Global Elites Caught Plotting The Islamic Invasion Of Europe

Our global elites are generally very good at hiding their plans for the unwashed masses—those of us who are not blessed with immense wealth and power. They are good, but sometimes even these demigods slip up and the truth about their plans comes out.

We just had that happen on September 27th when German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg were caught having a side conversation on a hot mic at a United Nations luncheon.

Merkel was complaining to Zuckerberg about posts by Facebook users who were critical to the hordes of Muslim migrants who are flooding Germany and other European countries. Zuckerberg responded that:

“[W]e need to do some work” on curtailing anti-immigrant posts about the refugee crisis. “Are you working on this?” Merkel asked in English, to which Zuckerberg replied in the affirmative before the transmission was disrupted.

What pretense will Facebook use to ban Germans from legitimately discussing the policy concerns of their country, which purports to be a democracy? Racism, of course:

We are committed to working closely with the German government on this important issue,” Debbie Frost, a spokeswoman for Menlo Park, California-based Facebook, said via e-mail. “We think the best solutions to dealing with people who make racist and xenophobic comments can be found when service providers, government and civil society all work together to address this common challenge.

But can a true democracy exist when the public, who are supposed to be ultimate authority for the government, are not permitted to frankly debate policies?

George Soros demands Europe take in one million Muslims annually


Migrants disembark from a ship in Italy. It is sold as a Syrian crisis, but it seems like an open invitation for any Muslims who wish to invade. And where are their women?

Sometimes our global elites are very clear about their plans, but we are conditioned to think that conspiracy theories are just for kooks—so we ignore these clear statements.

A recent example of this is an opinion piece written by billionaire George Soros. In it, Soros states the EU must accept “at least” one million Muslims annually, and it must provide each “asylum seeker” $16,800 per year to cover housing, health care, and education costs.

Furthermore, Soros argues that the EU must step up funding to Islamic countries, even though many of those countries are not taking any “refugees” in response to the Syrian crisis.

Soros goes on to criticize Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, whose tough stance on rejecting immigration, Soros says:

[S]ubordinates the human rights of asylum-seekers and migrants to the security of borders, threatens to divide and destroy the EU by renouncing the values on which it was built and violating the laws that are supposed to govern it.

Fighting Homogeneity


Budapest Train Station – Why did they leave their women behind in the war zone?

The plan to flood Europe with Muslims is not new. Back in 2012, Irish businessman and Bilderberg Group attendee Peter Sutherland told the House of Lords that the leadership of the European Union needs to “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states.

Why is it necessary to undermine the homogeneity of European nations? Sutherland would claim that diversity somehow makes organizations and countries stronger. To prove this, advocates of diversity usually display polls of “diversity officers” from different companies who, not surprisingly, say that diversity does make organizations more effective.

But there is no actual proof that diversity, which in this context means introducing Muslims from the Middle East and Africa into the white nations of Europe, makes organizations more efficient. If it did, you would hear nations like China, Israel, Japan, and South Korea lining up to get their share of Islamic migrants. But those nations seem to be perfectly happy keeping their nations homogeneous.

The idea of resettling millions of Muslim migrants is deeply unpopular with the populations of the EU countries, but this is not going to stop the bureaucrats in Brussels from proceeding with their plans. Dimitris Avramopoulos, the EU Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs, recently said that the EU’s leaders “do not care about the political cost” because they are not elected.

Pope Francis’ positions undermine Christianity in Europe


Camp of the Saints

The Catholic Church has historically been a bulwark in preserving the Christian culture of Europe. It was the Catholic faith that inspired the Crusades, the Reconquista, and the Battles of Lepanto and Vienna. Even as modern Europeans have abandoned their faith in Christ in exchange for a comfortable socialism, the Catholic Church has not stopped trying to rouse them from their slumber.

But Pope Francis’ position on the migrant crisis threatens to further weaken Europe’s already wobbly spiritual foundation rather than strengthen it. Francis issued a broad appeal to every parish and monastery to take in at least one “refugee” family.

Francis’ reason for doing this is ostensibly obedience to the Gospel:

Facing the tragedy of tens of thousands of refugees—fleeing death by war and famine, and journeying towards the hope of life—the Gospel calls, asking of us to be close to the smallest and forsaken. To give them a concrete hope.

The idea that we should not oppress the alien among us is certainly part of the teaching of the Christian faith. The Bible states: “You shall not oppress a resident alien; you know the heart of an alien, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt.” But this doesn’t mean that Christians are obligated to accept what amounts to an invasion by Muslim migrants.

The actual Catholic teaching on immigration, provided by Thomas Aquinas, is much more complex than Pope Francis’ public statements would lead us to believe. Like the Jews in the Old Testament, Christians are to recognize that people from certain nations are more likely to be a good fit as immigrants. However, immigrants from nations who have proven to enemies of Christians should not be allowed to immigrate, but to be “held as foes in perpetuity.” (cf. Summa Theologica I-II, Q. 105, Art. 3).

Why do the global elites want an Islamic invasion of Europe?


Peaceful Migrants

I suspect that the biggest reason that the global elites want to flood Europe with Islamic immigrants is that they place no value on culture—they view human beings purely as economic units. If Europeans are not reproducing at the rate necessary to sustain the current welfare state, then importing young, vibrant Muslim men who do want to reproduce will solve the problem.

Other people, like Pope Francis, are likely driven by Christian teachings of helping one’s neighbor. However, these people are naively ignoring other considerations such as the continued safety and existence of European peoples.

Finally, other elites may view the destruction of European culture as a punishment for Europe’s past “sins” such as its cultural hegemony. These individuals are fueled by irrational self-hatred.



King Jan Sobieski blessing the Polish attack on Turks in Vienna

During the Battle of Vienna, the grand vizier of the invading Ottoman Turks sent an emissary to deliver a summons of surrender to the city. The summons read:

Accept Islam and live in peace under the Sultan! Or deliver up the fortress and live in peace under the Sultan as Christians; and if any man prefer, let him depart peaceably, taking his goods with him. But if you resist the Will of Allah, then death or spoliation or slavery shall be the fate of you all! Fight and you die! Surrender and you live!

The military governor of Vienna, Count Ernst Rüdiger von Starhemberg, told the crowd of people gathered near the town’s Cathedral:

The infidels promise us that if we surrender, all Christians will be allowed to remain Christian. But, ask the Greeks what that promise means. Ask the Serbs. Ask the Albanians. How do the people of Vienna reply to that invitation?

The crowd immediately responded with a shout “No!”

May the men of Europe find the same courage as their ancestors and resist the demands of the global elite to sacrifice their nations.

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335 thoughts on “Global Elites Caught Plotting The Islamic Invasion Of Europe”

  1. To link this back to the site’s main topic; Europeans, and to a lesser extent the Anglosphere, are not reproducing well any longer.
    The Pill (feminism)
    You Go Grrl Careerism (feminism)
    Abortion (feminism)
    Man hatred (feminism)
    Holding motherhood in contempt (feminism)
    If Germans were popping out 3+ kids per couple there would be countless legions of young German men at the border repelling the Orc invasion regardless of what “leaders” thought.

    1. Probably not. There would just be 15%-20% fake unemployment and 30% real one. Of course the readiness of the Europeans to accept more people would be much lower, but Germany has actually lost more people to emigration within Europe than to a low rate of reproduction.

      1. where are the germans going? i was under the impression that germany has one of the few remaining strong economies in the EU and that people from the PIIGS countries were emigrating to germany.

        1. The big German companies are doing fine and unemployment fell due to demographic changes and creative accounting. The average working German however split into two groups – the ever greater class of the working poor – now almost 50% of all employed and those who do so so. Only some 5-10% do well working for major corporations, big government jobs or being successfully self-employed. The German people on average were much richer in the 1980s and even 1990s.
          Some Eastern Europeans were emigrating there for low-tier and specialist jobs (construction), but not even 10% of how many moved to the UK.

    2. In any case I think its all a sham. The wealthy countries of Europe won’t be taking these people in.

    3. Democracy is essentially a Ponzi scheme. You need an increasing population to pay for the continual increase in welfare payments.

      1. And you need immigrants to replace all the liberal voters that you don’t have because they’ve spent the last 30 years aborting themselves.

        1. Human populations are too high globally but as whites are more valuable than others it would be better to repress the populations of others,, particularly low-type blacks, latinos, and muslims.

        1. Not socialism, but Jews. Go look up whose behind, virtually EXCLUSIVELY behind, feminism and sexual liberation.

        2. Jewish influence is just one piece of the puzzle, but it’s not the be-all-end-all cause. A lot of the blame lies on those who willingly accept and defend the system even though it harms them in the long run.

        3. jews…who promote socialism.. so no, it is in fact socialism. By the way, Hitler was a total blonde boy worshipping pedo.

        4. Hey cuckservative, while the nigger fucks your wife, let’s have a conversation about what Jews and socialism are. Is Wall Street for socialism? Are libertarians, whose ideologues are all Jewish, for socialism?
          Socialism isn’t Marxism, which is a later weaponization of a popular European idea for Jewish ends. Socialism is fundamentally the idea that the collective whole, the race, comes before money, that certain sectors of the economy (especially raw materials and drinking water) ought to be planned, and that those who make money on the “free market” by dishonest means should be punished as the bottom feeders they are.
          Now, cuck, go back to watching tyrone rail your wife, you “rugged individual” you.

        5. Yes it is. 90% of all problems in the west today are caused by Jews. If you accept that finance, academia, and media are the most important instruments of power in the plutocratic world (USA and most of Europe) , then you have no choice but to conclude that Jews–overrepresented vastly in all these fields–are the main problem. Even if there’s 5 goys and 3 Jews in a room, the 3 Jews collude against the 5 “individuals” and end up calling the shots anyway.

        6. ‘Jewish influence is just one piece of the puzzle, but it’s not the be-all-and-end-all’.
          It’s a bloody huge part, and an essential one. I challenge you to find one piece of cultural filth, or policy/idea that is bad for Whites, that doesn’t have Jews behind it. Remove Jewish influence, and magically White countries would be run in White interests again. It’s the duty of every White man who cares for his civilisation to understand the threat of Jewry. Read The Culture Of Critique by Kevin MacDonald, and then tell me World Jewry represents just a ‘piece of the puzzle’, and isn’t in fact the enemy’s entire ideological engine.

        7. Jews may be the solution also.
          “Look up” People like Friedman, von mises, Hayek,(unclear if he was jewish) Peter Schiff etc. Jews are at both ends of the spectrum,
          in other words, not supporting big Goverment, socialism etc.
          Ok, seeing your other comments, forget about it…

        8. Solution to what? Friedman, Mises, and Hayek dealt in debunked apriori pseudo science, just like Jews in other fields. AnCaps who think they’re WNs really have shit for brains.

        9. I`m not a WN, nor an AnCap.
          However I realize that Big Government is the root cause of all evil within the realm of human affairs. Not saying no Government, but anything more than neccesary will lead to the problems we see today.
          Many great “white men” have realized this aswell. Are you saying that Adam Smith, Jefferson, Paine, Franklin, etc. were secretly jewish. There is a alot of overlap between their views and the aformentioned jewish economists.

        10. Unfortunately, you are correct. But it then becomes a huge risk to point them out. From my point, all of the threats need to be carefully identified. All of the heads of the himera need to be brought to light. After all of them, the biggest head ( you know who ) will show it’self.

        11. Most Jews are simply people. People that identify culturally under a religion. They are brainwashed just like Southern Baptists.
          The rest of the tribe is indoctrinated into the holocaust cult to ensure the ones on the top remain at the top. The Holocaust myth has to be preserved for the sake of Jews on the top of the ladder. The ones on top are propped up by the ones on the bottom. The “6 million” myth began before Hitler even came to power. That cult of victimization ensures complete fear that Gentiles in general will take every opportunity to kill a Jew. The whole state of Israel depends on this myth.
          Math solves the “mass extermination” via cremation model. The new “official” count of dead at Auschwitz is 1.5 million. It takes 2.5 hours to create one human body (My mother was cremated I asked). They had six “ovens” if it takes 2 hours to cremate one body how long would it take to do this to 6 million? Even under ideal conditions it would take longer than the 6 years the war lasted. Auschwitz only ran for 4 years. If math can place a fucking machine on mars you’d think it could be used to solve the “riddle.” Unfortunately many people in Democratic nations under a free press can’t question it. How free is that?
          Western society has been dominated by this myth to not only our detriment, but the Jews themselves. Their are a Jews who question the
          narrative and they are labeled apostates. They know the real danger involved in keeping this myth alive. The false narrative enforces the “us against them” mentality. The fact is, there is a complete ideology wrapped around genocide that is an integral part of their religion and has been for at least 2k years. If your follow the influence and money it all goes to the same source. Abrahamic religions are in fact completely dangerous to the world at large. Three religions from the same source at continual war. How stupid is that?
          Britain, France and the United states were told Germany was going to take over the world and killed 6 million Jews. We came to their aid. Why are they now trying to dismantle White Europe unless Hitler was in fact right along? Kind of makes you wonder, if you actually think about it. In retrospect, it certainly seems his warning went unheeded. It seems they has complete disdain for the very people that came to their aid. So, why the imperative to push diversity, multiculturalisn and immigration? Why is it so important? Why is Israel, who seems to hate Arabs, Palestinians and Muslims in general and who strive to kill them with impunity want them in Europe unless to us them to create a cultural clash.
          Do I blame the people? No, I blame the archaic ass backward religions of “peace” and the spell it cast on people. Holocaust denial doesn’t equal hatred. No “denier” can say Jews weren’t killed, they acknowledge they were put in labour camps. The only thing being denied is a systematic method to kill a people. I can’t fault anyone for self-preservation, but not at the expense of others. Why can’t I love my people and preserve my identity?
          I’d suggest if you disagree with this you objectively look into it yourself. I’m blaming the people at the top of the pyramid Jews and Gentiles alike. The people at the top, regardless of who they are, are working to wipe your ass out using your own ignorance as their tool.

        12. Oof. Ok, let’s try to de-stupid here bit by bit.
          1) If the Holocaust is a fraud a) was there a mass tattoo convention for all the geriatrics with concentration camp numbers? b) what about the millions of people who can show evidence of lost family members? and c) where the fuck did the massive, historical and well-documented Jewish population of Eastern Europe dissapear to?
          2) Who says they loaded them into the ovens one at a time?
          3) Besides your imagination and your tautological theory, where is there any evidence that Jews encourage Muslim immigration into Europe? Muslims in France are an absolute menace to the Jews there, the only Jewish voices you can find on the subject are strongly opposed/cautionary on the subject. Y’know, because people tend to act in their own interests, not against them.
          You sound like a David Duke supporter. 100% theory , 0% connection to reality.

        13. How about a bit of “de-stupidizing” for you, you smug bell end?
          1 a, b,c) Denying that the Holocaust, i.e. the intentional policy of the systematic killings of Jews, took place is not the same as denying that Jews were placed in concentration camps or that many of those Jews died of other various causes in the camps.
          Internment of potential enemy sympathisers in concentration camps is standard practice in war (Japanese in the U.S. for example). Many Jews died of Tyhpus (which is what Zyklon B was used to combat) and many died of starvation and deteriorating conditions as the German infrastructure was destroyed by the Allies towards the end of the war.
          2) Does this oven look big enough to take more than one body at a time?

        14. You’re basic. You’re just parroting IHR “facts” as if they haven’t been refuted all over the internet. There’s no relation between funeral ovens and the industrial-strength ovens in question. HCR, the gas produced by Zyklon B, is used to kill condemned prisoners in the US.
          To say nothing of thousands of hours of SS testimony, extensive photographic and physical evidence, the public words of HItler explicitly promising to annihilate the Jews on numerous occasions, and the personal effects, ID’s, millions of broken families.
          Yes, that woman is a dumb cunt. Who happens to be Jewish. That is not evidence of a Jewish conspiracy to flood Europe with Muslim immigrants, elevating the economic and security status of millions of Israel’s enemies and making that part of the world unsafe for them.
          Jews and Israel want the Muslims/Arabs to stay in their crowded, backward countries and keep killing each other. They’ve already left France as the Muslim anti-semitism has gotten too bad.
          I’m not going to continue talking with you because your presence here reflects poorly on this website.

        15. “I’m not going to continue talking with you because your presence here reflects poorly on this website”.

        16. Capitalism and communism are two sides of the same JWO-coin. Both want to destroy the nation-state and traditional family.

        17. I think the (non-jewish) founding fathers of the US would disagree with that. As I said in another post, capitalism and the idea of small Government and self-ownership, individualism etc. is not an inherently jewish idea.
          It`s enough to mention Adam Smith, Jefferson, Paine, Franklin etc.
          In fact, these men inspired later “capitalist jews” rather than vice versa.
          Sure your`re not a bit biased here, if you work in the state railroads.

        18. There’s an important distinction to be made here. Capitalism and self-ownership, as the founders envisioned it, was a Republic made up of Yeomen farmers where everyone was in effect their own master. That’s obviously not the kind of capitalism that we have today.

        19. True, but the kind of capitalism we have today, could not exist without a large Government. When big banks etc. are saved by Governments, using tax payer money, that is not the fault of capitalism, but rather the Government.
          Where I think a lot of People get it wrong, is when they call for new leadership.
          If something is corruptable, it will be corrupted. Therefore, a minimal State is the best solution. The free market will naturally punish those who are greedy and irresponsible, they will simply fail, and others will get the signal. The result will be reponsible and competent people running businesses and in fact the economy, just by virtue of competition.

        20. The holocaust did happen. The fucked up part is that jews orchestrated it to gain power over the West. The Jewish elite cares little if lower class jews fall sacrifice in their final gambit to rule everything.
          They know what they are doing, because they went right for our children by controlling the media and schools. Any group that has more power over our children than we do ourselves has absolute control.
          Soros up there sold out jewish families during the holocaust to become rich, and now spends his days wrecking smaller countries’ economies and undermining European birthright.

        21. 1A. Tattoos don’t prove a systematic holocaust, they only serve to show they were ostensibly kept in the same place together and numbered.
          1B. Fifty million or more people were estimated to have died. A misplaced cousin or grandparent that a family stateside talks about again doesn’t prove what happened to them. For the record several hundred thousand were executed by Einsatzgruppen in 1941 and 1942, outside of the hoax death camps, and Einsatzgruppen records and evidence is not in dispute. Some dead that way, some MIA, some starved to death in holding camps in late 1944/early 1945 and some just become family myth.
          1C. the Zionist project of Israel. Think McFly, think!
          2. The ovens given for evidence were only capable of one coffin at a time.
          3. Zio cunts such as Lerner come right out and talk about their genocidal plans. Did you know she is related to Lois Lerner of the IRS (I think sisters) who committed all sort of felonies and lost her emails? Coincidence! Such a coincidence that Syrian refugees were held in Turkey for over and year and suddenly released a few months after the US was deluged with Central American invaders. Read between the lines and you’ll realize these fuckwads are in control, if you refuse to see it then that is your own limitation.
          “Muslims in France are an absolute menace to the Jews there… Y’know, because people tend to act in their own interests, not against them.”
          They were told to leave in April prior to the Muslim invasion. The ones paying attention did.

        22. ,,are working to wipe your ass out using your own ignorance as their tool.” –
          you woudln’t believe what the talmud contains on gentiles. The fucking talmud gives them instructions on how to use demons, and here we are debating their guilt…i think you should document yourself first. Not all of them are evil, only the ones who read their own bible.

        23. Those are fake Jews.
          Any Jew you encounter who spews the typical bullspeak, claim them to be a fake Jew.

        24. Totally, totally agree – they’re on both sides of the fence, as my dear Brother used to say (he was a Ph.d in Political Science and did his dissertation on The State of Israel … many years ago when Ivy League schools were truly “Ivy League”… not the pathetic..PC dens of morons with the IQ of an amoeba such as today. When will people finally stand up and defend themselves…when??? We are finished!!!!!

        25. Hey jew owned cuckservative, I bet you think that giving Israel billions of American taxpayer dollars per year is helping America too??? right? lol Cause, it’s not like we are borrowing money from China and our economy is getting pillaged by jews, right? Heck, why not give Israel an extra billion this year, ooops!!! That’s what the 1/2 black 1/2 jew Obama did. Hitler at least cared for his people which is more than what you do porta potty toilet for jews. Just open wide and let them relieve themselves cause it ain’t America you care for anyway.

        26. You miss the point. The Jews are over-represented in finace, academia, media and science because they are smarter than the whites and value education more than the whites do who are anti-intellectual. The Ashkanazi Jews have the highest average iqs in the world, generally running about 115, but some sub-populations of them have average iqs in the 130’s.

        27. I would like to talk to you privately (via [email protected])
          about what the IJC actually is. Am part of the Levi family and have an inside track on this thing. Incidentally, Ashkanazi Jews have deliberately bred with Europeans to strengthen themselves physically while maintaining their high iqs and wealth. They/we generally do not breed with muslim Arabs largely because that would bring down the iqs and wealth and educational attainments. Thus miscegenating the European population with muslim Arabs etc is not what we want. It is actually pc cultural marxists, globalists, and corporatists who want this pollution, dilution, and displacement of white Europeans by the Arab etc muzzies to occur.

        28. Note that holocaust deniers are the same sort of people who seek to perpetrate it. We know what our losses are. Incidentally, millions were killed by American whites, Germans, Russians, Chinese, Cambodian, Turks, Mongols, Romans etc.

        29. Holocaust deniers tend to be the same sort of people perpetrating the holocast. You are denying that the final solution was formulated and carried out.

        30. These holocaust deniers tend to be the same sort to perpetrate the holocausts. Also millions of Jews, gypsies, etc were rounded up in eastern Europe, especially Poland sent to concentration and death camps, and starved, died from disease, worked to death, gassed, sometimes shot, and then burned. The burning was done for disposal not generally for killing.

        31. Auscwitz was just one of many of these concentration and death camps. Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland. The most famous and largest of all Nazi camps because of its size and the large number of lives lost within the walls of this death camp.
          Belzec, Poland. …
          Bergen-Belsen, Germany. …
          Buchenwald, Germany. …
          Chelmno, Poland. …
          Dachau, Germany. …
          Flossenburg, Germany. …
          Gross-Rosen, Poland.

          Also by comparing populations before and after WWII one can see that several million died.

        32. You are overlooking the cultural marxists, globalists, corporate interests etc.

        33. Business and people in general are problems as well as are physical limitations and pestilence.

        34. As I said in an earlier post, (2 years ago in fact:) you cannot remove “corruption”, it`s a part of human nature, you can only limit that which is corruptible.
          Government use corporations as well, they accept the bribes in form of post-term books deals, speaking engagements and prestigious jobs with high salaries.

        35. Germany’s primary threat was communism. They believed it was financed by international bankers (primarily Jewish). It was. The United States and the Bankers financed the Russians. Russia was an Ally of the U.S. During WW1/2. Stalin murdered and starved even more people than is commonly attributed to Hitler.
          The concentration camps were legal according to the Geneva Convention and inspected but the Red Cross. Roosevelt had camps.
          The English and the “Bankers” were threatened by Germany’s industrial revolution and plans for the Bagdad Railway which would been instrumental for the German economy before WW1.
          You can focus on the narrative presented by the media to justify the murder of millions of people across England, France, Germany, the U.S. and Russia if it satisfies your desire to have a devil, but the real devils that orchestrated this horror will do it again and have remained hidden by a clever scheme to demonize a country that could have liberated itself and been an example for other countries to do this same. Free themselves from a corrupt global racket and theft of people’s wealth.
          Yet here we are. Eighty years later and Western countries remain at war at the behest of Bankers sending their sons to foreign countries to kill and be killed for “Democracy” and incidentally making even more money with the same tactic, telling people they are fighting for “Freedom and Democracy.”

        36. Says the person who is too afraid to research the period 1880-1940 and see what amounts to an issue not black and white but many shades of gray.
          Here’s something which was purposely neglected in your teaching, Khazar Communists attempted to overthrow the Weimar government in 1919 just after the Kaiser’s abdication. They were defeated by the Freikorps, a loose veteran’s group which was united by the coup attempt. The Freikorps later went on to ally and act as muscle for… the NSDAP. Had Luxemburg and Liebknecht NOT attempted to overthrow the legitimate post-war government, the Freikorps would have not united as a group and gained political power as the result of defeating them, and thus would not have been the force they were by the mid 1920s when they allied with NSDAP after the Munich putsch. In other words, Khazars directly contributed to the ability for their ostensible genocide to later occur through their attempt at insurrection.

      2. Which is why America was set up as a Constitutional Republic. Sadly, it hasn’t been that for a LOOONNNNGGG time.

        1. The basic problem is that SCOTUS has routinely ignored what the Constitution actually says.

        2. Yup–the two “best” presidents are frequently mentioned as Lincoln and FDR–My two least favorite presidents. Both increased the scope and power of the federal government to unimaginable levels, ignored the Constitution, and in the case of FDR packed the court until they stopped overturning all of his unconstitutional bills he pushed through. The USSC was probably the single best institution in America until the early 1930s. Now its arguably one of the worst.

        3. I don’t consider myself a scholar, but I have read this and that, and I agree with you that what Lincoln (and his successors) as well as FDR were rather clearly against the foundations that the country was built on – for better or for worse.

        1. Democracy = Entitlements. While the source of this quote is somewhat up in the air, the point hits home.
          “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of
          government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.
          Great nations rise and fall. The people go from bondage to spiritual truth, to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back again to bondage.

      3. Agree – increasing population will help pay for the previous generation in retirement though it also very much suits the wealthy as there will be more people to buy their products & services, more demand for housing & infrastructure, and more competition among workers for jobs (driving down wages)..A bigger population to reach critical mass to have sufficient domestic demand to build new industries (tho with China inc that’s much less likely these days). That dogma however means a forever increasing population.
        I think the Swiss & Italians seem to be the only ones holding out. Maybe Greece can take them to help rebuild their shitty economy and replace all the smart & young ones that left. I was pissed off reading the comment from Zuckerberg over selectively censoring comments on FB that displease his new influential & powerful friends.

        1. Britain is holding out too. I doubt many of them will come here.
          Honestly I never put anything important on FB because I know who and what they are.
          Another point about immigrants is that you can trade welfare for votes with those guys. Wealthy middle-classes will never vote for more welfare. Large numbers of poor immigrants will. Its a great scheme for keeping the socialists in power.

        2. “Britain is holding out too. I doubt many of them will come here.”
          You guys are more Pakies than Brits at this point.

        3. I have my fingers crossed for Britain. You guys have the best chance of turning it all around.

      4. I can’t remember who said it but they pointed out that the downfall of democracy comes when people realize they can vote themselves more and more goodies. However, it was Thatcher who said something like “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

        1. It was a lot of people but sadly not enough people.
          Ironic that Thatcher said that while spending our money.

      5. The high immigration policies actually lower birth rates. They lower wages through distortive job competition, reduce the incentives to invest in automation (technology is ultimately the only source of wealth) and increase the cost of purchasing housing. Housing should be getting cheaper, which would help increase the birth rate.
        A male who has a higher income, can afford a house is more attractive to females while his wife has more choices.

        1. Also, welfare payments, public education and national care lower birth rates. Reason being, this stuff is expensive, increases your tax bill and makes children relatively more expensive.
          100 years ago income taxes were negligible or non-existent in the West. Now, essentially half your income.

        2. Yes very true. So tax receivers continually increase in number while tax pays reduce in number. This ultimately leads to the collapse of the government.

      6. That only works with productive workers, not welfare dependents or minor contributors. This heaves debt upon more debt by increasing effective dependency. It doesn’t explain the obsession.

      7. Muslims are net recipients of welfare…fat lot of good it does the economy importing millions of the useless fcukers.

      8. The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of White people’s money.

        1. White people run out of White people’s money? I guess they should have thought about that way back when.

        2. Socialism works fine when it’s National Socialism. I.e. when it’s not run by Jewish bankers who want to flood the country with third worlders.

        3. National Socialism resulted in the absolute destruction of Germany, from which it has not recovered. Other than that, it’s fine.

        4. Stalin opened a trap and Hitler drove straight into it.
          However, socialism by definition is a self-destructive force because it consumes capital. If you take enough bricks out of your house eventually it will fall down. No Jews in sight here.

        5. Yes that is me. Its not nice to make fun of retarded people. Do it again and I’ll crush you with my retard strength.

        6. The jews destroyed Germany before and the “allies” beholden to jews destroyed it with firebombing campaigns and invasion. If you study history, real history, not the jew version, you will discover that pension plans and the best working conditions existed for German people and even those slimy jews who destroyed Germany got to live in camps even though deserved nothing more than bullets to the head for nation wrecking Germany to begin with. Someday, when you take the red pill and wake up from the jew matrix you will see how America is now Germany and the same parasites are ruining it today with perpetual wars and money theft for that rotten parasitic country called Israel. Until then, keep on blaming Germany for defending itself from the parasitic jew plague.

      9. Democracy has to have boundaries. Muslims and pharisees seem to think they can take advantage of our freeworld and that is why it is wisdom to discriminate against these kinds of sorceries and manipulations.

    4. Add in there the glamorization of Homosexuality, Lesbianism, and the demonization of the “traditional” family…this has sent Europes population into a death spiral, thus making importation of refugees necessary.

      1. The importation of Muslims is far from necessary…especially as most of them are on welfare….a smaller population isn’t in itself a bad thing…as long as there isn’t mass immigration…also only 2% of the population is ‘gay’.

        1. Necessary indeed – not quite. I never understood the line of reason which argues that more immigrants are needed – regardless of who, where or what they are – to sustain a population. What good is sustaining a population when the replacements consist of takers versus makers? Sure, they can vote to keep the puppetmasters in charge, but eventually someone has to pay for all of the freebies. The gated communities where the likes of Angela Merkel live will only stay unaffected for so long.

        2. I agree with you Robert, multiculturalism has nothing to do with sustaining population in the west. Mere Propaganda put out by the elites to blend cultures and societies. Ultimately, it will lead to the destruction of what made each country and it’s peoples unique! The end game is world government!

        3. Or it will end feminism once and for all as anglo’s will begin to fear extinction and fire up the baby factories. Perhaps the leaders of this nation realize that they must introduce an invasive species in order to stimulate native population growth. The more these young women of europe fear walking down the street at night alone the more they will desire a WEstern males protection and guidance. Walla sex then babies. The more the muslim pop grows the stronger their political voice becomes. WAlla bc outlawed, walla porn and womens rights become extinct. They aint going to go for a middle eastern dude. That is for sure. They do not want to be slaves. The war is not against Euro caucasion culture the war is against the cancers that are this cultures real threat. Feminism, socialism, heathenism, consumerism, etc. The party is over. This is a mans world as God intendended. If we need to replace you all with muslims to accomplish this then so be it. If you are against this out produce them. The choice is all yours. That is the real message

        4. Yeah. Fewer people simply means more resources per capita. Good. Moreover, we can restrict all immigration to temporary guest workers; problem solved.

        5. There is no need to bring in the muslim enemy. Also Christianity itself is an alien oppressive influence. Heathenism proceeded it. Porn is not a big problem heir either. Low birth rates are good for the environment. It would be best if the inferiors, blacks, latinos, and muslims had birth rates below their superiors, white, Jews and orientals and high class hindus.

        6. The end game is the destruction of western civilization, culturally and genetically, also known as white genocide.

      2. If that argument is being used, then why not allow white American, Australian, Russian men immigrate to the EU and rebuild it???
        Or why not take all of the Afrikaans who are getting destroyed in the RSA and resettle them to their ancestors homelands in the Netherlands?
        Europe does NOT need brown people – they need resourceful white people. Brown people do not make Europe only white people.

        1. those that come back to the Netherlands receive no help whatsoever, migrants get all the help they want even a house within a year, furnished and all (while we have to way at least 8-10 years or longer)

        2. White Europeans generally believe in putting semi-retarded violent dark age barbarous muslim savages above white Europeans.

        3. The goal of the politically correct folks is to destroy white civilizations and white populations.

      3. They are telling us all we should reduce our own population, so we do, voluntarily or by force of economic hardship, and by sinister fertility reduction programs through GMO’s, glyphosate or whatever, so we should enjoy more resources, cheaper housing, and bigger houses, yet insanely, the politicians bring in fast-breeding alien peoples with alien cultures who will never ever integrate, as their religions absolutely forbid it, thinking of the death penalty for any Muslim who dares to leave Islam.
        Also of course, this keeps housing scarce and exponentially spiralling in cost to force young white couples to defer or even totally forget having children in order to be able to afford even the most meagre housing, yet their tax money is squandered on fast-breeding immigrants who will continue to live on free handouts, thus the whites are made to suicide themselves under the government of the hostile alien cryptos above them, who have infiltrated government positions under totally false pretences.

        1. Note that these poor whites who cannot afford to buy houses and have kids are generally highly educated and politically correct.

      4. They want a one world govt, A one world currency ,A one world religion and a one world race , which according to the Kalergi plan calls for a “brown mongrel race”.

      5. So has excessive taxation and regulation to support welfare states. It is the muslims’ breeding that should be suppressed.

    5. And add that to the mentality that Islam=”Poohr leetul veektins of war” while Christianity=”Eeevul Muhjoritee dat got it to easehh” And Europe is fucked. Let them apply the “no true scottman” fallacy on these refugees so they can learn and teach a lesson to the world.

    6. ordinary people, and above all ordinary women are still in denial that there is a connexion between social and political decline and feminism etc. The manosphere should be merciless in pointing out the connexion between feminist / socialist policy and immigration. Below replacement birth rates require mass immigrations, and nowhere is this more apparent than Germany. The issues are linked but as yet they are not linked in the public’s mind. Lots of feminists out there bemoaning mass immigration and posturing as patriotic, but are they lying back and thinking of England, Germany, US etc. Of course not they’re thinking of themselves, and making short-term choices that feminism has told them to make and which in the long term they don’t even want

      1. Agreed, but i see more white women rejecting feminism and embracing ingroup loyalty lately.

        1. But brainwashing begins at school. Their opinions are already formed before they’re an adult. You’d need a complete overhaul of the system to see any real change.

    7. You made me nostalgic for the days the white man kicked ass. Feminism is slowly wiping us out. Imagine in 1935 millions of dust nigs trying to invade Europe or North America. They’d be wiped out.

      1. White people invaded the Americas and Africas and destroyed native populations there. Now the hicken have come home to roost. What you reap is what you sow.

    8. Don’t forget homosexuality…that’s also been a deterrent to reproduction in the westernized degenerate areas.

    9. ^THIS^
      They are closing schools down in Germany simply because there isn’t enough students or teachers. My last employer was flying potentinal candidates from Moscow to Frankfurt airport for interviews because we couldn’t find anyone in country.
      When a third of your women folk abstain from having kids (eg. under the Illusion that a family is superficial as I have a “secure” state pension coming to me), the socialist state needs warm bodies to keep filling their coffers.
      Of course, filling your country with parasites who are drawn to the welfare and who will simply not be a productive citizen for exploiting is just stupidity on stilts. Does any western classroom teach why the USSR fell?
      I wonder why. //sarc

    10. Yes, those are the problems, but as western Men we’ve allowed our women to get out of hand, the responsibility falls on our heads for allowing this Monster (Feminism) to dictate western society, western Males share in western societies demise by remaining reticent and doing nothing.

      1. Tough men can’t solve any of the problems until the women are prevented from voting or gaining political power as well, I think. Women overwhelmingly vote for and support all of these causes that harm society (mass immigration, socialism, feminism, etc). Even if men were to throw out all the immigrant hordes today, women (and feminized men) would vote them all right back.

        1. I agree women shouldn’t vote, women are allowed to vote because a majority of Males in western nations believe women should vote, if all Men shared beliefs in Red Pill/Neo-Masculinity things wouldn’t be out of hand in western nations with women/feminism, but feminism has a lot of males on their side, some active most passive, even the average Guy agrees women should vote (Passive feminist), the majority of western Males don’t share Red-Pill beliefs, this could be changed by getting Red-Pill involved in politics, and advocating Red-pill beliefs be taught to boys and girls in school. Most western people are affected by feminism today and at one point feminism didn’t exist, but look how it has grown in time, there is no reason the small but growing movement of Red-Pill can’t be successful and have influence in society someday.

        2. Then complete overhaul the system, Men believing nothing can be done is the attitude feminist’s/SJW’s want.

        3. If men were masculine and alpha enough I think women would give up their suffrage voluntarily. Women “voting” is just a collective shit test that men are collectively failing.

        4. By definition, most men have never been alphas and never will. The thing is that modern societies have given more power to betas who are just eager to please mwomen so they can get some sex.
          From a game theory perspective this is quite simple: in the old days, only alpha got sex on demand. Betas please feminist so they can get regular sex. In turn feminist vote betas who will please them. No rocket science.

        5. Capitulating to feminists doesn’t give you shit but a very dry dick. The only time this fight is over is when we give up. I shame as hard as I can, and have turned minds around for their benefit.

    11. I would say taxes and costs of living are huge ones as well. I’m Swedish and with all taxes (gasoline etc), I pay 75% of my monthly income in tax. And the huge immigration is making housing costs go through the roof. Also, a lot of young women have bought the propaganda that the globe is overpopulated and that’s why they should have 1-2 kids or maybe adopt some little black kid from Africa.

      1. ” I’m Swedish and with all taxes (gasoline etc), I pay 75% of my monthly income in tax.”
        Sorry to hear that man.. Sweden is finished. What a shame…

      2. How ridiculous. Women can be so foolish, adopting children from overpopulated countries is giving those countries incentive to have more children.
        That really sucks, I feel bad for you.

    12. Exactly.The POLITICS would be completely different. I don’t even mean a policy, the complete political scene, the parties, the political values, priorities, ideology, etc. Everything.

    13. Exactly. Low birth rates are being discussed in every European country, but not a single politician has dared to blame feminism for it. It’s like an elephant in the room.

    14. I’d also add the rampant increase in demands of socialism as a reason people aren’t having kids. Kids are demand expensive and between 50% of my income confiscated at all levels of government, my wife and I chose not to have any kids in part due to that.

    15. Thats not it , look up “The Kalergi plan ” angela merkel ,martin shultze and other leading lights in the eu leadership have even been given the kalergi award for their parts in furthering the kalergi plan .

    16. In my experience people haven’t been reproducing for exactly 2 reasons – social inhibitions and economic disparity. Blaming abstract “feminism” for failures of a nation sounds like THE social inhibition of this century – avoidant personality disorder: it’s them not us. It’s her/him not me. Article asks everyone to grow a pair and we just bury them in the sand because “feminism” hurt our manly pride. If you really care about families, survival, nurture, growth and thriving you’d pay attention to REAL reasons and ACTUAL perpetrators of the decisions made in European politics, not get caught by some BS bait to turn both genders against one another. I know tons of sexually frustrated dudes, who blame feminism for the most detached political outcomes and with mutual buddy support jump on the bandwagon of feeling like they’re in the right. But seriously, sometimes you whine louder than the feminists. Feminists one one hand and then you on another – a sane person’s ears will rot away being stuck between you two whiny toddlers.

  2. – Practical Idealism. The Racist and Supremacist Roots of the Ideology behind the European Union
    – Free Muslim Immigration to Europe. The Barcelona Declaration. Euro Mediterranean EU’s dirty secret
    – Jewish involvement in the promotion of ‘hate speech’ laws, multiculturalism, mass immigration, denationalization, subversion of traditional values, and related items.
    – Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sárközy Nagy Bócsai 1

    – Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sárközy Nagy Bócsai 2
    – Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sárközy Nagy Bócsai 3

    – Relay of Life. What you always wanted to know about the ‘Brussels EU’ But no one dared to tell you

  3. Short-term those migrants prop up the economic system via increase of debts. Those yearly 16.800 EUR come out of the coffers of tax-payers. But of course jobs won’t magically materialize in a Europe that has already high unemployment – of which 40% is hidden due to clever accounting and calculation scheming. Never mind the fact that those arriving Muslims are a bad cultural fit & certainly won’t integrate well as has been demonstrated in France and Sweden very clearly.
    The politicians have their marching orders and they are going to use any ruse in the book to push through the current agenda to the detriment of the lower 90% – actual quotes by Merkel and Juncker:

    1. It’s going to take the people standing their ground saying No to their political “leaders” and the people attempting to resettle in their countries. This is a soft invasion and people need to see it that way. It will take the people overcoming both to stop it.
      Either now or later…it’s going to get ugly.

      1. Same with us here in the States, regarding the Latino hordes, and the Obama “plan” to let in these Islamic animals from Europe as well. Fortunately, we can meet them directly with our firearms in hand. It’s a matter of getting the will to do it, which I believe is fairly close to being achieved. The huge groups of people who were blocking the buses going to and from “sanctuary cities” are a good sign.

        1. Yep. It’s going to take the people (here and in Europe) to call out the governments and straighten things out. These politicians are trying to convince the people that these “refugees” are from a worn torn country. I’ve seen plenty of examples of refugees moving about in the past. This move isn’t one of them…it’s something else.
          People need to wake up and set up (like Hungary). Build the fence or wall if need be and man it.

        2. It is getting harder and harder to get firearms in this country. If you have felony record, you can’t own a gun. So, create rape hysteria where men get a guilty verdict even if it was a false accusation, then guess what? He’s now a felon and can’t bear arms.
          Edit: Also broaden the definition of rape to simply telling a woman she looks cute today and more men get charged with this felony.

        3. What you’re talking about is tantamount to open rebellion. I’m on board with this, but it’s not likely to happen in a generation of effete latte-sipping hipsters, trannies, and idiotic consumers.
          Add to that the firepower the government has, which will not hesitate to use on it’s own citizens to protect the “laws”.
          People of the west will not budge until the last cold beer is gone. Then it’s too late.

    1. It’s about time “really bad stuff” happened, if you ask me, if by that you mean that the indigenous people rise up and vomit out the invaders, regardless of the methods they use.

      1. People overlook that there are plenty of military age males coming into Europe. Even if only half are from Syria that’s still about 50 Divisions of manpower flooding in. Remind me why they can’t defeat ISIS or Assad when they clearly have the manpower? There are still warehouses of old Soviet arms in Eastern Europe. Mosin Nagant and SKS bullets still kill.

        1. They do not. Arabs are a particularly cowardly race, but always demand to have their own thing their way based on their dynastic tribes and clans. They want ISIS defeated, as they have been displaced, but don’t want to be the ones to do it. Rather they will have their own thing in the womb of Europa in the meantime. Hence they ask for benefits and rights rather than guns and training. IF Russia defeats the various factions (big if) in a timely manner many will fuck off on back. If it is prolonged and they put down roots then their thing is the new German thing.

        2. What are the odds all those strategically placed enemy encampments (“refugee centres”) are going to find themselves “magically” supplied with weapons?

        3. Why do it with a gun when you can do it with your cock? If the racial tension gets too high look for subtle breeding programs. It will start with a few feature stories about refugee-national couples, then celebrities jumping on. Then it is popular and all the girls are looking for that BAC (“big” Arab Cock).

      2. I can see the government calling the indigenous protesters as radicals and move the militia to suppress them. Meanwhile secretly funding/supporting the invaders and continue to call the invaders as victims of hate.

    2. If Merkel isn’t careful, the people may come looking for her, next. There has already been protests (parades) where the German population does not believe that this move is for “refugees”. Many of the people coming into Europe are single, younger men (no women or kids with them).
      It’s a soft invasion (if you ask me) and the German government is going to have it’s hands full soon.

      1. “If Merkel isn’t careful, the people may come looking for her, next.”
        That would be well within their right to do so, she committed treason against the German people.

    3. The comments on the article are heartening, most of them. The “compassionate” idiot Leftists are being put in their place. A good sign.

      1. I say all those who want to help resettle these illegals…let them stay at your house (see how many of them actually sign up).
        It’s all talk but when it gets down to it…..crickets.

        1. i don’t do facebook arguments, but yeah, every time i see an aussie or european friend post something pro-immigrant, i want to ask how much they would be willing to give up personally to house some of these people.

        2. Your absolutely right, most of these “compassionate” leftists talk like lions, yet sacrifice like lambs. They would never open their homes to these “displaced individuals”.
          Words are wind, but as with all liberals; it is do what I say and not what I do.

        3. Making the indigenous population painfully aware of the personal costs of establishment policies.
          That’s the key.
          Being a racist is better than being homeless.

        4. At our doors…you must be joking…have the dirty beggars we love so much on the public airwaves arrive HERE! In my leafy liberal neighborhood… where all the correct thinking, compassionate caring middle class media types snip their perfectly formed tall skinnies from their rows of gated proprieties, no fear!

      2. Fuck compassion. Compassion got us into this shit. Compassion is given to people with your same values and ethics. I will not have any compassion for a minority of people who subvert my communities interest.
        They don’t have any compassion for us, respect for our culture, our identity and values. They wouldn’t fight for their own countries and seem to have left their own women behind to fight and they, being cowards they hopped on a train.
        Identify the enablers and financiers first. Take care of them.

  4. From the pagan perspective, Odin tells us in Havamal that guests who stay too long soon outstay their welcome.

  5. “The Catholic Church has historically been a bulwark in preserving the Christian culture of Europe.”
    Correction: The Catholic Church has historically been a bulwark in preserving the ROMAN CATHOLIC culture of Europe. (Note: And as part of that “preserving,” Romanism was busy torturing, massacreing, and genociding countless millions of Christians who refused to bow down to the papacy, right after Romanism had first burned their Bibles. There. Take it away, Paul Harvey: Now you know the rest of the story.)

    1. Very well done. However, I can tell by your icon that you came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and you are all out of bubble gum

    2. Another ignorant idiot, whose bias blinds him to the self-evident truth: Catholic Church has been infiltrated by leftists and there is no pope.

      Correction: The Catholic Church has historically been a bulwark in preserving the ROMAN CATHOLIC culture of Europe. (Note: And as part of that “preserving,” Romanism was busy torturing, massacreing, and genociding countless millions of Christians who refused to bow down to the papacy, right after Romanism had first burned their Bibles. There. Take it away, Paul Harvey: Now you know the rest of the story.)

      By the way, it’s impossible to kill millions when there are not that many people to kill and what bibles were burned? the ones you distorted or the ones in your imagination?. Any more lies?

      1. Burned? Lots of books were excluded and either destroyed or are kept stored deep, deep in the Vatican after the council of nicea. Then regular people weren’t allowed to read the Bible for over a 1000 years. The entire catholic faith hinges on a liberal interpretation of one verse in the Bible AND assumes that the group of Christians 350 years after Paul can somehow bring back the “rocks” power. Catholic church’s history is very dark and its very root actually traces to Constantine who was a Pagan that stood at the doorstep of a collapsing empire. The next 1000+ years was control, murder, and corruption.

    3. Could you give me one example where “millions” of Christians were killed for refusing to bow down to the papacy (the Cathars in France and Hussites – maybe a few thousand were killed).
      And the Catholic Church couldn’t really do much directly against the Protestants in the 16th century. Massacres such as the Huguenots in France were government policy.
      While the Church organized Crusades (ignore the IV Crusade please as that was the Venetians’ fault and Innocent was furious) and rallied Europe in times of crisis. The Church gave Europeans a shared identity that allowed them to unite (to a degree) to repel enemies such as at the Battle of Tours in 732, the Battle of Lepanto in the 1570s (I believe), and the aforementioned Battle of Vienna for just a few examples.

  6. Its not about birthrate numbers, its about vote dilution. If there is no homogeneous culture in an EU state that is independent of an EU identity vs a national one, those that run the EU machinery at the “federal” level gain power. Its not that they place 0 value on culture, its that they actively want it destroyed. The migrants will be loyal to the machinery that subsidizes them, and hostile to the nationalist “xenophobic” interests that oppose it.

    1. Whether in Europe or America the pattern, I think, is the same.
      The elites want immigrants.
      Rightist elites (establishment Republicans, etc.) want immigrants to drive down the cost of labor.
      Leftist elites need immigrants to replace all the liberal voters that have been aborted over the past 30 years.
      These two are in symbiosis with one another.
      The host poor bear the costs.

  7. Europe is, imo, at a critical turning point in its history. All leftist in europe want that invasion because without migrant’s votes, they will never be able to keep the power. 2 scenarii :
    – people don’t care and let this invasion continue and europa will become eurabia (i read somewhere that it was an ancient project of some elites in the past)
    – we’ll see the irristible rise of nationalism in every european country and the crushing defeat of all leftist, election after election.
    As a french, I feel shame for this europe which destroy itself. I hope the second scenario will take place soon. I know for whom i’ll give my vote for the next french president.
    edit : And i admire eastern europe countries who stand up against merkel. At least some have balls to resist.

    1. Nietzsche always consider Europe a peninsula of Asia anyway. If you look at the globe you’ll see why…

      1. Europe is doomed, even geographicaly ! I hope to leave it one day, but i don’t know where to go… any suggestion ?

    2. Any candidate who favors nationalism would then be denounced and be called a heartless racist by the media. The masses would be too stupidly brainwashed and believe it and then go back to their daily stupid nonsense on Fakebook.

      1. yeah, it’s the leftist narrative.. used for years.
        You like your country above others countries ? Nationalist.
        You think europe has a white christian legacy ? Racist.
        You don’t want migrants to come in your country ? heartless racist.
        You think islam could be a danger for democracy ? islamophobic.
        you think jews have to much power on the country ? antisemitic.
        you think women should stay feminine ? patriarchic.
        you don’t like to see outrageous fags dancing on multicolored trucks once a year ? homophobic.
        and so on…
        But I think this fucking joke begin to end because I see more and more people who realize that we’re living the death of europe as we know it.

        1. With the help of the internet, it’s difficult for the ones in power to keep us all in the dark. Fakebook trying to censor any criticism on the migrants is one technique, but people catch on. When will the people see and overthrow these scums in power?

        2. Perhaps Just wait them to make a enormous communication mistake… (because poor decision like merkel’s call for invading is not enough for sleeping masses) and a lot of social reengineering to disband the global brainwashing.. Yes i’m dreaming.

  8. There’s no such thing as a “white” country.
    That aside, there is a certain irony in all of this. European countries have been violently invading Middle-Eastern countries for centuries, more successfully recently. And now Muslims are non-violently invading Europe. I have to say, I’d much rather be invaded this way than the way the US and the UK typically invades Middle-Eastern countries.

    1. You have it backwards. For most the last 1500 years, it was the Muslims from Southern Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa invading Europe. The Crusades were a response, not an attack.
      Spain, Portugal, Sicily, Crete, Greece, the Balkans, and Hungary all spent long periods under the rule of Muslim invaders. Vienna was twice besieged by the Ottomans. Eastern Europe was raided and invaded countless times by Turks, Tartars, and the Muslim Mongols of the Golden Horde.

      1. And before that the Romans and Greeks. Nothing backwards mate.
        I’m not sure its quite so simple as the Crusades being a response to invasion.
        As for the Ottomans – are they European or Asian? They used to be called the Sick Man of Europe.

        1. 1. Charles Martel was possibly the first “Crusader” – leading the fight to stop the Muslim invasion of France in 721. This began the Reconquista – the 770 year crusade to recapture Spain and Portugal.
          2. Ottomans – Because until 1832 they ruled a good chunk of southern Europe including Greece. And nobody can decide if Turkey is in Europe or Asia.

        2. 1. The actual existence of an event called the “Reconquista” is in question. A 770 year invasion? Hmm.
          2. What I said.

        3. Ottomans are Turkmen. They are originally from the Turkmenistan area.

        4. Not quite the same. The Anatolian invasion is something they still celebrate and happened in recorded history.

        5. Sorry but you are ignorant. No serious historian doubts the existence of the event “Reconquista”, besides some leftist cranks from the Anglo countries, who should have been institutionalized a long time ago.

        6. Sorry but you can fuck off. I’ve looked into it and yes it is in question. There is no singular event called “Reconquista”. It a romantic term to describe a period of changing territorial boundaries which even today are not yet resolved. So go fuck yourself.

        7. You can fuck off as well since it is obvious you have no more arguments than your Anglo bias. It seems willful blindness cannot be cured. Whether you like it or not Spaniards fought and reconquered their territory from Islam. That’s something than can be easily gleaned from the sources and serious historians that bothered to collect the data (mostly in Spanish, a language I can safely assume you can´t read). It was not an organized effort and many instances of infighting took place among the christian factions but they recognized that a common enemy of their Kingdoms was Islam, whether from the fading arabic empire or the rising Turks.

        8. Care to actually read the link you post? La Reconquista is just a name made up after the events to create a narrative.
          Even a cursory look at the actual actions of Christian Spanish rulers refutes the notion that they had any common, continuous, century-spanning agenda of Christian conquest of the peninsula. They fought each other just as much as they fought Muslims, and didn’t hesitate to make alliances across the religious divide when it was in their interest. Same goes for the Muslim rulers to the south.

        9. Not a safe assumption. I can read Spanish and I have an avid interest in the history and culture of Spain.
          Again all decided after the fact (your belief that there was some united Christian effort against Muslims). Those people who conquered the Iberian Peninsula (because you know Spain didn’t exist during the centuries of Arabic rule) were not necessarily the same people who were pushed out by the Arabs. The Visigoths ruled Iberia at the time of the Arabic invasions and they didn’t even speak latin! Not only that, they no longer existed as an ethic group when Christian Kings began invading Iberia.
          Before the Visigoths, you had the Romans, the Carthaginians, the Greeks, the Greeks, the Iberians (likely from North Africa where the Moors came from), the Celts and so on.
          Starting your clock from when North Africans arrived for perhaps the third time is self-serving.
          Those people who finally pushed out the Muslims were descendents of Franks, Visigoths and Romans – with the Roman influence being pre-eminent hence the Latin language. Their religion is purely incidental. This was about resources and expansionism, as is virtually any conquest.

    2. Actually it’s the other way around. Islam has been attacking, invading and enslaving Europe for over 1400 years. The crusades and other retaliations only lasted 200 years and those where in defense of Christian settlements in the middle east.

      1. See my other post. There is history before 1400 years ago.
        Btw, every offensive war is described as defensive.

      2. Whichever macro-civilization has been the strongest at any given time in history has invaded, dominated and enslaved the others. Look at a world map circa 1900, very little land that isn’t under European/Western domination in one form or the other. To single out Islamic civilization for having done it in its heyday is disingenuous.

  9. Its an amazing strategy. I want your shit so I’ll just nicely walk up and take it, rather than fight you for it.

  10. “Why do the global elites want an Islamic invasion of Europe?”
    All not mutually exclusive:
    – Stepping stone to the totalitarian EU state (republic becomes an empire scenario)
    – Push to homogenize the populations of EU member states in order to make it easier to rule over them (divide & conquer, root out nationalism)
    – Immigrants as a proxy army against native populations (white genocide)
    – To divert attention from a major upcoming regional or global event
    – Power grab by the established Left
    – Power grab by big bankers
    – Power grab by conjectured shadow elite
    – Native populations of Europe are being “primed” by the “immigration experience” (i.e. rampant crime, economic hardship) for something bigger
    – Directed eugenics on the white population by deliberately introducing a selective pressure (violent immigrants) (i.e. succesfully fighting off a pathogen will boost host immunity)
    – Deliberate destruction of the economies of EU member nations with the goal of elimination of the EU as a global power
    Like I said before, the elites betrayed their people and opened the gates to modern Babylon, for the barbarian armies to rape and loot. And all for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver. It’s no coincidence the Europeans are disarmed and acts of self defense are subject to heavy punishment under the legal systems in place.

  11. That actually makes since. The US already has a lot immigration maintaining that pyramid is easy. in other countries where it’s no long worth having kinds, a bit of a different story

  12. Excellent! And Nikola Šubić Zrinski who fought to the death at the Siege of Szigetvár.
    “…Let us go out from this burning place into the open and stand up to our enemies. Who dies – he will be with God. Who dies not – his name will be honoured. I will go first, and what I do, you do. And God is my witness – I will never leave you, my brothers and knights!…”

    1. How much do you want to bet this photo will be cropped and used for his upcoming obituary?

  13. Lately many of the articles here are falling into the “ahh terist! Be afraid!” trap that the US government has been actively pushing for the past 15 years.
    Look, if you want to discuss racial or ethnic purity, national unity, or ethnocentrism, that’s fine. But to pretend that these millions of people fleeing a wartorn area are diabolical covert agents of destruction is simply not believable. And the whole notion of terrorism is grossly overexaggerated as it relates to your life. If we start printing stories about the danger of killer bees, shark attacks, and lightning, then terror warning stories can fit right in with those, but otherwise it’s simply a misdirection of our efforts. Let’s focus on the real issues and real problems, and work on real solutions by spreading neomasculinity.

    1. My choice to put the terrorist pic at the heading may have been a bad idea.
      I don’t think the main problem is that this will increase terrorism in Europe, although I have no doubt that there are radicals in this lot.
      The main problem is that this is being used to subvert the European populations against their will. I think regaining control of our own governments falls within the realm of the goals of neomasculinity.
      BTW, it is not just Europe. It is pretty clear that in the US neither the Democrat nor Republican parties answer to the voter.

      1. Many people agree with the core messages we are trying to get through (look how Trump has tapped into this vague discomfort of the status quo, without a real detailed solution), but the delivery is key. I am not opposed to immigration; in fact I am in favor of it. I live in the US and prefer the more conservative Hispanic culture, importance of family and religion, hostility towards abberant sexuality and the feminine, sexy women south of the border.
        However, I am a white man and can also support many of the core issues that are upsetting the anti-immigration groups. I just think that, we would have much more success, for example, by instituting a social backlash against sluttery, trannies, and encouraging marriage and virginity instead of building a wall. A wall will only further isolate the corrupt American culture to within its borders, and is only a last ditch effort once America is deemed a failed state and is ready to die, as it must be quarantined from the rest of the world.
        As for the issue in Europe, I am anticipating Putin will solve the problem of mass exodus in Syria over the coming months.

        1. I agree that neomasculinity (outlined in Roosh’s articles) is a big part of the solution.
          That being said, I have to disagree with how to handle the border situation. As my disqus name implies, I truly am an ex-convict. I’ve been through the federal system and have seen the violent Mexican gangs first hand. According to the U.S. bureau of prisons website, 15.8% of the federal inmate population are citizens of MEXICO, which to me is completely unacceptable. And this is just the federal system, many are contained within state and private facilities.
          In my opinion, the reason they won’t seal the border has a lot to do with the drug trade. Many of our correctional institutions have been privatized and our politicians and policy makers are cashing in because the system is full of illegals and drug offenders. More inmates = more profit. I myself was housed in a private, for profit, correctional facility before going to prison.
          Also, if you’ve ever been to Los Angeles you’ll see that many of these people from Mexico REFUSE to learn English and integrate into our established culture. Many neighborhoods and even entire sections of cities are “brown only” territory. Try being white and going in to some of these Mexican neighborhoods after dark! No thanks! I’ve known a few Mexican immigrants here in the Midwest. Great people, but they FULLY INTEGRATED and SPEAK ENGLISH. I’m all for them bringing bits of their culture, but you can’t isolate yourself and expect everything to be okay.
          While I agree that teaching neomasculine principles will indeed help the situation, until we address the prison industrial complex, the drug trade, and the integration problem, I don’t think we can solve the problem effectively.

        2. If one based public policy on looking at the prison population, the solution would be to send all blacks back to Africa tomorrow.

        3. The Mexican members of drug cartels, the surenos, the nortenos, MS-13, etc. that make up a *relatively* large percentage of our prison population is but one aspect of the discussion. I never said we should base public policy off of the prison population, but it would be foolish to not take it into consideration when determining a solution! I’ve read a lot of your posts, and I KNOW you can offer more to this discussion! (If you have time)
          My solution to the problem is what would be considered “extreme” by most. I’m a bit of an asshole, but here goes… It would be at least two phases:
          1.) Build a wall using state and federal tax dollars. The wall should be equipped with spotlights, infrared scanners, radar, drones (maybe), ad nauseam. Also need to figure out a way to prevent tunneling. This wall should be manned 24/7 by guards with bean bag guns, flare guns, real guns, and other “toys”. The wall personnel would include ICE members, local/county/state law enforcement, and national guard troops.
          2.) After building the wall, I think there should be a coordination of local, state, and federal law enforcement, national guard troops, and also a large group of “deputized” citizens (believe me, there would be a shitload of them signing up, especially in border states where they have to deal with the illegal immigration problem daily). You coordinate all of these people to do a national “sweep” and smoke out as many illegals as possible (focusing on the ones with criminal convictions first). I’m pretty Libertarian leaning, so this phase would make me a bit uncomfortable. BUT, once it’s done it’s done. Also would first need to purchase or borrow many sets of shackles from various police and/or private institutions for illegal alien transport. We use prison buses and military equipment to transport them back to Mexico. We use our military muscle (if need be) to essentially tell Mexico “Fuck you”, and set up a place in Mexico where the rounded up illegals will be brought to. We drop them off. We leave. As a token of good will, we give all of the illegals a decent amount of cash to at least scrape by while they reestablish themselves in Mexico, or reenter the United States LEGALLY.
          Of course phase 2 is not very practical at all unless it is well thought out and well planned. It may have to go state by state, starting with border states and southern California. There is an estimated 11.4 million illegals in this country (not all from Mexico of course). In other words, this would be an enormous task, and maybe only roughly 25-50% effective (just throwing out a rough estimate). I’d probably start by removing the illegals that have criminal convictions, then go after the ones who haven’t had kids here in the states (they’re just here to work and send money back to Mexico). Then, the problem of illegals with families and “anchor babies” will need to be addressed in a humane fashion.

    2. “Let’s focus on the real issues and real problems, and work on real solutions by spreading neomasculinity.”

    3. One might also ask, if these refugee-immigrants are such vicious Islamic supremacists, why aren’t they remaining in Syria to fight for ISIS?

  14. “Our global elites are generally very good at hiding their plans”
    lol, no they are not.

  15. If politicians wanted migration to stabilize their country’s demographics, any single one of them would put their 2 neurons together and be a lot more selective about what or who can be added to a culture that won’t destroy it beyond recognition. But they have sold one of said neurons for personal gain.
    Quote from
    ‘Driven by empathy’
    Take a recent edition of Spiegel, which ran a front-page picture of the chancellor dressed as Mother Teresa. “Mother Angela,” the headline proclaimed.
    Germans long knew their chancellor as a rational, deliberate, decision-maker, the accompanying article read, but in the refugee crisis a new Merkel had emerged “driven by empathy”.
    And that’s why Hans-Joachim Maaz – one of Germany’s leading psychiatrists – believes Chancellor Merkel is out of her depth.
    “She’s taking a mother role – and that to an extent protects her from criticism,” he says.
    “It’s also a role she strives for. The fact she’s taking selfies with refugees shows there’s a lack of distance – a distance that a politician should maintain.”
    End Quote.
    Well done Merkel, your fellow German countrymen will remember you in years to come.

  16. If it’s about making a totalitarian EU clearly it’s not going to work. The UK population will vote out on next year’s referendum on the EU as a result of this mass migration. I can see the same with many east European nations. I don’t believe in the whole Jewish self hatred plot against Europe, clearly radical Muslims are the Jews greatest threat, also they’re many high ranking Jews in the UK, like Lord Lawson, who are heading up the campaign for Britain to leave next year, as he believes the EU is run by bureaucrats who wish to destroy the nation State of Great Britain.

  17. where are the women?
    why be shocked. only men are capable of crossing dessert war zones and water. females only made thanx to some men

  18. The european women want these mulsim young man. It is a simply as that. They want to get fucked by real men; what these brown but war-torn non gendermainstreamed arabs are.
    They give a fucking shit about laws, equality and 50:50 regulations. They will fuck them hard, treat them women as lesser humans and punch every friend-zone dork in his real face, should he not stop sending messges, cause this bitch is now arab property.
    Thats what the european womenz want, and thats what they will getz. A new angle to consider but a worthwhile one. The new barbarian vikings of our time are brown. Sad but true.

    1. Before a news story of a white European girl abused by s muslim immigrant would infuriate me. Now, after getting to know the mindset of the majority of the “liberated” Euro ladies – I dont give a flying damn

    2. Haha! Maldek wins the internet!
      But wait, if only a hero would emerge in our time of darkness… to stop the invading hordes!!

    3. It’s like winning the racial birth lottery and than throw it all in the fire with bastard children.

    4. Which begs the question, why so much hate against these darkies on the Manosphere? Seems like they are living the Red Pill.

      1. Seriously. I was worried at first because I’m not Muslim nor do I believe in god. But they are the ultimate fighters in all sense.
        The mongols were just as ruthless as isis and they dominated everyone. The key to winning is keeping women in check and taking no prisoners, alway be on the offense and making no compromises.

    5. Honestly, real women don’t do psychopaths. Yes we want men to lead but only broken women want to be treated as sub human. Are you a female with dependant personality disorder? Or a predator that preys on such.You have no clue of what REAL women want. Stop speaking for women. You have zero clout

  19. Western Europe is wealthy since the 16th century. Before that is was a complete shithole and the good parts were controlled by the Romans. The Romans never thought their empire would collapse, but it happened. The same will happen with Western Europe. Nations rise and fall.
    The majority of the people here in Western Europe are simply dumb, a pussy or don’t give a fuck about the country. There are already too many Muslims here that refuse to accept our society and a lot of them openly admit they want to destroy and loot Western countries. They estimate that around 1.5 million new refugees will come to Western Europe and the people are welcoming them.
    I guess the following statement also applies to Western Europe: “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within”

    1. Like your last quote, that’s why European nations need to leave the EU and Brussels which has done more damage, than all the Arabs in the world, to destroy the concept of the nation State in Europe. This is the main culprit behind so much of the inner rot that has caused Europe to implode into a self emasculating void over the last 50 years.

    2. “The majority of the people here in Western Europe are simply dumb, a pussy or don’t give a fuck about the country.”
      That’s part of the plan. First you have to create a bunch of pussies before you can play them like puppets.
      Seriously, look at the incredible stupidity of people nowadays. Everybody is shallow, dumb as a rock, emotionally confused and fucked up and sometimes even on mental drugs. This can’t be just coincidence.

    3. We Europeans destroyed ourselves from within by turning our backs on our own indigenous cultures and religions in favor of middle eastern monotheism. We should have never embraced Christianity but held onto our own rituals, gods, goddesses, traditions and cultures.

  20. It’d be a big challenge to me to explain to my family in Russia what “Diversity Officer” job means.

  21. 1970’s-2000’s: “We need to fight overpopulation”. 2010’s: “An aging population is bad for the economy so we need immigrants.”

    1. Let Germany and Sweden make these decisions for themselves. What I object to is a centralized EU imposing quotes on all EU countries, regardless of their populations, birth rates, and cultures. This is testimony of how ignorant, stupid, and arrogant the people in Brussels are. Again, another proverbial two fingers to everyone in a nation State in Europe from the people in the European Commission who no one elects!.
      By the way, I’ve had the “privilege” of attending meetings in Brussels on occasions, and to be blunt and honest, the majority of people I’ve met there are not terribly bright. There’s a general turgid complexity about the simplest things they do- they live completely within a hermetically sealed Euro bubble, that just repeats back to them the mantra…”that we in Brussels are the people who’ll tell you all what’s best for you!” Trust me, these people are idiotic and that’s what actually makes them so dangerous to European/Western civilization.

      1. It is human nature to want to rule and dictate over others. You can try replacing the decision makers in Brussels but the outcome will be the same.

        1. Is it? Ruling is a great and troublesome burden. Few are made for it. I don’t think there are many human beings who can wear this mantle with comfort and ease as it’s not meant to be worn that way. Ruling is a curse foisted upon the shoulders of both weak and great men equally.

  22. Fuck islam and especially fuck the “elites”. These motherfuckers need to die, especially Soros. I hope his fucking head gets cut off by one of these muslims.

  23. In Russia Putin banned Soros’ fund all together along with most of Western so called NGOs

  24. With proper encouragement Whites could start out producing most within a generation. But governments do not want this to happen, hence homosexual sex, abortion, emasculation dependence on the state is being taught k thru college.

  25. Marxism destroys culture. It isn’t just happening in Europe. In Canada they are trying to build a monument to the victims of communism and the vocal SJW lunatics are, of course, screaming for monuments to the victims of ‘capitalism’ to be built first. How did we become so suicidal as Western culture?

    1. Why should Canada have a monument to the victims of Communism? Canada has never had any mass-murdering Communist dictator.

      1. Trudeau was a major commie supporter. The only time Castro left Cuba was to go to Trudeau’s funeral here in Canada. I think the point of the monument is the warn Canadians, who are rapidly becoming a bunch of beta-progressive-liberal commies, of the real cost of ‘ideals’ like socialism/Marxism.

        1. Ah, so it wouldn’t be meant to be a memorial, but a propaganda piece posing as a memorial. Which, by itself, is sufficient reason to reject the whole idea.

    2. “Marxism destroys culture.”
      Is it Marxism or Monotheism that destroys culture? Think about it.

      1. Monotheism created most of the culture of Western Europe. In Christianity the importance of charity (which is an individual choice unlike taxes under socialism) and individual responsibility for one’s own actions and accepting the consequences (good or bad) are, imho, a far superior ideology in comparison with Marxism. The Gospels reinforce ideas of individual responsibility and the importance of making good choices, almost like the idea of right action.

        1. Like almost all ideologies, Christianity has some good in it. But I still say it was a very wrong move for us Europeans to cave into this foreign religion when we had our own religions and traditions that had their own good in them and which could have been preserved and built upon. We have lost our cultural memory because of having done so.

  26. As if anyone should take fiscal advice from emperor palpatine aka george soros, the public sith lord of the progressive movement.
    He probably just wants to collapse the economic integrity of those States in the EU that don’t already use the euro, in much the same way he did the bank of England. I’d wager he’s got a healthy wager placed against those currencies which he doesn’t favor, like Hungary’s Forint. (which he’s attacked in the past as well.)
    No wonder he supports muslim stealth assimilation….as the article writer correctly deduced, these so called muslim refugees are merely stealth jihadists who come under the cover of peace but inwardly seek to pillage and plunder. They will drain a country’s resources dry like a parasitic invasion until they multiply enough to infest most to all of the host body and ergo, control it.
    Whenever muslims find themselves facing a particularly resolute enemy, the resort to wagering stealth warfare best exemplified in the “death by a thousand cuts” stratagem in order to supplant them from within.
    The bible says it best in Matthew 7:15 and 16:
    “Mat 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
    Mat 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?”

    1. One passage that I’ve always been curious about is Genesis 16:11-12:
      “The angel of the LORD said to her further, “Behold, you are with child, And you will bear a son; And you shall call his name Ishmael, Because the LORD has given heed to your affliction. 12″He will be a wild donkey of a man, His hand will be against everyone, And everyone’s hand will be against him; And he will live to the east of all his brothers.”
      I’m sure you can draw some comparisons between Ishmael and a current group that seems to be ever spreading nowadays.

      1. Indeed.
        And just as the bible predicted, there will NEVER be peace between Ishmael’s descendants and the descendants of Isaac, because of the grudge the latter likely bore towards Abraham’s Wife in her favoritism of Isaac.
        The religion of islam is built on centuries of butthurt feelings of jealousy.

  27. What baffles me the most is how the reporters and politicians never question why these Syrian refugees never went to the other gulf nations such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran etc. Since their cultures and religions are similar and it’ll be easier to assimilate them in these countries. I even read an article the other day saying how a significant number of refugees weren’t actually from Syria or Iraq but African/Arab thugs and hoodlums looking to do God knows what in some of these European states.
    I wouldn’t even be surprised if some of these foreign invaders were/are actually ISIS soldiers in refugee clothing, looking to perform guerrilla warfare in Europe. Ironically ISIS was created by the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD and is funded by US taxpayer dollars. So technically the US, an ally of western European states is responsible for this. I truly have to hand it to the shadow elites who pull the strings from behind the curtain as the events the orchestrate are flawless to say the least.
    which is the lesser of two evils, Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime which kept the region stable or the rise of ISIS and its Caliphate? So this is what NATO and the US mean in spreading freedom and democracy around the world? lmfao. Too many pseudo intellectual, idealistic politicians around.
    This migration to Europe that cuckold politicians are allowing is poking at a sleeping giant( Extreme nationalism). All it takes is a handful of charismatic ubermensch to rally the troops in defiance to a system of government that has been unjust to the native populace.

  28. When the nation wreckers destroyed South Africa they said it wasn’t the homeland of Europeans. When they opened the borders of America they said Europeans had stolen the land from the Indians. Now they’re telling Europeans that Europe is not theirs too. See Hitler told you what these scum were about. They lie like a rug don’t they?

      1. European Muslim are not like Arab Muslim. The former used to be Christians before the were converted (most forcefully) into Muslim.
        Hitler knew that.

      2. Ah yes, the two Muslim SS divisions. What about the other 36, Christian, SS divisions?

    1. Its our own fault to ceding to Christianity in the first place. Monotheism is not in our DNA and it has destroyed us.

  29. I’m still pissed off that they turned the Acropolis into a mosque, and that was over 500 years ago. They raped our women for over 400 years, killed over a million Greeks, pushed 2 million into the sea (my grandparents). They desecrated all of our ancient temples. Did the same to the Armenians, Serbs, Croats and the rest.
    Never seen one godamn movie about it, never heard it once mentioned in the leftist discourse, 500 years of brown colonisation, rape and pillage, in the heart of Ancient Europe, not a peep from these despicable cretins.
    Some tribe gets electricity and clean water in the middle of nowhere, it’s a catastrophe that you must pay reparations for and be eternally guilty.
    No one goes to turkey to see turkey, they go to see Ephesus. they go to see Agia Sophia.
    Anyway, a new friendly company is forming in Europe, this goes way, way, WAY back.
    It’s either black magic/child sacrifice mammon tyranny and tombs for kings or logic/reason/logos/beauty/light temples/liberty and no child sacrifice, it’s either Babylon or Athens!
    As a man there is only one choice.
    George Schwartz, you better have a space ship.

    1. You could start by acknowledging that you got your precious independence by exterminating the entire Muslim population of your country. Or maybe you do, and celebrate it. Which puts you in no position to whine about historical grievances.

    2. “I’m still pissed off that they turned the Acropolis into a mosque, and that was over 500 years ago.”
      This is what happens when open-minded, freedom-loving polytheistic Europeans give way to the closed system of middle-eastern Abrahamic monotheism. Christianity destroyed our indigenous diversity and now Islam is finishing it off for good.
      We need to return to our indigenous roots, cultures, traditions, gods and goddesses.

  30. Other people, like Pope Francis, are likely driven by Christian teachings of helping one’s neighbor. However, these people are naively ignoring other considerations such as the continued safety and existence of European peoples.

    Pretty Naive. Francis is not even a Christian, let alone a valid Pope. There has been no valid Pope since 1958 and it’s becoming ever clearer. Francis is a tool of the Globalists and he does their will.

  31. You know I don’t think helping your neighbor means helping people from another
    country that’s 100s of miles away.
    This is a fence they need to build in Europe.

  32. Divided we are powerless. United we are strong. All nations, all people, share this same rock. All nations, all people, all your toys, houses, science, politics, money etc are made by people. Without people you have nothing. Your greatest asset is people. Unite those people and you can end poverty, homelessness, disparity, etc. Divide those people and the population will self implode because it’s so inefficient.
    Would you rather the smartest bio-chemical engineer work on a gmo apple that can feed you for a week and gives you eternal life or a modified airborne ebola virus that literally fucks your face before infecting you. Right now we are on the latter. Would you rather the smartest doctors have the tools to cure you or the tools to “treat” you and keep profit up. Would you rather we all had access Bugattis or we all start riding the bus? Would you rather meet a woman and not have to worry about her just using you as a survival crutch or would you rather meet a woman who is looking for someone like you? Would you like to be able to have babies and know they’ll get all the help they require or raise them in a broken down project because the cost of living is more then your average income.
    This article is good minus the all Muslims are terrorists attitude. Still though think about the type of world you want to live in. Rather then throwing more shit at each other you can actually try working together.

    1. Meaningless, worthless, feel-good claptrap. You type a lot, but you say nothing. The clash of civilizations is real. Diversity leads to war. There is no such thing as equality, grow up.

      1. On the contrary you must be deaf and dumb. You type little, say little, and don’t make people feel good. That just makes you a dumb asshole.
        On equality no shit. On the world it is exactly what dumb assholes like yourself have made it. I recommend jumping off a bridge so you can stop contaminating my gene pool.

    2. Yet another dumbass statement by you..Are you even listening to yourself? You can’t be that delusional..

  33. Europeans were pushed to reduce family size in the 1960’s and 1970’s to save the environment. Now that they complied, they are told they must open their borders and destroy their country for complying with the elites. They are being punished even though they followed orders. If Europe goes down this means that there is no benefit to stabilizing your own population. All hope for a peaceful world will be lost.

    1. White people were the only people who complied with that policy and it was foolish, now it seems like they are afraid to have children. In the United States many of the immigrants as a whole have larger families than their counterparts in their countries of origin. Same thing is happening in Europe with the only people who have large families are immigrants.

      1. I don’t think they’re afraid, it’s just so expensive to have big families in most western countries nowadays.

  34. I feel as our ancestors are shaking their heads at us pissing away the foothold they fought and died to give us.

  35. A colleage of mine who owns a vacation home in Germany is being forced by the local municipal government to make it available for them to let some Muslim family live there. They’ll pay him a pittance for his trouble, far less than the house is probably worth, but he doesn’t get the option to refuse. So not only is any dissent over these supposed “immigrants” being silenced, but German citizens apparently have to give up their houses to make room for these people too.

  36. U.S. women abort 1 million children a year and we import over 1 million people to take their place. All of this is directly related to population control policies implemented from 1965-1973. Roe v. Wade was not about women’s rights it was about removing the American population. Women just take credit for it.
    Adios America!

    1. I could never figure out why people accept the “Old Testament” as “Holy.” The new testament message directly challenges the message of the old testament.
      Read it. It is a manual on genocide, savagery, and incest. Seems to still be used today. Half the friggin book is committing genocide against non-jews.
      Jewish “leaders” openly state their desire for destroying Europe by multiculturalism. Which seems to be a covert method of genocide endorsed by their religion.
      Somehow they have convinced people they are true humanitarians which is complete bullshit from a historical perspective. The difference is other religions are inclusive, theirs is strictly exclusive.
      If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is likely a duck. Ducks are fucking falling from the sky at this point. People see it and say, “Looks like rain.”
      “Hello, McFly, anybody in there?

  37. I’ve lived in third world countries, where the majority of a bosses time is spent making sure he workers don’t steal from him. Sometimes they will steal even if it means losing their job which isn’t easily replaced(ie logically he is losing more than he is gaining). Cmon over you’re going to magically make our economy better!

  38. This isn’t about children this is about the Iran, Russian alliance. The USA is going to draw back while Russia and Iran play a bigger role the Middle East has been divided up and sold to Iran and Russia. They are letting would be combatants leave instead of joining Isis. This is the new Babylon with Iraq in shambles, Libya the only players are isreal and Iran left in the Middle East, Pakistan undoubtedly would side with Iran becuase of there hate for India. While Iran beefs up and Russia in a few years they will sweep the whole Middle East, this is checkers. Euroupe won’t be able to intervene becuase when Iran does this they will be rocked with riots so they will be forced to sit out of a war they had no intention of joining. While the pope forms chrislam he will just fuse Jesus and Allah. This is the price of there world peace.

  39. $16,000 dollars annually with free housing? Are you fucking serious? And people wonder why the Eastern Bloc has a problem with it. If you have met someone from one of these country that is how much they make working 40 hours a week.

    1. Idiotic Canadian politicians are pissing on themselves to accept and give handouts to these migrants. Meanwhile we can’t seem to house our own. Fuck these people, we need to take care of ourselves first.

  40. REFUGEES are not the same as settlers. Hoardes of unskilled migrant ‘refugees’ are more like snakes. It is known that because snakes don’t have arms or limbs, they never construct their own dwellings or nesting holes. They can’t dig so instead they commando a hole by displacing the occupant. They don’t build, they steal:
    Or the snake slithers in while the occupant’s pants are down or while they’re asleep:
    That’s the difference between ‘helpless’ refugees who come with bags of dirty underwear and the pioneers who came armed with saws and hammers and settled the land. The pioneers BUILT FOR THEMSELVES. The pioneers were on their own. The ‘refugees’ aren’t pioneers by any stretch. They’re freeloaders. I don’t see any claw hammers or circular saws on board here, do you? See any tool belts? Nah.
    Like with urban blight/flight, are these outsiders expecting their hosts to just move aside, deserting their own ‘holes’ or homes? Are they otherwise expecting the host to be nice and build accomodations for them? The American pioneers were builders first. They cleared aside the matriarchal vagrants and pulled from their own saddle bags such other worldly wonders as the plumb bob and square rule and they built:
    They built quite well in fact, in the crafty traditions of their forefathers.
    I doubt the builders could foresee their towns over run by snakes and an urban blight leaving their works occupied again by non builder transients and covered with graffiti:
    They built with their future gentrations in mind.
    Who would think at the time that what they were building would not be for their own descendents, but for the posterity of a bunch of invading snakes? The debauchery of Babylon was the farthest thing from their minds. Who would think snakes would come? I’m sure the masons and carpenters who built this masterpiece kept their families, their tribe and culture in mind when they fitted the pegs and finished the magnificant stairwells in this jewel.
    This is you western man. The snake wants your hole. It’s bad enough that western men toil to accomodate the entitled princess lifestyles enforced by the divorce rape industry. But really. Did you REALLY spend all that time building your ‘hole’ to fork over to this little fella?:

  41. No the reason why the elites want millions of Mooslems to invade Europe is not the reason given here, it is not for demographic or economic reasons!!
    The real reason is that they want to undermine Nation states, destroy nation states, and therefore allow the European Union to be the ruler over the whole of what is currently the nation state members of the EU.
    This is the plan. Its about destroying the nation states. The quickest way to do that is not brainwashing via education, as its not effective enough. The quickest way is to import foreigners, especially mooslems, because their loyalty is always firstly to Allah and they do not care about the nation state or the culture…so long as whoever the state hands over the free stuff to them.
    The mooslems are being used to create a fascist totalitarian EU ruling over the whole of Europe, with nation states no longer being nation states, just flaccid regions reporting into the EU.

  42. “Sometimes our global elites are very clear about their plans, but we are conditioned to think that conspiracy theories are just for kooks—so we ignore these clear statements.”
    Show people government documents, legislation, UN documents, foundation studies, and much more and it’s still “conspiracy theory”. This has been the best media conditioning they’ve done to the population.
    “I suspect that the biggest reason that the global elites want to flood Europe with Islamic immigrants is that they place no value on culture—they view human beings purely as economic units.”
    While it is true they see as such immigrants are used to divide and rule. It was perfected in the USA in the 19th century. Creates infighting with the people. Drives down wages. It is very effective.

  43. What is wrong with the EU? They prioritise foreigners instead of habitants of their own countries. They have internal issues that need to be solved and they are just further increasing their own problems. It’s like adding insult to injury. Some of these “immigrants” aren’t even those fleeing from the Syrian conflict. A majority of these immigrants are young men. Remember when ISIS announced that they would send attacks to Europe. Well, it looks like it’s becoming a reality. I stand with the Hungarian government on this one. But their actions are considered to be “xenophobic” by the European Union. Also, when Mark Zuckerberg said that he would do something about these “xenophobic” posts on Facebook, it looks like freedom of speech is something that’s about to become a myth.
    R.I.P. Great Europe

    1. “What is wrong with the EU? They prioritise foreigners instead of habitants of their own countries.”
      We’ve been doing that since we allowed another middle eastern monotheistic religion take over and ruin us 1,000 – 2,000 years ago. I tried to research my own indigenous religion, culture, traditions, etc and its lost. So hard to piece together our own prophets, sages, gods and goddesses , but we know all about some “savior” born in Betheleham. Yeah we know all about him. Shame on us.

  44. A few thoughts on an issue not so far discussed. But some history first:- When Britain was colonizing Australia and the US, it tried its best to make sure that a roughly equal number of women as well as men were sent and even rounded up prostitutes to make up numbers. They considered that they couldn’t just have tens of thousands of horny guys running around. What troubles me is that nobody seems to have given any thought to the sexual aspect of this current wave of what would appear to be 90% men between 18-30! We all live in societies where the sexes are roughly equally spread out and balanced. What happens to that balance when an influx of hundreds of thousands of guys hits it? They are going to want to have sex with somebody and there are only so many women. A lot of guys are going to lose out as a result but, also, how is this going to improve the birth ratio if there are still only the same number of women? Will they all be expected to suddenly work twice as hard? And I’ve noticed that it seems that more women than men are keen on this influx. How would they feel if hundreds of thousands of women between 18 and 30 were decending on them? Not too happy I would expect. Just saying! I’d be interested to know what people think?

    1. The reason why more women are keen on this influx is because Because they crave to be dominated, they want the stiff circumcised Arab cock and most even dream about being raped – the ultimate female sexual fantasy!

  45. I want to have sex with Malala Yousafzai – I would feed her my cock as she talks about a girl’s right to education then put her shawl up over head and enter her doggy style. I want to also f uck her neck scar and shoot my hot foul man milk over her face

  46. George Soros? The George Soros who can’t figure out that a South American blower, who looks like his granddaughter, wasn’t with him because of his jowly drooping drooly baggy eyed good looks? That Georgie Soros?
    What does he care if we are overrun by Muslim hordes. He’ll be flying away in his private jet with another young nubile nymphet chewing on his dry old hickory stick.

  47. And the funny thing is if you’re anti-capitalist people instantly believe you’re a Commie…Big Business supports a radical progressive agenda…especially mass immigration. Fcuk it.

  48. I’m pretty sure that this invasion could be stopped with one simple measure. Delete ALL welfare in Western European states. Not just for asylum seekers, but for everyone. To put it simple if you want to eat and have a place to stay, you have to work! No more welfare leeching! That would instantly make Europe an unattractive destination for migrants.

  49. Fuck im glad there are people in the world that think like me. To everyone who has commented on this blog and to the person who wrote it we are the resistance to all this bullshit.

  50. I say these brainless liberals shoud lead by example. Put up or shut up. Let the loudest advocates for these Muslim invaders be the first ones in line to give up their homes, money, cars, and any other property or resources they have to these “migrants”. Soros should be at the head of this line, giving away his billions of dollars in exact increments of $16,800. Once he’s out of cash, he should be more than willing to liquidate any other assets he holds and continue donating until he’s penniless and homeless. The same should be required of any other idiot liberal that opens their mouth with the intention of telling their fellow countrymen what “ought to be” as it relates to these Muslim invaders.

  51. To be fair the Germans are also propping up them damn Greek bums. Fucking Orthodox. Let Russia take care of them.

  52. Interesting how Muslim nations take in absolutely ZERO Christians (and treat the Christians already living there like shit), but it is expected that all the predominately Christian nations accept Muslim refugees.

    1. Thank heavens that christian nation are nearly depleted.
      Now, the competent, secular authorities finally can act about the childish things like religion.

    2. Actually its not just the Christians they are not letting in,its also these Muslim refugees from their neighboring conflict torn countries.
      While they have donated money to help them, these rich low population middle east states which are local are not even taking in their fellow muslims. Why should it fall on Christian countries. There should be more pressure in the west on these countries to step up to the plate and take in their poor neighbors.

  53. Article is on point. Censorship is just around the corner but the old romanian way of working of the securitate is still very much available and alive. Give hints that you might be an ,,extremist ”and you’ve got your best friend giving you up to the ,,authorities” and before you know it, you’ve got a file with your name on their table. I mean not to bring fright but be aware that the services of repression of truth exist, espacially here in Ro. Great work on article ! It takes balls now, just to admit the truth ! God with us !

  54. Of course diversity works! You need people specialized in finance; others in marketing; others in operations, others in IT, etc. A lot of diverse specialties.
    Oh wait you mean cultural diversity? What a waste of human resources (no pun intended). Well maybe if you are selling products to a cultural diverse audience maybe. Do people really think John Deere needs a culturally diverse management team to understand their customer?

  55. A lot of this can’t properly be called a “conspiracy” any more because it’s all out in the open. They believe that the people in Europe, especially the men, have been too pussified to do anything about it. Sadly they have good reasons for believing so, as we see.

  56. “What pretense will Facebook use to ban Germans from legitimately discussing the policy concerns of their country, which purports to be a democracy? ”
    – Oh come on. You can discuss whatever you want OFF of Facebook. Facebook is a privately owned forum that the owner kindly allows you and I to use FOR FREE! The owner has every right to call the shots.
    What type of person depends solely on Facebook to discuss anything, what to speak of political views? I’ll tell you – a teenager.
    “We think thebest solutions to dealing with people who make racist and xenophobic comments can be found when service providers, government and civil society all work together to address this common challenge.”
    – Privately owned service providers are under no obligation to provide a platform for xenophobia, racism or anything they don’t like. Their platform, their rules. If we don’t like it we can leave and take our business elsewhere or create our own service with our own rules.
    “But can a true democracy exist when the public, who are supposed to be ultimate authority for the government, are not permitted to frankly debate policies?”
    – You can debate it but Facebook’s owner is not obliged to allow you to debate it on his privately owned network.
    “Budapest Train Station – Why did they leave their women behind in the war zone?”
    – Because they are from a patriarchal culture. In all patriarchal cultures you get train stations and public areas like that – sausage fests. Because sex segregation is common in patriarchal cultures and women are not present in the outdoors social sphere as much as men are.

    1. So where does freedom of the press exist if they are owned by the corporation who can control content at their discretion? They have no obligation to tell the truth under this scenario. Then Facebook isn’t a media outlet, not an open forum and should be avoided at all costs. The Media will never tell the truth in a fair an unbiased way and should never be trusted.

      1. “So where does freedom of the press exist”
        Facebook is not a “press”. It is a social network, owned by a private corporation. I can’t believe anyone expects Facebook to allow any and everything. We are using it, free of cost I might add, via our own choice. The owners are not obliged to allow us to write any old thing we please on it, that too free of cost! We are in Zuckerberg’s house so Z’s house rules apply. If we don’t like it we can leave or create our own platform. What’s this sense of entitlement to use Facebook any which way we please?
        By the way, NOT having a Facebook account is not the end of the world.

        1. Yes, Facebook can choose to censor what ever it wants to. No one contests that.
          However, the case here was that a politician explicitly asked the owner of a corporation to stifle discussion on a policy that she is supporting.
          Also, the censoring is very one-sided. You will not be censored if you post anti-Christian or anti-white content.

        2. And the owner of that corporation has every right to to tell that politician “yes I will stifle such discussion on my privately owned social network” if he so chooses. Please don’t tell me that you think corporate-government bed-sharing is a recent thing in this country?! All of the big American industries have been in bed with government from the get-go. That is how they have always cornered markets and became so “successful”.
          “You will not be censored if you post anti-Christian or anti-white content.”
          If and when it becomes violent hate-speech, yes you will. On the other hand, you can civilly debate anything you want on FB.

    1. I never get tired of reading about the 2nd Siege of Vienna. If Hollywood ever made a movie abut it, it’d be epic. (They’ve made movies in Poland about it). Google “Jan III Sobieski” and “winged hussars”, and marvel at how men with such big brass balls could possibly stay atop a horse 😉

  57. Yawn. What are you Christians waiting for? Sell your cloaks and buy yourselves an AR 15 and a one way ticket to Istanbul to go fight the Infidel hajis. Also, start taking your fellow Christians as refugees. Failure to do so will result in you not fulfilling your duties as Christians, but you will be nothing more than pathetic betas. Deus vult indeed.

  58. George Soros sold out his own people to become wealthy during WWII. No one should follow in that man’s footsteps; he is the lowest scum of humanity.

  59. Fuck George Soros. Fuck him with a rubber hose. If he wants to take in a million immigrants a year and pay them all €16,000 let him do it out of his own bottomless pockets. Cunt. And that Irish idiot did make me laugh.. Imagine, an Irishman lecturing anyone on cultural homogeneity.
    As for Pope Francis.. He really is too gentle a soul to be pope. He’s probably hoping to make some Christian converts out of the Muslim hordes.. And in this, history will know him as the “naive pope”.

  60. Why do the global elites want an Islamic invasion of Europe?
    I think you get the reasons wrong. There is no proof that migrants are healthy for maintaining the welfare state. Quite the opposite. The only reason they want them are for votes. Its really that simple…

  61. One very important point brought up in the article that gets overlooked sometimes: guilt over ‘past sins.’ We read over and over how Middle Easterners play a (very) long game, thinking in terms of centuries instead of today. I’ve heard and read countless Middle Easterners who seem otherwise rational who say that of course the US must pay and pay and pay for sins of the past ‘done to’ Middle Easterners (their own savagery being condoned by tradition and/or the Koran, so of course that isn’t the same thing, what are you talking about you American idiot). These range from the Crusades up to some little article in some obscure online magazine they’ll post as ‘proof’ of some American conspiracy to kill whoever. It doesn’t matter that America didn’t even exist when some of these ‘sins’ were committed, as America is seen as a freed colony of those damned European whites.

  62. Problem of “unprecedented” immigration to Europe is logical consequence of very precedent actions
    Europe is exactly what she is, because Europeans created her, indigenous nations did it. Europe also was and is culturally complex continent thanks to ethnic and national diversity, which in contrast to multi-Racial diversity, incorporates essential cultural compatibility. It seems, as this cultural compatibility is an irritating eyesore in the mindset of Anti-European Powers That Be, and of blindly submissive followers.
    Multicultural (multi-Racial) architects of different provenience ardently and with increasing aggressiveness promote such unnatural agenda. Retired US general Wesley Clark (Jew), ex-NATO Supreme Commander talking about the NATO bombing of Serbia 1999, vehemently declared that – “There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states”
    When already infamous Barbara Lerner Spectre, known by her interview, which sent tectonic shock waves across Internet, said – “…Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies as they once were… Jews are going to be at the center of that… and Jews will be resented because of our leading role…” – She openly admitted that Jewish “leading role” behind this vile agenda is vicious and destructive for Europeans. Plainly speaking, it is insidiously sedative Genetic Soft Genocide of European’s in retaliation for Holocaust.
    As a proof of presumed retaliation agenda also serves next statement from Rabbi Baruch Efrati – “Jews should rejoice at the fact that Europe is paying for what it did to us for hundreds of years by losing its identity”, published in Jewish Daily Forward with title – “Jews Unite Behind Push for Immigration Reform – it’s in Our Strategic Interest”.
    Next portion of evidence, that Multi-Racial diversity is purposely orchestrated, are activities of Liberal Academia and Talmudic Academia financed by networks of so-called Khazarian (Ashkenazim) Mafia, where Soros holds the leading role. His Project Syndicate DEMANDS from Europe to Rebuild the Asylum System, and to take one million immigrants every year!
    Apart of Ashkenazim involvement, as another participating liege, European Council holds meetings on immigration to comply with this demand. Countless NGOs, charities and Liberal activists hysterically demand the same. Portion of Liberally tranquilized Europeans hypnotically united in the same delusion pule as a herd of spineless and emotionally overwhelmed soap-opera addicts, in support of reckless immigration from the Third World.
    None of supporting or influential and decision-making or (“decision-making”) institutions ever did or does anything in prevention of causes that incinerated massive migration waves to Europe. Why they didn’t, and still do nothing on convincing or (“convincing”) Washington and Westminster Plutocracies not to destabilize affected regions with Military interventions. Who wags whom, is it tail the dog or dog the tail?
    Why “refugees” or “immigrants” always have to swarm Europe, why not swarming the rich Middle East countries, or rich Asian countries like Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, Japan…
    Platitude of aging and birth rate declining Europe is just pretext in support of infamous concept of permanent growth, which in the reality is nothing else but plain pyramidal Ponzi scheme, and Ponzi schemes are frauds.
    Concept of eternal growth should have been replaced, long time ago, with the logic of sustainable economic concept, because nothing in the nature can grow indefinitely. Even more, any overgrowth is damaging, be it organisms or buildings or whatever.
    Hence, derived from above premises, the only rationale behind these ostensibly “irrational” activities is decomposition of autochthone European nations, modeled on the US controversial and already conflicting melting pot idea.
    Overloaded or improperly loaded boat sinks, period.

  63. Your guess about why the Elites are forcing this invasion of hostile Arab and African men on Europe completely miss the mark. Your belief that Catholicism is Christian does too.
    The Elites – meaning the Rothschild banksters, the Jesuits and the Talmudic Zionists – along with the Luciferian secret societies, including Freemasonery – want war. Race war. Gender war. Culture and religious war. Massive war that will wipe out 95% of humanity. Read this.

  64. Thanks, I just wrote a great essay only to have it lost because you insist on having people verify their e-mail.

  65. Not sure how importing millions of uneducated, unskilled, illiterate (in their own language as well as any European language), unemployable, violent, misogynistic and lazy Muslims will help sustain the welfare state. The vast majority of them will remain unemployed and become economic leeches.

  66. Jew IRS. Jew Fed Reserve. Jew wars for Israel. Jew Hollywood promoting feminism, trans-sickness, and homosexuality. Jew financial sector ripping off everyone of money and destroying companies with jew stock scams. Jews infesting the American government and sending trillions to Israel since 1948. Jews in government declaring wars and using goyim cattle to do the fighting (eg Iraq war – Paul Wolfowitz, Iran war instigated by Netanyahu, Syrian war and war against Russia instigated by jews in American government and the list goes on.)
    America = Germany Weimar republic.
    “elites” = jews.
    Stop denying the real holocaust of the western nations by jewish criminals.
    Jews = 6 million lie. EVIDENCE PROVES THE LIE
    Communists jews murdered over 130 million Europeans. PROVEN
    Gee, thrown out of 85 countries over 109 times, what on earth could have prompted that response. Jews are innocent I tell ya. lol

    1. LOL! What a life of anger, frustration, and misery you must live having to watch Jews being successful in so many areas of life. It’s tough being the pathetic loser you are, I imagine.

      1. If that’s your measure of success, then I guess genocide is your trophy, creating worldwide misery is your joy, and running countries into the ground economically is your “measure of success”.
        Whatever country you might infest, hopefully you get ejected out of it for the sake of those around you, unless it’s Israel, then you can stay there and never leave your little Palestinian open air prison camp where those poor folks have to show their “papers” just to travel on the road their ancestors once travelled freely.

        1. My people were writing the Bible while yours still lived in caves. You’ll be what you are all your life – a frustrated, hateful person who can’t even watch TV without being frustrated that Jews are more successful. Done wasting time on a loser like you. Catching a plane for Hawaii tonight. Fuck you and the diseased goat you use for transportation and sex. Must really piss you off Jews are so successful on the internet. Blocking you loser so I won’t see you again.

        2. “your people” are parasites and lived off the backs of other people, literally. Your tribe ran the African slave trade, pornography, and economically ruined many nations. I could care less about your spaghetti sky monster and fairy tales. Your people mass murdered over 180 millions Europeans with Jewish Bolshevik Communism so heaven won’t be any place they will be going to any time soon. Good luck peddling your zio-trash narrative to people gullible enough to listen. I was at one time, then I learned the truth and am disgusted by what “your people” have been doing in the Middle East and the world.

  67. Most of the Muslims who lived here for years, do not work so do not think that can be the reason.

  68. and yet PC liberal democrats and feminists have enabled and facilitated the entry of muslims – but islam does not allow liberal thinking, homosexuality, democracy or freedom of thought – or even the ability to change ones mind- so the PC liberal democrats are actually committing suicide by letting in millions of muslims to live on welfare, to procreate and follow sharia law in thousands of mosques.

  69. Guys, you only guessed half of the truth. The other half is Ease of Depopulation. Who would you rather depopulate at a rate of 95%…. your own people or some creeps?

  70. Jews are manipulating Islam and will continue to manipulate Islam, but Islam is a Jewish-created psy-op in any case, just as Christianity is. Judaism caused mind-controlled slave Christians to commit Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, etc., with Christianity for instance having been created via the Jewish Piso family whose influence resulted in the Roman Catholic Church.
    These seeming opponents to Judaism are easily turned on each other, and also towards serving their Jewish creator.
    Take for instance the crypto-Jewish Wahhabi Saudi Arabian royal family, controlling millions of real Muslims, and the crypto-Jewish Donmeh Turkish Erdogan controlling millions of subservient and gullible real Muslims in Turkey, the Jews can and will do just the same in many countries, as is being aimed for now throughout Europe and America, as that is far easier for the Jews to do than to openly declare their real identity as rulers and awaken more people as to exactly what Judaism really represents to all Gentiles, so they would rather use crypto-Jewish agents to rule as seeming Muslims wherever this is expedient, leaving Judaism apparently uninvolved in inflicting pure terror on slave Gentile states via sharia law iron fist dictatorships, for Jews to rule unperceived, especially where the placing on statute of the insane and genocidally murderous Noahide Laws would not be so easy to achieve.
    Islam is extremely vulnerable to being taken over like this, and there is only a very fine dividing line between what ISIS does and what Islam does, despite mass protests against ISIS by many Muslims, and this can be seen by the fact that many Muslims in fact demonstrate support for the policies espoused by ISIS and what ISIS does.
    Islam is a very hard religion, and totalitarianism can easily begin to dictate, just as it has done in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and it is coming around the world by Jewish arrangement as a means to get Muslims of various sects to kill each other and the ‘kaffirs’, as can be seen by violent demonstrations in London and Paris etc. calling for Islamic caliphates and no more democracy.
    Here is a link to Islamic quotes from the Koran;
    The link above does not work here, so Google the following;
    The Quran’s Verses of Violence – The Religion of Peace
    “Violence Does the Quran really contain over a hundred verses promoting violence?”
    Whilst real Muslims should be allies in the resistance against violent Judaic world takeover via Noahide Laws etc., threat of Samson Option, etc., we should keep Islam itself at arms length, allowing Muslims only temporary visas in our countries, as, after all, the Muslims intend only that all non-Muslims be burned alive repeatedly, ceaselessly in hell after his life forever, whilst also being beaten with iron rods and forced to drink boiling water, as the Koran states, with new bodies constantly provided for each soul after the destruction of each previous body they inhabit in hell.
    Surely, such terrible suffering cannot be acceptable to non-Muslims. The Abrahamic faiths are all non-acceptable in truth due to their gratuitously insane sadism and violent intent, which is to be inflicted eternally in the next life, if not in this life also, as has already occurred on countless occasions, on all who will not submit to joining them if they reject their vile terrorist threats of eternal torture. The sooner people are educated and better spiritually realized to reject all of them, the better.
    If people still welcome Muslims in their countries, whether ‘real’ or crypto-Jewish ISIS agents, like many of the Kharijites, they are quite naive, misled, or shockingly ignorant, and in fact Christianity and Judaism should also have been completely rejected long ago, but society in many countries continues to pay for the lack of foresight and weakness of their forefathers.
    We can sympathise with the Muslims terrorized by Israel and it’s Western Jew-controlled allies, but the Muslims themselves are also terrorists against us all, at the very least in spiritual terms, and they must learn to evolve beyond their own terrorist religion, and terrorist is what Islam really is, just as Christianity and Judaism themselves are, as they too demonically intend that all non-adherents be sent only to eternal hell after this life.

  71. The globalists think they control all — we need a new Facebook – call it Truthbook.
    The more biased Facebook is the more they will be shunned and discredited. I will use it for not but if they censor me BYE!
    One trend that quickly arose since Trump won the election was, though such existed to a much lower level, a Heightening of antagonists on Facebook and especially youtube. Some of the millenials are so indoctrinated into socialist extremist that multiplication of the Saul Alinsky types has heightened – been multiplied. I suspect that Soros is funding people to spread hate and antagonism just as he and others from the New World Order have heightened their attacks on morality and Christianity and sponsored much evil through Obama and the socialists in government.
    Truth can be suppressed so people are enslaved but if Facebook, youtube and other media are so monitored and edited that it is impossible to get truth we all have MOUTHS and can tell the truth and develop other means of communication that allows our 2nd Amendment rights.

  72. the two reasons that you explained under the sections “Why do the global elites want an Islamic invasion of Europe?” which is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART” of the article, i think that you(the writer) are not disclosing the real reason why the forces behind Muslim immigrant wants Europe to be converted into Islam. YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE HIDING THE REAL REASON…AND I KNOW IT and THE REAL REASON AS WELL..!! I am not interested in your book. I CAN EXPLAIN IT IN JUST FEW SENTENCE(THE REASON BEHIND OVERTAKING OF WESTERN CULTURE By ISLAM)..!! and THAT IS REALLY VERY SCARY..!!

  73. One can live well at low reproductive rates. Low birth rates are fine. Keep out the muslim menace, and keep down the globalists, and the pc bastards.

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