the Boy Scouts—the next generation might become the fruitiest ever.

Still, there’s a silver lining. If male bisexuality becomes commonplace, then their dating pool would double. I wouldn’t care to participate, but I’ll be laughing by the sidelines if one day the gay bars and bathhouses are overflowing with new clients. In the aftermath, the valuation for today’s party girls will crash like the 2007 housing bubble.

What guy would deal with their bad attitudes, if he considered buggery an okay substitute? Already, it’s not unheard of for omega males to turn to the Dark Side, but this sexual marketplace safety valve would blow wide open if taboos against gay sex faded away, as it already has with lesbianism. As for the trannies—now recruited from a young age—they’ll reduce the male-to-female ratio, becoming like eunuchs in the ancient world.

Men would enjoy greatly reduced competition. After the supply/demand curves settle out, average women would find average men acceptable once again. Further, they’d have to bring more to the table than their looks. (Acting ladylike, pleasant, and classy would be a great start. That’s not so difficult, now is it?) Further, they’d lose all the free perks and favors accompanying male courtship. No lonely orbiter would tolerate being strung along for his utility value if he’d hook up at bathhouses instead.

Although I’d have my reservations, it still would be a hilarious reversal of fortune. Now let’s have a look at something better.

Societal reform

We could go far toward improving society (and not just the sexual marketplace) if we reintroduced basic virtues like sensibility, honor, respect, honesty, propriety, and personal responsibility. Let people live with their mistakes, instead of enabling idleness or other dysfunctional life choices.

For example, women could eliminate the “deadbeat dad” problem if they’d just quit sleeping with deadbeats. They’d get their priorities in order if the government stopped subsidizing this, or at least made welfare come with some pretty stringent requirements. Also, we could reform “family law”; since we have no-fault divorce, let it be no-theft divorce too. All this would discourage hypergamy. The law is only half the battle. Expectations of virtuous conduct used to go a long way. Let’s revive these traditions again; they became traditions because they worked.

First, we’ll have to decide what our goals and scope are, and what we want the future to look like. We also should remember that reform movements sometimes go too far. Trading out society’s present problems for different ones would be unhelpful, so I recommend moderation and forethought. Coming to a working consensus may be challenging, but it’s not insurmountable.

It will take massive public support to make reforms happen. We’re not at critical mass yet. In any event, some might object, saying “you can’t turn back the clock” or the like. (Perhaps they believe our culture just changed all by itself?) This brings us to the next scenario.

Red Pill the public

The Frankfurt School demonstrated that a few dozen people could completely remake the foundations of our culture. It took decades, and they had help from high places, but it was a proof of concept. They had two methodologies: the “long march through the institutions” (as Gramsci put it) and ideological warfare.

Our job is to undo the damage they caused. The institutions must be retaken; that means “draining the swamp.” Perhaps one day, people like us could lead these institutions sensibly. As for ideological warfare, we must wage our own counteroffensive. We’re doing that here now, but we’ll need more people enlightening the public. This is how to obtain the critical mass needed for the societal reforms described above, and you can help get the word out there.

Directly addressing the sexual marketplace disparity, most especially we must discredit radical feminism. In a healthy society, men and women get along together. Most of the Blue Pill public still thinks that feminism is all about equality, but it’s really about misandry. Feminists have been trash-talking us for decades, telling dreadful lies, indoctrinating through the media and schools, and poisoning the social environment. Let’s mock them and expose who they really are. Do your part to get the truth out there.

Further, much could be improved by publicizing some very basic game principles. For example, men need to be confident, resolute, and act masculine. That’s pretty much the opposite of what guys have been told works, but it’s clear that Blue Pill dating advice gets you nowhere these days. Pedestalization and supplication don’t work. Also, we must make it clear that unseemly behavior is a deal-breaker. As we should be aware, showing some backbone can do wonders to improve attitudes. If the masses realized this, the sexual marketplace (as well as the party girls) would come back down to earth.

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201 thoughts on “How The Sexual Marketplace Can Be Restored To Balance”

  1. Everybody should focus on their own rather than trying to reestablish a balance between the sexes. Get on your feet, work on yourself and become one of the top 20% males. Personally I have achieved this goal and by now I couldnt care less about getting ass. I like my freedom.

    1. Didn’t you read the article about how the average woman is increasing in size? Good luck getting in a couple of years the 0.1% of females men used to enjoy with no “self-improvement” 60 years ago. (and to not to speak about loyalty and family values, but it seems people here don’t care that much).

      1. We need to remember that us being born during decadent times it is of extreme difficulty to not be also decadent ourselves. Although the American paradigm is not true everywhere (In Greece women started after the 90’s to maniacally diet, but this is generally common in Europe) here most men, or better newcomers (I hope) still want to bed as many super-models as they can… We need to put women in a secondary position and ourselves in the primary THE VERY LEAST. The preferred should be to put the deity first the civilization second (what is race but meat if it is allowed to degenerate to the place to become unable to keep it’s civilization?) and then ourselves because through how we treat ourselves we treat others and through our own desirability we desire others. That is a paraphrase from the New Testament.
        A degenerate loves as a degenerate, acts as degenerate and desires as a degenerate. He is being treated as a degenerate because he treats as a degenerate because he is a degenerate if he says he’s not he lies ’cause this is what a degenerate would do and his actions speak louder than his words.

      2. When a guy is off and running with his alpha-signalling and self-congratulation (see; “Get on your feet, work on yourself and become one of the top 20% males. Personally I have achieved this goal”) then he is as useless in discussion as any leftist. It’s starting to get rampant and it’s diluting, if not ruining, some valuable messages.

        1. Me too. I love to lift, dress well, read, self-improve but any alpha-signaller will immediately assume I don’t just to beat his own chest. The manosphere is starting to spin its wheels because of these assholes trying to AMOG on every thread.

        2. Humility seems to be a lost virtue.
          The metaphorical dick measuring is a good indicator of some sort of insecurity -not that they are a bad thing- and how you handle insecurities matter. Pushing others down is just… petty.
          At the same time, false humility is just as bad because then you’re holding everyone to high standards.
          Perhaps not so much humility as tact is lost.

        3. Address the two things you don’t want to happen like you addressed the others by learning game, working out etc. You can’t get fired if you’re the boss and how can you get divorce raped if you don’t get married? I don’t see why people worry so much about it. Don’t do it. We control our situation. We can leave it how it is, improve it or worsen it. But we control it bro

        4. How do we deal with these people in real life? Why isn’t it the same here? It looks like what you guys would do at a party or meeting or ball game is huddle up and point at the guy saying how rude and boorish he is

        5. I think what we should do is spread awareness. I care beyond myself too. I have sons. I can’t protect them 24 7. I try to make the world a better place by advising guys, including them.

        6. There’s nothing wrong with men improving themselves and learning game but what some men in the manosphere fail to see is that if men continue to improve and raise the standards with no emphasis on fixing women’s degeneration then we’re only further skewing the sexual market to their favor.
          Enjoy that future of being in a club full of ‘alpha’s’ fighting tooth and nail for an overweight entitled bitch face that now registers a solid seven or eight in the ‘new market’.

        7. The differences between IRL and internet social interactions are self evident. Were you to see a rude little shit IRL you too would probably turn to your friend and shake your head.

        8. Good. It’s nice to see that some guys are getting it. The four pillars of obesity, pussyhat rage, social-media narcissism, and a gynocentric gov’t have brought things to an all-time low. At what point does “just be better” advice to men start to ring very, very hollow. A long time ago, imo. A lot of guys here will take that as me saying; “Sweet, I don’t have to go the gym anymore because I’ve given up!” Not at all. A guy should be lifting anyway, reading anyway, dressing well anyway and living life on his own terms anyway without filtering his own behavior through some lens of approval. But a guy has to be making moves and determining his life without any distraction from some kind of feeling that this dire bullshit is his fault; it’s not.

        9. With female buy in. Which will not happens because the majority of women refuse to buy into the red pill mentality because that mentality infantilizes them and generally places them in a negative light. If AWALT – whores, childish, irrational, emotionally retarded, useless in most aspects of life, need to be trained like dogs, inferior to men etc etc, one can understand why women aren’t eagerly signing up for this. And gone are the days when society can forcibly make people change.
          Which is why it’s probably better to focus on your own well being and how you can best benefit from the status quo and/ or move to a town or country where women best reflect what you are looking for in a potential girlfriend/wife/mother of your children.

        10. When it happens irl I try to assess the situation with words first. The internet lacks a way of posturing, a way of showing tone, intent but its the same basics. If I can keep cool I can direct the interaction and get an understanding of the person’s intention. Not everyone is trolling or amoging. Some people press send without thinnking about the difference of real life and the net. I’m only here for the convo, so I at least see what you’re talking about. Then I can walk away, just like irl.

        11. You misunderstood the basis of the conversation that was spawned by OP, mainly being how by only proclaiming the results and enjoyment thereof of one’s self improvement is detrimental to worthwhile conversations. Sure, one can banter back and forth about how you get jacked or latest tail -and that isn’t bad conversation- but it doesn’t help (lack of better word) welcome those new to the manosphere nor present it in a publicly palatable light.
          In addition: to someone questioning the matrix, just by saying “I got jacked and read some shit then I was swimming in pussy” sounds like snake oil. Elaboration helps a long way, and makes the poster seem more human.

        12. Men worry about things like divorcerape because it changes societal norms. When there is a female understanding that marriage is for fun and can be used as a business in the end that damages the foundation of society itself: strong families.

        13. I understand it as a business too. That realization was thought of a long time before I heard of words like red pill, manosphere, and divorce rape. Marriage licenses afford certain securities under law through contract. It was part of the pretense of legitimizing the gays agenda of wanting to legally wed. I’ve never been one for conformity or worrying about societal norms. In trying to look the part of “normal” men are putting themselves in a disadvantaged position. I’m a chess player. It’s just simply a bad strategy

      3. True that. Being the same man of 100 years ago won’t deliver the same success in today’s market… locally. However, there’s now better access to Asian women, or African if you’re willing to go there.
        Not saying this is an alternative to self improvement… if you self improve AND go foreign then you’ll end up with a fucking supermodel!

        1. I agree. Although the degenerating trend is global. I used to live in EE 8 years ago, before smartphone… scared to see how it would look right now, based on what our ROK emissaries say.

      1. 190-pounds?? Being a bit generous, aren’t we? Methinks you may be off by a couple of stone in that average.

  2. I think that it’s more likely sex bots become a commonplace substitute for women than most men become bisexual. It’s far less disturbing and unhealthy to sleep with a glass-eyed robot than to stick it up another guy’s bum (or have it stuck up…nope, can’t finish that without hurling).
    We’ll keep pushing for a return to sanity, though. One way or another, the current system is unstable and destined for overthrow (not inherently the political system, per se, but the whole of our society which is built on lies and folly). The great calling of men is to build up what is destroyed, whether it’s a Mad Max scenario or just most people realizing that Marxist indoctrination factories aren’t worth spending your life and money on.

  3. The guy who wrote this comes across as obsessed with sex. Perhaps if he calmed down a bit and found some other interests he would feel a bit happier.

  4. The only way to redress the balance is for men to stop thinking with the little head and think with the big head. And I don’t see that happening en masse.

    1. All women eventually realize that being used for male sexual ejaculate isn’t rewarding or endearing in the long run. The problem is that they need to know this at about the age of 15, before they become sexually active. Most young girls are ruined by 18 nowadays. Men are going to lust after hot young sluts. Thats never going to change so unless Sex Ed. in public schools becomes red pill, I dont see any change happening either.

    2. men think with their dick because they are not getting laid enough. once you are getting laid you can go move beyond the material. sure their were a few people throughout history that were able to transmute sexual energy and do big things. but 99.9% guys must get laid first.

  5. The world still needs feminism, because:
    1) the patriarchy rules everything.
    2) women still earn less money than men with the same education level.
    3) one woman in four will sexually be assaulted during her lifetime.
    4) because women should be allowed to decide what happens to their bodies.
    Reply if you can think of any other reasons of why we need feminism.

    1. The world most certainly does not need the cancer of feminism. Women buying into the false promises of this misguided movement ultimately end up as unhappy, miserable shrews who herd cats and spit venom at the world because no man wants their worn out, dried up pussy.
      The patriarchy is what brought you civilization and all the modern amenities you enjoy, such as the computer you’re using to espouse your “the world still needs feminism” bullshit and the Internet that lets you share that bullshit with the world. The world NEEDS the patriarchy to rule everything. What’s going on in society today is the result of the patriarchy NOT ruling everything. Traditional values are being abandoned, and the traditional family unit is endagered. If both go extinct, you can kiss civilization goodbye as we descend further and futher into mindless debauchery and self destruction.
      The gender pay gap myth has been debunked so many times over that it’s hardly worth the effort to counter your stupid statement insisting it’s real. If you’re retarded enough to believe such unfounded tripe, then you’re probably gullible enough to believe the world is flat and the universe revolves around the earth.
      Regarding your baseless claim that one in four women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, I wonder how many of those assaults were the result of the woman making stupid decisions. Like getting shitfaced drunk at a frat party or dressing like a slut and spending the weekend guzzling booze at a shitty club. If one in four women will be sexually assaulted, then 9 out of 10 of those assaults could have been prevented by the woman through better life choices. Incidentally, sexual assault is the byproduct of patriarchy NOT ruling everything.
      The sanctioned murder of an unborn child is not a woman exercising her “right” to do whatever she wants with her body. It’s giving her license to be a raging turboslut. So is government sponsored birth control. And how many men to date have been trapped in years of financial support to a woman because he isn’t afforded the same rights as a woman? So much for that equality that the liberals scream about. Incidentally, if the patriarchy DID rule everything, women would not need this silly “right to decide” nonsense because the circumstances that bring about the debate over women’s bodily rights wouldn’t exist in the first place. That’s the beauty of patriarchy. It contains all sorts of self correcting mechanisms to ferret out and eliminate the elements like feminism that destroy civilization.
      If you truly believe the tripe you’re posting, then you’re on the wrong site. I suggest Jezebel, Salon, or some other unholy liberalized, feminized shithole for you to go crawl into. There’s plenty of suckers there who will gladly post up reams of reasons why the world still needs the cancer of feminism. You won’t find that here.

    2. 1) Yes, for good reason. Men don’t think with feelz
      2) They earn less money because they work shorter hours and choose less hazardous jobs
      3) An American has a bigger chance of getting robbed than raped
      4) They’re allowed to decide, but the question of who is willing to help them accomplish it is a different story.

  6. It’s amazing how easily leftist rhetoric falls to the smallest scrutiny.
    “You can’t turn back the clock” – Why? Because we’re inevitably advancing toward a utopian ideal? Because the USSR thought that, and their clocks are pretty well reversed. The Nazis thought that their reich would last a thousand years. Hell, MLK Jr thought we were advancing toward a time where race didn’t matter, and we’re probably more polarized now than we were back then.
    “Women deserve the same rights as men” – What rights? Can you name one? And what about rights that women have that men don’t (right to choose whether to be a parent, right to financial support without marriage, right to housing and support as a victim of abuse or a divorcee, etc.) – should men get those rights, too?
    “White people have no culture” – Do they have no culture, or do you hate their culture? Are Christmas, Easter, Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving, and other holidays not “white” holidays? Do we not have movies, television shows, festivals, traditions, and cultural foods?

    Their position has always been weak, because it’s based on defying all reason and truth. Even their “feels” are hollow substitutes for the emotions they would rather feel (love, friendship, nobility and honor, etc.).

    1. TBH, I also believe that “white people” don’t have culture. And not having a culture is why SJW ended up so big in the US in the first place. Most whites in the US I know are totally culturally orphan, from a European standpoint of view. They are totally lost, atomized individuals.

      1. SJW ended up big in germany as well despite the fact that germany has the broadest culture of all time. So your explanation doesn’t make any sense.
        It’s not about having no culture, it’s about having been brainwashed into believing that ones culture is non-existent and you are the best example of it.

        1. Germany became an American puppet state after WWII. There is no German culture per se anymore. Even your country was divided and partially occupied by the soviets during 40 years. Have you forgotten already?
          PS: “broadest culture of all time” Don’t make me laugh, bro.

        2. Germany had culture, not anymore though. Now most of the youngsters adopt the “open-amercian” lifestyle, that’s what in my opinion let a hole for feminists to get in.

        3. They are brainwashed in Germany. I heard a few days ago from someone who went through the school system that what they learned about history was Hitler who was bad and nothing before, as if no history happened prior to that. It’s worse that the nazi book-burning.

      2. The current cultural phenomena of the West is called “radical individualism”. It’s a very unique thing we have. You just missed it because it’s unlike anything before. Google it. It’s the progeny of capitalism.

      3. Progeny of commercialism, I probably should’ve said. Very few Westerners have escaped it, even those who think they have

        1. Good point. I also thought I escaped from that, but is is false: so far, late twenties and no wife and no family.

      4. People say whites don’t have a culture because our culture being the best is the default. It’s like when you’re waking around your house and think it doesn’t smell like anything. People notice differences to their norm (say when your smelly muslim of peace neighbor walks in), which is why all blacks or all Asian might look the same until you have been around many.

        1. Good point. But I was using culture in the Old World sense: geographic, religious and ethnic ties.

      5. True, it may do many white Americans a bit of good to connect with their heritage and traditions. German, Irish, English, Danish, etc. Introducing young people, especially women, to their culture’s food, clothes and language could give them a sense of belonging to something other than pop (slut) commercialism culture.

      6. White Americans do have a culture, a ridiculous one. Their religion is called consumption, the mall is their church and money is God. Furthermore Europeans laugh about all the bible thumping while the most disgusting sorts of porn come from the same country. And when I hear about “Thanksgiving” I immediately think of that scene from the movie Adams Family. Same goes for Halloween, which is just the Catholic Carnival we have in Europe. Santaclaus? Stolen from the Dutch Sinterklaas. Some marketingslave then gave him a big belly and a taste for promoting brown sugarwater. Your only celebratory day that makes sense is independence day the rest is utter BS.

    2. In order to achieve many of their beliefs they tend to generalized the situation by making it a characteristic of all. For example how Europeans have no culture? They do not have because their culture is universal and pan-humanistic, it is common property of all humans! A trip to sub-Saharan Africa is more than enough to disprove this, but in multi-racial – multicultureal societies that hogwash is easily believed as blacks, muslims, asians and europeans study the same material, the question is who did create it in the first place and where did it root itself? The answer is that European ideas were found and rooted in Europe (Christianity is the exception of the rule as it took root in Europe but was created in the middle east in which it failed to create a following) and also there they were worked and there they were developed.
      Western ideas (I differentiate because western ideals lack Kultur have the sprouts of globalism through applied universalism i.e. that everyone is entitled to it, and freedom is understood in it’s chaotic disorderly form while many ideas take a litteral material form for example happiness is understood as a degree of success rather than a state of being or better a state of mind a state of a balanced mind to be precise as Aristotle used to say) were found by Anglo-Saxons and Americans and the same is true for them.
      I can go on forever. In the end though these people have done an immense damage to us and the fact that they were held as a gospel is beyond comprehension for me for a hundred years.

    3. yes, you make some good points.
      I think ultimately the solution will not be one single thing. Max Max scenario is unlikely unless there is a total loss of cohesion.
      What’s more likely is a haves and have nots Hunger Games / Latin America type scenario. People think of Mexico as a hell hole, but in fact those who are above the poverty line live like Kings. Trump might want border controls to stop the Honduran and Guatemalan peasants coming north, but I guarantee you the upper middle class Mexicans that come to the US and spend spend spend will be sorely missed.
      If you visit Mexico or Brazil or even Argentina or Chile what you find is that the wealthy live in enclaves and live incredibly privileged lives. You can live like a king in these countries where in US, AU, NZ, CA, UK, EU you’re just another chump getting by.
      This is what is going to happen. Legal or relaxed prostitution is already in place in much of Lat Am. making women compete more readily. The have nots end up in slums and ghettos (plenty of those already in the US and UK). The Govt will shrink dramatically not having the resources so the US, UK, CA, AU ghettos will look more like Lat Am.
      Those that can get above the hand to mouth poverty line (a shrinking demographic) will have it real easy. The rest will be in crime ridden ghettos with low to zero healthcare, little welfare and low education.
      It’s pretty obvious – human value has peaked out. Go back 200-300 years – resources were so precious that it was nothing to string up a horse thief with barely a trial. This is where we are headed and women obviously run into all the same problems – if not more problems.

  7. Changing the law so that only tax payers can vote (instead of tax moochers) would solve pretty much every problem we have within about two generations. Politicians would stop pandering to the gibsmedats demographic which would result in ever reducing government, eliminating welfare, and the abolishing of other socialist and communist programs. This of course would never happen without those same demographics burning down every major city when their check stops coming.

    1. I read in a national paper the other day that taxpayers, of which I am one, from my country are funding men cutting off their meat and two veg so they can prance around in high heels. Promoting mental illness should not be funded by the tax payer.

        1. Even when people work regular jobs, they will have a hard time paying back everything they have got from society in the way of healh care, education, sanitation, roads, communication technology and all kinds of stuff that runs on tax funds and that we take for granted. Someone getting a welfare check is simply a tip of the iceberg especially relative to corporate welfare and the corruption in various levels of government where you have people technically working but getting outrageous money for do-nothing positions. Only a minority of people will occupy a position high enough to allow them to become net contributors to society in terms of tax payments. Numerous people in backbreaking manual jobs still need all the benefits they can get to live a somewhat decent life or even to pay their rent.

    2. I disagree. Where I live we have far more unemployed people than we have jobs officially declared to be open for applicants and even then a lot of those jobs are not for real; they will be given to someone the employer knows, perhaps a friend, relative or someone already working in that business. We all pay taxes for the products we buy and any benefits we get that allow us to pay the rent and put food on the table and so forth but all of us cannot be working all of the time; entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It’s easy to preach and vote right when things are going your way but you might lose your position or even your health in an instant and that’s why the political system needs to reflect the interests of all sorts of people (possibly barring criminals of habit). Unless you truly want disadvantaged people to steal, loot and rob to stay alive, you should continue to support the paying of what benefits they get, which helps keep the society as orderly as it is.

      1. Those truly needy will be taken care of by charity as they always have been in the past. Charity is welfare + shame, which is why it is much easier to ensure that those who don’t need it will go out and be self sufficient. Anyone who starts looting robbing and murdering can then be sent to a Deep dark hole to think about what they did for a large portion of their remaining years.

        1. Why should it be charity instead of public funds? That charity is going to need the money too and it has to come from somewhere. Perhaps it should come from the state as it has been ever since the 20th century and probably far earlier than that. If it was based on charity much earlier, it might be good to keep in mind that the society was very different back then; most people did not even have the right to vote and people with disabilities or mental illness were treated like dirt; your chances of getting an education were dependent on which family you were born into and children were working dangerous menial jobs. Human rights and political philosophy and ethics have come a long way.
          What good does it do to shame people who cannot find work to support themselves? This is exactly the kind of thing that would cause people on the edge to go “Fuck it” and resort to crime instead of having to deal with a smug attitude to eat. I often hear this argument from people enjoying the advantaged position for the moment but I’m sure the same people will gladly get on the dole or whatever it takes to maintain what they can of their lifestyle once they’re out of luck.

        2. Why not the state? Because the state is unaccountable. If it wants more money it just takes it by pointing goons with guns at the nearest taxpayer so there is zero incentive to actually make the problems get better or even to make sure there is no waste. Private charities relying on the goodwill of people on the other hand will lose their funding if they are ever percieved to be crooked or wasteful or unhelpful. In any case it doesn’t matter because the moochers outnumber the producers, which means that moochers gonna vote for more mooching, resulting in more taxpayers becoming moochers because there’s no shame and no reward for hard work, eventually leading to the complete collapse of the system and turning off welfare all of a sudden. This in turn will result in ferguson style riots everywhere that the moochers congregate, killing tens of thousands and burning down millions of homes. Don’t come crying to me when that happens and you remember that you were part of the problem that lead to such disaster.

  8. A very good literature book for every man, I am saying this even if only I am at it’s middle, is the Kreutzer Sonata by Leo Tolstoy, it is ful of manosphere wisdom and insight on decadence (разврат “razvrat” in russian) and how that was scientifically transmitted, even back then!
    The modern true right (parts of it are the alt-right and the manosphere) will not march through the decadent and rotten institutions of today, but will create their own institutions as saving harvard or the CNN, for example, is pretty close to impossible. When this will happen the security of our civilization and people will be near complete, as the new elite will be trained by us and their thoughts and minds being shaped by us so they ‘ll be working for us and our ideals not that of liberals. For this to happen though firstly liberalism needs to be completely discredited.
    On a further note considering the previous it must be added that the New World Order is… US not them! They are the Old World Order that took our countries destroyed our leaders and hunt out our natural elites to take their places and they managed it by the promotion of utopian ideas like those of humanism (without none of the next ideas are possible and it is necessary for the creation of both the secular and the wellfare state), democracy (it wasn’t easy to fool the majority of a group that was trained to think and act politically but the masses or the average man is quite easy to be lured and used), egalitarianism (lead to communism, feminism etc. ’nuff said). Today all modern ideas stem from the previous three mentioned, they’re their offspring.
    On what concerns the hypergamy of women though things require to deal the problem at it’s root. The unpredictable, hysteric and non-logical way that women think is the cause of the afforementioned phenomenon and the reason why if on an even playing field women will come to dominate men. Traditional societies tried two and even three times harder to keep women in check and provide them with figures of female paragons, women that deserved everyone’s respect and admiration through their display of valiant feminine ethics.
    It is even needed highly to be mentioned that in Ancient Greek literature, which was man-o-centric in plays it is very common to have the death of the valiant woman, a creature that is too good to be true, keeps it’s vows, purity and tenderness while sacrificing herself for the good of the city, her family or for whatever is holy.
    Christians later used to promote as maniacs the virgin Mary mother of Jesus Christ a creature untouched by sin, while philanthropic and valiant Christian women that found their death as martyrs to infidels (these concern the murdered by Muslims in Greece by Ottomans after the conquest, though in some cases the phenomenon is even modern google Alexander Rodyonov if one is interested) and pagans, the stories considering them are far more stylised and basic, there are men saint who were criminals but found the grace of God and by it they saved their souls, but for women not, not even for prostitutes although the good believing prostitute is a common cliche in European literature as it serves as a metaphor for sinners who find grace and move it to others.
    From the above one is able to understand the ridiculous effort the patriarchal world put into controlling the urges of women. The reason is that women are desired by men in a far greater degree than men are desired by them. One woman may only bring to a household only her pretty face and all settled, a man fails if that is the only thing he brings. This creates a situation that makes the majority of women wanted but only a minority of men are as a wanted as these women. The answer to all that was to make marriage into a family matter and on top of that to make it possibly for any man to only marry one woman, this protected the majority of men from having a life without a spouse, something which also helped to calm their need for coitus leading them to fulfil better more productive lives than those of the average Muslim or Hindu.
    In general decadence is something to be fought as if it is allowed to advance man’s creative energy is being shed to attract women while women may always just break a marriage apart to have that one succesful man they want. The last thing that traditional societies did was to punish women severely for breaking the common morals and this is what it kept them in line in order for the to live better, more productive and happier lives which they would not do due to them lacking foresight skills.
    In the end hypergamy is only a symptom of matriarchy and decadence not the cause of it, even if as a symptom it leads to matriarchy as it puts women on a pedestal through them being given the freedom of men on top of the freedom of women.

  9. Is the very top photo of the three skinny girls walking from Omaha or Laramie? I can’t figure out which.

    1. Even under Trump, our government will never do anything for “the benefit of men.” Even that phrase is toxic given that ALL women are feminist and about 90% of men are thirsted out manginas or blue-pill throwbacks. There is no voting block to cater to.

  10. Good article overall with a lot of interesting thoughts. But a YUUUGE mistake in discussing all of that without any mention of obesity and its overwhelming culpability.

  11. The American sexual marketplace is not going to correct itself without being forced to by some kind of major societal disaster.
    As I have said before, worship of women is a huge part of American culture and always has been. This worship was covert during much of America’s existence (i.e. chivalry and the notion of the gentleman who serves women). However, it became overt and codified into law during the 1960s-70s and subsequent decades. Most American men are now groveling simps who pedestalize women.

    1. As long as we have tournament mating ritual where men compete and women choose, nothing will change.
      The only way the balance will be reestablished is through male scarcity. And that means war where a lot of men will have to die.
      If you want to know what male scarcity means, look at women in their 40s. Few eligible men for them, and so the tables are turned.
      This stuff is easy people.

  12. I couldn’t give a flying fuck whether western women change their attitudes or not anymore. What you sow is what you reap and I for one am just sitting back and watching them all tear each others throats out. We all know that sisterhood stuff is a facade, and that if you just scratch a little below the pretty smiley surface women essentially want to tear each others throats out.

  13. I’ve been meaning to ask you guys something:
    When you meet a foreign girl or maybe a religious girl who seems innocent, or recently hurt, do you tell her immediately that you are a bad boy only looking for sex? Or do you play in a little bit and talk about having a family “one day” and stuff like that?
    I kinda feel guilty about a couple plates I’m spinning. Both of these girls are from small towns and seem to be legit looking for something heavy and serious.

      1. Well, I’m not honest because I’ve been taught not to needlessly hurt other people. Think of all the times a white woman has given you a cruel put down. It just isn’t necessary. You can be kind and polite without hurting another humans feelings.

    1. I, personally, wouldn’t feel right spinning a plate if it was a decent woman looking for something real. The less honorable ones, who gives a shit. But the few that are for real, I wouldn’t want to be the one that corrupts them. That might stick with me.

      1. It’s not necessarily about corrupting them though. It’s about whether lying is really necessary to begin with. Why should it be? If you’re forced to tell lies then the truth about you clearly isn’t awesome enough. The fault lies in yourself. Therefore, instead of lying, fix yourself.

        1. I used to think like you, then realized they lie all the time, so I might as well too. But that might be something I’ve come to realize after living in a Buddhist culture for so many years where socially you are expected to only ever tell people what you think they want to hear.

    2. I tell them I’m a good Catholic boy, no condoms and I love babies. Works well in the Philippines. Why would you not want children with every woman who lets you in?

    3. Emotionally damaged women will turn to feminism for comfort. Don’t be the one to set them on that path. There are more than enough party girls in America to have fun with until you’re ready to settle down. That’s my two cents.

    4. You feel guilty? You have actual feelings? I’m shocked. Does Roosh know about this? Isn’t this against the rules? What kind of bad guy are you?

  14. I don’t know about the fag scenario…..supposedly the numbers have always stayed around the 3 to 5% mark. I guess with more promotion of hairy bum sex it might skew the numbers…….

  15. Is it just me, or is RoK increasingly becoming a site full of men who just can’t convince women to be loyal to/marry them?

      1. Nope. I’ve been here ages and the older members know me or “Little Bo Peep.” Used to be a supporter. Now I’m scratching my head and wondering how the fuck is this shit actually relevant to me?!
        Put it this way. If, let’s say, 80% of marriages end in divorce, then shouldn’t the question be – rather than whining about being in the loser 80% – shouldn’t it be how to get/stay in the winner 20%? I’m not having any trouble staying on top. If you ask me, it’s the attitude of members here that’s to blame for their own apparent loserdom.

        1. Statistically if 80% of marriages end in divorce, you just need to get married 5 times. As the divorces are mostly initiated by women, I really can’t see why we men should be blaming ourselves. I’m on my second marriage, and have accumulated 37 (30 + 7) years of married life (and 5 children), so I am speaking from experience.

        2. I’ll hazard a guess that you’re firmly in the RoK, never been married and no children ‘alpha winner’ majority.

        3. You’re alpha signalling yet you dumpster dive in poverty stricken south east Asia and Africa for pussy. Too funny.
          Hey man whatever works for you but spare us the fantasy delusions.

        4. What do you mean? I’ve got an 18 year old Filipino fiancée who’s fucken hot and chaste. I’m 30. That’s excellent.

        5. We’ve spoken a hundred times before. Fuck your memory is bad. I was married for 10 years and have 2 kids – Thai wife – but I just left her several months and now I’m engaged to an 18 year old Filipino. I know what I’m doing.

        6. Oh yeah, I remember now, sorry at 61 the memory is going.
          The past two weeks in the Philippines didn’t help all that much, drunk till you drop every day, when the floating bar opens at 1pm is really bad for the old mental powers. I met loads of 18-20 year old Filipinos while I was out there. It’s fortunate many of the girls have their name tattooed on their backs (right shoulder), saves a lot of embarrassment in the morning. One of the girls (really pretty) sat on my lap in a bar and I noticed she had ‘Robert’ tattooed on her back …………. ‘Mind if I call you Bob, I said’, Phew, narrow escape that time.
          Back in Thailand now, Jeez, I’m gonna need a couple of months to recover from that last trip!

        7. I haven’t been to SE Asia for several months now. I came back to NZ to work. I met my fiancée online at a dating site. I probably wouldn’t repeat the process of using dating sites in hindsight, but I can’t really say why. It was so fucken easy – especially since I’m only 30 and quite handsome. I just searched the site for girls aged 18 and picked the hottest one and got her just like that. It makes it cheaper as well – bringing her to NZ instead of me going there. Yet I have a feeling I might’ve gotten lucky, and many of the other girls might’ve been sluts or even whores. I don’t know.
          Also I noticed most countries don’t have reliable dating sites to connect you to the girls there. I’ve checked. It might have something to do with the Filipino uncommon English ability. Yet if you want an Arab or African girl then you’ll need to get on a plane and hit the local pavements. I always wanted an Arab girl, but I’m afraid a trip to Saudi Arabia might prove a waste of money given how tightly the men there control their females, making it impossible to really catch one. Egypt might be a better option, but they aren’t technically Arabs there and it’s still a bit iffy. I settled on Ethiopia, where many of the girls do have a nice mocha skin tone. I reckon it’ll be easy prey in Addis Ababa, and with girls a lot cleaner than what people initially expect when you mention the country.
          My Filipina has already agreed to a second wife/threesome sex. I have no idea how I’ll juggle the visas for 2 girls to NZ, but I’ll figure it out. I’m going there hopefully later this year. I reckon I’ll find the hottest little chocolate teen you can imagine.
          And people wonder why we’re going for foreign women? Fucken Hell, aye? It’s like a sport anyway – or a game of Pokemon – but there’s fun in the hunt. So called Red Pill men still have a lot to learn about the colour red. You know it.

      2. Half of me agrees with you, but half of me looks at some of the guys on here and realizes they’re practically involuntary MGTOWs and don’t seem to have a clue as to how or why to start a family. Shit, I’m a half-troll.

        1. Oh yes, I probably should’ve clarified that I AM a fucken troll, but my point was some mother-fuckers just deserve a good trolling.

    1. I feel that most RoK (manosphere) participants are single with no children. It’s an inevitable result of living in mom’s basement and surfing the net 24/7.

      1. But where else on the internet can we go? Without RoK, we’re nothing but lonely trolls stumbling through the gauntlets of Facebook. I’ve thought about launching a counter-site – one that isn’t run by a certain pencil-necked Middle Eastern immigrant – to really breathe life into the red pill concept, but I’m no Milo Yiannopoulos yet and I have no idea whether it’ll truly take off. There’s shit I gotta get sorted in my life before I can get it started but. Until then, troll on, brave Alpha, troll on…

      1. I’m not the one saying “80% of marriages end in divorce, therefore I shouldn’t get married because I’m 100% gonna get divorced!” Look at the defeatist attitude present around here. I’m not “Alpha signalling” so much as many others are Beta signalling. They have absolutely no confidence in themselves to be a winner. That’s not my doing

        1. “Convince” those women to marry/stay loyal then, stud.
          You got this. You’re the big winner go and get the incredible reward of being married in an Anglo culture. We’re not worthy of that ultimate prize but you are.

        2. It’s like you’re saying poker is a game of luck, ignoring the fact that the same men make it to the world poker championship every year. There’s nothing lucky about them. And I am speaking from experience. I just finished a 10 year marriage that gave me 2 daughters. It was my decision to end it, and the only child support I pay is what I voluntarily choose to give her. The top 20% of men who never get divorced aren’t just lucky. Try listening to them instead of approaching relationships with a defeatist attitude and you might actually learn something

  16. Thought I’d relate a little story here. So today I went to the local grocery and stopped at the customer service desk to do some business. This pretty, overweight woman about 35 years old works there. We have become friendly with each other over the years. I ask her what’s up, as she looks a little bit off. “Too much work, work, work?” I ask her. To which she responds, “Work. Then sick. Then work. Then sick.”
    So I ask her if she has the flu that’s been going around. She says, “No.” So I ask her if she has asthma (a hunch). She says, “Yes.” So I ask her if she knows about the fish and fruit diet that alleviates asthma in many sufferers (I have used it with great success, and other people I know, have, too).
    She looks at me like I have lobsters crawling out of my eyes. Finally she tells me, in a very know-it-all, condescending tone, that she has been battling pneumonia on top of her asthma and her doctor has her on the best possible medications.
    Realizing at that point that thinking outside the box wasn’t her thing, I ask her if anything else is wrong. To which she replies, “My husband. He acts like an ass and every time he does, my lungs get worse.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing so I just nodded, took my change and left. Apparently this broad is convinced her husband is making her ill. Couldn’t be the fact she’s on a high-wheat and high-sugar diet, and she’s 60 pounds overweight. Nope. It’s her husband…

      1. I think women like the drama of being ill. They get attention from friends and family…and most especially, from the doctor. And he hands out pills. Women love doctors. And drug dealers. Etc.

        1. I recently had a friend tell me about a spat he got into over Facebook with some liberal progressive looney female friend of his (who has since unfriended him)
          It all started with the election of Trump, and how she is terrified that her “benefits” are now going to be taken away. The definition of “benefits” to her are, in actuality, taxpayer dollars that she will no longer be able to collect while she sits at home unemployed, unproductively living on social media, and being a hypochondriac over some imaginary illness she has invented for herself. The disgusting thing is, she isn’t a rare case. These types of women are EVERYWHERE.

        2. Meanwhile, it looks like Ole Robber Sam wants another thousand or so from me for my taxes, over the few months’ pay I had withheld already.
          He who does not work, should not live high on the horse on my dime.

        3. LOL Facebook spat. Women have become intolerable, due in part to the constant attention from the endless thirst of these social media orbiters.
          Yeah I’m sure there is losta poosy to be had by rationally challenging the worldview of “friends” on FB but shit, “unfriending” should have happened long ago. In real life.
          Social media – Tinder included, is one giant meta-shit-test of male thirst. Your boy needs to jettison that shit.
          But yeah, muh vagina is pretty much all these birds have left.
          Says something about our kulture when the only thing that unites women – apart from penis envy, is to scream about their “right” to coat-hanger their unborn so they wont miss coachella, while wearing sweat-shop manufactured vagina hats knit by some brown person.
          A brown person that has the zeroith amendment right to come into the country and drop 5 anchor babies in the time it takes her to graduate law school only to figure out being a lawyercunt is shit work and guys would rather bang the waitress than a tired, angry, medicated bore who is looking to eject from law into housewifery with two eggs and $100k in loans.
          As for the article, there is no such thing as “male bisexuality”; it is called “GAY”. And we are already full ghey. See: Facebook.

    1. Women are the ultimate, real bigots.
      bigot NOUN A person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions.
      PS: I put the definition, since it seems that libtards are attempting to steal one more word from English language.

    2. My advice would be not to give any overweight woman attention. Your continuing -“the out of balance”. The article is lost on you…. This lady is a pig because she is a pig.Who gives a dam why.
      “My husband acts like an ass- comment’…means that she is lining up a replacement and chumps like you are on the menu. Captn save a fathoe.
      If more men would not give these useless creatures connectivity; they might wise up and tow the line. This goes for all men. Make them come to you or walk away.

        1. I use it as part of building frame. If I’m gregarious from my door step when I need to be high I will be. Plus only dealing with people who you have a “use” for makes you a sociopath eventually. If you your humanity on and off it’ll be as fake as these plastic women

        2. I don’t shit where I eat. I’m gregarious and friendly to those with whom I have to interact. It pays dividends. I may hate their guts, but I’m gregarious, charming and friendly. It’s easy to act like a dick to people who deserve it. But it’s a low-percentage play, if you behave that way toward people with whom you will occasionally be forced to interact. Kill ’em with kindness…that’s my style. It takes self-control, but that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it.
          People lash out at others in an unprovoked manner (online or elsewhere), because of their personal anxiety about their own lives. We have so little control over so many aspects of our lives, that everybody lashes out occasionally. You know, you’re having a bad day – sometimes you project your internal anxiety onto others. Some people make it a lifestyle choice (online trolls, arm-chair alpha males at forums like this one). I get that. It’s beta as hell – it’s something an SJW or a feminist would do. But I get it.

        3. I went down to charlotte nc alnost 10 years ago and the people were so friendly that they look into your car to wave at you. It felt great. I’m born and raised ny. All hustle and bustle. In my neighborhood people have gotten shot for looking at people. That charlotte trip really changed my perspective on human interaction. I say hey to as many people as I can. Good mornings, how are yous. I was just leaving the park with my son today and we passed a father with his sons coming in. “Hey, how are you?” didn’t hurt. I actually made a good business connect the same way over the summer.

        4. Must be a whole new world for you in NC. I lived in Wilmington for a few years and loved it. I think it’s smart to be nice to people. You tend to get back what you give out. If you give out bile, and anger, and unhappiness (like a feminist would do), you create animosity. Whatever works. I can have a guy screaming at me, in anger, and I’ll hold frame. It’s easy to lose self-control. But when you lose it, you’re at the mercy of chaos. So I try to avoid it unless the situation makes it impossible…

        5. Indeed. Very true. Losing it emotionally is definitely losing. We want to master those emotions to weaponize them. I very much believe in that law of attraction. Unhappy people suck so bad. They want to feel like that. They like it

        6. They do indeed like it, and try to evoke it in others.
          People who cause trouble for other people, especially when it’s unprovoked, are fools. I believe they are suicidal. The world is tough enough without bringing trouble to your own door by asking for it. It’s a straight-up calculus equation. What’s the limit of X (a person’s life) as Y (the number of times a person provokes others without cause) approaches infinity. Only fools cause trouble for others, and provoke others, without cause. They do it out of personal misery, because of the intense anxiety they feel regarding their own lives.
          But what they don’t stop and think about is, they might be casting stones at somebody who is out of their league. They might be casting stones at somebody who knows people they don’t want to know. Somebody who might take exception to their shit, and bury them. I see young punks doing this sort of thing all over the place these days. Sticking their dicks in married women (bad idea); taunting people on the street whom they don’t know (an even worse idea); making fun of people they don’t know, for absolutely no reason; and all while thinking they are badasses.
          Guys like that die young. Or wind up in prison. To my way of thinking, whenever it happens, the world is a better place. Addition by subtraction. We all pay for our education one way or another – for guys like the aforementioned, the last payment they make is with their own lives.

        7. All too true. The whole thing. I believe it is a mild psychosis similar to slight narcissism that causes people to lose the natural sense of empathy we have. The miserable person principle is explained deftly in the book 48 laws of power. Stay away from the unhappy and unlucky. It is infectious.

        8. You can’t make anyone better, not even yourself, you/they are what you/they are.
          Or as Popeye says, “I am what I am, and that’s all what I am”

        9. I’m more ‘brooding, moody, silent’, can’t be bothered much with blabbermouths (aka gregarious).

        10. I used to be like that when I was a teen. I was depressed. Dirty room, quick to anger. Got out of it gradually in my 20s by going out clubbing. Getting wasted and whatnot. I wasn’t used to having fun. I didn’t participate in any sports. Being aggressive and quick tempered felt right and normal. I feel you. There aren’t any awkward silences when you’re comfortable in the silence. Keep an open mind though bro. There is a lot to life

      1. “My advice would be not to give any overweight woman attention. Your continuing -“the out of balance”. The article is lost on you…. This lady is a pig because she is a pig.Who gives a dam why. ”
        I know a few bloated cows I run into on an almost daily basis, but these women are providing services I need – my laundry, or a cashier, etc. I do agree as a general rule not to bother with fatties – but if I see rely on them for something, I certainly be civil.

      1. Studies have shown that fish and fruit diets alleviate problems for people with asthma. They are rich in protein as well as being high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They also make you feel really good (at least in my case)…you can read the results of one study right here –
        I eat all fish and fruit three weeks out of every four. On the fourth, I’ll eat some additional carbs like potatoes (but no wheat), and/or I’ll eat chicken breast, and other things like oatmeal, eggs, cheese and cottage cheese. Occasionally I’ll binge, and just eat whatever I want for a day or two. The killer thing about this diet is, your metabolism eventually speeds up to such high levels, that putting on extra weigh via the occasional binge isn’t possible. I really like it. Blueberries, cherries, grapes, blackberries, pineapple, etc.; and all kinds of fish and shellfish. If you’ve got asthma, it should make a noticeable difference in your life.
        Even if you don’t have asthma, it will shed excess weight (despite the fact that many fruits have pretty high carbohydrate content), make you healthier, and do wickedly good stuff for your metabolism. It is certainly worth a try…

        1. Sounds interesting. You should look into herbs too. Damiana, ginko, mullien etc. I drink tea I make from them at least 5 times a week. Just small detoxes from everyday chemical and heavy metal exposure

    3. You did the right thing by trying. Not everybody is receptive. My interactions with her after this convo would be hi and bye from now on. I’m the type to offer that advice too. I used to be persistent with people who didn’t listen, hoping they’d come around. Now I moreso preach to the choir. Keep preaching Bob

      1. A friend of mine died less than a year ago from an asthma attack. I was scheduled to meet with her a couple of days after she passed away, to get her started with this diet. Shook me up pretty good when she passed on. And I still can’t shake her ghost. She was only 34 years old. I try to preach occasionally, but only if I think I can save somebody from serial killers (i.e., doctors in white lab coats). Usually it doesn’t work. But I make the effort every once in a while…in the case of my friend, it was too late. So it goes.

        1. A cousin of mine that was as close as a brother to me died from asthma. He was as healthy as a horse. Star athlete. Got in some trouble and his folks thought it best he enrolled in the navy. He never had asthma before. He was discharged from the navy because of it and died a few short years after. He was 26. That effort is a valiant one Bob.

        2. That’s a goddamn shame about your cousin. Rips me up when people die young. More and more people are dying from asthma. I almost croaked in L.A. from it, years ago. Studies are showing that wheat is a major culprit. For the hell of it, I did some experimenting. Stuck with the fruit and fish diet. Then I ate a pizza on a binge day, and other foods with wheat. Damned if I didn’t have trouble breathing. I’m sold on the notion that wheat (in it’s current genetically modified form) is a killer. It makes people obese, that’s a given. But it causes breathing problems, too. Who knows what else. I’ve sworn off it for good.

        3. That’s a smart move. I read a book, Eat 4 Your Type, about how our blood reacts to food we eat. A German girl I was seeing was reading it and it caught my eye. There were lists of food that people shouldn’t eat, are neutral to or benefit from depending on blood type. They looked it at like blood allergens. I’m type b and for my type they said peanuts, shellfish, corn, wheat are dangerous for me. My eldest son is allergic to shellfish and my youngest peanuts. I doubt it’s coincidental… They stated that most people shouldn’t eat wheat or dairy at all. You should give that book a look. Sounds like you have a good grasp already though.

        4. I’ll check it out. I like books like that, thinking outside the box, etc. Thanks for the tip.

        5. Military vaccinations supposedly really jack up some people’s immune systems.
          Also don’t take this as anti-vaccination, but rather that the military does not have to adhere to any typical safety/testing/etc.

        6. There was no doubt that we believed the navy to be culpable. It was tough to reconcile with my family being so involved in the services. All the way down to my grandma and her siblings. I told my father, who was a marine that I was going in to the army and he said over his dead body

    4. As a woman with asthma, I believe that she’s making excuses to be fat and seeking sympathy. I should add that during my early childhood, my asthma was so severe that I nearly died.
      If I can work out four times a week without having any attacks, surely she can handle some marital conflict without becoming a useless wheezing whiner. She needs to drink more water and strengthen her lungs with cardio as well as fresh air.

      1. Pfffffftttttttttt. Clean living, discipline and exercise?!?!?
        Fuk dat – gimme drugs and surgery!!!

        1. LOL Mah asthma!!! I bet that fool probably smokes and then wonders why she coughs so much and feels terrible.
          She’s the type who carries her puffers everywhere just so that she can whip them out and talk about her illness.
          I don’t understand those who feed on pity. It’s a nightmare when anyone feels sorry for me. I’m supposed to carry my inhalers around but I don’t because I think that creates a self fulfilling prophecy. If I have been breathing well, there’s no need for me to walk around with Ventolin.

    5. “My husband. He acts like an ass and every time he does, my lungs get worse.”
      LOL Bullshit!

    6. “Apparently this broad is convinced her husband is making her ill.”
      Very, very, very common.
      Do you know how many times I have heard females (especially the older ones) blame health issues on the “aggravation” caused by their husbands or sons?
      I used to hear this crap first hand from my own evil witch of a mother.

    7. One advice: An old woman, who is not family should be treated corporately. Especially when she is ugly. Yes, no, thank you, goodbye.

    8. From women’s perspective, It’s always “someone’s fault”. Always… from their perspective.
      Women have no concept of self responsibility.
      That’s why false rape charges are so common because if her friends find out and shame her, she will say “he raped me” instead of saying “yes I chose to have sex with him”.
      This is why every society in history try to keep women in check and not give them power designated towards male only.

      1. MRA are booming, PUA culture is platforming, for now… And , my friend, since feminsim reigns, every man take it up through the ass

        1. Speak for yourself. My ass is a proud virgin. But both MRA and PUA culture is the stuff of Beta males and thus neither can or will become truly phenomenal. What IS booming is conservative satire and showmanship, such as Milo Yiannopoulos’s rise and Trump’s election. That’s probably what you were referring to and trying to piggy-back on.

        2. Hmmm. No. I was refering to the paradox than Roosh himself is highlighting in recent articles.
          You don’t have a Virgin ass, my friend, because you were fucked long befor eyou were born.
          Not having a victim mentality is great, but living in denial is a strong mistake…

        3. I’m not just “not having a victim mentality” – I’m not a victim. I’m a social Alpha. I’m not at threat of being divorced-raped, I take what I want, and everybody can get fucked because I’m winning. I’ve got kids, got wives, got no fears…

        4. It’s great ! You’re obvioulsy THE exeption. SO, you mean you have no chance to be rape by law if a random woman press charge against you for no reason ?

        5. I don’t know any women like that. Anyway, people can’t just make shit up. You need evidence to be found guilty. You’re talking dumb shit.

        6. So, you’re not an Alpha. You’re naive. You don’t have to know them. Women you just crossed on the road can accuse you, make you fired, jailed, or beat up with no real legal or personal consequences…for them. But with REAL conséquences for you.
          That’s where we all live, that’s our state of ‘civilisation’.

        7. I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. I’m guessing you’re delusional and paranoid. None of that applies to me.

        8. You have no idea, really ?
          There are litterally hundred of articles about men having been jailed or worse after a proofless accusation of a loony women, and you have no idea ? Wow…
          Even here, you can find some:

          The Truth About False Rape Accusations That All Men Should Know

          And false rape are just ONE example. A colleague can accuse you of ‘sexual harassment’ and get a promotion as easily as you get fired.
          Another link about the typical legal retaliation of a women lying to court…

          But don’t worry, there is no risk for you. You’re an Alpha.

        9. No, they need hard evidence for the case to go forward. The shit you read on RoK is typically bullshit too, by the way. There’s a lot of fake news on this site. Stop being so gullible.

        10. Why the fuck are you such a sissy? Grow some fucken balls. People can’t just point at you and accuse you of whatever the fuck they want and then have you sent to jail for it. Shit requires proof. Wake the fuck up, you dumb fuck,

      1. Game does work, from the beguining of times, as any Pimp could teach you (before fucking you of in his jail cell)
        The only problem is: it becomes harder to find someone that is Worth of your time.

  17. The article raises a good point but could have gone further. The behavior of women is based on artificial constraints in the marketplace, namely, the forced transfer of wealth from betas to women in the form of welfare, school subsidies; forced association (companies have to hire a quota of women or be fined); as well the violation of contract law by judges on behalf of women.
    There are others, but mostly it’s enough to say that this is a result of Statist bureacracy and over policing of the population.

    1. There’s nothing artificial about it. These constraints you speak of are social mechanisms that arise out of man’s natural desire to provide for women. Your objection to them is out of that same desire that you disagree with the way resources are being allocated because it doesn’t benefit you individually. Man, this is ancient shit men have been arguing about since cave-man times.

    2. The forced transfer of assets is from all men living in the west. You can’t choose (as alpha) to not participate unless to move so far off grid you become irrelevant.

      1. But you CAN steal shit to get a refund, or something similar. White working class men are being ridden by society until they collapse. It’s possible to buck them off though in many ways, or at least deliver major “fuck you”s here and there so as to re-level the playing field

        1. I moved so far off grid, I became irrelevant.
          Can’t see any other way to “buck off”.

  18. I’m one of those woman who believe in splitting the check on the first date. Who doesn’t sleep around. Who likes the patriarchy. And I kind of agree with this article

    1. LOL How many of these first dates have you been on? Kinda undermines your second sentence there

      1. A couple. I don’t go on a lot of first dates because there are a lot of users out there. I talk with someone for awhile first then if there’s a little bit of a connection there I then proceed to the first date. I dont date for “fun”. When I date or enter into a relationship it means that I could see spending the rest of my life with you

        1. If you have had more than 2 ‘relationships’ without getting married then you are spoiled goods (equally applies to men and women).

        2. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of experience here – like a bicycle that’s been ridden round the track a few times.
          In all honesty I’ve never dated. The practice belongs to a slut culture that I’m not a part of. I know when I want a relationship and I know if a girl wants it too, and then it just is. There’s no “try before you buy”. If a girl is with me then she’s already mine and there’s no refunds.

        3. How does it equally apply to men and women? Men and women aren’t biological equals. Also, where did you get the “2” from? Sounds like you pulled an arbitrary number out of your ass, mate

        4. If you insist on 3/4/5, I’ll agree. But if you do a lot of try before you buy, then you aren’t a serious buyer ….. or are totally incompetent at choosing a mate, or accessing people’s personalities.

        5. “If you have had more than 2 ‘relationships’ without getting married then you are spoiled goods (equally applies to men and women).”
          Why would anyone make this deal with woman? They are incapable of any morality. Its like saying – hey hungry lion- don’t eat that antelope.

        6. LOL… how is it that woman always play this garbage card. If I had a dollar for every gal that said “there are a lot of users out there’… and lo and behold the next guy they are attracted to – use them and they love it! While the guy who isn’t – doesn’t get the time of day….!!! Play this hypergamic bullshit somewhere else. A few on this site will buy your bullshit – I will just laugh.
          Woman only respect a man with options and that is it.
          The worst part is you actually believe your own female shit. I will never figure that out with women. How immoral and shallow you all are.

        7. So a man who broke up with me who basically said any future guy I’m with is going beat rape and use me is good. But I’m the bad guy? I’m immoral and shallow because I Go on very few dates and I’m selective because iv been with abusive dick heads? And that I dont just trust anybody so I’m selective who I date. Well sorry for being immoral and shallow for trying to protect myself

        8. I have only actually had one long term relationship. And he was abusive so. And iv been on a few dates and nothings happened.

  19. History clearly teaches us that cultures and civilizations have life cycles; they are born and grown old and die, same as people. This process has never been reversed or thwarted throughout the course of history. Marcus Aurelius was a virtuous man who did his duty and literally had all the power in the world at his fingertips; he had more power than all of us combined will ever have. Yet he was unable to prevent the Fall of Rome.
    Our culture is deep in its death spiral. You will not save our society and it does not deserve to be saved. Build yourself up and enjoy the decline. You will be dead soon, and your time is precious. Don’t waste your life on a fool’s errand.

    1. If the Men before us had this mentality Western Civilization wouldn’t exist or even human civilization wouldn’t exist. The difference between us Men and animals/ women (I consider women and animals to be almost morally equal ) is We have a purpose or destiny that makes us choose discipline and hardship over short term pleasure .

    2. “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”
      -Marcus Aurelius

  20. I know this is historically inaccurate, but this is how Trump should deal with his liberal politicians.
    Who will speak against the motion?

  21. Balance can only be restored per individual man. One has to realize that while the amount of quality females has declined, the amount of legitimate competition has declined as well.

  22. And what about anatomically accurate and ultra-realistic, programmable, upgradable AI driven sex bots?

  23. If you think you can put internet and globalisation back in the box, you are the one who is deluded.
    All this dysfunction is here to stay. Just find your own balance, and merely hope that others make better choices too.

    1. People act like “globalism” has to be. It does not-its a choice. We can deport and shoot if need be. Also, we don’t have to trade with every scum 3rd world getto nation on this planet.

      1. Would you like to be kept confined to your own locality, even if you could and most of all wanted to, move around the city? You are simply not comprehending the reach of the coming generations.
        Still time to catch up, if you wanna beat them at their own game.

  24. Of course it was some old windbag posting for 6/6/6 guy lol, nobody wants a used up 36 year old droopy pussy debt ridden slut.

  25. I don’t consider that women have the upper hand. A different perspective not disagreeing. For me its like some guy that professes, boast and believes that the house he bought, will paint, and flip, has no clue what he has truly bought into. I know in the end he is going to get screwed and is in for lots worse than he realizes in the long run.
    Same thing with these feminist women that think they are calling the shots. Some are already regretting there choices, decisions and attitudes as they hit the wall and find themselves lonely old cat ladies with no one to show them the attention they so longingly lust for.
    For me, it increases my sense of control for my future and frame.

  26. Look, this whole thing really comes down to culture, so, its a cultural problem. the socialist/communist movement, from the start, was focused on culture. The conservative right never even understood the sort of battle that was being fought. And, luckily, recently this has FINALLY begun to change. ROK, Neomasculinity and the election of Donald Trump are all things that are illustrate this growing realization that this is a cultural fight.

      1. That is right, but we did not expect Trump to be Adolf 2.0, nor the Second Coming of Christ, did we?
        Electing him President instead of Hillary was the end-goal of the Trump fad.
        Nobody expects Trump to change the world and magically make our Masculinity being reclaimed, without us having to lift a finger. Or to carry out Final Solution 2.0 for that matter…

      1. Who cares what a Greek homo thinks!
        Anyway, he didn’t write anything, you can only read what his student wrote.

    1. Indeed it is so, but.
      First, you change yourself.
      That has an impact on the people around you.
      That impact can change them.
      So the impact spreads through them.
      When enough people are changed, the success in society is inevitable. It takes time. Example: Cultural Marxist subversion did not start yesterday nor in 2016…

  27. i believe we are doomed and the future will be worse than ever, since who have the power to drive societies won’t make any enfort for men.
    meanwhile, lot of good dna of good men will dry up, since these “empowered female” chose to mate with the worsth men around.
    all those scenarios are presents nowadays, the shadow government won’t chance nothings, LGBTqwerty are already rampart around us, and red pill men aren’t enought to make a change against this corrupted societies, take President Trump for instance, despite the good deeds, he have to fight against all odds with fair result or an impeachment if he would continue with his agenda. or you believe women will be redpilled enought to fix the situations?
    If you are a smart man, if you traveled a lot, You already know is better backup your stuff and move abroad than be a slave, or deal with this nosense until you die.

  28. Why the game is in decline and is becoming less and less effective? It is social media and tinder that destroyed it, killed it and burried it. Game was most effective in late 90s and 00s when having balls to approach, being cocky,funny and playful meant something.
    You have to realize back then average girls wouldn’t get hit on for weeks unless she goes nightclub and even then it was not guaranteed plain jane would get asked for number when out. Maybe got hit on by some ugly drunks wasn’t into and that was about it.
    Back in those days Applying basic game principles would yield results, the game didnt have competition..then the worst happened fb, iphone, insta, snapchat,tinder and the rest is history.
    I dont care gow good you think your game is when a girl gets 2500 matches on tinder in 48 hours you know that things are not gonna end well, as author puts it, it unsustainable, society can’t keep going at this rate and pretend its all normal.
    Roosh said girls dont give eye contact in clubs anymore, daytime is the same, only eye contact is between them and their iphone, the best chance you got is wait for her phone battery to go flat.

    1. I lived through that era and disagree. Like with real estate, “all markets are local”, but overall, in the 90’s I found an interesting paradox: Plainer women got approached more often (due to men wanting a safe approach, etc.) so these women often had disproportionately high demands. Even if they only got approached once every few months, they still got more approaches than most men.
      In addition, back in the 90’s, sexual harassment legislation kicked in the workplace and the attitude spread to public. Women only gyms cropped up where women could avoid being “hit on.” And keep in mind that back then, since most men approached women in public or work (not in clubs), women were used to “day game”.
      Perhaps in some ways, day game has flourished because so many men are lazy and stick to online but I know this is pure conjecture.

  29. I believe this market condition is going to push science to develop sexbots and other VR sex quite rapidly. Eventually sex and all forms of pleasure will become obsolete. Men will bang real women for nostalgia. Just plug your brain up into a computer and it will do all the stimulation.

  30. The thing about imbalance in market places, whether sexual, real estate, financial or whatever, is that with all imbalances someone is benefiting. If you just detach yourself from the emotional bs and survey the landscape realistically, you can always figure out how to make any imbalance work in your benefit.
    Stuff like “societal reform” is just a different imbalance with new rules for how to take advantage of it. Too many guys seem to have given in the the passive mind set that this is society and nothing we can do abiut it or have an active mind set where they are trying to force the currents of society to favor them rather than learning how to maneuver the currents that exist.
    It won’t work. Ask King Knute. You just can’t command the tides no matter what your people think of you.
    I really see, at this point, the passivity of MGTOW being no real difference from the activity of “reformers.” In the end they are both people who just refuse to learn how the system works and manipulate of their own gain.
    Prostitutes? Sex bots? Changing society to some idealized past state? Moving to a third world country? Mail order bride? Man, people seem to be working awfully hard at not being good at life.
    Whether you want a traditional family life or you want to stay at the sexual buffet forever, there are plenty of opportunities if you are willing to get them.
    Being pissed that they aren’t just falling out of the sky into your lap and that you have to work for them is a bad, bad mindset

  31. There’s only one solution to this. Find a low notch count, well-mannered and attractive woman and seduce her into submission. Waste no time in marrying her and having kids. Then, you take full responsibility for teaching those kids the essence of red-pill. Make it a mission to mold them into the most self-aware men and women you’ve ever known and inspire them to spread the message to other people. Teach your boys the glory of being a man and teach your girls the true power of femininity.
    Unless you’re a policy-maker or a media personality, the only way to restore balance to the sexual marketplace is to create a generation of men and women who know and imbibe the red pill from their childhood. Because you and I, this generation, has already lost half the battle. I’m 24 and I became aware of red pill only a couple of years ago. I wish I had known it when I was 12. And I wish my father had been self-aware to teach me this life-changing philosophy back then.

  32. I said this many times before, and I’ll say it again: even when the smp restores, avg women == avg men. It never been and never will be. Avg men > avg women in a pound for pound matchup, so why would we buy that nonsense? Especially since they not only ignored this when they had the upper hand but had the audacity to even go further in the opposite – thinking they deserve the top 20%?! There are some of you here who are in that 20%; do you think these skanks are worthy of your time or effort?

  33. 1. Quit the welfare state. No daddy government anymore.
    2. No childsupport anymore, let women make good decisions on who they have sex with.
    No child benefits from the state anymore, pay for your own children.
    The money saved can benefit taxpayers who payed for this initially.
    4. stop no-fault divorce.
    5. No palimony laws anymore until women will do their job: stay at home and watch after children.
    6. and last but not least: no affirmative action anymore.

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