Your Game Must Be Strong To Pull Off An Open Relationship

The one-ended open relationship is every man’s dream scenario—when he is allowed, or even encouraged, to fuck anyone whom he wishes, while having a girl waiting at home who is loyal to him, and him only. Really, if you think about it, what isn’t to like about that situation if you are the man?


All of his sexual needs are met, and his loyal girl is unable to dangle sex as a reward or utilize it as a weapon. He gets his variety from a sexual standpoint, and at the same time, he gets all the comfort and stability of a full-time monogamous girlfriend. Granted, he probably has to deal with more jealousy and shit tests than he would if they were monogamous, but that is a small price to pay for complete and guiltless sexual freedom.

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Proposing The Open Relationship

Recently, someone on Reddit (these are the archives, as the original was taken down) attempted to pull off an open relationship on both ends, and had it blow up in his face. Read the full article if you please, but in short, the writer is feeling unfulfilled—the reason being that he is stuck in a monogamous relationship who is, in his own words, “a big girl.”  He writes:

Eventually I realised that the best thing for me to do would be to open up the relationship or break up with my girlfriend.

I spoke to her about this and, well, it broke her heart at the time. She was sobbing on me the whole night of me talking to her about it, saying she wanted to be monogamous and she didn’t like the thought of an open relationship at all. She asked for a couple of weeks to think about it, which happened, but when we spoke about it again she told me she still didn’t want to do it. I had to tell her at this point it was this or break up as I didn’t feel fulfilled. At this, she said okay, she would try the open relationship.

So, in short, she agreed to the open relationship even though she hated the idea as she didn’t want to break up. She wanted to know how an open relationship worked so I set down a few ground rules and boundaries which we both agreed to. Mainly things like.. sleep with whoever you want whenever you want, but always with protection. Casual dating is allowed as long as the person you’re dating knows the situation (since it’s hard to sleep with someone without a date first). Our relationship shouldn’t suffer and we still need to be there for each other. etc.

If we are doing an honest assessment of this man’s work, he didn’t do that bad as far as carrying out the proposal (ignoring the fact that he committed to serial monogamy with a fat girl in the first place). He did not give in to her demands, and did not cave when she pulled the waterworks on him. He stood his frame and told her it was his way or the highway, and by all means this was the correct move.

If you are casually dating a girl, and she flat-out demands monogamy, it is best to hold your frame and refuse to commit. If she relents and agrees to keep seeing you, you are in the driver’s seat. If you relent and cave to her wishes, you end up relationships like these; her frame outweighs yours and you are left to have your soul crushed slowly and painfully.

In short, the reader got what he wanted. Or so he thought.


The Situation Backfires

The writer’s problem is that he had little to know understanding sexual marketplace value or dating dynamics in general. As you can read below, the situation entirely backfired on him, as she began riding the carousel at full speed while he could not even secure a coffee date.

Less than two months later from this, she’s signed up on FetLife too and now 100% enjoying herself. There are men crawling all over her, her profile, her pictures she’s put up. I know for a fact that she’s been on a heck of a lot of dates, both with people from the website and off it, and I also know she’s been intimate with many of them too (I keep seeing comments on her pictures saying vulgar things like ‘God I miss my mouth around those beautiful breasts’ etc from other men who I know she has been on dates with..)

Me, on the other hand? I’ve not hooked up with anyone, and only had one date. All the women who seemed to be interested in me turned out to only want to flirt online and only wanted attention, and when I brought up meeting up with any of them I got rejected.

Any man who had read ROK would know that online dating is a woman’s paradise for attention whoring and cheap sex. Judging by the way that he wrote that she was, “on Fetlife too” leads me to believe that he openly encouraged her to sign up for this website, where she was obviously going to meet horny men who wanted to fuck her.

So here is this “big” girl whose monogamous boyfriend crushes her heart by asking for an open relationship, and he then hands her the key to get all of her self esteem back and more through the cock carousel. But that is exactly what he did, and it continued to go downhill from there.

Just this past Friday night I go out to the late night shop, and on the main road I find my girlfriend standing outside a pub with a guy, holding hands and making out. He was at least 6’4, muscles everywhere you look, arms covered in tattoos (which I know my girlfriend likes). I feel like shit. My girlfriend sees me, immediately breaks away from him and comes over smiling all over her face. She hugs me, kisses me, then the guy comes and introduces himself. It was awkward as fuck honestly, but my girlfriend didn’t seem to notice at all. After stupid chitchat I tell them I need to get going, at which my girlfriend tells me she loves me, kisses me and that she will text me the next day as she wanted a date with me the next night. She then says she’s going to go into the pub to visit the bathroom, and asked her “date” to wait outside for her and then after they’ll “get going” (back to her place I assume..).

tl;dr: Asked my girlfriend for an open relationship so we could both date and sleep with other people. My girlfriend has been on way too many dates and I’m sure she’s hooked up with a good few too. I havn’t. Feel the open relationship has gotten way too unfair towards me and I want to close it, but because it was my idea I don’t know how to bring it up to her. Need advice on how to do this and close the relationship again.

What Can You Learn?

As stated, this man’s strategy towards pulling this off was poor from the get-go. To start, if he was going to pursue this open relationship, he should have already had some legitimate solid leads cooking (not just girls he was playing instant message tag with), or at least had enough game that he could confidently go out and successfully pull a girl that very night.

You see, him sleeping around would have actually made this girl more attracted to him, as women typically will get the tingles when another woman is interested in her man. The same is not true in reverse. Most normal men will feel nauseous of the thought of another penis inside of their girlfriend’s vagina.

If he had played this correctly, it is more likely that his girlfriend’s hamster would have gone haywire, and she would have turned to all sorts of tactics to get him to spend the majority of his time and sexual energy on her and not other women. He would have reaped the rewards of a loving, doting girlfriend while still being able to get some ass on the side.

Instead, he handed her a loaded gun.


Had he any knowledge of online dating, he would have known she was going to get bombarded with attention, even if she weighs 300 pounds. Meanwhile, he realized that the majority of the women are online dating sites simply to attention whore, with little-to-no intention of every stepping foot out on a date.

Of course, once his girlfriend got a taste of the situation (a beta for her emotional support, with his approval to fuck all the alpha cock she wanted), she was hooked. As soon as she struck first, and his jealously arose before hers did, the game was over. His attempts to return this to a strictly monogamous relationship will fall upon deaf ears. Most likely, they will break up sooner rather than later, and she will continue down her path of racking up notches. Eventually, she will tire of this, or become too obese and ugly for her to continue to receive attention. It is then that she will return to the writer and likely accept his terms of monogamy again.

I sincerely hope he is not foolish enough to do so.

While I do not claim to be an open relationship expert, there are plenty of people around this part of the Internet that have pulled them off to great success.

One thing I do know is:  if you’re going to propose an open relationship with a girl, make sure your frame is strong and that you can actually seduce a girl yourself.

Or, you could just get a mistress. It seems a hell of a lot easier.

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157 thoughts on “Your Game Must Be Strong To Pull Off An Open Relationship”

  1. Why are men so adverse relationships with quality women? Clearly if you want to keep the door half open then by all means but it is no long term solution.

    1. Quality women? Wishful thinking and male hamster at work here. There is no such thing as a quality woman. Even if you’re the perfect alpha and you have perfect game, she will still turn her back on you at the first occasion, because girl power, feeeelings and alcohol.

      1. As a personal preference I think I’ll reward good behaviour and punish bad behaviour. Those women who do well to maintain themselves and have strong values I will not undermine. Those women who have no self control or guidance or are parasitical I will not indulge them with my attention.

      2. Its a shitty situation.
        I’ve been with women that get into relationships, state that their values are coherent with mine, behave as though they are, and then… like you said… at some point… girl power, feelings, and alcohol…
        They can rationalize that shit easily… it doesn’t have to make sense.

      3. Hey, talk about you Americans there. You are the ones with the crazy culture of consumerism and emotionalism. Where I come from, we didn’t have an expression for “going shopping”. We just had a verb for “to buy”. The fact that some Americans consider a shopping mall as a place to hang out with friends (as if shopping was some sort of hobby or something fun to do instead of a chore you deal with when you need food or supplies) sounds ridiculous here.
        You are importing your idiocy here, I’m afraid. It pisses me off to no end. I hope we can stop it on time.

  2. Yeah… if you’re going to do this you better have other chicks on the list who want to spend time with you….
    If your girlfriend catches you in a slump… which can happen to the best of us… she’ll insta-brand you a beta loser average dude compared to the douchebag who is taking a free ride and laughing all the way to the bank.
    That guy knows you hate the situation… she knows it… and he loves that you’re the one dealing with her shit and he’s getting the best of her.

    1. Verified. At least half my bangs have some whiny loser they call boyfriend. I’ve met a couple of these sad clowns and it’s horrible to witness. I always wonder why their dads didn’t teach them.
      BE A MAN. Please for the love of god travel the world. See how a dozen other cultures live. Learn the language. Form LOCAL friendships with both men and women. Work your ass off and learn about history. Be a problem solver and McGyver that shit. Life is too goddamn short brothers.
      Read some cedonulli. The fucker gets it and his blog fucking owns.

  3. You cant have an open relationship as a man in the west. You would get steamrolled. You cant really have any relationship in the west, since your marketvalue is so low (if your a normal man) that the woman would see you as a loser and soon start to resent you. Pretty unfair but that’s how it is.

    1. True, if you want an open relationship just have an open relationship, no need asking for permission or “setting ground rules”. Just screw around. If you give a woman Carte Blanche to have sex with others (or pretty much anything) she will use it. You will unleash her hamster. And society at large will completely relish the opportunity to fuck your girl, she won’t last a minute.

    2. Low Market value? Get your shit together then. There are so many guys sitting around eating cheese puffs and watching porn it doesn’t take much to have women beating you’re door down. Get motivated, Rock and Roll!

      1. Stop eating cheetos, and you’ll be swimming in poon… If that was true there would be no manosphere, no men searching for foreign wives, and no need for “game.”

        1. There’s more to getting your shit together than taking care of your health but that’s a step.
          Do you disagree with every self-improvement article on ROK?

      2. Doesnt matter what you do. She can go on swipe, facebook or any dating site or simply the nearest bar and have billions of offers.
        Can you do that ? even if you good look and have game you would have to work your ass of to get a 7.
        So because of that, she sees her as more value than you. So unless you are rich, independent international playboy, she knows you have to obey the sexual marketplace rules in the west, meaning, as a man, you are nothing.

        1. What kind of man runs around saying, “He’s nothing.” or even thinks that shit about himself?
          You’re right, it’s easy for a girl to get laid. So? No clue what that has to do with anything. I don’t really go for women that have, getting laid, as their sole purpose. Maybe I’m good at screening out those moronic chics or something.
          What you’re saying just isn’t my reality. After improving myself (all around) I have more options than attention span.
          Are you speaking about your own personal experience?

        2. Im talking about the situation for the average man, and how women sees you. Not your actual value. It’s artificial but that doesnt make it any less real for the majority of men.
          So many men here goes on and on about how improved they are, how if any women gives them shit they can fuck off etc etc, like they are Tony Soprano. But unless you really ARE Tony Soprano, she would just laugh in your face and launch Tinder. Capish ?

        3. You are totally right in saying women can get laid as much as they want by going to a bar, tinder, facebook etc. But who’s laying them? Men are. Become one of those men (if you aren’t already). The attitude of the average man is defeatist in regards to this. Change your attitude and change your results.
          Women certainly have it easier in the casual sex marketplace but with a small amount of self improvement you can become more attractive to them than 90% of your competition who are eating rubbish and pulling themselves at home to porn every night.

  4. You can find a girl who allows you fuck around while she is at home waiting for you. BUT…
    She is either a complete whale or have experienced some serious psychological damage. She has to be so ugly and fat that she has zero options but to stick with you, or she is one of those miserable depressed chicks who think you are all she can get.
    Nice in theory. But in reality, it is a pretty miserable situation for both of you.
    Have a rotation of women as you need – just stay unattached!

    1. Exactly! If a woman stays loyal to a man who treats relationship as open then she must be either damaged or very unattractive. If she doesn’t stay loyal and sleeps around as well then the obvious downside of having an open relationship is that your woman sleeps around. Who cares that you have other women as well but if u meet some friends in a party and they know your woman fucked n commonly known men then any man with self-respect would not feel ok’ about this. I don’t want to be in any relationship (open or not) with a woman that goesoout to the club and fucks random men. Either no attachment at all (and no purely sexual relationsions with the same woman for long time, since that also puts you in some kind of relationship with a woman that is obviously not good enough for you) or exclusive relationship which ends the day some of you cheats.

    2. Quote: “Nice in theory. But in reality, it is a pretty miserable situation for both of you. Have a rotation of women as you need – just stay unattached”
      Was thinking the same thing, especially in this cunt climate chicks could give two shits about any man today. Women do what they want and men take a back seat to facebook likes and smart phones.

  5. i’ve been in one open relationship before and it was a complete fucking mistake. not quite the same as the guy described in this article, but it was a similar situation of me not really getting any while the other half did from time to time. perhaps that’s my fault? probably. whatever. the point i’m getting at is that it began involving people i vaguely know, and you can probably gather that i wasn’t impressed…the whole situation got far too tangled and i’ve ended up resenting basically everyone who was involved. it seems to me like an open relationship is really just an excuse to for a woman to whore out at the expense of their partner’s feelings. if you were that happy with someone you wouldn’t need to fuck someone else would you. i’d rather just be single.

    1. the concept of equality is BS…. the open relationship with equality is double BS……
      the emphasis has to be on you getting more pussy… if you are going to go out and do that openly and alone… you can hardly expect her to stay home watching re-runs of sex and the city….
      the only way i can see of pulling it off, is to get her involved with picking up girls and having three ways…. the chances of her jumping the fence and starting to go with girls on her own are small… you are always going to be involved… hold frame and never engage in conversations about it, beyond a quick primer to initiate the whole thing…..
      after a ‘trial period’ of threesomes with other women…. you can probably convince her that other men are not what she wants at all…. if YOU decide to involve another man, you do it on your terms and he only comes into the equation via you… and with another woman involved as well, so it’s at least a 4 way…..
      in this dynamic she is always your ‘whore’ and if you allow her other men, it’s always via your authority…. she never gets to go out alone and let men hit on her…. she is never the center of attention… no fucking way….
      women love being taken care of, and if you get to the stage of letting her have another man, it has to be with you there, with your consent and with you very much in charge….. that takes a lot of balls, alot of game, and alot of threesomes with women first….

      1. but this is the mount Everest of relationships…. fuck me…. you have to have a year of threesomes with other women first….

        Speaking of which. Does anyone here have advice on how to negotiate a threesome? I would love to read a post on that.
        This is off-topic but the only time I almost had a threesome was when I watched a close friend plow this chick for an hour then blast her face like Jackson Pollock.
        I had the option to join but something felt strange so I opted to watch and nurse a bottle of Johnnie Walker instead.
        As it turned out, I was right right to feel strange because she eventually accused him of rape which probably had something to do with the fact that he kicked her out into the street once he was finished [cum still wet on her face] and made her walk home naked [à la Bang Bus].
        The only reason he didn’t loose his job or get arrested was because I hadn’t fucked her and thus was able to vouch for him.
        Imagine the look on everyone’s face when I told them ‘That’s not what happened, I witnessed the entire thing.’
        Fuck that bitch.

        1. @tripleogpimpc:disqus Hey Triple – the best way to pull off a 3-some is to confidently voice your needs very early in a relationship and screen for that. Have honest open conversations about sex very early on. Ask things like: Have you ever had a 3-some? Would you? Ever been to a swingers club? If you’re a confident awesome non-judgmental guy, you’d be amazed at what a girl will do to make you happy.

        2. Remarkably simple but makes sense. I typically don’t even consider a three-some until I’ve done literally everything else. By the time I even consider suggesting a 3-some, by then it always feels too late. I’ll try planting the seeds early in the future.

        3. You can start talking about it anytime, it’s just easier to do it early on.
          I screen for that, because I don’t want to date a girl that has hangups about sex. It took me a while to become confident enough to just openly talk about it.

        4. Lol. I’ll assume the cryptic one-word reply to my other comment was also an attempt to troll as well? How melodramatic. Okay, I’ll bite. What seems to be the problem son?

        5. throwing a woman out on the street naked with cum on her face makes both of you pieces of shit.

        6. You just need a bi chick who is into it. They will pick up the other women for you, little need to do anything but have the logistics in place and deploy your equipment at the right time. Of course you have to make the experience sexually fulfilling for both of them, which takes time. The work is enjoyable though.
          How do I know this? I lived with a bi stripper for 5+ years, she was very very good at picking up hot girls to bring home. It was an eye opener for me, at first.
          Most women have some bi in them, you just need to unleash it. Better looking girls are easier for this, they are usually not as scared to get naked in front of others as girls with lesser appeal who are intimidated by their own body’s looks.

        7. Exactly. Best threesomes are during the first couple months you are banging. A girl that’s really sexual and into you will have hot friends who love to smoke weed and get naked.
          Just be cool, NON-judgemental. Show enthusiasm and joke around Had two 21yo lovelies giggling hysterically while I chased em around the hotel room snapping their asses with a towel. >=)

        8. On the flip side I also saw another girl last month who screened herself out. First two bangs were amazing. 3rd week I take her out, dinner we’re vibing and everything is cool. Get back to the room ask for a blowjob and she says “I really don’t like doing that.”
          “So what were the first two times then??? I fantasized about you all week lolwtf….” Put her close crushing her tits to my chest, yada yada…
          She starts crying and I’m like “look, it’s cool. Last thing I want is to make you do something you don’t want to do. This is too much for me to process right now, I’m horny and high and got two other bitches asking where the fuck I am. I’ve made a decision, I’ve assessed the situation, and I’m leaving. If you want to talk later please let me know.”
          That was 2 weeks ago, haven’t heard from her since. ALWAYS ALWAYS have plates. A-FOOKING-MEN

      2. You don’t understand women at all. All you want is control over someone and it’s gross. Please seek therapy

    2. An open relation can never work for men because men are hornier and more aggresive and approach more sexually. If you want to fuck anotjher woman you’d have to go out their and practically form another relationship. For your girl, she just has to literally put on make up and find friend of friends and fuck pretty much any man who comes and talks to her.

  6. I’ve been hanging out in Amsterdam for the last few days for a conference.
    My current opinion of these women…
    – the Dutch women here have been nothing spectacular really… some of them are physically beautiful, especially if you like tall blonde women… but they haven’t been all that friendly upon approach. Probably they are sick of the tourists.
    – standard fashion sense.. not slutty but not particularly feminine.. and I haven’t seen too many short haired girls. Hardly any obesity.
    – I get the feeling progressive feminism has deep roots here. Just going from the vibe. Many of the men look kinda bored. I’ve heard from a few sources the men here are not too crazy about their Dutch women. And I’ve also heard the divorce rate is kinda high.
    – One plus is that I don’t think they are gold-digging… I think they like their comfy lifestyle.
    – Expensive place to hang out.
    Overall, I wouldn’t expat here.

    1. Don’t forget to visit the red light area.
      Pick up a nice Dutch bitch, and fuck her doggystyle (preferably anal) in the standing position. All Dutch women like rear entry (and assfucking too).
      The present Dutch women are boring in public. But they fuck like whore champs in bed. But again, they’re slutty – loyalty is not their forte, and they stink of feminism. Pump and dump, bro.

    2. Open expressions of racism work really well on blonde women.
      If you are willing to experiment a bit the results are remarkable. The tall blonde liberal/socialists often reckon you just need pussy to settle you down. Worked on the Danes and Swedes.

  7. An open relationship in a marriage is probably suicide unless you’ve gotten to the point where you and your wife just don’t give a shit anymore… Like swinger style I guess.
    I don’t know the laws but I’d be paranoid of being locked into raising some other guy’s kids.

    1. Quote: “I don’t know the laws but I’d be paranoid of being locked into raising some other guy’s kids.”
      It’s not being paranoid. Getting locked into child support for some other guys kid can happen very easily just with monogamous long term relationship. Fucking around as described in this article is just playing with fire.

  8. Too complicated. Just cheat. Simple as that. Have a regular chick. A fuck buddy and a string of pump and dumps. Don’t let them ever meet each other. Simple as that.

    1. I’ve always been completely appalled at the idea of cheating on a woman that I really cared about. In fact I’ve taken pride in telling women to back off when I know I have someone that I think is worthy of me waiting for me somewhere.
      It really bothers me that after being screwed over so many times I think I have to abandon this way of thinking.
      As far as I can tell women don’t care about cheating in the same way guys do… IF a gf cheats… unless bf has zero self esteem.. that relationship is dead… for good. Lost all respect for her.
      IF a bf cheats… she might be like.. “is he the one?… I didn’t realize other chicks wanted my bf! He must be fucking hot!”.

      1. When a woman whines to me that men always cheats on her, I say to her “it’s your own damn fault. Your picker is broken.”
        The same thing applies to you. The common denominator in your dating life is you. You are choosing to be with women who treat you that way. It’s your own damn fault.

        1. I don’t know what to think really.
          I agree with you but I don’t at the same time.
          If you’re with a girl long enough its really not impossible for that to happen in this environment… girls have dick and lifestyle offered to them 24/7. If you’re in a fight she can just tank the relationship instead of dealing with the issues…. if she is young enough she will find guys flocking to her and realize she had no reason to give a shit.
          You’re right that I need to evolve though. Before the shit that I went through I thought the dark side of women was something in movies… Truthfully… I didn’t believe that sort of thing would ever happen to me. It was one of those things where I was like oh yeah that happens to other people… like getting hit by lightning.
          I’ve grown out of that naiveté.

        2. You are one of the lucky ones. Ive never encountered anything but shit treatment from women.

        3. Agree with Clark here. I’ve had both good and bad. Fact is, you don’t know which they are until you test em.
          Girls shit test for sex. Guys shit test for commitment. Give her challenges, take her on camping trips, whitewater, rock climbing, etc.. Make her learn a new language, or how to cook your favorite meal together. A good woman will want to make you happy and build the bond. A self-absorbed entitled attention whore princess will not.
          If she can turn off her iPhone for 2 hours that’s a great start.

  9. Western women don’t really want commitment. Careerism and stigma has made that the case. This mantra of women begging men for commitment has to stop, because it isn’t real. That only happens when the woman falls in love.
    Women are just as likely as men to use you for sex and disappear afterwards if you set a relationship frame. In fact, the most efficient way of getting a girlfriend in the West is to set an open relationship frame from the state and maintain high value until the girl feels she has invested enough to want commitment.
    Don’t be blinded by the stigma attached to open relationships. It is actually easier to get an open relationship than it is to get a girlfriend, as long as you set the frame from the start.

    1. Western women do eventually want commitment. Of course, this happens when their value plummets and they can’t pull the quantity or quality of men like they used to.
      But you are correct in that it is easier to have an open relationship with Americunts before they hit the wall than it is to have an exclusive relationship. Super messed up but such is the state of our culture.

      1. Don’t want to have a ‘relationship’ with an used cunt – that too over the wall.

  10. If, I’m guessing at the true impepetus here, he was into BDSM and stuff he should have broken her first as a pet, then moved out into a flesh n blood BDSM club or meet up. Then he could have had total control over who she got to fuck and how he got to sell her off in exchange for upgrades.
    Trouble is the BDSM community is full of fat arses.

  11. Open relationship. You westerns are strange people.
    It’s called a harem – one man, many women. Got it?
    My wife knows that there are other women in my life, some of them even younger than her and she’s ten years younger than me. She acts as if she’s pissed off but she still cleans the house, looks after the kids and provides sex on demand.
    How do I do it? I don’t know. I just do and don’t talk about it with my wife. Talking to women is pointless.

    1. Either: (1) you are actually in an open relationship and you don’t know it; or (2) she’s planning to get to point #1

      1. so if he is sleeping around, and that’s ok, that would mean it’s ok for the woman to sleep around too, right?

        1. In fairness, yes, but don’t say that too loud on here or you’ll get death threats.

        2. BINGO! in no-rights country, yep only men sleep around. with rights and real freedom, women have the right to default sexual equality. u can have 20 women and not b slut-shamed, so can and should she without the infantile slut-shaming. u want equality, sleep with 5 women then demand to find a woman with under 5 men. when u sleep with 50 and want a virgin, FUCK YOU!

    2. Its true. Discussing anything with women is ridiculous. If you’re asking permission, you are not in charge.

    3. yep, if u can afford the house, have a job that can pay all the bills+ give her precedence in a society she has no rights in or can ever get a compatible job in its a workable situation!

  12. There is a rare man who can pull this off. I’d recommend you don’t do this. There is no reason why you shouldn’t just have a rotation of girls who you make infatuated with you. Each will drop everything to see you and you don’t have to have any emotional pain. Either have a committed woman and cheat if it suits you or play the field.
    One of my exes came over to grab some stuff she left at my house recently and tried to fuck me. I wasn’t interested, but that’s beside the point. She told that she’s in an open relationship and this dude called her like 3 times while she was there. The two had plans that night and she blew him off and ignored him to do my laundry in hopes of being under me. I sent her packing after she competed folding.
    She called him near being done folding and told him she’d not be seeing him that night. At the end of the call he says “I love you baby” she responds “yeah love ya”. I started cracking up. She knew I could see he was a bitch. So I sent her home. Thanks for doing my chores but this 8″ doesn’t need average sex tonight.
    Sex isn’t hard to get, don’t be her coat hook and end up being ditched for a man who makes her itch.

  13. Give yourself permission to be in an open relationship. No need to rub it in the face of your main woman if you care about her, but there’s no reason not to pick up a little side pussy.
    If you do choose to got the LTR route, always be gaming when you have the opportunity. The confidence it instills will help your LTR (women are great at subconsciously picking up on the dtgaf mindset), and you always need to keep your hunting skills sharp in case the relationship goes south.

  14. Be wiry of this. Even in an one-sided open relationship women can manipulate you. For example I work with this guy in my department and I knew him and his wife were having problems. He worked his ass off and she slept around however at the time of their wedding she revealed she wasn’t chaste as she proclaimed. He was rightfully angry that she duped him and he wanted what she had. It didn’t take him long to find a girl. This girl wasn’t interested in him at first…until he mentioned he was married. This girl…was young and gorgeous….yet never was in a relationship. Didn’t want a relationship. You might be thinking score! But tread wisely. My colleague however didn’t. It turns out this girl had a passion for ruining/destroying relationships. Married couples were her opium. Any girl who is OK with knowing you are in an open relationship…just be slightly suspicious.

  15. I think most guys in “relationships” are in “open relationships” and they don’t even fucking know it.
    I hate that word: “relationship”. A woman thought of that. You know how I know? Because women don’t understand what relationships are. That’s why she refers to it as *A* relationship. —>> SINGULAR.
    But in every “relationship” there are TWO relationships going on.
    Her relationship with YOU.
    And your relationship to HER.
    But a woman only gives a shit about *the* relationship SHE has. She doesn’t give a shit about the other person’s contentment, or involvement…. it’s just her, and her fucking “relationship” (singular). If she is happy in HER “relationship” everything is great! Even though you are one miserable bastard who only keeps her around for the quality tail.
    This “relationship”, she casts like a play, and you are the stupid actor who may as well be a generic looking man with no tongue as she rides the cocks of every broke, greasy unemployed tattoo-artist / musician on a stolen motorbike who has enough body piercings to hang a shower curtain.
    My best friend of 25 years who was married for 3 months can tell you all about his “open marriage” he knew nothing about. But at the moment, he is putting all of his shit in storage and face-palming himself with both fists after finally realizing why I wouldn’t go to his wedding. And now, he’s apologizing …….. to ME.
    Whether you like it or not – with the modern female – you are in an “open relationship” …. because every woman born in the last 50 years is such a toxic mess, you would have to be crazy not to strip down your interaction with one to the bare necessities and ensure you are only around her for as long as it takes to fuck her, towel off BigJimAndTheTwins, and get the fuck OUT.
    “Open relationship” means you want to have your cake and eat it too. As a man you get that when you are just banging some chick and she turns into a pizza and a 6-pack of Stella Artois after sex….. but if you are ever in a situation where you know she wants an “open relationship” you better get some self respect and deny her that shit as quickly as possible. She WILL NOT step out for other dicks while she’s eating your food and telling you how the toilet seat should be kept up or down. Keep her homeless, or make the sucker deal with that shit.

      1. very true. a woman is always shopping, this was my biggest red pill lesson.
        that is why to be in a relationship requires the ability to be a player as a guy. the girl has to be the one trying to make it work. if its 50-50 or the guy is working more, it WILL fall apart eventually.
        the girl is going to put her energy somewhere. this is what i didn’t understand, and most guys don’t get now. if you are chasing her, she is going to let you have her if you are the best option FOR NOW, but she sure as hell will keep looking. red pill is about maintaining that aloofness so that it is her putting her energy into making the relationship work.
        that is why the doting nice guy “valentines day card” boyfriend who buys roses and gifts will always be treated nicely by his girlfriend but then ‘unexpectedly’ cheated on or dumped some day

        1. “the girl is going to put her energy somewhere.” Best way to phrase it I’ve seen yet.

      If more fucking men realized this, they’d maintain a stronger frame with the women they’re with. This is exactly why I always assume the girls I’m with are already fucking someone else.

      1. Smart! That’s why when a girlfriends shit-tests you with: “how do I know you’re not cheating on me?”….EVERY guy should point it out to her that merely asking that question does nothing to prove SHE is not cheating on HIM.
        So sick and tired of women behaving like they all have an automatic halo over their heads.
        SHE: “how do I know you’re not cheating on me?”
        HE: “What? How do you know I AM?”
        (they hate that reply)
        But the only correct response to “how do I know you’re not cheating on me?” is: “Until I have signed a marriage contract…. YOU DON’T. You should suck and fuck and hard as you can or you should expect to be replaced at any time. Any other questions? “
        That should make sure she never asks that stupid question again.

        1. Interesting point. I hear women say that they want a commitment from their boyfriend, typically in a public badgering fashion. Somehow it’s assumed that the women are committed. Cue divorce statistics.

    2. Not really. Most women, like men, go the single monogamy route. No one, especially a woman, wants to be know as the local whore. Even if it is true! Eventually, she will want to trap a man into a monogamous relationship. If ever they meet one of her former paramours, she will introduce them, and with a straight face. Women know how to lie, and this to them is “holding frame.”
      To be honest, even at my best, I am not sure I could pull this off. Now, if the main gf waiting at home was low quality enough, sure. But like above, even an ugly girl online will have ample betatude to prop up her ego, and her labia wide open.
      I have seen these men. Many of them I would say were fit, athletic, and intelligent. The proper combination to pull this off must include at the very least, more than a modicum of bad ass dark triad alpha. If not, you are too marriage minded.
      A man of this magnitude of devil may care has got to have little to no real emotional connection outside of the stability and strong children his main squeeze provides. And like a pimp giving his whores crack, he must starve her of any and all attention. And any males who come around willing to break her out.
      The fact is, I doubt even for men who can pull it off consistently that it’s worth it! I watched an episode of those Mormon fools with 3-5 wives. The drama must be overwhelming on the daily average.
      In my prime, and knowing game well, I had many, many women all on call. But none were my main squeeze. Even the babies mama. She was for almost a year I guess. But she never let on that she must have known I had many others. Let alone who they were as I did not advertise.
      I had her on lock for a while. A really hot girl, or several, in SoCal. And a bunch around the world who would often come to see me. My notch count is in the hundreds.
      Yet it is not worth it. I got tired of the BS. I’m married now to a hot foreign woman that makes more than I do. LOL As far as I know, she was actually a virgin. I did my darndest to find out as I did not believe it at first. But her experience gained by me would strongly correlate with a woman who had little to zero experience.
      Life is not fair. I did not get what I deserve. I hope I never do. But if I do, I would freely admit I got what was coming to me.

      1. If any of you go this route, good luck. Most of you will fail. And most likely get swept up in the oncoming Tsunami of emotional drama that is soo many women at once. The catastrophic events could be anything from an illegitimate child, to being stabbed to death while you sleep. Knowing full well these women will never pay for what they do to you. But you will certainly pay for whatever you do to them.

  16. As the saying goes, those that forget history are doomed to repeat it. Open relationships have virtually no successful historical precedent.
    Paolo Mantegazzna’s wonderful book, “The Sexual Relations of Mankind” outlines this very well. I highly recommend reading it. Mantegazzna points out that, anthropologically speaking, the vast majority of cultures throughout history were polygamous – polyandry was an anomoly. These cultures had no “academic,” gender role instruction; they followed the natural order of biology and produced similar results, whether they were in Ancient Egypt or Papau New Guinea – polygamy.
    We are living in the middle of a modern social experiment – sexual feminism, where people are trying to alter the sexual behaviors that have existed for thousands of years. To change biological hardwiring. The example provided in this article shows what I believe is nearly always the case – an unsuccessful outcome.

  17. That is exactly why I don’t do open relationships. One nights stands in the west. Maybe monogamous in places where women aren’t so hypergamous.

  18. Moral of the story: do not engage in an open-relationship if you cannot handle an open relationship.

  19. This article is of no relevance to at least 99.5% of the male population. Open relationship?!? One-sided?!? Dream on…
    To quote the creator of this site:
    “As a sex, men have very little say in determining the relationship dynamic.”
    “It would be a nice fantasy for us men to believe that we have a say in relationships and sex. It’d be nice to think that our “alpha” behavior and our game determines how a relationship can proceed, but often it doesn’t.”

    1. Another female troll.
      Даниела is “Daniela”
      Take any username in cyrillic, translate it in google, and you find the person.

      1. Aw come on, we’re having too much fun upsetting you guys. And intruding in your “manosphere”

  20. Open relationships only serve females and are actually designed for females in mind. Regardless of whether the man can get laid equally well, women fall in love with the guys they sleep and let us not forget that they can get pregnant by them too. There are only 2 real “open” relationships that are viable:
    1. Semi-open: Open for the man, but mongamous for the woman. Is difficult, but can be done by a strong Alpha man.
    2. Political marriage: Open for both, but when married for money & power after one or 2 children were born. Many elite and Royal families had those kind of agreements. They basically met only for procreation and sometimes hated their guts. The marriage was for the cause of strengthening 2 powerful families. Even the women were allowed to fuck around in that agreement – the British aristocracy had Royal abortionists going back over 100 years.

  21. Just reveals what modern women are.
    All whores. All of them.
    Look at that cunt crying , when he mentions open relationship.
    And then she goes on her whore rounds.
    First rule of open relationship: Don’t mention that you want an open relationship.
    Second rule of open relationship: Get yourself another fuck buddy or fuck buddies.
    Third rule of open relationship: Wait till she finds out that you already have fuck buddies on the side. When she confronts you, you got 2 choices. Either you deny, or you casually say that you want an open relationship. THAT’S THE TIME YOU SAY YOU WANT AN OPEN RELATIONSHIP, when you already have the side chicks. Not when you don’t have. Saying that you want an open relationship when you don’t have chicks on the side, is sheer stupidity.
    First, you give her the impetus to cheat around on you. And trust me, she will have no problem attracting cock, as women are the gatekeepers of sex. Women can get sex at any time from anyone. You on the other hand, have to work (game women) for it.
    Second, when you say you want an open relationship when you’re already fucking around with regulars on the side and she finds out, she knows you’re the dominant one in charge, and one up on her. Either she’ll either walk off (her loss), or she’ll choose to stay (as the prime whore in your harem).
    And most importantly of all, never trust women – what they say and whether they’ll stay with you. You’ll have an easier time taming an animal to make it loyal to you, than a woman.

    1. Serious question: You cheat, she finds out, you tell her after she finds out that you want an open relationship; assuming she agrees, what if she takes that as her opportunity to ride the cock carousel?

      1. No problem!
        Do you think you’d care about ‘her’ when you’re fucking other girls?
        Good riddance.

    2. I am pretty sure if a woman sleeping with multiple partners means she is a slut/whore, then a guy doing the same thing is also a slut/whore… or a bitch like most of the guys who love these kind of articles 😉 Don’t bother replying to me as I will probably never visit this disgusting site again (someone shared it on Facebook because of how shocking and stupid it was so I was curious to read).

      1. Good riddance, female troll.
        Only a woman will call a man who sleeps around as a ‘man-whore.’

        1. female troll on this educational website translates to “someone who has a differing opinion from the opinions of the neanderthals”

        1. oooh, watch out, tough guy made a really intelligent point backed up with facts! You sound like a little child, dude.

        2. Yea ? Im not the one obsessing over a site I dont like. Lill bitch is scared arent you ?

        3. Umm what facts exactly? Here are some facts:
          Most women go nuts for studs. Look at the amount of press given to Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio… all guys with notch counts in the dozens if not hundreds. Same thing for musicians, sport stars, rich & famous, etc…
          The whole point of the sexual revolution was to free us from sexual slavery and let everyone fuck around as much as they want. Sexual advertising is everywhere you look, used to sell products not even remotely sexual.
          Google “RSD Tyler – Society Must Stay Orderly” and watch the youtube. It will open your eyes. Only after you’ve fucked 50 women you grow a natural filter for the bullshit.
          Game is the natural evolution of the sexual revolution. So, Dear CD, please re-evaluate your white knighting. Thank you for playing.

  22. Problem is open relationships are for alphas not for betas. Besides, imho, opens should be one-way: she must not fuck other guys except if the guys are selected, qualified and approved by you, introduced via you, as you deem fit. Period. It should be clear that her pussy is owned by you and it’s not up to her what she does with it. She needs your permission at every little step she plans to do. Do not give her blank checks or you’ll expose yourself to hazards. There is no alpha that can not fail. Be smart.
    The case at hand is a beta aiming to act as an alpha but in the process losing all the beta advantages that he could secure.
    For a woman, in order to accept her being not the only woman in her lover’s life, her lover must be the best male in her entire life: a more than satisfying alpha. She must genuinely think that she is better off having this particular alpha, at least part time, than having a beta full time. As long as this is not the case the relationship will not work on her side..and it’s not just SMV.
    For a man, if he’s an alpha he has several women that he already has sex with. Emphasis on “has sex with”, not “hopes that he’ll be dating them”. How pathetic is this? ..suggesting an open and hoping that he’ll be dating and fucking plenty with no actual proof for his delusional forecasts?. The article is spot on.
    For a man, if he’s a beta he should strive to become an alpha – not playing games that he can’t control.
    Fucking a fatty is beta. Doomed from the start. Emotions aside, he should have just dumped her on her scoring alone: QUALIFYING is paramount. She did not QUALIFY. The rest is just downhill. He got into fat acceptance. Once you accept a bit of shit, you set the scene for more shit to come your way. Simply wrong, to show tolerance to shit. Does “zero tolerance” ring a bell? Being intolerant is KEY in matters of principle. It’s costly to act this way, though. However, an alpha is able to cover the costs..because alphas are resourceful. That’s why for alphas and their resources women tend to lose their minds and occassionally dedicate their lives to them.

  23. Relationships are not for alphas period. Most men seek solace and reprieve in women from the toils and labor of life, however alphas know the only women who’ll ever give a shit their toils are their mothers. There should be no reason to keep a woman around if you are not where you want to be in life. Women are dream killers, her very presence outside of sex is the reality of your time being fucked. Theoretically you can always get money back (easier said then done) but you’ll never get your time back. I would say any man from 18-35 should not even consider a relationship. Despite the married animus against this concept, alphas “don’t do” monogamy. You can’t tie a wild lion down to one lioness but you can do that with a domestically zoo-trained bitch lion. Disregard women, acquire currency.

    1. Let me tell my own story – fucked up as it is.
      I was brought up in a very conservative household. Elder bitchy sister. Emotionally distant mother. Beta father. Parents have a nagging marriage.Dad made a lot of fucked up career decisions, which fucked up our future. Sister got married at 22 to a rich dude, so she fucked off. I was a loser in college and high school. All my friends lost their virginity in college or high school. But I was learning red pill concepts on my own from observing women around me. My mom hated girls calling me home who wanted to take notes. Dad thought I had lost my virginity, and kept reviling me. At 24, I left home for an overseas job. First taste of independence, with a lot of harsh lessons. Fucked up pay (company had cash issues), office rivalry/politics. Nevertheless, I survived. Changed my job later that year, and also lost my virginity. To whom? An asian whore at a massage parlor! I felt miserable. Nevertheless, it began a pussy fest for me. I slept with 26 women within the next 3 years. Some of them whores, some of them real normal relationships. My last relationship was when I was 29. A girlfriend of 4 years, who was also a part time whore (I learnt that later when I broke up with her). She sucked all my cash and left me when I needed her the most. The next 4 years have all been struggles, trying to pay back the debt I got myself into because of her. During this period, I couldn’t and can’t afford a girlfriend. All girls want money and cash. That’s what they are – all whores. Now I hate all of them. My mistake was to fall in love (as you said seek solace and intimacy) with women. I never got nurturing and love from women within my family when I grew up too. I’m 33 now. I think I won’t get this time back, I see all my friends going out and enjoying their time with women, while I’m still paying the piper for my generosity for an ex lover. I will never fall in love again, and neither do I think I will ever want to marry a woman to have kids. To be frank, I’m even put off from sex, because I know my youth will be wasted paying off this debt I’ve gotten myself into because of her. By the time, I’ll pay off my debt , I’ll be who knows in my 40’s or later. But these years will not come back. Sexual companionship or just female companionship in old age cannot compensate for a wasted youth. Women don’t look at you after you pass a certain age. So I’m thinking of learning Buddhist philosophy of celibacy for sexual self-control. I just hate women now. There is no evil greater than women. Men don’t realize that they’re just tools and devices for women. I see my own sister using her husband. No man should ever trust or depend on a woman. NEVER. Women are the greatest evil on this planet, and a man’s greatest test. I’m glad the red pill taught me a lot in the past few years, but I’ve decided to keep off women. They’re evil, fucked up insects.

      1. Despite any sexual success I may have with women, they are a big part of the reason, why once I’m dead, I pray reincarnation is not a reality. I would not want to come back to this planet. Once I’m off, I want to remain off. Modern women are an awful reality, and one that won’t be changing soon, given the psychologically castrated state of the modern western man. Women are a man’s biggest test in life, it is wise not to entangle with them. These dumb ass romance novels are an absolute fiction preaching propaganda from the bowls of literary hell.
        There is no happiness with them over the long term, only misery, debt, drama, destitution and penniless bank accounts. No pussy is worth the wake of destruction it leaves in its trail if you decide to buy it instead of rent it. Smart men rent the pussy (cheap dinners, drinks etc) while focusing on himself and getting laid as his time affords outside of acquiring accolades and currency, most men buy the pussy (relationships and marriage) while focusing on her, or in his words “their relationship/marriage.” If a smart man is to marry, let it be advantageous to him, to his financial future and let him marry a rank above his station to use her connections. Any man with an average 9-5, marrying some broke ass bitch is as dumb as her.
        I’ve said it and I’ll say it again, romance and “love” is the death of ambition and masculinity. Subtract a woman’s presence from your life minus the sex, and imagine how much you could or could have accomplished. She’ll never give you your money nor time back. It is almost a relationship of host and parasite, and once that healthy organism is dead and bereft the parasite moves on to the next healthy organism. Thus is modern woman.

        1. Heard “these hoes ain’t loyal” on the radio recently and Weezy had a couple lines which perfectly summarize what you just wrote:
          Why give a bitch your heart when she rather have a purse?
          You all about her and she all about hers

        2. I totally agree, bro.
          But I think marrying a woman above you is an even more disadvantageous position. You’re nothing but a disposable dog-like slave to her then. You want to see the hypocrisy in female nature? They expect you to ‘care’, ‘be sensitive’, ‘protect’, ‘provide’ and ‘love’ them like entitled princesses, when they’re below you in status. If they’re equal to you, and above you in status, then hell will break loose over you. They’ll treat you cruelly with no respect, no dignity, as if you’re some fucking slave they bought in a slave market. They’ll break your balls in public, lead you around like a master walking a dog, and then ask you to fuck them when they want, how they want. Your freedom is then essentially dead. Marrying a woman greater than you in status is to be constantly reminded of your economic origins by her, and how she did a ‘favor’ on your unfortunate soul by choosing to ‘save’ you. These women are like being married to a female boss. That’s female hypocrisy.
          In today’s world, women don’t face consequences for their actions. It’s men who are forced to bear the responsibility for women’s actions. A woman is a slut? Men fuck around too much. A woman cheats on her husband? Her husband probably abused her, or couldn’t fuck her properly. A woman wants divorce? Her husband is a jerk. A woman leaves her boyfriend for a richer guy? Her boyfriend is a stagnant loser.
          All this will make men detest women, which I feel personally now. Inspite of these atrocious doublestandards, some men still support women against men. And I too share the same sentiment about reincarnation as you do. The reason? Women. They make life miserable.
          I do wish I never entered into that relationship which destroyed my late 20’s and the past few years. I hope to rise back again to live my life normally and happily, I’m still putting a lot of efforts from my end. But the lessons learned will never be forgotten, and I will never emotionally feel anything for women again. I’ve become emotionally numb towards them forever.

        3. You lead a miserable life, bro. One hopes that if you do reproduce, you will be saddled with a girl. And then your life will change dramatically.

        4. great again esp about marrying broke bitches, would just add to c women institutionally.. meaning its not about he individual station but the generational and institutional hierarchy her peeps r from. she can b rich and hi, if her family sucks or low-staioned collectively, will b ur problem incl the dumb ideas and dynamics that come with that

        5. once we get past reproductive biology, there really is no real difference b/men and women.. period! they have to get them eggs rolling by age 34. later than that, tough to hav enormal birth or non-retarded kid. so yep, they must focus on $ and all that stuff much earlier. like in college, cant get too focused on career, need a guy to cling to strategically and a higher status one at that. look around, once we all hit 45, the power overwhelmingly goes to a same-age male with a damn brain esp with compatible status. he rlooks fade and even if hot.. 45 is 45.. older guy can reproduce well and can pull in a 25 yo and mentally dominate her. not many 25 y guys really want to fuck 45 yos with 4 kids or get too committed to them. basically, 18-37 is the weathering the storm period.. from 38+, MEN have most of the power esp if not too paralyzed with anger from your past.
          a real alpha male doesn’t hate women or relationships. depends on the terms!

      2. Never say never. You’ve done it once you’re likely to do it again as you’d want to prove yourself wrong. Such is human nature and men love to be enslaved.
        Why do you have to pay the debt. Are you married to the fucking bank? Just fuck off to a foreign country.

      3. Its OK to love a woman, or more accurately “women”, so long as you don;t love them more than you love yourself.
        If “you” are not your own top priority, there’s no way you’ll ever be someone else’s top priority.

      4. 1) I’m sorry to hear about all this but I think I may be able to help.
        2) It’s not true that women won’t look at you if you’re old or broke. I have gamed women much younger than me and without my own financial resources. Women seek status and excitement in a man, that is all.This forum (and many others) can teach you how to convey that.
        3) A number of things tell me that you are perhaps not as experienced in the world as you could be.
        a) 26 girls in 3 years, while not bad, is not a “pussy fest” either – it’s basically getting laid every 5 weeks or so.
        b) if a girl was able to be a part time whore without you knowing, you are either not very bright or too trusting.
        c) a girlfriend shouldn’t be something you can “afford” or not.
        I suggest you deeply, deeply peruse this site or similar ones and really think about the message. I think that, despite your intentions, you are still harboring a beta mentality that convinces you that you are not worthwhile as a person and thus must pay women to be with you.
        This is not true now, nor was it ever true. A woman’s desire is to bear high-quality offspring and have the material with which to give them a high-quality upbringing. For this, she desires a man who is physically and emotionally strong, and who can earn a good living. Absent this, she will settle for 1 out of 2. That is all.
        Hone yourself. Find your way. The women – and any debt your younger, more inexperienced, more insecure self has incurred – will follow.

    2. Relationships are for men, not alpha males. Men are on another stratosphere. Regard women, acquire currency.

      1. u mean type A alpha dogs suck at relationships. I’m a type B/C alpha. relationships can b cool

    3. +111.. u da man, haven’t heard this splained this simply and beautifully before. women aren’t just dream killas, they r focus killas. very flaky, will just fuck with u because they can.. let c if I can trip u up, make u lose ur spot.. y? the very fact u seem to put something ahead of them is enough cause for her to fuk with u and get nervous. always about the princess. once ur a trump, they r forced to play with ur rules. also if from a great background, she has other cats in her family to play with. ur not it. chicks from the bad homes and past r worse when ur it! no X? gonna fuck ur friend+blame u! power, $, career, glory, partner, sex, partnership + family LAST. want a gal who prioritizes $,career, family,partner,sex,power+glory (incl status, fame)

  24. Not a good or even logical post. What you are basically saint is, “ask before you cheat” if the girls isn’t a fat woman with low self esteem she will either be extremely upset(i.e you get no sex for a while) or she just breaks up with you after a long argument, it is not as simple as “just stand your ground”. If your girlfriend is cute, she will never go for this because even if you equal her in looks she will have a lot more options and a lot less work to put in, it make no sense for her to agree and no amount of “game” will change that

  25. 3 and 1/2 years now, I’ve had no sex. My last sexual encounter was on 23 december 2010.
    And no fapping for 2 months now. I’ve achieved a lot within these past one year.
    Built my own company, and making enough money now. When I had women, money used to flow out of my hands, no focus on ambitions in life and helluva emotional shit distractions and woes.
    I’m in my early 30’s now.
    I have adopted a business like attitude towards women now. I don’t take any shit, and I get enough pleasure demeaning and calling them out for their solipsism.The pleasure I get from seeing the respect and fear in them when they talk to me today, gives me contentment. Because I don’t care or yearn for sex. Women can sense a man’s desperation for sex, and that’s when they demean and put you down.
    The care-damn attitude towards women happens when you don’t get laid for a long time. You subconsciously grow back to your childhood, where you didn’t have sexual temptation to distract you from your goals. And I feel more confident now. Just focusing on myself, improving my health, making money,achieving my goals and I want to travel to see the world. Women are a distraction and the most common cause of suffering for a man. Just avoid them, don’t waste your time on them. Live for yourself. That’s all what counts in the end. Become a better man.

    1. Well done, my friend. Good strategy. You can lose money chasing women but you will never lose women chasing money.
      I’d recommend visiting a quality professional hooker once every month. Make sure you choose a different one every time.

  26. FYI that reddit post is widely regarded to be fake…instead most people say it’s just stealth marketing for that Fetlife website
    Any guy who voluntarily dates a fatty is low-value, and it’s pretty obvious that he’s not going to have much luck pulling attractive girls for sexual encounters.

  27. Good article! This hits the basic point right on the head that men and women feel differently about promiscuity. Is it “unfair” to expect to be able to hook up with other women while all your women are loyal to you? Yes it is! But so is Lady’s Night, college admissions, job-seeking, chances of going to prison and every other area of life where men and women have differing experiences.
    I’m in the middle of a situation right now where a girl I’m banging on the side, who KNOWS she’s on the side, is willing to take a mistress-role with me over a one-and-only role with some beta willing to bring her flowers and dinner.

    1. So in return to some statistics that have nothing to do with relationships, you think that the answer to that is men being able to be in an open relationship whilst the woman is loyal?
      Call me naive, but I think it would be better to work on why such things as Ladies Nights exist in clubs and other social places, why more women than men are getting into tertiary education, and the criminal justice system, rather than be a cunt. Just saying.

      1. You are naive. The vast majority of women will convince white knights to give them advantages until civilization crumbles. Only a very slim minority of women actually understand and want honor and fairness. And even those few smell the gas is running out.
        It’s a shit sandwich all around my friend. But hopefully future civilizations will look back on history and learn from it.

  28. Ever wonder why when your girlfriend broke up with you in highschool she moved on so quickly and was already with another guy by lunchtime? it is because women are always on the lookout and always in the open relationship, men just don’t know it.

  29. I would just like to say this. There seems to be an understanding on this site that it is ok for men to cheat and sleep with a bunch of partners, but it’s not ok for women to do this same thing. I think a man or a woman who cheats and sleeps around is a POS. You guys are brainwashed if that doesn’t seem logical.

    1. It’s ok for women to do it as long as they don’t insist on only sleeping with guys with higher sexual market value. A female 6 who sleeps around with 6’s is fine, a female 6 who only sleeps around with 8+ is a bitch.

  30. Open relationship is actually no big deal, don’t overthink it. I’ve had 4 girls at the same time but I have to admit that it was more work than I wanted to put up with. How? You have to have more to offer than any other guy she knows, don’t make any stupid “relationship moves”, see her not more than once a week, don’t tell her you love her, always have her calling you more than her, never bring up the “open relationship” issue and never be afraid to lose her. Remember: you are the precious prize and she has to work to keep you.

  31. Fuck your woman well, make her cum `till she can’t walk the next day and she won’t want to fuck any of those other mediocre cocks out there to begin with. She may do it once or twice but if you’re the only guy that can please her she won’t go very far.

  32. I’ve been in several open relationships, and I’m never going back. There is one caveat however. In every situation except for one, the women got to the point where they were worried about their “reputation” and started to flip out on me, and the relationship went south at that point. Still better than slinking around though, and who can complain when you have a girlfriend who brings girls back for threesomes all on her own?

  33. I haven’t had a monogamous relationship since 10 years ago when I split with baby mama. Never going back to them. I’m not into lying to anybody, lying just cheapens ME!
    What I have found however is that after a time a woman in an open relationship will often start to worry about her rePUTAtion (those who speak Spanish will understand more) and start to change their attitude about the whole thing, and at that point usually wind up leaving.
    But it’s still much better. There’s nothing like having a hot bi gf who brings girls home to share with you. What mono relationship can offer anything to top that??

  34. You’re an idiot. You clearly have no more idea of how an open relationship works than the guy with the “big” girlfriend. Or how women work. You should consider not giving advice about things you quite obviously don’t understand.

  35. i trust you know your bullshit doesn’t work and it backfires when you say ‘open relationship’.. if you aren’t interested in monogamy, stop dating.. just do casual.. then you’ll still have your integrity being honest instead of playing a stupid game that you always will lose.. win win 🙂

  36. why the fuck all that, I fuck, you don’t, don’t like it, the door Passes a camel (not a fat joke, that’s for any bitches out there), not big enough, I can through you out of the balcony.

  37. wtf…
    Why not try to be a genuine human being instead of playing with people like they don’t have feelings?
    It’s interesting how you guys are trying to “score” as much women as possible but call women whores for enjoying sex… misogynist as fck. Open your goddamn eyes… check your greed and your sense of entitlement.
    Respect others and maybe you’ll be shown some respect too. All this flashy pretense and deceit will not make you happy.

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