French President Macron Is Surprising The World With Actual Leadership Ability

The conventional “wisdom” about France’s new president Emmanuel Macron is that he is just another boring EU bureaucrat, notable only for the tabloid discussions surrounding his spouse.  Some political observers have predicted that he will prove to be just another mediocrity in France’s postwar line of mediocre leaders.  I argue that this judgment is premature, and that, far from being a passive observer to political events, Macron is showing signs of becoming a very assertive leader.  He may very well surprise the world.

We should note first of all that Macron is the youngest president ever to hold the office.  As a student of philosophy, he is a product of France’s most prestigious schools and institutions.  Contacts in the financial world (one of whom I have spoken with personally) describe Macron as a very subtle thinker, a man who is being underestimated by nearly everyone.

Quietly and behind the scenes, he has been aggregating power in his own hands in a very methodical way.  He has been helped along in this quest by two factors:  the French people’s fear of terrorism, and public dissatisfaction with the weak leadership of his many predecessors.

Some French news periodicals have begun calling him “Jupiter,” as a humorous reference to his perceived drive to make himself the ultimate authority.  As a student, he wrote his thesis on Machiavelli, and is known to be an admirer of Napoleon and De Gaulle.  He has shown a willingness to act on his own and bypass parliament:  he is undertaking a reform of France’s labor code by presidential decree, and is also significantly changing the terrorism laws in France to give law enforcement the tools it needs to combat the threat.

On Monday, July 3, he plans to address both houses of parliament in Versailles, something that would have been unthinkable under past presidents.  Leftist parties have scorned the idea, calling it “pharaonic.”  It is the kind of thing that De Gaulle or Louis Napoleon might have done, but has not been experimented with in the modern era.  Perhaps that is precisely what the situation calls for.

But it is the right move.  By addressing the entire parliament directly (925 members in total) he is sending a clear message that he is in charge and knows where he is taking the country.  This is just the kind of thing a leader should do in a time of crisis.  Displaying an awareness of the need for alliances, he has invited US president Trump to France for Bastille Day, at a time when Trump is widely reviled in Europe.  In all of these moves, Macron seems to be practicing a fundamental principle of politics:  taking the initiative allows you, the leader, to set the terms of the debate and shape the political landscape.

Macron’s new initiatives are enabling him to keep in check France’s powerful labor unions, and to set the agenda for domestic security policy.  One of the big changes in the security arena is his change from allowing the judiciary branch to define the scope of searches and seizures, to allowing his own Interior Ministry (headed by the hard-liner Gerard Collomb) to perform this task.

The interior ministry will now be able to make arrests, shut down mosques that spew jihadist propaganda, and expedite the deportation process.  While it remains to be seen whether any of these measures will make a difference in the security environment, what matters is that the president is concentrating power more and more in his own hands.

In the international relations field, Macron has shown a willingness to play both America and Russia against each other:  he has courted them both but has been vague on providing concrete assurances about what he is willing to deliver.  He has sacked four cabinet ministers—thus far—who have not performed to the level of his expectations.  The word is going out, for those willing to listen, that a new reformer is in town who is willing to do what is needed to get the job done.  He has been rather unapologetic–even arrogant–in putting the media firmly in its place.

Perhaps the country’s crisis mode has given a man like Macron the ability to try to undertake transformative change.  People in France are frustrated by decades of stagnation, anemic leadership, and apparently endless terrorist attacks that politicians seem unable or unwilling to solve.  Macron enjoys a decisive majority in parliament and intends to press that advantage; his campaign book was entitled “Revolution” and he clearly intends to make major changes.  In a recent interview with Le Figaro, he claimed his election was “a beginning of a French renaissance and I hope a European one as well.”

Only time will tell whether Macron will be able to make good on his ambitions and projects.  It is too early to tell whether his administration will be just another false start, and more empty rhetoric, for a nation and continent desperately in need of vigorous, aggressive leadership.  But the initial signs are encouraging, and they are going largely unnoticed here in the United States.

We should keep a close eye on political developments in France:  Macron has proven himself to be a canny political operator and has been dramatically underestimated.  The ROK International Affairs Desk will be monitoring events in France closely for updates in the weeks and months ahead.

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  1. Is this article a joke? April’s fool day? Maricon is a puppet of the elites. Of course he is playing great cards, but not the ones that interest us.

    1. Merkel’s bitch , investment banker with Rothschild Inc, childless, the usual suspect, what the fuck is this Quintus pushing because I ain’t buying ..

    2. I feel like I am missing something. Is RoK trolling us with all this Pop Star Look and Macron is Alpha stuff?

        1. lol what part of the ROK policy says “No jewish writers allowed” — there have been jewish writers and commenters in here since 2012

        2. There have always been jews in the Alt-Right. Curtis Yarvin, Paul gottfried, and several other jews that either support nationalism for whites and support their own countries, or support white ethnostates and their own jewish ethnostate. Just like there’s some black hoteps we can have some common ground with. Ultinately this site belongs to Roosh and Quintus curtius and not some purity spiraling member of the daily stormer

        3. Having common ground with Jews, lol. I guess it’s time for the US to become an adult country historically speaking. Good luck!

        4. 5% of your total messages can be found only in this thread, and already charging against a group of commentators?

        5. Well he’s not wrong. This isn’t Stomrfront. Jews aren’t the enemy.

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        8. I’d like to see the proof. Any think tank that has “blacklisted” Roosh is probably a think tank I’d like to blacklist.

        1. Nah, Roosh and RoK can do whatever they want. I have a lot of respect for Quintus and most of the RoK writers. This is their site, they can do what they want with it.
          My comment wasn’t meant to be snarky. I honestly feel like I am missing out on something.

        2. Nobody said they can’t do what they want with the site. He said “we’d like an explanation”. Why do you supplicate SO much? You immediately question your own judgement… “I honestly feel like I am missing out on something”.

        1. Someone here likes to ban goys like myself, wouldn’t be surprised if ROK is compromised from within.

        2. It is not. Roosh decides on everything so far. He respects Quintus and sometimes publishes works that he does not agree with. This could be one such case. Personally I respect Quintus, but don’t agree with him on everything – certainly not on that Macron bloke.

        3. So who has banned me twice from here, Roosh or Quintus? Someone with those admin skills doesn’t like people telling the full red pill sometimes. I am unfiltered so I realize its only a matter of time before the ban hammer strikes again.

      1. Maybe they are smart, non-partisan intellectuals with traditional values, rather than simply political partisan hacks

      2. maybe you need to consider that marrying a much older woman is actually a liberating thing (nowadays).
        Consider the possibility that his wife is fully aware of her position on his heart, aswell as her usefullness to please him and give him kids, in comparison to a young woman. Wouldn’t that mean she would take the “right” measures to be of value?
        Off-course, such measures and arrangements should never be made public, or he wouldn’t be electable. But if you consider the possibility that the 2 of them aren’t stupid enough to actually believe in “love no matter the age”, than you would see that, politics aside, his marriage is actually more advantageous than regular people marriage, as he enjoys the freedom of a single man, while still having kids, and having full control over the rights of his kids (secret).
        I am not writing this now just because of this article.
        That possibility is something that I was considering even before the election showdown. While everyone was trashing macron as a beta, for having married a much older woman, I preferred to refrain myself in that particular subject, as I myself had considered marrying a much older woman than me, to enjoy all the benefits, while losing nothing.

        1. You may be just joking…
          but in the event that someone takes your comment 10% seriously:
          There is no comparison.
          You wouldn’t want your mom managing girls for you.

        2. managing girls? are you serious. you manage your own girls. why the fuck you want to be married to an older woman so she can just manage your girls? get your own it’s not hard

        3. I am saying that its a lot easier for him to have biologically his children from “rent woman” or other means because that old woman would not complain, since she doesn’t have children of her own (at least not with him).
          Also, nowadays, being married to an older woman who doesn’t believe in the crap younger women believe would be a judicial shield against any younger woman who wants to take your rights away.
          It may be weird, and to a certain extent, tasteless, but with an old woman as wife, you would be free of all the legal hardships that today men experience.
          Plus, she will be your pimp, and you can focus more time doing nobler things.

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        6. You say I have no honor and call me a pussy.
          I don’t believe you know me enough to call me those things.
          Anyway, I don’t know you, and that is why I have a hard time deciding whether you are a child, or just some dude who is quick to label people you don’t know.
          Moreover, While I would be aware of people infiltrating and spreading degeneracy, going your way would mean that there is no space for dialogue, because otherwise, it would be consider dishonored (which is what kids do whenever something hurt their idea of perfection).

        7. wrong answer. should have said “honor is stupid” or something. you get married (giving vows to
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        8. So Basically you are saying that today’s marriage is actually marriage and should be respected. Which makes you naive.
          Marriage is when a woman is submissive (by law) and have no rights to property, while the man have the right to the kids and all property.
          It is illegal to marry in the U.S. And there is not a single person who is publicly married (according to real definition) today. what we have is just a hacked word that means something else.
          Now, I never said that honor is stupid, and even called such arrangement as “somewhat tasteless” and “weird”, and I mention very clear that the purpose was for legal protection, among others.
          I don’t consider having such an opinion as dishonorable.

      3. My sentiments EXACTLY!!!! WTF!!!! What is ROK becoming???? Look like a fucking pop star faggot???? Jesus!!!!

    1. In France/Italy, it’s publicly accepted that you will take a mistress, and the First Lady is just for show. Hope this is the case here.

      1. Macron’s mistress will likely be a dude… Think it’s well known that he is gay or bi… Probably won’t effect him either way him being French and all….

      2. No they are lover since he was 14 and she is his former philosophy teacher.
        The guy is a nutcase

  2. GIVE ME A BREAK! He’s a closet case who married a woman 24 years older than him. He’s a globalist pipsqueak, nothing ‘strong’ about him. Enough said.

  3. Let’s hope he’s a genius, who played to all the weakness of democracy in order to get elected. Maybe that old wife of his is a beard after all, hiding his true nature so that he could take power.
    Regardless of party or beliefs, I’ll take someone well educated in philosophy, who has studied and admires DeGaulle, Napoleon, Machiavelli, is a true maverick, ignoring old political convention and the establishment, over a partisan or ideologue.
    Then again there are plenty of degenerate philosophies…

    1. There is a one MILLION percent guaranteed way to know if Macron is doing a good job for his country and for the rest France’s allies.
      If the left TURNS on him….

      1. Agreed.
        The astonishing bias in favor of him by the French press during the election is a major red flag– much more so than the age gap between him and his wife.
        Europe is ceasing to be the land of it’s native peoples. This is universally accepted fact. In my own lifetime, I have witnessed the change. With these social changes, the power relationships *cannot help but change,* because the stakeholders themselves have changed. Addressing this important fact should be the first and last discussion happening in French (and all European) politics. What will Macron do?

  4. EDIT… After rereading the article and considering QC’s posts here in the comment sections, maybe I’m wrong. QC is a smart guy, and he’s obviously much more informed on this topic than I am. Maybe he’s seeing stuff that I’m not seeing.

    1. Appreciate that, man.
      And believe me, I’ve been wrong before on things and will continue to be wrong as long as I live. You guys may be right…Maybe this guy is just another soy-marinated feminist cuck who is nothing but a lot of talk and no action. Maybe he’s just a pretty-boy patsy of the international banking elites. I admit that I can’t talk my way around his odd choice of a spouse, but I suppose every man has his preferences.
      All I’m saying is that I’m beginning to detect some possibly hopeful signs that this guy might be different. He’s very much into Napoleon and DeGaulle and believes that France needs a “revolution” of some sort.

      1. And you think another Napoleon is a good thing for Europe?
        Not a reassuring message for the UK if you think he is. Or mainland Europe, come to that.

  5. You can like him or dislike him, the choice is up to you. I have no strong feelings either way. But it’s undeniable that he’s been making moves to centralize power in the French presidency in ways that go beyond what his predecessors have done.
    He’s been underestimated by many, and we will see what the future holds.

    1. I see what you mean, but your tone was too positive on his figure.

    2. QC, would you say that Obama made moves to centralize power, too? With his executive orders, tight control on the Dem legislature and the agencies?

    3. I hope you’re right. Again the central issue for France and all of Europe is immigration. They must stop all immigration . They must become fortress Europe. Until France adopts the Polish/Hungary model then he’s not much different than his predecessors…

    4. I don’t know man, centralization of power has been done by some of the most despicable political leaders in the 20th century

    5. A guy who endorses single-payer.. I don’t doubt you would think big centralized govt is the way to go.
      If anyone doubts what I am alluding to here, just listen to the podcasts with QC and Roosh and you will begin to hear why he posted this article. I saw it a mile away. Also.. read his comments in soundcloud re: the same podcasts.

  6. I disagree QC…France’s terrorism problem is 100% due to immigration and migrants and he will not change that….

    1. I didn’t say he would “change that.” I said that he was concentrating power in his hands. To me, this is the sign of a man with a plan. We’ll have to see what he does with this power, of course.
      Maybe he will do something, maybe not.

      1. Big Dad gave you the answer you seek. In far less words than your article…
        If the left TURNS on him….
        …he’s good.

      2. Great nugget of wisdom!
        It is pretty safe to say that we know what he wants long term at least which is not red pill.
        Now we know his general strategy if you know about Machiavelli. He no doubt has his own version on Machiavelli based on his core values which is the opposite of Machiavelli’s goals and Macron’s strategy applying Machiavelli must be more of the mainstream version (because one can attempt to disconnect Machiavelli’s goals and insert other goals). If he is a philosophy student then he untablundoubtedly knows about other philosophers and approaches.
        Also Macron, Obama, and the Canadian PM are similar in terms of what they want and display dominance (or artificial behaivior of an idividual red pill male) without supporting any red pill cultural societies.
        It also would not surprise me that he wants to be the next French single ruler because France has a history of that (not that monarchies are inherently evil if one studied Aristotle’s Polotics) and democracies and republics all over the world appear to be failing due to a neglection of a good majority/aristocratic duty.
        By pointing out what someone is doing who you happen to not like does not make the article or author wrong. Intelligence gathering is important if you want to win the day. Because if you know the how then you can predict what comes next in the short to medium term as well as when it becomes the present.

  7. I disagree. He is an obedient globalist stooge.
    He will pump in millions of Muslims and immigrants into France.
    He will force Eastern Europe and others to partake in the enrichment bonanza.
    He will lick every boot of the globalist bankers that he has and listen to all their orders.
    That he is ambitious and Dark Triad – that was not to be doubted. He married a grandmother for cash and power while forsaking children at the same time.
    He is the French Merkel – a harbinger of terror, doom and crap. Also the things you mentioned as positives are simply on the agenda points as well – Orwellian police state and destruction of the old labor laws – ushering in a working poor class system – that was the globalist plan all along. They want people to work 80 hours and still not be able to have a decent life, they want you to sell your daughters as sex-slaves – that is wonderful and great. I see nothing good in his policies.

    1. For the first time, the presidency has the power to shut down any mosque that is spewing incitement and hatred. That’s a change from his predecessors.
      He has made concrete moves that show him to be a French nationalist (at least in comparison with his predecessors).
      I think he deserves a chance. Let’s see what things look like in a year. I know someone who has dealt with him, and they say this guy is not what he appears. He wants to be another De Gaulle or Louis Napoleon.

      1. He is no De Gaulle and he is no Napoleon. He is a traitor to France and to the French people. But you will find out soon enough.

      2. You Americans are so naive. Happy lives isolated by two oceans…

        1. It’s no bucket of roses over here either but yes Trump is ten times better then the alternatives. So naturally we have a more positive mood.
          Good point.

        2. Many lefties started calling for Trump’s impeachment while the inaugural ball was still on going. Others have been tolling for months about his failed presidency. I say he had a successful presidency starting the minute he kept Hitlery out of office. Anything else he accomplishes will be gravy.

        3. A second American Civil War would be a very one sided thing compared to the last one, liberals would be cut down like sheep. Impeaching Trump would precipitate such an event, that is why many Democrats are backing off impeachment.
          What the left has been doing is poking a Tiger in the eye, its much different than actually fighting a tiger in actual combat.

      3. He is no French nationalist, he is a globalist stooge like the rest of them.

      4. Hollande did the same thing, he shut down mosques as well. Ratcheted up the surveillance state. It’s Donald Trump that is the one changing the West.
        Look at how the establisment’s voice the MSM is losing credibility. It’s because of Trump. The elites are losing the ability to brainwash and manipulate the masses. Look at how Hollywood’s SJW project is failing miserably.

      5. Yes. He managed to get elected (a man, not a woman) with the votes of those who want to protect rapefugees, as to fight against rapefugees… that is a powerful move.
        He is either fooling us (the conservative) or them (the liberals).
        if us, we lose nothing. if them, they lose everything, and we gain everything.
        That is a powerful machiavelism right there, and I have great respect for anyone who wants to concentrate power under his hands for the good of the people, no matter how dark are the means used.

        1. Depends on his notion of the ‘good of the people’ (more diversity needed?).

        2. Not at all. More refugees in Hungary and Poland means fewer in France.
          That’s what nationalism is: an interest in your own nation, not other people’s.

        3. Sincerly, that is an extremely creative take on that. I don’t believe that they wouldn’t simply go where they choose regardless, or that there is any top end to this. They will simply occupy every place available.

      6. Islamist terrorism and the war on terror has been manufactured to be the endless war that is used to being about every single strong arm government and surveillance law. nothing is being really done to end Islamic terror, it can never be truly stopped without annihilation and thus will be the excuse to spy and monitor everyone 1984 style. remember the endless war? that was the key to the whole charade.

        1. ‘War on terror’
          I mean just what the actual fuck is that.
          So ambiguous they can label any nation, any group or anything they want as ‘Terror’ and bring it to heel.

        2. Cutting the buddy relationship with Saudis that Trump has been going on about would be a big step, as well changing the policy of false flag attacks against any half-decent Islamic government (Gadhaffi, Asad, etc)

        3. I haven’t seen the end of the war on poverty (LBJ, 1964), the war on drugs (Nixon, 1968), and will not live to see the end of the war on terror (W, 2001).

      7. he openly called for santions against Hungary and Poland for refusing the so-called migrant reallocation scheme (or something like that). we (I’m Hungarian) don’t want migrants/terrorists here and he wants to penalize my country and Poland for that

        1. If he acknowledges France is a mess vis a vis terrorism he shouldn’t want to drag down Hungary and Poland in the same morass. I’d imagine they don’t have the big security state of France and would be less equipped to deal with it.

        2. I admire Hungary for refusing to accept the migrants. They aren’t your problem, you didn’t ask for them and you don’t want them. There is no reason to feel sorry or have compassion for them, they don’t want that, they are seeking economic opportunity. That is not a reason to feel sorry for them. Refugees are different but they aren’t refugees we know that. Don’t give in Hungary!

      8. I have not been following his politics, but will believe it when I see it re the mosques. One hears similar promises from the mainstream parties in Germany about deporting dangerous migrants but it’s always only talk. Morevover Marine Le Penn’s promises to end France’s membership of Schengen and hold a referendum about the Euro were much more meaningful. The Schengen is overrated – western tourists can avoid standing in a queue to show their passport. Sure, Macron will likely be a big improvement on the previous socialist leaders.
        Problem is, the head of the snake is still there, Brussels, which is I suspect the driver of all manner of cultural marxism and socialism in Europe. As long as the leaders of a European country are moving to the beat of its drum, it’s f*****d.

        1. “will believe it when I see it re the mosques. One hears similar promises from the mainstream parties in Germany about deporting dangerous migrants but it’s always only talk.”
          Quoted For Truth.

      9. He’ll get his chance whether he deserves it or not and time will determine if he does anything useful for the regular classes of people in the west.

      10. He’s already forcing every European nation that values their nations to destroy them with refugees. They are cleaning body parts off the streets on a monthly basis and there are areas of the city that the police can’t go. Asking (after several warning etc etc etc etc etc) that someone not preach your (not his of course but ours) destruction is pure appeasement. What is it exactly that you would like to see him have an opportunity to do ?

      11. You say that like being Napoleon is a good thing. The guy lost in Russia and lost the war. As Boney himself said: all his achievements we’re negated by his loss at Waterloo.

      12. People will start saying Salam Aleikum and eating Falafel instead of Bonjour and eating Croissants once he is done.

    2. Let us see this Eastern Europe thing first… We are quite thick headed on this topic over here…We were being raided and sieged by muslims for centuries… and as for now, we see the great cultural enrichment of the West… We are even more determined to resist.

      1. “Politically, a european union is an utopia. It would take a common ennemy to have a political unity in Europe, and the only common ennemy is Islam”.
        Malraux, 1901-1976
        Ironically our “common ennemy” is what will crush Europe, by dividing the globalists and the true europeists.

    3. Usually I’m on the side of whatever Mr. Qurtius says. But I agree with you, Zelcorpio. It seems like his measures are attuned to a globalist agenda, his stance of increasing the power of a police state are not something I’d cheer upon. We may proceed to observe him with caution, but so far I’m not optimistic. I believe these times call for high, masculine leadership with causes less attached to worldly power..

    4. Normally articles by Curtius are well written and thought provoking. However, defending Macron is going too far; this is the man who wants to punish Poland for not submitting to EU demands to take in 35 year old male child migrants.
      Macron’s actions and motivations are entirely predictable when you take one look at his partner.

    5. What was the writer smoking when he wrote this, other than a meat pole? Fuck this french cuckold and his brown-nosing ways. I will never admit one positive quality that exists about someone who seeks to destroy my people.

    6. Le Retour du Roi. Merci QC.
      Macron, que l’on aime ou pas à du corps, intellectuel, et culturel. Il impose le respect quoiqu’on en dise. Je vous ai lu ici, et ailleurs, vous avez la meilleure plume QC, et de solides références. Vous comprenez l’exercice du pouvoir, dans un contexte culturel et historique. La figure du Roi.
      Il a invité Trump le 14 juillet, et je suis d’accord, nous devons continuer de nous parler malgré nos divergences. Nous n’aimons pas vraiment ce président, mais nous lui ferons tous les honneurs, et nous déroulerons le tapis rouge, parce que l’Amérique nous a beaucoup aidé.
      On oublie pas vos boys.
      Trump viendra commémorer la fin de la 1ère guerre mondiale ou de nombreux soldats américains se sont sacrifiés et c’est un moment très important pour nos deux pays.
      C’est une question de principe qui va au delà de l’appréciation pour un personnage. Le passé nous parle.
      QC, your articles are beautifully written, I don’t agree all the time, but you have an outlook that seems really wise, and full of erudition, while never falling into the conspiracy woo.
      Merci encore Monsieur.

        1. Following up. The meeting between them went really well, for both. With all the bad words about macron on the comments here, I think a lot have not really figured him out. I do think they got along even though they disagree on things, it was not faked. Trump is not my cup of tea, but he was welcomed with great honors. It was a great moment seing the French and the American army together too.

    7. This article is bad news if true. It’s always convenient to assume your enemies are incompetent but it’s a mistake. Macron clearly is an enemy, being the globalist that he is. If he was any good, he wouldn’t be this antagonistic to Trump and Putin. Going hard on terrorists only gives people false comfort from the real issue that is the rapid demographic decline of France.

      1. Correct. Being tough on Islamic terror while calling it only terror and claiming that it has nothing to do with Islam is just a way to keep the lid on the problem while continuing with the French native displacement.
        Another example is Austria – since the anti-Islam party Freedom party was set to cross the 50% support there, the current globalist cucks started to preach the message of being tough on immigration and Islam. Yeah – until you find out that they let in 70.000 to 100.000 of migrants each year while proclaiming toughness. That is roughly 1-1.3% of the population coming and staying, then popping out future Jihadis and enrichers on welfare.
        That is why some EE are right – you cannot let them in at all – not even 10.000. The politicians now are 100% traitors, the media is 100% fake news propaganda, academia is close to 100% cultural marxism/communism now.

  8. Macron`s (possible) ability to get things done makes me very nervous, knowing what values he holds. (Globalism, Feminism etc.)
    It`s actually makes him much more dangerous than someone who`s just their to benefit themselves. He seems to really believe in these things and is (it seems) willing to use heavy-handed Government measures to get things done.
    I do hope I`m wrong though!

    1. I don’t think he’s as much of a globalist as people think. Presidents have to cultivate alliances, and that fact can’t be avoided. Wanting good relations with other countries doesn’t make you a globalist sellout.
      I believe Europe has the power to come back, and to undo the damage that has been done. Maybe Macron will help, maybe not. But initial signs seem encouraging.
      We’re supposed to analyze facts and trends with a neutral lens, with objectivity. We’re not here to be an echo-chamber where we all stroke hate-boners in every article.

      1. My impression was that he only achieved the career that has led him to the presidency because of the patronage of Jacques Attali, who appears to be very much in the globalist vein

      2. He is probably trying to reestablish establishment ideology. Appease the “right-wingers” by thoughening up on terrorism while ensuring open borders which appease “lefties.”

        1. An authoritarian government ruling over all of Europe without regard for the democratic principles they value is the point of convergance. More powers for government/more chaos and economic instability work hand in hand.

      3. Often holding a contrarian position myself I can appreciate that!
        He`s definitely a pretty hard line feminist though, but perhaps he will be better on other issues.
        I`d rather see less immigration and foreign intervention, instead of more radical powers given to law enforcement and intelligence agencies. It`s not a good thing in my book to “feel safe” because there are men with guns everywhere. If that`s where he`s going I`m not impressed.

      4. I disagree with you Quintus on that one. The Macaroni is openly threatening my country with sanctions because we do not want migrants. I agree that we should never underestimate an enemy, and he is a dangerous enemy in alliance with Merkel and the EU. What else do you need to know ?

  9. So, according to the last few ROK’s articles we should:
    Embrace Unions
    Dress like metrosexual queers to impress women
    Support liberal hyper presidentialism
    Whats next? Hillary 2020?

    1. 1. Manual labor and trades have always been endorsed by RoK
      2. RoK and Roosh started as pick-up artists, and this website never denied exploring venues to get laid more easily
      3. Not being a partisan hack doesn’t mean you are suddenly a communist faggot — underestimating your enemies is the worst thing you can do in politics and war

      1. Unions have nothing to do with labor and trades.
        There are limits to everything, one of which is human dignity.
        ROK is a devoted partisan hack.

      2. I don’t see anyone necessarily underestimating Macron. Just being adamant that they believe he is the enemy and being dumbfounded that it looks like the great Quintis wants to say, maybe he’s not 100% the enemy.
        I have no fucking idea either way, but maybe if France falls to Sharia law before the US, we’ll wake up even more.

    2. My all-time favourites are
      “Why you should start smoking” and that affiliate marketing article about what credit card to use when you travel around the world

    3. You missed ‘Join an obscure 13th century cult (Cathar celibacy).’

    4. Agreed. WTF is going on with ROK? I can’t believe these articles coming out.

  10. Hmmm, I don’t trust this man. He seems to be Merkel’s puppet (she was the first that he visited after he became president), he’s a dedicated feminist (he married a woman much older than him and half of his cabinet is composed of women -EXACTLY like in Romania: here we also have a FEMINIST president and FEMINIST prime minister and as consequence half of cabinet is composed of women, some of them have ones the most important ministers), he’s too liberal and even if he’ll do what he promised with the mosques, I think he’ll do that only because jews demand him to do (he’s pro- Israel and while I definitely AGREE with politics anti- islam I don’t appreciate when someone is doing what another state/people who are not the majority of the respective country are demanding to do). So, I doubt that he’s the savior that french are waiting for.

  11. The comments here are a joke. RoK isn’t “liberal” for suddenly giving credit to its enemies where credit is due. You can learn from your enemies sometimes, and sometimes those who seem to be your enemies aren’t as bad as you thought they were.

    1. True. ROK has so much good content and is a bastion of free speech on the net, if anything.

    2. Who the hell are you, posting so much against commentators? 5% of your total messages can be found only in this thread.

    3. Oh really? You want to cite something that warrants credit? Something we should emulate? Something that supports and/or pushes neomasulinity or Patriarchy? Show me ONE example where such “credit is due”. Just ONE.

  12. Too late: it’s like closing the barn door after the horse has escaped. Paris, Marseilles, etc are Muslim and African / Arab.

    1. O this is just marvelous…..
      Can we expect an accompaning “Ghost of the Peach Bandit”?!

  13. QC knows a lot more about this than me so I will give the great man credit. I just cant see what he does though and from all accounts he owes some very powerful globalists a lot. Also the wife man, I actually cant believe France voted for him based on this alone.

        1. Didn’t ask if he’s a fool. I said “what makes you so sure he knows more than you.. or any of us?”.
          Saul Alinsky wrote books. And I would even say that people would agree he was smart.. maybe even brilliant.
          But does that make a person good or right???

        2. Yeah fair point. This Macron cat represents just about everything I hate from what Ive read and I remember when he won he came out to the EU anthem after he won. Also the way he climbed the ladder so fast as an investment banker doesnt add up. And that old as fuck wife man, wtf.

        3. The way he carried on when Trump withdrew from the climate accord as well says he wants to pay these globalists back.

        4. I would say.. dig deeper into QC’s writings and ideas. Sounds like you have though. Maybe more recent stuff. I used to follow him on Twitter for a while as well, but then started to notice his leanings toward very big govt top down ideology. One of the forces that has been instrumental in destroying western culture and western values.
          You can decide for yourself, but I also find his tone to be smug and a bit elitist.

  14. Still don’t trust him. Then again, the French are done for at this point. The horde’s conquest of France is at this point demographically irreversible.

  15. I recall, not so long ago, how Macron was considered a cuck, a globalist, a sellout to foreign immigration, etc. Like many here I know little about the man. Unlike many here I admit it.
    Personally, I hope Macron deceives us all and puts an end to endless streams of immigrants pouring into Europe from the Middle east and Africa. I sincerely hope, for the sake of Europeans everywhere, he can bring Islamic terrorism to a screeching halt in Europe.
    Can he? Yes!
    Will he? Who knows.

    1. He won’t. He’ll just turn France into an oppressive globohomo dictatorship, and possibly try to get in a literal war with Trump to go with the personal war he already started.

  16. Emmanuel Macron is a devout believer in the greatest fraud of the 21st century, Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW). That tells you everything you need to know about this man.

  17. So long as he is for open borders and post-modern Europe, this guy is my enemy.

  18. Coming up next in ROK: “how liberals are your friends”. “10 Best ways to manicure your nails” and, “how feminism is good for masculinity”
    I can’t tell if these recent articles are made by being ironic or if we are actually getting infiltrated by (((them))). Both possibilities are equally shitty.
    “Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they’re in good company.” -Rene Descartes

    1. “how feminism is good for masculinity”
      I like this one a lot. Because a few months ago I saw that in some countries there is a campaign of “new masculinity”, which basically consists of that if you like to dress in women’s clothes and be in contact with your “feminine side” does not make you less man. In fact, it makes you very manly because your masculinity is secure enough to do things that women normally do.

  19. I respect Quintus for taking a contrarian position (for ROK) but if it were any other writer I’d be wondering if this was a sponsored post by the Rothschilds..can’t we just get back to calling this man a globo-homo with a beardy old wife

    1. That’s just it. He IS a globo-homo with a beardy old wife. But unfortunately, he may be a very dangerous globo-homo with a beardy old wife.
      I actually think France is now the most likely country to end up in a war with Trump’s USA. Well, except for maybe North Korea.

      1. I do agree he is dangerous. Macron may well square up to Trump politically – he already has as the article points out – but I’m not sure I can imagine that happening militarily. The US and Britain are still the backbone of Nato, even if that is currently something Trump’s campaign served to put in the spotlight. The fact that the UK is leaving the EU may well create a military vacuum at the centre of the EU which France (and Germany) may well seek to fill in terms of leadership. There could be some interesting realignments and a re-focusing of military power in the future (although the French will have to live down their surrender monkey reputation) and Macron could well be a part of making that happen

        1. Here’s why I don’t think that’s very probable: doing so would require much greater defense spending in those countries. And they’ve grown so indolent free riding off the US security umbrella that they’re going to be reluctant to give that up.

    2. The unwinding of France’s failed policy in Syria – to have regime change in favour of Islamist militants – is a dilemma for the current French govt. They could take a bold new direction – but I think they won’t. I don’t trust Macron.

      1. macron can make all the right noises, but ultimately it’s his pedigree that speaks loudest or rather should do so. The guy is a no-one who’s been re-made from scratch by the likes of Attali & his globalist banker chums

  20. Yeah, Macron is concerning. He’s constantly trying to tweak Trump, and is a blatant try-hard Gamma with a dictatorial streak. Like Hitler and Stalin.

    1. Trump and Putin are completely different animals then what a guy like macron must have been used to dealing with. Trump is all about America first and is the type of guy that gets what he wants. And he doesn’t like EU culture. Putin only cares about Russia which means that adopting any of the EU cultural policies would be ridiculous.
      Other then negotiating some trade deals I can’t see Macron being friends with the big two even if he copied them by appearing strong. Putin and Trump, or Russia and the USA, are too culturally and ideologically different then the EU and Macron.
      Displaying strength is different then actually being strong although sometimes it is a good strategy.

  21. They calling him Jupiter because his Zodiac sign is Sagittarius, Jupiter is the ruler of the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign.
    Trump is a Gemini, Gemini’s ruler is Mercury, which is a planet associated with communication, makes sense since he is a great communicator.

      1. Yeah well Macron in reality is a beta manlet while Trump is a towering alpha.

      2. Marine Le Pen is a Leo. Francoise Hollande is a Leo, so is Barack Obama.

  22. Fact remains he’s yet another elite that has no children and no heirs. He’s married to a woman that is old enough to be his mother.

    1. Hmm, convenes lawmakers, tells them he wants to cut number of lawmakers by 1/3. That must have gone over good with them (/sarc).

  23. To bad Obama is not in office anymore.
    They would have made such a nice gay/interracial couple.

  24. “Quietly and behind the
    scenes, he has been aggregating power in his own hands in a very
    methodical way. He has been helped along in this quest by two factors:
    the French people’s fear of terrorism, and public dissatisfaction with
    the weak leadership of his many predecessors.”
    I suppose that when you eliminate sex from your life (who could bang that crusty old bag?), it frees your mind to focus on other things.

  25. Of course we are underestimating it. This guy and his friends can do much more damage to Europe than we have so far been able to see, we just have to wait (unless the French do something to prevent it, I hope).

    1. Nope they will do nothing.
      – A third of the country is either too old and impressionable and follow the media like others follow the gospels or is too young to vote.
      – The other third are the liberal, antifa, gay friendly, SJW, minorities, criminals and gangsters, immigrants. The globalist army if you will.
      – The last third are what make up the nationalists and patriots. They have been purged from the armed forces. The younger ones are branded fascits by the media and outcast. The nationalist opposition groups are also all at odds and fighting each other rather than joining forces. Many others have just lost faith and leaving the country. I’ve moved to Romania.
      The french are as powerless as the american people against the US deep state. There is no fighting it. You can only wait for the next major economic crisis which will create a cataclysm that will turn the west upside down and reshuffle the political cards. Maybe then.

  26. Checking my calendar… Nope it’s not April Fool’s… Ok did “Meh Russia” hack ROK with this EU BS? And why now when it is the USA’s Anniversary of our 1776 Brexit.

  27. I was reading up on this beta mummy boy wife. The slut (30 years older) with 3 kids committed adultery with this beta mummy boy! A broken couple will make France an even more broken country (if that’s even possible)!!

  28. could this be a change in tact by the globalists? they have seen what Donald Trump has done to the US, could Macron be the same Trojan horse for France? have they told him to stop acting like a sniveling butt sniffer and portray an image of ‘masculinity’ for the cameras/papers? but all the tough talk aside doing absolutely nothing different than the turkey who was in office before him?
    could Germany follow suit, lure patriots/nationalist out of hiding?
    something to ponder…

  29. “He has shown a willingness to act on his own and bypass Parliament”
    And that’s a good thing? Really?
    And is the low turnout a sign of a healthy democracy?

  30. For those who read French ..
    Il était une fois un roi qui voulait aller à la pêche.
    Il appelle son météorologue et lui demande l’évolution pour les heures suivantes.
    Celui ci le rassure en lui affirmant qu’il pouvait aller tranquillement à la pêche car pas de pluie prévue
    Pour complaire à la reine il met ses plus beaux atours.
    Sur le chemin, il rencontre un paysan monté sur son âne qui en voyant le roi dit: «Seigneur mieux
    vaut que vous rebroussiez chemin car il va beaucoup pleuvoir dans peu de temps.”
    Bien sûr, le roi continue en pensant: «Comment ce gueux peut-il mieux prévoir le temps que mon
    Spécialiste diplômé grassement payé qui m’a indiqué le contraire ?
    Poursuivons…… ”
    Et c’est ce qu’il fait … mais il se met bientôt à pleuvoir à torrents. Le roi rentre trempé, la reine se
    moque de le voir dans un si piteux état.. Furieux, le roi revient au palais et congédie illico son météorologue, puis il convoque le paysan et lui offrant le poste vacant……..Mais le paysan refuse en ces termes : «Seigneur, je ne suis pas celui qui comprend quelque chose dans ces affaires de météo et de climat, mais je sais que si les oreilles de mon âne sont baissées cela signifie qu’il va pleuvoir ”
    Et le roi embauche l’âne…
    C’est ainsi que commença en FRANCE la coutume de recruter des ânes pour les postes de conseillers les mieux payés. C’est depuis ce moment, que fut décidé de créer une école : l’E.N.A. (l’Ecole Nationale des Anes) et ses diplomés, dont nous pouvons mesurer, tous les jours, les brillantes compétences …

      1. The punch line is actually, one of the elite school “E.N.A”. Ecole Nationale d’Administration..Top school for Mandarins in Government administration ?
        So joke is that E.N.A is actually l”Ecole Nationale des Anes”
        Anes = Donkeys ?? Ecole = School, College here actually…
        IMHO I think that the Donkeys are actually insulted ?

  31. Sorry to say this RooshV.. but this Quintus Curtius is NO Red Pill or Neomasculinity guy AT ALL…. I’ve now listened to him on a couple of your podcasts, and I see RIGHT through him. I’ve also watched him tweet and/or comment about single-payer systems. He is SO not about individual freedom or ANYTHING to do with masculinity whatsoever.
    Yet.. you seem to be more and more aligned with this guy. Even more so lately. I seriously do not get it. What’s with your affinity for this guy?
    Also.. articles on ROK are becoming more and more beta by the week now! What is happening with the movement????

  32. The passage of time and the effects of his policies and actions will define him.
    Sure, I won’t take game advice from him but let’s see how he functions as a statesman. While I understand the reaction from many commenters who find the article contrarian to popular understanding of this man, we need to be wary of letting groupthink tendencies guide our judgement.

  33. I don’t trust this beta-simp limpwristed piece of dog shit. They have the bearing of a con-man and a certain ineffable sliminess.

  34. Well when your fucking your grandmotherly lookalike, I would think you’d be able to devote 100% of your time to your work.

  35. What’s it matter if he doesn’t cut off muslim and African immigration? It sounds to me like he is taking advantage of the situation to take power away from other branches of government and slowly bring in dictatorship.
    Now, one can argue if dictatorship would be better. It’s only better if the dictator truly cares for the people and he is a competent leader.
    So, the point is taken. He may be more than a limp wristed, old had marrying homo. That doesn’t mean he is a good thing, but maybe even more of a bad thing than we thought. Oh well, I hear France is doomed anyway.

  36. After his predecessor Hollande decided not to run for a second term this man was thrown into the french elections by the liberals, globalists and MSM to run against the nationalists parties. He won because the other candidates were terrible. He’s just showing a different hand because he knows his predecessor went too far with his liberal agenda and he doesn’t want France to erupt into riots and strikes 2 months into his presidency. He is also afraid of a growing discontent among the grunts and many of the lower ranking officers among the French army (he obviously remembers the Napoleon and DeGaulle days) for dismantling the french military industry. The national assault rifle the FAMAS (not the best ofc but not a bad weapon) is being abandoned so the French army has to rely on German weapons and US amunition. Just imagine the US army supplied and relying mainly on the Kalashnikov industry.
    He has surrendered all of France’s powers to the liberal krauts and the EU, so the french parliament has become a simple echo chamber of EU and Merkel decisions. The same immigrational, liberal and anti-national policies will go on. His aim is to dismantle France and merge it into one supra national liberal Europe with no borders.
    Don’t be fooled Mr Curtius, this man’s DNA is liberal red and there’s well over 4 years to go.

    1. this is very interesting & should be at the top of the comments section IMO

  37. Quintus gives a nuanced take, given how reviled he was on the forum. But he campaigned as a toady for the EU and Merkel.
    Let’s see. If he doesn’t help to stem the endless horde of invading dick nothing really matters.

  38. I’ll admit it: if this article had come from most people, I would’ve scoffed at it immediately. Since it’s you, though, Quintus, I’ll take it absolutely seriously.
    Things are rarely black and white, and while I’m on the side that views Macron as a globalist stooge (he’s too close to ‘Mama Merkel’ for me to be comfortable with him), it seems there may be more to him than that.
    Yet the measures you mentioned… giving the Interior Ministry power over security measures, possibly cracking down hard on jihadist mosques and islamist terror threats, etc. are pretty unexpected, I admit. I’ll keep a close eye on his actions regarding immigration. I’m also interested in seeing the measures he’ll take regarding France-EU relations, if he’ll actually go against what everyone expects and actually cut his country away from the EU a bit more (I highly doubt it).
    After what you showed there, it’s fair to give him the benefit of the doubt, I suppose. I’ll follow him more closely, from now on. We must remember, though, that just because he can take strong stances, position himself as a leader with these “pharaonic” actions, as you said, it doesn’t mean he’s not a total psychopath who just knows how to position himself as a powerful, good and beneficent leader, only to exploit his position for his own ends and agendas.
    My business partner’s actually a French Brazilian (pro-FN, pro-Le Pen); I’ll show him your article and see what input he has, as well.

  39. Dude, the actor in the Elysee doesn’t matter. You have to look at the lobby behind him namely Jacques Attali, Alain Minc and a few others good christians.

  40. Emmanuel Macron aka “Maricon” is the globalist puppet golem they dreamed about.
    he is a former Rothschild banker who is going to dismantle France 🇫🇷 like Tatcher did in 80’s England.
    He was elected because “handsome” and “young” “rich” the perfect son in law for French 50 years old slags…
    You could resume macron by this : full immigration no border, no nation, feminist and gay rights advocate (married with a 68 years old yoda looking wife) also for him France is not a country just a province of the eu.
    And on the other hand less regulations & taxes for the riches.
    The cherry on the cake will be the austerity mesures which everybody knows doesn’t works ( take a look at Greece 🇬🇷) and the fameux “work 80 hours per week to get pay less” Or “you should have worked when you were young “.
    He already said the last one to a young French…

  41. He has no choice but to invite the president of the USA, He’s done nothing but talk shit about Trump. The guy is clearly a shitweasel.

  42. A lot of people are saying that Macron is acting decisively, and effectively, just not in nationalist interests.
    The point is, good government is always responsible, even if its goals diverge from those of its citizens. Kings didn’t come to power by serving their peasants, but by conquering them. If peasants prospered under kings, it was only because the kings found them more useful when they were prosperous.
    For a group that supposedly values submission to authority and understands economics, i’m surprised that no one understands that a government with clear goals and interests is to everyone’s benefit, even if you don’t share those goals.

  43. If you read about Macron and his wife, its reads like something out of Jerry Springer, his wife’s daughter was a classmate of Macron, and she herself was not happy about him dating her mother. Macron’s parents were very unhappy about the relationship as well.
    Purpose of a healthy heterosexual relationship is to produce children, Macron has 0 children.
    Say what you will about Trump, but he has 5 children, and 8 grandchildren. Anyone in that position has an incentive to leave the world a better place for their heirs.
    Only European leaders with similar incentives are Prince William and King Felipe. Vladmir Putin and Victor Orban as well. All have kids.

  44. Too bad that he is an enemy of my country and has voiced open threats against us even before becoming president. I am definitively not a fan. He is the French equivalent of Merkel, and I hate that woman with every fiber of my being.

  45. Indeed Macron is a talented individual, but a dangerous one that work for the interest of the globalists and may becaume a problematique existence for many countries in the years to come. Even america. He should indeed not be underestimate.

  46. Terrorism by the state is way way more worse than terrorism by middle East. Article is a joke. There is no threat if terrorism whatsoever that wasn’t created by the government

  47. 35 years ago France was known around the world for its beautiful women, excellent food, beautiful cities, fashion houses, and a high quality of life that the non Francophone world could only dream about. Today mostly its known as yet another aging Western country being flooded with incompatible third world immigrants, a wealthy elite that gets richer and a middle class that gets older and poorer. Yep Macron is poised to make France Great Again.
    Macron was an Investment Banker for Rothschild in France the OG of all the big banking cartels, bigger than Goldman Sachs. Yes he has the best interests of ordinary French people at heart.

  48. For the past 25ish years, France was overtaken as the main force in the European Union by Germany’s booming industry. I think France’s elite have a wet dream to retake the reins of EU. Macron’s activity might come from that ambition.

  49. Macron has a Grandma fetish. Yep he sure is leadership. Trump is married to a woman 24 years younger than him, Macron is married to a woman 25 years older.

  50. What? I dont have a high opinion from him. I think he’s just a Rothschild metastasis. He popped up like jack-in-the-box. Who buildt him up? Who financed him? Which servant is he?
    And he wants to make Germany pay for his reforms.
    He also has no children. Leaders without descendants are suspicious to me anyway because they don’t have to worry about future.

  51. Ive come to realize that the elites believe in training their children survivor island style, betray or be betrayed..they never actually learn to add value to the world, where someone who say builds skyscrapers might. They are the con-men of this world, who if left on their own would probably die without having someone else blood to suck on.

  52. So long as he is for open borders and post-modern Europe, this guy is my enemy.

  53. Is this article a joke? April’s fool day? Maricon is a puppet of the elites. Of course he is playing great cards, but not the ones that interest us.

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