The Narrative Of A Shooting Can’t Be Formed Until The Media Knows All Races Involved

This appears to be the summer of violence. After Islamic fundamentalist slaying of homosexuals in Orlando, and two police killings of indeterminate justification of black men in two different states in one week, we now have a sniper who has killed multiple policemen during a “peaceful” Black Lives Matter “protest” in Dallas. While it is a cynical—but perhaps accurate—view to take that there always seems to be a tragedy poised right after a political scandal to redirect our attention from their shame, what I’d like to focus on today is the different responses the narrative has for killings with guns in the United States depending on the demographic makeup of the shooter, and the target.

The devil’s in the details

When we examine the three big media shootings of the past month, we can see a profound difference in the media coverage and the political response of Barack Obama, Inc, and his chosen successor, Hillary Clinton. I become more convinced with each tragedy that the Democratic modus operandi to a shooting tragedy is one sympathetic tweet as soon as possible, one statement condemning the violence the next day, then unceasing calls for gun control until the next tragedy.

However, although these shootings were all senseless violence, and all resulted in lost American lives, and one should think that that would mean that perhaps a common thread of “we have a lot of unhappy people, maybe we should fix our narcissistic, autistic, overmedicated society into something resembling humanity once again,” we instead bear witness to how the political regimes in this country can either use, or not use, each of these tragedies to their best interest, and so we see a different response to each.

An Afghan-American and a Sig MCX

On June 12th, Omar Mateen shot up a gay bar in Orlando, Florida, using a Sig Sauer MCX carbine and a Glock 17 pistol. While there still remain many questions about his motives regarding how he could be a fundamentalist Muslim with allegiance to ISIS and supposedly gay at the same time, and also many questions about just how many people were killed by the Orlando Police Department as they stormed the place, one thing about which there was no question was that this was a prime candidate for the left’s gun control agenda, complete with clueless celebrity testimonial.

No threat to anyone, except maybe the singer without pants.

The AR-15 platform rifle was immediately blamed, even though that’s not the right gun, and somehow the ubiquitous Glock on his hip and bombs on his back escaped notice. Even though sharp criticism and no yielded ground was given to the left, citing the fact that Mateen HAD been denied sales of guns and was reported to the FBI, and that he has also independently been investigated by that same organization, the gun control efforts continued until the media spotlight shifted to the poor souls in the Istanbul bombing and fizzled against the obvious point that gun control would not stop a bombing in a country where guns are already illegal.

STILL not an AR-15

The takeaways from this event’s response is that the left can’t tell the difference between guns, FBI investigations aren’t worth shit, and they seem to be surprisingly OK with Islamic terrorism.

Some cops and their Glocks

On Tuesday, July 5th, Alton Sterling, an African American citizen of Louisiana, convicted criminal, sex offender, and allegedly a Bloods gang member, was shot and killed by police outside a convenience store where he sold CDs. Video from witnesses show Sterling, on his back, pinned by two officers, where he is then shot and subsequently dies.

Two videos exist of this shooting, both from citizens. The body cameras of both police officers fell off, either intentionally or not, and are expected to not provide good footage.Multiple witness reports conflict, but apparently Sterling had a gun, was not pointing it at anyone, and had surrendered, and was restrained, by the time he was shot.

On July 6th, Philando Castile, an African American citizen of Minnesota and apparently a Crips gang member, was shot to death by a policeman through the window of a car after he and his girlfriend were pulled over because he matched the description of a person suspected in a robbery for whom there was a BOLO.

Castile was shot as he ostensibly reached for his ID. His girlfriend uploaded video of the aftermath to Facebook, so what caused Castille to be shot is still unknown, although when the guy is a full on Crip, and resembles an armed robbery suspect, that’s somewhat indicative. What’s interesting is that the police snatched her phone, deleted the video, and it only came back later with a graphic content warning, and who knows how much of the critical part deleted.

These two shooting events, especially since they became shared online nationwide, sparked immediate BLM style protests in multiple cities protesting white cops shooting black men out of hand with multiple arrests resulting, further blurring the line of Black Lives Matter between activist group and domestic terrorist organization. Both of these men were shot while apparently surrendering, and both were killed by the police via their sidearms.

The response by the Narrative did not really have much chance to get up to steam before the events in Dallas less than 48 hours later.

A black man and an AK

On the night of Thursday, July 7, during a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, an African American man, Micah Johnson, opened fire with a “military style semi-automatic weapon” (per news sources) and shot 14 people, including the murders of 5 police officers, and was later killed by a bomb robot as he holed up in a standoff with the police.

Johnson reportedly had many magazines of ammunition strapped to his body, and the initial reports had him as using a SKS, which is a contemporary and slight predecessor to the AK47. Semiautomatic only, and rather hard to trick out, the AK outshines the Semiautomatic Carbine System of Simonev (SKS).

However, more recent information shows that the rifle actually used was a Saiga AK74 model. Saiga is the brand under which Izhmash, the Russian company that makes the actual Russian military rifles, and has for years, exports rifles and shotguns with the Kalashnikov action. Semiautomatic only, and in “sporterized” configuration, they typically lack pistol grips and come with small magazines. Due to legislation in years past, AKs are banned from coming in with “evil features,” however, US industry supplies the gap in parts to convert them.

Johnson’s AK seems to be a Century Arms conversion, using some Tapco, Magpul, US Palm, and other US accessories. Saiga’s come in a lot of calibers, most commonly being the 7.62×39 native AK47 Soviet round, and the AK74 5.45×39 modern military cartridge, although you can get 5.56×45, 7.62×51, rarely 30-06, and there’s even a 12 and 20 gauge shotgun line.

Saiga IZ-240 in original configuration as sold. Note the small magazine and lack of pistol grip.

That rifle looks like it shoots either the 5.45 or the 5.56, and, if it is a photo op, they did pick a lot of US gun parts vendors to smear. Interestingly though, the 5.45×39 was deemed “armor piercing and not suitable for sporting purposes” a few years ago, so the gun banners might’ve screwed the pooch as that ammo is already illegal to import.

Johnson holed up in a parking garage, where negotiations supposedly failed to get him to surrender, and he was blown up by a remote bomb robot. Subsequent searches of his home turned up large quantities of ammunition, firearms, body armor, and explosives’ material. He was a former Army veteran who had been to Afghanistan, and had taken training after returning in small arms’ tactics. He also was involved with black supremacy groups and “wanted to kill white people.”

What says the narrative?

It’s interesting to see the narrative twist and turn to try to spin these events to their liking. Gay people are high up on the left’s hierarchy of victims, but Islam (along with atheism) is the religion of the left, so radical Islam and ISIS, even though they were responsible for the madness of Omar Mateen, are either off limits to criticism, or already established as a non-newsworthy bad guy of the Middle East. (ISIS is not American, therefore the narrative doesn’t care about them.)

However, we can blame the NRA, which is a logical deduction beyond the faculties of this author. How a group which has a majority of middle aged, white, Christian, straight men can have anything to do with a gay Islamic fundamentalist decries reason, but the left saw an opportunity for gun control.

The two shootings of the black men this past week were immediately painted as innocent black men murdered by whitey (even though Jeronimo Yanez, the cop that shot Castile, is Hispanic). Cops in the narrative, it seems, can be both the oppressor and the victim, as need be. Since they are all government employees, they can be controlled as need be, and the left doesn’t need to worry about offending them.

Even a pedophile does not deserve summary execution.

The problem with all the televised shootings of blacks by white cops is that the victims are never law abiding citizens. Sure, initially, all of them Dindu Nuffin, and every one of them was turning their life around and going to go to college, or get a job, but, inevitably, the criminal record comes out, and the “traffic stop” turns out was actually much closer to a felony stop. It must be hard for the left to try to find a black martyr worthy of the title, but crime statistics like black men being a very small minority of the population, yet committing most of the murders kind of prevents that. Generally, the only time a “good” black person gets murdered, it was by another black person.

Went out of his way to proclaim his hatred of white people; it’s almost like the SJWs aren’t listening.

Although the narrative’s response to the Dallas shooting is still developing, a few things stand out already. There is tremendous grassroots support for the police, and the Dallas Police Chief, David Brown is doing a good job in trying to keep a lid on the crazy, and it really helps that he, himself, is black, along with the required apologies from the Dallas Mayor for the city’s whiteness.

I think we are still in the spin-up window of the left’s response and we can expect renewed gun control efforts by them in the next weeks while Hillary Clinton’s latest scandal with the FBI slips further off the collective radar of the average American, along with a wholesale whitewashing of the violent, racist agenda of the BLM movement.

Lessons we can learn

By focusing on the guns, rather than the perpetrators and their motives, the left shows us that they have no concern for individual well-being and happiness of any American. They would rather the populace be disarmed, and thus their contentment and well being be irrelevant (as they couldn’t do anything about it) than the populace be content and happy, with whether or not they were armed being itself irrelevant (as they would have no reason to shoot anyone.)

Also, by shifting perpetrators (Mateen to the NRA, and a snuffing of the Johnson’s motives story), the left shows that it is OK for some people to shoot people in this country, but not others. It is OK for Islamic fundamentalists to shoot people, because it’s the NRA’s fault. It is OK for black people to shoot people, as long as they’re white, because they had it coming.

It’s not OK for police to shoot black people, because they’re all innocent, even if they’re criminals and acting like they’re going to pull a gun, but apparently it is OK to perform a summary execution via a bomb robot and avoid due process of law.


People need to quit shooting each other and quit blaming the guns. The only legal killing in the US is self-defense, and that goes for anyone, Islamic, cop, or black person. Race, religion, or a desire to avoid the expense of a trial are not reasons to kill someone, and, just because someone else used a gun to kill someone, does not mean you get to try to push laws to take away mine.

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263 thoughts on “The Narrative Of A Shooting Can’t Be Formed Until The Media Knows All Races Involved”

  1. I heard yesterday that the New Black Panther Party is going to protest at the Republican National Convention and they will be armed to protect themselves. The MSM will be doing backflips to figure out how to spin that one.

    1. They just won’t show pictures of them armed. If the protest turns violent, the narrative will be, police murdered unarmed New Black Panther members for no reason.

      1. Wouldn’t that work in favor of Donald Trump? If he quells the party amicably there may be no news but a respect can be drawn. If he is attacked, more people support him and view BP as terrorists. If he is forced to defend himself, he will be a victim and gain further sympathy as only crazy liberals want Donald Trump dead. You can only win by having a listed enemy play by your rules.

        1. Those are good points that I had not considered.
          I was thinking more along the lines of how bad the MSM hates the 2nd amendment and gun owners in general.
          They usually try to shy away from being critical of blacks but they really hate people exercising their 2nd amendment rights so they (MSM) will be between a rock and a hard place.
          I just recall the way they jump on white guys like those cowboys the Feds were after(they called them terrorists). Or they way they talk about the white guys who carry an AR places they shouldn’t be carrying them to “exercise their rights).
          All that being said I’m as big of a 2nd amendment supporter as there is anywhere but, even I realize there are some places where it is inadvisable for one to be packing- like walking down a city street with an AR over ones shoulder or walking in Hartsfield-Jackson Airport with one or showing up at a national political convention armed. It just isn’t a good idea. Imagine what would happen if a bunch of 2nd amendment supporters showed up at the Democratic National Convention with ARs?
          I had to add that they guys at the airport or walking down the street with ARs are (in general) idiots trying to start trouble with the cops or attempting to get their 15 minutes of fame.

  2. Sheesh, now that’s a whopper…
    I wonder how many (BLACK) people realize that they’re being used as puppets to ratify anti-gun laws.
    To Americans,
    By taking action I mean do your utmost to inform your fellow citizens of the betrayal your …leaders are conjuring up.
    The most ideal freedom model ( USA ) is being shit on by…those guys.
    Do not let it get out of hand.

    1. If you were a famous right winger this statement would be released in the huffington post as
      JohnConan of ROK fame says everyone should “buy guns and take action”
      Smarmy fuckers.
      Your caveat where you explain what you mean by taking action is something people ought to practice….

      1. I’m more of a barker than an actual doer.
        My people don’t listen.
        From 100 people that I talk to about the local and national dangers ( my country isn’t USA ) :
        90 tell me that I’m paranoid
        9 say they know, but are left powerless by poverty
        1 % – jumps out with energy and pushes me to find solutions, but they’re not ready and neither am I.
        We need to perfect a method so like-minded men can meet.
        Poverty can really keep a nation down on it’s knees.

  3. The obsession with gun control is almost pathological. We’re talking about a technology that has been around for a few centuries, and which is not hard to replicate in your own basement with some raw materials and a few tools. The idea that we are ever going to live in a gun free world is just a complete fiction. Even the countries with the most restrictive gun laws still have high rates of illegal gun ownership. It’s just a fantasy, but people want to believe in magic because apparently murder and violence didn’t exist before guns.
    Imagine a hypothetical where you have two people in a locked room and a gun in the room. One person is a normal, law abiding citizen, and the other a crazed psychopath determined to kill someone. If the psycho has the gun, is the normal dude safe without one? If the normal dude has the gun, is he safer than he was before? Does anyone really believe that making the gun magically disappear makes the normal dude safe in this scenario?
    I’m sure some would argue that it depends because maybe the normal dude is a lot bigger, etc…, but this misses the point. He’s still going to have to do violence to protect himself and if he’s not going to do it, he’s in danger. The gun is nothing but a tool to achieve that end.

    1. The reason elites like Obama and Clinton are pushing so hard for “gun control” is because it makes the people sitting ducks for government tyranny. Armed citizens are the proverbial fly in the New World Order ointment.

    2. Yes, indeed. We’re seeing that you remove the gun and then it’s knives, bombs or other. Violent people (criminals, terrorists) will still be violent people…it’s only a tool for them to us.
      I don’t trust our government any longer. They’ve always had an agenda and it doesn’t include freedom or our rights. They’re going to see their agenda through and it’s up to us to recognize it and stop it…by any means necessary. That’s why we were given the 1st and 2nd Amendments. To speak out (against the government if needed) and to place the government in check (when needed). That time might be now.

  4. The entire BLM thing is a two pronged movement to create a police state. 1. Cops have to be armed with military gear & have a hair trigger to protect themselves. 2. Local cops are racist and need to be federalized.

    1. It sounds more like a political move to create chaos in this country so Obama can use his Executive order privilege and impose martial law to postpone the election if Trump looks like he would win. He then extends his term of Presidency past the two 4 year terms. This can buy the Left some time to figure out how to lower Trump’s popularity in the polls.

      1. I get and understand your fears, but it won’t happen. The same “Executive Order to extend a Presidential Term” has been about Clinton and Bush 43, and always during the last year of said President’s Lame Duck term. Same old conspiracy theory, same old bullshit. The Constitution limits Presidential terms to 2. Q.E.D.

    2. That would be situational irony: Why would the BLM movement want more of the same oppressive government against which they are protesting in the first place?

  5. These debacles only serve to further lower the SMV of the average black male. The “fight the power” shtick” is not attractive to hot White, Asian, Latino or Persian women. It’s not even attractive to hot, skinny, black women who – judging by their television viewing habits – want to sleep with powerful white men (AKA “Scandal”).
    This is an obvious “cry for help” – only not from police brutality, but from the burden of a low SMV/Incel existence.
    Moreover, it speaks to the “persecution complex” that Bertrand Russell wrote about in his book, “The Conquest of Happiness.” People who perpetually have this “persecution “complex” (and if BLM members don’t have it, then nobody does) are more prone to various mental illnesses: depression, substance abuse, etc. I predict that many of these BLM people are, in their personal lives, heading for a sharp decline (if they are not already there): obesity, substance abuse, Incel living.

  6. Take nothing you see on the news at face value, especially articles like these shootings where investigations are still underway. The fact that these “journalists” can get away with the biased narratives and pass it off as factual news is reprehensible.
    Question EVERYTHING. The chance of a cop just shooting a citizen for absolutely no reason is absurdly low. Now that doesn’t mean the reason is justifiable once all the facts come out, but these guys are trained to make split second decisions. They don’t have time to thoroughly inspect whether that’s a real gun being pointed at them or a realistic water gun. They’re not granted the luxuries that we are behind our keyboards.
    Are there instances of police brutality? Absolutely. Do they focus said brutality more at blacks? The findings suggest not. Is what the media is doing helping our nation heal and move forward? Most certainly not.

    1. “Investigation is underway” = “Please Hold: We Are Fine Tuning The Narrative”

        1. thank you for that correction. This is why the word can’t go out right away.

        2. Usually that means we haven’t yet found a white man to blame it on. If three cops are involved in a shooting of a black suspect, and two of them are black, we will only hear about the white one.

    2. While I generally agree with what you say and the sentiment behind it, I would like to address this point: “They don’t have time to thoroughly inspect whether that’s a real gun
      being pointed at them or a realistic water gun. They’re not granted the
      luxuries that we are behind our keyboards.”
      Facially, I agree that’s true. But here’s my rub with this – cops know what they are getting into when they sign up to be a cop. It is a dangerous job, and they will be asked to go into dangerous situations.
      To me, the argument that cops should go home safe at night is backwards. If anyone should go home safe, it should be the citizens that cops are supposed to protect. I see this as similar to the concept in our justice system that it is better to let ten guilty men go free then to convict one innocent man – it is better to have ten cops not make it home than to unjustifiably kill one innocent person.
      Now, of course, not all of the people killed by cops are innocent, and most are actually bad guys. But let me offer an example to put my feelings on this into perspective. In Iraq, for a while in Baghdad our rules of engagement were that we were not allowed to fire, even if we observed people with weapons, unless we were fired upon first. The reason for this was that after the fall of the government, and the disintegration of the Iraqi military, there were lots of bad guys mixed in with good guys, lots of them had weapons, and we didn’t know who was who. So in many ways very similar to the uncertainty that cops face. But this shows that in combat, I had to wait, even when I knew someone is armed, until they are actually firing at me before I could eliminate them. Meanwhile here in America, cops are allowed to make a split second decision that could result in you getting your brains blown out for a broken tail light all so the cop can go home safe.
      I thought it was supposed to be “to serve and protect.” When cops have more permissive ROE than I had as a Marine in Iraq, it seems that’s we’ve tossed that notion aside.
      I have noticed lately that cops have taken to referring to themselves as non-civilians. Well fine, but if you don;t want to be a civilian, you know what you are getting into. My job was to take the risk that I might not go home to make sure that we didn’t kill the wrong people. Same for cops. You want to wear a badge and sport a gun, cool, that means that at the end of the day, you might be the guy who doesn’t get to go home to your wife and kids. That may be harsh, but that’s the job. If you don’t want that job, don’t sign up for it.
      I completely understand the cop mindset. I have been in enough of these types of split second, life or death decision type scenarios to last me five lifetimes with some left over. It fucking sucks to be in that situation. But if you signed up for it, you don’t get to complain about it. Putting yourself at risk so that you don;t accidentally kill the wrong person is part and parcel of the duties that go along with the job.

    3. Can you elaborate on why you think blacks don’t receive race specific brutality?
      I think this is the crux of te whole issue but I haven’t had time to look into it.

      1. If you look at the percentages of police killings as a percentage of those being arrested, and by race, the percentage of white suspects killed is the same as the percentage of black suspects killed. That is the difference in the percentages are not statistically significant.

        1. I try to remain unbiased but apparently research backs up the claim that BLM isn’t grounded in anything but emotionalism.
          I found this recent study (published July 2016 by a Harvard economist) since posting this yesterday. Shows that the rate of police gun violence on citizens is not dependent on race.
          Here’s the link.

  7. Notice how the Michigan courtroom shooting is off the front page now that it is known that the shooter and victims were white?

    1. white people can’t be victims of shootings. Bullet privilege. Having invented them they cannot be “shot” only “martially inconvenienced”

  8. Alton Sterling was a child rapist.
    BLM are protesting the killing of a child rapist.
    Think about that.

        1. taking advantage? This girl prolly had a 1000 cock stare just based on uncles and cousins before she was 12.

        2. Very well may be the case. Pedophilia is still pedophilia. And to think it only came out because the department didn’t offer one cop a raise.

        3. Indeed.
          However, I would disagree that pedophilia is pedophilia…that it is all the same.
          I would say that there is a VERY marked difference between pedophilia with a teenager versus pedophilia with an adolescent versus pedophilia with a child with the crime becoming worse though.
          EDIT: not that I condone any of them, but that the 17 year old is very different than the 6 year old in terms of crime of pedophilia I think

        4. True. She did have a good 6 years on the streets before she got to 18 and had a mother who was a police dispatcher. Seems highly unlikely that cops just sniffed the goods at 17 or even 16. Yet we jump down the throat of the guy who was convicted and noted for it as a 19 year old to a 13 year old.

        5. Double standard is rampant for sure. Agreed on all points.
          Only thing I would say is that when I hear “pedophile” I think of a sicko who touches little children. Not the next notch in an, albeit way too young, girl who is already sexual active.

        6. Here in lies my issue with the reports and allegations, we are accusing the left of using trigger words to create false narratives but in turn just as quickly jump on their stories, sometimes without going through things thoroughly to create a streamed logic. The only difference I see so far for jumping on Alton is he is on the enemy list as the BLM movement is calling for justice for his life. Inherently the pedophilia racket is used here to note he has no value. Who knows how many cops are doing the same and we are supposed to hand them or the Feds our rights and give them high fives.

        7. exactly.
          And I love how snopes tries to say that it is unconfirmed that he is a member of a gang. I mean, yeah, unconfirmed. It isn’t like a member of the elk lodge where they can call and fucking ask. How about just saying “he was a really bad guy and really bad guys often have lives conducive to really bad things happening to them”

        8. Do Crips and Bloods do anything organized or profitable? All Ive seen them as is as an imaginary club thugs claim to have a stake in so they can fight eachother over colors. No national coordination with themselves, just a purely laughable force.

        9. I can’t say I really know too much about them. I am aware that they like rap music, murder and bandanas.
          Whether or not they have a community outreach program I do not know.

        10. It is sad, but it is true. I would say it is generally disgusting to bang a 14 year old. However, if you are out and she is in an 18 or older club or even at a bar drinking, which isn’t, ya know, totally unlikely, and all whored up and you wind up fucking her and find yourself on the hook for a stat rape charge…well, I wouldn’t say I sympathize but I don’t put you in the category with a guy who is touching little children.

        11. “Pedophile” has become a term to demonize adversaries. I hate this type of language distortion in the service of an agenda and it occurs across the political spectrum. The right does it to demonize a black heterosexual man who diddled a girl on the wrong side of 18 and the left does it to deflect the homosexual nature of the priest who diddled the 15 year old altar boy.
          Isn’t the clinical definition of “pedophile” a person with sexual attraction to prepubescent children? Every right thinking person agrees that’s sick. However, calling sexual attraction to a female on the wrong side of 18 pedophilia distorts the nature of it. Fuck, I’ve seen 15 year olds that are stacked like the most virile and nubile 18 year olds. I’m not saying it’s right to engage in sex with such girls – aside from the fact it’s illegal, their emotional maturity is that of a child (which I suppose you could argue doesn’t makes them very different from most 25 year old women) but to call it pedophilia completely distorts the nature of it. A century ago, the female that’s now deemed a child could have already been married with a child.

        12. you know what….I can buy that.
          It used to mean something very specific. It was about a subset of sickos who had a particular paraphilia involving small children.
          A girl called me a pedophile because I was dating someone 20 years younger than me. Didn’t matter that she was a college graduate. It is just another tool in the feminist torture kid at this point.

        13. I suppose that if they exist in the same area you pick one to protect from the other? How you chose which is beyond me? Which one has the best dental plan? Offers matching funds on 401k?

        14. All this language distortion to serve political ends is so caustic on public discourse. It’s hard to know what anything means anymore. Rape used to mean a violent act of forced sexual intercourse. Now it’s meaning has been stretched to include drunken regretted hookups. Pedophile used to mean the pervert who hung out in the schoolyard. Now it means a dude who fucked a 17 year old. Fine, it’s illegal but can we call it what it is? Sex with a female below the age of consent. The dude’s degeneracy is not the same as the pervert in the schoolyard and calling him a pedophile only serves to inaccurately demonize him.
          “Rape” and “pedophile” are just two examples. There are countless others that serve political ends but completely debilitate language as a means of communicating something specific.

        15. Apparently they and other gangs like to accidentally shoot innocent bystanders in Chicago and the like.
          #CripsLivesMatter #BloodsLivesMatter

        1. As stated there is no determinant of what age they originally started sleeping with her but it is clear that it started before she was 18 years old. For a child hooker from 12 years old that marks pedophile. The aspect isn’t how much she looks like a grown woman but her actual age. Glad to know you excuse pedophilia if she looks like a grown woman.
          Edit: Convenient these cops are a okay for sleeping with the girl on multiple occasions and the black guy a pedophile for being charged as a sex offender at 19 for sleeping with a 13 year old.

        2. One cop committed suicide over it and the others lost their jobs. You’re making a strange interpretation of the word ‘scandal’. And your hero Alton selling “CD’s” on the street corner. LMAO.

        3. At least you admitted you would sleep with her too. I’m not sure of the girl in the Alton case but 19 to a 13 year old seems likely as sexual partners. Especially if the girl can pull off looking older. Removing the pedophilia aspect, which was not the reason Alton was detained, we have a man, not loitering as the shop owner granted him approval, gunned down with what clearly was not a struggle. Just another person killed without due process by some punk with a gun.

        4. The punk with the gun was Alton. He was a felon who was carrying and the cops knew it coming in. That’s a felony btw. He resisted arrested, he went for his gun….It’s always the same story. Why do you feel any kinship at all with this trash? I can’t imagine the exhaustion of going through life thinking that every white asshole is my “brother.” It’s so stupid. His ancestors might be from Eritrea, yours from Ghana. How many hundreds of millions of people are you tying yourself to emotionally due to melanin? Wake up. POS Alton is gone from the world. It’s a better place now. Cheers.

        5. 19 on13 is a pedophiles but also something worse… Like those guys in their 30s who hang out with teenagers. This girl ? She’s a pro.

        6. You are absolutely insane if you would consider a 19 and a 13 year old to be possible legitimate sexual partners. And you’re really not trying to pretend to why this pics of shit didn’t have an illegal gun and was fighting with the cops right ? You’re full of shit.

        7. I will respond only because you are usually level headed. A 19 year old to a 13 year old is a far more likely sexual relationship to happen regularly than one with a 30 plus year old and a fifteen and under relationship because of the closeness to age. Many girls I knew prided themselves when I was in high school on getting the older guy who was in college, a criminal, or worse, because they said the guy was more mature. To pretend this isn’t a daily occurrence is to assume the girls are little saints who are always preyed on by men. If that is your stance then fine. But I see it as a timeless act of a guy who may hover between access to a lot of women and not, who found a willing younger partner, who saw something beneficial in the older guy. Outside of the West this occurs more openly and isn’t ostracized because the assumption is if you get the girl pregnant, you will raise that child or suffer the wrath of the community.
          My argument was and still is, there is a chest bumping and fist pumping aspect to celebrating the death of Alton as one less criminal, while Donald Trump has a few outside legal action suits, one of which is a pedophilia lawsuit, as well as that of the Oakland police which I posted the link, yet, you call the girl a pro in the Oakland case. At what point do you label the cop or Donald Trump a criminal or is that not on the table?
          And that still differs back to the lack of due process. What you are agreeing to is that if the criminal is a pedophile by law, it is okay to murder them before due process if they are black, and call the girl a pro and not mention the men at all if the pedophile is white. For frame of reference 12 years old to 18 years old is over half a decade. Pro means to me, it has been happening long enough to say she is okay with it. This is exactly the argument needed to make pedophilia legal in the future.

        8. I claimed no such thing. Attempting to pull an illegal gun on a cop while resisting arrest merits getting shot regardless of his willingness to findhimself a young bride, or whatever it is you are suggesting. A 13 year old girl is not even physically developed and this is known to everyone. There is simply no defence on either of those points. Stop trying to slide this pos into human being territory. He was asking to get shot and no, I don’t have any problem with one less pos.
          The point at which I refer to either Donald trump or “the police” is that which they break a law. You know full well that Trump isn’t a pedophiles and this fool bloody well deserved to get shot and was a pos. you are being unreasonable.

        9. I don’t know about Trump as there has been no proof that he isn’t. You are judging him by the fictitious representation the media has of him while there is a litany of criminal behavior involving payment which he has yet to answer for with several union members across America. What you’re stating is an opinion. What is so odd about letting the courts decide guilt and innocence? The guy was 19 and the girl was 13. He was arrested and served his time. He is a registered sex offender. The other girl was 12 when she started being a street hooker under a mother who was a police dispatcher. The case was outed when she was 18 and several men were implicated to which the cops only stated, if the cases were after the age of 18 the cops will not face any charges. This is a case of clearly being above the law and that you are choosing a side when ALL cases are pedophilia is very interesting.
          Crime is not excusable. Judging one criminal as sub human while avoiding making the same argument for other criminals of similar or worse offense shows your bias.

        10. Ok. I’ll try this again. I am not judging anyone as sub human, I am attempting to explain to you that regardless of him being a pedophile he deserved to get shot. He deserved to get shot because he was attempting to pull a gun in a cop while fighting to resist arrest. As for the sleazy nonsense going on with that hooker, let them be dealt with as any citizen would be. You’re being deliberately obtuse, obviously have a huge bias, and I think that we just prefer to live differently.

        11. I respect that you made a statement on your stance. I will also refrain from making a statement about whether the life could have been preserved. In an ideal world maybe he would have never been a sex offender in the first place. Maybe he also wouldn’t have lost his life while being arrested. My bias comes through seeing footage of cops continuously murdering citizens, and not receiving penalties for it.
          I guess the one good was the family will now have the funds to send their children to college.

        12. In your ideal world a 19 year old sleeps with a 13 year old…. He would be alive if he didn’t do all of the shit that led to it ! He was responsible for his own death you fool. Cops aren’t simply out there murdering people. There are definitely abuse of authority problems right up to the White House but there is no epidemic of police murdering citizens. Fucks sakes man.

        13. Where did I say it is okay for a 19 year old to sleep with a 13 year old? All pedophiles are pedophiles. My statement never changed. There is never any evidence of police murdering citizens. Whether the citizen has a gun on them or not. Whether the citizen is threatening them or holding their hands up. It is always a matter of self defense and will argued as such because typically law enforcement officials don’t seek to end lives of citizens. As such we should never hold police accountable when a life is ended by an officer.

    1. They don’t care. They just know they hate white racists and cops!
      The typical nigger has a room-temp IQ and is completely irrational. Try talking with them on social media and you’ll see. I’m talking virtually 100%.
      I went to school with them too, and it’s about the same. Very few have the capability for objective reason, even the higher IQ ones. Oprah is a billionaire and she still says whites are racist and “just need to die.”
      The very rare black who can see both sides of an argument is immediately shouted down and attacked as an Uncle Tom or other insults by the black mob. They will attack and kill those rare type of blacks just as quickly if not more quickly than they will a white racist or cop.

    2. It’s been the pattern for well over two decades. Black America–the people seen rioting and “protesting”–always shows support for villainous black men.
      –Rodney King: Crackhead, multiple felon
      –OJ Simpson: Double murderer, armed robber
      –Trayvon Martin: Drug user, assaulter
      –Michael Brown: Assaulted store clerk, robbed store, reached for cop’s gun
      –Alton Sterling: What you said
      –Philando Castille: I’ve seen allegations of gang ties, but not sure about him yet
      Instead of propping up the very best of their community, they celebrate and make martyrs of the worst.

  9. Now that former Ms. Alabama comes out and calls the Dallas shooter a martyr. Sick. She had hit the proverbial wall and now tries to get attention.

    1. I don’t know if everyone in the country makes fun of Alabama…I suppose they do. Usually I would say it is unfair…you know how Poland is actually really great, but polish jokes, or how country Kerry is the butt of Irish humor but Kerryman and women are some great folks.
      But, if this is what Alabama is turning out for Mrs. Alabama I am starting to think that their reputation may be deserved.

        1. As I do hope to use my genitals this weekend, I will not be clicking that link. Thank you sir.

        2. Affirmative action at its finest.
          It was time for the people of Alabama to “prove” they were not rayciss

        1. everyone has someone they make fun of.
          The real question is who they make fun of in Alabama. I assume it is another part of Alabama.

        2. Probably North Dakota. No one lives there to defend whatever they make up to make fun of..

        1. If there’s a good part of Alabama, I’ve yet to see it, personally. Alabama= Hood from my experiences.

      1. I lived in Alabama for a long time. Every year when the worst of and best of states statistics came out, all you heard from Alabamians was, “Thank God for Mississippi!”

    2. Gee, like that never happens! We all remember the recent Rose McGowan shitshow about her nagging that the X-Men: Apocalypse poster “promotes violence against women”. Anything overreaching to try and stay relevant!

      1. You just have to laugh at these types….like children.
        She hit the wall a bit ago (she’s 43 now) so she’s doing anything for attention. She used to get all of that auto attention years ago….now she’s irrelevant (time is cruel to women…they age like milk).

  10. There is talk coming out of the Obama administration about federalizing local police forces. This in no way will change any outcomes in allegations of racial bias by the police. The real objective of course is just to take over the police. Bill Clinton was the first person to start talking about this, when he was president. I see no advantage in federalizing the police other than a transfer of more power to Washington, DC.

    1. Remember the slogan of Washington, DC. It is right on their license plates (which I find brilliant). Coming to a city near you.

        1. Not in DC. Washington DC gets no congressional representation. The license plate is them being cheeky about that fact.

    2. Yes. I believe that federalizing police will only lead to more problems (just like we have with our government in Washington). At that point, who knows…they may let the UN in and we’ll have foreign police about the country.
      Washington is getting to the point where is has too much money and power. It’s going to take the people knocking them down a peg or two to balance out the power. Too much spending by both parties and this disconnect (and distrust) by the American people. It’s bad.

  11. We still live under some semblance of law and order, but don’t let that distract you. Law and order is a thin veneer that can easily crack, especially today. Be prepared for the modern state of nature.
    Once things get rough cops will just walk away from their jobs just like they did after Hurricane Sandy in New Orleans. After that the only rule of law that applies is whatever you are pointing at the looter who is looking to at best take your stuff and at worst rape your wife or girlfriend (or both) and the murder you. When that happens no more rules apply. You no longer answer to the state. The only entity that you answer to is your own sense of morality and any God or gods which you have pledged an oath to.

    1. At that point, then the National Guard moves in to restore order. Obama may order them to stand down so he can impose martial law.

    2. BLM will riot…sorry…”peaceably protest” at 6pm in Buffalo, Bidwell Parkway and Elmwood Avenue (trendy white part of town, of course..scare whitey!)…hope nobody gets killed…

  12. Am I the only one who chuckles at times when I see the abbreviation BLM because it makes me thing of poop?

        1. I suppose the random and ridiculous shit that they push out into the media we can call IBS.

        2. Perfect.
          A company called international business systems (which was a software company for real estate management years ago) pitched me and I told them I can’t go into business with someone called IBS. Don’t know if they even still exist, but I think I have their coffee mug.

        1. IPM baby!. ROK should run a few single malt articles. That’s got to be one of the key redpill life anchors.

        2. Agreed. I am a Laphroig and Lagavulin man to the end. I know some about highland scotches but see them as the easy going middle of the road…even when super high end. Not a fan of blended scotches in general.
          But Islay is the shizzzzzzzzz

        3. You only say that because we’re both land owning Lairds of Scotland, old man.

    1. Sometimes I get lost in the conversation and wonder why people are talking about the Beaureu of Land Management.

  13. I must confess I have become appalled with the hair trigger shoot from the mouth behavior of the liberal news media who routinely jump the gun with these things, I know for some these things are from the inner fear of being out scooped by rival news agencies but for the most part they seem more for story hunting to promote their politics than informing the people of what is going on.

    1. It has been that way for quite awhile, but to me they seem to be getting more shrill. Trying to stay relevant makes you do desperate acts.

  14. “Carnal knowledge of a juvenile” sounds a Cannibal Corpse song that would have been written in the Chris Barnes era.

    1. Necropaedophile-Tomb of the Mutilated for the win. I love me some Cannibal Corpse.

      1. I lost interest in their studio albums a long time ago but they are still an awesome live show, lots of explosive energy and rage. Seen them about six times over the years.

        1. I see. I admit that I didn’t enjoy Evisceration Plague or A Skeletal Domain too much but Kill was fantastic and Torture was solid. So you could say everything up until 2006 was very good but obviously some records were perhaps more enjoyable than others and you will have reasoned debate-I enjoyed The Wretched Spawn will others didn’t so much.

        2. Very few metal bands stay relevant after so long. There’s even the “maximum three good albums only” curse many have fallen victim to. Too many to even bother trying to name, but Metallica, Slayer, Sepultura and Destruction and among the most recognizeable.

        3. Hmm. Interesting. Slayer were quite good until Seasons and then dropped off. Divine Intervention was a respectable effort nevertheless. Sepultura went down the toilet from 1996, Destruction have actually put up some pretty good records since they have reunited with Schmier; DEVOLUTION wasn’t so good but The Antichrist, All Hell Breaks Loose, Metal Discharge and the latest one are pretty good.
          The less said about Metallica, the better-they died in 1986. I always felt Master of Puppets was inferior to Ride the Lightning and the whole debacle with the bass mix on …And Justice For All was so puerile; they’re a bunch of balding has-beens and con-men who have lived off their legacy for over 25 years; they’re like the WWE in the sense they were good once and the long-suffering fans stand behind them in the vain hope they will do something good and whenever there are glimmers of such inevitable they will make a spectacular mess of it.

        4. I like Metallica, and I’m not sure I can draw a line between Puppets and Lightning, but Puppets has more good songs. Battery, Master of Puppets, Sanitarium, Damage Inc, and the instrumental Orion are good, whereas Fade to Black, Creeping Death, and for whom the bells tolls are good on the latter, and ktulu is lesser than orion, in my opinion.
          I do like all 3 of those albums, the first album, and the black album is ok. Load and Reload have a couple decent songs, and death magnetic has its moments. Saint Anger sucks.

        5. I think all the bands mentioned nosedived into mediocrity at best after three albums, then contined to plummet downward with each subsequent release.

  15. Even ISIS is flustered with Imam Obama because he ignores their successful US attacks and says the real problem is lawful little people with guns!

    1. “Achmed! what we need to do to get a shout out over here. what are we even martyring ourselves for”

      1. They are martyring themselves for all those virgins. What does one do if they are ugly or can’t cook?

        1. meh, who wants a virgin anyone.
          I like ’em a little broken in and with some knowledge on how to handle the equipment. I don’t have the time or patience to give these bitches on the job training or to teach them how their bodies work.

        2. Oh…I do.
          But it’s nearly a fantasy to find such nowadays. Besides, a real virgin, I’d turn away and guide in a fatherly way towards a decent man. Don’t want to go sniping unicorns.

        3. See I would have no interest in a unicorn. Tigers are more fun. Innocence bothers me

        4. I have been to bed with two virgins in the course of my life. One was when I was a teenager, and just barely a non-virgin myself. The second one is my present wife who was a virgin when we married when she was 25 (8 years ago). I have never understood the desire of men to rack up a number of virgins on their notch lists. Marrying a virgin is recommended, and makes the pain in the ass of deflowering her worthwhile, but having casual sex with virgins seems stupid. And don’t even get me talking about those idiots that pay to deflower a virgin. A number of women have made themselves famous (infamous) by auctioning off their virginity (like it means so much to them).

  16. When 95% of black vote goes Democrat, there is statistically impossible things going on. No group marches in such ideological unison unless they are being forcefully manipulated, by carrot, stick.
    Like Muslims, some people just prefer subjugation. Scarcity mentality writ large.

    1. Most black people came into existence in the U.S. because of all the wealth transfers to their demographic; America’s productive white taxpayers subsidize the birth and feeding of black babies. And then these blacks grow up and accuse us of not valuing their lives.

      1. Pretty much impossible to take anything seriously these days.
        I just heard that the new president of Britain is going to be a woman. Considering what Farage went through, I really don’t see a female British politician giving a fuck about maintaining British sovereignty, considering how carelessly Merkel unleashed invasion on Germany and Europe at large.
        I’m getting really close to just saying fuck it… A life of hedonism and conning the system seems like the best one can do in 2016.

        1. My friend, your last sentence is what I following right now. Fuck it. I don’t read the news anymore, I don’t participate in any other political discussion either online or offline, except for ROK which is the ONLY place where there is masculine sanity.
          The World has been feminized. Logics and reason are dead. White ethnicities, which are the extension of tribe, a masculine concept, are completely erased due to cultural marxism. There is nothing left for us to fight for. Embrace hedonism, make money and bang as many young pussy as you can. Once you are tired of living, get an orgy with hookers and a sweet overdose of the drug of your choice. Alternatively, retire to a remote rural area.

      1. I would have never voted for Bernie, but I appreciated him for being a true grassroots hero.
        That he sold out in the end says a lot.
        He constantly speaks out against the establishment, and then goes for the pro-establishment candidate. Bernie ruined his legacy.

        1. Yeah when I saw him cower to those two loudmouth obnoxious black lives matter bitches who he let take the microphone away from him I knew his goose was cooked. Too bad he’s a pussy and a traitor to his ravenous supporters, he should have kept going till the bitter end as an independent or even joined with Jill Stein and the green party. But he sold out and laid his sword at Hillary’s feet. Pathetic.

  17. Black problem, immigration problem, or any other social ill can be solved swiftly once whites start acting out of their self-interests. Once whites start asking themselves “is it good for the whites?” before taking any action.

  18. As the U.S. becomes a diversity dystopia (((thanks, guys))), these different, incompetent groups and the lost children they breed haphazardly through miscegenation will fight over the shrinking pie of the nation’s wealth, and we’ll just see more and more of these nonwhite-on-nonwhite murders.

  19. This was a great article, but I do wish that it had included the other shootings that happened last week. The one in Bristol, and the (white) teen gunned down and senselessly killed by cops in Fresno.
    But I suppose everyone cherry picks from time to time. And I suppose that’s why we shouldn’t follow any one source blindly.
    It was still a well done story.

    1. Amelia, sweety, I thought you said yesterday that you were shy, married and wanted @unabashed to keep your pic(s) off the interwebs for privacy’s sake? Now today you got his name in public on your hootie-petooties.
      I’m confused. I’m perplexed. I’m…aroused….

        1. I took that as an unspoken assumption.
          Reminds me of the biker chicks I know who tattoo “Property Of (biker name)” on them. It’s a very endearing symbol of ownership, I think.

        2. Be careful, padewah. It appears that you can cast spells on cute interweb chicks at will. Use this power wisely, and only for good.

        3. You’re a good one, baby girl, nothing a man likes more than a chick who demands to give him a blowjob.
          Now there’s a keeper!

        4. You’re going to have to stop with the “baby girl” stuff, my headspace will kick in and I have work to do Ghost.

        5. Do you go to protests for this. Would be the hell out of black lives matter by a mile that’s for sure.
          WHAT DO WE WANT?
          TO SUCK COCK!!!!!!!
          WHEN DO WE WANT IT????

        6. Aw honey, I know you’re Unabashed’s. I’m just a charming gent with a low, slow cowboy accent who don’t mean nuttin’ about nuttin’.
          She’s all your Unabashed, you sly dog you.

        7. Too funny.
          The other night, my Husband rolled over and while sleeping said “all cocks matter” out of nowhere.
          I don’t know about all, but most.

        8. I am not sure I understand. Does he want you to service all men? Is he a humanitarian that way?

        9. Perhaps, but that’s another story.
          I truly have no idea what he was going for. But it was hilarious

        10. well I will leave you and @disqus_q7cnnyJ7N9:disqus and @ghostofjefferson:disqus to it. I am heading out for coffee.
          Be careful kids. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

        11. Apparently so. See what I get for treating a girl nice for once? Heh.

        12. Yeah, the only part that I wish was different is where he’s saying “I love you, blah blah.”
          Should be: “Gotta warm these buns and get ’em ready.”
          But much of the time we may only work with what we are given.

        13. the I love you is why it is an intro.
          Advanced classes include standing up, quick back hand, wordlessly sitting back down, opening paper and continuing like nothing happened only to find she has made you a drink and wants to suck you until your toes curl after.

        14. As am I.
          You’d do well to stay in the world of Unabashed. I might be a bit too….advanced…for you. The few women I admit are ready for the next level, they go to lengths of….begging for it and yearning for more than what they find in cheap dime store novels. You’re probably not there yet.
          You two make a cute couple. It’s endearing.
          Slainte mhor, baby girl.

        15. Not there yet? Ghost, what a wild assumption! I’ve been doing the things I do and desire to do for over 17 years. I found it very young, I found it naturally too. I did not find it because E.L. James wrote a fanfic novel.
          With all due respect – I am a lot of things Ghost, but amateur, is not one of them.

        16. I wasn’t speaking of that dreadful novel specifically, although it is included. Such an amateurish troll on the public, it wasn’t even bad bdsm it was bad overall writing, although I applaud the fleecing of the public for profit. It’s all kind of fun, in a way.
          Tell me more about yourself, baby girl. My email is in my profile.

        17. Ah, I didn’t need good writing, not for a fun read anyway. While I wanted to hate the book, I couldn’t actually. I like assholes too much lol.
          Oooooh, not so disposable anymore am I?

        18. Eh, well, there you go. Amateur lit hittin’ your niche. Good for you. I’m more La Historie d’O or into the works of Donatien Alphonse François, Le Marquis de Sade.
          You are what you are. Thought you might be a more bit interesting, as you have a few tells. If not, c’est la vie, c’est la guerre.

      1. Now I never said I was shy Ghost. Far from it in fact.
        I mean, I can change the pic if you’d like. My car is very pretty. I could make that my profile pic.

        1. No baby girl, keep it just like it is. It’s endearing and makes Unabashed happy. And in the end, isn’t that what really matters the most in life?

        2. Exxxxxcelllennt….
          You should see my real life game. Heh.

        3. I am less creeped out by real life game because, ya know, there is fucking at the end of it.

        4. Yes, as gentlemen prefer hootie-petooties with their name on them.

        5. Thank you. It was a Valentine’s Day gift.
          I think now that cars from the 80’s are considered classic, you will see more interest and love for them.
          I love classic cars, 40’s – 80’s, but not many 70’s.

        6. Close! She’s an ’87, so she’s just a Brougham since they stopped making the Fleetwoods in ’86. But she does have the d’Elegance package 😊
          And thank you!

  20. Cops and blacks, distance yourself far from both. See all the black celebs posting youtube vids after the two cop killings, trying to get themselves in the spotlight? Chris Brown’s was really eloquent. Download/read for free the pdf Zebra, by Clark Howard, on Mix instinctive hate with Islam and you get this shit everytime.

  21. No matter if a Righteous shooting or not, in both cases if the Perps were compliant, they would have had exponentially higher chances of still being alive right now. Cops are human; fear, anger, frustration, anxiety are all factors when these people don’t just listen to instructions. When things get hostile, voices are raised in anger because suspects aren’t listening.. shit can happen. Whether right or wrong imo, the burden of fault is on the civilian in most cases.

    1. I’m reminded of Chris Rock’s ‘How to not get your ass kicked by the police”..

    2. So it is a capital offense to not be “compliant”
      Cops are human and trained professionals. The fault is with those in authority to kill. Blaming some civilian is moronic and when the police thick it is the civilians responsibility we have police killings with no due process and then we have someone killing the police as is supposed to happen.

      1. Not being compliant shifts the balance reciprocity to a place where the officer has to start making decisions. The more routine you make things for them, the easier the time will be. Its just common sense, im sorry that you don’t have any. I think fatal police shootings are the least of our worries, we have civilians killing civilians at a much much higher rate. YOU and only YOU are responsible for your own life homie. If you want to keep it, I suggest you stop thinking that when someone dies like this they have no responsibility.. 99% of these incidents were not accidental. To that fact, that means that both parties contributed to the confrontation. unfortunately for your argument when these confrontations start you have one person who has or is breaking the law a high percentage of the time and because of that the Officer will feel threatened if the person doesn’t comply, by not complying you are being hostile. Now you are forcing a human with a gun and a badge to make a decision and that decision has to involve his life first, innocent bystander lives second and the suspects 3rd!. Stop being a fucking retard and understand that this is the wrong fight. WTF

        1. Don’t confuse common sense actions to survive a police encounter with with proper legal principles police should follow. Unless one is actively trying to kill that cop he has no reason to kill you. Has emotionally charged and pissed off as he may be it is a criminal act on the cop’s part.
          To survive today’s comply or die you have rights when I say you have them police you have a point. The constitution says otherwise. But that is what civil wars and terror bombings are supposed to fix. Maybe that FBI chief should have shot Hillary for lying to him.

        2. Black or white, when you have a cop pointing a gun at you, you have no rights. You don’t have those rights until you are in the cop shop with your lawyer present.
          You seem to be saying that we all have the right to just tell the cops fuck you and do what ever we want in a conflict with the police. The two tactics being proposed and argued here are, 1) when in a confrontation with the police non-compliance with their orders can get you killed so compliance is recommended, and 2) tell the police to fuck off and go for your gun as you are just protecting yourself. I think I will choose option 1). You choose as you feel right, but don’t expect much sympathy from me if you choose option 2).

        3. You are still missing the big picture. If the cop is behaving in such a way that he is violating individual rights he shouldn’t even be in contact with the citizen in the first place. Now a citizen in that situation needs to do what it takes to survive and the officer must pay a legal cost to his career or freedom for violating citizens rights. That is how rule of law works. What we have now is no rule of law”kill em” Your comments have adapted to that principle and it appears the elites are getting what they want with citizens fighting and blaming each other for what is going on

        4. Its simple man. When things go sideways, There are situations where Cops have to look out for themselves because in a lot of instances if they die the possibility of other dying in the near vicinity is high. You say you have a gun, then your hands need to be on the steering wheel. If a gun is present in the case of the civilian he needs to act properly, because sudden actions after you have been engaged by an officer, and a gun is visible or declared, can cost you harm. Cops aren’t out there to take shit from civilians. Don’t get it twisted and don’t confuse the importance of common sense. If the civilian uses common sense then the actions of the officer can then be more scrutinized. Act right and if something still happens then there wont be a debate.

        5. You are still missing the point. Everything you have discussed is valid. The point is should the situation even exist in the first place. Also try to avoid straw manning your argument with an armed citizen scenario . Nobody really has a problem with a police officer staying alive from an armed attack and I think you know that. The issue is many are unarmed and are beaten or killed and then others have cell phones taken with footage deleted or are threatened with arrest for witnessing and recording. That is where the “kill the cops” narrative comes from. Nothing to do with a cop’s fear for his life and everything to do with teaching a citizen a lesson for not showing respect for his authority. Let’s not play dumb here otherwise you will find yourself choosing sides in a civil war.

    3. Bullshit.
      Civilians are human too and sometimes don’t feel like being ordered about by a chump with a badge and a gun. We do not live in a police state (do we?) which means that the cops answer to us, not the other way around. Who decided that these guys have the authority to interfere with our ability to go harmlessly go about our business?
      The cops do no good. All they do is mindlessly enforce the irrational dictates of the State which will inevitably lead to tragedy when people decide they have had enough of the coercion.

      1. What decides this is that ever altercation could be their last. They have to go through every day knowing that this next traffic stop could be the wrong guy. Its all about respect for what they do and having respect for not only your life but theirs as well. They are following orders, Cops do not make the law, they enforce it. Name a society without police… Cops are a necessary inconvenience. Many of the laws they enforce are stupid, that isn’t their fault… I manage to respect the cops and I am by no means cool headed, I cop an attitude here and there, but when I do, my hands are firmly at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel. My 15 year old son knows to refer to them “yes sir no sir” and just simply be respectful.
        Are there bad eggs? yea, but I bet you what, there are 1000 times more bad egg civilians than their are cops. They have to account for that on every traffic stop or 911 call etc.

        1. The police don’t have to account for a damn thing by law. The truth of reality must scare the living hell out of you.

        2. Yeah the guys running Nazi concentration camps were just following orders too.
          Any altercation for anybody could be your last. That’s why I avoid altercations. Why do the police seek out altercations? Probably because it will be the last one for the other person.
          A society without police? Virtually every country before the 20th Century.

        3. Really? This was the legal precedent decided at Nuremburg. Some of the foremost legal minds determined that the excuse that someone else told you to do something didn’t absolve you of moral and ethical responsibility.
          And you think it is… ridiculous?

        4. Your application of this is absolutely ridiculous yes. why not try on some common sense pants son.. shit. If you listen to authority figures, your chances of not getting your ass whopped goes down exponentially. Every single thing you have said to this is bullshit black side of the fence nonsense. Irregardless of the fault or guilt of the officers. THE SUSPECT IN EVERY CASE WE ARE ARGUING, provoked the officer to make a decision beyond normal procedure of a traffic stop or a cease and desist type of interaction. You need to get your head out of your ass and realize that respect breeds respect and when you act sideways, sideways shit happens to you. You are mistaking compliance in a reasonable situation to being a pet of the state, stop hiding behind legal precedent that doesn’t apply to anything. I hope that paper saves you when you hold it up to the officer that you are patronizing because you don’t have to listen to what he needs you to do to best insure safety of you, himself and the people around you. thanks for playing, Im done.

  22. Funny how the media must know everyone’s race, religion, background, before they can spin the narrative and tell a story, but we are supposed to ignore those types of details because they are irrelevant and bigoted details if we simply observe them.

  23. Anyone heard the comments that Big O made at the memorial service for the police officers? He started out ok then went into a political rant about how it was everyone else’s fault but the shooter. Disgraceful. And morons in attendance were clapping? At a memorial service……what the hell is the world coming to?

    1. I saw it on mute in the gym yesterday. The looks on the cops faces behind him told all the story I needed to hear.

  24. Refer to that article a couple days ago about the media. This is just one avenue they use to distort.

  25. Dindu Nuffin need to stop breaking the that way other blacks don’t get arrested
    because they look said suspect.
    See the cause and effect with robing store and someone that looks like them and
    getting pulled over by the cops.

  26. Wherever you have large concentrations of negroes you WILL have violence and any amount of gun control won’t change that.

  27. Cops shoot people – it’s what they do. The media and the mobs only care if it’s a black victim / white cop.
    For example – here’s a “good shoot” of a white kid who didn’t obey the frightened cop because he was wearing earbuds.

    1. Really? Where else is there civilization? Certainly not Europe, South America, or the south Pacific, lol.

    2. Tell it to Germany, France, the Middle East, or just about all of South America and Africa, fuck face. Most of those who pity us sure as hell try hard enough to relocate here.

  28. I’m just glad that people are finally waking up to the fact that cops are murdering people and getting away with it(although often the media distort a story 80%). The best statistics we can generate because the government, interestingly, doesnt keep them is somewhere around 600-1000 people are murdered(killed without a legal reason) every year and about 2% of those murders get prosecuted. Oh but cops have such rough dangerous jobs! How often is a policeman in a situation where he has a gun, the training (and often a bad attitude) here the other person has none of those things? I can’t count the number of times a cop has started by treating me as an asshole, and trying to force compliance rather than ask for it(I’M GOING TO SEARCH THIS CAR..ok. Rather than,”May I search your car?”). Also if cops were really truly worried about reducing cop fatalitys-there is the simplest solution in the world- wear their seat belts like they are legally required(75%ish don’t according to studies) they could probably reduce overall cop fatalities by 20-25%(yawn).

    1. Good man!
      Yeah I think I read that you are 58 times more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist.
      The second best way for the cops to avoid dangerous situations is to stop pulling people over. There’s no need for it. The first best way is to abolish the police.

      1. Lets start the no police experiment in majority black areas first. Then if it works out we can make it generally applicable. And I suggest you move to the all black ghetto of your choice so you can observe the experiment first hand.

        1. I think it would work fine. There are already private security services doing this kind of work, although the police hate these guys and frequently try to sabotage them. I think that the police make the world a much more dangerous place.
          I have never been robbed by a civilian but I have been robbed by the cops and held against my will many times.

        2. I wondered when the badge lickers would start showing up. I was LEO for a few years. I got out of it because I saw this coming with the new generation of officers being recruited. I could no longer work with unscrupulous people whom I despised.

      2. That sounds about right even mass murders by guns are usually around 115 ish per year–so 600-1000 dwarfs that number by a long shot. I’d like to get an accurate number for the total number of full time cops and see how where that murder rate places them.

      3. You know I grew up thinking cops were the good guys and watching the Andy Griffith show and shit like that..but my personal experience with them has been negative-I’ve seen a cop assault a woman unprovoked, seen a cops regularly lie in court, do illegal searches, try to intimidate, etc etc. Then you get the SWATification, and it sure feels like they are the enforcers of a dictatorship, not people who are trying to make America Great.(I exclude small town and small state cops, they can’t get away with being assholes because there will be local pushback).

        1. One of my friends got locked up on the basis of a cop’s lie. A good responsible man jailed for unknowingly driving on a suspended license. He was locked up with murderers and gang-bangers.
          TV is a huge propaganda tool for convincing people that cops are the good guys. How many cops shows are there on TV? Too many to count. And we can see the effects here, where men are only halfway with the red pill, still supporting the police.

        2. People don’t get that when you become a cop, all of a sudden you learn to lie constantly to try to trick people to give you information that they dont want to give…every day all day- and they dont just turn that ability off when they walk into the courtroom. I had a cop lie about my eye color in open court rather than admit he had made a simple mistake on his traffic ticket. Imagine that. Courtroom dramas are even worse, with the District Attorney agonizing over whether or not to put someone to trial. There is no morality, no remorse, they got over that shit the first week. The Economist had a great statistic, it was something like 80% of people in jail at any moment have never been convicted of anything.

        3. The other thing people don’t understand is that whenever you talk to a cop they are asking you questions so that you will incriminate yourself. Imagine that. What kind of person does that kind of thing? Not a good one.

        4. I don’t mind that as long as the greater good is what he is serving. But when cops become glorified tax collectors, or they just start enjoying the power they have over other people–no one wins. My favorite cop show is the Alaskan state troopers one. They are often dealing with people who have hardcore guns and often have one in the chamber. These guys are friendly and cool as a cucumber-because that is the proper way to deal with someone who is on equal footing with you. Imagine giving shit to someone who is drunk, just had a fight is military trained and has a gun next to him. Happens all the time in Alaska. Hello sir, just calm down sir, we’re going to have a good day, aren’t we, is there some way we can resolve this today sir? Giving respect gets you respect. Cool as a cucumber.

  29. Is the author suggesting that the detonation of the bomb by the police in Dallas was a summary execution? I would agree that the shooting of Sterling could be called that, but not the bomb.
    Would you have preferred 10 police officers die trying to storm the building of the guy who just shot and killed 5 other police officers, just so he can have his day in court? I’m no fan of police brutality or the militarization of the police, but asking multiple officers to risk their lives in a siege assault for a murderers due process is something I won’t do.
    I could be totally misinterpreting what he said.

    1. No, you sit outside and wait. Sooner or later, he gets hungry enough to come out. A suspect barricaded alone threatens no one so killing him is not self defense.

      1. It was a revenge killing on the part of the police. Ironically that killing fully justified the actions of the shooter as the correct action to take against the Dallas Police. It is this kind of thinking on the governments part is what will bring us to civil war. It is also the reason gun sales are so high.

    2. Yeah that bomb was a revenge killing. Socially nobody will hate on the cops for it but it was a you pissed us off and we will kill you for it police moment.

      1. I will hate on the cops for it. I have no sympathy for Johnson but the principle is what matters.

    3. I’d do that, and so would the heroes. I want to know how deep this goes and what this guys deal is. Blowing him up with a robot is expedient cowardice at its worst.

  30. If the cops felt they had to take this guy out with a bomb, I’m good with it. What I think is freaking some people out is that it’s never been done before, ergo, it must be a bad thing. I prefer to look at it as a good example of out-of-the-box thinking in a dynamic situation. Plus, being Texas, it’s not like the guy wasn’t eventually gonna get smoked anyway.

      1. That’s right. Because cops are more important than ordinary people. The cinema shooter was allowed to surrender.

        1. This guy was given ample opportunity to surrender as well. He just wasn’t having any of it. I do agree that if he was barricaded in the parking ramp alone there was no hurry and I look at the bomb as questionable. I don’t like it not because it might have been excessive force but because I would like to have heard what the guy would have said about any others involved. I think it was part of a cover up.

        2. The way to look at it, is what would happen if you were the one that killed him. Say a guy shot five of your friends and then retreated into his house. You are understandably angry but not keen to enter his house to go and get him. You argue with him for three hours to surrender himself to the authorities but he refuses. So you blow his house up.
          Absent a badge and a costume you would go to jail. Why? Because if someone is not immediately threatening you, you are now the one initiating an attack – it is not self defense.
          Thus we have the asymmetry of rights. Cops rights > Your rights.

  31. What’s wrong with that? I always wait for the race and sex of the people involved before I start forming an idea of what went down.
    If a cunt, a nigger or a goatfucker got shot, always assume they had it coming. If one of them shot a white man, they shouldn’t even be allowed to testify in theur own defense—no jury ought to have its intelligence insulted. Hang them.
    Only when a white man shoots a white man is there more than a snowball’s chance in hell that there were two sides to the story.

    1. I would agree but for one case where my 18 year old nephew was convicted of being a pedophile and placed on the child rapist sex offenders list for having 100% consensual sex with his 16 year old girlfriend. She testified for him in court, but her parents wanted him hung so hung he was. The law in my state allow consensual sex between minors as long as the male is not more than 24 months older than the female. Since he was 25 months older than she was he is a pedophile rapist for the rest of his life.

  32. How did you determine that Philando Castile was a Crip? It seems unlikely that a State would issue a CCW permit to a gang member and even less likely that a gang member would go down to the cop shop to apply for one. This guy didn’t have a criminal record.

    but Islam (along with atheism) is the religion of the left

    This statement is absurd.

    1. The Crips connection is only a post facto addition to some narratives. This is local news for me. It took place about 20 minutes from my house.
      The pertinent point being made around here is that the stop had nothing to do with a broken taillight, and never did. It was all about the suspects fitting the description of two armed robbers that had just had a BOLO. So the cops (as proven on the voice recordings of their reports into headquarters) were stopping to armed robbery suspects not taillight breakers. Then the guy said he had a gun and dropped his hands out of sight while the cop told him to get his hands where he could see them. Noncompliance with that, while the cop thought he was dealing with a very dangerous armed man, is what resulted in the shooting.
      You seem impervious to any viewpoint that doesn’t agree with a rabid racist cop gunning down an innocent black man.

      1. No I already said that I don’t think that this cop was racist (at least I have no reason to think so). I think he was scared, unprepared but has the backing of the state should he decide to kill someone. The state always backs its enforcement arm.
        Your post reminds me of that scene in RoboCop, “20 Seconds to Comply”. The man complied but ED 209 blew him away anyway. Furthermore, think about your slave mentality. You must “comply” with the state, with your inbuilt assumption that these guys should have the right to harass you when you are going about your peaceful business. You have truly been taken in by the propaganda.

  33. Just to be clear the way they killed Johnson was not summary execution. He was still a threat and that was the safest best way to end the immediate threat. He credibly claimed to have a bomb/bomb vest and was still exchanging fire with the officers whenever they approached. He intended to kill more people. They ended the threat. Bravo. Its just another tool in their toolbox. Once the ROE is met, the tool used doesnt really matter much.

  34. Young Nigerian man here. Feel free to dismiss/ignore, i don’t care…
    As a fairly frequent visitor to this site, I’ve noticed that articles like these are just an opportunity for some commenters to use the word “nigger” and express disdain for african americans.
    You people justify the gunning down of a man who was clearly fully restrained – who posed absolutely no threat to the two hefty policemen who were literally sitting on top of him. (As for those who saw that video & maintain that he was reaching for a weapon, i say, you are either severely visually impaired, or just plain stupid).
    Once ANY black man gets killed by police, “criminal records” are sure to start rolling in. Yet Dylan Roof massacred an entire church full of people and the worst part of his history America could come up with was a picture of him wearing a fucking Rhodesia jacket. I’m actually surprised no news outlet has come forward to say that one of the black men killed in the Charleston church shooting wasn’t a God-fearing young man, but was actually a drug-slinging trap nigga.
    The truth of the matter is that at the time of the shooting, these officers didn’t know about his prior arrests, or his pedophilia charges, or even his name. They only knew one thing – that this man was black, and must therefore have been a criminal.
    I strongly believe all criminals must be punished and all that all violent criminals deserve death. But on the news, i only see one set of people dying for non-violent crimes, while another set of people are politely escorted away from the pools of blood they shed.
    There is clearly a disgusting double standard in your society that both the readers and admins of this site are not willing to honestly address.
    But hey – honestly, America’s current affairs are none of my business.
    I’ll stick to the lifestyle, self-improvement & philosophy articles, thank you.

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