How Super Bowl 50 Confirmed The Arrival Of The Orwellian Surveillance State

Around 60 US government agencies found themselves involved in the unprecedented security arrangements for this year’s Super Bowl. And the measures they used, including message-reading cell phone scanners, facial tracking and matching systems, and highly responsive social media detection algorithms, sound more like the technology from Minority Report than what we would normally expect in 2016. Yet such devices have arrived and are certainly here to stay. What does this portend for society in general, not just at ephemeral sporting events?

Without detracting from the need to ensure safety at the world’s most famous annual sporting event, the set-up on display Sunday demonstrates the raw surveillance power that is being routinely turned onto average citizens. The concentration of this power at the Super Bowl may represent the height of such use, but significant daily intrusion, detectable or clandestine, has become the norm for Americans. Worse still, it will only grow in coming years.

The problems attached to the new means of surveillance are many, but two deserve particular emphasis. Firstly, arrangements like at the Super Bowl drastically undermine any pretence that America preserves for its citizen the freedom of old. If preserving freedom requires this level of government intervention, it would be better to reclassify America as the “Land of the Safe, Home of the Brave New World.”

Secondly, both the indulgent legal climate that permits mass surveillance and multiple new technologies lend themselves to the protection of an establishment agenda. If your political philosophy or programme falls outside an acceptable range, the government and bureaucracy has at its disposal massive tools with which to monitor, document and ultimately suppress it. Moreover, the vast tentacles of many agencies mean that proper oversight of these powers, where it has not already been waived, will be next to impossible to determine, let alone enforce.

Meet Jeh Johnson

Only a minority of Americans can recognize Jeh Johnson’s face. Even fewer remember who he actually is. As Secretary of Homeland Security since 2013, his role has been much quieter than some of his predecessors, especially the first person to ever hold the role, Tom Ridge, a George W. Bush appointee. The less prominent public profile of Johnson reflects the contemporary nature of the position. Electronic surveillance obviously existed in the first decade of the 2000s, but it has improved substantially since then. The human behavior-derived intelligence element has lost incredible ground to computers and state of the art information retrieval systems.

Expect this sort of half-faceless, low-key representation from the intelligence and security apparatus going forward. The name of the game has changed and the more mega-agencies like Homeland Security blend into the background the better. And, like traffic cameras at intersections, many of the nascent technologies will be incorporated into surroundings to make them less noticeable. Not out of secrecy, as citizens will intellectually know they are there or at least hypothetically exist, but rather to make people less consciously aware of them day-to-day.

Aside from ordeals such as dealing with the TSA at airports, the implementation of these technologies will paradoxically appear non-intrusive so that the government can intrude all the more into your life.

Initially benign use of surveillance can kill liberty just as easily

I grow tired of bizarre conspiracy theories predicated on Rothschilds and Bilderberg Groups. Yes, there is a globalist agenda. Nevertheless, it is not necessarily a monolithic one and many of the people pursuing it fundamentally believe they are doing the right thing. The same goes for often well-intentioned politicians, intelligence employees and other bureaucrats who make surveillance mechanisms possible. Good intentions only sometimes lead to good outcomes, however. The pursuit of the means to protect freedom is not mutually exclusive with the partial and then significant extinguishing of that same freedom.

Whenever we perceive a loss of freedoms, the automatic presumption is that the catalyst must be a James Bond film-style megalomaniac and his cronies. Dispel that idea, or at least open yourself up to the idea of the government as misguided, not just nefarious. Akin to a grey goo scenario, intelligence and surveillance communities can take on a life of their own, a more real life translation of the legal personality attributed to corporations. The internal cultures of these communities have snowball effects that shape society in marked ways, much more than the sum of the individuals working for them would suggest. Higher political and bureaucratic figures may be in charge of them; they do not always control them.

Are they already looking specifically at you?

Perhaps. You’re an ROK reader, after all. Police departments across the US promised to tail proposed tribal meet-ups Roosh had planned. The San Francisco Police Department is the most well-equipped in the world for monitoring citizens, as the Super Bowl exercise has proven, but many other forces are only relatively behind.

The people behind the screens are also amazingly like you and me. They have families, fears, and aspirations. Again, most of them believe legitimately in what they are doing. As history demonstrates ad nauseam, though, what we want to do or feel we do is not always what we get. Even freedom is something that you can chase so hard that you eventually lose it. And losing it for good is now a very real prospect for America and other Western nations.

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139 thoughts on “How Super Bowl 50 Confirmed The Arrival Of The Orwellian Surveillance State”

    1. Actually if they are speaking ‘annually’ it’s probably correct. The Summer Olympics and the Soccer and Rugby World Cups are far bigger sporting events but those are just every 4 years.
      Also the Aussie Rules Grand Final has more in-person spectators but hardly anyone watches outside Australia.

      1. The final of the UEFA tournament was the most watched annual sporting event worldwide, drawing 360 million television viewers as well as the most watched UEFA Champions League final to date.

        1. I categorically den the existence, let alone relevance, of anything outside of Manhattan with the one exception of Caribbean islands, but only once that were civilized by the French.

        2. Haiti… where levels of violence and corruption rivals only Sudan and tribal Afghanistan. Great place if you are a strong man

  1. Once the department of Homeland Security becomes politicized much like the IRS and Department of Justice, all bets are off.
    Communists within being handed control of such a surveillance apparatus that America has created is the thing of nightmares.

    1. “Communists within being handed control of such a surveillance apparatus that America has created is the thing of nightmares.”
      The American surveillance system is on the record for making the Germans (home of the Stasi and Gestapo) puke and the Russians envious.

  2. We need to form real-world groups asap. Enough of this carefully watched internet forum shit. Men need to connect and form unbreakable, unwatchable, bonds in reality.
    Make it happen RoK.

    1. If it were to happen, it wouldn’t be publicly shown or talked about. The shitstorm of lies and whining of bitches plus white knight faggots just made it clear that it would end in disaster.
      And RoK relies on red pill.. And with red pill lenses, creating real-world groups is a waste of time and a huge mistake. We can discuss ideas here and on the forum just as fine. Being the only red pill adept in your waking life is cool.

      1. “If it were to happen, it wouldn’t be publicly shown or talked about”
        That’s the entire POINT. Whining bitches can’t disrupt a meeting they can’t find and white knights can attack a group they can’t get near.
        Only the most childish of Red Pill men see a private meeting of reddened men as a waste of time.
        The men who want to fuck feminists and live as lone wolves are welcome to do so, but they are biological and ideological dead ends, every bit as much as feminists are.
        “Being the only red pill adept in your waking life is cool.” Bullshit. Men who push themselves and strive for their own improvement can only be a help to men around them. Groups of men like that literally CREATED CIVILIZATION. A group that offers both fierce competition and kind encouragement ensures that men get better when weak and when strong.

        1. Red pill is a tool. Not a group. You’re aiming towards something bigger and messier.
          We aren’t going to achieve something as great as creating a civilization if we met up. We won’t do anything greater than we already do online, actually.
          Seems like you’ve not taken the pill, mate. Or you’re just in the anger phase.
          My humble suggestion is to think about what you’re wanting weighting the consequences of this “fight club-esque” thing. You’ll see the bad shit that will come surpasses by an astronomical number of times the good shit.
          Have a good one.

    2. All social bonds outside of the politically correct are deemed a threat, one must be loyal not only to an ideal that has no basis in nature, “equality” but they may not have any other loyalties. Look at the tremendous resources which the state uses to persecute and demonize MC charters. However, these groups have been able to form a very indissoluble bond with very little ideology, based on real world (natural laws) principles.

  3. This is why the informed citizen is the most important aspect of our nation. While the informed citizen should not necessarily be “informed” of Top Secret (or even Confidential) information, the informed citizen should be aware, in broad general terms, of the policies and operations of intelligence and law enforcement agencies.
    In order to prevent a mass casualty attack on the United States, we have to trust intelligence and law enforcement professionals.
    Likewise, in order to prevent the advent of an Orwellian state, intelligence agencies and law enforcement professionals must trust the informed citizen.
    It is a system of checks and balances, similar to the rest of the government. The problems occur when citizens are not informed (or misinformed, such as by 9/11 conspiracy theories) or when intelligence and law enforcement agencies are not informed or stop trusting the informed citizen.
    For the record: the guy screaming about how jet fuel can’t melt steel (it doesn’t have to, heat will structurally weaken steel far before it melts) is *not* the informed citizen.

    1. Re: jet fuel and steel weakening …
      That’s a moot point, because rigging a skyscraper with nanothermite, and then imploding the building will easily do the task, making them collapse in free-fall speed, and pulverizing everything within.

      1. ” rigging a skyscraper with nanothermite”
        The semi-credible theory I’ve heard is that the planes were loaded with “Davy Crockett” shells ( ie “the nuclear bazooka”). The resulting explosion vaporized building material, and also explains the ground-hugging pyroclastic flow, the 55x background tritium levels, and the illnesses in the first responders.

        1. It really doesn’t matter what you think or have heard … nor what anyone else claims or has heard.. It’s a moot point. The bottom line is 9/11 was conceived, planned, and executed at the highest echelons of the U.S. government. Period. Full stop. The end.
          Everything else on the topic is pure fluff.

  4. It’s true that with this rapid acceleration of technology, the ability of states to monitor citizens also increases. However, there are only ever going to be so many bureaucrats available to sift through the oceans of data. We have lost liberty in the digital realm (did we ever have it?) but liberty on other fronts is increasing – like-minded men can communicate globally, instantly, and privately, and if your business is online your buyers are global.
    Also, what was impossible three decades ago is now reality: the gatekeepers of information (read: Big Media) are losing grip. They don’t like it, but New Media like Breitbart, RoK, Drudge and the rest are able to influence people like they never could before.
    Keep up the fight, men.

    1. Yep, real experts who actually care about security will tell you the security state we have now is the WORST thing for security (but a great thing for control) because any important info gets lost in the noise. If the feds have access to my email alone, consider all the junk mail and stuff I delete and just the sheer volume of info that passes through there, hell probably 90% of my inbox is immediately deleted, or 10% signal among 90% noise. Expand that to non-email uses (web surfing, social media, photo sharing) and I’d say the noise is even higher (porn, stupid shitty instagram messages, etc.)
      So they have to sort through my <10% actual information as well as my 90%+ noise, as well as that of hundreds of millions of other innocent law abiding people, and somehow hope to catch something from a bad guy mixed in with all that? Near impossible. Plus there are the types, not to say I would ever do this, heh, who throw in dangerous keywords into messages just to create false positives and fuck with their Orwellian police state.
      Also as surveillance moves all electronic, there are fewer and fewer real people to monitor things, and a person to person network like the ROK meetups becomes a ROK-hard communications network.

    2. I read Drudge, but unfortunately I think he’s being assimilated into the Mass Media matrix. He linked to one of the hit piece “rape legalization advocate” stories on Roosh and the meet ups. While he’s great at selecting many relevant stories, he also pushes a lot of mindless clickbait. He has so much influence but he never links stories about fighting the brainwashing that he himself has lamented. He also never links to serious immigration restriction sites like VDare. InfoWars and Breitbart offer good information but too often they also give in to fearmongering and mass-hysteria to get pageviews.
      A good rule of thumb is to limit your exposure to the Mass Media in all its forms, gain knowledge through books and assume that most articles that you read online are meant to push an agenda, not to reveal the truth of the issue.

  5. This was the first year that I did not watch the Super Bowl. The growing socio-politicalization has become too much: pink clothing for nearly two months, domestic violence ads (only men as abusers, of course), and Katy Perry halftime shows.
    The NFL needs to start feeling this bullshit in the pocket book. As long as they insist on tongue punching feminist asshole, then I will find something else to do on Sundays.

    1. Yep I quit watching years ago when they started making all the men wear pink. What’s stunning is how many people actually believe that they are doing it for breast cancer awareness. Most people just don’t want to know the truth I guess.

    2. It is sad that Beyonce is getting more coverage than Peyton Manning. The female-driven media cannot let masculinity be the main story.

      1. I fell asleep with TV on last night as I was in hotel in Manchester, NH after attending TRUMP rally.
        I awoke around 3 a.m. to one of those wee-hour news programs on ABC. Female reporter did story on “How Male the Super Bowl was.”
        Apparently the commercials had more men than women in them. And this was the best — She bitched how the commercials were directed 50/50 by men and women. As in it was outrageous women weren’t the majority. The female reporter at end proclaims “we need to be doing more for Women in male athletics.”
        I sat up in bed, shaking head ‘n blood boiling. I CANT take this anymore! Any event which generally draws far more men must now be more inclusive to women while spaces which cater to women overall have to be protected.

        1. That’s how delusional they are. They won’t spend a dime of their money to support women’s athletics but call it sexism when male sports cater to men.

        2. It is sad that their agenda counts as news. Men in the field have to find actual news (unless lapdogs) while women get to report on the latest bullshit.

        3. The best thing that you and many others can do is simply turn off the TV. No viewers (or less viewers) equals less dollars (to those companies and to those women “reporters).
          I stopped watching a long time ago (when they fucked up sports and sports center) with women babbling on about men and their other shit instead of actually talking about sports (it’s a sports channel…not god damn Lifetime).
          It reminded me of how stupid MTV is branded, today. MTV (Music TV) which plays no music at all. Fuck them..stop watching, take your time back (and keep your money).

        4. I tell you what….I shake my head at those stupid women reporters who go to the Middle East to report on stories.
          A couple of them got ganged raped and you have to say to yourself “what the hell were you thinking?”.
          You would think the message would get out but I’m sure many other women (from the west) will continue down this type of path (and they’ll get what they deserve).

        5. All I know is I remember seeing a string of four commercials in a row for TV shows that all featured a ‘strong, independent’ female lead (Supergirl, Madam Secretary and two others I can’t recall at the moment) but not a single one all night for a new hit TV show with a male lead.
          It also stuck out to me that at least in the instance of the two I could remember, it was a case of classically male roles being feminized. Men are rapidly becoming social pariahs. They say no man is an island but when I look around me all I see is ocean.

        6. They have mtv 3 or 2 that has actually music. I remembered before mtv has music during midnight or the morning

        7. Yes, but think about it. They created the station for music and then they had to create a couple more for music…because the first one stopped playing it.
          Like I said, they (women) ruined sports center and sports because they report on nonsense. Women always have to be in the middle of everything that men do…it’s the attention whoring.

        8. I hope no one. It’s just another example of how society has gone off the rails. Instead of making another station for the nonsense that is on MTV (now) they made another station for music while still calling the original one MTV…makes no sense.
          Next, they’ll have rom coms or other on Sports Center….why have sports at all on a sports station or sports network.

        9. You’re absolutely right. I refuse to pay for cable. I live in a clean, minimal place on lake. I’m self employed. I have Internet to stay connected. Yet I get to self-regulate what I want.
          And because of this, being in a hotel wired with cable for 2 days, I was (again) exposed to the non-stop barrage of SJW / Feminist propaganda being pushed on the public.

        10. Seeing how the media operates in person, via TRUMP rally made me sick. There was one cunt from PMSNBC “reporting” that really stood out. She was literally on her phone like a high school girl the entire time. Not paying attention and then suddenly “reporting” what event was about.
          This is the Bernie/Clinton WET DREAM — women who don’t do a job get paid the same as MEN who take it seriously. Seriously … made me SICK watching these MSLSD chicks NOT work as MEN did knowing if Bernie or Clinton is elected, laws will be mandated so these H.S. girls get paid same as MEN WORKING.

    3. Same here! First year I ignored it. And I used to love football. I can’t explain it–partly was just no one was having a party this year, but the pink clothing and SJWarrioring and learning everything here over the past year, I had no interest in even turning it on. Plus for the 50th couldn’t they have come up with a better half time show than Beyoncé and Coldplay who said “eh, thanks, we’re honored but we really know nothing about football”

      1. “Same here! First year I ignored it. And I used to love football.”
        I played for years, and it has been my favorite sport as well. Sad to see it being ransacked to hell.

      2. The halftime show was another example of how we’re only allowed to be racist one way. They did some Black Panther, BLM symbol (X) and it was fine.
        You get a white group up there displaying the Confederate flag or showing the KKK symbol and people would lose their shit over it.
        There is racism in America…but it’s not coming from white people. White people are allowed to be proud to white any longer without taking shit from someone else (while all others are encouraged to show their pride).
        It’s ridiculous.

        1. I’m truly done with the NFL. It all starts at the college level. It’s funny how tons of your high school state champs are all white teams but major colleges still only recruit blacks for most of their positions. I rooted for Denver (even though I’m a New England guy). Why? Carolinas QB is a full on NIGGER!

        2. The jewish owners and agents want to put negros in the pro leagues because they’re dumb and easy to rip off. They’re not really superior in athletics because even at the college level whites do just as well if not better. At the high school level most negro squads are a joke. Scam Newton will suck next year, it only takes one year and negro quarterbacks are exposed. Meanwhile Brady, Manning, Farve, etc. play at the top level for 15 plus years. I don’t care anymore because the whole thing is homosexual monkey show anymore.

        3. Whites win, I believe, 90% of medals in the winter Olympics and 70% in the summer. The halftime show sealed it for me. I’m truly done with the league. And I grew up on football. It’s part of my childhood. Hard pill to swallow.
          I actually liked both Moon and McNabb. They were true QBs and seemed normal enough. So it’s the niggerfication of the league that drove me away.

        4. Yeah Moon and McNabb were pretty good, but I remember one time about 10 years back some analysts trying to say that McNabb was at the same level as Brady and Manning, LOLOLOLOLOLOL. If McNabb was white he would have barely made a pro bowl roster. In the early 90s the media always tried to put Moon in the conversation with Montana, Elway, Aikman, Young, etc. LOL moon was pretty good but I don’t think the fool ever even won a playoff game. I remember when he had the number one seed and a home playoff game and Montana came down with KC and took the fool to school.

        5. I always pull for the white QB in all games. It has been my way of hanging on to the NFL (if their leader is white). And that’s ONLY if they have a white head coach as well. But I’m done. Not ONE of those white “leaders” will speak out against the Beyonce halftime show OR how that nigger QB acted during his post game interview. Why? Because the N(nigger)FL actually runs them.

        6. Someone made the point (I think Gavin McInnis from Vice?) that multiculturalism is being shoved down everyone’s throats to give us a false impression of what America is. I live in a majority black city in the south (most of them are), but even then when I looked up the real data, I was surprised at how low the US minority population is; I had estimated it was more than double what it really is.

    4. I was joking with my friends how the half time show looked like a gathering of the Black Panthers. Turns out Breitbart confirmed that it was the following day.
      Also the endless race mixing commercials by Coke and Bell were really annoying. Shut it down!

    5. The NFL needs to start feeling this bullshit in the pocket book.

      Unfortunately the NFL found that it could make more money by catering to women. Their profits have climbed every year since they went all white knight.

    6. “The NFL needs to start feeling this bullshit in the pocket book.”
      The good news is that nothing remains stationary; horse racing, croquet, and baseball were the most popular sports in 1900.
      With the exception of baseball, the other two remain alive only in a small group of dedicated fans. I see the NFL eventually taking this path; it’s just going to be a while.

      1. The rise of concussions could be the death blow, with fewer parents wanting their children to end up with brain damage.

    7. I envy you. I wish I hadn’t watched. Almost everything about Superbowl 50 was disgraceful. It only serves as a useful gauge of how degenerate US culture has become.
      Last year’s Superbowl was actually a very good game that was pretty much ruined by the NFL’s bullsh*t.

    8. They will not feel this bullshit in the pocketbook.
      You need to understand a big part of why the business supplicates to women.
      Women are fearful and are more ready to buy worthless crap to feel good.
      Because of this it is financially smart (in the short term) to
      A. Make women more jittery
      B. Put as much power into their hands as possible
      (“B” is actually about taking power from other men and putting that power into the hands of women)
      At that point all you have to do is convince them emotionally that you can solve their problems and they will give you money for whatever worthless crap you are offering.
      Need to get elected, and no sane man would ever vote for a treacherous scumbag like you? Get women to vote for you.
      Is your product a worthless poisonous piece of shit that should be burned for the sake of humanity? Market it to women.
      The NFL is being marketed to women because the owners of the NFL make a ton of money off advertising. Since women buy far more worthless shit than men, it is always better to market to women than to men.
      Hence, the push to feminise the NFL.

      1. Good points. I’d be curious to know what percent of NFL revenue comes from female purchases.
        I know that on several occasions in the past, ex-girlfriends would buy me NFL merchandise of my favorite team: shirts, coffee mugs, etc.

    9. Oh you poor misoginistic bastard, afraid of women. That’s what a tiny little penis will do to men, makes them mean……

    1. She uses the Super Bowl to bitch about black CRIMINALs killed by COPS while demanding police escort in and out of Levi Stadium.

      1. Isn’t that the truth. If she wanted to get a message out the message should have read “BLM…start marching in black communities where most black people are killed by other black people”.
        I say go to the source of the problem….the numbers don’t lie. Not all cops are honest but black people are dying in record numbers at the hands of their own people…not the cops.

  6. Who needs football anyways. Be a man and work on your own body. Don’t be a cuckold and watch these fools fumble around on the idiot box.

  7. I never understood why do people love the Super Bowl so damn much for? People that don’t even watch football all of a sudden feel the need to watch the Super Bowl for some reason. I don’t watch sports at all, I’d rather be outside doing something active myself rather than watching other people play while making millions of dollars.
    My brother-in-law can tell you any player’s stats, can sit and watch sports all day long, but is a lazy-ass that never wants to go work out with me. It just boggles my mind how so many people can just watch other people play yet never have the motivation to get up and play themselves

    1. The reason is that it takes less physical effort to read and watch sports and socialize withbother guys than to work out and socialize. If you make working out a priority, you won’t have the time to read every stat.
      More men need to focus on self improvement. Then you won’t know as much about sport stats to talk about it with other guys. This is how the establishment will feel it in the pocketbooks.

      1. Football is the tool of the globalists to keep us sitting on couches,as we drink beer, eat junk food, and mindlessly remember stats.
        “So long as they (the Proles) continued to work and breed, their other activities were without importance. Left to themselves, like cattle turned loose upon the plains of Argentina, they had reverted to a style of life that appeared to be natural to them, a sort of ancestral pattern…Heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.”
        ― George Orwell, 1984

      2. It’s a myth that you have to spend a lot of time in the gym. If you’re using a good progressive resistance program of lifting, you only need to do a half hour or so a few times a week. Hardly a time sink, and you can even do it at home easily with an inexpensive set of used dumbbells

    2. I enjoy watching football from time to time but yes, I agree that obsessing over pro sports while being fat and out of shape is pretty pathetic. Same thing for fat, flabby guys who love superhero comics.

    1. Lady Gaga is a degenerate for sure (and I mean, damn.) but she’s actually a brilliant singer. Ever since she sang The Sound of Music I was totally blown. I wonder how her career would’ve been if she went classical crossover instead.

      1. Nowhere. There are plenty of brilliant singers, many of whom are in classical already. Why else did Gaga feel she had to distinguish herself by treading the same path of spectacle and outrage as Madonna did 20 years earlier? It certainly was not for artistic aesthetic.

  8. our immigration policy has made it so you can’t even hold any major event in USA without massive security. NYC looked like a warzone on new years with all the security personnel.

  9. I reluctantly watched it this year and cringed whenever it went to ad breaks. I was somewhat relieved this year. I missed the budweiser advertisement, but don’t fret, I will never by bud again. My wife and I both commented that it wasn’t as gratuitous. Seemed a little reserved. Someone, feel free to call me out, because I really just watched the end of the 2Q and a little of 3Q. I don’t even know who won. But, in years past the nfl and all the sponsors really pissed me off. Ads in general are just distasteful. There not even funny and the politics is so fucking insulting I honestly would rather eat glass. One in particular, was this persistent homoerotic meme that kept surfacing. I will never eat a snickers again. The two mechanics share a snickers and just like in the disney movie where the two male and female dogs eat a single string of spaghetti and end up kissing, so did the two “manly” men. Who they fuck finds that funny? Besides perverts and retards? It reeked of an sjw agenda. If I want to be entertained then the nfl should be picking peanuts out of my shit to do it. Not telling me to open my mind about sodomy. And, above all, if a fucking company wants my fucking business, they will pick out the peanuts and ask for fucking seconds! Slightly digressing here, but, the overall phenomenon of showing utter contempt for men in advertisements boggles the mind. Some marketing exec “yes, got a new strategy, lets belittle and disrespect our customers and prospects”.

    1. Prepare yourself and you family (if applicable) to survive it. Band with like-minded people and form a tribe.
      Unlike some people here, I’m not that optimistic about the West (and America in particular).

  10. Though surveillance was decidedly less sophisticated in previous generations, many and varied movements were harassed by police in decades past: gay & lesbian, Black power, addicts meeting for recovery (see: Rockefeller laws), the Southern Civil Rights movement… They all kept at it, convinced the public of their rightfulness, though they all had to pay personal prices to get through the hard times.
    We’re only a few years from winning — at some point, public opinion will flip, and men’s rights to gather as such will become socially acceptable, but we will have to make it through the difficult, dark years to make it so.

    1. “Though surveillance was decidedly less sophisticated in previous
      generations, many and varied movements were harassed by police in
      decades past: gay & lesbian, Black power…. the Southern Civil Rights movement… They all kept at it, convinced the public of their rightfulness, though they all had to pay personal prices to get through the hard times.”
      “We’re only a few years from winning — at some point, public opinion
      will flip, and men’s rights to gather as such will become socially
      acceptable, but we will have to make it through the difficult, dark
      years to make it so.”
      Occult elite groups changed the society from top down to bring about sodomite and minority “rights.” The people on the ground were only useful idiots. Men’s rights will get nowhere unless as part of something that these groups will find even more useful to their agenda than the status quo (take one step back in order to go several ahead). Long before women were given the right to vote, the power of men over their own wife and children was removed, but that didn’t matter, because they were “free” men, because they could “vote.” All of the development of western Europe since the Great Schism has been in the wrong direction. Orthodox theocracy, patriarchy, monarchy, forever.

  11. “Around 60 US government agencies found themselves involved in the unprecedented security arrangements for this year’s Super Bowl.”
    Most likely some of the services used were redundant.
    I am having a hard time believing they are protecting us from terrorists. I believe they as a living system are protecting themselves from the people.

  12. The more the finger is pointed at men the less I listen. The only superbowl in my house was the bong hits I was doing. Don’t care much for pro sports anymore, only baseball as it is a gentleman’s game and isn’t as vaginized cos it is not as popular in the US as football is.
    The Patriot Act screwed over US citizens and made them all an enemy of the sate.

  13. The only way to combat this is through legislation. I am not going to address the tribal movements (good idea) or rebellions (poor decision). The reality is that many Americans are not informed enough or have any skin in the game i.e. being a non dependent. My first thought would be a repeal of the 17th amendment. Perhaps an expansion of the electoral college to a more local demographic? Maybe a more issue based system with monthly electronic voting is in order? Honestly maybe its better to burn out than fade away like America has been doing since the mid 90s. Something has got to change in this country

  14. Any self-respecting jihadi would never attack the Super Bowl.
    Art of War 101: Attack where your enemy is weak, not where he is strong, and attack your enemy when he isn’t expecting it. The Super Bowl had security out their rear-end. No one is going to attack that.

  15. The people behind the screens are also amazingly like you and me.

    The banality of evil. People just doing their jobs.
    But soon, the panopticon of the prison will be expanded to include all of society, with all of us being suffocated by safety.

    1. “…like you and me” only applies to the lowest tier of the pyramid. As it escalates higher, one must realize their aims *are* nefarious.

  16. They don’t need to watch you. The mob does it for them. It roots out and lays bare more undesirables than any intelligence apparatus ever could at the mere mention of a concept or image that doesn’t conform to the established narrative. Intelligence agencies have a small focus on subversive domestic groups, but the lion’s share is handballed to the police who are using social networking as now intended by the authorities – a public database kept up to date by the targets themselves. You are a naïve fool if you don’t believe that every intelligence agency in the world periodically hacks and copies sites like Facebook (or is provided a copy if it’s a friendly western nation) for its own metadata.
    ROK members will only be added to ~actual~ domestic security databases and watchlists if we do something stupid like picket or protest a narrative-sanctioned event, interfere with infrastructure or do something retarded like try to form our own nation (this would actually be kind of cool) or encourage/participate in mass violence. At the moment they just consider us a bunch of harmless but noisy idiots.

  17. For about the last decade or so i have referred to Super bowl Sunday as the Holiest day of the year. Facetiously at first but as the years roll by the pomp and circumstance have increased all out of proportion to what one would expect for a
    sporting event, and the focus is not even on the actual game play but Mostly
    focused on the “human stories” of the individual players and the advertisements
    and finally the halftime show. I found that odd because i was under the impression halftime is when you go to use the bathroom, get more beer or change the channel to see if there was some other sports on.

  18. Black guy here, keep an open mind. I’m offering some advice, do with it as you will.
    On the surface, it sure seems like your website/movement is losing ground. If it’s not losing ground, it for damn sure isn’t gaining any ground. I’ll venture a guess as to where that ground is being lost, but I’m sure you already know. Minority men who understand your underlying message, but are totally turned off by the ancillary articles.
    A couple months ago, there was a thorough article posted that was essentially facts and figures about why people visit RoK. Being a stats guy, it piqued my interest. One of the figures that stuck out was people wanting to see less of the white superiority articles. This one struck close to home for me, being that I considered myself not an avid reader of your site, but regular enough to where the white supremacy articles are surprising.
    You complain enough about minorities/liberals, but what you don’t realize (or maybe what you realize but fail to act upon) is that you’re missing out on a great opportunity to spread the manosphere to those outside of just white guys, who, like people agree here, are losing ground every single day.
    If your site is about men being men, color and political orientation should be less of a concern for you than it seems to be on the surface. Men being men can and should apply to all western men. If you’re relying on just guys that think, look, and act like Matt Forney to spread your message, your message won’t get far.

    1. The funny thing about racism is it can’t help but be racist.
      Despite evidence to the contrary, despite facts and figures, despite reality. If you deny another races humanity to puff up your alleged superiority (the ladies doth protest too much) and to exploit the resources and people of the planet, so that you can have more condos, well that is a mental illness that reaches beyond simple inclusion. This site shows no inclination to be inclusive.
      White genocide and aggression is under the microscope and under attack, so you get all these beta males attempting to protect their sense of entitlement.
      Parasites don’t know that they are parasites.
      They don’t care about men, the care about protecting their view of themselves as superior and all that goes along with it…economic and political
      So ….good luck with that.

    2. The guy that runs this site just went into internet lightspeed thanks to all the free publicity, so, we’re gaining ground. Race is irrelevant here. We want all men to do well. feminism and other progressive ideologies are toxic to any man, Black or White or whatever. Neomasculinity transcends race. Where we draw the line is with groups of people that seek to make men into second or third class citizens, feminism is one of those groups. But that doesn’t make us anti-woman, just, anti feminist. Another thing to consider, feminism is the best enabler of men coming to us and our movement growing. Why? Because feminism marginalizes men. If you are a “male feminist”, for instance, you are an irrational dolt, because you’re advocating for your own oppression. So, as conditions become more feminized more men will come to us.

      1. That’s almost my point though. “as conditions become more feminized more men will come to us.” It’s a passive approach. And race is most definitely not irrelevant here. A quick search of the comments of this article will show that.
        You’re possibly gaining ground in the way that the folks already down with this site feel more fervent about its message, but I’m pretty sure no one who isn’t already aware of RoK, is now more aware of RoK.

  19. A good discussion of the mechanism is contained in Mike Lofgren’s The Deep State. Just as it says in the article, there’s no vast and horrible conspiracy–just a lot of people doing what they think is the right thing, but often pursuing their own agendas and leading to a terrible, liberty-squelching result.

  20. We really need a safe way to communicate and start meetups. A system on Tribalmeetup with vetting and safety checks built in(and time restraints and codes perhaps) would be a great system and would drive the SJWs NUTS.

      1. Yes it was a good idea. A private forum of nothing but verified people is needed. That way it would take at least 6-12 months for infiltration and by then meetings would be routine.

  21. Can a forum member / insider please confirm for me that there are intelligent men, coming up with intelligent plans behind the scenes, to move the Neomasculinity movement forward in an intelligent way?

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