If You Don’t Have Kids, You Don’t Matter

Following the recent attacks in Paris, immigration and multiculturalism are again in the spotlight. This is a good thing, but the discourse is as shallow as ever. We now hear arguments over what the greatest national security threat is to the West. Is it terrorism? Is it climate change? Both of these are genuine issues, but I’d give a completely different answer – demographic decline.

Many others have covered this topic, but lets explore further.

The dilemma

Every developed western country – bar one – has a fertility rate well below the replacement rate of about 2.1 children per woman. This problem is often underrated, but it poses serious threats to our culture, our institutions, and our way of life. Questions of a shortage of labor or cultural decline are one thing, but there’s a huge political element as well.

It is an easily found but rarely mentioned fact that, the further left on the political spectrum you are, the less likely you are to have kids. In raw figures, conservative women will have on average 41% more children than their liberal counterparts.


It is also true that political preferences are strongly correlated with parental views, being the dominant factor around 70% of the time.

The short of it is that, assuming the number of conservatives and liberals is about even, within two or three generations the descendants of today’s conservatives would outnumber their liberal counterparts 2:1.

The only way the left can make up for this demographic shortfall, as they are acutely aware, is to support increasingly generous immigration policies. This allows them to replace the millions of liberal babies that are never born with immigrants imported straight from the third world.

This poses an obvious question. Nearly all of them come from more conservative countries compared to the west. Polls overwhelmingly show that few Muslims are tolerant of homosexuality, abortion or sex outside marriage for instance. So how does the left guarantee their loyalty?


The key factor here is that the vast majority of these immigrants are poor. 90% of blacks and 70% of Hispanics don’t vote for the Democrats because they’ve been brushing up on their Karl Marx (the 90% figure also predates Obama).

Left-leaning parties, from the Democrats in the US to the labor parties in the rest of the Anglosphere to the social democrats of Europe, are able to buy them out with generous handouts on the taxpayer dime. Along with the collapse of the family unit, this is one of the major contributing factors to the West’s deteriorating financial situation.

Eventually however, we know the welfare spigot that keeps these votes flowing to the left is going to run dry. Trilion dollar deficits aren’t sustainable forever. What happens then? Where will their loyalties lie?

The outcome

The breakdown of this uneasy alliance is going to be one of the defining political issues of our generation. Make no mistake, immigrant communities will turn on the left, as surely as the Allies turned on each other at the end of World War Two. Liberals will be typically bewildered by this—but weren’t we so nice to them?

As their voter base collapses between conservative whites on the one hand and conservative immigrants on the other, I would like to pose a serious question: how on earth will the left preserve their liberal agenda?

What happens to fifty years of no-fault divorce, welfare programs, domestic violence campaigns, free contraception, gay rights, legalized drugs, prostitution, nightclub culture, topfreedom and so on?

And not all of these things are fundamentally bad of course. The fact that women can walk around in miniskirts unmolested, that someone can legally flee their abusive spouse, that gays aren’t being publicly stoned—some of these things are rather nice, lets admit that.


The problem here is they may not be sustainable. They’re the social equivalents of the welfare state.

The theory is really quite simple.

Society A takes the progressive route. Full of moral indignation, they let women out of the kitchen and dismantle the family unit. The birth rate promptly collapses.

Society B sticks to more traditional, if harsher, social policies, and manages to maintain a stable population.

At the end of the day, which one remains standing? Which one endures?

The average fertility rate in richer countries has been below two children per woman for decades now. The average American woman, not including ethnic minorities, has 1.8 kids. In Europe this figure is 1.5 and in Japan 1.4.


South Korea is one of the worst examples at 1.3 children per women. In 1980 it had 5.7 million elementary school students, today there are just three million. Korea is expected to go from 50 million people today to as low as 34 million by 2060 – and half of them will be over 60.

Perhaps most startling is how this contrasts with their northern neighbors. The North Koreans (famine and all) are bang on the replacement rate.

In other words, according to current trends – North Korea is going to win in the end.

This shows you the truly awesome destructive effects of cultural Marxism. It can take a country transformed so radically from a third world backwater into an economic powerhouse and run it back into the ground barely a generation later.

Deeper questions can be asked about the limits of tolerance. Can such wildly different ethnic groups really just get along? Fast forward to 2050, when today’s ethnic minorities in Europe, North America and Australia might make up closer to 50% of the population. Is this not a recipe for violence?

The threat of terrorism is often exaggerated. The Paris attacks killed 130 people, but even France already averages 600+ murders per year. Its still less than a month’s worth of traffic accidents.

But Muslims are currently less than 10% of the French population. What it it were 30% or 40%? That’s no longer a recipe for mere sporadic violence. Its a possible prelude to civil war.


Previously this may have sounded far-fetched, but it sounds a lot less ridiculous in 2015 then even five years ago. We’re in the era of ISIS, an organisation whose ranks include as many as 30,000 foreign fighters, including some 5,000 westerners.

We’re also seeing something of a nationalist revival on the right, as the four million Britons who recently voted for UKIP shows. Donald Trump wouldn’t have been taken seriously in 2008 or 2012, but now hits a chord with millions of Americans.

Ethnic tensions perhaps haven’t been this high in the West since the days of the Second World War. I believe we’re now entering an era of growing clashes between nationalists on the right and immigrant communities and their sympathizers on the left. The outcome is unclear. Like the spread of Communism last century, some countries will fall like dominoes. In others the struggle will be more protracted.

A warning

Most people, even the most vocal critics of left-wing social policies, seem blissfully unaware of the demographic and political time bombs they are slowly nesting.

To them I say this: it is all very well and good to declare yourself a “strong independent woman”™ who doesn’t need a man, but if you fail to have children and instill those same values in them, then your politics will be as much an evolutionary dead end as you are.

Unless you happen to do something that breaks new scientific ground, like curing cancer or inventing a warp drive, your spawn and the values you raise them with are the only real legacy you leave. It simply doesn’t matter how right you were in your moral leanings.

It doesn’t matter which party you voted for when you were alive, or how many leaflets for an anti-racism rally you handed out at the local train station. It doesn’t matter how high you held up that “My body! My decision!” sign at the pro baby killing women’s choice rally.

What matters is that, if you fail to procreate, the DNA patterns that irrevocably make up you will cease to exist the moment your corpse decomposes.

Meanwhile that asshole neighbor of yours who voted for Romney is raising three or four more little Republicans as you sit there stroking your cats, and the Muslim family down the street is pumping out another Mohammad or Fatima every other year on the taxpayer dime.

The future belongs to those who worked hard to create a stable family situation in which they could raise their spawn, while you were busy trying to overthrow the patriarchy without any thought as to what followed. As far as the world is concerned, you sucked in oxygen for a few decades, then vanished without a trace.

Crazy cat lady

I’m trying to plead here, quite sincerely, about this fundamental threat to the society we’ve created. It is something that will affect its more progressive elements in particular.

But like a drug addict who just can’t quit, you refuse to acknowledge your self-destructive actions. You either ignore, or somehow celebrate, as the west’s liberal youth becomes increasingly sexually impoverished and retreats into internet pornography and spinsterhood.

As some have also pointed out, if the west is taken over by Islam, all I’d have to do is grow a beard and get up early for morning prayers. Women would be marched straight back to the kitchen. You have the most to lose, so please just listen for a moment.

Maybe all of us dream of creating a more “moral” society. Maybe someday it will be truly possible, but the current experiment appears to be failing, and the society it has created has become rotten to the core. If in another fifty or a hundred years, that society simply doesn’t exist anymore, then those cultures who have chosen a more traditional mold will expand to fill the gap.

This has serious consequences not only for liberalism, but for democracy as a concept. If industrialized democracies inevitably end up suffering a demographic decline, then who does the future below to? Basic maths would seem to make the outcome inevitable.

The side that wants to win must start having more kids. Or lose.

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462 thoughts on “If You Don’t Have Kids, You Don’t Matter”

  1. You see this guy right here? His name is ‘Elon’ and he has 6 children. He is doing his part to make sure that an ample supply of smart-guy (and hopefully red-pill receptive) genes are being passed on to the next generation, rather than our future being relegated to a hopeless welfare-dominated and low-IQ idiocracy. Thank you sir.

    1. Not to spoil the party but he divorced his wife and married a model 15 years younger than him, while his ex takes care of the kids. Also the kids are from two births, not so much by choice. Not the best model to emulate.

        1. Marriage doesn’t work. The only reason it ever did (and only if we include infidelity in the definition of “working”) was due to legal, cultural and religious pressure. We have none of that now, and women do not want to be married.

    2. It’s not enough to have kids. You have to be there too. The outcomes from single mother households aren’t good.

      1. It’s ok Tim, I’m sure multi-billionaire Elon will make sure his kids won’t grow up to be ghetto bastards

        1. And with his money he has no shortage of healthy, young attractive women fighting their way to his doorstep…he will have no problem passing on his DNA

        2. How often have you encountered the children of wealth? I have. Some of the worst wastes of oxygen and space are the children of a wealthy man who wasn’t there to raise them on a daily basis.

        3. Hey guys relax. Elon didnt come from the jungle himself. Say what you want about rich kids, theyre still better than your average Trayvon with skittles on his mind.

        4. They tend to be leftists too, yuck. You need to drop subtle red pills at these kids at young ages.

        5. Jumjackass-I bet you consider yourself prolife too right? Or is it pro white life? The conserverative hypocrite movement is dying in the west because of idiots like you. You hate conservative immigrants and blacks as much as you hate the liberals. I used to be a republican but I couldnt stomach the hypocrites any longer. Aka support bundy ranchers aiming guns at cops, but kill all blm matterd protesters? Support the murder of citizen Martin, but cry like bitches over the mythical “knock out” game …grow a pair and man up. And stop giving bjs to your corporate masters who give two shits about the shrinking white middle class, who do you think outsourced your shitty middle managment job to india in the first place? Thats the true reason ROK even exists white solidarity is over your corporate masters sold you out in the name of higher profits and now you cant feed your family and your wives would rather sleep around than have kids.

        6. lol. the envy is strong in this one. I can respect anyone for their achievements in life and Elon Musk is a role model guy in many ways.
          Your virtue signalling impresses nobody here. If you love dindus so much then fuck off, go join blm and move to your local hood. Rents a lot cheaper there you know.

    3. Sorry guys but Elon Musk is a loser. He’s become a billionaire by building companies that depend on government subsidies and Wall Street hype. He is, essentially, a welfare bum. His cars are kind of cool but his company is a crony piece of crap that will leave a lake of investor tears in its wake. Seek better role models.

        1. Tesla, SolarCity, and SpaceX are all crony welfare companies. Elon Musk is a loser. If you think Elon Musk is awesome, you are also a loser.
          Serve your fellow man with honest business. Marry a good woman. Have children. Don’t take welfare.

        2. Can you please link to a good article that is critical of SpaceX? I am also going to look up the criticism on my own, but I would also like to see what you see is wrong with it.
          I heard that Tesla was a con, and it’s obvious that solar city is nonsense. But altho I never looked into it too deeply, I was under the impression that SpaceX was something real.

        3. Disagree. Don’t marry because it is bloody idiotic today, do take welfare so that the system collapses faster.

        4. LOL. Congratulations! You are a loser who can’t get a good wife and wants to collect welfare checks. You are a pussy. Your manliness rating is zero or less.

        5. Just google “elon musk” and “crony” and look around a bit. SpaceX has like $5 billion in government contracts with DOD and NASA — crony boondoggles galore! This isn’t a private company adding value through the marketplace. Elon Musk’s companies are tax-sucking pieces of garbage.

        6. Cut corporate welfare lower corporate and income taxes and eliminate business regulations in general so smaller companies can compete.

        7. As for people, give everyone $10k a year to live on and then flat tax all earnings. Sure, some people will be layabouts, but not having a mass bureaucracy to decide who gets what dollar when would save billions. There would be no need for social security or employment insurance or large swaths of social services if everyone always had enough to get by, and then the government got the fuck out of the way for everyone else.

        8. I am ambivalent about government or the world owing anyone anything. Given that risk of parasitism increasing and the productive decreasing as a result of incentives created through a default steady income.

        9. Maybe I have some unfounded optimism, but I think that – generally – if you give people some breathing space then they become MORE productive.

        10. Yep. With Corp welfare, the money is usually squirrelled away in some offshore account. At least with personal welfare, it kinda benefits the local economy as it typically gets spent locally (benefiting local businesses, etc).

        11. Assuming some minimal eugenic constraints on reproduction that would be reasonable, but if you don’t such a society will quickly find itself overpopulated by useless breeders and eaters.

        12. As if it already isn’t going that way under the current regime. No single mother will ever starve given the current laws.

        13. Exactly. Any departure from survival of the fittest MUST include some degree of eugenic consideration because our DNA will otherwise literally rot away from mutations as we refuse to let the weak, sick, and dumb become the reproductive dead ends that the survival of the species requires that they be… A society can only divert its energy to supress nature for a finite amount of time before it necessarily collapses entirely due to the decay of the gene pool (and is hopefully replaced with a more functional paradigm.)
          I think that history will show that the result of WWII will wind up having set the species back at least 1000 years on evolutionary terms due to extent it undermined the legitimacy of eugenics (and directly decimated the best and brightest of one of the most advanced subspecies of humans on the planet.) WWII’s ‘bad guys’ did some bad stuff, just like the allies, but they saw all this degeneracy coming, and they were rightfully trying to stop it.

        14. The way I look at it is we all own a piece of the commons (the planet, the natural resources, the rule of law, the light of the sun, clean air, etc) so any private exploitation of the commons demands compensation to the people who own it.

        15. The problem is collective ownership on a large enough scale may lead to a tragedy of the commons:

        16. I don’t think that applies as long as you recognize that you only possess a *proportional* interest in the commons (so that any exploitation of the commons above and beyond your little slice demands compensation to everyone else whose interests you are treading upon.)
          It’s also relevant that ‘the commons’ really means ‘the commons’, and taking privately created wealth away from its creator as taxes and throwing it into a big pool doesn’t somehow make it ‘commons’. In this paradigm *nobodies* labor is considered ‘commons’.

      1. While I don’t disagree with the details, this is an American ethnocentric viewpoint. Throughout history, many great scientists, explorers, authors, painters, musicians, and discoverers were working directly for the state, or through large dispensations given to them by politically connected people who accumulated their wealth through the largess of taxing the public. In other words, there’s nothing out of the ordinary with the way Musk made his money.
        Typically the first phase of any great inventions are publicly funded or backed, and then the private sector takes advantage of them in the next generation. We will see the private sector do amazing things with Musk’s discoveries particularly battery and solar energy over the next several decades, and they will more than pay for themselves. There are other motives than profit-making, in advancing new discoveries.

        1. Most of the state-funding ‘throughout history’ came from traditional Christian European monarchs, not modern democracies. This makes a huge difference. Why do you think Western culture was so rich up until the rise of the era post-WW1 democratic era?
          The government can give billions of dollars to some huckster for some invention that someone else might find useful someday… but that doesn’t mean it’s worth it, i.e. better than the opportunity cost. In fact, economically speaking, you can most certainly say it was not worth it, because the government is retarded and everything it does it wasteful and stupid.
          Basically you are saying socialism is awesome, which implies you are a fool.

        2. “because the government is retarded and everything it does it wasteful and stupid.
          Basically you are saying socialism is awesome, which implies you are a fool.”
          Well, as they say “You can’t argue with stupid” and you sir, are definitely falling into that category with your crazy presumptions about what does and doesn’t work based on….well, not much it seems.
          Also “We the people…” you are pro-constitution, i presume? (I’m a liberal and I am, even though you probably think I am not pro-constitution because how could anyone be for the constitution if they don’t think like you?! lol….), we set up the government to be for the people, by the people.
          The conservatives, neo-cons and some libertarians voted in the worst congress in our history, with the highest, most abused veto.
          Beyond that I don’t even begin to fathom how you think a government made up of the people, for the people, enforced actively by the people (Which we don’t really have right now, partialyl because if we are not ripping into each other for voting for guy X or not voting for anyone or whatever BS reason, we aren’t actually fighting for stability. One group is in search for the ever-nebulous “freedom” – while simultaneously saying we can’t take in refugees even though France is able to take them in after a terrorist attack, some freedom, eh?- vs stability which arguably brings a lot more freedom.
          Everyone (Within reason) wants to be free, everyone wants to be safe and stable. right? You want those things? I do. So….is it even remotely possible for you to accept ANY bits of a liberal democratic-socialist ideology for singular policy decisions? Policy-by-policy, find the best mode of governing for each policy, not white-washing everything with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Because I certainly know I can and have adapted both conservative and libertarian ideologies when I see they work very well or could work very well when it comes to certain policies.
          If you can’t flip the script there and do the same thing yourself because you have such a heavy bias against anyone or anything socialist, then you cannot possibly use diplomacy to help solve our problems, which means you’d likely (going by human nature, when diplomacy fails…or when you think it’s automatically doomed to fail, what happens? Anyone with half a brain knows this and I think you do, too)- you’d likely go to the most violent or conflict-fueled resolution possible, which means “my way or the highway” type of thinking.
          Which isn’t very useful when talking about how to get a society full of people who think differently but all want to live in relative peace to actually work together. Right?

        3. Because some decadent inbred royal family is inherently superior to a representative republic? Sure, whatever

        4. I know, they’re always going on about personal responsibility and freedom, and just all kinds of crazy, wacky shit.

        5. “Typically, the first phase of any great inventions are publicly funded or backed, and then the private sector takes advantage of them in the next generation.”
          The vast majority of ‘inventions’ have been spurred by private sector profit-seeking investment. All the innovation that’s occured in pharmaceuticals and medical devices, manufacturing, telecommunications, supply chain management, aviation, and many other areas have been the result of private entities using mostly private money. Penicillin, the cotton gin, electricity…the list goes on and on. In some cases there was public money involved, but while we can’t determine how important a role it played in any particular instance, we can zoom out and look at how correlated public money is with innovation. Not very.
          If there was a link between statism and innovation, North Korea and Venezuela would be the world’s most technologically advanced countries in the world and Switzerland and Singapore would be the least.
          Not only is the public sector not the catalyst for new technologies, they’re usually the last to adopt it, which is partly to blame for why so many govt. services (Amtrak, USPS, etc.) are inefficient and over budget.

        6. More typically, great minds received patronage from a noble or the monarch. “Government” as such had little to do with it. In a modern context, if Bill Gates wants to fund whatever, that is his prerogative and his folly. Maybe something great will come of it.
          Whatever his talents, Tesla is a fucking welfare case. I can’t get too upset as an expatriate Canadian living in China, but for the majority of readers here: HE IS STEALING FROM YOU.

        7. I suppose this is true to some extent. Still, I’d far prefer Elon Musk steal from me and give me cool, efficient electric cars, solar panels, new battery technology, and SpaceX than the Pentagon steal from me and blow shit up in the ME, the insurance industry steal from me and give me Obamacare, the ATF steal from me and regulate drinking smoking and guns, or welfare state steal from me and give my money to people sitting at home doing nothing. Get rid of all those, and then we can talk about removing the Elon Musk subsidy.

        8. When an intellectual works for the ruling class he is doing what the ruling class wants. The modern ruling class does not want what you want.
          Musk hasn’t discovered anything BTW. Some of his company’s suppliers have, but Musk hasn’t. Maybe some of his company’s employees may have, but not Musk himself.

        9. Yes, but in this celebrity culture, everyone associates a name and face with a movement. Steve Jobs invented the iPhone. Obama controls the government. Zuckerburg is facebook. Of course none of these guys contributed very much to their areas, but they are the photo op person we all associate with the movement. As writers come and go for this site, it is always seen as Roosh’s site (no criticism implied). We associate people with movements and ideas, because that’s how humans are.

        10. It’s not just a matter of celebrity association, it’s political servitude. At the Musk level it’s more parasitic action but it’s still instituted to create the utopia the ruling class desires to create. A utopia that for most of us is just the opposite. The ruling class’s need for intellectuals is convince people to go along with what they want.
          The advancement that built the USA was what came from people’s freedom to be creative without ruling class sponsorship. That’s what made this country. It’s so powerful that even in its ever weakening state it has kept things moving for decades. But not that long ago something happened. Business deaths exceeded business starts. That’s a very telling sign we are getting closer to the historical norm where nearly everything that is done comes out of approval and/or sponsorship from the top of the pyramid.
          The worst thing about it is that we pay for it. We can’t follow our own dreams any more because the wealth is taken from us so those who are aligned or align themselves with power can follow theirs.

      2. One does not generally become a billionaire by being a loser. Nor do losers spend their time inventing PayPal and exploring private spaceflight.

        1. Uh, yeah, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Elon Musk didn’t invent PayPal. His company, X.com, merged with another company, Confinity… and Confinity had already created PayPal.
          Nice job getting the facts wrong.
          But wait, it gets better. Where did Elon Musk get the money to found X.com? From Zip2, a piece of crap tech company built up during the tech bubble of the late 90s. Reminder: this was a time when companies were literally making acquisitions on the thesis that “profits don’t matter anymore.” He flipped Zip2 to Compaq, a dumb company known for making dumb acquisitions. With his tech bubble shyster money, he started X.com (a lame online payment service that no one cared about) and finagled a merger into another company that actually had a valuable product (Paypal).
          Face it, the guy is a loser, not an entrepreneurial god. He rode hype and financial bubbles to big M&A winnings, whereas none of the companies he built himself in the early days are worth a damn anymore. Now he’s doing the same thing with crap like Tesla, but he’s got a new strategy — be a crony and build your entire business model on government subsidies. Classic corporate welfare loser.
          No wonder the modern man is in such trouble — they look at retards like Elon Musk as awesome role models. What’s next, are you going to start fapping about Mitt Romney? LOL get bent.

        2. Sounds to me like you just made the case for Elon Musk not being a great inventor, or entrepreneur, but for being a great business man. He bought in at the right time, sold at the right time, then started a company on a great idea and when he realized another company already had a better version of that idea, he ponied up the money and bought them. Maybe he’s not the inventor some people think he is, but there is still reason for his success.
          Now Dr. Khan, if you had the connections and resources to start a company that would change part of the economic landscape, on the governments dime, are you saying you would be above doing this? Don’t get me wrong, I stand with Rand on the subject of all corporate well fare should be shut down just like a lot of well fare for the private citizen should be shut down. The Department of Commerce could cease to exist and many NIH and Dept. of Energy programs could be thrown out the window as corporate well fare. But should we fault Elon musk for devising intelligent ways to benefit from the system he finds himself operating in? He didn’t create the system. He just knows how to work it. Almost every successful businessman is adept at that on some level. Great inventors who have no ability in this realm will always see other people make enormous profits from their inventions and never themselves, unless they partner with someone else who does have these abilities and also has their back.
          It sounds more like jealousy. Maybe you’re an inventor or scientist or engineer whom has seen others profit from your inventions more than you? Maybe not.

        1. I build shit out of metal. Built some rail fences last week.
          board games are pretty cool though.

      3. Um….the vast majority of all U.S companies depend upon subsidies and tax exemptions. Mr. Trump has been the subject of corporate welfare which takes FAR more from our pool of resources in terms of money than this supposed-nanny state has come close to.
        Furthermore Elon Musk actually wants to better the planet and is promoting technologies that you have (more than likely) taken advantage of and loved. And you CERTAINLY have made good use out of quantum physics and mechanics as well as the internet and huge portions of the building blocks surrounding the foundation of it.
        If you only had the technical knowledge to understand how much science has improved your life and how little your completely opinion-based view on what makes someone like Elon Musk bad (he gets subsidies like the vast majority of rich conservatives AND rich libertarian businessmen! the horror! the horror! oh wait, only if he holds views counter to your own)….At any rate, you seem to be using talking points and not actually are voicing an opinion that is seated in hard-earned knowledge.

        1. Being “allowed” to keep the money you earned (aka “tax exemption”) is not a subsidy.

      1. Yup. People are so accustomed to failed marriages that there is no shame in it at all anymore. If you divorced, you stand down and sit quietly during ANY discussion about culture or how to live. Stand down and zip it. So Elon failed his kids. FAILURE. Straight up.

        1. Except that the vast majority of divorces are initiated by women, and divorce can be a great business decision for them. But I suppose you’re a beacon of wisdom…

        2. Failure is failure. If you fail your children then you stand down. I say this because divorce-raped men are usually the most vocal and critical of men who made the correct read and stayed single.

        3. A real man can be divorced and rebuild everything from zero. He can also be a good father no matter the circumstances. Maybe you should consider joining some kind of feminist union with your black or white hysterics.

        4. Yes. A guy can fail and come back from it, rebuild himself. Fine. But it’s still failure and broken home children are the scourge of our nation.
          There needs to be some sense of shame in divorce. People these days act like breaking up a family is no different than trying to start a business and having it fail, like “Meh. I tried.” There needs to be more shame. Once again, stand down. You’ve clearly been divorced. You need to shut your mouth and be ashamed when the issue comes up. Stand down, failure. This is not your time to voice opinions. Stand down.

        5. I am one of the only members of my immediate living family who is not divorced. Why? Because I never married! One sister is on her 3rd marriage, my mother is on her 3rd marriage, my other sister just got divorced, one aunt is on her second marriage, one uncle has been married and divorced so many times I lost count.
          My half brother just got married in May and one uncle has been married forever, but that is about it.

        6. I’m the first one to admit my flaws and failures. But when you blanket crucify guys who are divorced, you have something in common with the crazy feminists. As to your other point: I’m also the first one to praise guys who are wise enough to avoid commitment. Of course, that leaves our societies at a dead end, but that’s another discussion.

        7. I didn’t crucify anyone. Now I see why you projected ‘hysterics’ at me in a previous post. I said “Failure is failure.” I also said the sense of shame in a failed marriage is now gone from our culture. If you buy stock in a shitty company, it’s on you. You can’t go; “Not my fault I lost my money. That company sucked.”

        8. You are way off target with your carpet bombing of divorcees. I was in a marriage for 21 years, three beautiful children, and a BPD spouse. I stayed for the children, who gladly came with me when I filed. If I would have left earlier, they would have been left alone with her lunacy 50% of the time. At great expense to my health and youthful years, I did my duty as a father and a progenitor. If you haven’t been married with children, maybe you should hold off with the blanket statements? I failed in marriage, but not in fatherhood.

        9. There’s no blanket statement. You set out to marry, have children and successfully maintain your family. You failed. Period. If your marriage failed and I say; “Your marriage failed,” you think that’s ‘way off target’?

        10. ” If you divorced, you stand down and sit quietly during ANY discussion about culture or how to live. Stand down and zip it.”
          I should have been more specific, the above statement. It is one of those generalizations that cuts off discussion. You have no idea the circumstances that others have travelled through, as I know little of you, yet you appear to be a self appointed censor with that statement. Hopefully I’m being helpful to you, take it or leave it.

        11. I’m saying, “Where’s the shame?” I NEVER see it when discussing divorce. I think if a guy fails at something, then when that subject comes up, it’s a good time to sit quietly and listen. Or, if he’s going to speak, it’s only to discuss his mistakes and why he failed or to express shame. Not to lay it all down from a position of authority. If you failed, get humble. Then start over.

        12. You really think it’s as easy as just saying you failed. Women are an empty well of time and resources and no amount of either is good enough for some women. The state is to blame for the high divorce rates which allow women to get a divorce because their husband was spending time making money while they sit at home. Men are being undermined by the government and its policies. There should be mandatory counceling before any divorce and the priority should be on keeping the family together for the kids rather than giving lawyers and judges plenty of work.

        13. If someone tries something and fails, then yes, it is as easy as saying ‘you failed.’ It’s not the massive insult that you guys are taking it as. Also, the blowback I’ve received from suggesting that there needs to be simple shame over a broken family has proven my point. Someone who broke up their family and who is rightfully ashamed of it, wouldn’t go to war with someone suggesting that there is shame in a broken family. Rationalizers would go to war but not guys with a healthy sense of shame.

        14. It’s quite an insult when this one failure is used as the basis to discard every other idea or opinion the person has…
          Let me put it this way: if you don’t want to be an evolutionary dead end you HAVE TO get some woman pregnant, and if you want any real stab at parental rights and ideal upbringing for the kids you HAVE TO be married, so in light of these givens, along with the social, cultural, and legal landscape men find themselves in there is (rightfully) little shame for a man who picks a nice traditional family oriented mother who simply drops out to her hypergamous impulses because society does less than zero to hold them to their vows…
          When marriage vows aren’t enforced being ditched by an imperfect woman (when damn near all women are imperfect,) in a situation where women are given every incentive to renege on their promises, isn’t all that much of a shame… If you can get partial custody of your kids the situation can be salvaged to a reasonable outcome…
          Or would you prefer all of America’s babies be born to the drug dealer baby daddies in bars who don’t even make an attempt? That leads nowhere good. Trying and failing is better than not trying at all.

        15. “Trying and failing is better than not trying at all.”
          Not when it comes to bringing a child into the world.

        16. If you’ve got good genes no, no it’s not, not by a long shot. Would you prefer that all those seats your taxes fund at the local elementary be filled with little Mohammads and Fatimas birthed from the plane loads of immigrants paid to be flown in by our government and living on welfare (again off of your tax dollars) because of the fact that we won’t breed at above replacement levels due to our fucked up culture and politics???
          Your advice takes what could be a temporary cultural problem for western civilization and turns it into guaranteed demographic extinction, and that’s forever. You’re a fool if you truly believe what you’re saying (either that or your a shill trying for nefarious reasons to convince us to squander our nation’s irreplaceable genetic resources.)

        17. No, my wife failed. I did however fail to pick a wife that would result in a lifelong lasting marriage, despite all indications to the contrary.
          This happened in a context of a culture with a tiny fraction of women that are ‘lifelong lasting marriage material’ who will honor their vows with none of the societal responsibility imposed on her to do so in past years.
          So, since the majority of western women are incapable of making marriage work long-term, should most men simply resign themselves to roll over and die, letting our genetic lines wind up dead ends despite having an IQ 4 standard deviations above average (with a women who, while not marriage material after all, was also gifted,) during a time where the average human intelligence is in fact dropping like a rock (bullshit ‘Flynn Effect’ notwithstanding?) Fuck that…
          I succeeded in the only way that counts biologically, by passing my genes to the next generation (as a bonus I also get to pass my memes and values onto my kid for half of his childhood.) You can try to shame the majority of men but in the end we all know who the evolutionary losers are.

        18. What did I say again? Something like “There is no longer shame for failed marriages.” You make my point for me and your glorious kids (in your eyes) are just damaged and contributing to the rapid decline. Shame on you.

        19. Shame on you for advocating for actions that would cause our extinction as an alternative you moron (or shill.) I didn’t break up my marriage and ignore my vows, my ex did that. If anybody deserves shame it’s her. You think the problem with kids is broken homes, when really it’s about missing dads.
          ‘Damaged’ is relative… Could they have been better, had we stayed married? Of course, but suggesting that in a culture in which marriage as an institution has been essentially gutted, that because of this culture that since the majority of women cannot be kept in ANY marriage, that we as a population should simply throw in the towel and choose to let our genes die (so that all the baby-daddy-mommas and third world immigrants can replace us) is absolutely idiotic.
          The science shows that kids with good genes, decent food, a proper education, and very importantly their dads in their lives, do fine (for themselves and for society.) I am the sole caregiver for my kid for more than half of his life. If you want to get all self righteous on someone then go after those making the fatherless kids of spawned degenerate criminals and dead-beats.
          You don’t know my kids, so you can’t intelligently say jack shit about them (though you knowing jack shit about something apparently isn’t sufficient reason for you to not keep your mouth shut about it.) Our decline is largely a function of expanding suffrage. The shift to mob rule is the death of any large scale structured civilization, no matter how egalitarian and noble the idea seemed on paper.

        20. Blah, blah, blah. Such a proud guy, so proud of your debacle. I still haven’t seen any shame from you at all and that was my only point.
          And the ‘extinction’ card is the DUMBEST thing of all in this cesspool of 8 billion people, most only halfway developed like your wonderful ‘half’ children.

        21. I don’t have much to be ashamed over. In a homeland full of women who will break their lifetime vows essentially because they’re bored, pretty much the only thing I have to be ‘ashamed’ over is not packing up and trying to find some women abroad who haven’t been ruined by western culture. I’d be a lot more ashamed to be an evolutionary dead end.
          You act like the cesspool of 8 billion people is homogenous, it’s not. Some people are genetically better suited to civilization than others, and even if the politically correct science departments are hesitant to label the major divisions of humanity as ‘subspecies’ they exist nonetheless. For the white western population, with its culture rotted away by feminism, and reproducing below replacement rate, with probable massive resource warfare on the horizon, to follow what you seem to be trying to shame men toward (not having kids at all) absolutely IS a path toward the extinction of our people.

        22. All of that just makes me wonder — who the fuck marries a twice divorced woman? Most of the ones divorced once are crappy…twice?! They’re complete wrecks.

      2. Did he blow them up or did the feminist society support the wive’s blowing them up? I believe in the later based on my own experience.

    4. I also have 6 children, although they are all adults now. I also have 7 grand children, so far, and the last two kids have not come close to production yet. I will admit that the 6 children were spread, unequally, across 3 different women. The cost of this has been back breaking and is far from over, you never stop supporting your children.

    5. Crony capitalist Musk is part of the problem.
      You’ll be paying carbon taxes to have children and some the proceeds will go to Musk’s companies.

    1. That means double the amount of horse shit on certain Pennsylvania roads, but it’s a small price to pay. 🙂

    2. Sounds to me like they’re partying like it’s 1699.

    3. I’ve spoken with Amish (they’re a common sight on the Amtrak trains). An elder said it is not uncommon to have 8-10 children per woman.

    4. But they fuck their cousins like a lot of Muslims. People have to yet mention majority of Muslims marry their first cousins in order to preserve tribes and Birth defects,down syndromes’ rates are off the in roof in countries like Saudi arabia where 3/4 of marriages are consanguial. That is 50 generations of inbreeding. . Muhammad shouldnt have made cousin marriages legal. Children of inbreeders are far more likely to be mentally unstable, increased rate of mental retardation and schizophrenia.
      In the uk, paki Muslims consist of 2% of the population but have 34% of birth defects.They need to make cousin marrying illegal there lol.

  2. Not sure which country you are talking about but can you post some numbers indicating how many Muslims move to Western countries each year? What percentage are they of total immigration? Also can you explain how immigration leads to terrorism? You seem to be taking it as a given.

    1. Letting a controlled flow in, in reasonable numbers, doesn’t necessarily lead to bad things. Letting an unstemmed tide in without any way of knowing who they are, to the extent that it starts to displace the native population however is leading nowhere good. Paris, of course, and then Rotterham, naturally and of course the rapid rise in rapes and violence in once nearly idyllic Scandinavian countries come to mind here.

      1. I can only imagine the well-worded and rationally argued responses that your statement will receive here. You’re right, a controlled flow in reasonable numbers is a reasonable thing.
        I just seriously doubt that some of the more reactionary types here will agree.

        1. Being American I can see first hand how allowing in decent individuals who contribute to society, in controlled numbers and with certain guiding standards can play well in a society. It’s what we used to do, prior to 1965. You had to detail why you wanted to come in, what you brought to the table and you had to show financial proof, usually via a sponsor, that you would not become a burden on the public weal. That’s immigration that I can get behind.
          Throwing open the borders and saying “we don’t give a shit, whomever wants to run across and start receiving welfare and free social services, c’mon in!” on the other hand, is suicidal.

      2. I have always been of the opinion that immigration should be a very difficult and lengthy process.
        This would mean that when an immigrant was here that they cared enough to go through that process to get here. I don’t care what color or religion or race you are….if it takes you every penny you have an several years of difficult screening and tests to get here you will make damn sure that your kids aren’t lazy cunts.

      3. My own thoughts on this is that immigration, like almost every other decision, should be based on private property. As I private property owner I should be allowed to determine who may and may not enter my property.
        And herein lies the problem. In the West we do not have private property. All property belongs to the government and is licensed to individuals. This license fee is known as a tax and the license may be revoked or terms changed at any moment. The government even licenses you your own body and charges a fee (known as income tax).
        As such, it is no surprise that a) people are frustrated with immigration polices that they do not understand and b) that the government wants you to be angry with the immigrants and not the government.
        So I ask, what exactly is the problem here?

        1. Letting people on your property does not grant them citizenship with the nation no matter how freely you own and control your property. It does grant them the right to be on your property, no question, but you are not the nation nor government.
          The “problem” is uncontrolled immigration of endless immigrants displacing the native population, at worst, or causing chaos via the items I mentioned in my first post to you, at best. Not everybody celebrates the suicide of their culture and people. I’m 100% private property, likely every bit as much as you, but that has nothing to do with granting citizenship.

        2. Is it suicide? What about the cultures destroyed first by European invasion and now latterly by bombs? Do they count?
          Note, in a land of private property there will be no government. Citizenship will cease to be relevant when we finally abolish governments.

        3. If you wish to work in a utopian anarcho capitalist framework then I’m afraid that there is no way to have a rational discussion. What ideally “could happen, one day, thousands of years from now” plays no part in what is happening now.
          Invoking “white guilt” on me no longer works either. I could give a fuck what happened in the past, my goal today is the future and my children’s and future grandchildren’s world. If you are not fond of what Europeans did in the past, fine, then you are free to not live in a European nation, in protest. That’ll show’em. Meanwhile, in reality ville, there are real problems going on and people who are not fond of the notion of ethnic suicide. I’m one of those people.

        4. Not a utopian one, just a regular one will suit me.
          To say you don’t “give a fuck” about what happened in the past is to court ignorance. After all, “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” What you are reaping today are the seeds sown by your ancestors.
          If you feel guilty about what your ancestors did that’s on you. But I am afraid being ignorant of it won’t help. You are trapped in contradiction. Its OK for some immigrants but not OK for others. Its OK if we fuck up other peoples cultures but not OK if they threaten ours. All you display here is ignorance, fear and defiance. Trust me you are better off with logic and rationality.

        5. No guilt, no ignorance, no fucks given.
          Got a thing against ethnic suicide. Call me weird.

      4. Living in texas, ive seen what uncontrolled mass immigration does to a community. Controlled immigrants assimilate into society whereas a mass horde of immigrants stick together and make everything go to crap. In 25 years ive seen nice middle class suburbs where all ethnicities get along just fine, turn into third world dumpsters. Instead of a thriving economy, the towns economy is turned into an economy based around second hand goods. Good businesses are replaced with used tire shops and second hand clothing shops. Restaurants are replaced with taco trucks. Wages are lowered due to cheap labor. Tax revenues decreases. Roads and utilities go to crap. Child prostitution is big in these towns.
        Ive seen this happen to many small towns. Even with a degree and life experience its hard to find a job if you are not bilingual.

      5. Yeah the problem isn’t immigration per se but illegal immigration or a huge volume of immigrants going into a country that doesn’t have enough jobs.
        It’s an economic issue – even outside of any cultural considerations. And there’s the pragmatic problem that they’re not going to learn the language as quickly if they stay in (insert ethnicity here)-town.

  3. Hobbes makes some very good points here, most particularly is that the liberals will be the first ones to get beheaded if the Caliphate extended to America. Conservatives, for the most part, could “play the role” for survival if necessary.
    I would hate to see a Crescent Moon where Nelson’s Column stands today, or a scimitar in the hand of the Statue of Liberty.

  4. I have mixed feelings about this article. I enjoy many, if not most, of Mr. Hobbes articles, but this one seems to fall a touch flat for me. The writing and research is excellent, don’t get me wrong, but I think that there are some fundamental problems with this position.
    At one point he speaks about sustainability and talks about these two options:
    “Society A takes the progressive route. Full of moral indignation, they let women out of the kitchen and dismantle the family unit. The birth rate promptly collapses.
    Society B sticks to more traditional, if harsher, social policies, and manages to maintain a stable population.”
    Ok, I have no disagreement with this. However, it doesn’t take a lot of things into account. For instance, what does the man who wants Society B but lives in Society A do? Do you have a few kids knowing full well that it is just going to blow up in your face because no matter how hard you try to be a society B kind of person the wife you marry and the children you produce will be a product of, interact with and be susceptible to society A.
    Is it impossible to do this well? No, of course not. But there is a serious gamble. The moment I get married and start having kids I have locked myself into something that can (and more often than not does) end very, very badly for me.
    The idea that only the people who take this enormous gamble have voices that are relevant and matter, to me, is absolutely wrong. If anything, if someone has got himself married and had kids I think that with the world we live in he has to first justify his incredibly dangerous decision before his words are relevant at all. If all I know about a man is that he is married and has children I can logically deduce that he is at best a risk taker and at worst a very, very poor maker of decisions. Without more information other than just married with kids I am left with no reason to conclude that this is a man worth listening to.
    One other thing I would like to point out is that it is very important to have dreams, have a way you wish the world was and to do your best to make the world more aligned with why you believe in your heart and your dreams is right.
    That said, to turn a blind eye to the realities of the world and just to follow your ideals as if the rest of the world didn’t exist is no different than what teenagers are doing when they are acting like idiot teenagers. When you see some 14 year old on Instagram in a fake rolex talking about how he is a “man” well that is what you look like if you don’t take the real world into account and just live with what is in your head.
    I am not a huge fan of poetry. However, Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If” is my favorite and strikes me as something that every man should have memorized and repeat to himself as a mantra on a daily basis.
    In it we see the wonderful sentiment:
    If you can dream–and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think–and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same.
    I really like this idea and think it is something that seriously needs to be internalized. If we are to be men of the world we can’t simply be dreamers. Yes, we need our dreams but we also need to have the courage to walk out into the world in which we live. Unfortunately, for us men of the west, that is a world where having children is a dangerous prospect which is incongruous with leading a good life. I don’t think that saying that men who make the conscious choice not to get bogged down in that quagmire are irrelevant is a very good idea.

  5. Solid overall point mate, just a wee correction, Irelands fertility rate is still thriving so Israel isnt the only westernized country at it. Unfortunately its our less cognitively developed welfare dependent citizens who are mainly quite liberal in nature, Our conservatives are a slow dying breed in Ireland sadly, but we tend to follow a couple years behind the trend in other westernized nations so hope yet.

    1. Ireland also voted for same-sex “marriage” by a 2-1 ratio. Not very conservative. Still, abortion is illegal there, so I’m told.

      1. Nope wasnt that high, closer to 60-40, and was mainly old assed catholics and the rare big picture thinking sort as myself. Hence the conservatives a dying breed here. Yep thank fuck still SOME consequences for actions, BUT single mother “you go girl” culture is at such an all time high that its now socially applauded if you choose to get with one of these and help raise someone elses kid

  6. For us to simply have kids only resolves one part of the problem. The other part is that we must ensure that they are raised to think and believe as we do.
    In the USA, the left owns the public k12 educational establishment. You can have all the kids you want but if you have them raised by that system, it would be as if the left was having those children.

    1. My children are both anti-feminist right/libertarian. Son 19, daughter 16.
      Rumors to the contrary notwithstanding, the biggest influence on your children will always be you, the father and mother. People who allow the propaganda of public schools to take root in their children are people who likely are apolitical or leftist to begin with, or weak and afraid to take charge of helping shape their children’s world view.

      1. Agreed. We take the same approach with our children. But I’ve lost count of how many “staunch” conservative/libertarian parents I know who believe, for lack of better term, NAPSALT, or particularly, the public k12 schools to which they send their own children.
        They are then genuinely shocked that their kids are US-hating marxists upon exiting that system.

        1. Absolutely! I have nothing but contempt for our school system. We’re looking into enrolling our youngest ones into private. My older kids from other relationships all went to private schools and they’re pretty straight, save a few minor incidences.

        2. I think “with caution” is the absolute perfect way to say it. Too many people are saying “i don’t trust the public school system” which is correct, but then concluding “i will keep my kids at home and home school them” which is just going to turn them into anti social wierdos primed for failure. A correct response would be “should be treated with caution” and then, like GOJ says in a few posts, armed by their parents with a healthy dose of critical thinking abilities.

        3. Well, I actually fall into the category of wanting to homeschool my kids. From my own personal experience, I did most of my socializing outside of school and most of school is meaningless busy work. I believe a healthy balance of learning and socializing with peers can be done outside the public indoctrination institutes.

        4. We tend to agree on a lot of things I think, but on this one I think not so much. I really feel that sending a child to school (public or private) is really important. Home “schooling” should happen every minute the child is home. They should be learning things all the time. But not getting the opportunity to deal with teachers (non family member authority figures) who they can learn to interact with, agree or disagree with, etc…as well as peers or to play on school teams is dangerous. And, for what it’s worth, I am no fan of the system…but it isn’t going any where soon and so a young child who learns how to deal with the system without being effected by it will have a much better chance at a better life.

        5. You raise valid points, but I don’t plan on our kids being hermits or anything. They would be out participating in social functions daily whether it’s going to the museum/science center/zoo/etc., attending church functions, training in martial arts, or joining a sports team. This offers plenty of opportunities to interact with peers and authority figures that are not me or their mother. It also eliminates 99% of the leftist indoctrination they’d be forced to swallow. There was a time before public schools and people seemed to get along just fine without being weirdos or socially awkward.

        6. I am sure there are areas between the extremes and not having nor wanting kids I am far from an authority on this…it just seems to me to be something to be skiddish about.

        7. It certainly isn’t something I decided upon without a lot of thought and my initial response was “of course they need to go to public schools!” However, upon further introspection, I believe that it will largely be a waste of their time. Honestly, how much stuff do you remember or use from your high school education? My guess, little to none. My plan is to lean heavy on the math, literature, and science fields and ignore the bullshit courses. Add some solid home ec classes so they know how to keep their house and budget in order (got 3 girls).

        8. In fairness, I remember a lot that I learned in high school. I read Hemmingway and Shakespeare in high school. I remember being blown away. I learned how to do math that I still use today (and some I don’t). I learned how to get balled out by an authority figure, deal with it and not let it get me down. I learned what it felt like to get teased and I learned the power of teasing others. I learned how to get my ass kicked in high school as well as how to throw a punch. I learned how to get rejected by a girl and how to pick up a girl. I learned that lies will come back to haunt me. I learned team sports, social caste systems and how to study for something I found boring because I knew the resulting grade was important. All in all I feel like I learned a lot, both academically and socially from my public school experience.

        9. Another point is we all (I hope!) have at least one teacher that we can think about whose passion inspired us. I had a great physics teacher (man) and a really cool British woman who had a passion for history. Sometimes kids need the diversity of opinions and interests and passions that other teachers will bring. The down side is there are a lot of mediocre to awful teachers too. But I think the influence a passionate teacher brings can affect a kid for a lifetime.

        10. If you send your kids to the public school, there is no point to having any as you are basically giving them to the enemy who will indoctrinate them from a young age and turn them into good little progressives.
          You can homeschool your kids and make sure they aren’t socially isolated.
          It just takes an active amount of participation in their education.

    2. We need to push for transparency. Now it is technologically possible to stream a video feed from every classroom in America. There needs to be accountability. Parents must demand to know what their children are being taught.

      1. In principle I agree with you. However, a couple of problems. I think that children need time where they know that the parents aren’t watching them. They need time to make independent decisions. They need to learn to flirt. Essentially, young boys and girls need to practice being men and women and it is impossible to do this when the family is looking. Also, while it makes perfect sense to say that the school and the teachers need to be accountable to the parents…there needs to be a line. Just as many or more of the parents will be idiots.
        Unfortunately, like so many others, I can only point out the problems and don’t have the solutions. However, turning the classroom which is where our children are supposed to get both their basic academic education as well as social education into a 24 hour reality program can’t be it.
        That said, I will admit that a lot of it is fucked to death rotten and does need fixing. I just don’t know the solution.

    3. I’m a Grade 12 high school student and I’ve inherited my parent’s conservative Polish views – so even being raised by the system is not completely bad if you raise your kids right.
      But seriously – there is not one ‘conservative’ / anti-feminist / anti-immigrant, anti-gay marriage (I don’t mean anti-gay),anti-liberal,etc. teacher in my entire school, an officially Catholic one. To a man, they all spit out the drivel of the media and leftist mainstream.
      One recent example my history teacher repeating the media narrative of “it’s not about Islam, these terrorists don’t have anything to do with Islam/ alternative version: anything to do with real Islam”. I then pointed out the common sensical observation that without Islam these terrorists would not be here, and she’s like “Are you sure?” and then promptly changes the topic back to our lesson.

  7. Here in Denmark your only choice of having children is marrying a rapidly approaching the wall victim, then slave away to support her and her spawn.
    Basically you help her to fulfill the last of her stupid fantasies. Experience motherhood:check. Will not be catlady:Check.
    Of course, if beautiful young women were willing to be the mother of your child, all would be good and well. But the actual options regarding reproduction is more than dreadful.

    1. It’s a similar story in Australia and New Zealand, where beyond the minority of girls who get knocked up at 16 in High School, the women are all being “strong independent women” types and are all just working (mostly) meaningless jobs interspersed with regular backpacking trips abroad to ride the cock carousel with “hawt” guys until they are about 29-32.
      Then you are supposed to pick up the spooge-leaking scraps at that point when they are finally ready to “settle down”. NO…. Thank you.

        1. Problem with those is once they are here their “cousin” starts to shake you down. Minus Russian mob mail order bride seems a totally valid choice.

        2. Mmm I live in France and I know plenty of (ethnic) French women who married in their early 30S and who have kids.
          But … well … these girls go only for Alphas. Since most of us are betas we have to settle for the post-wall/pre cat-lady or go MGTOW.

        3. Early 30s? By the time they are 30 the risk of genetic mutations goes up as well as problem with pregnancy that naturally arise in older women which would necessitate caesarean.
          30 is definitely not early

      1. I say it again:
        When a woman refuses to give you her best years, you are not obligated to be there for her worst.

      2. Yes, red flags are when women speak of their study abroad experiences in college. Also, when the litany of countries they’ve visited aren’t exactly known for their archeological wonders but for being prominent female sex tourist destinations e.g. Turkey, Morocco. Study abroad and travel abroad are just codeword for having been spitroasted by exotic men.
        Ah but tell them you want to travel to Thailand and watch their noses wrinkle in disdain.

        1. No the cleverest ones are those who go to these countries in the guise of humanitarian service. Right bitch, you going for the new D

        2. Aren’t most of those female “sex tourists” pathetic, worn out old battle-axes from the UK and Germany who think the 20 year old buck they’ve shacked up with (and lavished thousands of Pounds/Euros on) actually loves them?

        3. The Caribbean is also a popular destination. You read ‘sob stories’ where they fell for the saccharine charms of some conman and send him money, etc. All the while he’s doing the same to countless other broads.

      3. Are the girls who are knocked up before 25 a minority? i would have thought they were a majority. So sick of dating women with kids its like a disease.

      4. Yep. The UK too. I was one of those ladies. I found my man at 27 after living that life. Didn’t just sleep with alphas though. I knew it wasn’t a good thing to be doing. I want to encourage ladies not to waste precious time. Especially since most of them don’t have any meaningful careers. Wasteful.

    2. In the US you still have options, mostly outside of metro areas. If you want to find a 25 year old to have your kids in NYC good luck. You will probably find a unicorn or Big Foot before that happens. But, out in the mid-west rural areas most women in their early to mid 20’s are looking to get married. That doesn’t mean they still didn’t spend their time on the old carousel riding around for a bit. It just means there is nothing to do out there and fewer male options so they partner up a lot quicker and pop out the kids earlier.
      If you want a younger wife and kids, move to a small city in the mid-west right after college. If you have decent game and don’t rush into anything you will probably have about as decent of a wife as society has to offer in 2-3 years.

      1. With technology, rural girls are no better. They have the same facebook addictions etc. except they just dress more like men. I’d say pluck one from a religious family somewhere or import something from the south of us. You are partly right though, in areas of the USA that are more isolated, there are still excellent examples of old euro migrant breeding stock.

      2. And then watch them cash in their 30 pounds of gluttony voucher for each kid they birth. No thanks.

        1. I have no contempt for a man that decides to not get married and/or have children. It is a man’s choice just like getting married is a man’s choice. Don’t make a decision because “society” tells you it is the right thing to do. Make a decision because you decide to do it.
          Just at the end of your days realize that it was you who controlled your life and not anyone else. If you are single and die with a bottle of whiskey in your hand and no one notices for a year then more power to you. If you have an ex wife and three kids that hate you, well you gambled. If you have a loving family that meets the mark then you might have won.
          The future is yours to control. Don’t let others tell you how to live your life.

        2. Yeah, good post. My only quibble is that once I die, I don’t think I’ll be too concerned over how long it took people to notice. Hopefully, I die on a cruise ship staring at the sunset with a bunch of other fogies who also can’t believe they got old. And a bottle of whiskey too. I’ll take that. Plus some weed. I think God made marijuana for old people anyway. I’m not missing out on that gift.

        3. We don’t know what happens to you (if anything) after you die. Whether you are a God fearing man or not there is a decent amount of evidence that “something” happens to us after death. Maybe we walk this earth as a ghost, our spirit goes to some other plane, or we are reincarnated and put back into human circulation. It might not be heaven with angels and a big mansion awaiting us upon our demise, but something does happen to us when we pass. So you might end up caring if you get a chance to look down ever.

      3. Learn to speak Chinese, and come here. The girls tend to partner up in their late teens or early 20s. About 80% marry before 25. I am talking about outside the westernized places like Shanghai or Hong Kong. If you are a 20-something guy, you can catch these virgins. If you are older like me (49) you can still catch the stragglers in the 24-30+ category who still don’t have a notch count over 3.

    3. this is why the elites have sold out your cultures with muslim immigration…import some caveman husbands who will beat their veiled wives in the kitchen when they aren’t out getting in trouble, the wives stay home raising the spawn…but the plan is to have enough ‘new blood’ to change bedpans and empty garbage pails in the future…because those ‘career women’ decided to ‘have it all’ and crashed and burned childless.

      1. They’re already trotting out the double think: when white men tell women not to dress provocatively to avoid getting raped, it’s victim-blaming but european politicians are already telling their young women to dress modestly to avoid misunderstandings by muslim refugees. Expect immigrant men to be granted cultural dispensations to act as lasciviously as they wish.

        1. This one is absolutely in the works. I mean, I don’t think it will be as abrupt as “ok you muzzies…enjoy the white women” but I predict that within a year (probably sooner) someone will get off for a violent rape using a cultural defense. For fans of irony out there, there will most likely be someone going to prison for 20 years because some girls boyfriend wanted to know why her breath smelled like dick and her answer was “rape”

        2. Men think rationally so such a double-standard strikes the as impossible but one needs to just look around to see all the double-standards. Latino men are allowed to act macho because they are “hot blooded.” The same macho behaviors that draw women to sex tourist destinations like Turkey are the very same they rally against when committed by men of their own race / culture back home.

        3. Agree. It’s like the frosted mini wheats serial. The rational part of me want’s to think that there is no way this will happen, but the realistic side of me knows that it will beyond a shadow of a doubt.

        4. I’m not advocating this, but after reading a recent story here about how some refugee came to Europe and banged some 14 year old girl at 10:30 at night who later called it rape, it really made me think.. OK, you come from a conservative society where you are taught women should not show skin (even ankle) because it’s promiscuous and sexy. You know the west has corrupt values and its women are slutty. You come to the west and find a girl who is dressed in the uniform of a slut, and she easily offers her body to you without going through the traditional dating rituals, everything escalates quickly with little to no resistance, you bang her easily, thus confirming everything you thought about the west and its women. No girl from his society would take any of those steps, unless she were an actual prostitute. I think that’s a pretty solid defense actually.

        5. The whole spouse raping thing has never sat well with me. I don’t think guys should force themselves on their wives, but if your wife isn’t giving you sex, that’s one of her biggest obligations in marriage, sorry to say. Maybe this shouldn’t be legal, but to call it ‘rape’ is quite a stretch. But it just goes to further watering down real rape and leading to its cultural acceptance.

        6. I understand your logic, but the BIG issue here is, as you say, “…you come to the west and find…..”
          There isn’t much to say for this slut culture we have. But here it is. I didn’t cause it and I am too busy getting my dick sucked to fix it. But this slut culture isn’t underground. When BingBang or whatever his name is comes here he is making a conscious decision to leave behind the places he has known and come somewhere else.
          Should we also tax them the same? 2 camels?
          When my family came here (as well as the families of all the kids I knew growing up) they weren’t just trying to assimilate…they were fucking ashamed of their accents. They went so over board trying to look American it wound up looking absurd.
          You will never see more American flags in a house than you will in an 80 year old immigrants house. Someone who came here, worked their ass off, went with out, went overboard with assimilation and beat the sass right out of their kids and can now retire on a savings that most American families consider “rich.” How does Pavlos afford to retire and have a summer house when he was a shoe cobbler. That mother fucker did nothing but eat hot dogs and wore the same pants for 30 years.
          The idea that these fucking rats are coming here and demanding that their adopted homeland assimilate to them is mindbogglingly arrogant.
          How about we really adopt some muslim conventions like a squad that goes around and beats the fuck out of people who aren’t assimilating properly?

        7. It really, really pisses me off to think about some poor old guy who worked his ass off, sacrificing by eating hot dogs and wearing the same pants and frayed wifebeater for 30 years, and then our current American government comes and in and destroys his savings in a matter of years through quantitative easing, liars loans, and easy money. This guy lived a shitty life all because he wanted to save for the future and these bureaucrats just wipe it all away. I can’t tell you how pissed I would be in their shoes…

        8. I am just as pissed off when his entitled kid is driving a car he can’t really afford because he knows he has a safety cushion.
          So much wrong with the world.

        9. One other thing, while it will piss you off many of them, in fact all of them that I have ever come in contact with, share qualities of contentment, optimism and happiness.
          Further, as upsetting as it is that the government punishes people for success, they tend to give this money up with a smile and see it as a natural payment or tax for having been granted the opportunity to succeed.
          It isn’t hyperbole when I say that there was a serious and almost absurd attempt to be American. Baseball fanatic, apple pie eating, forcing their accent away. Then Habib shows up and it’s all “were is my special room so I can face mecca and pretend blowing allah”

        10. It’s not legal in the US… just lol knee said in a year or to rape would happen and be dismissed for religious beliefs. It happened 5 years ago.

        11. Part 2 of this will be Abortion being ‘phased out’ of all those Nationalized Healthcare plans…”Oh you were raped? so sorry….oh no, we no longer cover abortion for free. You don’t want to pay? Well now you raise your rape baby…but don’t worry, you get lots of free welfare credits. The motherland needs people to push those brooms and clean those toilets. I guess there goes your dream job of being a feminist videogame blogger.”

        12. It’s more than that…in their society, a woman not accompanied by a male she is related too, and dressing in a provocative manner, is making a blatant open invitation to sex. The irony is if you are a lefty proponent of ‘multiculturalism’ you can’t demand they ‘conform’ to your culture without sounding like a colonial oppressor.

        13. I think the important tipping point is ‘did she consistently tell you to stop while trying to push you away?’ If the answer is no I’d be inclined to acquit for forcible rape but convict for statutory rape (ignorance of the law is no defense there.) If the answer is yes he’s a violent predator and culture be damned. Someone can be a slut and still say no to a particular camel jockey. The whole affirmative consent standard however is bullshit, it’s called estoppel, and if a conscious sober woman sits on her right to assert non-consent she has consented by omission by any reasonable mammalian standard of sexual behavior.

    4. Remember: when a woman refuses to give you her best years, you are not obligated to be there for her worst.
      As for being “nothing” for not having reproduced: well if the breeding stock were not all fucktarded self-absorbed hambeasts things would have gone well.

      1. Exactly, if you don’t get the best 10 years with a woman (18-28), why be there for the last 10? The Asians have the right idea. Most of the Chinese students in college are paired up and marry young (21 or so). They get to grow together. Trying to build a life together when both parties are 35 yo and set in their ways is absurd.

    5. Go to a catholic 3rd World/developing country, like Brasil, Argentina or Philippines. You’ll have to learn the language, sure, but the good options will compensate it. And of course, watch out for the golddiggers…

    6. If you are in your 20s, then GTFO of the west and find your unicorn in Asia, South America or the FSU. Two years of your life will not kill you even if you fail in this quest. But if you do find her, then lock her down and bring her back to make babies like rabbits.

  8. There is another factor here as well. In north america IQ and fertility have some positive correlation amongst right wing whites. The smarter rightists tend to have more kids than the dumber ones. Amongst white leftists, its the opposite. So white rightists are increasing as a percentage, and they are getting smarter over time.
    Another point to consider..As white rightists increase their percentage of the population, the white birthrate will start to increase as well. The average age will start to drop, which correlates to increased social ferment.
    Perhaps we are seeing the demographic foundation for reconquest being laid down.

    1. That can and will work IF we as parents take full responsibility and accountability for guiding our children away from the bad influences of contemporary culture. Take a fully active role in countering the propaganda of school and media in a way that they understand, by teaching them critical thinking from an early age (real critical thinking, not the Leftist version which is nothing but deconstructive nihilism). If you can get them thinking independently of “authority” in society, they start questioning the socialism at every turn.
      If right wingers take a hands off approach, which unfortunately many do, then this cycle will never end regardless of the birth rates.

      1. This right here. I live in a very republican town and i can even see the hands off approach with the way they totally let teachers educate their own children. A lot of them allow their kids to be classified with developmental issues so that the school will employ a one on one aid, when in reality the kid is just a little shit.
        If more parents took the time to instill some moral backbone we’d have kids not addicted to iPods and video games.
        I hear all the time, “I don’t have time to teach my kids”. Time is the one thing everyone has in common, We all get the same 24hrs a day.

        1. It really doesn’t even take much time with your kids to instill a lot of virtue, morals and critical thinking abilities. These people, that I too am aware of, always seem to have time to spend nearly 4-10 hours on the weekend watching football or golfing (or whatever), they have plenty of time to sit down with little Johnny and go over school work, etc. They simply are lazy and choose not to. Then they bitch and moan when Johnny turns 18 and flips them the bird and joins Occupy Wall Street.

        2. That’s reassuring to know. When my kids get older, I plan on having them out in the garden with me on the weekends learning to grow their own crops, or learning some other life skill. My wife and I are both in agreement that they do not need a cell phone until they are driving on their own at which point it’s needed for emergencies.

        3. Damn right! It just comes down to proper scheduling. My kid is 10 and he and I have read books together like the autobiographies of Benjamin Franklin & Theodore Roosevelt. Now he’s Reading “Get Things Done” to help with scheduling and project management.
          You’ll know when you’re going it right when they ask your opinions on stuff they see in the news.

        4. Sounds like a good plan. Always great to see the result of work like fresh vegetables you planted and cared for yourself.
          As for cell phones, also watch out for iPods and Google+. That’s what kids are starting to use earlier now to call each other.

        5. Yep, with skype and google hangouts. The only catch is they have to be on wifi. but with hotspots it’s making it available almost everywhere

        6. “I don’t have time to teach my kids”.
          Then they shouldn’t be having kids. That’s like having a car but not changing the oil, and expecting it to run properly.

        7. Yeah, and it also reminds me of the traditional breadwinner figure, like the Don Draper type. He didn’t have huge quantities of time, but always made an effort of a bit of very high quality time every day, even if just 5 minutes or so. The reaction was typically that the child valued the interaction with the father much more than of the mother because it was so rare and valuable.

        8. I ensured that I structured my work life such that I was never regularly “at the office” for 12 hours a day. In full disclosure, I did this well before I had kids as I’m not really a fan of the “slave at work 18 hours a day for The Man” mindset.

        9. It’s worse than that. It’s like having a car but not maintaining the brakes. Because a kid without “maintenance” is a hazard to the rest of us as well and often a net drain on society.

        10. I was that girl who was brought up by Lefty dysfunctional parent’s and as a result I messed up a good relationship with a good man whom I was with for 4.5 years aged 18-22. He was Colombian and there is no doubt in my mind that if I had not of left we’d be married by 25 with kids by now. I’m 29 pregnant with my first baby with an older man now. From 23-26 I was slutting it up and I knew it was messed up. There is no way in hell my daughter will go through that mind set. I had no direction from my parents and I remember thinking I had to be ‘independent’ for a while. Like shops Lefty feminist! But I knew it was detrimental. I’ve been reducating myself for the last three years or so and it’s kinda cool that by the time my daughter is old enough to understand she’ll have a freshly minded mummy who knows just Important it is not to leave society to influence your child alone. We’ll be having weekly lessons on personal responsibility and values. I have a scrap book we’ll make together with the core values she needs and knowledge. Her dad isn’t keen on home schooling. So we’ll see. I’m confident that with a unites front at home the school won’t corrupt her.

      2. I respect you for raising your son and daughter well, and it sounds like they are on the right path. Can you elaborate on their friends however? That is my biggest obstacle to raising a family in the west. I firmly believe I can run a tight enough ship myself, but am afraid of the influence of American culture and fear my children will be socializing with post-millennial degenerates.
        What are your kids friends like? Especially the daughters? I think we all succumb to peer pressure and if there wasn’t the ROK community, I probably wouldn’t have the confidence to behave quite as ‘alpha’, since literally zero of my friends here are redpill. We are all creatures of our environment.

        1. Friends come and go. They are going to make good friend choices and bad friend choices. If you’ve planted the seeds of a) thinking for themselves in a critical manner and b) a moral code that they *want* to follow because they believe that they created it (even though, really, you nudged them along towards the goal) then the bad ones will filter out in short order.
          Unless the “bad friend” is an absolute basket case or doing illegal or highly immoral things however, you probably don’t want to say much outside of not being visibly pleased that the kid is associating with him/her. It sorts itself out, but it requires your own child already being on the path to being well grounded.

    2. Do you have anything to back this up? I always thought that the idiots were outbreeding on both sides.

  9. So. Nikolo Tesla didn’t matter? You know you can impart wisdom in more ways than just rasing your own children . I used to teach martial arts to younger children and from there moved on to form a kickboxing team . I have a younger man whom I’ve trained with since he was 14 , he’s 20 now. I’ve helped him through the perils of not only high school but college as well . All while imparting “red pill ” wisdom . Your children can still grow up to be losers and just because you raised them guarentees nothing.impart wisdom where you can and present yourself accordingly and people will take. Notice

    1. I think the title of the article was a troll to get people reading. Obviously individuals can make major contributions without reproducing. The point of the article seems to be more aligned with long term thinking than with immediate examples of success for non-breeders. Tesla was a remarkable man of so many talents that his contributions to civilization will always be remembered. Had he only had children he could have sent that genius forward into the future to potentially (no guarantee of course) benefit the human race even further. Still, yes, he did contribute, clearly and obviously.

      1. Had he had children I don’t think he would have been able to contribute as much as he did . Rasing children properly is a full time job which requires the utmost attention . Men can leave legacys that can last forever and serve as references for those to come . Take Achilles for example .

        1. Men don’t need to have children young, that only falls to women. Older men can and have sired children with younger wives. He didn’t spend 24/7 sitting with lightning arching over his head, he had free time too, which he spent in idle contemplation and relaxation with friends, including Samuel Clemens.
          Besides, in his day, the woman was at home and taking care of the children when they are at the annoying, whiny stage (0-3 or so). A kid at 4 is ready to sponge up your knowledge and it can be a great joy to teach them as you do things yourself.

        2. I disagree. He was the type to get stuff done no matter how much was on his plate. Plus there should have been a responsible mother involved while he was working.
          Though he did die broke, so it’s probably a good thing he focused more on electricity than raising a family.

        3. This is true . I am not against having children. I hope to have one or two when I am older . I don’t think that having a child should be the ultimate goal though . I think we should all try and contribute beyond just that

        4. Biologically it actually is the ultimate goal as far as Nature is concerned.
          I do agree that we should strive to make the world a better place. And actually, raising my children as I did has inserted two hard core right/libertarians into the ranks of the new “counter culture” that is growing against the Leftists. Every little bit helps.

        5. This is also true . But it is also in humans to bend the rules nature has given. You have contributed well raised children but you also contribute to this site and the men who read it . Your wisdom has spread beyond just your children to people who will never meet you but will remember you .

        6. I think the problem is most people do not have children with the purpose of obtaining some ersatz form of immortality (passing along their beliefs). Most people are so vapid that they can offer no ideological guidance to their children. You can’t decant from an empty vessel.

        7. I agree with your observation. My suggestion is that perhaps we need to change this mindset and start being unlike “most people”. If *we* as a movement are to start advocating having children (we should) then we must also stress raising good right wingers (in our definition of it, not GOP definition).

    2. I think the point is that the majority of us are not Nikolo Tesla, and all our ‘career aspirations’ will matter little in 100 years when we are dust.

      1. You don’t have to be Tesla caliber to contribute . You can contribute through daily action . In 100 years humans may not even be here anymore .To fix the future one must fix the present

        1. For instance, the plumber who fixes your toilet do your septic system doesn’t get screwed up. Not a Tesla sized contribution, but at least I can take a Tesla sized dump in peace.

        2. Not really what I was getting at but the plumber could stumble across this site and then bring it up in conversation to another man who is in need of it . Or he could be toiling away on a new method to clean your system .

  10. I agree with some of the premises of the article. The only reason why Israel’s birthrate is going strong is because a large % of the population there still believe that they are the chosen people above everyone else so traditional bonds remain strong and hence the choice to breed. But you have to take into account the atrocious society which we currently inhabit. As Roosh once put it you should breed IF the environmental conditions at home make breeding feasible which with every passing day they only exacerbate them toward the opposite end of the spectrum.
    With social media in full swing women have all the options and the only one you have (if that) is to end up with some used up ex-broad whom you are expected to support AND entertain so she doesn’t leave you and take half your shit. And even if you have a family, your kids will be attending American progressive-liberal schools and will probably eventually be confused and hate you if you try to teach them “patriarchy” etc. Hell the teachers themselves are scared of the kids nowadays, you can’t do anything to them.
    I am not OK with not breeding but at the end of the day whether you passed your DNA or not, you’re still fucked. Your intelligence, blue eyes and reddish-blonde hair may be passed to the next generation but the same consciousness will not.

    1. You’re working under the theory of “kids raise themselves” combined with “parents have no influence”. I submit that both theories are wrong.

      1. I do not know how things will turn out but there is a good chance that your kids will see other kids doing as they please and hate you for imposing limits on them. There is less chance of this happening if you live away from the coastal areas but the rotten cultural framework is still there..

        1. My kids are both effectively adults, one legally and the other one soon to be. They’re doing quite well, are very right wing/libertarian, and actively scoff at socialism and feminism.
          Parents’ influence matters the most. Use it, and everything you fear can be circumvented quite easily.

        2. I wasn’t talking about your kids in specific, I’m talking about a person having kids now and raising them. Besides the fact that you taught them to be anti-feminist, anti-socialist hits that your wife shares the same beliefs. How many young women or women share those beliefs nowadays? Not many I suppose and their numbers are decreasing with each passing year.

        3. Any woman that you manage to marry and have children with, will pattern her beliefs and values after yours naturally, if you’re a strong man with strong frame, which is frankly the kind of men we’re talking about, at least in this article. She can start out a sopping wet Leftist and in time, if she really digs you, she will come to mirror your beliefs. It just happens, and I suspect there’s a pretty good evo-psy reason for it to boot.
          Straight, man loving women don’t have rock solid political beliefs, even the ones that look like they do. They simply go with whatever herd has their attention that day. When you give them a purpose higher than the herd, such as starting a family, you become the focus. If you’re weak, she’ll revert back to the herd. If you’re a strong authoritative presence that she doesn’t grow to hold contempt for, she will change to suit your given philosophy.

        4. Agreed but it seems to me nowadays that a lot of young women grow up wanting to be bosses of men and women rather than being mothers and agreeable wives.

        5. It’s one of those old truths that so few men realize any longer.

        6. True, or they misdirect their leadership into instilling terror. It’s a strong attribute to posses.

      2. Look at twin adoption studies. Your kids are probably conservative because they’ve got your conservative / clannish genes, possibly from ancestors who lived outside the Hajnal line, not because you read them Burketime stories.

        1. No need. I know that kids don’t raise themselves and I know that parents are the major influence in their lives.

  11. I agree that men should have children. Fundamentally, this is the biological purpose of your life, and for the vast majority of men, will be the only legacy that you leave.
    However, I am not so quick to think that it is the only solution to the ills cataloged here. For example, the imposition of term limits and the dismantling of the welfare state would cure most of what ails us.
    The current self-licking ice cream cone of stupidity endures because politicians need votes to continue to get reelected, and they have found that the easiest way to get them is to promise free shit. Disrupting that process eliminates the incentive for the lazy and stupid from other countries to come here, ensures we only get the best and brightest, and reverses this trend much faster than a multi-generational breeding program that could ultimately be disrupted by a civil war over cultural differences.

  12. Powerful article, very powerful.
    “The future belongs to those who worked hard to create a stable family
    situation in which they could raise their spawn, while you were busy
    trying to overthrow the patriarchy without any thought as to what
    followed. As far as the world is concerned, you sucked in oxygen for a
    few decades, then vanished without a trace.”
    Harsh, but pretty much true. The problem is that here in the UK its difficult to find women who get around to wanting kids before they’re on the edge of becoming infertile anyway. They’re thinking about kids at 35 instead of 25. What good is a 35 year old to me if I want to have a large family?

    1. Western white women are indoctrinated to believe that all people are equal so if those in bongo bongo land are having 7+ children per woman it offsets their lack of fecundity. Same rationale for why white Swedish women don’t believe in deporting Muslim immigrant rapists: because if they’re going to rape someone, it would be showing a racial / tribal preference that they not rape white women.

  13. I come from a leftist family. My parents are leftists, my sisters and cousins are leftists, my grandparents were leftists and our pets were leftists.
    And yet here I am : nationalist since my first pubes.
    I’m afraid the inverse process can also happen.

      1. White liberals tend to have either cat families or one child at most. But “ethnic” liberals have a high reproductive rate.

        1. ‘mo children mean ‘mo chance that one will be 7 feet tall and then we will all be livin’ dat good life

    1. How do your parents and siblings handle you and your views? Do you have peers in the same situation as you?

      1. We have a non aggression pact with my parents. We don’t discuss politics.
        With my sisters I avoid talking as much as can, they’re the most brainwashed members of the family.

    2. You are what we call an exception, I believe. Most character traits are genetically determined. Look up the russian silver fox experiment.

  14. When I look at the birth rates around the world I can’t help but notice an interesting
    phenomenon: the poorer the country is the higher the birth rate. I wonder why is that? Why people who can’t even feed their kids have so many?

    1. No birth control. No access to abortion on demand. Nothing to do outside of walking around swatting away tsetse flies and fucking.

      1. And here’s a kicker, something that frankly you don’t see in the States: either those kids work or study. And I mean, something as simple as 12 year olds packing groceries.

    2. High infant mortality rate. They have lots of spawn to help make up for the ones that they know are going to die.

  15. Sounds like this man never knew what it means to be in a large family. But what can one expect from someone who lives in his mom’s basement until the singularity arrives?
    Yeah, look for another career.

      1. I have no idea either. Then again, I spare myself the embarrassment of not using terms I don’t understand.

  16. How a MGTOW-type man can leave a genetic legacy: donate as much as possible to sperm banks.

  17. I have two sons both under 5 yrs old. My wife is not good in the fertility department, so these will probably be it for us, unfortunately. I really did want to have more, but she’s getting older and I’ve already been through 4 miscarriages and 1 preemie.
    Sometimes you have to call it and accept what you have. Now if my sons can grow up to be better men than myself and have more children, then I think I’ll have done good.

    1. Yes, but those sons can raise more children each. So you did your part the best you could.
      Instill both of them with a good moral backbone and you’ll do more good to the world than having more then 2 kids.

      1. I think I just stated what you already posted. I should read a little better.
        Point is: Keep Up The Good work!

  18. I think this article is an ideal, but it will probably not become a reality within this century. It is an uneasy feeling to think about how our culture is on a decline, and how there may be possible negative outcomes on our society. We can look to China and see that the graying age is certainly not what is best to sustain our culture. It is uncomfortable to know that the less developed countries are producing more offspring than the more established countries. If the west begins producing more offspring, it will be a good thing for the culture. There is good and bad to
    the idea you are discussing. It is obvious that in order to keep your own
    ideals, genes, lifestyle etc… you must reproduce. It is not a guarantee that your
    child will turn out the way you are but that is another issue that I cannot
    contribute to because I am not a parent.
    That being said, as a human global population, population growth is becoming a bad thing. The population cannot continue to grow exponentially, and if it does continue, there will be a massive war for resources. This is good or bad, depending on how you look at it. Do you want to raise children in a world where the climate is changing dramatically, where there is overpopulation and over pollution? I know people will say that those things should not prevent people from having children
    because dwindling resources are mere possibilities. As an individual, I do not feel comfortable having a child (or more) in our contemporary society. Will my mind change? Maybe. Am I a nihilistic human? Probably. What are my ideas to resolve over population? They are too radical to type on the internet, where all of the liberals will find my identity and condemn me for being anti-humanist.

    1. one child of course does not increase the population at all since you have one foot in the grave

    2. Climates always change. Big whoop.
      The world population will increase in the third world. If *we* don’t continue to reproduce, the West, then there will in fact be a huge crisis. If we *do* reproduce, then, given as we are the innovators of modern civilization, we can probably do something to mitigate the harm. Either way, the 3rd world is going to continue to breed like rabbits. The question is, will we be here to do something about it, or are we going to go ahead and self destruct and let humanity plunge into endless war, slavery and eventually, grass huts?

      1. Very true. I think there will be a crisis if we do or do not reproduce, just of different kinds. Obviously, I would prefer the developed world to be able to mitigate the potential harm.
        As far as third world population goes, do you think it would be beneficial if the developed countries stopped sending aid to the third world countries?

        1. To answer your question, absolutely. The “aid” we send now, while humanitarian, is allowing more of them to survive than would in their natural state. It sounds cruel, but we’re letting people live who go on to breed more children, who then get to live more often than not due to our aid, etc.
          As to “we”, I’m speaking strictly of government aid here. Individuals obviously can do as they wish.

        2. Inoculating and feeding 3rd world hell holes with no restictions or influence on the culture that created it in the first place just amplifies the problems and suffering tomorrow.

        3. Yes, precisely where I was going with my train of thought.

      2. I’m not afraid of the third world outbreeding us, so long as we keep them separate from us. If they want to breed heavily, fine, let them compete on their land for the limited resources. I wouldn’t be afraid of getting conquered on the mainland either, as long as the immigrants were separate, which they aren’t. Modern day war is about who has the biggest guns, not who has the most people.

        1. mass immigration is a weapon. until we start blowing boat loads of immigrants out of the water, it doesn’t matter how big our guns are!

  19. “The key factor here is that the vast majority of these immigrants are poor.
    90% of blacks and 70% of Hispanics don’t vote for the Democrats because
    they’ve been brushing up on their Karl Marx (the 90% figure also
    predates Obama).”
    Is that accurate? Or am I reading incorrectly? Blacks/Hispanics DONT VOTE DEMOCRAT?
    I’m genuinely curious where that statistic is coming from, it challenges some of my previous information and would like a source.

    1. He’s stating that they don’t vote for the Dems because they are philosophical socialists, rather they vote for the Dems for the freebies.

      1. As a Hispanic, I approve this message. Most Hispanics think Dems will take care of them. When I come across a liberal Hispanic (all of the time) and talk about politics I ask them 1) how long have you’ve been voting democrat and 2) Why are the conditions worsening for the community? their response, “because Republicans.” my response “GTFO!”

      2. Ah yes, I can cosign that. The wording was just troublesome for me, and I needed some clarification, thank you.

    2. right, I think his point is that they aren’t ideologically left wing due to rigorous study and fastidious and passionate beliefs (the way Cuban’s are passionate about being Republicans). They vote Dem because they are pandered to.

  20. Is this article also saying that minorities such as Muslims in the US / UK should have fewer kids?

  21. Offspring are not only in the genetic sense. They can be those that have been mentored (Socrates and Plato; Aristotle and Alexander the Great, Jesus and the 12 disciples, to name a few).
    If you can’t father children, the next best thing is to mentor broken men (of which there are plenty) and spread the red-pill.

  22. The article is pretty much on point. There’s something though… Technology. Artificial wombs and new armies of liberals created and raised by the state. Technology is the wild card in all these.

    1. “Could potentially upset people struggling with confidence”. Hmm, awfully broad there, haha. Better to not leave the house.

  23. well don’t tell them about it – i’d love for the equalist elites to die out or be swamped with more fertile, conservative people

    1. Its happening already to some degree. Most of the Left are whites, and they’re dying off faster than the flies in Chernobyl. Third world immigrans are mainly conservative and pro-family.

  24. Interesting article, and as far as I am concerned, accurate. I very much enjoy the direction both Roosh and ROK are moving in. Unlike the majority of other red pill sites, Roosh and ROK are trying to find solutions for the problems we face. However, is it simply too little too late? As I’ve said before, difficult though it may be, it is still possible for a man Roosh’s age to find a virginal/low notch count woman to raise children with. This will not be possible for men under 30. Is it worth reproducing when it appears as though the future for not just the west, but indeed the entire world, will be a Brave New World style hedonistic society, where personal freedoms are gone and purpose scorned? It appears that younger men have three options remaining them:
    1) Marry a used-up, carousel riding woman in her 30s and bang sluts on the side indefinitely
    2) Utilize surrogacy or some other kind of unnatural means to have our own children
    3) Become a monk of some kind, refusing to engage in the hedonism that appears to be our inevitable future.
    Bleak indeed.

    1. I think even if artificial wombs arrive, their use will be restricted and only granted to women not single men

  25. Look have kids or don’t, leave a legacy or don’t-you have no obligation either way. You don’t owe the world a damn thing in the end. If you really think the world at large or “society” will appreciate you for breeding, you’re mistaken. In my mind, it’s better to focus on your own works and contributions. We’re still talking about guys like Einstein, Beethoven, Tesla and Napoleon because of their own accomplishments, not because of any kids they may have sired. If you have a strong desire to have kids, by all means go for it-it’s a roll of the dice. Your kids could end up doing great things or be loser drug addicts. I’ve seen kids raised by great families still turn bad-I’ve also seen kids who grew up in the worst conditions make something of themselves. Just be certain you really want fatherhood.
    After about 3-4 generations, you will be all but forgotten as everyone who knew you will also be dead. It’s nihilistic but just drives home that we need to chart our own paths since we have one shot. Stop worrying about what you “owe” the world so we can stem the wave of feces heading towards the west.

      1. Great counterpoint…because I’m enjoying life and living the life I choose. Living according to expectations made me miserable. I’d much rather mentor someone that needs direction than have kids I don’t truly want. My whole point was not one of complete dread and nihilism, just that we don’t owe anyone anything-nor does anyone owe us.

        1. 100% agreement with you. To me, a kid just drags you back into the culture war. I respect devoted right-wing fathers more than anyone on earth but I also know my own mind. If I have a kid I would go into a zone of pure worry, financial hell and daily anger at this marxist culture that has chosen me (white male) as its scapegoat, mule, tax-bitch, whipping boy, stress relief dummy etc. I’d rather have 40 more years of life as a sensual animal, on my own. Then I bow out. Culture sucks. It’s a collective funnel even at its best, which it certainly isn’t right now. Being a free, sensual human is where it’s at. If I have a kid, I’m part of the collective no matter how much I piss and moan.

      2. Anyone who says the world is overpopulated and preaches not having children or limiting oneself to 1-2 children to prevent overburdening the planet should kill him/herself and stop sucking up resources that could be used by others.

        1. So anyone that doesn’t have 3+ kids should just die? Great logic there-you sound genocidal. I don’t preach anything-I make my choices and don’t care what others do. You sound like the preachy one to me.

        2. Comment was not directed at you: comment was for teachers / politicians who especially in the 70s (Club of Rome) who advocated low birthrates to avoid resource depletion. I think if people want to entertain some mother earth faith then the only non-hypocritical course of action would be suicide.

        3. That does not make much sense. If I think (which I do) that the world is overpopulated and have one or two kids as opposed to a rat pack of 12 kids, that hardly puts me in the same resource sucking scum as a useless breeder.

      3. Because he enjoys his life. Not everyone is a collectivist or societalist (my word) down to the bottom of their heart. Maybe he likes to smoke stogies, barbell train, paint, read fiction and swim in South Asian lagoons with naked 19 year old girls. Who knows?

        1. Stupid. You’ve clearly brought or plan to bring a child into this world to take his 60-70,000 shits then die anyway. Why not kill yourself instead so you’ll never burden us with your fatass brats?Then it’s two less defecation machines to worry about or however many idiots you planned to crap out so that they could crap all over everything. Enjoy alimony.

        2. Yup you assume our current system will last forever, sorry buddy it doesn’t take a mathematician to know that trillion dollar deficit aren’t sustainable.

  26. I remember seeing an article from a few months ago where a man was found dead in his home, but he had been dead for more then a year. The only reason someone noticed was because one neighbor had not seen him in more then a year (apparently they though he had been residing in his hunting cabin) and some one else tried to contact him because a tree fell through his cabin roof damaging it seriously. The man had no wife (not even an ex), children, or living relatives authorities could find. Moral of the story is a man without family is the most disposable human that no one really pays any attention to. You can be dead for a year plus and no one even notices.
    I don’t think a man should go about getting married an acquiring a family in their 20’s, but by your late 20’s or early 30’s you should start thinking about it or you may wake up one day and realize you are too late.

    1. Don’t let the old myth of the “lonely old man” con you into marrying someone that’s not right. This tripe has been shoved down our throats for far too long. The story you reference is a fringe case-extremely unlikely. Yes it can happen but most everyone has some people in their life that would notice their absence. Maintain your relationships of all kinds with friends, family, etc… and you won’t have this problem. Form strong bonds with your fellow brothers. Hell if you do get really old and don’t have a wife or kids, move into a retirement community. Odds are we will die alone anyway-it’s another Disney fantasy that you’ll be surrounded by loved ones on your deathbed and everyone will have a chance to say some kind words. Most folks I know that have passed did so with no one around at all.
      It’s pointless to worry about dying alone like the guy in the story. For all you know he could have been a hug asshole his whole life and alienated everyone.

      1. Oh dont get me wrong. Getting married for the sake of getting married is a horrible idea. A man should get married not because of outside societal pressures, but because that is what he desires and he has found a woman that he desires to enter into such a bond with in the end.
        I was mostly trying to point out that the society could give a less then a shit about a single man with no family. From the articles it sounded like he lived an independent life till the end of his days….maybe for the best or worst. Just no one cared he was gone and he is going to be buried in a public cemetery and have his remaining assets sold off by the state.
        If you want to live till the end of your days with no family that is fine by me. Just make sure you have a will in order along with you last wishes and rites.

        1. You are correct in that society doesn’t give a shit but I truly believe society doesn’t give a shit about the individual at all, regardless of his/her marital status. Those in power want to stay there and need us to be compliant little servants-they don’t care about our happiness in the end. Great discussion though. Cheers!

        2. Society at large does not care about individuals and never has unless you were a public figure. Who does care about individuals though are your family and friends.

    2. Happens to women as well. There was a B movie actress from the 1950’s called Yvette Vickers (Attack of the 50 Foot woman) who was found mummified in her home in Beverly Hills. She had been laying there for over a year.

      1. You’d think somebody would notice if the neighborhood 50 foot tall woman wasn’t showing up at the market.

        1. Heh. Yvette was a hottie in her day, but after 3 divorces and no kids she died unmourned in Beverly Hills.
          A teaching moment for young women.

  27. As a south Asian immigrant in Canada, I will 99% side with nationalists when shit happens.
    As an immigrant I also know all the shady welfare shit that immigrants do. A lot of them milk the welfare opportunities for all they can.

      1. its hard to go against the left in this bloody socialist country. Im happy I live in Alberta, I could not imagine living in a place like Ontario

        1. Praries are the only Conservative strongholds left, but its getting worse by the day. I was in a few colleges recently, they are all plastered with Marxist propaganda such as “Gay-Steaight Alliences”, “Womens right” leaflets and so on.

        2. Yep I study at the university of alberta and it is a complete leftist paradise. Young Albertans are definitely not conservatives.

    1. My parents are immigrants however both owned thier own business.
      Messed up part is both are pro Democrats

      1. Lot of south asians ( who can be quite hardworking people) are liberals because of the easy immigration laws that liberals govern with. Other than that south asians completely oppose all the deviancies that leftists support.

  28. Great article, but I would love it if the immigrant population swung to the right, at least socially, and voted to put the gays back in the closet and all. Public stonings might be too… intense… but we’ll see where this all ends up. I for one will enjoy things moving drastically to the right, even if I want Mohammed to go back to Syria and all the illegals to return to Latin America

    1. Lots of colored men already repulsed by feminism and gay agenda. I personally talked to a few Africans who told me that “freedom of speech doesnt apply to gays here”, meaning gays are beyond any critique. Im sure Liberal heads will roll, its just the matter of time.

    2. So public stonings are terribly wrong but gay pride parades where diseased deviants flaunt themselves and suck each other off in front of neighborhoods with children watching is somehow less barbaric and acceptable?
      Reality check dude.

      1. Dude, I’m agreeing with you. I’m just saying that public stonings of gays might be too intense for Westerners to consider. But yeah, I wouldn’t mind that. Sometimes you need to do drastic things to tackle drastic problems, and I see homosexual deviance as a drastic societal problem.

        1. You’re right. I wish I never had to hear or see about what those vermin do.
          But vermin must be completely eradicated.

      2. I for one never even minded seeing ISIS toss them off buildings, and I do think the death penalty is appropriate for gays given what the Bible says. The Old Testament is not nullified, it’s the ceremonial law that has been fulfilled. But, Ancient Israel’s civil law is the best guide for our civil institutions.

  29. Im honestly afraid to have babies. When Im ready I’d rather have them back in Russia where Im from or in Latin America where my GF is from.

    1. “When Im ready I’d rather have them back in Russia where..”
      What year will that be? Twenty years from now your kids will be Toronto Maple leaf fans. Don’t ask me how I know.

      1. Oh, hello, you russophobic untermensch. Still getting high on your Jewish libertarian philosophy?

        1. Russophobe definition, a person who hates or fears Russia
          You speak like a leftist. I bet your short too.
          Go Leafs!

        2. Relax Nevsky. I like pulling your chain because you always take the bait. I actually agree, with what I have read, with most of your posts. I don’t fear russians and the only ones I hate are a couple of my in laws.

        3. Thats Ok, you need to take a break from beating off to Ayn Rand’s portrait. You are russophobe though, thus I wish all the worst to you and yours.

        4. Nevsky. I actually enjoy ribbing you, but I will cease and desist.
          Good luck to you and yours. All the best.

      1. Yeah, the french really have their balls in a vice. They need to take serious action soon, or their country is going to go down the toilet.

    1. Excellent sports, but I don’t see a lot of multi million dollar endorsement deals for lacrosse players.

      1. To the never ending chagrin of my son. He was hoping that lacrosse went pro in a real way by the time he got to his current age. Sure, there is a pro league, but it’s basically more like a club with dudes who have real jobs outside of lacrosse.

        1. Yeah, it is a shame because lacrosse is an excellent sport. Loads of reasons for lack of popular appeal all of which I am sure have already occurred to you. However, playing a sport which requires discipline, teamwork, organization and not just a little toughness will yield long lasting results…

  30. actually really funny picture, but I am pretty sure duke is a quaker school……quakers are the oatmeal jews.

  31. “The short of it is that, assuming the number of conservatives and liberals is about even, within two or three generations the descendants of today’s conservatives would outnumber their liberal counterparts 2:1.”
    Dont forget the indoctrination machine that is the contemporary education system. (Universities in particular) Having conservative roots will not guarantee one ends up a conservative adult.

        1. It is growing yes, about 2.2 million in the US now. And interestingly they score about 15 to 30 percentile higher on exams than public school students. But it is still a small minority.

    1. It is very important in the north east. When the climate gets warmer there are more tities to look at.

      1. Some think we about to enter a mini ice age(15-20 yrs), so I hope looking at a female’s forehead turns you on

        1. It is why I only go out with girls who are consistently in the gym. The need to be nearly naked in front of men and, even more terrifying to them, fully naked in front of other women keeps them at their physical best and, as a side benefit, usually ensures total hairlessness which, at this stage, I feel is mandatory…no exceptions.

    2. It’s no longer called global warming because evidence does not show warming. Now they call it climate change so it could be cooling as well as warming, or rain, snow, wind, sunny day, and every type of weather. Climates change day to day as a natural thing, so they make up something to be concerned about.

      1. They have all their bases covered: A and A bar, A and A*. That’s their trick: no matter what happens, it was human-driven

  32. First, it’s foolish to think you can have much effect on a kid’s personality. Don’t trust
    the nurture peddlers. Babies come with personalities. The blank slate theory is
    BS. Anyone who thinks they can raise little conservatives might as well go full cukcservative, adopt some Africans babies, and have a go at turning them into little Tom Sowells. Good luck.
    You think you carry conservative DNA? How likely is that? My parents are essentially socialists yet I’m libertarian. Guess what, we never got along too well. It was a clash of values and mindsets from the get go. The hostility started in early childhood and continues to this day.
    There is zero chance of outbreeding the Third World. There are 7 billion people on earth. About 1 billion are civilized (First World). Globalization will bring a new dark
    age. I hope your conservative kids have fun.

    1. “Don’t trust the nurture peddlers. Babies come with personalities.”
      Statistics say otherwise and from what I recall the personality solidifies around the age of 14. Sorry your parents were leftists, but their tendancy to be emotive, dishonest gits tend to repulse everyone (who is of unlike minds), not just you.

    2. Babies come with basic personalities, but they are also very receptive to influence in personality development.
      I raised two “little conservatives” successfully. If your parents were hard leftists that means that they probably had no idea how to raise a kid from the get go, ergo, your own experiences.

  33. Great overall article. One thing you didn’t mention, is rappers like “Young Thug” who are twelve children deep, and how that affects society. It isn’t only the Muslims that are breeding.

    1. Muslims breed just fine so long as their men remain as a standing army ready to fight any authority or social influence that threatens to curtail their numbers. Are we doing the same?

  34. I have never wanted kids and given the expense and poor social climate (i.e. divorce, alimony, child support, etc.) for raising a family, why would I want have children? I agree that Muslims and Asians are overpopulating the planet, but our time on this planet is limited, and I would prefer to have a great life than suffer for the greater good which is nothing but an ideology.

    1. I wasn’t aware that the biological urge to reproduce was an ideology. Must have missed that class at university.

      1. I don’t have a biological urge. To me it’s an ideology as such. Your best argument is an ad hominem attack? You must have missed that in your academic studies. lol 😉

        1. An ad hominem is an attack on you personally meant to distract from the actual content of the discussion at hand. I was addressing your assertion that it’s an ideology directly by questioning the absurdity that biological impulses are the result of philosophical pondering or ideology (same thing, just being verbose, heh). That’s not ad hominem.
          What you posited is the same as me saying that a menstrual cycle is a philosophical construct or ideology, because I personally do not go through that particular ordeal, nor do some women. It makes no sense on its face.

        2. Ad hominen is a personal attack. You attacked my education as an argument. Anyway, you appear to be a troll who has nothing better to do (yes, it’s an ad hominem). If you want brats, go ahead, enjoy. I don’t want them ever.

        3. OK, I’ll use smaller words (and yes, that in fact is ad hominem).
          If I attack an argument, that is not you. The part about “I must have missed that class in college” had nothing to do with you, whatsoever, no matter how you construe it, it was commenting on me apparently not being up to date with your invalid premise.
          As to having kids, already been there, done that. Evolution and nature declares me the winner. Slainte

        4. Hey, nature selects out your attitude. I don’t begrudge you living a bachelor life, and I don’t shame you for it, do as you will and have with whatever you do.
          Don’t need luck with the kids, one is an adult and the other is soon to be. Came out as right/libertarian, bold, intelligent and ready to confront the future head on. So it goes.

        5. Thanx! I will enjoy my life. Lots of women, lots of friends, no headaches, no concerns, and no problems that come with children going forward. Enjoy the future

        6. Nice try, idiot. You’re a troll, nothing but a troll, with no potential to be anything other than a troll.
          It appears you have this burning urge to get in the last word, even if it means you try to sneak it in over a month later under the radar.
          Last post to you, I expect you’ll try to continue today (which I won’t read or answer) or sometime next August when you think nobody is looking. Slainte

  35. LOL!! I am confused by some of these “writers”.
    In one article they say “never get married! fuck bitches get money! all women are sluts anyways!”.
    Then the VERY next day they come out with an article saying “all men should get married and maintain a traditional Christian household! Bible verse such and such says blah blah blah”.
    Which one is it?? Seems the “alpha player PUA lifestyle” is totally incompatible with “traditional Christian married life”.
    Lots of “filler” articles from ROK lately…..

    1. I think more than dictating one narrative the site is or is becoming simply a place where different men can discuss different view points with each other in an atmosphere of respect and maturity.
      I totally disagree with this article. However, it opens up interesting questions for me and forces me to find shades of grey in my own beliefs. A total contrary article which is more aligned with my personal point of view I may agree with but make me realize some flaws in my own thinking.
      If we are going to grow as men we need to be able to sit down and share ideas. It is the SJW or feminist mentality to say that a single narrative must be preserved and there is no room for adults from different places in the world and in society to discuss their ideas with each other. Different ideas for them = rage. Different ideas for us means growth…..even, and maybe especially, the ones we disagree with.

    2. This article seems to have been aimed at women, namely, the ‘strong independent woman!’ types.

    3. It’s as if they have different writers with different viewpoints! OMG!

  36. Having kids in the Anglo-sphere is suicide for a man. Once kid(s) pop out, the man is forever at the mercy of the mother and/or the big daddy government. Both of these groups will exploit the HELL out of you using “the children” as the excuse.
    Once kid(s) pop out the matriarchy OWNS you. They can even cancel your passport if they please, to prevent you from escaping. They will even cancel your professional licenses if they please, to bring you to your knees financially.
    Having kids in the Anglo-sphere with a feminist Anglo-woman is one of THE biggest strategic mistakes an Anglo man can make.

    1. My Ethiopian and Honduran neighbors aren’t scared of the matriarchy. They won’t stop breeeding. In 30 years, their progeny will still be here, living it up in the country you refused to reproduce in.

    2. Yes, extinguishing your genetic line is a much more sane thing to do.
      Man oh man…

    3. omega male,
      This is spoken like a true omega male. If you are a high value male, you become the paterfamilias, not the exploited. The most financially successful men (both now and in history) are married fathers. Look around. On happiness scores, married men are the highest scoring demographic.
      If “kids pop out” and you’re a low value deadbeat male, then yes, in the current political climate, you will be endlessly exploited. But if you’re a low value deadbeat omega male, you already have lots of problems besides that of courtship, marriage, and fatherhood.
      Become a virtuous, strong, and successful man. Seek excellence in your life. Then the other things will fall into place.

      1. omg. I read every single comment here and yours is the best. Why aren’t comments like yours echoed around here? SO much hatred about the way things are but no effort to be the change they want to see.
        Thank you for your comment. This is exactly the kind of husband I seek and work to deserve.

    4. There is a way to own your own children. It’s called don’t sign the birth certificate. Have a home birth and make your own certificate for the child claiming it as your own under God and not the State.

  37. There are many contributions one can make to society, or simply one’s self actualization, without having children. Having children can be an enjoyable activity, but it’s one that you will share with most of the 6 billion people on the planet. I tend to prefer carving out niches or specialties that are unique and valuable to concentrate my energy on. I may having children one day, but my life will be no more valuable after I spawn. And I would direct readers to this story, reminding you that there is no guarantee that your children will turn out to be something you are proud of, no matter how hard you try, especially if you raise them in the west.

    Do Good Girls Exist? A Tale Of Two Unicorns

  38. Gonna have to disagree here. I agree with the sentiment of procreation in general, but to say that people who don’t procreate don’t matter is taking it too far.
    If you’ve read any of my posts, I’m biased Christian. That’s my paradigm and I would encourage others to look for wisdom in that direction. Yeshua was childless. The apostle Paul was childless. During Paul’s time he actually encouraged not procreating due to the circumstances Christians found themselves in. Many of the prophets were childless as well. Their words have resounded through the millennia, and will continue to do so, long after our words are forgotten and gone. For whatever traction our words may get. They matter.
    Don’t put too many of your eggs on the ideals of democracy. It’s always failed and always will. The broad way is to destruction and the majority have always walked therein. Democracy hinges on a majority. Do the math. Even now, the wicked elites who think they’re in control are a minority yet doing a damn fine job of executing their agenda. The fallacy that a majority is needed to secure victory is dangerous and counterproductive.
    “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless
    minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men.” -Samuel Adams
    Look to Yahwehs law for the path to victory. As an individual, a household, a community, a state, a nation, and beyond it is there.

    1. We already won through Yeshua in the realm of the eternal. On this physical world, I agree must be won by individual, household, community, state, nation etc

      1. The Bible teaches that Yahweh is sovereign over the physical world as well. It’s a consistent Biblical theme that He chooses to work through a human minority to accomplish His will and demonstrate His power to the majority. Below are some examples. In the general sense, I agree it is good to “be fruitful and multiply”.
        “Then Jonathan said to the young man who was carrying his armor, “Come and let us cross over to the garrison of these uncircumcised; perhaps Yahweh will work for us, for Yahweh is not restrained to save by many or by few.” 1 Sam 14:6 NASB
        “Yahweh said to Gideon, “The people who are with you are too many for Me to give Midian into their hands, for Israel would become boastful, saying, ‘My own power has delivered me.’” Judges 7:5 NASB
        “Then David said to the Philistine, “You come to me with a sword, a spear, and a javelin, but I come to you in the name of Yahweh of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have taunted. This day Yahweh will deliver you up into my hands, and I will strike you down and
        remove your head from you. And I will give the dead bodies of the army of the Philistines this day to the birds of the sky and the wild beasts of the earth, that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel,” 1 Sam 17 NASB
        1Sa 17:47
        and that all this assembly may know that the LORD does not deliver by sword or by spear; for the battle is the LORD’S and He will give you into our hands.”

    2. True many religious men were childless but not Muhammad and Martin Luther. You can make an impact without having kids but it is better do both

      1. Add King Solomon to the list. 700 concubines and 300 wives. Polygamy is definitely going to have to be reinstated at some point.
        Depends on what you mean by “better”. The apostle Paul was able to not be distracted by the urges of sex and procreation allowing him to focus on his ministry and positively affect the lives of millions upon millions of people over time. It was definitely better he focused on that ministry rather than settling down to focus on being a family man. Like he said, marriage is a distraction.
        I should point out that during his time the impending judgment (when Rome eventually destroyed Jerusalem) made family life hard. His advice was not anti-marriage or contradictory to Gods’ command to “be fruitful and multiply”, as some incorrectly think, but practical advice for the specific Christians to whom he was writing. If I knew that China and Russia were going to mass invade in three months, and God was going to use them to destroy this wicked nation, and Christians were given divine guidance to head to the hills and weather it out, then rebuild after fallen man got done with all their “herd thinning”- I would definitely strongly encourage Christians who were single and childless to stay that way for a little while.
        It all depends on a man’s calling whether he has one wife, many, or none. His calling is what matters. Whatever yours is, make it count.

  39. More specifically, WOMEN who don’t have children have little to no value. They’re useless eaters who are barely worth as much as an inflatable doll or sex robot. Unless they’re working as a milk nanny or tending to a nursery full of youngsters, reading stories and teaching red pill nursery rhymes to the little junior tribe members, if they’re not at least doing that, then they’re USELESS.
    THE EXCEPTION is the old post menopause ‘dry hen’ who has already put out her bakers dozen brood. Her saggy poot served its ‘purr-pose’ quite well. She’s just a ‘fun hole’ from now on for grandpa but she has earned her wings. An old bird like that is worth keeping around to teach the younger wives how to make bread and passing down to them the tricks to keeping their master’s dick serviced properly.

    1. The greatest danger to society is women who go their entire lives without ever needing to answer (or be accountable) to a man. When cut from their leash, women inevitably engage in pointless and even harmful past times. A married mother is deserving of respect, but a single mother is not. Why? Because she chose the path of reckless independence and selfish indulgence.

  40. Do you really think there are enough conservative women left in the west to, first, have a lot of children and, second, keep up with the flow of muslim immigrants? Sure, if you could press a magic button that sent all the women back to their homes to children it would be easy, but how many conservative women are there? I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it’s less than muslim women, honestly (especially in coutries like Canada, France and the UK).
    Also, if white people started making children now, while immigration is at its highest, we would end in a real crisis of overpopulation. Call me a cynic, but I think we’re fucked and there’s nothing we can do. We’ll have to wait until the welfare state collapses.

  41. I find myself having less an less in common with Western culture by the day. Queer “marriage”, women with no self respect using abortion as contraception as they wipe the gallons of man muck from their eyes, female “empowerment” with the destruction of the nuclear family and men sidelined as beta providers. The list goes on.
    And I agree at least the bummers aren’t getting stoned, they look much better learning to fly……

    1. The destruction of marriage and its processed alienation for the masses is one of the pillars of the School of Frankfurt. How else are they going to destroy the foundation of a nuclear family? A meaningful marriage keeps a family together, but, there are many more spanners thrown in its gears by the system, i.e. unjustifiable house prices and the divorce industry.

      1. Then there’s ‘spousal rape’ laws. Prior to 1976, there was a statutory ‘rape exclusion’ for legally married men. No married man could ever be charged with raping their own spouse. Legal journals and scholars of the time literally dismissed the term ‘spousal rape’ as being OXYMORONIC. Marriage guaranteed free unlimited sex without liability. It was one of the biggest perks for marriage.
        Then came a two pronged attack on marriage. No fault and in ’76, Nebraska was the first state to eliminate the ‘rape exclusion’ from family/marriage law (Neb was the reddest most trad state strangely, but they rammed it through Neb first).
        Then over the next 17 years the feminists quietly won over every last state with spousal rape laws. In ’94, the last state in the union fell under the rape charge for family heads. The peaceful Regan years were really an ongoing silent but deadly war against the patriarchy. Each state fell quietly instead of a loud campaign to pass a fed law like the gay marriage debacle. That was their strategy. Slow, stealthy and complete. The bagel isn’t complete without cream cheese so the no fault divorce laws piggy backed on the spousal rape shit.
        Isn’t that what the feminists declared all along, that marriage is slavery and all heterosexual sex is rape? I believe the feminists next plan is to start declaring trad married women as slaves against their will. Local schmuck prosecutors already have pre stamped forms to throw a felony criminal confinement charge at a man who tries to talk his woman out of going to a family court session or dissuade her from meeting with casa workers, caseworkers, or missing a scheduled meet with a divorce attorney.
        Once they have their hooks into a confused woman, the man is expecetd to assume the position as his throat is cut and he is eviscerated while his woman’s hand is forced against him under threat of her kids being absconded. The enemy is playing hardball. The women have to learn to get as vigilant as the men against the cabal. A woman who won’t listen, though she’s not the enemy, is more dangerous than the bad neighborhood/community of marxists that you have her living in. Take notes. Remember faces.

        1. Read the guardian link in the article. It’s a fast forward in time, a look into what will happen to the rest of the world.

    2. Two Islamic men throwing a gay man off a roof of a building. ”He’s one of Lot’s people” they exclaim (from the biblical ‘Lot’ cities of Sodom and Gomorrah)
      Gay pride march in St Petersburg Russia ends in smoke grenades and bloody noses. The ‘gays’ look like poor confused and propagandized white kids. The kids don’t know what tribe they’re from and they look like they don’t even know what day it is. It’s very sad to see them put up to advertizing their peculiar obtuse closet ways and go publicly evangelizing ‘gayness’. It’s a no brainer. Sure they’ll get slogged. There’s a reproductive crisis in the west now and those kids are ignorant tools of the cabal.
      Unless western men wrest back control over their women, the west will die. As sure as clockwork, we’re done. The control over western men is largely untested and is mostly control through intimidation and threat of liability. WW II lasted three short years. The ‘throwing off’ of the scourges upon western man will be similarly rapid once a critical mass of awakened red pill men and supporting obedient women is reached. One single good woman who lives and dies keeping her blood pact to her man and her tribe is worth more than a thousand feral she beasts.

  42. Low birth rates simply represent transition. The marxists already have exactly what they want, which is generations of lower status women who pop out babies as a full time, government funded job. All of those single mothers with 4+ children, well their children are going to follow the same path the moment they hit fertility. It’s an exponential outcome that will start yielding strong results for them over the next decade.
    The more I look at it, the more I see immigration as a very wise play by the left. They have distracted conservatives away from the core problem that allows leftism to exist in the first place, the welfare state.. Crush the welfare state and all leftist institutions fall with it.

    1. It is GOVERNMENT HUSBANDRY in effect being agressively forced on the women while the men have a knife held to their throat. The governments of the west are under siege by Mongol invaders. The government is a great big Mongol with a big black moustache.

  43. I have been running numbers as of late, toying with the idea of a real-world version of Asimov’s Psychohistory (calling it Arithmestory as Psychohistory is already taken). Surprisingly simple, yet predicting WWII and the fall of the Soviet Union with only a few years of error (perhaps because I approximated several variables).
    To put Arithmestory to its first trials, I say there will be an event similar to the fall of the Soviet Union around 2029 (give or take a few years due to ambiguity of several dates) involving the western nations. On a more proximal note, there will be a major event surrounding the European Refugees sometime around January 28 2016 (Winter-chan?), and another MRA movement late in the upcoming summer, similar in scale to Gamergate and Roosh’s tour.

  44. This is a decent article, but I have to say – I am happy that I am not going to be bringing any children into this fucked up world. My daughter isn’t mine by birth but I am helping raise her and we are trying to instill more traditional values in her – my woman is a stay at home mom, she values me and treats me like women USED to treat men. The great thing is that our relationship is something we value because we as partners see the value in what each other does. My woman doesn’t have to go to a job outside the house to feel valued, I come home and see that the house is fairly in order and I show her thanks for taking care of the FAMILY.
    We also do want any more kids and so we are both sterile now and happy about that. I am honestly okay with our race not procreating as much and maybe doing this world a favor and cutting the numbers of us down by 85%. What we need to do is to sterilize the trailer trash who aren’t going to do anything but be in the way people. Less Subway employees and more people that have trades.

    1. No subway workers?? And WHO do you expect is going to make you a sammitch then? Hmm? Thought so. Well I gotta go and deliver free Sims games to Arab families now to take their mind off all that fucking. They’ve got a ‘brown’ setting. It’s cool once they plug in and play all day. Aw you know all that.

    2. Name a time when the world wasn’t fucked up.
      You suggest 85% reduction. Why us, and not the third world then?

    1. That’s true but in a day when men are more interested manscaping, than hard work who would be doing the fighting

      1. Cheer up, there’s plenty of lads that will drop the clippers and take up arms when the balloon goes up. Unfortunately they won’t have long to pick up on marksmanship and aggressiveness. But the Devil drives when needs must.

  45. In the manosphere, you see most men associate “being alpha” as “having lots of sex.”
    Biologically speaking,”being alpha” truly means having the most progeny. In nature, alpha males are alpha because they outbreed the betas by having more progeny. Sex is the means (not the end) to their alpha status.
    If a dark triad male copulates with 10’s every weekend but these gorgeous women abort his babies – he’s not alpha. He’s gamma.
    “Being alpha” is convincing a woman that your seed is worthy birth and future conservation. It’s a biological contest that secures not just an orgasm but an 18 year commitment.
    The PUAs with a high n-count with abortion-Betty’s are biological failures.
    A Catholic, Mormon, or Muslim man with 7+ children is the true alpha and he’s seed shall inherit the earth.

    1. This man gets it.
      Every organism on the planet attempts to reproduce and protect its offspring to its very last breath. From the centipede questing with its antennae to the whale bellowing in the deep, every organism has reproduction as its highest imperative. Only humans have gone off course with “noble” notions of some other “higher-calling.” And while study of the cosmos might call for a celibate life, the overwhelming majority of child-free individuals in today’s society are not advancing humanity through weighty introspection and contemplation but are focused on useless consumption and hedonistic pursuits: their “self-actualization” amounts to witty tweets or a sharply worded review on yelp.
      The ancients reproduced to their limit: a king or sultan would have hundreds of children. And modern people like to claim people only had large families so that the children could help out on the farm. Did the kings or sultans need their own supply of cheap labor? No. They understand what is foreign to the modern mind: that the future belongs to those who show up.

    2. “If a dark triad male copulates with 10’s every weekend but these gorgeous women abort his babies – he’s not alpha. He’s gamma.” Hmmm..tough break Tonto..
      female, no kids, over 40 and they dont matter…..why would anybody want to “matter” to a bunch of sheep? Some of us are surely enjoying the decline.

  46. Great article. You hit on two important trends.
    1. Will the shitlibs and their shitskin allies turn on good old fashioned salt of the earth White nationalists before…
    2. The welfare juice runs dry and the shitskins turn on the shitlibs??
    Only time can tell, but timing will make all the difference.

  47. Thank you, Thomas Hobbes for writing this insightful article. It’s one of the best I’ve read on RoK in a long time.

    1. Agreed on that, a great article indeed!
      For many years I have believed that only by adopting Islam and subverting it to traditional western values can the liberals be eliminated. Sure we would have to give up booze and bacon but we will have sharia law to deal with degenerates outside of the courts of law and public opinion. The Saudis after all do not have issues with feminist and lgbt lobbies for a small example.

      1. Why Islam in particular? Why not adopt the marriage laws of the 1870’s, before the advent of marriage reform? Surely that would be preferable to adopting Islam. Does Islam appeal to you because it already has a large power base in terms of resources and followers? I’m just curious.
        Regardless, I don’t think Islam is the answer, as it is an anachronistic and barbaric totalitarian system inimical to Western values that are worth fighting for (thinking Bill of Rights here). Besides, if Islam were to dominate the world, the Arabs would most likely use it as a vehicle of racial supremacy, thereby making all white males second class citizens at best, and unwilling concubines at worst…
        No thanks!

        1. If the west adopted Islam we could fight the hordes without cries if islamophobia right after subjugating the the leftist fifth columns using sharia law. Until these fifth columns have been deal with there is no hope at all.

  48. This website has become a total fucking joke…that is always contradicting itself. Roosh is the founder of this site. Does he have kids? Seriously, I could respect this message more if it were coming from a conservative Christian organization….but its coming from this site….so it has NO credibility. This website shames women who fuck all the time….but praises dudes who fuck all the time. It encourages men to sow their wild oats….but then it comes out with this pro family message. What the fuck does this dumbass website even stand for? No wonder I hardly come here any more.

    1. The idea that different authors offer differing opinions is rather lost on you isn’t it? If you need monolithic messages that never deviate from dogma delivered by only one person, you may well be on the wrong site.

      1. Even Roosh has as seen in his latest writings has started to want family and children. A man can not hide from the truth and if women are not on board have family with out them. knowing female nature they will always go toward the light. Press on men with confidence.

        1. It hits almost every man, eventually.
          It also makes me happy that the manosphere is becoming more than PUA stuff. Nothing wrong with PUA stuff at all, nothing, but we need more than that to become an effective counter force to the SJW’s and Leftist radicals dominating society right now.

    2. I come for the lulz. And the occasional blind squirrel that manages to find an acorn. But yeah, the over-the-topness of this site and its posters is part of the fun.

  49. I know so many people around my age who claim they don’t want kids. I tell them that they are wrong and my entire life depends on post wall women wanting to have kids. (My father is a fertility specialist) Every advantage I’ve ever had has been funded by the essential human longing to reproduce in order to feel complete. So you do want kids, you just want to pretend you don’t as a form of self righteousness and indignation about the world.

    1. I think a lot of the whole ‘I don’t want kids’ thing stems from the feminist idea that a woman’s worth comes from her job, rather than from family as it traditionally has. Feminists despise stay at home mums almost as much as they despise heterosexual white men. They seem to attach a disproportionate amount of value on career. That and encouraging multiple sexual partners. Both are unattractive to me to be honest.

      1. True on the feminist self worth, also it’s accompanied by the shaming of women who want a traditional family structure. I’m not going to act like I necessarily am aiming for a traditional family life although I’d like to get there eventually. If I don’t at least attempt some form of career my family would be very disappointed whereas for my sister it would be shocking if she didn’t go the nuclear family route. So I just keep my end of the deal by not spreading my legs for everyone who is interested in me.

  50. > And not all of these things are fundamentally bad of course. The fact that women can walk around in miniskirts unmolested, that someone can legally flee their abusive spouse, that gays aren’t being publicly stoned—some of these things are rather nice, lets admit that.

  51. Ok….this article is littered with insane little consipiracies, a general analysis of (apparently all or most) liberal motivations when it comes to immigration, and the strawman attack of saying that liberals support killing babies.
    Why the fuck should I support or respect a writer who writes such drivel? Whatever good points you have had are overshadowed by glaring bias and silly generalizations and demonization of people who A) aren’t pro baby-killing and B) demonizing any political group is a sure-sign that you don’t have a real argument against said group, whatever they may be.
    Your argument for why I don’t matter because I don’t have kids is utterly ridiculous, logically fallacious bullshit.

    1. ”Cannibyte” as in cannibis BROWNIES? mmm! yummy. But you do know that they kill the libido right?

    2. You dismiss the political support of abortion and whimper about people noticing it? Pathetic.

    3. B) demonizing any political group is a sure-sign that you don’t have a real argument against said group, whatever they may be.
      So if I note that the URRS killed tens of millions of its own people, intentionally, in pogroms and purges, and I say that this is a horrible, terrible and demonic form of government that allows this kind of thing, that means that I don’t have any actual real arguments against communism and the USSR?
      Wow, didn’t realize that. Geesh, all these years I was under the impression that holding mass murdering forms of government as evil was right, but I was wrong and actually had no real arguments against their mass murder… whodathunkit?

  52. Excellent article – one of the best so far on ROK.
    Now if only I had the balls to share it on fb.

  53. Harsh article, but spot on. Mark Steyn was writing about this a dozen years ago. The west is basically committing suicide without any external factors threatening it.
    Something my MIL once said, “Women can have a family or a career, but not both.” True statement. A woman cannot have it all. If you choose to create a family, dedicate yourself to the family. If you go the career path that is your decision, but don’t be surprised when people don’t have time for you as you get older. You will become invisible.

    1. i think its best when women dump their husband and family for their “career” and then they get their ass laid off about 45 and go, WTF!?
      I’m like, yep, now you know how a man feels when his wife walks out… I spent all these years working on this for what?! Karma’s a bitch.

  54. If that same blood drawing cool as fuck dude has kids, then he is on top of the pile actually.

  55. Do you think Japan is a good example? We nuked two of their cities!
    Not only that, while many on this site decry the charnel house that is Africa, their form of government is based on ours in spite of the original tribal structure of their societies.

  56. red pill truth has come to the conclusion. The men here are the masculine men civilization needs.
    It is interesting to see MGTOW/PUA types are truly red pill and don’t deny the truth. The thoughtless clowns see contradiction but I see truth shining through. The red pill manosphere’s next focus needs to be changing civilization to bring family men to the for front by law and government policy. Even if it means secession from the Marxist that can’t let go of the lie.

  57. From a biological perspective, like it or not, if he’s reproducing and you’re not (nor going to), he’s “alpha”.

    1. Alphas are defined as leaders of the group. So breeding is not necessarily Alpha. Just as masculinity is not necessarily alpha.

  58. Society can lick my left nut on its way to hell. Go preach to the fellows who’s hearts were ripped out losing their kids.

  59. If you’re a producer, you need to outsource your child care, which is ridiculously expensive due to over-regulation. You typically need both parents working for a decent standard of living due to the government taking so much of our income now days. People work even harder to achieve their goals, and children are the easiest thing to skip to make this work. This is why it takes about $300k to raise a kid. After taxes, that’s roughly 10 years worth of the median US income of $50k, before you spend a penny on anything else or save for your retirement. This does not include college. How many can afford that? Add on all the fun opportunities modern life offers and the burdens of child-rearing, how many WANT that at that price?
    However, if you’re a loser, we’ll give you more money for each kid you crap out and pay for your daycare.
    Thus, children have become a financial burden for the responsible and a benefit to the irresponsible. You get more of what you subsidize and less of what you penalize. It’s idiocracy.

    1. Problem solved by crunchy millenials.
      1. Homeschool.
      2. Live in area with crap schools and low property taxes and rents. You are homeschooling.
      3. Grow a garden
      4. Wife spends spare time in crossfit.
      5. Husband spends spare time working on marksmanship and self defence.

        1. Why go to Detriot when I can buy rural kiwi land well out of town for about 20K. Be sensible, mate. I live in NZ.
          If you live in the USA, go as rural as you can. Besides, there ain’t jobs in Detroit.

        2. Actually I like Vanuatu. It has the world’s lowest prison population per 100k, less than 10 per 100k, whereas US has nearly 100x that, in the 900’s, nearly 1000 per 100k or 1% behind bars or in camps not including ankle bracelets and child support ‘bitch system’ slaves. Vanuatu’s lack of imprisonment basically translates to NO legal system and no family courts. No bloated NOTHING. Vanuatu is also among the 17 or so nations that are NOT a member of interpol, and it has NO extradition to the US. All metrics considered, Vanuatu is the best overall place to raise a family.

  60. “In other words, according to current trends – North Korea is going to win in the end.
    This shows you the truly awesome destructive effects of cultural Marxism.”
    Last time Ichecked, North Korea was the communist one.

  61. There’s a very simple solution, make it easier for people with careers to have children, company funded creches and paternity leave to name two examples. Some people will never want children, but many do but can’t until less fertile years due to wanting to further their careers.

  62. Need more articles like this on sites like these to be honest. Pickup artistry is nice but at the end of the day, or life, you’ll be a lonely cunt because you (most likely) won’t find any true meaning or happiness in endless sex.

  63. One of the best and most important articles I’ve ever seen here on ROK. But even if this piece was required reading for every 18-30 year old in the developed world, it would have little impact. This serious call to arms will go nowhere with the current younger generation of whites, who have been thoroughly indoctrinated to NOT reproduce by the mainstream media, social media, academe, feminists, and the prevailing materialistic/feel good culture in general.
    Sadly, I believe we as a people are eventually doomed. First will come slavery, then the dilution of our gene pool, and then we will cease to exist.

  64. The people I am discussing claim that they don’t want children EVER. Also yeah good luck to everyone reproducing within the next 10-20 years, I sadly include myself.

  65. I’m fine with women not wanting to be married. We men don’t want it either. We have better things to do, things to write, technology to create, work to do, ideas to exploit, software to develop, pussies to pump ‘n dump, etc etc. They can go lesbo and be shrews at each other for all I care.
    Booze, Churrasco ‘n videogames night on weekends!

  66. The exceptions are however is if you have made your mark on the world the way childless men like Newton and Nikola Tesla did on the world.

  67. ”Women would be marched straight back to the kitchen.”
    Or like the YPJ in Syria fight. But still being whittled down until they perish.

  68. ”If in another fifty or a hundred years, that society simply doesn’t exist anymore, then those cultures who have chosen a more traditional mold will expand to fill the gap.”
    As long as the infectability of those cultures are reduced over the long run.

  69. This article is interesting and makes valid points but is also based on a dubious assumption. That assumption is that the offspring of these conservatives will also be conservative! By the time these children and teenagers graduate high school they will have been indoctrinated with social and cultural liberalism by the public (and even private) school system as well as the degenerated and debauched media. This process will accelerate like a cancer once they are admitted to college. Couple this with the destruction of traditional institutions like religion, marriage and family, the future looks to be more liberal and degenerated rather than more conservative and traditional. It took one generation for gay marriage, drug use, “hookups,” cohabitation and out of wedlock childbirths to be not only accepted and normalized but now celebrated as “cool.” The future holds more of the same I am afraid.

    1. Then all that may do is breed resistance since such practices lead to a person’s demise.

      1. Exactly!! Of course, establishment of private schools as we already have them would probably be necessary as well, but that would have to be a slightly different kind of private schools, slightly different. It’s a process.

        1. My understanding is that British Columbia allows people to set up private schools but still access public funding. That policy drives some people batty because the Fundamentalist Mormons and their little cult town can school their kids through that program. I’m not sure if explicitly religious schools can do that.
          Still, private or even home schooling still has to follow the government’s curriculum. At one point there will be a fight between parents and/or private schools about curriculum content and how to deliver it; that is, whether parts of the curriculum are actually education or indoctrination.
          There has already been at least one case of child services taking kids away from their parents because they were neo-nazis and indoctrinating their kids as such (allegedly) albeit not on school time. The next step is for the government to step in if you are not actively promoting the leftist agenda in your home, or if you tell the kids that what their teachers are telling them is bullshit.

    2. Maybe, but there are other external factors that you are not taking into consideration. The collapsing value of a US public education and high cost of university; personal debt; deadend Jobs; corrupt values, …etc…socialism (and it’s bastard forms) eats itself and some people will return to those harbors that tend to be the tradtional institutions (Family, church, fraternal orders) that have weathered the cultural storms of the past. Let the cultural flotsam perish with their debauchery.

  70. The counter point is: if you would not fuck her without a condom, then don’t bother fucking her at all.

  71. This article is interesting and makes valid points but is also based on a dubious assumption. That assumption is that the offspring of these conservatives will also be conservative! By the time these children and teenagers graduate high school they will have been indoctrinated with social and cultural liberalism by the public (and even private) school system as well as the degenerated and debauched media. This process will accelerate like a cancer once they are admitted to college. Couple this with the destruction of traditional institutions like religion, marriage and family, the future looks to be more liberal and degenerated rather than more conservative and traditional. It took one generation for gay marriage, drug use, “hookups,” cohabitation and out of wedlock childbirths to be not only accepted and normalized but now celebrated as “cool.” The future holds more of the same I am afraid.

  72. To be more specific, conservative white men need to find women of whatever ethnicity that can keep house, and then they need to procreate with these women. It’s the white man values that need to be perpetuated if society and culture is to recover from its current decline and then survive. The woman in the equation hardly matters as long as she has her natural female instincts in place and functioning. The values come from the father – this has always been the case and always will be the case.
    The one good thing about feminism is that it makes it easy to spot the women that a man should avoid. Feminist women have lost natural female instincts and thus should not have children. In fact, it would be a very good idea if we encouraged all feminist women to be sterilized. This could be sold as “sexual freedom.” But the benefit to society will be fewer single mothers and fewer totally screwed up kids that go around committing mass murder.

    1. Real feminists are either cat women or have at most one child. The single mothers that are the real problem are white and non-white trash of the trailer and ghetto varieties who can’t even spell feminist and get knocked up not because of ideology (if they even have one) but because they’re sluts who can’t keep their legs closed.

  73. Is it actually good that homosexuals are not being publicly stones? Is it actually good that miscegenation is not being forbidden? Is it actually good that pedophilia is becoming “normalized”?
    Democratic tolerance cannot be promoted while expecting things to “get better”. The only effective solution is for the “White race” to come back into covenant with its God and live separately from all other peoples. Only then will peace reign.

    1. I will say this for homosexuals, San Francisco does have an abundance of very professional wait staff.

  74. “But Muslims are currently less than 10% of the French population. What
    it it were 30% or 40%? That’s no longer a recipe for mere sporadic
    violence. Its a possible prelude to civil war”
    Growth rates of Muslims in Europe taper off in the second generation. In France, nearly half of Muslim women marry outside their faith. Integration is high for those that haven’t grown up in the ghettos. This kind of alarmism is not realistic.

    1. Too bad most radical Islamist recruitment happens in the upper to middle classes of “integrated” Muslims.

  75. Doesn’t matter how many Conservative children you have. If you let them go to public school or to most US colleges and Universities, then you might as well sign them up as a permanent member of the Democratic Party. The Indoctrination Machine has been humming for well over 40 years now and it shows no signs of slowing down. Liberals don’t need to have kids – they can steal yours.

  76. Children are a liability that can be exploited, kidnapped, or threatened by the secret police.
    Childless men will be needed on the front lines when the Jews succeed in starting their Race War or the Liberals respond by initiating their gun seizure operation. These men must do their civic duty in picking up their rifles and bleeding some tyrants. The Tree of Liberty is parched.
    They cannot be threatened. They cannot be bought. They die so future generations may live freely.

  77. If you haven’t passed on your genes, you’ve failed nature’s most important test and, from an evolutionary standpoint, you might as well be walking fertilizer moving around until you die and deposit the minerals back into the earth.

  78. I dont want to have kids okay??? I’ll adopt kids who had parents who didn’t want them. oh, and let me guess, you’re a man who never has to get pregnant right???

    1. No. You will attempt to adopt shortly before hitting the wall. And then you will fly to Asia and adopt a girl if agency allows it.
      I knew a woman like that. She is pushing 50 and has cats.

        1. If you were going to change the world you would have done so by now, and you wouldn’t sitting your fat ass down trolling on an Internet site.

  79. You see this guy here? His name is Theo Paphitis, he is a hugely successful businessman and he has, guess how many, 5 children, and a long-term wife (like short-term is even a reasonable option).
    We all see and understand very well the reasoning there. We also know that children of these people go to special schools, and you know what I mean when I say special. I don’t know about Elon, but Theo is kind of an example father, as far as time spent with his children is concerned. It is a blatant lie that if you want to make money, you cannot be with your children. Bullshit! It is called time-management! And yes, we all make mistakes, but what matters more is how we fix them. The catch is that money is not the solution by itself. You need to invest, I mean, INVEST yourself in raising your children, too.
    Thomas, the article is brilliant! It is straightforward and brutal to its core. It hurts one’s brain how true it is, and at the same time how blissfully stubborn certain elements of the society are and cannot understand the simple biology behind all these numbers.
    According to research that Stefan Molyneux is referring to in some of his videos, if a nation’s fertility rate goes below 1.6, if I remember correctly, it has historically been proven that the nation has never recovered demographically. Something to think about, too.
    It is also interesting to read the Wiki article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sub-replacement_fertility. Every single reason for the phenomenon of sub-replacement fertility rate is to do with progress and development of human society, and of course, needless to say, the white race is bearing the heaviest burden there.
    For some reason, women in the majority of Western countries see the reference to biology and putting priority on our biological preservation as oppression, lack of choice and some even as misogyny.
    “…your spawn and the values you raise them with are the only real legacy you leave.” – I would expect a normal, healthy woman to be petrified at the urgency of this statement.
    Of course, there are women who function as a Swiss watch in that respect, but as you stated, the numbers are not enough.
    More work needs to be done.
    The current state of our society demands the reestablishment of biological order.

  80. This fanatic breeding thing and “return to family values” is such a
    nonsense to me. There are plenty of dudes these days who are lost in
    life and then at 35 find
    refuge in that “invest everything into some children” kind of thing.
    then start to promote the wonders of “family life” to others in order
    not to feel alone in their life choice… Seriously, I couldn’t care
    less about cooing over some wife-and-children for a lifetime. It’s just
    boring and pointless.
    The real challenge we face is not to try to
    over-breed the mongrels by making more children. It’s about making sure
    the primitives don’t enter our countries and make them STOP breeding.
    Otherwise our whole planet is going to destruction very soon anyway. We
    can’t have 10 billions assholes out there consuming a new iphone every
    year and a burger every day. It’s technically impossible.
    like Singapore give us an example on how to address the situation. Even
    with a low birth rate, they just compensate by taking in more QUALITY
    immigrants (and of the proper races). Problem solved!
    Japan on
    the other hands is compensating for the aging of the population by
    robotizing and automatizing everything. If their population shrinks from
    120 million to 80 million, what’s the big deal? It’s still a higher
    population than a century ago. As long as they don’t let any foreigners
    in, they will be fine.
    So, we must secure some countries in the
    West where we start practicing the same type of policies. As long as we
    have control over who lives within our borders or not, we couldn’t care
    less about the breeding thing. We could very well be childfree and
    increase our population through selective immigration of Whites who are
    running from their respective multiracial shitholes…

  81. Funny to read point of view from the sick members of the society and having to read them as if they were the summit of critical thinking. God you people are arrogant, no wonder you are the cause of so many social problems. This slave owner mentality is probably the first cause in why people don’t want to do the things you want them to do. If rightwing trashes weren’t so manipulative trying to steal and enslave us for themselves, they would probably realize that the complete destruction of society is the best thing that could ever happen. Take the ressources and the means of production away from those who hold this kind of discourse up there, and you will realize they are the worthless eaters who bring society nowhere. They have no vision for a better future and no solutions to offer. They just want to profit from everyone, have their nice soiré with champagne, flashy suits and lust in materialism.
    Take everything away from these people and you will see they are nothing. Passed down capital is what made them, without it they are nothing.

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