A Typical Empowered Woman’s Conversation In Any City USA

I posted up at the bar and ordered a whiskey while I waited for my Tinder date to arrive. To my left, I overheard the bartender (girl) and two of the restaurant workers (men) talking to each other. They were all in their late 20s, and were having a good laugh over the “dating” foibles of the bartender.

She was an attractive enough girl, though cracks in the armor were beginning to show. I saw a beautiful face and an ample chest, but her low-cut black shirt betrayed a slight pooch from a few too many late nights of drinking and her twice-a-day Starbucks soy latte habit. She wore a bit too much makeup despite the laid-back vibe of the place, likely to hide some of the premautre crows’ feet beginning to set in from her party lifestyle. That said, she was a pretty girl who had just passed the peak of her SMV, and I’m sure had no shortage of thirsty guys ready to date and girlfriend her up.

On this particular night, our specimen was regaling her buddies with tales of her dating life, both sordid and otherwise. I eavesdropped on her story, which was chock full of Red Pill wisdom assuming the proper translating capabilities:

“Oh, I’ve been on some dates recently. I’ve been [fucking] this guy, but I go on dates with other people for sure. My sister called me a serial dater. She said it’s healthy for me.”

Takeaway: All girls are out there dating, and most date more than one man at a time. They have sex with guys they don’t consider to be relationship partners, but are willing to test the water and waste the time of other suitors for attention and material goods. They are encouraged to slut it up by their friends and family members.

“I only like to be having sex with one guy at a time, though. I just can’t do more than one. It messes up my head and I don’t think it’s fair.”

Takeaway: Some girls will limit themselves to only one sexual relationship at once (or so they say — hey, that guy at the Vegas pool party doesn’t count!), but she acted as if it was a badge of honor, the exception to the norm. Western women have adopted masculinized dating traits and are likely to maintain a harem of their own, both for sex and for attention. You should expect western girls to be having sex with multiple partners during any given period. If a girl finds a higher-value guy who excites her enough that she jumps into bed with him, she will monkeybranch immediately.

“The last guy I went on a couple dates with I kinda liked. He was a nice guy. It was a different type than I usually see. He said his longest relationship was 2 and a half years. I told him mine was 4 months. He looked disappointed.”

Takeaway: Alpha fucks and beta bucks. Why would these girls settle into a boring relationship when they can get attention from unlimited “exciting” men? Give the date chump some credit for having at least a flicker of perspicacity—his lizard brain was alerting him that the girl’s promiscuity has likely destroyed her ability to from attachments and makes her a bad bet for long-term investment. Clearly, though, his training to accept “empowered strong women” will pressure him into investing his time, money, and attention, despite the obvious fact that numerous other guys have beat it up for free.

“Recently I had a guy push me up against the wall and not let me go. If you do something awesome like that, I’m going to start by saying no, no matter what. Sometimes they’ll keep kissing me and doing it, and I kind of like it. I’ll be like, ‘shit’ and give in.”

Takeaway: The man was assuredly a Return of Kings reader. Women not only like rough sex, but these days they are willing to talk about it openly with their friends. They also admit that they provide token resistance, but are able to doublethink that if the guy just “takes it from her” that it’s hot and empowering and “awesome.” Either that, or he’s raping her. Depending, of course, on her mood afterwards and how desirable the man is.

This level of knowledge and insight into female socio-sexual behavior used to be the purview of the “secret society.” Now, Fifty Shades of Grey has sold 100 million copies and girls talk openly about being dominated, and the average man STILL won’t listen to advice about women coming straight from the horse’s mouth. The next time you’re tempted to look at a new girl as a special snowflake, don’t. Especially if she’s American.

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190 thoughts on “A Typical Empowered Woman’s Conversation In Any City USA”

    1. The girls in the above photograph remind me of the ad picture for HBO’s “Girls:” nineteenth century whores.

  1. She’s a slut. Which means that she doesn’t care about anyone so no one has to care about her.
    So take from her and leave.
    End of conversation.

    1. Correct. Convey neither excitement nor disappointment when she states she is incapable of nothing but getting pumped and dumped, order another round of drinks, and then feign surprise when you realize your apartment is only two blocks away and stocked with a “special vintage” of Chilean wine that you bought for 8 dollars.

      1. This is why I love feminism. Its created a free fire zone with no bag limits. Men can now treat most women as an all you can eat buffet and to be fair some fems make very adventurous lovers.
        Feminism liberated men because the patriarchy used to keep most of us in line. What a cosmic unintended consequence that is.

        1. Like Bruce Lee said “Go with the flow”
          Use the “empowered” energy of these females for your gains instead of fighting it and making them wife material…
          you will see the same girls at the bar when they hit the wall, don’t worry they will still suck you off when asked politely…

  2. I’m really excited to see what happens when the current group of 20 – 29 year olds hits the wall in the next 10 years.
    What will happen when the participants of peak feminism, peak ‘Strong Independant Woman’, peak sluttiness, peak manly attitudes on dating and peak ‘not ashamed to openly talk about rough sex’ is no longer in the position to get any guy they want.
    Personally I’m excited. I can’t wait for the regret conversations to start coming in. Can’t wait for the tears.

    1. I may have some bad news for you on that score.
      Research into life extension therapies are coming on leaps and bounds.
      Soon women, like men will be able to behave like goats until they are one hundred years old.

      1. I suppose but eh. You’re never going to get a woman at 35 to bring out the sexual response a man gets from a 20 year old girl. I dont care HOW much science improves.
        Plus, the fact is that this generation is different. This is the most pedestalized generation of all time. The internet generation. Iphones, plenty of fish, instagram, selfies and the children of DIVORCED parents.
        Remember when they used to say ‘divorce will mess up the kids?’ Well guess what, those kids are all grown up and and they are these girls.
        Right now they are still drowning in attention and praise, but when it finally comes to an end in the next 10 years I can not wait for the mighty outcome.

        1. “This is the most pedestalized generation of all time.”
          I absolutely disagree. The most pedestalized generation are the babyboomers. Their children and escpecially grandhildren have it increasingly hard. See the psychological state of todays kids; depression, ADHD, whiteknightism etc.

        2. “Right now they are still drowning in attention and praise”
          Yeah, but even they know it’s insincere attention and praise. Today every girl gets praised; the fat, the ugly and the mentally unstable and by so doing diminishing the value of this ‘service’. This is also the reason why many are very cynical.

        3. Depression and ADHD are made up diseases for the internet generation. They have been a “problem” since the beginning of time but suddenly now they are clinical issues which require prescriptions.
          Big pharma has had a huge effect on this generation and our trust of doctors plus lack of trust for natural healing has been detrimental.
          ADD, bipolarism, depression, eating disorders, anxiety are all fucking bullshit. Fucking fake ‘diseases’.
          Millions have been made off scared parents with excuse making, irresponsible, hypochondriac kids.

        4. No. Depression is a very real social phenomenom. I tend to agree with you about ADHD but there were some some people in the old days with attention deficit problems.
          The reason why depression rates are currently through the roof is because a generation has been taught that it is acceptable to be a shit towards others. Karma never got that memo so is now doing overtime.
          I have zero sympathy for those fucks.

        5. It’s not a disease. It’s a side effect of someones weak character.
          You get cancer.
          You get a cold.
          You get diabetes
          You get lyme disease
          You get meningitis
          You get hepatitis C
          You get a fever.
          You don’t GET depression and all those other mental bullshit CONDITIONS (not diseases). Weak people have weak mental conditions and use it as a scapegoat for their weak excuse filled lives.
          If you can’t handle this life then kill yourself.

        6. “See the psychological state of todays kids; depression, ADHD, whiteknightism etc. . .
          . . . which are largely symptoms of pedestalization and a product of the Silent Generation; hence motorcycle “clubs,” men in grey flannel suits, feminine mystiques, rebels without causes, beatniks, etc., all products of the “Golden Age” of the 50s.

        7. You are so right!!!!! I feel the same way about those “illnesses”. I am especially disgusted when a woman is pregnant and claims she is depressed and needs her anti-depressant medication. WTF!! get over yourself, go outside and find a purpose to your life instead of settling for the BS, no pill, no person, can bring meaning to your life for you. I hate it!

        8. Here are some of the things which cause depression;
          Blood poisoning, brain damage and brain chemical imbalances.
          I hope you never experience such misfortunes.

        9. I’ve seen bipolar up close and personal, and I can tell you that it’s real. My mother had it, undiagnosed, and it ended up killing her. It was pretty damned ugly to watch. Her father also had it, again, undiagnosed, and nearly beat his wife and three daughters to death before leaving voluntarily.
          These diseases (I call them that due to the genetic basis for most of them) DO exist, but they are quite rare. The overdiagnosis of them these days is huge. “I feel kind of moody” or “I’m a psycho bitch” get branded as “diseases” to be medicated, excused, and become manipulation fodder.
          “You can’t leave me! I did that because I was ‘sick’!” Boom. Dude’s branded an asshole for turning his back on his psycho girlfriend.
          I saw a cross-longitudinal chart not too long ago that showed the rates of “depression” in young to middle adulthood for each generation. Depression went from something that affected maybe 1-2% of the general population for people born before 1940 to affecting 75%+ in people born after 1960. I shudder to think what the “rate” is for people born after 1980.

        10. I think a lot of diseases are self-inflicted. Diabetes mostly “happens” to people who are significantly overweight — they did it to themselves. Same for heart disease. Same for many cancers. And, frankly, other than the occasional cold virus, someone who gets sick often, whatever it is, generally is a person who is doing things to make themselves sick, or doing things to make themselves vulnerable to getting sick.
          It’s true that sometimes stuff just happens to people, but many illnesses are self-inflicted and not deserving of sympathy. We have too many weak hands as a society to begin with. Encouraging people in their illness-inducing behaviors by having sympathy for the diseases that they brought on themselves simply rewards weakness. They should get no sympathy, and should be shamed, ridiculed and chastised socially for doing the things that made them sick — or very vulnerable to getting sick — to begin with.

        11. http://www.worldpublicunion.org/2013-03-27-NEWS-inventor-of-adhd-says-adhd-is-a-fictitious-disease.html
          I would think that the non-extistence of these fake diseases until the last few decades out of all of history would be enough for you. Today it’s called “ADHD”…. but for the last millions of years, it was called PAY FUCKING CLOSER ATTENTION YOU IDIOT.
          TOILET PAPER is now called “Bathroom Tissue” as well. Do you need evidence for that too?

        12. Just sick and tired of these people pretending (and actually earning a living from!!) these bullshit, fabricated, nonsense “diseases” and “psychological disorders”. It’s so SICK and backwards it’s like someone fabricating God, Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny and believing in them so blindly that when you say “that’s total bullshit”…… they come back with: “OH YEAH??? THERE’S NO EASTER BUNNY?? EVIDENCE PLEASE!! ”
          THEY: “There is a mouse on Mars.”
          YOU: “No there fucking isn’t”.
          THEY: “Prove it.”
          Fuck off.

        13. Where it gets funny however, American women are so dependent on these sicknesses they believe the prescriptions are the cure for it.

        14. Come on Mike! major depressive disorder is well documented. i’m not saying prozac and other SSRI’s aren’t vastly over-prescribed – but there is ample scientific data proving the existence of clinical depression (most compelling, for example, being MRI scans of depressive vs. non depressive patients).

        15. your logic is faulty. and you are far too emotional in discussing what is basically a scientific matter (do mental disorders exist? is major depressive disorder real?)
          objections raised above refer to the scientific method (in other words, should evidence / data / MRI’s / double placebo blind studies, etc).

        16. I think society as a whole tends to look for an easy way out. Most will look for something to blame or a magic bullet to distract them from the actual problem. Working it out takes effort and exerting that with consistency is too hard.

        17. Nothing faulty about the logic at all. There is not a mouse on Mars. So don’t try and tell me there is. From everything logical and scientific we know about Mars – together with *probability* (you’ve heard of that, yes?) – there is not a Mouse living there.
          So where do you get off tell me that my logic is faulty? More importantly, if you keep INSISTING there is a mouse on Mars and accuse me of being “emotional” for telling you to fuck right off as I laugh in your face…. then that is not MY issue. It’s YOURS.
          But it wasn’t even “my faulty logic” which disproved ADHD. It was repeat declarations from the fraud “Doctor” who fabricated it. So if you want to prove “ADHD”… by all means, knock yourself out. But even a child with “ADHD” knows exactly when the ice cream man is coming… and he has that child’s COMPLETE attention.
          ADHD is just a silly PC term for shitty teacher / bad parent.

        18. Might be, but that’s not what i was responding to. I responded to the claim of: ” the most pedestalized generation of all time.” Todays kids are – in my opinion – not the most pedestalized generation of all time…this honorable title goes to the babyboomers. Is the current generation ‘pedestalized’? maybe…but they are surely one of the most neglected generations of all time. Alot of kids born in the early eighties and onwards have had to – largely – raise themselves. No dad and mom in sight. Dad because mom ran him away, and mom because she prefered a career above the well being of her kids.

        19. Eh, actually I don’t disagree about ADHD indeed I always had been a bit leary about it. But, bi-polar ? I mean you don’t think some people may have chemical imbalances?

        20. Well, a smart man once said “When women tell me they are *bi* I believe them… and assume they mean bi-polar.”
          Butt seriously…..
          The vagina is basically an upside down volcano….constantly letting out little unpredictable eruptions. One can EXPECT bi-polar behavior to emerge when your BASE physiology is made up that way and constructed on unstable ground.
          It’s not a “disease”.
          But to make a woman feel better, they tell her she is “bi-polar” . They don’t say “sorry dear, you don’t have a disease, you’re just an ordinary woman and are by nature prone to emotional outbursts and erratic unpredictable (even extreme) behavior which can greatly influence your mood and decision making abilities”. Because GENDER IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT!!!! SHE IS EQUAL!!! MEN AND WOMEN ARE THE SAME!!!! SO IT’S NOT FEMALE!!!! IT”S CALLED “BI POLAR”!!!! GIVE ME PILLS FOR THAT!!!!!
          I know a woman who was brutally dumped just before her wedding. She actually tried to tell me “he is bi-polar”. Give me a fucking break. No sweetie. HE DIDN”T WANT TO MARRY YOU. Plain and simple. Accept the REALITY. What is more realistic?? That he is “bi-polar”? Or that he got cold feet at the last minute – AND FOR GOOD REASON – and ran away from the altar at top speed like men have been doing since the beginning of time …. because they don’t want to sign a marriage life contract to some aging nagging sandy vagina who blames her shortcomings on fictitious diseases.
          Let’s imagine we go back to 1944 just before the WWII ended. Now let’s talk to my grandfather who was shot in the head and LIVED. the bullet went in the front and came out the side. For the rest of his life, he couldn’t take loud noises because little bits of bullet were stuck in his head. He was almost buried alive and left for dead. My grandfather would tell you, In those days NOBODY – NOBODY ever had “bi polar disorder”. You were either ALIVE (and extremely grateful for it) or you were DEAD.
          You didn’t say “I need an extra piece of bread, because I’m bi-polar”.
          It’s all a bunch of bullshit.

        21. I’ve seen in this culture that anti-depressant pills are prescribed for people who have recently lost a loved one. Other cultures have specified grieving periods and customs to help one work through that difficult time while simultaneously accepting loss and sadness as normal parts of life. But this culture doesn’t seem to see loss and sadness as normal parts of life to be integrated naturally into the culture and dealt with through the passage of time, rituals and community.

        22. “I am especially disgusted when a woman is pregnant and claims she is depressed and needs her anti-depressant medication.”
          Charlie, see my comment above about anti-depressant prescriptions for people grieving the loss of a loved one. Other cultures have natural ways of dealing with that and a grieving period is always allowed, whereas here one is supposed to “get over it” right away.
          Same with pregnancy. Other cultures have natural ways of dealing with pre-natal mood swings and post partum depression. In fact much of it is preventative. But this culture doesn’t accept loss, sadness, grief or hormonal fluctuations. Everyone is supposed to be “happy” all the time.

        23. Mom of Boomer: Go ahead, play in traffic and see if I care. It’s not like I can’t just make another one.
          Mom of Current Gen: OMG! This NERF ball has a mold line on it. Put it down before you get an abrasion.
          Dad of Boomer: Ferchrisake put down the Ding Dong and get some exercise; and maybe a job, ya bum.
          Dad of Current Gen: You’re beautiful Princess, weighing 300 lbs and having a wart the size of a marshmallow on the end of your nose is what makes you special. Any guy would be glad to have you and if you get him drunk enough to knock you up you’ll be set for life anyway.
          The current gen is so overprotected and coddled that whole new terms have had to be invented to describe the level of it.

        24. Major depressive disorder??? You got to be fucking kidding. you must be talking about that recent study which suggested 30% of young women today “can’t cope”…. because they are “Majorly depressed”.
          This is what women mean by “can’t cope”
          A woman would even lock herself in the bathroom, and then have a complete meltdown because it would mean for EIGHT WHOLE HOURS NOBODY CAN PAY ATTENTION TO HER AND SHE CANT CHECK HER FACEBOOK…….
          …. and then has the nerve to say “she has no intention to sue” like she is doing the world a FAVOR.
          Can you imagine going through life THAT fucked up in the head??? You keep popping those pills honey. Anything to cure that “Major depressive disorder”. Whatever it takes to make it go away.

        25. you don’t seem to know much about the scientific method. read about this rather than citing random studies or internet articles.

        26. Well that’s OK, because you don’t really seem to know much about anything at all. Merry Christmas!

        27. The authors of the book that originally popularized ADD (Hallowell, Ratey) didn’t think of it as a sickness either, although there were cautious about expressing that sentiment. The book even speculated on a link between the necessary risk-taking behavior patterns needed for a journey to America (and more so the Wild West) and average ADD traits in Americans in general and Californians in particular. – In other words, they thought of it quite positively.

        28. Schizophrenia is a real disease as much as having a brain tumour. The cause is unknown but it’s easily identifiable by its signs and of course there are varying severities as in all diseases. It strikes people in the late teens generally which is why it was formerly called dementia praecox. I believe that it was Dr Bleuler who first used the term schizophrenia which means the splitting of the mind in German but what that really means is the breaking up or deterioration of the brain and senses.
          All of the other conditions are real as well but the problem is that they are being used by people who don’t really have the condition. Anorexia nervosa is rare. Clinical depression is not common and if you’ve ever seen the film Death Wish where his daughter had to be put in a hospital and was comatose that’s an example of the condition

        29. My father died of mesothelioma after busting his ass in shipyards and power plants all his life. Should we have ridiculed him for getting sick?
          I’ll bet you’re a young guy, wait till you get a few years on ya and then let’s see if you still think illness is something to laugh at.

        30. you’re a fucking moron. read a book. take a step into reality and stop conforming to double standards, you goddamn patriarch.

        31. you’re a fucking moron. read a book. take a step into reality and stop conforming to double standards, you goddamn patriarch.

      2. You sound like the people I hang with. Even if you could biologically rejuvenate a woman so that she has the outward signs of youth and reproductive fitness, she’ll still have the life experiences of a high-mileage slut, unless she becomes very skilled at acting like the 20-year-old women of the 22nd Century. Experienced men of a comparable age will notice the tells.
        For a long time I puzzled over why Robert Heinlein didn’t show any female equivalents to Lazarus Long in his stories about Long’s adventures over many, many centuries, even when they could have taken advantage of the rejuvenation and life extension technology Heinlein postulates in his fictional world. Then I realized what Heinlein must have noticed as well, namely that women, moreso than men, just run out of interesting potential right about the time their fertility crashes. Women especially don’t seem to become wiser with age; they just older.
        Not that all men become wise, either, but I think men on average have more capacity for wisdom than women over the long run.

      3. Anything that makes female beauty more plentiful shouldn’t be unwelcomed.
        If I could eliminate obesity or postpone the wall forever I would. Part of the reason you see these insane attitudes is directly because of the fat epidemic inflating the value of thin women. You want more beauty, not less so it isn’t so expensive.

        1. Yes. Exactly. My thoughts entirely.
          The fucking options are about to go through the roof.
          Actually ‘The Fucking Options’ sounds like a good name for a band.

        2. This is basic law of supply and demand. The way to make a particular thing cheaper is to increase its supply. Eliminating the aging process (which SENS and genetically engineered stem cell therapies will do) is one way to increase the amount of female beauty.

        3. Or to decrease demand.If we had 3x as many females naturally as men it would certainly depreciate the value of each female.We actually need 3x as many females to level things out because even older men don’t want the old females, then you have a certain % who are either pregnant or having their period and are out of action.
          Don’t worry, having all of these females would not change much in regard to who actually is in the top positions since females don’t trust other females and all of the really high IQ people are men.
          And a large number of females would just mean more workers to do the boring jobs that no man wants. These girls would also have to pay the bulk of taxes and you can be sure that knowing females as I do that they are not going to want their tax money going to pay for benefits to stupid knocked up females and their kids. Females only go for this benefits stuff when men are paying.
          And since there will be a slight excess of females around if there are 3x as many of them they will have to share men. Sure, the top men like myself who they share now would get even more but even the little omega boy like the boys on this blog may at least get a chance to have some sex with the plain Janes which is more than he has now.

      4. Biology and nature will find a way to combat the problem. Women who get impregnated late develop children with most likely severe medical problems. It’s cruel for the child, but only signifies the selfish desire for children later than earlier.

    2. Hillarycare will provide up to one dozen free rounds of IVF and 10 years of fully paid maternity leave, including promotions.

        1. For real? Im kind of partial to Rio or Buenos Aires myself. Perhaps the top of a nice Meditteranean cliff in Portofino, Italy is a perfect spot for my little villa. Been dreaming about going back. But gratefully accepting recommendations….

        2. Any one of the Greek islands my friend, with a special mention for Rhodes, Kos, Crete or Corfu..

      1. I wouldn’t count on it. I think the decline of the American federal government in favor of more local (and much more conservative) governments and organizations is a distinct possibility. In fact I’m pretty sure that I’m going to see the end of the super-state in my lifetime, and that’s where all those pensions and benefits come from.

      2. Don’t forget the new sex tourism trade that older women will do.
        Fly to the carribean, on your tax dollars no doubt, for a nice week-long sex romp with the young natives who really just want the money she will spend on him.

    3. Mike: one can only hope they will develop this insight. but i’m doubtful. i predic t that their narcissism and unaccountability shall continue unchecked. they are out of touch with reality.

    4. More hilarious is their mothers and older sisters, who will be saying things like “50 is the new 30!”

      1. Saw some photoshopped-to-shit actress making that claim on the front cover of a Woman’s Magazine in the Dentist’s office the other day. Despite straight lines not existing in nature, the edges of her bikini-wearing legs were razor sharp. Unfortunately, women believe the lie.

        1. The reason why 50 is the new 25 is because we are living almost twice as long as we did a century ago. So a 50 year old has as many years to live until he or she dies as he or she would have had at 25 if this were 1913.

        2. Life expectancy at birth, which is the number you are thinking of, is not at all the life expectancy of a 25 year old known to be healthy and sound, not having succumbed to a childhood disease or injury.
          That would be about the biblical citation of 3 score and 10; 70 years. In biblical times the odds of even making it to adulthood were low enough that idea of child’s life expectancy had no cultural meaning, so they only counted from adulthood.
          In Medieval Europe the life expectancy at birth was about 30, but the life expectancy of a 21 year old was between 60 and 70.
          The life expectancy of an adult is really only a handful of years longer than it has ever been historically. Fewer of us die in leper colonies, it is true, but more of us die in planes, trains and automobiles. We have conquered old foes, only to insist upon indulging in new ones.

        3. Yeah 50 is never going to be the new 25 for women. There are a handful of very attractive 50 year old women who are that way due to massive surgery, very stringent fitness regimens and relying on their looks for their livelihoods (e.g., Demi Moore). But take an average 50 year old woman and put her next to an average 25 year old woman and it will be quite obvious that the 50 year old is simply less attractive visually. Even among “average” women. The problem is that everyone thinks of Demi Moore — that’s one woman among billions, and one who has spent hundreds of thousands if not more to look the way she does.

        4. You beat me to it. Life expectancy has hardly changed in several hundred years, but infant mortality has decreased sharply.

        5. Not to mention, although I will anyway, for women, Þe olde death in childbirth. Used to be the man who had children by multiple women, because one or three of them up and died on him.
          Damn misogynistic patriarchy for putting a stop to all that.

        6. I was speaking to Demi last year for a few minutes at the 21 Club bar and she looks her actual age. I’m older and can tell a female’s age within a year or two. I don’t care if you’re beautiful or look like shit or if you’ve had plastic surgery I can tell your age from certain signs that a 20 something wouldn’t notice.

        7. You can tell the age of any white person by looking at their neck, and if they’ve had “work” done in that area, their elbows. Hasn’t failed me yet. Whenever a white person who thinks they look young for their age asks me how old I think they are, I guess within 2 years max. I usually place them 1 or 2 years older, rather than younger, of their precise age. I always enjoy the annoyed looks on their faces when I do.

        8. I don’t know one person who has had “work” done except for a couple of noses but that’s it. The females that live in my area range from average to the top level and there are no fugly or fat females. They know that plastic surgery can only make them look worse but it’s just not something they would do anyway. I don’t know of any Ne—groe females in the area but when I see some in the city they all seem to age quickly and their bodies look like crap at a young age. They are just too manlt looking and their skin is thicker and not as soft. Look at Michelle Obama standing next to the French President’s wife. She’s big boned and looks like she was bred to tote bales of cotton as a fieldhand.

        9. There is no surgery to remove the age from the neck, the back of the hands, or that hard aged look in her pupils.

        10. I saw that issue too. I noticed the photoshop glaze…and the next four or five women’s mags were exactly the same. Indoctrination isn’t just a Bolshevik trend, comrades…

        11. Speaking of Michele, she’d looks like she’d be a good ride if she wasn’t a 21st Century Feminist and actually enjoyed a real man pouring the pork to her.

        12. I get the feeling that she wears a strap-on and enjoys giving it to Hussein straight up the Barak.

        1. Except for the whole infertility/saggy-tits/wizard-sleeve thing, other than that, sure with enough botox and face lifts, 50 is the new 25.

    5. Doubt much will change. They will hit the wall and end up marrying — yep, almost ALL of them marry, by age 40 something like 90% of US women have been married at least once — the ones who haven’t been are either hard luck cases who are unmarriageable or simply too picky and/or waited too long. There is a steady supply of beta schlubs who are happy to marry a shop-worn ex-ho if she is reasonably decent looking — and many of them are still reasonably decent looking at 30 or even 35. Not close to a 20 year old, of course, but the 20 year old isn’t in the cards for these schlubs, so the comparison is irrelevant. These are hungry dudes who haven’t been laid in years and they will marry these girls when the girls are willing to do so. Then a wave of divorces 5-10 years later and the cycle repeats.
      The only thing that would break the cycle would be if men didn’t marry these girls, but the truth is that almost all of these girls do get married, because while there is a small number of guys who are in the know like we are, there is a huge number of thirsty, hungry schlubs who would be happy to get down on one knee for one of these girls when she is 32.
      We won’t see much vengeance, really. The best vengeance is getting what you want, and then getting out. Caring about how these girls end up is a waste of time because almost all of them will end up very well, at least financially.

      1. I agree. The reality is that most of these women WILL manage to marry a boring beta provider, then divorce him shortly thereafter and take his money, dignity, soul, etc away from him. Just don’t be that beta.

        1. it’s like the musical chair game, you don’t want to be the last man standing when the music stops…

      2. Yup several women in my social circle in their mid-late 30’s got married in the last couple years. They didn’t seem to encounter a problem with finding a dude to wife them up despite being post-wall. There are plenty of guys out there who are willing to wait for a woman to “come around” in her 30’s.

      3. I agree. Some of those 200 pounders still carry some good weight in their racks and most American men are sooooo deprived that it will work for them, no doubt. Like you said, a lot of guys go YEARS without physical contact. A fatty peeling her night gown to just below her fat boobs will still work for a psychotically thirsty man, which most American men are. Then as long as they turn the lights off before the rest of the gown comes off, then they are good to go. Don’t ask me how I know this.

    6. What will happen is that a new generation of even-sluttier, even-more-feminist, even-more-manly women will rise up to take their place.

    7. I can’t wait for when the sexists realize that their pov is render completely ridiculous by every progressive in the civilized world.
      oh wait.

    8. I can’t wait for women to stop putting out and watch the tears of men on the sudden, strange evening that every woman realizes what men are thinking when they are bedding them! Or wait… I guess none of that matters when females are brewing up an equally disturbing mental scenario during coitus.

    9. I’ve already met quite a few women who were slutting it up for years and blowing off decent guys and now can’t figure out why “they just can’t find a decent guy.” I have also seen most of the guys who got shit on back in the day suddenly become huge pussy slayers. It’s quite epic to see the effect that RoK is having in putting women back in their places.

    10. It’ll be a sight. Probably a ton of bastard kids too. And men aren’t waking up just in the manosphere. We’re just men grouping together. Most men are waking up to female game and manipulations and protecting themselves. In the past couple of years I’ve noticed a LOT of women (many single moms) who’ve moved from one city to the other to try and start fresh. That means they ran out of options in their home towns. And yeah, the first thing they do besides the low-end job is hit the bars and dating sites.

    11. They’ll do like the fat, unwanted white women currently do. End up with blacks or mexicans.

  3. There are no “good girls”, there is no “special snowflake” — this was the hardest lesson for me to learn … No woman will actually “love” you, they will simply act in accordance with their hypergamous instinct … in my blue pill days, I had no problem attracting women — I’m tall, good-looking and have always been able exhibit (or rather fake) a cocky/funny vibe despite a beta core … I thought these girls were falling in love with me as I could see their eyes literally glazing over during conversation … I see now that they were simply responding to my alpha exterior … time and time again, I would hook up with a girl and then reveal my true beta self and the “love” would be gone … the bottom line is I realize now that most twentysomething girls these days are just looking for alpha guys since they can get everything else they need from their girlfriends, their cushy office jobs, iPhones, Facebook, plus they have their Daddys and the State for backup …

    1. There are some good women in this world. They are rare but they exist. A good hint that a woman is special is if she is not in any way ‘high maintenance’.
      Don’t write off the whole human race on the basis of the behaviour of a few cunts.

      1. 1. “There are some good women in this world. They are rare but they exist.”
        2. “Don’t write off the whole human race on the basis of the behaviour of a few cunts.”
        Huston? We have a double think.
        “A good hint that a woman is” a BPD who has fingered you as her sucker “is if she is not in any way ‘high maintenance’.”

      2. Of course some women are better than others (this is where culture, family, etc. comes into play) but the point is that ALL women are wired to act on the basis of a hypergamous need for security, not on the basis of “love” towards men … Even if you believe you have finally found yourself a “good woman”, just keep in mind that your love for her will always be greater than her love for you … this is the natural order of the world and I understand now that equality is complete bullshit …

        1. Those feelings *are* love by definition. What else would you call “love”? Frankly, if I can afford a woman and she is worthy and loves me for it, that’s pretty much what I would find natural and healthy. I can feel like a provider and she can feel being provided for – isn’t this how it should be?

        2. That would depend on your outlook and self esteem. Men are improperly programmed to believe if they think of themselves as disposable and die for their country, they are “heroes” who get thanked with a $2 lapel pin. Just like a woman wants you to think “what a big man you are” for working at a soul-sucking job for 40 years so she can stay at home and watch The Price is Right.
          Is “being her provider” a HIGH status position for you?
          Or have you just LOWERED yourself to being her slave.
          Every individual man can decide for himself.

        3. I do want her to be feminine, obedient (only to me, of course), and a good mother to my children should I have them.
          I understand that the presence of feminism makes it difficult if not impossible to have that in a healthy and dignified way – although in America more so than in Germany, which is where I live.
          But that doesn’t change that I think that’s how it should be: A man is biologically (not only culturally) wired to feel protective and caring for his woman.
          I don’t think it’s only social pressure that makes men be suckers for women. There are male instincts being exploited that in a healthy society would work to the advantage of everyone involved.

        4. Pining to be told: “Bend over with the K-Y, bitch, here comes Christmas!” by a dude who means it, that’s love.

      3. high maintenance doesn’t mean anything, it is too vague. a girl can be high maintenance and take 1.5 hour to get ready (no big deal) or a girl can be high maintenance by requiring you to pay for everything all the time (big financial deal). huge difference. my ex was type 1 but she also was controlling and very hypergamous.

    2. They just want to “have fun” with guys who’re “a lotta fun” (you know, make ’em wet and have multiple orgasms in six different positions as a disposable tight hole while other guys are interested in ’em).

  4. good analysis Black Knight. what a vile creature. i recently had a date with a 26 year old german woman who admitted that her longest relationship was with a married father of 3.
    getting beyond the admission itself – as disturbing as it is – i was struck by the extent to which our culture has devolved, such that a woman would admit this vile fact to a man during the FIRST date!!
    forget being a lady. forget being coquettish. forget cooking Borscht like one of Roosh’s ukrainian women. we have come to a point when a woman openly admits, during the first stage of the mating ritual, that she is a morally bankrupt, marriage-wrecking cunt.
    and on that happy note, merry christmas to everyone on ROK !

    1. Ok, my face did dissolve from disbelief into one of laughter at the end of your comment. well done.
      But hey, I’d rather know about that type of stuff up front so I could get the hell out of dodge.

      1. very true. i got the hell out of dodge shortly thereafter, despite insisting on paying for her drink (old habits die hard!)
        but can you imagine a woman in the pre-feminist / pre-hippie generation saying such a thing to a man?!
        in this respect the 50’s in the US was a fine period

        1. well, I wouldn’t know anyway being black and all. 😛 but I do think it’s possible that if life were like the 50s minus all the racist stuff, things would be much better.

    2. I’ve heard stuff like that way too often. In normal world, we wouldn’t touch these kind of people with 10 ft pole… but they know and they are going to marry some beta schmuck. and they proudly wave this fact in front our faces.
      Bad relationships are like their badge of honor.
      I once heard from a girl saying “you gotta kiss many frogs to find a prince”… and I was like… “you go grrl” and wondered if warts on frogs were from STD.

      1. Girl’s gotta do fuck-nasty sex with at least three dozen hot guys before she’s serious about relationships, you know…

        1. Like ThreeLegDog points out: “promiscuity has likely destroyed her ability to FORM attachments”

  5. You can either be:
    1) Jealous bf that always keeps his girl under check, always nervous, can’t sleep well
    2) Free-spirited fun man banging girls he meets and never EXPECTS more
    when your mental state is on #2 you are invincible to any women and they become attracted to you immediately for something serious…

      1. workout and game harder, use your money to entice them but don’t buy them. if all fails get a hooker. no shame here.

      Only until it ends. This was my exes approach. She cared less about our marriage and could not care less about being abusive to me and the children. And that worked all the way to divorce.
      Now? She killed the goose that was laying the golden egg. About 2 weeks after we agreed that we would divorce she called me and asked me if I would consider taking her back again (that would be the FIFTH time she had done that). I said no because I did not love her any more. She had managed to kill my love for her which tells you just how abusive she was.
      When we met face to face one of the things I told her was that she was very, very stupid to abuse me to the point I no longer loved her and would no longer provide for her. I said “there is a reason 45 is called middle aged you know.”
      The comment struck her like a thunderbolt. She had never realised that she was going to live for 30 or maybe 40 years more. Her grandmothers were both very elderly when they died. The thought had never crossed her mind that without me willing to support her she would face poverty because she had refused to work and maintain her skills.
      This is how little women think ahead. And by the way? This is why the guvmint steals from men to give money to women. Because the women are not capable of thinking ahead and the men are the ones with the money. And the guvmint will keep stealing from men to give to women just as long as men tolerate that.

    2. “Free-spirited fun man banging girls he meets and never EXPECTS more”
      Expecting a “relationship” are you?

  6. I work with someone right now who is like a walking manosphere stereotype of someone who hit the Wall. It’s a good reminder that the principles we talk about are real.

    1. So do I. She is a woman approaching mid 40’s who would have been gorgeous in her 20’s. She still looks ok but the complaints about men are endless, and she sucks up to the few alphas in the office who humour her and tell her that she doesn’t look a day over 30 lol

  7. Yeah, but what do you expect from your typical bartender chick? Now, an intelligent, educated girl with a great career….oh yeah, they typically act almost the same way, often worse. Equality!

    1. Welcome to women today… find ’em, French ’em, finger ’em , fuck ’em, forget ’em before they take your kids, house and half your income to get butt-screwed by some unemployed pot-smoking petty crook in your former bed.

  8. Dont be a fool a marry any slut. Divorcees are the most evil high maintenance sluts out there. “princess” attitude these used up hos have. Bang her in all holes and the moment she gives you any shit, just leave.

  9. There is a bar by my house in Seattle where I have sat in before a date or a drink with a buddy and listened to an almost identical conversation between a female bartender and her two male subordinates. One thing I wanted to add, this girl was a complete bitch to most customers i saw her serve (her job) and still got (evidently) treated with respect because she kept it up for as long as I’ve been there, mind boggling! It blows my mind, she will flirt with these two long haired hipsters shamelessly (touching, giggling, etc) and then talk about her boyfriend (a musician “on tour”) in the next breath. Blows my mind that these two guys put up with that kind of behavior – and it seems like they are still down!

    1. You see it everywhere. Men enable this behavior because they are so damned desperate for female attention in an age where women have a huge upper hand sexually when it comes to most guys (other than guys in the know, which, as we know, are still a rather small minority of men). These guys are fueling what we are seeing.

  10. I went to a French Restaurant recently and two Ameriskanks sat at the table next to me. This was their conversation:
    GIRL 1: “And I was like, OMG. He was all….
    GIRL 2: “OMG I know.”
    GIRL 1: “And so THEN he goes . . . . like, OH MY GOD. I couldn’t believe it”.
    GIRL 2: “So then what did he say?”.
    GIRL 1: “Well so then he was all . . . and I was like . . .”.
    GIRL 2: “So what does that mean??”.
    GIRL 1: “I don’t know . . . you know what I mean?”
    GIRL 2: “OMG You’re kidding. Are you serious?”
    GIRL 1: “I’m SO NOT kidding.”.
    GIRL 1: “So then anyways, he goes . . . . whatever.”
    GIRL 2: “OMG guys are like, SO stupid.”
    GIRL 1: “I know, right??”.
    GIRL 2: “Totally”.
    Agree with Mike. The next 10+ years are going to be VERY interesting – and edutaining for us. We don’t even really need to do anything, except sit back, smile, and enjoy the decline.

      1. Doesn’t matter where you are. “OMG, like, totally, I know RIGHT?” is the defacto standard for young women today. And the NOISE. The SOUND it makes. With a twang and irritating, grating, that…. well is it any wonder that she’s getting pumped and dumped?
        For example…..Have you beed to an airport recently?
        Listen carefully to the way they call for for boarding.
        30 years ago a flight attended over the loudspeaker would have a softer, feminine, “sexier” tone. “Calling passenger Shapiro, please come to gate XX for final boarding.”…..
        ….but now it’s like “PASSENGER MIKE HUNT!!! MIKE HUNT!!! LAST AND FINAL CALL!!!! FOR MIKE HUNT!!! REPORT TO THE GATE IMMEDIATELY!!!!” Brash. Irritating. Impossible to listen to.
        That’s the (North)American female.

        1. “OMG, like, totally, I know RIGHT?”
          Yes, but they talked like this 30 years ago (early 80’s). Not much has changed since then.

        2. Well the point really wasn’t about the intonations but rather the complete lack of substance. That two women can sit there for 90 minutes, talking incessantly…… about absolutely NOTHING. And then have the gall to say “men are so stupid”. But the next great smartphone will not be created, designed or produced by a woman. That’s a guarantee.

        3. Hey, women have spend the last 40 years proving that men have been right for the last 4000 years. Know what I mean? Happy Holidays, my friend.

        4. Make it 200 000 years. We have been hunther gatherers far longer than farmers and city dwellers. And women of the past didn’t petition to have the right to fight saber tooth tigers.

    1. Yep…western women are not worth talking to. Look how they hate on men. And western women saying “you are just sad because you can’t attract a woman”? As I said on another comment….criticising me for not attracting a western woman is like criticising a surfer for not attracting a shark.
      Now that the cat is out of the bag? It’s not going back in. And more and more young men are going to refuse to be beta, loser, provider smucks like I was for 23 years.
      There is nothing more scary to a young man than to hear 5% is the new 50% if you are a man and your kids can be stolen from you for no reason at all.

      1. “…criticising me for not attracting a western woman is like criticising a surfer for not attracting a shark.”
        Stolen. Thank you.

        1. My fav#1 taught me a lot about women. I was clueless as to the true nature of women at 44. That despite being in relationships with women for all but 2 years of my life from 16.
          Sadly, all the women I was with lied to me about the true nature of women. Even my mother lied to me about the true nature of women. I am quite put out by that and so I recommend young men read “On Women” by Arthur Shopenhauer. It is in both my books. That is the definitive text one women and what they are really like.
          Indeed. My fav#1 was very critical of my mother for not teaching me how to properly deal with women. Fav#1 taught me how to deal properly with her in 2010 because the topic of marriage was on the table and she didn’t want a beta, smuck, loser, provider as a potential husband…..even though she knew I was alphaing her she couldn’t help but be attracted to that despite knowing I was such a beta smuck in my previous life.
          You want to learn about the true nature of women? Listen to a Ukrainian woman with only one son as her future supporter……she has told him all about what women are really like so as to give him the best chance to defend himself against these sharks.

        2. “Listen to a Ukrainian woman with only one son as her future supporter……”
          Her family is from Belarus. Close enough, especially as she was raised traditionally on a farm during The Great Depression. If she’d been as perspicacious and forthcoming about the women who took an interest in me back when she thought my younger brother (deceased) was going to be the one to take care of her we might well both be a bit better off right now when the future has arrived. Not that we’re not comfortable with most of our ducks in a row.
          It’s been interesting taking the last dose of red pill though, ya know, the one that reveals that your mother is a woman.

        3. Yep..the bit of the red pill where you find out your mother lies to you in order to feather her own nest is pretty repulsive. My mother had dementia when I figured that out so there was no discussing it.
          But check out how disgusting western women are. This Sylvie May woman says she has two sons and some grand children. LIke the woman in an earlier ROK article.
          And yet she does not care that her sons do not have the protection of the law. She does not care that her sons could have their children stolen, their houses stolen, their lives destroyed. She does not care that her sons might be driven to suicide.
          All she cares about is maintaining the womens “privilege” of totally dominating and controlling men. And the way she is doing that is by lying to her husband and her sons and lying in public about me.
          I give you men Sylvie May. Man hater. Liar. Hypocrite. Married with two adult sons. Try looking at her comments. I find women like this totally disgusting and repulsive. We should be pointing more young men to women like this because the hatred of her sons is so clear and the lads will then see the same in their own mothers.

    2. What about the claim that women display better verbal skills than men? I’ve had more interesting conversations with the cowboys, rock quarry workers and auto mechanics I know in rural Arizona. And I mean blue collar guys who just don’t seem that complicated mentally, but they have skills in getting parts of material reality to do their bidding.

  11. Even if she was skinny, I would rather jerk off than have sex with a slut. Who wants to risk getting an STD?
    Men need to knock American girls down a few pegs and stop rewarding slutty behavior.

  12. Ah, those girls who “want to get married… someday” but are into “having fun” with guys who’re “a lot of fun” until then. Ho Ho Ho, like Santa says.

  13. I was at a Christmas party last Friday night. Went to a nightclub afterwards. Ran into a woman I knew from years ago. She was with another woman, I recognised her but didn’t know from where. We got into conversation. After a while she mentioned that she kissed a guy from my town from a long time back, maybe 20 years ago. Turns out it was me! I looked at her and couldn’t believe it was the same woman. Talk about hitting the wall. The woman I remembered was hot, tall, slim, very attractive and curves in all the right places. This woman, although tall, had lost too much weight, looked emaciated and old, I mean haggard 50’s. She couldn’t have been more than late 30’s. Kinda freaked me out. I still asked her if she would like a drink. Then the bitch proceeds to tell me what she’s having and what her two other friends would like too. It all came flooding back to me. When I kissed her all those years ago she was the attractive entitled woman that could get men to do her bidding. Now she is the mutton dressed as lamb out looking for guys to buy her and her friends drinks. I told her I’d be back….. maybe she’s still there waiting…… now I know what “hitting the wall” really means. You get the face you deserve by the time you’re forty. I would hazard a guess she got it by 35….

  14. I would be curious to know what kind of conversation you would have (over)heard from a couple of young women from a completely different socio-economic background, say a lawyer and an engineer having a drink at that same bar. I suspect you don’t get much better from a female full-time bartender anywhere in the world.

    1. I know a couple of lawyer chics……and the result is EXACTLY the same.
      One of them I know referred to her “baby daddy” as “sperm donor”. Guess what? He is the son of a US Senator.
      Why do you suppose she chose him to make her pregnant?

      1. She must have played her cards very well, to sit her bulging womb in a senatorial family AND still feel entitled to screw around. She married him? Was she actually screwing around? Sad. Finding a good woman is getting as hard as finding a nanotube in a haystack.

        1. She didn’t marry him. Last I knew she was still out fvking around, and so was he.
          She had her feminine imperative filled, and he got to still keep fvking and chucking.

  15. This is all good stuff, but the Black Knight’s analysis of the following troubles me –
    “I only like to be having sex with one guy at a time, though. I just can’t do more than one. It messes up my head and I don’t think it’s fair.”
    The takeaway asserts exactly the opposite of what he overheard in this private conversation, telling us that in fact, most women are slutting it up with multiple partners. Now, as much as ‘Western women have adopted masculinized dating traits and are likely to maintain a harem of their own, both for sex and for attention’ feels correct and certainly tallies with my own observation, there’s surely something a little perverse in entirely rejecting the substance of what the chick actually said, if this was really a genuine conversation.

  16. Saying all women are horrible is like saying all men are pigs. There’s trash everywhere but among it there are some gems. If you spend your days at night clubs you will only see the snobbish, bone-headed and entitled little girls you love to hate but also secretly covet. The best thing to do is go out and enjoy yourself.

  17. you fucking asshole. she didnt sound empowered to me. maybe low self esteem. you suck and God hates you.

  18. Such rage.
    I’m willing to bet that you also don’t believe in the extinct creatures known as ‘Virgins’?

  19. This site is truly abhorrent and I hope everyone of you who commented on this article is aware of how bass ackwards and sexist you are. Good luck getting laid with these kind of views.

  20. Please, PLEASE don’t assume all women feel that way about being pushed up against the wall. If she’s saying no you should stop, you could get into trouble.

  21. This whole website is a bunch of fucking bullshit… you guys REALLY, really hate women, don’t you?

  22. You are an idiot. This is by no means typical. This is one individual that you have successfully eavesdropped on. Congratulations. Maybe you could embark on an odyssey of actual research in multiple cities and publish the results of a study. Oh, wait…scientific studies have to be unbiased. Yeah, you’re out.

  23. “TThey have sex with guys they don’t consider to be relationship partners, but are willing to test the water and waste the time of other suitors”
    guys do that too though. They play girls and use girls for sex all the time. Often a guy keeps a girl around and leads them on just so he can keep fucking her till he gets bored of it. I know this because I have read countless forum discussions about this on a bodybuilding website filled with mostly male members. Generally, these guys get some sort of ego-boost out of playing girls. There are bad people out there, both male and female, who use others to their advantage. It really sucks and I wish sex could stop being used to “win” something out of someone. It’s really messed up.

  24. The last line should be “Especially if she is Australian”.
    Having been to the states many times, and being an Australian citizen, you Americans don’t know how lucky you are.
    The average Australian late 20’s/early 30’s woman is a fire-breathing feminist nazi, who makes the average american chick look like a subservient vietnamese village girl.

    1. Another Aussie here who has been to America and enjoyed the women there much more than the horrible ones we have to put up with Down Under

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