9 Signs That She’s Cheating On You

Relationships in modern America are suppose to be a one-course meal. As a man with the finest taste in women. I know I want at least one excellent course.  Yet, society indoctrinates women to cheat as much as possible but men must stay 100% faithful. It’s common for men of the highest echelons to be cheated.

As a man who has juggled multiple chicks at the same time, I have learned about girls trying to creep on the side. Here is 9 tips on how to successfully find out if you have been cheated on:

She is super secretive about passwords

This is a simple tip that many men forget. Women will use any lie for you not to have her password, even if you’re doing tech support for her. The password could indicate the multiple ballers she’s trying to get a paycheck from.

She often uses incognito mode on her browser

Most cheating that involves electronic communications leaves a log. The log can incriminate you especially with common cheating sites like Ashley Madison. Web history/cookies can doom her plans on boning multiple men.

She creates a buffer zone

She will create a scenario where she can’t contact you normally. A few hours a week she’s “volunteering” is her excuse to stray. This would be the time where she’s messing with her old sugar daddy. When she’s madly in love with you, there’s no buffer zone whatsoever. The presence of one should be a large warning sign.

She wears sexy clothes for others but not you

The change of wardrobe of a woman who’s with a beta schlub having sex with her cheater is obvious. For example, say you notice that she’s going to a fancy corporate dinner for work. She has repeatedly told you that she hates high heels and grooming for a passion, yet she’s wearing 5 inch stilettos. When women want to have or keep something they value, they try extra hard. Especially with their wardrobe.

Her affections become mixed

A lot of drama comes when your girl tries to treat you like a side piece. She is taking the route of switching affection output, so she starts to treat you worse. The average American hypergamous women who cheats can’t handle being nice continuously.

Her girlfriends are cheaters or sluts

It’s simple but if her girlfriends are cheaters, she probably indulges with them and does the same stuff they do. Birds tend to hang around other birds.

She’s an expert at using Google Voice

This tip is more America-centric, but there are be apps that can do the same thing. Google Voice allows you to forward calls to your real cell phone number and block certain numbers from calling you during certain hours. This makes managing which dude can call and message her easy as pie. It also saves all of the SMS/pictures sent, so if you have the password, you have material that will help you concretely break up with her. Here is google’s help page to understand how it works.

She starts using cash

Paying with a credit card leaves an evidence trail while cash leaves no record. If she starts to carry a lot of cash on her, this is probable case for an investigation on cheating.

She stops licking your perineum

A woman who is cheating will stop doing the things you love. The sensual licking of your testicles or perineum will be stopped. Or maybe she stops giving anal. A woman will not put effort in to sex if she is getting it good from another man. If the sex is getting whack on her end, suspect something

If a woman wants all the privileges of monogamy, she must not break the simple rule of not being the town’s cum receptacle. If you’re getting cheated on, move on.

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124 thoughts on “9 Signs That She’s Cheating On You”

  1. If you’re worried about them cheating then you’ve put yourself in a position where you’re taking them too seriously.

    1. totally just dont grade the ho and put her in your harem that youll be starting.after she betrays you.

    2. Correct.
      This post should be called “If you a Beta Loser – 9 Signs she is Cheating on You”.
      1. If she is “cheating”…that means that you have learned NOTHING from ROK……Beta Loser
      2.If she is “cheating”…..that means that you have agreed to a exclusive relationship……Beta Loser.
      3.If you used the above 9 rules…..if means that you actually cared what the fuck she does….Beta Loser.
      4.If she is “cheating” on you…it means that there is an Alpha out there that can play the Game/Hypergamy better than you. ….Beta Loser.

      1. Man, getting a woman to cheat on her husband or significant other is not like getting her to go the gym. All you have to do is throw it in front of her face. It’s like getting a duck to eat bread.
        You could be Batman for fuck sake, and if Wayne Enterprises goes under, she will be slurping Superman’s cock by the end of the week.
        The problem with women and cheating is that they think it requires some express willingness and premeditation to “count”. That’s exactly how they think!
        “He bought me a drink! It was just something that happened!”
        No sweetie. Tsunamis……. “happen”.
        Brain tumors……. “happen”.
        But getting driven by 8 inches of pink steel and calling out to God and the Devil in the same breath doesn’t “happen” to her. She goes out and MAKES it happen like the shrieking harlot attention whore that we all know she is. Yet she will pretend like she was out on some beach in the Philippines and the waves just accidentally washed over her and she got carried away.
        The first woman ever (Eve) cheated with a snake. Take a cue from that. Cheating military wives are an epidemic not because the soldiers who’s back they’re banging behind are “beta losers”, but because women are really excellent at not only destroying families, but also the morale of a nation. No soldier should be out in battle wondering if his wife is banging her new man-friend.
        Even when women DONT have sex….. they are trying to exercise some ploy to cheat a man OUT of it.
        Women think when a man cheats it’s “his fault”. But they also think when women cheat it’s “his fault” too. Gimme a break. That means women think it’s his fault in every possible situation. But cheating doesn’t happen unless SHE wants it to.
        Like an unwanted pregnancy, all cheating is 100% the woman’s fault 100% of the time.

        1. Sorry dude…your logic is flawed.
          By your logic…a woman would cheat on a Alpha Winner (george Clooney) with an Omega Loser (a barman loser) simply because….the opportunity was there or because cheating is what women do….sorry I don’t buy it.
          Women will cheat if their hypergamic instincts kick in……
          …and why would you assume that just because someone is a soldier they are Alpha?

        2. When a man cheats, he is a bastard and he should pay.
          When a woman cheats, he is a bastard and he should pay.
          I’m glad I’m not the only guy who sees that math just doesn’t add up.
          You think Tiger Woods was a cheating asshole? NO WAY. With 600+ million$ to lose in a divorce… a man like that doesn’t sign a marriage contract unless he is really looking forward to fucking his wife.
          Erin Woods was just bad in bed. Simple as that.
          And she wanted HIM to publicly apologize for that???
          Hugh Grant had fucking supermodel Elizabeth Hurley at home… and he felt the need to go get a $60 BJ from Marvin Hagler in a wig — because Liz just wasn’t getting the job done. Those are just two high profile examples.
          I don’t need to mention Hilary not being able to please Bill. But probing some fat Lewinski with a stogie isn’t exactly cheating. Was his relationship with Paula Jones the same?
          Close. But no Cigar.
          Hilary’s fault no matter how you look at it.

        3. My logic might be flawed, but my strapping sense of humor more than makes up for it.
          I got your point and now that I am done cracking myself up…….. it’s easy to blame ourselves and dig ourselves a grave – claiming “beta” – when a chick goes and slurps another penis, but then again, only a silly beta would take responsibility for someone slut’s actions.
          First rule of leadership –>> EVERYTHING is YOUR fault.
          That’s Alpha leader lesson number one.
          You heard it here first.
          But realize no sex would have taken place unless SHE wanted it to. Consensual sex ONLY happens when a woman wants.
          Telling myself “EVERYTHING is MY fault.” is about “personal responsibility” and it’s my best friend . As long as a man reminds himself of that, he can punish himself for his failures and congratulate himself for his successes. That’s awesome. But try and teach a woman that, and she thinks you’re being cruel.
          I don’t EXPECT a woman to be faithful. So why would I assume personal responsibility when she sucks another dick? A faithful woman is a COMPLIMENT to me. I don’t take it as an “insult” when she isn’t. I can’t in good conscience beat myself up and criticize my actions and behavior as “beta” when a woman cheats, as long as I expect it to be as NATURAL to her as taking a shit. That’s the beauty of it all.
          GIVING A SHIT…. would be “beta”. Women are just as likely to fuck George Clooney as she is to fuck some broke, tattoo-ridden, unemployed musician on a stolen motorbike who has enough body piercings to hang a shower curtain.

        4. Not to put down the writer of the original article, but holy shit, that was an amazingly entertaining post and over-brimming with truth.

        5. “Women cheat on Beta with Alphas not the other way around”
          B.S, I’ve seen it happen, many, many a time. You’re confusing man logic with “chick-living in the moment, YOLO, whoops I just tripped over and fell on this guy’s dick-logic.” Given the opportunity along with the belief that “noone will find out”, girls will take it, no matter who the guy is.

        6. firstly, there is no hard and fast rule…. but even a good girl virgin with a Clooney alpha will hump the postman if the circumstances are correct…. means, motive, opportunity.
          women ALWAYS have the means… the motive can be as simple as a stupid disagreement over taking the trash out and now she’s in a huff for a week, opportunity only requires no one finding out, and that’s as easy as the bathrooms in a nightclub.
          “Heart of Glass” – you never know when it will crack.
          The only thing you have on your side…. which is why low notch count is important…. is her ‘good girl’ ideal of herself… that will hold her back, because she’s never crossed the red line before…..
          HOWEVER: once she’s had a couple of kids and / or her child bearing years are over, she starts thinking of sex like a man….. hence all the cougars, swingers etc. PLUS she’ll regret not having ridden more cocks and want to make up for lost time….
          This is why so many LTRs blow up as the women approaches 40 area…

        7. all this comes down to the daft logic of a woman…. in an LTR she has to not be a slut because she has to show to her man what a good girl she is…. so he can trust her…. whereas in fact she should install a pole in the bedroom, do nightly striptease and learn how to deep throat….. find me a wife that does that….. it’s no surprising that escorts don’t offer “wife experience”… you can have girl friend experience or porn star experience….. but wives are not on the menu…. an LTR girl BY DEFINITION does not put out sex very much….. because that’s how ‘good girls’ are…….
          check this one out…. this says it all

        8. It’s simpler then that. Men for all their wealth and ability have no REAL power. I can tell you who won’t get cheated on, a man who lives in a society where his brothers have his back. She know he can throw her out on the street into the mud with only a dirty rag on her back, and I swear to you brother that she will be on her best behavior. But what we have here is a legalized racket. Where every true criminal on the bench and in the legislative houses are just waiting for an excuse to come down and smash the shit out of some poor bastard when his women gives an excuse for them.
          Our problem is that our society is composed of men who live to rape other men.

        9. Great point….the ruling elite class (1%) is brainwashing the weaker willed sex (female) by promoting money and moral free lifestyle otherwise known as Moral Justification.
          Oh and by the way Moral Justification is one of the 4 pillars of Satanism.
          So there you go, the ruling class is using Satanism to lure good girls into becoming depraved whores in order to break down men’s morals…which seems to be working.
          The solution for men is to learn Natural Law and Free Will and learn to live morally right. Not accepting morally wrong women.
          Don’t have ONS with single mothers
          Don’t play games with girls
          Be a man with good morals
          Don’t steal ( money, time) from ANYONE
          Live with good morals and free will and you will be FREE.

        10. Of all the fake alpha, beta rationalization, false bravado bullshit that gets posted in the ROK comments section this statement made by Ray Wolfson should be read until is 100% understood as undeniable FACT.
          “once she’s had a couple of kids and / or her child bearing years are over, she starts thinking of sex like a man….. hence all the cougars, swingers etc. PLUS she’ll regret not having ridden more cocks and want to make up for lost time….”
          This is the exact blueprint for “good girls” in America.
          Don’t invest too much in any of these bitches. Your best hope is that she quenches her cock thirst without you finding out and your family life remains intact.
          You, as the man/husband should have been fucking every piece of ass you can all along. This is the great mistake of American men. Suppressing your true nature as a man and being monogamous will never be rewarded with the same from a woman so DON’T DO IT!

        11. “Just because women are bad at math…. doesn’t mean they are “good” at not-math.”
          Astute observation.

        12. Women cheat on “alphas” all the time with “betas.” This is where theory and reality collide.

        13. the most sickening is thing that women don’t have a ‘blueprint’… it’s all just animal instincts and emotional urges… bottled up and driven by hormonal swings and random BFFs (who are chosen and installed almost overnight to validate whatever hamster decision is going on)…. there’s no consistency or constancy or sense of honor… a relationship is never about building a family or making something great – it’s always about ‘her needs’ – which alot of the time read like a pape mache castle made from old cosmo issues…… she changes like the Caribbean weather… all sunny for months on end and then some fucking hooly comes blowing in out of nowhere when you least expect it………
          no sailor is ever truly safe…

        14. in my first divorce…. my ex told me that my divorce lawyer asked her for a date…. hahahaha…. i think that was my first redpill moment… needless to say i stiffed the motherfucker on his invoice…… hahahahha… everyone’s a winner expect the lawyer who neither got a date or got paid….

        15. Too true! As long as women are PAID and REWARDED for being bad wives and men like Tiger Woods are APOLOGIZING for it, I’m afraid the whole system stinks like yesterday’s diapers – and you can’t call a man “beta loser” when it happens.
          A man can NOT – repeat NOT – blame himself when a woman cheats…..when the system is set up for her to collect A PAY OUT when she does it.
          It’s time for men to STOP calling other men “beta losers” and START ramping up that slut shaming, pronto. If any man reading this has even 0.01% doubt that his woman might be getting the stiff one-eye elsewhere….. EJECT THAT BITCH IMMEDIATELY.

        16. Mad grateful for the props, Vince. If we’re not having fun, goddammit, whats the point. The world needs a little more edu-tain-mant.

  2. This was completely written by a geek virgin. Google Voice? I’ve never even met a girl who knows what it is, and I don’t believe any of them would ever be able to figure it out or even WANT to figure it out.
    Please, for the love of god, stop with the fantasy articles written bitter loser men!

    1. Girls will do anything to keep up with their rep. And believe me, most are smarter than you think…

  3. “A woman who is cheating will stop doing the things you love. The sensual licking of your testicles or perineum will be stopped”
    This is worse than Cosmo.

  4. “Birds tend to hang around other birds.” Bro, it’s “Birds of a feather..” Jesus, this is the worst post of all time, of all time.

    1. The author is probably not English speaking native. Neither am I, even though I’d write it the right way.
      About the post itself, it’s no better or worse than most the posts u’ll see on the internet about “signs she0scheating on you” related,

  5. I’ve been cheated on and none of these were very good examples. The biggest one is if that bitch holds on to her phone like it were the last dick on Earth. One night, in bed, I asked to see her phone. She wouldn’t let me have it so I charged across the bed and she ran out of the apartment in just a blanket and her phone. I promptly locked the door behind her.

    1. The problem is they all hold their phones like its the last dick on earth. I’m talking about Western women; driving? phone in hand, exercise? phone in hand, sucking cock? phone in hand.

      1. The reason for this, (and it’s only since the smart phone), is because 10 years ago a mobile phone was still a status symbol of the busy executive businessman with a 6-7 figure salary. go back to the 90s and a cell phone was a big deal. I remember buying one of the old erricsons in 1995 for $1200 which was a lot of money back then, and having the guy in the shop fawn all over me, like I was buying a Ferrari…
        She’s coy with her cell phone because it gives her more validation than her tits and pussy combined… it also saves her from ever having an awkward moment of silence…. back to the facebook etc…. she doesn’t want you getting into her head zone… and laughing at some of the shit she has going on with lame BFFs that will literally have you rolling on the floor…. and tear down all her (fake) validation.
        When my baby momma first got an iphone, and put a password on it, she was so coy and self important and played so hard to get, it was as if she’d regressed back to being 13 years old. It was as much as I could do to have a 10 minute conversation with her and anything important or serious, she’d just have some urgent shit to do on her phone.
        So i pinched her password over her shoulder… that took a couple of weeks of patience….. and then I sat up one night installing spyware, while she was asleep… that even let me dial her phone and activate the microphone and listen in where ever she was…. SURE… an exercise in being a techie beta….. If she wants to cheat go to hell…… BUT… I did it for the knowledge as much as anything else….
        I wanted to know what these women get up to between their BFFs…. honestly 95% of it was pathetic…. but they do talk like horny truck drivers between each other… the conversations with close friends almost always angle towards sex…. she was forever trying to organise girls nights out… “let’s go out like singles”…… it’s not that she going out to get laid like a guy… it’s that she’s putting herself on the train tracks… a few drinks too many and the right player and she’s flat on her back…..
        They are all same….. trying to hold down anything long term is like trying to stay dry in the Mississippi. Even if she’s a good girl, and has a good upbringing not to cheat and to hold down a relationship etc… the time will come – NO MATTER how great and wealthy you are… when she will feel like having a random fuck…. hamster will justify it….. BFFs will egg her on, so they can justify doing it too….. or at least get the wet panties gossiping about it…….
        AND IF… like I’ve done now, you have the situation on lock down and she’s beholden to you, that’s not much fun either… since you feel like some trumped up headmaster….
        The best solution is to open a whorehouse….. whore are the only honest women…..

        1. Ray,
          I think your multiple comments/observations on this topic are very on point. Do you have your own blog or website? I’m guessing your about 40? Have you spent some time in England?
          Nice work. I’m sure I’m not the only one that appreciates your comments.

        2. thanks man… yes 42…. been in and out of a few LTRs…
          no blog, just a few articles up here… i think it’s more worthwhile supporting RoK…. and without Roosh as a filter some of my ideas will be too out there for most people….
          spent time in the UK yes, also fond of moving about the world, rather than take vacations, i just relocate… my biggest mistake was buying furniture…. it’s nice to have your own stuff, but it’s like a sea anchor when you want to move…. burn that shit and go fight club…. it’s so much more fun….

        3. spybubble is a cheap one…. the apple iOS is a real pain in the ass with all it’s jailbreaking and OS updates…… it stops working all the time….. i recommend an android for a birthday present with it preinstalled…
          but honestly the shit you will see …. will neither make you happier or wiser and you’ll drive yourself mad…. still the GPS logs are great if you really think she’s cheating…
          i only did it to see if the baby momma was on the level…. it seems to me that what most chicks do is hide behind this wall of self importance and use their BFFs as leverage to make themselves the centre of attention and ‘busy’…. she was doing this so much i thought perhaps she was a lesbian but sadly not….
          actually if i have to be honest i was quite disappointed there was nothing going on… at least it would have been exciting….. instead i found the headspace of a girl who was so much more immature and pathetic than i realised….

        4. “…. and without Roosh as a filter some of my ideas will be too out there for most people….”
          Let the readers decide. You made some adroit observations. I would definitely be interested in reading your blog.

      2. considering I saw a worldstarhiphop (wretched hive of scum and villainy) video of a girl doing just that while telling her boyfriend “I love you” on the phone… yeah…

    2. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe because phone = private and guy who uses force to get my phone = nope?

  6. If you need to stalk your girlfriend the way this article suggests, you’ve already lost. Why the fuck do you want her password in the first place?

  7. ” If you’re getting cheated on, move on”. Great advice! but, if you are laying it down in bed like you are supposed to and taking no shit from her, there is little to no fear of her cheating on you. First off, never be afraid of a woman cheating on you. If she’s not your wife, you have no legal right to her and she has no legal right to you, period. A “committed” relationship without a legal binding contract “marriage”, it like pissing in the wind; yea, the droplets of liquid feel nice…but its still piss. Why would any man purposely neuter himself by cutting off all available pussy…..on purpose. Unless she is your wife, don’t expect her to be faithful to you and tell her not to expect you to be faithful to her. Enjoy your life, never let her move in and play “house”, and when you have found the one…when you are in your late forties…settle down. Don’t invest much emotion into women you are not planning on marrying…its a waste of time. If she “cheats” on you, be cool. keep fucking her (with a condom), but down grade her. no great dinners and great nights out. strictly to your crib for fucking and thats it. since she wants extra dick, no problem, start pushing her towards devil’s threesomes, and turning her out into the whore that she is. Also, the most important part of this…..FUCK HER FRIENDS, and sisters or mother if she’s hot and you can. Then, after you are done having your fun with her, kick her to the curb or keep her around as a “good time girl”. That’s how you deal with that…..intelligently. Why spoil your pleasures with her if you aren’t done using her up yet. Down grade her and have fun.

    1. You sir are oozing alpha…. I could never think of such a good plan up but you are right if she “Cheats on you” just use her for what you want and throw her away

    2. How do you deal with the fact that women try to push for playing house, how do you resond to the whole “we need to have a talk about where we are going” thing?

      1. If she fuck around on you, it simple. Bait her with her having to earn it. Have impossibly high standards that she can not sustain, but putting the onus back on her, she will be to busy trying to be ur dream girl so she will never have time to challenge you. Treat her the same way women treat all these sucker betas you will be straight.

        1. Can you be more specific what do you mean by bait her with her having to earn it.
          What do you mean by have impossibly high standards she cannot maintain in what sense. Please give examples.

        2. One time, in the middle of sex, I got ambushed with the “what am i to u” talk. I immediately smiled cause it was the second date/time I stuck my dick in her. I told her simply that at this point in time, idk. She already knew I was a private man so I played on that. I told her I want someone striving to become a perfect woman as I am searching to be the ideal man, but im that’s to much to ask. She said that’s not so and that’s when I pointed out her tardiness n applied more pressure saying if u dont value my time then y should I even consider fucking wit just u.
          Something I do not often read about is maintaining fuck buddies, friends with benefits or wtf u wanna call it. I believe it because most men treat chicks like its a zero sum game, for me to gain she must lose. Nah, treat it like a mutually beneficial business relationship. I provide x which she highly value in exchange for y which does the same for me. “Game” gives her her validation/entertainment n u get laid. However during this period, u should be scouting

  8. who cares if she’s cheating… it’ll be easier to dump her on her arse when you’re sick of fucking her

  9. This is a bad article. Girls dont even know what incognito mode or Google Voice is. This could’ve been a good topic.

    1. yeah, that’s what i thought as well. most bitches are so stupid they don’t even know their browsers keep a history, nevermind how to delete said history/cookies. the most i can expect from a chick, computer-wise, is to actually log off from facebook once she’s done using it.

    1. girls get a lot of value from their phones / comms…. and most of it is laughable BFF BS…. so from my experience she doesn’t want you in there, because if you see inside her head zone, her value will collapse like a penny stock…. it’s not automatic cheating…… there are other reasons.

  10. Or just never be monogamous. What a waste of time and energy to care about all this stuff. Don’t know how you mono guys do it.

  11. One dead giveaway that a woman is cheating on you is:
    She talks about other men.
    Remember, other men are invisible to her, even her orbiters. So if she is talking about other men, then she s thinking about other men. And if she is thinking about other men, then she is getting tingles from men other than you… Time to let her go.

  12. The operative phrase came at the end: “Move on.”
    Do it even before she cheats. Move on if she puts on 5 pounds. Move on if she thinks looking frumpy around you is OK. Move on if she doesn’t swallow. Move on if she doesn’t do anal (if you like that). Move on if she doesn’t cook for you. Move on … well, you get the idea.

  13. lzozozozozlz
    top 10 wayz to etelllz if a womanz is possibley maybe just could be cheattaetingz on youz:
    1. cum dripping off her chinz when she comes home
    2. salty spermy taste when you kisszz her goodkngithz
    3. cum in her butthozlzoez even thoug you don’t buttext
    4. cumz in betweneneh her eyez when she getsz homez
    5. a cock in her butthole taht is not yourz
    6. you come home and she has her legnz spread and tehre is another dude ther eyou have never seen–most like ly she is cheatizngz
    7. she is texting texting during dinner and after dinner she needz space to think about thingz
    8. a womenz saying “i need space” meansz “i am having the space between my legz filled by another guy, so i am going to need that space beteween my legz for him zlozlzlzozoz”
    9. twnety used conomdomdnz beside your bed when you get homez from a business trip
    10. her legz wide spreadz wide and she is bentz over on the DVD you popped in and dat dude in teh movie is not you zlzozozlzlzooz
    i am no sherclcok but if any of tehse thingz hahppeen to u, your womenz might just be cheatingz? kzozozozlzoz

    1. this is the best line ever :
      8. a womenz saying “i need space” meansz “i am having the space between
      my legz filled by another guy, so i am going to need that space beteween
      my legz for him zlozlzlzoz

  14. “you have material that will help you concretely break up with her.”
    What the hell is this supposed to mean? If you want to end it, end it. Whether it’s because you thinks she’s cheating, or any other reason. You don’t have to make a case for it. Hell, you don’t even have to tell her. Just stop contacting her or responding to her.
    Unless you’ve moved in with her, then it takes a bit more effort. But even then you don’t owe her an explanation for it.

  15. One example from my beta days was my girlfriend accusing me of being jealous when I asked who some dude she was talking to online was. Turns out she was cheating but not with h just some other stud.
    Told her to fuck off when I found out but if she thinks you are being jealous be wary!!!!

  16. If you go to look real good at the inside of her mouth, and you see a dick in there, with a guy attached..that may mean she’s cheating.

  17. “She wears sexy clothes for others but not you”
    I would expand on this: If she is suddenly improving herself in any way (starts shaving more frequently, wears makeup more often, buys good underwear, learns a new language, starts working out) then there’s a 50/50 (fuck, there’s a 90/10) she’s cheating.
    I’ve often observed how women who “let themselves go” during a relationship will refuse to do anything to keep said relationship (like losing weight or wearing lingerie to bed), but will instantly go on a diet, get to the gym, wear makeup and sexy clothes and go out every night when they’re dumped. Women won’t work for what they already have, they work for something they want to “win”. If a woman is working on improving herself out of the blue, chances are it isn’t for her current man. Sometimes women try and improve themselves on a whim (this will fade out in about a month when she gets bored) and sometimes they will try and improve themselves for you (you should experience a sudden spike of domesticity and sex), but if the behavior is persistent and you aren’t getting more sex, then she’s got someone else she’s trying to “win”.

  18. women fuck around generally because of 2 things:
    they want to leave you. women will rarely leave a man without having another one lined up because of the security men provide, and
    you have let them push their limits too far and supplicated. women push their limits, and generally cheating is one of the outer limits. if she is cheating with no desire to leave, in all likelihood you have let her get away with too much already.
    keep your game tight, dont let shit slide with them, be intuitive and selective about the women in your life, fuck them how you want to fuck a woman and the likelihood that you would get cheated on becomes very low.
    that said, most guys here are younger and who a broad is fucking should be the last thing on your mind.

  19. The top sign a woman WILL cheat on you:
    Because…she is a WOMAN.
    She can’t change her nature.

    1. If /all/ women cheat on you, it may be time to have a long, hard look in the mirror or change your dating pool. Either you’re a beta that hasn’t noticed it yet or you’re exclusively dating women that are too low-quality (no standards, trash) or too high-quality (9/10s when you’re a mere 7).

  20. With a little tweaking this article could be re-written and entitled “9 ways to stop her finding out about all your other girls”.
    I work in IT and believe me, 90% of girls have absolutely no idea how to use a computer/apps/phones to cover their tracks. They all have iPhones with stupid fucking Hello Kitty covers or some such shit and most won’t even log out of Facebook when they use it.
    Also, if you actually care about a girl cheating on you then you really need to read a few more ROK articles.
    If one of your girls drops off the cliff, keep walking ’til you meet another.

    1. “If one of your girls drops off the cliff, keep walking ’til you meet another.”
      This. If she cheats, it’s because you don’t have game and/or she is not sufficiently afraid of you.

  21. Way more signs than this.She has excuses for why she can’t hang out. She calls out of the blue to start an argument. The gets enraged when you show affection to her some days. Starts saying “you’ve changed”. Has TONS of male friends. Accuses YOU of cheating constantly.

    1. Accuses you of cheating should be number 1 on the list. My experience is that a woman that accuses you of cheating is 100% projecting; always.

  22. Finding out if she’s cheating is important. It is even more important to know what you’re going to do if you catch her cheating. Don’t improvise. Have a plan.

    1. I disagree. No need to find out if she is cheating. Why bother. If you think she is cheating or have any gut feeling she is, zip up and move on.

  23. The ruling elite class (1%) is brainwashing the weaker willed sex (female) by promoting money and moral free lifestyle otherwise known as Moral Justification.
    Oh and by the way Moral Justification is one of the 4 pillars of Satanism.
    So there you go, the ruling class is using Satanism to lure good girls into becoming depraved whores in order to break down men’s morals…which seems to be working.
    The solution for men is to learn Natural Law and Free Will and learn to live morally right. Not accepting morally wrong women.
    Don’t have ONS with single mothers
    Don’t play games with girls
    Be a man with good morals
    Don’t steal ( money, time) from ANYONE
    Live with good morals and free will and you will be FREE.

  24. Never trust a woman with “friends” PERIOD. Women do not have friends like men have friends and in fact women can not form strong relationships without a sexual component.
    Women are made to serve a husband and produce children and that’s it. Any other relationship in a woman’s mind is a financial transaction. She must receive something in return for her involvement. Every “friendship” to a woman is only to benefit her in some way.

  25. A few of the “signs” in this article are a bit far fetched. Your average broad is not tech-savvy enough to use Google Voice forwarding or private-browsing practices. Also most girls (unless we are are talking about married couples with joint bank accounts and whatnot) won’t consciously use cash instead of plastic to cover up their purchases. If you have access to your girl’s bank account (or she uses yours) and she is going to spend money out on some fuckdate with her boy toy then she will just trump up some BS like she was out with a friend and got lunch etc.
    Overly protective of her cell phone is a huge tell, as replica said here: http://www.returnofkings.com/29064/9-signs-that-shes-cheating-on-you#comment-1250967098
    Once your girl starts making plans that exclude you, or wants alone time away from you, these are obvious tells that she is up to no good, or at the very least her favor of you is dwindling. Always trust your gut in these scenarios. Always. Once things start feeling fishy don’t even bother trying to talk to her about because she will manipulate and twist and lie the fuck out of everything. Just zip up and move on.

    1. Zip up and move on needs to be a mantra. It is the only thing you have control over. All this spy stuff is BS. If you’re not happy about the nature of your relationship with the current woman, zip up and move on.

  26. Back before I married my husband Harold, I would save the filthiest sex acts for only my special friend who I saw on the side.
    It’s not as bad as it sounds. When you’re in true love with the man you want to marry, you want to keep things pure. You want to marry a gentleman; a man to spend the rest of your life with. Fucking excuseeeeeeee me for wanting to make sure that he earned it.
    Sure, my special friend got “more” of me than Harold ever has (and ever will – I don’t do that weird shit anymore) – but Harold (my hubby) gets something even better: Me. For the rest of his life. Missionary is only vanilla when you’re not in love, but he gets to look into my eyes. Always.
    Not that I still don’t think back fondly of my special friend..lol.
    Okay, I’m a little bad. Kisses. xoxoxoxo

    1. You’re disgusting, and a shining example of one of the reasons this vocal community even exists.

      1. Little boys call any “real woman” disgusting.
        I think it’s about time we take back the term. How do you feel about that, darlin?
        Ha. I’m affirmed. Are you?

        1. Real women don’t cheat.
          And real women are honest about what they like in bed and consistent with all their partners.

        2. A “real woman” has grace, reservation, and loyalty to her man. Nothing womanly at all about being a degenerate, uncouth harlot who fucks around behind an exclusive lover’s back.

    2. I seriously feel sorry for your husband. Though its funny that husbands get the boring sex and side dudes get the fun sex. Basically women like you keep men from marrying. And you’re wrong .. When you’re truly in love with someone you’re willing to do crazy things with/for them.

      1. Wrong. Sorry sweetie, it just doesn’t work that way.
        There’s much more going on that just women being a “bitch” (which, in itself, is a term that). Sure, it’s easy to see that cheating is “wrong” at face value, but there’s so many sociosexual. Do I feel good about cheating on Harold – especially with how he paid for and took care of me financially (and sitll does)? Of course not. But am I sorry?
        I have to say…no. Cheating isn’t good, but there’s a reason for why it happens. At first I felt bad, but later I found the strength to realize that it wasn’t my fault, and that circumstances forced my actions more than I realize. You can’t put yourself in my shoes.
        I am woman. I will not apologize for that.

        1. Lol, definitely a troll. Unfortunately for the beta husbands of the world, women like this really do exist and think EXACTLY this way. So whether Desiree is actually a woman or a dude looking to get a rise out of the ROK community, take notes gentlemen. It might save your life (or at least your dignity and self-esteem)

      2. Sex is just an act. My special friend might have gotten the “fun” sex, but my husband gets ME. ALL of ME.
        So….um. Yeah. Sorry you all can’t understand.

    3. Thanks for your honesty Desiree.
      There is one thing i can say for certain, Given the choice between you and a dog, I will gladly take the dog. The dog is honest and loyal while you mylady are a the reason witches were burned at stake in the old times. Disgusting.

    4. Why the fuck does he win by getting a selfish whore who won’t share herself with him the way he deserves? You’re no prize, whore.

  27. The biggest sign that you are being cheated on was missing: you are an American man in a monogamous relationship with an American woman. This is all that needs to be said.

  28. Why do you care what her passwords or not-with-you activities are? A the first sign of not attending to your needs, a broad needs to get handed her walking papers.There’s way too much quality ass out there to waste a minute getting your Sherlock on. Delete number, get showered, go out.

  29. I feel like most people with common sense can piece a cheating hoe together and the few with self respect will act on it.

  30. The fact is, you can NEVER be sure if your partner cheats you or not. There is no absolute certainty. Deal with it.
    Let me tell you something Ive learned during my long and eventful life: there is no such thing you could not get over with. Do not spend your time thinking if your girl cheats you or not. In love is always better to be the cheated one than the cheater. This is something you learn when you’ll get older. The cheating party does all the work: hiding, dealing with his/her bad conscience, lieing, making all kinds of elaborate plans. You just keep on living. When the relationship ends, atleast you know YOU did the right thing and did not cheat. So in the end you’ll be the winner.

  31. # 1 sign girl has a boyfriend or is cheating… constant texting. In high school I hung around all women, me one man hanging around 9 women at lunch, it made getting any girl as easy as pie because whenever they saw me, I was with another woman. In fact women started approaching me LOL. I noticed single girls hardly used their phones but girls with boyfriends were always texting them and girls who were cheating were texting doubly as much. If a girl is texting in her boyfriends presence its a good sign. Its not a guarantee, but she is telling you there is someone on the other end of that phone more important than you when she pulls out that phone. As getting access to the phone, the best way is to ask he to get you something in the heat of some moment, women tend to be careless with theit phone if they think your daggone clueless but they will clutch if they think you have a clue. Don’t let them know you have clue until you get all the info you need

  32. 10. She’s from the Anglosphere
    11. She’s from the former Soviet Union
    12. She’s a feminist
    13. She’s not a virgin
    14. She’s a single mother

  33. Isn’t it the other way round? I mean, you are encouraging guys to cheat all the way. Now, nope, nobody should cheat. But if you yourself don’t think that much of faithfulness, don’t expect it in your partner. … oh, and that corset I’m wearing? Well, I look fab in it that’s why.

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