What Would Happen If Hillary Clinton Wins?

Although I predicted a Donald Trump victory last fall, and my confidence in this outcome is higher now than ever, we must still prepare for the worst. As he himself mentions in The Art of the Deal, “prepare for the downsides and the upsides will take care of themselves.” A Hillary Clinton victory is still a big possibility and still the favored outcome on paper. We must therefore manage our expectations. If the worst were to happen, how bad would it be, and what can be done to survive and thrive?

While a Hillary Clinton presidency represents several unmitigated disasters that must be avoided at all costs, there are still, in my opinion at least, a few surprising silver linings that enterprising men can take advantage of, as disaster has always provided opportunities to those who saw them.


Whoever wins this election will be the most unpopular person ever elected President. This will make it very difficult for that person to govern. However, unlike Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has no charisma. The result will be a regime that is deeply unpopular and distrusted, and will remain that way.

While Donald Trump may be able to use his powers of persuasion effectively, Hillary Clinton has no such powers. The media will certainly be on her side, but the media is already overwhelmingly distrusted and declining in influence rapidly. The proof is in the money. “Journalists” barely sell books, and Hillary Clinton couldn’t even sell 3,000 in its launch week. For a presidential candidate of a major party with a united establishment behind her, this is utterly embarrassing.

Time and again, the pattern has been: the more the public sees of Hillary, the more it dislikes her. Truthfully, there’s no better symbol to discredit the establishment than Hillary Clinton, whose incompetence, corruption, and lack of charisma and persuasive abilities will be symbolic of its moral and intellectual bankruptcy.

As people look for alternatives, whether in politics or in their personal lives, opportunities will open, and there’s no better symbol to stage a contrast with than Hillary Clinton (a face is always the best thing to attach a thought to, as per Scott Adams, and her face is guaranteed to generate strong emotions).


Supreme Court

Regardless of how unpopular she is, Hillary Clinton, if elected, could end up filling two or three vacancies if some older liberal justices decide to time their retirement for the occasion. This will likely permanently realign the court and make it a rubber stamp for any “social justice” endeavor that the regressive left wants to pass.

“Social Justice” Culture Will Get Worse

Men, especially on college campuses, will have to take special heed. It may become necessary to record all interactions with women if, as seems possible, the “misogyny” pilot program underway in the UK expands. This is especially so if “misogyny” becomes paired with the increasingly nebulous concept of “harassment” (all words engineered to shut down critical thinking and operate on confirmation bias).

Black Lives Matter will increase in power. Violence against dissenters will become more open and encouraged through selective enforcement. Islam will continue to demographically expand through accelerated “refugee” resettlement. More terrorist attacks in the US and Europe are certain, and the creep of Islam in mainstream culture will accelerate.

Decrees mandating the increased presence of “social justice” related initiatives in college, at the workplace, and in your neighborhood could well be passed. It’s possible that cuckolding culture will take off, with media blitzes about how “progressive” and “not sexist” it is. What better way to control your “toxic masculinity” (and to promote female desires at the expense of men)?


Hillary Isn’t Effective

Aside from his charisma and persuasive abilities, the reason Barack Obama was so successful in selling his “fundamental transformation of America” was because he was almost a blank slate. He arrived with such meteoric velocity that he was more myth than man. Comparatively little was known about him. In four years, he went from obscure Illinois lawmaker to President-Elect. People could fill in the blanks with whatever they wanted to.

Hillary Clinton lacks this too. Everyone’s known her for decades. Her image can’t change. Young regressives voted overwhelmingly against her in the primaries and her lead among Millennials is dismal at best. Even Bernie Sanders, who drew massive crowds, barely drew 200 for Hillary. Millennial turnout will likely drop with black turnout. It’s hard to get excited about Hillary. Her reputation is just as negative among Millennials as everyone else. What’s Hillary running on? What’s the aspiration she’s selling?

There are many indications that there’s such little excitement for Hillary that even if she were to win, she would be a terrible salesperson for the regressives. They don’t like her and her ability to rally them is doubtful.

The spread of social movements isn’t only related to their truthfulness, but often with the status they convey on adherents. Accusing someone of witchcraft centuries ago was a way to decrease the status of the accused and increase that of the accuser by showing his or her piety to the prevailing orthodoxy. It’s no different now when someone is accused of whatever label that regressives like.

Barack Obama had a “coolness” factor allowing him to elevate the regressive left in power and status, from which it could look down on benighted souls that dared to dissent. Hillary lacks much of this. She may promote the regressive left and will work on its behalf, but it’s far from certain that she’ll continue to make it “cool.” It is instead possible that regressives will lose status because of her sheer incompetence and terrible salesmanship.

In the meantime, the counter culture that we’re part of will grow because of the lame symbol that is Hillary Clinton. It is to this counter culture that you can position your enterprising efforts, and I’m hedged in that way because one of my projects will be more relevant if Hillary wins.

So while Hillary Clinton will legally strengthen the regressives, it’s far from certain that she will add cultural force to them. She may in fact wind up weakening them with her lame and incompetent administration.


Warhawk Resurgence

The biggest danger Hillary Clinton poses is that she’s never seen a war she hasn’t liked. Hillary has repeatedly called for a no fly zone over Syria, which would mean shooting down Russian aircraft. Moscow considers her an existential threat, and she reportedly believes that Putin would “back down.”

In truth, the Syrian conflict is probably more dangerous than anything in the Cold War. You have two sides armed by opposing powers in conflict with one another, and aircraft from those major powers flying sorties in the same narrow airspace. This is not something I want Hillary Clinton, a warmonger and an incompetent one, anywhere near.

There’s a reason why the GOP’s neocons have lined up behind Hillary. If she wins, we can at the very least expect continued destabilization of the Middle East and possibly other areas, which means even more “refugees” imported into the West and an increased risk of terrorism.



A Hillary Clinton presidency must be avoided at all costs. It’s vital for every ROK reader who is eligible to vote to turn out. This year’s “gender gap” is a reversal of the norm—Hillary Clinton is having deep trouble with men. It may just be men like you and I that decide things.

But if there is a silver lining to the worst case scenario, it may be that Hillary’s total lack of persuasive ability and her thoroughly corrupt reputation shred whatever credibility the establishment has left. By any reasonable measure her presidency would be a disaster, but in disaster lies opportunity. Perhaps this is being overly optimistic, and I understand that sentiment. But as Scott Adams remarks, you can interpret almost anything as good or bad news, so I try to find what good I can.

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322 thoughts on “What Would Happen If Hillary Clinton Wins?”

  1. well in the worst case you will have to endure her for little time, a person with so many health issues wont last 4 years of presidency even less a second period

    1. with modern medicine if you don’t die quickly it can take a while, people who can’t wipe their asses or remember the year can easily live 10 years with nursing assistance

        1. South Park is one of the few shows that I can depend on to be consistently brilliant. The PC principle theme of last season was incredible

        2. Totally agree. I’m just pissed it takes 12 month for the episodes to air in germany. Just take the last episode. It wont make any sense in a year from now. That’s why I watch it on kisscarton.

        3. You could get a US based VPN, or just use TOR browser and set end point to US.. and watch them directly from south park website. It’s what I do when overseas.

  2. In regards to the SJW issue, it’s my belief that if Hillary wins the SJW narratives will become increasingly worse. Think a linear increase or stair step-like jumps. We’ll see the battle of the sexes, more BLM enabling, and censorship of opposing views.
    If Trump wins, I believe the SJW backlash will be huge, but short lived.
    I any event, it’s best to be prepared for the worst. Watch your backs and stay safe, gentlemen.

    1. Absolutely. Legally we will be in big trouble, but as remarked, she is nowhere near as effective a salesperson as Barack Obama. She completely lacks everything he has. When SJWism loses a big part of it’s “cool factor” it may lose some of its cultural impetus.
      The media can try all it wants but it can’t put lipstick on a pig forever.

        1. Not sure on your last sentence. I believe it to be true that corporations are currently engaging in tactics that aren’t bottom lined oriented but, pure SJW activities. And this can be directly attributed to a variety of factors, not the least of being the significant % of women in senior roles.
          Look at how phaggy the NFL is and the fact that a woman is the head of marketing and strategies there. And now they will attempt to do the same thing to the NHL as women are becoming more prominent there as well. And this isn’t just in pro sports but, across many industries.

      1. She’s a 70 yo with the manner and voice of a hectoring schoolmarm. Any attempt on her to part to appear “cool” induces cringing and “Please stop”.
        She even causes cringeworthiness in others:

  3. Whoever is elected will be the scapegoat for the coming economic collapse. One of my pet theories is that the plan is to have trump elected wait a year then crash the economy and blame it all on nationalism, racism, and protectionism. Thus to usher in a truly integrated global government.

      1. I think those of us 45 and under should expect significant conflict sometime in our lifetime and a Hillary victory will only accelerate this.
        All data is pointing towards this. We are being held together by a thin veneer of comfort. Once that has been erased, things will jump off.

        1. I’ve been expecting it by 2023 (based on my first such declaration). I never expected BLM terrorism, so that timetable might shift closer to us, but it seems likely.
          We’ve been artificially peaceful for decades. It sadly never lasts.

        2. Hmm. Sooner than my predictions. I’ve been thinking another 10-15 years. There’s still enough credit in the system to make people somewhat content.

        3. ‘Are there enough goods and can people afford them?’
          Afford = Credit. Do you think people are using their own money to prop up our consumerist economies?

        4. OK. Simply put, most Americans, Canadians etc.. are highly indebted and are using credit facilities to either make ends meet or sustain their lifestyle.
          And there is enough credit in the system to maintain this for a bit longer.

        5. I’ve thought it would take one major economic shock to set off the powder keg. The Fed can’t keep inflating currency forever, housing’s poised to pop again, etc.
          Not that an economic shock is the only possible way it can start – I just think it’s a likely one.

        6. Basically, there’s enough of other people’s money in the system to prop it up for now. Lenders can lend based on their current stores, government continuing to devalue the currency (“Quantitative Easing”), and trust that more money will come.
          When these three fail, the credit economy necessarily fails.

        7. Yes. The financial system can maintain this for a bit longer due to measures they made 7ish years ago. However, this cannot go on forever. Look at my country: Canada. It has no real gdp growth. Just a hot housing market causing banks to be flush with cash with a complicit federal government implementing policies to continue this.

        8. If the influx of refugees is the same the next years here in germany, muslims will be a majority in the 20 to 40 year age group of men at 2025. If it goes up again to the 2015 levels it will be already the case at around 2020.
          This means I will leave this country sometime in the near future.
          If I’ll go for the Master Of Science degree I will be finished in early 2019. I will probably move my ass to east europe then.

        9. I see.
          I always get a little confused about this economic stuff. For instance, what is ‘growth’? It can be defined in a few ways, but are those ways representative of … yeah, what exaclty? Wealth? Happiness? What is the standard?

        10. Whatever the Blonde lady on the TV says it is from reading the notes the Jewish media owner made for her. That’s how growth is defined. If there are no standards for gender, don’t expect any for economic concepts.

        11. Standard? What are you, a logical person?
          Seriously, though, the only semi-objective measures that haven’t been shifted over the past few years are import/export (how much more do we make than we spend, as a nation), GDP (how much, in current dollars, did we produce), and the Big Mac index (how much does it cost to make the same Big Mac today compared to last year).

        12. Hedge yourself. I’m hedged in that way too because my grand project ties into this. People will be searching for it. Explore every way to make independent money that you can.

        13. Yeah, alright, but those are just some averaged-out values. What concrete things do they tell us? How much does GDP tell us? It’s just some rather abstract number. If the nation has a higher GDP, do I automatically have more money? And if I have, can I buy more for it? More of what? That would be more according to the Big Mac index, I think. But then, even the Big Mac index per se is not a perfect statement. How much a Big Mac costs is put into relation with how much I earn, which may or may not interact with how well the industry does, and, well, I think that in some ways, economy is a chaotic system. We can make some basic measurements, but to think we truly ‘understand’ what’s going on is likely a delusion. Look at our weather computers. They can’t predict anything beyond a week with a reasonable accuracy. I don’t think economy is much different. And that’s just talking about global economy, not about individual lives and how they are affected. Gah!

        14. You have more clothes than Ludwig the Fourteenth and you can watch more plays than Elisabeth the First. You don’t need to buy more stuff, bro. You are already richer than 99% of histories population. And if you own an iPhone – congratulations, you got the same smartphone that Cristiano Ronaldo uses. Consumerism made richness disappear.
          The first article on my blog will be about this topic and its consequences. And the article will be in german language, mein Bruder.

        15. That’s absolutely right. But nobody listens to me or the right wing nationalists. That is the reason we are doomed in the first place.
          I told my parents many times now that I will leave this country in the next 5 years but they think I’m joking.
          But I’ll do it for sure because I don’t want to die and I’ll never come back.

        16. You should stay, find men like yourself and resist. Maybe you would best be able to do this in east Europe but, why give up on Duetschland?

        17. straightalpha.com
          First articles to be released in january 2017. (Because I want to publish one article per week which is not possible at the moment. I don’t want the articles quality to decrease because of my lack of time)

        18. Dude, you don’t know how fucked german men are. There will NEVER be a resistance. They are so bluepilled – It’s north korea level of indoctrination over here.

        19. I refuse to believe the Blonde Beast is finished in his own land. Sure German Americans are the majority and Germans are spread elsewhere but, to surrender the Rhine?
          For what because some old hags said so by bringing Muslims in. I’m not sure the blonde beast should surrender his land!

        20. Oh right, you already linked it once, I remember.
          Well, I’d say just start publishing whenever you come up with something good. I doubt anyone really cares for this ‘regular schedule’ thing. I think that the ‘write regularly’ tip is less of a ‘people expect your articles in exactly the same time-steps’ than ‘don’t stop writing completely and stay at it’. I sense that you are putting stones in your own way there, my friend. But it’s your decision of course.

        21. Maybe there but there are Hard German men all over! I’m a quarter German and half Anglo Saxon. Between the Rhine and The Danube is the home of the majestic Blonde Beast. There has to be a better solution, brother.

        22. South America could be an option for me, too.
          Argentina and Uruguay are still very white.
          But I don’t see Italy and Spain as options. They are just too close to the refugee zone.

        23. Well, at least Germany still has men in some shape or form. Sweden, on the other hand, only has feminists and eunuchs.

        24. It were the germans who fought (((Cultural Marxism))) and (((Marxism))) at the same time and they were betrayed by their european and american brothers.
          So you guys are the last to tell us what to do.
          You fucked this shit up beyond repair.
          And the refugees are not coming to germany out of nowhere. There has been wars in syria, afghanistan and iraq led by USrael.
          So if some murican tells me what to do – it’s the best example of hypocrisy.

        25. Well, lets see. I move to Munich in four days, have to check if I can get a second Lasik eye surgery, will start writing my bachelor thesis in january when I’m in Mainz.
          So many things going on right now, I’m just too busy and I am actually asking myself why I am still chatting on this site because I don’t have time for this. I will stop it today. 😉

        26. Your funny. I was born in 1991 and none of my family is in politics, atleast in the last 150 years. You are correct in saying that America and Europe betrayed Germany. To say I am telling you what to do seems childish to me. Sure US caused the need for refugees but, I am a simple tradesmen in the West.
          Wether you are willing to die for your homeland is entirely up to you. Just know that when a Man rises up from that beautiful land, whether it be out of Bavaria, The Rhine, Swabia, or the greatest of the all Austria. When this happens and it will! Men from all over, will be willing to flood those borders and lend a hand. I, as a European American wish, o how I wish I was in Europe!

        27. That may be needed, it appears that the willful disregard for both life and death has left the German stock still in Central Europe.
          Can I ask this, are you just wholefully unwilling to defend Germania or do you truly believe it is a lost cause, brother?

        28. I don’t want to defend a Volk of fat, arrogant sluts, cucked liberals and goat fuckers. I am not proud to be german but not in the usual nazi guilt way, but in the ‘Oh my god, germans are fucking cucks and the nazi spirit has vanished. Smdh. Lets get away from here asap’ way.

        29. It’s disgusting to think that the same people that gave the world the Teutonic Knights have been reduced to this.

        30. I look at it as Germany is sacred ground for the Aryan spirt. Whether it manifests in totality there or not. Maybe you are correct, and that land is to be given to liberals and Muslims. Seems to spit right on every Habsburg emperor and Hitler’s graves if you ask me. Napoleon, Charles the Hammer, Charlemagne, not too mention the Siege Of Vienna, The Winged Hussars?

        31. Yeah, it is disgusting indeed. I just hope the german spirit survives even if it’s only a few individuals – otherwise the tribe of Goethe, Schiller, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Kant, Hegel, Hesse, Lessing and so many others is lost forever.

        32. The defenders at the gates of Vienna died for no reason because the Skypes fooled the whites and literally fucked their minds beyond repair. Every liberal, every feminist and every race mixer is nothing but a traitor who should recieve the death penalty.

        33. Lol, I take it you are not a fan of the Holy Roman Empire or the house of Habsburg? That would be a shame!
          “Died for nothing” ? You best have some serious shit to write back to me to defend that Nonsense!

        34. Whoa. Whoa. Stop the thinking. And just watch Eurovision like a good little sheep.
          Leave the thinking to the ladies in pantsuits. They know all.

        35. Oh, I considered moving to Greifswald. Let’s see. You have to understand that I lived in the west with 20% of muslims in town so my view is flawed and I don’t know how its in the east. I have been to the east only one time – and that was a trip to Berlin. Nuff said.

        36. How different can it be,maybe it’s closer to your vision of the Germany you dream about. Who knows?
          Same language, same cuisine and the women look German.
          Get on some forums and make friends and you’re in fucking Germany you’ll find a job. Also, do yourself a favour and don’t be the only Gerry in Poland trying to fuck their women.

        37. And thats why politicos, and pundits are pushing carbon cap and trade so hard: to create another Derivatives market, to take a dollar and slice it one thousand ways and insist each fraction is still worth a dollar. As long as everyone believes in this fantasy (ie has faith in their government – what else is backing up the dollar?) we will be fine. If…

        38. there will be no powder keg going off. Maybe a round up of treasonous conspiracy theorists but that’s about it.
          Most people are debt slaves living paycheck to paycheck. It’s only the people who have a positive net worth that will suffer. The government will come up with some program so the woe-is-me crowd can keep on going. So long as the game is on TV things will be fine.
          In the years after as the remaining productive americans realize their labor does nothing for them, things will get tough all over. It’s difficult to keep things going once people realize the opportunity cost of going to work exceeds the benefit.
          The weaponized underclass and terrorism will be used here and there as required to keep people afraid and calling for government control.
          What could cause some serious problems for fedgov is this sue Saudi Arabia bill. If there is a veto override and people sue things about 2001 will come out that fedgov wants kept as conspiracy theory. It’s going to have a hell of time creating distractions. Although the compliant media just may refuse to cover the court cases. Then it won’t matter and still be the realm of conspiracy theorists.

        39. We’ve moved beyond this model. Modern credit no longer requires that one is actually using the saved and accumulated wealth of another. Credit exceeds assets to back it, and therefore there is essentially unlimited credit. The only danger is, the more credit that is created, the higher the risk that the entire system fails, so they don’t just print a trillion dollars a year. Nah, more like $45 billion a month.

        40. Be very wary of claims of “economic growth.” Often they are simply comparing prices of junk that is sold. So if stores sold a billion dollars in goods, and the next year sold $1.01 billion, they will claim there was 1% growth.
          That does NOT mean more goods were sold, which is what they will always claim.
          It can, in fact, mean LESS goods were sold. Suppose they print 8% more currency. Prices in the economy will (in the long term, perhaps not in that year) increase by 8%. So anything less than an 8% increase to $1.08 billion represents *fewer* goods bought and sold. Therefore a loss becomes a gain. Only with the New Economy (TM).

        41. Even then, fewer goods sold could actually be a good thing. I mean, do we really need a new smartphone every year? And what about the stuff that is built to fail sooner rather than later, requiring to reinvest money in it?

        42. Maybe the middle class with positive net worth will suffer, but not the rich, who can/have/will purchase actual assets with their ill gotten funny money.
          All the bubble cycles are resource grabs by the (((elite))) and their managerial class whores.

        43. I’ve seen this photo before and it just sickens me to no end.
          I live in Cucknada and I can tell you, if it ever gets to the point where we are made to accept rapefugees into our homes without having a choice about it, I will make sure that mine suffers an unfortunate accident on his first day. I’m not even kidding.
          I absolutely can not fathom how people would let this happen to their homeland. If the government won’t do anything about it, then someone needs to form a group like the Sons of the Harpy (from Game of Thrones) and get to work cleaning up the place.

        44. Hitler was a cretin and an occultist madman. The worst leader germany has had only second to Merkel. The great tragedy of Germany was its defeat in WWI, being led at the time by a coward and idiot (Wilhelm). Afterwards WWII was fated to happen. I’m not gonna tell you what to do. I guess Germany is a lot worse than the last time I was there, in 2012.

        45. Germany has been heading down this road since the rest of Europe abandoned it after WW2.
          Once they destroy Germany do you think they’ll stop? What’s happened to Germany should mean a lot to all of us.

        46. I didn’t try anything, I just described what happened. And no, I couldn’t care less about the accusations against him because of the “six million” dead. I wrote about his impact on the German nation and how there was no nation to speak of anymore after him (let alone the million of German and other European dead). Sorry I am not a Nazi sympathizer. Lame try at whitewashing history.

        47. I think one reason we are seeing rising instability and social angst is that we are literally at a tipping point- we have right about 50/50 producers vs. consumers/dependents in the US. Obviously those two groups are diametrically opposed on worldview and political policy. Hence the open conflict on almost all key issues.

        48. Research the ‘pushing on a string’ effect. We are there, Japan has been there for decades. You cannot force people to spend or invest simply by creating more credit/fiat money. The confidence has to be there in a credit based system. (“Confidence game/ponzi scheme”.) When it evaporates, it’s like the music stopping in musical chairs.

        49. I like the analogy of a person, or a tree maybe. Think of the normal growth cycles and lifespans. Their are cycles and limits. But when they do credit finance, it becomes a very unnatural model. In an organism, we call unbridled growth ‘cancer’. And it leads to death of the host…

        50. Peter Diamandis has written some good stuff on this- the things that used to separate the classes are being democratized or demonetized. Other measures will come forth to demarcate class. Like exclusive experiences, for one.

        51. We have around 50% paying income taxes. Producers are a minority. There are now more government jobs than there are productive jobs (manufacturing, farming, mining, etc). Then add to those government jobs the impact of parasitic and/or rent seeking industries and professions.
          It was once predicted that productivity increases would mean that everyone would have to work very little. Instead what has happened is that a minority work very hard while others don’t work at all.

        52. Brother? Husband? I don’t know for sure, but it makes no difference. The savage, firstly, shouldn’t be there at all, but if he is there, should be in the background, or off to the side, serving them tea or fanning their faces. It’s disgusting to see inferior savages get a free ride on the back of the white men who built and uphold society.
          If those beasts are allowed into our society at all, they should be treated not as our guests, but as our servants, and they should be expresing the utmost gratitude for even being allowed the privilege of serving us.

        53. “Go sit at the end of the bed as I impregnate the fertile blonde! Oh Allah bless my seed on its Jihad!”

        54. Thats right. We are cucked here in Germany. But don’t give up on us! We’re german patriots and we’r still fighting!

        55. Sometimes all you need to change is how you think, to give an example. Other times, you need some time to heal. There is certainly a lot that “action” can do, but sometimes “action” can be too crude an approach. Although you could define “action” to include stuff like learning to love yourself, have better self-talk etc.

        56. Heh, I thought we may actually agree. Sometimes, you can be “doing” the same thing, but getting totally different results based on how you think/feel while you do it.

        57. Argentina is a good option. It is a beautiful country, still very white (I spent a week in Buenos Aires and only saw 1 nigger), the women are beautiful and the economy is OK for a south american country. The downside is that they have a large and very politically active jewish community.

        58. I suggest 1) Argentina, b) Chile or c) Uruguay. They are beautiful, still very white, safe and with OK economies.
          Forget the rest, they are third world cesspools filled with mongrels.

        59. These would be my first choices too if I was single, Uruguay being the top preference. Unfortunately Leftists push their degeneracy in the Latin World as well – homo marriage is legal now I believe in the above mentioned countries. They legalised it in Colombia recently and trying same in Mexico (lobbied by their president)

        60. The PC dictatorship is still at medium intensity in countries like Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. In Colombia they legalised fagggot marriage, but otherwise the PC situation is not that bad (I live here in Colombia), the downside aspect here is the racial situation: less than 10% of the population is white, so for a racially conscious white (like me) this is not a good place to live.
          Ironically, the least white a country is, less PC dictatorship.

        61. What do you think of Colombia in general? I’ve been there recently, honestly I quite liked it, small towns especially. The cost is a cesspool though, felt like Detroit

        62. Gay marriage, in Mexico, is a State’s issue – not Federal. When last I checked, it had been legal since around 2010 (Coahuila, IIRC, being the first to ‘marry’ a lesbian couple from Tamaulipas). According to Wikipedia, it’s now legal in 9 states and the Federal District.

      2. Ya or Trump collapsed the world currencies we all need to switch to a pure electronic currency….very bad.

    1. Trump seems to be anticipating this as he’s been talking about it for over a year now.
      In the debate even, he pointed out that Janet “Bulldog” Yellen has been running the Fed to further 0bama’s political agenda and that as soon as 0bama is out she’ll tank the economy.

    2. With our national debt over 20 trillion is almost as if the government wants the US to collapse. I don’t understand it at all. The producing class will be a scapegoat as well since no amount of tax is apparently enough for us to pay. It’s funny how the liberals always seem to weigh in heavily with their economic knowledge on how to run the country when most of them can’t sustainably budget their own household.

    3. It is bizarre that you are all such drama queens, yet ignore the current wars, uhm, uneducated? Really, to be American, you are kind of socially forced into entering into the international conversation, but you really don’t care about anyone except yourselves, so why bother?

    4. That would not be beyond them, and certainly fits their tried and true model of using the Hegelian dialectic to advance their goals.

  4. Bob needs to do a special Feminist Magazine if Clinton gets elected.
    A cover with Merkel and Clinton side by side and the caption ‘Now it’s time to proceed with our plan: SLAUGHTER ALL MEN!’
    I will print it out and stick it everywhere at public places.

  5. The Great Silent Majority will continue to strengthen due to Trump, Milo and many others. That’s what will happen.
    Saying the worst if Hillary wins is pussy. Press on and to hell with the liberals.

        1. I see him as the piece of shit he is.
          Jewnopolous is a bleeched faggot who fucks Googles.
          I am glad the Daily Stormer now openly declared war against him and the Skype had to stop his speech today because of death threats.
          He really deserves it.
          Shit like that happens when you try to turn yourself into the leader of the alt-right to subvert it with BBC-sucking and homosexual ideas.
          If they don’t stop Milo now he will lead the alt-right as controlled opposition and than the Alt-Right is over.

        2. Not sure if sarcasm. I personally find it disturbing that at a time of transfaggots running around, this Thing shows up to claim the mantle of conservatism.

        3. Not sarcasm. I admire Milo’s disdain for the SJW, snowflake mindset. Didn’t know that he was disliked over here at ROK….

        4. I cannot speak for ROK, I was just expressing my own opinion. It is nice to have powerful voices bashing the SJW narrative but, he in himself is a walking SJW, he wants his faggotry protected and accepted.

        5. He apparently made an appearance on ABC’s 20/20. $hitlib journalist tried to goad and trap him. Milo was having none of it. If nothing else, he’s smart, and quick on his feet.

        6. He’s a Judaic Homo who is everything a tradionalist abhors. Him being disliked is a good thing. Oh wait I’m being cruel. I know. I know. NAGALT.

        7. I guarantee the shitlib journalist and milo have far more in common then you and milo. That is, unless you …. …..!

        1. I honestly don’t know about him other than that he is a homo. I’ve only heard of him through this site and I haven’t really looked into it.
          I care more about the ideas than if he is a faggot or not though.

        2. I would agree with you but, this freak goes and sings the national anthem in drag to a conservative audience, albeit the audience was college kids but, come on man!

        3. Yeah that’s just being an attention whoring faggot. If he was just some guy who took it in the ass but had some good ideas I’d say stay out of his bedroom but if he is bringing it out in the public no bueno

        4. Gayness aside, except for his anti-4th Amendment stance during the Apple/FBI “standoff”, I can’t say I’ve found anything too toxic about his ideas.
          On the gay front, he’s oddly against gay marriage, feminism and rather pro traditional masculinity.
          He does, however, vacillate between his ideas of gay supremacy and straight superiority. That said, since he’s always trolling I’m not sure how seriously any of that should be taken.

        5. That’s cool and I don’t want to say anythkng against him. Really don’t know too much so whatever. But if he is that public a flaming homo I am sure I can find he same opinions to read elsewhere

        6. If we want to even consider piecing nobility and normality back into this world one of the first jobs is to put the freaks back into the closet. Any public display of freakishness or perversion should be held accountable.
          Then one day a bitch shows up and pretends he is the one to lead this push for normality? And some people buy it up, they love this homo ranting about values he does not represent. You cannot script this better.

    1. What are you gonna do when she gets the court to outlaw guns? Are you going to give up the guns or are you ok with a long jail sentence?
      And don’t tell me it won’t happen. According to Breitbart, there is already a case (Tyler v. Hillsdale county sheriff) that will most likely be heard by the supreme court next year. If Clinton gets to pick her replacement for Scalia, the libs will have a 5-4 majority on the court and will overturn the 2008 DC v. Heller decision, interpreting the 2nd amendment to only apply to military and police, not private citizens.

  6. I think whatever happens … the 45th POTUS gets only one term. Hillary might not survive one term, and the Republicans will probably run someone against Trump – Lyin Ted, Little Marco, or Paul Ryan. I’m just going to recline, crack open a cold one, and behold the decline in HD.

    1. Hillary probably won’t survive her term. Kaine has spent more time on the campaign trail with Biden than he has Hillary.
      I think Lyin’ Ted and Little Narco Marco are too toxic for POTUS, and instead we’d see losers like Jeb’s half-hispanic (and he looks it, unlike Cruz/Rubio) son, a child literally bred for politics.
      …if Ryan/Bush or some other loser beats out Trump in 2020, Kanye West could become a viable candidate.

  7. Don’t vote Hillary because of all the SJWs and feminists going mainstream – much better reason
    “The biggest danger Hillary Clinton poses is that she’s never seen a war she hasn’t liked. Hillary has repeatedly called for a no fly zone over Syria, which would mean shooting down Russian aircraft. Moscow considers her an existential threat, and she reportedly believes that Putin would “back down.””
    “We are sooo masculine we want peace at any price.” “Hell we not only want peace at any price and peace in our time with Putin, we want peace in our time…. and not just with Putin. We want peace at any price and peace in our time with triggly puff, SJWs, because they are so dangerous, why fight. Why say mean things to SJWs as Maria believes if you say mean things enough to SJWs they will back down.”
    Having lived through war this looks like Pro Hillary propaganda. A man is someone who can defend his country from us Russians. I am half Russian and yes, most of us want to kill westerners for what the west did in the 1990s. Come on, you have to stand up to us, and our couple nukes. Most Russian nuke tests failed. We have a nuke that can take out hipsters in williamsburg and that is pretty much it. Our nuclear arsneal – all it can do is a 9-11. However, all of Putin’s Russia is centered around Moscow, 4 nukes at Moscow and bye bye Russian empire. Then Russia will break up into independent countries. US’s arsenal is actually in a good shape. If US and Canada will go to war with Russia, I as a Canadian living in Canada will enlist, fight and die for Canada, for freedom in this country.
    There are a lot of good reasons not to vote for Hillary – but being afraid to give your life for your freedom is not masculine because there are plenty of Russian men willing to die for Putin and a lot of our boys are dying for Putin and laugh at people who are too weak to die for their flag and have gay pride parades, feminists and SJWs in their country instead. I am half Yemeni, born in Moscow, grew up in Yemen, mother is Russian, father is Yemeni. I had to fight 6 armed men who tried to take my mother’s house when my father wasn’t there and I kicked them out at age 14. Wasn’t fun, but you do what you got to do to protect your family, your country.

      1. Yet another time to say “thanks 0bama”.
        USA’s nukes are the best though, even if 0bama did make the USAF share one wrench among 3 nuclear bases in order to maintain our ICBMs.

      2. Sure but failed the last missile test. Remember 8 years between the soviet union and Putin came to power we had Yeltsin in the 1990s who was drunk all the time and let everyone rob and sell a lot of the country. Sadly much of the sellable materials in nuclear arsenal were sold to many developing countries – not the nukes themselves. But even screws, things like that. Scrap metal. Putin inherited a raided mess that is hard to build back from

    1. Why is it that always men should give their life ‘for freedom’?
      I think it’s time for women to go to war and die.
      Gender equality for the ladies of the 21th century!

      1. And why fight for a country that has given you lots of shit since you can remember. That’s not my freedom I am fighting for. That’s a stupid ‘a man must fight for his flag’ bullshit propaganda. If I want freedom for myself, I just leave to where I can live freely.

        1. Exactly.
          ‘Oh, I have been treated like a piece of shit by german women and german cucks so now I will fight to save them so they can stab me in the back again’
          Are they fucking kidding me?

        2. I was more referring to school etc., but yeah, it all plays into it. I may be inclined to defend a country that has some particular value to me. If I had a family a value a lot living here. If I actually could identify with the culture. If I could, without lying to myself, say ‘I love this place and I would live nowhere else’, then, maybe. Who knows how I would feel then. But that is not the case.

        3. Why should I defend my home town that is 20% muslim?
          Do I want to be called the saviour of goat fuckers or what?
          No, the liberal germans (80% of germans) and all the Skypes and muzzies must perish.

        4. I totally care ‘about that race stuff’ because race is the only thing that matters.
          If you don’t live in a nation that is at least 90% white or eastern asian your national IQ is under 95 and therefore you live in a brutal and criminal society.
          That’s why the only countries I would want to live in are Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Uruguay, Argentina, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and maybe I missed one.
          But then there is the ethnocentric attitude of eastern asians (they have not been brainwashed by the Skypes) so you can withdraw the eastern asian countries.

        5. Does Argentina really fit that bill?
          With the massive importation of Africans and the interracial orgy that the Spanish and Portuguese put on for centuries in Central/South America, I’d be surprised.

        6. “The majority of Argentines descend from multiple European ethnic groups, primarily of Italian and Spanish descent (over 25 million individuals in Argentina, almost 60% of the population have some partial Italian origins), while 17% of the population also have partial French origins, and a sizeable number of Germans.”
          So they are at least whiter than the US. And they dont have a huge migrant influx.

        7. First of all, bullshit. The average European IQ is 94. Ireland, Greece, Bosnia and Albania are all European nations with sub-94 IQs. Serbia has an average IQ of 89.
          Second of all, “white” is not a race. Get that through your thick, brainless imbecilic skull. It’s a skin color. Period. You are the same race as the “goatfuckers.” Don’t like it? Tough. Reality’s a bitch.
          Third, THERE IS NO WHITE GENOCIDE. Europeans are committing demographic suicide. No one forced Europeans to do these things to their countries. This was the inevitable result of a highly outbred, universalist civilization.
          Get off the alt-right sites you ignorant, single-digit IQ piece of shit and actually learn about reality.

        8. Argentina sired one of the most popular, and brutal, communists (Che Guevara) so I can’t help but suspect that even if it doesn’t have the ethnicity problems of countries like Brazil, the liberalism runs deep there.
          Speaking of Brazil though, Wikipedia does cite a study (albeit a “non-statistically significant” one) of Argentine genetics which asserts that Argentinians in the regions nearest Brazil have Brazil-esque heritages.

        9. I’m half Argentinian and I’ve lived there before. You’re totally wrong. The vast majority of Argentinians are either of Spanish or Italian descent. There are some Native Americans (who the white Argentines refer to as “negros”), but not nearly as many natives as there are in other South American nations. And there are literally NO black Africans. None at all.
          You’re thinking of Brazil.

      2. You’re an idiot.
        I hope you’re being sarcastic. If you’re being serious and you would make my wife, younger sister, and future daughter(s) go to war because you’re angry at the dumb feminists, then I only have two words for you: FUCK YOU.

      3. That’s exactly why feminism weakens the west. Russians are not afraid to die for Putin, Ukrainian men are not afraid to die so that Ukraine can live, are not afraid to die for their freedom. My uncle died so that he could plant the seeds of democracy for Yemen. I fought how I could for freedom in Yemen, sometimes physically, kicking the ass of 6 armed men, sometimes in other capacities as I have a family. I had to take my mother out of Yemen, and she was not well versed in local customs. She is Russian. Got her out, but then when war broke out, I had a Canadian passport and a family, so I’d lose my passport if I fight and my husband is a Canadian Ukrainian. We are both heartbroken we can’t fight on the front line. I want to fight in Taiz, he wants to fight in Ukraine. But we help the war effort how we can.
        The country we are first loyal to is Canada, and we are loyal to Queen Elizabeth. We respect the law, as unfair and painful as it is. If anything happens to Canada, of course we will both enlist and are both prepared to fight and die for Canada’s freedom.
        The west is free because men fought and died for this land. The problem with feminism – you illustrate so succinctly is it leaves no incentive for men to fight, gives them nothing to fight for.
        It is a good question – because would I give up my life so hipsters can virtue signal and that there can be a gay pride with Trudeau posing with Polyamory advocates? No. Luckily half of Canada is normal and I would give my life to defend this great nation, and from the British monarchy.

      4. ISIS will give their life for their ideology, but you won’t for yours…. that is why modern western feminism is a disaster

  8. Regardless of who gets elected were going to get boned economically and financially. With monetary policy being what it is we have nothing left to boost the economy when the next recession hits.

  9. I think we’re pretty much screwed either way. We as a country have suffered multiple shivs to the side and back, and we’re bleeding pretty badly. We’re collectively weak, and even those of us with a will to fight might not make much of a difference at this point, because our hands are tied behind our backs.
    Unless Trump really goes literally (Hitler) all God-Emperor and starts legitimately smashing the status quo, we don’t have much chance. I mean, day one, sending the Seabees to the Mexican border and ordering them to build the Great Wall of America. Issuing executive orders forcing the mass deportation of illegal immigrants.
    We are so close to the point of no return that its either hardcore reclamation or forget about it.

  10. The sky is falling again? I was just finishing digging myself out from the war torn armageddon shards of Bush’s literally Hitler reign when Obama was elected. My bunker kept me safe from his swarming death panel hordes of lab-created literally Hitler IRS agents, only to emerge to learn that Hillary winning is LITERALLY HITLER!!! BACK TO THE BUNKER!!!!

    1. Hey, Mr third party, if you’ve your own values who gives a shit about who’s in the White House. They’re all going to fuck you over, one way or the other. How the world’s most powerful nation choose these two candidates how are fraudulent, corrupt and dishonest in so many ways, speaks volumes about “Democracy in America” and the people who allowed this to happen these days.

  11. not if.. Trump really is stinking up the joint …all he had to do is go into the debates a be a little smug and she was toast. I don’t get it.

    1. I blame the despicable snake Kellyanne Conway. She’s been in bed for ages now with the factions of the GOP that despise Trump, and she’s been the architect of his current strategy of “moving to the middle”.
      She’s a slightly-less-toxic version of “Snarly” Carly Fiorina.
      …why Trump doesn’t can Conway and sub in Coulter is a mystery. It’s not as though he needs to appease the GOP any longer, right? I figure picking their champion, Mike Pence, as VP paid that bill.

      1. I agree. I don’t know if Trump can do this if he can’t get it together in the debates without acting like a deranged attack dog. If he showed a little class; he would bury hitlery. She is a disgusting human being and all anyone wants is for Trump not to act bat shit crazed.That said, I continue to vote for the loser in these elections. and look what we have in America. A trash pit.

      2. “she’s been the architect of his current strategy of “moving to the middle”.”
        And there’s really no need for him to do this.
        The polls absolutely do not reflect the number of folks that are going to pull the lever for Trump.
        I’d say at least 20% of those polled that said they favored Hillary over Trump are lying.

    2. He fucked up, plain and simple. At the end of the debate when she said he calls women pigs or whatever, he actually said “I have a really good response that would make Hillary look bad, but I won’t say it” (referring to Hillary’s treatment of Bill Clinton’s women). Why didn’t he say it?? According to Trump, he didn’t say it because he “didn’t want to make Chelsea Clinton feeeeeel bad. Seriously? The reason we nominated Trump is because he was the only one who would say things like that. And now he doesn’t?? Come on!

  12. Probably shut down altright sites. Why else mention them but to let the MSM report on them to prime the pump for a takedown?

    1. of course she will shut it down. Hillary’s law firm for the foundation is the FBI’s directors bro. in law. She can and she will – and there is nothing you can do about it. she could shoot someone on live tv and get off with a warning.

        1. So you already knew six years ago about the six trillion chosen people who died for no reason?
          Wow, I just found out this year after watching The Greatest Story Never Told.
          Until 2016 I always blamed feminists, liberalism and open border policies without seeing the bigger picture to understand who is behind all of this.

        2. Why is it my fault if Hillary wins?
          I’m german, I don’t even have a right to vote 🙁
          Why do you always have to blame ze germans?

        3. Oh dear, Schuldkomplex! Everyone is so heikles these days!
          Ze germans, I’ve no Axe to grind with you…besides the US outside of her cities is largely a German nation will an English tongue.

  13. You’re all fooled. Hillary is tougher, meaner and more combative than the Donald could ever hope to be. The populace are so sadly deluded about her, this girl will eat you up entire and spit you out without a hint of mustard.
    She’ll make you all into her emasculated poodles by 2020 and you’ll all be ready and juicy for the roasting.

        1. Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair and Bill Clinton all come to mind. Blood sucking in the hills of California and masked orgies in stately English mansions I’ve heard mentioned. Of course, being a yokel I wouldn’t believe a word of it.

    1. Yeah, it’s called a sociopath.
      My sister is a sociopath, too and earns big money at a big bank while only 25 years old. She would kill everyone to climb the ladder of success.
      That’s why I don’t want to be around her.
      It’s like with Machiavelli – I enjoy his books but I don’t want him as my colleague.

      1. Politics like all forms of power attracts like moths to the lamp these types of sociopaths, but, you’re all complicit in allowing them to be there in the first place. You know what they are, and yet you vote for them during the party selection phase.
        Actually, on mature reflection, I think this is why so many millennial voters were so enthusiastic about Bernie. He’s an honest man, who was done in by the conniving and dishonest tactics of Hillary. Yet, this supports my contention about her being the toughest and meanest politician there is.

        1. Bernie’s a senator. And I’m afraid all senators are NWO boys, bought and paid for…and no matter how warm and fuzzy they might come off in public, there are no exceptions to that. Even if a senator is a straight-shooter, they will find his weakness and blackmail him with it. Which is easy to do, because anybody who wants to be a senator is probably a sociopath to begin with, meaning they have no boundaries, and very little (if any) empathy. They usually get them on board with sexual blackmail. Senators just can’t say no to some of those underage hotties. Especially when they are served up by their blackmailers, and told to go enjoy themselves – “It’s okay, nobody will find out, it’s a special treat for us insiders.” There’s a camera behind the two-way mirror. “Now you’re gonna vote like we tell you to vote and everything will be fine, Cucky.” Old school and very effective.

        2. Like Robert Hare – luminary on the topic of psychopaths – said: The highest amount of psychopaths can be found on Wall Street.

        3. Yep. Critical thinking. Nothing like it. (Which is why it’s not taught in school.) That’s why the congressmen never read those 500-page bills. They just thumbs-up them, the president rubber-stamps them, and there you go…

        4. Yes, and they’re lauded in our society. People sometimes don’t understand why there are folks, especially the young, who are attracted to socialism. Although in my opinion you’re simply replacing psychopaths with sociopaths. How I now realize Nietzsche’s aphorism in Human. All to Human, about wanting to be somewhere different i.e in place far removed from human society.

        5. For the record, I’ve never recalled any cases of this with Senator Sanders. Not all politicians are corrupt like this, look at the current leader of the British Labour party, a complete outsider who constantly voted against his party over 30 years, but, is now the leader who’s loved by the members, but, not his own MPs?

        6. Sanders isn’t corrupt, just an idiot. 25 years in Congress and his net worth is below 400k. That’s why Hillary gave him a wad of cash, and access to the private jet.

        7. Adorno was an advocate of critical thinking. However, he’d disown today’s socialists, even though despite current ill informed opinion, he was never one himself.

        8. He’s an idiot nevertheless that people know and kind of respect which is no small achievement in today’s political world.

        9. Adorno thought jazz was pop culture tripe which was doing a disservice to culture. He thought this about golden age of jazz jazz. Disown today’s socialists? He would shoot himself in the head in about 3 seconds if he saw today’s society

  14. Whoever wins, they’ll be a gridlocked one-termer who gets borked by the impending economic collapse (currently being staved off, for Obama’s legacy). Trump or Hillary, they’ll be an absolute failure.
    The real prize of this election is the Supreme Court. Both sides have a golden opportunity to stack the court in their respective favor. Expect Gun Control to go from an opportunistic political point to a legitimate threat if the Dems get the full run of the court.

    1. There is the a possibility that the “United States” will be no more if an extreme left wing Supreme Court becomes established during a Clinton tenure. The right to hold arms if overturned at this level will I fear signal the beginning of the end of the US.

  15. Nothing
    That’s what will happen. Nothing
    It doesn’t matter who is in office now, and it sure as hell didn’t matter then
    People in power don’t risk losing that power to its slaves that they own. Period
    Donald won’t save you and neither will Hilary save you. These people are out for history and maintaining the order that was here long before they were thought of as a choice
    You are going to die someday. All that will be left is what you left behind and, for some, it won’t matter because no one will give a damn about what you did, or, what I did.
    It doesn’t matter the results of this race. Everyone has a opinion on it and no one can be looked at as the “Right” opinion expect for one person so to speak
    We can have a ball saying our opinions, facts, different insights, wisdom, knowledge, what party we fall under, etc. It doesn’t matter
    History is being documented. All of this shit is just for people in the future and look back on and, AGAIN, comment and have a opinion on it.
    This is all its about. Recording history. It doesn’t matter who wins then, now, and beyond.
    If I have a game in which I created that was able to control the world, why on earth would I give someone else a chance to win and take that from me?

  16. ” the reason Barack Obama was so successful in selling his “fundamental transformation of America” was because he was almost a blank slate.”
    “Barack Obama had a “coolness” factor allowing him to elevate the regressive left in power and status, from which it could look down on benighted souls that dared to dissent.”
    Obama was a mulatto politician that happened to be in the right place at the right time.
    The public was just fed up with Bush and his Iraq thing.
    Look back to the 2006 midterm elections

    1. Publicly, have you never noticed the way he always speaks in “abstracto” about matters around him? Everything is flawlessly robotic and perfect in its delivery, but, there’s not a single word that anyone can ever remember afterwards.

  17. Uh…the author is forgetting a HUGE issue. Hillary Clinton will appoint justices that will overturn the 2008 DC v. Heller decision, getting rid of our right to bear arms.
    There is already a case that Obama is soon going to be appealing to the supreme court (Tyler v. Hillsdale County Sheriff) that could possibly overturn the Heller decision. Wake up, people. In 2008, we were one justice away from losing our rightt ar arms! And the justice who wrote that opinion is noe dea (Scalia)! And Hillary wants to put a liberal anti-gun judge in his place!

      1. Merrick Garland is anti-2nd amendment, so the result will be the same. Don’t buy it when people try to say Garland is “conservative” just because he ruled in favor of the Bush administration a few times.

  18. Hillary will increase muslims flooding into white communities by 500% and permanently wipe out whatever conservative white areas are left.

    1. well, at least those muslims won’t let lgbtqrstuvwxyz to be normalised and anybody who admit to be gender fluid, non binary, whatever the fuck would be thrown off a building. That’s a win for me :/

      1. Yep, it will be funny when those islamist bastards turn on against the very same party that allowed them in, and that promoted their influence. We all know, that when muslim communities begin to grow and begin to have some social and political power, they will turn more and more violent and fanatic. I said many times: the so called “liberals” are the one who are going to pay for this…big time!

        1. I don’t care anymore. Fuck it. Maybe I would join their brotherhood someday and slay every tranny / nonbinary faggots I could find.
          It would be like scenes in the movie “The Purge”.

        2. One day they will call for help, and its not going to be the little feminized flowers that are going to help them…So, are we going to let them burn or take another option? Believe me brother, i think its going to happen sooner that we think.

      2. “You are not a Lesbian, you have simply never been taught to submit to a man..now hush and lay still as I plant my seed for the glory of Allah!”

  19. Trumptards getting desperate. LOL!! I love it.
    The #1 reason Trumptards hate Hillary is because President Clinton will take away their red-state welfare checks, and force them to get jobs. Speaking of Trumptard moochers, has Roosh moved out of his mother’s basement yet?

      1. ^^^ Trumptard detected.
        And much like Roosh, is most likely also unemployed and living in his mother’s basement.

        1. And worse. Some of the other activities gays behave in are bizarre and very unhealthy in any objective sense. To love the smell of a toilet isn’t right unless human beings are more fucked up than originally thought.

        2. I have a feeling he’s even worse than gay. He (xandercrasher) might be the type of gay that deliberately goes out to catch STD’s. Apparently, that’s a thing, as fucked up as it is.

    1. Do you know why Trump will still win? Because the whole, stale, sad, corrupt establishment are against him. It’s like Brexit, every luminary and well established voice, like Newsweek and CNN are being brought in by the Clinton establishment to dish the dirt on every single possible misdemeanor he’s ever committed
      However, if I was an undecided voter, and when I consider the goings on at the never reported “Clinton Foundation” I’d say to myself that there’s a program going on here that’s evidently desperate, too desperate for POWER. We should remember John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton’s comment about the vices of absolute POWER and its influences on the common good of society.

    2. Will she also take away BLM welfare checks too and force them to get jobs instead of just rioting and manufacturing controversy?

    3. Hahaha, a garden variety leftist who immediately resorts to personal attacks instead of debating facts and logic.
      Tell me, do you sit down when you piss as well?

  20. A very fair and honest look at what a Hillary presidency will be like, without bias or histrionics. Good job.
    I think Hillary could be good for us, because I think we are already reaching peak crazy, and some young kids are rebelling against the insane sexual culture. Hillary could accelerate this, and despite her warmongering and the dangerous choices she could make for the supreme court, she is really just the status quo pick of the elite, and wouldn’t change things all that much.
    When you look at it that way, she could be even better than Trump. With Trump there could be 4 years of just yelling about how awful and evil he is, and thwarting everything he wanted to do, and society would just move even more SJW. With Shillary, we could push peak crazy, and begin to come down the other side. The masses would attempt to turn against the crazy social movements, and we could get momentum back on our side.

    1. A very considered, long-headed and intelligent appraisal. It’s possible that she’ll be so poor and ineffective that voters will never vote for her like again. However, the GOP needs to be “in place” the next time around with a real vision, not just economically, but, critically of what America socially and culturally means, and, you’d need a GOP candidate with such a degree of caliber and authenticity that currently doesn’t exist.

      1. Hillary could do to American voters what George W did: Piss them off so that they don’t elect anyone from that party for 20 years.

        1. Yes, but voters are so opposed to establishment politicians at the moment, the GOP will really need to consider a candidate (not Trump) who embodies a sense of authenticity with the voters while also having the nous to be president. This election should have been GOP, but, they put up an establishment candidate which was correct, but, he has no political nous. That’s the problem. next time we need a young GOP who people here would call a cuck, but, who’d be anything but that.

        2. I like everything you just said, with one exception. I’m convinced this will only happen when wasington dc gets cleaned out, completely. No more gop , no more deocraps. Can it still be done through the voting poll? God knows.

      2. This is what I am predicting. I think that Hilary is not just going to win, but win by an absurdly commanding margin.
        That said, the question is whether or not the GOP will be standing there with their dicks in their hands in four years just to get creamed by some moderate dem

    2. The fact that amnesty and supreme court picks would possibly be in her hands is enough to make me fear that even four years of her presidency would collapse the United States.
      Why? If she grants amnesty, that’s at least 15 million new democrat voters, and if they’re placed by agencies like HUD in states such as Texas, they flip that state blue and ensure an electoral majority forever.
      And if she replaces Scalia’s seat with another leftist, there will be no way to challenge the left using legal or political means.
      If those two happen, there will be only one option left, and I think most Americans would prefer not to go down THAT route.

    3. “I think Hillary could be good for us, because I think we are already reaching peak crazy, and some young kids are rebelling against the insane sexual culture.”
      Yes….I agree. I think Hillary is just the egg we need to crack so we can get to making omelettes.

  21. Has there been a noticeable uptick in the amount of Jew scapegoating around here over the last three-ish weeks or am I imagining things?

    1. A high percentage of Trumpophobic propaganda is penned by people with Ashkenazic last names. Try HuffPo, Salon, Slate, Vox, MSNBC, CNN, etc. etc. etc.

  22. In 8 years we will hit 38 trillion in debt and trigger the worst financial collapse imaginable, all semi automatic rifles will be banned, and Texas will become its own country again. World war 3 will be a fun one too.

  23. Best case scenario if she wins: She dies in office.
    Worst case scenario: We become a “hard” dictatorship, and that coupled with BLM, the student loan/interest/ education bubble, and unfettered illegal immigration will lead to a permanent realignment; the likes of which we’ve never seen.

  24. This article paints a gross picture, but it still underestimates how bad it is really going to get, especially for white males.
    Nov 9th should be “Beat the Shit Out of a SJW Day”…and declared a National holiday…just to issue beatings…win or lose for Trump!

        1. So if guns are made illegal, what are you going to do? Your guns not being registered doesn’t mean you won’t be arrested if you ever get caught using one of them. That would mean no concealed carry, no going to the range, no keeping guns in your car, etc. And if a burglar ever broke into your house and you shot them (or even threatened them with a gun) you would go to prison for firearm possession. And not to mention the possibility that one of your neighbors tells the cops you own guns, and they come raid your house.
          So basically, you would have to keep your guns hidden inside your house at all times and never use them, even in a self-defense situation. And even if you do that, there’s still a small chance you’ll get caught, if the cops ever search your house. Is it really worth it to have a gun in that situation? You might as well give them up at that point.

        2. Or you could pile up a bunch of spent brass when they come to the door. I would literally rather die. A governmental agency using violence to disarm people who are non violent is an act of war. If the U.S. government declares war on its citizens, then yes, I would fight. I would rather die fighting than live like that. If a group of violent thugs tries to violently steal someone’s property, that person has the right to defend themselves against those thugs, whether they wear baggy drawers and a sideways baseball cap or a faggoty costume with a shiny gold star. Sure, they will kill a lot of people, because they are violent bloodthirsty people, but sometimes your only option is to take as many of them with you when they come for you.

        3. Well in that case, the question is, how many people do you think will (realistically) fight with you, and how many will just submit and give up their guns?
          Australia confiscated guns back in 1996, and no one fought back. I would probably fight if there were other gun owners fighting alongside me, but if everyone else was cooperating and turning in their guns, I can’t realistically say I would accept my own death in order to accomplish nothing.

  25. I think anyone who votes for Trump is a loony, and a Clinton vote is odd, but slightly better. All Americans are loonies in my humble opinion, but you all have the right to vote (though not many bother), good luck

  26. If she wins or doesn’t win it doesn’t make a difference. Their time is nigh an end soon. The odor upon an early autumn’s air this very eve smelt of fate. They may have made a deal with the darkness but the elites do not control causality. They do not see what lies beyond their desire for power and control and, as one other ROK’er put it, a “collective of homogeneous, microchipped cattle” at their disposal. They do not understand humanity for what it really is and that is why their warped visions of totalitarian utopias will not come to fruition, only to ruination.
    The great heights our people could have reached have been curb-stomped by the lascivious ambitions of a few secular (satanic?) jews and their ilk, the cucks who serve them, and the Chinese.

        1. O ya, I’m signing up here soon. Hopefully trump gets it going. Not everyone is a humanist sissy.

        2. Anyway, then why dont you just vote Hilary. She has helped Obaman and Soros invade a record number of countries. Im pretty sure she will give you the chance to kill as many people as you want.

        3. I do wish I was in the middle of WW2 right now. Don’t matter which side.
          I’d fuck any woman in your life buddy, you are feminine!

      1. Do u want war with Russia? Do u want to keep toppling middle eastern leaders just so ISIS can take over their countries?

        1. Yes, except lets go topple these governments and institute our own. A little death makes a man. I’m sure you are a humanist.
          I would love to face those hard Russian men on the battle field. Not everyone is a bitch.

        2. You clearly know nothing about the way foreign policy actually works.
          And no. I’m not even close to being a humanist. While I’ve never fought in a war (although I would like to), I’ve probably been in more fights than you.

        3. You clearly know nothing about how foreign policy actually works. You’re far too reckless. Unless you actually want to take over Russia and the middle east and keep them as part of an empire, then you would just be sending our people to die for nothing.
          And no, I’m not a humanist. I despise humanists. And while I’ve never fought in a war (although I would like to), I bet I’ve been in more fights than you have.

        4. Your reaction to my comments is what is out of place here.
          I want the west to colonize the Mideast and run a tight ship on these crazy sons of bitches. We shall not allow refugees to colonize the entire world. Atleast in the comment of above you mentioned imperial colonization, that shows me your mind sees the benefits.
          We need to answer this refugee problem. The best way to handle it is colonization.
          By the way, Russia is our natural ally in this, I mentioned them in a fanciful way, the way a boy imagines his team is down in the World Series, bottom nine, two outs, just so he can have home run champion glory.

        5. I don’t necessarily agree that we need to colonize the middle east in order to stop the “refugee” problem. We could just not let them in to our countries, and just let them deal with their own bullshit in their own countries. I do agree, though, that if we are going to invade, we better go all out and colonize their asses. Doing what Bush did in Iraq, going in and removing Saddam and then eventually leaving, is pointless. Even if we put in a puppet dictator of our choosing, or even if we persuade them to adopt democracy, it will only last as long as we keep troops in the area. As soon as we forget about them, they will go back to whatever fucked up system they had prior to us invading (or possibly worse, like we’re seeing with ISIS taking over the areas we previously invaded).
          And it’s good to see that you realize Russia is our natural ally. I was a bit confused as to why you were promoting war with Russia. I was gonna tell you to go vote for Hillary Clinton if that’s what you wanted.

        6. So let’s send our soldiers to die, and destabilize entire world regions, so that our government (and certain special interests) can get richer, even though it benefits none of us regular people. Just like we did under Bush and Obama.

  27. You mention the supreme court in passing, but I think this is the vital issue at stake. The Bill of Rights is already on life support, especially after the “Patriot” Act. If she can appoint one or two more ultra leftist Justices then it will be fully DOA. The first and second and tenth amendments will be effectively rendered dead, and the fourth already is. That will be it, the American experiment in liberty will be over. I’m not exaggerating. It was really the Bill of Rights, even more than the Constituion per se (although technically they are part of one unit) that made us free. There are forces that have labored relentlessly to attack this foundation and they have almost reached their pathetic goal- a government without limits or principles.

  28. In the past few months I’ve seen “Trump” campaign signs popping up, but not a single “Hillary”.
    If Hillary is elected, it will only cause resentment among the masses , bringing us closer to a violent regime change.
    Even if Hillary does win through majority -ha ha- if the majority feel they were cheated… remember that America founding war was over governmental rule without representation.

    1. NYT mentioned yestetday that Clinton doesn’t need OH to win and her campaign admitted they are not going to focus on OH.
      Watch PA on election night. If Trump wins, it’s over before the polls close on the west coast.

  29. Here is what will actually happen:
    February 2017: After President Clinton bans all travel to the Phillipines, a middle-aged and overweight bald guy leads a coup to remove her from power. Bob Smith joins the propaganda ministry, lolknee starts work at HUD, and Roosh becomes HHS secretary. New policies requiring Americans to bathe in baking soda five times a day while praying to the Game Spirit are swiftly enacted.
    GhostofJefferson is appointed king, but proceeds to abdicate days later, citing the lack of HB9 blondes in D.C.
    July 2017: Dissatisfaction with the neomasculine government causes a new revolt led by Jz95 and the Coalition of Cuckholds. With support from Lena Dunham and a newly reconstituted BLM, the revolution breaks through. Cracks begin to show in the morale of loyalist forces.
    October 2017: The cuckholds finally take D.C., killing thousands of manospherians in the process. A mock election installs fatherofthree as Supreme Leader.
    November 2017: Somewhere in Idaho, the last remnants of the manosphere witness a vision on a hill. Stefan Molyneux, Tom Arrow, and Troy Francis all beckon them to follow the Kratom powder trail to a land flowing with milk and virgins.

        1. Anti-Semitism? I know it triggers you when anybody associates one of you with Jews.
          And guess what?
          Europeans and Jews are both Caucasians. So are Arabs.
          You’re all the same race.

        2. No I don’t have a problem with Jews at all. I recommend reading A Troublesome Inheritance by Nicholas Wade though. It’s a good primer for those who continue to harp on in the modern day that there are no differences between races.

        3. My friend, I am a race realist. I just don’t get my facts from American Renaissance, Radix Journal and Ramzpaul, who twist the facts to suit their white nationalist agendas.
          HBD applies to European people just as much as it does “the coloreds.” You are not nearly as perfect as you would like to think you are.

  30. I fear a Trump White House will face an awful time. Typically, 2 years after the election the House and Senate go to the party not in the Oval Office. When our economy is purposefully tanked (and if you don’t believe our economy is 100% manipulated then you’ve been living under a rock) AND Trump faces vicious resistance from butthurt Dems voted into majority in the House and Senate….well………nightmares are made of stuff like that.

  31. At the beginning of the year, I predicted that Hillary would win due to the internal collapse of the GOP and the failure of RINOs like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham. But no one listened. Most people I knew naively supported Bernie (a paper tiger to pivot against Trump), and Trump supporters ignored his own ties to the Clintons. He is right about one thing: this election is RIGGED. When Clinton wins, men will have 2 options: fight back with everything you’ve got or leave the country. And leave now.

  32. The vote counting is rigged, Even if Trump wins, Killary will be elected. While I’d like Trump to win, I can’t help thinking that again we’re falling into the Hegelian dialectic of blue vs red. Trump has no real economic program, and again anybody with half a brain knows that the president is just a puppet.Business will go as usual unless there’s major violence and people are hungry. I consider Trumpies as the obama supporters in 2008, yaaaay everything is gonna change now yaaay.

  33. The worst is already here and I am a victim of it. My name is Elton Prela and based on charges of racism the whole might of the US government is on me all in flagrant violation of the Constitution. I have no privacy at home and the government can even read my mind hence no freedom of mind. This is not a rant or a joke. I have been in this state for 5 months now and I don’t know how long it will go but this is the future for all of you for if they can do it to me they can do it to anyone. Be warned and godspeed.

  34. Anyone or know anyone who is european and lives in hong kong? My partner might have a job there we are in the uk. Im worried that china is messing up hong kongs shizzle.

  35. “Time and again, the pattern has been: the more the public sees of Hillary, the more it dislikes her.”
    Well they’ve seen her in the two most heavily watched debates ever and it doesn’t seem to have done her standing any harm so far. Trump on the other hand…less said the better.

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