The American Conservative Establishment Is Collapsing

It’s time to stick a fork in the American conservative establishment. Within five years, their collective influence and power will be less than Kim Kardashian in terms of affecting culture and politics. They have made so many blunders and mistakes in the past twenty years that their survival is now impossible.

Conservatives exist in the same way that a 500 pound woman with a failing heart is somehow able to perform the necessary muscle contractions in her arms to draw pizza and ice cream to her mouth hole. All that will be soon left out of existing conservative groups in the media and government are the hardline neoconservatives due to the high funding they receive from wealthy sponsors.

A book can be written on why American conservatism is failing, but here are the cliff notes:

1. They became a puppet of Israeli interests. They manipulated America into costly Middle Eastern wars that the people did not want, decreasing everyone’s standard of living while alienating genuine Christian conservatives.

2. They became scared of losing their existing elite privileges. Once positioned in high stations in Washington and New York, their mentality went from “how can we win” to “how can we not lose what we have”? Trying to merely maintain political status is a loser’s strategy that makes you afraid of taking risks while being overeager to make backroom deals with your enemy that cements your power and selfish interests instead of serving your conservative constituency.

3. To defeat the left, they adopted a strategy of becoming more like the left. Every time the deranged liberal establishment pushed for more insanity, the conservatives were only two steps behind. Here is the pattern that has played itself out for the past couple of decades…

  • the left finds some way to make our culture more degenerate than Rome at its worst (abortion on demand, free birth control for every fertile young woman, gender equality, gay marriage)
  • the Republicans whine about it for the cameras without taking any action to stop it
  • they accept big donations from the same organizations that are also supplying the left
  • they accept the left’s position in a pathetic attempt to appeal to single women and Hispanics, completing their transition to cuckservative status (I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me the Republicans are now fielding their own transsexual candidate for Congress)
Conservative response when rainbow lights hit the White House

Conservative response when rainbow lights hit the White House

If you’re a conservative presented at the voting booth with one option that seems to be a representation of the devil himself and the other that is trying to be more like the devil, what do you do? You stay home, simmer in anger, and go to the gun range, wondering what is going on to a country that was founded on Puritan religious values. The only reason that Republicans are still being voted for is because so many fear Democratic rule.

It’s safe now to consider Republicans as controlled opposition, especially when you see that both parties get their money from nearly identical sources. In fact, the only reason the Republicans still exist is because wealthy pro-Israel sponsors don’t trust the Democrats to serve their homeland, something that Obama’s recent Iran deal clearly proves. There is a split in the Jewish elite that we don’t hear about, where secular Jon Stewart Jews are battling it out with Likud Jews for influence of American politics. In case you didn’t know, any discussion of Jewish interests or planning is “anti-semitism,” as I personally found out.

What we have now is two parties that are nearly identical in social and cultural policies. I saw this recently with my own eyes when I paid a friendly visit to a “right of center” think tank in New York City. On the surface they seem to be opposed to the Democrats, but after talking to them for two hours, I could come to no other conclusion than them being standard issue liberals, and I told them this directly. They did not object to my assessment.

Their resident rock star feminist, who to her credit is slightly sympathetic to the plight of men, is less knowledgeable about gender relations than a senior Return Of Kings commenter, and some of my manosphere 101 talking points, of which have been openly discussed for many years in these parts, were new to her. I left that meeting with less hope than before because it’s clear that the conservative “elite” are more clueless than we are, have no fight in them to defeat liberals, and share more overlap with social justice warriors than Christian traditional conservatives. You know it’s bad when a reputable conservative think tank in New York City is taking notes and ideas from yours truly, the son of immigrant blue-collar parents.

I read through some of the think tank’s materials and the only consistent idea I can find is an endearing defense of anything that is good for Jewish interests. I don’t care much about this one way or the other, but they do not speak for American conservatives or even the American people, and they are but one of dozens of “conservative” organizations that are making calls from the same playbook. They don’t want to defeat the left because they are the left. Proof of this is the fact that they hobnob with liberals in their social circles, hoping to get published in the New York Times when their newest book is released after receiving a healthy signing bonus from one of the publishing houses that reside a few floors up from their fancy offices. It’s not cheap to maintain a luxurious New York City lifestyle, I hear.


Prominent American neoconservatives

Because of the nearly identical overlap that now exists between the Democrats and Republicans, there is no reason for the Republican party to exist based on a difference of the Israeli question alone. What will happen is a strong pro-Israel portion of the Democratic party will be generously funded to ensure Israel’s safety, permitting the complete collapse of the Republican establishment. The neoconservatives will still exist, centered around David Horowitz, Bill Kristol and friends, but Christian conservatives, jaded and angry, will not at all be receptive to their message. They will only get support from millionaires and billionaires, whose influence in manipulating the minds of the masses is decreasing every day as ideas and beliefs that share strong overlap with our own have become an unstoppable juggernaut.

What we’ll end up seeing is a strong Democratic party with far left social and cultural policies but neoconservative foreign policy, which besides a couple “mistakes” by Obama concerning Iran and Palestine, is what we already have right now. The Republicans are so hopeless that it’s just a matter of time until they fully back an open borders Presidential candidate who is married to a Mexican woman that doesn’t even speak English.

The clearest symptom of Republican failure is the candidacy of Donald Trump. Whether you agree with him or not, he is speaking the language of American conservatives and white men. Of course both parties will make every attempt to stop him, and they will likely succeed for 2016, but the fact that that he has so much support in spite of the relentless media attacks against him, even from conservative outlets like The Daily Caller and Fox News, clearly displays how America is hungry—if not starving—for a true conservative candidate that has been denied them by the corrupt and traitorous Republicans for so many years. If there is a God, I have no doubt that he selected Trump to be the first of many martyrs to save this country.

When existing Republicans and conservatives get absorbed by various Democratic and pro-Israeli neoconservative groups, there will be a huge vacuum that allows for the rise of new forces on the right. Those groups will certainly be anti-immigration and anti-multiculturalism, meaning that the seeds of traditional conservatism and white nationalism have firmly been planted, and the left has even foolishly given them a banned flag to rally behind. The imminent rise in white nationalists mean there will be intense “social friction” between them and illegal immigrants in the near future. I won’t support violence to accomplish our goals, but I will back traditional conservatism under the banner of neomasculinity as a necessary counter-balance to the far left, a balance that the existing Republican party has proved utterly impotent in providing.


The existing sociopathic elite will not be willing to relinquish their power or let new conservative groups win at the polls. A quick look at how the ruling class of Greece has shamelessly gone against the will of the Greek people in their EU-exit referendum is a hint of how the powder keg will explode in America. It will be a battle between the coastal elites and the conservative heartland, and the only question I wonder is if the rebellion will be done under the banner of Christianity or not (it should, since atheists do not possess the necessary morality and societal templates to sustain a healthy nation). I predict we have an over 50% chance of a genuine secession attempt by a middle America state in the next 15 years that requires the call-up of national guard forces.

The timeline to these events are moving quite fast, and groups on the right, including ourselves, will have to ramp up their organization efforts if they desire political power, because the collapse of the existing conservative establishment will accelerate after they lose the 2016 elections. I’m not sure what role neomasculinity will play after their collapse, but there will be power up for grabs. It’s time we do some serious soul searching, and ask ourselves how far we’re ready to go to put out the fires that will surely burn in America. May fortune favor the bold.

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327 thoughts on “The American Conservative Establishment Is Collapsing”

  1. Do not expect the GOP Establishment to meekly strike its tent and slink away. For one thing, it has a powerful defender: the Democratic Party. For another, the “donor class” remains solidly behind it. For a third, the major media fear the rise of a truly conservative alternative to the GOP more than they fear the GOP itself. These forces will band together to sustain the “disloyal opposition” and might well be enough to quench serious challenges to it.

    1. All anyone has to do to see how correct your assessment is, is to observe the response to the Tea Party groups and affiliates. Everyone attacked them from media to partisans and beyond calling them bigots, loonies, warmongers and worse, and their core message was only: to reign in government waste, spending, and expansion of powers.

  2. Applying the label of liberal or conservative to yourself is retarded. Some day hopefully you’ll leave that silly scale and join the world of free human beings.
    Liberals want whites collectively punished for being white, and to expropriate wealth from those who earned it fairly and give it to people who don’t deserve it. Conservatives want to tell a woman what she can and can’t do with her body and what two consenting adults agree to in the privacy of their bedrooms. Both sides are wrong
    But the social conservatives who want to turn the country into a Christian theocracy, deny sex education to young people who need it, and throw people in jail for smoking pot? Fuck them, I’m glad they’re dying. Progress comes one funeral at a time

    1. The one thing they all have in common is that they will use the force of government to force others into compliance with what they want.
      For example, the left wants to control what’s in your kids’ lunchboxes. They want more ‘saaaafeety’ items installed in cars, that we have to purchase (airbags not optional) for our own good.
      The right wants to control what you smoke or what you grow in your garden. Again to protect us from ourselves.
      AS if adults were children incapable of making decisions or being accountable for those decisions.
      Statists, that is those who use government power and force to force others to comply with their wishes, come from both sides of the political aisle.
      Statists have no place in a country that values liberty. They are more at home in a country like North Korea.
      Leave me alone and get off my lawn.

    2. Sorry, but men have zero reproductive rights regarding THEIR children, and have no legal say over whether a slut murders (aborts) his child. Abortion is sick and sluts who abort babies inside them get to do what they wish with their body, but what about the fetus’s body? If sluts don’t want to face the repercussions of sleeping with men, i.e., a strong chance of pregnancy, then they should remain celebate (yeah, right) or munch carpet in a dyke relationship (I’ve heard they can marry now, hmm…)

  3. Roosh,
    If you replace “Conservative Establishment” with “GOP Establishment” in the title I will fully agree with your article.

      1. But not all of the GOP establishment is conservative (play acting for donations and votes) and not all of the “Conservative Establishment” is steered by the “GOP Establishment”.
        But the article itself I totally agree with.

  4. Permanent democratic supermajority:
    When you have 40-50% of the country that pays nothing in income tax, why the fuck wouldn’t they vote for democrats? “Cut taxes” (at the federal level anyway) only speaks to about 1/2 the country, AT BEST. Voting republican is like shooting yourself in the head for people who pay nothing in income tax, or, even worse, are collecting from the government. It’s hard to get people to vote against their own self interest, even if they like republican values.
    IMHO, if you don’t pay federal income tax, you should not get to vote in a federal election. I’ve been in that group before, and would have gladly given up my vote as, frankly, I shouldn’t have a say in how other people’s money is spent. Kind of like being a child when your parents are deciding what kind of car to buy, I can tell them I want my Dad to have a Corvette, but, because I’m not paying, my vote doesn’t count.

    1. So when you have about 60% majority spergs and minorities, with no chance of we in the 40% ever getting power by votes, what recourse is there? I think we all know…

      1. LOL, with the way jews control the economy, if such a law were passed no white man would have a vote.

    2. Do you not understand why the Republican’s don’t care? This is not a permanent democratic supermajority. The Republicans simply have to move to the left.
      They don’t have to care about us, because the population is moving to the left.
      This is because we haven’t cared about convincing the population, only getting people elected. This is the result of that: the population changes it’s mind in favor of the left, and Republicans keep getting elected by moving towards the left.

    3. yeah voting used to be based on whether you owned land or not….the founders figured land owners were more likely to vote wisely than random bum A

      1. i don’t think my gay, meth-addicted “artist” cousin who lives with his parents and hasn’t worked for years votes, but if he does vote, his vote is equal to mine. there’s a sobering thought for you.

        1. yes sadly not so sobering as I’ve thought of it before…’s why I think owning property should be a requirement and having some kind of job.
          really I am in total favor of repealing every amendment from 16 onwards and rewriting 13-15 to include only former slaves and not any idiot born in the country or simply adding “To be a citizen both your parents must be citizens”….sure everyone now is fine because grandfather clause and all, but it’d at least stop anymore bleeding.
          I think we’d be amazed at how much these simple changes would set America back on the right course.

    4. The large amount of non tax paying citizens along with millions of mestizos that want more government handouts means one party rule for a long time

    5. With the way jews control the economy, it likely be white rpublicans all fired and replaced with white women democrats.
      And 40-50% of the country pays no tax because of republican policies. Make it easy to get a business loan and this would end.

    6. Agree. And on the other side with politicians…you have too many giving lip service to keep their jobs. They’ll say anything (and or switch parties) to keep that nice paying job (with much influence) and they could care less about what you think once they have your vote (election season).
      So to recap, voters (many of them) who vote, don’t pay taxes and get freebies. Politicians (career) who just want your vote to keep their lifestyle going. It sounds like a win win for some and a big loss for the rest of us who work, pay taxes, etc….

  5. Great article and very interesting, I’ve become more interested in American politics for a while now, it’s far more interesting and colorful than Australian politics.

  6. Get out of the cities. Buy land. Build networks of skilled and like-minded people in meatspace. If you believe in individual rights, meritocracy, and accountable government, you have no friends in the current system. Get resilient.

    1. Why? Why run away? So Red Army Part 2 can steamroll us like they did to the White Russians?
      No more of this retarded running away shit. Leningrad must burn this time.

    1. If Roosh runs, the Iran tension will shift elsewhere, or dissapate. The ‘Bang’ books and this blog may be suspended, kind of like the way that the ‘Bedtime for Bonzo’ TV series wasn’t played during Regan’s tenure. Or maybe Roosh would have a say in it and keep the blog and books front and center. At least he should run for something if not president.
      The poosey scene in the politico circles consists of made men who are guaranteed to get ‘made’ lays in gratis from their political club circles. A man with wicked cold approach game in office? Scandinavian and germanic countries wouldn’t have a chance in closed door sessions with us. He’d screw their female presidents and prime ministers hands down. I can just picture Angela Merkel on world news tonight exiting president Valizadeh’s office to a swarm of reporters, Angela wiping away the string of cum between her top and bottom lip, coughing as she tries to explain the wonderful success of her new ‘treaty’ . . lolololol . . .

  7. What did you expect? Modern democracy has always been an expensive popularity contest. If the GOP is becoming more like the Democrats, it just means that they adapting to the modern cultural current of America to secure votes and remain relevant.
    There won’t be any “huge” vacuum left if the current Republican establishment were to wither away. At most, you’ll just get bunch of vocal but irrelevant groups on the fringe. ‘Conservatism’ (along with ‘Liberalism’) died long time ago. Islamic State has a better chance conquering the world than right-wing keyboard warriors have in reviving traditional conservative values in America. At least the Islamic militants take their fight beyond the internet.
    In the end, it doesn’t matter. ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ is a bullshit dichotomy to make people fight amongst one another so that they wouldn’t unite against the elites. Sadly, ROK seems lost and is contributing to this perpetual divide.

    1. What? And then we band together to agree on what exactly?
      That male and female should be defined by anything other than reproductive role?
      That homosexuality=heterosexuality? We band together to support whatever you believe, right?
      These are not unimportant issues. They are ALL-IMPORTANT issues.
      They devalue reproductive role intentionally. Add in a little rape hysteria, and BOOM, society is required to only support you becoming gay or neutering yourself while making sex dangerous.

      1. You don’t have to lecture me on the degeneracy that is modern progressivism. You’re preaching to the choir.
        That being said, traditional values will never be revived in the US by peaceful means. Culture is a reflection of a society, and the only way to get rid of progressivism will be through total collapse and rebuilding of that said society.
        You’ll continue to see all the current problems that you see in America today as long as the elites: namely banks, corporations, and the government stay in control unchallenged by the masses who are too busy fighting a cultural war in the context of false Right-Left dichotomy. Elites have to be defeated first before any semblance of social values get revived.

        1. It’s impossible to know whtether it can be done by peaceful means. The right has refused peaceful means like “boycotting”.
          They literally refused to boycott Coca Cola when it threatened a law firm to not defend DOMA.
          Our “leaders” like, Glenn Beck, are traitors. When this happened, he said “he didn’t believe in boycotts.”
          I forget if this is before or after he got boycotted off of Fox News.
          We have, for a while, had a huge list of “leaders” telling us that no matter what the left does “it means well”. So then the dutiful conservatives go out into the world and tell their opponents that they are good people (as if that is going to do anything other than make them feel comfortable).
          The, of course, we have the whole focus always ever being on ensuring that Republicans get elected, rather than changing what the population believes.
          It seems like we cannot change what they believe, but that is only because no one on the “right” is seriously trying.
          We had a bunch of libertarians throwing us under the bus, calling us Homophobes and Transphobes for not automatically believing whatever gets put in the category of socially liberal.
          The public can change their minds on issues very quickly (look at the gay marriage and transgenderism issues). It’s just that you have to do something more effective than “you are an awesome person for disagreeing with me. Never change, bro!”

        2. Change in any society can only be achieved through a coup d’etat. Wheras the minority or the majority overthrow the elite and establish a new social order. Whether the new social order will be for the best or worse, only time will tell. Which is why the US and other Western states can only be saved by ubermencsh who rise above the ranks, rallies the troops and challenge the establishment.
          No revolution has ever been successful without blood being spilled

        3. That’s definitely not happening. 95% of the country cares not at all for politics or revolution.
          They’re too busy watching either Miley Cyrus or some other whore humping people on stage or watching pro sports to care about how corrupt their government is.

    2. I can’t be a liberal because I support the 2nd Amendment, can’t be a conservative because I support abortion under specific circumstances (not being used as birth control or stupid shit). I can’t fit in to either side unless I completely abandon rational thought and logic to accept the party line.
      The minority on both sides scream over contrived, bullshit issues. Moderates are abhorred on both sides because the fanatics create nonsensical arguments and paradoxes that have nothing to do with the administration of government.
      Politicians are the actors of the criminal class. They are there to give people the illusion of choice. It’s a show. They can do sophisticated analysis on target audiences to throw hot buttons issues in the media that have people arguing over stupid shit, like Bruce Jenner wearing a dress and claiming to be a woman.

  8. Unfortunately Donald Trump isn’t really a conservative. In the past he has supported Hillary, favored national healthcare, favored banning guns, and said he always considered himself more of a Democrat. He’s picked one or two hot button issues, but he’d probably end up being more establishment than tea party.

    1. We’re using him as a troll. He’s politically incorrect. Of course his policies won’t change anything. We’re heading towards destruction whoever is president. But isn’t it fun to piss off the Liberals before we enter the civil war stage?

      1. Inevitable civil war is coming. Jade helm wasn’t a literal takeover of Texas, but the question is: “Why does DHS want to practice detaining citizens in Texas?” Many generals in the US military have been replaced with progressive counterparts. This will enable a top down ordering system when the SHTF.

    2. Alt-Rightists don’t really care about Trump, TBH. Trump is speaking truth to power and it is resonating with the disaffected white Republican base. This provides an opportunity to inject real-talk into the boring, Liberal mainstream media. Hence the Cuckservative Truth-Slur
      What I really want Trump to do is go Third, fuck the Republicans hard, let Hillary or Bernie come in who will then finish off America’s Reign of Dildo with ever further degenerate and stupid policies. At that point Radical Rightists will seize the moment. The 2030s will be our decade.

  9. “If there is a God, I have no doubt that he selected Trump to be the first of many martyrs to save this country.”
    You’re giving Trump waaaaaay too much credit. Given his past close relationship with the Clintons, I’m very skeptical that his “campaign” is anything other than a calculated source of disruption to the Republican Party and distraction from the other candidates.
    Your assessment of the Republicans betraying conservative principles is spot on. Why did good conservative writers like Pat Buchanan get marginalized while flaming jackasses like Bill O’Reilly become the face of conservative values? Seems like “controlled opposition” to me.

    1. Trump has admitted he gave money to opposing political groups to try and buy favors for his business operations. I don’t think that’s really hypocritical

  10. Probably the most inspiring article ever from Roosh. We are now at a point where the Liberal Jacobins are so insane, they are haggling over how much they can get for a baby’s arm or its liver. And the cuckservatives just say “that’s bad… mmkay”
    For crying out loud, it is time for rightists to WAKE UP. This isn’t fucking good enough anymore.

    If anybody still believes in the political and economic establishment, must mean you are an idiot.
    And no, politicians do not run the country or even make the real decisions of how the world is to work:
    -Bilderberg Group
    -Trilateral Commission
    -Council on Foreign Relations
    -Bohemian Grove
    -Rothchild Central banks, Federal Reserve, Bank of England, European Central Bank
    -Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and the other financial institutions.
    Essentially, the American people and the rest of the world are being duped. Why do you think NAFTA, TPPA, NDAA, Patriot Act and all these other backward legislation were made? They were designed to remove your economic opportunities and politcal rights. You have no freedom.
    As George Carlin states: “Elections are a charade designed to give you the illusion you are free.”

    1. “As George Carlin states: “Elections are a charade designed to give you the illusion you are free.””

    2. My boss always says: “Democracy is just an illusion to make people not revolt in what is truly a Dictatorship.”

    3. Finally Roosh has identified the elephant in the room. It’s an open secret that Israeli elites have a chokehold on American throats. They can bend Americans to fulfil their agenda and shake the political landscape according to their whims.
      That doesn’t mean I’m a raging Anti SEMITE. Pointing out the glaring truth doesn’t make me a bigot.

      1. Now one of thing the conservatives did right is between 2008-2010 they engaged in non-stop attacks against Obama. I mean it, non-stop, Obama’s behavior was put under a microscope. And then after they did well in the 2010, POOF, it was gone. All the anti-obama rhetoric seemed to vanish. Conservatives need to do that! They need to continue the non-stop attacks like the SJW if they really want to succeed (which they don’t). Conservatives are the same socially, racially, culturally, fiscally, and in foreign policy as liberals. Both parties engage in war, push for left wing social policies, and increase gov’t spending domestically (like Reagan and Bush expanded the gov’t massively, and not just defense).
        People like Alex Jones irritate me because they never use the word, “Jew” or “Zionist”, it’s infuriating. What a good goyim. When I used to listen to him a lot I found this to be odd. I watched like a ton of his stuff and his documentaries about collapse in that 2009-2010 zone. When the collapse didn’t happen I thought he was a quack, which he is, so I stopped watching.

        1. Jones is a quack and a false gadfly. He’s got more interest pleasing his advertisers (gold hucksters) than he does exposing any real truths. I wouldn’t waste a minute watching his crappy show.

        2. Jones thinks it’s all about a piece of paper – the Constitution. It’s just a piece of paper, if it were otherwise this country would not be finished.

        3. that is why no sane black man would vote for thos morons ,white folks kill me bitching because i will not vote for a bunch of racists.i will say trump is right about the mexicans ,the border should be sealed.let them do it the right way and the cubans too

        1. At this point, it just makes you honest. Seriously, individuals aside, what is there to like about Jews or brown people?

      2. That’s exactly why I stopped watching our “news” channels (in the U.S.). They stopped reporting news a long time ago and it’s been nothing but a control mechanism to steer Americans in a certain direction.
        The other side of it: any time you point out a truth in this country you are automatically labeled something (i.e. racist, sexist, Anti SEMITE in this case, etc, etc..)
        It’s all meant to discredit someone because the truth has been spoken.

      3. “That doesn’t mean I’m a raging Anti SEMITE. Pointing out the glaring truth doesn’t make me a bigot.”
        >I’m with ya…BUT to the commiecrats, merchants, and cuckservatives, pointing out the obvious makes you a “raging anti-semite”. Fuck all of those folks antway. It really doesn’t matter WHAT the topic of dissent is with those people, dissent in and of itself means you are raycis, jew hater, etc. etc. ad nauseum. When I get that shit, I shrug and say

    4. You forgot to include the Rockefeller Foundation, the freeMasons, and the NWO itself.
      Other than that, i agree.

  12. Roosh….look at half your family. they are Armenian (like the Kardashians). That is one of the most corrupt , poor banana republics on the planet. Time for some self-reflection on your part.

      1. yes, like perpetuating Oligarchy and greed. The mafiosos in Armenia love people like you ; it keeps them employed by the diaspora.

      1. Please tell us how Armenians contributed to any civilization other than being relegated to an Eastern Province in The Roman Empire. I am sure you believe in the glorified version with Khorents and Mesrob Mashtots, and Tigran the Great valiantly spreading Christianity to nowhere else but Armenia. It’s not like Tigran the Great was an apostle of Jesus.

        1. Maybe I’m missing something but what does this have to do with the collapse of the American conservative establishment?

        2. he’s great at knocking on America and its system, which by all means is imperfect, no doubt. However it is far superior to any other nation Roosh’s family or Roosh himself has lived in.

        3. Think of your logic for a moment. This article is premised on the idea that American society has become seriously distorted and that these distortions have a profound and substantially negative impact upon individuals. The heart of Roosh’s article promotes the idea of pursuing change in the wake of a presumed collapse of American conservatism by filling the void created by the collapse. You are arguing against the pursuit of change by invoking the conditions of a completely unrelated society. I fail to see anything logical in your logic.
          What the hell kinda argument is that? You might want to delete your comment and come back with something rational. Just sayin’.

        4. I’m sure the same scare tactics were employed when the nuclear shelters were being built in the 1950s in case of the supposed nuke attack from the USSR.

        5. seems unfair and irrelevant. Armenians have held out against the Muslims like no other nation, and paid a horrible price for it.

        6. Now you’ve gone completely off the rails by 1) invoking an unsupported claim (the scare tactics claim) and 2) brandishing a reckless ignorance of history. If you think this article relies on scare tactics to make its point then offer supporting facts. You haven’t done this. Are we to believe your claim merely because you say so?
          The reason for the fear of a nuclear attack was grounded in the factual data offered by the activities of the Soviet State during the Cold War era. Are you familiar with that history? If not, I suggest you read any text on the events of the Cold War. If you find these events to be falsely described as tactics THEN come back and support your claim. In the meantime, you may want to delete that comment I told you to delete because it makes you appear irrational if not illogical. In fact, you may also want to delete your two comments that preceded it. I’m just trying to help you out so that you do not look like a bigger fool than the one you’ve already made yourself out to be.

  13. “I saw this recently with my own eyes when I paid a friendly visit to a
    “right of center” think tank in New York City. On the surface they seem
    to be opposed to the Democrats, but after talking to them for two hours,
    I could come to no other conclusion than them being standard
    issue liberals, and I told them this directly. They did not object to my
    Are you going to write about this or did you sign some non-disclosure agreement that prevents you from doing so?
    Anyway, I agree with your assessment about a vacuum, and have some ideas on how we can expand our power, but I think it might be best to wait until the tour is over before discussing them.

  14. It’s a great day.
    One way or the other this is all going to end badly for the modern degenerate USA, but it was already written into stone. Let’s just speed up the process and get back to a normal, healthy NEW U-S-A.

    1. We’re likely headed to a dictatorship, and they are likely planning for the suppression of rebellions: see Jade Helm.

        1. Try massive boycotts first. And then, if that leads to nothing, uh, how are you going to have the numbers for a civil war?

        2. Scale of needs. Everything escalates. That’s why political violence is pointless garbage in the current climate. Only when they start cracking down first do we have the moral authority to reply back with violence. Which the government will do – it’s the government, it always does that. From that point forward our numbers will swell.
          I’d rather see a win by elections, but c’mon… that won’t happen.

  15. Great article Roosh, if anyone ever needed proof that democrats and republicans are now cut from the same cloth, one not need to look any further than Donald Trump and the vilification of him by both the left and right. Yeah he’s an asshole, and probably a few cards short of a full deck, but he does something that hasn’t been a part of american politics since the 60’s & 70’s…. Speak…His….Fucking….Mind! Unlike Obama & the rest of the jesters in suits, he needs not a teleprompter before he says what he has to say.
    I don’t agree with everything he says(as no thinking man would or should), but he speaks a truth about many things that resonates with a lot of americans, from illegal immigrants pouring over the border and the need to stem(and eventually stop) the flow of them into this country to the abolishing of “sanctuary cities” harboring various criminals with no papers.
    Moving on to the Jewish Question, and the weaponization of the term “anti-semetism” to silence dissent, now I could type a 1500 word essay about this microscopic piece of the puzzle alone, but I think that Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni explains it better than I ever could;

    Keep up the Good Work Roosh, there’s a long road ahead of us all here @ ROK.

    1. Not only is the shouts of antisemitism/holocaust been weaponized, it might as well be trademarked! Nobody else can have bad things happen to them!
      Here is a video of (now former) ADL Chair Abe Foxman pressuring Ukraine not to bring up the Holodomor because people might confuse it with the Holocaust.

      1. Israelis have tried their mightiest best to erase Holodomor, one of history’s most diabolical and methodical genocide. And guess who were the victims of this massacre? Yep white Ukrainians.
        So of course the Israelis are itching to blot this genocide from the history books. It runs against their narrative that Whites are the perpetual monster oppressors.

        1. lol, if that didn’t make sense to you then nothing will.
          If you want a source then remove your head from out of your ass.

          No one can say their name. Telling the hidden truth about them can now be considered a hate crime. I could lose my job, my livelihood, my family and in Europe or Canada I could be imprisoned for anywhere between 3 to 7 years for publishing empirical evidence counter to their spurious narrative.

        3. Yes, orchestrated by Lazar Kagonovich (Jew) the butcher of the Ukraine regarded as a great hero by Jews everwhere. A proud painting of him greets you at the Tel Aviv airport.

        4. If more people learned of the Holodomor, they would begin to look at the Holocaust not as an act of genocide, but a seditious element having their comeuppance.

        5. Bolsheviks screwed up the economy during the 20s, destroyed agriculture through collectivism, imprisoned or killed all the hard working farmers as kulaks.
          All collective farms sent wheat to cities and Ukraine was one big farm pretty much. Famine started.
          Bolsheviks shrugs their shoulders, forbid farmers from leaving their farms and decided a few million deaths will help with food shortages.
          This was not planned, but just a convenient consequence of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

    2. So what do “thinking men” disagree with what Trump says? Controlling our southern border and stopping the Mexican invasion? Pointing out that building a fence is not impossible and really quite feasible, and it would be effective. It worked for the chosen ones in Israel. Are all the Mexicans invading America good people? Are Mexicans incapable of being bad? Would putting a tariff on foreign made goods to bring back manufacturing jobs to America be a bad idea? After all isn’t all this bullshit about free trade really about giving these greedy assholes in corporate America labor arbitrage? Is McCain really a hero? Any investigation of his past and would reveal him to be anything but a hero. Besides collaboration with the NVA during his imprisonment so as to makes his own life as a POW easy he nearly single handedly burnt down the USS Forestall by “wet starting” his engine on deck and causing a huge flame out and subsequent launch of a Zuni rocket which caused a huge explosion on deck and a fire that almost destroyed an entire aircraft carrier. This fire caused the death of 134 sailors. Blood of Americans on McCain hands. This happened because he was showboating and being a smart ass, covered up because daddy was a politically connected 4 star admiral. I see nothing that any “thinking man” should disagree with what he has said. I agree with your post except this point.

    3. I was wondering about what Roosh meant when in the future, we would likely see a socially liberal Democrat government which was at the same time pro-Israel foreign policy wise. I don’t know how we would get to that point, considering that many of the common people that I know who are pretty strongly liberal are about as anti-Israel as you can get.

  16. “3. To defeat the left, they adopted a strategy of becoming more like the left. ”
    cannot be stressed enough… much as I thank talk radio people like GLenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and my one conservative teacher out of who knows how many teachers for opening my eyes….these clowns, as much as they make a big fuss about conservative values and preach it and so on….all of them, every last one of these big conservative news folks for some reason that I just cannot fathom have in their thick skulls that the republican party is conservative when as you point out
    “If you’re a conservative presented at the voting booth with one option that seems to be a representation of the devil himself and the other that is trying to be more like the devil, what do you do?”
    though I prefer to say its like choosing between Satan and the anti-Christ.
    all that said….George Washington like so many times in life….hits the nail on the head. from his farewell address he has this to say about political parties.
    “There is an opinion that parties in free countries are useful checks upon the administration of the government and serve to keep alive the spirit of liberty. This within certain limits is probably true; and in governments of a monarchical cast, patriotism may look with indulgence, if not with favor, upon the spirit of party. But in those of the popular character, in governments purely elective, it is a spirit not to be encouraged. From their natural tendency, it is certain there will always be enough of that spirit for every salutary purpose. And there being constant danger of excess, the effort ought to be by force of public opinion, to mitigate and assuage it. A fire not to be quenched, it demands a uniform vigilance to prevent its bursting into a flame, lest, instead of warming, it should consume.”
    “I won’t support violence to accomplish our goals”
    I’ll just add this famous quote:
    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”
    I sadly must agree….we have long since passed the point of peaceful reform. I know virtually no one wants to talk about violence and is all under some delusion that we will elect our way out of this even though the elections are about as divisive as choosing Satan or the anti-Christ. there is simply no way enough moral conservatives get into office, with enough power, to not only stop the ship from going down but also reverse course and repeal 100+ years worth of bullshit laws that got us into this mess. even most conservatives are like most modern christians that is to quote Jesus “ye are hypocrites”….they are to use a more popular term RINOs(republicans in name only)
    I want to be hopefully but seriously how does end in anything but massive bloodshed and war?

    1. Glenn Beck and Limbaugh don’t even support boycotts. The left is using them to great effect.
      Glenn Beck and Limbaugh have no interest in spending effort on changing the population’s mind, only adapting to what the population thinks.

      1. yeah Ive noticed that lately….but truthfully they are a fantastic stepping stone in getting you to think…..see unlike most of their listeners when I heard the challenge to “fact check what I say”….I did just that and began the ever painful process of learning how to think on my own.
        that and what they preach is usually accurate enough….or it was anyway….so do as they say, not as they do applies.
        it’s because of them i learned about conservative values and got my skull cracked open to thinking.

        1. I stopped listening to radio after being so often equipped with stupid arguments that are just plain wrong. I felt like no longer making a fool of myself, and yes, thinking for myself.
          These people are quite often not even equipping their listeners to do anything other than make fools of themselves.

        2. depends on the topic….their aforementioned love of republicans is absurd…..but their philosophy on private land ownership is top notch for example.
          problem as I have pointed out is “do as they say, not as as they do”

        3. I’m just sayin: they can be intellectually lazy in how they argue things because they don’t have an opponent there to rebut them. So be careful about what they say, as well.

        4. as stated I actually learned to think because I fact check shit ironically because of that one conservative teacher I had so when they also said fact check them….I did…at least as well as I can.
          and just as well with no rebuttal argument…..Liberals are predictable as hell.
          I dont agree with everything they say…their views on republicans and gun rights for instance.
          Im not a mindless radio listening sheep.

      2. Beck is a CLOWN cuck. Nobody is more cucked than a guy who says he “stands with GLAAD” against Russia

        1. I didn’t know he said that. So when he wanted to not boycott Coca Cola for threatening law firm that offered to defend Doma, it’s probably because his is a traitor to our cause.

        2. He was showing off that ponyfag kid and arguing gender norms while telling the Cliven Bundy supporters that guns are never the way to deal with runaway government. I’d like to see how he rationalizes the American revolution.
          20 bucks says he wears a pink thong during radio broadcasts.

        3. Beck would make a great politician, today, because he is all about Beck. He puts on a good show (like most politicians) but in the end it’s all about the money (ratings, lifestyle, etc…)…like all politicians.
          The problem with all politicians today…none of them are hungry (or have gone hungry in a long time). They don’t live in our world and they don’t live by the same rules (laws).

    2. What are conservative values? I only ask because every time that the chips are down they cave in and relent to the establishment (R) candidate, the armed authorities (Glenn is especially bad about this), or foreign interests.
      Really I am in agreement with you, the questions are rhetorical. They never really stand by what they say, they wouldn’t know a value if it came up to them and skinned their dicks with safety scissors.

      1. well the old phrase do as they say, not as they do.
        a lot of what they preach is sound advice….lower taxes, smaller government, property rights, death of common core education, etc.
        but as you stated they rarely stand by what they preach and are usually in some state of delusion that the republican establishment is actually conservative which is no more apparent than during election seasons.

  17. A very powerful piece. One example:
    “If there is a God, I have no doubt that he selected Trump to be the first of many martyrs to save this country.”

        1. Reagan is a big part of why we are in this mess. I would not look to him as any kind of an idol, he was more loyal to the democrats in life than the repubs.

        2. Trump’s catching fire as he has reminds me of the Reagan Revolution excitement. That came after the Carter-era malaise. We are currently in a much worse malaise.

  18. I don’t think it matters if the American conservative establishment is collapsing, ‘democracy’ in America is non existent, voting is a farce to maintain the illusion of choice. Every President is selected by the coalition of the International banking cartel;Federal Reserve Bank; Prison/Educational/Medical Industrial Complex and the media overlords. Just simply follow the money..The only way to become a president in the US is to sell your soul completely to these powers, it doesn’t matter if you’re democrat or republican.
    American politics in a nutshell is like movie role audition where the actors(politicians) compete for the role(Presidency) to the producers and director(coalition mentioned above) .
    “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”
    -Mark Twain

    1. “‘democracy’ in America is non existent,”
      to be fair it took us roughly 20 amendments to become a democracy….we were originally a republic.

    2. We were never supposed to be a democracy, we were a Republic, and there IS an important difference as democracy always end up in chaos as the lazy vote themselves the spoils. We should go back to just property owners being able to vote, and those in the military.

      1. ” We should go back to just property owners being able to vote, and those in the military”
        And how will this transition occur?

        1. By Constitutional Convention or by Civil War, or by rebuilding after the collapse. Take your pick.

        2. Fire. Rope.Blood.
          And lots of people waking up to the reality that everyone is responsible for their own actions and their own welfare. Because when the gravy train stops there is going to a large number of people who have no idea how to survive.
          It will take a while for those that can learn to do so, and for those that cannot to die off either from starvation or misadventure.
          John Adams said our Constitution would only work with a moral and religious people. And that it could not work with any other type.
          This country is full of that ‘other type’; thus we have government taking record amounts of our income, and creating mind boggling amounts of new laws/regulations that criminalize all of us.
          Mens Rea? What’s that?
          Yeah, we are fucked and at the mercy of the victim groups and their thug enforcers until the reset.
          But, we as red pill men stand as good a chance as any of surviving the chaos/transition and emerging on the other side to be positive influence on the new paradigm.
          Ask yourself if you can survive 90 days without a trip to a grocery store. Or if you could defend yourself from an armed attacker or a group of them.
          If you can’t do either of those then I would recommend figuring that out post haste.

        3. Individuals cannot sustain either of those things long term. When the shit hits the fan, everyone will soon group into gangs and coalitions. Most of the goods that peppers are currently laying up will be taken by these gangs after they are killed trying to defend them.

        4. World War III. Seriously, even many global affairs analysts believe that we will see a global conflict soon. Possibly next 15-20 years or so. There will definitely be a massive loss of life, but you can bet that the world governments after the war will definitely be more male dominated, conservative, and nationalistic. History really does repeat itself in cycles.

      2. “We were never supposed to be a democracy, we were a Republic, and there IS an important difference as democracy always end up in chaos as the lazy vote themselves the spoils. We should go back to just property owners being able to vote, and those in the military.”
        A Republic always ends the same way as a Democracy, it just takes longer.

        1. Monarchy is good as long as the king is wise and honest.
          History tells us that seldom happens.
          The kings develop the same entitlement mentality that the welfare class has now.
          Democracy is a nice idea in theory, but in reality it is the second worst form of government there is.

      1. I am glad I am not the only one noticing NR’s decline. They have chosen to be cheerleaders for RINOs and tip toe around issues they find “troubling.”

  19. Very good article. Conservatism was hijacked by Republican shills who are just as incapable of self-assessment as the communists who currently run the country. They kept on support center leftists like Bush, McCain, and many others over people who were more ideological closer to them.
    The mere fact that they largely ignored Ron Paul’s Sanctity of Life Act demonstrates that they aren’t interested in ending abortion, but merely using as a political tool to rally the base.

  20. Disregard women, collect currency(gold and silver), beans and bullets and useful skills to rebuild America after the coming Fall.

  21. There’s a reason the term “cuckservative” has been taking off. In a few years your average mainstream conservative will be waving a rainbow flag and reminiscing of the good ol’ days when marriage was between 2 men, 2 women, and 2 non-binary transgenders with 50 pronouns each.
    The alt-right is where we need to be headed.

  22. “They became a puppet of Israeli interests. They manipulated America into costly Middle Eastern wars that the people did not want,”
    Roosh, I agree with many writings on this site, especially the more thoughtful & intelligent pieces on religion, literature and neomasculinity. It has a great potential to help / guide young men in a confused and imbalanced age.
    But the above quote is not only (a) woefully historically inaccurate, but also (b) deeply anti-semitic. It draws on racist stereotypes in European / Christian history about the power, control and nefarious influence of “the Jew”.
    By all means, criticize the post-9/11 policy of Bush, and the PNAC / neocon strategy for America’s national defense & security interests. But let’s not engage in this type of rhetoric which is implicitly racist and misguided (as is using puerile words like “cuckservative”).
    This only appeals to ‘White Nationalists’, Jew-haters, self-styled ‘racial realists’ & other assorted paranoid cranks & racists. (And there are enough of those in the comments section of the Manosphere).
    We can do more than this – and put out better content.

    1. I shudder to think what the world would be like with Armenians in charge. Just take a look at Glendale, California…with the rampant white collar fraudsters running around there like rats.

    2. “But the above quote is not only (a) woefully historically inaccurate,
      but also (2) deeply anti-semitic. It draws on racist stereotypes in
      European / Christian history about the power, control and nefarious
      influence of “the Jew”.”
      A- How is it historically inaccurate?
      B- Do you even know what anti-semitism really means? When people legitimately criticize a black man do we call it anti-blackism/anti-africanism? What right do Jews have to being alleviated from legitimate criticism? I have seen alot of criticism on the behaviours and actions blacks on this site and to be honest I even agree with most of them. Stop living in a bubble of emotionalism and start to look at things objectively.
      “This only appeals to ‘White Nationalists’, Jew-haters, self-styled
      ‘racial realists’ & other assorted paranoid cranks & racists”
      Nice ad hominiem, why don’t you try disprove Roosh’s points with your own facts?

      1. (a) The US wars in Iraq & Afghanistan had nothing to do with Israel. Even the Israeli government warned against the war in 2003 (they were more concerned with the Iranians). Reading good books on the war (e.g. “Cobra II”, “Fiasco”, “Assassin’s Gate”, etc) are a good primer.
        (b) I know exactly what anti-semitism is – religiously & ethnically – and can spot it on the Left, Right or in the manosphere. Usually it uses the language of “Jewish influence”, “Likudnik control” or “Israeli puppets” etc. It’s an irrational & conspiratorial prejudice – as nasty as the white racism directed towards blacks in the comment section too.
        (3) And there is nothing ‘ad-hominem’ in criticizing racism & anti-semitism. It’s pointless, hateful & distracts us from the real problems that men face in the modern world.

        1. Can you separate in your mind the Jewish people and the government of a nation state called Israel?

        2. It is true that the Israeli government opposed the war because they felt it would destabilize the region and put Israel’s security at risk. It doesn’t really matter since the neoconservatives believed they were acting in Israel’s interests. Now that Iraq and Syria are a smoldering mess and ISIS is attacking Iranian influence and the Palestinians it seems to be working out just fine for Israel.

        3. Gilad Atzmon (a jew) explains the concept of controlled opposition whereby jews embed themselves in opposition groups to oppose a certain issue that draws attention to jewish power. For example, the Palestinian rights movement, the BDS movement, anti-Zionism, etc are largely led by leftist jews. The purpose is to attack the issue but draw criticism away from the jews as a people. Atzmon explains here:

        4. They stick to a program that has worked a long time.
          Nothing intelligent about it, just clever. Don’t confuse cleverness with intelligence. It’s simply throwing a bad apple in a barrel to spoil the lot.

      2. When you legitimately criticize a Jew and they declare anti-semitism, is like when you legitimately criticize a feminist and she cries misogyny.

    3. Maybe puppet is too strong a word (and too undiplomatic a word) but its clearly not entirely fantasy. Here is Netanyahu talking casually about directing the US in the direction of his will, and Israel’s interest.
      He’s not barking orders to the US, but he is clearly unworried that the US will oppose him, or constrain him, which does raise questions given the supposed superpower status its supposed to enjoy.
      Every country has a right to talk about its national interest, the same as Israel & Netanyahu does here. There shouldn’t be anything wrong about asking in a responsible rather than an incendiary way whether another country has undue influence, or whether dual-citizenship israelis (or any other group) may have divided interests. I remember Norman Tebbitt in the UK asking of pakistani immigrants “which side would they support in a cricket match”. I’m not native UK but a non-white immigrant, but I can appreciate that sometimes those types of questions may need to get asked, even if it can be uncomfortable. Personally I think talking a bit more openly about issues that get brushed under the carpet because of political correctness or catastrophising about the possible consequences hurts all sides, and there have been jewish commentators who have said as much I think. Moreover, talking more openly about things would enable people to get a more graded picture of the situation: not every neo-conservative was jewish; the issue with america’s neo-con foreign policy / PNAC etc seems to be the conflation of US / Israeli interests rather than the latter’s tail necessarily wagging the US dog. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with having a conversation, particularly at a time when Iran (and obviously Syria) remain on the agenda

      1. I agree with a lot of what you say about overlap, conflation and having a conversation. Also, I’m aware of these debates (i.e. the Israel Lobby) and criticisms by Mearsheimer and Walt etc. I just think this conjecture is way too overblown, on the Left and Right, and was disappointed to see this article use such vivid terminology in discussing it (and the white nationalist “cuckservative” smear too).
        I’m from the UK also and remember Tebbitt’s ‘cricket test’ directed towards Asians. That is (rightly) considered racist, as supporting a sport team has obviously very little to do with identity & patriotism. For example, my (UK-born) Irish friends support Ireland – not Scotland or England in rugby & football. But they’re not subjected to ‘loyalty tests’ b/c they’re white – unlike Asians.
        In general, I think this whole line of inquiry (“dual loyalties”) is pointless, in a globalized world with a crumbling nation-state system, most people have hybrid identities & tensions/conflicts within themselves (not just American Jews).

        1. “I just think this conjecture is way too overblown” – but that’s the issue I think. When people feel an issue can’t be freely discussed it follows that it can’t be freely scrutinized either. And its that more than anything which fuels the kind of ‘leaps of imagination’ that takes us from Netanyahu expressing confidence in his ability to sway US foreign policy to quasi-conspiratorial beliefs that he or some shadowy cabal can simply bark orders and play puppet on a string. The current policy of ‘lets not go there’ may not be well-suited to a changed situation where people do have more information than they used to but lack the wherewithal to process it constructively (we evaluate discursively don’t we?). We all know things can get out of hand in a free for all (yes that’s a euphemism) which is precisely why promoting discussion of real issues, but perhaps with clear agree ground rules might actually defuse things.
          As for Tebbit, yes it was probably racist in its intention, but it was also a fair point. Sometimes loyalties do become divided. The best solution to this is probably to avoid a situation where you have such clear conflicts of interest. The vast majority of jews are not dual-citizenship so if dual-citizenship became problematic for certain offices, or maybe in just certain situations where conflict of interest could arise, that would in no way be prejudicial to the prospects or interests of the vast majority of jewish people. It would however serve to counter suspicions that Israel’s rather US interests were the primary concern of individuals enjoying such status

    4. Did you by any chance notice the number of dual Israeli-US citizens that were at the core of the pro-war movement?
      The number of them in key cabinet, think tank, and talking head positions in the media?
      Do you remember the propaganda then circa 2002? I was one of few people that was against invading Iraq, who had ZERO involvement with the 9/11 attacks. I was told I ‘hated America’ or asked “Why do you hate America”. Every news network was beating the war drums.
      It seems pretty obvious to me that Israel does have an undue influence over the US government and its foreign policy.
      AIPAC is a lobby group that not only lobbies Congress for legislation beneficial to Israel, but also influences US elections. How is that kosher?
      Why is it ok to allow dual citizens into positions of key importance in our government? Isn’t it remotely possible that at least some of those dual citizens will place their allegiance to Israel higher than their allegiance to the United States? (Rahm Emmanuel’s military career for example).
      So in my opinion Roosh has it right. And you are playing the anti-semite card exactly has he pointed out in his article.
      Why is it that in modern America, that facts can be considered hate speech?
      Like pointing out Israel’s human rights violations, their refusal to sign the NNPT, their possession of nuclear weapons, their history of spying and espionage against this country etc.
      Remember what the MSM did to Jimmy Carter when he said that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians was equal to or worse than what South Africa’s Apartheid government did.
      Double standards abound, and when it’s all said and done Israels gravy train (US Taxpayer support) and Israel’s pussy pass (can’t criticize because holocaust) will end.

    5. I’d recommend the following book for further reading:
      Unfortunately Roosh did not back up his statement, but the US government today is deeply influenced by Israeli interests at the cost of American interests. AIPAC is one of the largest (if not THE largest) lobby group in the US, and it’s the sole exception to the law that a foreign lobby must register as acting under its own nation’s interests. Israeli dual-citizens are highly active in our government and are more numerous than you’d expect – for example, the vice-chair of the Federal Reserve was the former head of the Bank of Israel ( There’s a reason dual-citizenship is illegal in many countries; no one is sure whose interests such a person is truly working for.
      I mean, heck, this has been going on for over a century now; the popular image of America as a “melting pot” of immigrants was started by a liberal Zionist for pete’s sake (,
      A more simple and easy answer is that Jews in America overwhelmingly vote Democratic (,, Just as with liberals, feminists, etc, that makes them a group that seems to be working against the interests of men such as ourselves, and should be examined.
      Now, that’s not to say Israeli influence is the be-all-end-all problem in our government. It’s just one symptom of the larger problems. But it’s a very clear and destructive issue concerning the American government today.

      1. No, that’s impossible. Everyone knows America is ruled by WASP elites and reptilian space aliens and there is no possible way that jews have anything to do with it. I’m reporting you to the ADL.

      2. Solution?
        1. End dual citizenship status. Foreign citizenship recognized for current holders. Suspend American citizenship.
        2. End foreign lobbies.
        3. No more foreign aid to Israel or any country in the Middle East.
        I’d rather live in ruins a free man than chained in a palace of vipers.

    6. He’s right goyim, criticize Bush, but never discuss Israel or jews. Remember, jews don’t have any power or influence, that’s just a canard. Good goyim.

  23. I would like to point out that white conservative political power in 15 years will depend on white men marrying white women and having sons today.

    1. Precisely the reason Draconian child support and frivorce laws are in place. Who follows these laws and is subjected to them? Largely, the straight white Christian male.
      I think you couldn’t design a genocide better than the one we are currently witnessing. I was actually thinking about this yesterday at work. I was working alongside an 8 or 9, who is in her mid-20s, who has no desire to have children even as sand flows through the biological hourglass. There’s now more sand on the bottom than the top if she wants to have healthy offspring and not endanger her own health by getting pregnant. The brainwashing of women into displacing men at work is just so painful to see. I would look at her, and just think, what a damn waste, here she is gleefully doing pointless corporate drone work for money she’ll waste on hair, makeup, and/or clubbing instead of passing along her valuable genes to the next generation.
      It’s a heart-wrenching thing to see, these young, clueless women becoming genetic dead ends by trading in motherhood to become another cog in the machine.

      1. Because of Affirmative Action, EEO & feminism, she is collecting money at a job that should belong to another man that wants to have a family and raise kids. Historically, men were the owners and gatekeepers of all professions and jobs, because it was OUR infrastructure that WE as MEN created under God’s natural law. We as men did business with and hired out jobs to our fellow brethren so that they too could attract a female, get married, have children, and support the family while the wife stayed home and took care of the kids and did other homemaking tasks to support the husband in return for his support.
        The only way this could ever stop is for an absolute complete collapse of society to occur. And it’s only going to keep progressing. Society is too far gone now to reverse anything. It would literally take every working male in society to stop what they are doing simultaneously at once nationwide, go outside their homes, and sit down in the streets and refuse to move. The infrastructure would collapse within minutes, literally. Because without males in society, there would be no one to drive trucks that move the supply chain of goods, no one to build buildings, no one to ensure the nations energy grid isoperational, etc….you get the picture. If every white male stepped out of the picture and society was handed over to women exclusively, society would be in instant chaos. However if society were to be handed back to men exclusively, we would live in a much better safer moral and more technologically advanced world than what we have today.
        Women do not belong in our workforce PERIOD. I don’t care how “book smart” or what a female’s IQ is, they have no business voting or earning money from a job. All they will ever do is vote for marxist policies and spend the money they stole from men on material items….which is exactly what a pagan would do.
        Again, whether the story of Adam and Even is literal or symbolic, it conveys a HUGE message. When given the opportunity, women will sell out mankind. They are the destroyers of society, and the luciferian elite are the enablers. Women on their own are completely powerless. But they will destroy society when enabled by the luciferian elites that currently pull the strings in todays world through their monopoly of usury via central banking.

        1. I agree with you. I’m realizing this now, and it hurts me inside to see what has been done to men and women as the Marxists obliterate the nuclear family and replace it with the State. It also makes me angry to realize this was done to us by our own government at the behest of moneyed interests, step by step, over the last 50 years.
          “When given the opportunity, women will sell out mankind. They are the destroyers of society.” I completely agree, we are witnessing this happen right now.

      2. I judge women on three scales, Physical, Ethics, Desirability, Physical is based on Immediate Beauty, Ethics is Based on her Beliefs, Personality, and Ethics, and Desirability is the Mean Final Factor you get when adding the Physical value and Ethics Value together. The 8-9 you described is based on the Physical scale,But her Ethics rating Might Lower her to a 3 or 4 because of her beliefs, add the Mean to get the final Desirability Rating and she’s a 5.5 .

        1. The Point is there is the Immediate Physical Aspect of women, then their is their Personality, I’m not talking about “Oh love her for who she is” BS, I’m talking about when a 9 starts talking about how she is Pro-Abortion Pro-Women’s Lib, then the Ethics Factor kicks in and she becomes more like a 5-6 on the Desirability Rating, I have no need for a 9 that is a bitch or will attempt to make my life a living hell, I think women Mentally are like Children, but the Ethics Factor is designed to factor wether she is a spoiled Entitled Brat, or well behaved.

        2. Right. They all believe that bullshit “equality” nonsense until we get right up to the point where men have no option (see Selective Service as one example). Women want all of the options that men have but not the responsibilities that we are forced to carry.
          They want “selective equality” – the nice benefits; none of the burden.

        3. Humble, God-fearing women are marriage material… Too bad they are extremely rare in this degenerate society.

      3. Yeah, and on the other side of that coin I’m seeing men in their late 20s having children with the most lowly and substandard trash you could imagine.
        My guess is that all these dazzling, Jewish PUA promises fell through and these burned out men figured they’d just settle for the next fatty. It’s horrible, this is our posterity.
        The hotties are not reproducing, and our measly posterity is in the hands of fatties!
        This is ALL the fault of White men, because you faggots fail to form syndicates with each other. Just look at what happened at Rotherham. If you faggots had your own gang imagine what you could achieve. Instead of raping 1400 girls, we’d have 1400 new White families.
        It is White men who are failing at the moment and you have no one else to blame right now other than yourselves.
        I can say with a clear consciousness that I did my best to get out there and try to organize you faggots into networks, but you people just don’t get it.

        1. There are a lot of defectives in White Nationalist movements. They have an aversion to work and holding down a job. They want to be Aristocrats of some sort. Most of them are not the sort of people you would want representing you. The Dr. Pierces, the Glen Millers, cointellpro.

    2. LOL you can kiss that goodbye. Firstly, most young whites are not liberals. secondly there is going to be a wave of latino children. 50% of the kids born today and since 2008 are hispanics. 18% blacks. With all the legal immigration Asians are around another 10-15% by the time these kids reach 18. Whites aren’t going to be much more than 22% of the population in the long run. And that is assuming zero miscegenation when all many white men want to do is marry an asian girl. And so many white women are lining up to sleep with black athletes.
      You are hard pressed to find a conservative on campus today. Its values are inconsistent with youth culture and come across as mean spirited against minorities who are now becoming a collective majority. Alot of the policies like defunding minority schools, making it harder for blacks to get loans actually serve no real purpose except to make their lives harder and create more liberal voters. If they actually got a business loan and had to face a business reality and taxes and see how much the government was robbing them they might actually vote republican purely for economic reasons. But this is how republicans shoot themselves in the foot. Their mean spiritedness often backfires.
      If they funded minority schools better then more of them would go on to work into higher paying jobs and then they might make $80k a year and see the government take 35k and say wtf is this, I am voting republican. But instead they don’t get their, so they blame republicans for ruining their education.

  24. It is mistaken to think the republicrats were ever trying to defeat anybody for real. It is all a show, just like the WWE. Nobody is collapsing, they are MERGING. Both parties are and have long been controlled by the elite dynastic clans. They and the Vatican control everything. Yes, for all of you brownshirts out there, that includes Israel.

    1. Seconded. It’s just a big game of good-cop-bad-cop, except one side’s good cop is the other side’s bad cop, and vice versa.

  25. Republicans and neoconservatives (cuckservatives, or conservacucks) are only interested in conserving their pocketbooks. They have no problem selling out their people or their culture, letting it collapse under the weight of feminism and immigrants/minorities, as long as they can get a few easy shekels in the process.
    As Roosh said, the problem with apathetic conservatism is that as the political landscape inevitably shifts left, the “conservatives” by nature have to shift left with it. Any politician who suggests that the vote be taken away from women and given only to white male taxpayers or landowners would have been accepted in the early 20th century, but today such a position in politics is unheard of. In a decade or two, the best conservative “victory” we can hope for is preventing women and dogs from marrying.
    As an example, one of the most prolific Republican donors is Sheldon Adelson – he is active in Israel, and the 18th richest person in the world ( He says “I’m basically a social liberal” and is pro-abortion and pro-illegal immigration (,
    Seeing how Israel-focused this article was, I can’t recommend enough the following book – it’s a bit cut-and-dry but strictly factual and well-sourced.
    Good article Roosh.

    1. I always ask any generic mainstream cuckservative “what exactly are you conserving?” Usually have an interesting conversation from that point.

  26. Pat Buchanan is one of my mentors, and he and many others of the “Old Right” have been screaming these things for years, but the din from the New Right (Neocon) drowned them out.
    The W. Administration did irreparable harm to the (especially Christian) Conservative brand and handed the 2008 election to the Left on a silver platter, a trend I fear won’t change anytime soon.
    Subsequently, I’ve seen a lot of reports about how another “big one” is set to shake San Fransisco. I wouldn’t be surprised.

    1. Pat Buchanan was demonized for telling the unaltered, no bullshit truth. Would have made a great President. Very smart man with practical solutions to issues politicians can’t begin to grasp.

  27. This explains the “Make Texas Blue” movement. If the heartland breaks out, it risks being landlocked. So the leftoids want to Californicate Texas to prevent the heartland from flourishing and turn it into another Afghanistan.
    Texas MUST NOT FALL.

    1. They are afraid of Texas – it gets less than a dollar back for every dollar it sends to Washington, and it is one of the only states that could economically support itself, were it to secede.

    2. Whites are well on their way to becoming the minority in Texas. The border isn’t going to close any time soon

      1. It’s true. I live in Houston. Everywhere I go, other than my apartment complex and my work, I hear Spanish more than I hear English.

    3. also, texas has the best women in the US. closest we get to russian women over here. i’d hate to see them change.

    4. I moved to Texas from Chicago. I live in Austin, the San Francisco of Texas. I love living here, but it is hipster, liberal central. The biggest complaint I hear from people in Austin is the invasion by former Californians. And there’s a lot of them coming in.

  28. Roosh, drop the diet of news. Treat it like it’s candy or something and limit your intake of it to know more than ten to fifteen minutes a day. It’s bad for you. Take it from someone who has had the opportunity to view every local newscast from every local station in the entire United States literally at the same time, with regards to time zones. Except for names, they are identical. They want you to feel bad and down in the mouth about everything. Why would you want to buy the product designed to make you feel bad about your fellow human beings?
    The political elites live to divide, that is how they derive their power and they are well aware of it. Race, color, gender, culture, income….they don’t care. They are also mostly irrelevant to the way most people live their day to day lives, especially here in the 21st century. They tell you white nationalism is on the rise? Perhaps that’s why so many whites, of both sexes, are entering into friendships and relationships with other races and cultures? They try to tell women that all men are out to rape and oppress them, and the women head out looking, ultimately, for a man that will choose to care for them and give them the tingles.
    Israel is a bit player in all of this, and I can’t really blame them. The Arabs surrounding them have openly stated what they would do if they happen to overrun the place. As it is, I believe the Arabs could choose peace but that would mean they would have no one but themselves to blame for their failures.
    You have written some good articles, whether I tend to agree with the article in question or not. This is not an example of your stronger work.

    1. “Race, color, gender, culture, income….they don’t care. They are also
      mostly irrelevant to the way most people live their day to day lives,
      especially here in the 21st century. They tell you white nationalism is
      on the rise? Perhaps that’s why so many whites, of both sexes, are
      entering into friendships and relationships with other races and
      People always say the above right before a country breaks apart.

  29. Conservatives are fools. You cannot be a conservative when there is literally nothing left to conserve! Conservatives are nothing more than the designated court jesters who play their role in exchange for room and board in the castle. The right must understand..our civilisation is DEAD. What remains is a parasite that has grown in its flesh. It is not the west, it is the anti-west. It is not our civilisation, it is our conqueror. We must become revolutionaries and radicals. Our goal must not be preservation, but destruction of the current order.

    1. This is the essence of Reaction. Ride the tiger until the whole thing implodes, then fight like hell to rebuild the ‘bigoted’ past on Modernity’s ashes.

  30. Roosh, with all due respect, I thought you can’t stand America, as I remember you saying that to a woman you were gaming in one of your more recent articles. It is impressive that you still bother to care enough to comment on our broken political system, but in my opinion you are living the dream by traveling abroad to less broken countries and doing what you wish. With that in mind, why travel to New York recently and your (seeming) interest in your dreadful, rotten feminazi home country? Just curious…

  31. Very astute commentary Roosh. Honestly, this couldn’t have come too soon as within the last 24 hours this article was issued from our friendly newspaper, The New York Times. Take a look at this brief assessment of race relations.
    In addition to that errant statement, I’ve witnessed the Happy Nigger Day celebration on the 3rd Monday of every January and some of the comments directed at blacks on this site. This site has an established hierarchy of intelligent thought before a final argument is made but the general populace is led by feelings. And just on first glance, we naturally appear to be the right.
    I find our cause to be less unilateral than new right and more in league with family traditional. Having been weened on the tit of the American dream, many of us, migrant or not, aspire to the life, liberty, and freedoms afforded in this great country. The only sad fact is that now the banks and sexism have a strong influence on who is in charge and who will gain the most resources.
    The end of the day, let us not be blind but practical. We can still sleep with all the money we need to in America. We can still find quality wives, albeit with the vetting of the C.I.A. In America. We can still improve our lot in life and gain resources to live a rich and even hedonistic lifestyle. But at the same token we must continue to impart knowledge of the current events in America. We must be armed with knowledge about our laws. We must be aware of traditional arts, books, and cultures, especially with all the ways the current environment intends to rob us of that.
    Don’t get coy now that we have named names. Just be ready to fuck America with the biggest hard on you can so it births the baby you truly want for you and your family. Good Luck Gentlemen and Women.

  32. They’re called respectable conservatives. And they are worse enemies than the liberals.
    The liberals tell you they want to destroy you. The conservatives just wait to stab you in the back. Despicable. There is no difference between the two, except the respectable conservative will try to co-opt your interests to destroy them.

  33. “a country that was founded on Puritan religious values”. The proverbial guy at the gun-range wondering this, while having the right intentions, is ignorant of history. The Constitution and Declaration of Independence were products of the Enlightenment-era thought. The anti-tradition, anti-religious cultural tides we see today are the grotesque great-great grandchildren of anti-monarchist, pro-reason, pro-individual rights, European philosophical movements that started several hundred years ago, not something that has popped up out of nowhere in the last 100 years. If we’re going to be intellectually honest, I think we need to go back historically and look at where we stand today in relation to the Enlightenment. Paging Quintius.

    1. The puritan hypothesis works in conjunction with this. You see, the Puritans were the natural result of Enlightenment destruction of the Church authorities. Once the priestly caste was removed, the entire religious landscape became a holiness spiral, with one group declaring war against the other with NO go ahead from a proper priesthood.
      The reason the Modern SJWs are compared to them is because they have inherited this legacy of endless holiness contests, except now instead of arguing over how Churches have to look like homeless shelters, they argue over who can be the most gay-friendly or pro-feminist.
      You are correct though, it does begin ultimately with the Enlightenment.

  34. Okay, that Israel “thingy”. I support Israel but for very simplistic reasons, it’ functions like a liberal democracy. Nothing more. If it didn’t function like one, I wouldn’t support it. My reasons for supporting Israel are no different than the reasons I have for supporting the UK, Australia, and the nations of Europe. There, it’s out there for you guys to tell me your reasons for not supporting Israel. I’d like to hear what you have to say.

    1. I don’t support Israel because it’s a liberal democracy. I think Jews should have a state of their own, and it should be a Jewish state, but the fact that it is a liberal democracy makes it part of the problem, just like the UK, Australia, and the nations of Europe.

      1. Okay, I’ll clarify. I support nations that protect individual rights, allow citizens to govern through elected representatives, and subject the funding of government to electoral outcomes. These are some of the most important features of a liberal democracy. Do you have a problem with this?

        1. Yes. Hence why I am a Reactionary. I favor pre-Enlightenment forms of government.
          1) Rights are a concept invented by John Locke which have no grounding prior to him. Moral relationships are correctly assessed in all Traditional religions and cultures as a system of duties and obligations, not rights.
          2) citizens governing through elections creates an endless succession of increasingly terrible and corrupt politicians, who get elected by promising to bankrupt the treasury and overturn the culture in favor of the ‘oppressed’.
          3) The funding of the government being subjected to electoral outcomes results in Greece.

        2. Okay, do you think pre-Enlightenment forms of government can work in a large territory or a small territory. I have my preference for liberal democratic forms of government but I am not in favor of “spreading democracy” to places were it may not be wanted.
          Here is a question: suppose there were a purely capitalist society. The only thing that the government did would collect revenue through a method that had nearly no impact on the citizens in order to fund the defense of the nation and protect the property rights of the citizens. Do you think a group of people in such a society can voluntarily assemble together into a community and govern themselves in a manner based on the ideas you presented?

        3. Pre-Enlightenment forms of government have a track record working over both, in the small territory as kingdoms, and in the large territory as imperiums. Kingdoms are on average however more stable.
          I don’t follow your query. Could a pre-Enlightenment form of government have pure capitalism? No. Nor would it have socialism obviously. It would have guild-structured economics, which means that trade itself (excluding media items which would be under scrutiny by the priestly authorities) would be highly unregulated, but what would be regulated simply by custom would be one’s destiny in the workplace. So, if you were a farmer, your children would be farmers. Their children would also be farmers. They would inherit a familial trade legacy.
          Compared to the current economic situation, this form of economy is actually more regulation-free than anything in the Western world today. Nobody is going to shut you down selling lemonade anywhere.

      2. Why is it only people of Jewish faith can have a state of their own and every other nation a failed experiment of mass immigration and diversity? Israel has strict laws on immigration. That shit would never fly in any western nation.

    2. Israel does not extend full equality to the residents of the occupied territory. The best solution would be to integrate the two areas into one country with full and equal citizenship for both Palestinians and Israelis. Additionally Israel will not declare it’s borders, nor will it sign the non nuclear proliferation treaty which even Iran has signed.

        1. That’s not as big a deal as some of the other things that Israel gets away with. Great Britain doesn’t have a written constitution either. If a sovereign country doesn’t want to write a constitution I could care less. If the residents of that sovereign country live in my country and complain about segregation yet practice it at home I am bother by it. If the residents that sovereign country have an immigration policy that is very restrictive yet expect the US to be the human landfill to the world I have a major problem with that.

        1. Every country in the world that has nuclear weapons has signed the non nuclear proliferation treaty, except Israel. Every country in the Middle East has declared it’s borders except Israel. The reason Israel won’t sign the non nuclear proliferation treaty, is it has every intention of selling or using that technology when necessary. The reason Israel will not declare it’s borders, is because Israel plans on acquiring land from the surrounding nations.

      1. The best solution would be to integrate the two areas into one country with full and equal citizenship for both Palestinians and Israelis.

        That’s how it used to be until the Arabs started rioting against the Jews, and so it was decided to split the two groups up into different countries.

    3. Israel functions like apartheid South Africa, which was also a democracy. Funny coincidence, they were close allies while it lasted.
      Here we are, up in arms that Iran has the audacity to want nukes, well how does anyone thing Israel got them in the first place? They stole the technology to build them – flat out. This is well documented, not some urban legend. And they still have yet to sign the non-proliferation treaty while we expect the rest of the middle east to do so.
      Israel has the unmitigated gall to be upset and surprised when Iran wants nukes. Unbelievable. If this is what our “best ally” is supposed to bring, I’m not seeing the benefit.

  35. Conservative or Liberal more power ends up in the hands of the state. The only person who offers any change from the status quo is Rand Paul.

      1. He can be somewhat lacklustre when I’ve seen him debating on television. Something you can’t really accuse Trump of.

    1. Stop quoting Aaron Clarey. Get your own original line.
      Besides, why the fuck would anybody enjoy this decline???

      1. Who the fuck is Aron Clarey? I been enjoying the decline since I bailed out of the Navy in 1982. With a nice pile of dough, guns, bikes and some pussy once in a while, why not enjoy the decline? You can’t change anything so the hell with it. Just let it go to hell, they don’t care what we think

  36. All politicians are prostitutes. Hang around them enough and you’re liable to catch something. Besides, you could waste a lifetime trying to effect change via the “system,” or take effective steps changing your own life.

  37. Great article, Roosh.
    Three points I’d like to add:
    1. Any kind of conservativsm (or right-wing ideology) that is more opposed to a non-Christian man as president than to a woman, isn’t worth saving. Any kind of conservative (or right-wing) activist who is full of hate towards Muslims, immigrants, refugees or the LGBTQIIASSXSTD² community but a white knight towards women of his own race, thinking that anti-feminist men are “creepy losers” and so on, isn’t worth saving, either. (I’ve met my fair share of people who defendend Zionist terrorist Anders Breivik(!) but turned into white white knights when I spoke about feminism…) From what I’ve heard the audience at your events was pretty young, whereas the old right is mostly attractive to the 60+ demographic. No surprise here.
    To quote Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn: “There is a masculine tendency in National-Socialist womanhood. To be a man is also the great dream of many an enthusiastic Hitler girl.” This is true for many wings of conservatism: right-wing woman who also want to be a man…
    2. Any kind of conservatism (or right-wing ideology) that is only opposed to SJW, Islam and Islamic countries because they think that more force and violence is needed to get Muslims into accepting the SJW narrative, isn’t conservative at all but just a SJW who prefers other tools to spread the message. Islamic countries aren’t the enemy and did much better, btw, under rulers such as Hussein or Gaddafi who combined some elements of nationalism, some of socialism, some of Islam and a little bit of pan-arabism. Before USrael then decided that strong national states and rulers who have control over their countries’ oil and resources need to go and bombed them into the weakness of chaos, civil war and batshit crazy ISIS.
    3. Talking about capitalism – to quote Alain de Benoist: “Whoever criticizes capitalism, while approving immigration, whose working class is its first victim, had better shut up. Whoever criticizes immigration, while remaining silent about capitalism, should do the same.” Conservatives and right-wingers need to be more critical towards capitalism. You don’t need to go full Marxist but more de Benoist, less Ron Paul wouldn’t hurt. “Real capitalism” isn’t some romantic sunset exchange of goods between the farmer John Wayne and the horse breeder Gary Cooper. As long as you don’t understand that, you’ll never really understand why the GOP is not really opposed to cheap-labor immigration now.

  38. The right did not adjust to changes in the media landscape as fast or as well as the left. For the last fifteen years media power has disintegrated in its former strong holds of New York and Los Angeles and risen in Silicon Valley. Media is now a product of code and technical know how, not expensive analog and rare equipment. When the new media infrastructure was put into place it was done so by computer science majors that probably didn’t give a hoot about politics, but of what they did know of it they received from their elite Ivy League schools. In short when leftist wanted to use these new communication technologies to push their agenda, the technical geniuses at Silicon Valley shrugged their shoulders and said sure, and followed their lead on these issues. The right was completely caught off guard by this, and still is to this day. It seems that if the right wants to gain access it is going to need to start creating communication forms that are not under the influence of the leftist now embedded in Silicon Valley. We need are own twitter, our own facebook, our own reddit, where anything anti open border can’t be deemed “hate speech.”

  39. Missed one thing, move to a Constitutional Carry state, then go to the gun range. We can still vote with our feet.

  40. The Neocons, who coincidentally(not) belong to a certain Tribe, are almost entirely responsible for getting us involved in the Middle East, where we have no reason to be.

  41. Its misleading to say reps are getting their strings pulled by israel when 75% of jewish americans give their money and votes to dems. The reps get accused of being beholden to oil rich persian gulf states. Either way the average american gets sucked into conflicts he knows nothing about.

    1. There are Jewish billionaires who give money to Republicans. For example Sheldon Adelson gave $100 million to the Republicans in the last presidential election cycle. All Republicans must kiss his ring when running for the presidential office. Mr. Adelson is pro Israel (no surprise), wants to protect his Los Vegas casino empire, is pro-choice in the United States and pro-life in Israel. Mr. Adelson is not the only Jewish person who supports abortion in the US and opposes it in Israel.

  42. One thing I look forward to is peak oil. The more I research it the more it seems to be the cold hard truth in the imminent future. We use so much of a resource and now it’s going through deflation. Since the economy runs on oil, a lower price is a signal of a slowdown in the world economy. The return of right wing traditional thought will be on par with reduced resources. We can pretend that leftists will be strong in this environment but that’s false because they can’t maintain their promises. What I mean to say is when looking at liberal countries (even Marxist ones) they only survive and thrive if they have an abundance of resources. When they don’t they’re like North Korea but sometimes even worse.
    Whatever you do don’t give up any more rights to anything. Giving up gun rights for instance would be the biggest mistake you could possibly make. It would be like throwing away life jackets and life boats before the Titanic hits the iceberg. It would be a monumental mistake, from those ashes a new political conservative will rise again. This time, nothing will stop him. A good example is the Islamic State, regardless of what you believe about them (and all the media non-stop 24/7 brainwashing you and labeling them as monsters) they are winning. They might get some secret funding from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and maybe the CIA/ZOG pigs, but at the end of the day they are overtly fighting the whole world. That’s what conservatism is, violence, fighting for what you want, for what you think is right! I’d much rather root for them then the faggots of the Western world so anesthetized with their porn, beer, tv, smart phones, and junk food. I’m not going to join them, mind you, but if I was Sunni Muslim I would consider it.
    American conservatives might as well join with american democrats to make one political party, known as the American democrats. Same difference really. Just maintain your rights and keep cool, the system is slowly but surely cracking. In 10 years new empires will finally be able to form, history will be able to change for the first time in forever! It’s already happening in Africa and the Middle East, so how long should we wait? That’s up to you.
    And if you’re still worried, don’t be, it’s the natural progression of empires:
    This will change your life

  43. This article would be more accurate if you had said:
    “it’s time to stick a fork in the American REPUBLICAN establishment. Within five years, their collective influence and power will be less than Kim Kardashian in terms of affecting culture and politics. They have made so many blunders and mistakes in the past twenty years that their survival is now impossible”
    No offense Roosh, but the left has been saying that we are “done” since the days of Bill Clinton’s back to back presidency. If anything, liberal hegemony only serves to bolster true conservative solidarity, in that people who are on the fence tend to move to the right once they realize they don’t believe the social BS that the Dems tend to promulgate heavily, and those who consider themselves independent tend to vote for the right to try and rectify the damage done by D related dominion that takes place whenever a D president and a D congress are a matter of fact.
    I’m glad you made the distinction between REAL conservatives and the neocon fakes, however i wish you had used the term “paleoconservative” to further emphasize the distinction. REAL conservatives do not support the neocon endeavors of the pseudo right, and despite the fact that the republican party will soon go the way of the Whig (thanks to the establishment GOP winning the civil war) it by no means that conservatism itself will die out.
    Why do you think ROK often gets branded a “conservative” site, even if some of our members would scoff at the distinction?
    So long as we keep the spirit of true American excellence (encompassing social values, fiscal responsibility and foreign restraint) conservatism itself in the US will NEVER die…we will merely go into the shadows until the dust from the collapse of this unsustainable matriarchy has settled, and then rebuild a bigger better and brighter republic on the ashes of the deformed one. Conservatism will still exist long after social justice progressivism burns on the ash heap of history. I look forward to the day when paleoconservatives rise from the ruins to piss out the flames.
    “Their resident rock star feminist, who to her credit is slightly sympathetic to the plight of men, is less knowledgeable about gender relations than a senior Return Of Kings commenter”
    Interesting. I see you were being intentionally cryptic here. At first i thought you were talking about “K Street” but since you mentioned NY it’s obvious i was mistaken. I’ll bet you’re referring to MIPR aren’t you? (Manhattan Institute for Policy Research) Bill Kristol is a prominent member of theirs and since you mentioned him here, i would like to point out that they function more as liberaltarians than actual conservatives, regardless of their comments to the contrary. (If i was right in my speculation to begin with)
    As for the “rockstar” you mentioned, i can’t think of anyone accurately filling that description other than the feminist Sarah Palin, who isn’t a member.
    The female members of MIPR are: Regina Herzlinger, Kay S Hymowitz, Heather MacDonald and Judy Miller.
    As for the other keyword you shared (feminist) one name comes to mind: Kay Hymowitz. It’s her, isn’t it? She writes extensively about feminism from a “love/hate” perspective so i’ll bet it’s her.
    ” The Republicans are so hopeless that it’s just a matter of time until they fully back an open borders Presidential candidate who is married to a Mexican woman that doesn’t even speak English.”
    I think so too, but don’t count out Marco Rubio. He’s proven to be a reliable establishment type who has supported amnesty, wants to throw in the towel on homo marriage privilege (Iike romney did in massachusetts) and so forth. Jeb Bush like Hillary Clinton are damaged goods to both parties, and i think that the Republican GOP will likely get behind their establishment version of obama…which in my opinion would be Rubio. I predict them trying to mirror obama’s run with a Rubio related “minority” candidate run. At any rate, it should be interesting to see.
    With regard to your views on Trump, i think you are giving him way too much credit. Yes, he is saying the things that Whites and conservatives believe (including this Hispanic paleoconservative) but Trump’s conservative credentials are greatly exaggerated. He’s contributed to democrats in the past and some of his views are iffy at best. He reminds me of Ross Perot in that he is a wild card sort that likely exists to siphon votes away from legitimately conservative candidates, like Ted Cruz. The fact that he can speak what he believes (and what he thinks others believe) off the cuff has more to do with him having F U money than anything else. I would never support a Trump presidency for that reason, and i don’t recommend anyone who considers themselves a paleoconservative or considers themselves conservative leaning to do so either. He is at best a mascot of what we believe in, and not to be trusted.
    “What will happen is a strong pro-Israel portion of the Democratic party will be generously funded to ensure Israel’s safety, permitting the complete collapse of the Republican establishment.”
    I sincerely doubt this will happen. I can count supporters of Israel in the D party on one hand and still have enough fingers to flip someone off a couple of times. What i think is more likely to happen is that the R’s will simply continue to exist as the pepsi to the coca cola of the democrat party until they reach a certain point. The more the R’s move left in order to catch up to the voters of the left itself (and the liberaltarians in between) the more the party will fade into obscurity, until it finally reinvents itself as a political machine for social liberals who have fiscal conservative leanings to support. In other words, the republicans will finally cast off the veneer of conservatism and call themselves the party for the “libertarian.” Once they embrace the Ron Paul types you can pretty much kiss the conservative demographic goodbye, since Paul’s supporters tend to be hybrid liberals themselves.
    The conservative demographic will be then be officially disenfranchised but only the stupid CINO’s (conservative in name only) will be affected by this, since real paleoconservatives have already emancipated themselves from the R’s because they know where their true loyalties lie. (I fall in this latter category)
    As far as Israel itself, if you’ve ever wondered why the US always had such a strong tie to it (pre obama) it’s because it dates back to the Country’s formation. Apparently, a bunch of Jews gave lodging and support to Washington while he was fighting the revolutionary war, and he made himself a covenant with them, promising them that “every one shall sit in safety under his own vine and fig tree, and there shall be none to make him afraid” which Washington paraphrased from the scriptural book of Zechariah, in chapter 3:10:
    “In that day, saith the LORD of hosts, shall ye call every man his neighbour under the vine and under the fig tree.
    This and the existence of Haym Solomon, a Jew who helped bankroll Washington’s revolutionaries (they were practically broke at the time) as well as other examples of Jewish support of the fledgling dream of the US lends credence to my belief that there has been an unofficial covenant of sorts between the US and Israel that became strained in recent anti semitic years and was officially broken by obama with his obvious contempt of all things Israel.
    Israel for its part has broken its own covenant with God, in that most Israelis don’t even believe in the messiah…they reject Jesus and i suspect that is partly the reason God has allowed them to be surrounded by their enemies, as they were so many centuries ago. Some people never learn.
    The US for its part is suffering for many things, and breaking this spiritual covenant with Israel is partly the reason. I’m sure you and others would disagree on that point and that’s fine, it’s just my opinion.
    but i digress…
    “It will be a battle between the coastal elites and the conservative heartland, and the only question I wonder is if the rebellion will be done under the banner of Christianity or not (it should, since atheists do not possess the necessary morality and societal templates to sustain a healthy nation).”
    I completely agree. (paleo)conservatism is the political extension of a Christian’s beliefs. Not all conservatives are necessarily Christian but all authentic Christians are by political extension, paleoconservative.
    I thought i’d end this spiel with an undeniable agreement with you.

    1. By saying “conservative establishment” I’m referring to the Republicans and their associates in think tanks and the media, not conservative citizens.

      1. Understood, but your wording seemed to tether conservative philosophy with the republican party, hence my response.
        Others seemed to gain confusion from the article, but for the most part i understood what you meant, and agreed with it where specified.

    2. “…the left has been saying that we are “done” since the days of Bill Clinton’s back to back presidency.”
      Since Barry Goldwater’s campaign in 64′.

  44. I take issue with lumping NeCons with true conservatives in any way. I can’t think of any “conservative” values NeoCons possess. They are basically (mostly) Jewish Trotskyites who managed to hoodwink the American public by adding the word “conservative” to their name.

  45. Give me another Bush, McCain or Romney (He was Governor of Massachusetts for Christ’s Sake!), RINOs, all of them, I’m sitting home. Democrats might as well win and be responsible for the decline. Trump likely won’t make it to the Convention, but I’d go vote for him at least. We’d have cheaper energy and bring back robotic manufacturing, maybe slow down the onslaught from Mexico. As for Islam, they’re rooted here now and growing, so in fifty years or so, the spoils will go to the Hispanics or the Islamics, who knows which?
    As I’ve said before, pile up your dough, buy whatever toys make you happy, stay single, sire no kids and enjoy the life you have. You, me, nor we are ever going to be able to slow down the snowball. America as promised 40 years back is DEAD. They don’t give a shit about the snowball, so why should I? “The Hell with it” should become part of every man’s vocabulary when it comes to the body politic. Trump or no Trump, this country is over as an entity of decency in society in general and women in particular. Obama really set things in motion and every perverted sex/gender-based freak show entity is clebrated now and that IS a race to the bottom. It truly is a race to the bottom and I’m not interested anymore in arguing in favor of trying to save the miserable state of things in the United States. Just relax and watch it get worse and worse, knowing the roots of all of it are in the feminist order of things. Hey, for a couple of hundred years it was something to see though, wasn’t it?

    1. …”Obama really set things in motion and every perverted sex/gender-based
      freak show entity is clebrated now and that IS a race to the bottom”…
      Now that same sex marriage got rammed through under obama, there’s going to be an avalanche of faggots from around the world migrating to america.

  46. The “success” of Donald Trump’s joke candidacy points only to the utter stupidity of conservatives. This column serves to confirm that. Most amusing to see what passes for thought in the right wing sewer though!

  47. …and the only question I wonder is if the rebellion will be done under
    the banner of Christianity or not (it should, since atheists do not
    possess the necessary morality and societal templates to sustain a
    healthy nation).

    It’s a mistake to rally under Christianity since it was Jesus’ teachings that made conservatives weak in the first place:

    You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’
    But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.
    And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.
    If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.

    Is it any wonder why Christian Conservatives are always capitulating?

    1. “It’s a mistake to rally under Christianity since it was Jesus’ teachings that made conservatives weak in the first place:”
      Your selections of scripture doesn’t support your statement, more so when you are interpreting it incorrectly and with the typically condescending view someone who is unfamiliar with scripture as a whole has.
      The verse about the cheek doesn’t mean to let people screw you over. In the roman days it was commonplace to strike someone (of a lesser status) on the side of a cheek as a sign of great insult, however if the person who was struck turned the other cheek, the striker would then have to use his other hand to give equal offense, and that would have meant elevating the person struck as an equal. That is what Jesus meant.
      Your research much like your perspective is flawed indeed.

      1. That sounds like Christian hamstering. How do you explain Jesus’ insistence on ‘loving your enemies and those who persecute you’?
        And what about the whole vicarious redemption thing? Dying for other people’s sins doesn’t seem to be in accordance with right-wing principles or masculinity in general.
        I understand where you’re coming from. In a backlash against the Left’s moral relativism, you latch on to the most immediate moral system you can find. Christianity ends up being the popular choice because that’s the philosophy most of us were raised under, but there are better alternatives.

        1. No hamstering at all, at least not from me. We are supposed to love our enemies, it’s the manner in which we love them that you are misunderstanding. God would not want us to throw away our lives and allow us to be cut down from a simple offense which is what would take place under your misinterpretation of scripture.
          You don’t think it’s “masculine” to lay down your life for those you love, for brothers friends and countrymen? Then you must consider the US military an organization rooted in non-masculinity, because essentially it’s the same thing.
          No, you don’t understand me at all. You simply make the ASSumption that i “latch” on to faith as a crutch of sorts because the left is so intimidating because of its non faith.
          You don’t know a thing about me, what i’ve been through or what i’ve come to understand. I was an atheist years ago and what i’ve come to understand ever since then is, faith isn’t a crutch, it’s a tool that leads one to construct things which invariably lead to benefits for mankind, even if some misused it for their own unscriptural purposes.
          Before you speak on scripture, i suggest you actually study it far deeper than your comments would indicate.

        2. You don’t think it’s “masculine” to lay down your life for those you love, for brothers friends and countrymen? Then you must consider the US military an organization rooted in non-masculinity, because essentially
          it’s the same thing.

          I don’t think it’s masculine to lay down your life for your enemies, to take punishment for someone else’s wrongdoings. What would you say about a soldier who volunteered to be executed in order to spare ISIS or Al Qaeda of punishment?

          …faith isn’t a crutch, it’s a tool that leads one to construct things which invariably lead to benefits for mankind

          No, that tool would be Reason. Skyscrapers aren’t built by wishing them into existence. They’re built with logic and our knowledge of math and physics.

        3. The bible isn’t saying to lay down your life for your enemies, it’s saying to lay down your life for your friends. It says to pray for your enemies, and wish them no harm. Big difference.
          “No, that tool would be Reason. Skyscrapers aren’t built by wishing them into existence. They’re built with logic and our knowledge of math and physics.”
          Reason is only one component when it comes to discovering the truth. Reason is part of the “how” of universal truth, faith is part of the “why.” The”how” of a skyscraper being built is important, but so is the “why.” Knowledge of math and physics can never answer the why, because that question gets answered long before the first schematic is designed and the first geometrial equation is solved. Don’t be so obtuse.
          Do you really think that God doesn’t exist because reason hasn’t proven Him to exist? Let me put it this way…if reason is so all powerful, can you use reason to disprove the existence of God?

    2. your characterization would appear to completely neglect over 1500 years of actual Christian governance which was martial and authoritarian in character

  48. The officer corps has been pretty thorougjly infiltrated by Christian Dominionists.
    Was the think tabk AEI?

  49. Even Christians today are moving to the left. A good half of Christians accept gay marriage, Bible study leaders now have tattoos and justify their choice with verses, hookers for Jesus, and of course praising single mom’s for their hard work.
    Meanwhile, the born again preachers and leaders will not only condemn a 19 year old for hitting on a Christian girl but also go out of their way to greatly exaggerate the distress he caused on the women.

  50. This is what happens when the percentage of whites keep dropping. They become marginalized and called “racist” and have trouble winning elections anymore. Meanwhile, racist politicians who openly hate white people get 90% of the non-white vote.

  51. Regardless of political party, any candidate for national office is absolute toast if they do not support the AIPAC agenda. Political graveyards are full of those who challenged that rule. Democrat and Republican parties are both utterly owned and the entire legislature is compromised. I knew Roosh would get a rash of anti-semitic tattooing from the ADL for his comments, but I’m glad he still stands by his correct observations – more people need to learn to push back.
    Though it is encouraging to witness Trump finally standing up where the so-called conservatives have not, even he will be subject to approval by the AIPAC gatekeepers. The American government has been led around by Zionist interests for decades, I do not see that situation changing in the near future.
    Moreover, in spite of how bad things are for the average guy and how awful race relations have turned in the past seven years, I do not see a significant increase in supremacist or other separatist groups with the power to wage revolution anywhere on the horizon. With legal pot, cheap alcohol and ubiquitous porn and video games, it would take quite a lot to motivate anyone into anything resembling organized armed conflict with the establishment.
    A couple of years ago, we witnessed a president get re-elected with an over 8% unemployment rate – something unthinkable not so long ago. Fact is you do not even need a job today in order to survive. But maybe when the gravy train finally runs dry, we may see an abrupt halt to the apathy, for now the powers that be will do whatever it takes to keep the masses placated and distracted – including confiscating 401k plans (via taxation) from baby boomers to fund the habits of the mouth breathers in the lower echelons.
    But when it all ends, and end it will, it will not end well.

  52. I’m not going to search for the comment mentioning the AmRen article about Cuckservatives, but I posted the following comment there, and it was removed.
    Pearlbuck 3 hours ago Removed
    Those clowns are exactly what is wrong with “conservatives” today. I’ll never visit that site again. But I will make sure to mock their cowardice every chance I get.

  53. Okay, the right wing of the citizen journalist bloggers are just beginning to see this term “cuckservatives”. The comments section for what I am about to post, along with the article itself, brandishes a subtle surprise at this term and it’s potential implications. Here is a comment from the comments section for the article I am about to link:
    “The ROK cuckservative article annoyed me so much I deleted the bookmark.”
    Here is the link to the article at “Ace of Spades”.
    I’d like to make a slight adjustment. The comments for this article on Hot Air are a mixed bag. Here is another comment to offer balance:
    “I guess years of liberals pushing gay rights and white guilt maybe created something eh? If you’re going to be blamed you might as well fight.”

  54. Golden Dawn, Hitler’s Nationalist Socialists… both parties were explicitly anti-cuckservative.
    Hitler despised bourgeoisie values that are such a prominent part of middle class America. They are incompatible with our survival. Time to think more collectively.
    You cannot beat Jewish tribalism with White individualism.
    White Nationalists want to save their race. Cuckservatives want to save their money.

    1. You get props for not separating Hitler from socialism. It is important to keep the two married because they are inseparable. And when I say socialism, I mean the use of government to manage the economy in ways that promote the interests of the state. The Soviet Union, China, and the Khmer Rouge were also states where the government sought to manage the economy in an attempt to promote the interests of the state. Question: what does Hitler’s Germany have in common with the other states I mentioned?

      1. In that regard then Hitler’s National Socialist Germany was a stunning success. During the 30s when the rest of the world was in a Jewish-induced depression and Roosevelt was thumb twiddling, Hitler’s Socialist Germany was the envy of the world. The most miraculous economic recovery in history.
        I don’t see any commonalities between that and all the failed communist regimes, with their half-hearted internationalism, that you mention.

        1. There is a commonality I see in these states that sought to use government to manage the economy, mass murder. Also, in each of those states there was the denial of the free exchange of ideas. Going back to the mass murder issue, this occurred as a result of the absence of due process.

        2. lol you believe in the holohoax.
          As I said, Nazi Germany had nothing in common with those failed Communist states.

        3. Okay, let us suppose that the Holocaust never happened (something I disagree with). That still does not account for the other similarity I described, the denial of the free exchange of ideas which was accomplished by the state’s persecution of dissenters.

        4. LOL which is why the US Government needed to steal 100 tonnes worth of German patents along with rocket scientists like Wernher von Braun.
          You still believe the kosher narrative of WWII. Your patriotard opinion is worthless.
          No Jews were gassed in concentration camps regardless of your meaningless agreement or not.

        5. Okay, now you are deliberately trying to evade my point. Let’s work in reverse. Remember, I said “let us suppose” your claim about the Holocaust is true (something I disagree with). I took that off the table and you are still trying to argue it after it was removed. In this particular case, you are trying to discuss a topic that is not in play. Your characterization of my belief in the “kosher narrative” has nothing to do with our discussion as per my last comment yet you continue to introduce it. Liberals and leftists engage in this type of dishonesty.
          I don’t know enough about the German patents taken by the US Government. I’ll presume your claim to be true but there is a problem. Clearly you were trying to present Hitler’s leadership as promoting survival. Question: how did the U.S. Government manage to take those German patents? In fact, how did the U.S. government, along with the Soviet government manage to appropriate the German war technologies? The history seems to indicate that Germany, under Hitler, lost those technologies after losing WW2. It would seem that Hitler’s leadership didn’t do such a good job at promoting survival. He predicted that the Third Reich would last for centuries. Instead, it lasted only 11 years. And I’m being nice by including the last two years of that 11 year period. Between Stalingrad and the complete destruction of Germany’s infrastructure, the years 1943 to 1945 marked a HUGE decline which signaled an epic failure by Hitler who was Nazi Germany’s dictator.
          You might need a refresher course in World War 2. That was no kosher narrative. This is information you can get from the history of the Soviet Union and North American Aviation. Hitler was a disaster for the people of Germany. Why on earth would that dumbfuck start a war with two world powers while fighting one already? The United States, the USSR, and Great Britain were, arguably, the strongest nations, militarily, in the world. He is already fighting Great Britain. In 1941 the dumb shit declared war on the United States which brought it into the war. THEN, a year later, the dumb shit invades the USSR which brings it into the war. Think about that for a moment. In the space of one year he starts wars with two other great powers while fighting one already. That shit not only makes no sense, that shit has nothing to do with survival.
          Dude, you analysis is fucked up because you’ve not given any meaningful thought to the facts of World War II as they relate to Hitler’s incompetence.

        6. You can’t just magically take a fact off the table because you don’t like it. That’s how children reason.
          Either the holocaust happened or it didn’t. The fact is it didn’t, you are yet to come to terms with this fact. It’s not my problem if you can’t handle that. Cry harder.
          Yeah, it’s hard to win a war when you got 52 countries attacking you from all directions, as Hitler’s Germany experienced. The fact that they fought demonstrates they had more balls than you back-stabbing Americans who only attacked Germany after they were already neck-deep in a fight for European survival against the Soviet-led Asiatic enemy.
          You Americans allied with those enemies, that is a stain you will never get out.
          Yeah, see you do believe the kosher narrative. You’re dumb enough to believe that Hitler started WWII. You’re the one who hasn’t given this much thought.
          Until you’ve read Mein Kampf then anything you have to say about Hitler is worthless. It’s just some lie or another the Jew has taught you to parrot.
          Good goy.

        7. Sorry “White Secessionist” but when I said “Let us suppose…” I am granting you the point you made about the Holocaust (even though I disagree). This helps out your argument because I gave away the point. You don’t make any sense. And I’m not done with your triflin’ ass.
          The moment I saw your first comment on this thread, I saw something that didn’t add up, a deep contradiction. Here you are, a self described White Secessionist glorifying a type of government that was nearly the opposite of the one formed by White secessionists, the Confederacy. Certainly the practice of slavery is in conflict with the governing concepts expressed in the Constitution of the Confederacy but a greater conflict exists between those concepts and those expressed by the Socialist state that was Nazi Germany. Did you not see this? You should have chosen a different Disqus name because the one you have, in conjunction with where you use it (an American based blog), conveys a support for the Confederacy. The contradiction that I just pointed out, along with your poor understanding of the basic facts of history and political theory leads me to call bullshit on you. You are not what you are claim to be. You are a liberal/ Leftist troll coming to this site in an attempt to make it look bad.
          You dumbfuck sockpuppet.

        8. Yeah I knew such a delicate argument would be lost on a patriotrard like yourself.
          I’m just here to ridicule you now.
          You know Southerners don’t have a monopoly on the term ‘secessionist’. This noun actually has a dictionary meaning if you’ve ever looked it up.
          LOL you’re calling bullshit on me in spite of all your failed arguments above. Hahahahah, and now you’ve confused me for a leftist.
          Yeah hurry along now and vote for Jeb Bush. He’ll save your failed jewish vassal state of a country.

        9. Yeah Nazi Germany failed after 12 years most communist states succeeded in terrorising their citizens for much longer.

        10. That is all true, but the Nazis initial success can’t be duplicated here and now. It was something entirely unique to the politics, culture and racial state of Weimar Republic Germany. Let’s not even discuss the horrendous tactical decisions Hitler made in trying to be the commander of the military. He was a good politician. He never advanced beyond corporal in the Army.

        11. Nazi Germany did not fail, it was attacked from all directions by 52 countries and destroyed.
          52 countries.
          America is getting flooded by Mexicans and the best they can do is Jeb Bush and Donald Trump.
          LOL You believe the Nazi Government terrorized its citizens. Go back to watching Schindler’s List you stupid goy.

        12. Hitler was a great tactician, all those Blitzkrieg successes were done with Hitler carefully calling the shots.
          It was his idea to attack the Caucasus and sever Stalin from his resources. It was only when he was sick that his generals defied him and planned a traditional frontal assault on Moscow. Those traitors were a constant thorn in his side, they even tried to assassinate him.
          As for him being a corporal; back then rank was more about class, not merit.

        13. Nazi Germany failed. If you declare war on other states and fail at defeating them and are conquered in turn you fail. In the space of 400 years America has gone from possessing a largely Native Indian population to European and soon Hispanic. Race and nation are fluid concepts and your grasp of them is weak.

        14. I doubt you understand anything about the predicaments the forced Germany into war, you’ve demonstrated with that comment a weak and simplistic grasp of this.
          Sounds like you’re enjoying the cuckoldry of being replaced by Hispanics, don’t let a candid understanding of WWII ruin your fun.
          Hurry along now and vote for Jeb Bush as instructed.

        15. The same reasons people always go to war resources and power. They could have won without the incompetent leadership of Hitler. A man who cared so little about racial purity he allowed half of Germany to be occupied by the Slavic Soviets for half a century in a last ditch attempt to drive the Allied forces out of Europe.

        16. Yeah you obviously don’t know much about WWII, or even Europe for that matter. In fact you are totally clueless about the Soviet Union, why it was established, and what its end goal was.
          Because if you did then you wouldn’t be giving such a stupid answer to my comment.
          Obviously you haven’t even read Mein Kampf, which is embarrassing for you considering how opinionated you are about Hitler. You really don’t know a lot about him.
          Go back to the History Channel you deluded goy. This argument is way out of your depth.

        17. Like most angsty teenagers, Hitler read a lot of Nietzsche and understood very little. A stupid answer and a simple one are often misunderstood, and many people reject the simple ones because they don’t fit with their grand narratives. Conspiracies about the Jews I’m sure you have aplenty and they must make you feel very important to know that all these powerful groups are out to get you.

        18. Then I’ll keep it simple for you: your answer was the stupid one, not the simple one. Don’t flatter yourself, you look silly enough already with your pretentious presumptions and ignorance.
          It is you who understands very little here. Obviously the History Channel has educated you on Hitler and it shows, to your embarrassment.
          I’m sure you believe that Hitler gassed 6 million jews, or did he bake them? How about that jew who partied in a wall while inventing a ballpoint pen??? LOL!

      2. True, the traditional left and right always both have had the goal of concentration and expansion of state power. Both movements are two sides of the same coin, and both are backed by the same monied elites.

        1. YES, christians and liberals are the same thing, clueless control freaks who want to use the government to tell others how to live.

  55. Conservatives or cuckservatives ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  56. If you follow politics, i.e. american soap operas, you are gay. END OF STORY. Go back to your quinoa local organic baker. END OF STORY.

  57. Political parties exist to give electorates of the West the illusion of choice. The rise of Leftism is a move towards an international collective and the effective removal of national identities, borders, and sovereignty. Critical Theory frameworks are being used to subvert and divide the populace and set them against each other, rather than against the ruling classes. Left/right ideologies have become tools, nothing more, but the nationalism and traditional values of the right have become a hindrance to global vision. None of this is being done on behalf of any nation, religion, or ideology, but in order to establish a permanent overclass to rule a global supply of human commodities that may be exploited, leased, and freely traded by the “governments” on whom they depend, to monopolies and other “governments”.
    For a brief time, the founders of the US recognized the danger of power itself, and formulated the Constitution to mitigate the natural tendencies of those who seek power. But it wasn’t enough, and so we have risen, and now we are falling, like all civilizations before us.

    1. Read the UN’s Sustainable Develpment proposal Agenda 21.
      Global socialism isn’t a conspiracy theory.

    Ron Paul did say that the neocons are the ones that ruined the republican party. And these guys just want to world police and push degenerate culture on the rest of the world in form of “freedoms” and all it does is piss people off and then act all shock when theres a blow back and then its more war again. THat cycle just keeps their military in business.
    Neocons in the right wing is like feminism and socialism in the left wing.
    American politics the left and right both are just 2 sides of the same coin. both world police and both pander to to the callapse but one just wants blow shit up more while the other one wants to welfare state it up more. But both do the same thing.
    Would it be time for a 3rd party to “throw” our votes away in protest.

  59. Ann Coulter, as always, is right. Conservatives have forgotten that their voting demographic, for the good of all mankind, is white people.
    And from those whites the trickle-down of jobs and money flowing back into the economy will save the country.

  60. Men, this is a thorough explanation of what a NeoCon is, who they are, and where their ideology comes from:

  61. “The American Conservative Establishment Is Collapsing”
    LOL. I’ve head that all my life, but yet here we are.

    1. LOL! HA HA! And just what the hell is a conservative today? A fucking White traitor in an expensive suit. Every election the Republicunts kiss more politically correct ass than the Democrats. At least the Democrats are explicitly anti-White. You know where they stand and they hate Whitey. Republicunts give us the wink over their shoulder and smile while they whisper you don’t want to vote for those guys do you?
      When they get elected it’s Jew business as usual.
      Yeah LOL HAHA

      1. You think conservatives are Republicans? Damn you dumb boy.
        “When they get elected it’s Jew business as usual.”
        Boogty, boogty, boo.
        Look out for the big bad Jew.
        You Jew conspiracy nuts are the most entertaining of the ROK posters.

        1. Well, I should have known seeing how you take your name from that ridiculous pulp novel by the Swedish Jewess. Just what is so conservative about you? Because you read Ayn Rand that makes you a conservative? Dumb boy, her ridiculous notions of “objectivism” and “individualism” are anathema to her tribe. Rugged individualism for you White man, tribal cohesion and hyper ethocentrism for Jews.

  62. Who knows America might get lucky and have a silent majority voter turnout just like the Tories did to win the UK election – I hope Hillary Clinton doesn’t get voted in, if she does lets hope Bill Clinton gets up to some shenanigans with an intern or two

  63. I’m sorry, did I mention yet that American Renaissance is a bunch of fucking pussies who like it up the ass?

  64. LOL @ advocating for a return of white nationalism .. what the GOP doesn’t get is that they have a base of inherently conservative Catholic Latinos born in the United States who have birthright citizenship. If they quit railing against Mexicans and Cubans as criminals and scum, they might find someone who is willing to vote for them that isn’t old and white

    1. Nope, you need to read the news. The GOP is not “…railing against Mexicans and Cubans as criminals and scum.” Donald Trump and not the GOP field of presidential candidates is doing this. In fact, the field of GOP candidates, excepting Trump, have attacked Trump on this position. This is common knowledge that is accessible to anyone who reads both the right of center media and the left of center media. You should go find the person who gave you that information and slap them.

      1. I read both — no one in the GOP establishment said s**t about Trump’s comments until he attacked McCain, then he was “safe to condemn” on both counts of anti-immigrant and anti-military sentiment.
        Look, I’m not attacking the GOP–I’m saying if they really want to win, they need to get on board with the fact the reality of the next 5 federal elections is going to slide toward non-white voters and winning their favor on things that actually matter, like the economy.

        1. You have left out important details regarding Trump’s attack on McCain. Trump attacked McCain on his stance on immigration and how he was pursuing “comprehensive immigration reform” in defiance of his constituents. This was the first move. It was after this that the issue of McCain’s hero status came as a result of the interviewer introducing McCain’s veteran status.
          You are leaving this out. Were you familiar with this before you made your comments? The issue that framed EVERYTHING was Trump’s attacks on McCain’s position on immigration.

        2. Additionally, he spoke the truth about that POS traitor McCain. He began cooperation with the NVA within 3 days of his capture. He sold out his country and fellow serviceman. He gave TV interviews with the Communist party. He is guilty of deliberate collaboration with the enemy. He should have court marshalled. It was covered up because of his family’s influence and connections. His father was an Admiral. Contrast him with someone like Lance Sijan and then see what a hero is. Trump was entirely correct. How does getting captured make him a hero.

    2. Trump did not say Latinos and Mexicans are scum. Quit prevaricating. He said Mexico is not sending their finest citizens northward. He said there are rapists and murderers coming northward and drug dealers. Are you trying to tell me all Mexicans are good people, just simple honest Catholic farmers? You know they really did find piles of severed heads in the Arizona desert left there by drug cartel members. Yeah, Pipino and his family of honest moral fruit pickers are all that comes into America.

  65. The scary things is that according the the current European viewpoint, the Democrats and Republicans are right wing and EXTREME right wing, respectively.

  66. I agree with a good part of that article. I will vote Rand Paul or Trump in the primaries. We need a populist party. One that will allow me to get the social security I paid for all these years, keep my guns and by more without registration, defund Obamacare, end yes-means-yes kangaroo courts, eliminate department of education, end NaFTA, have tariffs to support American jobs etc.
    I would guess something like Ross Perot. Rand Paul actually kind of pissed me off when he did not want to force fines on British Petroleum for polluting the Gulf. There are a few things I like about Bernie Sanders.
    But no democrat will get my vote in a national election until they rid themselves of the LGBT and feminist agenda. The democratic party of my youth with Walter Mondale representing the union hard hats was still an okay party.
    back in the day, a liberal was somebody like a lawyer who would get you out of a DWI ticket or make sure you had a light sentence for weed. Or the parent who would not freak out if you had the Playboy centerfold up on your wall.
    Today, we have a puritannical approach to imposing Sodom and Gamorah. Back in my generation, porno, gay etc. was something that we did not celebrate but looked the other way and tolerated.
    Today’s left sucks. As a former leftist, I do not recognize it. I have FOX news, but actually Rush Limbaugh makes more sense than your average leftist of 2015.

  67. Great article Roosh, I am a conservative European Christian and agree very much with the fundamentals of your analysis.
    As a Christian dealing with Islam, Armenia is very close to my heart. Blessings.

  68. This sums it up quite well. Bravo Roosh for having the balls to stand up to the elephant in the room.

  69. Roosh, congratulations on making it to the ADL hate list. All you need to do to get on it is give the slightest indication you are not pro-Jew or pro-Israel, which are one in the same. Remember Pat Buchanan made comments back in the 90’s that cast a doubt about his belief in the “Holohoax”. I believe he said “the problem with diesel fumes is that it won’t kill anyone”. Of course Holohoax historians maintain that evil Germans used diesel fumes to kill poor Jews in the war. They never forgave him that, nor can they afford to. Jewish power is based on lies.
    As to what role neo-masculinity will play in the upcoming troubles and possible civil war will play, I will tell you right now. Nothing. Revolutions and uprisings are not forged by men who need to label themselves “neo-masculine”. As a matter of fact it will be a fought by men who are fed up and have nothing to lose. They are not going to ponder how masculine they are or how tight their game is, they are going to furiously start putting rounds down range.
    As far as how race will be factored in you need only look to the tribe, the most racist and ethnically cohesive minority on the planet for wisdom:
    “No one may be indifferent to the racial principle, the racial question. It is the key to world history. History is often confusing because it is written by people who did not understand the racial question and the aspects relevant to it… Race is everything, and every race that does not keep its blood from being mixed will perish. . . Language and religion do not determine a race–blood determines it.”
    Benjamin Disraeli

    1. It doesn’t take much. Any time anyone simple questions anything in relation they stick you on that list. It’s all about control (like feminism) and I guess the truth is like Kryptonite to them.

  70. Tried to repost some of your stuff at Weasels and Zippers and got deleted. Some of you who post here and have not yet been banned on NR online or Gateway Pundit need to spread the word and keep hope alive!

  71. Conservative Jews are like the rest of us, they’re conservative, because they have the ability to use their brain. Liberal Jews are liberal, first, and Jews somewhere down the line, and I challenge them all the time. It’s not being Jewish which is the problem, it’s being liberal and that’s the problem that ALL liberals have, they’re liberal.

    1. I’m with you on that but I want to make an adjustment. Instead of saying “liberal”, I’d rather say “statist” or “collectivist”. Both the Tea Party and Libertarians were against statism which is the ideology central to liberalism. The GOP, who are statists in a corporate sense, suppressed the voices of the Tea Party and the Libertarians. What you are now seeing is a response to this which is an insurrection. Had the GOP not done this, this insurrection would not have taken place as it would have channeled this justified anger elsewhere. The GOP has itself to blame for this. At the same time, I think the legitimate foreign policy disagreements where Israel is concerned is being infected with Anti-Semitism. That’s not a good thing because the cuckservatives will try to use this to discredit this legitimate movement. It must be remembered that the GOP critics of this insurrection have no legitimacy where these types of critiques are concerned as they have lost that legitimacy long, long ago.

  72. I certainly disagree with your about Republicans and Conservatives becoming the puppets of Israel but I believe you’re dead on the money with the rest of what you’re saying. The Republican RINO establishment ‘Leadership’ is about as manly as Bruce Jenner these days. On ‘Divisive’ Social Issues they got no balls at all, same with the economy which is one of the big reasons this country is going down the toilet.
    With the Republican Party and Conservative Movement we definitely need a change in leadership. We need real men to take charge not this pack of Epsilon Wimps like Romney, McCain, McConnell, Boehner, Karl Rove and the rest, they all need a pat on the back and a kick in the ass to shove them out the door.

  73. Good article, and some very good points, except one.
    The bashing of atheists.
    The republicans are pretty much done as a political force because they insist on catering to the religious right, and alienating everyone else.
    The republicans need to learn that christians are not the only citizens and voters out there.
    If the republicans could votes from the gays, atheists, immigrants, young people, hippies etc, the democrats would never win again, and go off to the dumpster of history where they belong.
    Just think how simple obedience to the first, eleventh, and fourteenth amendments would improve the republicans standing.
    But NO !!! the theocrats who run the party do not have the balls to stand up their pharisee masters.
    The current insistence on religion based politics scares the moderate conservative like me into the arms of the libertarians, and remember, A VOTE FOR A LIBERTARIAN IS JUST AS GOOD AS A VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT !!!!!!!!
    The stupidity and hypocrisy of the of the party leadership and the bible thumping hypocrites who give them their orders splits the conservative vote and allows the democrats another easy win.
    Instead of doing something useful like repealing obamacare, the republicans throw a shit fit and waste millions of the taxpayers dollars fighting gay marriage, something anyone who has read a civics book knows should be legal.
    Instead of using their majority in congress to impeach obama, they whine about abortion, something that was a done deal in 1973.
    Instead of standing up for freedom, they try to legislate religion into everyone’s lives.
    To all of you christian conservatives who hate obama and hillary, YOU are the ones put them in office.
    The voters are sick of religion based politics, and I do not blame them.
    If the republicans will not learn to obey the first amendment and separate church and state, then the democrats need to win a few more elections.
    The current insisten

    1. Gay marriage is not a religious argument. If you believe heterosexuality must be considered merely equal to homosexuality you cannot value your own existence.
      “Great article”. Did you read it? No.

      1. I think Bill is not saying that homosexuality is equal to heterosexuality. He is a libertarian and, as far as I know, property rights are central to libertarian political philosophy. Individuals have a natural (not civil) right to property and that natural right of property includes the individual’s “person” or body. With that property, he or she may do as they please. The only role of government is to protect that right of property, nothing more. In protecting the natural right of property, government is not supporting or legitimizing the ways in which adults choose to use their property. The only thing being legitimized is the individual’s right of property.
        Taking this further, a group of individuals can voluntarily come together and form a community that reflects their values by enacting covenants or rules that codify those values as practices and restrictions. If a group voluntarily comes together and establishes rules that exclude homosexuals or heterosexuals they may do so. This is a lawful practice which can also be practiced by businesses and firms.
        The problem we are having in society are persons who disagree with the agreements made by groups and communities that come together voluntarily, and enter those groups and communities with the intent of forcing an involuntary change. This is what the SJWs do. They enter among groups of people who have agreed to a particular set of practices and attempt to force change through a variety of practices (protests).

    2. If Republicans nominate a pro gay marriage or pro transgender nominee, I will vote democrat across the board.
      EDIT: Actually, maybe i’ll just vote third party.

    3. Moderate Republican means I’m on board with the left wing social and racial deconstruction of America, just lower my taxes while you do it.

  74. Actually, I don’t see an abandonment of Christian conservatives by the right, but rather a usurpation of the right by Christian conservatives. Case in point, the Tea party movement whose name is an acronym for “Taxed Enough Already” quickly descended into public mass prayer rallies where the people claimed that America’s greatest failure has been her “abandonment of God”, and not the adoption of cultural Marxism and an Orwellian-like power structure that crushes any opposition to the welfare state. These same Christian conservatives will reflexively espouse their support of Israel because “they’re God’s chosen people”.

    1. I don’t see that Roosh made any point in declaring Christianity would have to be the basis of some new government or governments if America splinters from the Federal Government. We Europeans had our own religions and our own moral code long before Jewish story tellers came up with this 2000 year old BS story so they could milk the masses of dumb asses from what little money they had. I have to live around these Rapture bunnies and you will never find a more disgusting, hypocritical, amoral lot of trash anywhere. Christianity certainly does not have any monopoly on morality and its practitioners flock to this sick death cult because they are defective and flawed psychologically.

      1. I’m referring to his use of Christian traditional Conservatives as a sort of standard of Conservatism, which is a common mistake. Conservatism vs. Liberalism really should be tossed out the window for the false narrative it presents. The real fight is Statism vs. Liberty and so far, the statists have been winning. Christians do not own a monopoly on Liberty any more than Neo-Nazis own a monopoly on White Nationalism.
        I’d rather not turn the conversation to outright Christian bashing. But they are not the authority when it comes to measuring Liberty. If anything, they’re as adept in playing the victim card as quickly as any other sjw group.

  75. Progressive Republicans and Democrats are the same Party morally and ethically. Since the Republicans send out a different message, it is clear that they lie to please the conservative base. Romney is a good example. Running as President he said he was against abortion but it was easy to find that he actually was pro-abortion. He could tell conservatives everything they wanted to hear but if he is a liar, I’m not going to vote for him and I’m not alone. Jeb was trying to pull the same stunt but people pay attention to what candidates say and do and Jeb surrounded himself with social liberal advisors. dah!! Conservatives will be around for a long time because we all have a deep desire to live in a civil society and the Democrats are just a few step away from destroying this land and nation. We may have to start from scratch but this is the cycle we live in.

  76. Great analysis! I think Roosh just gave us a detailed anatomy of the term “cuckservative.”

  77. The American Conservative establishment is collapsing indeed, but not because they have become liberal-lite. It’s collapsing because it has lost the culture wars. Any remaining battles of it are mere fighting retreats to delay the inevitable. Choosing between hardcore Trump-ism or being lite-liberals won’t make a damn difference at this point.
    That, and lost the “Economy Wars” too. In the years since 2008, capitalism has become discredited in America in a way that would have been unthinkable earlier on. And it has become so; I’d say, through the conservative establishment being in profound denial about how badly American capitalism has been compromised by cronyism, privilege of birth and inequality of opportunity. By portraying the status quo as capitalism-working-as-intended, they’re doing capitalism staggering amounts of PR damage.

  78. Israel is our greatest ally and Obama is its greatest enemy ever. Vote for me and I’ll make America great again 1000 percent behind Israel!
    We love Israel, we will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1000 percent, it will be there forever.
    Not only do I have Jewish grandchildren, I have a Jewish daughter and I am very honored by that.

  79. “I wonder is if the rebellion will be done under the banner of
    Christianity or not (it should, since atheists do not possess the
    necessary morality and societal templates to sustain a healthy nation).”
    True Christianity is the only thing that can save a society. The
    “laws” practiced in this country run counter to the one and only law
    Christians are commanded to practice and take dominion with. Before the
    Constitution, this nation was governed by Biblical law, and since the
    Constitution changed the law of the land, the US has become less
    Caucasian and less Christian.
    Every issue this country
    faces right now vanishes instantly with a return to Yahweh’s moral law.
    For example, multiculturalism with return to the 1st Commandment
    statutes against integration. Pluralism, including Talmudic Judaism,
    gone with a return to the 2nd Commandment statute against idolatry.
    Homosexuality gone with a return to the 7th Commandment statute banning
    it as an abomination. The insane national debt, and debt in general,
    with a return to the 8th Commandment’s prohibition against usury. Usury
    is theft and how many people even know what usury means much less that
    it’s theft in our day? Returning to the 8th Commandment statute’s
    regarding debt release at even intervals and the 50th year Jubilee would
    transform the economy and give people freedom unknown in our time.
    Debt release of some form is coming regardless and it’s a great
    testimony to the perfection of Divine law. It’s like the law of
    gravity; someone can ignore it and jump off a cliff, but it can only be
    ignored until the splat at the bottom. The USA, and European nations,
    have long since jumped off the cliff.

  80. The people called “Jews” are NOT ISRAELITES OR JUDAHITES. They are
    imposters, and Jews by religion only, not by racial heritage. They are
    Khazars and they practice Talmudism, which is not Biblical and not the
    “religion of the Old Testament”. Apologies for the double post!

  81. That photo of Reagan and his administration laughing, while a great photo, isn’t the best one to use to make your point in this article Roosh. Reagan and his administration were pretty damn conservative and that photo is from the early 80s….like over 30 years ago, before this cultural decline started in earnest. maybe a more contemporary photo would have been in order.

  82. Israel has direct access to the Pentagon. Very absurd. Left and right are both looney and running the country into the ground.

  83. David Horowitz tends to run more articles critical of Muslims, yes. You remember Muslims, right? I think they might be a tad more dangerous than Jews, in general.

  84. I think you are over-complicating the schism that exists. It’s basically the actual conservative base of voters here in the hinterland vs the pub “establishment” that we Tea Party types keep trying to primary to get them out.
    This is not new.
    It may be about to boil over, though. Frankly I thought Romney’s loss would cause most of us to abondon the pubs and form a new party, but it hasn’t happened yet.

  85. Milton Friedman had it right, though.
    We don’t need the right people in office, we need to create the situation where the wrong people do the right thing.
    We have to start winning the culture war in the trenches.

  86. One more comment: a conservative establishment has all but CEASED TO EXIST across the EU. It has been wholly been smeared as a bunch of Nazis and fascists without ever having put up any kind of effective defense.

  87. Have you ever heard of an “anti-racist” organization targeting anyone other than white people for “racism?”
    Have you ever heard of an “anti-racist” organization protecting white people from racism.
    Have you ever heard of an “anti-racist” organization saying something was “too black, “too asian,” “too arab,” and demanded more “Diversity?”
    “Diversity” means chasing down the last white person.
    It’s genocide.
    “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  88. Just wanted to say this is an excellent and very well thought out article. I can easily see how the Democratic party will absorb pro-Israel policy, but I also think that it will be under immense pressure to fracture.
    What holds together female voters, the Black vote, the Hispanic vote, the Muslim-American vote, the LGBT crowd, etc.? The idea that the Republicans – aka rich old White guys – are holding them back. So what happens when the Republicans fall apart? Is it possible that the Democratic party might start to struggle to hold together all of its disparate elements that naturally wouldn’t want to be part of the same party? What if a “Black American Progress Party” gets off the ground?
    If the conservatives fall, I wouldn’t be surprised if the left starts to fracture as well.

  89. Good stuff as usual Roosh. All I know is that the Jews need to be stopped and completely removed from all levels of power. The Jews are behind all of the racial animosity, hostility between men and women via their radical feminism invention, the 9/11 attacks, the USS Liberty Attack before it, OKC bombing and pretty much all the other false flag attacks that have existed in modern times. The only thing I disagree with is that we don’t need Christians or a Christian theocracy to defeat the Jews we just need enough people with the fires of American patriotism still burning inside of them ready to water the tree of liberty once again but this time with the blood of Communist lowlives should it reach that level which it probably will since the danger to America is Communism and nothing else (Jews and Communism are inseparable btw like peanut butter and jelly so using either term should theoretically suffice). Senator Mccarthy was right and if we win he will finally be vindicated by history for his noble actions in trying to expose these Jewish monsters and their white and non white race traitor fellow traveller communist lackeys.

  90. Democucks and Republicucks. “Choose” your Jew sanctioned GMO poisoned kosher candidates goyim.

  91. well composed, albeit your statement about Donald Trump supporting only whites is misinformed. In various interviews he states he would like to be “the jobs and security” president. In his interview with Bill O’Reilly he even comments about the plight in the Black community, that if you make ~$8 an hour at McDonalds and work vs making more by going on welfare, which would you choose as an uneducated, uncertified, lack of career-experience worker? Even then, he also states he’s for *legal* immigration and against *illegal* immigration and would help create jobs for all Americans (e.g. automotive, manufacturing and infrastructure industries).
    As a black I totally support this. Also, yes a sizable percentage of Blacks are on welfare and the majority of welfare recipients are white single mothers who were irresponsible with their reproductive systems. A lose lose for all parties involved due to the social costs incurred (Karen Straughan, Fempocalypse).
    Christians should be apt of the proverb, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” Its time to cut the umbilical cord.
    Its not only *natural* but also sane for groups of people based on ethnicity, culture, religion, etc. to have self interests. We can talk about Black interests, LGBT interests, Womens’ interests and Israeli interests.
    However, you’ll be demonized if you *criticize* any of the aforementioned interests. Think of the [insert X] and plans of mass egalitarianism.
    Last, personally I believe we need Israel for middle eastern stability and I would like to see us make deals with Israel as long as they’re mutually beneficial, instead of the almost one sided way we deal with them (on their terms). Remember, they’re still on friendly terms with Russia and have in the past shared intel/TTP with them that has cost us American lives.

  92. “Their resident rock star feminist…” Right there is their biggest problem. Why do Republicans have feminists anywhere near them?

  93. Excellent, excellent article. A couple of things… These supposed recent similarities between left and right have been, in actuality, always there. For example, NAFTA was drafted under Clinton, Bush Sr. ratified it. On the issues of major, usually detrimental import, the two parties are the same, different sides of the same coin, different wings on the same vulture, however you feel like phrasing it.
    That said it is my belief that this Hegelian crap, thesis + anti-thesis = synthesis, will end with what has essentially been slowly occurring for a long time, one party with a huge amount of pissed off traditional Americans ready to take it all down. This has most likely been the plan all along, the real end being when the “powers that be” swoop in to take control, all the solutions (to the problems they created just for this moment in time) already in hand. There is a Chinese curse that says “may you live in interesting times”. We certainly do.
    Keep up the good work.

  94. Trump’s very candidacy pretty much confirms the power vacuum exists. The only reason that he is running in a major political party is because the Democrat and Republican parties have ensured that it is near impossible for other parties to gain any traction.

  95. I laugh when my family, friends and aquaintances (almost all Liberal Democrats to a man) talk about those “radical right wing Republicans”. I firmly believe that the Republican establishment would rather see Hillary elected than conservative Republican like Cruz, or a maverick who can’t be bought, like Trump. The most important thing is to keep the taxpayer-funded gravy train rolling.

  96. how is abortion a bad thing? if u impregnate a girl isnt it 100x better for her to abort the baby than forcing you to pay child support for next 18 years?

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