We’re Only Three Small Steps Away From Legalized Pedophilia

In a few decades, progressives were able to normalize homosexuality in mainstream culture and finally legitimize homosexual relationships in the eyes of the law. In just a few years, progressives have made great strides in their efforts to normalize transgenderism in mainstream culture, and they are currently legitimizing transgenderism in the eyes of the law.

Many non-progressives are concerned that these legal changes are less about guaranteeing the freedoms of gays and transgenders, and more about enforcing the worldview of progressives and punishing dissent. However, there is also a growing concern that the next frontier of legally-enforced moral relativism is pedophilia.

Progressives, of course, scoff at such notions. For progressives, these concerns are merely a cover that gay-hating, transgender-hating religious fanatics want to use to roll back all the “progress” that has been made. And yet, the last few years have made it clear that the slippery slope is real, and we are steadily sliding down it.

Whether the progressives of today want to admit it or not, they are currently laying the groundwork for the future legalization of pedophilia. This totally impossible, morally repugnant, never-gonna-happen upheaval in the moral and legal landscape of our society is not really impossible at all. In fact, it’s only three small steps away.

Step One: Establish a legal right for “transgender” children to receive hormone therapy


The transgender radicals are coming for your children.

This step is currently underway. Already progressives are advocating for young “transgender” children to receive hormone therapy to delay the natural changes of puberty, and then to help him or her to become more like whatever their “true” gender is. Young children are already receiving such treatments. Oregon now uses Medicaid funds to pay for puberty-suppressing hormones. It and a handful of other states even require private insurers to pay for “transgender care,” which applies to children.

Of course, a lot of the advocacy for children receiving hormone therapy still comes with a lot of talk about parental consent, about families coming together to decide what is really the best course of action. But, this is only temporary. Members of the transgender lobby already lament that many parents won’t consent to hormone therapy for their children. Others in the transgender lobby argue for the medical necessity of puberty-suppressing hormone therapy in order to convince private insurers to pay for it.

Once puberty-suppressing hormone therapy is deemed medically necessary, parental consent becomes irrelevant. Children who decide they want such treatment will be viewed the same as children who need insulin or blood transfusions. Not only will welfare and private insurers pay for it, but parents resistant to getting their children this treatment will be coerced into doing so by the government. This would establish deciding to receive hormone therapy as a child’s legal right.

Step Two: Destigmatize pedophilia first as a mental disorder, then as a sexual orientation


This step is also underway. SJW’s defense of confessed pedophile Sarah (Nicolas) Nyberg was recently covered by Return of Kings writer Robert Conway, and Salon’s sympathies for confessed pedophile Todd Nickerson were covered by Milo Yiannopoulos. Progressives, as Yiannopoulos points out, have a history of defending pedophilia and challenging claims that it causes harm to children.

The terms “mental disorder” and “sexual orientation” have become loaded with progressivism’s positive attitudes toward victimhood and sexual deviance. However, these terms, by their most basic definition, do apply to pedophilia. After all, the pedophile has a mind that is disordered and unhealthy, and his sexual impulses have a clearly identifiable goal toward which they are oriented. The problem is not with understanding pedophilia as a mental disorder or sexual orientation per se, but with the moral relativism that progressives heap onto madness and perversion.

No doubt there are many non-progressives who can pity someone with a pedophilic disorder or orientation, in the same way that they might pity a rabid dog even as they put it down. For progressives, though, mental disorders and sexual orientations must not just be identified and categorized, but must also be destigmatized. This process has already begun with calls for sympathy and with a few coming-out stories, and soon they’ll push for the outright condoning of pedophilic fantasies and desires.

Step Three: Extend children’s legal rights over their sexuality to allow pedophilic relationships


Pedo Bear

Our culture has already begun associating pedophilia with cuteness.

The final step is just a combination of the first two. After all, a child deciding to receive hormone therapy is a child making sexual decisions about his or her body. If children have a legal right to make sexual decisions about their bodies, and if pedophilic feelings are destigmatized, then progressives will begin to advocate for the legitimization of pedophilic relationships in both culture and law.

No doubt many progressives today find pedophilia undesirable as a goal or outcome. In the near future, however, pedophilia may be able to arise as the culmination of all the progressive ideas, policies, and rhetoric that came before it. Progressives will begin connecting pedophilia to ideas and rhetoric about children being oppressed. They will connect it to sexual liberation. They will connect it to personal development. They will connect it to happiness.

Progressives in the media will try to normalize it with television, perhaps with a drama set in ancient Greece that features “healthy” pedophilic relationships. And when non-progressives decry such propaganda, progressives will defend it by connecting it to multiculturalism. Like in the case of gays and transgenders, progressives will argue that any psychological problems correlating with pedophilia are not due to it being unhealthy or wrong or unnatural, but only because of the social stigma attached to it.

Possible, but not inevitable

The End is Near

Nearer than you might think.

Contrary to what many people today would like to believe, legitimized pedophilia is possible. Past civilizations functioned with legitimized pedophilia, at least for a time. And in the context of our own civilization, we have seen how progressivism has undermined so many things which were once held sacred, like family, marriage, religion, and national pride. It’s merely wishful thinking to believe that one more part of the innocence of children is invulnerable to the destruction of progressivism.

The good news is that legitimized pedophilia is not inevitable. All three steps are necessary for it to happen, meaning that the failure of any one step would prevent it. Furthermore, feminists have a deep hate for straight male sexuality. While plenty of feminists would be fine with gay and female pedophiles, most would abhor a pedophilic relationship between a man and a little girl.

Perhaps feminist man-hating and shrieking about patriarchy would end up doing the world just a little bit of good, but it’s hard to tell. After all, feminists and progressives in general are fiercely protective of their own, and so they might give a free pass to any straight male pedophile who acts feminine and says all the right things about empowering women, dismantling the patriarchy, etc.

The race is on between the forces of creation and destruction. We have seen in these last few years how the destructive impulse of progressivism has only increased in the face of geopolitical instability and internal decay; even as the temple of our nation begins to burn, the progressive death-cultists seek to knock away the last of its pillars and bring it crashing down upon our heads.

And yet, more and more people are waking up to the lies and broken promises of progressivism. They are looking at the world around them, and they’re beginning to see through all the bullshit. They have been told we’re approaching the summit of progress, but it’s looking more and more like the edge of a cliff.

Whether progressives will succeed in dragging our society to new depths is yet unknown. Sooner than you might think, we’re going to find out.

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345 thoughts on “We’re Only Three Small Steps Away From Legalized Pedophilia”

    1. If divorce was not so financially debilitating to one spouse marriage might happen more often and be more about love and not money.

  1. This all seems like some kind of deranged social experiment to see how far the general population can be pushed before people take up arms and burn down the Capitol. It’s way beyond “rights” in any legitimate way, now it’s more of a “We dare you to stop us!” thing.

    1. Watch what will happen in 10-15 years, all these sexual perverts will come out the woodwork and the Cathedral will be forced to legalize their way of life due to the pandoras box they opened in regards to sodomites.
      You’ll see John smith getting married to a Lucy the Labrador in 2030…

      1. your dog will be able to screw you in divorce. Possible job growth for dog language translators.

        1. Given dogs age faster than humans, that would be mighty expensive. If Lucy gave her ex-husband the best years of her life, the ex-husband would be liable for 7x more compensation than he would be if he had married a woman. Yikes!

        2. Imagine walking down the st, seeing your ex bitch of a bitch in YOUR BMW, being driven around by the pool boy wearing a diamond-studded dog collar, flaunting her new boob job(6 implants of course). Might make you pull an OJ

        3. I have a real bone to pick with my spouse. She used to be a HOWLLLLLL but now all she does is lay on the carpet and lick her own ass.
          oh, this can go on forever.
          haven’t even started with “bitch” yet

        4. pool boy driving your bmw and your x wife chasing it.
          He will also be throwing balls at her.

        5. think germany is the one that started the bestiality brothels.
          Now their green party is pushing to legalize pedophilia from what Ive heard

        6. They already have them, the cops who just know when the dogs are alerting to drugs in someone’s car. How do they know? They are experts, trust them.

      2. I suspect that a swing to the hard right is coming long before 10 years. Too many people now mad as hornets and starting to take action (popularity of Trump, Boehner’s dismissal, calling for McConnell to step down, etc). With any luck it keeps swinging to the point that we cow these freaks back into submission.

        1. Maybe its the cynical realist in me but I can foresee full blown revolts in many western states in maybe 15-20 years when the reserve banking scam fall apart.. We will see the return of guillotines; 6 foot walls, blindfolds and rifles…

        2. It sounds awful to say, but IF there are to be revolts, I’d prefer they happen now while I’m still young enough to run off into the woods and snipe from the mountains, and can still carry a huge pack without difficulty. Otherwise, it would really, really suck to be some 60-something codger behind his door with his “last stand” gun in hand, waiting for the inevitable knock.

        3. Not to mention the Right-ward swings we are seeing in Europe due to the terrible handling of the migrant crisis which disenfranchise the average Joe.

        4. All men must die. On a long enough timeline the survival rate of everyone drops to zero.
          The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
          And how we burned in the camps later, thinking:
          What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he
          went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would
          return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during
          periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested
          a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their
          lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at
          every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to
          lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a
          dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at
          hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of
          officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the
          cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love
          freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real
          situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened

          Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

        5. I’d say it would be the best time to secure a compound in a rural area with lots of fertile land where us like-minded individuals can settle, protect and sustain ourselves away from the damaging effects of Cultural Marxism.

        6. i predict the shit will fly completely off the fan in 4 years or less.
          Right now the shit has hit the fan…and we are only getting hit with a few pieces of it. It’s going to get way way worse friend.
          Be prepared.

        7. I wouldn’t worry about it. At that point, I’d think you’d have more company (people in your corner) versus enemies. Too many Americans (on all sides) are starting to see the American Dream fall apart. They’re starting to see that they’ve been lied to for a long time and that of their hard work is amounting to nothing (look at the last financial crash). Hell, it may be the older people who start a revolution (missing out after years of saving).
          Hard to say..but I think we’ll have company (someone to watch our backs).

        8. For Americans I’d recommend Vermont. Lovely scenery and rich history (look up my handle). We even have a lake monster we can feed the liberals to, if it tickles your fancy.
          Soon I’m moving into my grandparent’s place. My Grandfather adapted garage blueprints and built it 26 years ago on a bit of land from his old farm. Its 15 acres of memory and tranquility.
          When you get away from the city and suburbs, Vermont is still as conservative as its always been. Damn flatlanders.

        9. the goverments gonna have an issue because a huge part of the miltary is gonna tell them to fuck off lmao

        10. Boomer: “When I was your age, I had a career, a house and a family. What’s wrong with you slackers?”
          Millenial “Sure, I’ll get right to it, once you fix the economy you fucked up.”

        11. What’s left of the military, that is. They’re doing their level best to remove all semblance of combat effectiveness there too.

        12. i agree, but what im saying is the majority of the military even the officer core are not gonna followorders to shoot americans and theresa decent chance theyll simply arrest congress, which would be fucking hiliarious

        13. Vermont is home to a lot of crazy liberals and super-progressives. I doubt it would be that good of a place to make a last stand, after all they gave us Bernie Sanders

        14. Impressive. For Canadians, I’d recommend rural Canada which just so happens to be most of Canada.
          Block off the roads, purchases thousands of acres of land and we shall start over with a future free from the modern poisons.

        15. And everyone says that backwater hick rednecks are scum of the Earth. Who’s laughing now as they sit in their house in the woods with natural defences and underground bunkers? The US government knows that if push comes to shove….the South will rise again. Except this time, blacks and white will not be divided. Blacks are just as redneck as whites in the south. Blacks will hold their cities and white will hold the back lands.

        16. Yep, all the while militarizing the civilian police into paramilitary groups who trounce on the rule of law.

        17. Vermont does have the crazy leftists, but they mostly live in the cities. In the countryside (read: no suburbs)you can find some pretty conservative folks: the church my grandmother attends is just barely allowing gays in.

        18. Actually, Vermont is a very socialist state with high taxes when you count everything. I live in NH, which is one of the lowest tax rate states. You can see the difference on the VT/NH border towns – typically those on the NH side prosper and those on the VT side languish. This is because it is easy for businesses to simply hop across the border to set up shop and then get to keep more of their hard earned money.
          Every day you will see streams of cars with Vermont plates coming into NH to shop. They are supposed to send a sales tax check to the Vermont government for every purchase in NH they make, but few do (NH has no sales tax, VT does have a sales tax). If you live in VT and buy a big ticket item in NH be sure to use cash or you will likely get a bill from Vermont demanding you pay the sales tax even though you bought the item in NH.
          Alot of people say the overall tax rate for NH and VT residents comes out the same but I know this to be false as I have lived in both states. VT will nail your business hard for taxes as compared to NH. This is because Vermont is socialist. Just ask Bernie Sanders.

        19. some of those rednecks are just as bad. And some came from marriages started as almost pedophilia age

        20. That’s bogus. We spend more money on our military than the next six largest countries COMBINED! Several new weapons systems, including ships and fighter jets are in production! Drones have been a MUCH more effective tool in warfare and no one does it better than the U.S.!

        21. Not to mention the demographic decline of the native population will leave fewer resisters in general.

        22. Leftists seem to be well adapted to urban life that consists of resource rich simulations and navigation of the social jungle

        23. The way things move these days, I’d say as little as 5-8 years before things get too hot to handle.

        24. This I agree with, as I know of many Southern black folk who still fly them stars and bars

        25. F*gs and women can’t fight a war, they never have, never will, and that’s all the dumbasses got

        26. No they aren’t and no they didn’t. Your statement is a half-assed wanna be fact. You can’t even commit to your fact hence the “are JUST as bad” and “started as ALMOST pedophilia age”. Meaning, they didn’t. So, try again.

        27. I have had the exact same thought recently, except its even worse for me, being a Black Conservative….my own brainwashed family likely wouldn’t help me. LOL. Oh well I’ll go out blasting I promise you that.

        28. Old age and treachery will over come youth and skill. Think trip wires, toe poppers, etc. The ranks would be thinned severely before the lucky few got to me and my guns. BTW, you can prepare to construct such devices, but not put them together until the rule of law dies. That way they will be legal.

        29. In such tumultuous times, the cities will only have a 30 day supply of food. We will see roving bands of starving (zombies) for a few weeks, then more organized bands of nomadic bandits. Of course those of like minds will tend to fall into neighborhood and community defense leagues or militias.

      3. It didn’t start with the sodomites. It started with the acceptance of a sexually promiscuous heterosexual world. “Non-jugmentalism” had to be embraced to excuse the damage that historically we knew attended a debauched heterosexuality. Once everything goes was our standard, acceptance of sodomy was inevitable. I fear acceptance of pedo-philia will be equally inevitable unless our society breaks before then.
        Reminds me of sodomite Cole Porter’s catchy little number from 1934……”Anything Goes”…..
        Times have changed
        And we’ve often rewound the clock
        Since the Puritans got a shock
        When they landed on Plymouth Rock.
        If today
        Any shock they should try to stem
        ‘Stead of landing on Plymouth Rock,
        Plymouth Rock would land on them.
        In olden days, a glimpse of stocking
        Was looked on as something shocking.
        But now, God knows,
        Anything goes.
        Good authors too who once knew better words
        Now only use four-letter words
        Writing prose.
        Anything goes.
        If driving fast cars you like,
        If low bars you like,
        If old hymns you like,
        If bare limbs you like,
        If Mae West you like,
        Or me undressed you like,
        Why, nobody will oppose.
        When ev”ry night the set that’s smart
        is intruding at nudist parties
        in Studios.
        Anything goes.

    2. You are probably right about this and I think that the people will rise up more and more. Justice has been denied to many people and when that happens, people tend to take matters into their own hands.

      1. It will take some spark that goes beyond “long wolf” to make it happen, but when that spark hits I have a very distinct feeling that it’s going to be a whole mess of people pulling their rifles off of the mantel.

    3. The ironic part of this is that the ones being pushed are the ones who own most of the guns, and pushers are for the most part, anti-gun and refuse to own them.
      Instead they used badge bearing enforcers to ensure our compliance with their legally mandated perversion.
      As soon as those badged protectors are not standing in between us, order will be restored.
      You can bet on that.

      1. That’s why I don’t get the huge push. I strongly suspect that they are so intoxicated by power right now that they don’t realize that they are a mouse nibbling on a bear. They will literally be squished out of existence the moment we, the bear, decide to act.

        1. I had a samiliar conversation a month ago with like minded people. They (O and friends) have gotten away with so much, they believe themselves invulnurable and the opposition sparse and cowering.
          Then one day something small and mundane, but routine, will happen. It will probably be something samiliar what happened to the rancher in Nevada– feds will enforce some obsecure piece of litigation and a faceoff with armed people will occurr, but there will be bloodshed and it will escalate. It will spread like a “prarie fire” and the media will not be able to contain it and the police and NGs will be powerless to stop the rest.
          Having built a police state might make them feel secure, but it isn’t going to save them.

        2. Truth be told, I was conversing with two of my friends when the rancher situation was going down. We spoke about heading down there ourselves and were making plans to ride together to do so, then it ended. Had that thing went hot, that would have been the trigger I think, way too many people were just waiting for the other shoe to drop. The Fed, wisely, folded, because I’m fairly certain that they read the chatter across the interwebs correctly.

        3. They “table top” these things, with aid from think tanks and predictive systems. They knew it was going to be a new Concord Bridge situation. That’s why they backed off.
          But the battlefield is dynamic. They learned a lot from that, and will take every measure to make sure the logistics of such a thing is impossible in the next round.

        4. “The Fed, wisely, folded, because I’m fairly certain that they read the chatter across the interwebs correctly.”
          That was my take as well.

        5. Having worked in military intelligence, I don’t credit them with that much competence. We’re dealing with an entity whose power comes from its sheer overwhelming size and inertia, not from its competence. They are hierarchies built in hierarchies built in hierarchies, recursively, to infinity. Their inefficiency is matched only by their inability to deal with even the smallest issue without bungling it.
          Some low level analyst may have said “You know, it’s probably a good idea to think out this scenario for the future” but I doubt he was listened to, and even if so, it’s still in the paperwork stage and not slated to be approved for another 30 years.
          That somebody higher than “low level functionary” picked up on the chatter at the time is what stopped it I think. One of their big names read BB or the Blaze or Drudge and put the kibosh on it. They’ll do it again though, eventually. Ruby Ridge and Waco were the same action, against different targets. They can’t help it, and they don’t learn.

        6. My darkest and most telling realization happened today: Pedophilia is being normalized BEFORE questioning the statistics of the holocaust.
          I can think of many other “slippery slopes” but questioning whether it’s OK or not o accept pedophilia is further towards the finish line than wondering what the real historical stats and records of the holocaust are.

        7. I can’t wait to meet the fabulous gay army that little monkey has put together. Just think of all those wonderful toys the Pentagon gave them to play with. Its like having Military Equipment delivered directly to my house by employees of the Federal Government. In fact, its EXACTLY LIKE THAT!

    4. I could rant how I really feel but that’ll land me in a dungeon.
      Let’s just say, I never had an original thought in my life.
      And I won’t be doing a damned thing to stop the backlash.

    5. It’s a bone to be thrown to the ignorant masses in much the same way the Roman emperors started doing to take public attention away from their very lascivious indiscretions.
      We may end up with a Colosseum style display of government sanctioned vulgarity and unconstitutional violence someday. I wouldn’t be surprised.
      As JD Unwin and Arnold Toynbee basically opined…a civilization that casts off its moral restraints in favor of gross iniquity is a civilization that will fade to oblivion before long.
      The US is on IV here.

      1. Running Man seems rather prescient if that comes to pass.

        1. You know, I’ve never seen that, but kind of want to. The premise, which I’m basing only from previews, seems to be a nearly perfect “libertarian” world where 24 hours are granted to wipe out the scum (or letting the scum have a chance to nail you). Compared to our world, that wouldn’t be so bad, heh. This is of course assuming my nearly non-existent knowledge of the plot is correct.

        2. Not just the “scum” gets wiped out however. Pretty much anybody. Thieves rapists murderers etc get a free pass one night out of every year to do as much damage as they can so long as they do it within a set limit established by the government. (no fertilizer bombs for ex)

        3. Well, I did mention “or letting the scum have a change to nail you”.

    6. If it is legalized, then we have a good banner to rally.
      If it is legalized, I don’t want hysteria here. Like homosexual marriage it’s still going to be rare as fuck (marriage rate for gays is really low).
      Remember, conservatives dominate fertility that the future is theirs. We just need to prepare the field.

    7. I agree it’s steps away from insane but conservatives have (hook, line, and fu*king sinker) sunk themselves. From defending ephebephiles (at best) like Ted Nugent, defending church sex scandals (priestly diddling of primarily young boys), or defending other abberant sexual proclivities of “media” / “moral” leaders they’ve dropped the ball. They’ve made all of this possible! Unfair? F*ck no! You can’t speak from a position of moral authority when you outright are doing the same things you are speaking against (or worse!) as what you are opposing.
      Conservatives lost this battle, liberals didn’t win it.

  2. Step 3 is underway in a way currently as well, we now allow pregnant minors to have abortions without parental notification or consent, and already I have seen replies to this debate, some to me some not, making a distinction between pre- and post-pubescent.
    They may be different, but once you recognize legal consent age is just an arbitrary number under this distinction, then as puberty presents at different ages, the age can easily become a sliding measure. Then why bother at all?
    Distinction > Exception > Compromise > Capitulation.

    1. ”then as puberty presents at different ages, the age can easily become a sliding measure. Then why bother at all?”
      Functional bodies capable of carrying a child without serious medical risk may be one way to objectively nail down the age. As well as the functionality of breasts in being able to provide milk to the young child.
      Because puberty at too young an age is actually detrimental to the female and would reasonably be considered a disorder.
      Historically people take menstruation to be when a girl could be considered a young woman capable of being a wife and mother.

  3. The last few paragraphs contain a very important detail. Such legality will only apply to female and homosexual pedophiles. Straight men will continue to be brutally punished with age of consent laws. The one place the narrative breaks downs is the fact that the hamster wheel abhors competition. They won’t allow anything that permits a younger, potentially more attractive woman into the dating pool. But boys are fair game “because patriarchy”.

    1. It’s called a culling. Women get to choose the best alphas from a young age and the gays weed out the worst, essentially thinning the herd. If men are to be deemed sexual beasts with women as our betters it is only natural young girls would be little head mistresses too.

    2. THIS. Some feminists want to normalize pedophiles AND at the same other feminists want to raise the age of consent for females. We’ll reach a point where if you say you like a 6yo boy, you get support for your “orientation”; but if you like a 13yo girl who’s already getting her period and has developed her secondary sexual characteristics, you’re forever shunned out of the public debate.

  4. Unfortunately, this article pretty much hits the nail on the head. The inherent flaw in progressive morality is that each subsequent wave of progressives operate from a relative perspective. They aren’t concerned with moral truth, but with the present location of the moral line in relation to their feelings.
    Because each wave shows up at a new line (put in place by the previous wave), there is a perpetual effort to move it further down the road to accommodate whatever maladies or perceived injustices are in conflict with the line at point B. A new wave comes in following the shift, the same condition is true, and they move it to point C. Rinse repeat.
    Most people who understand relative morality easily identify this as a critical fault of progressivism. But mainstream progressives (and the progressives who hold positions of power), are blind to the pattern. 100 years ago the average progressive would have scoffed at the legitimization of transexualism, especially where children are concerned. Fast forward to present day and the legitimacy of it is thought by progressives to be intuitive.
    The slippery slope isn’t a slope. It’s a cliff.

      1. “Gender-questioning youth: Children and adolescents who are questioning their gender identities (e.g., “I was born a girl, but I wonder if I’m really a boy?”).
        WTF?!!! The kid “wonders”? What kind of criterion is this?

    1. I’m so glad to see you’ve used the proper term “transexual”, even though there’s no such thing as a sex change. Progs are responsible for this misuse of the word “gender” which, when I was in school, had only to do with grammar usage. Before that, the likes of Donahue and Oprah popularized the previously nonexistent term “sexual orientation” based on the idea one is born gay. They are not. Because of neuroplasticity, certain effects may be observed but these do not imply causation.

    2. To be fair, traditionalists also progress. Traditionalist morals are far from absolute. Today’s traditionalists cringe at many things yesterday’s traditionalists considered moral.
      That said, I think the problem is not that progressives keep pushing the limits. The problem is when government gets so big that it overtakes people’s private affairs, thus making it possible for busybodies on either side to effectively co-opt the government and impose their morals on others through politics. If government had never meddled with education, forcing sex-ed, psychological counseling and gender politics, we would’ve never seen this surge of progressive morals. A minority group with fringe ideas about sexuality is not very influential by itself. But when said group reach positions where they can formulate curricula and get government funding to advance their agenda, they can exert enormous influence upon society.

      1. Apples & oranges. It is true that popular moral philosophies change over time, but traditionalists tend to have an objective frame of reference, where as progressivism is fundamentally relative. This means that traditionalists who move the moral line without demonstrable merit can be immediately outed as frauds due to the contradiction between moving to point B and claiming possession by point A. Progressivism has no such conflict. Consequently, progressivism moves the line faster and farther.
        The important thing to remember is that the politicians and busybodies that take over the system are products of the culture and whatever moral philosophy dominates it. Progs fought to take over the system, traditionalists didn’t fight back. So, here we are.

        1. “traditionalists who move the moral line without demonstrable merit can be immediately outed as frauds due to the contradiction between moving to point B and claiming possession by point A”. If that were a true principle in societies throughout history, there had been almost no cultural progress at all and we’d still be living in point A with minor changes. And this has evidently not been the case. European traditionalists from pre-Roman times, from the Middle Ages, from the XIX century and from today are worlds apart from each other.
          But not only traditionalists aren’t moral absolutists (not nearly as much as they like to believe they are). They don’t even have an objective frame of reference either, simply because they aren’t a monolithic block. There are many “traditions” with different “frames of reference”. So the -I mean the moral standards, not necessarily the religions- Abrahamic traditionalists have one frame of reference, the Indian traditionalists have another, the Confucian traditionalists another, and so on, and these frames of reference are often at odds with each other, even deep within these same categories.
          “the politicians and busybodies that take over the system are products of the culture and whatever moral philosophy dominates it”. Gramsci, is that you? I bet you, ASiT, who seem to identify as a traditionalist, aren’t aware that you’re echoing Marxist theories. The irony!
          The thing is, whatever control of culture you have is worth very little if you don’t have political power, but it’s almost worthless if political power can’t be used to achieve what you want. The advantage of -what was originally- a Liberal Republic like the United States is that the people can establish that government, for example, has no say in private matters, so neither progressives nor traditionalists who want to influence said matters would gain anything by attempting to use political power to that end. If the people stripped the government off the power to define and regulate education, marriage, sex, labor, etc., there would be no government-paid psycho-priests testing their convoluted theories on children, no nationwide Marxist indoctrination in classrooms, no alimony, no “yes mean yes”, no daycare facilities or maternity leave for working single mothers, no quotas and so on.

        2. My statement is demonstrably true. Traditionalists are inherently bias towards established practices. Advocating against those practices immediately outs one as a poser, unless that person can irrefutably demonstrate error in the established norms. This does not mean they cannot cause change. That would be absurd, as no culture or moral system has ever remained static. It erects barriers that slow change. In other words, there is a perpetual resistance within any traditionalist culture. This is in contrast to progressivism, which builds momentum.
          An objective framework-as I intend its meaning here-is simply the static moral principles upon which those philosophies are based. If you’re a Christian, the core set of moral principles set forth in the Bible are what they are. You don’t get to change them based on a condition in the environment. Same with the Koran and Islam, the path to enlightenment in Buddhism, and so on. That they all conflictingly espouse to be truth is another matter. What’s important is that they are grounded in a set of unchanging principles, and therefore are highly resistant to change.
          Progressivism is not grounded in the same way. One of the core principles of progressivism is that moral values can (and should) change at the population’s whim, and that any structure opposing such whims are inherently unjust. Accordingly, progressives are far more inclined to redefine the moral landscape, because that’s the entire purpose of the philosophy.
          It’s the difference between a minivan and a Ferrari. They both have four wheels, they both have combustion engines, headlights, are intended for use on paved surfaces, and so on. But the minivan isn’t designed to do 0-120mph in 7 seconds.

        3. Your statement about traditionalism is true within the boundaries of each of these frames of reference. It’s not universal, though, when traditionalists are taken as a single category across time and space.
          I’m not arguing your point about how progressivism works.
          However, I think both sides should have their say because both are useful:
          progressives have improved and enriched the human experience in many
          valuable ways, while traditionalists make sure that we don’t lose view
          of the fundamental things that make us human (though In the end no one is a pure
          traditionalist or a pure progressive). So, as I said, I’m not concerned with or bothered by the fact that there are extremist progressives who want us to marry animals and extremist traditionalists who think we should only marry our cousins. What I’m concerned with is how to prevent either of these groups from imposing their worldview on everybody else through political power.

  5. Here’s what I never understood: if amputees sexually excite me and I wanted to become one, seeking surgery to remove a limb, I have a paraphilia and am mentally ill. If I feel the same way about my cock I am a hero and should be helped.

    1. Welcome to Cultural Marxism, buddy. Don’t think that they won’t actually enable amputee fetishes; there are plenty of jackasses on Tumblr who label themselves as “trans-abled,” that is they think they’re supposed to have a disability the same way trannies think they’re supposed to be the opposite sex. It’s pretty retarded, and rather insulting to people who actually have life-threatening conditions beyond their control (cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, parkinson’s, etc)
      And if you REALLY want to get indignant at how out-of-control sexual deviancy has gotten, do some research on “bug-chasers,” literally the faggiest of faggots, whose excitement is derived from CONTRACTING AND SPREADING HIV. They’re almost as bad as pedos, but at least the fags who participate in that shit are doing society a favor by insuring that they won’t live longer than half a century. I guess it sucks for the homosexuals who unwittingly get roped into sex with the bug-chaser freaks, but seeing as this is RoK, I’m pretty sure 9 out of 10 people who read this comment aren’t going to sympathize much with queers. By now, anyone who’s taken the red pill (or never took the blue pill to begin with) should be well aware that sexual orientation is NOT like skin color or ethnicity. “People are born gay” is one of the Left’s most insidious lies, and it becomes that much more blatant when it’s a stepping stone to “Pedophiles are born that way.” Even if that were true, I’d still view child-fuckers as a pathology that can’t be tolerated, but rather quarantined in much the same way as those unfortunate enough to have leprosy.

  6. In Canada Muslim minorities already were protesting against “sex-ed” for their kids. More clashes between the official victim groups to come in the near future. Liberalism is a snake that bites its own tale.

        1. I’m afraid to use words like that in public any more. More and more I’m finding Millenials utterly clueless on any commonly understood words that people used as little as 10 years ago, and I don’t mean slang.

    1. Actually I agree with the Muslims on that, this is not the job of government, it’s the job of the parents. Schools teaching “sex-ed” to kids has in a large way played a part in how we’ve gotten to where we are today.

      1. Lack of separation between school and state from as far back as 1789 was the beginning of the end.
        If I have to duel half the convention at ConCon Part 2 to get such a clause, then so be it. Letting “them” in was through education, a fucking screen door on a fucking submarine. “They” weaponized democracy through the education system. Either we have a separation between school and state next time, or simply make teaching anything other than education to children a kill on sight offense.

      2. Perverts corrupting the minds of the youth without even touching them are vile vile human beings.

    2. It wasn’t just Muslims; Sikhs, Hindus and conservative Christians and Jews also protested against the Ontario Liberal Government’s “sex education” overhaul that was actually created by an “advisor” convicted of child pornography.
      They tried to implement the curriculum earlier a few years back but parents successfully protested against the change. Kathleen Wynne, Ontario’s lesbian-in-chief, rammed the new curriculum through a few months ago without giving a shit about anyone else.
      Liberal decadence knows no bounds because liberalism is not based on any belief in an absolute truth.

      1. Times like that are when you protest in front of politicans houses, and if things are at all like they are in the States, you don’t let your kids go to school on days where they have those classes.
        If done en masse, the schools won’t get their funding for those days.

  7. You know I think bestiality will be legalized first. After all, our culture already considers animals to be people rather than property and this is pretty much codified into law.

  8. If so, I think it’ll be to men only and not to women. Basically, it’ll OK to have sex with men over 2 years of age, but illegal to have sex with women under 26.

  9. That’s just crazypants, and hard to believe anyone actually takes this line of reasoning seriously. Almost as asinine as suggesting bestiality will be normalized
    Polygamy may be next on the horizon, but everyone knows children are sacrosanct in the US.

    1. If I had a dollar for every time in the past I thought something was “a line too far, people will never accept that”…

        1. Actually I think polygamy is next myself, as I understand it there is (or was?) a television show about it that appears to be an attempt to normalize it.
          Not sure if I care about polygamy or not, that much, at least it has some basis in history and is NOT victimizing a minor or some other creature not capable of consent. If three adult women want to jump in my bed at the same time and cook me meals, why would I refuse?

        2. If you don’t have a daughter yet, and you do eventually have one, you’ll eventually discover it’s not so hard weathering the emotion storms, as they tend to turn on each other, especially once they’re synchronized. Your role evolves into peacemaker, which beats the hell out of “target on his back” any day of the week.

        3. Like I said, no need to, they immediately start trying to push each other’s buttons and their fights go internal against each other. No idea why.

        4. Yep. Even then, only if you get tired of being turned to as the “voice of reason” to mediate, or to be a shoulder to cry on as the wife complains about how little daughter is pushing her buttons.

        5. It’s rather the same thing that happens when you get two cats or two dogs. They stop bouncing off of you, and tend to entertain one another.

        6. Anti-polygamy laws are all but unenforceable in Canada. Bigamy – two legal marriages – is still illegal.
          But really you can have two wives as a matter of course: you have your legal wife and then when you separate from her but are not yet divorced but then shack up with another the latter can become your common law at the same time.

        7. I see that too, and also remember the show you are talking about.
          So, we follow that reasoning (I don’t mind your scenario particularly either for full disclosure): Three adult women one of whom is now a cousin/sister,niece etc., then onto younger and younger age, and heck it’s not like as a relative one can harm this person they love or anything so why not express that love “completely?” “Who are you to tell me what I can or can’t do with my kid?” etc., etc. Done deal.
          Lot’s of ways to get there and easier with each erosion of traditional values.

  10. Just to get your terms straight, pedophilia is a sexual attraction to pre-pubescents, generally under the age of 12. Hebephilia is an attractions to tweens or young teenagers, like 11 to 14. Ephebophilia is the attraction to older teenagers, generally 15 to 19. “Non-paraphilic ephebophilia” is the attraction to older teenagers but not on an exclusive basis. . .it is also know as “being normal” for guys of any age.

    1. Ephebophilia
      Sounds like every straight man who has ever existed has suffered from this tragic condition.

      1. Back in my 30s, I caught all sorts of shit from people because I was dating teenagers (18 and 19 year olds). Surprisingly, at 48, no one gives me a hard time for dating a 26 year old although admittedly, if her parents found out (and I am a year older than her father) they would kill one or both of us.

        1. I’ve only ever heard women bitch about older men dating younger women. Sure, their trained and cowed “men” will meekly nod their heads when Queen Hen goes on her rampage about “That creepy pedo perv, dating a 25 year old” in complete defiance of the English language (since 25 year olds are consenting adults, not children), but we both know he’s totally cool with the guy in real life.

        2. My father (RIP) was a sarcastic SOB and ribbed me during and after the fact. But otherwise, you are right: guys gave me the (stealth) thumbs up while my female friends had other things to say.
          But that is just women. If there is such a thing as a patriarchy it is because ultimately – despite men being more competitive – men are in fact more cooperative and mutually affirming rather than “catty” or being backstabbing bitches.

        3. If there is such a thing as a patriarchy it is because ultimately –
          despite men being more competitive – men are in fact more cooperative
          and mutually affirming rather than “catty” or being backstabbing

          That’s actually a very profound thought. I need to ponder that a bit in the context of real life and history, very interesting.

        4. I will have to look but there was a post here or on ROOSH about the reality TV show where a group of girls and a group of guys were dropped off on a desert island. They had to remix the groups because the guys were so far advanced over the floundering women. In that case it wasn’t that the women were backstabbing each other but rather that the guys would do their own thing while the women could do nothing without a consensus. . . so nothing got done.

        5. I saw that post, I think it was over at Heartiste as well. It was Survivor. A huge embarrassment to the women, they basically had no shelter, no tools, were nearly out of food and becoming emaciated and spent their time laying around getting a tan. The men had constructed huts very close to Gilligan’s Island level (nice, iow), organized food gathering and were crafting tools on their own. The producers put the kibosh on the segregation when it became impossible to hide that men were in all ways superior to the women.

        6. I just shudder to think of the impact of laws that mandate corporate boards and legislative bodies having a third or half their numbers being women.

        7. Bing tells me Season 24, episode 2. It also lists the year 2003, which doesn’t seem congruent with “Season 24”, but maybe they’re the same, I have no frigging idea. In fact I’m not entirely certain that it’s the correct return, but I really don’t want to watch to find out. Hate that shit.

    2. All these words. We just have to listen to mother nature. When a girl is ready to have children, it’s okay to be attracted to her.
      Some are ripe at 14. Some still look like children at that age. I’m thirty and the lowest I would go is 16. Which would be perfectly legal in my country too.

  11. Legalized Pedophillia is on its way…the Overton Window has been nudged wide open where Homosexuality is concerned, so the ‘new frontier’ will be the pedos…the demand will be that it be ‘redefined’, first from a perversion to a mental disorder, then to a disability, then to a sexual lifestyle, and then finally where one is condemned as a bigot for opposing it. The need for the left to keep chipping away at values in hopes one day they make civilization crumble is pathological

    1. Pedophile advocates are wondering how to advance pedophilia while denying heterosexuals acess to teenage pussy…

  12. There’s a line that will not be crossed. And those who cross it should be persecuted, lose their job, and threatened. Liberal playbook 101. The millisecond someone starts talking about normalizing pedos, you smite that person back into the fucking dark ages.

    1. The minute I hear someone in my physical presence start talking about normalizing pedos is the moment where I introduce them to a rope, my truck and a rough gravel road.

  13. Homosexual Rape and Murder of Children
    The homosexual historical footprint is large when it comes to the rape and murder of children. The most notorious child killer might be Gilles de Rais (Bluebeard), remembered for raping, torturing, and killing perhaps 800 boys in 15th century France. Gilles often raped the boy as he hung from a hook by the neck. Before he died, Gilles took him down, comforted him, repeated the act and either killed him himself or had him slain. In his confession, Gilles testified that “when the children were dead he kissed them and those who had the most handsome limbs and heads he held up to admire them, and had their bodies cut open and took delight at the sight of their inner organs; and very often when the said children were dying he sat on their stomachs and took pleasure in seeing them die and laughed…” (www.crimelibrary.com)
    At the turn of the 19th century, “hobos” or “bums” in the U.S. were often driven from towns because it was believed that they were responsible for raping and killing boys. Even the murder of a boy by homosexual lovers Leopold and Loeb in 1924, then called the “crime of the century,” likely involved rape. As of July 23, 2001, the Associated Press list of the worst serial killers in the United States was topped by Donald Harvey, followed by John Wayne Gacy, Patrick Kearney, Bruce Davis and Dean Corll in descending number of victims (www.crimelibrary.com). All these perpetrators of serial crimes in the 1970s and 1980s engaged in homosexuality, and the majority of the victims for the last four killers were boys.
    Nevertheless, girls get raped and murdered too. Homosexual activists would have us believe that heterosexual abductions are far more common than homosexual child molestations. Perhaps our society has been so slanted against homosexuality that homosexuals are themselves victims of biased historical reporting. If so, what is the situation today? With our modern professional class Ñ including the media Ñ generally in favor of gay rights, it would seem likely that there ought to be minimal reporting bias against homosexuals in the coverage of child molestation cases. So the question remains: are those who engage in homosexuality disproportionately apt to engage in the rape and murder of children?
    What We Did
    Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe, an on-line search service, scans the whole text of over 50 English regional and national newspapers, largely in the U.S., but also including major papers in Australia, England, Canada, and New Zealand (e.g., the Baltimore Sun, Boston Globe, Independent [London], Ottawa Citizen, etc.). For 1989 through 2002 inclusive, every news story that included “child molestation” was examined Ñ a total of 6,444 stories which, after eliminating repeat stories about the same cases, reduced to 1,914 unique child molestation events. The 6,444 story database was double-checked by running “murder” and “killed” against it. Only news stories were tallied, not editorials or opinion pieces, so these were stories of fairly recent events.
    What We Found
    One hundred and three news stories involved the rape and/or murder of children: 90 involved the molestation and murder of a child or children, 11 stories involved only the abduction and rape of children, and two the rape and mutilation, but not the murder, of the children involved. Of the 90 news stories where the child was raped and murdered (0.47% of the unique child molestation stories), 40% involved homosexual molestation.
    In the most unusual case, an “educated and relatively wealthy” leader recruited two other men and a boy. This team raped and murdered precisely 100 boys1. The leader had had prior arrests for suspicion of sodomizing boys, but his social status kept him from being convicted for many years. In another case, a man molested and killed 9 children of unreported sex.
    Of the 95 perpetrators in these 90 stories, at least 43% engaged in homosexuality. These included 39 men, a boy, and a woman who all engaged in homosexuality, and 47 men and 7 boys who engaged in heterosexuality with victims. Of the 217 victims, at least 68% were victimized by homosexual perpetrators, and at least 67% were boys. Boys were also mutilated in the two stories involving mutilation. Furthermore, both multiple perpetrators and multiple victims were associated with homosexuality. In the three stories where two or more killers were implicated, the rapes were homosexual. In 69% of the 13 stories involving more than one victim, the perpetrator engaged in homosexuality. Another 11 stories involved a charge of attempted murder. In 64% of those cases, the perpetrator engaged in homosexuality.
    When all other cases of child molestation from the Lexis-Nexis search are added to these stories, there were 2,181 perpetrators in the 1,914 distinct events whose sexual proclivities could be characterized by the sex of their victim: 41% engaged in sex with their own sex, the remaining 59% with the opposite sex (another 118 perpetrators violated at least 190 children whose sex was not given). Of the 5,630 underage victims of these molestations, 61% were victimized by individuals who engaged in homosexuality. And those who performed homosexual seductions were quite one-sided: 3,386 of their victims were boys, only 60 were girls.
    Overall, there was a slightly higher rate of homosexuality among perpetrators who raped and killed than among those who “merely” raped or molested (43% vs. 41%). In addition, the proportion of victims attributed to homosexual perpetrators who raped and murdered was higher than the proportion attributed to homosexuals who only raped or molested (68% vs. 61%). All of the cases involving eating or torturing the victim were committed by homosexual practitioners.

  14. I’ve always said that if I could go back in time and talk to a 16 year old me I would advise 3 things. 1) Buy Stocks 2) Buy Real Estate 3) Really fucking enjoy 16 year old pussy while you can.
    I guess, pretty soon, I will only need 66% of the advice I would give my younger self.

    1. That just made me have a thought…just as a thought experiment, what would you think would happen if the groups who would normally be against pedophilia (conservatives, manosphere, etc) ENTHUSIASTICALLY jumped on the pedophilia bandwagon? Do you think it would give the Progressives pause? After all, they abhor everything we support. A little reverse psychology, if you will (not actually suggesting we support pedophilia).

      1. Same theory behind disbanding the national organization of women. NOW claims to have 500k active supporters. If 550k men join they can vote for immediate disbanding….or sandwich making fundraiser…fun to think about, but not actually practical.
        As for the Left abhorring the right and vice versa….I don’t know. I think it is just as likely a false binary meant to entertain people in a way not too different from professional wrestling while they buy their way into perpetual debt and very wealthy people and corporations strengthen their positions

    2. Hell, in Canada the age of consent was 14 until a few years ago.
      Funny story.
      An American guy too clever by half researched this. Then he goes online and finds a little 14 year old across the border who is DTF. At the border the Canadians ask him the purpose of his visit and – being the genius he is – says “I am here to have set with a teenager”. The border guards turn him away and inform their American counterparts on the other side who promptly arrest him. He had vodka, lube, condoms and various sex toys in his car. What he never considered is that while fucking a 14 year old in Canada was legal (at the time) internet luring of teenagers was illegal in his home state and punishable by 10 years in prison. Sayonara, fuckhead.

      1. wow, dip shit.
        And even if he got through, if she is 14 and DTF and it is legal her pussy probably already looks like used up bubble yum…..

        1. You have to wonder about that. What kind of 14 year old is in to fucking 30 something guys they meet on the internet?
          I am lucky I have a modicum of restraint. I work as a teacher and have all sorts of teenagers wandering under my nose. While the general age is 16, for any relationship of “trust or authority” it is 18. Sometimes it is right out of a Police song.

        2. hence bubble yum vagina.
          I would also have accepted the Family Guy “blown out end of a practical jokers cigar”
          Seriously though, 14 year olds who want to sleep with guys in their 30’s? That’s an easy one. Daddy issues. I regularly see girls between 18-22 years younger than me. It’s always the same. Different than the boys they know, successful, wears a suit, keeps in shape, goes to the fancy gym, can afford to take them to restaurants, know the owners and get treated right…oddly enough, none of them have good relationships with their fathers….
          I imagine that the 14 year old, in a society where that is legalized and normalized as AOC would be much the same.

        3. I suspect she was an Indian (like the ones Custard killed, not the ones the British killed).
          I think a lot of it is daddy issues. Certainly if there is a pathology to it. My current GF may or may not have daddy issues. It is a distinct possibility.
          Back in July my job was to personally tutor – 1 on 1 – a 17 year old. So we spent 6 hours of class time each day and usually lunch breaks together for a full month. If I was ever going to throw professionalism out the window then that would be it. She got all kino with me and sometimes I drove her places on my electric scooter and she had no problems wrapping her legs around me. She doesn’t seem to have daddy issues.

        4. Ok, I should not take it that far, but here are some of my students and they are sometimes disturbingly friendly:

        5. a) I will accept custard killed indians versus british killed indians but i prefer “dots or feathers” or “hoo hoo Indians (said while pointing at dot on forehead) or woo woo indians (said while making fingers look like feathers in the head
          b) You should be tracking this girls birthday with a timer on your phone
          c) She may not seem to have daddy issues, but unless you are improbably wealthy for a teacher or have movie star good looks, whether is seems like it or not, she has daddy issues…..

        6. Unless the parents wanted you to hook up with her, i dont see the point of creating these jailbait scenarios. It’s kinda like trusting your son to a Catholic priest, Boy scouts or Hollywood and expect him to not turn gay, lol.

        7. Jeff Dunham made a distinction that went something like “Heya heya Indian or I am Bob from customer service Indian”.

        8. One of the reasons i’m anti-gay marriage is reducing the possibility of pedophilia among gay married couples adopting sons.
          Same reason for not wanting men teaching females: females like authority figures and will try to seduce weak-minded teachers.

        9. More reasons for not wanting males teaching females. You want a healthy society? Bring back sex segregation, and don’t forget to opress gays and deviants.

        10. Yes, that is a risk, but girls need male role models beyond their father – if he is even in their home in this day and age.

        11. preferably when they are not trying to seduce said male role models, like brothers or parents. I wonder how schools contract male teachers, because profissionalism is a stupid excuse .

        12. Professionalism, as well as the threat of jail time, prevented me from ever taking a run at my students.
          I have hit on a few after they graduated but that is it.

        13. I never took a bite of my students, but from other sources I can say it is rather tasty.

  15. Watch, if this happens, they will still lock up the 17 year old kid who has sex with his 16 year old gf (while the age of consent in some states is as low as 14).
    If I knew a kid in that situation, my advice would be to tell them you “identify” as trans-agender-queer and then I doubt any prosecutor would have the balls to lock up a tranny (like how Bruce Jenner got off scot free with Manslaughter).

    1. I think it is sort of happening already but with respect to kiddie porn laws where a 17 year old films his first blow job.

        1. What’s crazy is that it is somehow a crime against one’s self to take a picture of your own natural body, the one you were born with, the one you can freely look in a mirror at all you wish, and yet it is NOT a crime against the self to lop off your own penis.

    2. Have you heard about the guy who is being charged as the victim AND the criminal in a case in South Carolina (may be wrong on the state)? Basically he and his gf sent each other nudie pics on their phone and the state is charging him with dealing in child pornography, even though the pics are of himself!

      1. yea, that was a few weeks ago. a couple teenagers, he was a high school football star, she a popular cheerleader or something like that. The pics – presumably – were circulated or found potentially by her parents, who turned them over to cops, they waited for him to turn 17 and charged him I believe.

    3. I read an article about a kid in the UK who was sent to prison for a few months for having sex with a drunk chick at a festival. She was nearly 16 and he was 17. Can’t find the article tho.

  16. This reminds me of Alex Jones. Selling fear and inciting emotional responses for what? Only Alex is at least got a handle on the big picture. Nobody is voting yes on measure molest my child. We are more likely to get a million dollar stimulus then this.

    1. What does voting have to do with it?
      Most states voted against “gay marriage”, so SCOTUS flipped us the bird and made it happen anyway. Most states prohibited abortion, SCOTUS flipped us the bird and made it happen anyway.
      So much for voting.

        1. Absolutely agree. I don’t mind them being appointed by the Pres (and approved by the Senate), but they sorely need term limits. Even casual readers of the Constitution know that nowadays these frauds don’t even bother looking at the document. Law 101 students would do a better job of making decisions than these clowns.

      1. In the first instance you have a point. In the second https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abortion_in_the_United_States
        A quick Google search shows it was a supreme court decision. Not voters.
        When you lose one or two battles and give up the war you’re either not committed or French. I guess a couple of gay people are more tenacious and alpha then the far right. Either that or not nearly as many people agree with you as you think.

        1. Abortion was a state’s rights issue. SCOTUS overturned it and made it a federal right without any legal ability to do so. There are no federally granted powers to reproduction in any capacity in the Constitution, ergo, it is a state’s rights issue. Roe v. Wade was overturning the 10th Amendment.
          Either that or not nearly as many people agree with you as you think.
          Using argumentum ad populum does not mean that something is right (or wrong).

        2. Fair enough. I’m not opposed to agreeing with you on some things. Still though voting matters and saying it doesn’t means you’d be part of the monarch party a system where someone else decides. When more the 70% of a society comes to a decision it frequently happens. If it doesn’t the establishment loses all credibility and people revolt. No one wants that.
          Right and wrong are matters of perspective. You wouldn’t have extinction level events and eventually die if if the universe thought in terms of human right and wrong perspectives. The only absolute laws are universal like gravity and thermodynamics. Everything else is just our race humans that is making up stuff to maintain order out of chaos.
          In nature if you can’t adapt to change you die. I agree with most of the stuff here I just think not everyone here has genius iq like I do or the time or energy to connect the dots. Like everyone I have to be wrong first in order to be right in many cases. I.e. at age 1 1+1 wasn’t a possibility, but after 30+ years it’s so easy it’s dumb.
          I’ve got a saying I learned from breakdancing as a form of elite exercise for the past 15 years. It is not the man with the best natural talent, but the first man to try a million times.

  17. Not sure about this.
    On the one hand, there are definitely attempts to legalize pedophilia. Especially, since SJW already TRIED to do that in the 60s and 70s with organizations such as NAMBLA that were part of the rainbow coalition back then. Or if you look at the Green parties in Europe with figures such French/German/Jew politican Daniel Cohn-Bendit.
    On the other hand, if you look at the way men are attacked for being attracted to feminine young women rather than old suit pants, kids in the US locked up for having consensual sex or sending nude pics and the alliance between feminists and conservatives in regard to that, the opposite could happen.
    Then again … what usually happens is what’s worst for normal men. So maybe pedophiles will become part of the rainbow coalition again while normal attraction to young (not child but young, feminine) will be more attacked than ever: heteronormativity, male gaze, rape culture etc.

  18. Not just pedophilia, but polygamy and incest as well.
    After that, who knows? Murder and rape may become legal in an “anything goes” mad max style social environment.
    To paraphrase from Obi wan: “You will find it hard to find a worse haven for scum and villainy than the US.”

    1. Polygamy has actually been a historical norm throughout history according to genetic evidence. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just supply and demand. Enforced monogamy is what’s unnatural.

      1. It hasn’t been a norm here, which is what i was trying to emphasize.
        If we are going to set our standard by ancient examples, we may as well make child sacrifice legal as well as bestiality.
        Oh wait…that’s probably already legal depending on the state a person is in.
        I also disagree on polygamy being something of no harm.
        It may not register as harm on the fiscal scale (except of course when it comes to taxation, divorce etc) but on the social scale it does tend to have a deleterious effect in that it diminishes the inviolable standard that Marriage was supposed to maintain.

        1. Marriage is a new invention.
          The current problems are all a result of humans living against our biological natures. Women have power over men, weak men make laws for strong ones, we spend most of our time working for others instead of for ourself and our family and tribe etc. Polygamy is just another facet of that. Besides, don’t half the people here have soft harems already?

        2. No, it isn’t. The Catholic church simply put a definition to it during the 11th century but the examples have been going on for far longer than that, literally back to biblical times.
          I wouldn’t be so quick to assume every guy here has a harem. Maybe some of us just come because we like to be in the company of fellow intellectuals without having to deal with the bs that feminists tend to offer.
          I consider this a virtual “Men’s club” basically.

        3. Anything past the invention of agriculture counts as “new” for these purposes. Our biological natures are a result of evolution. How we lived for millions of years is how our bodies and minds are designed to live. You think a SJW would have lasted half a day in those times?
          The paleo diet is built on this principle. The fact we get holes in our teeth while our ancestors didn’t is a direct result of eating things they never did (bread and anything else hunter-gatherers didn’t have access to). It is why women prefer to have kids with dominant men (alpha fux, the warrior type) and why they settle for living with softer provider men after the fact (beta bux, the slightly more peaceful hunter or very much more peaceful fisherman). Countless examples.
          The current sexual market is degenerate, but only because the kind of men women want and who can control them are mostly criminals under current laws. If welfare and alimony and other forms of forced wealth transference was abolished, and territorial violence was once again made legal to those of us not functioning in the capacity of a dog of the state, we may just see a rejuvenation of society. Imagine if we could legally get rid of every SJW and simpering mangina and worthless STD ridden whore in a permanent fashion. They are weak, so it would be easy. Strong men would rise to the top of society and once there, by our biological natures, establish order. Women would be forced to be feminine or suffer the consequences of trying to survive without the help of men. It won’t happen peacefully, but if the opportunity for change presents itself in the coming turbulent times, keep this in mind.

        4. No they wouldn’t have, but that’s not the point.
          We are actually more in agreement than disagreement, i was simply disagreeing on your fondness for polygamy.
          Without moral responsibility we psychologically degenerate into nothing more sophisticated than an animal…as humans with higher consciousness we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard, and maintain it.
          The problem arose when we lowered our standard out of pity and remorse…the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

        5. Wait, what?
          “Have you not read that from the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate.” They said to him, “Then why did Moses command that the man give the woman a bill of divorce and dismiss [her]?” He said to them, “Because of the hardness of your hearts Moses allowed you to divorce your wives, but from the beginning it was not so.” (Mt 19:4-8)

        6. We are animals, just animals smart enough to trick ourselves into thinking we are something more than that. Not the case. We still follow base animal urges, that’s what this site and others like it is all about.
          What we are however, is the only animal able to understand why we do what we do. If more of us understood it better we might be able to build a society that can advance us technologically and culturally without going against our base natures and thus leading to decline, as has so far always happened.

        7. You misunderstood me.
          I wasn’t saying the CC invented the institution, i was saying they put a modern day definition to those institutions mentioned in the bible, which we all know today as “Marriage.”
          Remember please, that the word itself is found nowhere in the bible. The CC used the word “Marriage” and applied it to these holy institutions as spoken of in scripture, around the 11th century. The word itself is derived from old latin “maritatus” meaning, to be mated and to do so through a holy union.

        8. Well we behave like animals due to our basic instincts, but religion (faith as i prefer) keeps those instincts suppressed and in check and civilization adds a veneer of sophistication to keep us from overly indulging in them to the detriment of others in our community.
          Remember…the smallest unit of any society is not the individual, but the male and female couple who form the bedrock of a family which in turn forms the foundation for any potential society.

        9. Ah, I see what you mean about maritatus and the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, but I wouldn’t say they applied a new definition but subsumed the term. For example, when St. Joseph decided to divorce the Blessed Virgin they were in the state of Kiddushin (sanctification), translated as betrothal. Nissu’in (elevation) is the consummation of the contract connecting husband, wife and God.

        10. Well said, my friend. If there is no God, everything is permissible. The materialists will always search in vain for what is binding, only to find that we are indeed fallen, unless they adhere only to belief in themselves and that might makes right.

        11. We act like animals because we are animals. This is not complicated.
          Religion is necessary for a functioning society. But what we use now clearly is not good enough. The cycle of rise and fall of empires proves it.
          We have to try something new. And it has to be something that promotes strength over weakness, or the cycle will continue (because a weak people will always be replaced by strong outsiders).
          So what should we use? Something that aligns with our biological natures. With the fact that, yes, we are animals and follow our instincts like any other. Something that enables us to live as our pre-agricultural ancestors did, but in such a way that we can still develop science and cooperate on big projects.

        12. We are only animals by genetic classification, we are not animals by psychological ability. Remember, we have higher consciousness which allows us free will and choice (cogito ergo sum) which the animals do not possess. All these are gifts from God which animals do not possess.They operate under basic instinct multiplied by cause and effect reactions; they do not possess higher reasoning.
          Faith teaches us to rise beyond our lesser, primitive, savage inclinations to better ourselves through God. Civilization keeps those under legal restraint so as not to unintentionally imperil someone else within our community.
          You are more than the sum of your parts, friend.

        13. I guess it boils down to my belief that we are more than the sum of our parts.
          We can always agree to disagree, no biggie.

        14. Which means what in practical terms? If your answer to that is “god”, then remember that redpilling is about how the world works, while feminists and sjws live in fantasy land. A claim of god, or anything else, requires that it can be proven.

        15. No, a belief in God is actually the red pill position to take here, since the blue pill left holds the position that attacks views of faith the most.
          God also provided us with the original patriarchy, where Men were supposed to lead and Women follow.
          You have feminists, homos and social justice atheists agreeing with your position on things with regard to faith, so bear that in mind.

        16. The world is more than two thousand years old. And I appear to be wasting my time here.

        17. I never said it was just two thousand years old. You really shouldn’t make assumptions that everyone of faith believes in the same exact things that don’t directly originate from the bible.

      2. In fact polygamy creates surplus bachelor males that end up causing social instability that the middle east African and Asian countries have to contend with preventing civilization from occurring.
        It is the patriarchal monogamous family that has been the norm in civilization that put a stop to intrasexual competition between males that seriously disrupted civilizational progress. As well as dramatically reducing the crime rate characteristic of polygamous societies.

  19. The way this argument will be won by progressives will be by bringing out on to the national mainstream cultural platforms, those child “victims” of the current oppressive legal inhibitions against this practice.
    You’ll see mainstream chat shows over the coming years with kids who are 14 or 15 who’ll be discussing how the law that forbids them to love someone who’s just legal, say 17, as an oppressive measure against their right to “freely love” their soulmate who happens to be an adult. They’ll be the prime victim of course, and we’ll all be encouraged to share in this soap fest, and the liberals will be saying “anyway kids grow up so quick these days, sure some of them know more than an adult by 15”. You can see then how this whole rights movement will get legs- (1) use a test case where the ages between legal and illegal are very close (2) Normalize it…hey they’re just kids, aren’t they? (3) Do the chat show circuit (4) Get the psychologists to tell us all that this is the way human sexuality is developing… it’s an inevitable fait accompli.
    In an epoch where money, commodities and notch posting combined with a general indifference and malaise to politics and the larger social world, where the only gratification that matters is, self gratification, why should any of this come as a surprise. I think the Laissez-faire policies of the free market has perhaps had more of a negative influence on making childhood and children into yet another commodity to be exploited, used and ultimately abused by the callous forces at work in our societies. Is there no boundary that the free-market won’t cross?

    1. The 14-15 year olds would have no actual gripe, as states (in the U.S.) generally have a range of ages that are ok, such that a senior in high school who was dating a sophomore is not charged with pedophilia the day he turns 18. I think it’s a 4 year spread (?), not certain, but that number seems to come to mind.
      They’ll have to dig deeper down in age, where sympathy rapidly erodes.
      As to the rest of your post, the problem isn’t a free market because we don’t even approach anything close to a free market and haven’t for over a hundred years. Blaming “laissez faire” is akin to blaming the tooth fairy. We are borderline fascist with just enough wiggle room in the middle to small business sector to be rightfully called mercantilist. Adam Smith had nothing but contempt for mercantilism.
      The more you know! ™

        1. I prefer the term “venture socialism”. Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe, same thing, heh.

        2. Crony capitalism, crony socialism, cronyism will always be a part of whatever system rules us. Recent Capitalist history has proven that it’s as big as failure as Communism was in its own day.
          What’s worrying is that some of the founding principles of democracy are now akin in many minds to the so-called immutable principles of Capitalism, like liberty and freedom, which is totally incorrect, in fact they’re the antithesis of these values. How can a man have liberty for example if he must always say the most political expedient or correct thing in his workplace, even if it’s against his moral beliefs? Well, if you get fired, the bank manager won’t listen to this excuse and it’s hard to have any liberty if you’ve children to support…….but this is the sweet caring glow of our Capitalist system, upholder of our democratic values.

        3. The two are inextricably linked these days. That’s my point. Essentially, the system is constructed in such a manner that in order to have freedom in a capitalist society you must have money….and to have money and job security you have to play the game. The question is the opposite I suppose, in a democratic society can one be free, happy and have liberty without money and job security?

        4. In order to be free in ANY society you must have money or else you are tied down to living your life working to make ends meet. Any system has its inherent flaws, but it is my belief that Capitalism, with ethics, is as perfect as we’re going to get anytime soon.
          Let’s approach this another way. If you were to replace Capitalism with another system, what would it be?

        5. I agree every system has its inherent flaws like all things made by mere mortal men. I believe, hope perhaps lies in reverting to a much more modest, measured and prudent form of traditional capitalism (with a small C) based upon the values of community and nation, first and foremost, that values individual talent and hard work. Nevertheless, I believe that many of the traditional values of the “old left” and I don’t mean Communism, are values that help to build a society that looks after and indeed cares for those who are genuinely vulnerable. I’m not talking about any of the new pseudo left with their so-called causes which are an insult to the real social problems that are in our societies. I’m talking about societies that invest money in all the citizens education and health regardless of class or race, that tackles homelessness in our cities, that cares about the young and the elderly equally. This is real equality not the BS that SJW and all the rest of the circus go on with.
          However, such a society can only be financially supported by really encouraging capitalism through our communities and nation states. The values that traditional capitalism promotes are good- they represent, talent, drive, ingenuity, competitiveness and the pursuit of excellence in our countries. But, they cannot be sabotaged by the profit driven mania of big corporations or by the narrow and destructive dialogues and campaigns of the neo left.

        6. And the role of us all as consumers (a term I hate) or just as people will be critical when it comes to supporting the business interests of our own communities and nations first and foremost. Even a small step, like buying food or having a coffee in a local shop that employs local people rather than running off to starbucks for the coffee, who don’t pay hardly any TAX outside the US and yet they still pay their staff shit wages. This is where people have to wise up and say fuck you until they start giving something back to society.

      1. Well, the laws are much more rigid in most European countries. There is no spread allowed at all. In some cases, I suppose where both are almost 17, it does seem a bit draconian, but “them be the rules”.
        I should have qualified what I meant by laissez faire a bit better, as I used the term in a slightly liberal and lazy manner. What, I’m describing relates to the unquestioned power of both large corporations and the State par excellence to form a calculus of values that allow people to be systematically reduced to nothing more than atomized stimuli in a given society. This ideology strips away a nation’s tradition and customs, its history, its purpose and its place in the world. Globalization and a universalized free market across the planet for the big and mighty destroys the nation State, it leads to the outsourcing of jobs, and to wages being reduced drastically in developed countries.
        Adam Smith was an elitist semi-feudal aristocrat writing for his own kind, who I suspect would of disdained the grubbiness of both the merchant and the worker equally. However, the capitalism that he would have favored is the one we see today, a world ruled by State intervention in the “free market” when it suits the interests of big corporations and of course Banks! We’ve all become commodities on their spreadsheets, and we’re either in the + or – column…and there’s no part of society that’s sacrosanct from this calculus of values.

        1. What you describe is corporatism/mercantilism, which is exactly what I indicated Smith railed against in a rather famous treatise. It is not “free market” at any level, not for the big guys, not for the small guys, not for anybody, it is managed trade, no matter how the buck is passed and who manages what (government and corporations both).
          I do not share your bleak view of Smith, having read his works myself (back in the day).

    2. Well, I found the years of involuntary post-pubescent celibacy to be quite unpleasant at the time, and I think most boys and some of the girls age 12 – 15 feel the same way. Perhaps not quite as bad as being raped, but it lasts a lot longer, has the same disrespect for the victim’s wishes and often has terrible psychological effects. Going out on a limb: being forced to not pursue a basic biological purpose for years – over a fifth of ones life – may even be more damaging than the risk of getting felt up by a perv, though probably not as damaging as the life sentence the perv could get.
      Ability to consent is not determined by age but by mental age, knowing relevant information about sex, relationships and consequences, and not being under duress. There are ways of finding out if a person is smart, knowledgeable and free enough to consent; we don’t use them because supposed inability to consent is just an excuse for women to keep jailbait off the market and for both sexes to make sure teen boys aren’t getting any. Kids being forced to waste 16000 hours imprisoned in school isn’t the act of a society that cares about consent.

      1. You’ve an interesting perspective. The problem, I’d see with mental age is that it’s really hard to define this in any objective sense, but, your post does raise that issue we must have all felt when we were young. I know when I was studying at that time most of the time I was thinking about sex and sport and found it difficult to concentrate, although interesting, on the finer points of Boolean Algebra or the life cycle of Fasciola hepatica. I don’t think the solution to this celibacy lies in allowing adults to “educate” those younger in these ways, there’s a horrible legacy of were these things can cause damage, but, what you say about consent might be the way in an ideal world, however, in our world it’s likely to attract degenerates.
        Maybe, we are still hung up sexual issues, despite all our recent liberation, perhaps we need to concentrate on quality rather than quantity, but the dick is often so much stronger than the head.

  20. “For progressives, though, mental disorders and sexual orientations must not just be identified and categorized, but must also be destigmatized”
    Quite right.
    For example: Psychologists have (intentionally or otherwise) helped legitimize what was commonly understood to be pedophilia (sex with ANYONE under legal age) by taking baby steps towards breaking it into 3 categories and destigmatizing certain aspects of it through psychobabble filled pseudoscientific works.
    The categories are as follows:
    Ebhepohilia: Sex between an adult (18 and over) and a minor 15-18
    Hebephilia: Sex between an adult and a minor 11-14
    Pedophilia: Sex between an adult and anyone under 11
    While i can understand the need to want to identify, understand and categorize paraphilias and the mental disorders they tend to cause, whenever psychologists take it a step further in order to try and make the public feel sorry for those who engage in this activity by making it seem as if it’s a mental disorder that the person cannot help, the line has to be drawn and the foot has to be put down. Psychology is a pseudoscience as it is, any attempt to legitimize people with sexual disorders as somehow not being able to “help themselves” is an attempt to try and legitimize evil, plain and simple.
    While certain ancient cultures chose to engage in the Marriage of children to much older adults, that is not the standard the US should follow, more so when those instances involved Marriage and the ones in the US simply involve a pervert looking to score easy sex with someone too immature to understand the severity involved.
    Worst still, there have been meetings between psychologists in the world to discuss whether the entire set of terms should be reclassified as “intergenerational intimacy disorder” in order to put the 3 terms i listed under an umbrella which would make it harder to prosecute those involved because of the “mental condition” the perverts at the time were “suffering from.”
    You can’t make this shit up. This world gets more degenerate by the second.

    1. ”(intentionally or otherwise) helped legitimize what was commonly understood to be pedophilia (sex with ANYONE under legal age)”
      When the raise they legal age the definition of pedophilia is expanded by that logic.

        1. I see. I think I was taking issue with the expanded definition of pedophilia if it is anything under the legal age. That would automatically expand the definition of perversity. By this logic alcohol becomes evil when it becomes illegal.
          There are proper definitions to accurately describe reality so as to ensure what is good is not called evil and evil called good objectively speaking. In the same way when feminists abuse the word “rape ” to mean what they don’t like while falsely making it equivalent to the actual heinous act.

        2. Something like sex between an established adult and an aspiring adult is far too complex to lump into a single definition category, however some issues therein are practically immutable:
          An adult has no business having sexual relations with a developing child of an immature psychological and (especially) physiological background.
          While there will always be people more mature in mind and body than their age would imply or their peers would demonstrate, these tend to be the exceptions to the norm and as such consent laws and policy should not be framed around their presence.
          These things tend to fall under the “what is right vs what is legal?” argument, which speaks of religious morality in the first instance and secular ethics in the second and the particular philosophies which they have spawned.
          The pure conservative vs libertarian philosophy tends to be distinguished by how much more or less restrictions there should be on an individual’s actions, with the former (generally speaking) favoring restraint while the latter (again, generally speaking) favors non restraint. American conservatives tend to use the bible as the premier litmus test for just what should be considered socially (and legally) permissible with the Constitution as a secondary consideration, whereas with libertarians it’s practically the opposite.
          Given that (in general) the Founders based their views on a biblical perspective yet nonetheless engaged in behaviors which could be considered unscriptural (slavery, drug promotion, etc) the best way to approach this seemingly dichotomous situation is to put every situation into a context.
          Too much of either has the potential for abuse, so knowing when to draw the line with regard to the self and the society the self finds itself in is key. The Founders did no less themselves when they listed religious viewpoint perspectives within the Declaration of Independence in contrast to the (mostly) secular ethical considerations of the Constitution. Both have a different purpose, yet they are united in giving consideration to something greater than the self: God and government, respectively. We are a nation of laws not people, it’s just a matter of determining which laws take precedence and in which situations when one goes about making policy law for all people in the US.
          This is why i believe that age of consent laws should be adhered to regardless of the occasional exception to the norm. Whenever the bible does not make it clear that something is “wrong” one should exercise discretion in a secular attempt to make it legally “right.”
          Alcohol use is not a sin provided one does not become intoxicated. Attempts to use the bible to abuse the Constitution in making it illegal deserved to fail, because you can’t make something illegal just because it has the potential to be a sin.
          As i said, there’s always a fine line whenever one considers him or herself a Christian conservative and a Constitutional capitalist.

        3. I agree.It requires a particular social context which fosters great maturity in general before one can even reconsider the age of consent. Since childhood is extended up to the age of 18 whereas lets say in medieval society or ancient societies the age of adulthood is 13-16 which coincides in initation rituals for men and menstration for young females to become women.
          Clearly people under the age of 18 in our modern era are unsuitable for marriage mentally speaking. Yet they seem to have adult sexual drives as well. It in my opinion is more problematic if such sexual drive is directed towards promiscuity which promotes irresponsibility and bastardry rather than marriage which forces both parties to take responsibility for the sexual choice that they make and changes the rules of the game.
          Some food for thought also:
          The bible also seem to make a case indirectly:

        4. “It in my opinion is more problematic if such sexual drive is directed
          towards promiscuity which promotes irresponsibility and bastardry rather than marriage which forces both parties to take responsibility for the sexual choice that they make and changes the rules of the game.”
          You just described enough of the complex chain reaction which has led us to this current state of sorry American affairs.
          All this and other factors like growth hormones in food, abortion on demand, no fault divorce, broken homes, deadbeat moms and dads, homosexuality and homosexual pretend parenting, the ridicule of abstinence or virginity, the emasculation of culture, irresponsible sex, peer pressure to engage in sex, social stimuli in the form of tv or magazines and much much more has had the consequential effect of making Marriage into a farce and increasing bastardization birth rates which led to the profitable “solution” of abortion which is just a disguise for population control especially of the undesirables.
          Since there are so many publicly accepted avenues of temptations which lead to sex, so many outlets to engage in sex, and so many excuses to marginalize the consequences of sex, a child is far less likely to refrain from having sex with anyone or everyone than ever before.
          And what has been the common denominator in all of it?
          The removal of God from government, media, academia, and even the home.

  21. You stole my thunder 🙂 I was going to point out the acceptable types of pedophilia to a SJW:
    (A) Homosexual man with prepubescent boy : pleasureful and empowering for both man and boy.
    (B) Homosexual woman with prebescent girl: pleasureful and empowering for both woman and girl.
    (C) Thirty year old woman with sixteen yo boy : pleasureful and empowering for both woman and boy.
    (D) Thirty year old man with 16 yo girl: filthy and disgusting. He deserves life in prison

  22. This is a taboo subject!!!
    The age was first increased by Feminists before 1900s. Due to school education finishing at 18, the age has increased to 16-18 in most Western countries today. It was (before 1880) ALWAYS when a woman started her period at young as 11-12. For boys, they started puberty at about 13 years.
    In the past, soon as a teenager started to go through puberty, she got married and had kids.
    Our society has changed where there is nothing wrong with being attracted to a young teenager cause biological we get turned on when we see curves and tits. Our dick doesn’t care about age where teenagers today grow 1-2 years faster due to growth hormones in food today. People won’t admit it today cause its against the law.
    I just think it’s a joke that you can go to jail for 20+ years for having sex with a 16-17 year old. If you read into it more, we are attracted to women around 15-16 years old cause they are the most fertility. This is biological.
    I think it has more to do with Feminists knowing a man will crave a young woman hence why we are ashamed to date anyone younger by 10 years. If your 30, it’s wrong to date a 20 year old in the west.
    In the East it’s normal for a 20-30 year old woman to date a 40-60 year old man. Once again it’s Feminists brain washing from the West!
    There was a excellent documentary on Netflix about it called.
    “Are all men pedophiles”

    1. The initial laws raising the age of consent from 7 (default as the “age of reason” in English common law) to 10 or 12 were in the last quarter of the 19th century. Before that you can find occasional condemnation of pederasty (boys) but hardly anything said about sex with underage girls. Likely it was too common to be considered worthy of more condemnation than unmarried sex in general. In the 20th century, Freud based his pseudoscientific (but widely acclaimed) psychoanalysis on the idea that repressed child libido is the origin of most psychological problems. There was little of today’s taboo on pedophilia, or rather it was not noticeably more taboo than adultery, pornography, or even masturbation, let alone homosexuality – and that’s true, prepubescent pedophilia – the idea that fully-developed 15 year-old girls should be forbidden to marry was almost inconceivable then, and the idea that men should be jailed for having sex with their teen wives would have been considered bizarre.
      The unique total condemnation of pedophilia that people seem to think dates from the dawn of civilization in fact only goes back to the mid-1980s. Television news ran story after story on child abductions and made-up satanic ritual abuse cases such as the McMartin Preschool witch-hunt. While all kinds of abuse were declining, the frequency of these stories led parents to keep their kids under 24/7 lockdown, greatly harming hundreds of millions of them over the years, while having little effect on abuse rates (which are mostly determined by moms’ choices of boyfriends.)
      At the end of the ’70s, few jurisdictions had ages of consent over 14; by the late ’90s few had AoCs below 18. The difference between 14 and 18 doesn’t affect pedophiles at all, but it does take the greatest competition to aging Baby Boomer women off the market just when their looks were hitting the wall hardest. The overwrought rhetoric about killing and mutilating pedophiles that today seems mandatory in every internet discussion is really TV-programmed white-knights advancing the feminist agenda, pedos covering their attraction, and normal men teen-oglers keeping quiet because they have been misinformed that that’s pedophilia. Now that virtually everything else has been normalized, all the opprobrium that fell on those things has been transferred to pedophilia. I don’t see it being easy to walk back this 30-year campaign of demonization or the insane laws that now conflate as “child sexual abuse” both a pat on a 14-year-old’s butt in 1964 and raping a toddler today.

      1. What are you talking about. Even in Shakespeare’s time it was odd for girls to get married that young (Juliet was 14 and that was considered slightly odd.) The average age was 18.
        Where I am from, Eastern Turkey, it is also considered odd to marry a 14-16 year old. 17 is the age that is considered acceptable. And this is a backward, extremely conservative region. So there you go.

        1. ”What are you talking about. Even in Shakespeare’s time it was odd for
          girls to get married that young (Juliet was 14 and that was considered
          slightly odd.) The average age was 18.”
          Odd and not usual but not evil or immoral. Although I do appreciate the utility of this social norm in limiting population growth and prevent it from reaching the malthusian limit as populations seem apt to do in times past.
          ”And this is a backward, extremely conservative region”
          Belief in ”progress” is one of the fundamental flaws of our time as if we are getting ever more moral far superior to those knuckledraggers the conservatives.

      2. ”The unique total condemnation of pedophilia that people seem to think
        dates from the dawn of civilization in fact only goes back to the
        This is the issue of the expansion of the definition of pedophilia in popular culture. Which clinically defined referred only to the abnormal sexual attraction to prepubsecent children.
        A far cry from 14-15 year olds with a functional secondary characteristics and regular menstrual cycles. In fact those “teens” were considered young adults.
        Also likewise with males who came of age 13-15 years when they were considered as young men.

    1. You’re absolutely correct, but that’s only part of the argument. These demented sickos are attacking from 2 fronts that are subtly connected. The frontlines, so to speak, is attacking the whole age/pedophile norms (ie – the “I’m a pedophile, but not a monster” article). In the background, however, they’re pushing kids to be more concerned about their sexual orientation/identity/etc. Reread point 1. They are pushing to normalize child sexuality. The sooner they can get kids routinely thinking about sex at younger ages, the quicker the whole argument shifts in their favor.

    2. A child can’t consent of being raised by homos either. Still it’s legally happening everywhere in the west.

  23. They might start with legitimate points like lowering the age of consent to 16. Then they will keep on going forward until they are at age zero.
    It is the same tactic as with the LGBT agenda – first they start with legitimate concerns of de-criminalizing homosexuality, but then push forward to position it as something superior, brave, “something everyone ought to try”, oppressed minority etc.
    Lowering the age of consent is one thing, but pushing forward below the age of sexual maturity will quickly destroy the last vestiges of family life we have left.

  24. I would agree, the degeneracy of programming, movies, legal fabric of our society is coming more unglued every day. The buck will stop with kids though. in 20 years we went from stand up comedy making fun of gays, to it being taboo, in 20 years they could legalize pedophilia it could happen. But I would also think society might push back before that ever happens. I think they might try to lower the age of consent from 18 to 16 or 15, 14 etc. but who knows.

  25. Maybe I’m off here but isn’t it up to the parents? Who cares if it’s legal or not, nobody in their right mind would let anything sexual happen to their young children.

    1. Pedos can still get to kids regardless of whether or not their parents want it or not. Plus, not all parents would protect their kids, and some are abusers themselves. Therefore, there should be the strictest of penalties enforced against these freaks.

    2. Orphanages would simply become brothels. The Rotherham pedophile rapists targeted orphans and girls from broken homes.

  26. I also think as fewer people have children, the parents lobby will weaken. There will be a large cohort of permanent children–i.e., childless adults–for whom sex is all about pleasure, whose moral center is ruined by constant imbibing of propaganda and pornography, and for whom their hatred of the squares is their chief defining principle.

  27. The most disturbing thing about this article is that it was posted on ROK, rather than the onion. The end is near indeed

  28. even before it gets to that point, teens are in “control” of their sexuality. And cannot be policed by thier parents for wanting to be “modern” like we saw with the shafia killings when the parents tried to prevent their daughters from being like the canadian girls.
    Are we really gonna trust a group of people that cant drive,marry,vote,work or fight in a war to decide how to dress,pierce,tattoo,behave,who to date and fuck. And now if they want to mutilate their genitals.
    We just taking responsibility and accountability from them and letting them be hedonistic. Really extending childhood. In our grandparents time when you were a teen you married and had responsibilities like an adult and you were considered one.
    We are already living it, they are just slowly taking it further. Before whats happening now was taboo. Now theyll push it further “its ok for teens to explore, now it should be kids”….taking an inch at a time these people. Soon theyll say age dont matter and well be like the ancient greeks.

    1. People don’t seem to realise that many societies have been down this path before; the acceptance of homosexuality and other perversions, the hedonistic lifestyle, influx of migrants who share a different culture, the rejection of the “state” religion and replacing this faith with faith in “science”.
      People don’t realise that societies are a cycle, not a straight line. And all these things signify the end of the cycle.

      1. this is true like it was said in fate of empires. In the beginning they are like vikings in the end they are faggots.
        No culture is immune to this not even islamic culture, which happened before they got sacked by the mongols.
        But this progressisim is affecting everyone. But since the example I gave was islamic everyone is quick to go “oh how barbaric they just wanted freedom” so suddenly the masses sided with the feminists. But 50yrs ago if any white girl did what they did they would a been disowned and kicked out of the house and rightly so for “dishonoring the family”.
        India is swamped with feminism hence all the indian sjws we see. Seeing a growth of it in latin america, spreading to the middle east thanx to egyptain feminazi Mona Eltahawy(looks it with the fat hair n glasses), dyke Irshad Manji and mangina Tarek Fatah whom are trying to liberalize the mosques like whats happened to churches. Russia is getting the twerking epedemic showing up but fighting well against it. Africa is getting alot of “women empowerment” shit from the west. The only place left is east asia. But I think those feminsts will try to gun for them soon.
        its spreading like a virus. All because of this mindset that Irshad has said:
        She encourages her audience to “challenge conformity within our own tribes – be they religious, cultural, ideological, or professional – and to do so for a more universal good.”[27]..wiki
        This is how it spreads. use multicult cause they dont have enough kids. Indoctrinate the migrants and then let them challenge their ancestorial homeland….No country for straight man.

        1. “…But 50yrs ago if any white girl did what they did they would a been disowned and kicked out of the house and rightly so for “dishonoring the family”.”
          in 1965? ok.

        2. whoops my bad make that 80 yrs back.
          the hippies are basically the pioneers of this degenercey

      2. End of a cycle. Hegel, Evola, Vico. Makes you think that biology has sent homo sapeins down an evolutionary dead end. You’ll never escape, mythology, religion, philosophy, science, secularism, the end….mythology etc. Does actually make you wish for something different, but what, is the eternal question? Even in some type of posthumous existence we’d never be happy, especially if we’re anything what we’re like here…still every circuit eventually must short itself? Perhaps to be no longer human is the answer?

        1. The simplest answer would be “study history, learn from our mistakes”. Obviously that doesn’t work (the frustration when I say this is unimaginable). Since this cycle is rooted in human nature, perhaps you’re right. Perhaps no longer being human is a solution.

  29. ^this.
    And all of his crap being introduced…..along with Planned Parenthood and their money making schemes…..kills what advances us….and that is the continuation of our society by means of reproduction.
    The narcissism is eating us alive.

  30. TRIBE, TRIBE, TRIBE. Did I say TRIBE? Yes I said TRIBE. The progressives, libs, whatchamacallits, deviants, elitists, whatever you want to call them, the purveyors and architects of the pedo debauchery we’re being dosed with ARE A STRONG TRIBE and they can’t wait ’till all the dumb animals that eat of their vile fruit FALL TO WASTE and become their begging and bellowing bovine once and for all. So it is all a TEST OF TRIBES. We live in a world of tribes great and small.
    THE TRIBE doesn’t defile their own youth or defile themselves with animals but if they can convince the other dumb animal-humans who are not of the tribe to fork over their women and children to them, under their priestship and under their knife, then to accuse one of being a dumb animal becomes not an accusation of one being a soulless beast or animal but rather an admonishment of, admission to and acceptance of the title or label ‘animal’.
    When you fork the children or bretheren of your own tribe over to the state to educate, discipline or correct, or over to the socialist services to raise or over to the medical mercenaries to ‘cure’ and domesticate, that’s the same as if you were to give off a big barnyard ”MOOOO”.
    Warriors don’t say ”MOOO”. Slaves do. Patriarch’s kids don’t end up on the dissection tables of the evil priest doctors of the wicked tribe. Children STOLEN by socialist services end up on the medical tables as medical waste less a few organs. Children genitally mutilated by the evil priest doctors end up domestically whipped, toiling as peasants for another tribe or at worst butctered. Wives SWINDLED by women’s advocate ‘tribe’ court priests end up in the gutter with the peniless father having his throat cut behind the soup kitchen.
    So MAN OF BALLS. That’s right YOU. I’m talking to YOU, man with the balls. Are you going to go out saying ”MOOOO”? Will you die as a dumb animal being led to slaughter saying ”MOOOO”? Or do you refuse to die as a dumb animal? Do your BALLS RULE. Here’s to BIG BALLS!!!
    All hail the patriarchy!

  31. “Our culture has already begun associating pedophilia with cuteness.”
    A mascot from the chan imageboards is hardly broad enough to equate with “our culture”.
    Also, for a long time in American history, the age of consent was ridiculously low compared to modern times. Feminists and women’s rights activists were the ones who had it raised up to 18. Just like promoting Islam, in this case SJWs are actively working AGAINST the feminist ideals they claim to defend.

    1. I’ve always found it ironic that first-wave feminism was so instrumental in setting up the age of consent laws, but modern feminism and progressivism has done so much to eliminate them. Feminist Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg worked hard in the 1970’s to have the age of consent lowered to 12, and also stated that girls of that age should be legally able to prostitute themselves and get abortions without parental consent. This whole issue was among the reasons the ERA was controversial and ultimately rejected by the American public. As Phyllis Schlafly pointed out in her anti-ERA campaign, the amendment would have eliminated all of the laws in place against statutory rape and furthered the pro-pedophile agenda, something which very few parents at that time wanted.

      1. I doubt Ginsberg had in mind laying the groundwork for patriarchal family formation. Spoiled and deflowered 12 year old females become useless and the most risky prospects later on to any wise traditional minded man looking to start a family. Feminists like Ginsburg want young females to lose their virginity early on so that they learn to control, pump and dump many males and boys. The last thing feminists want is a naive young virgin falling under the control of ANY MAN or patriarch wishing to forge a trad family.
        The feminists want the woman on top, learning as a child how to control males with sex. A lot of ghetto (projects) fatherless families that resemble a den of snakes have an old french ho mama and her slutty daughters to whom she is constantly calling out the cops to serve orders against bf’s and men that the daughters date. Ever heard ”my mama said get rid of you”?
        It’s a form of control where for no other reason than something similar to a martial ‘practice drill’ they give the axe to some guy that has relations with the ghetto nest. The ‘preying mantis’ is close to describing this ‘inside the den’ way of matriarchs, where they will burn some innocent guy using the uniformed mangina services, but I’ve known quite a few guys who got outed by surprise like the matriarch bitches were performing a redundant military drill just to keep their ‘den of cunts’ bitch regimins on their toes.
        Ever wonder why the bitch did this or that against you? It was spur of the moment drill on her part against you. She was flexing a little to assert a dominant wish. Wasted deflowered young girls become the ‘unmarriables’. That was Ginsberg’s objective.

        1. You got it exactly right. Ginsburg and other feminists like her who worked for these policies want nothing but the destruction of the family, and of young girls’ & women’s morals. Virginity is among the most admirable (and unfortunately rare, nowadays) qualities in a young woman, in my honest opinion, and it says a lot about leftists that they are so adamantly against it.

      2. Ok for such inflammatory statements about Ginsberg, you have to provide PROOF, she said that!

  32. Progressives want to use the state, want to use force to make people accept certain lifestyles, behaviors, and so on (but not others). They don’t want freedom, just a more permissive state. Suggesting that the state simply get out of something often doesn’t get a good reaction. Why? Freedom means the freedom not to accept, not to interact with, people who do things you don’t like. They want the state to to control associations between people.
    But that’s just the useful idiot level. What’s at the top levels? We have to guess. And that’s where the weirdness of the secret societies comes into play. It is almost as if they are trying to bring what they do in places such as Bohemian Grove out into open. To supplant the mainstream culture with their bizzaro world. I am sure some will disagree or say it’s tinfoil hat stuff or whatever.
    There has to be a motivation for the wealthy elite to have this perused. The welfare state and the government schools, wrecking the economy, and such is sufficient to break the family. It doesn’t take much for homosexuals to have their individual rights, just get government out of the marriage business and the problem is solved. Easy. There’s no need to do what they are doing unless something else is in mind. Something more.
    Richard Nixon on the grove:

  33. They should maybe have told those fags that they were just a step in the long march to Hell. Those homo terrorists are already using the “law” to go after Christians. Gee what could possibly go wrong. Just turn the other cheek after you kick their ass. A bridge too far is often fatal after you burned the other bridges behind you boys!

  34. I saw the mainstreaming of pedo coming but I must say that I wasn’t expecting them to be pushing so hard and so brazenly, so fast! The way I had nighmares about it, we would be subjected to at least a few years of hollywood/upworthy/buzzfeed/NYT/Libération/Guardian propaganda about poor little queer kids whose only sexual outlet is older queers or something like that.

  35. This is all about the elite priming the right and the radical left to annihilate each other. The aftermath will be a world with only the elite themselves and their sheepish, moderate muppet population, those who will be happily convinced that hard-won utopia has been achieved.

  36. dont be the useful idiot for the talking heads telling you of some invisible enemy thatthey created

    1. The blue is where no sterilisation is required. So that would be better than red where sterilisation is State enforced.

      1. My bad. Actually the countries in brown have no recognition whatsoever of trannies. The best picks of those would be Ireland and Hungary if I were house hunting once I’m done pussy hunting elsewhere. ‘No recognition’ must mean that they call it like they see it. If the sucker looks like he got attacked by a shark down below, there wouldn’t be much to ‘recognize’. lol

        1. India’s an interesting country when it comes to what they classify as the third gender. They are an extremely socially conservative and family oriented culture, with arranged marriage still taking precedent over love marriages, yet they have always recognized transgenders, even from ancient times.

  37. “Progressives in the media will try to normalize it with television, perhaps with a drama set in ancient Greece that features “healthy” pedophilic relationships.”
    Or 7th century Arabia. A novel entitled Aisha, followed by an art movie in Arabic that wins an award in Europe, a broadway musical Aisha!, and Bollywood and Hollywood block-busters, and then the TV series – one in every language in the world.
    I’ll make the parody myself first at home before what I’m parodying is even published, and put it on You Tube, if only I can get my grubby hands on somebody else’s young daughter to exploit. THEN will y’all follow my blog?

  38. Step three is a huge jump. Lol. Not to make light of the article, it’s great, or the subject matter, it’s serious, I do feel it will take a while before this goes mainstream though.

  39. Given what the mps (both sides of the aisle) and elites in the UK have been upto for nearly 40 years I would be surprised if there was a push for legalisation

  40. Step Four: Encourage the growth of certain Islamic marriage practices in Europe and the West.

    1. Polygyny? Polygyny and polyandry are already underway here with “open marriage” and “plural marriage”.

      1. I’m more concerned about the practice of marrying very young girls to much older men.

        1. How young? From some of the articles and comments here I surmise that would be right in line with neo-masculinity’s patriarchal agenda. The Manosphere has long held that age of consent laws should be lowered, despite them being as low as 15 in some American states.

        2. I’ve come across it hundreds of times in comments section. Its part of the desire to repel statutory rape laws which the manosphere says are oppressive and “misandric”.

        3. I’ve seen the topic broached hundreds of times in comments section. Its part of the call to repeal “statutory rape” laws which the Manosphere calls “misandric”.

  41. What goes right over many people’s heads is that the slippery slope isn’t a fallacy at all. It literally doesn’t qualify under the definition of a ‘fallacy’ and yet it is called one nonetheless. Slippery slope is the acknowledgement of an inescapable fact, that of entropy.

  42. I take this very seriously. The telltale signs of this are beginning to surface. I think this could go in two ways 1. descent into a total nightmare of a society or 2. A very over due line will be firmly drawn and not only will pedophilia be stopped dead in its tracks but a new cultural understanding of sex will be reached. Indeed, a mature understanding of sex considerate of all people – not just actors/actresses and their bohemian lifestyles that they’ve thrusted upon all of us. ROK is a glimmer of hope, we’re all PUAs to one extent, yet, we’re all realizing that chasing pussy wasn’t all to life, ergo, sex isn’t everything. Of course, if we see option 1 then pray for a surprise thermonuclear strike on the west because that society will deserve nothing less. I don’t think this will happen, its just too fucked up and there are too many survivors of abuse that can attest and will attest that this sort of thing is horrible. Elsewhere in the culture we’re seeing the sexual revolution coming under harsh scrutiny. Might seem like its not connected but the recent videos of planned parenthood selling babies and baby parts and the subsequent call for national and state de-funding is very encouraging. People are outraged about this and pp is reeling as a result. pp is the foundation of the abortion issue and abortion is one large brick in the foundation of the sexual revolution. Polls have already flipped dramatically since roe v wade with most people not supporting abortion. Lastly, we shouldn’t take these three steps lightly, they are very real. The methods used by homosexuals to “legitimize” themselves can very easily be made by pedophiles. And we must be very cautious of other canards such as why not let the 19 year old with a 14 year old, because, the pedophile world will not be that it will be homosexual predators 50 year olds on 6 year olds. The very thought has me wishing the absolute worst hell on those 50 year old perverts.

  43. legalized pedophilia is already here….its called circumcision, which when defined correctly is defined as rape and mutilation. in keeping with feminist BS hypocrisy, it is only legal to rape and mutilate infant boys, to do it to girls is illegal. in fact its encouraged to rape and mutilate your infant boy.
    so really this article is behind the times….legalized AND encouraged infant rape has been going on for over 100 years in America.
    Americas dirty little secret is the fact that it is a nation that is the home of the brave and the land of the free pedophiles.

    1. Reminds me of an interaction I had with a Zionist feminist on Tumblr, who reblogged me venting (on my blog and no one else’s) about stupid overseas conflicts which are making life worse for Europeans and Americans:
      me: I really wish Judaism, Islam, and the war on drugs would go away forever
      fem: You wish Judaism would disappear? What the FUCK is wrong with you?!
      me: for starters, the fact that i had my dick mutilated without my consent shortly after I was born, and it’s because of the inordinately powerful influence of a religion that I don’t believe in
      fem: Mutilated? They should have cut the entire thing off.
      me: you’re just mad because you’ll never be within 50 feet of a penis 10% as amazing as mine, you fat ugly cunt
      fem: It’s called being a lesbian.
      me: hahaha well i guess not every jewish chick can look like Peggy Lipton, no wonder you’re such a nasty fucking bitch
      I think the spitefulness, envy, and general closed-mindedness speaks for itself. And of course she didn’t seem to care that I want Muslims to stay out of American/European affairs, but I’m sure at least one of her shithead leftist friends would be “triggered” by my “Islamophobia.” Other than that, she only cares about her own culture’s interests (even though Hasidic men treat sluts and lesbians like shit, if she walked through the wrong neighborhood, she could expect to be pelted by spit, rocks, and whatever the Yiddish word for “skank” is; most Jews are secular liberals, but the conservative ones sure love their patriarchy), a white man being circumcised is a joke to her, all the better if his reproductive organs are removed entirely.
      The Nazi party was probably evil, their actions indefensible, blah blah blah. But if everyone in the concentration camps were an unpleasant SJW, I don’t think Hollywood would be making any movies with Nazis as the villains. That being said, worthless Millennial leftists who venerate Lena Dunham and despise concepts such as “gender” or “caucasian” better think twice about their beliefs as right-wing nationalist politics continue to make a resurgence.
      (And I have nothing personal against Jews, or any other ethnic group, as long as they respect European civilization. The moment you try to poison it, I lose all sympathy for you.)

      1. while this conversation is hilarious though maybe not since it is more and more reflective of society as a whole…..you should know the real history of this thing called circumcision…..you did not lose half your dick because of jews…..here let me copy and paste what I’ve written before elsewhere. the short version is blame Dr Kellog, inventor of Kellogs Cereal.
        I’ve posted this elsewhere….but I’ll just put this here….the history of circumcision
        Abraham invents circumcision(God existing or not…let’s not morph that into the conversation). His circumcision pokes the penis for a drop or two of blood, essentially the foreskin suffers less damage than a paper cut. Some speculate they cut of just a tiny tiny part of the tip still leaving 99% of the foreskin there. either way, minimal damage is done and you’ll never be able to tell the difference between an Abraham circumcised dick and one that hasnt been circumcised. that and a wondering group of nomads like Abrahams people, couldnt have done it the way we do today….most boys if not all would bleed to death…..never mind the fact that some still do. but thankfully sudden infant death syndrome is a thing so we can just kill all the poor babies we want as infants suddenly die for no reason at all.
        Egypt is the most likely one that started foreskin removal…well some foreskin removal. it’s suspected they didnt do quite as much removal as we do today.
        Moses however refuses to do any circumcision at all…theres an old testament passage where we refuses to do it even though God is issuing death threats. Though what Moses thought was circumcision is up for debate….was he thinking his native Egpytian version or was he thinking of the Abraham version? also would that have mattered to Moses? however the myth that circumcision is a part of the law of Moses is one giant myth that so many people have it’s sad.
        Joshua brings back some version of circumcision for reasons unknown.
        Jesus and the apostles do away with it….circumcision as a result dies a terrible death….between the people of the time not being high on chopping off parts of their dick(the romans really really really hated it) and christianity basically taking over the Jewish faith…..circumcision dies out. later on with things like the plague and people barely living 20 years….chopping off part of your dick wasnt seen as a good risk.
        fast forward to america late 1800s….Mr Dr. Kellogg I believe is the starter of this, yes the guy that starts Kellogg’s cereal. He invents it as snakeoil. circumcision has been proposed to cure at least 1000 different things now. when one bogus cure is debunked, another thing it can cure comes up. however it was the anti-masturbation and all sex is evil craze of the 1800s that gave this thing fire.
        so no…it was not a jewish thing….modern circumcision was born in America. it is Americas dirty little secret.
        in the course of a little over 100 years….circumcision went from curing masturbation to an ancient religious thing that has been done for thousands of years. The government forced it if you joined the military. at one point 90% of all boys had it done at birth…..this was helped by the emerging hospital birth bullshit philosophy, and the death of the all wise grandmothers and midwives being the primary baby deliverers, and the rise of feminism was ironically just now kicking off as well the beginning of mandatory public schools. quite the coincidence all of this begins at the same time. THere was a huge radical shift in American thinking….what Americans once handled on their own(education and birth), they now handed off to so called experts.
        the Jews when getting Israel naturally started the practice of circumcision as they were now free to do so….the definition of circumcision however was the American one and Abrahams one or two drops of blood version was mostly lost.
        so as stated previously….American whether you are Jewish or christian or atheist or something else….odds are you got raped and mutilated…..female circumcision made some appearances during this time of whacky science that featured such hallmarks as eugenics and limbotamies…..however it never really passed the 50% mark and even then it was quickly disproved as bullshit. and by 1997 it was made illegal by feminist but not a word about their male counterparts. the hypocrisy of feminism shows here.
        so America and Israel do it the most….some third world African cultures do it too.
        the rest of the world openly laughs at it.
        Britain in the 1940s for i think a couple of decades after that, had 90% circumcision rates…but its all but died in that country to my knowledge.
        to break down the walls of circumcision in America you need to debunk “Doctors”, “Religion”, “I want you to look like daddy”, “Everyone else is doing it, tradition” and “Damnit, my parents loved me, they never wouldve hurt me much less raped and mutilated me”…..all of these walls must get shattered, and rarely are. its the only way the boy can survive by telling himself these lies.
        it should also be noted that despite the new testament forbidding circumcision in several verses, and even Mormon scriptures has extra verses that forbid circumcision, most christians rarely read their fucking scriptures and so they practice it and say “But Jesus was circumcised” and if it’s so bad why was it done in Abrahams time….but as I have established what Abraham did is not what we do today nor is it why we even started doing it in the first place and to answer the Jesus question….Jesus was also nailed to a fucking cross and crucified so ya know…..let me know when you want to start crucifying your sons.
        Christians then start ignoring the other scriptures that say “The law is done away in me” or to paraphrase “Christ profits you nothing if you’re circumcised” or from the book of Mormon since I am mormon….it gets called “solemn mockery”
        so christians justify it while having never actually read their fucking scriptures.
        you must tell the man his whole life was a lie from his birth….its not exactly the easiest task in the world….but as for me, I never entirely forgot(always thought my dick looked sick and deformed), and never loved my mother, so an excuse to call her a rapist scum fits with my psyche perfectly.
        that is the history of it, and who does it still and why. i tried to be brief. YEs I am bitter, and YEs I have spent the past 1-2 years researching this topic with an obsessive unhealthy passion…..my story is even in the book “Unspeakable mutilations” I am one of the 50 men featured in that book.
        anyway….hope you enjoyed my history lesson. spread the word.
        so no religion is for circumcision because the current circumcision is only 100+ years old and all religions that claim to circumcise in the name of God must ask themselves how it was actually done back in Abrahams time and Abraham just could not do it the way we do it today and not kill 99% of the infants. the technology just wasnt there as the way to do it today requires crushing the penis as to stop the bleeding and even then that isnt foolproof.
        I’ll just add…when I originally wrote this….I forgot to write about Islam which does practice male circumcision. so include them too, but they also have copied the American version because that was the definition of the word because America revives the long last art of circumcision.
        Islam though to my knowledge takes some of their religious roots from the old testament and especially Abraham so their circumcision covenant with God would still be Abraham’s version, not Dr Kellogs.

  44. Pedophilia is a mental disorder (but not an “orientation”). It’s treatment is chemical castration. Making pedophilia a mental disorder isn’t the end of civilization; it always was. Trying to push acceptance of all mental disorders regardless of the sheer level of depravity the disorder predisposes one to commit is the end of civilization.
    I am sympathetic to a sufferer of schizophrenia or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (especially for fellow veterans). I am not sympathetic to people who have a genetic sexual desire to rape children.

  45. The more I read compelling arguments like this, the more I wish progressives would die. Really i do. Fucked up to wish death on people I know, but their perverse arrogance has got to go.

    1. We’re talking about people “rationalizing” sexual abuse of young children. Wishing death on those people is perfectly fine. Consider the victims. Chat with a survivor of sexual abuse and you’ll have no moral qualms wishing the most horrific death and torture onto people that molest children.

  46. Interesting and disturbing article. We know feminists have absolute contempt for young boys, so clearly they would have no issues with sexual abuse of young boys. We also know women are quick to throw children under the bus by using them as pawns in divorce proceedings.
    Women are equally quick to support the termination of unwanted pregnancies, and brand mothers as tools of the patriarchy rather than encourage families. Primarily gynocentric educational systems are happy to see steady decline of the educational success of boys. As a culture we are happy to ignore physical abuse of young boys, while elevating abuse of female spouses as the sole priority in domestic violence.
    Women initiate the majority of divorces, where we know children in fatherless homes as a group tend to perform poorly in childhood and as adults.

  47. If anyone thinks pedophilia is not part of the feminist agenda, I have two words: Vagina Monologues. Or half of all feminist erotic literature for that matter. make no mistake.. if anything can succeed in normalising pedophilia, modern feminism can.

    1. You are correct; feminism has long been instrumental in supporting the pro-pedophile movement, and it is among the reasons I despise it so much. Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a staunch feminist, worked very hard to have the age of consent lowered to 12, and allow girls of that age to prostitute themselves and get abortions without parental consent. The Equal Rights Amendment, which feminists of the 1970’s pushed for adamantly and advertised as a great victory for women’s rights, would have invalidated all the state laws at the time against statutory rape and enabled pedos to do whatever they wished with girls as young as 12. It is ironic that a group portrayed as by the media as “pro-woman” and “progressive” has done so much to make children all the more vulnerable to abuse.

      1. The ’70s were a creepy decade. Famous Mens’ Rights Activist Warren Farrell wrote a paper/book back then about how child molestation, even incest in some cases, was not always harmful and in some cases might even benefit the kids. That’s why feminists still protest his appearances on campuses and other venues. You can read about this on A Voice for Men.

    1. Really, then prove it fucktard and why don’t you address the article? You fucking trolls that come here especially when the subject of pedophilia is discussed and start projecting and going off on tangents can only mean that you support pedophilia yourself. And if you do I fucking wish, I whole hardheartedly wish, you suffer a massive debilitating accident or disease and are stuck in some disgusting hospital dying a slow horrible death. Because pedophiles deserve the absolute worst the human imagination for revenge and hostility can conjure up. Fuck you.

      1. What the fuck are you are you on about you loser. How did you get that i support paedophiles from my comment. You make no sense are you fucking stupid. The majority if the men on here are sickos in their 40’s who spend all their time fantasizing about teenage girls. Me and my friends are grossed out by all the middle aged losers in clubs. Youre past it losers. And then you sickos go abroad and take advantage of impovershed foreign girls who desrve better than you social rejects.

        1. There it is, selfish cunt. No one here is thinking about you. No one. But, despite your comment above you wish they were. I suggest you read…you know “read”, and see for yourself. This site is about inspiring and making men better, sometimes with their relationships with women, but many other times with career, fitness, spirituality etc. I have yet to see an article or a comment thread focused on teenage girls and/or 40 year olds clubbing. So, its you that makes no sense. Given your baseless comment above, I still think you’re here to troll the comment thread. Now, you could have read the article above, which you clearly didn’t, and concluded very quickly that the author is very much against pedophilia, and you could also read some more and see every other comment, aside from yours, is on-point and in total agreement that pedophilia is reprehensible. Because if you did and you are against pedophilia than why don’t you join the rest of us denouncing it? Why? Or do you, like those at salon, harbor some sympathy for pedophiles…because after all they must be born that way? What is it?

  48. It’s a shame that society no longer treats sexual intercourse as a sacred act. A lot of guys who practice game will disagree with me here, but I place the future of European civilization above your short-lived hedonistic romps. No apologies.
    If I wanted to start a family, I would begin by courting a teen girl (or early 20s, but definitely no older than 25) from a wholesome Christian background, preferably one who doesn’t watch TV or own a smartphone. I would keep my hands off of her until she’s 18, marry her, and enjoy having a young, healthy wife who values God and faithfulness over fleeting carnal pleasure. This isn’t because I’m some weirdo who only wants to boink young girls; those dudes make me sick. It’s simple biology, and if I want healthy offspring, my best bet is a lasting marriage with a pure wife who starts having children before entering her 20s. If I’m 30 or 40 years old before this happens, so be it, as long as I can financially support the woman and any children she gives me. Bonus points: Doing this really upsets the feminist spinsters who either wasted their prime years on the cock carousel, or were too ugly and unappealing to so much as lose their virginity. They hate Christianity, capitalism, and tradition out of envy, because they’d rather blame successful high-standards families than take responsibility for their own corrupt lives.
    Of course, this is all hypothetical, and I’m sure some of you reading this are scoffing, thinking I may as well be writing about having kids with a mermaid or one of the blue chicks from that Avatar movie that I haven’t actually seen. Certainly, old-school virgin maidens are becoming rare, but the manosphere has taught me that high standards are the key to rising above the mediocrity that weak-spirited males resign themselves to. If I can’t have my ideal wife, then I simply won’t be a father. And that is fine, there are still dozens of other great roles into which I can channel my masculine energy (to use new age-y Elliot Hulse terminology)
    Alternatively, anti-aging nanotechnology may advance to the point where a woman in her 40s who’s had sex with a large number of men (at least eight) can still produce healthy babies, rather than extra-special babies of the Trig Palin variety. Admittedly, it WOULD feel more normal to romance a girl who’s not more than 8 years younger than me (I’m almost 27), but perhaps that’s just residual blue pill programming speaking.
    Either way, I try to keep an open mind, but traditional values will always come before “progressive” ideals. The latter are experimental and untested, whereas the former is tried and true. That being said, men should feel no shame for wanting the mothers of their children to be very young (let’s say 15-22, simply because age of consent laws vary a lot.) But if a man wants to fornicate with a girl that age simply to bust a nut, with no long-term involvement, then he’s a scumbag, he’s part of the cancer that’s killing society. Just my two cents. If I somehow did have children before I turn 30, I’d want to move my family to Russia or another culture where my kids won’t be exposed to LGBT nonsense and other forms of cultural marxist propaganda. Now’s a terrible time to start a family, unfortunately. But most worthwhile endeavors in life tend to be incredibly challenging.

    1. While that hypothetical teenage girl becomes available, how will you maintain your sexual libido? Are you confident you will not touch her? Will you have to dump and pump other girls in the process? I mean, I kinda see your point, but horniness is a bitch.

  49. The Commie Libtards won’t stop until society collapses… which is their true goal.

  50. Children are already sexualised in Western Culture. Whither it be twelve year old girls dressed in slutty maid costumes on halloween, or what they dress in year round. People laugh at stories of boys, little boys as young as 10 years old being abused by their female teachers. Children’s shows are showing homosexuality, transgenderism and more. Statistically, Pedo porn I believe is a huge income for the evil men and women whom make it. We’re not three small steps away… We’re at the front door.
    Morality is gone. Completely dead in Western culture. Morality is mocked and values are laughed at by the masses. The things on TV today never would have been acceptable even just ten years ago. Our culture is degrading fast, maybe faster than the Roman Empire of old. I give it 5-8 years before we see Pedophile pride parades in San Francisco. During this time, don’t be surprised at more articles being posted about the web advocating for Pedophiles. Eventually, a famous/celebrity will “Come out” as a Pedophile; thus it begins. Pedophile pride parades in Seattle.
    If you have children, grandchildren, nephews or so forth; I highly recommend you get them out of the west soon. In a few years it will not be safe for them.

  51. 2 thingsl: 1. I think the feminists would never allow straight, white, males legal access to 12-17 year olds. 2. I think the most likely scenario leading to legalization(not that I agree that is a probable future in the U.S.) is the importation of so many cultures where underage sex is encouraged. Once critical mass is achieved in a state, then the votes will matter on that issue.

    1. “is the importation of so many cultures where underage sex is encouraged.”
      Which cultures are these?! I’ve been to countries where illiterate village people often marry in their teens, but I’ve never been to a place that allows pre-marital sex between teens or between under aged kids and adults.

  52. Gay marriage, then polygamy legalized. Of course, the issues with latter, regardless of its judicial standing, are can the husband AFFORD more than wife and two, possibility of the first wife becoming jealous of the second, likely younger, wife?

    1. Plural marriage/open marriage in the US is already happening. I know some people in such types of arrangements. I don’t know if its good for the kids but we’ll see.

  53. “The transgender radicals are coming for your children.
    This step is currently underway. Already progressives are advocating for young “transgender” children to receive hormone therapy to delay the natural changes of puberty, and then to help him or her to become more like whatever their “true” gender is. Young children are already receiving such treatments. Oregon now uses Medicaid funds to pay for puberty-suppressing hormones. It and a handful of other states even require private insurers to pay for “transgender care,” which applies to children”
    The purpose of the puberty suppressing therapy is because kids are generally deemed too young to decide to change their sex. Hence many year of counseling to see if transgender is what this kid really is or not. A delayed puberty allows for more time. If in the event the child is genuinely transgendered, then having not gone through puberty yet makes the transition so much easier physically and mentally.
    I think at least some of the confusion young kids might feel lies in how gendered our society makes thinks like colors (pink/blue nonsense) , playing with dolls vs toy trucks, etc. I say let kids be kids and play with whatever they want, like whatever they want, wear whatever they want. Girl and women have more clothing choices as well. Perhaps that should change and kids wouldn’t be so confused?
    I don’t know what the answer is but RoK has an article mad about some young mother who let her 1 or 2 year old boy wear a pink hat in a store or something. Come on.

  54. ”Past civilizations functioned with legitimized pedophilia, at least for a time.”
    Other than Ancient Rome and Islam. I do not know of any past civilization that legitimized sex with prepubsecents.
    Other than that issue. Agree with the article. Indeed the Nicolas Nybergs and perverts like him and their supporters must be stopped from implementing this agenda.

  55. while i agree this shit is coming down the sewer pipe of american life, i’m taking the high road on this one……..it isn’t worth discussing……we need to find solutions, and fight back, not lay around whining

  56. Pedro-sexual relationships are already almost accepted both in the public eye and under the law; just look at how we treat female sex offenders when it comes to teachers and students. Or raped boys still being expected to pay child support to the woman that raped them.
    It’s hardly a “slope” to legal pedo. We’re already on the exit ramp.
    Of course, since modern “feminism” exists to ruin anything men might enjoy or benefit from… any straight-male relationship with younger women will still be demonized as the worst thing in the world for a long time after gays can openly twerk and grind with little boys in public, or sex with underaged trannies has become fully accepted. (In fact, rejecting the advances of a beautiful brave young woman who just happens to have a feminine penis is probably going to be a hate crime.) Women having sex with underaged men already is accepted. Only straight males will be punished.

  57. Look at NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) and their attempts to lower the age of sex with men to 17 so they could cornhole young boys. They are still around but not as prevalent as in years passed!! They were years ahead of the current progressive mainsteam!!

  58. The destruction of families can set the stages of pedophilia legalized as well. When children are being considered equals to their parents and their sexual urges such as transgenderism and homosexualism being taken in as the children knowing better than their “ignorant” parents and removing the role of the parent as the disciplinary of their child this pedophilia will become normalized.

  59. Hate to get all mushy on everyone, but, whether this comes or not this current society is just way too over sexed, especially, as it pertains to children. Knowing that we’re dangerously close to pedophilia and seeing how it can come to be i.e. mimicking homosexualism and just seeing so many people blindly hysterical supporting homosexualism in general – I’m having trouble interacting with people. How can I know that the person I’m meeting or talking or even walking near isn’t already for or will be for child sex? For instance, we know this straight couple, normal people by all accounts, the husband is a regular dude, likes to drink and even throw down. Apparently he was an accomplished football player. But they live in a neighborhood where there are a couple of homosexuals and have a kid, a son no less. I cringe at this. I just can’t relate to these people and now openly avoid them. They more than sense this, but, if you’re okay with having you’re innocent child ass rammed, then fuck you I don’t care if you feel I’m avoiding you. Shit, I should be shit kicking you. How could you 1. live among people pushing for child sex and 2. have your own child, your own flesh and blood among them?
    For the record, no, I’m not in a remote place, not a shut-in, no I have no manifesto written (for all the prying eyes of the NSA etc), but, to those listening in, can you blame me? You have people who are literally becoming sympathetic to pedophiles? I know there are a lot of atheist here and I wouldn’t think of evangelizing you, but, I went to church this weekend, the family mass, and it was packed! What a HUGE relief to know that there are still people out there with values other than lets go fuck little kids. And sadly, it might come to just that. Those for child rape and those not. What a fucked up world this is.

    1. As far as I know the sinners be at church.
      Church attendance is not a great deterant of aberrant /criminal /immoral behaviour, but at least they’ll feel guilty , pray extra hard and do it all over again.

      1. Sigh, everyone sins, that’s central to Christianity. You can find fault in everyone, so, dig deep enough and the hypocrisy is there, but, it proves nothing other than, again, we all sin, which, again, is what Christianity says. Now, that doesn’t excuse in anyway egregious and obvious hypocrisy like a drug dealing or adulterous preacher etc. But, look, my only point is this. I was around people, sinners indeed, that DO NOT support and would never support pedophilia. Shit, during the sermon the Priest said, on a number of occasions God made Male and Female. And talked about Mom’s, Dad’s, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles. It was awesome! Go out in public and you have to wonder, how many motherfuckers actually think bruce jenner is a hero, because those that do will likely either now or in the near future be supportive of fucking kids. Let me tell you, being among a community of people who are against that kind of shit, especially in this fucked up day, it was very refreshing. And the place was packed!

        1. Okay, But what I’m saying is attending church is the perfect cover for deviant behaviour. You can say how bad X is then go do X and be forgiven.You also get the cover or disguise of being in the group that thinks and proclaims X is wrong(implying that you are less likely to do X).
          You can feel good about yourself for believing X is the worst thing imaginable , feel secure in the knowledge that many others are in agreement, then go about actually doing X with abandon ( all the while believing it is very bad) then be forgiven, by god if not the legal system.
          That the priest is a gifted public speaker says nothing about the empirical claim that attending a church prevents or discourages pederasts, or other crimes.The amount of people suggests that the priest is a skilled speaker and tells people what they want to hear.
          I didn’t give a fuck about Bruce Jenner before and see no reason to change that.

  60. #1 pedophilia is disgusting. In the long time ROK has been around rarely does it mention a solution to fighting men who molest boys. All the attention has always been on how women are evil or dumb or whatever. Even in this piece there is still no solution offered to how to stop pedophilia or treat boys who have been traumatized – it just focused on an us vs them/liberal vs conservative same formula. Also you can’t blame priests molesting boys on feminism – the Catholic Church is hardly feminist or liberal.

    1. No…
      But a huge number of priests sought refuge in the priesthood from their homosexual feelings.
      Homosexuality is tied to pedophilia. Their porn is consumed with stories of men and boys.

      1. Your comment still hasn’t offered a solution to the problem though? All you did here was point out another problem.

        1. LOL “not my job”? So your job is to complain but never work towards a solution. People on the internet are great at repeately complaining about how much everything sucks but then not actually do anything about it. Great contribution to society. No wonder America is falling apart.
          For one, keyboard warriors can stop spending all their time being bitter at women and instead support psychological centers that help boys overcome trauma of being raped by pedophiles. You can do that by donating money or volunteering your time. Push for legislation that addresses these issues – educating children in school to recognize criminal activity and report immediately (many kids don’t report it). Push for laws that protect prisoners from being raped in jail – b/c when they get released they come out as traumatized men who suffer from mental illness. You can also support funding for mental health services, b/c men suffer from it as we’ve seen from mass shootings.
          Or is it “not your job” to help other men?

        2. Also the Vatican gets away with molesting kids. The US won’t take any criminal action against them. You can support victims of priests in getting justice.

        3. Oh ya there is also one more additional solution I forgot. You could also just use plain violence against pedophiles and strike fear into their hearts.

        4. 1.) I actually donate around 1600 hours per year to Scouting. Central to that is teaching boys to avoid pedophiles.
          2.) I donate at least $3,000 per year to Scouting. Ditto.
          3.) You seem to be quite the key board warrior yourself. How much time and money do you give?
          4.) The government, at the point of a gun, compels me to to support funding for mental health services already. In fact that was one of the many things they changed in the health care policy Obama promised me that I could keep if I liked it.
          5.) Supporting funding for mental health services sure seems a lot like a keyboard warrior thing to do.
          6.) Seriously, asswipe, aside from being a keyboard warrior, what are you doing to work toward a solution?
          7.) Were you in a manic phase when you wrote this? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/32360266eb739a7ee151639fb91669d303b97712078367aceec32e03f48141ad.jpg

        5. Exactly which kid has “the Vatican” molested?
          School teachers molest FAR more children every year than priests. It is time for them to receive justice.
          When will the US take criminal action against the NYC School Board, the American Federation of Teachers, and the National Education Association. Hell, the probably better take action against the Land Grant Schools for teaching the teachers to be pedophiles. It is way past time for us to dissolve the Department of Education. Clearly they are involved in the cover-up.
          Do you see how silly you look now?

        6. If you donate money and do work why didn’t you just say that in the 1st place? It would’ve saved this long discussion. Yes I donate 10% of every paycheck and I do volunteer work helping boys grow up to be stable men.
          Funny, first you said “it’s not my job” something a keyboard warrior would say and then turn around and criticize them. If you had said all that in the 1st place we’d see we were working towards the same solution.

        7. Counselor with at-risk youth and also martial arts instructor.
          Donations sent to: Wounded Warrior Project, RAINN, and IMAN Central’s arts program for youth. Look them up and consider making donations to them as well.

        8. How would you feel if I told you to look up the BSA and consider making donations to them as well.
          The positions you listed sounded like paid positions.
          Most folks don’t do well with shaming. You should modify your approach.

        9. Jesusvegdotcom never will in all probability. Talk about denial.
          In Judaism, it is part of the 613 commandments for men to marry and have children. The most holy men, all were married with families. Moses, himself, the greatest prophet who ever lived, married and had children.
          To illustrate one of the many beautiful aspects of the Torah, the onus of marrying and having children, is on the men. This is because childbirth and pregnancy are painful. The Almighty G-d did not want to force pain on anyone.
          Thankfully, the Almighty G-d instilled the tremendous desire to have children in women, especially!
          Judaism is about using the physical and using it and elevating it for holy means.
          Intimacy in marriage between a man and woman is considered holy, beloved, and desired by G-d. This is even when the goal is not conception. In Judaism, the highest form of a loving relationship is between husband and wife.
          In reality, celibacy is so difficult, because that is not what was intended in this world.
          That doesn’t include homosexuality which is called an abomination by the Almighty G-d in Leviticus. For anyone out there reading this, please don’t respond by calling me a “hater.” I will not respond.
          I didn’t write the Torah. I lovingly keep it and feel blessed to do so.

        10. May the Almighty G-d bless you and your loved ones always. That doesn’t surprise me one drop. You live by your beautiful ideals.
          How is Pierre doing? I’m still battling for my meds and will keep you posted.
          Have a terrific trip!!!
          Best wishes to you and all of our wonderful friends always. I appreciate and love you all!
          🙂 !!!!!!

        11. Not shaming bro but rather calling out. I’ve been visiting this site for a years – some of the articles are well written and encourage self development. Others are just complaining. You should read the piece about the porn star whose home was broken into and then assaulted. The whole piece was about how feminists didn’t condemn the rape. There was no solution offered except to take out feminists.
          I have no problem making donations, feel free to suggest anything and I will gladly research those orgs. BSA is also a great organization and I love the history and principles behind it.

  61. I’m going to LOL (perhaps I should weep…) at the insane rationalizations when this comes to pass. I guarantee it will wind up acceptable for gays, trannies and women to fuck boys, girls and “trans” children, but it will still be statutory rape for a straight man to have sex with a fully developed fourteen year old girl.

    1. I’ve already been told in these forums by a sicko named Snow Cypher that if no age of consent laws are broken, then there is no problem with a Scoutmaster having sex with a 14 year old boy in his charge.

  62. We accept that there is no cure or treatment for psychopaths, isn’t not illegal to be a psychopath there is no psychopath lobby no one claiming psychophobia.
    So the question is why is a lack of common/normal impulse or feeling not given the same respect as the presence of a rare or aberrant variation of feeling.

  63. This is actually a pretty brilliant analysis of what’s happening today. If a child can “consent” to a gender change, why not a relationship with an adult. Scary stuff.

  64. You do know that pedophilia is simply an attraction to children, something that many people cannot help, it’s only illegal if someone acts on those attractions, it then becomes child molestation, which would only become legal in some sick twisted future. Many people who have an attraction to children hate themselves everyday because they see something wrong with themselves, and yes I agree that pedophilia isn’t a good thing, and may be a mental problem that could be helped with therapy, it’s harmless unless someone can’t control their urges.

    1. It is a long fucking way from harmless.
      Which argument used by the homosexuals to justify their cause cannot be used by the pedophiles?

    2. It’s never “harmless.” There are always victims.
      If it is as you say “a mental problem,” then by definition they aren’t capable or willing to control that urge.
      What you are forgetting – it’s an act of pleasure which culminates with orgasm.
      Would you want to give up that ultimate pleasure? I didn’t think so…and neither do they.
      Then you have the enablers such as yourself who rationalize their behavior and actions:
      1) an authority figure who through some mental gymnastics marginalizes the true brutality involved.
      2) if not penetration, but protracted stalking for years through circumstance, lack of opportunity or their own hesitation to culminate their desires – leaves scars.
      3) in a familial situation, it pits the siblings against themselves with divided loyalties within that family’s structure – forever altering it.
      4) marginalizing rape or thoughts of paedophilia with euphemisms like “molestation,” (the act of subjecting someone to unwanted or improper sexual advances or activity (especially women or children.) “attraction,” “mental problem” and “harmless” – IS part and parcel for the main thrust of this article : “We are only three small steps away from legalized pedophilia.”

    3. No leeway whatsoever with this fucking condition, none! I had to get a parking sticker for my car the other day at my local police station. Very prominently positioned were all the sex offenders within a certain radius. They included a picture, rap sheet and current address. Here is what I very simply observed. Looking at the rap sheet I saw multiple offenses over time, which means, these people did this more than once…and it also means they did it got caught and did it again. In terms of controlling urges, look around you and wake the fuck up. Notice how demented things are right now? As a culture we literally eat ourselves to death, national election items include legalizing weed and, of course, the rampant sexualization of everything. Shit, the other day during the Patriots vs. Colts game (a very popular game) on a Sunday night no less, during one of the commercial breaks a new tv show featuring miss “i’m empowered” began the promo with “when LBJ’s was running they thought it funny to suggest he opponent has sex with pigs…”. I shit you not. So, what gives you the impression that society at present is good at controlling their urges! No! More than ever especially under these conditions of “anything goes” we have to be 100% against shit like this.

  65. @disqus_iRvzuuXGes:disqus It is a long fucking way from harmless.
    Which argument used by the homosexuals to justify their cause cannot be used by the pedophiles?

  66. I expect to be called a hater for publicly criticizing 10 year olds choosing to have sex with the adults they love.
    People will go to jail for refusing to sell pornographic birthday cakes for 10 year olds.

  67. It won’t happen because feminists themselves will freak out at their own children being molested.

  68. The template has been established and used successfully by every progressive advocacy group. Gay reversion psychotherapy has been banned. In other words one can’t go to the shrink and expect treatment if he or she doesn’t want to be gay. Private matters are now out of the hands of patients and doctors.
    The progressives are controlling the language and label anything and everything they disapprove of as a mental disorder or hate speech.


  70. “We’re Only Three Small Steps Away From Legalized Pedophilia”
    Pedophilia is ALREADY being normalized. Watch this video. Warning: you might get very disturbed.

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