Why Women Are The Unfairer Sex

A recent study by the well-known Professor Robert Dunbar has shown ‘a very striking sex difference between male and female friendships.’  In the few days since Dunbar gave a talk on the results, a number of articles have written of the superficiality of male relationships; rather, they focused on Dunbar’s view that ‘women clearly have much more intense close friendships…very like romantic relationships…if they break, they break catastrophically.’  Whereas men are painted as superficial – ‘With guys it is out of sight out of mind. They just find four more guys to go drinking with.’  But, do the findings really indicate that women are friendlier or more sociable than men?

Now, of course, feminists will tell you that masculinity is inevitably oppressive and abusive, especially of the more supposedly feminine qualities of love, gentility and empathy.  But, this misconception is totally unfair.  As Moore and Gillette point out, in King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine, oppressive forms of patriarchy are simply based on the same juvenile fear of Lord of the Flies; the ‘mature masculine’ psychology, however, is ‘marked by calm, compassion, clarity of vision, and generativity.’

Indeed, science seems to agree, not only that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but also that women seem predisposed to scorning.  For instance, women tend to dominate the judgmental and feelings-based personality types in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tests.  Naturally, when it comes to maternity, evolution has favoured those women with greater maternal instincts but this doesn’t mean women are necessarily the more sociable sex; nor does it mean that men are cold, superficial loners.

Whilst men had to go out hunting and patrolling, working together and trusting each other, women did not.  This explains why Dunbar found that men can readily welcome and be welcomed into new groups of males—‘What held up their friendships was doing stuff together.’  Women, however, had to compete with other women over the loyalty of the alphas to their brood.  It is easy, therefore, to see how being ‘bitchy’ or ‘catty’ evolved to try to lower the reputation of other women in the group and, thus, level the playing field.  Furthermore, it also explains Dunbar’s finding that long-distance female relationships can be maintained simply by gossiping on the phone.

In the real world, oft forgotten by the left, men love spending time with their ‘honour group’, yet the actresses of Sex and the City could barely stand each other’s company long enough to create a fictional replica for women.  Certainly, the reason women have such intimate relationships built on deep trust and loyalty has nothing to do with being friendlier or less superficial than men.  This doesn’t make one sex better than the other, it just helps us understand what we are and why Emily Blunt calling women to just be less judgmental of each other is ignorant.

Another study has concluded that women are ‘more sensitive than men to social exclusion, and when they feel threatened by the prospect of being left out, a woman’s first response may be to socially exclude a third party.’  So, because ostracism of any kind would have meant certain doom for oneself and one’s progeny, females have evolved to be more cliquey and those alliances they do form are very high trust and with strong expectations of loyalty.  Thus, Dunbar’s conclusion regarding their relationships’ intensity—‘if they break, they break catastrophically.’

Now, I love women—the best relationships in my life have been with women—my grandmother, my mother, my wife, my daughter.  I don’t want to imagine a world without mothers and daughters.  But, equally, I love men—really manly men!  We face such a dearth of true masculinity in our time, twisting the findings of Dunbar’s study to suit commonplace misandry in the mainstream media and academia is beyond unhelpful.

I think the time for apologizing about and even concealing biological trends must end immediately and the time for celebrating alpha males must commence.  Men are the more social animal and the friendlier sex but feminists want women to take all the credit, imagining a world of sugar and spice vs. slugs and snails and puppy dogs’ tails.

The fact is that the masculinity deficit we face in the West is due in no short part to mischaracterizing men.  Feminists have denigrated masculinity for decades and, ironically, produced a generation of men full of fear and shame, readily descending into the very angry and abusive, Lord of the Flies-esque behaviour the feminists claim to oppose.

Julius Evola had it right, we need a return of kings, a return of honourable masculinity; we should be celebrating masculinity and femininity for what they are and pursuing their ideal forms.  Bashing male relationships and exaggerating female ones is completely unfair, especially if you want a reputation as the fairer sex.

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301 thoughts on “Why Women Are The Unfairer Sex”

  1. I want to see women pay each other alimony for their “BFF” breakups. Asset-stripping other females when they eventually turn into “frienemies” might give them a small clue about the realities of resource -raped betas.

    1. Kansas, its not women who enforce the court decisions. Its other men. We need to start holding male leaders accountable for their white knight bullshit.

  2. Women are good at meeting other women, though. They always make lots of friends wherever they go. Happy just to get together. Dudes need a common project. Simply agreeing to have a weekly henparty won’t do it. Need a trip hunting, shooting range, guitar jam session etc.
    Some sort of common project.

    1. The project takes 15% of the time, usually– the rest is spent shooting the shit. Never underestimate the male capacity to jawbox.

    2. Women don’t “make friends” — although they call them “friends”, they are either what I call “acquaintances” or “frenemies” (who will happily stab them in the back at the right moment).
      That gives you an enlightening look at the treachery women can exhibit, illustrated by when women “stab their husband in the back” when they unexpectedly divorce him for no good reason or not any reason at all.

      1. This is why I have very few friends. I know many women but I count how many friends I have in my inner circle. My husband has been my most loyal friend.
        Most women’s friendships are hotbeds of jealousy and competition.

        1. Oh look…a little beta troll. Sweetheart, I’m in a happy traditional marriage.
          I’m sorry that you are too weak to find a decent woman so you’ve decided to join the reject movement.

        2. Hey, he took a shot at me first. I’m a very kind and polite lady except when someone insults me for no good reason.

        3. Yes, how I long for the days of traditional, out of date, expired, pass its sell by date, walmart pussy …
          With delicous tasting, loose your house pussy, steal your kids & steal everything you ever worked for pussy …
          So delicious, finger licking, bankrupting traditional pussy …
          I have no idea why I pound young tight chicks, when traditional chicks can steal everything I ever owned, just for having fallopian tubes … them delicious traditional fallopian tubes!!!
          All womens pussy eventually turns into, bargain basement pussy, even traditional pussy …
          Women are designed to be replaced by younger tighter pussy, not stuck to your bank account like parasite leeching, out of date, cobweb pussy …

        4. Go easy on him, please. Decent women whom a man can count on, are rare to non-existent these days…and the price a man pays for being wrong is extortionately high.

        5. Just because a man can’t find a good woman, it doesn’t mean that he should randomly instigate arguments with ladies. You have to admit that isn’t very masculine behavior.

    3. It’s because there is not much variation amongst females in terms of personality or individuality. They are all clones of one another in many ways. That’s why over and over I’ve seen females move to another city across the country for a new “job” and they’ll have a group of female friends within a week to go out with for “girls night out” or “a birthday celebration”.

      1. Women with xx chromosones are bearers of likeness. Men with xy are bearers of differentiation.

      1. what is that woman doing? trying to see if she can get her foot to touch the back of her head right as the guy has seen a sage hen?

    4. Shared risk, shared danger and common ideals. Nothing adds a boost to the week like a few days of doing manly shit with a close knit group of like minded brothers. I just came off a week of hiking previously unexplored trails and running abseil lines. I like the flow into how I feel stronger and smarter after I get back to civilization.

    5. Yea its harder to make friends as a male for sure. Girls will just chat to other girls if they are pretty.

    1. This is why it is so refreshing and delightful to encounter a woman that is actually positive and projects good vibes. It is so crazy rare anymore that it is like the feeling you get on the first day of spring after the winter thaw.
      Maybe men are overwhelmingly negative too, but somehow I just don’t see it as being the same epidemic of bitter malcontent that almost every American woman suffers from.

      1. I was just saying this recently.
        Just seeing a normal girl with a genuine smile has sadly become a rare treat for me. So many girls I meet look miserable.

        1. The “permascowl”.
          You see it everywhere, because all the women who have it not only are angry, hateful, and miserable — they want everyone else to be just as angry, hateful, and miserable as they are.

      2. So true. Ask a simple question like “how was your day?” and a barrage of complaints is unleashed. Happened with an old plate and I had to drop that one

    2. This study is full of shit guys form superficial bonds while girls stick togther ?the fuck. Any women in any country can prove this wrong one moment they are happily clucking and next bitching about the women they were clucking with ,while dude friendships dont form easy but once setted in they are hard to break thats why a brotherhood succeeds and the girl tribe usually create drama whenever told to do some work

      1. You would think a restaurant kitchen is a place of work where a female would fit in but food crews that are all female tell stories about a severely stressful madhouse. Long time female servers and cooks exhibit the same BPD like syndrome. They may not be clinically diagnosed as BPD or be on meds but the syndrome manifests itself and becomes rampant for females in food service. Under male supervision a kitchen regains its sanity and functions properly. Females can answer to a male figure but when he’s abscent, when the women are left in a mechanized station with order screens and deadlines, they feel unnaturally out of place and their right brain takes a brain fart. There are countless stories of the constant drama behind the kitchen doors. It’s a simple entree on a plate. How hard can that be? Well, they need a controlling male emitting male pheromones in close proximity to function. Also there should be a law that no menstruating woman can touch, prepare or serve restaurant food! A woman on the rag gets a vacation from the food kitchen. She can only clean the grease pit out back. Restaurant Chhaupadi – not cunilinguini on the people’s plates.

        1. This fits exactly into the “successful career woman” narrative as well. A female can be made to look successful if you pepper them into a male workforce. This is precisely what goes on in corporations. There’s always a “stand out” female in the workforce that is being paraded as a “diversity success”. The fact of the matter is that an all male workforce will always be the most successful workforce. I have never seen an all female workforce anywhere. Women as a whole on their own cannot succeed. Men on their own as a whole can move mountains, literally. But take an all male workforce, and place females into it and call one of the females a “manager” and what you got are females having their success created for them. And they’ll even turn their failures into successes as well. They’ll even give the females a bigger paycheck than the men as well. At the end of the day, the female actually believes in her head that she is a success and that she can “hang with the men”. She goes home with her big paycheck and calls herself a “successful career woman”.

      2. Throughout my years in college I saw some catastrophic fall-outs between girls who lived together and were supposedly best friends, usually because of some stupid drama. Funny how you don’t really see that with that fellas

        1. Flashback to Sakura Haruno “now we are rivals” dumping friend Ino Yamanaka during the Chuunin exam says it all..just because they both liked Sasuke.

    3. “A misogynist is a man who hates women as much as women hate women.” – H.L. Mencken

      1. Much less actually. We like their sexy form, their submissive attitude and the ability to manage a household. When they have none of the above…well…

        1. Well now most of them have no marketable skill besides taking and posting selfies.

      2. “Love is the delusion that one woman differs from another.”
        H. L. Mencken
        “On one issue at least, men and women agree; they both distrust women.”
        H. L. Mencken
        “When women kiss it always reminds me of prize fighters shaking hands.”
        H. L. Mencken

        1. When Mencken married Sara Haardt, a German American professor of English at Goucher College in Baltimore, and Suffragist; he said, “The Holy Spirit informed and inspired me,” Mencken said. “Like all other infidels, I am superstitious and always follow hunches: this one seemed to be a superb one.”
          Smart men like smart women.

        2. A witty man like Mencken fell in love with a woman he found mentally stimulating, Suffragist, Professor and Mrs. Sara (Haardt) Mencken.

        3. A number of things about that:
          1. Sara Haardt was 18 younger than Mencken. I’m sure that was one of her charms.
          2. Suffragettes were early feminists, but not the same feminists we see today. If I have to choose between a 1920’s suffragette and a modern day fatbluehairedtomboyfeministalmostdyke, I would choose the former; is the lesser evil , but not the ideal.
          3. Intellectual persons like intellectual persons. That’s because intellectuals are elitists that only seek their equals. Sadly, usually and often women with intellectual inclinations are a) ugly, and b) drawn to the incorrect side of the ideas, i.e. feminism.
          4. It is always hard to know the real reasons behind a marriage. Almost all my (male) friends are married, and I have witnessed a number of reasons: loneliness, economical, social, lack of options, etc, etc.

        4. All rebellion starts innocuous but grows monstrous. Suffragettes are the poison seed that enabled the current crop to sprout.
          Egalitarian and anti-patriarchy they are from the earliest days. Therefore evil.

        5. Falling in love with someone who is as fun to talk and laugh with as they are to fuck…now that’s the only kind of love befitting a powerful titan; may you know that feeling, some day soon.

        6. No. Suffragetes are contemptible on what they have done to western society. They will be shunned as they should as poison.

      3. Mencken again…”the happiest people are single men and married women”.You have to hand it to the sage of Baltimore.

  3. The cartoon says it all.
    Women can not get along with each other to get much of anything real work done. I’ve worked in mining most of my life. You can have a camp full of men and everything goes fine. Introduce women into it and be ready for problems. There are certain dynamics to consider. If a woman comes from a family with no male siblings she will not be able to handle real men. You will have a lawsuit on your hands for some guy saying something she deems inappropriate. The same goes for men though from families who have no sisters. They don’t know how to talk to a woman. If you are in a workplace with more than two women two will always gang up on the third, it is physically and mentally impossible for them to get along they have to form pecking order.
    If you’ve ever been in a chicken barn, go into a busy city restaurant full of women. The meaningless chatter noise is very near the same.
    Men form friendships and relationships with other men to better themselves. You have a buddy with expertise in a certain field and you ask questions to learn and grow. Women form relationships with each other for emotional support and stay stupid.

    1. You are absolutely correct. My work career has mostly all been in the military, and blue collar environments. With a few exceptions, women don’t work out worth a damn in any of these non-traditional roles.

      1. That’s the reason for the old time rules banning women from some places — the rules that are now always laughed at.

        1. I think all context has been lost for most things.
          For example, people think that whites and blacks had different water fountains because whites were meanies.
          In the real world it was because blacks had much higher numbers of disease, and it was seen as unhygienic to share with them. Even today that remains true for all kinds of illnesses, whether it’s genital herpes or HIV or hepatitis c.

        2. Maybe. But it was also to prevent trouble as much as possible. I was a little kid when segregation was still in force. I didn’t like it, but also didn’t know much about black people.
          A feminist historian — name MacArthur, I think, but no kin to the General — wrote a history of southern women in the late 1800s and, incredibly, attributed the push for segregation to white women. Black & white men had common interests in work, sports, and such but while white women liked having black women do their chores at minimum pay they didn’t want black men around. So she says. Don’t remember the book title.

        3. Yeah next you’ll say that they hanged black men because they made good decorations, rather than because the Klan were meanies…

        4. Sounds like bullshit to me. In my experience white women love have black men around…

        5. Many do, but this isn’t the 1870s-1900s. You’d really have to take the assertion up with that author.

        6. They actually hanged black and white men, because they were criminals. The KKK was a million+ strong organization. Obviously it would have lost most it’s members if it went around hanging people all the time.

        7. We don’t know that those people were criminals because they were executed sans due process. Likewise, your reasoning for segregated water fountains is nonsense on its face. The best way for a white person to avoid getting getting a deadly disease from a public water fountain is not to use it all. All humans carry diseases and picking out some arbitrary group is not going to help you.

        8. So why did white people hang white people? Just come on lol, it’s likely that they were criminals.
          3000 black men were hanged, and 1000 white men. That’s 4000 people in a country of miiiillions. (Black criminals are more numerous even today).
          Ofc it’s going to help to act arbitrarily, If I’m a man and I don’t want genital herpes I should not have sex with a black woman, since 56% of black women have genital herpes (the number for black men is also high). Whites are not even close to this number.
          On the water fountain issue, these kinds of diseases were even uncommon for whites in this era because there had not been a sexual revolution yet. Not the same in the black community. So these policies make perfect sense.

        9. You’re not going to get genital herpes from a water fountain.
          “Likely” is not good enough for an execution. “Beyond a reasonable doubt” was and is the legal standard. A lynching is a extra-judicial execution, i.e. murder and thus by your standard everyone who engaged in these lynchings should also be hanged since it is “likely” that they are criminals.
          Its irrelevant that white people were lynched too. This does not excuse lynching black people.
          What does it matter whether the number was 3000, 3 million or 3? Murder is not excused because you think the number of murders is too low.
          If you don’t want genital herpes you should not have sex with anyone since the probability is high you will catch it. In fact if you don’t want herpes at all (oral or genital) then you should kill yourself, because the odds of you avoiding it in your lifetime are greatly stacked against you.

        10. Obviously not. But this was the time of no anti-biotics, and obviously there are other diseases too catch. I was just using an example from real life.
          I don’t defend lynchincs, I was just arguing that they probably didn’t hang people randomly.
          No it doesn’t excuse it, but it shows black people wasn’t lynched because of whites being meanies.
          The point (which you missed) was that I have a much lower chance of catching genital herpes if I only have sex with asian and white women.

        11. No points were missed. You are using an arbitrary and poorly defined group (black people) as a cover for your rather ignorant and nonsensical racism. If you were really serious about avoiding herpes you wouldn’t have sex with anyone.
          Nobody suggested that lynching was random.
          They had antibiotics during segregation man…

        12. Penicillin wasn’t invented/mass produced until ww2, segregation started much earlier.
          How is “black” people an arbitrary and poorly defined group lol, everyone knows what I mean.
          How am I racist? Can you prove that all races have equal ability in intelligence? And that the black average IQ is not lower? I’m not defending segregation or lynchings.

        13. They’re great decorations. Even more so if you let your plates bedazzle them.

        14. Said the guy in the doctor’s office with sores on his dick. Ha! About that Asian super gonorrhea?

        15. Right but segregation didn’t end until decades later. Look lets dispense with this foolish argument. Separate water fountains had nothing to do with disease. If people were that worried about disease they wouldn’t have public water fountains in the first place.
          “Everyone knows…” always a terrible way to support your argument, given that it is an obvious fallacy. Race does not exist first of all and secondly even if it why stop there? Why not have separate water fountains for poor whites versus rich? Since poor people tend to have higher rates of disease too. In this case, you can do away with the notion of race and simply have separate fountains for rich and poor. The point is that “blacks” as you loosely refer to people of African descent in America are not a discrete homogeneous group of people but actually multiple groups of people with different attributes. And it is purely arbitrary that you picked them out, an act of obvious racism.
          Furthermore you are committing the basic error of assuming proportion equals probability. It does not. And again using your logic maybe we should only have separate water fountains for black people who actually have communicable diseases!
          Since race doesn’t exist I don’t need to prove anything about intelligence. However, if race did exist you are probably pulling your race’s average down. After all, who cares what the average “black” IQ score is? The average person does not exist and this says nothing about an actual individuals IQ, or mine for that matter. Or maybe, rather juvenilely you think that this means that “your race is better”.

        16. Do different dog breeds exist? If your answer is yes, how are those defined? By external attributes. By the same reasoning, it’s safe to say that human races exist.
          “Why not have separate water fountains for poor whites versus rich?” <—That already existed without making a law for it. Since rich and poor people hardly socialized together.

        17. You don’t have a point. If you have no genital herpes, and you marry a similarly healthy woman, and both of you are faithful, you have almost zero chance of getting herpes

        18. Of course I have a point, don’t be daft.
          What you say about genital herpes is hypothetically true but you still have a high probability of getting oral herpes which is fundamentally the same disease.

        19. Again, unless either of the parties fools around with others, or have oral herpes at the time they started their relationship, it is unlikely either will end up with oral herpes or any sexually transmitted disease. STIs are not like the common cold you catch, just because you happen to be in the vicinity of someone with the disease.
          Please stop your unfounded magical thinking. It makes you look bad.

        20. Dude, you’re being a dick and it’s unnecessary. On top of that, you clearly don’t understand what oral herpes is.

        21. Actually, I do. You are the one who lack an understanding of a simple disease process. Please check out how herpes is transmitted before you make yourself look totally ignorant.
          See here: http://www.webmd.com/genital-herpes/guide/genital-herpes-basics
          How Is Herpes (Oral or Genital) Spread?
          HSV-1 is usually passed from person to person by kissing. HSV-1 can also spread from the mouth to the genitals during oral sex (fellatio, cunnilingus, analingus). If this happens, it becomes a case of genital herpes.
          HSV-2 is most often passed by vaginal sex and anal sex. But just as HSV-1 can infect the genitals and cause genital herpes, HSV-2 can pass from one person’s genitals to another person’s mouth, resulting in oral herpes.
          HSV-2 cannot survive long on a non-living surface, so there is no real risk of getting it from a toilet seat or hot tub, for example.

        22. A) Children get oral herpes. Its nothing to do with sex.
          B) I am not the one claiming you are going to get this or any other disease from a water fountain, that was the other guy. I was very clear on that in fact.
          People who live in glass houses…

        23. Anyone can get oral/genital herpes. In case you forgot, herpes cannot usually be transmitted without human contact, and if both partners never had herpes at the beginning of their physical contact, they are unlikely to ever have herpes. That was my argument all along.
          Your initial argument was anyone ho did not want to have herpes must not be sexually active at all, and I countered that that statement was not accurate.
          If both you and your partner do not have herpes, you’re unlikely to have it, no matter how close you two get, UNLESS one or both of you fool around with a third party with herpes. Get it?
          I’m out of this thread.

        24. You’re arguing with the wrong person. I never disagreed with this, except for your continual failure to properly distinguish between oral and genital herpes.

    2. “more than two women two will always gang up on the third, it is physically and mentally impossible for them to get along they have to form pecking order.”
      Sounds remarkably similar to middle school. That age when guys are trying to be grown up, but have no idea how. What takes a guy about two years to figure out, women rarely do. From what I hear, prisons are also like that.

    1. But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven. For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered. For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man. For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man. For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels.
      (1 Corinthians 11:5-10 KJV)
      Ever notice how many middle aged women in church have short hair! lol

        1. Than you know it has strong male characters. Mainly the legendary Ronon Dex. Yes it has many female characters but most of the time they have some kind of alien powerboost to make them stronger.
          Having main female characters doesn’t mean that it’s you go girl kind off story.
          Creators did not shy away from kicking the female character’s ass.

        2. You have a point. However, there was always an undercurrent of feminism in the show. Men were all ogling over the Carter character, who, to be honest, wasn’t very attractive. I guess being stuck in a closed environment like Cheyenne Mountain will make you look twice at any vagina-bearer.

        3. I really enjoyed the Stargate Universe series. I wish it would’ve stayed on the air for a few more seasons. It was more realistic, IMO.

  4. Women just have common enemies, no common friends (obviously rare exceptions). Parasites are not of the giving nature.

  5. Listening to one female conversation should be enough to red-pill a man, goes to show what manlets really know.

    1. Just stand in the checkout line in a supermarket or discount store and listen to the conversations between female shoppers and female cashiers. Sheesh, how can women live with such empty and pointless minds?

      1. And women seem to ALWAYS want to know, “what are you thinking?”. Isn’t that interesting?

        1. I’ve thought about the derivation which allegedly shows that the divergent sum of the natural numbers = -1/12.

        2. That’s interesting; most of the time, I like to have Classical music (mostly Mozart and Beethoven) playing in my mind. Other times, I like to remember comedy sketches from some of the greats, like the Firesign Theater, Monty Python, and George Carlin.

        1. Keep up with the Lardassians and the Housewives of (fill in the blank). I’ve been off for a couple of weeks and I just can’t believe that women (and gay guys) watch that.

      2. You mean conversations between two relative strangers is full of pointless small talk? The horror! Do you have in-depth and profound conversations with male cashiers?

        1. I made a lifelong friend approaching a lost looking African in the airport. Our small talk is not ‘pointless’.

        2. If your small talk is never pointless you must be overwhelmed with friends you’ve met in every public place, ever.

    2. Dude.. I chaperoned almost a dozen broads for a night a few years back. What a pack of shallow, unhappy harpies.
      The evening could have been titled “Dealing With Bad Relationship Choices”. (As could the reason I ended up there, but live & learn.)

      1. The thing about making mistakes is to learn from them, so that you don’t make them again.
        Live and learn.

  6. Women haven’t to be fair. They don’t have to think about it. They always have choices, and always find a cuck to say they’re right. Until it’s too late.

  7. Let’s say for a moment that people must reach a ‘melting point’ in order to become friends with one another–just as metals have a melting point in order for one object to bond or bend with another. Men must be put in a hotter cauldron in order to bond with each other–we need to battle for the same cause or hunt for the same meat(both figuratively and literally) in order to really feel close. At least I do. The ‘civilian’ relationships I have in the city always seem pretty damn trivial compared to those I have gained in situations of great adversity. Does this mean I cry and whine about my childhood or girlfriend with these guys, shit no (I suppose I could). It means that we both know something deeper, we know our strengths.

  8. Robert Dunbar is full of shit. I have kept my core group of guy friends since grade school, despite having lived at distance many times. The loyalty and brotherhood among men is not something so superficial as “finding four more guys to go drinking with.”

    1. True. I recently met up with my best bud from high school. I had not seen him in 35 years. When we got in the car at the airport it was like I saw him yesterday. It was the same guy and we talkin the same shit we were when we were 18. It was fantastic.

    2. Yep. It’s Grade A horseshit; I have five individuals I have been friends for between 10-20 years and they constitute the core of people I would otherwise associate with.

      1. Yeah, ok, having decent respectable badass men as friends is “gay”. Sure.

    1. Well- what do you like to do? The app is engaging in activities and meeting like minded men.

  9. Whenever an older woman says she wants to protect younger women. Its a load of horseshit.

    1. Older women are boomers or maybe genx. They do not have a younger women’s best interests in mind. Even in those rare cases when they are well intentioned they’re so hopelessly lost themselves they’re incapable of guiding anyone anywhere but into a ditch. Young women lack mentors, same as young men. The lines of transmission are broken.

    2. Funny how the more attractive a young woman is the more “protection” she needs from men by Ms Wallcrasher.

      1. women are selfish just care about themselves. men on the other hand actually do care about propagating the species

    3. If I had a nickel everytime some young chick thought older men didn’t like them because some spinster told them they want ’empowered’ women, I’d have three extra cars.

  10. To someone from outer space surely men would appear infinitely more worthy of
    admiration than women, for man has intelligence as well as beauty. Throughout the
    centuries man’s standard of values must have become sadly confused, otherwise
    women would never have been called the fair sex. The mere fact that they are so
    much less intelligent than men is enough to contradict such a conception, for a stupid
    person can never be thought of as beautiful unless judged on the purely physical
    level. But it should be emphasized that the fault lies with man himself, who valued
    women according to standards by which people and animals are on the same level. If
    he had not done so, women would hardly fit into the group Homo sapiens.
    A man needs a woman because, as we shall see, he needs something to which he
    may subject himself. But at the same time he must retain his self-respect. This leads
    him to endow woman with qualities which will justify his subjection. As woman has
    never yet made any attempt to use her wits, he cannot call her intelligent, but he gets close to it by creating the concept of `woman’s intuition.’ So, in the absence of any
    other real qualities, he calls her beautiful.
    Aesthetic standards are necessarily subjective and each aesthetic judgment one
    makes is an act of personal choice. But subjectivity easily turns into an excuse, and
    man is only too pleased to allow himself to become a slave. A man assumes that,
    since woman adorns herself with the obvious intention of drawing all eyes toward
    her, she must have some reason for her action. So man finds woman beautiful
    because she thinks she is beautiful. Indeed, he is very grateful for being allowed to
    share this opinion.
    But this feminine claim to beauty is also supported by subterfuge, by a trick.
    Woman’s greatest ideal is a life without work or responsibility – yet who leads such a
    life but a child? A child with appealing eyes, a funny little body with dimples and
    sweet layers of baby fat and clear, taut skin – that darling miniature of an adult. It is a
    child that woman imitates – its easy laugh, its helplessness, its need for protection. A
    child must be cared for; it cannot look after itself And what species does not, by
    natural instinct, look after its offspring? It must – or the species will die out.

      1. Hes a cuckold, the faggot lives to have a lovely black man come and fuck his wife properly with some oversized cock in front of him while he masturbates and weeps tears of gratitude secretely dreaming that he can receive the same loving attention as his “wife”

      2. I am pretty sure the TL:DR is simply “i don’t get laid often and when I do it is uniformly by low quality women”

    1. “A man needs a woman because, as we shall see, he needs something to which he may subject himself.”
      Total Bullshit!
      A man needs a woman because he doesn’t have a womb ….. where are my fetus gonna gestate?

      1. we need women like we need land, or iron, or horses, or guns, or whiskey. We need women for what we can do with them and use them for.
        And wihout us, they lie fallow, just like the richest farmland goes barren wothout a farmer to husband her, or horses become smaller without ranchers to breed them.
        Without men this world becomes a sad lonely thing, and that because the world wss really created for us.
        But some men are sick in the soul, corrupt with envy and hatred for their brother. Deep inside they hate the creator of this world because they cant let go of their own obsessive need to control everything. Amd so to show off, they ironically give away far too much control, for the sole purpose of sabotaging all the men around them. Jealousy is a funny thing.

  11. If you search for the different version of ‘Survivor’ (Men Vs Women), you see that men always go fine, and make a little paradise in one week. Women always catfight and lives miserably. Until they are allowed to meet the males…
    The, they manipulate them in no time, make them compete, and very often, one women ends up as the winner… having all the concurrence eliminate each other

    Etc etc etc
    Women haven’t to be fair, because there always a man to do the job…

        1. Search the archives. I do remember reading that article. At least 3 years ago.

        2. There is a video link in that article, but I have literally just found another (better) video for you. Turn on English captions.

  12. In the restored patriarchal society that emerges in the remainder of this century, we’ll have sex-segregated schools, and the girls will receive mandatory instruction in how to talk to men which makes women sound more reasonable and emotionally mature. Hint: Don’t volunteer your feelings except in appropriate situations with men.

  13. If sexual “equality” exists, we wouldn’t see all this gaslighting to enforce compliance to the idea. Instead, in a functioning Equality World, women who become nuclear rocket surgeons would justify the investment into their education and training through their accomplishments.
    BTW, I can’t watch science fiction any more because of the feminist propaganda, like in The Expanse on the SyFy Channel. In a more realistic future, the men would become the Mars colonists and asteroid miners, while their wives and related womenfolk would stay home to take care of the colonists’ and miners’ children.

      1. All television ‘entertainment’ programs are full of mindless fluff, arrogant ‘grrrrl power”, and plotlines taken from comic books and fairy tales.

      2. If mine gets broken, I won’t buy a new one. I’ll save the space for a bookshelf or a guitar stack.

    1. Somehow, i saw a couple episodes of ‘colony’.

      Decent enough concept, but grrrl power is all over it.

    2. Notice the aggressive female marine is totally useless at everything. She just shouts and gets shot a lot.

    3. Yeah Im getting tired of it in the expanse. I tried to ignore it, but the badass 5’2 woman killer marine sergent was too much. And when she tries to act tough she comes across as a bitchy whiny childish piece of shit. This mangina obsession with pedestalizing women and cutting off the balls of all men is getting very fucking tiresome.

      1. Yes, the only thing I really watch outside of older dvds anymore is impractical jokers, and even that is getting old.

  14. Listen to men discuss the ‘brotherhood’ of being in combat. No women will, I highly doubt, EVER feels that way toward her ‘sisters’.

    1. The most moving book I read dealing with the subject of martial brotherhood is “Gates of Fire” by Stephen Pressfield. It’s about the men who took part in the battle of Thermopylae.

  15. Even as male spaces were banned or invaded, communications technology allowed women to learn more powerful, collectivized shit-testing from the feminists. For years individual men mostly couldn’t cope. But now men have banded together on the internet to analyse and counteract the feminists. Welcome to the manosphere. Western man, if he isn’t destroyed first, is going to emerge an order of magnitude more powerful. Oh and as a byproduct we’re going to fix the political system too.

  16. Overall, men are superior in strength and intellect. No woman alive can get more than 90% of a male athletes level -such as in weight lifting. fighting, sprinting, basketball – you name it etc. Also, men are smarter with higher IQs’. Take a look at stem fields. In sheer numbers as well as patents…..However; because their are also a lot of dumb men – on average the sexes are equal. The only way the feminist win is to force liberals to make all men seem dumb and weak on tv etc. There are enough male chumps that buy into these demeaning lies.

    1. Affirmative action and EEO need to be banned. If a company wants to hire an all male workforce, that should be their business in doing so. No set of laws shall govern what ratio of gender needs to be given employment at XYZ corp.

      1. “Affirmative action and EEO need to be banned.”
        Those programs are part of the unconstitutional laws known as (un)civil rights. They are an abomination and should be repealed. Also, (un)fair housing should be repealed. Why should a landlord have to rent to thugs if he does not want to?

  17. Yup, just got screwed over at work (yet again) by, wait, wait, you guessed it WOMEN!!!! My gender are a pack of slut hoe bitches who have no loyalty. I’d rather be around a pack of outlaw bikers – at least I know what I’m up against.

      1. Well, there was a work policy that everyone bitched about. I went on-line and found out this policy was illegal. I told a couple of the hive-mind retards and of course one of the purple haired morons asked me if I was going to “take it on”. I flatly said no because I was not going to get thrown under the bus. I clearly stated “go paddle your own canoe, and I will paddle mine”.
        I told these bitches to go Google the information just like I did and do their own talking because I was not going to be their spokesperson. I guess the Manager caught wind that I was infecting the others with valuable information and therefore I had to be gotten rid of.
        I will plot my revenge, however, right now my priority is getting another job.
        Hope that tells you a little, have to be careful. It is the criminal justice system and the married Manager is banging a higher up in the food chain.

    1. Can’t fault the effective use of a survival mechanism that works though. Play the game or get played.

      1. Unfortunately, as the attorney explained, I work in an “at will” state. Basically, you can be terminated for no reason at all. I feel proud though that I kind of saw it coming this time and that the strongest solider (me) had to be removed first. It was a classic Sun Tzu move and I recognized it.
        I am going to pull back, wait, get my chariot and supplies in order and then wait to ride into battle. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7566a2663e9e35744987cae66f7504d66778906197e07f5e6821261dd2dcf51b.jpg

        1. Any guidance from your solicitor if your ex-employer gives future employers bad reference/comments on you?

        2. Well, I contacted the HR twat and she sent me a letter stating the dates I worked. It was addressed to me. Interestingly enough there was a 1-800 number and a code number to give. Of course I called the number and they would not give me any information. The company they use to verify employment is an outside service called “TheWorkNumber”.

        3. Thought I had it under control. I just can’t control liars, backstabbers and twats. Something happened and I just can’t figure out what it was. There was such a rush on to get rid of me.

        4. Well, that’s good. They seem to be aware that if they give any negative references it will give you a path to sue. They’re doing what most employer’s do now- confirmation that you worked there but no performance feedback. So– they shouldn’t be interfering with your job search/ability to get hired somewhere.

        5. I hate to tell you this, but the profession I am in it is the assumption that you rubber hosed an elderly vulnerable person, stole all the narcotics, stepped over bodies on the floor. That’s the assumption, never is it considered that you got screwed over and certainly no one wants to hire anyone who might be a tad brighter than the administrative bottom feeders. One constant is: WOMEN!!

        6. Not in my profession. Any future employers want performance appraisals not just dates worked. I’m screwed in that respect, but I must move on.

    2. It would seem that you know exactly what you’re up against. You’re angry because this time you lost.

      1. I lost the other times. This time I tried covering my basis and obviously it didn’t work. Can’t fight the hive.

  18. Men are more open to trusting someone at face value than women are. There are more back doors with women and they are much more judgemental so it’s a tread lightly approach until you know for sure this is a person you can trust. True female friendships are very
    much like male friendhships, it’s just more rare to have many of them for women. It also doesn’t help that reality shows like the bacherlor, housewives of (whatever state), big brother etc glorify women backstabbing each other.
    Veering off topic a bit but I honestly think the biggest problem for men isn’t feminism, it’s the growing acceptance of the vapid, vain, self centered, entitled woman persona that generates a lot of positive attention from guys and girls. Instragam ‘models’, the Karadashians, reality tv girls, the list goes on and on. There’s some 14yr old out of control brat who threatened to beat up Dr. Phil’s audience a few years ago who now has a large following on her Instagram account and is now getting paid for public appearances. Meanwile well behaved girls excelling at school or sports get little attention. What message does this send? It’s really sad.

    1. Some women display as xenophobe like it was their natural state. Triple locks on the doors of urban woman dwellers where they peek out their door peep hole with a frying pan in hand. These are women who won’t talk to strangers and is a result of state brainwashing to ‘fear thy neighbor’ and trust the nanny state. It is a colossal state contrived psy op to further atomize the citizenry under the state. And the males are all portrayed as boogeymen. Ad council commercials then villify the men by re labelling them as ‘the abuser’. We’re not ‘males’ of our species anymore. The state says we’re now to be called ‘the abusers’. With multiple locks on doors, urban women are trapped in their catboxes with the boob tube for company. With the glut of domestic violence fearmongering commercials, suggestable women run away and abandon their nests after enough repeated suggestion. They titrate out from male contact, anxious to arrive at that safe spot portrayed in the commercials, irrationally fearing their own breadwinning male, and they begin taking frivolous swipes at the man by calling ‘services’ to remove the sire. Urban apartment blocks are like cat boxes to a woman and are nothing like traditional rural and racially homogenious communities where there is neighborly and clan trust and also MIStrust of the powers. Women’s advocacy is like a big double barrel shotgun pointed right in the face of traditional heartland culture. The domestic abuse commercials are such lying ‘in your face’ bullshit.

      WHAT a fucking psy op . . . my gawwd! The MSM is the worst domestic stalker and predator out there. Where’s the village mob?

      1. If 90% of domestic abuse happens behind closed doors ……… how do we know that the 90% aren’t false allegations of domestic abuse?
        As far as I’m concerned, if there’s no evidence, then it probably didn’t happen.
        Shit, you can buy a ‘car cam’ for $20, and everyone has a mobile phone capable of recording.
        Women lie …….. a lot!

        1. It’s the volume they put out. The MSM still churns out the shit out a mile a munite like it’s a race, like the newspaper presses used to scream all night to guarantee deliver the fishwrap propaganda to all the mouths by 6:00 am. Truth isn’t a factor with them. It’s volume coverage.

  19. I think that the show Spartacus illustrates what male relationships are really about. Brotherhood. In ancient times a man depended on his brothers for his very life. Everyone needed to watch each other’s back. There was no room for bitchiness or being a bitch. People would die. This is why petty insults roll off of a man’s back. If it’s not going to kill him, he doesn’t care.
    Women have no concept of brotherhood. They have never had any need for it. A woman relying on another woman to stay alive is laughable. She would much prefer her man to protect her. And this has not changed today. And this is why a physically strong and skilled male is preferred to smaller weaker men.
    In turn, men rarely break off their friendships and find new guys to drink with because the trust of their brothers is essentially permanent. There is nothing superficial here because it is rare that men will have anything to gain by stabbing their friends in the back and everything to lose.

    1. I don’t agree, I need nobody else to survive, I’m out in the jungle on my own most of the time. Who cares about what women want, don’t even think about it.

        1. Everyone enjoys doing stuff on their own but few people make a song and dance about it. You might want to consider what your statement says about you and decide if that’s really what you really want to share here.

        2. Far as I can see, many of the guys here are single and living in moms basement playing video games and whacking off to porn every night cos they can’t get a date. Lemme see …….
          Roosh, grey beard, 40 years old, single, Arab immigrant, no kids, recent videos showing classic signs of severe depression (just take a look at the ‘why are we educating women’ video).
          EnglishBob (flicks through a few pages of EB posts),
          You work out with a young male who has nice soft tits (you know because you ‘accidentally’ felt them), and you like whacking off frequently to porn.
          And you worry about what I share here ………….

        3. You really are hurting aren’t you brother? Lashing out at everybody for no real reason. It’s interesting that you re-interpret my story about that poor young man into something sexual rather than just sad. Again that says something more about you than me.
          Furthermore why are you attacking Roosh and everyone else here when this was a discussion between you and me?

        4. I’m not fantasizing about ‘brotherly love’ with oiled up topless men (ala Spartacus), and I really really don’t want to make you go hard ……..

        5. Your mask is starting to slip off here chief. You’ve said everything every other feminist has said, without exception.
          And Persians are not Arabs. Just an FYI.

        6. What, all the (other) feminists claim to use hookers?
          Not to mention I thought feminists supported homos, Arabs and Jews.
          I’m starting a new feminist trend ….. that must be a good thing.
          Persians not being Arabs ….. next you’ll be claiming they don’t worship Allah.

        7. you are right about everything here. The mask is slipping. Feminist talking point. And in no way can carpets be considered arabs. We may not like arabs, but they are not inanimate objects made to be walked upon

        8. I am with you 100% on this but we really need to retire “go hard” as a phrase for anything that doesn’t involve dicks. IT just never sounds right.

        9. Actually you are the one fantasising mate because you’re the only one making these homoerotic comments. You’re also the one that says that he doesn’t like women while cricising men like myself and Roosh who get plenty of women.
          Recall my initial post in which I said that insults roll off of a man’s back. Your silly accusations of homosexuality are a waste of time. Only a little bitch tries that stuff. Or someone not secure in his own sexuality.

        10. Pjclark, dont diss your hosts, keep your cool, you have more freedom in your village, then all these idiots with their smog filled cities, raped by jews on a daily basis
          Also, the moral of the story is, dont argue with an african, theyll beat you with experience, & the spare zebra hidden in their trunk …

        11. Yeah, using hookers, while tossing out every “you live in basements and have no women and wack off to porn” like every other feminist who visits this site, makes you not a feminist. Ok. Sure.
          Correct, Persians are not Arabs. Their language is Farsi, not Arabic, and they are distantly related to Europeans.

        12. We used to call em ‘rugs’ back in the war. Also ‘throws’ and ‘mats.’ Stepped on em by the hundreds. Of course with the pc police now it’s got to be carpet or someone will get offended. Candy asses.

        13. Yeah especially when some of these guys on here are particularly obsessed with hard dicks…

        14. Good point. It all starts with the “I don’t need no woman/man” statement. And good point about Persians. I was going to make that point but… I just couldn’t be bothered. Its hard work arguing with ignorance.

        15. Also, the moral of the story is, dont argue with an african, theyll beat you with experience,

          So….Africans have more experience arguing and debating? Or….what?

        16. No offence, but i’ve had my fill of bland conservatives, I had to block lolknee more out of, not being able to read one more of his bland as wallpaper comebacks …
          Fuck that pathetic shit …

        17. Yep, we need a military dictatorship to take out the sjws & jews, before we can transition into a fair & just white nationalist government, which benefits white men, & only white men
          Women can either become our property, or get replaced by surrogates & artificial wombs …

      1. You do, at least in your current state, unless you’re a woodsman in the middle of nowhere (in which case you wouldn’t have internet to communicate). Modern society just does a good job of camouflaging your dependency.

        1. My wife is a woods-woman, she has been hunting, gathering and farming in and around the jungle all her life. MiL still plants and harvests the rice crop by hand, and is still living in the mud hut on stilts (corrugated iron roof now, we’ve moved into the modern age, but still open windows with no glass).
          Where we live the people are less than 1 generation from a primitive life, barely a part of modern society. Our children probably won’t have those skills though.
          As for internet ….. 30MB down, 10MB up (unlimited) for $15/month in the house and 4G on my mobile for $3/month.

        2. Works. Keep religious with the farming. The peace corps comes to remote Oceana pushing gardasil vaccines. Have coconut slingshots ready. Where there are no codes, you can build how you want. I’ve always liked the treehouse for elevated house in or around water or floodplanes.
          Trees make excellent stilts. In the west, building codes can’t touch a treehouse and it isn’t taxed since it’s not affixed on a perm foundation or on wheels. An inexpensive piece of scrub land near water that won’t perk for anything can be made livable with good trees.
          Your place looks like Polynesia/Oceana. Hand tools are priceless when you’re way out off the grid. I’ve always liked Vanuatu because it has the lowest incarceration rate of any country, less than 10/100,000, so basically no legal system and it’s not an interpol member country.
          Perfect expat haven. It is mostly Vanu aboriginal tribe and western expats there.

        3. The stilts are for better air circulation under so cooler at night, keeping snakes and scorpions out, and the occasional flood protection.

        4. that is a very cool tree house, almost like the top gun turret on a B17, me likey.

        5. You’re right. A breezeway beneath is a good 15° cooler than in the sun. Good place to work.

        6. Ah, nothing like a good old fashioned Hang N’ Bang.

    2. “A woman relying on another woman to stay alive is laughable.”
      Course we don’t! That’s your job, englishbob. 🙂 Women rely on other women for emotional support. If I need a problem fixed, I go to my boyfriend or my father. If I need to whinge and cry and talk it out endlessly, I go to a friend or my mom. Men are not amateurs therapists. You’re fixers. But women need therapists, don’t they? If you were as emotional as the average woman, you’d need an on call amateur therapist as a matter of survival too. Essentially, that’s the sisterhood – a twisting nest of two faced vipers providing emotional support and lengthy talk sessions.

      1. Men would make great therapists. You all scream bloody murder whenever one tells the truth, so it doesn’t work out. You get your ‘friends’ to lie to you instead.

        1. Magna est veritas et praevalet. People who live in delusion scream bloody murder when they hear the truth. Men lie sometimes, just like women. Malicious, self serving lies. Women speak and hear indirectly so the truth inside what seems to you a lie is understood.

    3. Well, just look at all the feminist organizations that are rushing to Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Sweden to bring to focus the increasing rapes and assaults occurring to women from the unchecked immigration there.

      1. Well we all know what BS stands for, MS is more of the same, PhD is piled higher and deeper…

        1. Thanks…. if you spend the time to go to school, you have to make it worthwhile

  20. Friendship should be within our own gender. Period. Any friendship between men and women is generally useless. It might serve a particular purpose in certain situations. For example, if you work in an office and some female colleague is a better company than the beta males around you, then yes, it’s fine to be friends with the said woman. Or if you’re friends with a really cool woman who introduces you to her single, attractive acquaintances. But these situations are rare.
    Men should only seek women for recreational and procreation purposes i.e. for sexual fun and for having kids. If you want to have an awesome social life, make friends with like-minded red pill men. I can’t think of how many hours I’ve passed just engaged in philosophical and random discussions and repartee with my male friends. Spending time around your male friends also keeps any beta behaviors in check, because we all know how women are constantly trying to program us into becoming subservient cucks.
    This is one of my oldest principles in life. I have only one female friend. And that’s only because we’ve been friends since we were teens and I’ve always considered her as my sister. Also, she makes me laugh and introduces me to hot women all the time. So yeah, she’s a cool person to hang with. But can I say that about most females? Definitely not.

    1. “I can’t think of how many hours I’ve passed just engaged in philosophical and random discussions and repartee with my male friends.”
      I spend a lot of time whoring and getting drunk with my mates too.

    2. Beta white knight men are unfriendable especially when they’re a part of some justice squad. Only if you’re in league with their adherance to universal spread of cult marxism will they not backstab you. I knew a ‘justice’ type who looked WN to the tee, fagdaddy moustache, the whole bit. If you state to them the truths about red pill, they fall back like you’re the devil and try to pull rank on you or betray you. When a guy who is shitlib pulls punches at you, it’s no mild act. They’d kill you if it were legal. The bottom tier of humans seem to man the social ‘justice’ community.

    3. Agree, guys hang out with girls with the hope they will get to ‘touch it’. The other thing they do is be a ‘support system’ when the girl/wife is having problems with their SO. Women don’t need to be bitching to a man about their problems, they need to talk to their man.
      Weak ass betas bitches
      Good movie about guys is Diner.

    4. Sage words indeed-I live by that credo and categorically and emphatically refuse to have female friends unless for the above purposes you articulated. I do not need nor want any of their histrionics, hormones or other vapidness let alone the brainwashing and bitchiness.

  21. “‘mature masculine’ psychology, however, is ‘marked by calm, compassion, clarity of vision, and generativity” <—In high average IQ societies maybe.
    Also, in my general experience, men are the ones that have “real” friendships. Most women I see that have “friends” seem to go between being mortal enemies and then once again “friends”.

    1. … and they’ll sever relationships pretty easily. I’m still in touch with friends from way back in elementary/high school. A couple showed up out of the blue for my mother’s funeral.

  22. One day at work I told a fellow associate to name other associates she did not enjoy working with creating a ‘hit list’. My thought was towards those difficult individuals that have poor work ethic. I thought 3 on the list should do it. I came up with 2. By the end of the day she shared the game with another female coworker and she had 11 on her list and her friend had 9 with deciding factors of marriage, figure, makeup blah blah blah…all females on their list.

  23. unfairer?
    Ok, poetic license in use of that word aside….just as a very slight OT but not really…..I absolutely hate the word “unfair” and almost immediately dismiss whatever anyone is saying as soon as they use it.
    I don’t know who these people are who grew up and were told that life was fair, but I don’t like them, don’t trust them and think they are enormous doodie heads.

    1. I think that you’re being really unfair to those people who use the word unfair…
      …Oh, wait…

    2. If life were fair, horses would get to ride half the time………
      The thing that bugs me about “unfair” is that to complain about it is relinquishing authority to someone else. That is fine for a child whining to his parents, not for an adult whining to the government.

      1. Heck of a good point, about the surrender of authority/responsibility. I wish children did less of that. I don’t let mine get away with it.

  24. So true…. I work in IT and sometimes remote in users workstations. We use a chat app and I see everything. The women I work with are vicious!! When we get a new girl in the office they eviscerate her…. especially if shes young and has not had kids. The men just work and never participate in this behaviour. In the past Ive had to restrict users access to the chat program.. and it was always for female users.. because they got caught in some office drama debacle!

  25. Guys look up Samantha Brick’s “success” with starting a media business with an all female staff. She started out really believing in the “Sisterhood” and that those mean misogynistic old-boys networks out in L.A. were oppressing her. You can read her story on the Daily Mail along with a nice picture of her in a flowery sun dress, displaying bleach blond hair and enough cleavage to park a Lincoln Town Car in (obviously she’s an enlightened feminist that doesn’t want to objectify herself). Long story short, it turned into one big drama fest complete with cat fights, back stabbing, gossip, hours spent in the loo crying and finally financial ruin for Ms. Brick.
    In her words: “It was an idealistic vision swiftly shattered by the nightmare reality: constant bitchiness, surging hormones, unchecked emotion, attention-seeking and fashion rivalry so fierce it tore my staff apart.” Imagine that… But it gets better still and I quote “The effect a lack of testosterone was having in our office was even more apparent when I temporarily hired two male directors to work on a series (camera operators are usually men because of the heavy equipment). The team suddenly became quieter, more hard-working and less bitchy – partly because they were too busy flirting.” She finished up by saying if she were to do it again, she’d hire an all male staff.

    1. We spend most of our youth in a team environment. Its our natural tendency- we play mostly team sports, even when we are in individual sports- we form them into teams. Tennis team, wrestling team, track and field teams…
      In my youth, neighborhood guys got together to play team sport pick-up type games and we sorted out rankings amongst ourselves. But weirdly, I don’t remember ever excluding even the worst players– ribbing sure- but not exclusion. It seemed amongst the girls in the neighborhood there was always some girl or girls on the outs with the overall group. Excluded.
      Don’t know if that was just my neighborhood, or if its a more widespread thing.

      1. Yes its true ,women compete on an individual level and men compete on a team level

  26. Now how about a “Why are women the more corruptible sex?” article to help us understand their perpetual state of supposed victimhood they self-impose and their sexual profligacy along with their imaginary “emotional problems” and mental disorders?

  27. One interesting observation goes along with the “men invade, women invite” theory.
    If you’re a strange male, it’s much harder to be accepted as “one of the guys” by a group of men until you’ve proven yourself somehow, such as by participating in in-group activities and camaraderie. To put it another way, men go by the “is he one of us?” rule.
    Women, by contrast, only govern their behavior toward you by the “is he hawt?” rule. It doesn’t matter nearly as much to them if you’re in their “in-group” or not.

    1. Men, men, men…it’s a ship all filled with men —
      So batten down the ladies’ room, there’s no one her but men!
      Men, men, men, men
      Men, men, men, men…

  28. “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
    ― H.L. Mencken, On Politics: A Carnival of Buncombe

  29. ‘With guys it is out of sight out of mind. They just find four more guys to go drinking with.’
    I’ll tell my friends of several decades’ standing that. Pure misandric guff. And of course utter BS, as per the utter BS times we live in.

  30. Not to be “that guy,” but I believe the professor’s name is Robin, not Robert.

  31. There’s nothing wrong with masculinity. There’s nothing wrong with saying that females are less sociable or friendly than men because they ARE less friendly (sociable—depends). As a female, I do think that men have been biased against a tad too much, but so have women. I’m probably going to get bombarded because of this, but:
    “Men are the more social animal and the friendlier sex but feminists want women to take all the credit, imagining a world of sugar and spice vs. slugs and snails and puppy dogs’ tails.” (article) I’m a feminist, but I do not want women to take all of the credit (obviously, there are the feminists out there that think that). Men can truly express masculinity and still be social and wonderful and kind.
    “Women, however, had to compete with other women over the loyalty of the alphas to their brood.” (article) Now, why would women even have to compete over the loyalty? What mindset prompts them to do this? Why would they have to compete over the loyalty of the alphas? Do the men have to compete over the loyalty of the alphas? Why or why not? This hole in the discussion doesn’t give the entire picture.
    “It is easy, therefore, to see how being ‘bitchy’ or ‘catty’ evolved to try to lower the reputation of other women in the group and, thus, level the playing field.” (article) Agreed. Some women are just very “bitchy” and “catty”. However, not all of them are, just like how not all men are “douchebags” and “brutes”.
    “Furthermore, it also explains Dunbar’s finding that long-distance female relationships can be maintained simply by gossiping on the phone.” (article) I can’t stand gossiping on the phone or whatever. It’s annoying as hell. I’ve done it once before, and I hate it. I could not maintain a long-distance relationship with another female based on gossip. Remember that not all women are like this—not all women are brainless and shallow.
    I think that this article is arguing that men aren’t “brainless and shallow” too, and I agree they aren’t, though I think that some can be. Both sexes are brilliant and faulty, but accepting that is the key in this. 🙂

    1. After reading your comment I would posit, madam, that you are no feminist.. because masculinity (in males) is the antithesis of feminism, and has been for the past 50 years. Just look into any “gender studies” college course to see what I mean.

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