Woman Attempts To Shake Down Chicago Bulls Star Derrick Rose With Baseless Rape Claim

Chicago Bulls star point guard Derrick Rose is in the middle of a civil suit against him for allegedly raping a woman at her apartment in August of 2013. You can read the “complaint” here.

According to reports, Rose and two of his friends are accused of breaking into her apartment and taking turns raping her. This, according to a friend of the accuser, was after a failed attempt by Rose to drug and rape her at a party in his Beverly Hills home earlier in the night.


The accuser, who at this point is referred to as “Jane Doe,” is seeking unspecified damages due to physical and emotional trauma, as well as post traumatic stress disorder.

In a statement, Rose’s lawyer, Lisa Cohen, states that:

This is nothing more than a desperate attempt to shake down a highly respected and successful athlete.

I don’t know Derrick Rose so I can’t speak to whether or not he’s respectable, but we here in the ‘sphere know a potential false rape accusation when we see one, and this particular one is a layup. Here’s why we have strong doubts about it’s validity.

She didn’t go to the police

What do Emma Sulkowicz, Jackie Coakley, and most other public false rape accusers have in common? They didn’t go to the cops after the incident.

Wouldn’t going to the police be less strenuous?

Jane Doe claims she didn’t go to the police out of embarrassment and shame, and was concerned her conservative family would find out.

Doe claims she doesn’t remember much about the facts surrounding the events, but according to reports she definitely recalls every gruesome detail of her brutal rape:

“Jane has very little recollection of the events that followed given her incapacitated state of consciousness, with a recollection of only few second flashes at a time,” the lawsuit states. “However, Jane does recall brutal details of the rape.”

If a woman was gang raped and knew she was being gang raped, she’d file a police report.

Back in January, retired porn star Cytherea was forcibly raped multiple times by three men. She immediately went to the police, filed a report, and the three suspects were apprehended and are awaiting trial in Las Vegas.

The bottom line here is that genuine rape victims go to the cops. This woman waited two years to bravely come forward and regale the world with her harrowing experience with an NBA star and his two sex hungry friends, a story that just so happens to potentially make her a large amount of money. Which brings us to…

She stands to make a large amount of money

Is there any doubt as to why she’s doing this?

This one’s not hard to figure out after reading a detailed account by Yahoo! Sports:

“As a direct consequence of these unlawful acts, plaintiff has suffered severe physical injury, emotional distress including post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as economic, consequential, and other damages,” the suit contends.

When the 2015-2016 NBA season starts, Derrick Rose will be in year three of a five year, $95 million contract with the Chicago Bulls. He also has a $185 million shoe deal with Adidas.

So let’s unpack this, shall we?

Imagine this scenario: girl meets NBA star at a party, they exchange numbers, fuck for two years, then when she learns of his $280 million windfall from his contract and shoe deal, she decides that 24 months after they ended their consensual sexual relationship that she was gang raped by him and two of his friends. Sound plausible?

Rose’s lawyer hit the nail on the head when she called this feeble accusation a shakedown. In my opinion, the slut lost her job and decided to cash in on a two-year tryst with a professional athlete and set herself up for life.

Is this ever going to end?

Not likely. Professional athletes will always draw attention from beautiful women, so their commingling isn’t going to end any time soon.

I’ve stated before that it’s open season on professional athletes on all levels. Combine that with rape hysteria and the sports media publicizing baseless rape claims by side chicks-a-plenty, you can be sure that more are on the way.

Fellow Chicago sports star Patrick Kane is currently embroiled in his own rape ordeal

Rose’s case will hopefully be open and shut because there is no evidence of rape whatsoever. But similar to walking a suspect into the courtroom in his orange jump suit while shackled at the wrists and ankles to increase the appearance of guilt, ESPN continues to scroll every single rape or domestic violence accusation or report across that famed bottom line.

Females the world over see the fame and publicity that even a thinly-veiled money grab can get them, along with interviews for their “bravery” which ultimately lead to their end game…money.


Based on the shaky facts of the case it appears that, aside from a few weeks of bad publicity, Rose will likely come out of this ordeal unscathed. The Bulls haven’t taken the Baltimore Ravens approach by tearing up his contract (the collective bargaining agreement in the NFL allows this for any reason) and Adidas has voiced their support for Rose stating that their partnership with him is unwavering.

Derrick seems confident as well:

“I am just focusing on staying healthy and getting ready for the season,” Rose said in the statement. “I am not going to comment other than to say — I know the truth, and am confident I will be proven innocent.”

At the end of the day, this appears to be another false rape claim by a woman looking to finance her useless life by exploiting a professional athlete.

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130 thoughts on “Woman Attempts To Shake Down Chicago Bulls Star Derrick Rose With Baseless Rape Claim”

  1. Why don’t feminists encourage the “raped” victims to immediately report the incident to the police? Do it while the evidence is still fresh.

    1. Because the police is patriarchal or some shit. Real reason is that police use facts and evidence to prove things, instead of emotional lies like the medias.

    2. Feminists do…..but reporting a false rape to the police and getting a rape kit done would mean you were really raped…in these cases…no rape took place…FALSE!

      1. All a “rape” kit can prove is that one human left a DNA sample in/on another, or left it where the other could get it.

      2. All a “rape” kit can prove is that one human left a DNA sample in/on another, or left it where the other could get it..

    3. women are irrational children. talking to the police requires some degree of consistency and verifiable facts. the female brain can’t handle such scrutiny, so they don’t talk to police but whine to the media and file civil suits.
      the same thing happened to jameis Winston, Kobe, etc… hell, Tiger Woods’ wife came at him with a golf club and didn’t face any repercussions.
      women really drag you down

      1. If it wasn’t for one thing there’d be a bounty on ’em.
        If women get totally impossible to coexist with so that men are all driven to faggotry or asexuality, this may come to pass.

      2. If it wasn’t for one thing there’d be a bounty on ’em.
        If women get totally impossible to coexist with so that men are all driven to faggotry or asexuality, this may come to pass..

  2. That’s it. All public claims of rape are false. If the girl didn’t go to the authorities first then it’s a hoax.
    This sort of crap should never even go to court.

  3. An accusation nowasdays equates to a settlement, a settlement now equates to admission of guilt. Women are considered the victim regardless. Society has made it impossible for men to be innocent until proven guilty.

    1. I wonder if black men have connected the dots between their voting democrat and the growth and power of feminism and government used as a weapon against men.

      1. What difference would it make? Even if they voted Republican, the cuckservatives would cater to the left as well in secrecy. Democrats are more open about it. That’s all.

        1. The majority of Republocrats are more concerned with what the Democrats think of them than with serving their party’s professed platform.

      2. Not just remind me, but pandering to illegals, taking guns away, brokebackism, complete government reliance, etc.. That is not to say that white supremacy, cuckservatism, as you call it, and hypocrisy, along with other things that would be detrimental to the Black man don’t exist on the right.
        Damned if you do, damned if you don’t unless you have and effectively use real power.

    2. Better that 100 men be falsely convicted of rape and sentiment to prison than to take a chance that one genuine rapist might get away.
      Social Justice, anyone?

    3. Better that 100 men be falsely convicted of rape and sentiment to prison than to take a chance that one genuine rapist might get away.
      Social Justice, anyone?.

  4. Fuck there a lot of girls name Jane Doe falsely accusing men of rape? Next Jane Doe I meet I’m gonna run for my life….

  5. She was raped by someone close to her. She was ashamed and feared what people would say, she thought they might not believe her. But now she has decided to bravely come forward and tell the world what happened, exposing herself to the accusations of being called a liar. She is a hero for the feminist cause and an example for all women out there who suffer rapes and are afraid to talk. <- With this line of reasoning, even if the law fails to prove Rose as guilty, many will consider him guilty nevertheless.

  6. If I were in his shoes Id sue her ass for being a lying sack of shit when the case is over. If I was worth that much money I would totally throw down 2 million dollars in legal fees just to take the measly 10k she’s worth then show up at her house and burn the settlement right in front of her. Fucking slut.

      1. It won’t end as long as American lawyers continue to fight court reform. Like having a “Loser Pays” type system. File a frivolous lawsuit, and lose, LOSER pays all legal fees! Lawyers have fought this from happening in the American Court system! >:I

        1. Any time tort reform or “caps” are brought up in the state house, it gets shot down by these guys. Most US senators and congressmen are lawyers. They have no interest in cutting off their money funnels.

        2. Judges are currently allowed to order the plaintiffs in such cases to pay the legal costs of the defense.
          I think a much better way to deal with this problem (and sadly it won’t pass either) is to simply require the same standard of proof, and allow for the same defenses, used in criminal cases to civil lawsuits.
          That is, a defendant in a civil lawsuit should have 5th amendment protections against self-incrimination, presumption of non-liability, and the plaintiff must present a case that proves liability beyond a reasonable doubt (as opposed to preponderance of evidence).

        3. Sadly I know, but victims of false rape DO have some tools at their disposal to rain the hurt on these broads. If it comes out that she fabricated the whole rape thing, you can legally bring down the book on her; slander/libel, damages to livelihood, lying under oath, etc. I’m sure there’s more but that’s a good start. Have a few high profile cases do a 180 where the girl is all of a sudden paying through the nose and I think we can nip this problem in the bud.

        4. Yes. Yes we can as it is detrimental to the public they are supposedly representing. In fact I would even suggest hanging them and forfeiting their pesonal assets to the general fund. But that’s just me.

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        6. I can understand that. The reason that system doesn’t work is hat it prevents people from going after big fish, big fish who do some pretty horrible stuff. I am 100 % with you that this type of nonsense needs to be dealt with. There’s absolutely no way at all that the legal system will prosecute a woman for fraud, conspiracy etc etc so it’s up to those guys to take them to the cleaners. All of their people will tell them not to because it looks bad but, it needs to be done.

        7. Do you blame roaches for getting in your food and sihtting all over your house? It’s their nature.
          99-44/100% of lawyers make the rest look bad. Joke told me by a lawyer.

        8. Do you blame roaches for getting in your food and sihtting all over your house? It’s their nature.
          99-44/100% of lawyers make the rest look bad. Joke told me by a lawyer..

    1. You’re not supposed to punch down! But..maybe we should start punching down? It might stop some of this insanity.

      1. Since apparently theres no enforceable law on the books to stop people from falsely accusing someone of an offense that will ruin your life if convicted…

      2. You know, my crazy ex’s cousin left me alone when I sued her ass 10 years ago. Before that, she didnot want to hear shit…
        And there was a rock star, accused too… he sued the lying fan… and said he would give money to rape victims…
        Give them to men who lost their jobs or money in false rape case, you bastards!

    2. heard this other story belive it was this african american guy in the nfl I think whom got falsely accused of rape and got 6 yrs in prision while the woman got nothing. Makes me wonder why these guys dont try to sue them for damage and put them away. And where are these sjws to help a “poor unprivledge black man”, all that goes out the window when its for a woman, they are liars and the biggest white knights around…they hate all men.

    3. The problem is with our media as well. They’ll continue to beat on this “story” just to make the ratings (dollars) whether he is guilty or not. Yes, I would sue her and any media outlet that hinted at me being guilty before I had my day in court. There needs to be a changed but until something like these counter suits are successful we won’t see that change.
      Also, the accusers name should be out there…just like his name is out there. She should have to go through the hell just as well (especially if she wants the money). This one sided burning at the cross, public shaming is bullshit. Let her take the heat, too, if she’s going to come out and make such a statement (that could potentially end his career).

    1. You know something…. A woman who truly experienced Rape is said to be very emotional and embarrassed about the whole ordeal, a woman who has actually been raped is not going to parade around and giving out High Fives about her experience and media whoring.

  7. Sports “journalists”are a huge part of the problem. They are almost all pussies and jocksniffers who deeply resent the rich, young, ladykillers they have to write about, and they are hyper-aware of the fact that they’ve wasted their lives writing about meaningless nonsense. But it’s like Christmas when a woman accuses a sports star of rape. Suddenly, they become cultural critics mouthing the most shopworn, sanctimonious, airheaded feminist cliches about “rape culture” and so on.
    When the accusations against Kane came out, the standard template for sports pundits was to briefly mention the undeniable fact that Kane is innocent until proven guilty, followed by a puffed-up “BUT…”
    But, what, motherfuckers? Kane should be hanging his head for going to a fucking bar and bringing a chick home? FUCK YOU, you pathetic wastes of life. Go finish writing your roundup of rising stars in the regional high school golf world, and then drink yourselves into a stupor to drown out the persistent voices telling you to kill yourselves.

  8. Haven’t heard of rape accusations here in my own country. But divorce rape is all to frequent. Athletes often come from lower/middle class families. Most of them don’t have have a great intellect, but only one talent. You see it all the time that these guys get screwed over. They are to stupid to fix a prenup the first time they get married. Their women divorce them, so these men pay their mandatory palimony and alimony (ridiculous amounts) for maximum 12 and 18 years, but many marry again within 5 years to possibly get screwed again.
    When one has money but a low IQ and all these women with bad intentions (just scandalous skans) come to offer their services, that has to go wrong eventually. Those women are just very expensive prostitutes.
    Soccer star Wesley Sneijder and his Golddigger Yolanthe. Married, first child on the way. Now I can understand that impregnating her must be a very pleasant experience, but marriage is so: redundant

    1. Marriage is stupid for us regular fellows with a couple thousand dollars to lose. Marriage is unbelievably idiotic for a millionaire. He gains nothing but risks everything. To make matters worse they marry actresses, models, and other shallow attention whores who’s whole life is using her looks to get what she wants. The only reason to settle down with a woman is for her to raise your children and hold down the home front, meaning their wives should be as ordinary as possible. Sneidjer should be married to a regular, beautiful Dutch girl in her early 20’s.

      1. Sneijder already has a kid (2009) from another woman he married in 2005. So that woman already receives a lot of alimony. Sneijder makes 3 million euro’s so the payout must be thousands a month. Enough for her to not have to work hard, or at all.
        The thing with Yolanthe is that she just radiates “Golddigger”. If their marriage will last for 30 years I’m willing to eat my shoe.

        1. There’s a bigger chance of your shoe lasting 30 years than their marriage. That child is her safety net and she knows she has nothing to offer, beauty is in good supply and her looks are gonna fade away after that child pops out. She knows that too well.
          Now, a little google search provides all the info you need to decide whether or not to wife that skank.
          Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau is the daughter of a Ibiza club owner and a part time party slut mother. Nice choice for baldy.

        2. “Thousands a month”?
          I think you meant “tens of thousands a month”. I don’t make anywhere near what this guy does and my CS payments in FL would be around 2K/mo.

        3. I don’t think it’s tens of thousands a month. The Netherlands is not the U.S. The amount must be reasonable: it’s linked to the needs of the child and the bearing capacity of the one that pays the alimony. Now Sneijder earns $3,5 million, so yes that could be a couple of thousands, but not 10.000 (I hope for him)
          May I also inform you that a gross income in the Netherlands is about €2.734 a month. The ratio’s with the US are different. You guys earn much more but also pay a lot more for things like insurance and housing. Those things are cheaper here because mostly payed in advance out of your own pocket (extremely high taxes). That’s why a childsupport of 600 euro’s is very high. 2000 a month is only for the very rich over here.

        4. My parents are married 35 years this week. I’m happy for them that they still love each other. Surely that had their arguments but which couple doesn’t. I think it’s sad that hypergamy these days iscatered to in such extremes (with all the technology we have). C’est la vie.
          I hate those Golddigging whores like Yolanthe. They don’t have anything to offer apart from their vaginas. Most of them are bad mothers because their mothers were the hippie sluts of the ’60’s and 70’s with their newage parenting style. We’ll see what happens to this couple. In 10 years from now we will now probably.

        5. I do give them 10 years and that’s generous. Wesley is already in the second tier of football at Galatasaray with a nice 3.2 mil a year but he’s got another 2-3 years of decent salary after which you’ll see him playing in the Championship if he’s lucky and for a lot less money too. With this life begins at 40 bs peddled to women, is Yolanthe gonna stay by his side when half his salary goes towards his first wife?
          Despite her being run down after childbirth there’s plenty of thirsty dudes with more money.
          Also, my folk have been married to more than 20 years and they seem to know the importance of bulding a stable family. You’re right, it’s pretty rare to find that mindset in GenX-ers let alone millennials. Don;t be fooled by memes and cheese posts, many people at work do nothing but complain about their partner and being in relations for the fear of not being alone. Pathetic.

        6. “My parents are married 35 years”. Cool.Congrats. Have you ever sat down with them and asked them how they stayed married?? Write it down and tell us on ROK

        7. I don’t know if half his income goes to his exwife. I doubt it, but ok. 3.2 million is a good salary. Of course that’s before tax. He is set for life if he invests his money well. The reason why Yolanthe will leave him eventually is because he will start looking boring to her. He isn’t as attractive as she is used to. Wesley is a nice guy, but he doesn’t radiate the dominance or charisma even a simple highschool teacher can have. It’s all about the money. He is a Beta provider.

        8. I will ask them. They married in 1980’s. We all know they didn’t have Tinder or an emailadress. There was no open hypergamy.
          My mother comes from a large catholic family. That helped to begin with.
          For the overall relationship: What I noticed is that them having dogs really helped for the last 20 years. After the children are fully grown many couples ask themselves “what now?” Having somebody, or something to care for helps. It relieves stress and there is a common cause, just like in raising children. My mother also likes her work as a fitnessteacher (giving classes to older ladies) and my father is a soccer trainer. So yeah, they have their hobby’s. I think that is important. Otherwise you start to be too dependent on your partner for your leisure.
          My mother did have 4 children. So her wandering off with some guy would have caused a financial setback for both of them. It’s the financial dependency that isn’t a problem but forces couples to work together. When women are in their late 50’s the hypergamy also wears of. And then couples who raised their children stay together. Everything fits like a puzzle that way.
          It’s only that nowadays technology and the promotion of open hypergamy cater to women’s hypergamous nature. Cheating is easier than ever with women having their own smartphone and own transportation.

    2. To be fair, divorce should be much harder to get. Right now marriage is a one-sided thing that greatly benefit women. A divorce is like winning the lottery for them. Even if they are still together, the woman in the couple can continually uses the threat of divorce as a weapon to get what she wants. If divorce was harder to get, most of this crap would not happen.

      1. I agree, Divorce should be a Very Unpleasant Experience for women just as it is for Men, Personally I think that if the Man has a Child with a woman who divorces him, than the Man should pay a Basic child support for that Childs Sake, but only enough to benefit the Child, the mother needs to get a day Job, any extra cash the Father sends is from his generosity but not from a fixed Rate designated by the State. If the Marriage is childless and a Divorce happens than the Man should not give the woman a Penny if he chooses not to, I’ve said it before but if a Man is still paying a woman his hard earned cash after a divorce, than by rights the Man should have sexual privileges to her still. It’s funny we live in the “Independent” “Empowered” “Career” woman modern age, but society reverts back to the “women and children first mentality” and it’s the “Mans job” to take care of his poor helpless divorced wife financially, If she doesn’t want to be with me any more she doesn’t need to be with my cash any longer either, “Bu,But….Buuttt, i’m just a poor little divorced woman” No your not sweetheart, your an “Empowered” “Independent” “Doesn’t need No Man””Career woman” you don’t need my cash, go get a Job and make your own.

      2. No fault divorced made sure that when divorce occurred one person had cheated most of the time. Cheating also was a valid reason for divorce and thus also used a lot in divorce court when the couple just wanted to breakup. Because one person had to “admit” in court that he/she cheated and because that had significant consequences for ones professional life they changed the law. That was the case for the Netherlands and many other European countries during the 1970/1980’s. The power of the Catholic church also was in declined. And there it was: no default divorce. Very convenient. What remained was the 12 year maximum palimony payments and all the social benefits for women and their children in terms of housing.
        They should just strip all the marriage laws to the bone. Laying claims on palimony should go. No more financial rights in marriage. Women wanted to work, now they have to. No more freebies when they divorce. Keep the ring and the tennis bracelet. Good luck.
        Maybe then they start to realize that keeping somebody = doing effort. No free lunch.
        Marriage nowadays is so stupid. I twist my head when I hear about people marrying. It used to be a woman’s financial security and a man’s way to get frequent sex and have a mother for his children. Sex is cheaper than ever. Just start Tinder and swipe until you found a willing hole, and getting children is more costly than ever and won’t guarantee you any help when you’re bedridden. Love? No! Read about hypergamy first please then about love.

  9. Why would a sports star rape someone? They are rich and famous for being in shape. They’d have to shove past thousands of girls to find one that doesn’t want to have sex.

    1. It does happen”Cosby” for example,but I think it is highly unlikely as well.

      1. That’s something I’m never gonna understand about Cosby. He had money, fame and power. This alone attracts tons of pussy. Why resort to drugs?

        1. He is just sick, and had enough money and fame to hide it for a long time.

        2. No doubt.
          But consider this. While Cosby did admit to using drugs on women, there is as of yet no objective verifiable proof that Cosby drugged the women currently accusing him of rape. I am still applying the “public rape accusation” rule here, even in light of this admission, because the admission is not linked to a specific incident.
          Secondly, imagine if the first actual victim reported this crime to the police. It was the 1960s; this was a time in the USA when a white woman’s mere accusation of a black man “looking at her wrong” would have been enough for the police (or terrorist groups like the KKK) to destroy him. Such an action could have prevented further such rapes.

        3. I don’t know about that, Cosby was famous and its has always been different for famous people. He wasn’t doing this in the South circa 60’s era. He lived in the North and while the police might have shook him down up there ,him being famous would have gone a long way. Race goes out the door when you’ve got money or fame . Despite what rich Black people might want people to believe the majority of them are setting just as pretty as rich white people.

        4. Agreed.
          You know what would be really funny? If the later alleged victims sued the earliest alleged victims for not going to the police. 🙂

        5. Thousands upon thousands of party sluts get their boyfriend-for-the-hour to buy them ecstasy at a rave or concert. They do drugs consensually, then fuck consensually.
          Thousands upon thousands of stoner sluts get their boyfriend to buy them weed. They do drugs consensually, then fuck consensually.
          Thousands upon thousands of high-school girls get their boyfriend to buy them alcohol because omg he’s 19 and totally has a fake ID. They do drugs consensually, then fuck consensually.
          Thousands upon thousands of celebrity sluts get their trophy fuck to buy them cocaine or molly. They do drugs consensually, then fuck consensually.
          Nothing has changed in the party scene for quite literally goddamn centuries. Only the popular drug of the decade.
          Cosby admitted to buying bitches drugs, not drugging them secretly so he could fuck their limp corpses.

        6. Cosby admitted to buying bitches drugs, not drugging them secretly so he could fuck their limp corpses.

          Which is why I still don’t apply that admission to any of these cases. There’s no proof that any of these women were drugged under any circumstances.

        7. I believe the beast came after him (rape allegations) for not playing the game for the (liberal left) establishment anymore.

        8. The Emancipation Proclamation and Thirteenth Amendment following ruined many wealthy Black slaveowners.

        9. The Emancipation Proclamation and Thirteenth Amendment following ruined many wealthy Black slaveowners..

    2. It makes zero sense for Rose to come from the poorest part of Chicago, become a millionaire, and risk it all by raping a girl that he had already fucked consensually. My guess is that he suggested that she let his friends gang bang her and she agreed, then regretted it later. When the tingles are activated, girls will do just about anything. I see it happen all the time.

    3. Plus the losers calling out a sports star or celebrity for cheating on his girlfriend or wife. Well if you are in your 20s and 30s and thousands of women that are your ideal type keep shoving their ass, tits, and p#ssy in your face…you’re gonna break down sooner or later. My option of course!

    4. She didn’t not wanna have sex until years later. If sports stars resisted, they’d be the ones getting raped.
      In Californica women have 20 years to decide that they were raped.

    5. She didn’t not wanna have sex until years later. If sports stars resisted, they’d be the ones getting raped.
      In Californica women have 20 years to decide that they were raped..

  10. We don’t know what did or did not happen. Calling the woman a “slut” is just ridiculous

      1. Not by a sight, because the evidence for her being a slut is way stronger. In fact she has admitted to being a NBA groupie. So a slut she is.

        1. Come to think of it, she’s not a slut, but a WHORE. She was expecting a high payout for her pussy and wasn’t getting it or was too low. Now he’s making the $$$ and she’s getting Daddy government to make him pay by making a false rape accusation.

    1. I see you’re just another SJW who can’t stand seeing men expressing pro-masculine opinions. So pathetic!

    2. She’s acting like a money grubbing whore. Women lie frequently, cupcake. Two years, my pimply butt! Yep, she’s a real candidate for an intensive look into her past. Data mining, anyone? She’s shown this type of behavior before.
      Dress like a slut, act like a slut……she’s a slut. You see PC is on its way out. Real life is going to intrude on delusions. Yeah, hound her hard for previous sexual misconduct. Make an real spectacle of her sorry life. Fact is, it won’t be difficult.

      1. Another reason why feminists want rape accusers to be anomalous. This way, no one can dig out her past and see her behavior. They’re using they don’t want to be shamed and embarrassed as an excuse. Funny the accusers love to go to the media for the attention.

        1. Escalate, go on the attack. Make it as public as you possibly can. Involve her WHOLE family. Yep, granny needs to know she’s a money grubbing whore. If you have the means, dig deep into her past. Make it plain you ain’t fixin’ to stop. Lawfare! There’s a Chinese custom of having professional “complainers” show up and publicly humiliate the target. You see, you are saving your self when you act so boldly.
          Insofar as using audio and video, well, that’s just how it is. Get her on video before any activity giving sober consent. If she wont, video that, and send her on her way.😈
          The real point is to make it clear you are proactive. That you aren’t easy meat. The way things are going, signed consent with video is gonna be the best way. If she’s drunk, forget about it. If these precautions seem extreme….well, maybe you need to be the example for others.

      2. “You see PC is on its way out.”
        Hope you’re right about that. It’s such a vicious cult.

        1. That’s the real thing about Trump. The “emperor has no clothes” is revealed for what it is. Most folks understand PC to be dangerous lies. Like, for instance, if you see a band of young black men, best avoid them. Plain common sense. Feminists are awful women. SJW’S always lie. Perversions always preceeding the fall of a society. Infanticide is always practiced by evil, wicked people, no matter how much they screech about women’s rights. Unrestrained feminism destroys civilization. Any woman who has gone to college is an indoctrinated feminist, and as such, has been trained to hate and despise men. Just a short list, others can add their own take on the subject.

    3. If you’re not an NBA player or an otherwise wealthy person, a false rape accusation can cost you your job, everything you own, your family and even your freedom.
      There is absolutely nothing wrong in “using all the nukes on a mosquito” to defend against such an accusation if it means preserving any of the above.

    4. Why is slut such a bad word if female sexuality is so liberating? We’re all sluts here.

      1. Slut is a bad word when an evil dicklord utters it; not when an empowered womyn has it written on her naked tits at a slut pride parade!

  11. I think it’s high times those guys need to start recording those encounters. If you are alone with a female make sure you have a video on recording every second of it. Sure your genitals might get exposed some day, better than having them exposed in jail.

    1. Depending of where you live the audio and video recording of someone without their consent where that person has a reasonable expectation of privacy (like your home) may be an offense and a breach of their privacy.
      So check the legislation in your state.

      1. Considering how high the stakes are with regards to a conviction of rape based on a false accusation, I’d record anyway if it was me.

        1. I’m not a lawyer but my understanding is that if any evidence obtained by either the defense or prosecution that is ruled as being illegally obtained then it cannot be used in court.
          I just a look at the relevant legislation in my state here in Australia and it would be illegal. However there are clauses where it is legal (like authorised police surveillance) and the final clause says:
          reasonably necessary for the protection of the lawful
          interests of that principal party.

          This is something I want to find out if it can be used in court as a legal defense.

        2. I wonder if a prominent sign, like right on one’s front door, saying “All Interior Areas of this House are Under Video Surveillance” would be a legal out here.

        3. Just carry a pack of ‘consent forms’ on your belt like a meter maid carries blank tickets. Have the boxes already checked for what she consents to and ask her to kindly sign it upon entry to your place.

        4. If you never breathe a word revealing that you videoed/audioed anything, but use it only privately to “refresh” your astounding memory as recorded in a sworn affidavit in excruciatingly microscopic detail, the affidavit is perfectly legal and is admissible in court. But who lives their lives like that? Even divorce lawyers don’t excuse themselves immediately following sex to write notes about the whole event, and then draw up an affidavit. If you have sexual activity 10,000 times in your life you’d have to have 10,000 affidavits to cover every possibility of being accused of rape – as much as 20 years later at that.
          And you can be accused of rape by a woman who picked your name out of the phone directory. Men have spent years, even decades, convicted on totally bullsiht accusations..

        5. She can change her mind at any microsecond. She also can keep it to herself due to feeling uneasy about saying anything. And she can, in Californica and anywhere else that has caught Californicitis, change her mind up to 20 years after the alleged event.
          Even between pulses of your orgasm, she can change her mind. You must stop instantly.
          Now, she can have sex with you while you’re asleep or passed out, even if she sneaked in by prying a window open, à la Lot and his daughters. You still raped her if she so decides. And if she steals your sperm and gets knocked up, you get to pay CS for 18 years.

  12. I don’t know what any of the Men’s Rights groups spend their time doing but their first order of business should be passing legislation that holds false rape accusers accountable. Then judges need to make an example out of a few high profile cases to let women know that there is zero tolerance for false rape claims. It has ruined too many men and the victims of their lies include real rape victims, which makes it all the more heinous.

    1. Making a false rape accusation is already illegal. I think the real problem is the men who are falsely accused choose to not bring civil or criminal charges against their accusers.
      There could be many reasons for this. Some guys want to move on. Others don’t want to have their sex lives paraded around in open court, especially if it was something like an affair gone wrong or whatnot.

      1. It should be treated like perjury or evidence tampering where the State opens a case against her. All rape cases that end in innocent verdicts or mistrials should be automatically reviewed for legitimacy, even if an independent Men’s Rights Group or red pill lawyers have to do it.

  13. If someone broke into my house 2 years ago and I just now reported it today, the cops and everyone else would look at me like I’m stupid and ask why didn’t I report the crime right after it happened
    How are woman allowed to make rape accusations years after it allegedly happened?

      1. Because women can decide at any time that any sex act she has been involved in before was unconsential.

        1. In Californica juries are instructed that the alleged victim’s unsubstantiated word is sufficient to find the (male only) accused guilty. The “victim” doesn’t have to testify in open court and doesn’t even have to give her (female only – women can rape men with almost 100% impunity) name.

      1. According to modern feminism, all women are essentially children.
        Children cannot consent to anything (all sex is rape), are not legally bound by contracts (prenups thrown out) and are blameless for their own crimes (pussy pass criminal sentencing). All because they’re assumed to be too stupid to understand their own actions.
        Everything becomes much easier to understand after that.

  14. to all the lawyers out here….I wanna ask how many girls are actually counter-sued “successfully” for false rape charges?
    plz provide some links to successful cases.

  15. There is no reason why the accuser shouldn’t be named, as this is a civil case and not a criminal claim.

  16. Of course, this is an idiotic accusation but at least Derrick Rose has the necessary resources to deal with these issues; the ‘normal’ victim of a false rape accusation could have his entire life destroyed. The present societal order seems to have surrendered its principles. Nevertheless, ‘ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat’.

  17. Personally, I believe this guy did the crime. Rape is in the negro’s nature. They are the definition of ‘rape culture.’

    1. Oh shut up. The most prolific mass rapists in known history were the Huns. It’s in the nature of all men to hump every female from puberty to menopause. It’s also in the nature of women to be after every male that catches their fancy. Part of being human is learning not to be 100% animal.

    2. Oh shut up. The most prolific mass rapists in known history were the Huns. It’s in the nature of all men to hump every female from puberty to menopause. It’s also in the nature of women to be after every male that catches their fancy. Part of being human is learning not to be 100% animal..

  18. I sometimes wonder. Has this actually gotten way out of hand or has it always been that way but we weren’t aware of it before the internet?

  19. He should be able to release this bitch’s name publicly, so he can expose her and save some other guys money, time, and worries…

  20. Think famous people , alpha types that can get laid on demand should take it to the absurd level. Like: 1. have a dedicated sex room with video cameras at multiple angles so you can record the consensual sex act
    2. have a lawyer on retainer that can show up real time at the bachelor pad and have the soon-to-be fucked girl sign a voluntary sexual act form ( in triplicate)
    3. take DNA samples from the woman prior to the shagging in case of future paternity suits.
    4. have the on call lawyer also have the shaggee to confirm the use or nonuse of birth control

  21. This is the feminist version of rounding men up and putting them in concentration camps (prison).

  22. I think both men and women should just start having to report having had sex within 12 hours of having the sex including who they had sex with. If they have sex and don’t report it, then they have committed a crime, and no charges can come from the incident (with them as victim). If one reports and one doesn’t, the one that didn’t committed a crime. When they report the sex, they have to say if it was consensual or not. After the 12 hour period, anyone reporting the sex would be guilty of a crime. This wouldn’t be a perfect solution, but it would at least make sure the female that was really raped would report it, second that they wouldn’t “decide” it was rape sometime later when he didn’t call her back or her boyfriend found out and was mad she cheated, and would put the onus on the females to be the one recording the consent in addition to the male. It would also make it much harder to cheat and allow cheaters to be caught much more efficiently, reduce paternity fraud, and a whole host of other issues… as well as incriminate a true rapist (because they likely wouldn’t call if they really raped the girl/guy and the other one would and say immediately that it wasn’t consensual so it could be investigated).

  23. If I were an athlete or a celebrity, I’d probably want to fuck with just fellow athletes and celebrities.
    They have less incentive to falsely accuse you for money, they’ve got their own.

    1. And trust me, you always have money relative to someone else out there… and money isn’t the only motive… they can claim rape for revenge, money, or even just to protect their own name. This happens all the time with cheating college girls… they have a long term boyfriend, get drunk and have sex with some good looking guy one night who never calls them back. Boyfriend finds out and becomes furious and confronts her… she says she was raped in order to avoid the shame and consequences of cheating. Same thing happens with girls when their parents find out they’ve been having sex many times… girl says she was raped because daddy thinks she was a slut… then innocent boy goes to jail as a sex offender.

  24. Problem is, athletes in the NBA and NFL have such well-earned reputations for muh-dikkery, that golddigging wenches have seized an opportunity.

  25. So tired of seeing this kind of stuff with athletes. These girls ain’t worth a damn so just because they rub elbows with a wealthy young guy they think all they have to do is cry rape in the public eye and they’re going to get a huge check in their mail box….oh wait…I wonder why they think they can do that? Probably because hundreds of women in the past have done JUST that and they HAVE received a huge check in their mailbox.
    It’s bullshit.
    I agree with Dolan Duk — I would sue the shit out of that worthless cunt for all of her little bit of money, then burn the check on video to show that I did it just because (which is her only reason behind this lawsuit, just because she felt like it).
    “Jane Doe” needs to crawl back into the shitty studio apartment from whence she came and stay there. Stick to going through white knight’s pockets. Bitch.

  26. Bill Cosby is innocent. He’s been Holly elite for a long time and EVERYONE was popping pills back when he was coming up.

  27. · She didn’t go to the police
    “What do Emma Sulkowicz, Jackie Coakley, and most other public false rape accusers have in common? They didn’t go to the cops after the incident.
    “Jane Doe claims she didn’t go to the police out of embarrassment and shame, and was concerned her conservative family would find out.”
    In real life, almost all rape complaints made by the alleged victim personally are
    · false, or
    · unsubstantiated – no injuries, no evidence of force, drugging, drunkenness, coercion, threats – classic “she said; he said” Often the act the alleged victim accuses is not defined in the law as rape or sexual assault (which can be practically anything).
    Genuine reports of rape come mostly from medical attendants and other third parties, forensic examiners and other personally uninvolved professional sources.

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