Study: Your Cell Phone Is Reducing Your Sperm Count

Via CBS:

California health officials have a new message for cellphone users.

For the first time ever, the California Department of Public Health has released guidelines about harmful cellphone radiation and how you can avoid it.

Smith said, “When you sleep, you keep the cellphone at least arm’s length away from your body. And also, not carrying your cellphone in your pocket, having it either in your purse or not carrying it with you.”

The research suggests cellphones could increase our risk for brain cancer and tumors, low sperm count, headaches, as well as impaired memory, hearing, and sleep.

Dr. Joel Moskowitz at UC Berkeley said, “Currently we’re not doing a good job in regulating radiation from these devices. In fact, we’re doing an abysmal job.”

Moskowitz says this is a long-time coming.

He’s partially responsible for bringing this information to light. He sued the Department of Public Health for refusing to release information about the dangers of cellphone radiation back in 2009.

This spring he won that case.

“People are being injured and harmed by the delay in having this information accessible to them,” Moskowitz said.

So does the release mean that the state believes cellphones are dangerous?

“Not at all,” said Dr. Karen Smith. “Our position is that the science is evolving.”

The state said one of the main reasons they’ve decided to release these guidelines now, is that there are new numbers out showing that cellphone use is higher than ever, with 95 percent of Americans using them on a regular basis.

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49 thoughts on “Study: Your Cell Phone Is Reducing Your Sperm Count”

  1. Good thing I still have my flip phone.
    At work I leave it in my laptop bag.
    And when I sleep its at least 10 feet away from me.
    Many times I leave the apartment without it.
    I have plenty of issues, but being addicted to a cell phone is luckily not one of them.

    1. Addicted? What are you doing to get attached to an inanimate object?
      You prefer the schooling system or ((big corporations)) have the information monopoly?

      1. Smart man. School systems actively seek to create disinterest in education in the US. Making students less informed and dumber as a result. Can’t keep the wheels of industry turning if everyone becomes a George Washington, Stokely Charmichael, Gandhi, etc.

    2. Any new technology always brings out the hysterics and charlatans.
      -It’s impossible to breath if you’re on a train going more than 60 miles per hour.
      -Bicycles will make you sterile if you ride them (or excite the women who ride them to lust and promiscuity).
      -Having a flushing toilet inside the house will allow deadly “miasmas” to fill the rooms unless you keep the seat down. And don’t forget to dismantle and clean out thoroughly your plumbing at least once a year .
      -Watching TV will make you go blind unless you watch it in the dark. (Why your grandparents and great-grandparents always watch with the lights off.)
      -Microwave ovens will give you cancer.
      -Eating (fill in the blank here) will cause (fill in the blank here) unless you (fill in the blank here).
      We can go on and on here. But there are two essential truths to keep in mind whenever you see these sorts of studies:
      1-Correlation is not causation.
      2-Disaster and doom and gloom always sells. And then turns out later to be bogus, but only after the damage is done. Think “Global Warming” or “The Ozone Layer.”
      Me? I kinda like my smart phone. Like the moving map. like being able to reference whatever whenever. Etc. (Yeah, it’s a two-edged sword privacy-wise, but….)
      So relax. The sky isn’t falling.*
      Just a thought.
      *If you do want to worry about something, try Asteroid Impacts. Or Volcanic Caldera blowouts. Those will fuck-up everybody’s day big-time.

  2. I keep seeing advertisements here for an “Alzheimers Bombshell” with pictures of Spam being sliced.
    Has anyone looked in to this?
    Does Spam fend off Alzheimers?
    I always like Spam…

    1. I don’t like the crumbs they seem to be sprinkling on the spam though. It reminds me of bread crust that got mixed into a can of spam.
      Btw – you should try making your own spam. If more people seen what original spam is and how it’s made, it would be considered a gourmet delicacy.

  3. Typical, just like most things out there these days, personal technology is not good for personal health. Of course they don’t want you to know this because too many people are getting their pockets greased by inventing and updating newer versions of these (((smart)))phones. I still have a flip phone too, and never sleep with the stupid thing. Cell phones are just a fraction of the undoing of humanity, but certainly one of the top issues (no human connectivity, all connection focused through a technological medium). Luddites do have a valid point. Stay away from these (((apple))) products just as much as any other smart phone, and the same goes for all electronics in your home, a TV, a computer, even a radio should not be near your bed when you sleep, nor should you spend copious amounts of time on one without taking supplements that rid your body of radiation (vitamins A,C,E, among other plant-based herbal homeopathics will decrease it for sure).

      1. I’m no fan of the tribe either, but I won’t immediately discredit them JUST due to their heritage. Who in Return of Kings would rather follow the economic theory of goy John Maynard Keynes versus (((Ludwig Von Mises))) or (((Murray Rothbard)))? The Austrian economists are definitely our ballpark, and the most sensible.

        1. I don’t care who the source is and I don’t blame Jews for orchestrating western degeneracy. I think that’s weak. I’m merely pointing out that you can’t claim the Juden are collectively operating against goy interests and then cite a study by a guy more Jewish than a 401k and lox on a bagel. It’s hupocritical, which is why I hate libtards.

    1. Then get the smart phones that last and you blame the internet for the degeneracy of the west? Namely why are you even blaming inanimate objects which can be used for both good and evil?
      Do we ban guns to stop violence?
      Also the sun trumps any radiation done by any device.

    2. As with anything it all depends how you use it. Some people use it to keep up with the Kartrashians, some use in to Insta-hoe, with others use it to read ROK articles (like yours truly). The way the tech is used defines whether it’s a liability or not.

  4. I keep the phone away from me when you sleep. I also tend to use it in “speaker” mode when I’m on it so that I do not have it next to my head. These are sensible precautions when using a cell phone even if you think the risks are made up non-sense (like I do).

        1. so that means… what exactly? That the mobile phones DON’T have a warning message that you should keep your phone no less than 15cm from your body at all times?
          Seriously, dude, considering how smug you sounded you do sound like quite a fool.

  5. decreased sperm count might actually come not from your outsmartphone but atrazine and estrogen in the water you drink from toxic plastic bottles releasing even more xenoestrogens.
    Headaches might come from fluoride in the water eroding your brain.
    Being concerned about smartphone (why would you have one in the first place?) supposedly giving you brain tumors and sterilizing you is like being concerned about unwashed dishes when your house is on fire.

    1. Frank, let’s assume you are correct about smartphones, and you very well may be.
      Are you at all concerned about the cultural impact smartphones have had on society?
      When I am out and about I mostly see hordes of zombies staring at their screens. This exacerbates the ailments of an already fragmented and atomized society. Years ago illogical fools had their theories confronted head on by a public that was generally sane and reasonable. Today SJWs have their insanity reinforced, in large part due to the development of victim culture, political correctness, and communication mediums like the internet/smartphones.

  6. Many of us need a cell phone for work purposes. The addiction aspect of the smartphone is an issue that will gain momentum, moving forward. Much like the tobacco companies of the past, the tech companies are seeking to addict young people and children to these devices…

    I can’t help but laugh at some of the more recent remarkable “advances” in smartphone technology. The fact that Apple can roll out the iPhone X (which is capable of doing EXACTLY what every other iPhone can do…) and people are willing to pay $1000 for it, is stunning. What’s so special about it? Being able to animate oneself so the person you are speaking with sees you as a rainbow unicorn or talking pile of shit? I’m blown away that people, particularly working class people, are willing to drop $1000 for this crap.

    1. Cell phones are your new masters electronic leashes that they control the content and use and monitoring it for your psychological and physical activities but further allow them to track your location and remotely eavesdrop on you through remote control of your camera and recording abilities.. That is all they are, all that the manufacturers admitted to. the cancer effects and mental disturbances by wifi an and cell signals is a bonus for them.

  7. You guys now that social media and video games effect the brain just like heroin! Steve Jobs and Bill Gates didn’t allow their kids to use Technology for a very good reason! I wonder why experts say today that 95% of the population have some kind of physiological problem….

  8. The serious side affects of microwave transmitter/receivers have been known since the begining. I seem to remember a tale back in the day (working in electronic warfare) that the idea for microwave ovens came from a British signals officer, whose choclate bar melted as he stood next to his DFing equipment. If anything this article downplays the threat.

        1. Her future is not my concern. I got my nut. Some white cuck could wife her up for all I care.

  9. Not mad, somewhat amused. I lived with a Jamacian school mate after leaving the army. He was always rather packed in the trouser department and liked to let the rest of us know about it. Anyhoots, he’d bring plenty of girls back to the shared house and more often than not couldnt convince them to take a ride, poor sap. After that, whenever he’d try to tease me about his advantage I would just reply ‘At least I never got turned down because of my size!’

    1. Great story. Doesn’t stop me and my black brothers from stretching out unhappy white wives all over the world.

      1. Fair play to you, Im done with white western women, have them all. Along with the fucking headaches, moaning, complaining, bullshit.

  10. Well, my mother did fuck a half Malaysian guy (my father) but his mother fucked a white guy(my grandfather). So you see, it all comes out in the wash, or not as the case maybe. Interesting way to get your point across, if someone posts pictures of black crack whores swollowing donkey dick we might have a possible reason for your obsession.

  11. If cock size is the be all and end all to biological success and grandeur then donkey’s and Walruses are earths most evolutionary superiors.
    Perhaps white girls should start fucking the farm animals.

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