How The Manosphere Helped Compensate For Trump’s Weaknesses

This is the second installment of a multi-part series. You can read the first one here.

To be a successful politician, a person needs to be charismatic, authentic, and articulate speaker. Trump had two out of three. Clinton only had articulation. Thus to win the game for Trump, we needed to articulate for him over the internet why his policies were actually best for America. Most of that time was spent dismantling accusations of racism, sexism, and other attacks against his character. There was very little in terms of policy, because our opponents lost on policy. But sometimes we needed to chime in on that as well. The only reason the manosphere could cover for Trump was due to how much smaller the primary voter turnout is.

On Return Of Kings, by the time you saw an article here, its thoughts were already going viral. Of course we were happy to spread it along. For example, we promoted Vox Day’s How Conservatives Betrayed America, we promoted the alt-right, we gave words of nationalist encouragement, but most importantly were the thousands of articles written over the past four years (4,090 to be exact) alerting American men to the decline of our culture and women. More than anything, it was the preparation to the 2016 election which allowed a bold man like Trump to be accepted in the first place.

Only the strongest arguments survive

A particularly great example of the power of my own efforts, was when, during the primaries, Trump’s opponents were slamming him for being against free-trade. Using my knowledge of economics and politics, I created a thread on March 4th, “Why Free-Trade Cannot Co-Exist With Currency Manipulators,” and quickly watched how all discussion on the subject moved to Trump’s favor in the internet public discourse. I would copy and paste the arguments I wrote there in many other conservative forums and threads.

About one month afterwards, I noticed the voices within the Republican party defending free-trade disappeared. Within a few months of the posting of that thread, as Trump described how current trade policies “are a one way street,” people in the audience nodded their heads. It certainly felt like the arguments in that thread got echoed to where they needed to be.

Another example, although much harder to prove, was Lizard of Oz’s thread “Trump General Election Policy Proposals Part 2: Reviving the American Family,” where to the best of my knowledge was the first place anyone coined the meme “#TrumpBabyBoom”! He wrote that thread in May 7th, and on July 20th Ivanka read her proposal to help working class moms with tax deductions and other childcare incentives.

Because the time differential between the thread and Ivanka’s speech is only a month, it is harder to prove that Lizard of Oz was the inspiration for her speech, and it does seem likely that Ivanka was thinking of those ideas for quite some time on her own. But the #TrumpBabyBoom tag was first posted there, and it is totally possible the ideas in his thread echoed through enough people to reach someone in the Trump campaign.

It was a snowball of ideas. And the ball started here and many other places. The internet, with total free speech, means that only the strongest arguments survive. And on this corner of the internet, with a large collection of intelligent men, and, very importantly, no women to distract us, we developed the arguments that would win the day and win the primaries. Special credit goes to Deepdiver as the first pebble that started the avalanche; I recognized the truth of the salty ol’ SeaDog’s arguments and moved to defend and articulate them to the rest of this forum and I watched our arguments spread like wildfire through the internet. We won the internet for Trump.

Measuring results

Not only was RVF instrumental as a think-tank for Northeast Conservatives, but I’d also like to give credit to Mypostingcareer for Conservatives in the South. Although that forum is rather distasteful with its explicit racism, it doesn’t change the fact that they are influential within Southern conservative circles. Whether we like it or not, racism is the norm in much of the Midwest and South. Blacks and Whites do not get along due to an extremely ugly history, and the grudge has continued for over two centuries.

Democrats have been using this grudge as a political strategy to win votes from Blacks with no care about feelings of love or peace. Racial harmony is bad for the Democrats, and, again, whether we like it or not, the racist Whites of the South and Midwest are our rivals and deserve respect. They still honor ideas of Rule of Law and Christian Neighborly love, but they have trouble accepting Blacks as Neighbors. And likewise Blacks have trouble accepting Whites as neighbors. Up in the Northeast, we notice that Talmudic Jews have trouble accepting Whites as Neighbors. But we’ll discuss more about this when talking about the future of the Republican party in future installments.

The thought-effects of these two forums is obvious when examining how the primary season went; Trump had trouble in the Midwest, but crushed the Southeast and Northeast. The Midwest’s Conservative base mostly watched TV instead of the internet, and the apparent purity of a guy like Ted Cruz was most superficially appealing to them. Things like multi-million dollar loans from Goldman Sachs went unnoticed. Fortunately the Midwest became red pilled by the time the general election rolled around and they were forced to pay attention to Trump.

Thus, during the primary season the forum had heavy influence on how well-informed voters on the internet made their decisions, but it sure didn’t hurt that Trump was an easy sell either! There can be no more doubt about the power of the internet with free speech. It allows men with virtually no social standing or money to shape the thoughts of others. Previously it was said, “the pen is mightier than the sword,” but now we can confidently state that the keyboard is mightier than all the world’s armies and trillions of dollars.

After seeing just how much of a role we played going into the primaries, we can now be more proactive, and confident, in creating cultural and political changes through our internet influence for future national elections. Local elections are much harder to influence in this way, but perhaps we can get there eventually as well.

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201 thoughts on “How The Manosphere Helped Compensate For Trump’s Weaknesses”

  1. I’m not sure where you are from but I am from the northeast and the blacks and whites didn’t get along so well either. Given I grew up in more of a lower middle class/blue collar neighborhood but still. Most blacks were/are criminals, overly aggressive, violent, stupid, lazy, and disrespect authority. I remember my senior year of high school how a group of blacks sat in the back of the classroom to talk loud amongst themselves while the teacher taught. It’s really my experience with blacks growing up that has shaped my opinion of them that they are truly terrible people who need to be marginalized in society for the greater good of our country.

    1. Honest Abe was considering deporting them, very close to the time he was assassinated. By murdering Lincoln, JWB actually secured the opposite future that he hoped to achieve.

        1. Who killed the most Americans?
          A) George III
          B) (literally) Hitler
          C) Lincoln
          Correct answer: C.

    2. African-American culture is absolute shit. And the government exacerbates it with their welfare policies.

      1. The government exacerbates it by being politically correct. You can’t criticize blacks for their obvious and many short comings, they are promoted in the media as athletes and musicians and actors etc., commercials will NEVER show a black person in a negative light (ADT home security commercial), and the numerous diversity programs that unfairly help blacks get oportunities in school and the workplace over literally every other group. It is absolutely disgusting how much our government and society tries to prop this group up. Absolutely disgusting.

        1. I don’t think most Americans care about skin color. I think they base their opinions of demographic groups on experiences and most blacks in America are an observable cancer on society. They have a 72% single parenthood rate!!! Wild dogs exercise more social responsibility.

        2. Agree we as human observe patterns and use generalizations to categorize them. I.e.: we witness many single parent black homes and conclude blacks as a race are irresponsible/bad parents.

        3. Except those horrors are the result of LBJ’s great society programs. There’s no better way to destroy a people than government dependency. The numbers show it without a shadow of a doubt.

        4. Africans are very different from modern black americans. If you’re referring to the third world banana republic like governments that’s how humans do things across the planet for most of history.
          The numbers in the USA from before the great society programs and today speak for themselves. A number of black intellectuals on the liberty side of things point this out over and over again. By measures of two parent households and the like things were better during the worst of racism than they are today.

        5. Don’t make the same mistake than the SJW on Africa. This is NOT a continent of ‘generic black people’. Each culture over there is very different, with their strong and weak points.

        6. Theoretically speaking, welfare is supposed to provide individuals with basics such as food, water, shelter, and clothing. Providing people with the basics is suppose to placate them so they do not commit crimes and/or riot in the streets, but nonetheless you see this routinely in black communities. For the record, I am NOT in support of welfare/food stamps/subsidized housing etc. but I don’t necessarily agree giving people welfare should translate into the abomination that is modern black culture.

        7. To maximize government benefits a single mother household is required. Women had higher incomes with the man out of the picture. That’s the key damaging aspect. The welfare cliff is now approaching a $70K/yr job.

      2. Wellfare breeds the worst culture in every country, this is true also in Europe and in Greece (although on the Greek side this was more of a side-effect)
        Also look a very nice video about what culture’s wellfare states promote:

        1. If you give people the option to be unproductive, most people will take it. That’s why libtard agendas inevitably fail.

      3. I deplore corrupting influence Rap music and black culture has had on women, and people in general. It encourages women to be materialistic whores and men to be trashy lawless pieces of shit.

    3. I think that the african race is, mostly, a blight on earth! Once I did not think like that but after hearing of their deeds and inablity to adapt, plus them being strucken by every societal ill that whites have but 100 to 1000 times more strong. And NO western collonialism did not keep them back, if they weren’t backward to primitive years collonialism in Africa would have failed.

      1. You guys need to read Negros in Negroland. Straightforward accounts from early explorers of the Dark Continent. The “kulcha” and behaviors they found were shockingly abhorrent. We’re talking rape, slavery, and HEADHUNTING CANNIBALS. At the time it was feared the negro would become extinct if left to their own devices. So of course we needed to “help” them.

      2. Not true, Blacks can actually be great people. It just seems like they are bad in our day and age because most Black cultures are garbage.
        But Christian Orthodox Ethiopia has produced consistently amazing Blacks every time I’ve met them. Strong families, good manners, and attractive people (the only Black women I’ve ever found reliably attractive are Ethiopians).
        So it’s not right to give up on the race, but without a doubt their cultures are terrible.

        1. I have to, respectfully, strongly disagree with you here Sam. If 80% of the black race is terrible, 15% are ok, and 5% are great like a Ben Carson type should we really be allocating resources/creating special programs/etc. to help these people? Wouldn’t it be more cost effective to help the middle class white kid? Not the mention it would be a way to promote cultural homogeneity but elevating our own race and religion. Culturally homogenous countries tend to be happier countries.
          I think the thing is we should be marginalizing blacks in our society. I believe this will create a better, happier, more harmonious society and country. We can do this by encouraging abortions for low income, poorly educated, unmarried, and young black women. Running advertisements in middle class black communities with phrases such as “One is fun” and a picture of two black parents with 1 child. Defunding DoL and DoE programs designed to combat discrimination in the workplace and with HUD as well. Getting rid of quota systems and affirmative actions so white people aren’t forced to hire minorities. Basically making it tougher for these people to live and reproduce. Also we can offer reduced sentences for black men to get vasectomies and tube tying for black female convicts.
          If I ever become wealthy, one thing I want to do is to create an organization whose sole goal is to dismantle the black race in our country. I truly believe they are terrible people and our country would be so much better without them.

        2. Niggers average 85 iq and commit the majority of rape and murder in the US despite being only 13 percent of the population. Stop being intellectually dishonest, loser.

        3. No need to dismantle them, just leave ’em alone and create mandatory birth control in exchange for welfare benefits. Not just for Blacks, but all races. This will create a eugenic effect in the long run.
          This will be the subject of a future article in this series.

        4. Who denied your facts? You aren’t even reading what I write. Blacks weren’t always this way. They can be good people. Johnson turned them into monsters.

        5. They were always monsters. Only fear of death taught(most) of them to not chimp out. Weak genetic trash!

    4. Only leftist retards cant see the truth. Whites like to be around whites. Blacks around blacks. Faggots with faggots. People stick to the group they’re the most like. I am from the north east too, and despite my parents moving to a 90% white neighborhood, blacks from the ghetto were bussed in and turned the school to shit. Metal detectors, barcoded ID badges, all doors locked, windows with bars on them, cameras and security everywhere. I guess they were getting them ready for ghetto college (prison.)
      Despite their attempt to “deverisify” our school, the whites were always with each other, and blacks with each other. I dont want Jamal at my dinner table any more than he wants me at his.

      1. ” Whites like to be around whites.”
        I’m no leftist but I prefer to company of cute Indian girls. 😛

    5. Blacks don’t get along with ANYONE. Anywhere in the world. They don’t even get along with each other FFS. This is why nobody likes them. Their skin color is actually kind of nice, it’s everything else that sucks.

    6. You formed your opinion of more than a billion people based on your flawed memory of a handful of people in your class.
      What does that say about you?

    7. You know, this is why destructive democratic policy actually have a chance in America today.
      You totally validate what they think of the average “white” man compared to other races.

      1. Oh yes the evil White Man! Shame on him for wanting to protect and defend his culture, community, country and values from 3rd worlders and unscrupulous minorities!

  2. Most selfish people in American history were the relative handful of white slave owners who were too lazy to do their own work or hire fellow whites. Big win for those bastards; they got to live the easy life at the expense of others while meanwhile America is stuck with a huge population of descendants of the slaves as a result. Uh, thanks plantation moguls (for nothing).

      1. I use SPF100 and go out with an umbrellas when the sun is shining and wear white gloves. lol

      1. I wonder how many Arabs shit on her before trump bought the damaged goods.

        1. Nah she did a few parties with rock stars and athletes and male models like any victoria secret model.

        2. no doubt…but when Shiek Yerbouti came around with his oil money and laxitives I am betting she did what all EE models do….

      2. From what I’ve seen about Melania is that she knows her place and is content raising children as opposed to preaching to the American people about issues.

        1. Melania is apolitical. She has no politics. This is very common in EE cultures. Its a survival strategy. The noisy duck gets shot.

        2. This is what I like about her. Stay off to the side, stay in your place. We elected Donald not his wife. This is same with every president. The U.S unfortunately voted to Obama not that Ape in Heals he refers to as a wife.

    1. ha one looks like a post wall drag queen with too many miles and the other looks like a mix between darth siddious an dbea arthur

  3. I am happy the wench did not get voted in. However, I am still not convinced about Trump. He has a fairly shady past with Democrat ties. Give it a couple years then I will decide.

    1. That’s cool; only the mindless obstructionists automatically warrant eternal damnation and hellfire.

    2. At the very least Trump will put a delay on the libtard soical agenda. However, I too am reserving my judgement on him until I see what actual policies transpire under his Presidency.

    3. What, you want him to actually demonstrate ability and accomplish something before you praise him to the sky. I am shocked, shocked I tell you. Clearly he deserves a Nobel prize. After all O’bummer did nothing and he got one.

      1. Liberals are terrible in foreign policy. They micromanage other peoples’ business and at the same time project weakness. Nearly every war is a result of such policy. Wilson (WW1), FDR (WW2), Truman (Korea), Johnson (Vietnam), only the last two were by republicans (Neocons), once we achieved victory, Obama snatched defeat by pulling our troops out and projecting weakness.

    4. We do have to remember that he was a real estate mogul in NYC who had a business, clients and shareholders he was accountable to.
      If he acted the way we’d want him to act in a place like NY, there’s no way he’d get anything built. He’d get no city contracts, permits, and the bureaucrats would magically find “code violations” that never previously existed.
      He was probably channeling Sun Tzu, by hiding his true nature. A survival mechanism for those of us in enemy territory.

    5. He’s really not a “conservative.” Probably the most apt description of him would be a “progressive Republican,” as Samseau said elsewhere.
      In the end, the way I see it he’s pissing off people on both sides of the aisle, so he must be doing something right. We’ll see what happens. He has four years to deliver. If he does, great. If he doesn’t, the hag still didn’t win, so at least that’s something.

  4. You say at the end:
    “Local elections are much harder to influence in this way, but perhaps we can get there eventually as well.”
    Winning at the local level is now in OUR hands. It’s up to us. If you extend the things we talk about here and actually apply those concepts in the real world, if you manifest these beliefs and ideals through your day-to-day actions, then soon we each become natural choices for leadership in our communities.
    Not to take anything away from your article here, or the work we’ve done to move the needle in 2016, but it seems to me that our real challenge is in front of us now–not in our rearview mirrors. We can’t pat ourselves on the back too much for a job well done. We have to return to the central focus of carrying through with positive, noble actions in the real world. As long as we do that, do it fast and do it consistently…well, even if we can’t fix the whole world, at least well be in control of our own little corners of it.

    1. Haha – you’re getting ahead of me, in the later parts of this series I talk a lot about getting involved locally as much as possible

      1. Awesome, I’ll keep an eye out — because it’s more true than ever now. We’ve got to be mentally, physically, and psychologically/spiritually prepared for the coming challenges!

  5. I don’t think this is a good idea.
    Leave it alone, quit bragging.
    Don’t let them know how we operate. Don’t let them know our hand. It’s like the Jews who brag how they created and run the porn industry. Our how they brag about running the Civil Rights Movement. Those Jews are writing their own anti-semitic narrative! Don’t give your enemy a target and a narrative for the sake of hubris.
    Hubris is what ends unassailable power. It’s what ended the Democrats.
    Bad OPSEC, fella

    1. Perhaps it’s better to stay unnoticed.
      But it’s more important for us to understand our influence so we can wield it more effectively.
      I think it’s only bragging if we come out of the closet with our real names in attempt to cash in 24/7. Also it’s not like we have an exclusive club like the Talmudic Jews do. Anyone man is free to join the manosphere.

  6. Trump is a very clever business man yet he is a politician. I still like him simply for the fact that he is pissing off SJWs and Gutmenschen all over the world big time.

    1. Meanwhile, Obama is doubling down on being an enemy apologist/enabler/collaborator.
      I wonder if this was his plan all along and he’s just now doing what he’s wanted to do the whole time, at the very end of his tenure. (which cant come soon enough)

  7. Can we please stop with the South/Midwest are a bunch of racists bullshit? I am from the South, and I will tell you that without a doubt, the most racist motherfuckers I know are from the Northeast. I have heard these guys say shit that would make a hillbilly klansman blush.
    In the South, I will grant that whites and blacks view each other with suspicion on a group basis. But in my experience, whites and blacks are often friends on an individual basis, and rationalize it as “well, he’s not like the rest of them.”
    I’ll also point out that in the South, whites and blacks live in much closer proximity to each other. (fuck everyone for making me post a link to Slate of all God-forsaken places) Now it may be that living in proximity to people makes you hate them, but I would also point out that the liberals who preach diversity are the first to completely wall themselves off in segregated neighborhoods. So whatever racism exists in the South, at least the people make an effort to live and work among one another.

    1. That’s funny. I have heard the exact opposite in regards to neighborhood integration in the south. Of course I heard it from a friend but nonetheless that’s what one man has seen. I will not click your slate link. Sorry.
      And when I buy a home the number one factor I will consider is how few blacks there are in the town and most importantly at the school. I do not want my future kids going to school with them.

      1. You just summed up the foundation of the entire real estate market, which of course no one will admit or acknowledge.

        1. At least in my corner of the world, demographics profoundly impact property values. In town here of course ALL of the public schools are crime infested hell-holes, but you can still see places where the property values on different sides of the same street even are as disparate as the complexion of the citizens.
          Otherwise, values are driven by the perceived excellence of the school district. And unfortunately this also tends to follow demographics.
          It sucks, and its destructive to the nation, but for now, that’s how it works.

      2. And those concerns are perfectly valid. And would also be valid if Blacks were making them. There is nothing wrong with having a protective instinct toward your children. That the left tries to pretend their is something wrong with it exposes mental derangement.
        Don’t get me wrong. Where I grew up, there were neighborhoods where whites didn’t go and vice versa. I actually once pulled into town on a roadtrip in college and the sign welcoming people had a KKK logo on it, and the store we pull into had “Blacks Not Allowed Outside After Dark” painted on the side of the building. This was the mid 90’s. But the point is that overall there is a greater degree of integration in the South (even admitted by leftists like those at Slate), which I think is true notwithstanding that there are no-go areas for each race.

      3. I wanted to move to the PNW for the climate, scenery, and demographics (great white north) but unfortunately it is riddled with hipster faggots and meth bums. And after watching the sickening display of their lawless un-American behavior after the election results, I gave up on the idea. Maybe Idaho or Montana instead.

      4. The trouble is not the blacks at the school its the school itself.
        But if you try to make your kids stay away from blacks you will make your kids weaker.
        Btw as I grew up around white people I learned that there are good white people and bad white people. My black friends who grew up only around blacks think that there are only bad white people. You might want to consider that.

        1. Meh. At least anecdotally I know that the black kids at my school were more aggressive on the playground and more disruptive in class, like above and beyond the usual boys will be boys rambunctiousness. On that I’m blaming their shitty home life more than anything else, btw. They had abusive mothers, and their dads were absent or unreliable so they repeated the dysfunction.
          Regardless though it helps me to empathize white flight. If there’s a couple blacks, w/e. They’ve probs got intelligent parents from a decent socioeconomic background so they’d probs fit in as well as everybody else. If it’s closer to 50/50, still w/e, I wouldn’t care. The few times race based cliques break out into fisticuffs the fights will be on even ground, and good for building character. They’ll learn quick and fast what is and is not a good use of their energy. If it’s overwhelmingly black though, and they’re blacks of the Section 8 housing sort then sending any white kids there would be throwing them to the wolves.
          But then my experience is with Australian blacks. I wouldn’t know if American ones are a different kettle of fish entirely.

        2. Australian blacks? You mean people from Papua New Guinea?
          It seems to me that the common denominator here is socio-economic background. I’ve known plenty of poorly behaved whites and they were almost exclusively from poor backgrounds.

        3. Agreed. Kids should integrate naturally. My HS at least sorta reflected the make up of the country; mostly white, maybe 20% black. Taught me two valuable things:
          All people are assholes.

        4. I mean Indigenous Australians. Aboriginals.
          There were poor white kids at the school as well, and the black ones were worse. As in anyone that went to school with a pack of dried noodles for lunch because their parents blew the rest of their welfare on drugs was likely to steal the toy you brought to show and tell and lie about it after, but only kids ones of a certain pigmentation would kick people when they’re down. But yeah, I’d say that’s still mostly fair.
          Far more than a division between black kids and white ones was a fairly uniformed stratification between kids of professionals, kids of farmers/labourers, and kids of dole bludgers.
          So yeah, if you could ask every kid at the school what their folks do for a living that would be a thousand times better an indicator for what sort of school it will. But since you really practically can’t though parents are forced to use much shittier metrics instead.

        5. Yeah I guess over here we wouldn’t call those people “black”. For us black people are those directly descended from Africa within the past 500 years.

    2. So true. And look at where some of the worst violence occurred when forced busing was made the law. It was places like Boston and New York.

    3. everyone is racist to some degree. The only exception, I think, is people like me. I hate everyone. As for the north east…yes…very racist in some areas….but the things they say, while they may be harsher than the hill Williams are used to, aren’t indicative of being more or less racist. It is just the bluntness and honesty of the north east compared to the genteel “bless his heart” bullshit of the south.

      1. I can honestly say that I’m an equal opportunity racist. I hate every race equally. After all… we’re all equal right?

    4. I lived the majority of my adult life in the south (South Carolina, Alabama, Maryland (they consider themselves southern), and Florida (I know not really a southern state despite geography)). what you say above is absolutely true.
      I was born and raised in the northern Midwest. Most Midwestern whites, especially in the northern tier, were not racists, because most of them had no experience with anything but other whites. That is changing.

      1. Race becomes a quick proxy for class.
        When it comes who to live around middle class blacks and middle class whites actually dislike the same people for the same reasons. Those people of course being the government dependent underclass.

    5. The best evidence for the way things are in the northeast is to watch what happens when a politician tries to expand “affordable” (read: section 8) housing to a lily white community.
      The lily white ones near me vote exclusively for the Democratic party, yet they’re the first to vehemently oppose bringing section 8 in.
      It’s hilarious, almost worth bringing popcorn to town hall meetings for.

    6. “I would also point out that the liberals who preach diversity are the first to completely wall themselves off in segregated neighborhoods.”
      Yea, in nice, very rich, gated communities away from the people they so “love….”
      What’s up with that? Everyone has to be tolerant… except themselves!

    7. Personally, I find that the most racist people are the ones who’ve never even met another race.

    8. I noticed Southerners suffer from heavy hamsterization on this issue.
      Look at where all the cop shootings are. Look at where Black riots occur. All south/midwest.
      There are NO GO ZONES in the South and MidWest for both Blacks and Whites. If you have the wrong skin color and enter the wrong neighborhood, you are in danger.
      No such things exist in the NorthEast. People have classes up here, and Blacks tend to the poorer side, but it’s not because of an explicit distrust or hatred. Girls and guys race mix freely in Boston and no one gives a shit. Same with NYC.

      1. Spoken like someone who has NEVER set foot in Dorchester or the Bronx early in the evening after dark.
        The Northeast is just as bad if not worse especially in Boston in specific neighborhoods.
        Guarenteed you’ll find trouble if you’re white or asian walking through in those neighborhoods.

      2. Come on, dude. Let’s be real. BLM exploded in response to two killings in particular – Mike Brown (in Missouri) and Eric Garner (in NYC). After Garner’s death, there were protests in Boston, Chicago, New York and Minneapolis, and as I recall, there were hundreds of people arrested at the NY protest. To say that this only occurs in the South/Midwest engages in serious revisionist history. I’d also remind you that the worst civil unrest in modern history occurred after the Rodney King beating in LA.
        And sure Manhattan is safe, but are you telling me that you’d casually stroll through the Rockaway projects or south Jamaica? You know, you won’t probably won’t get jacked strolling around Beale Street in Memphis or Buckhead in Atlanta either.

    1. The natural question here is, “If they’re all just born that way, why is it being pushed on children?’ The answer to which, is, “Because it’s a lie and they’re not born that way at all.”

      1. I am non-religious but this gender-bending bullshit is pure Evil and against nature.
        So, Nature invented sex around 1 Billion years ago, and the whole time theres only been female and male, but suddenly now a bunch of psychopaths think they can rewrite nature’s laws to cater to a fringe group of the mentally insane and shove it down everyone’s throat nonstop.
        I honestly do not care if faggots want to dress up in drag and mind their own business, but trying to legitimize perverse insanity with laws and push it onto the mainstream and indoctrinating children with it, is nothing short of pure Evil.

        1. It’s really fucked up. And evil. And totally premeditated. And perverse. And a host of other things…

  8. “Whether we like it or not, racism is the norm in much of the Midwest and South. Blacks and Whites do not get along due to an extremely ugly history, and the grudge has continued for over two centuries.”
    As someone raised in the south, I get annoyed when people from the north point out the south’s racism without also pointing out the north’s. We get it, you won the war, you wrote the history books, but let’s not act like New England states are bastions of racial harmony. The same goes for west coasters who are blind to the racial discord within their own towns while pointing a finger at all those evil southerners foaming at the mouth waiting to lynch another colored boy.
    Most of the tension is beneath the surface, if present at all. I have been in plenty of racially mixed neighborhoods that were both nice and harmonious. Most whites and blacks, believe it or not, get along in individual settings. When you factor in group-think, there are differences of opinion and even some hostile feelings, but when the hive-mind mentality is not present, there are few, if any issues.
    There are also areas that are segregated, in that people of certain complexions naturally avoid or gravitate towards. But most white southerners, even the bigots, will still eat in the same restaurant as a black family while being courteous. They may try to avoid interaction, but they will not actively seek conflict.
    Yes, there are racist elements still alive and well. In college, my black friends–the ones who drove at or below the speed limit–got pulled over far more often than I did, and I sped all the fucking time. And the cops would always try to search their cars, accuse them of having drugs, of driving drunk, etc. when they were innocent of all of the above. But our college was in a small town, an hour and a half from Atlanta, where the locals were not the friendliest sort.
    But let’s not act like shit like this doesn’t happen up north. At least the south hasn’t implemented unconstitutional stop and frisk policies. And, to echo NemesisEnforcer’s comment, I’ve met some really racist fucks from Philly and New York. I’ve also met your standard southern racists, but most of them won’t say shit out loud. They’ll go bitch and moan on an internet message board instead, just before they go have drinks with their black buddy living across the street.

    1. Good add on the West Coast. I go out there to SF occasionally to visit friends, and one thing that strikes you about SF is how fucking white it is. The majority of the diversity is Asian. Wanna see blacks? Gotta go to Oakland.

      1. The bay area is heavily Asian. I distinctly remember I went to the science museum with my sister and we were the minorities.

      2. The white elites who parrot the “muh racism” rhetoric ironically live in the whitest neighborhoods. The same goes for northerners who live in fucking Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire, the three whitest states in the union, who go on about the south’s “racism problem.”

        1. Put another way, it’s easy to be tolerant when you don’t actually have to tolerate anything.

        2. Being from new england, I can absolutely attest to this.
          Everyone is worse up here because they “virtue signal”, but then they do the same thing when they think no one is looking.

    2. I like to call the situation here between whites and blacks an uneasy truce.
      Northerners always like to point out “segregation!” In the south yet, when you look at northern and far western city’s they appear to be far more segregated than here.
      I suppose for some of my views on the matter that the average SJW would certainly label me as (literally) Hitler however I’m of a laid back sort who doesn’t really care what race someone is as long as they are respectful toward me that’s what they get in return.
      To listen to the MSM one would think that there’s a Klansman on every corner in the south but, I’ve been living here for almost 50 years and have yet to see one other than on television. I wonder why that is?

      1. “I’ve been living here for almost 50 years and have yet to see one other than on television. I wonder why that is?”
        So, what you are saying is that the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are also Kninjas?

        1. That’s it exactly, well except for those white hoods and I’m just assuming here, that most ninjas probably speak fluent Japenese and that’s probably not a common second language amongst most southerners.

      2. Same here. Never seen a Klansman or met anyone who claimed to be part of the Klan. The media has done a fabulous job making southerners appear backwards and stupid through a variety of outlets over the years. They continue to propagate that sentiment with the rash of black oppression movies of the last several years where all the white people (except for the one nice one) are lynch-mobbing, murderous bigots.
        Most people in the south, black or white, are cool unless disrespected. I encountered a few assholes from both sides, but for the most part, never had any problems. Most of the race issues that make it into the mainstream media are manufactured by said media.
        Plus it doesn’t help that Democrats have done a number on the group-think of black communities. Trying to convince a large sector of the black populace–even ones who are both well-educated and intelligent–that a Republican candidate has their best interests at heart is akin to trying to convince a lifelong Christian that Lucifer was the good guy in the Bible.

        1. Only Whites would even say this kind of crap. Everyone else is as racist AF all day long. ONLY Whites have been brainwashed into not liking their own kind more than anyone else. Every other race thinks their race is the best. This is perfectly natural and normal.
          I live in Mexico, possibly the most racist place I’ve ever seen and I’ve been all over. Of course, everyone is mestizo so there’s at least a hundred different grades of “race” and they all know it and obey it. Everyone envies the ones above them and look down on the ones below them. There is NO TRUST. Everyone assumes that everyone else is lying and trying to rip them off in any interaction. Because THEY ARE.
          This is what miscegenation gets you.

    3. “But let’s not act like shit like this doesn’t happen up North.”
      Most of the past race riots were up north and I would agree with you, the tension I see is more in northern cities (Detroit, Boston, Philidelphia) or out west (LA).
      I noted in the army that southerners, both black and white, seem to get on really well compared to guys from the rest of the country. One told me, “thats because we have been living together for 200 years, you are only 2 generations into it. A black sergeant from Mississippi I got to know really well, told me about the culture he was from and basically said there are own spoken rules enforced by both communities (ie. we can sit on the porch and drink a beer together, but I would never allow you in my house because … we would both catch hell from our own). The US simply has different geographical culture sets than people realize.

      1. “said there are own spoken rules enforced by both communities (ie. we can sit on the porch and drink a beer together, but I would never allow you in my house because … we would both catch hell from our own).”
        Yep, this is how a decent percentage of people feel. Others don’t care. I brought a black girl home and only my dad’s mother (who’s a gigantic bitch in general) had a problem with it. The rest of my family was very accommodating. Some people would rather stick with their own, but don’t mind being friends with people of other races. Very few people I encountered were 100% opposed to having friends of different races.

    1. why, there are much younger and much less expensive former bottle girls and prostitutes

    2. She did lock down a beta bucks provider type. Wonder if she is getting the D from a bodyguard.

      1. If you ever seen some of her interviews before she got married, especially on talk shows like Conan O’Brien, you could tell she was very flirty. Also got the feeling she was the type of girl that never got a “no” for an answer growing up.

        1. Of course, have you ever met a beautiful woman who didn’t know she was beautiful and didn’t use it for her social advantage?

        2. beautiful foreign model very flirty with a list celebrities. Shocking.

  9. Trump’s greatest strength was that millions of people in key states simply stopped giving a shit about what the left had to say about anything.

    1. It was not apathy towards the left it was antipathy towards the left. I was not a supporter of Trump, and am not really one now, but I hated Hitlery and her left fascist friends and policies.

        1. So many people are incredibly ignorant/stupid oxygen wasting scum fit only for turning food into shit.

        2. to be fair…they are all racists…but that just didn’t have anything to do with it

  10. I’ve been reading a “French” Jewrnalist’s in a maintream newspaper: he said that Trump election was the White Male’s last pathetic stand against the “Raimbow America” of “diversity”.

    1. lol a reality tv show host with a bad fake tan who is a huge attention whore is the last hope for masculinity. Fucking rubes

        1. yes. an a country that made kim Kardashian a wealthy celebrity gets trump as a president. As it turns out, some things still do work

        2. Don’t worry. Time will change. New elites are in the making.
          I’ll bring back the only true original Monarchy as soon as I can.

        3. What other candidate do you think could have defeated hillary? Cruz would have gone down like romney playing the same cards and getting the same results.

        4. Don’t Complain. You will be Bishop, like Talleyrand. And on the side, you’ll bang 15 years old mistresses, just like him. If there is any regime change you’ll adapt and support whoever has the upper hand, just like Talleyrand.
          And you will teach your guests how to drink Cognac :

        5. None really. I’m glad Trump won, actually. It’s just that it’s funny, as lolknee said, how the world’s last hope is on the shoulders of an orange reality tv host, when earlier in history it would probably’ve been resting on those of a war hero.

        6. Sarkozy got cucked by his super model wife who was getting the D from her karate trainer. lol

        7. If by work you mean, the electorate gets the leaders that reflect its values and character, then yes.

        8. yes…an a bombastic, insecure, attention whore of a reality tv show is, in fact, reflective of the American populous. Wont say he is worse than Hillary, he isn’t. But I will tell you that if anyone can look at Trump and take politics seriously afterwards then I pity them.

        9. I have no idea. HA! Not me. But some did. I think politics at this stage is pretty much like college football. No one in major cities really gives a fuck about it. It is mainly a diversion for people who live in places with nothing else to do. They will pay attention for the season, wave their team pennants and then forget about afterwards.

        10. Funny, I grew up in the Eighties and we all knew of Trump as the epitome of badass billionaire dude. He was the Chad before you guys ever heard of Chad. Pretty sure they gave him a TV show because he was awesome, not the other way around.

        11. Nope. This is an effect of things getting fucked up. If you want to look at a cause try the 19th amendment

        12. I grew up in the 80’s too…we knew him as an insecure blowhard that needed to pay attractive women to be seen with him because he was a sad guy.

      1. Yet, he has $10 billion in assets and you have 50 cents in the bank. He’s tapped super models and you date your hand.

        1. I’m not denying he is rich. Your assumptions about me just prove you are a wanna be but boy faggot. Really nothing to say. Sorry if your messiah is an insecure attention whore. Go on guy on the internet keep telling me how lame I am. Smh. You weak ass fucks should spend some of the time you spend on your knees every day to thank god for the internet because without it you would never get to play tough guy

        2. Being a billionaire with super model wife doesn’t automatically make a man alpha. Check out evan spiegel founder of SnapChat. He was worth $1 billion by age 25, and he wifed up Miranda Kerr. But she was single mom over 30 past her prime. He could have spent the next 25 years living life large like a rock star, and he got locked down like a beta bucks ATM cash dispenser.
          But I would argue trump got elected president of the US with no experience, that’s climbing the mount everest of politics. Nobody has gone that far before. That kind of unique accomplishment makes him alpha even if you can’t stand his ass.

        3. I still don’t see him as alpha. I basically see him as having taken advantage of the naivety, good will and desire for relevance that people had. People hated Hilary. He played a good game of taking in the suckers. That doesn’t make him alpha. That makes him a con artist which is exactly what he has been since the 80s. In fact, it is what he is known for.

  11. Trump does a lot of telling people what they want to hear. I may have had some effect on Trump’s twitter babblings myself. Just for the lols I trolled him a bit in a non-conventional way. Not to get a flame response but just to create a logical problem for him. The next day he had a tweet that addressed what I brought up making his over all policy somewhat inconsistent as a result. Could be an accident but it was the first time he bothered with that detail. Now of course maybe what I wrote made him think a bit in genuine manner? Who knows but Trump himself. But now I get to feel like Trump addressed my concern. That’s what he does.
    What Trump does is allow people to project upon him what they want to. This works for the good and the bad. It got him elected as more people projected upon him things that would bring back the jobs like a cargo cult among other plans/views than those who projected their own racism and fears on him.
    We’re going to find the real Trump isn’t nearly worth the hype.

    1. Yeah, just like a cargo cult. OK.
      He just says what ever his audience wants to hear. That’s why no one hates him or is trying to destroy him. He should stay on point like Hillary and not just pander to everyone. That’s why Hillary has the full force of the media propaganda machine aimed like a laser at her, making huge scandals out of the smallest slips of the tongue, while they just cover up any horrendous crimes committed by the Donald.

      1. Lordy.. liberals are devoid of logic, reason and sanity. take the number of anti-trump articles versus anti Hillary.. Just count them over this election season.. its likely 400-1. or more.

  12. Trump won on “illegals” and finished Hillary off with Alpha. If he doesn’t build a wall,; his legacy is ZERO.and won’t win another term. He needs to get ahold around this border. This multi cultural shi-t is bringing down the world.

  13. What’s missing from this discussion is the ongoing war between Trump and the CIA. The CIA is already working to undermine Trump. Hillary is CIA. It figures. The last President to go to war with the CIA was Kennedy.

  14. Is this Samseau, THE Samseau?
    I have enjoyed seeing the forum become more politically oriented, like ROK. The Donald Trump Thread could go down as the greatest thread in the history of the internet, when Trump becomes the most capable president to take oath.
    Hannity, Michael Savage, and the alt-right (mostly Breitbart) got him elected. Posting on the internet and spreading the word was extremely important this election. Although Trump won by a large number of electoral votes, the margins in the states he won were in five figures, even 10k in Michigan if I recall. The election could have gone either way and we fought an entire corrupt media and political establishment to do it. It was up to the alternative media outlets to dispel the truth.
    For ROK, and this whole section of the blogosphere, if you want to call it alt-right, or whatever, it’s been an absolute blast. We were shitposting memes, then getting deleted on social media, alongside a ton of dangerously intellectual discourse on political warfare and graft. The conjunction of the election and the alt-right has been the most significant event of my adult life.
    I’ve found a new purpose of living as an unapologetic, masculine man, who expresses his opinion, achieves his goals, and supports his allies. My allies are the you, the reader, the people who are most receptive to my opinions and goals.

  15. I certainly like the sentiments expressed, and speaking personally here I know I did a lot of translating Trumpese into regular English for nonnative speakers. Just. don’t oversell it. The manosphere’s reach is predominately with blokes that were overwhelmingly likely to support him regardless. If it helped at all it was with making them more engaged.Once the early Primaries hype got the Trump Train rolling it was his excellence that steered it in all of the right places.

  16. It will be interesting to see the next phase play out. Many like myself still need anonymity in order to maintain our lifestyles, which prevents open on-the-ground activism, but we try to guide the debate as this article states.
    But things have gotten easier. For example, the calls to boycott Trump would in the past need us to muster our forces and launch counter-attacks. Now, many are aware of the pathetic people behind these actions and are confident one guy will take the time to expose them.
    There is a role for all who believe pursuing truth and disinfecting society from toxic ideologies is warranted.

  17. Trump knows what he’s doing. But there’s a weakness – his favorite daughter Ivanka who will probably always be given special treatment, and hence, special input into his decision making (even though we didn’t vote for her). Ivanka is a pretty face for feminism, even retweeting Lena Dunham: ivankatrump/status/567685224633745408. Hopefully others around Trump can cancel out the toxicity of feminist views creeping into Trump’s circle. Think about that…an unelected woman with leftist views can rule-by-proxy the most important country.
    Will she push for MORE women in the workforce like she obsessively promotes, and get her way, via gender quotas for example? Time will tell.

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