Why Chivalry Is Dead

It is often said that chivalry is dead, but why is that so and who is mourning? A recent article lamenting the rarity of the gentleman within the millennial male populace would seem to provide something of an answer to that question. The author of the piece, Hope Rodriguez, contends that millennial men are severely lacking in gentlemanly traits, and explains to us why they should “man up” and correct these errors.

1. Elevator etiquette
I don’t care how big of a hurry you’re in, or how slow she may walk, if there is a female or five on the elevator with you, you hold your arm in the door and let them off first.

2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T (sing it to the tune of Aretha Franklin)
If a female walks past you, for God’s sake, do not turn your head and stare at her behind. If she is talking to you, don’t stare down her shirt. If you’re driving down the road, don’t honk or yell “hey sexy!!!!” Gross. Undressing a girl with your eyes is one of the most disgusting and degrading things you could possibly do to her. Don’t worry about getting a date, you’ve already ruined it by being a pig.

3. Give up your seat.
Whether she is old, young, pregnant, active, fat, skinny, whatever; if the bus, classroom, etc. is full, get up from your chair and offer your seat to a female who is standing. If you chose to stay in your seat and force ladies to remain standing, make sure you remember to take off your maxi pad on the way out. (oops, did I just say that?!)

4. Pay attention to the fact that the world is more threatening for females
We are automatic targets everywhere we go, especially at night. I don’t need to get into the subject of rape. Walk your female coworkers to their cars at night. Just watch out for the women around you, they’ll definitely appreciate it.

5. Be polite.
Compliment a lady today. They aren’t going to automatically assume that you want to have babies with them just because you said they look nice today. You would be surprised by what can make a woman smile. Little things, men. Little things.

6. Hold the door.
If we are pretty far behind, we don’t expect you to hold the door open for us. It makes us feel like we need to hurry to the door. However, if there is a woman walking behind you or relatively close behind you, do NOT let a door shut on her.

7. Driveway etiquette
My son will know that he will NOT drive up to a female’s house and honk the horn or shoot her a text that says “I’m here, come get in the car.” If a guy comes to pick my future daughter up for a date, and he honks the horn or texts her to pick her up, I’m going to walk outside and tell him to go home. Walk up to the door, knock on the door, and then walk her to your car. At the end of the night, walk her back to her door. I don’t care if you’re just friends or you’re married. It’s what you’re supposed to do.

Guys: man up. Bring back gentlemanly behaviors. It would definitely be appreciated.

Unfortunately for this author, her requests are simply incompatible with the notions of gender equality that our society has embraced wholeheartedly and integrated aggressively into its legal and social order.

For example, the modern man on an elevator with women has been raised and conditioned to respect those women as his equals. Equals do not receive special consideration over other equals on the basis of gender or any other marker. Equals are treated… equally. Providing the benefit of this etiquette to women simply because they are women would fundamentally contradict notions of equality that we’re heavily invested in as a society. A man who truly believes in equality and all of the values that it represents is going to practice that elevator etiquette with everyone he meets regardless of gender. He will be polite to everyone. He will respect everyone. He will practice driveway etiquette with everyone, and he will hold the door or give up a seat for anyone who actually needs it. He will not engage in these behaviors selectively on the basis of gender because he has been taught not to discriminate in that way.


A few of Ms. Rodriguez’s other statements betray outright ignorance, naiveté or both. Take these, for example:

…Walk your female coworkers to their cars at night…

… Compliment a lady today. They aren’t going to automatically assume that you want to have babies with them just because you said they look nice today…

The first statement sounds like an excellent way to invite a sexual harassment suit or attract potential discipline for violations of workplace conduct. Your typical corporate millennial females are unlikely to tolerate this unsolicited “escort” on the part of their male coworkers, much less appreciate it. Unless they have already been deemed attractive by these females (most men won’t be in this category), the men attempting to provide this escort will be labeled “creepy” at best, and accused of stalking at worst. No good can come of this.

The second just sounds naive: any man who has interacted with modern millennial females for any period of time will understand that many of them will jump to precisely that conclusion, and will also sometimes react negatively upon doing so. Hope Rodriguez is not a man and so could possibly be forgiven for not understanding these things at the outset, but she needs to change that if she hopes to have any advice she writes for men taken seriously.

That brings me to my next point: Ms. Rodriguez seems not to grasp the true nature of the chivalrous ideals she yearns for or the environment in which she currently lives. The concept of chivalry required men to be perfect gentlemen in their conduct, but said behavior was not intended for every female they met. It was more specifically designed to govern male conduct with ladies. Chivalrous codes of conduct required a gentleman to execute them, and a lady to receive them..


Ladies had their own rules to follow, and it was only through the adherence to those rules that they could qualify for the receipt of chivalry from a gentleman. Chivalric codes of conduct traveled on a two way street: the gentleman cannot exist without the lady, and vice-versa. Both genders were required to adhere to certain standards in order to engage in the chivalric exchange. The gentleman and the lady are like the yin and the yang.

Ms. Rodriguez is probably right to note that an ideal chivalrous gentleman would be more measured and restrained in his observation of an attractive female that he had not yet been acquainted with. He probably wouldn’t be too forward with her to begin with, and would remain exceedingly polite during his first interactions with her while avoiding overt sexualization.


In order to get that treatment, however, a woman would need to be the ideal lady. Ladies in the age of chivalry were modest in their conduct. They were not particularly sexually suggestive in their speech, dress or dance, and this made it relatively easy for a gentleman to approach and engage them in a more polite, less overtly sexual manner.

Most modern millennial women do not adhere to the codes of conduct inherent to the lady. Their dress is often highly sexually suggestive, designed to invite overtly sexual approaches and draw the very suggestive gazes that Ms. Rodriguez scolds millennial men for wielding. Their dance is often even more sexually suggestive, roughly approximating the act of intercourse itself.


Modern millenial females express their sexuality more openly and freely than any lady of a bygone age would have been expected to. A lady expecting to keep that label and thus benefit from the chivalrous conduct of a gentleman could not engage freely and openly in casual sexual relationships with multiple men while unmarried. She could not engage in simulated sex on dance floors with men she didn’t even know well (or even men she did know somewhat well). She could not walk around in clothing designed specifically to expose and draw attention to the more sexually alluring portions of her body. The modern woman can do all of this, however, and very often does. Why?

Because she wants to, and that’s alright. Women have spent generations fighting for the ability to remove social limitations on their sexuality, and they now enjoy the fruits of that effort. Don’t get anything twisted here: I have no problem with this and neither do most millennial men. Women are free to dress as they like, dance as they like and fuck as they like. I’m certainly not going to stop them, but there’s a price to pay for all of this.


As noted before, the gentleman and the lady come together. One cannot exist without the other—the code of chivalry was designed with this understanding in mind, and it dealt with that understanding by creating standards of conduct for each gender seeking to participate in the chivalric exchange. When we freed women from the obligation to adhere to those standards of conduct, we necessarily freed men as well.


How can we change this and bring back the missing gentleman Ms. Rodriguez so desperately desires to interact with? Well, gentlemen require ladies. If you want more gentlemen in the traditional sense, you’ll need to create more ladies in the traditional sense, and that would require a re-imposition of the same social and legal restrictions on female sexuality and expression that women have fought so hard to eliminate during the last few generations. There would need to be a rescission of the legal progress females in our society have made toward true equality.

To further illustrate just why this is, consider the way in Ms. Rodriguez’s suggestion that men give up seats and hold doors (among other preferential and somewhat deferential things) specifically for women solely because they are women. Such behavior was once common, but why was this?


Because women were seen as the weaker sex. This notion of the inherently “weak” female governed the discriminatory legal and social landscape in which the code of chivalry was born and practiced. Men did all they did for women because of the implicit understanding in society that women, by virtue of their being women, were not equal to them. They were weaker and needed assistance and men, by virtue of their being men, were stronger and therefore obligated to provide that assistance.

Men are no longer behaving this way because they have been raised to understand that their female counterparts are not weak, but strong. They’re not dependent, but independent. They’re not inferiors, they’re equals. Our modern legal system takes these statements as fundamental, unassailable truths and uses the force of law to ensure that they are treated accordingly. This will, in turn, prevent men from doing many of the things Ms. Rodriguez would like them to, as they have become increasingly unable to see women as their true inferiors.


If Ms. Rodriguez wants the chivalric code to make its way back into the mainstream, she’ll need to bring back the old view on gender relations that gave rise to it. Modern notions of gender equality will need to go out the window.

That is unlikely to happen, however. For all of her yearning for the “chivalry” of yesteryear, I doubt that Hope Rodriguez or any other modern woman would like to see the return of the social mores necessary to sustain it. Millennial women live in what is undoubtedly the best time to be a female in the history of humanity. At no point in human history have women been as wealthy, as free, as respected and as influential as they are today. The return of te social norms necessary to sustain chivalry in the traditional sense could only inhibit their enjoyment of all that, and they know it. Women have made their voices heard loudly and clearly: they will not tolerate this.


Hope Rodriguez seems like a nice girl and I’m sure she’ll find a man to treat her well sometime soon (if she hasn’t already), but she’ll not succeed in bringing back the ways of a bygone age. Chivalry is dead and, at the end of the day, that’s just the way that most millennial women want it.


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281 thoughts on “Why Chivalry Is Dead”

    1. Look at that picture. Does he look like a guy who gets laid much? Or is he present mostly to carry out the above-listed tasks for her. I bet that if the bf were not around, with the proper amount of suggestion she’d be willing to get down a bit with a guy who makes her vag tingle.

      1. Hope seems pretty legit to me:
        She’s an endangered species if she legitimately believes what she writes. As for chivalry, I think it’s harmless as long as you’re in touch with the reality of the situation. I’ve always been chivalrous and the worst I’ve had to deal with is when obnoxious cunts don’t have the common decency to say thank you when I hold a door open for them. Otherwise, I view chivalry as another way of thinking as you like but behaving like others.

        1. Yeah, read through that, not too bad and she is “girl next door” cute. No pun intended, but one can hope her view of life is making a rebound. I doubt it though.

        2. I agree. I practice “chivalry” towards everyone. However, it is more-so being ‘polite’ than chivalrous. I’m always the last one out of the elevator because I’d rather be 10 seconds late than a huge dick. Author of the original piece seems like a decent human being, and maybe she is lady-like enough to be worthy of chivalry. The rebuttal to her piece (McGinnis’s piece) is also a good insight and well written.

        3. Am glad I stumbled upon Athlone McGinnis”s post his hammerstroke of prose has cleared up a two generations of muddled thinking.
          In the distant past chivalry was not extended to all women, it was only given to ladies. Ladies is a term given to the manor born, the male equivalent being a lord or gentleman. The women that we mention on ROK are properly referred to as wenches. The problem I see is men extending chivalry to all classes of women. Lady is a term given to the top 1%, to a class of women that embody the traits of ladyhood. The other 99% are common wenches and should be treated as such. The term PUA is actually a weasel word, it should be called by it’s real name “wenching”. It makes me a little angry to think I spent my time learning how to snag common whores…thanks for setting me straight.

        4. PUA itself is a weasely concept. Most guys get into it thinking that they’re going to learn ways to trick girls into sleeping with them…..and big surprise, it doesn’t happen that way!
          Unless you are willing to do the self improvement necessary the word games and parlor tricks they use won’t work……and if you do then they aren’t necessary.

        5. QUOTE: “Unless you are willing to do the self improvement necessary the word games and parlor tricks they use won’t work……and if you do then they aren’t necessary.”
          Good point. If you become truly alpha, the seduction stuff just becomes old hat.

    2. Women like her (or women like what she pretends to be) often have boyfriends. And they often aren’t up for fucking. Madonna vs whore. If she’s genuinely the person she presents herself as, chances are she hadn’t even considered that many other women are sluttier and more feminist than her. Her entire list could have been negated with the word ‘solipsism’.

      1. In my dictionary I find the following definition
        Foodie:/ˈduːʃˌbæɡ/ A pretentious cunt.A description of a sub-human class of culturally depraved ignoramuses who lack knowledge and skills in the actual art of gastronomy,and other worldly knowledge.See also Hipster.

        1. Could someone explain or elaborate on the hostility to “foodies”? I’m going to “man up” and admit to being one. I define myself as a foodie because I love making food and pairing it with something that complements the flavor.

        2. Having a refined taste for food is not the same as being a “foodie”. One can enjoy fine traditional far with exquisite sauces and wines and be a gentleman. A “foodie”, from what I’ve seen, is the random chick who thinks that adding cilantro to any given dish makes it terribly interesting, who gorges on bags of candy while watching Oprah and who indulges in the 4,000 calorie hot caffein milkshakes known as the caffelattechaiteaexpresso-smackochino four times a day.
          At least that’s how I’ve come to see it.

        3. Foodie it isn’t having a pleasure for cooking or appreciating fine cuisine. I believe all human beings love gastronomy to a certain degree. Being a foodie is putting the sensory stimulus that eating provides has a top interest/priority in your life. It’s uplifting your emotional state through eating. It’s being unable to control your cravings for chocolate because “hmmm gosh it tastes sooooo good, I just can’t stop eating chocolate”. It’s having the sensory stimulus provided by food has a main activity in your life. Basically it’s having a relationship with food. Worst of all, being a foodie is reacting aggressively when people accuse you of being such.

        4. “Foodies” are basically food snobs. However, that doesn’t apply to home cooking. It only applies to wining and dining. Basically, “foodie” is an around-the-bush way to say “I can’t cook, but I have a very distinguished taste in food”.

        5. In my personal experience, those who call themselves foodies are mostly women. Their love of food deals mainly with it being served pretty fashion perfect for capture by social media, being at nice restaurants where they are catered too, and using their experience at multiple restaurants or with different types of foods as a way to establish some social dominance. It is a type of crass commercialism where they peacock their experience which they have purchased in a effort to appear more sophisticated. They ultimately endeavor to find a man to enable more of this expensive and pretentious dining by having him pay for it. Having a woman call herself a foodie is a warning sign the she is a self involved princess who will never actually cook for you but expect you to cater to all her whims.
          If someone likes cooking and eating as an art that they contribute to, great. However that is not the case with most of the women I see who call themselves foodies.

        6. I forgot to add that anyone who instagrams anything they are about to consume with their mouth has a 99% chance of being a foodie. That 1% is left for the bros out there showing the world their post lift meal of baked chicken and beans.

        7. It’s how “foodies” have made this amazing discovery, the first ones in the history of the human race to do so: food tastes good. What really sets them apart and solidifies them in the pantheon of human progress is that if you take a lot of trouble and spend some money, you can make food taste *really* good.
          The only people who like pretentious snobs are other pretentious snobs.

        8. Foodie is just a word for vapid shallow people (usually women) who like to eat food. Literally. That’s it. They like to eat food – usually out at a restaurant. Their lies or so empty and lacking of passion, creativity, or any modicum of interesting qualities or intricacies that they literally ascribe EATING as a bold character trait of theirs. They have a pretentious false-sense of self worth because they like to eat a lot of, what they consider, interesting, fine, obscure, ethnic, and/or objectively “tasty” food.

        9. I enjoy good food (who doesn’t? ) I will drive 20 minutes out of my way for grass fed beef or fresh fish. I think a lot of people will do that, a foodie is some one who takes pictures of food and post it on whatever social media I can’t stand and rave or bitch about the napkins or some such bullshit. Even worse try eating at a restaurant with a foodie nothing to talk about but….. you guessed it food. Them “I think I’ll send this back my pancake has a poor texture.” Me ” It’s 3 am we just left the bar stfu.”

        10. Your post reminded me of a blond that made the amazing discovery of pesto in my fridge.

        11. In other words people with such boring lives that they feel the need to proclaim their boring ubiquitous habits to the world.
          Yawn. My Starbucks. Yawn. My foodie. Yawn. My yoga. Yawn. My dog.My friends. My family.
          They really are lucky they have holes between their legs.
          Thats all I can say.

        12. Brilliant definition Ferig, do you have a spare copy of your dictionary I’d love to browse through it!

        13. “Their lies or so empty and lacking of passion, creativity, or any modicum of interesting qualities or intricacies that they literally ascribe EATING as a bold character trait of theirs.” – Couldn’t have said it better

        14. What these “people” do in this world is consume, I would find it insulting to compare her to a maggot, at least the maggot becomes a flie and cleanse the world of rotten stuff.
          She on the other hand, is herself rotten, rot her boyfriend´s life, only grow more fatter and disgusting.
          She is tipping the scale a little more in favor of the Idiocracy.

        15. You probably could have said it better – you may have made less typos. I edited my original comment

        16. You’re actually cooking it yourself. That doesn’t make you a foodie. It makes you someone who has take an interest in cooking and nutrition. Foodies are just retards that think snapping a cell pic of their plate at Applebees is compelling picture evidence of their sophisticated tastes.

        17. luckily for them there are an awful lot of pretentious snobs around to like each other.

    3. She mentions her boyfriend makes the best snacks. Big red flag. He probably gets to fuck her after feeding her his homemade cookies.
      And I’m assuming she’s probably wrote that article to train her boyfriend for the eventuality of her bloating up into a land whale a few years down the line.
      When she does at that time, she’d probably red-edit her blog with Point No.8: “Do not tease about weight problems.”

      1. If she is an RN or about to become an RN she will weigh more than a damn Harley by about 40 years of age. Go into an Acute Care Hospital and check it out.

    4. Shes a college student who likes to drink starbucks. Wonder how many different cocks she’s had in her mouth in the past 4 years

    5. Nursing student, Christian, and in a relationship. It’s like an impenetrable triangle of cockblocking. I think she can hold her own door.

    6. Poor bastard. She’s probably not even fucking him. Well, maybe just once when she’s ready to have her daughter…

      1. This. +1. Straight up. Not to mention the damage feminism has done to American culture.
        Feminism is a culture of gender hatred. Know this.

    7. Also worth pointing out, the top post on her blog (linked to her Twitter) is “Five reasons the U.S. Feminist Movement is Flawed”… and is actually pretty decent. Reading it led me to believe she is actually smarter than 99% of the women writing words on the internet, even if Athlone’s points about this other article are true.

  1. 3. “Give up your seat”. Lol, no. You wanted equal treatment, so you can stand just like a man without any seats would.

    1. Agree completely.
      Stand up for the elderly and disabled. But never get on your feet so some women can sit on her ass.
      “chivalry” is a feminist word to sugarcoat the desperate acts committed by beta manginas.

  2. yeah right….
    Talking about having your cupcakes and eating it to!
    Sorry…you CAN’T pick and choose on where you do want equality and where you don’t….is either everything or nothing at all….so get that hamster back where it belongs and accept the feminist world that you and you mangina friends have created.

    1. yup…. there are no ladies anymore – only wimen…. and they are treated as such.
      should of course a fine lady dane to grace my premises, i will be more than happy to treat her like a lady…. until the panties come off of course…. then i’ll pound her like a whore….

      1. Yes.Can we reserve the term ‘Lady’ for a woman with some refinement and standards?
        The hierarchy.
        Goddess (The Highest possible standard.Possibly exists only in Fiction)

  3. Looking at her account seems like a well to do girl expressing nostalgia for a by gone age. Yet this is the nature of social evolution, the old code will be replaced by a new code for social conduct. One where the support of old is certainly replaced by a far more solid social contract of exchange of goods and services.

    1. What do you do with radioactive toxic waste? You bury it five miles deep in a mountain side and seal it up and never look back.

  4. You want Chivalry like them good old days?
    Fine.Here is a list of rules for Women
    1.Your Chastity being most prized, a Chastity belt will be your most worn accessory.
    2.Adultery on your part is punishable with shaming in the streets and stoning.
    3.The satisfaction of your Man’s carnal desires with prostitutes is not considered adultery and does not require your permission.
    4.Repeal Women’s suffrage.

    1. Exactly. They’re hypocrites. They want us to be chivalric but they refuse to make any changes themselves. They’re talking out of both corners of their mouths.

      1. This is exactly why men should never take anything a woman says seriously. Women will do and say whatever it takes to get more attention/resources from guys with no sense of actually offering anything of quality herself, just like a spoiled child

      2. Totally agree! In my experiences with Modern Womyn, I’ve learned that they are hypocritical, rabid “equality” fanatics just as long as “equality” gives them advantages and unearned privileges over men; but when “equality” starts really meaning “EQUAL”, they start screeching for chivalry.
        Women are for “equality” UNTIL they start getting treated “equally”.

  5. This bitch probably just got pissed off that she had to stand on the bus or some shit and she got got home and wrote this pile of trash.
    It’s not about chivalry being dead, it’s about HER not being worshiped by every human who happens to have a cock.
    I think tagline goes to east on her, as well. She knows unnatractive men complimenting female coworkers and such would’nt go over well. She just can’t get over the last John Hamm motherfucker she encountered who dared not notice her glaring beauty. “Surely if chivalry is not, he would have stroked my ego to completion.”

  6. Excellent article exposing one of the biggest contradictions in our society: we’re all equal, but women deserve special treatment because they have a vagina. Feminists should just admit it: they want us men to be their fucking servants.

    1. Do what I do:
      I’m generally respectful and polite to people I meet, but how I treat them after that point depends on how they act.

  7. “Millennial women live in what is undoubtedly the best time to be a female in the history of humanity”
    Live it up ladies. I’m 27 and I see many former hotties my age very rapidly starting to look like shit. It is glorious watching a bunch of arrogant cunts lose their appeal.

    1. It’s goddamn incredible, im 24 and the amount of women I know who have turned to shit since we were all teenagers is staggering. Most of the guys, meanwhile, look pretty much the same or better than they did at 16-18.
      Must be all of the alcohol, smoking and cock riding.

      1. Don’t forget the drugs.
        A life where you do a lot of booze, 13, and random dudes will tear the body down fast.

        1. Don’t forget the overeating and fad dieting, either…or the refusal to SENSIBLY exercise (because you “shouldn’t judge her by her looks!”)

      2. i don’t think the female is built to withstand, late nights, smoking, drinking, E, coke and etc. in the way a male can handle those things…. there used to be a concept of ‘beauty sleep’….. and the females thinner softer skin means she doesn’t fare well as a smoker.

        1. I see alot of young women going to med school, thinking they are high quality and intelligent only to find out the brutal reality of a 5 year residency with 18 hour work days. It leaves them spending their prime years exhausted and drained without time to raise children.

        2. Also realizing theyd be alot happier supporting a man who worked those kind of hours instead of themselves.

        3. Saw this at my EMBA program.Of the class, ~20% were women and 80+% of them said they’d prefer to stay at home than work if their husbands/lifestyles let them.

        4. Feminism really is leading them to the slaughter. They are making life choices they will heavily regret, but unlike a beta nerd can make himself better, an aged woman has no options.

      3. “I see many former hotties my age very rapidly starting to look like shit”
        Reminds me of a girl I know, in her 20s, tall, slim figure, looks hot…from a distance. Her face, however, that’s quite another story.
        She looks like she has opened the Ark of the Covenant, her face is melting off. Needless to say, she’s chainsmoking, cocksmoking and boozing like crazy.

  8. Hope Rodriguez is an idiot who is preaching a highly feminized notion of chivalry/gentlemanly behaviors. She completely ignores the religious and martial aspects of chivalry which were integral to the men who practiced it. It is nothing more than a disguised “where have all the nice guys gone” plea. Mr. Mangina isn’t slaying infidels and praying to God in his spare time, he is holding doors open thinking it will get him laid. Meanwhile, some asshole is rolling up some sluts drive honking his horn..

  9. Married 10-years, I deserve a purple heart for my bravery, I’m a war veteran. Survived thankfully with no-kids with this woman. Recently we were communicating, and she will say things like I want 3-4 kids, but its a pipe-dream. This is coming from the same woman who said, I’m not living like my mother did. Which clearly got her to where she is. Room-sharing hipster in Astoria, going to conquer the world in NYC. So they are confused little children caught inside women’s bodies. You holding the door for them is a free pass to accepting their bullshit, and just bowing down to their endless reserves of hot steaming pile of bullshit. The story of my life would of been with this woman, how simple things should be and how convoluted nightmares such a simple thing became in the end. The have been fed lies and dis-info through pop(popular) cultural soulless meandering nonsense, giving them all the go ahead to disenfranchise the basis for our society and social norm which is clearly a strong family unit. They broke the chains, and now they are free, and the brick wall approaches and why the hell should we feel sorry for their actions, when they clearly ignore the consequences as they play the victim card so well.

    1. I know the type……
      Funny how “conquer the world” usually just means going to the nearest major city to ride the carousel.

    2. NYC is filled to the brim with 20-something cunts getting by by the skin of their cunts on liberal arts degrees, room sharing in shitty neighborhoods filled with minorities and claiming that they discovered these neighborhoods, always on the prowl for that mysterious, handsome urban stranger who doesn’t really fucking exist.

      1. by which you mean they want to find a well off yuppie to mooch off of.
        It’s futile. A guy with that kind of money will have better options than them, and they usually find one (or many).

  10. Yea, because every time I have reverted to my old brainwashed self because I was not paying attention, and was a gentleman, good conversationalist, had fun time with the girl not pushing it like I usually do, and was chivalrous, I got to hear,
    “The connection is lacking”
    “Sorry I don’t feel it”
    “Was so nice talking to you”
    “You are so different than the other men I meet”
    right…So where is the fucking reward?
    On the flipside, be myself, the real self, the animal, the read man who does what he wants, intelligence in service of itself, a blind date is in my bed in under half hour.
    That is the main reason why chivalry must be killed.
    Whenever I indulge in chivalrous behavior that has been ingrained in me for decades, I am swiftly and severely punished.
    Nope ladies, making the special man wait for sex because he is special and the sex will be special, is no reward, it is treating the special man as a sucker.
    If he is like me, he will gently fuck off to fucking other floozies.
    Oh, yes, you will be treated to a few dates, just for appearances.
    The price you ask is the price we pay. Sadly, by asking that price, the commodity becomes short term.

    1. Don’t forget, “you’re such a gentlemen”
      Translation: You’re such a nice guy. I can’t wait to manipulate you

      1. Likewise: “You’re such a fucking asshole!”
        Translation: “I want to deepthroat your cock.”

    2. Best advice I can give you is never take a woman too seriously, no matter what your opinion about her is.
      If you choose to engage in “chivalrous” behavior, make sure that you’re doing it because you are choosing to give her the experience of being pampered, NOT because you are trying ingratiate yourself to her.

    3. Modern Women are deranged. What do they have to offer a man in a serious relationship? Certainly nothing that every player, PUA, thug, or ‘exciting, romantic’ ‘bad boy’ that has crossed her path hasn’t already had.
      And not only did those guys get it for free, she expects the fool that she marries to pay for it!
      Seriously delusional.

  11. We need a post on the Romantic Options available to the Western man. As I see it, there are three.
    1) Pussy beta hipster that hopes for pity fuck from the girl he obsessively orbits or that she finally understands how great he is and leaves his bad boy boyfriend. Sometimes he might get lucky and get laid once or twice a year, usually drunken sex with a fatty.
    Will end up marry washed up whore who has a 3 digit notch count (he has 1 digit) who will eventually strip him off all his hard earned resources.
    2) Player, has learned game, doesnt care about women anymore. Fucks a lot of whores until they are Washed Up. Then he hands them over to the beta so she can make his life a living hell.
    3) Make enough cash so he can start a business overseas, maybe Asia, Southamerica, Ukraine etc. There he will work on his notch count so it becomes 3 digit, when he is 45 years old he will settle down with a 21 year old beauty who will make it her mission to empty his balls 3 times a day.
    This is fucking it !! There are no other options. I know many would like the option “Finds a sweet girl in her prime with a 1 digit notch count, maybe even a virgin, they have 3 children together and lives happy ever after”.
    But since that one is not available, which option do you chose ?

    1. That last option does exist but in reality those girls tend to get taken off the market pretty quickly…..or if they go to college then the “progressive” university culture tends to get to them first.
      A few soldiers worked for me that had found that last option but what I noticed is that their wives were almost all rural girls from a big family raised on traditional religion and a low family income. Good luck finding one of them. Maybe if you used a dating website to search the sticks you’d find one.

      1. I need some advice guys. I’m 26 and am done with grad school. I’m starting a job with an engineering company that pays pretty well. I wanna work for 3-5 year and build up some equity before I consider working remotely or moving elsewhere.
        I am currently in a relationship with a smoking hot persian. I’m the first dude she was with in a brief mini relationship 2 years back . I was all out in game mode then and had no interest in being committed to anyone and I let her know that from day 1. She was cool with that . Then I didn’t see her for a year and she was with another dude and we ran into each other at a coffee shop. Started all over again. Crazy chemistry and we’ve been pretty solid for the last 7-8 months.
        Now being from a conservative society she ( and her close friends) are pretty traditional despite having lived here for years. She’s getting her PhD in civil engineering , shes thrifty, shes a minimalist, shes crazy in bed and really caring nurturing otherwise. She has no interest in marriage and is completely against kids and buying a house and having a 30 year mortgage. She loves travelling like I do and is a lady.
        All my friends think shes a catch.
        The problem is shes 29 (she had to finish her masters before she could get out of Iran) and pushing 30.
        Also I’m afraid once she graduates and starts working in the industry she might be over exposed to american sluts who may be a bad influence on her.
        What do you’ll think. I don’t wanna drag her in deeper and then bail after 2-3 years. I’d rather just end things now. On the other hand she is one of those rare specimens but shes older than me and is pushing the wall.

        1. Quit overthinking it and just enjoy the ride while it lasts.
          If you have to ask these questions then it’s unlikely she’s the one. When you do meet a girl who is right for you the relationship will be easy…..like being with her is just the way things are meant to be and it’s completely natural.

    2. I choose Option 4: Man Going His Own Way.
      The only winning move is not to play.

      1. ….correct.
        But that works at the same time as option 2.
        MGTOW does not mean you have to become celibate…it just means that you play by your own rules.

    3. At age 51, and recently divorced, I came across what you are stating is not available while I was on a scuba trip to the Philippines (if you consider a notch count of 0 as a 1 digit notch count). She was 23. I was aloof and amused because I saw no way that I would ever hook up with a girl that much younger than me. She felt otherwise.
      We dated with all dates chaperoned as is appropriate with a young lady of good family and good values. When we married she was a 25 year old virgin. My family (including my children) were certain that she was just looking for a green card. Well, 6 years later and her now a US citizen we are still together. And even though the US citizenship is handy for travel, we intend to move to the Philippines as soon as possible. It is not true that the women of the world want to move to the US and stay there. They will for the chance at a good husband, but they hate leaving their extended family and everything that is familiar to them behind.
      I will agree that trying to find this in the US is a fool’s errand.

  12. “Millennial women live in what is undoubtedly the best time to be a female in the history of humanity. At no point in human history have women been as wealthy, as free, as respected and as influential as they are today. ”
    Yeah, that’s why they are unhappier than ever and whine about the “hookup culture”.
    Athone, just because you come from a demographic which is a social wasteland, don’t expect the rest of us to care about your sub saharan ideals. Todays women are filth. Most of us would sooner die than getting hitched to a whore such as those in your article. Just because you’ve never learned standards for acceptable women, doesn’t mean we didn’t either.

    1. Easy, they want a provider, some beta sucker to provide for them and have these females as the purpose of their lives.
      But the would-be suckers are getting poorer and poorer, so they remain boyfriends instead of husbands.

  13. Hey, I always hold a door for a woman….assuming it’s a revolving door.
    Chivalry was the very, very first strike of feminism in the West. Prior to the invention, from a royal bint whose name escapes me but she was from France, women were seen as we think of the Greeks and Romans seeing them, not as objects of abject worship. Chivalry basically told men to give women a lot of social power, since they hadn’t any previously, and did it under the auspices of acting civilly with the subtle promise of eventual pussy if the guy would just debase himself enough. In short, it invented the Blue Pill man in an age where previously men were largely red pill. As we all know, feminism would have zero chance of being taken seriously if it were not for the hordes of sycophant blue pill men/white knights.

  14. Basically it comes down to a simple fact, I just no longer “like” women for anything other than sex – when I’ll used them. And if I don’t want sex, they are superfluous and an annoyance.

  15. Good post. I was raised to be an old-school gentleman. Yes, holding doors and offering my seat to women or the elderly was just what we did. The really good point Athlone makes is that the women were expected to be ladies. Girls and young women were raised to be and act like ladies……not the cock carousel-riding, attention-whoring sluts they are today.
    Equality is a two-edged sword “ladies”. If you desire true equality quit whining about the demise of chivalry and hold a door or two open yourselves. If you desire men to be old-school gentlemen and treat you in a gentlemanly way, act and comport yourself in a manner deserving of said treatment. It’s really not that difficult of a concept to grasp. ‘Nuff said.

    1. The only women I’ve met who deserve chivalrous treatment are over 80 or dead now. A particular one who visits my office about once a week every so often comments that I’m “such a gentleman” for holding the door, getting her coat, helping her across the street, etc. and asks why I don’t have a girlfriend, and I always have to respond, “gentlemen like ladies, not girls.”

      1. They’re still out there….
        Problem is that a lot of the ones like that are either hardline, uptight religious types or socially timid.

        1. Why is socially timid bad? Would seem refreshing, what, in a world of socially retarded loud, arrogant, slutty, bitchy slags running around these days.

        2. True, you may be right. It’s just a matter of personal preference. Due to my background I need to have a woman with a certain level of social skills(I need someone who is a good hostess and can handle things while I’m “doing business”)…but your preference would be better for some guys.

    1. I was going to agree, but thought a moment and parsed it out. I’m kind to the obviously weak and defenseless/innocent (old woman on the bus who is standing when I’m sitting, or little children, that kind of thing). The rest can go to hell, and that includes basically all healthy (so to speak) women.

  16. They have no idea what chivalry actually was or how life was back then. If I were a knight and you were a common woman I’d treat you like absolute shit and get away with it because I’m part of a protected upper class and you’re just a commoner.
    Only the noblewomen actually benefited from chivalry, because the upper crust didn’t want their daughters and sisters treated like garbage by armored warriors serving them.
    Noblemen and knights were free to treat commoners and peasants as poorly as they wished.

  17. “Walk your female coworkers to their cars at night” HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA-HAHAHAHA-HA-HA-HA, This made my day!, bursted out laughing at Work, Oh god, that was the best one ever. thanks 2 the feminist for your great sense of humour.

    1. Actually in looking at her blog she seems to be WAY more traditional in every respect than her peers. She even hates hard on feminism, for very specific and good reasons.
      Not gonna white knight for the chick, just saying I think her comments come from, what’s the word here, naivete or innocence based on her own nearly pre-1950’s traditional world view.
      Or maybe it’s all lies, Dunno. Known a fair number of “traditional” gals who turned out to be acid spitting harpies over time.

      1. I get your point and you may be right that shes not actually a feminist, that comment of hers just seriously cracked me up though haha. Yes everybody, lets all follow our female co-workers to their cars when the workday is over! That way they will respect us as men and our chances of sleeping with them will increase. Makes perfect sense, in order to get girls, we must listen to what girls are advising us!…oh wait..

        1. Yeah, I know man. She’s doing the typical chick thing and projecting her own identity onto all other women in that particularly female-collectivist manner. She may well be a peach and a true catch in a sea of otherwise poison (and still reading her blog, it appears to be the case so far that she’s a decent woman), but she’s assuming that all other women are like her.
          They ain’t, cupcake, they really ain’t. They haven’t been for decades before you were born.

        1. No I meant I actually used to walk women to their cars at the end of evening shift, but it was at a place where a nurse had been raped in the parking lot.

  18. WTF is wrong with her?
    My take on her points:
    1. Elevator Etiquette
    While I may not stare at her jugs in her shirt, checking out a female’s ass in the elevator is something every normal man does (but this privilege is only restricted to women with desirable bodies. Ugly/Out of shape women don’t deserve this privilege). Anyways, you wanted to move out first from the elevator, so we’ll give you the chance to stand in front of us. But that doesn’t mean we won’t eye-fuck your ass.
    2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T
    Talking about respect, the scene which comes to my mind is from the movie “Magnolia”, where Tom Cruise’s sex guru character, Frank Mackey, first makes his appearance.
    “Respect the cock….AND TAME THE CUNT!” is the only respect a man should actually keep in his mind. Not that we want to tame every woman’s cunt in our sight; she must worthy of the taming, too. Real men are choosy when it comes to women.
    3. Give up your seat
    I‘d only do that for an old lady who can’t carry herself, or for a pregnant woman.
    The young chicks can rather take a seat on my crotch with their bottoms. First come, first serve basis. Stop bitching like an entitled cunt, feminazi. Men can have tiring days too. Are we supposed to kill ourselves on an exhausting day by standing up to offer our seats to a human who acts like we owe it our seat, just because it has a pair of lips between its legs, instead of a dick?
    4. Pay attention to the fact that the world is more threatening for females.
    Yeah, right. Especially when they walk like sadistic feminist termagants cavorting their half-naked bodies in public and expect men to look on at them like impotent drones. And complain at the same time, if we don’t act sexual. Enough of your hypocrisies please. If you’d cover your erogenous zones enough, the world would automatically become a safer place for females.
    5. Be polite.
    Or is it be appreciative?
    Your demands for compliments screw up the difference between being polite and being appreciative. To be frank, most of my politeness towards women, comes out of either casual social indifference or sincere respect for a good woman. However, I ain’t complimenting women till they’ve done something to deserve compliments from me. Which involves doing things for me. I ain’t spoiling a good woman into becoming a bitch by complimenting her unnecessarily.
    6. Hold the door.
    Only if she’s my old lady, or a woman who’s the mom of my buddy, any other old lady (not older woman), or if she’s my chick – that too if she’s overloaded with groceries.
    For any other woman, she can fend for herself – why is she having a physical problem that she can’t open her own door? I ain’t a bell boy at the valet parking. Pay me cash if you want me to do the same.
    7. Driveway etiquette.
    The ideal driveway etiquette for the 21st century is : drive up to her home, send her text asking her to come down to your car, and drive off. I ain’t doing a “Meet the Parents” scene without becoming serious about the girl. Seriously woman, do you think you’d like to meet all the guys who’d be dicking your American modernized daughter as they come to pick her up for a date? Besides, sending a text to ask her to come to your car, is more effective than ringing the door bell, as the average American girl spends more time on her smartphone than near the door when going out on a date.
    If you think chivalry is dead, it’s time women acted like real women worthy of chivalry; not entitled feminuts sluts who keep cribbing like spoiled brats.
    And Joseph Gordon-Lewitt seems destined to die by swallowing too many feminist blue-pills,

  19. Chivalry isn’t dead guys.
    The government is the most chivalrous beta mangina faggot in the USA.

  20. She’s only 22… The poor thing. If only she was prettier, perhaps that man in the elevator would have let her walk out first.

  21. Unlike Miss Rodriguez, women deserving of chivalric behaviour don’t make lists of demands.

  22. 1) Elevator Etiquette — You always wait for others to get off an elevator before you get on. Doesn’t matter what sex they are. You should always hold the door for someone running to get on the elevator. You should always hold the door for someone who is elderly or otherwise infirm.
    2) Respect — Staring at a woman like you’re an escaped mental patient will never earn you any points.
    3) Give up your seat — I do this for the elderly, pregnant or disabled, otherwise don’t even try it. A young/ish woman will think you’re a creep if you offer her your seat.
    4) Pay attention to the fact that the world is more threatening for females — This is true. Don’t approach women you don’t know in a place where there are not any other people around, like on a street, parking lot, or park. You’ll freak her the fuck out.
    5) Be Polite — You should be polite to everyone, not just women. As for complimenting women, you should only do this if she’s sending you signals. Complimenting a woman who is clearly not showing signs of interest will only annoy or otherwise frighten her.
    6) You should hold the door for anyone who is within 10-15 steps of entering, not just women.
    7) Driveway etiquette — Pulling up and honking your horn is called the “Puerto Rican Door Bell” around here. It’s low class and regardless of whom you are picking up. If you can’t leave your car to knock on the door, text the person to tell them you’ve arrived.

    1. “I do this for the elderly, pregnant or disabled”
      Considering that they’re so busy with creating bastard children I don’t help this kind either unless I know she’s already married, and then to a man who isn’t a thug daddy.

      1. Yeah, cosign 100%. Especially if it’s a woman on public transport in the first fucking place. Shoulda gotten a reliable guy with a car, not Jamaal from 15th Street to knock you up. But he was sooooooooo sexy.

    2. number 4) is a tip that is good for your game….but remember it goes both ways.
      It affects how you approach. Don’t go strutting up to girls who don’t look like they want to be bothered, and use the “eye contact” rule before you step.
      This also can be used to your advantage. Women are biologically designed to want a man who is tough enough to stand up for himself and provide them with some security.
      There’s a reason you see a lot of Thugs, Military types, 1% bikers, and others who’se lives revolve around violencew walking around with smoking hot women on their arms….in spite of the fact that a lot of these guys are butt ugly.

      1. I don’t know about 1% bikers or military types, but the girls I see running with the local thugs would hardly be worth my time.

  23. None of the things she lists have anything to do with chivalry.
    1. Elevator ettiquete is just a way of sorting out an order as to how to get on and off the fucking elevator without bumping into one another. In the building where I work, it actually is still standard to have women go first, then older guys, then younger guys by status – owners, then professionals, then staffers, then janitors, etc. if you step out of line with the order some elderly partner will usually point out that you’re a fucking social retard.
    2. Checking out women. There’s a time and a place. If you want to have some fun, stop checking out a woman you routinely check out at work, on your way to work, etc. See what happens.
    3. Giving up your seat. I rarely take public transportation and typically stand when I do, which avoids the problem. I typically will give up my seat for elderly people (male or female) and for clearly pregnant women, not out of any sense of “chivalry” but rather because it is unpleasant to watch them stand for a long period of time. I don’t give up my seat for able bodied women unless I’m traveling with them.
    4. Even in a more “chivalrous” age, the amount of security at an average workplace makes this unnecessary. And it’s just fundamentally a bad idea for most men unless they are expressly asked and feel very confident in their relationship with the woman (and have the social awareness to correctly evaluate whether their confidence is misplaced.
    5. Being polite is, again, just a way of sorting out who’s whom in a civilized social situation. In such a situation, one should be polite to others regardless of gender. Complimenting random people you don’t know is really not polite, it suggests familiarity, and thus whether the compliment is well received is not a function of social propriety but a function of the charisma of the complimentor and the receptiveness of the receiver. Complimenting unknown people at work without the social chops to pull it off is really just career suicide for any man, and often for “career women,” as well.
    6. The kid pulling up to pick up your daughter isn’t there to impress you. He’s likely either simply socially retarded or knows that your daughter likes it when he flouts convention.

  24. Excellent work. Feminists tend not to consider the highly specific historical context chivalry came from. What they call feminism today is a delusion that amounts only to self-interest.

  25. When the progressive, modern feminist world has stopped appreciating men, it shouldn’t complain about men not acting like chivalrous men either.
    To be frank, most modern “chivalrous” men either fall in two extremes: sincere chivalrous men who usually go unappreciated for their chivalry only to be viewed with suspicion, and on the other hand, some of the least trustworthy, insincere men posing as chivalrous and treating women with fake respect while harboring the vilest, and wicked intentions at heart. However, women usually end up respecting and trusting the insincere latter than the sincere former.
    But this is nature’s punishment for the disease of feminism. Insincere, unnatural feminism bred women will always get hurt and destroyed by insincere, fake chivalrous men. Hope Rodriguez’s demand is not for chivalry – but for “sincere” chivalry.
    But why should chivalry be practiced around unworthy feminism bred modern sluts of women? You don’t feed caviar to pigs.

  26. No thanks miss Hope, I´ll pass!
    Chivalry was not originally about spoiling some female, more about being a real knight and warrior.

  27. Chivalry.
    Man in 1954: There’s a nice looking woman that I’d like to bang / wife (obviously two are correlated), I’ll hold door for her.
    Woman in 1950: That’s nice of this man to hold the door for me. He is nicely dressed and looks like he could give me a house in the suburbs.
    Man in 2014: I’m late for work, need to improve my career so I can provide for myself, but I’ll hold the door for this person (was it a woman, didn’t see), because I’m a decent guy.
    Woman in 2014: Who the FUCK does this disgusting short beta male CREEP think he is, holding this FUCKING DOOR FOR ME? HOW DARE HE EVEN FUCKING LOOK AT ME, CREEPY FUCKING LITTLE BASTARD. Oh shit, I hope that Tyreese / Chad / Brett is at work today, he’s so fucking hot and jacked, I’m gonna blow him in the bathroom during my lunch break. Fuck yeah.

  28. This topic actually got me to thinking, especially after reading through this young woman’s blog. In short (if her words are true) very traditional, Christian, not slutty, kind, anti-feminist, actually truly feminine, demure, not attached to her iCrap 24/7, looking for a man to *look up to and treat nice*, and in all ways what most guys here would say “Ok, first one like her I’ve seen in thirty years”. Well and fine, good for her, and good for her father whom she credits as a great force for positive in her life.
    Now, thinking about her in life and her clear dislike of her own generation, how it nearly seems to be some kind of slow motion torture for her, I wonder about how my own daughter is going to act and react in the world, given as she’s being raised basically in this vein as well (she’s going on 15 shortly). In fact, I fear for her quite a bit. She’s being taught about cads and how and *why* to avoid them (sorry guys), and all that, and she appears to be absorbing that teaching well. But what kind of life is she going to have as a result? Disgust with her own generation, looking for masculine men in a generation of beat down beta boys, constant disappointment with just about everything in modern life. What kind of way to live is that?
    My son is going to do fine with the same upbringing and will likely end up with one of the last traditional women in these united States, assuming there are any left by the time he gets around to wanting a LTR. But the daughter, geesh, I really don’t see any good options for her. The alternative is worse however, and at least she won’t end up a man jawed Grrrl Pwrrrrr ™ testosterone laden femicunt.
    Man oh man have feminists truly fucked themselves over, and they have no idea of it. One wonders how to convince women to change, and the only way I can see it is a strong father’s guidance in her life, but that would take families and staying married, both rendered almost (but not quite) impossible by our modern You Go Grrrrrrl feminist legal system.

  29. 1. No, I really don’t even have to go into why, just no.
    2. I’ll stop staring when you stop wearing yoga pants with “Juicy” printed on the asscheecks. Furthermore, no man has ever gotten laid by being a meek beta male, creep away.
    3. If I were to give up a seat it certainly wouldn’t be because you have a cunt, in fact im only going to give away my seat to men who need it more than I do from now on.
    4. I give no shits, better get to the shooting range or some self defence classes. Chances of me risking my own safety for a woman that isn’t my mother or hypothetical daughter? 0%
    5. I’ll give you a compliment on your dick sucking skills, if you deserve to suck my dick that is.
    6. Again, fuck no.
    7. Equality Hope, equality.
    Unfortunately im going to have to say your archaeic notions of gender relations preclude you from being allowed to suck my dick, better luck next time.

  30. In the past, when a father with means noticed that his daughter started to menstruate, he would often put her in something like a convent school to keep her away from men until she came of age and he could arrange a suitable marriage for her.
    Seeing how things have turned out after abandoning that system, I can see why high-status men did that. Our allegedly “ignorant” and “superstitious” ancestors had a good empirical understanding of how women’s sexual freedom ruins them for stable relationships with men. It seems to compromise women’s ability to adhere to good child rearing practices as well.
    Given the trend towards medicalizing human problems, I’ve wondered why we don’t protect girls from the corrosive effects of sexual freedom by using the available pharmacology to postpone girls’ menarche to the age of 15 or so. That would time their sexual development closer to the development of their adult judgment (if you could say that women have adult judgment; I wonder at times). And postponing menstruation by several years would also postpone the health problems all those extra and unnecessary menstrual cycles can cause down the line.

    1. I highly recommend Schopenhauer, specifically studies in pessimism, it has a great essay about women and it relates to the question of whether or not women ever develop true adult judgement.
      Schopenhauer argues they do not.

  31. I actually think that a lot of this article is true…..except for this:
    “Millennial women live in what is undoubtedly the best time to be a female in the history of humanity. At no point in human history have women been as wealthy, as free, as respected and as influential as they are today.”
    I know a lot of mainstream society would find this a strange observation but I’ve noticed that for whatever reason a lot of women these days just don’t seem to be very happy people, nor are they particularly satisfied with their lives. I’ve also noticed that the happiest, most emotionally stable women I’ve met were the ones who don’t buy into all the progressive bullshit…..with the best example being an older, married, mother of 7.

    1. Yes, exactly. With the rampant medication of just about every woman I know, usually for some bullshit “diagnosis” of depression of one sort or another, you’d think somebody, somewhere would point this out to them.
      But then I guess that’s why they’re medicated, to take the edge off of their vapid existence such that they don’t bother to question the “why” of it all.

    2. There’s a wonderful playboy cartoon I wish I had clipped and scanned. It features a woman with a scowl on her face yelling at her husband: “Do you think it’s easy being a bitch?”
      I showed that to my girlfriend at the time and she laughed her head off. She said it was right-on for the modern attitude of western women.
      Women get their way by complaining, finding fault, and making demands. In today’s society, such behavior is encouraged.
      The same goes for men who are a-holes. They generally are type-A and easily set off but they pride themselves on getting their way.

    3. It’s not a strange observation. There are surveys of self-reported happiness going back to the 50s/40s or so, and its been observed that women’s happiness has been on a steady decline since about the 50s. There was an analysis of this I recall called “The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness”. I’ve never read it but I assume the paradox is that as women have been granted more and more “rights” and “freedoms” (benefits and privileges) their happiness has declined in tandem. The only way this is a “paradox” though is if you start with the assumption that women are functionally identical to men, and thus should feel happier and more fulfilled the more they are “freed” (encouraged/forced) to behave like men. It would be a shocking revelation to those who consider this trend a “paradox”, but women are actually quite different from men, and while they are by nature much more submissive and obedient than men, and so will tend to go along with whatever they’re told to do more easily, they don’t actually like being forced to imitate men.
      The view that this is the best time and place in human history to be female has some truth to it but needs some adjustment. Women in the modern West don’t have the best lives of any women in history, they are the most spoiled women in history. To say they have it “the best” takes a very materialistic, shallow view of human life, that whoever has the most stuff has it best. It’s easy to see it this way, and fault women their unhappiness, when they do indeed have so much more than any other women in human history, but it doesn’t capture the whole picture. Women are so unhappy/mentally ill these days because they are to a large degree expected to be imitation men. Their fundamental needs as women are not met by modern, feminist society. I would disagree that women actually want to be independently wealthy, free, or respected. Women want to be attached to a man who has wealth. They instinctively know their “freedom” as women is only at men’s sufferance and frankly I think women see the whole idea of “freedom” as kind of a game to toy with men. And women want love far more than they want respect, and when they refer to wanting “respect” I think they are usually confusing/conflating the two.
      The “manosphere” correctly points out the disrespect and denigration masculinity receives from modern Western society. What’s far less commonly noticed, maybe because it occurs more subtly and quietly, taking less effort to subdue, but is completely complementary to the disrespect shown masculinity, is the disrespect and denigration shown femininity. I recall coming across a blog by some sweetheart of a girl who exemplified real femininity in everything she wrote, and mentioned how female relatives would often castigate her for being too sweet, submissive, and servile to men, saying she was being a “doormat”, letting herself be walked-all-over, acting like a “slave”, and that some man would take advantage of her and abuse her someday. Her response apparently, for a while, was to submit to her female relatives’ exhortations that she behave differently, and try to please them. The denigration of real femininity is a lot quieter than that of masculinity, because women only need a little shaming from feminists/the rest of the female herd before they hang their heads and attempt to obey, whereas men tend to fight back against bullshit. But it’s there all the same, and it’s a big part of why modern women are so unhappy/messed up.
      The author’s totally wrong when he asserts modern women don’t want chivalrous treatment. I think there’s probably a silent majority of women who, if the situation arose, would quite passively accept a “rolling back the clock on women’s rights” as long as it meant they would be cherished by men as women.

        1. You will instantly see this if you travel outside the western world and really observe a more traditional society. Once in the Philippines, with my wife, we were in a mall. I asked her what the difference was in the mall we were in versus one in the US. She couldn’t see until I pointed it out. In the US mall the women are angry screaming harpies, where, if a husband is present, he is trailing behind carrying the packages while being berated. The kids are running wild while the woman yells at them to no effect. In the Philippines mall the women are holding onto their man’s arm, focusing her attention on him. He is in charge of the children, and they are well behaved and happy. In fact the entire family group is happy. Happiness is the difference between what the western world has and what the traditional world has.

  32. Modern women pretty much with feminism made hypergamy visible, but also celebrated it. They pretty much spurned a huge, huge, huge, HUGE chunk of the population of men with their behavior – since most men aren’t John Hamm or David Gandy. Of course women all live in this fantasy world where their handsome prince will come along and rescue them from “this,” “this” being a world populated by boring, beta male creeps. Being that handsome princes are like, what, 2% of the world population, if even that, these bitches feel perpetually unfulfilled.
    Now tell me, why the fuck should beta males, and even alpha males (who know women better than anyone) be expected to hold doors for these cunts?

  33. #3 is for pregnant and old women (or rather, old people) only. If I was on time everyone else can stand up.

  34. >Drive up to house of girl scheduled for date
    >Shoot her text “out front”
    >No response for 5 minutes
    >Door opens, older lady comes out with bitter look on her face
    >Approaches car motioning for me to roll down window
    >”I think you should just go home. How dare you text my daughter to make her just walk out here. Where are your manners?”
    >”Is Katie coming or not?”
    >Drive off
    >Scroll though leads and call plate
    >Go out with her instead
    >Get call from Katie, crying and apologizing about her mom being a bitch
    >She comes over to ride forbidden cock
    Abundance saves the day

  35. Here’s an easy one: A “lady” NEVER engages in shaming ploys such as “man up” or “be a real man” or certainly mention “maxi pads” in ANY context. This is the behavior of a cock-tease bitch and her photo even suggests that’s how she thinks (note that she holds the vase with her hands close to her groin.

      1. I did (later). She appears to be a conservative, anti-feminist woman.
        Nonetheless, the “man up” shaming ploy deserves to be castigated in addition to an attitude of entitlement. She may WANT chivalrous behavior from men, but she has no RIGHT to expect it in today’s age and for obvious reasons anymore than a man has a RIGHT to expect our wives to do all the cleaning around the home.
        I’m reminded of “meathead” on All in the Family lecturing Archie Bunker about being behind the times in the 1950’s and needing to move up to the present. Yet, it’s mostly women who want to pretend that men should all be white knights from Victorian era England (and an idealistic version of it at that) in a post feminist society.
        Bottom line as feminists told me when I criticized bad behavior of women: “If there’s no law against it, then you have no right to tell women to act a certain way!” That goes both ways. The vote and a big paycheck are the lowest common denominator. She should be glad that doors aren’t slammed in her face.

        1. Advice I’d give any man(or woman too, now that I think about it): be courteous, and nothing more at first. Wait until they DEMONSTRATE that they deserve more before you give it to them…..and never do more for them than they would be willing to do for you.
          Do otherwise and you are setting yourself up to be played.

        2. This is one of the pitfalls of a “diverse” culture. Even before the leftist abuse of the meaning of that word, the USA was a wild west as compared to other lands where it was mostly homogenous cultures with long standing traditions that allowed people to set higher expectations of each other in informal personal interactions. Of course, the benefit of the USA was allowing the destruction of caste systems and class entitlements (although in recent times, new ones have been created.)
          One of those new castes and classes was the sexual harassment legislature of the 1990’s. As a colleague put it back then, it was about the state making men act like “gentlemen” and “watching their language around the ladies.” Men had to watch what they said around women or they could be fired. But this was only effective when the men were under the legal authority of their employer and it didn’t require men to do anything (it only severely penalized them for slightly rude behavior.)
          In the past, it was easier for men to be gentlemen because there were places they didn’t have to be “gentle.” When they were out with ladies, they watched their language. When they were at work or with other men, they could curse literally like a sailor. But feminism decreed no such safe places for men should exist anymore and women should be treated as “equals” but also “protected”. So once the whistle blows at work, men let their hair down where they can and that includes as Hope complains in the elevator or other public places. She can use sex as a bargaining chip on dates but apart from that, she has no other tools to employ other than the “real man” shaming ploy. After decades of men being attacked for being men, being a “real man” is a liability.
          Hope’s blog criticizes feminism but even so, it’s insensitive and callous of her to criticize and shame men in a post feminist world that treats men as second class citizens. She’ll be lucky to find a breadwinner able and willing to support her much less one whose out of a romance novel.

  36. Is chivalry even a real thing, or was it something completely made up by the 19th century romanticist beta male painters / writers?
    There’s a reason why we call white knights, white KNIGHTS. That whole part of history is grossly distorted by the later romantics who, obviously, romanticized the time period. I’m pretty sure medieval Europe was an awful place to live filled with disease and mass poverty…
    Men who say they “respect women,” make me sick; not that they’re respecting anyone, but only that they think they’re so self righteous in respecting females because they’re females. I’ll respect someone if they deserve to be respected, and unfortunately there is a massive amount of women that make me, contrarily, disrespect the gender as a whole, as opposed to respecting them.
    Actually, I respect good, decent hard working men the most, as long as they are respectful of other people too. These types are just as hard to find as well, since the world eats good men for breakfast. Good women, on the other hand, have the potential to be rewarded infinitely.

  37. I think Roosh said it the best in one of his articles, about not to help a woman you’d want to sleep with. It’s perfectly true and applicable in the modern world. Helping a woman/being chivalrous to women you’d want to bang is the shortcut to masturbatory times. Chivalry doesn’t yield sex; instead game does. Chivalry is to be reserved for traditionally raised virgins; not modern entitled slutty feminists.

  38. Guys, watch the picture…in every scene you see a Sword: respect had a medieval edge back then, fencing duels and later pistol duels were common to protect family integrity. There were alot of deaths of medieval knights this way. So yes “Beta Knights” still learnt their place.
    The Noble class did this “peacocking” to often show to the lowerclass why the philosophy of feudal system had to continue (because they could & were the best placed to outwardly show practices of churchanity and chivalry).
    Unfortunately NOW: These finishing schools in Europe still teach the same, although the ball season still continues, but I-phones are SO prevalent in showing as much western media as poss, so any HNW Family group looking to adopt such structures has little to gain in sending their daughters to institutions which have already been compromised. A combination of churchanity still keeps some in check tho….

  39. Sir Walter Raleigh may have put his coat over a mud puddle so a ‘lady’ could walk over it but that lady was the Queen of England.
    I doubt WR would have lifted a finger for a tavern wench.

  40. She’s not quite cute, but looks like fun. Flowers in the hair are a nice touch. Kind of feminine. Though not sure what kind of cock she likes. Something about her tells me she likes it tall and rough. Hard to tell though.

  41. There was an incident last year on a bus journey where some enormous woman had to stand because the seats were filled. I was lucky enough to live near an early stop so I was able to get a seat before the unwashed masses clogged the aisles up. Anyway, we are pulling up to a stop right before the bus takes us into the busiest part of town and I see this frail looking old dame waiting to get on. As I get up to give her my seat, fatty makes her play and I had to put my hand up like a crossing guard to stop her from diving into the seat that I was about to give to someone more in need. It was at that point my hatred for Fat Acceptance was born, out of sheer contempt for this lady. I felt like some kind of human whisperer.

  42. ‘Men did all they did for women because of the implicit understanding in society that women, by virtue of their being women, were not equal to them. They were weaker and needed assistance and men, by virtue of their being men, were stronger and therefore obligated to provide that assistance.’
    The fact that women are inherently weaker hasn’t changed, and will never change because biology is a greater force than the most ardent progressive/feminist initiative. All that has changed is the societal understanding of that fact.
    Given that, being overtly ‘chivalrous’ in this age is almost a blatant rejection of the ‘equality’ nonsense. Of course it should be done within reason, and you shouldn’t really care how the recipient responds. It’s like how adolescents pretend that they don’t need their parents for anything. Parents dont just suddenly call them on their bs and instantly make them be self sufficient. It’s a phase they go through. Similarly the ‘equality’ rubbish is a societal phase. While I understand the sentiment, I’m wary of going out of your way not to hold doors, or giving up your seat etc.

  43. You have to watch out for these gentile southern belles. Everyone that I have ever meet (5 years in FL, 4 in AL) have gone through a black phase.

        1. Not sure what is harder to believe that its real or that its not made in Philly.

    1. Lol I thought us Asian dudes had problems with Caucasian cock chasers, but now that I think about it the number of mudsharks and BBC-lovers is much higher among white women. When I was in Boston it was like every other couple, good looking white women too. I even saw lesbian mixed couples – and guess who the dom was. Sorry dudes.

    2. Oh dude you “aint’” lying! I was in Tennessee visiting (Knoxville-University of Tennessee) about 9 years ago and can tell you, that all the hot white girls were fucking black guys on the football team or other collegiate sports teams. I experienced this myself (sexually) while watching the white male students in their solitude randomly hold Heineken bottles cheering on their favorite inner city ghetto athlete and/or picking up the leftovers. These white girls go through a serious black phase, and if I were white, I’d truly discard them. They have an attitude that “black men are better in bed” and they truly do let themselves go (sexually) with black men. Although they may not bring one home because of daddy, but I guarantee a huge percent of collegiate abortions are due to this. These are the same girls such as this dame in the article. Women’s hypocrisy is amazing. Their inability to feel guilt or shame about their slutty behavior is amazing.

  44. Gentlemen, the genie isn’t going back into the bottle, so lets tread carefully when suggesting women should be more chaste… Lest we inadvertently transform the carousel rider into her even more worthless cousin: the carousel watcher.

    1. That’s one way in which men outperform women.
      We’re programmed to protect our families, they are not to the same degree.

  45. For the past 60 years feminization has built in the perfect Catch 22 social convention for anything masculine; The expectation to assume the responsibilities of being a man (Man Up) while at the same time denigrating asserting masculinity as a positive (Shut Up). What ever aspect of maleness that serves the feminine purpose is a man’s masculine responsibility, yet any aspect that disagrees with feminine primacy is labeled Patriarchy and Misogyny.

  46. Two quotes for you:
    “Chivalry is dead, women killed it.” Dave Chappelle
    “I will act like what use to be called a gentleman when women act like what use to be called ladies.” Fred Reed

    1. ” . . . women killed it.”
      And it is one of the few decent things they have done for men of late, even if it is a textbook case of doing the right thing for the wrong reason.

  47. Because there is no place for princesses in a republic.
    Molly Pitcher the fuck up, “ladies.”

  48. If men had to be chivalric to get the bang, then they would do so. We don’t have to be, so we aren’t.

  49. Absolutely fantastic article. Very well written and perfectly articulated point. This should be a landing page for every single girl in the West who asks “Where are all the nice guys?”

    1. Brigadon is right. She is a 7. No way is she a 10. White dudes be overrating basic white broads. You want to know if a white girl is hot or not, ask a black dude(the connoisseurs of sexy white women).

      1. Um, no. Every black dude I’ve seen with a white woman on his arm in real life I’ve breathed a silent thanks to, since he almost always scores a fattie and takes her out of our (white guy’s) hair.
        Exceptions of course for the media, where the meme is being pushed extremely hard of “black man + hot blonde” in ways that are so transparently full of propaganda that it’s actually rather funny.
        Yeah, 7 sounds right. Her traditional attitudes and the gun do put her into 7.5 to 8 range though.

        1. The black dudes you see with a fatty are beta. I am talking about alpha black guys.
          Kanye West has Kim Kardashian(a sexy white woman)
          Seal has/had Heidi Klum(formerly sexy white woman/model)
          Ice T has Coco
          Kobe has had many sexy white girls.
          Taye Diggs has Idina Menzel
          Tiger Wood had many sexy white girls including his former wife.
          I could go on but I think you get the point. Yeah these are celebrities but I were to list some random dudes off the street you probably wouldn’t know who I was talking about.

        2. Coco is a clown and looks like one too. Kartrashian is an even bigger clown. I agree with the rest of your assessment. Of course, it still always comes down to taste. One mans’ 8 is another mans’ 6 and so on.

      2. ??????
        More like, connoisseurs of fat white women…. 🙂 Or, probably more accurately, connoisseurs of white women with unusually big asses. Which, for most white women, doesn’t come as naturally sans some serious plumping up, than for black women.

    2. 7, 10 or whatever; there is something charmingly appealing about unrepentant rednecks.

      1. Likely falling into that category myself (I don’t talk like this in real life, I rarely say two sentences strung together), I have to agree. Nothing to repent for, the way I see it, it’s good to be a gun toting, hunting type of person. A gal with a gun is usually rather enticing to me as well, as long as she’s not pointing it at me in particular.

        1. Southern women with southern accents make me weak in the knees. Southern women wearing sundresses ditto…

  50. Women are like crack addicts that don’t understand that crack is addicting. When you go riding the 31 flavors of baskin cock robins you’ll certainly be meeting your primal urges and needs as an animal, but what you really desire is the warmth, protection and guidance of a real man. So her higher hamster brain function kicks in after devouring 31 said cocks and she will wipe the cum off her face and be like all “you guys need to like respect me like OHHH MAHH GOOOSH.” Every beta simp out there will be listening to false advise from joseph gordon fuckboy about how to be a doormat in order to get a single wiff of pussy while the real men have to be master con artists with their understanding of game and the true nature of the problem to continue the satiation of animal desires. Its all one big fucken joke brought about by feminism and all that fuck shit that doesn’t make sense. All I know is that with every bitch that I con and every pussy I cum into…the farther away from home I feel…it’s sad really because if I were born in a time where this madness never existed I think I would have been actually a pretty good guy. But the game is ALL fuck up now. I’m dead inside and I couldn’t care if anyone lived or died or have families and shit like that. And I have today’s women to thank for this. Nevertheless, I must continue. Because a true warrior continues the mission and never quits…he fights till his last breath. For the sake of his honor. Fuck the one time.

  51. Funny animals, these modern-day women. They claim to be against gender privilege, yet demand privilege because of their gender.
    Female “logic” in action.

  52. When the world collapses and goes “Mad Max”, if a woman cannot carry the shovel that will be needed to bury her, she gets left in the dust.

  53. Women basically need to decide whether they want to compete with men or complement men. As it stands now, they flit between the two as it suits them, and the guy has to figure out which it is, usually too late.
    If women are going to complement men, then a certain amount of old school chivalry makes sense. If, as is the norm today, women are going to compete with men then chivalry makes no sense and puts the man at a distinct disadvantage with no upside, either short or long term.

  54. I am only chivalrous with girls that deserve chivalry and girls that appreciate chivalry. Girls that are rude, loud, ghetto, mean, unladylike, slutty, or obnoxious I would never be chivalrous to. Those are the kind of girls you pump and dump. And even if you attempted to be chivalrous to those kind of girls they would most likely take it for granted and think you were a beta chump. The problem is a lot of women want their cake and they want to eat it to. The reason many men have abandoned their gender roles of being chivalrous is because many women no longer want to have gender roles and as such men aren’t gonna keep being traditional if women aren’t gonna keep being traditional. Even back in the most chivalrous times, whores/sluts were not treated with respect, yet for some reason some of these sluts now-a-days think they deserve respect/chivalry. Just watch a show like the Real World if you want to see an example of the sluts us men are talking about. Good girls still exist but they are quickly becoming the minority if they aren’t already.

  55. It’s worth mentioning that her next blog post is about as red-pill as it gets.
    Perhaps this young lady has some potential after all…

    1. South Alabama christian small “c”…nuturing environment sometimes helps….

  56. “This notion of the inherently “weak” female governed the discriminatory legal and social landscape in which the code of chivalry was born and practiced.Men did all they did for women because of the implicit understanding in society that women, by virtue of their being women, were not equal to them.”
    We should always be chivalrous to women. They are still weak in the head

    1. Pass. Weak in the head however, weaker between their legs.
      If anything it would be earned, not given.

  57. Does Miss Rodriguez really believe gentlemen treated whores as chivalric as they treated ladies back then? Holding elevator doors is one thing, but does she really think gentlemen would go out of their ways to escort a whore to her car(riage)? As far as I know, gentlemen would go quite some ways out of their way to avoid even the appearance of having anything to do with such women of disrepute. Meaning women with pre marriage notch counts of, say, above zero.

  58. As I told an uppity twenty-something who demanded my seat on the 6 train last week (because her feet were cold): “I always give my seat to a lady, toots. There are many female organisms on this train, perhaps even a few women; but there are no ladies.” She responded with that “wow, just wow” look.
    Two stops later I gave my seat to an older black woman. At least they can’t say I’m racist…

  59. “If a female walks past you, for God’s sake, do not turn your head and stare at her behind.
    Do not put your ass and tits on display and get uppitty when men look. I’ve seen her facebook photos.
    Walk your female coworkers to their cars at night.
    Sure. In exchange for her bringing me lunch, snacks and/or making me coffee.

  60. Another excellent AM article. It meticulously laid out and explained the oxymoron of saying that modern men should be chivalrous.
    The great writer Matt Parrott (who is a white advocate, so don’t Google him if that’s not your thing) also wrote on this, succinctly stating:
    “Carrying on a fantasy of defending the dignity of ladies is absurd in the absence of dignified ladies.”

    1. You can hear the response: “I SAID ‘Equal Rights’!…Not ‘Equal Responsibilities!’”

  61. If a woman looks over 65, then I’ll do something nice for her like hold a door or give up a seat, but some young cunt like her? Ha ha, I don’t fucking think so. I make a point of not doing anything remotely polite for a woman I don’t know, and smiling to myself as I not do it. Now if she’s a little sweetie who gives me hot lovin’ and treats me with respect, then yes I’ll treat her moderately well.

  62. the same chick who wrote this, is the same one who’ll fall for a dude that do the exact opposite lol. women just like to hear themselves talk, that’s why they always want somebody who listens…

  63. So, tl;dr: She directly contradicts herself (points 2 and 5) and the feminist position (point 1, 3, and 6).
    Ms Hope, if you want to be a male-castrating, female supremacist feminazi, at least try to be consistent in your worldview.

  64. Hope Rodriguez is a more attractive than average young woman who probably comes from a stable, traditional family. She’s managed to stay in a 1950s cocoon until emerging into the wasteland of the contemporary sexual marketplace. She has no understanding of what is facing her male peers in this environment.

  65. “If you chose to stay in your seat and force ladies to remain standing, make sure you remember to take off your maxi pad on the way out. (oops, did I just say that?!)”
    So to get men to offer their seats, she insults men by insulting woman ?
    Also i’d ask everyone to ignore articles on the lack of chivalry.
    Authors are never going to examine society and women’s role in chivalry so why bother responding to them.

  66. Another great article from arguably the best contributor to this site. Women have fought for and gotten the equality they wanted, but have forgotten that this comes with a price. They want to have their cake and eat it too, insofar as that they want the spoils of what they have gotten with modern feminism, but still want the goodies they had from a bygone era when it is convenient for them. Of course, with not having to uphold their end of the bargain from times past.

  67. Hope is 22? There’s still some time left for her to be educated.
    I remember I was sitting with a classmate of mine (female), she had her backpack and her violin (cased) with her. When it was time to go to class and she was to gather her things, some guy said “aren’t you going to help her?”. I said: “No, she’s a big strong lady, she can carry her own stuff.” The dude at me looked at me as if I spoke blasphemy.

  68. I want a Return of Kings hoody. Normally I dont wear brand names of anything. But Id wear one for RoK. Awesome article.

    1. I’ll second that request. I also don’t advertise for anybody for free but I would wear something with RoK logo on it..a lot!

  69. Anyone notice that she’s not particularly attractive (just not ugly) or that she wears that fake smile on both of her pictures? Perhaps she’s calling for chivalry just because she’s they type of person who just can’t be happy. Again solipsism.

    1. Indeed. She has a large, square shaped head and wide nose. Looks like a decent body though.

  70. Eww, where are all the good men? Hey, where are all the good women, beyatch?
    ‘Hos do not get treated like ladies.

  71. It sounds to me that she wants to catch the upside of the good old patriarchy without the corresponding duties. I promise to be chivalrous enough not to wipe my dick in her new dress after I rear-end her. Only kidding, I promise nothing.

  72. this isn’t the first time in the history human civilization that excessive rights, wealth and so-called “equality” have been given to women … according to a book by an Oxford professor (title escapes me) this is the 6th time … civilizations don’t always learn from history, we’re doomed to repeat mistakes at the demise of that civilization

  73. Contemporary woman wants to act like a slut yet be treated like a lady. Cognitive dissonance anyone?

    1. I agree. While Hope might be asking for something unreasonable, she is still a good example to women. Her fantasies are good. She is the best young woman possible in our society, so we should do what we can to give incentives to the good girls.
      We don’t want to scare her away, and drive her to a feminism, do we?

  74. I allowed a woman to open two doors for me at work the other morning. It was very nice.
    I think all women should open doors for men. Its a pleasant show of respect and thoughtfulness.

    1. Maybe it is because I am getting long in the tooth, but I have noticed a lot of (young) women holding doors for me. I had a heart condition that was getting progressively worse until my surgery last year. during that time I must have looked pretty bad, because some young women were holding doors for me before they went through them and for quite a long period before I arrived. There may be some advantage to being an old and not healthy man YMMV.

  75. For there to be chivalry there needs to be women. Women are a hard breed to find. Instead we have hoes, feminist mental cases, and “takers but no givers”. It is nice to see someone from the opposing gender notice similar deficiencies.

  76. mmm…maybe she’s not so bad…
    There is a growing subset of women realizing that “feminism is bullshit.” Whether it’s religion, changing fashions, fear of some revolutionary “day of the rope” backlash, or just the crappy economy, they are sincere in their distaste for feminism. Their reasons are of course self-serving; they want men to stop treating them like equals and instead get back to buying them big houses, paying off their student loans, and generally treating them like princesses. Still, it’s more honest than the grrrl power types who fuck their way up the career ladder in their 20’s while secretly gunning for a beta to provide early housewife retirement in their 30’s.
    I’m not in any hurry to attack someone like Hope (not that you guys even are attacking her, just some of her ideas). She comes across as naive because she’s blaming men for not being chivalrous without understanding the full social context. However her other writing suggests that she’s at least a fairly traditional Christian type and I’ll take that over a feminist. I might even hold open a door for her.

  77. The author of this article misses the point and actually reinforces the feminine imperative.
    Who gives a fuck what women would prefer? I’m sure they’d love it if men were deferential and polite to women (except they wouldn’t).
    The important question is: “Why should I give a fuck what women want?”
    Yeah, some women want to be treated as treasured inferiors but there’s no incentive for men to do so – so don’t. It won’t get you laid. It won’t get you treated better by women or men. It’s not enforced on you by other men. That article is just noise.

  78. Yep. You be a lady, I’ll be a gentleman. Otherwise, shut the fuck up. Full stop.

  79. Actually, only this afternoon I witnessed five tradesmen clear the whole pavement for my sister (and I) to pass by…I know it’s always been like this for her….Chivalry has never or will ever be dead for ladies like my sister. She’s thin, ALWAYS dressed beautifully, charming and flashes a 1000 watt smile to everyone (especially to men). I love hanging out with her

  80. Men have been poisoned – well, maybe not poisoned, but misguided – by fairy tales and stories of knights in armor, the kind of stuff we all read as kids; Rapunzel, Camelot, etc. All written by horny men, I’m sure.
    They failed to really address those narratives from the viewpoint of the damsels in distress. Of course, if they did, they would have something akin to modern day chick lit, with the princess waiting in her castle fucking the strapped foreign stable boy, blowing the jester between his joke sessions, and jerking off the round table of knights, two by two, and even letting the court painter paint it one time.

  81. Basically women want equality, but they also want to be treated like a princess.
    It’s one of the most obvious and blatant contradictions of modern feminism and anyone who cannot see this is just an idiot, there’s simply no nice way of putting it.

  82. She’s a vacuous, vapid, irrational, shrill, histrionic half-wit of a simpleton. Oh, and the whole “god” and “jesus” thing, it’s a myth.

    1. I don’t agree. While I might take issue with some things, her viewpoints on feminism were refreshingly realistic and honest. Her points did show pretty good insight into having a good role model (her parents) and the contrast between masculinity and femininity.
      Personally, it’s a welcome change after being bombarded with the same man-shaming rhetoric and propaganda that passes for opinions in the subject of feminism.
      Whether or not one agrees with her religion, a woman with that type of upbringing is often far more well-grounded and has principles. ie more the “marrying type.”

  83. I don’t get where she gets the basis for her statements. Is she saying these things have happened to her? I rather doubt it.
    I live the in the southeast USA; 95% of the men or young men I see “out and about” are always fairly courteous and helpful to women, if not too even being too nice! So I don’t know where this comes from.
    It’s extremely rare I’ve seen men not be chivalrous with women.
    Now for the real issue….
    As often is the case with women, once again it seems that a double standard exists. Speaking from EXPERIENCE, if my car breaks down and I’m walking home on the side of the road, even being obviously clean/middle class/respectable…how many women would “woman up” and offer me a ride or assistance? ZERO.
    How many men would be expected to help a woman in the same situation? PRETTY MUCH ALL OF THEM.
    “Man up” is used soooo often, and man-shaming, but how many times have you heard anyone criticize women and encourage them to be more feminine, supportive, lady-like, and more? It is EXTREMELY rare.
    The entitlement that comes with hardly having to work a hard day in your life and having a nice, middle class first-world childhood is off the charts. I agree with many commenters here who say that women would expect to have their cake and eat it too.
    Equality =|= having it both ways.
    Honestly, take a nice balanced approach, and things would be far better I think. But always putting the burden for money, behavior, CHIVALRY, and safeguarding the little princesses on men causes an unbalance and resentment towards the women who think they deserve it just for being born.
    If people want equality, make it in all areas. Keep supporting double standards, and watch chivalry continue to erode.
    Awesome comments & points made in the article. It’s sad to think of how many men really believed being the Honorable Knight to the damsel in distress really believed it, until getting taken advantage of, humiliated for their efforts, and disrespected by the same gender who demands such.
    No thanks. Going to start over from scratch and start black-knighting chivalry opportunities and reserve real chivalry for only those more rare ladies who deserve it. There have been a few who deserved it.

  84. · Expects to be recognized as superior and special, without superior accomplishments
    · Expects constant attention, admiration and positive reinforcement from others
    · Is preoccupied with thoughts and fantasies of great success, enormous attractiveness, power, intelligence
    · Lacks the ability to empathize with the feelings or desires of others
    · Is arrogant in attitudes and behavior
    · Has expectations of special treatment that are unrealistic
    I pulled select points straight from Wikipedia for symptoms
    of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Have
    most modern (Western?) women been bred/conditioned for NPD??? We’d be doing a favour to humanity if this was eliminated from the gene pool.

    1. Sounds like the behavior of most good looking people. Since women are by nature the better looking sex this is what they have come to expect of themselves. Women live in a fantasy world simply because they do not have to live in the real world, and never had to.

    1. It’s not so much about that but living in a solipsist fantasy. It’s kind of sad that most sociosexually hypergamous young women aren’t total sluts just “modern girls” who think the blue pill is reality.

  85. Is it me, or does that picture of her and her boyfriend look like he has a black eye?

  86. AHAHA!!! I got to number two in the bitche’s thing n just moved on to the main content and comments!!!

  87. This somehow reminds me of the Don Quixote scene where he enters a brothel and in his madness treats the prostitutes like maidens…

  88. I would never do any of these things for a random woman unless I was SPECIFICALLY trying to get in her pants. Holding an elevator door open to let her go first seems like it could be effective, but you’d need to be careful not to come across as a white knight doormat.

  89. I completely agree. It is a two-way street. Chivalry in exchange for acting like a proper lady. A little confused by a womans dress. Are you condeming women who dress provocatively? Because there are plenty of men who would disagree otherwise.

    1. No, I’m condemning women who dress provocatively and then simultaneously get upset when men react to that provocation. These are the kind of girls who get upset when men undress them with their eyes or look at them sexually, but walk out the door in yoga pants with the word “juicy” written across the ass.
      If you do not want men to eye you up an down, don’t dress in a manner designed specifically to get them to do so. Provocative dress is fine so long as it is not tied to hypocrisy.

  90. You know me and my husband have been married for 10 yrs and he still insists on holding the car door open for me. I love him and honor him for that, I think I will make him a sandwich and rub his feet tonight after church.

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