4 Signs That Modern Women Have Become Petulant Children

ROK has always carried a good number of articles on game, but I think the problem facing men today is not getting a woman, but being able to find one that is worth the bother. One of the biggest contributors to this phenomenon is the fact that modern women act like little children. Here are four things they display which prove that.

1. Attention whoring

Little kids want attention. My son can’t wait for me to get home from work so that he can tell me about his day and so that we can spend time playing together. As we get older, we come to recognize that we are not the center of the universe so we don’t mind if we are not the sole focus.

Well, at least some of us grow up. Lots of modern women never mature emotionally. They remain stuck in the phase where they are constantly struggling for attention. Women seek attention everywhere but it is most evident on social media. This takes many forms. It could be inappropriate photos, trying to puff up their lifestyle, or preaching on the latest leftwing (always leftwing) issue of the day.

In children, attention seeking can be endearing at times, but it is generally annoying. In grown women, it is always obnoxious.

2. Having your cake and eating it too


Svelte Lena Dunham eating ice cream.

Children need to be taught that sometimes they can’t have it all. If I go to buy my three-year-old a toy car, he understands that he can only select one of them. It seems that young women were never taught this basic truth. The body positivity movement is one example. Everyone should know that if you overeat and avoid exercise, you will become an unattractive, unhealthy hambeast. Yet the body positive movement tells women that they are just as beautiful and healthy as fit women. And women believe it!

It’s the same with “having it all” when it comes to work and life. Modern women have been indoctrinated to believe that they can work 10-hour days while climbing the corporate ladder while still having strong marriages and healthy children. The hard truth is that the first five years of a child’s development are crucial and that expensive daycare institution that calls itself a school can’t take the place of a dedicated mother.

3. Feeling like they are missing out


Free rides on the carousel

If you watch a bunch of toddlers playing, one kid will stop doing what he is doing because he sees another kid doing something else. He wants to do the same thing because he feels like that other activity might be more fun.

A few of the people I follow on Twitter were having a conversation about their ex-wives. One guy said that his mistake was marrying a slut. My colleague Donovan Sharpe has written about this mistake of trying to turn a ho into housewife. Another guy said his mistake was marrying a pre-party slut. A pre-party slut is a girl who might have a semblance of virtue when you marry her, but it is only by circumstance. Maybe her parents were strict or she otherwise didn’t have the opportunity. In reality, she may feel that she is missing out by not riding the cock carousel.

A fellow co-worker of mine went through this type of harrowing scenario. While he was in his mid-twenties, he met a girl who had just graduated high school. She came from a devout Christian family so on the surface she had good values. But after a couple of years of marriage she started cheating on him with not just one, but several random men.

I’ve also seen this “missing out” effect play out in the life of one my wife’s friends. As I wrote in an earlier article, this woman started to look outside her marriage for male affection, and is now in the process of transforming herself. She has become an attention whore on social media where she posts selfies of herself at the pool and advertises that she goes to concerts and bars without her husband. She dresses inappropriately for her age and body composition and she seems to be trying to erase all association with her husband and children.

This is all done to recapture the fun that she thinks she is missing out on. Modern women feel this way because they’ve been indoctrinated into believing that promiscuity is empowering. This flows from egalitarian doctrine: if some men sleep around, women too must be able to sleep around to be equal. Of course the feminist purveyors of this false doctrine don’t care if their false narrative makes it impossible for these women to ever become fit wives and mothers. That is what the feminists intended all along—to destroy marriage by making women incapable of staying married.

4. Having no skills


Source: Alpha Reboot

Small children have no skills. Even when they want to help, they don’t have the muscular coordination to do anything except the simplest of tasks. Like small children, most modern women have no skills.

Back while I was in the dating market, I noticed that most girls were useless. Men should not expect women to have the same marketable skills that men have. Women are supposed to be complementary. In the past, this meant that girls would have the skills necessary to be homemakers. But most modern women are not able to boil water, much less cook a meal. They are often slobs. They often do not want children and those who do want children think motherhood consists of laying by the pool while sipping Kahlua mudslides.

Most modern women don’t have the skills that would allow them to earn a lot of money. They might have a degree, but it is in something useless like avant-garde poetry, or gender studies. On the other hand, the few women who do have marketable skills have jettisoned anything that made them feminine: charm, the capacity to nurture, and the ability to be receptive. In other words, most modern women, like very small children, have no skills. The only thing they bring to a relationship is their vagina. Unlike children though, they have no excuse.

Conclusion – What can be done?

There is not much that we can do to remedy the situation for the present generation of young men. Some of the childishness of modern women can be fixed by a strong husband. For example, a girl can learn to cook and clean house if she loves her husband. And while lots of women have bought into the whole “lardass is beautiful” messaging, there are still a large number of thin, attractive girls working in the city.

Even attention whoring can be fixed if you call your girl out on it. It has become so common that she may not even be aware that she is doing it. But if she has pictures of her cleavage or ass on Facebook, it may be time to move on.

Unfortunately, some things are not fixable. Marrying a seasoned carousel rider is never a good option. And the only way to remove the modern woman’s feeling of “missing out” is constantly keep your game extremely high—even then, some women are so emotionally immature they will cheat on an alpha. The childish attitude of modern woman is one of the biggest factors in why it is so difficult to find and keep a woman these days.

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      1. I still saw leg. It is getting close to the weekend and my dick and I have a deal about no Dunham pictures.

        1. do you are saying that my comment caused you to look up pics of dunham. FUCKING WIN!

        2. I really only read the comments for two things: (1) Kratom and (2) the amazing array of interesting insults that always seem to permeate RoK.
          “English pig-dog” seems to satisfy both.

        3. Alright, Put it in a dead pigs mouth, which sits on your future fraternity brother’s lap, ala David “pig fucker” Cameron…or, Dunham???

      2. Still not enough. Dunham should only be seen in one of those giant mascot costumes you see at amusement parks. She could probably pull off Dumbo.

      3. Not even then. She should only be shown using a film requiring high amounts of light and then only in pitch black conditions.

    1. Camille Paglia’s latest on Dunham:
      “The way she presents herself physically, it’s like: ‘Look I’m just presenting myself exactly as I am,” she said. “The implied blame [is] that ‘If you find me ugly, you don’t understand. I am woman, as she is, and you are sexist!’”
      “I’m sorry, no,” Paglia said. “You’re just a big pile of pudding!”
      And I’ve posted this before, but Paglia also said this, which bears repeating:
      Lena Dunham belongs to the exhibitionistic Andrea Dworkin school of banner-waving neurotic masochism. The body is the enemy, a tainted lump whose limitations and afflictions the public must be forced to contemplate in grisly detail. We must also witness, like hapless medieval bystanders at a procession of flagellants, just how
      unappetizingly pallid Caucasian flesh can be made to be without cracking the camera lens. The torpid banality of Dunham’s utterances (reverently accorded scriptural status by the New York Times) is yet another matter. I am woman–hear me kvetch!
      I feel so blessed to have grown up in a vastly more stimulating cultural climate. The icons of my adolescence were Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, and Audrey Hepburn. In college and graduate school, I was enraptured by Julie Christie, Jean Seberg, Jeanne Moreau, Catherine Deneuve, and Monica Vitti. What vitality, electricity, personality, and genuine eroticism!
      But perhaps the best example of how far we have fallen was the fabulously whip-smart and stylish Suzanne Pleshette, who grew up in the same affluent, privileged Manhattan art and theater world that Lena Dunham did but who left a legacy, both on-screen and off, of verve, originality, and emotional depth. Please descend, ye Muses, and save us from our plague of self-pitying bores!
      Here’s some eye bleach (Ava Gardner in her prime): https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8233f175d7be328ed52f316aec9e5fe3722191b0e88a276e363ca5050747e336.jpg

      1. yup. Again, I left academia for many reasons. One of which was this…not that some people believed this, but because honest, intellectual arguments against it were perceived as taboo and criminal. It wasn’t like that when I started. I was on the cusp. I guess it is karma. I got to see bush turn into trimmed bush turn into landing strip turn into wood floor and that was just fantastic. In turn, however, I watched academia turn into a festering pile of shit.
        Thanks for Ava.

      2. An anagram of her name is:
        HAM UNLADEN which is about the funniest thing I expect to think about today.

        1. I have officially upvoted my own post for the first time. I think I deserved it. I am clever at times, but this one really takes the cake — as does Ham Unladen

        2. Don’t feel bad, I would have upvoted that shit ten times if allowed, so you can just count yours as one of mine.

        3. I have a strict: “don’t upvote on a self-upvoter policy.”
          So I’ll upvote this one instead and leave a little levity:

          PS: It was truly a very amusing anagram

        4. The Unladens are an obscure cadet branch of the terrorist Bin Laden family. (Yeah, I’m starting to craft a mythology about this; let’s see how far this can be spun). Ham Unladen was cast out, obviously, for liking ham, a food regarded as unclean by Semitic cultures. But she still spews out anti-Western cultural poison, and is as much a threat to America as her uncle Osama ever was…

        5. We take proper names and rearrange the letters to form a description of that person.

        6. The only real downside to your post is that Dunham is clearly not unladen. She’s fully laden. But perhaps we’re using unladen in the sense that as a ham, she is unladen by beauty?
          Also, I am not usually one to proselytize, but it strikes me that a coincidence as awesome as this could be used as evidence that God might actually exist.

        7. She is what happens when ham is unladen with restriction

        8. The speed of your Ham Unladen swallow was less than your Ham Unladen spit.
          (coconut transport remains obscure.)

      3. You mean to tell me you survived the onslaught of marine / seal mercenaries I sent after you?

        1. If I had known I was going to be treated to pictures of Lena Dunham today, I would have either surrendered, or suck started a 9mm.

    2. I can’t even. Does literally no one think of the literally fat women some of us have literally fornicated with in the past? Like, we don’t even need to see that right now, ok? ok?

  2. There was this cute and somewhat shy(from what I saw) 21 yr old that I wanted to believe was a sweet maybe somewhat “good” girl.
    I see her in the bar I work at one night with a guy that I am kinda friends with. Apparently they are dating. A few weeks later I see her back in the bar with a girlfriend. I ask how her and the guy are doing. She says great.
    Later that night she gets kind of drunk and flirty with me. Naturally being that she was hot, I certainly could not help myself playing around a bit. I was escalating with both of the girls and both seemed to be feeling it. She was biting my arm to where it even left marks for a day. I was rubbing her pussy, grabbing tits, playing with both of their hair.
    It was apparent to me a 3some was in the works. I even got in the car to go home with them and the girl even BRINGS IT UP to have a 3some.
    Modern women are absolutely worthless aside from a fleeting ejaculation of bodily fluids. I told her bf. He can do better.

    1. TSL: Sometimes I wonder if fucking women in relationships might be a noble goal in the end. It will expose the trash.

      1. I used to have some innate sense that I shouldn’t do shit like that to guys I know. I had some chivalric sense of honor apparently that no male living currently seems to possess. In chivalry I mean the old school definition which was a code of conduct between noble men……it was not explicitly for the women. It was an honor code.
        Then I realized that no one was gonna give me that same courtesy so I took your position.

        1. Ha! There is a great scene in Don Quixote where two nobles (it’s been a while since I read it) were talking. One of them was in love but worried that she might be unfaithful so asked his friend to try to seduce her so he could see how she reacted.
          Let’s say not much has changed in 500 years.

        2. My solution is pretty much the same as throughout history. I control everything, who she can hang out with, when, where, and how much money she has to spend. I also don’t let her work.
          And she knows I won’t hesitate to kick her out if she doesn’t behave.
          So far so good.

        3. come on man, you can’t seriously control everything!
          eventually every dog will figure out how to extend that leash!

        4. Your wife is a pathetic person if she puts up with that. Did you order her from Russia or Thailand?

        1. Absolutely pathetic! See, you did the right thing.
          There was an article yesterday that said “There is no better time than now to cast off the idea that you should ever follow the rules.”

    2. There is this girl who works at my gym. She’s probably an 8, slipping towards a 7. Blonde, cute face and a pretty smile, probably in her late 20s. You can tell her body was once pretty hard, but she has let it slip: she doesn’t have any tone left and she is starting to get a tummy. She wears a ring, so ostensibly she is married. She s often in my line of sight when I work out. She spends most of her time sitting around, eating various snacks, and talking with people at the gym (I never see her actually work out, despite her working in the gym).
      I’m naturally a people-watcher, so I observe her behavior a lot. Despite her age, her marital status, etc., her behavior is –exactly– like that of a single teenage girl. In fact, when she is single teenage girls at the gym, it is all but impossible to tell them apart.
      She is constantly flirting with every male that comes anywhere near her, and perpetually seeking attention, even from other women. All the physical tells are there, clear as day. Twirling her hair, spreading her hips, pursing her lips, laughing big, constantly smiling, leaning forward, light touching, every IOI known to man.
      The only time she is not actively seeking attention from someone in the gym is when she is on her phone – likely seeking attention on social media. There are a number of early 20s, single guys that work at the gym, and her attention-seeking with them is less like a teenage girl and more like a little kid desperately looking for approval. It is almost embarrassing. She will start little games of ‘tag’ with them to make them physically chase her. She’ll play pseudo-hide-and-go-seek through the glass partitions.
      It is an ongoing, blatant display of exactly what this article discusses. I watch it for at least a few minutes every time I am at the gym and she is working. I watch it remind to myself. She is any woman, and every woman. She is female thirst in all its sad, desperate glory. She is a junky doing everything she can to get her fix, and every fix just makes her need the next one even more.
      I have little doubt that, with minimal application of game, I could smash. But, seeing the parade of other guys she plays with, I have no desire to be next in that line. And, always, in the back of my mind, is the thought that she is married. She is there for the taking, easy for just about any guy who wants her, and everyone who spends more than 15 minutes at that gym knows it. She is a public towel for any guy to wipe himself off with after he is done working out.
      Tell me what feminism has done for her. Tell me that she is better off than her grandmother who was ‘forced’ to stay at home, ‘slave’ over a hot stove and ‘trapped’ in her role as a mother and homemaker. Tell me how she and her husband are ‘partners’ and how much better their ‘modern’ marriage is because they are both fulfilling their ‘career’ goals. Tell me her life is better. Tell me she is happier.

        1. once a whore always a whore, all feminism does is making it easier to deal with the bad decisions!

      1. You can tell her body was once pretty hard, but she has let it slip…ostensibly she is married.

        I’ve seen that far too often, man ties the knot with an in-shape girl and she goes to pot. I used to think that fitness clauses in prenups were absurd but I’ve had to rethink that.
        I dunno about this “hard” body thing though. To me, that adjective goes beyond “toned” and into being literally hard to the touch, which is a definite negative IMHO; going home to Starla does make one a failure 😉

      2. They might have an open marriage where they are both free to bang other people. Not my cup of tea, but makes some people perfectly happy so who am I to judge. Monogamy is not for everyone. You don’t actually know shit about her or her relationship.

  3. And women will continue being like this as long as the thirsty simps keep feeding their egos.
    I’ve come across plenty of women like this in Canada who weren’t even a 6. They think the world owes them a princess treatment. I had to disengage and avoid interacting with them just to keep my sanity.

    1. Here in the states, I’ve met more women than I care to remember who could stand to lose 50-100 pounds (losing the weight would make them solid 6s or 7s), who walk around like they’re the hottest girls in town. They act like it too, regularly rejecting and mocking men with far more SMV than them. They’re also quick to say men were hitting on them when they clearly weren’t. “Gosh, quit flirting with me!” is a line I’ve heard from more than one land whale when I was doing the exact opposite by trying to avoid them.

  4. “In reality, she may feel that she is missing out by not riding the cock carousel.”
    One of my parents acuiantances did that years ago. Left before the youngest graduated HS and split from her husband to be with her big bad-boy friend. They buried her a few months ago. She was warehoused into an old folks home over a decade ago by her kids (who never visited) and died alone. Funny how it all works out.

    1. Not long ago, I watched a Frontline doc about the questionable practices inside nursing homes, particularly that of industry giant Emeritus. After reading your comment above, the only winners in this scenario are both nursing homes and daycares. That can’t be a coincidence. After all, when families don’t take care of each other, these bigwigs rub their hands like Birdman.

      1. It is a business, no doubts, and there are alternative old age plans out there that make no bones what it is all about ($$$).

  5. I am simply amazed as to how narcissistic and uncontrolled women have become when it comes to the act of displaying high levels of vanity. The sick obsession of today’s modern day women when it comes to taking pictures of themselves has reached an all time high, where the sickness has permeated around the world. This is the end result of a generation of women, who have been given too many opportunities at the expense of depriving men of their earned rights such as gaining full time employment and being the dominant member of the traditional family. You now have a generation of self entitled and delusional princesses and snowflakes.
    It is clear as daylight that today’s women do not have any real skill to offer society. I mean take a look at the endless amount of articles in today’s celebrity tabloid trash newspapers and magazines, that obsess non-stop on female celebrities taking pictures of themselves. It has reached a despicable level when you now have women taking pictures naked and claiming to be independent when the contrary is true. How is it that there is a huge demand in the market place for these kind of bizarre rituals (and yes I call them rituals) when people with actual genuine skills cannot seek employment? I really do believe that today’s world is simply catered for women and their needs and desires, where men have been abandoned and have no real value to serve society.
    The stupidity of today’s women has reached an incredible level where if you were to ask them a question in regards to geography or history, they would not be able to provide you with a sufficient answer. But ask them about the latest social media application, and they would be able to produce a phd on the subject. I am disgusted, when today’s role models for these young girls are Kim Kardashian and other degenerate low life celebrities, who encourage this generation of women to replicate and emulate their worthless lifestyle choices, and in essence, produce nothing of tangible value for society.
    What the heck happened? Today’s women do not possess real skills which are essential towards composing the feminine mindset of the traditional woman such as cooking, knitting and cleaning, all of which are expected from the traditional woman. But nope, what we have instead of traditional women, are modern day women who carry all of the characteristics that most self respecting men detest such as focussing on her career, aggression and narcissism, tattoos, obsessed with celebrities, outsourcing children to expensive daycare, overspending money she does not have and posessing an obsession with consumerism and materialism.
    So in a nutshell, when it comes to evaluating women, your real choice is based on choosing traditional versus modern. Most women cannot comprehend this logic and will continue to go out on their path of self destruction by dragging down the rest of us with them. As a man you must always remain strong and to always avoid the many pitfalls and antics the modern day woman will throw at you in your life.

    1. “overspending money she does not have and posessing an obsession with consumerism and materialism”
      Almost all women are subsidzed in some form or another and it feeds the entitlement mentality (your money is OUR money).

      1. I believe women inherently have the entitlement mentality and have always had it. They want to be taken care of as they are inherently care givers and thus, are hardwired to think that way. That’s just their nature. You tell a man that society doesn’t owe you anything and most of them will nod, say the same to a woman and she will make a list of the things society owe her.
        That is why this is a brilliant article. All of the points made have validity and the key point is that society encourages women to exhibit their worst behaviour. And while I believe that there are still good women out there, you have to lay down the ground rules very early into the relationship and cut out her progressive, slutty friends & monitor her TV, Internet useage. The mistake men make is that they think women are like adult men with a vagina. They’re not. A woman needs to be treated like a teenager. Never forget that.

        1. I agree. Men and women are not equals– desipte the decades of indoctrination our bodies, cerebal activity and reasoning (or lack thereof) are different and the results that follow. Hell even the judicial courts treat us differently.
          I used to believe a couple could be partners and build a family together, but after being married I find the man must lead and the woman follow if they are to have a successful family. Once a woman starts believing she’s in charge, it all starts to fall apart and she will blame her husband all the way down.

        2. This! A Man is who builds a family, like men build and maintain everything else. Women are for making and rearing children and household chores, that’s it.

        3. Fulfilling obligations, deadlines and commitments. Men will respect you for it. Women– not so much.

        4. Totally agree. You cannot allow a woman to feel she’s in charge. She will continue to test you but, you can’t let it happen for the good of the relationship and the family. Doesn’t mean you have to be an Ogre about it however, there’s a reason that patriarchies work and matriarchies don’t.

        5. My brother, who I love dearly and would defend to the death, has been a victim of a “strong”, obnoxious, obese, overbearing, mommy-type wife who will interrupt him before he can finish a fucking sentence and will flap her jaws at him when he’s on the phone with me. It’s disgusting and infuriating when I have to compete with her for his attention during a fucking phone call. I keep telling him to let her know this is not okay, but he just ignores me and continues to basically let her run his life, and this is the pattern of my grandfather, father, and uncle. The sick cycle begins again—but NOT WITH ME. I’d rather be a lone survivalist living in the Great Smoky Mountains than live with a tyrannical hag. “It is better to live in a corner of the housetop than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife.”—Proverbs 21:9

        6. True, but she will be demanding “equality” and a say “on the decisions” while ignroing the warnings and coming consequences (she is empowered). After the misery piles up she will say, “it’s your fault for not telling me!” Of course he did several times, but she wasn’t listening let alone comprehending.
          I’ve seen this play out a few times. Men should never accomodate a woman who does not put her skin in the game.

        7. That because most women want rights without responsibilities.
          I find it very relaxing not to have to worry about the outcome of tough decisions. My husband will take the lead on any choice which affects both of us and let me know out of courtesy but certainly not because he needs my approval.

        8. perpetual childhood is part of the social engineering. Women simply aren’t as often forced out of it. (See the works of John Talyor Gatto for detail on how this has been engineered)

        9. “Fulfilling obligations, deadlines and commitments. Men will respect you for it. Women– not so much”
          This is so fucking true. I’m a bail bondsman and used to be a private investigator. Both have “cool job” pussy pull, but everytime, they complain about the job. They love bragging their Starbuck Soccer Mom friends how they’re banging a rough and tumble P.I./Bail bondsman, but get mad when I would have to go out of town for a week, or get a call and leave in the middle of dinner.
          They love fucking the Bounty Hunter until it’s time to do Bounty Hunter shit.

        10. “She will also lose respect for a husband who allows her to lead.”
          The irony (hypocrisy?) is they will rant and scream about “you can’t control me.” “I can make my own decisions and you can fuck off if you don’t like it.”. Then if you let them go, they trash you because you “can’t handle a REAL woman.”.
          If you capitulate, they will henpeck you for everything.

        11. Sadly, you are correct. In this sick society we live in, women are rewarded for being angry and difficult to get along with. This is why Alpha males need to be firm with us so that we learn to appreciate their loving direction.

        12. God! I wouldn’t leave me incharge of either of those things I’d be useless! Thanks for the advice but I think I’ll just carry on enjoying life instead.

        13. i couldn’t agree more…….they love it that we’re self-employed, until they find out what it takes to remain that way………and God forbid we hit a rough patch and have to put in extra time to right the ship…….very few of them are “keepers” for the long haul

        14. The right kind of girl, will not bitch about it.
          I work in IT and I am often orchestrating and assisting with big project go live type situations, which means anything from being on call to having to drop everything and rush to the office at very short notice or working remote until 10-11PM and dinner has to wait. My wife would never bitch about it. I know she doesn’t like it and if she could choose she would not have me do it.
          I don’t know if she talks about it with her friends or not but her friends husbands are for the most part in similar or even more involved I types of jobs.
          My philosophy regarding this kind of things is I do what I do and I don’t want any noise. I’m good to my wife so whatever opinions she has about my work she can keep to herself.

        15. Men from an early age believe they may need to die in battle, rescue a friend from a predator like a shark, or give up their place in a life boat. Many of us superior ones will fight and die for our civilisation. It’s not like it’s certain to happen but we go over it in our minds
          It’s only when a woman has a child or maybe a niece or nephew that she understands fully this willingness to sacrifice. Up untill then she has been the most precious thing a society has, it’s fertile wombs. A father will also bond in this way to his child but I think a man has been thinking of the society at a deeper level.
          Since women remain mostly childless and since they seldom see other women with them they actually no longer nurture their society or civilisation.
          It’s all sublimated in victimhood, crazy cat lady social justice or virtue signalling their love of gay friends like a fancy new hermaise handbag.

        16. I have used this phrase a few times, “I was doing this before you got here, and I’ll be doing it after you’re gone.”
          Of all the women I’ve ever been with only ONE understood, respected and admired my work ethic. And I stayed with her as long as I could. She developed a chronic/terminal illness and broke up with me after she found out I was paying her some of her medical bills on the sly.
          She said she would rather me remember who she “was” (pretty, vivacious, and INDEPENDENT), instead of sticking around through the worst parts as she will eventually become sick, dependent, and dead. She ended up moving in with her mom (who has money) to take care her instead of me being “saddled with the burden” of watching her waste away while I still had life to live and a business to build.
          Life just isn’t fair sometimes.

        17. A lot of men don’t have the balls to walk away. Inside they are angry. So they bow down.
          Better die than live a coward! If you see shit, you call shit.
          Deep inside women want men who have boundaries and stick to them. Maybe she won’t agree now, but over time she will respect you for it and envy your relationship with that hotter, better behaving woman she sees you with.
          In the end, it’s just a matter of character development. It’s only a pity that women start thinking more rationally once they already are over the wall.

        18. Reminds me of the irrational scenarios where if the husband is making more money than his wife, his wife will complain of inequality. But if her salary exceeds the husbands, then she’ll henpeck him for not making enough money and lose respect for him since her affirmative action income is higher than his.

        19. How does one rear household chores? An atrociously structured sentence, dear. I guess men aren’t good at everything ;).

        20. How does one rear household chores? An atrociously structured sentence dear. I guess men aren’t good at everything 😉

        21. You are not good to your wife. You think that all she is good for is childbearing and cleaning (maybe she thinks so too), and people aren’t good to those they don’t respect.

          “Go tell your boss you need to make more money!!”
          Yes dear.
          “And while you’re there tell him you need to work fewer hours too!!”
          Yes dear.
          Seriously. Women are looking at reasonable in the rear view mirror.

    2. The most galling thing is that it is our fault. We allowed this to happen (collectively speaking) and for that our punishment is to be subjugated by our intellectual inferiors. We must strike them down swiftly and brutally and restore the natural order.

      1. Women should be reduced to the status of cattle and men should be allowed to trade them to each other like commodities.

        1. they may be intellectually inferior, but emotionally they dominate. that has always been man’s downfall.
          not knowing how to regulate his emotions & let “logic” rule is what put us in this position.
          thankfully we can learn, and get back to a position of temporary power.

        2. Ha! Says the typical schizophrenic leftist degenerate who is married to a Middle-Eastern man, believes they give more rights to women than white men and calls white men who want the same level of control over their women back “a sick fuck”. Go take your hypocrisy somewhere else, moron.

        3. I note that you don’t say he is wrong. Being a sick fuck does nothing to argue against his position; no matter how I might agree with your comment.

      2. “If we make them our equals, we will be their slaves.”
        Cato the Elder, 132 BC (Regarding Patrician Roman women of the upper class, clamoring for political rights or say about the functions and duties of the Roman state.)

    3. Yep, even Sharon Osbourne was being praised by the tabloids and press for posing nude in a bathroom selfie.
      A fucking no talent bitch overshadowing her husband, one of the greatest talents music has ever seen. Disgraceful.

      1. I don’t get it either. Then again, it must take courage for a woman that age to parade her saggy tits and wrinkled skin in front of a camera.

        1. I’d say that’s why the tabloids were praising her, but I wonder how much credit also was given to what it cost in cosmetic surgery or botox or HA filler or GH injections.

      2. “one of the greatest talents music has ever seen…”
        Let’s not go overboard. Ozzy was a one-trick pony.

      3. Wasn’t she, in her “Lady” Macbeth way, the one who made Ozzy into what he is?
        She definitely cucked Ozzy, but Ozzy doesn’t seem all that ambitious or collected. His conniving, cutthroat wife is his “hype man”.

        1. I wonder about that. One one hand, cutthroat Sharon seems to have pushed ambitionless, laid-back Ozzy to fame and fortune..
          OTOH, she’s got his family jewels in her purse, threatens him with financial ruin to rein him in, has reduced him to an almost Governor Schwarzenegger-esque existence & permits his own kids to basically call him a doddering old fool publicly.
          She might’ve made him rich and famous, but she definitely cucked him.

        2. You’re right, Ozzy would be nothing without Sharon and if anyone was “cucked” it was her, he cheated on her with multiple groupies and she still stayed by his side.

    4. A friend of mine became a new father. One year in, he pointed out to me that there were already more photos of his infant son than there were photos of his entire eighteen-year childhood.

      1. Maybe cos pre-digital photgraphy cost $5 to develope a reel, whereas digital is free.

    5. Women are 99.9% the cause of the sick celebrity worship. Was it guys who cared that Kim Kardashian banged a thug and filmed it? No, it was the “fairer sex” who was obsessed with that degeneracy. They follow anyone “famous” and emulate them, and as Roosh has pointed out, many of those are part of weird Hollywood rituals and are far from role models.
      Have I ever googled “Is George Clooney still single?” (Disappointed to find out he finally broke down and married) or “Why does Lorde look like a 39 year old geologist?” Yeah, maybe once a year I will have some pop culture question I’m semi-curious about. But women feed an entire industry of narcissism. The celebrity tabloid culture should be banned, with a squad hunting it down like the Ministry of Preservation of Virtue And Prevention Of Vice.

        1. And even at the beginning, I say it was women who were glorifying her enormous ass. Once it became a “thing” where guys heard about it enough, they were like OK I’ll check out what the big deal is.
          Anyway, the sickest stuff is glorified by women. Remember, it was Two GIRLS one cup. And I think KK’s ass is gross to be honest. Yeah, we guys have Jackass type stuff, which is a tiny solitary example, but girls have endless sources for viewing and discussing depravity.

        2. How quickly people forget! Huge asses were always a black guy like. And then as whites kept trying to imitate blacks, all of the sudden, white girls, who always kept trying to have a smaller ass, had to have a bigger ass. Why? So black men would want to bang them. And of course, white boys trying to imitate black males and who used to be called “wiggers”, pretended to like big fat asses, which of course, are usually attached to big fat girls. And now, all of the sudden, white guys honestly love asses twice as big as her frame should have? Sorry, I don’t buy it! If you’re white, stop determining what you think it’s okay to admit liking by what blacks say is sexy! It is okay to like what you like, because you’re white! You don’t need permission from blacks!
          If black men like way too much ass fat, more power to ’em! But when it comes to KK’s ass, while it is shaped nicely, it’s twice the size it should be for her frame! Now Kylie, now there’s an ass!!! Qnd of course, Emily Ratnametoolongahowski!

        3. If she were pale white and put on another 100 pounds, I’d be interested.
          A. Negro

        4. Two Girls One Cup was filmed for the benefit of those who fetishize feces (Coprophilia), the majority of whom are men. Nice try though. The creative ways in which people on this site attempt to insult women is really entertaining.

        5. Two Girls One Cup was filmed for the benefit of those who fetishize feces (Coprophilia), the majority of whom are men. Nice try though.

        6. I was just thinking a few days ago about how quickly people have forgotten those same exact things!
          And whites looked down on wiggers.

        7. I don’t know about that particular example but I don’t think it’s a stretch to describe most female fantasies and desires as far more deviant and depraved than men’s sexual fantasies . It’s women who get turned on by degenerate rape fantasies like “50 shades of grey” for example. You want to know what most men’s sexual fantasy is? A hot, young, WILLING woman who enjoys getting fucked by him. That’s what most men find arousing.. not domination or rape fantasies.

        8. You want a woman to bang you right after she meets you for the first time? I thought women who did that were the cock carousel-riding whores that members of this site love to complain about so much. Maybe you need to make up your mind about what it is you actually want from a woman. Sexual fantasies/fetishes are as varied as human beings are, by the way. There is no standard for either gender. What one person finds arousing another is just as likely to find utterly disgusting.

        9. Good Lord, I would not put my head between those legs. Think: nut in a nut cracker. Yikes. If she sneezes you’re dead.

        10. pfffffffffffffft. I don’t know what kind of people you hang out with, but nobody I knows gives two fucks what black guys are doing. And maybe a tiny sliver of a fraction of white women want to fuck black guys. Outta here with that bullshit

      1. [email protected] never heard of her, a friend kept saying “no way she is 16, plus her lyrics are too mature for a teenager”…she does look mid 30s

      2. Once a year I wonder if some of those celebs died so I never have to hear of them again lol

        1. “Once a year I WISH some of those celebs suicided so I never have to hear of them again lol.”
          There, fixed it.

      3. “Was it guys who cared that Kim Kardashian banged a thug and filmed it?”
        I did. Kim was a dime back in the day, and this dude was getting on some good rawdog action.

      4. The celebrity tabloid culture should be banned, with a squad hunting it
        down like the Ministry of Preservation of Virtue And Prevention Of Vice

        This a thousand times comrade.

        1. if you had any power you could ban it, but you don’t! so live with the fact that for the moment women have all the pieces pointed to checkmate!

      5. Clooney is a flamer and the late-age marriage is a sham. You heard it here first.

      6. The odd part is that Donald Trump as President would never have been possible if there was no cult of celebrity worship in America. Most feminist women hate him, yet they created a culture that allowed him to rise on the political stage.
        I bet whoever follows Trump will be another celebrity because celebrity worship is here to stay.

        1. The only people I knew who ever watched his show The Apprentice are liberals.

        2. Well liberals assumed Trump was one of them. He used to be friends with Oprah. Also associated with Hollywood and NBC. So they assumed he was one of them.

    6. When I read “The stupidity of today’s women has reached an incredible level”, I remembered that video :

      I also remembered that chick I wanted to bang in high school. She wanted to be an architect and didn’t know what a 1/100 scale ratio meant.
      Call me what you want, but that was an instant boner-killer.
      I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

      1. The most troubling thing isn’t that she doesn’t know the answer, it’s the IMMEDIATE response of “I don’t know.” She doesn’t ponder and think about the words being said (well she does later, when she repeats the question, but her immediate response is.. no one has told me the answer so I don’t know!) The answer of course is implicit without understanding any math. If you can pick 100 apples in a day, how many apples can you pick in a day? You don’t need to know what an apple is or what 100 means to answer that question.

        1. Lazy thinking is instilled in schools through the Appeal To Authority Fallacy. They absorb only they info they feel like and discard the rest without any thought. So when it comes time to actually use their brains to figure something out, they get mental fatigue and don’t even try to figure it out because they have been indoctrinated to dependent mental laziness.

      2. That gal seems about as smart as this conspiracy theorist I have been debating with in the recent days … seriously, some people give a bad reputation to the word “truth”.

        1. If the country is running outta burrito casings, he is your guy to fix the problem

      3. When she first asks the question (around 0:05), she swallows/fries her words and so I thought she was asking “How long will it take you to go eight miles”.
        I could almost excuse her for not being able to cipher that, but when she repeats the query I heard that this is basically Jaywalking sans Leno. 🙁

      4. She can’t even begin to engage that thing in her head. There is a short circuit between the question and formulating the answer. She is used to just batting her eyes at some beta male and having him figure it out for her.

    7. Parents stopped teaching their children basic skills. Both boys and girls. The difference is there are far more men who will learn traditionally male skills on their own than there are women who will learn skills of any kind on their own.
      Women have learned they may manipulate men and the state when push comes to shove. Many men don’t have that option so they have to learn.

    8. i think you took this article way too seriously. too long, didnt read.

    1. To be fair, it’s better that way. That way they don’t breed entitled idiots.

    2. Wrong clark- they excel at their one job- mindless overconsumption.

        1. theres an old bit from bill burr where he talks about how his GF drags him to “The Container Store”- I thought he made it up for comic effect. Years later, I actually drove by one. I veered slightly into oncoming traffic bc I couldnt take my eyes off it. A store dedicated to selling nothing but empty containers made out oil

        2. I’ve been there. It’s dedicated to making a thousand different ways of storing useless crap.

        3. I just had a brilliant business idea.
          Call it the Minimalizers and what they do is come to your home and haul away everything you don’t want. Just go from room to room saying,
          Take all that stuff the people don’t want and sell it to antique stores for other people to buy. Customers get to clear out all the clutter and you get money on two ends: for clearing and for selling.

      1. To quote a line from Rotten Library’s article on child marketing, children, women, and rapists are all alike in that they can’t seen to understand that NO MEANS NO!

    3. Yes, except modern Western women don’t need to have children now. They have outsourced that job to 3rd worlders and to more traditional, patriarchal cultures who immigrate to the West and then are lectured by these very feminists and Western women about how their culture is “oppressive” to women.
      Here’s the thing: you don’t get to lecture other cultures when your own culture and population is failing on the most basic level, which is to reproduce itself. Of course, in some liberal Western countries, the liberal and feminist Western culture is “reproduced” successfully by propagandizing the children of those patriarchal and traditional immigrants into feminism and liberalism. It works more successfully in some countries like Canada where by the 2nd or 3rd generation, the children of immigrants are pretty much indistinguishable in their feminist, liberal values from the rest of the population. In other places like Europe, this integration is less successful and you have the consequences that you see there.
      Still .. it does seem like a case of supreme irony that the liberal and feminist West is dependent on traditional and patriarchal cultures to make up for their declining marriage and birth rates, and to sustain their population levels. If feminist and liberals had any real intellectual honesty or integrity, this should make them question the “supremacy” and supposed inevitability of their feminist and liberal values.. but clearly they seem incapable of any real intellectual insight or honesty.

  6. I see this a lot every time I go to our local state college to work on remodel jobs. I have been especially helping remodel their nursing department. It so happens that it shares a floor with the psychology and teaching departments. The elevator rides up there with those girls are epically quiet. Plus, even though I’m as clean cut and cordial as I can be, I’m still a man, and a construction worker to boot. I bet their poor little brains are hoping I don’t rape them or otherwise ogle them with my eyes, not that there’s much to ogle.
    Truly, these girls do think they are God’s gift to humanity just by existing, ergo, they deserve everything. Even the Trigglypuff clones. And trust me, West Texas has its share.

    1. “.. psychology and teaching departments”
      Bottom range females. Stay clear of those messes.

      1. Truly, good advice to give to teen boys. If a girl talks about psychology, RUN as far as you can, and tell an adult.

      2. No, female teachers are often supportive and really nice. I’d look for them first. My aunt, who just retired from her second-grade classroom, is exhibit A. She’s been married for forty years and still loves her husband deeply.

        1. Your aunt is an outlier and not the current example as the times, and standards, have changed. I know a few people who went back to get their teaching cert and work in schools now and confirmed what I always heard. Most education majors are dumber than dirt and their field of study ranks them at the bottom.
          Have you noticed the rash of female teachers making the news for banging their students? That entitlement comes from some where. Also I dated one awhile back. Drank like a fish and had the intellect of one too.

        2. I was about to mention the Texas tart who banged her 13 year old student. Funny it hasn’t made headlines for a while.

        3. Yeah, entitlement is an issue everywhere now. Let me put it this way: If there is, somewhere, by magic, a feminine and supportive and loyal woman, chances are good she will enter the teaching or nursing professions.

        4. Maybe. I wouldn’t hold my breath with the current crop of female teachers as they appear to be your typical middle-class western slag.

    2. they were ignoring you because they were playing Pokemon Go!
      You know you can buy a module(or whatever its called) for as little as $10? Pizza guy here in nyc did just that- revenue up 75% WoW. Im gonna buy one for right outside my apartment door- gotta be a few hotties mixed in with the fat spergs- right? I will answer the door dressed like Walken in this old SNL skit

      1. Ha! Funny you mention it. This same university is trying to bang people from playing Pokemon Go on campus. Mind you, that would involve an unacceptable level of violations of personal rights, since campus cops might start going through people’s cell phones. Yet, I can’t blame them for doing so. It’s either that, or they get sued because some idiot broke his neck falling down the stairs looking for a Snorlax.

        1. Say what you will about that app, at least it has kids out walking and getting probably 8900% more exercise than they have up to this point in their lives.

        2. Hopefully, when the Russians invade, they can translate those Pokemon tracking skills into something useful like going after Spetznaz.

        3. I actually liked it better as “bang”.

  7. What can a modern woman offer a modern man? Not much, sex is easy to come by, men can cope with loneliness far better than women, and men are fully capable of doing the everyday boring household duties. So where’s the incentive? Women have to offer something special; their purity, their femininity, their desire to be a natural and traditional wife and mother. If they can’t produce these, then it’s not much of investment.

    1. That’s what I’m doing now. Most women I’ve dated in the past have quickly jump to another relationship and I couldn’t. Mind you, it is indeed harder for a man than for a woman to just start another relationship willy nilly. However it also shows most women can’t be alone for an amount of time . That partly explains the clinginess they exhibit when they do have children. Also, it explains why they’re overtly anxious when they get older and they start having grandchildren.
      As for me, every now and then I miss being in a relationship. Then those pesky jewelry ads with the guy proposing to the girl with the ring made out of a piece of carbon with the atoms neatly stacked comes on. Then I make the same face babies make when they suck on a lemon for the first time.

      1. “Mind you, it is indeed harder for a man than for a woman to just start another relationship willy nilly.”
        They’re the monkeys, we’re the tree branches.

        1. Awesome analogy. Fortunately, every now and then a branch snaps, sending the poor primate to smack her face on the jungle floor below.

        2. Pictures of Lena Dunham will not be tolerated this early in the morning, sir.

  8. Social media is the ultimate disinformation platform. I think we have lost the so- called information wars. Case in point- that tweet you posted above from “Mika”. She is a dolt(not only blacks were lynched, the kk k hung whites too) but she doesnt know that, her followers are dolts, they retweet her inaccurate tweets to more dolts, and so on…you correct their drivel, and they block you from their feeds, they never learn a damn thing

  9. Remember gentlemen, keep your guard up even with women that seem like the girl next door. I’ve ran across a few of these recently that seemed genuine and traditional (not that I have any current interest in pursuing), but turned out to be just as bad as the others.
    Two have absolutely no reservation around alcohol (drinking to the point of throwing up and passing out) and another is a dyed in the wool feminist buying all the propaganda hook, line, and sinker.
    They are still fun to hang around but LTR material? No. It’s times like these I’m glad I’m married and don’t have to deal with nonsense like sorting out the good from the bad anymore.
    I will admit, they had me going for a while, but I always kept a lookout for red flags. Sure enough, they started to pop up. ALWAYS, be on guard.

    1. Two get have absolutely no reservation around alcohol
      I hate when girls get have no reservations about those kinds of things.

  10. This is a great way to shame women, they have much to be ashamed of.
    I tills my young son that there is a magic recipe to get at a woman’s emotions to manipulate her, either flirting or insulting: comment on her maturity, beauty, or her weight.
    So comparing female behavior to childish behavior nails it.
    My only criticism on the article come with point 3. Instead of digressing to feminist equalitarians doctrine, you should have simply stuck with the childish notions that fill women’s heads and cause them to be eternally restless. The Disneyesque slogan “just follow your heart” is one example of nonsense girls are told but continue to believe into their adulthood.

  11. “the problem facing men today is not getting a woman, but being able to find one that is worth the bother”
    Truer words were never spoken. God forbid I ever have to re-enter the dating market. I’d most likely consider escorts before saying fuck it and enjoying hobbies for the rest of my days.
    Great article.

  12. Well, the upside is that if you are a good, strong leader and guide, women (like children) are fairly easy to control and mold. You can get bad behavior under control, if you’re willing to take the time to do so. And it doesn’t take that long. And good punishment/reward system can usually suffice (just like with children).

      1. I’ll admit, it was always quite a turn on when Barbara Eden called Major Nelson “Master” and nearly destroyed civilization trying to serve him. My kind of girl.

        1. Plus the opening tune was pretty catchy. And he was a military officer and astronaut to boot.

        2. Oddly enough, it also reminds me of Christina Aguilera’s seductive Genie in a Bottle. That’s before she turned into a ho, of course.

        3. My favorite part was when she went back into the bottle. Ugh. What a fantasy

        4. it’s 2016. You can literally bit torrent every tv show ever in like 3 days with a good high speed connection, spend the next 3 days programing a play list and then just stream to your tv. Boom.
          Oh, did I mention, it is free, infinite and fairly awesome.

        5. it is so easy. And I can even tell you which ISP to use. I have pretty much every TV show, movie, song and book ever written. I have a bunch of external hard drives plugged into a switch which I can access as long as I am on my wifi.
          And I am nearly computer illiterate.

        6. JR Ewing wasnt the original master? see, ya learn something new everyday on this site!

      1. Oh, I suspect a range of things, depending on circumstance, up to and including binding her to a chair with leather restraints and a blindfold placed over her eyes; accompanied by a combination of lashes and caresses with a leather riding crop to assist her in understanding her wayward ways.
        Or maybe she means sitting her in the corner. More context is required. Heh.

        1. Not yet. Disqus is not the most reliable messaging system.

        2. Hey, give it a break, ok? The men in IT are working overtime creating new emoticons for women to troll social media with, inventing new apps to spend their leisure time with, and coming up with cute and pithy memes. Perfecting the messaging system on ROK is kind of on the back burner right now.

      2. I don’t just mean THAT!
        Lots of other punishments besides spanking or whipping.
        I find taking away privileges works well.

        1. Something like that. Withholding works, unless she’s really arrogant, because then she thinks she can go out and get it from some other guy.

        2. Training is a critical component to life.
          Men for physical prowess and competency of mind.
          Children for the guidance to behave properly.
          Pets to stay loyal, learn helpful skills (like bringing the paper), and to be submissive.
          Women? See children and pets.

    1. Better yet, don’t let any bad behavior even start. Make the boundaries clear and consequences also.
      I have had no issues other than some tantrums and laziness, but was easily fixed by cold shoulder which brings dread.
      I’m happily married ;-).

      1. Thank you! You reminded me of something I meant to say earlier! And you are absolutely correct!
        Now that’s punishment!
        Nothing worse.

    2. Indeed. It is sometimes necessary to put your girlfriend/wife across your knees and give her a lesson. Men are not fulfilling their duties and have therefore little right to complain.

  13. I think lots of this comes from a lack of responsibility during childhood. So many parents want to coddle their precious little princesses that they get out in the world totally unaware about life. At 9, I have my daughter make the whole family dinner on occasion. (my 12 year old does it routinely, some of which is good) Yes, it is probably something like macaroni and cheese with some frozen vegetables and sliced lunchmeat, but she is learning. By the time she is 17 or 18, I plan to see her do everything in the house. Have her work full time to save for college, etc.
    For everyone, growing into an adult takes time, historically that used to be when they were under a roof. Now, responsibilities are diverted so they maintain their childhood and never learn to be an adult.

  14. I’ve a relative who insists on raising his daughter as a “princess”, complete with little princess dresses, television shows about princesses and coming up, a trip to Disney world. She is doomed to fall directly into the mold of the women being described in this article.
    It was great sport to ask him if he was planning on marrying her off when she turned 16 to a rival neighbor in order to cement peace between their two families.
    The look he gave me…

    1. Lol. I indulge my girls at the moment since they are so young, but they also know that they’re expected to help clean up their messes and any attitude is not tolerated. Basically, they’re treated like princesses when they behave like good little princesses. If they’re bad little princesses, they get locked up in their tower, heh.

    2. Might as well modify those princess dresses so she can climb a pole as her career when she turns 18.

      1. To his credit, he’s not a single father, and she’s being raised in a two parent home, and the mother is a strong Christian. That being said, I don’t see how what he’s doing is going to create anything except a little monster.

        1. I know plenty of degenerate filthy girls who have traditional Christian parents.

        2. me too, they call themselves “rebels”, the parents call them “disappointments”

      2. Once at a party at my house, my daughter playfully swung around a tele-post support in our basement and I said (jokingly) “HEY! Not in THIS HOUSE young lady!” The men laughed. The women didn’t. hahahaha

    3. I got this from someone here. Don’t remember who it was but just fantastic.

    4. Keep her away from that Montague boy, Romeo. He looks like nothing but trouble.

  15. Chatted up an ex-gf from Mexico just out of curiousity the other day. Around 3 years ago when we dated, she lived at home with her parents, worked a job as a schoolteacher, went on social outings with her other single gfs in similar circumstances as her, and was incredibly feminine and sweet. I met her parents who were very traditional, wise, and kind. She had told me I was possibly the first guy her dad ever liked.
    Fast forward 2-3 years and she is a single mom with 2 kids, and posts a couple of dozen tidbits about her life to social media EVERY DAY. She had started talking to some guy back home right before she planned on coming up to the states, where we would have continued casually dating. He gave her a couple of kids and split. Guess what? All her gfs are now in the same boat. I made some comment about how girls imitate each other that way, and she agreed.
    I made a couple of light comments hinting about how it was obvious she fucked up, not to make her cry or anything, but just test if she even realized the consequences of her actions, and she doesn’t see the connection. It’s all about other people doing bad things to her.. the loser not wanting to stick around and be a dad, not her slutting it up with a low quality guy. The poor choice of staying in a dangerous poor area with bad prospects versus the chance of coming to America and dating yours truly.
    The only admission she made is that her life is far different now that she is a mother, and she must think about things differently and her quality of life is far different, although of course she is still rather feminine and her children bring her happiness. It’s really sad. I don’t think her true feelings will come through on social media–other Mexican girls will just see: Empowered, Happy Single Mom! And emulate that.

    1. Unfortunately, my beloved Mexico is turning this way. At least Mexican girls still have both that sense of integrity and that sense of shame when they mess up. In Mexico, it’s still ok to shame someone when they fuck up.
      Can’t wait to move back one day.

      1. It’s a huge country, and she was living in a border town. Honestly, border town is not much different than Texas a few feet north. I think there are still some good communities the further south you go in Mexico. But due to the current safety issue, I’m a little wary of seeking them out.
        Anyway, yeah she struck me very differently than how most Americunts would view their life as a single mom, and although she didn’t mention dating, I doubt she expects guys to be lining up to date a Prized Single Mother. I’m guessing she’s living back at home now with parents and will indefinitely.
        Only regret was, I actually viewed her as a unicorn at the time, and didn’t sleep with her. Not a huge regret, I mean it was an awesome experience dating a feminine sweet girl who adored me and would cook meals without asking and serve me like a king. But it was so different than anything else I ever experienced, I decided, hey, I’m gonna not just smash this one as soon as possible, and see if it goes anywhere. AWALT.

        1. I also grew up on the border. Living there does give you a perspective on life and the difference between cultures. Personally, I was always more at home on the Mexican side of the river.

    2. Thanks for sharing that. Tragic. Like lemmings running off a cliff… it is in their nature.
      “..worked a job as a schoolteacher..”
      You don’t say? She was a school teacher (Attn: “jammyjaybird”) who made poor pesonal choices and cannot make the connection? Unsettling trend.

  16. One thing that complicates this whole issue is the fact that women say modern men are only interested in sex, modern men are afraid of committing, modern men area ll Peter Pans, etc. We are caught in a downward blame spiral. IMHO opinion, since men are the natural leaders, men have to start leading.

  17. Women with advanced and marketable degrees are a catch 22. They make good money and bring something to the table but the drawback of course is she is not doing what she should be doing which is being a full time wife and mother. Bringing women into the workplace was the death of western civilization. Now we are stuck with women who don’t know how to act like women and think it’s a choir to take care of their husband.

    1. The fallacy of the advanced/marketable degree career woman is that she does not, in fact bring anything NET to the table. She may make a good salary, but that salary will be eaten up by daycare and her increased spending habits and lifestyle demands. As a career woman, she will demand more expensive clothes, a nicer house, a luxury car, etc. because she works and she deserves it, or she has to have a professional image, or whatever hamstering soothes the echoes of the emptiness within her.
      She will also be exposed more frequently to higher SMV men and alphas, increasing her opportunities to recreationally cheat or to full-on hypergamitize.
      Plus, to remain in any high-paying work environment, she will have to be aggressive, and likely become increasingly aggressive and less feminine over time. Her children will be an after-thought, a bother when she would rather be unwinding from work, and a constant subconscious reminder of her ultimate failure in her main, primal role as mother and caregiver.
      There is no net benefit to a advanced degree or career woman. Arguably, you will find there is a significant disadvantage.

      1. The offset of salary to expense of a working mother is something hardly ever talked about. Women don’t get it.

      2. My wife is good friends with this girl we known since college. She is a successful civil engineer, about a 6-7 on looks, and very clean (still a virgin as far as I know). At 38, she is single, and can’t ever find a LTR. My wife keeps trying to say it is because she intimidates men. Your explanation makes much more sense

        1. “over the hill yet clean, looks cute in a hardhat” yeah thats a hard sell man…

        2. I find it very hard to believe that any ‘6-7 on looks’ 38yo woman is a virgin these days. She may be a technical virgin in that her mind has de-hamster-qualified the score of cocks run up in her, but she is unlikely to be an actual virgin.

        3. “At 38, she is single, and can’t ever find a LTR.”
          It’s her. I know several women in this group. Wait to she hits the wall and keep her away from the wife and you.

        4. she says she was closer to marrying at 21 with no degree than today. Yup….back in the day when she was roommates with my wife, she had plenty of guys asking her out. Not so much anymore.

        5. It’s rare but possible. I dated one briefly, and know her family. I fully believed it. Remember, she grew up in 1970s… it was maybe rare, but definitely not impossible. Today however…

        6. Well of course she was, she was in her prime. Problem is, no one explicitly TELLS them that. Except I do haha.

        7. A girl I went to high school with is a mechanical engineer that worked for NASA and most recently worked as a research assistant for a Senator on Capitol Hill. She’s beautiful but rather masculine and aggressive (she was also a successful swimmer in HS and college). She met another engineer who lived in Colorado and moved across the country to live with him.
          Its been two years and he called off the engagement. Her friend said that all they do is argue about money and he told her to stop trying to “out man” him.

        8. That is the way this girl is, very athletic and competitive. I have been on some hikes with her, it is tiring to always feel like you are competing, even with something so petty as how fast you are going down the trail.

        9. “My wife keeps trying to say it is because she intimidates men.”
          yeah sure.. the standard explanation by women of why intelligent, attractive accomplished women can’t find a man is always because men are supposedly intimidated by them.
          Here’s the thing though: most men don’t really care about a woman’s career or accomplishments. If she’s pretty and fun and down to earth, he’s going to ask her out and want to date her. It’s women who seem to care about a man’s status, accomplishments and education level compared to hers. and the more intelligent and accomplished a woman is, the smaller the pool of men she’s interested in. More likely, she believes most men aren’t good enough for her and they aren’t even in her radar screen. That’s women’s hypergamous nature for you.

      3. You’ll notice that dual income families with good salaries live in expensive houses, it’s all about keeping up with the Jones’s. The size of our homes have increased exponentially while the size of our families have decreased. People with big families and one income used to live in small houses the only people who lived in big houses where the highest earners and they lived in mansions.
        I don’t think every kitchen must have stainless steel appliances and granite counter-tops. We seem to be losing perspective of the whole reason to get married in the first place.
        It’s true that this new generation of high earner women are more likely to cheat on their husbands and then stay at home moms. If the wife makes significantly more than her husband she falls into the most likely group of women who cheat. Throw in frequent travel for business and you’ve got yourself a cheater.

        1. Yes, the houses get larger, but ever notice how the yards always tend to get smaller and smaller? Give me a smaller house with a big yard any day than one of these McMansions slammed together 10 feet away from the house next door.
          Salary disparity is an issue because if she is making more, she will lose all respect for, and eventually hate, her husband. But even if she is making half as much as him, the same things I outlined still apply. She will still outspend every dollar she brings in, and want more, because she “works” and she “deserves” it. And there will always be more Alpha males there to get her tingles going.

      4. My brother just separated from his doctor wife after just four years because of exactly what you described. She makes over $100k easily and their finances are a mess. She has to have a Mercedes or Lexus, has more shoes and purses than you can believe and refuses to cook and clean because she’s too tired from work so she buys takeout almost daily and hires a maid.
        The worst part is the loss of femininity from the long, grueling work hours. No man wants a rugged, fatigued, weary woman moping around the house avoiding her children because they drain the last bit of energy she has left.

        1. Ouch. I’ve noticed that no matter the income levels of women, their personal finances are always a mess. Even if she is a CFO.

      5. All very good points.
        The current “indisputable” feminist and liberal truths of the Western world and culture these days is that somehow the economy and society benefits from women working. But it is not clear to me at all that there is really any net benefit and one can make a strong argument that it is indeed a significant disadvantage in the way it demoralizes men and denies them the jobs that women are taking instead, and how it leads to women eschewing marriage and having children. Women are also not the same as men, and they are not interchangeable cogs with men in the economy and society. Women have limited biological clocks, and any society that wants to reproduce and stay strong needs to take that very important factor into account. Also, the more educated and accomplished a woman is, the smaller the pool of men she’s interested in.. which is exactly the opposite of men, who are far more likelier to marry “down” and lift women of lower socio-economic status up into their level. Women will almost never marry a man of a lower status, education or career success as her. It just seems counter-intuitive and recipe for disaster for a culture and society to not take into account this hypergamous nature of women, and to raise the status of women at the expense of men.
        Society and civilization did just fine and prospered before female emancipation .. and in fact, most of the great scientific and technological advances in the West took place without any real involvement of women, or at best, marginal involvement.

  18. A woman on a tinder date once told me that her career aspirations were to be an instagram model. “How will you monetize it?” I asked. “That doesn’t matter Vincent it’s my passion.” I deleted Tinder.

      1. So you see, Mr. Loan Officer, I have 53,246 followers, and just today I earned 352 likes in my underwear. I was thinking maybe a 2016 Mustang convertible. Can I have the loan?

    1. Did you point her in the direction of the ROK articles detailing the Instagram whores who go to the middle east to be shit on (literally) for a week? There’s good money maybe you can get a finders fee.

    2. I recall back when I still bothered to buy Playboy. There were those Special Edition pictorials they sold with a theme. So I had the College Girls one. They had this 19 year old girl with.a decent body but the stereotypical dumb blonde face. She bragged in her interview at 19 she already had her own house and car yet she spend most of her time traveling and partying with her girls. And this was 10 years ago.

      1. “.she already had her own house and car yet she spend most of her time traveling and partying with her girls.”
        Don’t all high end prostitutes?

        1. Just don’t call her a prostitute, you misogynist asshole :-). Of course, assuming she hasn’t died of an overdose, she’s now 29. I bet now her house and car are gone and now she subsists by servicing truckers behind a Waffle House.
          There was an episode of The Big Bang Theory. In fact, it’s one of the few episodes where Leonard has the balls to make Penny pay for her stuff while going out, because it wasn’t a “date”. He even admits to having paid for dates because he wanted to have sex.

      2. She’ll be a [email protected]$$ed drug addict in rehab with a wrinkly body and face from tanning by the time she’s 30 or 35 and she won’t have 2 nickels to rub together.
        Then she’ll be on the news doing an interview about how vile men kept her enslaved in the “being a ho” industry.
        And people will call her a hero, and damn the patriarchy.

  19. The lack of skills trend poses a danger to boys as well. The futurist predictions about sex robots, self-driving cars, virtual reality and guaranteed incomes, if they converge just right, will result in a generation of adult male virgins who won’t know how to talk to girls, who won’t know how to drive, and who will never have held a job. Skills come from the experience of having to deal with problems in the real world, yet these developments threaten to distance people even further from having to do that.

      1. I have jews do my laundry and Ecuadorians clean my home. It’s wonderful. The only thing a woman has to offer me is her twat and, fortunately, for most women, that is the sum total of what they have anyway

    1. Agreed, what guy in his 20’s even knows how to work on his car anymore? We are raising a generation of toddlers because the overprotective mindset does not allow children to be responsible for anything.

      1. That is a bit of a rough assessment. I grew up working on cars as a hobby. My first car was a junk yard car I put together piece by piece over a summer. Today I could def do basic things like oil, tires, change my brakes, etc….but the amount of computer tech that goes into a modern engine is astonishing. I couldn’t even imagine.
        I don’t know that I could even find a choke anymore.

        1. Not a bad idea. It’s either that, or they get stuck on the side of the road for hours on end because they can’t change a tire.

        1. granted, there are a few guys who know how to diagnose a non-starting car, just like there are a few girls who know how to whip up a plate of lasagna, but they are getting fewer and farther in between.

        2. That’s why I can do both. Women have nothing but a cunt to offer for the most part so that’s all I ask them to supply.

        3. Not low…just different. I know who I am, what I want and what I am willing to offer. I never deviate or compromise and I enjoy my life. The idea that I should follow standards that work for someone else seems crazy to me.

      2. You can’t work on modern cars unless you are a trained mechanic. Most engine components are sealed off nowadays, and you need specialized tools to access them. That doesn’t even count the fact that everything is computer controlled

        1. I had one of my neighbor’s 16 yo kid help me replace a starter a few weeks ago (single mom). I had to repeat several times “righty tighty, lefty loosey”. I feel bad for the kid, he doesn’t know how to do anything except play Call of Duty. (Even with that, he never shot any real gun until last spring when I took him out target shooting)

  20. One of the best strainers to weed out this shit is via an upbringing in a harsh environment. Based on current economic conditions, Venezuela is likely producing some bona fide ride-or-die latinas for you gents to scoop up. Women brought up without govt or beta handouts know first hand how the nickels roll when shit gets real. They value family, their home, and some bread in the bank account.

    1. Same thing with southeast Asia. People become soft in western culture because they can.

      1. Heard it from a Peruvian chef also, he stated that people come to USA then lose their values and care less about family. Said he remembered always who called him on a holiday whether he was poor or making it, and it wasnt his mom.

    2. When do the Venezuelan refugees show at America’s southern border or wash up on the Gulf Coast as boat people?

    3. Maybe.. but my experience is that women from harsh environments tend to be very mercenary, materialistic and very likely gold-diggers.

      1. So, in what way are they unlike women in general or women from non-harsh environments?

    4. i love the latinas that will cut off your balls if you even once look at another hotter women the wrong way!

  21. Spot on with “pre-party sluts”. I just dumped one. What a timely article!

  22. I am totally out of social media. One day I was reading the news about a thing called “show your status” or whatever. Basically, it was stupid female twitter users posting declarations like “I’ve got herpes/chlamydia/gonorrhea etc”, “nobody can judge me”, “it could happen to anyone, it has nothing to do with my nihilistic promiscuity” yadda yadda.
    Things are being pushed to the extemes of irresponsibility.

  23. Here’s one more sign: many, many, many otherwise intelligent and educated women want to put corrupt Hillary in the white house just because of her gender.
    60 years ago, no self-respecting woman would advocate to put an experienced lesbian in the white house. Now millions of women say they want this.

      1. Yes she is. She went to Wellesley, where she allegedly “dabbled” with lesbianism, partly for fun and partly as a political statement. Several women who wrote about their affairs with Bill Clinton say he told them that Hillary has “eaten more p**sy than I have.” Also, Hillary favors lesbian haircuts and outfits, and not for no reason.
        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f1c5e2d8c4e9ab957ca9064ec3f7538c59e3d6e18108fcefbc7e45b38b7620a3.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d79a4823735bbf23a701260c4c9f2d7018b2b080fc9efc7ca89064d21e61b95f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0e4ee39db279ff26887fc0f8b1953b3af4b69efebbf9039fc77e1a7b2ad1df3e.jpg

      2. It is well known inside the DC beltway. A childhood friend of mine worked with the SS details in the mid-90s and confirmed she is a dyke.

        1. HA! You needed the Department of Treasure to confirm that shit. I could have told you that the first time I saw that cunt.

        2. SS = Secret Service
          Europeans were hip to Hill as well and plenty of Bill’s old GFs were saying it back in 92′ IIRC, but no one wanted to hear it.

        3. yes, isn’t secret service a branch of the dept of treasury? sorry if I am wrong.

        4. just looked it up. They got sucked into Homeland Security. Sorry, I may be a bit older. I always knew SS as a branch of Treasury. Actually an interesting origin story there.

  24. How to guarantee victory for Trump? Just post pictures of Hillary Clinton on social media. The natural human instinct not to be bossed around by short, fat women will kick in.

  25. This article outlines the reasons why women’s behavior needs to be controlled.
    We are all capricious toddlers who need the firm hand of an Alpha male.
    “Some of the childishness of modern women can be fixed by a strong husband.”
    Truer words have never been written. Sadly, women have been brainwashed to view submission to a good man as a disadvantage. My life greatly improved when I started listening to my husband instead of the career women who were my former friends.

    1. “Sadly, women have been brainwashed to view submission to a good man as a disadvantage.”
      This is the problem. Men are deciding en masse to let them remain children and marry weak men that won’t try to discipline them. Smart men know that resistant, arrogant, stubborn females are more trouble than they’re worth.

      1. Absolutely! This is because men are so scared of being thought of as “sexist.”
        There’s nothing awful about a man being “sexist” because it means that he will protect and provide for a woman who can bring traditional skills to the table. Not a bad deal at all! It shows just how ridiculous feminism. Because of that destructive movement, women have come to believe that it’s better to toil at some stupid career than be treated with doting adoration by a loving man.
        I love to watch the 70s version of “The Stepford Wives”. It provides inspiration on how to be a great wife to my husband-be beautiful, take housework very seriously, be submissive and be his personal whore in the bedroom.

        1. You do realize that the book and the 70s movie “The Stepword Wives” is a feminist critique of the very thing you seem to be wanting, which is of the male expectation to want a beautiful, submissive wife, right?

        2. My husband and I do not “want” me to be a submissive wife. We have already achieved that goal.
          I choose to emulate how the Stepford wives behave rather than focusing on what the movie symbolizes.

  26. Alright a long post, but I have a theory:
    It is interesting that if you look at the sexual market place as a simple economic model there are two important and distinct sides, that function as perfect compliments:
    Have: Money, Power, Influence, Personal Strength, Logical Analysis, Provide Discipline to Children, and the ability to guide children with a strong hand and by example.
    Need: A Child Bearer, A housekeeper, A Child raiser with good traditional values, A gentler and more emotional parent to their child, A large healthy loving family.
    Have: A Fit body prepared to give birth to and and raise a large number of children, Traditional Family values and appreciation for gender roles, Housekeeping Skills, Their Virginity.
    Need: Social Status, Protection, Logical Analysis, a Disciplinarian and moral compass, A large healthy loving family.
    Now in theory one sides wants would match with the needs of the other side, but if we look at reality we find feminism is really only changing one part of the model, what women have. It seems the goal of feminism isn’t equality between genders (If this were true why wouldn’t women be trying to eliminate the value that men offer them?) but rather equality between all women, by ensuring that no women offer men any value whatsoever.
    Seriously, look at the freaks who are the heads and pushers of the feminist movement, those people never offered any man a iota of value, so in order for them to get access to the utility that men provide they need to make sure that no one else provides more value to men then they do, none.
    I submit for your judgement my theory: Feminism is an effort to eliminate all value that women provide men so the women who under a more traditional status quo would never have a man provide value to them, might have a chance.

    1. Good point and in addition, feminism wants for all women to be fearful and skeptical of the value men bring to women in hopes that beautiful women refuse to accept it, leveling the playing field.
      Money, power and personal strength become the wage gap, patriarchy and rape culture. Logical analysis becomes mansplaining, discipline to children is child abuse. If women can’t recognize and respect a good man that brings value into their life, she will bypass dozens of men that could of added much value to her life and made her a much happier person.
      I honestly believe that feminism has pushed several high value women into the arms of betas because of the paranoia surrounding male power. If women are afraid to follow their biological desire for alpha spouses (hypergamy), it confuses the hell out of them. They want alpha male traits but can’t trust men enough to submit to men who possess them. Psychiatrists must get a lot of business these days.

    2. Well said, like Yin and Yang, masculinity and femininity compliment each other as God intended. Like the Apostle Paul said, “Neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord”. A woman cannot come to her full potential without being a wife and mother. Likewise, a man can’t reach his full potential without becoming a husband and father.
      Feminism, LGBTV, and other liberal ideologies mess up this by redefining gender roles to suit themselves. Feminists want to have men continue to provide, protect, and be responsible, but hand over the leadership role to them. They want to hand off their responsibilities to nurture, care, and make the house a home to daycare, their husband, or the government. The LGBTV crowd wants to totally eliminate the traditional model of the family. Hence, we have a messed up society where adults display toddler behavior and/or completely drop the ball in their responsibilities.

    3. Women keep saying (due to feminism) that they don’t need a man, but they are the ones that want to get married to tie a man down to be with her or looking for a relationship.
      Again, women say one thing, but does another.

    4. Feminism is a hissy fit. All women are petulant children, and feminism is their collective hissy fit. It is a desperate cry for attention and an expression of their need for discipline. While certain feminist ‘leaders’ might have goals or plans, feminism as a whole is just a collective shit-test that men have collectively totally fucking beta-bitched out on.

    1. ha.
      Only proper response to that: “shut up”
      It’s great. I’ve done it. The trick is not to get baited into saying another word. When they change the topic then they win the prize of having you acknowledge them again.

      1. Shut up is really a great response to many debates. I admit I get involved in debates way more often than it makes any sense for me to do so. All you get from a debate with an idiot is a little knowledge about their belief system, the books and memes they have read and indoctrinated definitions of law and “common sense”. Fuck that.
        I think if men learned to not give a fuck more – that is, to not even feel the need to prove themselves right and instead just do what their gut tells them to do. Well, the debates would end.

        1. the shut up is the easy part. It is maintaining frame through the tantrum and having the will not to speak again until she exhausts herself.
          She will thank you in the end.

        2. Frankly, it does not just apply to women. Some men are bitches, too, and will interrogate you like some stupid cop in a TV show. Best to just shut up. But it is hard, at least for me, to go through with it, because somewhere along the way, I picked up the habit to feel the need to justify myself for my actions, feelings, thoughts. To prove myself. Like when somebody brings up some “rational” reason for why you should not be behaving the way you are – that is why I dislike rationality. In some aspects of life, it is better to go with the gut.

        3. so all trump has to do is tell hillary to shut up in order to win the debates? That would be awesome

        4. Imagine that presidential debate: Trump says “shut up” and then just doesn’t respond anymore, playing with his smartphone instead. 😀

        5. Oh my god. That would be epic. And have him tweet the same thing during the debates. Beyond epic.

    2. Oh that whorey old horseshit. In my experience they are all little girls looking to be “saved” by the white knight. Be the black knight….. find ’em, fuck ’em and flee!

        1. The physical maturity reason is so they can accommodate older cock that provides rational guidance.

  27. Let’s face it, though, many men profit from immature women. PUA is a good example of that. They want women to be submissive and to achieve that, they sometimes may break them – which makes them unable to mature emotionally.
    And then we infantilize women by not letting them take responsibility and justifying it with “well, women simply are children”. By being “gentlemen”.

        1. We could start a second “grey” government alongside the current government. Only men are allowed in it. Slowly, we assimilate all men into the in-group and suddenly the old government will have no power anymore. Bam!

    1. You’re assuming it is possible for women to mature emotionally. I’m not so sure its a real possibility

  28. Based on my personal experiences, I’ve come to the conclusion that women cheat far more than men. I know that statistics don’t necessarily back this up, but what stats don’t show is the amount of mental jujitsu women utilize. They will go to great lengths to convince themselves that they did not cheat, or that the sex with another man “didn’t count” because he only lasted 10 seconds (true story, some bitch tried to convince me that her true number was less than it actually was). Or they didn’t cheat because all they did was make out, or he only felt her boobs for a few seconds.
    There was another time I partied with this group of people and to save money, we all shared a hotel room. The next morning I woke up and saw one of the guys and one of the girls starting to fool around, then start having sex. I turned back over and pretended not to see anything (they didn’t see me either). Later that morning, after the dude left, those of us who were left, including the girl who got freshly banged for 20 solid seconds, went to breakfast. The topic of sex came up and she said, with a straight face, that she hadn’t had sex in over a year and didn’t need sex to be happy. I deadpanned her for about a minute, making her extremely uncomfortable. But had I not seen her get fucked earlier that morning, I would have believed her. And I guarantee she removed that notch from the count she has given later boyfriends.

  29. What can be done? Bring back the Roman paterfamilias. Some SOB messes with your wife, you can shove a radish up his ass, legally.
    Not making this up; it was really a thing back then.

    1. shove a radish up his ass
      And then I looked up and misread your name as Zwiebelhändler. For a moment there, everything seemed to make perfect sense.

  30. Women become even more useless as a man ages. After 40, sex is not as important. I’ve reweighted sex in my calculations and I see costs outweighing benefits where women are concerned.
    Tight game?
    Fuck that.
    It’s boring. It’s exhausting. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

    1. Its only worth it for 18-24 year olds that are 8/10 or higher. If she’s not in that bracket she better be easy and agreeable. I’m not wasting too much of my time on average chicks.

    2. Pretty much where I’m at.
      I just hit 40.. finances are in order… I just can’t be bothered with 35+ women in my age range. Most are either damaged, career women, carousel riding sluts.. or divorced and with kids and baggage. My sex drive isn’t that high now to waste my time and effort chasing after 38 year old pussy. And these women still have the same demands and expectations as if they’re still 20-something year olds with tight, hot bodies. One would think as a woman ages, for the first time in her life, she might have to be forced to learn some humility and learn to adjust her ridiculously high expectations and demands based on her SMV.. but no. She still wants men to jump through hoops for her stale, 38 y/o pussy. Fuck t hat.
      the thing is these women seem to get away with their complete lack of self-awareness of their lowered SMV and their lack of humility. Look at any online dating site and check out the profiles of women 35 to 45 and you’ll see what I mean. It seems there are way too many thirsty betas out there willing to cater to their women.

      1. I’m 48 and experiencing the same thing. I find women over 35 are mostly grossly overweight with 3 or 4 kids and they act like their V is made of gold. The effort it takes to get with one is not worth anything they can offer. Most of the younger ones are not willing to date a guy my age. Even though I look better than most the guys their age.

        1. You need to find a 25 year old with daddy issues, and all your problems will be solved. They’re easy to find.

        2. All his problems will be solved? Shit. A 25 year old female with daddy issues is only good for one thing…coming in her mouth. A man at 40 would much rather make some money than dick around with that bullshit.

        3. It worked for me, but I found a 23 year old. The down side is you can end up married to that women.

      2. I’m 30. The women my age start pooping out kids, so I look for younger 21-26. I can’t imagine that I ever would want to date a single mother, yeah maybe for the sex, but else? Nah..
        How are your experiences dating younger women at your age?

    3. As a post 60 year old man I can state from experience that sex is still important after 40. However, after 40 you want to know if there is anything good on TV first. this is called putting things in their proper perspective.

  31. Two days ago a girl approached me in a bakery store. I asked her “are you pregnant?” and she said “no”.

  32. There is a solution to this, and this is to determine what you want out of a woman, and if she doesn’t meet your expectations, dump her and find another. That’s all there is to it. If you want a woman to be a homemaker, say so to her, and if she doesn’t want to be one, dump her. You have to set expectations for her to meet, and if she’s a woman worth her salt, she’ll do what she can to rise to them (if they’re reasonable, meaning you’re not asking her to turn lead into gold). Ultimately, she has to submit to your natural authority as a man. It’s your money you’re offering to support her, it’s your industry, and it’s your life you’re putting forth to protect her own. This is ultimately why Equality is a Myth. Men and women are not equal, and have never been.
    It really doesn’t matter what women think. What matters, in the end, is what you think. You can be tactful about all this, but in the end you have to set expectations for her to meet. And the more men do this, the more women will adapt.

    1. yeah…..seeing the trash out there this day and age gives me the same feeling.

  33. This article is the truth. I have been guilty of points 1,3 & 4 for most of my life.
    It is so easy to get sucked up into the ego-feeding of social media. I had to delete my Instagram after a few months, once I realized that it was turning me into an “attention whore.” It can become an addiction, just like a drug. I have been social media free for two years, and it feels so great!
    Unfortunately I was raised to have no homemaking skills…I seriously couldn’t even boil water at age 18…but I have improved, and keep striving to become a better cook. I admit that, other than trying to be a traditional homemaker and mother, and always keep up my appearance, I don’t have any other skills.
    And despite wanting to be a traditional woman, it is so easy to let the deceptions of feminism creep into your thinking. I have caught myself feeling disappointed that I married and became a mother so young, and never had a social life and “freedom” in my prime years. But thankfully I have the Word of God to open my eyes to the blessings He has given me, and put me back on the right path.

  34. If females were any better than what they are and were truly equal to men, then they would have been able to build a civilization on their own including all new innovations and inventions.
    God made women childish so that they could be ruled by men. Under natural law, this is precisely what happens. Men rule over women. But in western civilization today, our society has been infiltrated and taken over by marxist money elites that have tied men’s hands behind their backs and granted females complete freedom and additional special rights. It simply goes back to affirmative action and welfare. If a female cannot get a high paying affirmative action at a company, then she can be supported financially by the state. No female ever has to rely on a man any longer for financial support with our current societal and monetary setup.
    Combine that with endless propaganda created by tv and hollywood movies encouraging females to whore themselves around. Whether she’s dressing like a whore in public or whoring herself through social media making herself accessible to literally thousands of men, a female can go through life with a new date each and every single day if she wanted. She has zero worry whatsoever about finding a man and being married so she could survive. She can already survive financially through redistribution of wealth and date & dump as many guys as she pleases until she finds mr. george clooney bad boy fun guy.

  35. “missing out” is the biggest issue that runs through a modern womans brain this especially true in western countries women coming from good families. In Japan missing out is ever higher numbers of women turning to doing porn or entering the red light industry behind their partners or parents back

  36. Should have mentioned travelling in the missing out column. They all have to ‘travel’ because every other girl ‘travels’ even though all they’re doing is going to different nightclubs in different countries and wasting their money.

  37. Got refused for a room for rent because the moonbat couldn’t believe I wasn’t on social media.

      1. Well it wasn’t an outright refusal as my spidey senses said “back away”. She just couldn’t believe I wasn’t on any social media. All I could think of is all the RoK articles I have read.

  38. In the end of this article it is suggested that keeping your game high is a way to keep a modern decent woman in line. To me this is tiresome. A better approach is to constantly just consider yourself in charge of the relationship and to not accept anything else. Ignore her shit tests when they don’t bother you or they are inconsequential and put her in her place when they are.
    Let her know that she will not be consuming alcohol when you aren’t around. Point out other whores, bad mothers, attention whores and anything else that is unacceptable on a regular basis and let her know you consider it unacceptable.
    When appropriate, remind her that there are lines not to be crossed and that she is expendable if she crosses them. Even if she is the mother of your kids, she is expendable if she cheats and various other infractions and she needs to know this.
    This is more of a state of mind. I am the man, she is the woman, I am in charge, she submits. Keeping your game high is in my opinion akin to actively trying to keep her attracted, or actively trying to attract other women in front of her to make her jealous. Mind numbingly boring and very tiresome.

  39. >>”’I’ve also seen this “missing out” effect play out in the life of one my wife’s friends. As I wrote in an earlier article, this woman started to look outside her marriage for male affection, and is now in the process of transforming herself. She has become an attention whore on social media where she posts selfies of herself at the pool and advertises that she goes to concerts and bars without her husband. She dresses inappropriately for her age and body composition and she seems to be trying to erase all association with her husband and children.”’>>
    The woman is turning her back on her children too? I smell BPD and also a low I.Q. woman. She obviously wasn’t a virgin. Memory records all and so it’s always that ONE notch that pops its ugly head up in her memory. Out of the blue she seems to fantasize of her old whoring, and this ocurrs when she takes a breather from all the work. She ‘flips into whore’ as soon as a level of peace and prosperity is achieved in the family and home. That’s why you have to keep a whore mother worked like a milking cow, NO REST EVER, just keep her holes stuffed with DADDY’S DICK and don’t hesitate to bring in a sister wife to keep her on the level and on the table when you’re away. Even one notch previous qualifies her as not full fledged and deserving of being on the top of the totem pole.
    But a whore will whore. Even a one notch woman will whore. Dick is dick and that’s that. As soon as things are ‘smooth sailing’ and when she’s not being kept busy like a work cow and tit feeding, then WATCHOOOUT!! Yeah buddy, THAT’S when she’s haunted with flashbacks of some other guy who frosted her face like a toaster streudel. And all while maybe it was the same guy if not his buddy that pummeled her anus and vagina with his unworldly two headed dick. You think she just goes ”duuuh” and forgets that?? Hell no it’s burned into her subconscious forever. Every previous notch is a blot on her soul.
    Years of playing mental games and playing the tit feeder and the truth remains that her dirty ‘P’ hole has still been where it has been. It kills a whore to remain loyal. A whore can play mommy for only so long. Then they’ll stray like it was a death wish, like they feel like they’re gonna die if they don’t get other dicks in their hole. They behave like Spock did when he claimed he would die if he didn’t mate with a Vulcan before some deadline.
    KEEP IT VIRGIN mates. Ho’s all reach a point where they feel like they’re gonna die if they remain loyal mothers, so they are biologically compelled to whore from fear af going crazy if they don’t. Just like Spock in what episode was that? No amount of shrink meds will help a whore mother. Meds will only inflate a whore mother like an air needle inflates a basketball. With meds to stave off her compulsion to complete her initial whoring escapades, she’ll blow up in her recliner like a water balloon. Her jowels and side sacks would droop over the arm rests as the filth in the house piles up.
    She needs a blitzkrieg assault of game, dread game, you name the game, and she needs her face ploughed in between the legs of her itchy sisterwife. Yep, that’s as good as remembering to lock the deadbolt on the front door before you go to work. As Pee Wee Herman says ”Mecca-lecca-high-mecca-hiney-ho”

    1. Hahaha! That’s some funny shit. Copying and and storing it Notepad. Meccalekka high fuck you.
      Great read. Rock on.

  40. 5. Popularity contest, much like middle school and high school. Modern women will never grow out of this. They want to fuck the most popular guy at work or within the social circle. Women are terrible judges of character. Their judgement of a man is solely based on the collective attitude toward a “man.” They are lemmings and social chameleons with no true identity nor do they go against the current due to their weak nature or ability to analyze or contemplate using logic and ignoring emotional reaction or feelings.
    But they’re great with kids. That’s about it. 250,000,000 years of evolution with 30 years of degeneration at the end. Stock up on ammo. 250,000,000 years of true “progression,” the script has been flipped, topsy turvy. How many times this year, have you heard a man say he’d be happy as a stay at home dad? I can say I’ve heard it at least 6 times in 2016.

  41. Yawn, another cookie cutter ROK article. Try to come up with some new material lads.

    1. This material bears repeating. ROK will stop publishing these articles when American women stop giving them reasons to do it.

  42. I refuse to date girls my age gap (18-26) who are excessive attention sluts with a smartphone in their hand even in the toilet. They are all corrupted in the Southwest United States (Socal district) I got no choice but to go deep south in Sinaloa , Mexico where my father was born and bring me back a non americanized traditional feminine family oriented girl from a small town in Culiacan. It’s my only remedy if I truly want to settle down one day down the line.

      1. Since decades ago, my man. All the founders of the Tijuana (Arellano Felix) , Juarez (Carillo Fuentes) , and Sinaloa (Chapo Guzman) Cartels were born and raised there or its surrounding proximities. It’s definitely the cradle for the Ivy league school of legend narcotic titans MX ever encountered. These organizations made billions, unfortunately and the blood money traveled all the way to the presidential cabinet. Anyway, the females there are something else. Very feminine, classy , traditional family background, no tattoos, the whole package. Something about the essence of Sinaloan women that can turn on a switch in your mind.

        1. I don’t have much experience with Mexican women in particular, but overall, Latina women are much more likely to have feminine attributes-long hair, free of tattoos/piercings, dress in heels/skirts/dresses and so on. I’d say the same for most Asian women as well.

  43. Fellas, it don’t matter how big your dick is, how much money you’re bringing, how much attention you give…in today’s society, all it takes is some whore to corner your wife at some party while you excuse yourself to get a drink: “i cant BELIEVE you married so young” or “sex with only one person, and youre only 20-whatever? No thanks lol”……and the wheels begin to turn.
    “Ungrateful” is a word I use to describe these fallen spouses most, along with “lack of foresight”. They don’t realize the darkened path their life will go down. In reality, they aren’t missing out. That whore who cornered her is out looking for the very thijg the wife already has. The whore is jealous. She also wants company in hell, and to lighten her burden of being a ho when she’s able to make your wife slut around more than herself, thereby making her “less-sluttier” in her own eyes. Once she’s brought your wife to the bottom, she will leave onto her next victim. After the divorce some years down the road, your ex-wife, childless, 50 notch count that’s sucked her soul away, comes awake in a cold sweat at 45 from a decision she made at 25.
    Just kidding. They feel no emotion and would do it again if they didn’t get caught.
    So future wives, be wary of the unmarried wild girl that will slide into your life. Do not be so naive. Proverbs has a verse that goes something like “the wicked will not rest till they cause another to falter”.

  44. I`m starting to belive that your best option for a stable marriage would be a traditionally raised, relatively young, (in her twenties) and not to attractive woman, (4-6ish) from Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria and a few other eastern European countries.
    As far as I can see, that would be your best bet if you`re a Western man.

  45. After 50 years, 2 marriages, and around 20 or so relationships with over a score of petulant women I am retiring from the gender wars. My future is MGTOW.

  46. There’s an incredible number of people who can’t see this and believe pointing it out is pathological.
    I was discussing this on some forum or other a few years ago and said that modern women don’t mature emotionally or ethically after age 12.
    One liberal SJW who apparently fancied himself gifted with profound psychological insight commented, “So what happened to you when you were 12?”

  47. I’m proud to see my meme up there and glad it added just a little bit to the debate! I agree with pretty much everything here and my own gut feeling is that we have the stats for borderline/narcissistic women all wrong. I think there are lots of them. The first generations of bad parenting are coming through and they are a frosted mess. All we can do is make sure our own game is absolutely on point, then these tramps tend to look elsewhere for easier prey. My own thoughts are on the site: http://www.alphareboot.com

    1. If you read the book Psychopath Free https://www.amazon.com/Psychopath-Free-Expanded-Emotionally-Relationships/dp/0425279995 the author talks about surviving relationships with Cluster B personality types. He also talks about how according to the National Institutes of Health 6% of the general population has NPD, 5% has BPD, 2% has HPD, and 4% has ASPD. All together that’s about 15% of the general population with a diagnosed Cluster B personality disorder. Approximately 1 out of every 7, or in a world of 7 billion people approximately 1 billion people.
      I definitely think there are way too many women that exhibit these behaviors but too many cucks allow them to get away with it.

    2. Repost because the link to the book gets this flagged as spam
      If you read the book Psychopath Free (available on Amazon) the author talks about surviving relationships with Cluster B personality types. He also talks about how according to the National Institutes of Health 6% of the general population has NPD, 5% has BPD, 2% has HPD, and 4% has ASPD. All together that’s about 15% of the general population with a diagnosed Cluster B personality disorder. Approximately 1 out of every 7, or in a world of 7 billion people approximately 1 billion people.
      I definitely think there are way too many women that exhibit these behaviors but too many cucks allow them to get away with it. Most people just don’t have awareness of how prevalent these mental disorders are.

      1. 15% diagnosed.
        So lets say 90% can hide it long enough…
        Im begining to think that BPD is endemic…
        As many of these women cackle about how their husbands are depressed,
        I think not depressed but oppressed by a nagging crazy woman…

      2. Just saw this as the feature came back around! It makes sense, totally, and that is a big worry. If 15% are diagnosed, they’re conditions that make the sufferers actively avoid blame and detection so we can basically guess at double that undiagnosed.
        Take the stable, happily married ones out of the equation and what are you left with? Today’s psychotic dating pool. Basically all of them are crazy…

    1. No don’t do that! Not all women are like me, loads of women I know are boring as fuck and only worry about housework and make-up and shit…go find one of them to lose your cherry to or a nice guy maybe if you really don’t like any women.

  48. Can’t speak for other women but I fudding love being childish. It’s fun. What do I want to act boring and grown up for. I’ll have my cake and eat it if I can – and I can – why not just enjoy it!?

    1. Granted, it is fun to be childish. But, with all actions comes consequences. Behaving like a grown toddler alienates yourself from anyone around you who is responsible. You cannot trust your irresponsible friends, just like they can’t trust you. Other people do not want to take responsibility for your actions, and since you are an adult, they are not obligated to.

      1. Well I seem to be doing OK, have a wonderful husband and lovely friends. I’m not asking anyone to take responsibility for me. If any ‘consequences’ arise from a result of my being chilled out and enjoy myself I solemnly promise to take full responsibility – OK?

  49. And this s why I go for Latin girls who rarely speak English, they are more feminine then most girls in USA.

  50. Hi, I am desperate and I just wanted to hear the opinion on my issue from men. I know I created my own situation and I do what I can to get the best out of it. But I need a different perspective I think.
    I married at 18 with my first and only boyfriend, who is 7 years older than me. It was love and We dreamed to make a family together. He worked, I took care of the house and we were intimate daily, of course there was problems from time to time but nothing we couldnt fix. I got pregnant. I saw how he got more and more jealous and possesive of me for no reason at all and abusive and violent. So I left. It is better for a child to grow up in a safe home than with a violent father. But after a year of being apart so he could show change we got back together and he hasnt gone back since all that happend two years ago. Just little here and there but nothing so serious.
    But he is now smoking more and more weed and drinking, I am very much against pot and alcohol has never touhed neither, I know it is normal for most people to drink here and there but he is out of proportions. he has no job no school, up all night and sleep all day, does nothing at home really nothing only computer and play little with our child here and there.
    How would you take all this? And its not because i am thinking about money, i always had more money and come from a different background than him. So it is not because of some non excisting vila or car i was with him in the first place. I am a good mother, I dont want to end like many single moms I just want the best for our family.

    1. How long did you know him before you married him? I understand you do not want to be a single mother and I hope you can make your situation better. However, if you gave it some time I think you would have read him and maybe had second thought of marrying. He probably did not change you just did not see the signs before you got married.

  51. Anyone who wants a window into the female mind need only read a book written for, or by a woman. Every second sentence is about cheating, an affair, or a threesome with two guys twenty years younger than her while her husband is at work. Why would any guy with a sense of self preservation marry one of these overgrown children?

    1. I’ve just finished the Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and can’t say I noticed that the themes you identified dominated the plot.

      1. Okay, you’ve managed to find one. Maybe contact the author and tell her she made a mistake. Clearly she forgot to add the part where the protagonist screwed the pool boy.

        1. Actually that would have improved the plot considerably (especially as the protagonist was a bloke).

    2. What have you been reading? Sounds hot! Let me know so I can get a copy to flick myself off to.

  52. They have a word for people like you… Misogynist.
    Also, I appreciate the irony of your poor spelling and grammar, hidden among the paragraphs relating to having skills!

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  54. Love yourself, your child. Take care of your child.
    People do not change. Your story is sad but you are young, you can be strong enough to leave. With time your life will change for better than his life. Think about your child.
    Be sure that you will achieve your purposes, you will meet a good man. Live, laugh, enjoy, appreciate people who love you, work hard and you will have everything you want.
    Wish you all the best.

  55. Attentionwhores, I hate them. They have a void in their souls that chumps must fill. And they think that a man (a real one = one with boundaries) will just happily accept the attentionwhoring while being in a relationship…
    It’s a recipe for disaster. It’s like having fishingrods set out. The facebook fishing rod, one called instagram, one called Twitter.. etc. And if you call them on it they always know to twist it in a way to make you look like a controlling person.
    Well. I don’t post pictures in my Bikini so a dozen “followers” can post daily how good I look.
    I talk from experience. Dated this 22 y.o who said: “I like social media, you accept me as I am or not”.
    Your loss! Next! This generation of western women is terrible. Recently I met a woman from Iraq who completely agreed that showing yourself on the internet in a way like that is stupid. It’s all cultural. Western men/fathers raise their daughters to be whores. If they are in the picture..at all…

  56. Modern women have become petulant children. Yes, they most certainly have. Why? One word – feminism.

  57. In terms of #3, I have to point out that it’s probably not a good idea for a man in his mid-20s to marry a girl fresh out of high school.
    Even if the relationship starts out great, the young girl will invariably see her friends and co-workers, of the same age, will be out partying, dating and having a wild, good time. After a while, she will think that she is missing out by tying herself down too soon.
    And I agree, young people need a period of time to party and act out their wild sides – or even screw up and fall flat on their faces.
    It’s called Maturity and it can only be gained from life-experiences, both good and bad.
    After that it can be a “been there done that” situation, where they can now feel ready to settle down and get on with their adult lives.

    1. Domesticate her before high school is done with her. She won’t need a silly high school diploma anyway if she’s strapped down breeding, tit feeding and servicing her master. High school is toxic for motherhood and wires her against domestication. It erases her nature for wifely subservience and fills her head with ‘options’. Life options injected into the head of a young woman manifest and surface later as planted booby traps which will sabotage a marriage. Women cannot learn anything useful in HS other than home economics. After home ec, they’re done with their education.
      The only exception is medical and nursing tech to become a midwife. Midwives know a pussy inside and out. A midwife will go hands on and do her magic, playing with a pussy, massaging it, stretching it and “walooop!” out slides healthy baby. She gets it out of that hole like Houdini. Midwives are the cream of women. Any big king daddy clan dickbreeder man respects a midwife and should keep one around the ranch.

  58. Men are also largely to blame. They are supposed to lead and take responsibility. But have you seen how many men run away and don’t support their children, don’t remain involved in their education?
    I believe in men behaving as men and women behaving as women. A man should never hesitate to put his wife/girlfriend across his knees to give her a lesson. This is is right and his duty. And this is by the way what most of these “petulant children” are secretly or openly carving for…

  59. Three facts:
    1. Water is wet.
    2. 1+1 = 2
    3. If you expect a gentleman you damn well better be a lady.

  60. Did you know that 80% of female bullying is done to other females? So much for sisterhood.

      1. There’s one. Apparently they share traveling pants. Don’t ask me where these pants have traveled to, but I bet one of those places was the filthy floor of a Division 1 frat house.

    1. And about 100% of feminist complaints about men originate with other women and even themselves. At most men simply serve as enforcers.

    2. You should include slut shaming by women in that number.
      Becky, look at her butt..

      1. Yes, I am looking at her butt because it is smaller, rounder and firmer than my wobbly fat arse. I really hate her! She’s a slut!!

  61. There is a pure biological reason for women’s behavior. The ancient Greek knew it and now science has confirmed it too. Aristotle said that a female is an incomplete male or ‘as it were, a deformity’. Robert Goy (pioneering investigator of the origins of behavioral sex differences) says the evidence is “indisputable” that excessive prenatal exposure to male androgen can produce male gender-role behavior in females. And, Roger Gorski’s UCLA team found that when testosterone is withheld by castrating rat pups their brains look like those of females.
    What does it all mean? It means that, all things being equal, we would all come out female.
    It means that a male baby’s Y chromosome induces the mother’s undescended testicles to manufacture testosterone and other male androgens that shape a male fetus’ gonads and brain and launch him on a life course which is incomparable and literally inconceivable to the female of the species; and this process begins in the first weeks of existence as a zygote. But most importantly, it means that males are not born, they are made.
    Women reach puberty, their breasts enlarge, they bleed between their legs, and life tells them that they are mature females. They can hardly fail to get the point. The female initiation in many tribes is simply for the pubescent girl to sit still and meditate silently on her condition. With men, the transitions, though noticeable, are hardly that distinct. Men must be activated, by hormones and by the society of men. Men must be made, and if they’re not what you get are men who act like women.
    Why did Father Nature go to all that trouble? My guess is that it has something to do with speeding up evolution. Father Nature perceived that without this spontaneous erratic male influence the unfolding of life would be deadened and ossified, and society would have little chance of adapting to ice ages, floods, microbial epidemics and other terrestrial cataclysms. We would drown in our own pee. Therefore, enter the male, who is definitely talented at moving society forward.

    1. It’s called dimorphism. All of the noble traits you attribute to men would have a 50/50 chance of being disastrous for a woman raising a child 0 to 12months.

      1. And feminine traits would have a 100% disasterous effect in business, war, exploration, hunting/gathering, navigating a straight line.
        For males, to play ‘Mr Mommy’ bends the male out of shape mentally and physically. He has to contort himself and suppress his male facets to bottle feed and walk with a baby in a sling carrier past bikers while his bitch woman does her redundant stick in the mud office cubicle job. Is it criminal in NL to catcall a sheman?
        I once knew of a male trauma surgeon who had a nervous break down one year into his internship. He tried 100% to be like a nurturing female with a bedside manner and became extremely bent out of shape mentally. Then he curled into a ball like a baby during one surgery and was whisked to the psych ward. A male who starves himself of male activities like warring, hunting, exploring and commanding will quickly deplete himself of the MALE energies. He tries to ape the female nurturing activities exclusively and his body physically breaks down. The same phenomenon happens to females who deny their femininity and who try to live and act like men. Stress related illnesses including cancers will eat them alive when they don’t stick to BREEDING, TIT FEEDING and SERVICING their master.

  62. Women have always been children, modern society simply enables them to publicly showcase it.

  63. Keep your bitches in line, then this stuff goes away- Vinny Pringo

  64. The only thing most women bring to a relationship is pussy and a blow job.
    They can’t cook. You can’t count on them to be anywhere on time. Their nails and boobs are fake. And after you give them everything, they complain you don’t give them an orgasm, too.
    And you do most of the work when you fuck. Have you noticed that?
    Some of the older tarts tout their experience. But really, their experience only matters when they’re giving head. Otherwise, they are no better than a new comer.

  65. This article paints women in their most negative light and any man who allows himself to fall beneath a shebeast will see her from the hairy bottom up. I myself have awoken to a screeching, nagging childish monster of a complaining women and all I did was want to throw shit at the bitch and get out of there. She just couldn’t stop the bitching and I easily picked out every negative trait of hers and she was indeed every negative trait all rolled into a sticky clingy annoying wad. Of course I had just woken up – BUT – then I noticed something. When you’re semi tired or just waking up, what happens is that you fall beneath her. You the man have to RISE ABOVE her and never let her sit on you.
    I did a few push ups to get my steam pumping, ate my vitamins and power coctail and got my brain chugging and then posted a few on ROK as I shat. After a good jog, things returned to normal where I was the master and I was waay above her childish insolent shit. Then I saw her for her good aspects, her fuckability, her juggling of home tasks. You could nit pick and deride everything she does when you’re tired, when you fall lower than her – of course – but you have to snap it up and PUMP IT. That way you master her daily. She is a workhorse that needs snap whipped to giddeup and she’s a servant that puts ASS UUUP when your balls need drained.
    Just never fall beneath your woman. Keep in shape and keep her aware of who’s the boss. To fall under your woman you become blinded, literally. To fall beneath her where you lose your sights is dangerous. Some men never recover or recoup when she’s got you totally blinded. (trigger)
    “SIRENS-WHOOP WHOOP” – ROK is coming to the rescue bro!!
    Seriously I debated posting that pic. Eeh . . But it was just so perfect. Shit I had better delete it. Damn it’s just so perfect. I’ll look for a less risque pic and then I’ll promptly delete it. Poor guy. That poor western man. Something must be done.

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  66. This article is straight 1000 percent red pill…bravo. well and plainly said.

  67. Feminism has put most wymyn in a no man’s land (pardon pun) — removing all the desirable feminine characteristics and skills that made them attractive, but brainwashing them that they can compete with men in everything from math and science, to the military, to weightlifting! Which they can’t. Of course wymyn mainly suck at all these things, and society has had to construct stupid and destructive BS like quotas and aff action and dumb programs like ‘engineer gyrl’ so that the feminist lie is not exposed for the nonsense it is. In the long run wymyn are the big losers.

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