How To Survive Losing Your Job

At some point in your working life, chances are you will find yourself unemployed. With the average job now lasting four years, you can also expect to be unemployed multiple times. Whether it’s a result of mergers, closings, globalization, mismanagement, or a psychotic boss looking for a reason to throw you under the bus, you are not immune to job loss.

Today’s average employer has the loyalty and integrity of a street whore. Satisfactory job performance, stellar attendance and punctuality, a solid work ethic and skill sets, and quietly tolerating endless sniping and drama from colleagues are no guarantee that you’ll hold onto your job. Working to live is a mantra many of us ascribes to, but that’s now a deal breaker.  It’s live to work, or you might not get hired or retained.

At-will employment (with the exception of Montana) is the law of the land. Simply stated, an employer has the right to terminate you at any time, without notice, or without a reason. Read the fine print disclaimer the next time you fill out an employment application. Conversely, you as an employee have the right to terminate your employment at any time, without notice, or without a reason. Of course when you turn in your customary two week notice, you’ll most likely be told to leave immediately, or worse yet, be run through a worthless and degrading exit interview with some HR bitch.

Case in point, years ago, I worked for a small privately owned steel company. The place was a toxic hell hole. One of my colleagues was a guy in his early fifties. For twelve years he had toiled without complaint, all while being treated like an inmate at Auschwitz. Oddly, several times he received the employee of the month award. One day, his wife was offered a major promotion with her employer, but it required they relocate across the state. He went to the management and gave his two week notice. He was immediately led out the door like a condemned man heading to the gas chamber.

Unless you are a protected class (women, minorities, transgendered, etc.) you have little to no recourse. If you are a white heterosexual male, especially a white heterosexual male over fifty, you have a bull’s eye strapped to your back. Sure, you can attempt to bring a wrongful termination suit, or an ageism suit, against a former employer, but try getting the EEOC to have your back. Any decent attorney will tell you that suing an employer, especially as a white heterosexual male, is a fool’s game.

I’ve been on this earth for nearly sixty years. In this time, I’ve had more than my fair share of slap downs and setbacks, including job loss.

Here are two things I’ve learned about jobs and unemployment. Hard lessons learned the hard way.

Don’t rely on employers for anything

We don't need this guy anymore because we have a service economy now

My late father was a journeyman Tool & Die Maker. He graduated from high school shortly after WWII. His high school curriculum prepared him with industrial arts courses, trigonometry and geometry, analytical and reasoning skills, and surprisingly, civics and character building.

After graduating, he entered a Tool & Die apprenticeship in a machine shop. Back in the day, there were plenty of decent paying jobs in wealth generating manufacturing (make America great again, Trump). Young men like my father were prepared and willing to do these jobs. College was for the wealthy, beatnik slackers, and dilettantes. Young women like my mother were attracted to hard working men with good jobs and good character.

My father had 3 jobs during his career; the last one was 29 years. He earned a very comfortable middle class income, and he lived with little to no debt. Lifetime employment was a reality for his generation, and he retired with a pension like a medieval robber baron. We had our differences, but he instilled in me character and a work ethic. His old school “strict but fair” worldview is more attractive to me now.

But my generation, and those after me, faces a very different workplace and job market.

Today, we have employers, who will discard you like a morning turd in the toilet, pay bitch wages, hire lazy and dumb snowflakes, give total autonomy to man hating HR cunts, and enable male management to store their balls in masonry jars.

I know people who made up their minds early in life that they’d never rely on any employer, they’d keep their debt down, and they’d self-fund their own retirement. These are the folks who have prospered and survived. They say living well is the best revenge, and I believe it.

Apply for unemployment insurance (UI) immediately


UI is insurance, and not welfare. In my state, it lasts 26 weeks, and currently pays a maximum of $444.00 per week depending on how much earnings you had in a given quarter. You also must pay taxes on UI, and they can do a percentage deduction from your weekly benefits. Chump change, but it’s better than nothing. You initially apply online or by phone, and do your weekly claims the same. It’s a cake walk. You pay for part of it in your payroll deductions, while the employer pays the lion’s share, which of course pisses them off. But on the bright side, it’s a legal way to get back at an employer who bent you over a barrel.

It’s a one week waiting period if you are laid off, and a three week waiting period if you were terminated. The burden of proof for separation is on the employer.

They have to prove you were terminated for gross misconduct. Gross misconduct is narrowly defined (stealing, workplace violence, etc.). Otherwise, if you gave what’s referred to as a “good faith effort”, meaning you showed up every day on time, attempted to perform your job to the best of your abilities, and did not refuse anything duly owed to your employer, you are awarded UI.

Most employers are scared of their shadow, and fear litigation, so generally, they roll over easily. I’ve only had one employer challenge my UI claim, but they were initially unable to prove gross misconduct, so it went no further, and I was awarded UI benefits. If an employer does contest your claim, then a hearing is scheduled, usually over the phone. An arbitrator hears both the employer’s and claimant’s sides, and then makes a determination for UI.

The more claimants drawing on an employer’s UI account, the more they have to pay back into the fund to make up for the deficit. Again, this pisses them off.

You can’t draw UI if you quit, unless you can prove a hostile workplace. This too is narrowly defined (sexual harassment, racial harassment, sexual orientation harassment, etc.).  Again, this is nearly impossible to prove if you’re a white heterosexual male.

Here’s a word of caution. My state allows you to work up to a certain amount part-time before they start deducting from your weekly benefits. Think twice about working, especially off the books for cash, and not reporting it to UI. They take UI fraud very seriously. A guy I knew worked construction off the books for cash while drawing UI. He split up with his psychotic hipster girlfriend. Out of spite, she turned him into UI. He was subsequently charged and convicted of criminal fraud of UI benefits. Not only did he have to pay the money back, but he did jail time, incurred large legal fees, and now has a criminal record.


For the ADHD basement dwellers, whose commentary is forthcoming, try to wrap your empty heads around this; I’m older, and I’ve lived through job losses, so I know what I’m talking about. Make no mistake, I’m pro-business, I voted for Trump, and I hold down both a full-time day job, and a part-time evening job. But, I deeply loathe shylock employers, and I equally loathe predatory capitalism.

For my perceptive and thinking ROK brethren, at all ages and stages in your lives, a word to the wise; Caveat emptor, especially when navigating today’s workplace. Learn to trust your gut to avoid pissing on your shoes, as I sadly learned later in life, especially with bad job choices. Know that most employers don’t care about your professional development, nor do they give a rip about your job satisfaction and happiness.  All you owe any employer is an honest day’s work, to the best of your abilities, and to play by their rules while on the job. But, respect and ethics goes both ways. An employer is not obligated to treat you in a professional or humane way, nor look out for your best interests. But the beauty of a free market is that you can vote with your feet and move on.

I commend those ROK readers, and especially those at a young age, who’ve started their own businesses, are self-employed, and have given the middle finger to toxic bush league employers. Fuck those shit skins, life is too short.

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  1. Since when in Obama’s America did anybody actually care about the legitimate issues facing white people? Or specifically white males, who are 30 odd percent of the nations population?
    Bringing out legitimate grievances like affirmative action hiring, the cultural marxist browbeating in almost every mainstream media platform and universities, and even exposing or questioning the constant flow of “hate crime” hoaxes since Trump’s election will be dismissed as “mansplaining” and “whitesplaining” by cunty leftists who just want white males to sit down, shut up, or better yet just crawl into a gutter and die.
    That’s just how much they have been indoctrinated to hate white men.

    1. “Grow up, please”? Shut your fat cream-filled face, you disgusting cow! Lose weight, please!

    2. The number one reason why American citizens are losing their jobs is the amount of work visa fraud that is going on. I currently work at a SaaS company in downtown San Francisco and we are only 5 Americans that work here as Sales Engineers. The rest of the team is just cheap Indians on visas and Brazilians who claim they are “IT Consultants” yet they haven’t written a single line of code in their life. They dress horribly, and have the worst accent possible. These are jobs that your average American could do, but yet this company goes about to sponsoring work visas for these third world degenerates. What’s worse is that they have an Indian office, so they have taken advantage of sponsoring L1 work visas where there is no annual quota (can bring unlimited amount of foreign workers) by bringing in even customer support reps from India into the America office. They get away with this because they get paid a cheaper salary. Americans get fired and replaced by these cheap bastards.

      1. I have to deal with a bunch of consultants at work from time to time. Most times, they just read out of a manual and don’t even listen to the specifics of whatever my technical issue may be.
        I hate the H1Bs much more, with an extreme passion, because every time I see one, I’m reminded of the fact that he or she took a job away from a college grad who would probably just want a way to pay off their ever-growing student loan debts.

      2. THAT I wholly agree! I have a former gf who did code with one of the biggest IT companies in the world and the influx of H1B visa types basically cost here a very comfortable livelihood. She ended up pursuing another career.

    3. Is this on that twitter thing I keep hearing about?
      Youtube has gone downhill too. Just not fun anymore debating sjws. Moved on.

    4. There is some overreach with affirmative action for sure in some industries more so than others. But please LOOK at the C-Suite occupants in the Fortune 1000 companies! I’m betting OVERWHELMINGLY they are not minorities, even Asian. Look a the Forbes 400 richest Americans and how many are white.
      Hell, I look at the Sunday newpaper’s Business section weekly which has a section on the newly promoted in my metro area (Top 6 in population) and see FEW people of color ever, even though I live in a diverse MSA with a fairly decent number of college educated minorities.

      1. They came up with this game to keep the top “competition free”!!! Amazing how it works. You can point out all the whites at the top and well, there’s another reason for more diversity.

    5. What’s been revealed in the last decade or so has changed my attitude about Democratic (Marxist) women, in particular. It’s not just a different opinion or viewpoint…they are to be strenuously avoided & consistently ignored, they are often seriously disordered.

    6. I have seen this coming from a far off for a long long time now, like a very slow very evil tide rolling in. I have come to the conclusion that what is being attempted is nothing less than the complete destruction of a certain group of people of which I (even though I’m half Italian, and all grandparents were European recent immigrants) belong to thanks to nothing less than the fairness of my skin.
      I also have concluded that if action, possibly violent action, is not taken soon, that end will be upon us. Reactionary? Extreme? When facing death, what is the logical position to take?

  2. That was it? How to survive losing your job, ‘Apply for UI benefit, immediately!’ Why bother with the other fifteen hundred words?

    1. His ultimate point was have a backup plan. Always be working on some side gig that could see regular income growth and maybe allow for location independence. Employers don’t care about you beyond how much you can generate income for them, while at the same time paying you as little as what will maintain your loyalty.

      1. I guess I was hoping for something a little more tangible than sign on for UI.
        Then if you’ve got a functional backup plan, why isn’t it your plan?

  3. I have been an expat for so long I don’t think I could work in the current American toxic work place. I have been “restructured” a couple of times, and it was hard on the family, but was always able to find something quickly.
    You need to think like a mercenary. What is best for you as you sell yourself to potential employers for the most benefits.

    1. Here here amigo. I’ve been living in Southeast Asia and I LOVE being a reverse minority. Dollar arbitrage + no white man disrespect = happy camper.

    2. Last time I lost a job (due to downsizing), I applied for unemployment but wasn’t out of work long enough to even collect a check. In today’s global market, you have to make yourself a commodity and pound the pavement hustling.

      1. By law I am required to inform the UA that my job will cease at a certain date. They tell me straight up they cannot help me and I always remind them that I am required by law to inform them. I never expected help.

    3. The key to being a mercenary is to get paid but never actually put your life on the line.

  4. Get your damn finances in order, stop buying shit on credit, and save at least three months worth of salary to use for unemployment emergencies. Don’t even think about touching that cash for anything but either.

    1. half of the USA can’t go 2 weeks on their savings or without gubment checks! It’s a fragile fragile scenario out there

      1. True, but I bet you a large percentage of those all have flatscreens, gaming consoles, cable, smartphones, and closet full of the latest trendy clothes in their single person apartments.

        1. Oddly enough, a lot of people living in the Brazil favelas have the same things too within their dwellings! Less so on the trendy clothes and gaming consoles though.

        2. Alot of that is courtesy of the welfare state. I met a guy at a bar once who worked as a building inspector for NYCHA (housing projects). He couldnt believe what he saw in a lot of cases- flatscreen tvs, iPhones, xbox360s, etc

        3. Oh course they do. Properly executed a welfare way of life provides the equal to an income of nearly $70K/yr last I looked at welfare cliff studies. Now to get there a person must work a job that pays right at the limit before benefits crash down.

        4. Ha! Says the man who turned me on to Japanese denim! I call shenanigans

        5. Meanwhile, guys like Peter Fine are making millions on taking loses on low income housing.
          There is always an angle.

      2. Same sort of idiots up here in Canada. They have to have new cars every three years, granite counter tops and seem to have goldfish that they seem to learn nothing as they plod through life..
        they also think the government should underwrite everyone’s life..

      3. That’s why so much is so got-damn’d expensive. These people bid everything up on credit. If they couldn’t get credit then prices on most everything typical people borrow for would come crashing down.

      4. thats why they are so scared. thats why they are so leftist. thats why they are so political correct.
        they shit their pants the govcheck may one day not come.
        they cant live on their own. big gov replaced mom and dad.
        they never grew up.

    2. Story from this weekend gunny.
      The knee man needed a new overcoat for work. A store here has a 60% sale online and there is a coat I like very much and there is an additional 20% if you sign up for store credit card which takes 2 minutes on line.
      I full out the form and bang, 30k line of credit. I buy the coat for 60%+20% off with a coupon code for first time shoppers for additional 50 bucks. While there I get a few new ties which I do every year and they have my favorite brand so I’ll take advantage of savings.
      Make purchase right there. Log into account. Immediately pay it off. Whole thing, including picking out ties, took 10 minutes.
      So I am looking at the contract. 25.49%!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you fucking kidding me? On a 30k credit card.
      This is how idiots get in trouble. Run this up. Do another bunch of stores and credit cards. Advances on salary, debt consolidation, paying minimums barely keeping up with interest.
      I immediately canceled the card. I got what I wanted out of it. A very nice overcoat and some ties with 20% off on top of an already store wide sale plus first time shopper bonus. When the card gets here it goes right to shredder

      1. Responsible fellows like yourself can getaway with that. I have no respect for major banks so I refuse to even team up with the devil despite any savings. I’m bullheaded like that. I keep one credit card open and I just have that for a once a year companion fare ticket for flying. Never use it. My long term goal is a nonexistent FICO score.

        1. I work on my FICO score because I want to buy a condo so I am kind of stuck. I am with you with on thinking banks stink but I am manipulating the system to my advantage. For instance, I have a 2% cash back card which I basically use for everything now. Dinner, groceries, my rent, insurance, gym membership…everything. Fuck if I can pay my taxes with it I will. I pay it off every month so I never accrue any interest. I use it as if a debit card. Meanwhile, at the end of the year that 2% adds up to thousands.
          You buy some serious pride with the bullheaded approach and I honestly can respect that. I can’t do it, however, as my goals are drastically different

        2. Fourteen months ago,after leaving my previous job , i’ve had luck to stumble upon following amazing website which was a lifesaver… They offer online jobs for people to work from their living room. My previous payment doing this job with them for 4 months was $10000… Best thing about it was that the only requirement for to get started is simple typing skills and internet access…

      2. I don’t go near credit at all anymore. I’m of the school of thought that why pay banks money for capital when you can get them to pay you for yours? Anyway, interesting but sparse article which could have done with more detailed explorations of life after redundancy.

        1. I used to agree about credit until the Citibank double cash card came out. 1% back when you shop and another 1% when you pay. I pay full amount off every month and never hold an balance and run my entire life operating budget on it. At the end of the year that 2% back adds up and since I never carry a balance it comes at no cost to me

        2. Great tip. Use them instead of vice versa. I’ve been looking into all the little bonus investments I can lately, and this one sounds good.

        3. It really is great so long as you spend as if cash. The one time you go into a month without a 0 balance it’s over.
          I use it for everything I do. At the end of the year it’s thousands of bucks

  5. ADHD basement dwellers get a guaranteed income from the state. Doesn’t pay quite as well as running a popular web site that is 34 kikebait ad content, but it is a living.

  6. I’ve been on unemployment twice. The first time I accepted the checks and just waited for the end of it before hustling for a job. This was toxic as fuck and I do not advise taking a “vacation” from work while on UI unless you have very specific, productive plans for this time.
    The second time I received 26 weeks eligibility but moved quickly and got a new job right away, only using 1 week of UI. The momentum never faltered and that was when I finally got a real career going.

    1. I’m looking now. I’ve been out five months. I have had a good dozen interviews at various companies but always so far a reason not to hire me. Some are legit in my mind based on “feel”, an internal hire or deciding that compensation was not going to keep me around. Some don’t want to negotiate relocation and feel they can find what they need nearby. Fair enough.
      Others, hell I KNOW it was age discrimination (over 45) or didn’t have the look they thought was worthy of the position. Some jobs I’ve seen I am damn near perfect match and can hit the ground running yet nothing. Now I’ve got good references. I’ve got experience involving complex analysis. I never come off as cocky – not my personality. It’s like find reasons NOT to hire me (two) are more important than reasons to make me an offer (8) I know I am not alone in coming across interviewers who over analyze a candidate with experience. Sometimes it is good that doesn’t work out but really if you have the experience and references say you aren’t a dick, then stop trying to look for what’s not there.

  7. 4 years ago, I worked at a large corporation (which will remain nameless). I busted my balls to prove myself (which I have done at every job since my teens), even showed up on weekends just to go the extra mile, worked without benefits (haven’t had health insurance since ’06), and put up with endless office politics. When the end of my contract was approaching, two younger females were hired and I got to train them to do my job, and then was conveniently let go.
    There is no loyalty in today’s America. Turning 41 years old this year and I have since started my own business, earning about half of the salary I am accustomed to… but at this point, there is no turning back. I will never again sit in a cubicle farm amongst the sea of mid-level management corporate cocksuckers for as long as I live.

    1. Dude you got that right. That’s exactly how it currently is for me at this moment. I work in a huge corporation as well. The particular subsidiary I am in has several floors of a vast sea of cubicles amongst midlevel managers that are corporate cocksuckers that go along with every demeaning corporate policy with no thought whatsoever. It’s nothing but politics. Where I am at, people that make it to the “management” level are either friends & family members of networks associated with the corporation or they are affirmative action beneficiaries. We have a female vice president that made our HR generalists managers and gave them $100K + salaries since they “manage the HR department and deserve a managers title and salary too”. They love promoting white females amongst a heavily dominated male workforce. The number of females in management grossly overrepresent the overall number of females in the entire company. I’ve been passed over year and year after year just for a measly promotion to the next rung only to watch females and other cocksuckers leap frog over me that are years younger than me. I’ve been unemployed before and know what it’s like, so my situation beats being unemployed because I still earn an ok salary for what I do. Hopefully one day soon I can escape and never look back as well.

      1. Young (late 20s/early 30s) chick where I worked got promoted within a year of being hired but this guy in our department (mid 40s) who has jumped through more hoops just was turned down.

  8. Great advice for the younger generations. May I add a meme I once read. “If you think your teachers are tough, wait till you meet your boss” Like your father I had worked 31 years for a single employer and although its ranked as a Top 100 Employer (A medium sized Steel Mill) with fewer than 6000 employees at any given time, they have been through about 50,000 employees in the 40 years since I started. Permanence is an illusion. Work hard, be honest and be prepared to Move ON. There are no perfect jobs.

    1. I am currently unemployed. Having an unexpected divorce sent me back into the workplace competing against men half of my age. I manage with few skills to gain employment on 3 month averages , usually let go before joining pension and union benefits. I have had bad jobs, good jobs and hard jobs but never found a job that was easy. Even holding a road sign on the side of highway was difficult in the 12th hour of sunlight or sleet. This formula will gain you employment :Show up Early and leave late. Come prepared to work, no hangovers, drugs or excuses for lack of sleep (it happens) employers dont care they still pay you the same. Be honest, be reliable put in an effort. If all of these things dont endear you to the boss. Move on, always be learning new skills. A certificate or Diploma is worth its weight in gold because where you start determines how far you can go. Have fun. Lifes too short to worry!

  9. Having a side gig or trade is becoming more and more important in this economy. You never know what the culture is going to be when to go to work for any organization. You just can’t have all your eggs in one basket these days and you got to practice minimalism if you don’t want to be dependent on an employer.
    There are still areas that feminism hasn’t infiltrated. And yes, it’s those dirty and difficult jobs that they don’t want to do. I was lucky enough to get into land surveying as a trade when I was young. Used to survey up in Fort Mac, pipelines and such. Eventually I moved onto drafting and now I’m a project manager. My boss is an old-school, hard-nosed son of a bitch, but he’s consistent and we see eye to eye. Relatively speaking, I can say that I am secure in my position because I’m indispensable. I go to work and I do my job and I get things done within a reasonable amount of time. I’m also paid well. I focus and I don’t mess around. There are relatively few who have my training and experience because it isn’t something people go into. If you haven’t worked in the field, you won’t get a job anywhere else in the industry. Surveying is hard work, physically and mentally demanding.
    My point is, it’s those sort of jobs that I see as secure for men. I’ve worked with welders, carpenters, and all sorts of tradesmen, and the vast majority are men. For any kid in high school, I would tell them to forget about university, at least in the short term. Learn a trade instead. It doesn’t mean you will do that for the rest of your life, but it means that in tough times, you have something to fall back on because your trade is in your back pocket.
    When broads can’t find work after university, what do they fall back on? Retail and waitressing. If you have your trade, you’ll be ahead of the game. Even if I go onto other things, I know I can always come back to surveying.

    1. When broads cant find work after university, they lock down beta bucks provider male for ATM cash dispenser.

    2. My father was a welder until he retired recently. He was able to provide a comfortable life for his family and ended up with an amazing pension. It’s sad that idiots look down on tradesmen when they often end up earning more income than office drones and have far more job security.

      1. Exactly, I’m a welder and I’ve let people on here know it’s a great living. I’ve broken 100k a year since I was 20 cause good pipe welders are in demand and always have work if you’re willing to travel. I work by contract so I’m not tied to any one place or company and any dude on here could weld in between layoffs and slow times of doing what they really want to be doing.

        1. Ive found that in the current economy there are a lot of jobs/contacts… awarded to guys who’ve been doing it for awhile
          But its REALLY freakin hard to get your foot on the door of your green or totally new- school hardly helps

    3. Started working as an installer and make almost twice as much as the local minimum wage. Really enjoying this because all I do is travel to a business or residence, install or check the the equipment and head home afterwards. Another bonus is the only women at the company are pursuing paperwork at the office as the boss’s secretary.

    4. University works but you need to go to a good one and learn a hard skill. Like accounting for example. Not Underwater Basketweaving.

  10. I’ve been laid off four times in the past four years. And I’m in software development living in northern VA, where the opportunities for such trade are in high demand.
    Job security is a myth.
    And job hunting is a full-time job in and of itself.

      1. As far as I know, no. But that is always a possibility.
        I will say that if you work for a company that has many of those workers, they are probably hiring them because they can keep them around on the cheap.
        Generally, they aren’t good programmers, although I have meant a few who were pretty good. I haven’t been unimpressed with outsourcing on the whole though and any company looking to do so in this field will end up with a fiasco.

    1. I left NOVA a long time ago because of the bullshit not just with the jobs. I used to work for a software company. Got laid off.
      I am considering a move to a country where my skills don’t even exist….

  11. If you are a white heterosexual male, especially a white heterosexual
    male over fifty, you have a bull’s eye strapped to your back.

    Its time to end the white male victimhood. I’m a black heterosexual male and I’ve been laid off three times. Twice in my twenties and currently once in my forties. Amount of times I whined about it cos I is black? Zero.

    1. The trend is definitely to fuck over white males; helps if you’re Christian and straight, too. Not saying that shit only happens to them, but affirmative action is alive and well.

      1. Christian? Check. Male? Check. Straight? Check.
        As far as I can tell all men are being fucked over. My father and brother have both been fucked over in work and in divorce court. And I’ve been fucked over in multiple ways for being black. I don’t know who affirmative action helps but its not black men.

        1. Exactly. Where I work, they’ve kept promotion of black men and black women to a minimum. But they LOVE promoting white females. What I’ve realized is that white women are more racist than anyone. A white woman has no problem telling someone else that they need more “diversity” in a particular group, but you’ll never see that same white female working directly underneath a black female.

        2. White women are the most entitled cohort in history. They enjoy all the blessings of western civilization, and atone for none of the blood costs that went into building it. It’s disgusting.

        3. You’re right. You’d be picked over me (in my company), but any exotic sexuality or vagina would win over us both. I got fucked hard this past summer when a new girl was promoted over me in our “reorganization.” It helps me though, because I can turn down any road warrior projects by telling them to send the senior engineers instead. You want to have the skills to be the best, but you want them to be *your* skills, usable when you want them, and invisible the rest of the time, because all the recognized best gets is more work.

        4. If I got picked over anyone because of my colour it would be a first. Perhaps we should switch companies?
          I’ve definitely had white girls picked over me and they’ve been awful. My boss prefered to pick them but everyone else prefered to work with me. They were pretty. Go figure.

      2. Is that really true though. I am struggling with this now, this weekend. I am starting to feel that this isn’t actually the trend it is just stuff people bitch about on the internet.
        It’s like how gays are over represented on tv shows. Society being anti white straight man seems to be over represented in the manosphere and, frankly, it’s starting to be a real bummer

        1. I think it’s just males (masculinity) in general, not specific to white men. Including traditional western culture.
          Look at the high fashion industry. They don’t choose women that make your average heterosexual male drool because they’re all women and homosexual men.
          Now we’re going to other extremes with promoting fat chicks…
          There are a few exceptions but most men like women who look fertile, soft and curvy.

        2. 2016 break out model is Justyna Michalska. I like high fashion and I am a big fan of fashion models. Some are overly skinny because they serve a purpose. It’s like saying Kai Greene is overly muscular.
          The promotion of fat models is, like gay couples on tv, blown way out of proportion by manosphere. Look at this years crew of Vic Secret girls.
          Traditional western culture? The world changes and modernizes. Every generation ever said that the current generation sucks and should return to traditional values.
          Grumpy old man syndrome.
          Don’t be so butt hurt about the world. It’s great out there. Unplug and go enjoy t

        3. I would like to think like you…but even here in Latin America they are trying, slowly but constantly, to promote “anti-bully campaigns in favor fat people and even +plus models (fat models to destroy the archetypes of beauty) and put gays every show, to the point that formerly fun shows are just propaganda (Colombia, Argentina) in order to desensitize an otherwise hostile public, hostile to the idea that homos are sane people.
          Fortunately this campaign is going slowly but the very fact that such atrocities have reached this region makes me think the situation up there (U.S. and Canada) is much much worse.

        4. I honesty can’t speak for what is outside my view and I am not exactly. “Worldly” man. In my life this is true and ignoring the nonsense is enough. I’m sorry if you have different experiences

        5. Corporate America definitely runs on fucking the white, straight man. Diversity is BIG right now, and anything you can do to promote people to meet quota is fair game. Fortunately, I don’t need a promotion, and I’ll tread water for the next 14.5 years until I retire with full benefits until I hit 65 (which is 14 years of free stuff).
          However, it’s insidious because, at least at my company, the production divisions are normal workplace demographics, 80% white straight men, but all the exotics and women go to HR.

        6. Maybe luke. But I’m a straight white man who works in corporate America and I don’t see it. Diversity has always been a “thing” but it just doesn’t seem important.
          I mean: my real life experiences are just plain different from what the manosphere seems to be whining about.
          I am sure it exists in the same way that I know that fags exist but I don’t see them. Network television makes people think that more fags exist and the manosphere seems to be pushing a fear idiologu which more and more I feel is either beta cuck faggot weakness or straight up monitizing morons. Either way, I’m getting kind of turned off

        7. Too much whining turned me off to the ‘manosphere’ a while back too, lolknee. That & the dick measuring & posturing. Also, of course, after a point one has pretty much ‘heard it all’ or at least enough on any particular topic. ROK’s content does tend to be the most diverse & interesting of most any website I can think of however. I still check it when I have a chance.

        8. It’s really true. No need to whine, agreed, but no need to forget, either. Remember so when things circle back around again, NEVER will this shit show be allowed to happen again! That is if the world doesn’t implode first under the weight of all around incompetent everything. Look at all the dumb shits Barry S. appointed and how badly they have done. It boggles the mind.

        9. I don’t know man. Just doesn’t seem that bad to me. Not sure who Barry S is. To be honest, the world seems kind of great

        10. Barry Soetero, your commander in chief. All things considered, life in this country isn’t bad your right, it’s just upsetting because I can see how great it could be.

        11. Never heard of Barry.
          What could be better really? I mean realistically.

        12. The end of Cultural Marxism. I could care less about this poor me manosphere stuff, I never had any issues in that department, not to mention seems it has gotten easier with all the “hook-up” culture and what not.
          What needs too happen is an awakening to the Frankfurt School’s wildly successful strategies and how to destroy them. Out.

        13. Nah. I went to Columbia. That was not what IDs looked like then and Obama is older than me. I don’t like the guy at all but bs is bs

    2. As much as I see a persecution of white straight males in media, it does not mean white men need to do the same thing feminists and dindus do – bitch and plead victimhood.

    3. Seriously. Fucking so annoying.
      Yes minorities played and do play the victim card as do homos and women. When they do we rightly call them out on it. We should be pointing at professional victims, regardless of color and telling to to stop being such pussies.

  12. “Know that most employers don’t care about your professional development, nor do they give a rip about your job satisfaction and happiness.”
    Tell me how this squares with your proud vote for Donald Trump. He’s the fucking poster boy for uncaring capitalist. Ask anybody in Atlantic City. There are thousands of others who got fucked over by him.
    I’m self-employed so that I don’t have to tangle with anybody like that.

    1. Im sure there are alot of contractors who have worked for Trump, and have nothing but good things to say about him as well. Dont kid yourself. There are alot of shady, flaky, incompetent, and/or greedy contractors out there as well..getting “fuckd over” by him.

  13. Got a month head start looking for new employment before being laid off at the end of this month thanks to the company I’m with moving from suburbs to the city with no spot for me or my co-worker to fill. Merry Christmas, gang. Got two callbacks this past week. One of which was from a bored sounding out of state recruiter who never responded to my call back to his mumbling phone message and another from a HR witch who admitted it was just to “feel” me out for a possible face to face interview I knew wouldn’t get judging on how high and cheery her voice got as her questions continued. Like the article writer, I am older and seen my fair share of hostile, low-wage workplaces and getting the bird to experience in favor of some EOE goof. I expect to hear the monthly jobs report and claims for unemployment dip for this month, which is total bullshit being a holiday month and hiring nosedives at the end of the year.

  14. Just as Milo said at the end of this video: “Straight white women today are the most privileged people in all of human history”

  15. The corporate world is rigged I’ve realized.
    Ever watch the show: “American Pickers”. The two men that go out across the country to search for items from collectors to resell are the stars of the show. The show and their business wouldn’t exist without them and I would assume they are best paid at their company. The woman that works in the office that they call back and forth in the show is simply the low level receptionist.
    Today, if American Pickers was to reflect the corporate world, the woman on the show that is the receptionist would be called a “program manager” and she would be paid $100K+ including bonuses off of the work that the other two guys do that find the items. The two guys going out to search for items from collectors would simply just be low wage workers in the corporate world. And the female “program manager” would get to judge their performance and fire them if they didn’t bring back enough items to make a profit on. See how things are skewed in the corporate world versus how they really should be?

    1. A company like this has a high turnover rate…and would ultimately go under.
      Unlike coding or office work, the work of the two guys is unique and they are entrepreneurs who had the balls to start a business and take the risk and DO the work so.of course they make the most! The “corperate” world cant touch this shit. So its a bad example

  16. Let’s be honest here, most girls ‘at work’ do shit. I was stunned by the absolute uselessness of most of them in a white collar job. Work entailed socializing, going for walks and maybe checking email for 15 min. Of course all logged onto facebook etc.

  17. I found the one key lacking in my early work years was a sense of OWNERSHIP, that despite the crappy work, pay etc, if I was made to feel that my effort was acknowledged, I would positive morale.
    One I sensed that I could be let go at any time, or that there is favoritism, it wasn’t soon afterwards that I quit. And the company lost a highly-dedicated hard worker.
    Now, to find ownership today is difficult when in corporate, because you have to pretty much hide your personal views. Look for your work to provide you with some sense of accomplishment, demand that you are treated fairly and respectfully, attain a decent salary and you should have adequate morale to stick it out.

  18. Identify as a womyn or any of the infinite gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity combination except straight cis white male. If you dont get hired, sue for discrimination.

    1. It’s really the best insurance… don’t get to close to bosses or questionable coworkers and if thing go south… claim your a tranny wizard

  19. Buy what you NEED (save things you want for holidays), pay off your student loans (reasonably), and save what you can.
    Also, have a plan in mind to make career moves every two years: I work in Finance (compliance specifically), and my field has overlapping experience with white collar crime and law enforcement. My objective as of this moment is to use these next couple of years as preparation and then make that move when necessary.
    Oh, and get my credentials so I can be a L1 cert, so I can coach classes on the side.

  20. I’ve had this happen a few times in my twenties. The first one completely wiped me out. It was one of the largest companies in the US, the first place where I felt overt discrimination from the female managers, the racial networking groups (Chinese networking hour, black networking hour) but obviously no white networking hour. I was unemployed and depressed for a long period of time. I stopped working out, and I could hardly get out of bed for months.
    Once I finally got a job, I was laid off from that a few years later. This time i was better prepared: I threatened them when they tried to screw me out of a bonus+severance+biweekly check. I collected $2.5k/mo in unemployment, more than enough to pay my basics. Found a job that paid double a few months later.
    The key is staying active by either studying a new skill, reading, networking, applying to new jobs, or working out. You always have to stay moving, but you must also enjoy your time being unemployed to do the cheap and sweet things in life: taking long walks through scenic routes, taking your time on everything you do, relaxing in a favorable climate, chase women.
    Always be as indispensible as possible. Have a client relations talent, a technical/industry specific certification, and an off the books side hustle.

  21. Can’t even number the times I’ve seen “women privilege”. Every damn time I open Linkedin, I get mad at seeing how some clueless girls I know get high-sounding roles at big companies and spend their office time posting motivational images like it’s facebook, mind-numbing stuff like “interviewing is like dating” or “today I helped the less fortunate cleaning lady, how compassionate I am!”.
    A couple of examples: girls stating they work for accenture but posting pictures in exotic places every couple of weeks; one girl (a full-blown SJW fat whale) who was some hotel reception/caretaker and studied tourism now being promoted as HR team leader; one other girl promoted as “Cloud Expert” whilst she wasn’t even able to write an SQL query in college.
    Let’s mention some more about this massive hoax that is “The cloud” and all this Amazon rubbish.
    Basically for women+management it’s some “pay lot of money to delegate all IT stuff to some nerdy people we are unaware of, all we know is that it always works without even caring where our data is”; for men it is “you need to be a full stack developer or Dev Ops guru/ninja and know exactly everything about the (yesterday introduced) programming languages the cloud use, back-end and front-end, their network protocols and all the details of their database management system”…

    1. This is so true. When female coworkers or management ask me about how an automation application I wrote works, I tell them, “Magic.”

    2. Word — they’re locked in on the diversity / affirmative action gravy train, and you’ll never be. I see this just like I see shit tests int he dating world — you absolutely find a way to **shitLORD** right over it, and prove why you need no special “equal opportunity” treatment to function or excel. And never share your “secret sauce” — your intellectual property and hard won knowledge — with these fools. The Peter Principal will catch up with them soon enough when they cannot rise above their natural-born conditions. Just make sure they don’t steal credit for your work (the weak-minded who advance to management magically tend to do that). Got to game that shit and it takes some Zen patience along the way.

    3. Study Mainframes. They’re still the workhorses of many government and financial institutions, and it’s very rare, if ever (I don’t remember once), to see a Computer Operator, JCL, PL/I, COBOL programmer, or DB2 specialists role advertised with attended “culturally diverse workplace” or “women and minorities encouraged to apply” signaling. The role’s are too critical to the Mainframe’s and organisations’s functioning for any of that nonsense.

  22. You can work for a modern for-profit (or even not-for-profit) company for a decade or more with a successful track record, but the second the books turn south or stock prices fall they will throw you to the curb despite your record.
    Best you can do is build up reasonable savings, always demand severance, keep some vacation in the bank (if the state you work in or company policy requires it to be paid out), and always realize you owe as much loyalty to the company as they give to you on a contractual basis. Frankly if they don’t pay you out severance feel free to trash them on Linkedin and Glassdoor. If a former manager sees you are complaining you just might get a severance offer after the fact. (Don’t do it to just burn bridges though if you need a recommendation).
    Keeping a 10-15 hour a week freelancing gig on the side even when employed full time is a great way to protect your financial interests. Same as is keeping a side job or side business. If you can scale it up even better.
    Turning around a new job, especially if you unexpectedly lose your old one, can take as much as six month even if you are aggressively looking. Make sure you can cover your expenses for at least that period of time. Also keep your structural expenses as low as possible. Never assume the salary you are making is what you will always be making. I know many guys that went from earning 100K+ to nothing overnight and had no savings because they just blew it all think that would always be their income. Getting evicted and living on your friend’s couch after having your BMW repossessed in no way to live life.

    1. Never, ever, ever work for a non- or not-for-profit. They are only non-profit for the employees. And, are estrogen city.

      1. They are scammers. They rip off donations and use the people they are meant to help as bait for their scam.
        Most of the cash goes into their pockets..
        Goodwill is a prime example..

  23. This is a great advice. You should put your finances in order as soon as possible (learned in the school of hard knocks as Americans say) because no one knows the day your employers business goes down/is bought/merged/simply got tired of you and you are a target for downsizing.
    Materialism is one of the greatest enemies in this journey. We as men have to learn to live with elegance but minimalistically (stop buying stuff and shit we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like and who don’t care for us) and able to go where the job is. And be aware that we only have ourselves to blame if we suffer because we failed to heed sound advice and put our house in order.

  24. I got laid off and know it was for reasons not based on performance or bad conduct. I was freaking exemplary in punctuality and damn missed no time in 11 years. I knew stuff he didn’t – not the first time. I just had a boss who lacked integrity and was fearful of me throwing it back in his face. After I got my package, I started wondering why the need to know more about my finances. Figured it helped them feel good that I was not going to starve, making it easier to cut me. I’m still gathering information to purse an age discrimination complaint.

  25. thank you for this, you’ve described my experience, this is the first time i’ve gone through it so I was a bit lost.

  26. The best advice i’ve ever seen is to get off the employment hamster wheel and get off it as early as possible. The longer you play the employment game, the more difficult the transition to self employment will be.
    As for why you should do this, well the future of employment isn’t pretty unless you have some skills that are very unique. You are competing against around 3 billion people in the developing world who are equally as capable as you are, but willing to do the job for a fraction of the cost. This is before we start talking about machines and automation..

  27. Worked in a small engineering company…boss was a dickhead.
    Didn’t have a full time contract but a months’ contract which I had to renew every month.
    At the end the boss wouldn’t prolong or employ me because of a 10 $ extra on a company’s phone bill.

    1. Then it was almost assuredly something else, friend. It’s never about $10. You just weren’t told what that thing was.
      Regardless, sounds like a blessing in disguise for you.

  28. Tom Leykis talks a lot about creating your own financial parachute if and when you are fired. He calls it the Fuck You Fund. What you must do is save 1 to 2 years worth of your total monthly expenses. For example, if your rent, food and gas, car payments, etc. comes out to $2,500 multiply that by 12 or 24 to know how much you have save ($30,000) in case you get the axe. It’s not easy saving so much money. But one way to do it is to stop giving your money away to women. No more buying drinks at clubs. Keeping down your price per notch will help you achieve this.

  29. “An employer is not obligated to treat you in a professional or humane way, nor look out for your best interests….”
    Perhaps in the absolute, but it’s not always so chaotic or cold. Some companies will circle wagons around you and treat you like family if you excel and work well with others. I’ve experienced this inherent truth from both the “boss/mgmt” and “individual professional employee” standpoint.
    And when they do, you’re in clover. A benevolent feedback loop forms when the content of your character and the quality of your work shines. You WILL be treated humanely and the company WILL start looking out for your best interests because they realize THEIR fortunes are now intertwined with YOURS. You know the guy who does the work of 2 people, posts the group’s “high score” on his annual performance review and has a masterful grasp of his job? Sure you do, they’re everywhere! These guys are always developing themselves with a future-forward mindset and the corporate culture begins to form around THEM. Authenticity, inventiveness in workflow and the ability to make money in new ways — not theory, not the status quo — pushes it in the right direction. Seen it. Maybe this is a west coast USA phenomenon, but you get the respect you deserve in the most fundamental way possible. If you show them you’re essential, you *become* essential. You’re not getting fired unless the place goes bankrupt. You are now recession proof, layoff-proof and part of the “core” crew. At least that’s what I’ve seen.

  30. Excellent article Tubal!
    One thing though you said that Minorities are a protected class when it comes to work. Being a Latino I can tell you the times I have been fired and laid off and every time I have been treated much you explained in your article. Let out the door with two security guards behind me while everyone watches and say nothing! Being unemployed for 6 months with a newborn baby not knowing where I will have enough money for her baby food and diapers. Being turned down for Government help even though I was unemployed for six months!
    Believe me! It’s not an attack only in working White men, but more of an attack of the working man! The group me and the rest of you belong to.
    Losing your job sucks! But as we all know Coporations have no loyalty to their employees. In the end we all are nothing but slaves! It does not matter if we are White, Black, Brown the only God they respect is money!
    Let’s stop treating each other as enemies when the enemy is them! The world is changing! Competition is global now and we can no longer afford to sit back and complain!
    We cannot continue to live the old ways and we need to figure out how to game the new system.
    Again excellent article Tubal!

  31. “Conversely, you as an employee have the right to terminate your employment at any time, without notice, or without a reason.” Lol, like that is something new. We’ve always had that right, what “right to work” really means is THEY have the right to terminate for bad breath or whatever it is they feel like.
    I can’t help but feel that all of this cultural marxism disaster was dreamt up because white managers don’t want any competition. They know their only competition is going to come from other white males, so they parrot this diversity horse shit to keep them down.

  32. If you’re in Australia, register a Trading Name with the ASIC so that you can cover an extended period of inactivity on your CV by saying you were self-employed (and having your Trading Name registration to prove it).
    Don’t apply for jobs with any of these organisations:
    Seriously, accept a small stipend from the government that you’ll more than pay back as taxes, and don’t let these organisations have any hardworking men.

  33. Tubal Ligation misses the forest for the trees. This “mancession” is a result of the slow but inexorable decline of the capitalist system due to its internal contradictions. You can run from the dialectic, but you can’t hide. Once a publicly owned economy is achieved, full employment will be the order of the day, even if businesses have to “overstaff” to attain it.

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