The “Drunk Girl In Public” Scandal Makes Both Feminists And The Mainstream Media Look Foolish

Update: The video has been set to “private”. Here’s a commentary of the video that shows highlights:

Within the past week, the feminist movement and its many outlets that claim to be “news” attempted to make another viral propaganda push with “Drunk Girl In Public (Social Experiment).” The video’s objective was to show men as prowling jackals yet again, with the parameters of the self-proclaimed experiments being fairly unrealistic.

Recently, however, it has been revealed that it all was apparently a hoax. The guys in the video saw it themselves later and were understandably pissed about being asked to do something under a false premise, and more importantly, portrayed as potential rapists by feminists all across the internet for their compliance.

As hilarious and satisfying as it is to see the feminist movement blow their load, unashamedly backpedal in their argument, and create even more elaborate routines of mental gymnastics, the whole thing seems off and has brought a number of questions. The questions are in no way to make any claims or insinuations, and are purely from personal speculation that are felt needed to be shared as food for thought:

1. What are many of the outlets that claim to be news to do now? Will they at issue an apology at least to their followers, for the failure to check their sources as they claim to be a source of news for them?

2. If this is the matter of them failing to check their sources before perpetuating the articles, what does this scandal say about the legitimacy of the claims made against them in regards to the ethics and practices exposed by Gamer Gate?

3. More importantly, what exactly is the role and the motivations of the creator of the video, Stephen Zhang, since he is the one who produced and originally released the video?

And that is where most of the interest lies. Stephen Zhang, the owner of HYGO, Inc., seems to be the linchpin in these events, and he is refusing to comment even though hoax claims and slandering the men in the video paint him as a dishonest asshole to everybody. From what is gathered, Stephen seems to be running a pretty successful company and has been in the marketing industry for five years. Impressive, considering he’s only 20.

HYGO, being his current venture, is primarily focused on social media optimization and it has a few portfolio examples to show the success of his company’s effectiveness for maximizing social media traffic and using it to yield a profit. However, he states that due to the elite status of his company, only 6, 7, and 8 figure contracts are the only things they work with.

This brings about other questions. Why did Stephen create the Youtube account that the video was originally posted, only recently, on 11/3/2014? And why did he add 3 other random videos a day beforehand, label them as pranks, then just a day after upload drunk girl and label it as “social experiment” instead, then cease all activity?

Since no statement has been made, what could the motivation be to fund, produce and promote this video? Anybody with a hair of business understanding would deduce that it’s unlikely to be just for shits and giggles. Going off that assumption, there are only two logical possibilities: 1) This was a part of some strategy within HYGO to increase their reach and revenue 2) HYGO or Stephen was commissioned to produce and distribute it, possibly with a non-disclosure agreement.

If this video was, indeed, commissioned, who then could possibly be the client? Who could possibly want to contract a business that specializes in the return of investment on social media, to create a video that depicts only men trying to take advantage of a drunk girl? Why would this video come out so quickly after the Catcall video, with the same framework of trying to demonstrate that men are degenerates?

Was it supposed to be that in this video, the appearance of the men’s race and socioeconomic status just happens to conveniently show a more diverse and varying demographic, one of the major argument against the Catcall videos? What does it mean in one of the messages they sent out among the men in the video after they began protesting, when they’re talking about the future success that this video is going to bring about?

Now, there are a lot of ifs and hypothetical scenarios that these questions are asking, and no one else has presented a similar opinion yet that I have seen. But given the course of events this year, I feel that this is not completely implausible. This video and its revelation that it was a hoax seem to allude to the possibility of being a part of a larger picture, one that they are more than likely going to try sweep under the rug.

Or maybe the questions have no grounds, imply a crackpot conspiracy theory, and I’m full of shit. Because there’s no way that various journalists, writers, content creators, social justice advocates, advertisers, and whoever else could be collaborating with each other behind the scenes to make some tangible gain off the target audiences of various industries under the guise of social justice and feminism. That’s just misogyny.

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  1. As I have not seen the video, cannot see the video, and no description of the video is provided, I have no idea what the point of this article is. Please update the article to provide a description.

    1. Someone made a video of a female pretending she was drunk wandering around a city. Men were approaching her, ostensibly offering to help her, but were mostly asking her to go back to their place or trying to pick her up in some way even though she was clearly intoxicated.
      It was another video in a similar vein of the catcall video, with the goal of attempting to show men are jerks who will try to take advantage of a drunk woman wandering around in public.
      It was a staged video, though, so all it really proved was once again feminists and their supporters are idiots.

    2. The video is of woman who is apparently intoxicated walking the streets trying to get help from any willing stranger who can help her get home. Throughout the video she meets with 3 different men who she asks for help.
      It becomes clear from the video they have other intentions besides getting her home. They try to get her to come with them to go back their places, although its not said but it is implied that their trying to get her back to their places to have sex.
      Of course what reaction do you expect but making women look all innocent and fragile beings while men are the rapists ready to pounce on any opportunity they have with poor vulnerable women.
      The men in the video came out and said that since this video was released their personal reputations were ruined because of this. Now the video makers are coming out and stating that the video was faked and that everyone was a paid actor. The misleading part was that the men were not told that they would be portrayed as rapists but merely as a guys who got dumped by a drunk girl.
      Thanks to the magic of editing it turned out a lot different than what they expected. What less would you expect from feminists anyways?

      1. They should have used a fat land whale being drunk in public. All the guys would’ve ignored her or just shame her for being a drunk.

        1. She was pretty hot looking. Put a June Mama (honey boo boo) type in there and see what happens.

        2. I’ll tell you what would happen. June Mama would’ve tried to rape all the men she sees and then claims it was not her fault because she was drunk.

  2. It’s just a part of the 72-hour meme cycle and this clever chap has monetized it to satisfy his own needs. A fake social justice outrage duly reported by all the feminist media outlets as yet another example of man’s inhumanity to women, then quickly debunked and proven a fraud with zero printed correction by the media outlets because a new meme is cresting the horizon. The phony journalists working for free to build their feminist street cred dare not write anything that exposes the money-making schemes of their progressive webzine overlords. And while they rage about “trolls” (well spoken men who disagree with their analysis and opinions) and ban them from commenting they depend on troll-bait essays to increase click-traffic statistics for advertising revenue.
    It is prudent to simply disbelieve any claims of racist and sexist outrages as money-making frauds perpetrated by the alleged “victims”.

    1. Roosh has this all figured out and is developing a passive-income generation machine in the form of a webzine called “The Good Woman Project”. Fashion, celebrities, romantic tips, modern woman “concern” stories, and advice for the shopworn will draw in the unsuspecting female Ecorpera co-worker until she squanders her day feeding an insatiable need for validation.
      In my work I must spend time at a facility with no internet. Unable to withstand the deprivation of no internet feed I brought some epub books to “browse” while I pretend to work. Yesterday read some fascinating excerpts from the book “Making Habits, Breaking Habits” by Jeremy Dean in which he talks about internet addition :
      “The reason we’re online all the time is that the rewards for certain online behaviors are so easy to learn. You don’t have to move from your chair; everything comes to you. Because the association is so clear and obvious and happens so quickly, like the rat getting its pellet of food, the habit is easy to learn. As a result, it’s no surprise that computers, phones, and other electronic devices are super-habit forming in the way that previous non-interactive media weren’t. They react instantly and often attractively to what we do. Watch other people tapping away at their mobiles or clicking on their mice, and what do they look like? Rats hitting a lever for a pellet? In many ways, that’s what we are. Finally, it’s the sheer ubiquity of the Internet that makes the services we can access through it so habit-forming. Our online activities easily permeate almost all aspects of our lives. Potentially, we can be online, without any effort, from the moment we wake up in the morning to the second we go to sleep. A tablet computer is by the bed, along with Internet-enabled mobile phone; at work, many of us are permanently online; in the evening, while watching TV, Google will tell us the actors’ heights and ages; while cooking, we can check Twitter; while falling asleep, we can listen to Internet radio.”

      1. Not to suck up the bandwidth but her is another interesting quote form the book :
        “To see why email is so insidious, let’s switch to a rat’s eye view. There’s the lever in front of him, whichhe presses, and out comes a pellet. Success! So he hammers the lever a bit, but gets nothing for a while, then suddenly gets two, one right after the other. Then, for a while, pellets are nowhere to be seen. Our experimental rat is getting a little frustrated but he learns that you never know, you might get a pellet or you might get nothing for ages. What happens is, he learns to put up with the frustration and settles down into a relatively slow habit of pressing the lever.
        In the technical language of behavioral psychology, our rat is experiencing the “partial reinforcement extinction effect.” In other words, he is not that bothered about failing to get a pellet when he presses the lever because he’s used to it. The same is true of the human emailer. We get used to not being rewarded for checking our email most of the time; what keeps us going is that one time in fifty when something really interesting comes through. This combination of learning to accept non-reward along with occasional unexpected and unpredictable rewards is partly what makes checking your email so habit-forming.”

        1. Yup. I realized recently how much I hate facebook. Yet the habit is so ingrained; Check email. If there is nothing there then go look for some action on facebook. Pathetic. I’m focused on cutting down and soon eliminating it as much as possible.

        2. Never had it, never will. I just watched the 7% Solution (of cocaine) on the tubes. There are paralells to the Facebook situatio. Trigger alert, Jews appear in it.

        3. Oh, for crying out loud, yet another online troll posing as a Jew.
          I took an art class and still remember about perspective (eye views) and what Emahray Trolle is pertaining to is about eye view and not what you claim. Never mind the fact the art teacher I had in high school was Jewish himself of Romanian ancestry.

        4. I am honestly convinced you’re a GCHQ troll, knowing fully well that by posing as a Jew on the internet and posting at that manner actually prevents outsiders of the Anglosphere from taking the concurrent Middle Eastern conflict seriously, let alone the fact England started this mess.

        5. Yees, Rothchild Ceety of Londonn exact same as EEngland. HAHAHA. Good flower :))

        6. I too smartee annd too good lookeeng for GQ. Wee get lossers like Robbie Parrker and Eeliot Rodger work there and pay them peenuts like arabb laborrer haha 🙂

        7. If insisted so, how is it like to answer Gwenhwyfar’s prayers, especially when spent the rest of her mortal days in a monastery?
          Yes, the same Gwenhwyfar that cheated on Arthur.

    2. Yep as usual reading the comments someway somehow you guys found a way to bring black people into this. The typical long emotional drawn out rants of white nationalist are so easy to find & puts their mental/emotional instability on display for all to see.

      1. The discussion is about social justice hoaxes. When the Ferguson story first broke it was widely reported that racist white Officer Wilson shot an unarmed black child execution style in broad daylight even as the child (also widely reported as a “gentle giant”) held his hands in the air and pleaded for his life. The ensuing outrage has drawn social justice opportunists like a magnet. As more facts emerged and the original story was abandoned the activists have continued with their threats and demands. At this point they are near emotional meltdown as they writhe in frustration that they grand jury is delaying their moment to stage a massive infantile tantrum for all to see.

  3. A description of the video would have helped…
    On another note, the media won’t have to backpeddle, unfortunately. The American public is so oblivious of the world at large and caught up in their own stupid cycle of affairs, that whatever they happen to see on the news if forgotten as soon as the next trend rears its empty head.
    This is modern America, that dull ruin on a hill. People don’t care about news, they care about entertainment. It’s what happens when you create a public nurtured on bread and circuses

    1. Exactly. Why get riled up about these things? Nobody, and I do mean absolutely nobody, is paying attention to any of this.
      The news cycle moves so fast these days. None of this sticks. The Boston Marathon bombing was in the news for 2 weeks. 20 years ago it would have been a six month story. Malaysia Airlines flights routinely drop out of the sky; 3 days coverage. All is forgotten.
      Why do men on ROK continue to get their panties in a bunch over these trivial, nonsense stories? Live your lives. Forget this garbage.

      1. It’s the reason I dropped out of college…I was a journalism student, but I realized the news is just another TV show

  4. Liberalism and political correctness have BECOME a religion. It makes no difference to them if their little morality plays are actually real or staged, because what they are trying to portray in them IS real. Just like a church reenacts the birth of Jesus, it is real, the message is real, the message is alive, it is a faith that must be revered and respected.
    No matter how fake or staged their “stories” are, there are legions of leftist believers who are too entranced in their beliefs to care whether a story or event was real or not. They KNOW that most men are rapists when the opportunity arises. They KNOW that no matter what happens, females should never be accountable for their behaviors. They KNOW that non-whites are always the victim and white people are oppressing humanity through their original sin of being born white. They KNOW that the only way to end the “race problem” is through mass immigration and assimilation of all white countries and only white countries. And if you don’t agree, you are a misogynistwhowantstokill600millionbabyseals.
    This is why there is no conversation. This is psychological warfare.

    1. “It makes no difference to them if their little morality plays are
      actually real or staged, because what they are trying to portray in them
      IS real.”
      Aside from your little christian-bashing bit of stupidity, you do have a very valid point… you have encapsulated liberal and feminist social justice perfectly in this one sentence.

      1. It’s also impossible to prove there is a God. I’ll take the way of the quote, attributed to Marcus Aurelius, about living a good life.
        Religion is just another means to control the masses today as it stands. Abrahamic religions doubly so.

        1. Marcus Aurelius was a great man; he was what Plato envisioned as the Philosopher King…and due to humanity’s constant squabbling over petty bullshit, an enlightened monarchy seems the only system able to deliver a future to mankind.
          Democracy works until people get comfortable. After that, we devolve into silly arguments while the wealthy elite work to consolidate their power. Rule by ‘the people’ self-destructive, since the people are mostly idiots..

        2. Of course it’s a way to control the masses. The masses are mostly stupid animals that, given their drothers, will kill you and take your stuff.
          The point of religion is that it scares the stupid masses into realizing there is a better way. as much as liberals and the like prate on about ‘ethical humanism’, the vast majority of people are FAR too stupid to understand ethical humanism or apply it to others in a meaningful way… They think it means mob, or social justice.
          For one person in a thousand I agree that agnosticism and ethical humanism are the smart way to go… but that doesn’t mean you, me, or anyone we know is that person… and intelligence alone is no marker of whether someone can really understand the whys, wherefores, and hows, of ethical humanism.
          I’d much rather most people have the fear of hell and promise of heaven hanging over their heads in order to make them act like civilized humans… I am tired of seeing what taking away that civilizing influence is doing to the MOST civilized countries… Certain talented individuals are always ready to free their minds, and they always do it without help. The ones that social warriors are freeing are NOT ready to be free, and cannot handle the responsibility. The vast majority of humanity is happy to cling to their slavery, and is simply better off for it.

      2. I didn’t see any ‘christian-bashing’ in his post. That kind of hyperbole is the realm of SJW’s. Someone not believing in what you believe in is not ‘bashing’

        1. point, it has been ten months since this post, and based upon my reply, it was likely changed at some point.

      3. “Hey drunk girl, I’m calling the cops because I’m not capable of helping you without being accused of a crime by a bunch the lying social justice frauds of the world. I’m doing you, myself and the world a favor by putting on my social ‘rubber gloves’ just like the cops who show up will be wearing when they try to handle you.”

    2. It’s perfectly appropriate you say that because I remember when I saw the video and corresponding article the journalist claimed that it didn’t even matter if the video was fake or not.

      1. One of the articles I saw had this update after they found out it was a hoax.
        UPDATE: The Smoking Gun reports this prank was a hoax, and that the men involved were told they were acting in a student film. Though this prank has now become yet another example of how nothing on the Internet can be trusted, it’s message about rape culture and the dangers women face still hold true.

        1. Reality or fiction doesn’t matter, as long as it fits the narrative. Maybe using fictional stories of rape against men is next. It’s not like it’s a stretch at this point. “In Game of Thrones, women are raped by men routinely. This is why we must castrate men preemptively to prevent future rape cases.”

        2. John, too bad for them, reality is otherwise.
          Don’t find it hard to believe if Englishwomen sold out their own men and country to the Vikings, two to three centuries before The Crusades.

        3. It’s funny how those types of articles doesn’t call out the behavior of the girl at all.
          She’s drunk (and still drinking) walking around town.
          It’s always about the man and there is never any accountability by the woman.

        4. What is up with online trolls and white knights, posing as Jews on the internet?
          It reeks too much of “Blame the Jews” effect of the lack of personal accountability.

        1. It’s a devotion to a figure or object. Involves some kind of rituals and what nots. Very similar to things I’ve experienced when I attended mass. Instead of just a small group of followers, there’s a shitload of them everywhere.
          If I’m mistaken, please correct me.

        2. By that definition, wouldn’t religion be more accurate than cult? You implied nothing sinister with your definition. But most people mean something sinister when they say cult. I usually define it as a religion that is not open to the public and has secret doctrines and hierarchies that are not available for review.

        3. I had to look it up to make sure I didn’t miss something. The definition implied nothing sinister either. Somewhere somehow it started to have an evil implication. Just like how the complimenting women today is rape.
          Members of a particular cult does not see what they believe and who they worship is a cult. They view your beliefs as a cult.
          This is why I say religion is a cult.

        4. If you ever get a chance, listen and read the lyrics to Megadeth’s “Holy Wars”.
          Brother will kill brother
          Spilling blood across the land
          Killing for religion
          Something I don’t understand
          Fools like me, who cross the sea
          And come to foreign lands
          Ask the sheep, for their beliefs
          Do you kill on God’s command?

    3. Go to Media Matters and see what you are saying on display. Liberals are the most brain dead morons possible.

  5. Feminists are trying to find evidence to support their assertion that there’s “deeply ingrained societal misogyny.” Anything that confirms that bias will be immediately accepted. They’re not interested in science, they’re interested in finding evidence to support their political agenda. With all the people looking for their 15 minutes of fame, there is now ample incentive to fake evidence.

  6. If the video was real my response would still have been the same:
    Why do women think it is perfectly acceptable to get so drunk that they can’t function in public? People who are drunk have to accept that they will be in an impaired state and thus not be able to effectively repel potential threats.

    1. It’s stupid isn’t it? Drunk women are not responsible for anything, but drunk men can’t hide behind that.
      Look at the rape laws and policies.
      Take a man and a woman who are both drunk and head somewhere to have sex.
      According to the new policies, the woman is not in a state capable of understanding or giving consent. She’s a mindless blob essentially. The man however, is capable of both giving consent and understanding the requirement to get consent from someone else.
      The woman has no responsibilities, the man has responsibility for himself and her, even though they are both trashed.

      1. Even moreso, us men seem to have magical powers that can help us determine how drunk a woman is, and if she’s able to give consent to sex.
        I’m surprised we’ve not been called out by the feminists for THAT privilege. 🙂

      2. If a woman gets knocked up, and you want the kid, you have no say. But if she wants the kid and you don’t, you still have to pay.
        That is the best reason to tune out, stop participating in society, avoid military service, pay only the taxes “they” know about, never marry, find a way not to pay property taxes (fund their schools) and, find every which way to take down civilization while taking what you can (and giving nothing back).

        1. Yup. Good point. A lot of this shit starts in the state school system, and then goes down from there.

        2. I agree with all but the last part about taking down civilization. It is they who are corrupting civilization. It is up to us to save it from those rats.

        3. Is it bad that I just don’t give a fvck what happens to a girl who chooses to get drunk/high outside her home/in public? I mean, am I *actually* supposed to give such a girl the same respect I would a nun or a grandmother who has dozens of children/grandchildren and great grandchildren?

        4. Nope. And you’re not the only one who feels that way. In my eyes, they (women) have broken an unwritten social contract between the sexes.

        5. I think he meant;
          Halting a civilization that is going in the wrong direction so quickly. The best thing to do right now is to simply stop paying for its growth. Maybe one day the progressives start to understand that they can’t depend on the good little white boys to go out and fund every single one of their stupid leftist ideas anymore. However much they grumble, the white boys will still answer the alarm clock on Monday (while other demographics have an option not to). Then they listen to Rush Limbaugh in the car on the way to work. Give some ‘Fucking-A rights!’, bitch about leftists to some like-minded co-workers then punch the clock and pay for it all. Don’t do it anymore.

        6. They only require you to call a cop though correct ? I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if one has an assumed but unspoken responsibility to actually put yourself in danger for a drunken princess but that’s just crazy.

      3. This kind of thing is clear in the law to the point that I strongly suspect that a 14th amendment challenge can be made to that entire set of bogus “laws” and come out successful. They have pushed “equal protection” to enable every social deviancy in human imagination free reign, so the bar is so low that this kind of thing should be a very easy hurdle to jump.

        1. True, but the politicians who could change those laws are lapdogs to feminists, thanks to the huge bloc of women voters. Giving women the vote is most dangerous because most women lean liberal (socialist) by nature. Thus, feminism won the war for American style democracy the minute women were given the vote…then they ensured it by sending women to work and convincing them not to marry, producing a huge class of liberal voters in one fell swoop.

        2. And a huge percentage of women have now decided that working sucks, so the deal now is to have a kid and get free money. Politicians cater to that too.

      4. Hell, I would think (based on that law) that men, while drunk, could pilot a shuttle into space but a woman can’t even say yes or no.
        Where is the equality, again?

    2. Agree. We have messages against drunk driving – to be responsible when drinking and driving.
      Shouldn’t we have that same message for drinking in public?

  7. You see what Gamer Gate is doing to them? The damage is so deep that they have gone full retard in other directions making really poor attempts there and showing their ass just the same.
    I would not be surprised if this was a contract project from some “think tank” or some George Soros funded organization.

    1. Probably so. Let’s hope they keep being f’n idiots. They are the seeds of their own destruction.

  8. New outrage meme. It’s funny cause the women you would want to see topless never would parade around topless. The laws against partial female nudity are to protect our eyes from the ghastly hanging breasts of social justice attention whores.
    “A group of fearless women fight for their right to go topless in public,
    as they smash societal taboos one bare breast at a time. Based on a
    true story, this spirited satire follows New York City activists Liv and
    With, who take their crusade for gender equality from the streets of
    the urban jungle to the courts. More than just a movie, Free the Nipple
    has launched an empowering real-life movement, inspiring women across
    the globe to take back their bodies.”
    Of course the paid actresses in the movie are attractive :

    1. They want to simultaneously give more power to the boobs (we want to show them, make that powerful statement to all the men) and take away power from them (we don’t want it to be a big deal anymore so we can show the boobs)

    2. Men should start insisting that women go around topless and then watch how quickly these same ‘topless rights’ activists would even start showering with t-shirts on just to spite them. Also, I can’t remember the last time I just went all patriarchy and walked around downtown without a shirt on. Us men, always indulging our right to take our shirts off. Subway, library, McDonald’s, Starbucks. Ha ha girls. You can’t.

  9. It’s cowardly that they set it to private. From now on, when we see a controversial video we should capture it by using either Download Helper or VideoCacheView. Then, if they try to remove it, we can put it out on DailyMotion, which has servers in France. By removing their video, they tried to whitewash history. We shouldn’t let them.

  10. Feminism has just become cuntism.
    Time to go back to masturbating to 50 Shades of Gray, and complaining about being objectified by men.

    1. Every man needs to look at them objectively or else he’s just gonna get deluded by her lies. Pay attention to her actions, decisions, and the things/people she revolves herself around and you’ll see how toxic they are to your well being. Be skeptical with everything that comes out of her mouth. You could either love women or understand women, but never both.

  11. Meh. You win some, you lose some. So I paid Zhang, we were just trying to make cash Goyim. But they can photoshop their numbers better 🙁 Oy Vey!

  12. I cannot read this article without thinking about the movie Wag the dog.
    Who is behind this ?
    Is there a war against feminism to make us stronger ?
    It is now one every week :
    Woman vs feminism
    the feminist t-shirt
    the 10 hours walk
    The beating in the subway
    Blanc banning across the world
    the shirtstorm
    This is a lot of things to discredit feminism, maybe too much to be just by chance.
    What will be the next even that will polarize people about feminism ?
    Does it has anything to do with Clinton in 2017 ?

        1. Wtf? Those are just plain tshirts with handwriting on them. .. who the hell is buying them for $71??

  13. The west is quickly becoming inhabitable on every level. No women, no jobs, no intelligent men who you can have a decent conversation with, just terrible women and manginas who kiss their ass. What a life.

    1. Yeah. The women are gone. Just forget them. They are such a mess of obesity and entitlement. The next thing to worry about is how most men are also becoming catty and hyper-critical of each other. Remaining single so late, as I have, just draws hostility from other men. They’re MISERABLE in their marriages, yet the fact that I’ve stayed single causes them to give me a kind of ‘Who the fuck is this?’, gossipy vibe. It has to be that I’m some kind of loser or worse. It’s not that I’m just reasonable. The men have become outright mouthpieces for the feminine imperative. They are hand-puppets for the women with their criitical behavior that matches female criticisms of men so identically. So it’s ‘uninhabitable’ in the way of getting anything out of life. It’s also ‘uninhabitable’ for someone who simply wants to live as a private, decent adult who leaves others alone and wants to be left alone as well. That no longer happens. Buh-bye. Millenials are about 85% mangina from what I can see. It’s over.

      1. I’ve lost all my married friends, they no longer respect me as a single mid 30’s guys and I don’t respect them anymore.

        1. Yeah. I’m a little older so it’s even more drastic. A few good old friends and I mean less than five. With the rest, it starts to seem like their rolling their eyes a little too much, you know? Friends of friends? Oh, forget them. They are flat hostile.
          It’s like you can’t be friends with guys who; 1. Have to ask their wife to do things like 5 year olds asking their mothers. These same guys will sooner or later hint that they have sex about 5 times a year, so it’s not like they’re in some daze of sexual satisfaction/obedience.
          2. Harbor a vague, spoken or unspoken, resentment of your freedom. Like, “I have to have this shit life. How can you have the nerve to skip out on it.”
          I live overseas but already feel pressure to ‘gameplan’ for how to navigate this when I come home to visit for a few months.

  14. What will the feminists do? Easy: they will treat the video as if it was not a hoax, they will cite it as a real experiment, they will talk about it and generate outrage even knowing that it was a hoax. Because, you see, even though the video was a hoax, it shows what really would have happened if it weren’t, so it’s just as good as if it were true.
    How do we know that the video shows what really would have happened? Why, there’s heaps of evidence for that! We know the patriarchy oppresses women, everyone knows that men are sex beasts that would take advantage of a drunk girl! Why, there’s even a video on the internet of exactly that! It’s been cited multiple times, so you know it’s real …
    When we see this process in operation, how prejudice and ignorance and hysteria construct “truth”, then we begin to understand just how remarkable and revolutionary science and scholarship *as methods* really are. It took us thousands of years to work out how to do it. And feminists (and others) want to throw them away, because they don’t like the results these methods arrive at.

  15. You give this video too much credit. Millennial feminists and the media looked foolish all by themselves. No help needed.

  16. Even if this was real the girl was consenting to going home with the guys. Thats not consent to sex though but it not rape either.

  17. If he owns and runs a marketing company, could be he did this to show that he can make a viral video. There’s plenty of companies that are doing it in addition to or in place of your usual commercial. Requesting a viral video, because that’s become a thing now. No longer is it that a video goes viral, gets viewed because of the content happens to captivate and spreads like a virus. People see it as a thing that is, that you make.
    Like becoming a celebrity used to be a byproduct of something else. A recognition of achieving a level to something that you could be recognized for. Our, it could be from happen stance of finding yourself in an unusual situation. Now celebrity is a thing that is the thing. You make a tape and release it and read the scripted lie “it fell into the wrong hands”.
    Manufacture outrageous to feed the need for outrageous.

  18. My problem with this is, why do these women make it the onus of protecting female bodies the sole responsibility of men? I’m sorry, but when I went to college and would see many dumb drunk girls complain about being harassed or taken advantage of, I would always wonder in the back of my mind, “Well, why did you put yourself in the situation to be taken advantage of in the first place?” However, it isn’t socially acceptable to say such a thing. Given the difference behind what drives the sexes, can we force men to deny their more basic and natural instincts? This is a set up, for real. This is dumb propaganda that doesn’t help the feminist campaign because, if anything, it makes women look like drunk retards who are weak to the male agenda when that isn’t really the reality at all. That girl gave up her freedom by acting that way in public, if anything, she should have been arrested…

  19. Furthermore, feminism is fake because women can never be socially equal to men because we have different social roles that are determined by biology. We can never be political equals to men because men own land. We can never be economic equals to men because society has given them the responsibility of being the main provider for a family. As a feminist, the best one should hope for is the right to pursue education and to have a career until they are ready to settle-down or enter a marriage with a man. That is how feminism should be defined – as the right of women to pursue an education and to work in order to contribute to their family/sustenance when a man is unable to provide for them. When I entered my career it was due to the fact that I am the oldest, my father had no sons and he was fired from a great job. Think about it, Oprah would not be a millionaire if it wasn’t for that aspect of feminist ideology because I doubt many men would have come to her with offers of marriage if she wasn’t rich… For example, few men come to me with offers of marriage because I’m black – I don’t really meet the standard of a wife in this society. Black women are viewed as whores or baby-makers. Most black women don’t get offers of marriage until their mid-30s… Feminism is for women who are disadvantage, not for drunken, privileged, spoiled white girls who have to walk around in public acting dumb in order to feel like someone is taking advantage of them… All I have to do is wake up and I know that my life is not mine. Wake up..

    1. “For example, few men come to me with offers of marriage because I’m black – I don’t really meet the standard of a wife in this society. Black women are viewed as whores or baby-makers. Most black women don’t get offers of marriage until their mid-30s… ”
      Are you absolutely certain color is the distinguishing factor here? Some Men happen to prefer Black Women, especially attractive ones; myself among them.

  20. I saw this posted on Yahoo and was enraged. Upon rumination on the topics of public vilification of men without any noticeable consequence, i suggest a solution of mass petitioning and threatened legal action. Hit them in the pocket and demand both remuneration and to take the content down. If not, report it to conservative broadcasters and watch them pick it apart.

  21. This should be redone as an actual social experiment. I predict that about the only danger the woman will be in is being helped into a taxi with instructions to get her home before the experiment can be completed.

  22. Every man needs to look at them objectively or else he’s just gonna get deluded by her lies. Pay attention to her actions, decisions, and the things/people she revolves herself around and you’ll see how toxic they are to your well being. Be skeptical with everything that comes out of her mouth. You could either love women or understand women, but never both.

  23. To me, at least Sam Pepper had the girls in his prank video sign consent wavers. Not this dude, it is videos like this, and the “Street Harassment” agitprop that delegitimizes the actual victims of rape, if we’re going to start seeking justice for these victims, we have to start exposing feminism for it’s shameless attempt to profit off of the suffering of victims.

  24. Proofread your work before you submit. It goes a long way towards making your argument seem mature and reasoned.

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