How To Develop Demonic Grip Strength To Rip Apart Apples With Your Bare Hands

Yes, it appears that Larsen is writing yet another grip training article. As I’ve repeatedly stated, if you were to train any one aspect to develop real world functional strength, it would have to be the grip. Anything you’re going to lift will require you to take hold of it and grasp it in your hands, correct?

The techniques discussed in this article are not purely training techniques, but can be considered half training technique, and half tricks to impress your friends and intimidate your enemies. They will give your forearms and fingers a tremendous workout, but due to the expense and amount of detritus these methods produce, I don’t do these regularly.

Ripping Apples In Half

This trick is one of the easiest ways to show off the strength of your hands, fingers, and forearms (and if you’ve been following my instructions, that strength should be great indeed). In addition to being something that will seem unreal to the average people you interact with, this is actually a useful technique should you find yourself wanting to share an apple but lack any sort of sharp implement to cut it in half.

To begin with, you’ll need an apple—I specify APPLE, as attempting to tear any other sort of pome such as a pear, quince, or medlar (or for that matter, a drupe such as a peach or apricot) will end with a spray of fruit juice flying into your face, the fruit in question being squashed, and you being thoroughly embarrassed.

Remove the stem of the apple. Then place your index fingers into the end of the apple opposite the stem (See below, but bear in mind when you do this technique this end points down).


Then press your thumbs into the stem end, holding the apple so the stem end is pointing upwards.


Apply pressure inwards with the index fingers, while applying pressing outwards with the thumbs. You should begin to feel and hear the apple cracking.

Once you’ve achieved this, you can continue applying pressure until the apple splits. Or, for those who are not as strong, you can drive one or both of your thumbs into the crack you made, and apply pressure that way while continuing the same index finger pressure.

Split the apple, and then eat it. Or not, whatever.


Ripping Phone Books

Ripping a phone book in half has become a pop culture standard of strength and vigor, mainly due to the fact that most people don’t know how to do it—what if I told you that it is, in fact, one of the easiest strength feats? Indeed, ripping a phone book in half is the first “Strongman” style feat of strength that I ever achieved—and as I have said before in these pages, I am not naturally a strong man, it’s something I had to work at.

The problem most people have when trying to tear a phone book (as I feel most men have at some point in their lives) is that it’s nigh—impossible to rip a phone book with the same motion you would use to rip a piece of paper-pinching it with the fingers and moving the hands away from each other will get you nowhere fast.


Don’t do this

To properly rip the phone book will require proper technique. To begin with, hold the phone book like this, folding the book widthwise:


This is not a phone book, but it illustrates the proper position

Begin to apply pressure with the fingers and thumbs, pull your thumbs apart while simultaneously pressing the pages together with your other fingers.  You should begin to audibly hear the paper ripping—if this is your first phone book you will likely not rip through the book clean. Even the smallest rip is a sign of progress! Hold this pressure until you have ripped about half of the pages in the phone book.

The key from here is to keep your thumbs in the same place and orientation they started in, so you can complete the tear in the phone book. Also don’t be afraid to dig your thumbs into the tear you’ve made.

Once you have completed the tear (it will almost always be “shallow”, encompassing just an inch or two of each page), you can grip the book as normal and rip it in the usual way.

My first phone book rip took half an hour of concerted effort, and yours will likely be similar. As with most things, you will become stronger and develop a technique that fits your hands specifically, making it easier as time goes on.


There are other grip “tricks” you can learn as your hands become stronger—such as crushing apples with one hand (it’s much easier said than done, just grab the apple in a claw grip and apply pressure), or even popping soda cans with the hands—the last of these is purely theoretical for me, but I have seen it done.

And with that, I have said literally all I know about training the grip. Your long national nightmare of me talking about hand and finger strength is at an end!

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  1. If I had edited this piece, I would have called it, “Get a Grip”…excellent tips there, Mr. Halleck.

    1. Excuse me for asking, but does having such manly powers lead to getting more pussy, money, power or status?

  2. I don’t know too much about grip strength, but I have heard that the back muscles are important in tearing things. There are some people that can bend coins, and very few people that have ripped coins. It requires a great deal of strength as well as pain tolerance. I expect that progression in tearing and bending also requires gains in pain tolerance, depending of the feats.

    1. “the back muscles are important in tearing things”
      “I expect that progression in tearing and bending also requires gains in pain tolerance, depending of the feats”
      Correct. There are ways to minimize that, such as leather-wrapping but eventually you have to learn to deal with the pain.

  3. “attempting to tear any other sort of pome such as a pear, quince, or medlar (or for that matter, a drupe such as a peach or apricot) will end with a spray of fruit juice flying into your face”
    this has got to be the most subtly homo-erotic article I have ever read on ROK

        1. Roosh will be chuffed to know he’s now got his own jewish holiday. Happy Roosh day

        1. Homoerotic-meter shooting through the roof. The only other time this happened on ROK is when I was telling Unabashed he had pretty hands.

        2. Unabashed has soft and dainty hands. On account of all the cream he rubs onto them

  4. How about a bowling ball grip article…to use on feminists. “Bowling with feminists…insert both the middle finger and the ring finger, firmly, and directly, into the vagina; next, slide your thumb into her ass. Line up your shot carefully, releasing the feminist with your arm fully extended. To insure a smoother delivery and better accuracy, coat the feminist with ample portions of butter,” etc.

    1. Before that, we might need an article on how to perform those single-limb lifts that strongmen of yesteryear used to do, as picking up these landwhale feminists with one hand would be a feat.

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  5. Ok then…I will try with Granny Smith-Pack on the counter. But how will this get me pussy?
    Giving her the flaming amazon for Valentine’s Day
    Edit: I miserably failed

  6. Can you get phone books anymore? I suppose it’s a handy skill if you’re all out of knifes and you happen to be making an apple tart in the kitchen.

    1. HA!
      Yes, I ripped my phone book in half. Now I need to buy a new computer.

    2. Those are getting more and more difficult to come by.
      In a few years tearing phonebooks apart will be a feat of archaelogy as well as of strength.

  7. “Grip Strength To Rip Apart/Crush Apples With Your Bare Hands”
    Is this supposed to be a super-power, now? I had never done it before (because it’s wasting good food), but after reading this, I went to the kitchen and crushed 4 apples with my left hand.
    I seldom do the same to soda cans, but I never thought this would be a difficult task for anyone (except perhaps old ladies). Just being honest…

    1. You’d be surprised, it’s difficult for a lot of people. Especially the soda can: I can’t force a full soda can to pop open with hand pressure, and in all honesty I doubt you could either.

      1. The trick is a helicoid movement, to avoid force redistribution (the fist/carpum is a natural helix). I said “seldom”, because it’s not easy per se, and you get sugar on your hands… Anyway, just think of this: I could do it easily with my foot, using gravity. I weigh 97kg (1,94 m; body fat 9%). Now, I do chin-ups with the same charge on each hand/fist, which means my forearms can exert the same pressure my foot does on the ground.
        Don’t take this personally, your contributions here on RoK are great, and by no means is this text irrelevant or useless. I simply didn’t realize it was that difficult for others. I read younger generations have weaker grip powers, maybe that’s the reason.

        1. You are a fucking gargantuan mofo mate.
          You could play Conans son if Arnold ever decides to make another movie.
          But are you smart too?
          How many guys like you are in your city?
          Compared to how many guys with 1,70-1,75 m and 65-70kg?
          hmm? Let me help you. We are talking about 100 of them vs 1 of you. So yes, the vast, vast majority of people, readers of this site included, will NEVER be able to do any of the tricks in this article.

        2. Ok, ok, I get your point. I live in Paris/Lisbon, but I am a Saxon (part from Northern England, part from Neddersassen), where I come from, I’ m utterly average. Example: my younger brother is taller than me.
          According to , in developed european countries, AVERAGE male height is around 180 cm, so, there are probably the same number of people with 170 cm than there are with 190.
          Anyway, I’m not a bodybuilder or a professional athlete, I am simply someone who exercises daily since young. Larsen usually writes to people who do way crazier things in their workouts than I do. My surprise came from that.
          To finish:
 didn’t know this was a sensible matter…

        3. Haha dont be sorry. We come from a similar place mate and I do have people in my family with 1.94 but not your mass.
          However be aware that your type is the absolute elite on this planet!
          Most people are smaller, with less weight and do not lift.
          We are talking 99% here who are nowhere near your level.
          Me included. You are top, be proud of it.

      2. I always had good hand strength but lacked wrist strength. Started doing the barbell wrist lifts that Arnold recommended a few years ago and they have worked wonders.

  8. My Dad used to do this, just to share an apple. He would also always eat the whole apple, except for the stem.
    I don’t have an apple to try out the instructions in the article, but I did succeed in this one time. I recall I also added a twist of opposite sides.

    1. First you claim that your father did this to “share an apple” and then you go on to say that he would “always eat the whole apple.” What, exactly, are you up to, Wrong Century? Who sent you?

      1. You got me. I’m trying to boggle your minds so you can’t think straight.
        Ha ha, I didn’t mean he split it to share with you and then ate your portion also. I meant he ate it core and all, like a horse would do. Very nourishing but hard chewing.

  9. Yes I get it… Monkey Grip Strength…
    Actually I have arthritic hands so I need to do these exercises…

  10. Good article. I will add….
    IMTUG grippers #5, 6, and 7
    Captain of Crush grippers #2, #2.5 and go for #3.
    Max is #4.
    Do Judo
    use fat bars for curls and towel lifts.
    Deadlifts using both hands (in same direction Not one under and one over).
    rope climbing.

  11. Motherfuckers. Just eat your goddamn KRATOM! You’ll grow hair on your ears, your balls and your face like a REAL MAN. KRATOM – making you return as a king!

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